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FEBRUARY 2016 10€



FEBRUARY 2016 10€



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My blue, my yellow

Wenngarn castle will be occupied by contemporary art from Sweden, Brazil and Finland. Theme of the exhibition is My Blue, my yellow respecting the colours of the Swedish flag.


Cultural institute, Instituto Cultural Nórdico Brasil Finlândia (ICNBF) and Arte Vida Arte Association will open in January 2017 in Penedo a residence for the artists from the Northern countries.

AVA Gallery located opposite the Helsinki Art Museum on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu, is a small friendly gallery that works in co-operation with the association Arte Vida Arte to support the Art School CASA.

CASA Art school CASA (Centro de Assistencia Social e Artistica) was founded in August 2005 by Helena and Edson Cardoso. Art School is ment for underprivileged children living in the favela of Cidade de Deus - City of God, in Rio de Janeiro.


By buying AVA Magazine you support the art school’s activities and help secure a better future for the children.



Wenngarn Castle Sweden's oldest surviving letter from 1164 is about Wenngarn. What we see today is mainly the result of Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie massive reconstruction that took place in the years around 1660. The best preserved part is the chapel counted as Northern Europe's best preserved baroque setting. It has many great celebrations and political intrigue unfolded. Through the centuries, the Vasa dynasty, statesmen, knights and councilors lived and ruled on Wenngarn. Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie magical castles and picturesque baroque park are some gems on the spot where a society was built up during the 1900s about Sweden's first alcoholic institution. Wenngarn is today a vibrant village community adapted to human needs and conditions. A magical place with 1000 years of history. Wenngarn Castle is first mentioned in historical documents in the early Middle Ages. What we see today is Primarily the result of Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie's Extensive restoration During The 1660's. The most pristine part of the castle from That time is the stunning chapel That is held to be the most finely preserved Baroque chapel in northern Europe. The castle has seen its fair share of owners, all from royal families, knights, German counts and other people of high ranks. It has been the scene of many grand feasts and political intrigues. From this tumultuous history there are traces of Medieval times as well as modern-day to be found at the Castle That, combined, forms one of Sweden's most fascinating castle settings. Wenngarn castle will be occupied by contemporary art from Sweden, Brazil and Finland. Theme of the exhibition is My Blue, my yellow respecting the colours of the Swedish flag. Exhibition is curated by Swedish Christopher Scott and Brazilian Edson Cardoso and organized by AVA Galleria from Helsinki. Following artists are participating the exhibition: From Sweden:

From Finland:

From Brazil:

Anna Rosenbäck Anders Malm Anne Maria Udsen Bertil Åhreus Bo Alström Carina Fogde Carina Stejmar Carita Schmidt Christopher Scott Eva Bergenwall Håkan Askmark Johan Thunberg Katja Ahovalli Margareta Yrlid Maria Luisa Persson Marita Killian Engelcrona Matilda Lehvonen Sandra Steen Sofia Boo Staffan Strand Susanne Hagström

Aulikki Nukala Bambu Hellstedt Eila Björkman Gunilla Helve Helena Kause Iria Ciecka Schmidt Jari Järnström Juha Sven Korhonen Juhani Järvinen Kalevi Liski Kari Kuisma Kirsti Puhakka Lasse Kempas Liisa Pankola Maaria Märkälä Maarit Björkman-Väliahdet Maija Helin-Åvall Marja Hakala Merja Kupari Mika Törönen Minja Revonkorpi Päivyt Niemeläinen Raija Heikkilä Raija Kuisma Raija Tuuri Seppo Väänänen Sirkka Laakkonen Terttu Jurvakainen Urho Kähkönen Veera Pajulahti

Adriana Woll Cristina Bahiense Eda Miranda Ferracioli Ivald Granato Juliana Pavanelli Malu Perlingeiro Nelma Camargo Patricia Salamonde Paulo Burani Tereza Vianna Vera Pavanelli Zilandro Freitas


Anne Maria Udsen Genesis - is all about human interference in what we call the Beauty of Nature. Fright and beauty is growing together to a unity and are no longer divided into natural and unnatural. The motives are selected fruit, in this case Horse Chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) and Datura. The fruits are transformed into different shapes as of a life cycle, but where you, after a while of watching, sense abnormal expressions. I want to focus on the ability of gene technology to modify nature which we often understand as the origin of beauty. After spending time with them, the objects appear more foreign and strange than they seemed the first moments. In this sequence I have tried to install fright in beauty, not as opposed to it, but as an element that grows into beauty as a unity and has its own unique expression. Using inspiration from the changes of nature, the expression become poetic and thereby describes the deeper layers of human being. The consistency of isolating and repeating a single object increases the richness of detail when presented enlarged. The cycle of life, birth, growing, ageing and death are threads leaping through all my work and generate a connection with the title - Genesis.


