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MAY 2018 10€



MAY 2018 10€



AVA Magazine Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 00100 Helsinki FINLAND +358 9444876 www.avagalleria.com/index.php/fi/magazine Painotalo Kirjapaino Välikangas Tullikamarinkatu 3 67100 Kokkola www.valikangas.fi Aineisto Painovalmiin ilmoitusmateriaalin tiedostomuoto: pdf. Resoluutio: 300 dpi. Toimitus ja tilaukset: eeva.zwijnenburg@avagalleria.com 2/1 Sivu (42 x 59,4cm) 2 100 € 1/1 Sivu (21 x 29,7cm) 1 220 € 1/2 Sivu (10,5 x 29,7cm) 630 € 1/4 Sivu (10,5 x14,85cm) 430 € 2/1, 1/1 ja 1/2 ilmoitukset ulottuvat sivun ylälaidasta alalaitaan. 1/4 ilmoitukset sijoitetaan sivumarginaalin sisään ja erotetaan toisistaan 4mm marginaalilla.


Etu- tai takasisäkannenhintaan lisätään 10% sekä voimassa oleva ALV 24%. Julkaisija pidättää oikeuden ilmoitushintojen muutoksiin.

Eeva Zwijnenburg Päätoimittaja, AD / Editor-in-chief, AD eeva.zwijnenburg@avagalleria.com +358 449 135 217 Sami Luoto Taitto / Layout sami.luoto@gmail.com Helena Cardoso Koordinaattori / Coordinator ava@avagalleria.com +358 504 430 276 Edson Cardoso Kuraattori / Curator edson.cardoso@avagalleria.com +358 400 765 576

AVA Galleria Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 00100 Helsinki FINLAND +358 9444 876 www.avagalleria.com Avoinna: ti - pe 11 - 18, la - su 12 - 16 Open: Tue - Fri 11 AM - 6 PM, Sat - Sun 12 AM - 4 PM

Cover: Calina Pandele Yttredal: At this moment: (acryl on canvas, 70 x 70 cm) A falling flower, just about touching the surface of the water, a bird about to land, a polar bear balancing on a tiny floe of ice, someone fleeing from a war area, someone seeking shelter in an untouched corner of the world.


"Mono no aware" is a Japanese term expressing the essence of our existence, refering to the transience of all things, an awareness which heightens appreciation and intensity of the present moment. In her solo exhibition in Osaka, Yttredal presents a series of new works, paintings and monoprints. She uses special techniques to intensify the feeling of light, temperature, texture, movement, being in a special place here and now.

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AVA Art Festival




AVA Galleria was founded 2005 and is located in Helsinki, Finland. AVA Galleria has over the past few years conducting events in major cities of the world.

CASA Art school CASA (Centro de Assistencia Social e Artistica) was founded in August

2005 by Helena and Edson Cardoso. Art School is ment for underprivileged children living in the favela of Cidade de Deus - City of God, in Rio de Janeiro.

ICNBF and Arte Vida Arte Association

ICNBF and Arte Vida Arte Association offers for the artists from the Northern countries possibility to stay at a residence in Rio de Janeiro.


AVA Art Festival アヴァ アート フェスティバル 大阪 AVA Galleria was founded 2005 and is located in Helsinki, Finland and is owned by Brazilian curator Edson Cardoso. AVA Galleria has over the past few years conducting events in major cities of the world, including: London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Helsinki. アヴァ・ギャラリーは2005年フィンランド、ヘルシンキでブラジル人キュレーターEdson Cardoso によって設立されました。 アヴァ・ギャラリーはこれまで数年にわたり、世界の主要都市でイベントを開催しています。 開催都市:ロンドン、ニューヨーク、パリ、ベルリン、ローマ、ストックホルム、リオデジャネ イロ、ヘルシンキ 日本では大阪において以下の展覧会を開催しています。 2010年 創造的な瞬間-Creative Moment SoHo ギャラリー 2011年 “Red”, at the Cultural Centre CASO フィンランドの現代美術作家によるグループ展 海岸通りアートギャラリーCASO 2013年 BELA プリント ビエンナーレ 大阪府立江之子島文化芸術創造センター 2015年 Paper Cubed 大阪府立江之子島文化芸術創造センター 2016年 AVA Art Festival Osaka 2016, Enoco 大阪府立江之子島文化芸術創造センター 2017年 AVA Art Festival Osaka 2017, Enoco 大阪府立江之子島文化芸術創造センター


