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5 Dec 19 DAY 2


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05 Dec 19 DAY 2

Launched: ATF kick-starts its 20th edition in an electrifying fashion.






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• MEDIASET ESPAÑA: STORIES OF SUBSTANCE • What Do Buyers Want? ODC: Looking for TV Dramas, Movies, Entertainment Shows, Animation & Docs








Beating drums: The market floor buzzes with a hive of activity and showcases from the various pavilions.

No blues at ATF: The Smurfs decide not to miss out on the fun by joining participants for some photo-taking sessions.




05 Dec 19 DAY 2


FROM DICTATORSHIP TO DEMOCRACY KIDS HAVE TREMENDOUS INFLUENCE ON PARENTS’ DECISIONS New research from TotallyAwesome indicates that APAC kids have an ever-increasing influence on their parents and the decisions made within their families. Could this mean a shift from the typical authoritarian parental “dictatorship” to one of family “democracy”? Or questionably, has a large portion of power in the household been transferred to kids? Indeed, gone are the days when parents were the ones responsible for making executive decisions within families, sometimes much to the demise of their kids. Nowadays, with the new generation of kids, there is a shift in mindset from the past “dictatorship” to the present emergence of a “democratic” household. From family decisions about the next holiday destination to TV subscriptions and of course, where to eat out and what movie to watch, kids are being heard.

Additionally, we are witnessing a shift of purchasing influence within families: year on year results have shown a significant increase in kids’ influence on their parents’ purchasing decisions across a broad spectrum of product categories ranging from toys to cars from toiletries to sportswear. This influence, combined with kids’ own disposable income makes kids the true driving force behind household purchasing decisions. Did you know that APAC kids receive a whopping US$81 on average/month in pocket money?

*Source: TotallyAwesome APAC Kids’ Digital Insights 2019

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would like to thank you, our partners, for your amazing support all these years. It’s been a great journey, and we look forward to the future with you. 05

05 Dec 19 DAY 2



So much has been written about the proliferation of new digital and social platforms in recent years that you can forgive producers and distributors for feeling a little punch drunk. No sooner had the industry started to get to grips with YouTube and Facebook than Snapchat was being trumpeted as the new prize. Now even more new platforms are being pushed as the next territory to be conquered, as the mercurial Generation Z flits from one app to another.

The first trend involves real life urban settings for competitive reality game shows, taking the Ninja Warrior template and releasing it from the confines of the studio. A perfect example is Zhejiang TV’s Chase Me, a physical game show from China in which contestants are pursued through elaborate VR-enhanced games built outdoors in and around the central business district of Ningbo. Chase Me only debuted on November 8th, but was the top-rated show in 59 different Chinese cities. Similar external challenges feature on Japanese screens thanks to Nippon TV’s slapstick Red Carpet Survival. This format has contestants playing as bodyguards to a VIP, who must be safely escorted along the length of the red carpet from the title, through a gauntlet of outrageous traps and obstacles. The show has aired in three specials since November 2018, with the location changing each time from airports, hotels and university campuses, showing that it is both popular and adaptable to all sorts of shooting requirements. The second format trend identified by K7 Media is dual or hybrid genre shows, where

two different concepts are combined to create a new show. Debuting on ABS-CBN in the Philippines this month, and winning its timeslot, is Your Moment, from Fritz Productions and ABS-CBN. This is both a singing and dancing competitive reality show, with a panel of judges on a rotating central stage, which alternates between a stage for singers and one for dancers, as they narrow in on the best performers from both categories. Also mashing reality genres together is the ominously titled Skulls & Roses, which runs on Amazon Prime India and comes from producer Monozygotic. Shot on location in South Africa and launched as a binge-targeted 10-episode season, it combines the bizarre trials and challenges of I’m A Celebrity with the raunchy staged romances of Love Island and has been a hit in its domestic territory. The third key format trend is Social Change and continues from the MIPTV success of KBS’ Oops, We Forgot Your Order earlier this year, in which dementia patients help to run a restaurant. This is still very much a Korean trend at the moment, with notable new entries in this area, including Fund Together

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from MBC. Here, five celebrities pitch their ideas for a project that will help change lives for the better. This involves meeting with the public, appearing on shopping channels to drive awareness and even an audience with the president. Another show with similar uplifting aspirations is Little Forest, airing on SBS, in which celebrities invite children from the city to spend time at a special school in the countryside, away from their parents and out in nature for the first time in their lives. Similar in tone to proven hits such as UK format Old Peoples Home for 4 Year Olds, the show offers adorable kids and a wholesome message, which resonates in these oftentroubling times. Also noteworthy is the spread of these trends across the APAC region, taking in China, South Korea, Japan, India and the Philippines, as well as covering traditional linear TV and streaming. Certainly, it seems that the wave of creativity that has propelled the Asian formats industry to such great heights in recent years, with global hits such as The Masked Singer, shows no sign of diminishing.

05 Dec 19 DAY 2







Israel Film Fund

Production, post-production

40% - 80% rebate of total production budget

CRITERIA • Projects should have no less than 50% of the “below the line” spent in Israel





+972 3 5628180 http://intl.filmfund.

info@ cinemaproject.

+972 3 5255020

• Projects should have no less than 70% of the budget allocated for salaries paid to Israeli crew and cast Israel

Israel Cinema Project Production, post-production

Subsidy of up to USD608,000 of total production budget

• International coproductions must involve a producer that is a resident of the State of Israel


Jerusalem Film Fund

60% cash rebate, up to USD2,800,000, of total production budget

• At least 50% of the planned jerusalemfilmfund filming days in Israel take place in Jerusalem

Production, post-production

+972 2 6250855

• At least 80% of the production budget is secured and originates abroad, obtaining necessary approval and confirmation Japan

Sapporo Film Commission


Subsidy to cover 1/3 of production expenses in Sapporo, up to USD27,000

• Grants must be applied through a production company based in Sapporo

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Ibaraki Film Commission


Subsidy to cover 50% of production expenses in Ibaraki prefecture, up to USD92,000

• Projects must be set in or derived from Ibaraki prefecture.

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Chiba Prefecture Film Commission


Subsidy to cover 50% of production expenses in Chiba prefecture, up to USD46,000

• Applicable to only films and TV shows released in Japan

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Kobe Film Office

Pre-production, production

Cover costs for roundtrip airfares and accommodation, for 3 persons for 3 nights each

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Okayama Prefecture Film Commission


Support for expenses up to USD3,000 per production and up to USD1,000 per day incurred by schedule changes in filming due to bad weather

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Kitakyushu Film Commission

Pre-production, production

Covers costs for round-trip airfares and accommodation

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Saga Prefecture Film Commission

Pre-production, production

Subsidy to cover 50% of production expenses, up to USD46,000, for location scouting and production

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Usa Film Commission


Subsidy to cover 50% of the costs, up to USD28,000, for location scouting fees

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php


Kagoshima City

Production, post-production

Subsidy to cover 50% of production and promotion expenses, up to USD4,600 per project

+81 3 6264 2042

http://www.japanfc. org/en/index.php




Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)


50% of production cost

• Applicant must be Japanese enterprises (e.g. TV Station, Production Company)


http://www.soumu. html

• International coproduction with Japan (i.e. shooting in Japan) Jordan

The Royal Film Commission

Pre-production, production

25% of qualifying spending

• At least 50% of all dialogue, narration, voiceover and any form of communication within the project must be in Arabic

+962 6 4642266

info@ arabculturefund. org

+961 1 218 901

+603 4104 1300

• At least 50% of the production must take place in Jordan Lebanon


Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

Production, post-production

Up to 100% funding to certain projects depending on the AFAC board of trustees

• Film director must be Arab

Film In Malaysia Office

Production, post-production

30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure

• Production costs should be a minimum of USD1,199,000 (inclusive of post-production)

• Projects must be completed within 2 years of signing the contract

• USD359,000 for postproduction activity only (for production inside Malaysia) Pakistan

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Pre-production, production

Up to 70% rebate given to foreign film producers for travelling allowance and expenses

• Projects are produced in Pakistan +92 00 92 51 9103557





Support from 10% to 40% of qualified production costs, capped at USD192,000

• Co-productions with certified Philippines producer, production company or in partnership with a duly-registered Philippines line producer


+63 2 256-8331 105

+974 44200505

• Minimum production expenditure of USD157,000 Qatar

Doha Film Institute

Production, post-production

Subsidy of up to 30% of total production budget

• Projects must have a distinctive voice, cultural relevance and commercial viability with potential to resonate strongly with both Middle Eastern and international audiences whilst bridging global storytelling.

FINAS: DELVING DEEPER A fresh take on Malaysia’s M&E industry in the form of its new Chair, Hans Isaac, has re-casted a spotlight on the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia, or FINAS. Indeed, things have never been busier or more promising.

“We’re looking at the local market as well, not just thinking the international one. We’re also protecting the local market, because there’re two sets of players in Malaysia.

“The future basically is focusing on co-pros; bringing revenue into the country, allowing our local partners or stakeholders to be working with international parties. Hence, this is why we have the FIMI incentive*, which is a 30% rebate back to any country working within Malaysia.

“You got the foreign ones, who want to go outside and build their content outside – do co-pros – and you have the local ones, who say, ‘I’d rather make content for Malaysia, and stay here’.

“We feel that the money value, looking at the US dollar, countries feel there’s more mileage in Malaysia with regards to the facilities, the manpower, the locations we have. That’s one area of how we tap into the international market.”

“I would say, it will take at least a year to get it done, realistically,” Hans explained, fully aware of the formidable undertaking success would demand.

* Film in Malaysia Incentive (FIMI) provides an additional financial incentive for the production of creative content within Malaysia, and encourages support for the Malaysian content production industry. FIMI is a 30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure (QMPE), available for both Malaysian and foreign production activities.


