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FEBRUARY 2017 10€



FEBRUARY 2017 10€



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Cover: Ole Skovsmose, Three Graces (2/3) detail 2

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My Way and Free shot




During 2016 AVA Galleria had a possibility to organize the exhibitions in The Corinthian, which is a 58-story apartment building that was New York City's largest apartment building when it opened in 1988. My Way -exhibition started from the lobby and continued in the unit 10N with the Free Shot - photo exhibition.

Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre

AVA Galleria has participated Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris since 2010 and this year in October will be the tenth time.

Art and Coffee exhibition in the Corinthian

In December, 2016, was opened the Art and Coffee exhibition in the Corinthian in New York. Exhibition will be part of the pre-BELA biennial, which honors 100-year-old Finland in United Nations Headquarters in February 2017.

TendĂŞncias Criativas - Creative Trends

In Brazil in Juparana, Rio de Janeiro was opened the exhibition in September. Art from Finland and Brazil met showing the trends from these two different cultures.

ICNBF and Arte Vida Arte Association

ICNBF and Arte Vida Arte Association offers for the artists from the Northern countries possibility to stay at a residence in Rio de Janeiro. 3

My Way and Free shot During 2016 AVA Galleria had a possibility to organize the exhibitions in The Corinthian, which is a 58-story apartment building that was New York City's largest apartment building when it opened in 1988. My Way -exhibition started from the lobby and continued in the unit 10N with the Free Shot - photo exhibition.





Juliana Pavanelli

Juliana Pavanelli sublime suggests ways with the sophisticated touch of Encaustic. Her designs are unique, leaving the viewer curious among burnish. In Woodcut works with circular geometric shapes and colors thrown in, leaving their works with unique and original features. Roberto Fabianni, artist, architect and art critic Rome, Italy

Luzes-Xilogravura 40 x 30 cm


Vera Pavanelli

Vera Pavanelli fits the cultural ferment today while transporting the conformism that generally determine. There is testimony in his works of profound research, skill composition and an intellectual metamorphosis of fantastic and virtual reality, which make Pavanelli a true and original artist. Roberto Fabianni, artist, architect and art critic Rome, Italy

Rainbow 10 x 140 cm Eucastica 2014


Tereza Vianna

tevianna17@gmail.com We are living a new and complex moment of connections in the real, the imaginary world – sharing life, art, dreams and fulfillments ...together on the Blue Planet. I was thinking about this while I was sketching. I thought about our searches, tried to express myself in a free and lucid form with these series of work presented here. Dots, dashes, lines in movement, sketches, mandalas, symbols – personal and universal graphics. Graffiti plays with us... I imagine it brings out the child that lives in us. While eliminating the excesses, remain the suggestive earthy tint and the primary colors that ease and smoothen the images to our eyes. And for this moment I want to simplify everything, searching for a priority, a formula, to reach our essence, love, a shining of a light, that even on paper illuminates and enlightens us, explains us by feeling and seeing it. How nice would it be if words were not necessary - if paintings and drawings themselves could tell any admirer their stories, their secrets, their magic. As if they were like portals inviting each admirer to transforming and exclusive journeys, love and gratitude. Tereza Vianna

Assim na Terra 30 x 30 cm Photo 2015 10

Douglas Knesse I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, "the wonderful city". I have always been involved with arts in general, but only started painting in the middle of my 18 years, almost a year ago. Since then, I dedicated myself more to my paintings, in which I try to transmit my emotions, feelings and things I see and learn every day. I like to work with acrylic, pens, spray, collages and things I find interesting to make good works. The anti art and the pop art movements have influenced me with the colours and ideas. In my small journey, I have already done my own exhibition. There I had the opportunity to show some of my paintings, my new style and a part of me. I have also painted a wall in a famous design event (Morar Mais 2014), and even other people's houses.Recently, I had also the opportunity to expose in Finland and in New York City. Art is life. When I'm far from it, life gets unexciting and spiritless for me. She teaches me, makes me confused but makes me feel alive.

Error x Horror 140 x 110 cm


Erja Laakkonen


Erja Laakkonen (b. 1955) is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated 1994 from Art School Maa (former Maharishi Art Academy). She has the membership of the Finnish Painters´ Union and The Photographic Artists’ Association. Her works consist of handmade photographic and graphic prints, Atist' books, Mail Art, drawings, paintings, installations, photographing and Environmental Art. She also has worked as a producer in several Environmental Art Exhibitions in Finland. Besides the artistic work she works in care home for mental patients.

Autumn Blue 1 30 x 40 cm cyanotype 2016 12

Autumn Blue 2 30 x 40 cm cyanotype 2016


Tapio HyvÜnen I was born 1957 in a small, quiet village. I moved to Helsinki at the age of 18, and at about the same time I started to photograph. I’m still living in Helsinki, and nowadays I earn my living as a teacher.

Into the world




Matti Hyyrynen I wish my photos to tell stories. Stories for everyone to discover. About reality and dreams and things in between. We all have our own secret world in which to discover something new over and over again. That is where I want to go. I like photography and writing. I believe every artist can write and also write poems among other things.

Photo by Touko Yrttimaa

We were standing On the roof And you said: Would you come with me? I said: Yes. You said: Where? I said: Where ever. And we went. And we are happy there.

Watching 30 x 30 cm negatiivivalokuva, digitaalisävykorjailu, digitaalivalokuvatuloste, printed on kapa 5 mm plate 2015 1/5 16

Horror 30 x 30 cm negatiivivalokuva, digitaalisävykorjailu, digitaalivalokuvatuloste, printed on kapa 5 mm plate 2015 1/5


Marja-Elina Uusitupa www.marjaelinauusitupa.net melinauusitupa@gmail.com

Marja-Elina Uusitupa (b.1957) is a multidisciplinary artist combining and mixing mediums: Photos, painting, environmental art, site specific art, earth art, installations, new media and soundscapes. Themes of art are: people (human being), time, space, environment and socio-environmental space. Currently, she is very interested in working with soundscapes and photographic installations. Marja-Elina Uusitupa holds MA from University of Art and Design, Department for Art Education Helsinki Finland. She is a Painter studied in Free Art School, Helsinki. Art Management, Cultural Entrepreneurship Study Module, SibA, Helsinki 2013-2014. She has exhibited her artworks in Finland and abroad since 1987. Curated and solo exhibitions in Finland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia and Hungary. Works in collection: Art Museum of Kupiskis, LT. The Museum of I.S. Shemanovsky, Salekhard, Jamal, RU. Pro Artibus Foundation FI, City of Helsinki FI, City of Jyväskylä FI, City of Salekdhard RU. 2015 Community Art project in Malmi Helsinki FI completed. During 6 months Marja-Elina Uusitupa directed and carried out a community art project which was completed in the output of pedestrian underpasses artwork Roots. The participants were of different ages (14-80 years) and with different cultural backgrounds. www.helsinginuutiset.fi/artikkeli/308222-malmin-harmaassa-alikulkutunnelissavalkkyy-pian-taide https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiedosto:Marja-Elina_Uusitupa_et_al_Juuret_2015.jpg

Eternity Moment in May I, 30 x 45 cm, kapa 5mm lambda, 2016 18

Eternity Moment in May II 30 x 45 cm kapa 5mm lambda 2016


Erkki PerkiÜmäki I am a photographer and a painter. When taking photos, I prefer places. I am looking for their inner feeling, their essence. I am particularly interested in man-made sites, places where human presence can be seen. The contrast between the natural and man-made signs on the landscape often creates an atmosphere that has a strong impact on me and this is what I want to capture. I also take pictures of natural sites, but only if they affect me emotionally. What is important to me is the emotional coherence of my pictures, not the subject matter. I look for the rough, everyday beauty that often remains unnoticed. For me light is essential; very often it is dim and rainy. I prefer indirect light. I always carry my camera with me and I photograph everywhere, all the time. I go to different environments to discover the same feelings and that is how distances between different places become irrelevant. An emotional engram from my best shots stays in my memory and I hope these emotions will also reach the spectator. I am not building a storyline with my pictures, but when the emotional effect works, it will also create a new story. These stories will then create new meanings.


Street, 30 x 45 cm, photograph, 2015

Sidewalk, 30 x 45 cm, photograph, 2015 21

Mimosa Elo SMALL TOWN STILL LIFE Mimosa Elo (born 1991) is a Finnish photographic artist currently based in Loviisa and in Rochester, England. She enjoys mixing traditional analog processes with experimental methods, and finds that working physically with the photographic print adds an additional dimension to her work. What delights the photographer about analog methods is the tactile quality of the materials, and how the process of making an image is naturally slowed down and becomes more thoughtful. Similar aspects can be seen when looking at the old wooden houses in her hometown, which were built as far back as 250 years ago. Each house has its own sounds, smells and unique characteristics that result in a distinct atmosphere, which can be felt as soon as one steps through the door. Having spent time around the houses since childhood, and lived in the neighborhood from time to time, for its maker Small Town Still Life means a return to the familiar. It provides an opportunity for the photographer, as well as the viewers, to investigate and ponder the ever elusive concept of home from a new perspective, as seen through the mirror of a camera.


photography, silver gelatin prints 23

Vanessa Forstén www.vanessaforsten.com

Vanessa Forstén (b. 1990) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from The University for the Creative Art’s in Rochester UK in 2013. Forstén works both as a freelance photographer for commissioned assignments and as an independent artist. Her art focuses on the identity of female and feminine. Forsténs first solo exhibition ‘Always invisible, never out of sight took place in May 2016 at CREAT SPACE in Helsinki. She is currently exhibiting her body of work “Revir” in the group exhibition Identity Matters curated by Soome Institute in Tallinn. She has published two monographs: What’s in me is in you (2013) and Always invisible never out of sight (2016)

40 x 40 cm 24

After Sauna


Bruno Gasper Photographer born in the city of Rio de Janeiroformed in photography school Agency the imagens do povo (Observatorio slum) where he specialized in photojournalism and documentary photography. Participates in independent magazines covering cultural events of their country and developing authorial projects. currently seeking a degree in visual arts and cultural production.

Self portrait, man without face, light-print on cotton paper, 30 x 45 cm 26

Almeida Siomara I do not think should be classified into a simple and specific scheme the work of Almeida Siomara, so I think we can speak of a astrazionale tension that combines well as a short and utterly interesting view figural on which it is actually alive and visible a controlled gestures with signs / signals where stop - on and off - the modulations blood love / sacrifice, combinations of blue and purple that denote the sensitivity of feeling, those of the green and of yellow thesis to unite the gap that separates from each other. In any case the attitudes of Almeida Siomara towards life will reflect a pictorial personality worthy of full interest, given that everything is clearly visible in harmony concentrated in those jobs of every physical dimension materialized in both landscape drafts, both in the fullness of figures sometimes sensual, with a set fluently led to the conclusion, that the junction nell'inesausto lyrical journey where the intensity meticulous unites extreme sweetness. It 'a path, his, going fast forward but without excess, sail through the sea, creeps into the current Water management, it is quiet in ports and ravines, living in big cities and along - thoughtful and persuasive - autonomous spaces of freedom. The sky is high, as his thought. " Louis Gierut, art critic, in 2014

Coffee Mountains 50 x 50 cm mixed media 2016 27

Carmen Thompson The artist Carmen Thompson lives in Rio de Janeiro where she investigates a variety of materials for the production of masks, sculptures, paintings, watercolors and drawings. Since 2008, she has experimented with etching, where she interferes subtly in the process of printing and through the use of color, in search for an alchemic opulence. Born in Minas Gerais, by the time she was 10 she was already living in Rio de Janeiro and had started her classical ballet studies. Later she has attended modern and contemporary dance courses. So, the artist arms herself with her dance experience as an instrument of her action, in the space and on the paper. She opens the eye to possibility, unique and unexpected, at the same time continuous like the movement andpoetic like the drawing. Nowadays, the artist is in a new phase of works, whereby she handles photography as a starting point for development leading to a creative work on the captured images using digital art resources.