Genesis, 50 x 50 cm, Oil on canvas, 2014

Eva Bergenwall Eva Bergenwall är verksam konstnär i Stockholm. Hon arbetar huvudsakligen med måleri och fotografi. "Hennes konst präglas av både realism och poesi, dröm, fantasi och verklighet flyter samman till ett. Det handlar om existensen, den fysiska likväl som den abstrakta. Den som finns inuti människan och den som sträcker sig bortom, ut i rymden. Hennes motivvärld är hämtad från olika tider, både från naturen och staden." Eva Bergenwall is a visual artist who lives and works in Stockholm. She works primarily with painting and photography. "Her art is characterized by both realism and poetry, dream, fantasy and reality flow together into one. It is about the existence, physical as well as the abstract. It's inside the human person and that extends beyond, into space. Her motifs are taken from different times, both from nature and the city." Angelica Blomhage, Gotland Artmuseum

The Follbrink Stream, 100 x 100 cm, Digital print on aluminium


Aulikki Nukala

Sensitivity to variations of light, shadow and nature are important to me. Spiritual intensities of colors, and the game, or even fight that takes place during painting, is a joyful act between reality and imagination. Recently I have worked in Claude Monet´s garden in Giverny, France, and exhibited in Paris and Nice. My painting method stems from impressionist and plen air painting. This yellow-blue color-idea presents my favorite flowers in meadows – bluebells, Campanula Rotundifolia.


It's Raining Round, Blue Bells 120 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2015

Evening 90 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2015

Känslighet för variationer av ljus, skugga och natur är viktiga för mig som visuell upplevelser. Mentala intensiteter av färger, spelet eller kamp, som sker under målning, är en glad aktivitet mellan realismen och fantasi. Jag har nyligen arbetat i Claude Monet´s trädgård i Giverny, Frankrike och sen utställt i Paris och Nice. Min metod baserar sig på impressionism och plen air målning. Denna gul-blå färg-idé presenterar min favorit blomma i ängar, blåklockor, Campanula Rotundifolia


Bo Alström Bo Alström is a history painter, a uniquely modern representative of an age-old tradition. At the same time, he is a philosophical and profoundly intuitive modern artist. He empathizes with the experiences of people in distant times and places while maintaining a highly-calibrated sensitivity to color, form, and composition. Alström’s curiosity about human character and motivation, about past events, and about the world in which he lives finds expression in exhilerating images where abstraction and representation and description and imagination collide, interact, and harmonize. In this sense, Alström is a revolutionary history painter. The original intention of history painting was to clearly depict a particular event in order to convey an unambiguous message about the event’s meaning and significance. In contrast, Alström avoids exactitude. His postmodernist way of thinking has led him to the belief that every event, every situation has many interrelated and often competing narratives, and reflecting on these possibilities is something he wants to encourage in the viewer. Alström combines master draftsmanship with coloristic expression. Like pioneer expressionist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), color and form have clearly defined, independent roles. With their elegaic moods, dynamic symphonies of color, and references to the past, Alström’s paintings invite the viewer to reflect on what has been and what is to come. Just as the burst of pigment in Alström’s paintings consititute the raw material of things as yet unformed, so the world we live in is filled with embryonic possibilities. Alström’s paintings are powerful and poignant reminders of the capacity of the individual imagination and will to create the world in which (s)he lives and a humbling reminder that our actions can have unintended consequences. Dr. Michelle Facos Associate Professor History of Art Indiana University, Bloomington