05 Dec 19 DAY 2

CONFERENCE Animation Takes to the Stage in New China Content While long-form drama series remain a staple in new Chinese content offerings, animated series are becoming increasingly popular. Four out of the seven shows debuted at this year’s Fresh Content China showcase were animated series, which was presided over by Michel Rodrigue, CEO & Partner of The Format People Inc. Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Media Co. Ltd presented 3D-animated series ‘The No. 23 Niu NaiTang’, which is about an average student and her family. Michel observed the potential for this series to be set in many countries, with its relatability to average performers in school. The other 3D-animated series, ‘Baotietie’, is an adorable show from UUCMM that focuses on characters who are leftover, wasted food at a restaurant. UUCMM’s Executive Director and Producer Cong highlighted that this was a good way to reach children and educate them on food wastage.

(L-R) SMG Pictures & Shanghai WingsMedia’s Allen Jin, China Television Corporation’s Cao Yifei, HUACE Group’s Tian Tao, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation’s Mac Yang, Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Media Co. Ltd’s Wang Zhen and UUCMM’s Cong share some fresh content from China.

On the traditional animation front, China Television Corporation had ‘P. King Duckling: Adventure Buds’. 17 countries were involved in the production of the series. Rounding up the animated offerings was the historical film ‘Kiangnan 1894’ from SMG Pictures & Shanghai WingsMedia, which revolves around the real-life Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai. Romantic drama ‘On the Road’ from China Television Corporation had

generated heated discussion among Chinese audiences, said Michel. ‘Entrepreneurial Age’ from HUACE Group focuses on a group of IT entrepreneurs, while medical-themed drama ‘Where My Heart Belongs’ from Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation featured a Chinese and American cast, being set in both countries. All three live-action, long-form drama series were youthoriented, coming-of-age stories.

for Thai markets. In addition, choosing the right timing for their marketing campaigns in international markets has been an important strategic move.

(L-R) A closer look at Thai talents – Thai Superstar James Jirayu, Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, Ariya Banomyong and Ronnapong Kamnuanthip of BEC World.

Love is in the Air for Thailand’s New Offerings

JKN has seen significant growth this year, announced CEO Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, at their content showcase on Wednesday. They partnered with BEC World last year, to distribute the latter’s content. She attributed their success to the following key factors – localisation and timing. They researched what people want in the market and also localised content


Ronnapong Kamnuanthip, Chief Commercial Officer of BEC World, took to the stage to premiere an exciting plethora of dramas for their 2020 line-up; ‘My Husband in Law’ centres around a desirable architect who fakes a marriage, while ‘Deceitful Love’ looks at a couple in a turbulent and failed marriage. They revealed ‘The Enchanted’, a tale of three warring kingdoms, as well as ‘Hotel Stars’, which focuses on ten interns competing for top spots at a hotel. ‘The Buddha Code’, a documentary series on Buddhism, was also shown. There was also fantasy rom-com ‘Prophecy of Love’, about a psychic girl and her lover, played by Thai superstar James Jirayu. The strapping teen idol then delivered a stirring rendition of the theme song from ‘Repercussion’, to the delight of screaming fans in the room. Ariya Banomyong, President of BEC World then brought the memorable session to a close.

CONFERENCE Who’s Funding and Watching New Indian Content? With all the content coming out from India, the big question is that of funding. Anil Wanvari, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, group, shed some light on this issue at a session revealing new content from India. He explained that shows are mainly commissioned by broadcasters, with some shows being co-funded with other investors. There are no funding mechanisms for content creators, he added, although there is limited funding available for films. What can one make of the battle for India’s eyeballs? Anil stated there is no battle, as India is in the early customer acquisition phase and Netflix has just shaved its subscription fees for the country. The real battle will happen in the future. Rainshine Entertainment showcased comedy film ‘Humble Politician’, which has found a home on Amazon Prime but is still available for distribution in other countries. One Life Studios debuted a pair of adventure drama series – ‘Chandragupta Maurya’, a

(L-R) Rainshine Entertainment’s Pranab Punj, YoBoHo New Media’s Hitendra Merchant, One Life Studios’ Rahul Kumar Tewary and INDIA SPARK’s Khalid Khan shed some light on new content from India.

fantasy drama about a young boy on a quest to unite India, and ‘Phir Laut Aayi Naagin’, a contemporary drama about a serpent shapeshifter trying to unearth a mystery. ‘Senpati’, a drama about real-life events in East Pakistan by INDIA SPARK, was also previewed at the session. INDIA SPARK also revealed ‘Captain Vidyuth’, an animated series about a

loser who gets superhuman powers, and ‘Jurassic Genius’, about a genius born in the age of the dinosaurs. YoBoHo New Media gave audiences a taster of their animated series ‘Mango Minutes’, which revolves around the titular mango, and is on YouTube Kids. They also have another kids animated series about the hijinks of two friends, ‘Momo and Tulus’.

Wanted: Familiar and Relevant Stories India is a burgeoning market for sellers. Vivek Lath, Founder & CEO of Goquest Media Ventures said that Indian buyers are looking for good stories from a variety of genres. Content that can be binge-watched, as well as animation, variety, and humour, is popular. Gourav Rakshit, COO/Head of Viacom18/Voot Digital Business, added that buyers want content that resonates with audiences, which “can be part of a dialogue the next day”. The newer buyers on the panel, Mansi Srivastav, Senior Vice President - Global Content Acquisitions & Alliances, MX Player, and Divya Radhakrishnan, Head, Global Syndication, Rainshine Entertainment, agreed. Mansi said they want relevant stories that can be localised. Rainshine Entertainment aggregates content, and Divya commented that they try to match cultural preferences with content that can map to Indian cultures. She cautioned that foreign sellers will be in competition with the local market, as India also produces an immense amount of content.

Also one of the new buyers on the panel, Sunil Doshi, Director of Alliance Media, said that thinking of mediumspecific content is important. He commented that buyers want stories that they can adapt to and marinate in Indian cultures and context, and from which local writers can draw from. However, the issue with big name content is that it is often already

available in other countries, so Sunil advised buyers to go for obscure and small countries with boutique content instead. All of the buyers on the panel mentioned that content from Turkey, Middle East and South Korea are hugely popular; for instance, Turkish and Korean dramas are in demand as finished products.

(L-R) Top Indian buyers Sunil Doshi of Alliance Media, Gourav Rakshit of Viacom18/Voot Digital Business, Mansi Srivastav of MX Player, Vivek Lath of Goquest Media Ventures and Divya Radhakrishnan of Rainshine Entertainment share what they are looking to acquire. 11


05 Dec 19 DAY 2

Sizzling Korean Formats Keri Lewis Brown, Founder & CEO of K7 Media, noted that Korean formats are hot in the West. Firstly, as established formats are going strong, it is hard for new formats to break through. Secondly, there is greater familiarity with Korean culture. Thirdly, Western producers are increasingly collaborating with Korean producers. Nine companies presented. From KBS Media comes a convenience storethemed show called ‘Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’, which has celebrities creating menus that will be judged. MBC presented a real estate reality show, where two teams of celebrities play brokers to find the ideal home for their clients. SBS introduced ‘Mystery Kitchen’, a cooking reality show where the chef’s identities are kept secret. FormatEast presented ‘Trip Sync’, a reality travel show with a twist. CJ ENM showcased a music gameshow called ‘Super Hearer’, where music experts rely only on hearing cues to pick out the correct singer. JTBC is rolling out a music-themed format called ‘Super Band’, where indie

(L-R) A look into trending and unique formats discussed by J Wonder’s Sunah Kim, IMTV’s Heychung Eun, Channel A’s Dahye Son, K7 Media’s Keri Lewis Brown, JTBC’s Jaden Seo, CJ ENM’s Jully Kim, SBS’s Yuanli Liu, MBC’s Max Woo and KBS Media’s Dong-Cheul Moon.

musicians form bands to advance in battle rounds. Dating formats are also popular. Channel A presented ‘Heart Signal’, a romantic dating reality show, while

IMTV introduced a dating show called ‘The Dating Detectives’. Finally, J Wonder announced ‘The Survivors’, a reality survival programme that combines practical education with entertainment.

Korea Pushes the Envelope on Short-Form Content Our modern day schedules mean that short-form content is perfect for us, said Michelle Lin. The Manager (APAC) of K7 Media moderated the first-ever Korean short form content session at ATF, which revealed a slew of new short-form content from Korea, running the gamut from comedies to instructional videos.

‘Save NCT Dream’, SuperBean Co. revealed ‘Asian Chef’ and ‘The Wild Beat’, and Grafizix Co., Ltd. had kids show ‘Friendzoo Imaginary Shadow Playground.’ in Wonderland had Korean language teaching show ‘Gasachart’, and Anipen revealed three AR solutions – AR web dramas, AR kiosks and AR live broadcasters.

Michelle raised an important point during the session – that there was a multitude of models to explore monetisation. With the myriad of assortment of shows, it is clear that Korea is pushing the envelope when it comes to shortform content.

Short-form content is the product of our digital age, Michelle observed, since they are produced with the aim that they will be consumed via our mobile devices. Hence, they are a great medium to convey messages as well as to interact with audiences. J Wonder showed web sitcom ‘I Am Fine Today’, while CJ ENM previewed two shows each with two seasons under their belt, ‘It Is Okay To Be Sensitive 2’ and ‘When You Love Yourself 2’. JTBC Content Hub also had a pair of dramas, ‘Way To Dislike You’ and ‘Shark.’ For variety shows, Starship Vending-machine Corp. showcased 12

(L-R) A discussion among in Wonderland’s Junghyun Shon, Grafizix Co.,Ltd’s Eunee Park, Anipen’s Jinyoung Choi, K7 Media’s Michelle Lin, SuperBean Co.’s Joowon Lee, Starship Vending-machine Corp.’s Jinhong Cha, JTBC Content Hub’s Jaeha Lee, CJ ENM’s Wootak Lee and J Wonder’s Taekjin Nam on a myriad of outstanding short-forms.



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Geonbae to another great year at ATF.

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Catching up over drinks at K Networking Hour.

Networking sessions are always good opportunities for quick chats.