RIO, SEMPRE TE AMEI 1 print on photographic paper


RIO, SEMPRE TE AMEI 2 print on photographic paper


AVA Galleria has participated Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris since 2010 and this year in October will be the tenth time.


Artist Mark Lenn Johnson with AVA Galleria in Paris

22.10. 11:00 – 20:00 23.10. 11:00 – 18:30 Welcome to visit booth B54 ARTISTS Carmen Thompson, Dorene Ginzler, Jacques Stemer, José Antonio de Lima, Katja Ahovalli, Katja Saastamoinen, Liane Chu, Limaris Valdmont, Mari Sihvonen, Marianne Blomqvist, Marilu Andrasan, Mark Lenn Johnson, Marlene Montiello, Päivi Kukkasniemi, Sigrid Somers, Sofia Rainio-Eskelinen, Timo Sailaranta, Ulla Remes, Vanessa Forsten



Brazilian artist Marlene Montiello


Liane Chu Liane Chu is an artist from Hong Kong and she has lived in Shanghai and New York. Her creation is inspired by nature and philosophies. Her unique patterned style can be seen as abstract, expressionism and contemporary art. Liane Chu uses various styles, ink splash, drips and crackle paste, which give movements and dynamic into her paintings. "If a Tree Falls" collection is based on George Berkley´s philosophy "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?" which tells us the reality of not everyone will know what is happening around us. There is different perspective in viewing situation and works.

From series If a Tree Falls 1


From series If a Tree Falls 2


Marianne Blomqvist My subjects come from nature. I am interested in simple elements such as flowers, trees, water and earth. The motif arise from emotions, which I organize according to perceined reality around me. Experiences and memories inspire me when I am painting. Today is present as much as the past. I am fascinated by the way landscapes can enbody time. When I am in the process of painting, my work continues instinctively without planning. My tecnics are oil, acryl, tempera, water color, India ink, coal and I paint "alla prima" or alternatively layer by layer. When I succeed I may find new meanings to everyday reality. My works are influenced by the cycle of nature and the changing seasons. When the light increases in spring, painting is easier. My landscapes are built of opposites such as light and shadow, heavy and airy, unfinished and finished.

Lilys, 47 x 35 cm, aquarelle, 2016 36

Reflecting Water 70 x 65 cm acrylic on canvas 2016


Ulla Remes Ulla Remes is a strong colourist, whose colour scale has become scantier and expression more minimal in recent years after many strong and richly colourful periods. Paintings are simultaneously strong and delicate, and colours thick and thin. The paintings are very intensive and loaded with emotion. Remes takes starting points for her works from nature. The paintings are abstract and minimalistic by appearance, expressing the landscape of the mind. She often deals also with social themes in her works. In addition to large, strong acrylic paintings on canvas or MDF board, there are installations made of paper paintings and ready made objects. Remes has had 30 solo exhibitions and the same number of joint exhibitions during her 15-year carrier. Her works have been exhibited in Japan, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Great Britain, and she has worked several periods in various international residencies in Italy and Spain. Her works are in many public collections. Ulla Remes acts also as a community artist (social artist). She has taken part with Tero Annanolli in the European Capital of Culture project in Turku, The World Design Capital in Helsinki, the nationwide Church Days in Kouvola and recently in Helsinki Night of Arts (along with other art shows). Remes is preparing a doctoral thesis on the applied use of art.

So Blows The Wind, Over Time And Space, Moves So Softly And Vanishes As Life Itself (part 1), 30 x 40 cm, mixed media, 2016 38

So Blows The Wind, Over Time And Space, Moves So Softly And Vanishes As Life Itself (part 2) 30 x 40 cm mixed media 2016


Päivi Kukkasniemi www.paivikukkasniemi.com

I am a Finnish painter and printmaker. Bachelor of Culture and Arts. Colors and expressiveness are my visual language. When I paint, I have to quieten down and surrender to a colors flow. I choose a color that attracts me the most. I move to the next color when my needs are met. I paint arbitrarily dots, areas, lines. I use lots of water and the water paints some figures also. The intuition guides me.Painting is a road to presence. It balances the mind and heart.

Adventure 57 x 81 cm acrylic on mdf-board 2016


A Mystical Moment 35 x 41 cm acrylic on mdf-board 2016


Mari Sihvonen I have been painting for about 30 years. Now acrylcolors are my favorite. Try to do my pictures using my intuition. I have studied Classic painting at I E Repin Institute for 1 year and two years at Art studying school for adults in Kotka. I have had several exhibitions aboard and in Finland during these 30 years.

Comme ci comme ca 30 x 30 cm acrylic on paper 2016


The Blue dream 30 x 30 cm acrylic on paper 2016


Katja Saastamoinen

katja.saastamoinen@sherwood.fi I studied as an adult student for two years full-time classical drawing and painting in The Repin Institute in Kotka, Finland. It cooperates with the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where the unbelievably talented professors come from. The teaching is in Russian so interpreter services were utilised. The education included classical painting, drawing, plastic anatomy, perspective, technology of painting and composition. The studying was disciplined and the teachers were very demanding. During my studies I drew and painted dozens of still life paintings and portraits of live models. After working with works that required very strict plan and composition, I began to want to draw differently, with total freedom. Only white paper, marker pen and throwing myself - no model, no plan, no expectations. I drew and I was led by the line, I looked at the drawing and turned it to different directions. I continued until the piece started to feel balanced and it didn’t need anything more. It was very interesting to see what kind of a picture was given to me, how it turned out to be. As Mandy Halen have said: “You don´t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”


Uuden alku drawing ink on paper 2015

Tuulen tuomaa drawing ink on paper 2015


Timo Sailaranta I love oil colors; the material touch, smell and particularly its power. I use painting-knife to create thick color layers. I paint only when I feel like it; the Art is my gaffer nomore.