AVA Art Festival 2018 OSAKA 5/8 - 5/13/2018 アヴァ アート フェスティバル 大阪 2018

Artistas: JAPAN: Kanoko Takeuchi Rika Goto

POLAND: Prezemek Soim Pawlik

NORWAY: Calina Pandele Yttredal

SWEDEN: Lisa Burenius

FINLAND: Anu Eskelin Carita Maury Kirsi Samiola Leena Mäki-Patola Maria Ruotsalainen Marie Sonninen Mervi Soramies Mikko Eerola Nina Wallenstjerna-Heiskanen Pirjo Sievänen Päivyt Niemeläinen Rasaliina Seppälä Riikka Pelkonen Riitta Santala-Köykkä Signhild Kempe-Järvensivu Tanja Nyo Tarja Tella Tuula Ahvenvaara Tuulevi Sivunen Ulla-Maija Vaittinen Vilmalotta Schafhauser Åsa Nylund

BRAZIL: Alexandre Pena Maciel Ana Goldberger Avi Neto Beatriz Carvalho Carlos Madeira Carmen Lucia Backes Carla Senna David Faustino Emerson de Paula Gustavo Kuklinski Ivald Granato J Vasconcellos Junior Maeda Marcia Tuca Marcio Goldzweig Marilene Bernardo Paulo Rocha Rogerio Akiti Dezem Rogerio Mariano Sandiá Antonelli Siomara Almeida Teresa Asmar Tereza Vianna Willian Junio Wesley Monteiro

Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka Prefecture / enoco 1-34 2-chome, Enokojima, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0006 Japan TEL: 06-6441-8050 Website: www.enokojima-art.jp

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland Tel: +358 400 765 576 ava@avagalleria.com www.avagalleria.com


Maria Ruotsalainen I am a Finnish artist. I get the strength of Finland's rich and varied nature: lakes, forests, fells, islands, rivers, seas. Nature in Finland offers unique peace and quiet. Finnish summer offers bright nights and the winter darkness and mystery. Mysticism is emphasized in Finnish Lapland. In summer, the sun never sets, and the light empowers the landscape. In winter, snow covers the nature. Darkness and obscurity are emphasized. The dark sky gives birth to the aurora borealis, the brilliant play of lights.

Towards A Better Tomorrow Life offers alternatives - or does it? It may seem that nothing is successful, all the roads and doors are closed. There seems to be no alternatives. I knock and knock, the difficulties seem to be surrounding. Am I trying to do enough, am I looking for enough? Is there a way, the right way? Is the opportunity somewhere further away? Do not get frustrated, you have to try. But then the difficulties seem to get off. There are also surprising opportunities. There is light and support. The new day can produce something completely new. There may be new ways to find. New directions may give new opportunities. New Better Life. -Maria RuotsalainenPhotos: Matti Hyyrynen 6

Toward A Better Tomorrow I

73 x 92 cm

oil on canvas


Toward A Better Tomorrow II

73 x 92 cm

oil on canvas



Anu Eskelin Above all, I am a painter. I love colors and I show it very clearly especially in my paintings. I think there is always something missing if I don’t add strong, intense colors to my works. It is strange, although I like a lot of other artists making their paintings sensitive. My very dear friend from Germany said once, when she looked at my abstract paintings, that the philosopher and poet Novalis and his fragment Heinrich von Ofterdingen came to her mind, where Heinrich is looking for the blue flower. I bought and read that book and I noticed that Novalis described the landscapes just the way as I see them in my own paintings. That was amazing, the dream comes true and the truth becomes dream. My inspiration comes from nature. Lately I have spent a lot of time in Italy. The light there is so wonderful. I also love old ruins, small mountain villages, hill towns, forests, rivers and so on. In Italy I can find them all and they come from my subconcsious when I am painting back at home. I photograph a lot, photographing is my hobby. I walk in nature and I’m looking for birds and natural awakenings. Spring is a great time to do it. My abstract, layered paintings come into being as the colors racket on the canvas. The artwork is ready when they converse and take up a position of my choosing. My inspiration originates mostly from the beautiful and versatile nature of Italy. As materials, I use mainly oil and acrylic paints.