A Spread of Game Shows Sony Pictures Entertainment is wellknown for their perennial winner, ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’, the world’s most successful quiz show. With catchphrases embedded in pop culture, that show has become the gold standard for the quiz show genre. Laura St Clair, VP, International Formats and Kate Sioftanou, VP International Production Consultancy introduced upcoming shows from their unscripted format catalogue. Sony has an exciting range of new quiz shows that promises fresh and fun ways to win enticing prizes, including ‘Win Your Wish List’, ‘Raid The Cage’, ‘Brainiest’, and ‘The $100,000 Pyramid’. But the competition is not only cerebral: there are physical shows in the line-up as well. These include ‘The Gong Show’, a talent show, and

‘Can’t Touch This’, where participants compete based on their physical ability to win prizes. From Sony’s hugely popular show ‘Dragon’s Den’ (aka ‘Shark Tank’), a reality TV show that has become the world’s top business show, comes a new show ‘Million Pound Menu’ – think ‘Dragon’s Den’ meets ‘MasterChef’. Laura noted the various shows are fantastic opportunities for product (L-R) Look forward to more from Sony Pictures Entertainment as Laura St Clair and Kate Sioftanou placement. highlight upcoming titles.


MARKET A returning exhibitor for over 10 years, GMA Worldwide Inc returned with a slew of highlights for this edition of ATF. The 12 new titles include dramas ‘For Love or Money’, ‘The Better Woman’, ‘The Gift’, ‘A Place In Your Heart’ and ‘Broken Faith’, crime shows ‘Silent Thief’ and ‘Beautiful Justice’, thriller and romantic comedy content.


Vice President Roxanne J. Barcelona shared, “We see ATF as an important platform as we prepare to do deals for the succeeding year. We hope to meet more clients and close deals for the 2020 programming.” When asked about the company’s future plans, Roxanne mentioned that they are looking to focus more on China, as well as build their videoon-demand (VOD) business through strategic partnerships with several VOD platforms.

05 Dec 19 DAY 2

CONTENT BEYOND THE SHORES OF ASIA As the only Thai production company that has been nominated for the International Emmy Awards thus far, Workpoint is not only keen to strengthen its reach in Asia, but is also setting its sights beyond the continent. At this year’s ATF, Wirata Laksanasopin shared that they are in talks with an American company for one of Workpoint’s biggest formats this year – ‘10 Fight 10’, a variety show that pits male celebrities against one another in the boxing ring. Workpoint is also in discussion with a Cambodian company to conclude the deal for the same format at this year’s ATF. Connecting with Workpoint’s current clients has always been one motivating factor for Wirata in attending ATF, where 2019 marks her fourth outing at the event. “I hope to meet more new customers, especially those from the Philippines,” said Wirata. One of Workpoint’s strengths is in producing entertainment formats, and Wirata believes they will continue to produce even more quality entertainment content come 2020. Apart from entertainment production, there are plans to expand distribution and the licensing of content outside of Asia.

RIDING THE ANIMATION WAVE With a shared passion for creative storytelling, Singapore’s 108 Media and B.Water Animation Studios from Spain have turned a 15-year friendship into an exciting business partnership with their new joint venture, B.Water Asia. CEO of 108 Media, Abhi Rastogi, said, “We see the opportunity to create high-end quality animation from Asia that are international co-productions. Our focus, and the most important part of our business model, is to be a storytelling studio where we develop original IPs.” 14

Speaking together at ATF, Dirk Hampel, Founder of B.Water Animation Studios also shared about B.Water Asia’s role as a gateway for Asian IPs and how they want to bring out the potential of creative talent in Asia. Fresh from the oven of this newlyminted partnership is ‘CRAYONS’, a 3D-live action animated series and the first of what is expected to be a top-tier slate of children’s programming in fasttrack development and pre-production.

BITE SIZE FOR BUSINESS A discreet, efficient application for managing avails, agreements and deliveries. QuickRights believes in Humans First: Don't let robots handle negotiations for you. Use the technology as your best assistant, not as your algorithmic manager. Quickly present your film availabilities, get a reminder for expiring deals, contradicting territories and so on, all from your mobile, in a friendly and accessible manner.




05 Dec 19 DAY 2


Turkish content may not be well-known in the region, but Turkish distribution company MISTCO is set on changing the status quo. “Asia has always been an important market to us. ATF is the only market in Asia that is dedicated to Asian buyers, and we want to expand our footprints in this region,” said Aysegul Tuzun, VP, Sales & Marketing, MISTCO. For MISTCO, the content highlights include Turkish dramas ‘My Champion’, ‘Melek: A Mother’s Struggle’ and animations ‘Aslan’, ‘Elif & Friends’ and ‘Piril’. Keen to penetrate into new markets and to meet new potential clients and buyers, Aysegul shared that MISTCO’s focus has always been on bringing premium Turkish content to a global audience, and this is something that will always be in the company’s DNA. She revealed that MISTCO is currently working on some deals, and hopes these would be concluded before the market closes this week.

EXPANDING BEYOND TURKISH CONTENT CROSS-BORDER COLLABORATIONS REMAIN CRUCIAL TO STUDIO76.CO Dennis Yang, Managing Partner,, is keen to strike as many regional deals with over-the-top platforms and television stations at this year’s ATF. His main objective? To push genre-based content outside of the Mandarin-speaking market. This is part of a three-year plan to develop 30 digital-first, genre-focused original titles that transcend cultural borders. 16

Another highlight for at ATF is the opportunity to meet Singapore’s mm2 Entertainment and the Infocomm Media Development Authority at ATF to discuss opportunities to bring together storytellers from Singapore and Taiwan. Apart from these, Dennis also revealed plans to host a string of events and workshops in 2020 that invites regional content creators to pitch and develop new story ideas.

To Nixon Lim, Head of Asia Pacific, Eccho Rights, the ATF has always been the market of choice for promoting his content. At his fourth consecutive ATF, his main focus this year is to promote key drama series such as ‘North Star’, ‘Sisterhood’ and ‘The Promise’, among others. These are Turkish titles – Eccho Rights’ strongest forte – which Nixon hopes would attract interested buyers. Apart from Eccho Rights’ extensive Turkish content that hovers between 85% to 90% of the company’s catalogue, he revealed that they have acquired non-Turkish content in the hopes of being placed on the radar of over-the-top players.

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05 Dec 19 DAY 2

MARKET JOURNEY WITH SIR STAMFORD RAFFLES’ WIVES Acclaimed British writer Alison Hume has been signed on to be the head writer and showrunner of ‘Mrs Raffles’, an addictive new drama series for an international audience poised for production in Q3 2020. The drama will be developed and produced by 108 Media. Adapted from the critically-acclaimed novel ‘Olivia & Sophia’ by Singaporebased writer Rosie Milne, ‘Mrs Raffles’ is centred on the lives of the wives of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a

visionary imperialist in the early 1800s. The untold story of their adventures will immerse viewers in the diverse cultures of the Southeast Asian region through a mix of character-driven fiction and factual historical events. “We’re excited about the unique female voices being showcased through this particular series from development through production,” said Abhi Rastogi, Chief Executive Officer, 108 Media.

COMPELLING INDIAN STORIES THAT SELL Great storytelling cuts across geographies, said Gurjeev Kapoor, President, Distribution, Star India Pvt. Ltd. He added, “Contemporary narratives that go beyond just entertaining the audience and focus on telling inspiring stories continue to be liked by the audience.” The emergence of streaming platforms has also exposed viewers to global content, which has worked in the company’s favour. Star India Pvt. Ltd’s focus at this year’s ATF is to showcase a new catalogue for format and finished shows that will enable them to forge partnerships with potential buyers. Among some latest launches is ‘Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka’, a fantasy romance drama that has been consistently topping charts since its premiere in India last month. Southeast Asia remains an exciting market for the company. In addition to their international channels, their content licencing business has been a key driver in extending their content footprint. Looking ahead at 2020, it will be a year of exploring new partnerships in Thailand and Vietnam, in addition to strengthening their ties with existing partners across other territories. “Compelling Indian stories with a global connection have helped us engage with audiences worldwide, and especially in Asia,” said Gurjeev.

EYEING GLOBAL SUCCESS iQIYI is no stranger to the Asian online entertainment scene. Its platform features both licensed and original content from within China and abroad, backed by AI, data analytics and a strong understanding of their viewers. Two of the biggest titles iQIYI brought for the ATF are ‘The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty’, produced by Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan, and ‘Moonlight Romance’, starring notable Taiwanese 18

actress Amber An, among other drama titles. With an aim of expanding their footprint beyond Asia, iQIYI is hungry to conquer global territories with their content. While it may be too premature to confirm any signing of deals at ATF, there is optimism and confidence that there would be new business leads formed for subsequent follow-ups after the market closes.


EXPORTING JAPAN: AN ASIAN OBSESSION ENCOURAGED The hard work Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), as well as the Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (BEAJ) have been investing in over the years has been paying off in a big way. Just in 2019 alone, MIC’s Director for Global Promotion of Broadcasting Program, under the Promotion for Content Distribution Division of the Information and Communications Bureau, Koki Yoshida, highlighted that 48 co-production projects were approved from Thailand and Taiwan alone. This goes in line with an industry trend of incentivising co-production within a country to develop, maintain and promote a country’s TV/film industry, improve the attractiveness of the country as a location for TV and filmmaking, promote the country’s culture, history and beauty, and improve the quality, attractiveness and thus, the exploitation of supported entertainment content. In turn, the country gains from increased economic activity and spend, since qualifying projects have to be shot, in whole or in part, in the country and make use of the country’s vendors, crew and talent. This has been widely successful for Japan, especially for destinations like Hokkaido – which experienced a massive hike in wintertime tourists after an unscripted series broadcasted, turning its once underwhelming winter season around – and Kyushu, which underwent a surge of holidaymakers from Thailand after a famous Thai TV drama aired.