Supersol Marbella 46 x 33 cm oil on canvas 2014 46

Mehukannu 59 x 42 cm oil on canvas 2015


Sigrid Somers Somers pursued her interest in visual arts with formal training at Columbia University, Bennington College, and la Sorbonne in Paris. The majority of her work explores of the world of light and color that contrast at figurative and abstract. Somers´ work is kinetic, inviting, interesting and provocative.

El Yunque




Dorene Ginzler Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1956, Ginzler began formal art training as a child at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and continued with merit studies at Interlochen, College for Creative Studies and Cranbrook Academy of Art with discovery explorations in various mediums ranging from pottery to painting. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University graduating with honors, with majors in painting, sculpture, photography and art history, including adjunct studio work in Florence, Italy. Ginzler has held several teaching positions and participates in numerous juried art shows where she has won awards, acquiring hundreds of private and corporate collectors of her work along the way. Her unique style and passion for design has led to the commission of many specialty paintings contracted through art collectors and interior designers for their clientele. Ginzler’s original fine art paintings are for individual collectors, business environments and public installations.

Under the Surface 35 x 35 cm watercolor, sea salt, fiber and paste on paper 2016 50

In the water 35 x 35 cm watercolor, sea salt, fiber and paste on paper 2016


Limaris Valdmont Limaris Valdmont is born in Puerto Rico in 1981. Making art is a consideration to culture. Creating a universal awareness, Limaris Valdmont, manifests her sentiments through free and daring expressions; immortalizing thoughts, opinions or beliefs. Using passionate composition Limaris acquaints us to the ceaseless tendency, to answer the questions left to be answered.


Contemporary Family I 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas

Contemporary Family II 91 x 91 cm acrylic on canvas


Mark Lenn Johnson Glassmaker, Abstract Painter, Creative Photographer Mark Lenn Johnson, born and still residing in Lexington, Kentucky, passed away his solitary childhood hours captivated within the colorful pages of comic books. Unbeknownst to him at that time, that early fascination with color would provide him with the ground work for his artistic inspiration later in life. Now known for his art glass work and his colorful and soul stirring creative fine art paintings and photographs, Johnson believes that the circle is finally complete. The medium that captured his soul initially as well as the medium that helped him share his soul with the world are now the mediums in which he creates.

Majaji - Goddess of Rain (South African) 51 x 51 cm photo


Glan - From the shore (Welsh) 51 x 51 cm photo


ART and Coffee -exhibition In December, 2016, was opened the Art and Coffee exhibition in the Corinthian in New York. Exhibition will be part of the preBELA biennial, which honors 100-year-old Finland in United Nations Headquarters in February 2017.


Artists Marilda Mattos, Avilmar Maia, Iida Ojanperä, gallerist Helena Cardoso and curator Edson Cardoso





Iida Ojanperä ~ When the heart is full of little birds, there is no space for anger or bitterness. ~ Iida's style of making art branches out in many ways, but the past few years she has been working more with inks. She is also fond of making little figures such as a warm-hearted forest fellow Naava (Usnea) or even building a love ladder for a creature called The Universe. Time after time she has ended up exploring happiness or the delicate forms of existence itself. Precious stories can be found all around, no matter where you are or in which company. Thinking about art and life in general: it's good to keep your senses alert, because behind every corner lies the possibility of something that can make your day. Iida grew up in Kaskinen, which is not only the smallest town in Finland, but also an island. She graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2008 (BA degree in photography). She has had exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Her artworks belong to private and public collections such as Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria. Some of her poems have been published in Italian and English, but she writes them mainly in Finnish.


Before Time, 48 x 34,5 cm, ink on paper, 2014

Be'Am 48 x 34,5 cm ink & gold metal leaf on paper 2016

Special credits: Funkraami in Turku & Lions Club Kaskinen-Kaskรถ for sponsoring my art. 61

Oili Tornberg Oili Tornberg was born in a willage called Kuusamo 1961. Today she lives and works in a little town called Tornio in the North part of Finland. She uses silk screen printing and acrylic painting and mixture of these two as techniques in her artwork. She calles herself as a part time artist because half of the year she works at the campsite and the other half of the year she can consentrate to her artwork. She is facinated by all the art trends but Pop art is closest to her hearth.

Sorrow 130 x 105 cm acrylic on canvas 2016 62

A Great Man 105 x 135 cm Acrylic on canvas 2016


Merja Simberg

www.merjasimberg.com Painter, born in Helsinki, Finland

The present and the past, memories and emotions - both good and bad, all mixed with colours and paint, which never stop surprising me. Working with this incredible medium gives me an endless amount of opportunities and joy.

Miss Coffee, 40 x 40 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas, 2016 64

Mrs Bean 40 x 40 cm ink and acrylic on canvas 2016


Elisabeth Manninen Art is necessary for me. By painting I deal with things beyond the words. These things evolve from deep inside and take their form in front of my eyes. I am inspired by big human concepts like responsibility, love, forgiveness. Also nature, especially the archipelago and the sea, inspires me. I tend not to do sketches but instead I start painting bravely by intuition. I put thin and/or thick layers on canvas, design different kind of textures, put new layers on top of old ones, use a lot of wiping with cloth. The work is talking to me, it says, what it needs. When I end up with controversy and get mad, I know I am very near the essential! Sometimes I have to put the painting to rest and let my thoughts mature. My subconscious is working fiercely. Then I can go on. My painting is mostly abstract. I use both oil and acrylic colors, also pigments. By painting I become aware of my soul which is heading home. My paintings will set up sparks for that path. The people looking at my paintings will then find the path more easily than without the lights. And when the light grows, love grows.