Såsom i tidens andedräkt 100 x 130 cm 2015

Om det är sant att det väsentliga i konsten är ogripbart så är konstnärens samverkan med sin bild en väl så gåtfull företeelse. En klok man, en kännare av bland annat kinesisk konst, har sagt att måleriets verkliga motiv är konstnärens själ, inte ett avbildat träd eller landskap. Och så är det förvisso. Vad konstnären än målar, hur han än organiserar färgerna på duken så redovisar han alltid - oftast omedvetet – en bild av sig själv och sin uppfattning om livet. På så sätt blir också det mest verklighetssinnade konstverk en spegling av ett inre skeende. När en pensel med färg träffar duken händer någonting. En inre rörelse sätter igång och vart målningen sedan drar iväg vet man aldrig. Det är bara att hänga med. I den bemärkelsen vill jag numera hellre kalla mig målare än konstnär. Det sistnämnda är för övrigt en i dessa dagar tämligen tröttkörd beteckning. Bo Alström


Ivald Granato Ivald Granato was born in Campos, in the state of Rio de Janeiro in 1949. Until 1966 he stayed in his hometown learning to draw unde influence of cubist painters. In that year he started his studies with Robert Newman and the following year he joined the School of Fine Arts of the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Always controversial, he also used the performance along with painting as a form of artistic expression. He has received many awards during his career and his works can be found in the most important museums, companies and private collections in Brazil and around the world. He executed numerous individual and collective exhibits in Brazil, United States, Japan, Germany, Finland and Central and South America. A significant cultural activist, Granato is considered "the mover and shaker with paintbrushes".


Passaro - F책gel 120 x 80 cm Acrylic


Zilando Freitas Colors, shapes, movement, light and life. This is the essence of the work of the Brazilian artist and designer Zilando Freitas. With a unique and very expressive style, Zilando Freitas uses acrylic technique on canvas to create abstract paintings that reveal the behavioral culture and the different local lifestyles where ever lived, like London, Tokyo, Milan, Miami and Los Angeles. Zilando Freitas has visited more than 40 countries, his works are distributed on all continents and around the world, but wherever he goes his keen is to show his nationality. All his works are singned with the stylized Flag of Brazil. In addition to talented, the artist owns a high-spirited that infects everyone around him and serves as inspiration for his works of art that always reveal his attitude and overflowing joy and positive energy. This is undoubtedly one of the secrets that made Zilando Freitas win customers as Ayrton Senna, Ronaldo, Fernanda Lima, Ana Hickmann, Roberto Carlos Braga Second, Alvaro Garnero, Mario Garnero, Romero Britto, the Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilar贸, model Naomi Campbell, the singer Bono (U2), Nelson Mandela and many other national and international personalities.


My Blue, 70 x 100 cm, Acrylic, 2015

My Yellow, 70 x 100 cm, Acrylic, 2015 15

Christopher Scott I am a self-taught artist from Stockholm, Sweden. As a typical stockholmer I’ve had quite a stockholmocentric worldview, but it has been nudged as I’ve gained experience. In this diptych I have brought together Stockholm with Helsinki, all under the protected view of Rio-Jesus. These elements were the base of the painting, but the obvious focal point is of course the female figure that majestically soars above all that, in comparison, is insignificant jumble below her. And there we have the core of all my creative essence – worship to womankind. An artistic tradition that has been kept alive since Venus of Willendorf, allthough shaped through a 21st century lens. Above her Nordic lights emanate – an hommage to our Nordic regions. If I would have given Brazil a hat tip, other than in the shape of the religious figure below, it would be the ethereal woman’s sublime samba derriere. My love to space has also been allowed space in that there is … space. A quite obvious piece, but then I have never sought enigmatic pretentions. Jag är självlärd konstnär, uppvuxen i Bromma, Stockholm. Som typisk stockholmare har jag haft en ganska Stockholmocentrisk världsbild, men den har tack och lov luckrats upp senaste åren till att innefatta andra delar av vårt avlånga land. I denna diptyk har jag även sammanfört mitt Stockholm med vår granne i öst. Allt under överseende av Limhamns-Jesus. Det var idébasen till detta verk, men det självklara blickfokuset är naturligtvis kvinnofiguren som majestätiskt svävar ovan det, i relation till henne, betydelselösa plottret nedtill. Och där har vi kärnan i allt mitt skapande och i mitt sinne – hyllandet till kvinnan. En konstnärlig tradition som uppburits sedan Venus i Willendorf, om än stöpt i 2000-talets sociala sammanhang. Ovan henne emaneras ett norrsken – en hommage till våra nordliga trakter. Om jag skulle låtit Brasilien få komma till tals i denna diptyk, annat än med figuren nedtill, vore det väl med den eteriska kvinnans sublima sambahöft. Min kärlek till allt som hör rymden till får även ta plats här med stora partier …rymd. En ganska tydlig sak, men jag eftersträvar heller inte svårtydda pretentioner.