The goal of Japan at ATF 2019 – who has come to ATF with an impressively bigger booth space, and has creatively taken over the forever-in-demand coffee point – is to elevate the position of Japanese TV stations who need the boost. With the likes of past successes, MIC and BEAJ are confident there will be heightened interest from the East and Southeast Asian regions; territories that are already receptive to Japanese content. According to Akira Nagao, Deputy Director of the Administrative Office of BEAJ , the criteria of being considered for the highly attractive 50% cost coverage of production across Japan includes how well promoted the finished product would eventually be in the co-producer’s country, how Japan is positioned in the program and what level of ROI – including viewership numbers – is expected from the program’s broadcast. Of course, this highly advantageous incentive program that will bring foreign producers to the Land of the Rising Sun, will also allow the Japanese to better understand the taste of foreign flavours, and what best sells to those countries. Trending programs on the rise that have been especially flagged out include hybrid concepts of formats. This, according to Mr Nagao, has been the rage, as the region expects even more opportunities for co-production and finished content of distinctiveness that can only be truly Japanese at heart.


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The popularity of Turkish content in markets across the globe is not a new phenomenon. Turkish faces such as Ekin Koc is recognisable to viewers in homes from Latin America to Southeast Asia. Ekin, who is in town for the screening of his film ‘Champion’, believes that the appeal of Turkish content lies in the commonalities in the culture and values shared between these regions. “A Brazilian housewife watching a Turkish series may find something that she cannot find in an American series,” he said. Turkish storytelling also comes naturally from the heart, making it relatable to many, Ekin added. Instead of putting sales as the end goal prior to conceptualising a project, Ekin shared that sales is a result of having good content, which makes Turkish content highly in demand.

COOKING SHOW WITH A TWIST ENTICING ASIAN AUDIENCE WITH RICH TURKISH HISTORY CONTENT For the first time since joining ATF, ATV Turkey emphasised a historical drama as one of its highlights. An epic TV show, ‘The Ottoman’ tells the magnificent tale of how the Ottoman Empire was built, allowing the audience to become witnesses of the rich Turkish history. “The Ottoman’ has great potential and interest from all over the world, 20

especially in Asia, as with our other shows ‘Hercai’, ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Grand Family’. By having a rich and diversified catalogue at ATF, we hope to make a great start in forging long-lasting relations with other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India,” remarked Müge Akar, ATV Turkey’s Content Sales Deputy Manager.

RAYA Group came back to this year’s ATF with a game show series with a twist. ‘Bride in the Kitchen’ showcases brides and mothers-in-law participating together and competing with other pairs to make meals based on similar recipes. Giving a spin to the regular cooking show that audiences have grown accustomed to, ‘Bride in the Kitchen’ showcases how brides and their mothers-in-law can successfully combine their forces as a team. Ramazan Yirmibesoglu, General Manager, shared, “We have been bringing over Turkish content to the ATF market for five years now and we hope to further expand our reach in the Asian region, especially in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.”

MARKET NIPPON TV AND THE STORY LAB ENTER INTO A NEW CODEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Nippon TV, Japan’s multi-platform entertainment powerhouse and The Story Lab, global investor, creator and distributor, announced today plans to enter into a co-development partnership.

STREAM HBO ON THE GO WarnerMedia’s streaming service, HBO GO, is now available in the Philippines as a standalone over-the-top (OTT) service, which the company sees as a “natural evolution for the platform in Asia,” said Clément Schwebig, Managing Director of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks, Southeast Asia, Pacific and China, which operates HBO in Asia. He added, “Through HBO GO, we are excited to be able to provide our subscribers in the Philippines exclusive and easy access to enjoy our vast library of HBO Original programmes from the U.S. and Asia.”

HBO GO allows subscribers unlimited access to stream thousands of hours of non-stop and uncut entertainment from the latest Hollywood blockbusters and exclusive original content from HBO, HBO Asia and CINEMAX, among others. One of HBO GO’s latest features – the live TV function – will allow users to stream all six of HBO Asia’s suite of TV channels “live” via the OTT service simultaneously across Internetconnected devices.

Both companies will work closely together and combine their expertise to create and develop non-scripted formats for international sales. The partnership between these two key industry players will be zooming into generating new entertainment formats with fresh creative perspectives that are scalable and returnable across multiple territories to expand global reach, with the distribution being managed by both Nippon TV and The Story Lab internationally.

With the launch of HBO GO in the Philippines, native users will be able to watch the debut episodes of highlyanticipated HBO Original series such as ‘Watchmen’, ‘Catherine The Great’, ‘His Dark Materials’ and the last season of ‘Silicon Valley’.

NEW 4K UHD CONTENT NOW AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA Insight TV is launching its 4K, ultra high definition (UHD) content in Malaysia on the Astro platform. This marks Insight TV’s first dedicated branded block on Astro’s UHD channel. Astro viewers will now be able to watch Insight TV’s latest shows including ‘Car Crews with Supercar Blondie’ as well as gritty new series ‘Streetkings in Jail’. Natalie Boot, Director of Media Sales, Insight TV, said, “Asia is an important region for us, and we’re delighted to be expanding our footprint on the Astro UHD platform. This latest distribution partnership further underscores our commitment in bringing high-quality, unique programming to viewers around the world.” “We are constantly looking to add value for our consumers with progressive offerings… We will be continuing that momentum with the launch of Insight TV’s unique and exciting 4K UHD content,” said Sharmin Parameswaran, SAVP, Astro Malaysia. Astro made history last year when it became the first operator to launch a live 4K UHD broadcast in Malaysia. 21


Gaumont has set its sights on producing more animation content in the coming years, starting with the show ‘Do, Re & Mi’, a lyrical series for preschoolers featuring 52 original tracks performed by executive producers Kristen Bell, Jackie Tohn, and other surprise guests. The series will stream on Amazon Prime Video in 2021, following the launch of the Christmas special streaming in 2020. Riding on the hype surrounding English and Spanish language content, Gaumont worked with Amazon to create ‘El Presidente’, inspired by the real-life characters and events behind the 2015 “FIFA Gate” corruption scandal. Alli Farrel, VP, Marketing, shared, “Gaumont hopes to further expand in different regions, and ATF is a good way for us to network and get a sense of the type of content the market is looking for.”

INCREASED INVESTMENT IN FICTIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT Driven by their vision of producing quality content for its audience, Madrid-based The Mediapro Studio proudly showcased the television shows made in partnership with key international partners. Coming soon to the screens is ‘The Head’, produced together with Hulu Japan and HBO. The murder mystery series will unfold in three separate timelines, told through the conflicting testimonies of the last two survivors of an Antartic mission. Although mostly known for their fictional television content, The Mediapro Studio also deep-dived into the production of entertainment shows as they believe it would allow them to expand their presence not just in Spain but in the rest of the world. Some of these entertainment content include ‘The Chef’s Disciple’ that is being aired in Chile and cooking show ‘The Dinner of a Lifetime’. 22

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RAJSHRI ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES INTO MENTAL WELLNESS CONTENT To stand out from the rest of the industry players, Rajshri Entertainment brought a slew of refreshing content to ATF this year. One of their key highlights is ‘Wellness with Vibha’, a 22-episode meditational series focusing on mental wellness. Each 7-minute episode will take viewers through uniquely themed meditations. Indrapal Singh, Vice President for Business Development, said, “We get a lot of health and fitness shows but not so much on mental wellness and we care about the kind of content our viewers consume. “‘Wellness with Vibha’ allows them to get their respite amidst a world overrun by stress.” Another highlight is ‘Holy Kitchens of India’ which takes the audience through a delectable experience of how Indian temples prepare food and serve it to the devotees. Primarily known for their family content, Rajshri Entertainment introduced ‘Baby Binocs’, a spin-off from their well-known ‘Dr Binocs’ series, which was sold to a number of countries including China, France, Russia and South Korea. With the shift to digital platforms, Rajshri Entertainment has shared plans to produce more web series in different Indian languages to further expand their audience reach.


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MARKET VENTURING INTO THE APP SPACE “The future is in streaming and we want One Take Media to have a presence in that space,” remarked Founder and CEO Anil Khera while sharing about the company’s Playflix app that will be rolled out in the coming months.

BLUE CHIP TITLES FROM ITV STUDIOS ITV Studios Global Entertainment announced a host of deals in Asia amounting to more than 1,000 hours of scripted and non-scripted programming across its diverse and comprehensive dialogue. These deals include new dramas ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘A Confession’, stunning blue-chip titles like ‘Magical Land of Oz’ and the record-breaking ‘Love Island Australia’.

Playflix will contain One Take Media’s diverse catalogue of films and television shows, including ‘Sheikh Chilli & Friendz’, which they also plan to introduce to the Asian region by leveraging on ATF as a platform. The well-received animation series, which already has two seasons, tells the tale of a genie and an innocent boy named Sheikh Chilli as they go on different adventures.

EXPANDING INTO MORE DIGITAL PLATFORMS The noticeable shift in the viewing pattern of audiences, from traditional TV content to binge-worthy digital content prompted MX Player to provide cutting-edge premium content across English, Hindi, Tamil and other Indian regional languages. Aiming for international expansion, MX Player wanted to use ATF as a platform to forge collaborations and strategic partnerships with key over-the-top players across different regions. Building on the successful launch of the advertising-based video on demand platform in India, the company sets its sights to expanding their impressive portfolio into subscription video-ondemand, gaming, digital artists, kids, animation and e-sports.

Hyeonza Hong, Senior Vice President Sales, Asia at ITV Studios, shared, “ITV strives to be agile and innovative in further expanding its presence in the region and we are expecting to wrap up a few more big ones at ATF, hoping to bring more enjoyment to our viewers in Asia.” Among ITV’s highlights at this year’s ATF are Icon Films and Mudskipper Productions’ ‘India’s Wild Karnataka’ and ‘Wild Tokyo’ from Oxford Scientific Films.