The Taste of Coffee 50 x 50 cm acrylic and oil on canvas 2016 66

The Smell of Coffee 50 x 50 cm acrylic and oil on canvas 2016


Mirja Jaamalahti I paint with dark themes and styles. When I paint, I do it very spontaniously, fast and with a dark sense on humor. All this comes from my own experiences. I hope that my paintings give others the same atmosphere that I had when i was painting, or even give them some kind of reaction. I have created my own thing, and it's darkism.

Hot Beans 50 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas 2016 68

Native 50 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas 2016


Merja Laine My aquarelle-mixed technique painting’s are reflections of my own life. I want to share these private visions with the audience, who should let their own experiences have the final effect. Every interpretation is as right as mine — no-one’s own opinion can be wrong. The personal experience of mortality and randomness of life has woken up an everlasting hunger of beauty. In my works I’m looking for the very source of that beauty and I want to pass on the energy that I’ve been happy to get from my art. Every piece of my art is a reverence for life.


First kiss ll, 30x30 cm, aquarelle, 2013

First kiss Xl 30x30 cm aquarelle 2013


Reijo Viljanen

www.reijoviljanen.com www.kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli.fi

Reijo Viljanen lives and works in Helsinki Nature is not directly portrayed in my paintings, but rather appears as light, air and colours. My paintings convey more experience than direct observation. Recently I have been interested in the turbulent and curved shapes, the same that appears on the air, clouds, waves or mountains. The working process is also important; I like to allow the painting to happen, to listen to works and to let them breathe and live.

Flavour, 50 x 43 cm, oil on canvas, 2016 72

The Coffee Aroma 46 x 38 cm oil on canvas 2016


Signhild Kempe-Järvensivu signhild.kempe@jarvensivu.com

Art and painting have always been important to me, and so they will remain. They repay you much because one can express oneself and develop all the time. I like colors and bright combinations. Lately my pictures are connected to the Ostrobothnia, where I am coming from. I want to paint a simplified reality where people will find themselves at home. The aim to paint is that one should be able to “drive into� the painting and feel captured by its atmosphere. At best one should smile and think: this is a fun picture. I want the simplicity to make you look once more. I would like to simplify our complicated world so that one will understand it better.

Coffee Break In Ostrobothnia 38 x 46 cm acryle on canvas 2016 74

A Windy Day 46x38 cm acryle on canvas 2016


Pirjo Vartiainen The art is very important part of my life. Painting empowers me. I paint mainly oil on canvas. I have made art also with pigmentcolours, acrylics, watercolours and oil on plexiglass. On my paintings I make the atmospheres and I invite people to dialog through the colours and the themes. My background, the pictures of the world and longing for the beauty have an influence on my expression.


The Purple Ones 50 x 50 cm oil on canvas 2016

The Misty Pot 50 x 50 cm oil on canvas 2016


Minna Maria Lenfeldova lenfeldova.art@gmail.com lenfeldovaart.wix.com/site

The emotion in my paintings is build on colors, layers and shapes. I am passionate to capture the gap between narrative and abstract art. The painting reveals hints of the emotions behind the story but part of it is hidden underneath the layers. This way the viewer can experience and solve the rest of the story in one’s own perspective. I see, feel and interpret life through visual art. Painting is a lifestyle I am not willing to give up. Things in life mature through renunciation, and a fully lived life can lead seizing the moment. These are the motif for my art. I want to stay humble, grateful and ready to learn more in order to maintain the passion for painting.


Frosty Coffee Break, 40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2016

Let's See What Will Happen 40 x 50 cm oil on canvas 2016


Elina Jounela When I start a new painting, I seldom have a precise vision what the picture will look like. Still, I am confident about the result. A painting will appear with time. The only thing I have to decide is the first layer of colour. I spread it with a big brush freely, transparently and spontaneously. Then I try to find the hidden motive in it. Most exiting phase is the slow search, when the canvas tells me how to continue. The powerful colourtechnique, tempera, gives me at this stage the best satisfaction. Every now and then I have to ask myself to take a break not to destroy the inner light with too thick layers of paint. The light from inside is essential for me. My curiosity to find new ways to paint is sometimes a hinder when planning a larger exhibition for example. But never the less, creating art is wonderful!


Rare Phenomenon, 47 x 47 cm, tempera / oil, 2015-2016

Coffee Tree 47 x 47 cm tempera / oil 2015-2016


Helena Vaari

www.helenavaari.fi helena.vaari@phnet.fi Helena Vaari is a textile artist and an artist of arts and crafts. She designs and sews works of textile art for both private residence and public premises. Textiles for Churches are her specialities. Vaari takes part on group exhibitions and has ones of her own. The artist´s techniques are application, free machine embroidery and textile collage. Vaari calls it painting by sewing machine. The yarns are her colours and the needle is her brush. The tiny yarns have special power. The yarn is three-dimensional, it has the twist and the beautiful shine. When Vaari sews hundreds of tiny twisted yarns together, the power and the three-dimensional effect of the yarns will strengthen. The picture is very lively, when the light reflects from the yarns and gives power to the whole works. Helena Vaari is very interested in folds of the clothes, shadows and lights. She wants to represent fabric by fabric; to sew pictures where human is wearing shirts and coats and to see the three-dimensional movement of the fabrics by painting sewing machine.

The Summer Cottage serie: Coffee Brake 2009 82

The Summer Cottage serie: Swimming 2009

The Summer Cottage serie: To the Sauna 2009 83

Eeva-Riitta Vilkuna I´m happy to be back in New York City. Having studied here in 1991 in New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture I have many great memories – NYC was interesting and fascinating place in the 90´s just like it still is. My teacher, who was excellent, has undoubtedly had some influence on my work and my teaching, too. Despite the similarities in culture and art, there’s always some different teaching mechanics and ways of seeing things. As a painter I love all kinds of painting materials but acrylic and oil have been the most prominent on my work. Photographing was strongly present in my childhood home – my father had a little darkroom where he developed black and white photos of our life. Those many kinds of photographing experiences have had an impact on my later work – sometimes inspiring entire piece of artwork and sometimes staying in the background almost unnoticeable.

The Smell of It, 44 x 42,5 cm, akrylic and oil on mdf, 2016 94

AVA Galleria in partnership with Cultural Institute ICNBF cordially invites you to the Pre-BELA Biennial (Biennial of European and Latin American contemporary Art). In 2017 BELA celebrates the Centennial of Finland’s Declaration of Independence through the very important and mainstream theme of Sustainability.

100-year-old FINLAND SUSTAINABILITY February 14-24,2017 Opening reception: Feb 14, at 6 PM - 8 PM RSVP by Feb 10: ava@avagalleria.com UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS 46th Street & 1st Ave New York, NY 10017 Artists: Ana Martins, AnneMilana Vuokila, Arão Pinto, Aulikki Nukala, Avilmar Maia, Carlos Gomes, Davi Faustin, EevaRiitta Vilkuna, Elina Jounela, Elisabeth Manninen, Erisson Thompson Jr, Gustavo Kuklinski, Hanna Lamnaouer, Hannu Tenhunen, Helena Vaari, Iida Ojanperä, Jan Ekström, Janne Teräväinen, Jari Järnström, Jouko Väärälä, Jukka Tuominen, Laura Pohjonen, Lauri Pietarinen, Licia Lacerda, Lotta Leka, Mari Sihvonen, Markku Walldén, Matheus Almeida, Merja Laine, Merja Simberg, Minna Lenfeldova, Mirja Jaamalahti, Neumi Crepel, Oili Thornberg, Paula Suominen, Paulo Roberto Gobo, Pirjo Vartiainen, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Raija Merilä, Reijo Viljanen, Sanna-Mari Rautavirta, Seija Grönqvist, Seppo Kari, Serge Gauya, Singhild Kempe-Järvensivu, Siomara Almeida, Sirkka Laakkonen, Susanna Teräväinen, Tapio Hirvonen, Tapio Hyvönen, Vanessa Forstén Curator: Edson Cardoso


Sirkka Laakkonen In my paintings the essence is an aesthetic impression of something I have seen, felt or thought of which inspires me to create a piece of art. Fist, there is the canvas, all white. Then follows the colour, a fleeting moment hesitantly, more firmly, in some cases all wiped off. Colour again, more colour, more and more. Blood flows and the face glows. Away with anything unnecessary. Hopefully the painting is able to transmit the feelings of love, sunshine, light and wind with a distant melody; that it makes a positive difference in somebody´s life.

Like a diamond, 75 x 75 cm, oil on canvas, 2016


Full Bloom, 50 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2016


Seija Grönqvist I mainly find motives for my paintings in nature on the island where I spend a lot of time. I am specially inspired by observing seasons changing in the forest, and in the field. I find the sea around me extremely fascinating. The silence, calmness and the strength of nature forces it's way to my paintings as I move fowvard with the working process. The starting point of my creative process is based on a concrete perception but it will become an expression of emotion as I carry on working. In the end most of my paintings turn out to be abstract. As materials I use acrylics, oil paints and watercolour.

Play Of Water 50 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas 2016


Morning On The Island 65 x 88 cm acrylic on canvas 2015


Laura Pohjonen www.laurapohjonen.fi

The main theme in my recent works is childhood. It came very naturally to my works after my son was born. I want to describe above all the sensitivity of the child, his ability of being surprised and living in a moment. Small things may be big and big things small when you look at them with open mind. Smallness, sensitivity and wondering are matters which too easily are trampled on by a hurry and effectiveness in the adults’ world. In my works I use different printmaking techniques such as etching, linocut and chine collÊ.

Matkaaja 25 x 25 cm etsaus, kohopaino, chine collĂŠ 2015 90

Ajatukset II 45 x 38 cm etsaus, kohopaino, chine collĂŠ 2016


Markku WalldĂŠn My name is Markku WalldĂŠn. In this month I'll have my 77 years anniversary. I am MD and I have worked as public health care. After my retiring I succeeded to get into The Free Art School in Helsinki. I studied over there for four years and graduated as professional painter at the age of 69 years. I still paint nearby every day.

Ice Fishers 50 x 50 cm acryl on canvas 2017 92

Problems 80 x 58 cm oil on linen 2008 93

Aulikki Nukala The autumn landscape, or wild meadow flowers, mean to me wistful beauty, transience, and the inevitable passing of time. In my childhood I lived very close to nature. Now, when I’m living in Helsinki, in an urban city, the details of nature and the richness of its moods are difficult to detect. I miss them. They are no longer present in my everyday life, but I can experience them through my paintings. I admire the old biological illustrations of plants, as well as the ancient oriental ink drawings and the abundant Dutch floral still lives. They all inspire me to paint the aesthetic splendor of nature’s diversity, that the man cannot exceed. My paintings’ basis is in my childhood experiences of meadows, forests, lakes and rivers - a flickering beauty in nature, that the gaze is always looking for.I debuted as a painter in 1979. In addition to many solo exhibitions I have participated in group exhibitions in Europe, China, USA and Russia. I am a member of the Finnish and the Nordic Watercolour Societies, and the Artist’s Association of Finland. For more information, see my home page www.anukala.fi and www.kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli.fi/en/artists/2472

Peace 50 x 50 cm watercolour 2016 94

Wild Flowers From the Fields, 62 x 82 cm, watercolour, 2015


Jari JärnstrÜm

Painter, MFA Jari.jarnstrom@welho.com www.kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli.fi/fi/taiteilijat/1834 www.facebook.com/jari.jarnstrom.9 I start my working process by doing the background with action painting technique to generate ripe, lively abstraction, where the momentary comes out. The colors will run and speared free. Flowing water and acrylic color form a variety of splotches, puddles and splashes to the painted layer. On this layer, I continue with oil color slowly and attentively. The abstract and figurative will meet in the same picture. I use my paintings of human figures and faces of images from the Internet. Picture options are reflections from moving phenomena of our time.



