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Together Towards the Future

Ensemble vers l’avenir

From our home in Canada’s capital city, Ashbury College is a centre for excellence in international teaching and learning, where enthu siasm permeates life both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to not only get students to new destinations, but to also help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and adapt to the challenges they will face.

This is a close and diverse school community that integrates young children with pre-university students. In a supportive environment we challenge students to step out of their comfort zones, and to think critically and globally—all while ensuring the simple, yet important, formalities of manners and respect are not overlooked.

A wealth of co-curricular club, sport and arts activities brings learn ing to a lively stage and, our international orientation permeates school life on so many levels. Bien entendu, l’ecole se trouve dans la capitale nationale, et l’ecole démontre l’importance des deux langues nationales, en offrant plusieurs options bilingue. As we look past our 130+ years teaching bright young minds, being innovative, while not abandoning the tried and tested, will inspire our teaching and learning pedagogy and prepare students for the future.

Ashbury College is an exciting place to be, and I invite you to discover the advantages and experiences we have to offer.


As one of Canada’s most highly respected independent schools, Ottawa’s Ashbury College provides a well-rounded experience for its students. We prepare our students for their post-secondary journey and for life by challenging students with authentic learning delivered by outstanding and supportive teachers.

Established in 1891, Ashbury College offers unique programs and life-enhancing skills to students from across Canada and around the world. As an IB World School with students in Grades 4-12, Ashbury is a top choice for families seeking exceptional learning options for their children.


With small class sizes and an average student/staff ratio of 8:1, Ashbury’s specialized faculty are focused on helping students succeed, by delivering a challenging, thought-provoking curriculum designed to motivate and inspire.

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Ashbury offers a dynamic learning environment in which students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Ashbury graduates excel in all fields of study, and the school’s 100% university placement rate is a source of pride for faculty and parents alike.


With over 70 co-curriculars on offer, there’s something for everyone at Ashbury. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs and teams to develop their skills and interests or acquire new ones. The school provides opportunities for students to try new things, collaborate and compete with others, and challenge themselves to learn and grow.


At Ashbury there is a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of our community members. Our Wellness Team works in conjunction with supportive faculty and staff to ensure the mental and physical health of our students. Promotion of sport, outdoor pursuits and the arts is woven into daily life to guarantee a healthy balance between mind and body.


Together towards

Ashbury Junior School: 175 students in Grades 4-8 Ashbury Senior School: 530 students in Grades 9-12

Alumni Portraits

Ashbury College has played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today. Not only did Ashbury provide me with the skills to excel academically in teaching me the foundations of writing, critical thinking and time management, but Ashbury has instilled in me how to be a citizen of the world. Being a part of an international student community, we celebrated our differences but also learned they were what united us. Ashbury provided me with global connections. In the countries and cities I’ve lived in since graduation, there has always been an Ashbury community, be it on the ground or virtual, to provide a connection or introduction. The Ashbury education from which I benefited extends far beyond the corridors of elementary or high school. I feel so very fortunate and am grateful to be a part of Ashbury and its family.

Victoria Shore, Class of 2007 McGill University, 2011

LLB, The City Law School, 2014

LLM, Osgoode Hall Law School, 2015

Bar Admissions: Ontario (2016), New York (2019)

Current job: Associate attorney, Sheeley LLP (New York City)

Coming from an Indigenous community I was grounded in my culture and language from an early age. While the opportunity to learn about my heritage was abundant, due to the small size of my community, educational programming was limited. Ashbury, with its robust and comprehensive curriculum, provided the opportunity to not only enrich my areas of interest but to explore new subjects in a supportive environment. At Ashbury I was encouraged to excel while also being provided with the tools and knowledge to succeed. To this day, Ashbury remains one of my fondest experiences and the community that I built has endured long after graduation. As an Anishinabe-Indigenous person, Ashbury welcomed me and my cultural differences while making me feel like a valued and included member of the community. I am proud to say that I am an Ashburian!

Misko McGregor, Class of 2017 Queen’s University 2022

Manager, Indigenous Financial Literacy, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

I'm studying plant science at the University of Guelph.