NON-STOP EXCITEMENT FROM HOICHOI Hoichoi’s first outing at ATF saw the OTT player bringing a rich catalogue of Bengali entertainment content, including over 50 original productions. Highlights ranged from popular dramas, thrillers and comedies such as ‘Money Honey’, ‘Salon de Paris’ and ‘Charitraheen’ to their latest shows, murder mystery ‘PAAP’ and season 5 of Bengali web television series, ‘Byomkesh’. Soumya Mukherjee, Head-Revenue & Strategy, Hoichoi Technologies shared that their key objective at ATF is to showcase Bengali content and its global appeal to the world. With their eye on the international market, they look forward to exploring format and syndication deals at ATF. Launched in 2017, Hoichoi is owned by leading media and entertainment company SVF Entertainment and ranks among the top five OTT apps in India. 24



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At the ATF on Wednesday, the Taiwan Drama Production Industry Federation emphasised on the need to create content that encourages expansion globally. The Central Taiwan Film Studios opened this year in Taichung, which underscores efforts to become a movie production powerhouse. Interestingly, the idea for the studio stemmed from having director Ang Lee filming parts of his movie, ‘Life of Pi’, in Taichung using a specially created tank and a wave machine. The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) was established in 2019 with aims to spread local culture and creative content across the world. A series of measures to support and cultivate the growth of the industry is also in the pipeline. These include co-operating with tertiary institutions to provide job opportunities, and encouraging co-productions with international filmmakers. During the session, also showcased a sneak peek of four-part series ’76 Horror Bookstore’ with its first part titled ‘Tin of Fear’, as well as ‘Fly The Jumper’.


A REASON TO PARTY UP Singapore Hour, the first networking reception organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) at the ATF kicked off with a blast as guests and industry partners mingled alongside canapes and free-flow drinks. Earlier today, IMDA announced a strong showing at ATF, with 80 media companies showcasing their latest works at the Singapore Pavilion. The 28

line-up comprised over 750 hours of compelling stories from Singapore and Asia, with over 150 film, television and virtual-reality titles from a diverse range of genres, including animation, drama, horror, documentaries and scripted formats. IMDA also inked a partnership with mm2 Entertainment to produce Chinese infotainment series to be released on mm2’s upcoming video-streaming platform, mPlay Asia.

The Japan Pavilion started Day 1 at the ATF market with sushi, cocktails and a powerful rumbling sound from the WaDaiko, a traditional Japanse drum which is an essential element of Japanese festivals, rituals or off-stage in Kabuki theatre. Koki Yoshida, Director for Global Promotion of Broadcasting Program at the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Communication Japan, welcomed guests who attended the occasion. “We strongly support the 36 companies, including regional broadcasters, who are joining us at the Japan Pavilion, as they help us promote what Japan can offer through the best drama series, formats, documentaries and lifestyle content they produce.”

Jamie cooks up a stunning collection of vibrant, hearty veg dishes.

You won’t even miss the meat! 6 x 1 hour

FremantleMedia Asia Pte Ltd E:

Booth: C18, Marina Bay Sands T: +65 6223 8771



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MARKET LATIN PRODUCTS MAKE A COMEBACK The LATAM Comeback session showcased the works from five companies – Caracol Television, HBO Latin America, Viacom International Studios, Globo TV and Dori Media Group. At the closed-door session on Wednesday hosted by Prensario International, it was shared that Latin products are gaining back slots in CEE and other regions. On the fiction front, there is an increase in budget per episode. Previously referred to as telenovelas, fiction series are now known as TV series and dramas. There is also a broader fiction genre pipeline to include love stories, comedies and thrillers – with shorter formats of 25 - 60 episodes per series. On the entertainment front, the newgeneration products cover all kinds of genres – from talent and game shows to dating, cooking and more. The vanguard role of main Latin industry players has evolved to

producing for any region with various business formulas. The players are looking at co-productions, co-creation, co-generation, content factory, artistic services across regions to improve international appeal. Prensario

International also shared that Latin products are gaining market share due to shorter and more varied genres that mixes traditional and new age stories.

CREATIVE STORYTELLING FROM TAIWAN SHOWCASED The Taiwan Pitching session saw a packed room filled with co-producers, distributors, financiers and investors scouting for creative stories coming from Taiwan. Nine projects from companies such as Chimestone Digital Productions, Studio76 Original Productions, TransWorld Television Production and Xanthus Animation Studio were put on showcase at the event. Drama remains a recurring genre among the pitches. The diversity of the themes presented made each and every project uniquely different from the others. TransWorld Television Production, for example, puts Taiwanese religious and cultural elements at the heart of its coming30

of-age drama ‘The Summer Temple Fair’, while Greener Grass Production’s ‘2049’ imagines the lives of global Chinese societies in the year 2049. Other projects shared includes Studio76 Original Productions’ horror

drama ’76 Horror Bookstore: Tin of Fear’ and Resonate Films’ medical drama series ‘VET’. The Taiwan Pitching session was organised by the Taiwan Pavilion.


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ATRESMEDIA’S DOCS & DRAMA: SYMPATHY, SUSPENSE, SURPRISE Although the demand for Spanish content has seen a boost in recent years, the APAC region, according to Atresmedia Television, already had some series from them prior. “CCTV in China aired ‘The Time in Between’ and ‘A Normal Family’, while in Japan, NHK broadcasted the former as well,” said Diana Borbón, Sales Manager of Atresmedia Television. “In addition, Hulu was showing ‘Locked Up’, while our best telenovela, ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’ was aired in Vietnam.” With such headway into the region, Atresmedia Television is committed to increasing business relationships with key partners in APAC, and consolidating alliances between Spain and Asia. “At ATF, we are looking for the best partners for our series and documentaries, to strengthen relationships with our clients and explore new opportunities,” Diana continued, stating that the company has even adapted its content distribution strategy since the beginning of the streaming revolution and the new content consumption patterns. “We work with both linear TV channels and OTT platforms.” According to Diana, Atresmedia is one of the leading audio-visual groups in Spain, with productions having succeeded in getting awareness all around the world. Film titles such as ‘The Invisible Guest’ and ‘Mirage’ have been box office phenomenons in China, and the series, ‘Money Heist’ has been the most watched non-English series on Netflix. In addition, it won Best Drama at the 46th annual International Emmy Awards. No doubt,

drama is a genre that continues to work pretty well for Atresmedia Television. “On the one hand, we are strong in fiction. Series Atresmedia is a recognised brand worldwide. All series have a dramatic value. The characters and their stories captivate the audience with three essential emotions: sympathy, suspense and surprise,” Diana noted, also mentioning that at ATF, they will present ‘Presumed Guilty’, the drama series that won the prestigious Magnolia Award for Best Foreign Series at the 25th Shanghai International Film and TV Festival 2019. “On the other hand, we are also adding documentary series to our catalogue. It is a

There is a lot of activities going on in the Philippines this year. We are developing a lot of content, non-scripted and scripted formats, that we are hoping to introduce. Maria Cecilia “Macie” Ferreros – Imperial Vice President Head, Integrated Program Acquisition and International Sales Distribution ABS-CBN Corporation


All series have a dramatic value. The characters and their stories captivate the audience with three essential emotions: sympathy, suspense and surprise. Diana Borbón Sales Manager Atresmedia Television

genre that is growing. We have docs at ATF that will follow the life of elite athletes like Carolina Marin (badminton) or Fernando Torres (football), or will face the challenges of the future with robotics or lack of water, for example,” Diana continued.

The OTT platform in the Asian subcontinent is very interesting at the moment because it’s a growing market. India especially is opening up to OTT platforms. I strongly believe when you want to be with something that is growing, that is the right opportunity and the right place to be at. Krishi Dutt Director V R Films & Studios Limited

05 Dec 19 DAY 2


A JOURNEY BACK TO CHINA AFTER 6 CENTURIES Lessons Learnt For GHY Culture & Media, this has been their first drama production with a team consisting of China, Malaysia and Singapore crew, which had their work cut out for them with the massive challenge of having three different cultures in one melting pot.

It has been a project worth the wait, as GHY Culture & Media’s re-make of The Little Nyonya is finally on the verge of premiering exclusively on iQIYI, and then sold to the rest of the world, focusing on the Chinesespeaking territories. A quick look back, The Little Nyonya was the first television drama made from the Southeast Asian region by Singaporean directors, Chia Men Yiang and Wong Kuang Yong, and helmed by an award-winning Singaporean scriptwriter, Ang Eng Tee. Especially momentous is the fact that it is a Singapore original IP. The drama series focuses on the Peranakan culture, again a significant detail that holds historical roots within Asia. This time around, The Little Nyonya has been especially custom-made for the audience in China and the rest of the Chinese-speaking market, and is a first in terms of production scale and budget at this size for a local drama, costing over S$30 million (US$22 million). While this is not a new trend, as there were previous successful cases, like Lost in Thailand – shot in Thailand and released in 2012 – it is something, which GHY Culture & Media hopes to explore further, opening up opportunities to work with talents from this region to create new concepts and ideas for future productions. “Our belief that combining talent between different cultures from different countries would reap new and unpredictable results,” said a spokesperson at GHY Culture & Media. The S$30 million PC, according to GHY Culture & Media, is a reasonably good budget compared to other Chinese dramas produced in this region. “Audiences will expect to see 34

“We learnt to overcome all the barriers from cultural and language differences, to working style and method variations. The common goal of achieving our final target – to deliver to the audience a high quality television series – eradicated all obstacles and problems, eventually creating a bond. The Little Nyonya is definitely a very significant milestone for GHY Culture & Media,” the company’s spokesperson acknowledged.

Our belief that combining talent between different cultures from different countries would reap new and unpredictable results. GHY Culture & Media

designs, sets, props, wardrobe, shooting techniques in greater scale and details; scenes will be more elaborate.” They believe that such productions like The Little Nyonya has great potential to travel to the West as well, as have previous Chinese dramas, in addition to their successes in markets like Japan and Korea.

As for the future, whether it is necessary to go even bigger, budge wise, will depend on the outcome and success of this production. Next in the pipeline will be the production, Sisterhood, which does have a slightly higher budget than The Little Nyonya. Sisterhood will be a new drama that tells the tale Majie, a Samsui woman in the 1930s. GHY Culture & Media reflects that though viewing patterns are constantly changing, there is still a big pool of audience going for traditional drama formats. “It really depends on how we create the content and how well the story is told,” the company representative noted. “The current day audience is not easy to satisfy, but we are confident to deliver the quality that they are looking for.”