Sacrilicious 120 x 60 cm Acrylic 2015


Cristina Bahiense

The artwork on the next page is the result of photos taken by myself of the various patterns of marble and stone floor mosaics found in the BasĂ­lica San Marco, in Venice, Italy. This 12th century flooring is a mixture of mosaic, geometric patterns, and animal designs. The mosaics contain gold, bronze, and a great variety of stones. After taking these pictures, I did collage and editing work, which resulted in this Venice series. All the artworks were printed on 113 x 80 cm Hanhnemuhle paper.


Homage to Mondrian, 80 x 60 cm, Collage on photo

Padr천es Veneza 113 x 80 cm 19

Håkan Askmark Born in Lund, Sweden 1949, resides in Uppsala, Sweden since 1974. Autodidact. Håkan Askmark began his artistic path as a cartoonist in Swedish medical journals. His first exhibition, in a larger context, was at Lunda Bienallen, Lunds konsthall 1983. At the time, his artistic output was rather small and first after his participation in Liljevalchs Spring Salon in Stockholm 2002 his solo exhibitions were underway. Håkan Askmark often paints cityscapes populated by stereotypic faceless persons in paradoxical situations illustrating conformism and exclusion. It is the people, sometimes along with their dogs, who create a balance of seriousness, humour, lack of contact and desire for contact in the paintings. ”I want the viewer to recognize something (themself, a situation, an environment) in my paintings as well as I want to encourage contemplation.”


Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas


Gunilla Helve My works are somehow connected to my strolls. I walk about with curiosity along the meandering footpaths, in the woods as well as in the city. I wonder at the ornamentation, marvel at the symmetry, enjoy the reflections, structures and the diversity of surfaces. I work with beeswax and, to a certain extent, with “time”. I am never in a hurry. My works grow layer by layer, almost of their own accord, like grass does if I only water the seeds. I slowly morph into what I do and what I do morphs into me. A kaleidoscope: all the small coloured pieces of glass – disorganized and simultaneously in perfect symmetry. An infinite variation in minimal space. Visual artist Gunilla Helve lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied in Free Art School, Helsinki in 1988-92. Helve has had solo exhibitions in Finland, Sweden and Portugal. She has participated several group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. translation: Emilia Aro


Mobile 2015 D 100 cm Acrylic and wax on aluminium 2015

Focus D 150 cm Acrylic and wax on aluminium 2013

Mina verk har någonting att göra med mina egna vandringar. Jag rör mig med samma nyfikenhet längs skogens och stadens slingrande stigar, beundrar ornamentiken, förundras av symmetrin, njuter av reflexer, strukturer och ytans mångfald. Jag arbetar med bivax och i viss mån också med “tiden”. Jag har aldrig bråttom och verkena växer fram i lager på lager, nästan av sig själva, såsom gräset ur fröna jag bara behöver vattna. Jag förvandlas med tiden till det jag gör och det jag gör blir det jag är, ett kalejdoskop där alla de små färgade glasbitarna ligger huller om buller och samtidigt i perfekt symmetri – en oändlighetens variation i ett minimalt utrymme. Bildkonstnär Gunilla Helve bor och arbetar i Helsingfors. Hon studerade i Fria Konstskolan, Helsingfors år 1988-92. Helve har ställt ut i Finland, Sverige och Portugal. Hon har deltagit i flera grupputställningar i Finland och utomlands.

Photos: Julia Weckman


Johan Thunberg I have had 21 exhibitions in the United States. I have three paintings on three museum permanently seated. Among others at Lake Art Center in Iowa Swedish American Museum, Minneapolis. The president's meeting at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. Town Hall in Center City Minnesota. In the breakfast room at the Swedish Embassy in Washington. Of individuals in Sweden and the US. Invited at the Art Fair Nacka Strand. Invited at the Art Fair in Copenhagen. Invited to China in 2017 one of the largest art museums.