When I am not studying, I instruct tennis at a nearby tennis club. That takes up the majority of my time these days!

My classes are going well and I am seeing a lot of similar content to what I learned at Ashbury so I'd definitely say I feel more prepared because of Ashbury and the IB Programme.

Matilda Skovgaard, Class of 2021 University of Guelph

2004 Maclaren Hall and Double Gymnasium Open 2009 Matthews House Residence 2007 Heather Gillin Residence for Girls Opens 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1923 The Head of School’s New House 1891 Ashbury College Opens 2009 Coeducation introduced in the Junior School 1928 Arial View of Campus 1910 Mariposa Avenue 1912 Rhodes Hall 1891 Victoria Chambers Mr. Woollcombe’s School 1900 Argyle Street Ashbury College 1894 Wellington Street Ashbury House School 1934 Athletics in the New Gymnasium 1993 Ashbury Clocktower Completed

Ashbury College continues to build on its 130+ years reputation of excellence, innovation and leadership by inspiring students to think critically, create meaningfully, and contribute towards the better ment of their school, their community, and their planet.

The teachers and staff at Ashbury are committed to creating an environment where students feel supported and where they are encouraged to find within themselves the courage to question, to lead and to share. This dedication to character is the backbone of the Ashbury experience, and the foundation on which students build a desire for lifelong learning and purposeful employment. 1975
International Baccalaureate Programme introduced at Ashbury College
2009 Residence for Boys Opens Ashbury College shelters 55 young Abinger Hill boys from Britain 1982 Coeducation introduced in the Senior School 2014 Creative Learning Centre Opens 2016 Chris and Mary Taggart Fitness Centre Completed 7 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 2016 Ashbury College Celebrates 125th Birthday 2019 Centre for Science and Innovation Opens 1963 Final Examinations 1953 Argyle Wing Completed Ashbury College Founder, George P. Woollcombe Prospectus Brochure 2022 Front Cover.pdf

Together towards Connection

International Engagement Outreach

Ashbury College provides its students with platforms to en gage with international groups and communities through various external and internal programs. Students can be a part of Round Square, and/or the Duke of Edinburgh program and connect internationally via Ashbury’s global student population and academic programming.

Within the Ottawa area there are many clubs and groups that Ashbury students support through meaningful outreach. Our students have the oppor tunity to connect with and support those who are less fortunate, and learn through this impactful and purposeful community service.



With work experience in mind, Ashbury has designed an Internship Program to link students to work placements with Ottawa area employers. This program is a valuable support as students grow, develop and plan their postsecondary next steps.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: three pillars at Ashbury College that are touchstones to ensure all past, present and future community members feel valued, are supported and have a voice that is heard.

“The goal of pluralism is belonging.”

—Global Centre for Pluralism



International Baccalaureate

(IB) Diploma Programme

has more than 45 years as an IB World School, offering a high-quality education with fully accredited IB teachers. Students in the two-year Diploma Programme are able to choose from a wide range of IB subjects and levels and have the opportunity to develop artistic, cultural, athletic, service and leadership skills. In 1975, Ashbury became the second Canadian school to offer the IB curriculum. To achieve the IB Diploma, students study six subject areas in depth, including a dual language program in English, French, Spanish or another international language. Ashbury offers IB studies in alignment with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) so our senior students can make choices suitable to their interests, abilities and university plans while earning both the OSSD and the IB Diploma. 100% of Ashbury students complete IB English. Approximately 75% of Ashbury students complete other IB Certificates or the IB Diploma Programme. IB Higher Level biology lab workshop: St. Andrews by-the-Sea Marine Biology Centre
17 Ashbury College Parliament Hill National Arts Centre Rideau Canal Museum of History Gatineau Park 1 2 3 4 5 6 MAP LEGEND National Gallery University Byward Market Rideau Hall 24 Sussex Drive Department 7 8 9 10 11 12 10 Take a virtual tour of our campus at Ashbury College reconnaît que son campus est situé sur le territoire traditionnel non cédé de la Nation Algonquine Anishinàbe Omàmìwininì.

The Heart of Canada’s Capital Un pays bilingue, une ville bilingue

Bienvenue! Welcome, to Ashbury College nestled in a quiet, safe neighbourhood in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. Surrounded by embassies and established homes, the school campus is a short walk from the city’s multicultural centre, showcasing historic sites, national museums, galleries, Parliament Hill, and the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal.

Our state-of-the-art boarding residences host 51 young men and 60 young women who acquire real-life skills as they learn to live independently within the boarding structure.

Health, safety and wellness are central to our boarding program. We have ten dedicated staff who live in the student residences, while the school’s registered nurse lives on campus, providing 24-hour-a-day care.

Gallery of Canada of Ottawa Market (Governor General’s residence) Drive (Prime Minister’s residence) Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa International Airport VIA Rail Train Station Carleton University Canadian War Museum National Holocaust Monument 13 14 15 16 17

Graduation Requirements


All students graduate with the Ontario Ministry of Education regulated Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with completion of:

• 30 course credits (1 credit = 110 hours of in-class instruction)

• 40 hours of community service

• Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) Ashbury is a non-semestered school. All Ashbury credit courses (Grades 9 to 12) meet or exceed the expectations of the provincial curriculum.


In addition to the OSSD, Ashbury issues its own certificate characterized by its carefully planned academic structure, which includes a greater number of mandatory courses than the OSSD in the areas of:

• Physical and health education

• Global Perspectives

Students must also fulfill non-academic requirements that include:

• 60 hours of community service

• Nine terms of co-curricular activities

To encourage the development of student interests and proficiency in French, a bilingual Ashbury certificate is granted to students who earn eight credits in French:

• Four Extended or Immersion French

• Four social science courses taught in French


Ashbury’s evaluation of student performance is based on a combination of continuous assessment and class tests (70%), and summative evaluations (30%) which typically includes a summative project OR a final exam.


In Ontario, the complete mark range is 0 to 100%, with a passing mark set at 50%. Honours-level marks are 80% and above. Courses are unweighted.


Ashbury College has a long tradition as an IB World School offering high-quality education with fully accredited IB teachers. All students complete IB courses or the full Diploma Program (Ashbury offers IB studies in alignment with Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements so senior students can make choices suitable to their interests, abilities, and university plans).

• All students in Grade 11 and 12 pursue an IB course in English

• An intensive week-long summer research and writing course to prepare for the Extended Essay process

• Biology HL and ESS students spend the week before their Grade 12 year at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre exploring ocean ecology

• Meaningful challenges in a range of service opportunities and grassroots projects in our CAS program

• Opportunity to earn a bilingual IB Diploma through our French program or through our self-supported self-taught Language A option.

This year, there were 40 full IB Diploma students, 14 of whom received an IB Bilingual Diploma. The highest diploma .point total this year was 43.

2020 IB RESULTS: Ashbury World

Average Diploma Points: 32.00 29.76 Mean Subject Grade: 5.13 4.79 Diploma Pass Rate: 91% 78%

SAT/ACT Examination Results

Ashbury College is a SAT test centre. Ashbury students are encouraged to write SATs; however, no additional preparation is undertaken for these tests, as most of our students attend Canadian universities.


Course offerings

IB courses are offered at both the Standard (SL) and Higher Level, (HL) unless otherwise noted.

Senior Courses





and International Law


Computer Science

Design Technology

Dramatic Arts



English: The Writer’s Craft

The Environment and Resource Management

Forces of Nature

French (Introductory) IB Ab Initio

French (Core) IB B

French (Extended) IB B

French (Immersion) IB A

Global Politics

Healthy Active Living

Studies: Change and Continuity in 20th Century Society/IB History

Introduction to Financial Accounting


Mathematics: Advanced Functions

Mathematics: Calculus and Vectors

Mathematics: Data Management


Recreation and Healthy Active LIving Leadership


Spanish (Introductory) IB Ab Initio

Spanish (Intermediate) IB B

Spanish (Advanced) IB B


World History IB History Year 2

Issues/Enjeux mondiaux

University Destinations

Ashbury’s cornerstone is academic rigour, enhanced by small class sizes, dedicated faculty and innovative technology. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme and our bilingual certificate (French and English) further enhance diversity and provide a broader world view.

Specialized staff in the University Counselling Department work closely with senior students during their final years to provide personalized guidance and counseling to every graduate. One-onone meetings and broader information sessions involving parents ensure a comprehensive approach towards the transition to post-secondary education.

The best universities around the world recruit Ashbury graduates; we have sent grads to Harvard, Cornell, McGill, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Queen’s, Cambridge, University of St Andrews, Dartmouth College, Oxford, Boston College, Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, BI Norwegian School of Business and the Sorbonne, to name a few.

We have an excellent university placement rate with the majority of our graduates gaining entry into their preferred university. With millions awarded to Ashbury grads annually in university scholarships, Ashbury is the first choice for a world-class educational experience in an inspiring, safe environment.

SMART (Science, Math and Research for Transformation) program for science: our students are working at a university level in biology with the oppor tunity to travel annually to present their work at a university conference in the United States.

Grad Destinations

11 12 IB American
• • • Business
• Canadian
• •
• • • Communications
• • •
• • •
• • •
• • •
• SL
• • •
• • •
• • •
• • •
• • Interdisciplinary
• •
• Introductory
• •
• •
• • Music • • • Philosophy
• • • Physics • • •
• • SL
• • •
• • • Visual
• • •
• • World
• •
Ontario UK & Int’l Quebec Western Canada United States Atlantic Provinces
12% 11% 10% 7% 5% 13

What Students

I love Ashbury because every teacher I’ve had has been will ing to go above and beyond to make sure I’m properly learning the material. I’ve always felt like I’ve had the resources at this school to constantly im prove myself and reach for the next opportunity. Not only that, I’m encouraged to do so. At Ashbury, you always have someone that believes in you. Keelin, Grade 11

Ashbury est une école mul ticulturelle et inclusive. Les professeurs font tout en leur pouvoir pour que les étudiants se sentent confortables et en sécurité. Toute la commu nauté d’Ashbury est comme une grosse famille et je me suis déja fait beaucoup d’amis en seulement un an et demi. Ma partie préférée d’Ashbury est les activités et oportunités comme le ski, les excursions et méme les voyages de nuit. Marie, Grade 8


Students are Saying

Ashbury is such an inclusive and caring community, filled with diversity and culture. There is a rich variety of choices at the school ranging from academ ics, to sports, to the arts and sciences, and student life and leadership. Studying at Ashbury really is an incredible opportunity, and an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Sahanna Grade 10

From the first day at Ashbury, I have always felt that every one here is very friendly and welcoming. I like studying a variety of subjects in the school, and all the teachers here are very helpful and en couraging. I love that Ashbury offers so many clubs that gave me a chance to discover my interests. My favourite club so far is the Little Medical School. I also like that my school gives importance to phys-ed and outdoor learning. I love being a student at Ashbury. Aditya, Grade 4


With students from over 60 countries, including 100-plus boarding students living on campus, the Ashbury community is alive with traditions, languages and cultures—providing the perfect learning ground for international understanding. Ashbury is committed to inclusion through access to financial assistance, fostering a community that embraces pluralism and builds on the strengths of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our boarding and day students interact in the classroom, on the field, and in clubs and activities. Each connection allows students to share life experiences, provide personal ties to global issues and express their national heritage through conversation, music, art and food.


towards 16


Studying at Ashbury, international students also learn about Canada. With our close proximity to the national seat of government, students can witness politics in action. Seasons are fully celebrated and students participate in Canadian pastimes and traditions, such as fall hiking in the nearby Gatineau hills, ice hockey, dog sledding and spring visits to maple sugar shacks.

Student are encouraged to participate in sport, outdoor pursuits and the arts through a range of co-curricular offerings including Round Square, the International Baccalaureate Programme and the Duke of Edinburgh program. Service-learning opportunities are available locally, nationally and globally.

Assembly announcements include a “Wordly Wake-Up” news feed which focuses on various global issues from student perspectives.


University Admissions Teacher Advisor Groups

Ashbury’s system of academic and program advisor groups fos ters a strong internal commu nity. Students in Grade 9 are assigned a faculty advisor and the relationship extends for all four years of secondary school, providing sustained personal guidance and coaching through out the high school experience.

Ashbury’s university placement program beings in the Senior School. Our 100% university placement rate is a source of pride for faculty and parents alike and graduates excel in all fields of study. Graduating students receive one-on-one counseling to help them find their best post-secondary fit.

Student Leadership Summer Programs

There are many opportuni ties for students to develop leadership skills, either formal ly through House Council or Prefect programs, or informally through a multitude of other programs and activities. Con nections between our Junior and Senior Schools provide mentorship opportunities in all grades.

Year-round opportunities to learn are part of the advantage at Ashbury, where a variety of non-academic summer programs, camps, academic credit courses and IB extension workshops are on offer. All courses are taught by Ashbury faculty and offer an excellent chance for students to get a head start on their program, or sample curriculum of interest.

International Travel

Ashbury provides opportunities for students to engage in local, national, and international trips led by knowledgeable Ashbury faculty. Whether volunteering at a local school or participat ing in a French immersion ski program in Quebec or a service project in Africa, the experienc es offered are transformational and promote a lifelong commit ment to our global community.

We are there to listen to students—not just about school issues, but life. We encourage them to reach their full potential and have confidence in their abilities.

Athletics Ashbury takes great pride in offering its outstanding athletics program, which is locally, nationally and even internationally recognized. School coaches create an enjoyable learning experience, while teaching the importance of striving for excellence. All teams exist in an environment that accentuates fair play, teamwork, diligence and leadership. The program provides interscholastic opportunities that span a varied spectrum of student abilities. Students have the opportunity to compete and participate in a wide range of activities. 19 o Soccer o Basketball o Volleyball o Football o Ice Hockey o Field Hockey o Skiing o Curling o Rugby o Fitness o Rowing o Baseball o Track and Field o Ultimate Frisbee o Tennis o Badminton o Golf o Swimming o Snow boarding o Cross-country skiing o Yoga o Cross-Country Running Our coaches spend countless hours with athletes at the expense of their own personal time. I would like my own kids coached by the coaches at Ashbury.

Creativity is alive at Ashbury! Thanks to our Creative Learning Centre (opened 2014), students have the creative spaces to pursue their passions in music, art and drama.

Visual and performing arts are a big part of the Ashbury experience, allowing students the chance to express themselves in many ways. Music is a vibrant part of an Ashbury education, with successful bands and energetic music classes.

Each year, the school’s musical and drama performances draw rave reviews, and fill our theatre with captivated crowds.


Before and After School Activities

o Debate and Speech o Robotics o Model UN o Musical Theatre o World Affairs Club o Yearbook o Blazer: Student Magazine o Choir o Science Club o Laugh While you Craft o Mandarin o Spanish Club o Dance Club o Art Club o Friday Night Skiing o Destination Imagination o Bands o Environmental Club o Glee Club o Chess Club o Lego Club o Entrepreneur/Investment Club 21 Each year at Ashbury, students are able to choose from a wide variety of co-curricular activities. The diverse offerings are part of what makes Ashbury such a vibrant community. In the co-curricular program, students are provided with quality learning experiences that instill lifelong values related to the benefits of health, the arts, sport, teamwork, cultural, physical and recreational endeavours. In addition to competitive and recreational sports, students can engage in a wide range of non-sporting activities.

Boarding Life

Our Boarding Program

Ashbury College is home to 100+ boarding students from Canada and 30+ other countries. Our students live in three modern residences: Matthews House is home to 51 boys, while 53 girls live in Heather Gillin Residence and seven girls live in Maple Residence. Each house provides a warm and com fortable environment with a mix of single and double rooms and the following amenities:

• Spacious and bright bedrooms

• Private ensuite bathroom in all bedrooms

• Fully equipped kitchen

• Laundry facilities

• In-house fitness area

• Outdoor recreational spaces.

Our modern and spacious dining room in the main school building provides healthy and delicious meals with an impressive array of options to suit all tastes; the menu reflects the cultural origins of our boarding students.

Ashbury’s boarding program intentionally fosters individual character development and nurtures personal growth, all within a safe and supportive environment. Our Ashbury boarding communi ty is often described by students as a warm family. Students study, socialize and live together, while learning about, and being exposed to, different cultures and perspectives.


Boarding Programming

Boarding staff organize and supervise a variety of weekend activities over the course of the school year. These events range from small group to full boarding community activities held on campus or off-site within the National Capital Region. Activities are designed to encourage students to try something new, explore their interests, challenge themselves, and build community.

There are also five, four-day long weekends every year, when the school is closed. Boarders have the option of leaving campus to be with friends or family, or they

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Weekend Programming

may sign up for our Ashbury Long Weekend Program (LWP) allowing them to remain on campus and participate in local programming. At least once a year, the Long Weekend Program involves a trip to another city within Canada, enabling participants to explore another region of our country. Our LWP is very popular with students who are looking for a balance between free time and planned activities. The cost of this program covers activities and any catered or restaurant meals; long weekend trips outside of Ottawa also include the cost of transportation and hotel.


Financial Assistance

An independent school education involves a major financial commitment. Ashbury College has established a Financial Assistance Program to aid qualified students. Over 90% of our funding is awarded, through a robust need-bursary program that is supported by the Ashbury College Foundation.

Ashbury Bursaries are need-based and are awarded to students with demonstrated financial need who exhibit sound scholastic achievement, good character and a capacity to make a worthwhile contribution to the school. Financial assistance is available for students in Grades 7–12.

Ashbury offers Merit Awards to select students who display high proficiency in a combination of academics and extra-curricular activities. Merit awards are competitive and offered to fewer than five percent of new students.

For more information about our Merit Award and Bursary Program, please contact the Admissions Office,


A bursary is a sum of money awarded to a student who has demonstrated financial need (as determined through an application and review process managed by a third party).

The student recipient must go through the standard Ashbury application process and meet the entrance criteria. Ashbury’s financial assistance program is designed to support student recipients throughout their time at the school.

Most of our donor-supported bursaries are invested in the Ashbury Endowment, which currently stands at over $14 million, where it will exist in perpetuity. The principle sum is invested in the Endowment and the investment income is awarded to students. Currently, one out of every ten students receives financial assistance. The average award is 50% of tuition fees.

Noah, Class of 2017, former recipient of Financial assistance Current student at Harvard University

Required Forms and Information

Online Application available at

Online Application: Application fee payable by credit card with online application.

School Reports: Upload previous year’s final report card and any current report cards as they become available.

Confidential Reference: As an important part of our application process the Confidential Reference, found in the online application, is to be forwarded to and completed by the student’s math or English teacher or school Principal. The completed form is received directly by the Admissions Office.

Student Personal Profile: A 300-word letter of introduction, written by the applicant, providing the following details: academic interests and achievements; extra-curricular activities; areas of distinction; and, community involvement. Candidates applying to Grades 7 through 12 are expected to write the profile themselves. Parents may assist their child with the writing of the profile for candidates applying to Grades 4 through 6.

Day Visit: Applicants are hosted for the day by an Ashbury Student Ambassador with lunch provided in Maclaren Hall. Day visits may be scheduled at any time during the admissions process. Please contact the Admissions Office for an appointment. Day visits are not mandatory for students applying from afar; however, we are happy to accommodate all those who wish to travel to Ashbury to spend the day with us.

Admissions Interview: Junior School and Senior School day student interviews will take place during the applicant’s day visit to Ashbury. The informal interview with a staff or faculty member is approxi mately 15 to 40 minutes in length. Boarding student interviews will take place online at a mutually-agreed time.

Junior School and Grade 9, 10 and 11 Entrance Examination, The Canadian Achievement Test (CAT): All applicants must write our online standardized, multiple-choice entrance examination which assesses skills in English and mathematics at the student’s previous grade level.

Students in Grades 5-11 may also choose to write the SSAT exam in place of the CAT exam. More information can be found at

Contact Admissions 613-749-5954

362 Mariposa Avenue Ottawa, Ontario

K1M 0T3 | CANADA ashburycollege @ashburycollege ashburycollege company/ashbury-college ashburycollege

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