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DIGITAL TV RUSSIA: HIGHQUALITY CONTENT NEVER GETS OLD Digital Television Russia’s Head of Media, Victoria Bolotova has a strong belief that where the content comes from is not important, so long as it is of high quality. “As such, Russian animation can definitely compete with international majors, thanks to the creative heritage of Soviet animation. Modern Russian animation combines the skills of the past and technologies of the future. “Our animation studio is proof of that. DTR’s animated content is available in more than 100 countries; a testimony that Russian animated TV shows and films have become successful in the international market, and have the power to win hearts and minds of future generations around the world.” Strong words from one who will be at ATF with a slew of animation content. “The catalogue of content we are representing is very diverse. We produce shows for kids of 2 to 14 years old, and each show has its own storyline, characters and animation technology,” Victoria elaborated, highlighting series such as Be-be-bears, Fantasy Patrol, Woodventures, and Magic Lantern, alongside Cutie Cubies, Heroes of Envell, Paper Tales, Cathy Quest, Rolando Locomotov and F.A.S.T. “High-quality content never gets old,” asserted Victoria. “The main core is to win audiences over, follow them and meet their

Animation is family entertainment and as such, gives parents a great opportunity to spend fun times with their kids. It is also an incredible educational tool that teaches kids how to behave, and how to deal with problems they encounter in real life. Victoria Bolotova Head of Media Digital Television Russia

needs, as well as to constantly look for the next trends at the same time; these are the main challenges for distributors nowadays.

“For example, DTR has cartoons for multiple screens and platforms, mobile games, offline events, toy stores, books, etc – all built off of our animation brands. Kids appreciate stories and we make those stories come alive.”

“The main point is to create not only standalone content or animation, but a brand. Then you can build a whole ecosystem of products and services around it. Kids have always been very imaginative, they do not see a difference between online and offline, so the key to success is to be everywhere, so they can watch your content, play your games and chat with a teddy bear that you made.

Each country is different, so DTR tries to have tailored approaches to every market, always eager to find the best content for every partner to make sure they get the most suitable shows for their audience. The company is also selecting the best partners within each territory combining both classical forms of media distribution with the new ones to reach a wider audience.

FBS TV’S FILM: SKETCHES OF LIFE For Akihiko Tsutsui, Manager of Content Business Department, Fukuoka Broadcasting System Corp (FBS-TV), her hopes at ATF is to “deepen interest and understanding of Japan through what they offer contentwise via TV programs and movies. “ATF is an important market for us. We are based in Fukuoka, Japan, and ATF has introduced us to a lot of buyers from around the world.” This year, Akihiko has highlighted Sketches of Life (November 8, 2019, theatrical release). Based on a true story, Director, Naoki Segi, has made several films with nature and community themes. For this film production, Naoki moved to Omuta city in Fukuoka Pref., there capturing the scenic power of the locale. The film offers a concentration of talented actors, from fresh faces to veterans. 36


05 Dec 19 DAY 2



It is n it surprising to learn that the future if animation will again led by the Koreans. “Korean animation is constantly making efforts to expand the range from the growth of children’s animation to animation targeted at various ages,” said Daesoo Kim, PD (Producer) of Studio Animal. “Web toon animation, game animation, and selfproduced animation are part of it. We at Studio Animal also aim to produce memorable timeless classics that will be loved for a long time by various age groups.” At ATF, Studio Animal will be pushing two types of content under one theme; specifically that of two different styles of production across different genres. “One is a romantic comedy with a typical 2D animation approach. The other, a horror via a full 3D animation production based on cartoon

renders. We believe that both offerings have the strength to encompass a variety of production methods and different genres,” Daesoo explained. For Daesoo, the two are relevant to the current situation where young people in Korean society continue in the contemporary trend started by the web toon series, Lookism. The first is a horror movie talking about a young woman who has an “appearance complex” and resort to plastic surgery. The second is a TSF (Trans-sexual Fiction) in which a depressed and fat man turns into a pretty and sexy woman. “Two of our program samples have been released in the Chinese market, but have not been shown in any other markets,” Daesoo clarified. “These are brand new. We also have two more that are still being planned, and will be revealed when the project blueprint is complete.”

As Studio Animal hopes to have their content aired in many locations around the world, they are to considering a broadcasting commission fee or minimum guarantee, depending on one’s country and media situation. A s well, for those who have a clear distribution plan, Studio Animal is willing to provide pure RS (Revenue Share) models.

Asian content is growing very fast. We are looking forward to seeing that in ATF 2019. Daesoo Kim PD (Producer) Studio Animal

THE SENSATION OF SAN’IN The beautiful San’in region lies along the Sea of Japan coast in Western Honshu. This mystical land has deep ties to Japan’s creation mythology and is no wonder Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd has a massive stake in it. “We produce cultural documentaries linked to the history, culture, lifestyle, and unspoilt natural scenery of San’in,” explained Marie Oka, Sales / Programming & Business Dept of Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd, whose new TV series, Taste of the Key Gourmet in San’in region, has received numerous enquiries. Marie Oka Manager Sales / Programming & Business Dept Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd 38


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VISIONS ON WHEELS, RIDING THE ASIAN GROWTH With an ever-changing media landscape, we’ve become much more flexible with regards to how we work with our partners. We now offer separate feeds for our linear channel in Asia, as well as in Europe and Africa to better meet the needs of our audience in these areas.

While the Motorvision Group has already established successful partnerships in Asia, including a cooperation with Truevision in Thailand, Korean Telecom and Accion in the Philippines, this leading producer and distributor of automotive-related content still sees so much more potential in the Asian market. The Indian car market, for example, is one of the fastest growing in the world and will soon be the world’s third-largest car market. The APAC video market is expected to narrowly close the gap with the American market within the next few years. Where the rocketing lines cross is where the Motorvision Group fast tracks, as the huge potential for highquality car and motorsports content further accelerates. “We’d like to work with TV providers, telcos and other media players to unlock this potential and generate long-term value for both parties,” said Raimund Köhler, CEO of the Motorvision Group. “We hope to learn more about the Asian market and the needs of Asian audiences, which will give us new creative impulses for our content.

Raimund Köhler, CEO Motorvision Group

Looking at selling rights, Raimund noted that since they own the rights to most of their content, they can create content packages for any budget, from licensing single and shortform content to their linear channels and VoD content. “This year, we’ve increased the amount of motorsports content on our linear channel in Asia,” Raimund continued, citing the Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia and the official magazine show for the Formula E Championship, the world’s premier racing series for electric cars.

BESTSELLERS • Car History: Documentary series that details the development of mobility and carmakers around the world • Supercars: Magazine on the world’s fastest and most luxurious cars • DreamCars: Showcase of the most exciting car models that defined the automotive culture around the world

THE FRENCH-NESS OF HOKKAIDO When Japan comes to mind, oftentimes, either Tokyo or Kyoto takes center stage. And while the attention for both is well deserved, there’s so much more to Japan than those two spotlight-grabbing cities. Enter Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands. With agriculture as one of its main economic pillars, exceptional food with the freshest produce is one of its biggest attractions. People are travelling the world and watching international content to learn about various destinations they have an interest in, perhaps to eventually visit one day. Such destination content promotes understanding of cultures and people outside our own, contributing to greater appreciation and awareness the world over.


Hajime Nambu International Contents Distributor, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd

This is then no surprise that what Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd is pushing at ATF this year is a food documentary series, made by a French broadcaster, featuring food in Hokkaido. “This is a co-production project involving HBC and a French broadcaster, who journeyed to the island to shoot. Of significance, is the story of cuisine in Hokkaido, seen through the eyes of a French chef,” said Hajime Nambu, International

Contents Distributor, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co Ltd. “The way they shoot and edit is very different from how we, as Japanese regional broadcasters, do it. The quality is good enough to gather attention of international buyers,” Hajime observed. HBC is banking their sales strategy on their strongest asset, Hokkaido itself. “Our TV programs reflect the best of Hokkaido; all aspects that tourists, present and future, may have interests in. Once they watch our program, they will be stimulated to visit Hokkaido at some point,” Hajime continued. HBC is keen to get their unique programs out there and have noted that they will be keen to consider either a flat rate or revenue-sharing model.

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WHEN YOU MIX LATIN PASSION WITH THE HBO DNA for HBO Latin America in establishing and maintaining the company’s relationships with the ever-growing APAC territories. “We want to make it easier for more and more people in the world to enjoy our local Latin America content, as they have already done so in more than 100 countries globally. We know that there is still a huge potential for growth and exposure for our titles worldwide. “We’ll continue doing what we know best, which is producing the best and most relevant local content, creating unique and immersive experiences for audiences worldwide. We’d like to invite the buyers of ATF to consolidate relationships with us and acquire our incredible catalogue of content for years to come.”

WHAT’S NEW …the next hit can come from any country – as long as there is excellent standards of production and storytelling… It’s our duty to continue promoting such content, arousing interest in the innovative Latin American genre with worldwide distributors. Xavier Aristimuño VP of Licensing HBO Latin America.

It’s common knowledge that the HBO name is synonymous with quality, maintaining its line of attribute across borders. Since 2003, HBO Latin America has been investing in and developing high quality, provoking, and revolutionary content.

Their series cover all kinds of genres and stories ranging from police/detective pieces, such as The Bronze Garden and Epitafios, dramas, like The Business, and The Secret Life of Couples, and socially relevant productions, such as Joint Venture.

“Our catalogue of content is exceptional, compelling – offering storytelling with unique creative perspectives that will satisfy users worldwide,” reinforced Xavier Aristimuño, VP of Licensing at HBO Latin America.

“We recently started producing series narrated from a historical perspective, such as Santos Dumont, and soon, The American Guest,” Xavier noted, making sure such offerings will be at ATF, an important platform

• Santos Dumont: Period piece tells the story of Alberto Santos Dumont, the famous inventor and aviator acclaimed as the first man to fly an airplane • The American Guest: Miniseries follows the journey of former US president Teddy Roosevelt, alongside Brazilian army officer Cândido Rondon in a quest to explore unknown regions and encountering indigenous inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon • The Bronze Garden (El Jardín De Bronce): New season follows the story of Fabián Danubio after reuniting with his daughter Moira, whom he desperately searched for 10 years • Joint Venture (Pico De Neblina): Takes place in a fictional São Paulo where marijuana has been legalized

TOKAI TV: A CONSTANT HIT WITH DRAMAS With the likes of The Sonata of Atonement and The Lawyer in Hell, Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Tokai TV), carries on the tradition of great dramas that convey suspense, romance and family centric theme. “With our advantage of having many dramas, we are now also focusing on co-production,” said Eriko Fujitomi, Sales Executive / Producer of Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Tokai TV). “We are looking forward to having fruitful business conversations with buyers who are looking for content to be re-made. 42

So we are not just here for program sales.” Therefore, armed with their strength in TV drama series, Tokai TV is thrilled to once again be part of ATF, which Eriko believes, is an important showcase for developing Asia, and especially the Southeast Asian markets. Tokai TV currently has about 200 daytime soap dramas and 24 night dramas, including those with the hospitality theme, which they are eager to draw attention to.

Eriko Fujitomi Sales Executive / Producer Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Tokai TV)

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BEYOND KOREAN DRAMAS: 360 VISION OF YOON Traditional Korean dramas are still mainstream, but the proportion of various types of transactions, such as web drama, web entertainment, format and other IP-related business is gradually increasing. “A craving for drama is trans-generational,” said JH Yoon of Yoon & Company, although he admits that variety shows featuring K-Pop stars and web content are other sources of strength for him. JH regards a desirable partnership as one that should look for growth on both sides in the long run. As such, the company not only makes traditional deals, but also diverse ones considering local circumstances.

I consider ATF as a solid bridge between Asia and non-Asian licensors and licensees. Not only as a market for customary made contents, but also for new issues and formats. ATF has always given me a thrill. Since the production system and installations in Asian countries are growing so fast, ATF is a great school that gives me many ideas for new business. JH Yoon Yoon & Company

“How we co-produce and co-share with the local partners flexibly depends on the various conditions of markets,” JH noted. To date, while traditional dramas still dominate deals, Yoon is also expanding their business to format and IP-related contracts. For JH, an awareness of IP is on the rise in Asia, and

the demand for such is increasing as production flourishes. “This may lead the content markets to format and IP-oriented ones, rather than let them stay as markets for traditionally-produced media,” JH observed. “For the same reason, I am also interested in, and diving into a new kind of OTT service, which uses Up-Converting technology based on AI.” When it comes to selling rights, JH remarked that the most traditional and universal deal was the flat deal. However, nowadays, he will consider different approaches with

different partnerships between countries and content. “For example, not only do we look at MG+RS or RS deals, co-investment and production, but also new strategies such as co-share, or division distribution by territories. I also often co-develop additional products with local licensees.” At ATF, JH would like to understand what the new signposts in this fast-changing media markets are, and how he should surf this new wave, along with the hope to be introduced to new forms of media businesses using new technologies.

It was initially television viewing in India. Thanks to mobile, it’s all 4G, personal devices and consumption on-the-go. People are expecting different kinds of content, no longer 22-minutes of content. People are doing snacking, and looking at niche content. That’s why it’s content all across now. Kaushal Modi Head – Acquisition, Business Head Jio TV


PROMINENCE OVER PRICE: THE JOYS OF LEARNING Off the bat, YNC (You Need Character Co., Ltd.) says it prefers to spread their content quickly and across as wide a region as possible by offering their product at a reasonable price to more broadcasters and media who want it. Up front is Cricket Pang, a children’s educational animation targeted at the Indian subcontinent, as well as other markets who have a pension of what is boasted as, “the first children’s animation to feature cricket sports”. “It is,” explained Minsu Song, CEO of YNC, “an educational work that organizes episodes of children’s daily lives.

“I think today’s trend is ‘joyful education’. Children’s animation is difficult to succeed if its contents are too educational,” Minsu continued. “The exquisite combination of education and enjoyment is very important, and that’s why production planning and the story planning steps have become increasingly important.” Minsu harbours hope to meet some good partners and talk about the successful production and launch of their work at ATF. The company currently does not have distributors and sales partners, but encourage

those who want to distribute and sell their work to consult with them at any time. “We would like to meet co-production partners, global distributors, and investors at ATF. Our animation are competitive in the world market, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have beneficial discussions with us. We’re always open to good partners. Let’s make big visions a reality together!”


Looking for Horror, Thriller & Action Genres “We actively look for content that will translate well for the US market,” noted Glocal Media, who, in light of new digital demands, provide their “channels” in various forms in line with consumer demands, from linear to SVoD formats. This includes breaking some of their titles that are longer than 60 minutes into several 15-minute episodes. The buyer’s biggest revenue source is linear television, although SVoD is growing.

What Glocal Media is hoping for this year at ATF is to meet sellers who can be more flexible in terms of pricing, bundling and helping to control piracy, noted the company’s CEO, Dennis Young, who revealed that his biggest successes with foreign content include contents in these native languages; Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino.

APAC is the main source of supply of content for Glocal Media. From servicing the Asian diaspora, living in N. America, to adopting APAC-created content for the English speaking markets.

Dennis Young CEO Glocal Media 45

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Looking for TV Dramas, Movies, Entertainment Shows, Animation & Docs “It is difficult for our platform to pay high purchase price at this point in time. However, in the North American market, where many illegal sites violate the valuable intellectual property rights of sellers, we offer OTT services at a fair price.

We believe that our presence in ATF is important, as it will allow us to know what’s happening in the APAC market, as well as to rediscover the current consumption trends and needs in the region. Ana Bustamante General Director Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group

“We generally contract on flat fee terms, but depending on the content, we may also contract on revenue sharing terms.

MEDIASET ESPAÑA: STORIES OF SUBSTANCE In Monica and Sex, a prominent Spanish artist travels the world to discover how sex is perceived in the different corners of the world, while Mzungu, Operation Congo tells the incredible adventure of a man who leaves everything to build a school where no one would dare to step, the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the poorest and most violent places in the planet. Monica and Mzungu reminds us that a great story is a great story no matter where you are in the world. “We have been able to observe that geographical and cultural boundaries are increasingly disappearing,” said Ana Bustamante, General Director of Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group. “The viewer is always the one who makes the decision, regardless of location. This multiplies our possibilities as producers and distributors of content.” Such content reflects the high qualitative level of production of the Spain and Ana believes this allows stories to go beyond borders in an unstoppable way. “This is encouraging the increase in the consumption of Mediaset España’s offerings in the international market, even in territories that previously had very complicated access, such as APAC.” 46

And so, Mediaset España has decided to return to ATF yet again. “We have recently seen increase interest in our content, fostering possibilities in this region due to globalization that characterizes the current audio-visual market.” From devastating reality to unprecedented adventures and spectacular visuals, Mediaset España hope to tell grand stories at ATF that cannot leave anyone indifferent.


“Movies, in particular, can be distributed throughout North America by our own network. Therefore, I would like to cooperate with sellers who have content that North American Chinese would see, and I would like to interchange with partners who are interested in the distribution of North American films.” The platform launched its AVOD service on October 1. Although not big on profit yet, AVOD’s advertising revenue will be the cash cow of the platform. In addition, advertising revenue from companies that target its viewers is also highly anticipated, as they are also looking for companies who need to advertise to the Chinese Diaspora in North America. Specifics: Programs for the Chinese Diaspora in US/Canada

Thriller: Be Who You Are • SBS (Australia): Bought • China: Adaptation agreement Black Comedy: Ladies of (h) AMPA • RTBF (Belgium): Bought • Amazon Prime Video (Spain): Bought • DirecTV (LatAm): Bought • Globosat (Brazil): Bought • TVNOW (streaming service of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (Germany): Bought • Greece, Italy, Romania & Hungary: Adaptation agreements

Jing Yuan CEO ODC (


LUKARN: NICHE CONTENT WITH HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE One of the more unique offerings in the market floor this year is LUKARN’s Pompeii Revealed: Beyond The Myth, Maritime Fortresses and the 28th International Massy Circus Festival. Known for its strengths in documentaries and the performing arts, it has also found global success with content such as the 4K Mega structure and historical content with CGIs. “Each year, we are lucky to develop our partnerships with new producers, bringing new content (at least 100 hours of new, fresh content each year),” said Alexandre Pellerin, Sales & Marketing management at LUKARN. ATF is LUKARN’s key market for APAC, where, according to Alexandre, they can meet buyers who do not attend other markets. “And these buyers represent fast-growing regions, where we wish to see an increase of French programs,” Alexandre noted. With flexibility on contract terms, Alexandre hopes to achieve pre-sales for high-end 2020 incoming content, meet new partners, and drive new leads, as he consolidates the relationship with buyers.

For French content, documentary production is very prolific and the very high-end productions do travel a lot. Quality standards are rising and it’s closely linked to the evolution and improvements of the CGIs of French studios. And 4K is becoming the standard of production. Alexandre Pellerin Sales & Marketing management LUKARN

SERA FILM: IGNITING EXCITING NEW FORMATS Sera Film is no stranger to what works. There long stint in East Asia has equipped them with wisdom of what works on both sides of the fence. “We happen to be the pioneers to take Asian formats to Turkey. The first unscripted format we had from Japan was in 2002 and the first scripted format ever licensed from Korea in 2012 was again through us,” said İdil Belli of Sera Film.

Our expertise is on formats and we primarily focus on the format rights in all genres. Markets evolve and the genres and exploitation media extend, yet format rights are always there. İdil Belli Sera Film

Come ATF 2019, Sera Film is excited about two of their best-selling Factual Entertainment format: • QUP: Produced on TRT, the Turkish public broadcaster for 40 episodes, this format looks at three families or group of friends who play against each other and try to win points by not only answering questions, but by also deciding on their strategic queue. • Boss Lady: A compelling and timely new reality format, this looks at women with little to no business experience take over their husbands’ financially distressed businesses to try to save them. In the pipeline, Sera Film is excited to explore the potential of their new format in Asia called, One Shot, which has the potential to combine factual entertainment and quiz show audiences in a natural way. 47

30 March – 2 April Cannes, France

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PRODUCTS TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE Bumblebee is on a critical mission where lives are at stake! Only, he can’t remember what it is. It’s a good thing his best friend Windblade has found him to help repair his damaged memory chips. As each memory is repaired, another clue comes to light that will lead them both to complete their shared mission… however, the Decepticons are hot on their heels and time is running out.


TURBULENT SKIES Turbulent Skies is an 8-part adventure drama series portraying the feud fought between Albert Plesman (director of the KLM) and Anthony Fokker (famous pilot and aircraft manufacturer) during 1919 and 1939. Although both men shared a passion for flying and despite their vast differences, they jointly ensured that the Netherlands became a global player in the field of aviation. EXHIBITOR: GLOBAL SCREEN


Humans have long been intrigued by the mysteries of our origins, continually examining our biological makeup in the hope of achieving our ultimate potential. This compelling 6-part series profiles the breath-taking scientific discoveries made over the past decades; discoveries, which have revolutionised our understanding of what it means to be human, and informed the way we strive to live longer, better, smarter and stronger. EXHIBITOR: ABC COMMERCIAL

THE EMPEROR OF PARIS Under the reign of Napoleon, François Vidocq cuts a notorious figure in the Parisian underworld: he is the only man to have escaped the country’s most terrifying penal colonies. Now he tries to pass himself off as a simple merchant. However, his past catches up with him. After being falsely accused of murder, Vidocq makes a deal with the head of the police: in exchange for his freedom, Vidocq will help the police fight the criminal class.

SUPER WINGS SEASON 4 Super Wings is an action-packed upper-preschool series about friendship and teamwork. Jett is an adorable plane, who travels around different cities across the globe and delivers packages to children. On every delivery, Jett will encounter some challenges and will get around each situation with the help of his friends. Let’s follow the Super Wings on their thrilling adventures and discover the greatest cities of the world!



CRASH TEST WORLD Crash Test World is an educational adventure series that takes kids and families around the world to discover what it’s like to live in another culture. As the original Crash Test Girl, host Kari Byron dives (sometimes literally!) into a place to see how history, location and the people who live there, can all come together to create a unique local culture.

BOLERO THE WORLD’S TUNE Ravel’s Bolero is played every 15 minutes somewhere in the world. How did this famous melody inspire and influence today’s pop culture? And who’s best to talk about it than the 20th and 21st century artists who interpreted, remixed and sublimated it, from Rufus Wainwright to Brian De Palma? EXHIBITOR: BALANGA



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Claire is starting over in Abu Dhabi with her son Zach and husband Lukas. However, her new expat life is overshadowed by the discovery that her late husband is still alive. As past and present collide, Claire embarks on a life-or-death mission that includes blackmail, nuclear sabotage, and deceiving the people she loves the most. EXHIBITOR: CINEFLIX RIGHTS

Chasing Life with Sanjay Gupta is a 6-part docuseries following Emmy Award winning host, Sanjay Gupta as he travels the world searching for the secret to living longer, healthier, and happier. In America, Dr Gupta is a brain surgeon and top authority on health and medicine, but his personal and professional curiosity are taking him on a globe-trekking journey to explore surprising healing traditions and modern medical practices. EXHIBITOR: FREMANTLEMEDIA ASIA PTE LTD


ED STAFFORD: FIRST MAN OUT First Man Out is a genreredefining survival series that pits the world’s best adventurers, survivalists and bushcraft experts against infamous explorer Ed Stafford, the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. Every episode sees Ed go head-to-head with the best in the survival game in a race across the most stunning, but punishing environments Asia has to offer – in a bid to be the First Man Out. EXHIBITOR: DISCOVERY PROGRAM SALES




The story of Yeimy Montoya, the talented composer who seeks revenge after being betrayed by Charly, the man she loved, broke all rating records in Colombia. The Queen of Flow has had an average share of 48.1% and a 16.7 rating. The story´s original soundtrack is trending in music platforms, with more than 300 million plays.

After an inspiring speech, Dr Mihoo left behind a messy castle for GG Bond to build a universally popular museum. To complete the mission, GG Bond and his fellows go back to the Mesozoic Era to discover puzzles behind every fossil they find. After every adventure, GG Bond will return to the museum with more information about dinosaurs.



A new reality talent fashion show seeking the best talent in fashion among self-taught, amateurs, students and professionals in the fashion industry with careers related to clothing design. The competition and evaluation will judge creativity, drive, uniqueness, tidiness, and knowledge in design, cutting, dressmaking and the ability to adapt through stressful tasks. Participants must overcome challenges in order to move forward in the competition, resulting in one of them becoming the winner. PARTICIPANT: DORI MEDIA INTERNATIONAL

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Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of The Killer Bride for years. Most of the residents have stories of encountering Camila Dela Torre, the woman in 1999 who, on the day of her wedding, never made it to the altar. Instead, she was framed for the death of Vito’s brother, Javier. She was arrested, and her family turned their backs on her. EXHIBITOR: ABS-CBN CORPORATION

It has long been thought that cultural exchange is something that makes human society truly exceptional. However, animal behaviourists have shown that other species – apes, elephants, dolphins, wolves and even crows – have culture too. Now, culture club has a new member: the whale. Filming from the Bahamas to Alaska, from Norway to the Azores, Rosenthal is on a quest to discover not only what the whales are doing – but also, what they might be thinking.

PREMAN PENSIUN Following the death of his brother-in-law, Gobang initiates a gathering of all his former partners-in-crime, who like him, were once saved from the street and nurtured by Muslihat. All members of the gang show up to look into his brother-in-law’s unlawful death. The probe points to Darman and his pals as the culprits. To prevent bloodshed, Muslihat has to come out of retirement. EXHIBITOR: PT MEDIA NUSANTARA CITRA, TBK


ESPORTS REVOLUTION Esports Revolution is a series about the culture and subculture behind the world of esports. For all the people who still think esports is just a temporary trend, this series shows how esports is taking over the world. There are huge tournaments, stadiums filled with screaming fans, dedicated TV-channels, more than 380 million followers and an economic value of over a billion dollars, and more to come. EXHIBITOR: ZOOMIN. TV

KAPI & TIGA Kapi & Tiga are a couple of happy-go-lucky young animals who live in Auzonia. With their friends - Ana, Hira, Tedi, Tiga, and Ubi - Kapi & Tiga study hard, play hard, goof around and travel. Just like any group of friends, they fight and disagree with each other. However, with the help of their gurus Bansa and Duga, these smart kids sort out their differences and learn to work together! Come and see the adventures brewing with Kapi, Tiga and their friends in Auzonia! EXHIBITOR: MAGICAL 7

CULTURAL HERITAGE - THE RAILROAD II This 6-episode documentary series introduces the newest high-speed rail lines, including the Beijing-Guangzhou-ShenzhenHong Kong line, Qingdao-Taiyuan line, Shanghai-Kunming line, Harbin-Dalian line, LanzhouXinjiang line, Hangzhou-Shenzhen line. With the high-speed railway network as framework, it unfolds the diversities of the different places, the secrets of the intangible cultural heritage and the different aspects of the social, cultural, history and artistic heritage of China. EXHIBITOR: RADIO TELEVISION HONG KONG

VIDYA (THE ACCIDENTAL ENGLISH TEACHER) What happens when an uneducated army widow suddenly becomes an English teacher? An unexpected twist of fate leads Vidya to the most challenging phase of her life. Will she fulfil her wish of educating herself and the society? Will she be able to eradicate corruption from the education system? EXHIBITOR: INDIACAST MEDIA DISTRIBUTION PVT. LTD.


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PRODUCTS ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST In this joyous and celebratory drama, Zoey Clarke is a whipsmart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event, she starts to hear the innermost wants and desires of the people around her through songs. At first, she questions her own sanity, but soon realizes this unwanted curse may just be an incredibly wonderful gift. EXHIBITOR: LIONSGATE

THE HEAD BIGGLETON Biggleton takes place in an imaginary town where a young cast of 5—7 year-olds play out their own version of a grown-up world. A young police office, a gardener, a scientist, a farmer, a hairdresser and a vet are among Biggleton’s residents, whose town environment has been recreated using cardboard and beautiful hand drawn detail. Explore what it means to be part of a community while inspiring children to role play and stretch their imaginations.

Who would you trust? That’s a question a group of scientists will have to sort out quickly if they want to survive the polar winter. EXHIBITOR: THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO


KONGSUNI AND FRIENDS For 5-year-old Kongsuni, life is exciting, adventurous, and never ever boring. No matter where she is - at home, in the playground, at school - Kongsuni’s world is transformed by magic and imagination. One minute she’s piloting an airplane through the clouds, next, she’s a top chef working on her masterpiece. She even appears as a superhero, saving the day, of course! Her secret? Her best friend, who’s a magical owl named Seyo. Whatever she dreams up, Seyo conjures into reality. EXHIBITOR: YOUNG TOYS, INC.

MOLANG (S4) Molang is an eccentric, joyful, and enthusiastic rabbit. Piu Piu, on the other hand, is a shy, discreet and emotional little chick. Their timeless friendship goes back a long way. From the Stone Age to the 20th century, from Greek Antiquity to the Royal Court of Versailles, they take over History with their invariable wit and good spirit. A true friendship standing the test of time, which reminds us that we can find happiness at all times! EXHIBITOR: MILLIMAGES

UNSCRIPTED MAN Unscripted Man revolves around Bas, an office employee who finds a sacred script from his late father’s inheritance. The script records Bas’s history and life predictions accurately. However, in the script, it writes that Bas’ girlfriend, Jacklyn, would eventually end up with another man, Ando. Bas, along with his best friend, Jani tries to do everything to avoid the impending fate. EXHIBITOR: VIDDSEE PTE LTD


THE BEST COOKING RECIPE Viewers have loved The Best Cooking Recipe since 2000, as Korea’s most representative cooking show, offering viewers affordable ingredients and introducing simple recipes. Its systematic manner of delivery makes it easy to mimic. Hosted by Korean idol singer Lee Teuk from Super Junior, viewers can indulge in the traditional Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines cooked by Master chefs. EXHIBITOR: KOCCA

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