Some Other Place

50 x 50 cm

acrylic on canvas


Some Other Day

50 x 50 cm

acrylic on canvas

2016 9

Signhild Kempe-Järvensivu signhild.kempe@Jarvensivu.com

I come originally from the Ostrobothnia in the western part of Finland. Nowadays I live in Espoo near the capital Helsinki. Art and painting has always been important to me, and so they will remain. They repay you much because one can express and develop oneself all the time. Often my paintings are connected to the Ostrobothnia, where You can see old-fashioned red houses all over the place. I want to paint a simplified reality where people will find themselves at home. I like bright colours and unique combinations. I would like to simplify our complicated world so that one can understand it better.

The Spring In Ostrobothnia 50 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas 2015


Twilight In The Village 100 x 100 cm acrylic on canvas 2015


Riitta Santala-Köykkä Making art means constant studying for me. My first experience of art was watching my grandmother work with her paintings while she took care of me, when I was a toddler. As an adult, I have been searching for my identity as an artist in Alfa-Art School in Helsinki and the University of Lapland. My paintings are a continuum of long thought processes and experimenting with colour and various materials. When I finally start painting on canvas, I proceed quickly and intuitively. My art is about personal experiences combined with strong intertextuality – there are plentiful references to literature, music and photography in my works.


Northern Night in Lapland

100 x 100 cm

acryl on canvas


Aurora Borealis 50 x 50 cm acryl on canvas 2018

Profile picture up left: Riitta Santala-Köykkä in her private exhibition GESTURES in Gallery Art Villa Armas Kangasala, 2018 13

Tarja Tella I´m a painter, visual artist and social artist. I live and work in Joensuu in the eastern part of Finland. My mainly working manuals are oilcolor, drawing and fotographing. In last years I´ve painted with oil on plexy glass, metal plate and canvas. Drawing means me almost all possible matherials and tools with which I can make a line on f.ex. paper, fabric, glass or metal plate. Fotographs I make in small or larger series. I have some long term art processes which I documentate with foto or video. For example Jänis - The Hare (2002- ), Punaista viivaa/ The Red Line (2002- ) and Värikartta/ The Color Map (2002-2017). The latest foto series are Human x and Yellow - Grey, which started in year 2017. Painting with oilcolor is the most personally manual for me. I operate with it also without tools with pale hands and fingers. While working in this way I can feel the temperature and flexibility of oil and oilcolor and the painting`s base matherial. In the other hand f.ex. a biger painting can be a companion in the painting process. My opinion is that paintig is rather physical activity because I use my whole body, muscles and of course brains and nervous system in same time I handle with my conscious and unconscious mind, thoughts and feelings. You can find more information, my CV and fotos from art works in the websites of Register of the Artists` Association of Finland: www.kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli.fi

Case 2017-2018, serie (8 pieces) 45 x 70 cm each oil color and stand oil on plexiglass 2018


Puu - The Tree, serie (5 pieces) 42 x 31 cm each oil color and stand oil on plexiglass 2014 - 2015


Carita Maury

www.caritamaury.com I was born in Helsinki, Finland. As a visual artist I have a large working field ranging from painting, sculpture and installations to photo. My interest focuses on all kinds of relations, inter-individual and those between humans and environment. I have a passion for color which is like music for me. In 2013, for my contributions to the visual art field, I was awarded a full-grant as life-long State Pension Artist.


Memory 60 x 50 cm oil 2014

Landscape Within Us 60 x 50 cm tempera-oil 2014


Kirsi Samiola I live in Finland at Tuusula county and it is situated closely to the capital town, Helsinki. I graduated artist spring 2017 from ALFA-ART School. In my work I'm reflecting on to the agony of humanity and diverse limits of life, including thoughts disposability and transience of time. Also adding to the eguation the movable constructions of our society which shape our decisions. I paint on fabric, sheet metal and glass with oil paints (sometimes using also acrylic paints in first layers of applications). In addition I make artist's books and item compilations.


Bound 24 x 16,5 x 5 cm assemblages artist book 2016

Grandma 22 x 18 x 9 cm assemblages artist book 2017


Leena Mäki-Patola The overarching theme of my practice over the past ten years has involved the elements of earth, air, blood and water, through which I have explored ecological and ethical questions. The underlying theme in my latest works is luck and misfortune. I find the inspiration for my work from daily life and news itsems which have lodged themselves in my mind. Art for me is one way of taking part in social and political discussion. Depending on the subject, I have experimented with different techniques to gain the results what I want. