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Tatiana Guseva - Tatiana Guseva was born in 1987. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist, member of International Association of Visual Artists (IAVA). She started drawing after an extreme health accident. In 2022 she had already made more than 25 surreal artworks in different styles and media. Tatiana is inspired by the daily investigation of the psychical and spiritual algorithms of life. Through her art she spreads love, joy and conscious way of living. She is also a big fan of gestalt psychology, therefore she shares some of her insights in her artworks. Being deeply connected to nature, she also supports global and local green projects. She is currently working on her artist’s hoodie collection.

Discover More - / Instagram: @outsighta Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,200 - £3,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


Milne Publishing is proud to present Artist Talk Magazine issue 23. This issue is dedicated to celebrating all aspects of art.

Everyone featured within this issue have given interesting, in-depth, honest accounts about themselves, their work, views and ideas. In addition to the amazing images of the work they have produced, which I know you the reader will enjoy and be inspired by.

Thank you to everyone who entered our open call. The cover of this issue features all 64 artists involved in this issue.

“Nothing starts, everything continues”. This is a remarkable statement from the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa in his book “New Year”. “Beginning just begins in thought”, he’d say. Hence, every day can be “New Year” or it can even happen many times a day. It all starts with an idea, which may fill our minds and even better, our hearts. This present issue “starts” for many outstanding artists and “continues” for so many brilliant ones. As Art continues and endures so many rebirths and revivals, connecting past with a present expression and a future mark.

The fireworks announce, in a fleeting instant, that the “New Year” has arrived. Living the present, reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future, a mix of nostalgia, anticipation and the inexplicable joy coming from the sound of the toast at midnight. Perhaps this is the essence of creatively “continuing” Art: learning from the past, enjoying the present and charting a happy future.

Nothing starts, everything continues.

When does Art begin? In fact, when did it start? Each creation carries nostalgia, experience, memories, joy, reasons, motivations and dreams. It captures the memory, makes the soul shine and inspires thought. Regardless of the language, origin or even the intention of the artist, their Art will start or continue with each observer, conveying thousands of particular sensations. It is like the future and like life itself, it is seen, not through the eyes, but through the heart and emotions of those who observe them.

It is invented and reinvented, it is created and deconstructed. For Art, only one verb matters: FEEL. Art is freedom, it is like a flowing river which starts at a certain point, but comes from somewhere and is going somewhere. It has presence, origin and destiny. The artistic expression carries thousands of years of history, stories, references and at the same time, it is something completely new, a complete breakthrough, born from a white sheet, an untouched canvas or from a piece of material.

Just like the year that begins, which comes filled with our experiences and leads us to our passions, projects and dreams, Art is a great path of past, present and future connections. It is common for us all to simply exist but we are free to live, create, contemplate, try, experience, love, dream and fulfil.

Is Art a dream, a delusional and brave thought, a set goal? Do

we create what we want or do we want to create? Art is life itself and year after year, for thousands of them, we learn from and develop as a representation of people, their culture and that is how we immortalise it.

Do we immortalise the changeable? Do we immortalise the moment it is created? Do we immortalise the idea? Do we immortalise the artist’s intention? The emotion felt? The emotion provoked? The technique used? It is a flowing river, if you just touch it, it becomes part of us and therefore becomes eternal.

Every brushstroke is as rare as every minute of our lives.

In the “New Year” and the “continuing” of your life, I wish you renewal and rebirth. May Art be the multiplication of feelings, eyes, hearts and dreams. May you always be faithful to yourself and do not get carried away with the excitement of the “New”. May you always remember what brought you to the present and where you intend to go. May dreams come true, hope be renewed and your Art admired. I wish that the colours of life can move you, the strokes can motivate you, the canvases can free your mind and open your heart to the essence of life: ART.”



Artwork by this artist ranges between £264.08 - £289.23. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I am Korean Abstract Artist

Joonyoung Lee. I didn’t major in Art, but I really like art, so I started studying painting alone

However, as I felt the need for Art education and began to

receive education, it became an opportunity to find my identity little by little.

In the early days, I started to find ways to express emotions by painting portraits, and as time went by, I learned abstract genres.

Inspired by all the materials seen in the infinite space of dreams, he began to paint, but felt a distinct lack of identity and constantly began to explore.

However, various problems began to bother me and the trip was not smooth. As a result, began to focus on the importance of life that I had forgotten when I was in despair.

I gained knowledge while reading books and learned the reason of life through communication with people.

As a result, I was able to accept areas that I had not been able to enter because I was afraid of and was healed by the hidden beauty of Art.

Now I’ve entered the NFT called the unknown world, and I’m continuing to work in the WEB3 world.

The story currently underway through the Opensea platform is about a man who has lived alone for a long time blocking communication with the outside world and expressing himself as an Art.” DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @illusion_night_joon Twitter: @Joon_slip



Artwork by this artist ranges between ££95 - £800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Carol Foulger is a contemporary artist that trained in Graphic Design. She is an experienced Art and Design Technology teacher. She left teaching to concentrate more on developing her art career. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has had artwork commissioned for local businesses.Carol has also

worked collaboratively with other artists to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our local environments and habitats for our wildlife. Carol specialises in urban landscapes. She has always been fascinated with landscapes where the mix of classic and modern architecture are complimentary to one another.

“Most of my London scenes have cranes in the skyline. Cranes to me are a representation of the constant change and development in our towns and cities.” Carol

likes to capture the light, energy and atmosphere of a place in her artwork. She feels the buildings within a landscape are visual testaments to historical wealth, prestige and poverty. She has developed quite an impressionistic style and creates most of her works in acrylic paint.

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Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,100 - £6,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Kathleen Rhee is an abstract expressionist artist from the Gold Coast, Australia. With a passion for working on vibrant large-scale paintings, her soft gentle textures and calming tones are inspired by the country’s picturesque natural environment.

‘I began creating art when I was small and have never stopped. I have always known since I was a child that I wanted to be an artist. Being a very sensitive person, I find calm being out in nature. I can only explain my practice as a need to psychically paint every day, escaping the conscious world by expressing my impressions, feelings and experiences. When I paint my goal is to create art work that will gently transport the viewer to another reality. A place of meditative calm and feel a positive pure energy.

Working solely in acrylics on a mix of linens, primed and raw canvas, Kathleen first chooses her colours to set the tone then combines techniques of staining, sketching, splattering, layering and painting with a brush to create her artworks.

Kathleen’s large-scale paintings are shipped rolled all over the world.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @kathleenrhee Photography by @carriemcleodphotography



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My artist’s name is ZequalsZ2plusC which is similar to the formula for fractals. I began making art in 2008 as a hobby for coping with mental health issues. Art now takes up most of my waking hours.

My art usually begins in a paint program in a video game from which I developed many original techniques. Then much editing in

Photoshop. After years of trying various sizes of work, I have settled on 20”x16” and A1 out of need for uniformity and necessity for showing work.

As of this writing, I have shown work in the 2019 San Diego County Fair (Honorable Mention) and the 2022 San Diego County Fair. I had Eight pieces in West

Coast Café in Imperial Beach for several years. And finally, this will be my Third appearance in Artist Talk Magazine (thank you Grant!).

You can see more of my work in issue #19 as well as a Six-page layout in issue #21 of Artist Talk Magazine. Finally, I would like to thank Jesus for granting me the ability to make this art.

DISCOVER MORE Twitter: @ZequalsZ2plusC


Artwork by this artist ranges between £300 - £4,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

In 2020 the world changed. It brought misery and pain to the young and the old, the rich and the poor.

“The end of the storm” is a body of work conceived during that time, with the feeling that even in darkness, there is always hope. It was a call for faith in the future.

My creative process allowed me to be connected to my most inner self and to exercise a feeling of freedom regardless of what was happening outside my studio.

It helped me focus on life itself, and to be conscious of both my past in the Argentina of my youth and my present as an immigrant. It was a healing exercise, and through it, I could celebrate all those things that give me happiness and reconcile with all those that hurt.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @silviafelizia



Artwork by this artist ranges between £250 - £350. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Hi, my name is Rizzy Khatun and I’m a digital illustrator and creative based in the UK. Illustrating is something that sums me up as a person and it’s a big part of my life. Being creative & imaginative is always at the forefront of all my illustrations. Every single one of my illustrations is perfectly drawn to a high standard and details are a must.

I love to experiment with illustrating different things such as character design and product design and my art style is what connects all my pieces together.

Challenging and setting myself goals is second nature to me, something that has really sparked my artwork over the last couple of years. My inspirations come from my daily dose of Pinterest, fantasy shows, quotes and affirmations, and even my daily life.


I’m very passionate and goal-driven especially in the creative aspect of my life and being able to share my creations with the world makes me very thankful for what I do, which is of course, Illustrating.

I’ve selected two of my best works to take part in Issue 23. Cosmic Dust and Sea of Thoughts.

Both have been created using my Wacom, pen and digital software. Both these pieces have been created around theme ‘Fantasy’ which each of them then branching off to several other themes.

Sea of Thoughts is based around the term depression. Drowning in your own mind and having to live in this endless cycle of sadness. Getting used to this feeling, you try to find the beauty in the darkness. The image

shows a woman underwater with tiny little fish and coral where she’s surrounding herself with beauty and light in what is a dark atmosphere.

Cosmic Dust is about space engineers/astronauts and how they risk their lives for the missions they do out in space. How their jobs are much different from jobs here back on Earth. The shattered helmet with the pieces flying off is to show one of the many dangers of being an astronaut.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £2,400 - £22,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

The oil on Cork Works created by Heather Lowe offer a quieter surface to place the her palate knife technique. Gamblin Oil paint and some standing oil allow the colors to remain vibrant. Cork even primed twice absorbs the paint to the point Lowe works layers into the pieces to combat the absorption. “I quickly learned

working with such an organic material that the work needs to remain a natural event.”

Completely self taught with Nature being one of her many deep passions. Some of the most unique cork paintings are inspired from her windows in Leawood Kansas Studio. Most of the Studio

is a natural atrium and I am honored to be so close to the many animals and creatures that make our Gardens home. These Nests are of the Blue Jay ..(Cyanocitta Cristata)

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The work of an Urban Sculptor is difficult because life is made of projects. To see one becoming real is difficult. To choose a work, the place and convince the owners that will be a landmark, is hard work. Fortunately this time was perfect; at the coast, near Barcelona, on one of the highest points with a great view over the mediterranean sea. The work: Pause 2_1, “Al Tramonto” Series. The meaning of the couple looking east, had to be changed from sunset to sunrise, and can be seen from different parts of the house and closely when near the swimming pool. The peaceful waiting for the sunrise impregnates the garden emphasizing the existing calm with the noise of birds.

The Urban Sculptor needs to invent different ways to make his world understood. Models, maquettes or prototypes are always made of soft materials and on a small scale. One way to make the work more visual, on a big scale, for a greater impact is with photomontages in well known recognizable places for the work to get also emotional impact; Hoping that maybe someone gets it, believes in the work, and entrusts a Project.


Instagram: @cristiandiez_sculptor Instagram: @sculptures_ cristiandiez/



Artwork by this artist ranges between £10,000 - £10,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Born August the 11th in Cambridge, UK. Studied art in secondary and college but was always surrounded by art from a young age.

I have always been ambitious and a highly sensitive, inspired touched and captivated individual. I remember being around 10 years old having the strong love and strong fascination with drawing portraits and around the age of 16 I was heavenly deep with the thought of creating more timeless portraits that represents

with pencils before that I would often draw portraits of cartoon shows and of family membersI found the pencil to be of a humble instrument and I often used the expression alive to describe its technical characteristics.

What drew me the most about pencils was that a single shade of lead I could create tones and textures so defined an illusion of colour would form this was what really led me for the love of art and creating,

To this day I have been perfecting my technique and finding new ways to capture an individual’s emotion onto paper, this is the essence of my artistic practice.

Other than being an artist I was an ex British powerlifting champion, an ex world class lifter so fitness has always been an integrational part of my practice, I get a balance of taking any stress out in the gym and relaxation when I’m creating.

I would to share my thought process for both my pieces of Danny Trejo and Naomi Campbell - With all my drawings I always study the figure by looking at their history such as upbringing, their parents, their likes and dislikes, hobbies their career and reviewing any interviews, podcasts new stations, magazines they might have appeared on, I would then use numerous photos to understand and study their facial expressions, structure, their complexity, any uniqueness about them. I then capture it all into paper creating a unique portrait to reflect their emotions all being done with pencil and charcoal.

The entire drawing process can take anywhere from 250-400 hours which is managed by using an egg timer to document each of my sitting I also do this because it allows me to understand how long each section of the human feature i am spending on for these two particular pieces Naomi take me 300+ and Danny 400 hours after the drawing process is complete and all done between 23.4 x 33.1 and 33.1 x 46.8 inches paper size and then I get them professionally scanned and framed to be ready for exhibitions and sales. Naomi has been showcased in numerous venues/Exhibition.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @original_d_sketches Facebook: @Portaitswithdullal Twitter: @dullal_miah



Artwork by this artist ranges between £350 - £1,100. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

The focus of Annett Wagner’s artwork is transformation - just as the focus of her creative work has shifted to Art over the past years since studying fashion design in Berlin/Germany.

Her preference for graphic elements has remained, which is why collages are the perfect medium of expression for her.

As a self-taught artist, she is often

guided by her intuition when working or subconsciously falls back on the basics of her design studies. In 2016, after several years working in the Fashion industry and living in Berlin, Annett moved back to her hometown in the outskirts of the big city.

She enjoys spending time in both environments equally, as the contrasting impressions of idyllic nature and the restless city are

often a source of inspiration for her.

The decision to work as a full-time artist Annett made in 2019. Since then she has experimented a lot, sharpened her artistic intention and professionalized her way of working.

Her approach is the transformation of outdated business cards into art: stacked, layered and placed against each other, the origin of the designed papers is hardly recognizable at first glance. The discarded business cards or similar papers are painted with acrylics or transformed into metal plates by iron and gold primer.

A deeper layer of her artwork is formed by the motifs and series. Fleeting light moods and the changeability of nature she wants to capture in her abstract collages. The material tiling of the motifs plays a central role: the complete image results only from the combination of all parts. Each element is important for the interaction, but meaningless on its own.

Annetts’ mixed media collages are upcycling art at the highest level. The technique of collaging allows her to combine a wide variety of materials with each other, thereby uniting art with craft. The possibilities are endless and that is exactly what she wants to illustrate with her art. Used materials form the basis for her artwork, because a sustainable way of life is important to her. She wants to encourage people to change their perspective on familiar things and situations and to consider alternatives. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £2,900 - £6,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Born in Monterey, California Whitney Stolich spent her entire childhood on a fifty-acre horse ranch. Having lived in so much open space she questioned urban spaces and decided to immerse herself into one of the largest, Los Angeles.

In 2021 Stolich focused on Space Between Places an off the grid eco-friendly community that has a community of people who desire to be free literally and figuratively on concrete slabs in the Sonoran Desert with an assortment of objects as dwellings. Untitled/#8

is perfect example image from this series depicting how man has built objects to cry out at the vulgarity of how our systems have failed us. In 2022 Stolich went to an Artist residency called Corazon in LA Plata, Argentina to continue her search for making work about modern and old architecture. This is also where Stolich created Ariston. It was originally a hotel in Mar Del Plata and has existed since 1948. It is from the Modern Movement and has many distinct features. But what drew Stolich was the not only the historical element but the haunting beauty of this object changing through seasons and nature becoming part of it and how it is alive with culture, history, and its thriving mood.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @whitstolich



Artwork by this artist ranges between £5,000 - £18,200. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Myriam Jessica Pelage Artistic photographer, interior designer, listed painting artist, furniture designer with an eclectic style.

I am a person who likes to create in several fields and I like challenges. I had a long and short experience in the field of abstract art as a listed painter, today my main job is architecture. interior and the creation of custom furniture for my clients, but my passion for photography has always existed since my childhood. I always want to continue artistic photography in the professional field and create universes with imaginary worlds like in my paintings so welcome home.

The virtual world It’s a world where the real has no place, everything is different smells, colors, shapes, there is no logic. you just have to adapt and relax, it’s all about feelings.

Soon, in 2023, I will have several exhibitions around the world with three galleries: Art fair with

ITSLIQUID in Venice, Art fair with THE HOLY ART in London, World wide art show with FLYER ART GALLERY In New York, Rome. Florence and London with Art Gallery

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @gallery_harvards



Artwork by this artist ranges between £500 - £600. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Vania Clemente Ferreiro graduated in fine arts painting and intermediate and master in anatomy artist by Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa.

The great influences of my work at a technical level are the Renaissance and Baroque artists as well as the German Expressionists. In relation to the themes I explore I try to transmit the emotions and explore the human fragility.

Colonization is a work inspired by the African tribes where the figure is represented fragmented with shades of blue in an attempt to survive a whole life interrupted by the invaders of the new world..

Solitude is a theme of melancholic loneliness of abandonment and forgetfulness of the elderly in the interior of Portugal.

Landscape is part of a set of works where I try to explore contrasts as well as the light and dark of a sunset.

Brazil reflects my concern for minorities, in this case the native Brazilians.

Mediterranean is about the colossal inhumanity that takes place in the Mediterranean is about a young man like me who flees from one nightmare to enter another, Europe and the world turn their backs as if they were too many people. In all my works I look for images on the internet of people, places, landscapes etc... that impact me, that transform me, that inspire me and I transform them into paintings of my own, with my link, my vision and my technique.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @vania_paint



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I was born in 1967 in Moscow, and completed my studies at the University of the Russian Academy for Education, URAO, at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

In 2001 I moved to Barcelona. The desire to paint followed me ever since a young age, but I could realise my dream in 2008, in Barcelona, where I started to attend painting courses at the Leonardo da Vinci art school. Following, lessons of sumie and drawing on silk. From 2013 to today, I study at the School of Arts El Visor, in Barcelona. From 2020 I started participating in international exhibitions.

The subject I like to work on is energy.

Energy of our body. I would like to remind people that they have

incredible energy inside of the body and can use it for the benefit of themselves and others.

The inspiration can come during meditation so after I draw on a piece of paper the first thing that the subconscious gives out. The next step is to give the color with watercolor pencils. After using the same theme, I can make the drawing with pastel and dry pigment. And finally I worked it out with acrylic on canvas.

“Under the sun”

There is a place somewhere in the Universe where one can live under the sun without fear.

Every moment of life is a new moment and it will never be repeated, every sunrise is a new sunrise, the only one.

Each ray of the sun is unique like the unique colors given to us by the universe.

“Meditation with Katakamuna”

What is meditation? A journey of your mind in space or a journey in the space of your mind? My intention in this work was to catch the moment of the travel in our interior or exterior, the moment of movement of the mind. This picture was made in 2020 during confinement.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @maevseeva



Artwork by this artist ranges between £450 - £18,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Self-taught Painter, based in the Kingdom of Morocco, born and raised in the very chaotic yet vibrant Casablanca and having a wide spectrum of inspiration.

My aim has never been to represent things concretely, but rather keep the subjective and abstract aspect of work.

Each painting has its own soul, putting the brush on the canvas allows me to subtly give shapes to moments and feelings delivered after long meditation with a marriage of colors that takes form

as the painting is created. The two carefully chosen paintings I share with you today , even though very distinct from each other, elevate us both from today’s reality.