Johan Thunberg 120 x 120 cm Fj채llforsen i Bruksvallsliden 2015 24


Kalevi Liski In my paintings I try to form spaces where you can feel to be present. When painting I’ll build up on canvas a type of dimension where I simultaneously study my subject both at distance and quite near. Although my works have abstract expressions the origin of my idea might be very realistic influenced by a person I have met or the landscape in my mind. At that moment the most important is my feeling to create a relationship between the work of the art and the language of the art. Awakening in the early morning in the Alps or in Finland to stare at the reflections and the shadows on the surface of the small lakes I am entranced into the world of light and colours. My painter’s soul will repeat this moment at dawn. At sun-rise that is almost a devotional athmosphere like rebirth when at sun-set you have a feeling that all this beauty will fade. It is almost impossible to recall these shades of light and colours but that is exactly what I want to reverse in my paintings.


Keep Your Life In Balance 110 x 130 cm Oil on canvas 2015


Katja Ahovalli Born in Varkaus, Finland year 1975. Living in Sigtuna, Sweden. I am a self-taught artist living in Sweden- originally from Finland. I paint by an inner feeling, inspired by the nature and its colours. I mostly paint with acrylics, but I like to work with mixed media as well (acrylic, paper, charcoal etc.). I like to paint in layers. Usually it is the feeling and the color that determines the direction in my painting. Jag är självlärd konstnär ursrungligen från Finland, bosatt i Sigtuna. Målandet sker genom en inifrån-kommande känsla. Inspiration hämtar jag från nautren och dess färger. Jag målar främst i akryl och gärna lager på lager. Gillar även mixed media (akryl, papper, kol etc.). Oftast får känslan och färgerna styra vägen som målningen tar.


My blue My Yellow 30 x 43 cm Mixed media, acryl, paper, charcoal 2015


Maaria Märkälä "That is why Märkälä's method of painting, reminiscent of expressionism (one of the centres of which Berlin happens to be) is consistent; the thick, almost edible, colour in her paintings manifests that the painting is not trying to hide in the background. The paint as a substance, the form of which reveals the speed in which it was spread, manifests in every fraction of a second of the viewing session that what we see here is a part of the world reconstructed with paint, possibly improved: witness the miracle of the illusion. The magician shows her tricks, and, oddly enough, this is exactly what makes the trick so impressive, as in puppetry when the puppeteers are visible ". "Paintings created in a studio may contain several layers that the viewer knows nothing about; in the bottom there may be, for example, bursts of frustration familiar to everyone, forming a base for the landscape. Märkälä wants to paint, to bring out the good on the top, so the process must end in something hopeful, full of oxygen and life, light, even what is beautiful ". "To Märkälä, the world includes objects, good ones that simply must be depicted through painting, not least because they make such good paintings". Pessi Rautio, The Editor-in-Chief of Taidelehti

Sommarkväll (Kesäilta) 24 x 30 cm Oil on canvas 2015 30

"Märkäläs sätt att måla leder tankarna till expressionismen (Berlin är ett av dess mest betydande centrum vad beträffar expressionismen). Därför är det logiskt. Den tjocka, nästan mättande färgen i Märkäläs målningar berättar om att målningen inte är ämnad att utplåna sig själv och stanna i bakgrunden. Färgämnet, formen som berättar om hur snabbt färgen strukits ut, förtäljer något hela den tid man iakttar verket, under varje bråkdel av en sekund: här har vi en del av denna värld, uppbyggd på nytt i målfärg, kanske till och med ståtligare än tidigare. Beskåda miraklet, hur en illusion föds. Trollkarlen avslöjar sina trick i offentligheten och lustigt nog är tricket just då som mest imponerande, precis som vid dockteatern, då de som för dockorna är synliga.” ”Målningarna som gjorts i ateljén kan omfatta många olika lager som åskådaren inte har någon aning om. Längst ner kanske man hittar utbrott av frustration, sådant som ibland händer i livet, och ovanpå dem börjar ett landskap byggas upp. Märkälä vill måla, bygga upp något bra överst. Processen bör avslutas med något hoppfullt, syremättat, med en känsla av liv, något ljusaktigt, och kanske till och med vackert.” "För Märkälä finns det föremål i världen, bra föremål, som man helt enkelt bör avbilda i en målning, redan på grund av att det blir goda målningar av dem.” Pessi Rautio chefredaktören för Taidelehti 31

Margareta Yrlid My interest in painting, started when I realized I didn´t really take in what I saw. I wanted to learn to perceive in a deeper way. The outdoorpainter Lennart Forsling have for many years been my teacher and coach both in the mountains in Jämtland, and along the coast of Ångermanland. During a couple of years I had the opportunity to follow the esthetic education of Sigtuna Folk High School, with Ulf Ståhlhandske as main teacher. During that time I got to know new materials and new tecnics, which gave me lots of new input. To create from my own feelings, thoughts and dreams, as it for example is presented in Vedic Art has become essential to me.


Just In Place 120 x 120 cm Acrylic painting


Paulo Burani Paulo Burani, Brazilian artist, who creates paintings from bugs collected in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. His interest is to inspire himself based on the color variation that exist on the insect image. There is no intention to show them as if it were in picture. When observing the insect with a magnifier, the artist makes different positioning that are adjustable in his own and particular manner, it is a similar process to macrophotography. His work brings vibrant colors and organic shapes which wishes to expand the picture into a 2D perspective where background and element mix themselves. As long as the painting is getting built, the details are brought as if they were as abstraction giving a proper painting idea. The bug is a called body, and then frame – body. Each frame-body gets composed together with many other parts, sometimes figurated or either abstract. Paulo was born in the city of Presidente Prudente, Brazil. He is graduated in visual arts by UNOESTE University. He dedicates himself to the art world since he was a child. Nowadays he lives and produces his work at the island of Florianópolis, Brazil.


Yellowish Body 70 x 90 cm Mixed technical plastic mass, coal, acrylic and oil s / screen 2013


Päivyt Niemeläinen Paul Gauguin proclaimed, ”Don’t copy nature too closely. Art is an abstraction; as you dream amid nature, extrapolate art from it and concentrate on what you will create as a result.” Following this credo, Contemporary Finish painter Päivyt Niemeläinen’s abstract “emotional landscapes” are derived from a profound contemplative process and convey powerful sentiments. Possessing a unique artistic vision, Ms. Niemeläinen’s use of mood-evocative color and eloquent design results in a mesmerizing visual poetry allowing her to articulate intangible sentiments and psychological themes to the viewer. Her chosen medium on Relief on Hardboard, painted with Oil and Gold Leaf, lends her art an elegant luster and furthers its transcendental aura. Utilizing soft pastel colors, she celebrates the forces of the universe and her artwork is like a window to a sphere where the emotive manifests itself into tactile forms. ART ACQUISITOR. The Magazine For The Discerning Collector, Volume 10, Number 1. Winter 2012-2013.

Broken Rainbow 49 x 100 cm Mixed media on board 2015 36

Piece of Forgotten Rainbow 60 x 80 cm Mixed media on board 2015


Raija Heikkil채 People, animals and spaces in my temperapaintings come from the past, life around me, imagination, stories, history, coincidence... Slow or fast, close or far, soft or hard, salty or sweet, little or a lot luckily, I don't have to choose, I want the both Then what is that I want all and nothing


Trailless Trailblazer 96 x 96 cm Tempera 2015 39

Seppo V채채n채nen The natural environment has played a paramount role in my art. I am interested in natural phenomena in their purest forms as well as the human imprints on nature. The instances when nature overtakes human cultures over time by consuming and rotting old structures and borders fascinate me. I have lived all my life on lakeshores. I ponder over different forms of water in my works of art. Water, snow, and ice are elements which constantly reshape the northern landscape. Our ability to read nature is slowly disappearing as we live less and less on its terms. For me art allows a consideration of my own relationship with nature. Sometimes I get so near to its true essence, it is nearly within reach. Nature however still riddles me as I have lost my ability to sense it instinctively. I am not a bear, a fish, or a bird.


Silent River II 30 x 40 cm Watercolor 2015


Sirkka Laakkonen Sirkka Laakkonen is a visual artist from Finland, who loves to use her painter’s eyes and gets inspired by small every day things; a stray of light, beautifull lines, fantastic plays of colours or the tension between lights and shadows. Sometimes it may just be an idea or a memory. She loves creating stories using of what she has seen or felt. Living one’s life in visual art, means constant cooperation with the instruments, canvases, brushes and colours. Living one’s life with a painter’s eyes, listening to a painting in the process and so creating something new is always a challenge but most of all very rewarding...