Light in August


Seppo Kari ”My night is not gloomy” My techniques are oil, acrylic and grayon, in graphic art serigraphy and digital. The method of working is very often structural. Shadows are used to create lightness, shape and illusion. The paintings are disconnected from reality, although they include parts of reality loaded with symbolism and images. I like to paint nocturnal topics. Maybe it can simply be said that I paint ”the black light”, because it is transparent. My night is not gloomy, but it is a distinctive world which you cannot see and reach in the daylight. However, the day breaks on my studies on nature. Daylight reveals the vulnerable nature with amazing powers: a leaf of grass can cut up the paper in painter´s hands. I like to do tricks and to combine different elements.


Arisen in the night, ”Mariskooli” made in Finland 50 x 50 cm oil on canvas 2016

Air mail from the Polar Circle 70 x 70 cm oil on canvas 2016


Päivyt Niemeläinen Visual artist Helsinki Finland www.paivytniemelainen.fi pniemelainen@yahoo.com

She is specializing in oil painting and mixed media works. Impressions, miracles and phenomenons of nature,old great stories in the history, and human life – in good and bad - is in the focus of her art. To enlarge her expression she likes to use many kind of technics in working, according the subject in question. Over the past few years she has made current anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. These artworks act as a comment on behalf of peace. She was born in North Carelia, the Eastern-Middle part of Finland. She graduated textile artist, then in the seventies she graduated from University of Helsinki with a Master degree in Arts, continuing her studies on the fine arts. She has developed a technique of relief-paintings in which she use a combination of plastic forms and painting. She finds motives from nature and from human’s life. These paintings depict human life, which comes from somewhere and exists for a short time, then disappears into the eternal flow of time. Her works are in several public and private collections in Finland but also in Germany, Austria, Portugal, France, Egypt, USA and many more. From 2000 she has had many solo exhibitions in Finland, Belgium,France, Germany, Portugal and in the USA.

Maiden in the Ether 80 x 65 cm 2017 100

Darkland 50 x 50 cm mixed media 2012


Lauri Pietarinen

I was born in New York but have been living in Finland since the age of two.I was an active amateur photographer in my youth and now am again, after 30 years in the confusing times of digital photography. I did my military service in 1983-84 and these pictures were taken during a rookie training camp in the summer of 1984 near Hanko, Finland. As a platoon leader I was able to roam freely and photograph the activities - I was surely a better photographer than platoon leader.

Platoon, Syndalen, Finland 1984


Rookie in Sweatsuit, Syndalen, Finland 1984

Waiting in Line at the Field Kitchen, Syndalen, Finland 1984


Jan Ekström

jan.ekstrom@aidertech.com Jan Ekström is a nature and street photographer. The archipelago and forests around Southern Finland are great sources of inspiration for him. Walking and boating in nature bring energy and contrast to the city life. He has born and lives in Helsinki, Finland. The fortress islands of Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland) just off the Helsinki city centre are one of his favourite spots close to home. The fortress built gradually from 1748 is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It is also a residential area of 800 people. The area includes all elements of Jan Ekström’s interest in photography – nature, sea and people. Early morning sea smoke forms a mysterious wrapping around the fortress islands.

Frozen Dream


Smoke on the Water


Jouko Väärälä

jouko.vaarala@gmail.com instagram: jouko.vaarala Beyond the blueprint The ability to tame the elements for human benefit has been the measure of civilization. During my engineering career, I’ve been manipulating the prevalent conditions and trying to maintain the unnatural order. By creating and transporting heat, water and air we produce preconditions for our living spaces. This work has taught me how strong and unpredictable natural forces are. Even in the most manufactured and controlled environments, the unexpected finds ways to come about. Eventually, every surface will crack and something new will grow through. This life, that simply happens, is my study in art.



Lotta Leka I love graphic arts because it´s rough and coincidental etch. Art allows me a channel, which I require for my humanity. I observe the difficult sensibilities of shame. I seize on the shortcomings of myself and illustrate them. Mental processes of workings can be from time to time painful, but nevertheless rewarding. When beginning to work I don´t always know why I´m working on some theme and the reason comes up to me later on. Art is a different language to talk. With the help of art it´s possible to sense solidarity with different kinds of people and find similarities in situation of life.

Witche´s broom 20 x 18 cm carborundum & drypoint 2016 108

Thin place 27 x 19 cm carborundum & drypoint 2016


Raija Merilä Being an artist for me is to be alive, to enjoy and to feel deeply. I forgot where I am, who I am. I only see, what I am creating. I don Ě t think for example that this is a head or this is an arm, I only think the movement of colours and lights. When I am painting, I might be planning a next one. Maybe it's a different version of the same work or completely something different. I paint portraits, human figures and landspaces. The main things are lights, colours and colour harmonies. Sometimes I paint for fun, sometimes to create something beautiful or interesting. When I have an inspiration, I want to be alone, only me, perhaps my modell, painting and some music.


Preoccupied, 40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2016

Looking At You 40 x 50 cm oil on canvas 2016


Hanna Lamnaouer My painting tell about being within boundaries. Usually we build boundaries at the cost of our understanding when imagine that we know someone thoroughly. Opposing light flattening forms carry a symbolic meaning: faces look estranged metaphysical when shown in light fading sintinctively personal features. Despite clear-cutted, they look silhouette like shadows from afterlife, lining, at the same time present and absent. The expression is foggy, etherial and deep, eternity in a moment project through essence. English philosopher Edmund Burke considered that confusion add impact on picture. In art and life gloomy, unstable and confused impressions are capable of evolving stronger emotions than clear ones. When shadows encounter huge light, considered confusion evolve an experience of haunted, delaying beayty. Intead of material sense and gravitation, extensioned and absorbed forms tempt to contemplate.