“FAITHFUL” 2022, acrylic painting on canvas 1m*1m. (left). carries in its multiple layers of superimposed colors and harmonious gradient the softness which effloresces the spirit. Its strongly connected shapes remind of the sacred feeling of faithfulness.

“STORM” 2022, acrylic painting on canvas 80 * 80 cm (above).

Painting that raises strength, anger and agitation like a storm, emphasized by the path marked with the different colors. This painting remains very original in the simplicity of its reading. After all; there is always magic behind every painting, so let yourself be embarked towards this world of undefined space and time.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @maarouf_gallery



Artwork by this artist ranges between £300 - £800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Self -taught, I discovered my own world of art and vibrant color.

Over a decade ago, I had an online boutique business. My unique art-

imprinted accessories were sold world-wide, many of which were featured in online magazines and discussed in popular fashion blogs.

Although my items would sell out, I felt my art was limited and too commercial. I needed to express myself without limits and without people telling me what they wanted to see. At that point I decided to create only what I felt. My art is a visceral amalgamation of my innermost thoughts , feelings and impressions.


This piece has deep layers of meaning for me. Our home in the Yucatan is frequented by three beautiful vultures that perch in our Ceiba tree.. At first, I felt intimidated by them, as they would stare at us through our window. But I have learned these beautiful birds mean no harm. The Mayans view them as a symbol of renewal, a transition from death to life. They are nature’s recyclers. I see a poignance in this image and imagine the vulture has surrendered to the nearing completion of climate destruction being wrought by man. I have imbued the vulture with a myriad of colors representing the variety and beauty of wildlife. The vulture pictured sees and surrenders to what we have chosen to ignore, the perishing beauty of the natural world.


the Rain’

Depicted’’ is a manifestation of a rainstorm showering down upon one of the smaller creatures among us. The delicate butterfly has a torn wing and is struggling to fly. The rain is symbolic of the tears humanity shares in a world fraught with uncertainty.

Most of my pieces are for sale. I have them printed only on acrylic.

All of my art is created digitally using Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @anartistnamedviolet



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My name is KELVIN SMALL III I’m a surreal photographer from

West Palm Beach Florida. My goal since I first picked up a camera was

and still is to create worlds that draw you in and evoke an emotion out of the viewer.

The best example of that would be my latest project titled BLISS VOL II (Hopeless Romantic) the story is told by L’amour and his journal entries. Each entry has its own overall theme with photos that ties the whole story together.

The photos Embrace Watchtower Vanguard and Full Bloom are all a part of the world of the hopeless romantic. Windowpane was supposed to be a part of BLISS but fit better for a project called OUT.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @kelvinsmall_lll



Artwork by this artist ranges between £400 - £20,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I dream of a balanced togetherness, which results from fair interaction and not on the basis of prescribed rules.

The positive and brave look ahead stands above everything else. My abstract art represents a fearless journey, telling the most beautiful stories. It is uncontrolled and unregulated. Just as my longing for a society where a regimentation of our togetherness is vanquished and a fair interplay is developed intrinsically in every one of us. When I’m painting, I dive into a world full of concentrated energy,

where giving up is never an option. My art should be an incentive to

chase your dreams, no matter how unachievable they may seem.

Every one of us has the potential to be the designer of his own individual journey through life. My pictures are speaking a sweeping language in tones of blue and grey. This powerful liveliness is an inexhaustible source of delightment. I want to arouse people with my art and appeal to them to focus on things that really matter in life: love, health and appreciation of fellow human beings and the environment.

Gorica Jeremic’s life runs dynamically and contains cracks –just like her artwork.  She was born in Vienna in 1976 and worked as a manager in various companies until 2015. When she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis she was forced to follow a different path. After a process of self-discovery she started painting in 2018. Artistry makes her her outright self. Already in her early life, Gorica characterizes as a freedomloving, independent person. On her search for self-determination, she developed an idiosyncratic style of painting. Also, her paintings have their own will and the artist on a journey every time. She works with marble powder and lime putty on canvas, wooden plates or paper. She prepares her colors herself with pigments, oil, egg tempera and chestnuts. Her artworks are a composition of intuition, feelings and observation.

Quality of her artwork is a symbol of success for her. From Europe, over the USA to India she already convinced art collectors of her work. Despite her hitherto short creative period she has already won several awards and hosted multiple successful exhibitions.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @gorica__jeremic



Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,000 - £3,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Monique Cruickshanks is an Australian artist born in a small coastal town outside of Sydney, NSW.

Growing up with two older brothers with limited exposure to Art from a young age, her deep passion to create was her own personal identity in the midst of sports and competition.

Minimalism is her expression, her belief in herself through Art.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Monique combined her two greatest passions, minimalistic design and sustainability, and started MQA - a small business repurposing household waste into home decor pieces. MQA partnered with companies and businesses that shared the same common message. Since then, she has turned her side hobby into her main focus, creating large scale drawings and paintings through the

use of graphite and acrylics.

Currently, she is being represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid to internationally showcase her true artistic impression, most recently in the 26th Edition of The Art Innsbruck Fair 2022.

Her collection is a direct representation of her heart as an artist, connecting deep graphite expressions with minimalistic linear detail.

Her message is clear and concise. As an artist, she is here to create a moment in time that inspires the artist within us all.

The Lip:

The ocean, a cleanser for some and a great fear for others.

Drawing the ocean enables me to capture the deep shadows of the light upon the water. Constantly humbled by the powerful energy

that the water can hold, the energy that is enough to purify and calm. Yet, within a moment, it can crush a breath. The ocean - a place to be respected and honoured.

Eyes Wide Shut:

Eyes Wide Shut represents closing your eyes in order to see. Pushing and pressing, until you have no other option but to seek refuge in a moment of silence.

Her eyes are closed to force you to dive deeper until you understand that beauty is not in her eyes, it’s portrayed through the deep curvatures of her bones - the details of her skin, of her lips. A continuous white line highlights the depth of her features and conceptualises linear and graphite expressions.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @mon.ique.a



Artwork by this artist ranges between £350 - £4,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

For me, the creative act is the best way to connect with myself and the world. This process can only be gone through consciously, one decides to be part of it at this moment. To observe, to let go and to open up to all possibilities. All of this can be applied to any situation in everyday life. This requires awareness – a presence that is all too often lost in everyday life. Get to know yourself in depth and deal with the question: “Who do I want to be in this world? What do I wish for myself and my life?” And then going about it creates long-term peace inside and, as a consequence, always outside.

The way I paint is the way I live. I look very closely, am aware, remain flexible and observe when challenges arise. I keep recognizing that with a deep awareness, with the right questions, I can find a solution for everything by feeling my way forward step by step.

Some things already need endless repetitions, but behind them is the

great gift and the realization that everything is there and everything was there before, as well as a deep joy and connection.

The artwork “Abundance” was one of the most challenging works I have created so far. An initial idea that couldn’t be implemented made me think outside of this box, this idea. We are so often caught up in ideas and patterns of how something should be that we lose sight of the big picture. So each artwork has its own story and invites the viewer to make a connection between this picture and his life.

My unique technique, which I developed over the years, always allows me a variety of expressive possibilities. My works are created in days, sometimes months of elaboration and countless small and large steps.

My personal experience has been that as I began to look inward and confront my values, the whole

world around me changed as well. My world became more colorful. That’s why the colors I choose are an expression of my growth, my joy and my freedom - a pushing of my own limits.

I would like to use my artwork to remind people to look deeper within and to become aware of their own values. Because that not only has an impact on your own life, but also on the entire world.

DISCOVER Instagram: @christin_kirchner_art


Artwork by this artist ranges between £3,500 - £7,200. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

The intention behind my works is to create something unique. I create my paintings with mindfulness, strength and openness, even to weaknesses, which creates a positive energy that makes us more determined and less vulnerable. My paintings contain the entire spectrum from unfinished, vulnerable accents to powerful elements that give courage.


The uniqueness of people is comparable to the uniqueness of art.

My canvas becomes a place where there is no “maybe” and no “I’m not sure”. It is important to accept the limitations that have kept you from true doing and being and thereby lovingly dissolving them. The line, the colors, the composition: all of this stands for life, your own personality and the true, beautiful self.


Mila Veljac’a’s diverse oeuvre includes oil paintings on canvas and works on paper. Her focus is on painting, which reveals a preference for figurative and abstract elements. Mila Veljac’a’s complex and mysterious visual worlds are somewhere between reality and fiction, possible and DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @mila_veljaca


Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Victoria Newton-King is a Drama teacher by day and sculptor by night. She started sculpting at a young age with candle wax and then to the soft lead around the tops of vintage wine bottles. This entertained her whilst sitting joyfully around the table with her family. She later sold her lead figurines to a few Curio shops and bush lodges. Then years later after getting married, having two children her family moved to Uganda for 3 years.

Here she started informal pottery classes on the Mackerey University grounds and later moved over to the sculpture department. Here she found a young lecturer who was willing to teach and guide her the art of making her sculptures from lead to wax to bronze. She learnt the old method of lost wax technique and still uses these methods today. Her style is quirky and playful and influenced by sculptors of the past like Giacometti and Henry Moore and many modern-day artists. Her sculptures are small maquettes ranging up to her largest sculpture of 1,5m. Now living in Cape Town, she continues to work on her sculptures.

How is she Making a difference? She is passionate about raising funds and awareness to save the pangolins. She became aware of how endangered these special creatures are when sculpting her first pangolin. She contacted an incredible NPO Johannesburg Wildlife Vet to contribute money with every pangolin bronze sold. JWV treats indigenous animals free of charge, relying solely on donations.

Victoria has just spent a month at Lion Sands Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands doing a artist residency.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @victorianewtonkingsculptures



Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,200 - £7,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

The Emerging Artist. This is a representation of my inner struggle of being an artist in a corporate world. The buildings represent that world, and I purposefully made the artist (me) larger and in the forefront of the painting. Sold to a private buyer in Hollywood Hills, CA


Hello - This has a certain whimsical style with an added figure in the front 6 years after I painted the background.