In the Midday Sun 75 x 75 cm Oil on canvas 2012

Glorious 81 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2013

Sirkka Laakkonen är en finsk bildkonstnär bosatt i Esbo, grannstad till Helsingfors. Hon kan med tränad konstnärsblick upptäcka små detaljer och händelser i sin omgivning. Hennes intresse väcks av olika färgnyanser och ljusskimmer i det spännande spelet mellan ljus och skugga, samt olika rytmer i naturen. Hon lägger märke till små oansenliga föremål, växter och andra detaljer. Intressanta hus och händeser, som kan ha skett där,sätter hennes fantasi i rörelse. Ibland kan en tanke eller ett minne ge inspiration till en ny målning. En bildkonstnär börlikt andrakonstutövare veta, att då man lever i konstens värld, bör man lyssna till målningens eget budskap och låta penseln föra färgen över duken i samspel med dess önskan. Måleriprocessen är en skön utmaning, iblang ångestladdad, men mestadels njutbar…


Juliana Pavanelli

Juliana Pavanelli sublime suggests ways with the sophisticated touch of Encaustic. Her designs are unique, leaving the viewer curious among burnish. In Woodcut works with circular geometric shapes and colors thrown in, leaving their works with unique and original features. Roberto Fabianni, artist, architect and art critic Rome, Italy

Luzes-Xilogravura 40 x 30 cm 44

Vera Pavanelli

Vera Pavanelli fits the cultural ferment today while transporting the conformism that generally determine. There is testimony in his works of profound research, skill composition and an intellectual metamorphosis of fantastic and virtual reality, which make Pavanelli a true and original artist. Roberto Fabianni, artist, architect and art critic Rome, Italy

Relva 20 x 120 cm Encaustica s/tela


Staffan Strand The legend is that you will find polar bears in the towns of Northern Sweden. Sculptor, former taxidermist, born in Sweden 1943. Started the taxidermy career in several European countries with exams at the M端nster Museum, Germany. Left for Kenya and Zimmermann Ltd. 1968 and on to Botswana and The National Museum and Art Gallery. 1980 I was called back to the Swedish Museum of Natural History to upgrade the exhibitions. Never forgetting Africa I returned several times to guide safaris and as a teacher at The Boma, The Natural History Museum in Arusha, Tanzania. 1998 I went to Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls for three years as managing director at a taxidermy studio. I have done exhibitions to South Georgia and Northern Greenland. There a walrus was collected and he was the reason for me making a scale study that was then casted in brons. That is how my interest in sculpture started. Exhibitions in Scandinavia, England ,Kenya, South Africa, Botswana.


Polar Bear bust 50 x 50 cm Bronze 2002


Tereza Vianna We are living a new and complex moment of connections in the real, the imaginary world – sharing life, art, dreams and fulfillments ...together on the Blue Planet. I was thinking about this while I was sketching. I thought about our searches, tried to express myself in a free and lucid form with these series of work presented here. Dots, dashes, lines in movement, sketches, mandalas, symbols – personal and universal graphics. Graffiti plays with us... I imagine it brings out the child that lives in us. While eliminating the excesses, remain the suggestive earthy tint and the primary colors that ease and smoothen the images to our eyes. And for this moment I want to simplify everything, searching for a priority, a formula, to reach our essence, love, a shining of a light, that even on paper illuminates and enlightens us, explains us by feeling and seeing it. How nice would it be if words were not necessary - if paintings and drawings themselves could tell any admirer their stories, their secrets, their magic. As if they were like portals inviting each admirer to transforming and exclusive journeys, love and gratitude. Tereza Vianna

Assim na Terra 30 x 30 cm Photo 2015 48

Assim na Terra 30 x 30 cm Photo 2015


ARTISTIC RESIDENCE IN PENEDO, RIO DE JANEIRO Cultural institute, Instituto Cultural Nórdico Brasil Finlândia (ICNBF) and Arte Vida Arte Association will open in January 2017 in Penedo a residence for the artists from the Northern countries. Penedo is the only Finnish colony in Brazil. A group of Finnish immigrants arrived there in 1929 and today's main economic activity is in tourism. Its main attractions are beautiful nature with colourful birds, butterflies, waterfalls, mountains and trails. It is a perfect and enjoyable environment to get to know other culture and to create and produce new ideas. Residence will welcome painters, sculptors, authors, photographers and bird watchers from the Northers Countries. Periods in the residence varies between 1 and 3 months and there is also possibility to participate workshops with children from the project CASA in Rio de Janeiro. For more information, please contact Helena Cardoso, president of ICNBF by e-mail:


AVA Galleria

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 00100 Helsinki FINLAND Tel +358 9444 876

AVA Galleria on ystävällinen pieni galleria, joka sijaitsee Helsingin taidemuseon vastapäätä Pohjoisella Rautatiekadulla. Galleria toimii yhteistyössä Arte Vida Arte ry:n kanssa ja tukee toiminnallaan Rio de Janeiroon perustettua taidekoulua. Koulua kutsutaan nimellä CASA (Centro de Assistência Social e Artística) ja se sijaitsee Cidade de Deus nimisellä köyhälistöalueella. Gallerian omistajat Helena ja Edson Cardoso tuovat galleriassaan esille suomalaistaiteilijoiden näyttelyjen lisäksi myös paljon ulkomaisten taiteilijoiden töitä. Lisäksi AVA Galleria osallistuu vuosittain kansainvälisiin näyttelyihin ja taidetapahtumiin ympäri maailmaa.

AVA Gallery AVA Gallery is a small, friendly gallery, located opposite the Helsinki Art Museum on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu. AVA Gallery, in co-operation with the association Arte Vida Arte supports the Art School CASA (Centro de Assistência Social e Artística) located in a poor area, Cidade de Deus, in Rio de Janeiro. The gallery’s owners, Helena and Edson Cardoso, exhibit both Finnish and many foreign artists at AVA Gallery, and participate annually in international exhibitions and art events around the world. 51

CASA, THE ART SCHOOL FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN Art school CASA (Centro de Assistencia Social e Artistica) was founded in August 2005 by Helena and Edson Cardoso. Art School is ment for underprivileged children living in the favela of Cidade de Deus - City of God, in Rio de Janeiro. The school’s aim is to help these children fulďŹ l their dreams of a better future through the power of art and to give them a constructive hobby and direction in their lives. There are currently 15 children in the school, ranging in age from 4-15 years. We hope that our work will help prevent these children from ending up on the streets. The Finnish organisation, Arte Vida Arte ry, funds CASA. The Finnish artists from our organisation have been visiting Cidade de Deus and working with the children for the last six years. You can also be a part or this valuable project and help give these children a better future. 6/22/2014 there is going to be a workshop held together with the kids and the artists in the Calouste Gulbenkian Art Center. The workshop is a part of the Art School CASA's program, in which the kids and the youth of favela get to make art with the guidence of the teachers of the Art Center.


CASA, UMA ESCOLA DE ARTE PARA CRIANÇAS CARENTES O projeto CASA (Centro de Assistência social e Artística) - uma escola de arte para crianças carentes que vivem na favela Cidade de Deus (City of God), no Rio de Janeiro - foi fundado em agosto de 2005 por Helena e Edson Cardoso. O objetivo da escola é ajudar as crianças a cumprir seus sonhos de um futuro melhor através do poder da arte, e dar-lhes uma passatempo construtivo, assim como um norte às suas vidas. Atualmente há 15 crianças na escola, na faixa etária de 4 a 15 anos. Esperamos que o nosso trabalho ajude a evitar que essas crianças acabem nas ruas. A organização finlandesa Arte Vida Arte ry financia o projeto CASA. Durante os últimos seis anos, os artistas finlandeses da nossa organização têm visitado a Cidade de Deus para trabalhar com as crianças. Você também pode fazer parte deste valioso projeto e ajudar a dar a estas crianças um futuro melhor. Uma oficina de arte com as crianças e os artistas será realizada no dia 22/06/2014, no Centro Municipal de Artes Calouste Gulbenkian. Nesta oficina, que também faz parte da programação do projeto CASA, as crianças e os jovens da Cidade de Deus experimentarão a criação artística, com a orientação dos professores do local de acolhimento.


Children from Cidade de Deus - City of God visiting BELA Biennial in Museu Hist贸rico Nacional





Arte Vida Arte Association supports the activities of the Art School CASA. By buying AVA Magazine you support the art school’s activities and help secure a better future for the children. Your support will improve the daily lives of the children at the art school. To: Arte Vida Arte ry Bank account: 572115-2138442 IBAN FI4257211520138442 BIC (SWIFT) OKOYFIHH Message: Artschool CASA Sincere thanks: Kids and Teachers of Art School CASA, and Helena & Edson Cardoso.



Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 FI-00100 Helsinki Finland Tel: +358 400 765 576

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