From the serie "Tulvahdus valoa", 40 x 40 cm, oil on canvas, 2014

From the serie "Tulvahdus valoa" 30 x 30 x 4 cm oil on canvas 2016


TendĂŞncias Criativas - Creative Trends In Brazil in Juparana, Rio de Janeiro was opened the exhibition in September. Art from Finland and Brazil met showing the trends from these two different cultures.


José Roberto Brito (Robritto) www.robritto.com.br

The artist is used to use oil on canvas to present the subject developed and painted by him which intends to show up to the observers the mysterious atmosphere issued from the clear and obscure tonal colours of the garments of the jokers of the folklore of the rich Brazilian and Latin American cultural diversity. It seems that the goal of the artist’s wishes is to offer to the admirers the enchantment of the bright and of the shadows to the eyes. José Roberto Brito da Silva is an artiste-painter who built up himself as an artiste by his own. He was born in São Luis, State of Maranhão, on September 22 nd . 1952, in Brazil. He was still a teen-sage when he started to draw and paint in his homeland. In 1972, he moved with his family to Brasilia in search of better opportunities into this new Brazilian Eldorado and in 1979 he was graduated in Social Communication at the UniCEUB/DF. The artiste-painter was living in Brazil working in his atelier in Basevi, a little town nearby Brasilia-DF, where he begun to work on the serial of paintings named “Carnival of Touloulous & Tololos (O Baile do Entrudo)”, which is composed with forty-three personages about the subject of carnival. And also, he started working in another collection entitled “Bumba-Meu- Boi e seus brincantes”, representing the Brazilian most important folk popular festivity. He lives today in Beirut where he is works on his new sequence of paintings about the most important and popular Brazilian folk festival known as “Bumba Meu Boi”. On March 2012 he showed his artworks in his first individual exhibition supported by the France financial institution named “Credit Agricole” and on March/April he showed his artworks in the Biennial of European and Latin America Contemporary Art, in Porto, Portugal, and on December 2012 he showed his paintings in World of Art Showcase, at Wynn Hotel, in Las Vegas, USA as well as 2015 in Rio de Janeiro at “Museu Historico Nacional do Rio de Janeiro”, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.

O Levantino 115

Gustavo Kuklinski Young and talented artists, Gustavo Kuklinski lives betweens two distinct world, the computer programming and art. Since his children hood was introduced to the sketch world and begun to paint his canvas at 8. His family always gave him the support to keep going with his wish. With 16 started to write computer codes, gets into the university of Analysis and System Development and still on. He stills dream of leave the computer world to live a “art life”. A decided man and creative with a huge artistic luggage to change your concepts of art. Kuklinski the contemporary artist, use colors with a outstanding versatile. This boy with 8 started to paint and enchant the luck ones around his artistic development. Today work hard as a computer programmer but doesn’t make the art as a hobby, he mades everything for the feeling of love for life.

Rio Broken Love A boy up in the hill with his cigarette seeing the noble life in building, at the Copacabana’s beach and in idol of the wonderfull city, Corcovado oil on Canvas 116

Plaza The bohemia of teenagers in Rio de Janeiro playing guitars and drinking at the plaza oil on canvas 117

Ole Skovsmose

www.artavita.com/artists/7085-ole-skovsmose osk@learning.aau.dk

“With Ole Skovsmose we engage with an artist who combines a completely open-minded and pristine approach to the creative process with a fierce passion and life-affirming curiosity about seeing, learning, and recognition.” Ole Skovsmose has shown his pictures in galleries and at museums around the world inclkuding Carrousel du Louvre, Paris; Biennial of European and Latin Americal Art, Rio de Janeiro; and ArtExpo, New York. Ole Skovsmose is a Danish artist living part of his time in Brazil. He is member of Associação Internacional de Artistas Plásticos.

Three Graces (2/3) 118


175 x 80 cm each

Three Graces (3/3) detail 175 x 80 cm each


ARTISTIC RESIDENCE IN SANTA TERESA, RIO DE JANEIRO Cultural institute, Instituto Cultural Nórdico Brasil Finlândia (ICNBF) and Arte Vida Arte Association offers for the artists from the Northern countries possibility to stay at a residence in Rio de Janeiro. Residence is in Santa Teresa, which is a neighbourhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located on top of the Santa Teresa hill, by the centre of Rio, and is famous for its winding, narrow streets which are a favourite spot for artists and tourists. It is a perfect and enjoyable environment to get to know other culture and to create and produce new ideas. Residence will welcome painters, sculptors, authors and photographers from the Northern Countries. Periods in the residence varies between 1 and 3 months and there is also possibility to participate workshops with children from the project CASA in Rio de Janeiro. For more information, please contact Helena Cardoso, president of ICNBF by e-mail: helena.cardoso@icnbf.org




Cen t ro de As s is te n c ia S o c ia l e A rt ist i c a

Art School Casa

CASA, THE ART SCHOOL FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN Art school CASA (Centro de Assistencia Social e Artistica) was founded in August 2005 by Helena and Edson Cardoso. Art School is ment for underprivileged children living in the favela of Cidade de Deus - City of God, in Rio de Janeiro. The school’s aim is to help these children fulfil their dreams of a better future through the power of art and to give them a constructive hobby and direction in their lives. There are currently 15 children in the school, ranging in age from 4-15 years. We hope that our work will help prevent these children from ending up on the streets. The Finnish organisation, Arte Vida Arte ry, funds CASA. The Finnish artists from our organisation have been visiting Cidade de Deus and working with the children. You can also be a part or this valuable project and help give these children a better future.




Arte Vida Arte Association supports the activities of the Art School CASA. By buying AVA Magazine you support the art school’s activities and help secure a better future for the children. Your support will improve the daily lives of the children at the art school. To: Arte Vida Arte ry Bank account: 572115-2138442 IBAN FI4257211520138442 BIC (SWIFT) OKOYFIHH Message: Artschool CASA Sincere thanks: Kids and Teachers of Art School CASA, and Helena & Edson Cardoso.



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