Self Portrait - A self-portrait of the inner workings of my mind.



The Walk Home - I loved creating this one with large brushes and thick paint.

Bridge - I love this piece. I went out of my comfort zone with the grey background. It reminds of a bridge.

Flow - This is one of my more common styles. I have been drawing images like this for over 20 years. I plan to make a large canvas series with this style.

David Marulli - My work is abstract in impasto and action painting style. It has bold colors, spontaneous, impulsive, and emotional brush strokes with a touch geometry. Abstract expressionism with a cubist flair.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @art.of.marulli Facebook: @artofmarulli



Artwork by this artist ranges between £600 - £2,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Elysia Gilman is an artist from North Wales who uses oil paints to create portraits, figurative work, street and sporting scenes. Elysia decided to pursue her life-long passion of becoming an artist in 2020 after the coronavirus

threatened to disrupt the rest of her university studies. Since setting up her own art business, her work has appeared twice on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Week and, more recently, she was featured on a programme for

ITV Wales and appeared on BBC News. Alongside her personal projects, Elysia takes commissions which are often in high demand. Elysia was inspired to create two paintings following Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, and she wanted to capture as many memorable moments as possible. Following the sad news of Her Majesty’s passing last year, Elysia hopes the painting will not only be a reminder of happy memories from the Platinum Jubilee, but a tribute to Her Majesty’s wonderful life and 70 years of service. She also created a study of Lord’s Pavilion to further explore this style of painting.


Instagram: @elysiagilmanart

TikTok: @elysiagilmanart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £250 - £1,700. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

As an Art Director with a degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have had the opportunity to channel my creativity professionally in the film and television industry for the last 22 years. My art is a direct result

of the need to find personal quiet time to express myself. Colouring outside the lines allows us to break free of norms. Colouring inside the lines has allowed me to take back control in this chaotic world. Described as linear abstract landscapes, my work is inspired by

Canada’s beautiful topography. By taping out the compositions on watercolour paper with fine line masking, coloured pencils are then used to fill the resulting shapes. Nature and lifestyle are common themes in my work with a focus on using gradient shading and tones of colour to add depth and energy. In the end the art becomes interactive for the viewer.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @jodyclementart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £150 - £530. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Yu KUEI, origin Taiwan, a chocolatier for years and a selftaught abstract artist from very recent days.

I started to paint by occasion since 2021 while a huge depression fell on me, since then painting became an essential in my life, it brings me

calm and helps me to recover from low spirits.

My paintings usually combine various patterns and styles but they mostly just behave who I am and to tell how I perceive at the moment. There is no specific type because I always want to

experiment new techniques to achieve the images which could comfort me. I realized that I am more intuitive and spontaneous, sometimes I let materials and colors making connection with me during the process, which I can always find peace and joy. As a chocolatier in daily life is an alternative performance of art as well, so I am grateful that I found another path to represent myself, a 40 years adult with some life experiences in different countries, still tend to explore the new field, to learn any possibility being creative, and to discover new me in different pathways.

The 5 artworks shown here are acrylic on paper or canvas. I AM LOVE represents who I really want to be, and ourselves is actually the origin of love. Do you see me? tells that we always have our own way to process everything we meet, but sometimes there are much more beneath that we don’t really see.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @ceu.varanda



Artwork by this artist ranges between £150 - £800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


Sweden to Paris after being awarded to International Prize Paris, in )ctober the 22nd, at the Carousel de Louvre shopping center.

She painted her water lilies in acrylic and her own technique with spackle, for deeper texture in her work. I felt the painting was special when I did it somehow.

She was so happy to be a part of this big exhibition, which gave experience and new friends for life. And Paris showed itself from the most beautiful weather.

Since January this year Cicci started painting with watercolors. “Birdmeeting on the line” came to her in mind recently. After my “tulips” made by watercolors took place earlier this year at Time Square New York, digital exhibition thanks to Artist Talk magazine it seems a good idea....

Cicci always paints from her heart and soul and she dreams one day of being a full time artist. It’s free to dream, I heard someone said. So I dream a little more....

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @ceciliagrensner

Grensners painting “lakeflowers” took her from Hönö LAKEFLOWERS


Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I live and work in the Netherlands. I work both from my daylightstudio and outside.

I feel a deep passion for the world of image and photography, which naturally makes me inclined to take pictures extensively and view and admire works of art on a daily basis.

Taking pictures has always been important to me, especially in an attempt to capture the early life of my children.

At that time life in its entirety was quite overwhelming for me. Making and looking back at pictures gave me a certain feeling of control, as if I could process life in my own time.

I believe, I have a natural tendency to observe the world from afar. My camera captures precious observations, silences the moment and brings the world back into my hands, as it were.

In my work I try to emphasise a certain tenderness, which I perceive in people, nature and everyday life; details of a gesture or gaze that could have passed by almost unnoticed. It makes me rather dependent on the momentum and on a strong observation of my surroundings.

I work mainly in black and white.

I feel it strengthens my focus and it leaves the observation somehow timeless.

My latest work ‘Breeze’ consists of three high contrast black and white photographs, taken on a cloudy day at the beach. I left the photos rather grainy, as if sand stuck to the lens.

In Breeze I transferred the photos onto transparency-film and then hung them in free-floating frames.

This way I tried to emphasize the fragility of passing moments. Although firmly framed and captured by camera, the transparency-film leaves the image ethereal, as if unprotected and blending into the world.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @andrealobel

BREEZE (2022)


Artwork by this artist ranges between £300 - £800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I am an abstract artist living and painting out of my home studio in Romania.

I have always been captivated by art making – as a child, I spent most of my time writing stories or drawing. Paper and colors have played an important role in my life all along.

My abstract paintings are a blend of deliberately planned brush strokes and intuitive movements, encapsulating my feelings and fascination for cryptic, almost strange kind of beauty.

I grew up with an artistic sense. All my life I’ve tried to express that, but I could not seem to find the right way to do it. Becoming a mother somehow drew me to painting and I could not drop the

brush off my hand ever since.

My art is a colored translation of my emotions and states of mind onto the canvas. When painting, I’m so vividly living the magic that is born onto the canvas, that I cannot picture my life without it any longer.

“I won’t ever let you sleep with cold feet” is painted over an older work, so we kind of have history with each other. The fact that she conceals things only the two of us know gives her an enigmatic and obscure aura and I just love that.

This was one of the first pieces that ever spoke to me. I remember clearly feeling what she needed from me. I was somehow drawn to colors and tools, and for the first time, I allowed myself to float in

that state of consciousness.

“You said we are forever (and here we are)” is about learning to love myself and my art with all of our flaws.

The thing about showing and embracing your vulnerabilities is that they eventually become strengths. You can read that again.

At first, you worry about what other people may think of you. You won’t do this or that, although deep down you know you would very much love to – you’re too afraid you might look silly.

But one day, you listen. Your nature is calling you loud and clear. For the very first time, you allow yourself to feel that urge in you. And you gather up each and every grain of courage in your body and you do it. That thing that scares you most.

Looking back at my life, I understand. The time I’ve spent not creating hurt me in ways I could not have imagined.



Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,500 - £2,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Italy-based British artist Seb Pollington (b 1966) presents urban, land and seascapes in an impressive

‘Boats, Marina Di Corricella, Procida ’ was among exhibited works in the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich over the last two years. It was released to coincide with the Southern Italian island of Procida’s remarkable accession as an Italian City of Culture. Its subject, the patchwork colour fishing-village of Corricella, delivers a confident kaleidoscope of buildings and foreground marina.

In his recent work ‘Battersea Power Station in Pink’, to mark the opening last year (2022) of London’s iconic south bank building, he offers a modern, vibrant Thames-side nocturne. In ‘Polruan, Cornwall’ and ‘Houses, Procida, Southern Italy’ he also shows a lively colour palette and compelling detail.


Pollington, a former British Army Colonel and Defence Diplomat, is enjoying second-stage career success. He was a finalist in Artbox Project’s Expo at the Venice Biennale 2022. He has also exhibited in Rome, Florence, Cambridge and London; and in virtual shows in New York, Manchester and London. 2023 promises to bring more attention from the art market and collectors.

portfolio. He works in oils and acrylic, generally strong in colour and perspective.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @sebpollington




Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,500 - £5,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Malešević Tapi active in 1990s. The human characters seem to be waiting for their moment to share own story, while being unaware they’re actually posing. The painter manipulates movements of brushes and colors, but so successfully that the hyperrealistic concept remains unchanged. In same time his style incredibly reminds of baroque style in term of light and background that creates deep and warm atmosphere. Although residing in Shanghai and often occupied by Asian feature and topics, Fonlamov Franciskovich is definitely one of leading contemporary artist of new generation in country of origin.

By Serbian media recognized as “prodigy”, his paintings are no less

“I deeply believe that the world we live in is the greatest piece of art, and that my talent is just a way to capture that perfection and preserve it in this fascinating form for some future moment. In such world, I realized that people are my biggest inspiration. This is why the human face, emotion, human concern are the most often motive in my works.

I enjoy oil painting as method, cause each layer of the painting is chance for me to give some of my emotions present in me to paintings I am making”, says Fonlamov Franciskovich.


magical than ones made by leading Yugoslav hyperrealist Dragan HANDS TAIWAN BOY


Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Agness Clark is a UK based professional artist and photographer.

Originally from Poland, she graduated with a Master Degree in 2001 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland majoring in Ceramics and Sculpture.

Previously she was educated in the High School of Art where she had been drawn to a wide range of art practices including: photography, drawing, painting, graphic design

and sculpture. During this period she also learnt dark room techniques and developed a big passion for photography.

After completing her degree Agness moved to the UK to continue her education. During her period in London Agness exhibited her work in several galleries across the UK and actively enjoyed creative interdisciplinary exploration.

Her creative mind doesn’t allow her to limit herself to one single discipline and she finds it easy to jump between different creative fields. Her work is spontaneous and intuitive, coming from the inner

need to create art.

Agness’ recent work explores the inner conversation between her two big passions; photography and painting.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @agness_proart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £180 - £1,800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Franco Norwegian, born in 1953 in Neuilly sur Seine (Paris) I had the pleasure of spending my youth and more in the heart of Paris. Because of a very international family, I

traveled very early and everywhere. Young, I already loved graphic arts, but being an artist was not considers a profession. So I had a very conventional professional life with multiple facets.

In some of my jobs, I was able to take the pencil to draw and create products. At the end of my professional activity, I decided to give myself a second life. I registered (2017) in an art school in order to get acquainted with the different pictorial techniques. Since it is a pleasure to draw and paint and it was practiced only in this spirit, until the day when friends and family advised me to highlight my work.

Eight months ago I opened an instagram account @erick.arsene and then a website https://erikart. online . What better than to submit his achievements to the eyes of an audience that does not know you. In my work I use different media: acrylic, pastel, watercolour and I practice mixed media quite often to achieve unexpected textures. The practice of “letting go” is for me a source of experimentation.

This freedom of expression led me to abstraction. A mixture of conscious and unconscious makes amazing resonances. The elaboration is fast and surprising, the colours, the lines, the volumes are an abundance of ideas inexpressible by the word. The creative exercise is liberating, personal and selfish, but so rewarding in this hope of sharing emotions and leaving an artistic imprint however modest it may be.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @erik.arsene



Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Nature and its colors have had a great impact in my life. In moments of desolation they give me feelings of openness to new horizons. Color attracts and inspires me precisely because it represents for me a light of hope and joy that helps me keep going no matter what. I get that feeling when I capture those colors with my camera and when I mix colors on the palette. It immerses me in a genuine and ethereal universe, authentic and clean. It allows me to get in touch with the depths of my inner joy. Born in Barcelona, February 1964, mother of two sweet and wonderful daughters,

and due to the fact one of them has a serious neurological disorder, the last 25 years I’ve been working professionally helping people through various activities and therapies thus being able to help these people and feel more useful both for them and for my own daughter. As a professional coach I´m also giving artistic coaching sessions, a very enriching experience. Helping people has brought me a lot of joy and it has given more meaning to my life.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @estheradb



Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,200 - £3,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Tatiana Guseva is a surreal artist with her unique vision and style. With her artworks she aims to evoke people’s imagination and creativity. She believes that everyone who likes her artworks, has similar perception of reality

in his own unique way. The biggest reward for her is when she

motivates others to create.

She rarely makes sketches of her future artworks. She loves to mix black and white graphics with bright colors. With her artworks she reminds people to let go of their thoughts and to look at life with the eyes of an open-minded kid.

She strongly believes that love makes people fearless and free.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @outsighta



Artwork by this artist ranges between £450 - £2,100. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Sharing her passion for figurative screen prints, the German-Italian artist Tatjana Zonca creates her vision of a lived moment or a felt atmosphere from everyday life. Inspiration is taken from her travels and associated visuals that include people, nature and architecture that influences her works. Especially nature is an infinite source of inspiration in which we can experience peace and serenity. Feeling nature as a living organism of which, we are part, we are able to gain refuge, safety and security.

The beauty of perception when being somewhere the first time, persuades the artist to process her illustrations by capturing photographically the moment, longing for nature and translating this feeling subsequently in her artwork. Her illustrations revolve around digital photo art combined with drawn patterns and collage-

Lzr I

effects which lead to a mixed media technique. Harnessing the four colour screen printing process permits her to gain a major depth from its different colour levels and creates a three-dimensional feeling to the artworks made. The vibrant colour levels are visibly perceived as they generate a touchable relief. One colour is printed at a time, in total four screens are used by the artist to produce her multicoloured serigraphies on paper. Tatjana uses fine mesh stretched screens as her design require a higher and more delicate degree of details.

We can see in her works an emphasis on giving each print of a series a singular character. In fact, the limited print editions are all unique pieces that distinguish in small colour variations. Surely this way of creating her screen prints do add an additional value to each artwork as the viewer experiences

in each print a different outcome. Driven by pure emotions, these modern contemporary screen prints are handmade with care in her Milan based print studio in Italy.

This is Life: Lost for some hours at a beach somewhere in Bali, people enjoyed their life, just being there, looking at the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun. Four colour screen printing on paper, series of 50 prints.

Lzr I: The vulcanic island of Lanzarote has a particular colour scheme that gives rise to intense feelings from subtle little moments in the vastness of the contrasting landscape. Four colour screen printing on paper, series of 50 prints.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @tatjana.zonca




Artwork by this artist ranges between £250 - £15,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Gaya Chandrasekaran was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. A vibrant city where centuries-old traditions live in delightful harmony with rapid modernization, she grew up surrounded by myriad sounds and colors, bright and jubilant that

uniquely characterizes the city. Gaya is a self-taught thematic artist creating contemporary art based on themes which currently span reflections, quest, rebirth, soliloquy, nirvana and freedom. The themes are an expression of her thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences. Her artworks invite the audience to go deep within, explore and connect with their own life experiences. With every work she creates she feels a sense of self actualization that brings her joy, confidence and higher purpose. She wishes to translate and communicate her personal truth, reality and bliss for her audience, in the process inviting them to appreciate their own axioms of life. The paintings in this publication are textured acrylic on canvas with gold flakes and span the two themes of Soliloquy (Golden Dawn, Candyfloss Mountains, Mirror Mirror Burning Bright) and Nirvana (In the Now Spring Vibes). Soliloquy seeks to induce a deep inner dialogue through memories evoked of

shared experiences. Nirvana, on the other hand, attempts to bring to focus the spiritual lessons that we learn throughout our lives, as well as the more poignant lessons that strive to find us at all cost.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @cgayasart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £80 - £4,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Gykin is an artist from the United Kingdom.

He primarily works in Pencils, Acrylics and Watercolours as he

loves loose, expressionistic pieces which can be interpreted in many ways.

All art provokes a reaction. He

likes to keep his work varied, fresh and interesting, so he will create anything that intrigues him.

Gykin finds inspiration from the world around him – any subject be it, nude, flowers, animals etc, in whichever style and whichever medium he feels inspired to create, mainly being expressionism/ impressionism, impasto and illustration.

He likes to experiment with various techniques, and is always looking to create, the wheels are always spinning in his mind, no matter where he is, he’s always thinking of his next piece or series; Speaking of, he created a large 25 piece series this year depicting female empowerment, battling insecurities but not defining them - imperfections are perfections.

Every piece has different styles, but all bold and strong - Two pieces of which, are currently being exhibited in an online gallery, with Influx Gallery in their ‘Breathless’ Exhibition. An extremely passionate creative, Gykin is an artist who loves to imagine, create and inspire!

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @gykinart



Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Featuring one-of-a-kind works from Alice Gur-Arie’s new book, Five: Wuxing Elements in Art and Words, the companion book to Twelve: Shengziao Zodiac Animals in Art and Words, published in 2022. Forewards by John E. Vollmer. Together they offer an inspired interpretation of the ancient Chinese world view as a framework for creative expression.

Five aligns 80 mixed media landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and abstracts with the five wuxing  themes: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Twelve (https://issuu. com/agurarie/docs/twelve) offers  32 fine art images and 12 short stories relating to each of the Chinese “Year of” zodiac animals.

The images in Five are hand repainted (digitally) photographs taken in Belgium, France, Iceland,  India, Italy, Israel, Germany, Portugal, the USA, and the UK. Enquiries/sales:

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @alicegur_arie




Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Miguel E (pseudonym) was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently he lives in Warsaw where he has his studio. He is a member of Portuguese SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts).

In his view Art is a form of expression that makes us feel something, that move us, giving no room for indifference. By nature, Miguel E is permanently touched when emotions, subtly or in all their plenitude, surround him.

He aims to show in his canvases the deepest emotions of the Woman’s soul, arising from subtle single moments from daily relations between People.

With his Series “Faces” and “Stories”, here represented, he invites all to feel those emotions and, due to their own interpretation, to see beyond

Miguel’s works have been attending exhibitions and belong to private collections in Portugal, Spain, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden and Poland.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @miguele.painting

STORIES 23, 3, 22, 20 AND 25 FACE 13
3 83


Artwork by this artist ranges between £800 - £1,200. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

“I kind of view everybody like a rainbow. Body, mind and soul on the planet has all the colors of the rainbow inside.” I’ll paint rainbows all over your blues moments.”~Angela Yiu

Angela Yiu was born in Hong

Kong. She passionate about artistic creation since childhood.

An experienced physical fitness instructor for over 20 years.

Founder of “Dynamic Pilates”. Volunteer for multiple communities in Hong Kong and

Macau. She Commit to promoting “Sports and Arts”. The style of her works is to reflect the integration of “body, mind and soul”.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £79 - £632. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

We are made of pieces. Pieces of nature. Pieces of emotions. Pieces of functions. Pieces of capacity. Pieces of preferences. Pieces of temper. Pieces of thoughts. Our self is not only the summary of those pieces but also the combinations of them. Like a round of Chess. We always have the same pieces to start

with but each step creates a new combination of them until the game is over. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes we control the pieces, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we are harmony sometimes chaos.

”Whispers” are the latest part of the collection pieces, a collection

reflecting on how different pieces together are composing different states of mind. Whispers are the silent layers of my systematic thinking trying to get my chaotic mind in harmony. Sometimes reckless, sometimes sassy sometimes warm. A silent conflict making me to the human being I am.

I started my self-made painting journey 2020.

A relevant description of myself is a human mixed media. I am attracted to differences, and when I look at myself in the mirror, I am often looking for the opposite of myself and all the pieces of me there in-between. I am fighting to balance my love for details, systems and geometries with my fascination for the unknown and the chaos of my mind. Painting became my mind’s exit.

I use different acrylic techniques in several layers following my internal process without any clear goal. Usually, I start with an idea in mind, but it will quickly turn into something totally different from the original idea. The more I change direction, the more I trust my process as I know it gets me closer to the inside. Thoughts, ideas, emotions, conversations, images, situations, people… so much life happening all the time around us influencing the direction of my painting. I sometimes feel that I am using everyone else’s life to get closer to myself.

Just like myself, my artworks are sometimes in harmony, sometimes in chaos but they are always pieces of the inside.

It might be my inside.

It might be yours.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £650 - £3,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Steph Marx’ paintings are a psychological journey. Her acrylic and oil paintings are influenced by the expressionists of Germany, where she was born as well as the surrealists of France, where she

is living now. Her newest series “The Unknown” is inspired by the rich nature in french department Pyrénées-Orientales. And also by British psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion: “The Importance of Not-Knowing”.


He describes the psychological mechanism of not wanting to know certain things, because they are too painful. Nature symbolizes this Unknown and scary inner landscapes, body parts and objects represent those painful pieces of our soul that are so difficult to know.

“In The Unknown” is the first painting of this series. It is overwhelming to be in the Unknown, to endure the catastrophic feelings coming with uncertainty. The painting is a first attempt to leave the unhealthy but comforting mechanisms.

“Observing The Unknown” captures the moment of fear and fascination, still indecisive if really confronting the Unknown or following the mechanism of NotKnowing.

“Fragile” is about a piece of your soul that is new and growing. But as with every development, beginnings aren’t easy and for a long time it stays fragile.

“Hidden In Stone” shows a soulchard that was protected by a thick shell. But if you always hide away, there is no way to grow, to go on and be seen. So, painful or not, you have to open up.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @stephmarxudeleli



Artwork by this artist ranges between £500 - £1,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Helena Barbagelata (b.1991) is an Italian-Israeli fashion model, multidisciplinary artist, writer,

activist and researcher. She has received several artistic awards from the Onassis Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Greek Government, Università di Trieste, Universitat de València, Universitat de Barcelona, among others.

Barbagelata’s artworks take a personal approach to social, political, cultural and environmental issues. Engaging with with different subjects, she combines different poetic symbols and arranges them into new conceptually layered pieces. Barbagelata enjoys bringing life to the canvas and creating artworks that are personal but also express a sense of interconnectedness and

social responsibility. She works back and forth between drawing, painting, printmaking, videoart, sculpting and writing.

Her interdisciplinary practice illuminates unexpected facets of subjects, and generates new approaches and ideas. As an expressionist, she attempts to depict not objective reality, but rather the subjective emotions and responses that subjects and events inspire, in order to explore greater emotional depths and the intricacies of humanity.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £150 - £5,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I am a London-based contemporary artist with a Portuguese soul. My minimalist collages aim at the viewer’s grasp of inner beauty, inspiring


the search for deeper meaning, challenging the viewer to find the rare centre inside that makes embracing beauty possible... all of it, with its imperfection, its duality and transcendent existence. My art envelopes all senses slowly, calling for them in subtle ways.

By exploring the issues of female identity in contemporary times and its dialogue with the empowering and nurturing wild nature, it is a frame zooming in on matters related to the rescue of feminine power and identity, and of humanity, in general. This narrative is equally inspired by my childhood memories and the “tales of the jungle” narrated by


my grandparents, always with a surrealist and colourful twist.

I am a self-taught exploratory artist, not restrained by conventions or formal ways of interpreting the world. Instead, I relish exploring various mediums, techniques, and methods. Primarily composing my collages on paper and canvas, with oil sticks and acrylics, I am now also collaborating with other artists, designers, filmmakers and composers on exciting multimedia projects. My artistic expression is autobiographical, sharing a more mature experience of the world with the viewer so that they can see themselves and feel empowered.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @catarina_diaz_



Artwork by this artist ranges between £250 - £2,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.



Inspired by movement, flow, and the transience of life, Elaine is a self-taught artist who works in ceramic stoneware and acrylic paint mediums.

She employs a vibrant yet ethereal and muted color palette, opting for a highly dynamic composition.

Her paintings evoke a sense of calm and quiet resilience. Over

the past two years, she produced over 45 paintings, most of them commissioned, and donated the proceeds to underprivileged communities.

Her sculptures, with their biomorphic forms, are inspired by nature and its sensualities. In addition to her full-time job in tech, Elaine is a startup advisor, investor, and mentor. She bridges

communities between Southeast Asia and the US. Elaine enjoys supporting female artists and leaders through various means. She currently resides in New York City.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @travellingelaine




Artwork by this artist ranges between £300 - £4,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

I am a London based abstract artist, but to be honest, I don’t agree that an artist should be placed into a fixed category. I am against rigid definitions of any kind. Life is ever flowing, changing and evolving. Through my art (created with acrylics on canvas) I often attempt to depict this concept using colours, forms and shapes that seem to be in constant movement, and far from static. However I also invite you to love yourelf right now, as tranformation takes time. I am a language graduate. I love words. And will soon be publishing a poetry book. However I’ve always been fascinated by the power of feeling and visulization to create reality. My art invites you to take a journey. Outwards and inwards. And discover what lays there. I would love it to encourage you to pursue your dreams, and all that could lead to your personal evolution and betterment.

The Colour of my Dreams (full page image) invites you to reflect on what you truly desire. I use earthy colours like brown, rather than just more passionate ones such as red, to show that dreams are not always lofty and remote, but often simply reflect a desire to achieve a sense of belonging and security right here. I use pale blue to represent the universal dream of peace and serenity, particularly significant during these challenging times.

Subjective is a piece that embodies my conviction that art has a personal message for everyone. I believe your subconscious receives it, even if you’re not aware.

Winter: Christmas Season looks at the secularization of the festival, so I exclude all religious symbols. However the forms that seem to be floating around in the painting represent the human desire to feel light and free from burdens.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @mconstantinacascioartist



Artwork by this artist ranges between £50 - £800. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


Hayley Jane is an emerging artist that focuses on exploring our relationship with our bodies, in particular how different bodies are perceived in the public space as well as our relationships with each other.

Her paintings predominantly celebrate the female form with bright, fun colors and occasionally fun fungi additions. In this series we see her exploring past photos gifted to partners and reclaiming them. In this reclamation she is working on her relationship with her body, her boundaries around gifting these photos now, and how sharing such an intimate look at herself makes her feel more connected to her body than ever before.

Previously, gifting photos to romantic partners felt like a way to form a bond, a way to stoke intimacy fires, and a way to show partners the level of care held for them. However, upon taking some time to work on the most important relationship we have, the one with ourselves, she learned that this was not actually what was happening. She felt she was giving away pieces of herself in

these beautifully curated photos, for a brief moment of connection and attention. A crumb of bread, when she really wanted the whole loaf. This is the artists way of calling back power that has been sent out into the void, this sexual power is in each of us and how we disperse it is entirely up to us to decide. For her, the feeling of losing a piece of herself when sharing intimate photos has been a struggle, however, it feels almost expected during this age of dating. As humans, we derive a kind of serotonin boost from the positive feedback, even if it’s brief.

To create these paintings, she first dives deep into her Apple iPhone archives and sometimes other photos in her camera roll can give her insight into how she was feeling at the time the photo was taken. Maybe there are screenshots from past partners before the nude shot, or a clever, biting meme that expressed her feelings at the time. If there are some indicators to where her brain was at the time of the photo, she will use those feelings to influence the colors used in her paintings. The rosey reds and pinks featured in these photos inspire positive,

warm thoughts about the partner they were shared with. They were shared from a place of love and complete trust with a partner who was long distance and the feelings around them are infatuation, lust, longing, a tinge of sadness and melancholy. Both shot in her bathroom on an iPhone with no real plan, the shot of her legs relaxing in the tub provided more intimacy than expected and to this day remains a favorite of the artist.

By taking back these paintings and recreating them in a feminine gaze, her gaze, she no longer feels as though she has lost a piece of herself to the digital void, but rather has used it as a way to better understand and respect her body and all it does for her. If you are interested in purchasing any of her work or commissioning a painting from her please send an email to You can see more examples of her work and stay up to date on Instagram at @redheadartaddict.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @redheadartaddict



Artwork by this artist ranges between £600 - £1,200. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

“In my own ink: The Intimate Power of Words” consists of a series of 12 sequential photographs that depict the inner journey of a female character, from her childhood to her mature years. In this work I visit themes of female vulnerability, social expectations, suffering, and eventually, healing. I am interested in how people can access their deepest emotions, revealing something ambiguous, dark, and auspicious at the same time. I am compelled by moments where individuals are on an emotional edge, and how they transit their emotions to rise stronger. These images explore how words can be powerful tools to reach deep within oneself, both through emotional writing and through encountered words.

In this body of work, I rely on a fictional character to reference troublous personal experiences and my longing to find a cathartic

process to cure emotional wounds. Through the use of visual metaphors, symbolism, and infusing a painterly quality to the images, I seek to depict the character’s journey with a poetical visual language, dissociating it from realistic life events.

These photographs are an intimate collection of moments that tell a story about human fragility and the search for inner peace and belonging. A journey of selfdiscovery that inevitably needs to embrace suffering as an indivisible part of life; a call to put into words what the deepest emotions conceal and let the inherent power of the process lead to growth.

Spanish fine art photographer based in Tucson, AZ (USA). In her photographic work, directed documentary portraits coexist with constructed conceptual portraits. In 2018, she presented

her first solo exhibition called “We the Women: Portraits of Empowerment,” which received a grant award by The Puffin Foundation. Alejandra’s work was recognized as an Honorable Mention recipient of the Best of College & Highschool Photography 2018 organized by Photographer’s FORUM Magazine. In spring 2022, she earned her MFA in studio art from Radford University, VA. Alejandra received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award and won the Three-Minute Thesis Competition. Her work has been published in Artistonish Magazine and From Whispers to Roars. Currently, she works as a photography educator at the Center for Creative Photography in the University of Arizona.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @alexmoralphotography



Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

My work is an examination of outside environments, whether it is a scenic landscape or a painting of everyday life. I use traditional materials– mainly acrylics– to capture vibrancy and life that exists within the atmospheres I am depicting. I also emphasize brush strokes in my work to emphasize the beautiful textures found in nature and rural areas. My goal is to shed light on environments that don’t typically catch travelers’ eyes and evoke a sense of nostalgia and sonder within them.

Pinggir Jalan (Roadside)

This acrylic painting depicts

the often overlooked aspect of Indonesian culture: the traditional “gerobaks” (cart vendors) found in rural areas. I emphasized the textures of the rustic surfaces of the gerobaks and the rubble-filled streets. I utilized a translucent orange wash over the skies and the shadows to mimic the saturation of an older photograph and evoke a sense of warmth. As an Indonesian myself, my goal was to depict the nostalgia and beauty that exists in even the most rural and polluted areas of my country.

Tepi Sawah (Paddy Fields)

This painting showcases the

beautiful paddy fields of the remote areas of Bandung, a city in Indonesia’s West Java island. I was inspired by the rich hues of the greenery and the tranquil atmosphere; my intention was to depict the scene’s beauty and evoke the serenity I felt as a tourist there. I scaled down the components of the scene and enlarged the surrounding areas to give the painting a panoramic effect.




Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Hue.wallart is the name I go by as an artist , but my real name is keely. My art is based on sensory and goes through transformative stages ; a technique of taking away layers to reveal beautiful distinct patterns and building upon those layers. My inspiration is


mostly sourced from deep inner searching , going through cycles of learning and unlearning what is no longer needed and embracing unexpected results. Perhaps many people can relate to the fact that truly knowing oneself - can feel like diving into the depths of the

oceans. I use mixed media for my artwork ranging from wood dye as a base and applying layers of thickened acrylic for texture.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @hue.wallart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £50 - £200. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

My name is Liliya Kuznetsova. I was born and raised in Turkmenistan. I am a self-taught illustrator who,

I was looking for a way to merge my love of fashion with art. Seven years ago I created @ lilyfashionsketch and started to draw my first illustrations for social media of my own online clothing store. The illustrations do not sell the product directly. But they create a mood. They work very powerfully on emotions and thus encourage a purchase.

As a person who is not afraid of difficulties and is constantly learning, I boldly take on new projects of any complexity. I have developed my own personal style, and I am able to offer a unique perspective to every project I work on.

I work with international clients creating fashion and beauty illustrations for advertising campaigns, wedding invitations, shop windows and more. I was lucky enough to work with American brand Boxycharm and create 50 influencer illustrations for their Christmas gift boxes. It is important to me that my customer feel special and be satisfied with the result. And this principle helped me become a full-time illustrator and get more and more commissions.

@lilyfashionsketch illustrations have been reposted by famous brands and designers such as Zuhair Murad, Moschino, Jeremy Scott, Berta, Ralph and Russo, Lena Berisha and also famous fashion bloggers.

I created this digital series of illustrations inspired by vintage magazine covers. I drew the faces of the models in a vintage style but wearing modern designer outfits.

In the future, I would like to get a master’s degree in Art and create my own clothing line.

over the years of daily practice, has become a professional digital fashion illustrator.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @lilyfashionsketch



Artwork by this artist ranges between £2,000 - £4,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Tamas Podhraczky, a Hungarian sculptor based in Italy, is inspired by a sculptural duality which keeps him questioning the relationship between organic and geometric shapes. During his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, he took journeys to directions such as abstraction and constructivism. Besides this, his interest remains the representation of the human figure, and he lately uses it just as a starting point.

Each piece is unique, no mold is made. He creates his works in terracotta, followed by a cold patina technique with varied transitions of colours. Humps, bumps, cuts and planes that are resulted by his initiative workflow, stimulate him to preserve them all the way up to the finishing.

He considers himself more of an instinctive artist, with no sketches or very limited. Very often ancient patterns or signs may appear in his works, which emphasize the mysticism of the imaginative contents.

“Digging my hands into the slippery smooth clay and the rest comes with it”.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @tamaspodhraczky Facebook: Tamas Podhraczky Sculptor




Artwork by this artist ranges between £1,600 - £5,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Anna Sophia Rydgren a.k.a. ARYA is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist based in Stockholm whose works have been featured in collections

and exhibitions in the US and Europe. Fusing minimalism with sculptural structures.

She connected with art at a young age by spending almost every day painting and working with ceramics and different kinds of textiles in her grandmother’s studio. Her grandmother had a big influence on her. She was not only a big part of her childhood but as an artist and dressmaker, she introduced Anna Sophia to creativity and craftsmanship. Later, Anna Sophia explored interior design, media, and marketing, but she was not feeling fulfilled and felt that she was on the wrong path. She ventured into fine art and is now working as a contemporary artist in multidisciplinary fields such as painting, sculpture, and collage.

Her abstract art is strongly influenced by her roots and inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and design.

In creating well-finished, often 3D sculptural or multilayered artworks, Rydgren encourages the observer to take a closer look to understand the balance and precision involved. At the same time, her abstract minimalist works invite the viewer to take a break from the fast and busy world around us, to reflect, feel a sense of calm, and see beauty.

“My structured artworks are made out of linen and chalk color that is made in a layering process that creates an organic impression. The interplay between light and shadow awakens the senses and it is a strong influence from my childhood in the northern arctic where nature and snowy white dunes made a deep impact on my inner self. With these kinds of artworks and in the time we are living I want to give the viewer some kind of healing and relief. A place to let the thoughts fall, but with a feeling of strength and hope in a healing place. A place to connect with your inner self.”

“I see the beauty in the simplest things. I often hear that the viewers of my art get an impulse to feel on the piece with their hands. They want to connect.”

Anna Sophia Rydgren ARYA has exhibited widely in European cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussel, Milan, Marbella and Stockholm. Her work belongs to numerous private and public collections, also among US Celebrities and fashionable hotel projects in the US. Her artworks are shipped worldwide.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @aryartstudios

ANNA SOPHIA / Photo : Helene Spjuth


Artwork by this artist ranges between £100 - £500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


Let me start by saying, My imagination remains my inspiration. It drives me, motivates me, and also rides me insane. But, I am obsessed, for it makes life worth living for me. Hence, I create what I think: I think, what I live: And I live, what I create. I had a natural inclination towards art, as far back as I can remember. Later in life, for university I studied architecture

and then practiced it for many years. But with time for several reasons like- to achieve a more creative control and a seamless flow of work,I started taking keen interest in making art like mixed media canvases. It was extremely satisfying creatively,and this just pushed me to do more of it. My work represented here is an interesting amalgamation of 2D and 3D. The canvases done mostly in acrylic, finally are finished off with real dried leaves and flowers for a surreal feel, adding an extra dimension of interest. Picking

up dried flowers and leaves is an act mostly instinctive and very satisfying. Also seeing them ‘get dry’ and change/evolve over time is a sacred journey, very intimate and fragile.

I sincerely hope to convey through my art ‘the eternal joy’ of creation and a meditative contemplation for anyone who ever owns it. Looking forward to many more endeavours and mistakes alike.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @smitajsr



Artwork by this artist ranges between £435 - £870. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

The complexities of life can be simplified through the use of design elements such as squares and circles layered with images and line drawings. These minimalistic

elements allow me to present the intricacies of my life experiences of being categorized in a world in which I was never meant to fit in nor choose to conform.

In this world where I have to adapt my image and expression to fit within my environment, my identity continues to fragment. With these pieces I focused on portraying internal struggles while maintaining self value. “The introduction” Is a mixed media self-portrait that expresses the frustration of trying to conform. The 3 piece set highlights the continuous battle to preserve self value while the woes and worries weigh heavy. The final piece titled, “Born a King,” is a depiction of a sole figure amidst a chaotic environment. I chose to create this with a single line stroke to highlight the innate connectivity between us and the world.

As I continue to navigate and evolve as an artist, I turn inward to understand myself and explore my connection to the world around me. DISCOVER Instagram: @iconic.dsgns



Artwork by this artist ranges between £2,500 - £6,500. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Picasso once said that each child is an artist. That somehow as we move through the ranks and pains of growing up most of us are left

with nothing but a taste for what we once had.

As adults we crave art, yet we possessed it before.

Society, our time, and age, needs utilitarian beings, needs mostly non-creative gears to keep the maddening wheel spinning. That’s progress and to progress we must yield.

We go to museums and galleries, we listen to music, dance, and read out of sheer DNA memory because somehow creativity can’t be depleted completely from us all.

I, thankfully, belong to that group of creative people. Somehow, I never lost my capacity to be overwhelmed and taken by the absolute presence of imagination. Art and music were and are ever at hand. They permeate my every cell. They inspire me to plunge into the depths of my being to create and recreate life as I see fit.

A while back I discovered that music enables thought, allowing it to expand and retract as it creates its own rhythm. And from rhythm comes flow and from flow comes revelation and from revelation comes knowledge. Once this is understood, Art seems inevitable to those who dare to explore the vast corners of existence.

And that, it’s exactly what I am: An explorer of my imagination.

To plunge there, where the abyss begins. To seek an understanding of our human condition through a language rooted in the subconscious. That’s what I explore through my art and where my music begins.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @dorianasinnettart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £2,000 - £3,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Jamie Petrie is a self-taught contemporary artist from London. With a creative career spanning four decades, his multidisciplinary practice extends to music, film, painting, sculpture, digital media and photography. From international chart success as a song writer/music producer to video director and artist, Jamie’s autobiographical narratives have always been an inspirational undertow - making use of intimate constructive and destructive experiences, and desire to find a balanced meeting of past and future.

“From as far back as I remember my purpose is a pursuit to be creative. Creativity has been both my downfall and saviour, at times dark but also full of light and I appreciate the full spectrum of emotions. My journey has allowed me to grow as an individual, understand my space, and continue to develop to manifest and communicate ideas”.

With a unique stylistic approach unrestricted by a vision for an end result, his natural flow allows an organic image to materialise. Concepts emerge and inspire his collections of paintings and sculptures. Jamie regards his creative flow to be his saviour, “without it I would only breathe with absence of life, with it I am fearless and blessed”.

Each work of art is accompanied with an original piece of music, in both vinyl and digital format, written and produced to engage the emotional audio senses of the viewers’ experience.

The Key Keeper Series is a result of the natural flow process. The initial painting, Key Keeper 01, inspired the series. A concept to explore the juxtapositions between key and lock. They aim to illustrate the synchronisation between two manufactured objects, both pointless without the other, used only to keep in or keep out. The purpose of a lock and the

responsibility of the key holder, can be both a blessing and burden, creating stories of love, captivity, secrets, wealth, poverty and fear. We are all keepers of keys. Every key has a lock. Every lock has two sides. The sharing of a key adds a burden of responsibility to us as individuals, and to each other.

These paintings were created using a technique inspired by a deeply personal transition from a selfharm journey. Building up several layers of coloured oil paints and scaring the canvas creating an image.




Artwork by this artist ranges between £350 - £700. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

My education is in architecture, with a bit of physics and mathematics.

I have been in fact a practicing architect for 25 years. But art has always been a passion, since I was a child: drawing, doodling, comics, illustration, the art of the masters.

Because of my professional training, my early work had been inspired by architecture. However, my main inspiration has always come from physics, mathematics and geometry, fields that have informed my architectural work, and consequently my artwork: analytical, abstract compositions of simplified and dynamic geometrical shapes, fields, and lines that conveyed concepts of movement, velocity, decay,


But searching for alternative methods to generate forms, shapes and whole compositions has recently become a major effort. This effort, through a continuous artistic researchalong with the opportunity to learn and experiment with a variety of techniques and tools – led me (and allowed me) to generate compositions using new approaches, while also diversifying my modus operandi.

The resulting art - derived by applying these new techniqueshas therefore evolved from the early work, becoming less rigid and systematic, instead more gestural, fluid.

The work featured in this publication consists of small /medium mixed-media compositions derived from fast, intuitive, interpretative colored pencils studies done in situ, from direct observation, and further developed in the studio

They all share a general approach, or mechanism, which I refer to as “Chromogeometric Reductionism”

They are derived from Gothic and

Medieval frescos and paintings, from different museums or churches in Italy. From a detail of Piero Della Francesca’s ‘Verifica Della Vera Croce’, to a composition after ‘La Crocifissione con Maria Maddalena’, from ‘Incoronazione Della Vergine Con Angeli E Santi’ (F. Lippi), to work from ‘Rinascimento Marchigiano’ exhibit

The compositions are generated by an extreme process of reduction, simplification and extraction of the figures and icons into essential forms and outlines that get subsequently transformed and reorganized in new compositions.

It is a process that investigates the interstitial, negative and hidden geometries, as well as the forms overlaps and their intrinsic, dynamic relationships.





Artwork by this artist ranges between £750 - £2,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

Sandra H. Andersen (b. 1993) is an Icelandic artist that is located in New York City. She has been living in The United States for eight years. Ever since she can remember, her outlet has been in creation. It was at the beginning of

last year that she started working with paper. It was then that she created Studio Andersen LLC. She finds her inspiration in other women in the art field that work with similar material.

Andersen looks at her art as an extension of herself. Considering herself minimalistic, she finds peace in the simple things. Being drawn to textures and single colors, she wanted to balance the complexity of the textures with the simplicity of the white color.

With each piece, Andersen stacks dozens of paper layers on top of the other, creating sculptures that she places on a wooden board. The final result is heavy and often mistaken as clay or stone.

Within her minimalistic, threedimensional artwork, both the placement of lights and the way it is turned can make a dramatic

difference in the outlook.

With her work, her goal has been to work against her own unwanted perfectionism. When she first began experimenting with paper, she found herself spending hours on end trying to tear the perfect line, only to realize that the things she saw as flaws created the piece and made it whole. She found that each imperfection had a meaning and a purpose. Seeing that each layer serves as a feeling, a thought, an emotion, and even a memory. Representing the complexity of humans and the events that shape them.

This summer, Andersen had her debut solo show in Iceland along with being a part of a group show at a gallery in Tribeca, New York.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @sandrahandersenart

II.III 123


Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

«My name is Gassi and I am 17 years old, as an artist I can only imagine the possible ways to make and experience art like never before»

A visionary artist with the attention to create complex projects depicting relevant and inspiring subjects to himself, by creating paintings as the primary work medium with experimental technics that are original to the topic and the emotions it brings.

«My work mostly focuses on painting and integrating other forms of art like photography, graphic design, and 3D media, which translates the painting’s subject through a new perspective. In my practice, I tend to enrich the overall experience by making a series of work that could be created with completely different mediums, enhancing the understanding and making the viewer dive deep into the subject.

What I create is largely focused on my reflection of the world, and

the chaos that is filling our time, by representing situations that lead to innocent life loss, personal feelings that are frequently bad, or situations that were inspiring and that affected me personally at a specific time. Nevertheless, resulting in an enjoyable experience of what’s known to be universal feelings.

Determined to explore materials because of my interest in working with techniques that are visually compelling and coherent with the subject, creating a diverse experience, for it to be the most relatable. The pieces I make are for the most part figurative, symbolizing people, situations, and feelings, while always integrating myself into them, both directly and not. Alongside making the work representational, symbolic, and simplistic in a way to generate a clear message.»

«As I’m making my first steps in realizing bigger scale work, I am proudly taking Art as my purpose in life, an enigmatic word with giant power.»

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @gassi_mehdi


Artwork by this artist ranges between £150 - £3,000. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


As a multidisciplinary artist, I alchemize acrylic, ink, and digital medium into the world of vibrant colors, peculiar forms and intuitive strokes. My body of work is a constant exploration of the


subjects of limitless possibilities, boundless imagination, selfreflection, love and hope. With a spiritual calling in recent years, I understand life is a tumultuous journey. We all go through our life journey with inevitable ups and downs, joys and grievances, and hope to seek internal peace and happiness.

By connecting our emotions with soul-reflecting themes, vibrant visuals, imaginative elements, and the power of self-awareness, we can all heal our pains and traumas and find our inner peace by facing our true selves, our emotions, and our inner truth.

“I create a parallel universe with our collective memories to help us remember who we are.”

~ Sally Chan

Sally Chan is a multidisciplinary

artist who resides and has been exhibiting her work in the US. Her artworks have been sold to private collectors internationally. Her Black Gold archetype series contains four archetype beings and is created with black and gold inks, and precise yet intuitive strokes.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @sallyartpainting



(FINE ART) Artwork by this artist ranges between £450 - £3,900. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.


HUGUET (b. Spain) is an artist based in the UK. Her artwork has been shown in art galleries in England, Europe, Philadelphia & Thailand and is collected in private & public collections in England & Spain.

The Supremacy of Being” & “The Artist’s Eye” oil paintings depict a strong portrayal of the artist’s physical likeness & features as well as a sense of spirit represented with a subtle refined style achieved through layers of colours and texture, both denoting an artistic sensitivity and the creative honesty of the character.

“With Love” a delicate depiction of the artist’s hand with daffodils that borrows elements from classical mythology in art, a gesture of kindness to the self. Deeply inspired by social culture, Ascension finds fascination with human nature & the anatomy of the body as a physical subject & an object of beauty but also as a source to engage with most complex aspects of human nature.

This fascination is what makes me come back to my studio day after day to examine relationships & aesthetics through art. My work explores concepts of identity, culture, gender, sexuality & human nature, in which woman, object, subject, maker & signifier are starting points for aesthetic investigation. I try to in vestigate the possibilities of my subjects through the construction & deconstruction of forms with the aim of creating art that goes beyond the aesthetics & what is visible”.

My artwork is not limited to oil painting or figuration, it speaks a language of self-expression, is a personal investigation towards understanding life.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @malhuguetfineart



Artwork by this artist ranges between £50 - £100. Please contact the artist directly, or Artist Talk for more information.

“They don’t have an eye of an artist”. This is a phrase that has been repeatedly mentioned to me by my grandmother since the beginning of my artistic journey. I would draw and I would feel that people would criticize my work, but these words have always held me high, not everyone has an eye of an artist, because art alters the way you perceive not only things but life in general.

For me, my soul needs art to survive. Art has and will always inspire me to reflect on both the extraordinary and the ordinary.

With a paintbrush between my

fingers, I will forever feel like I can express myself, whether it concerns my emotions, my dreams, or my vision. Furthermore, in an effort to visualize the non-spoken or natural human side of me, I will forever keep going back to a blank canvas over and over again. I suppose it’s a way to convey what others refer to as “an instinct”

Works of art such as these are all around us, it takes one to notice and be inspired. I find inspiration in everything around me, and in regards to these two artworks published today, I am inspired by architecture of the past.

In the artwork “A Glimpse into the Past” I utilized pen and ink to give it a more historical and traditional look. To elaborate, the black and white effect of this artwork also supports the main idea of looking back in time.

Moreover, in the painting “The Minaret” I utilized water colors to give it a sort of rusty antique look. This artwork revolved around the idea of Islamic architecture and the beauty of it.

DISCOVER MORE Instagram: @lameesfarooq



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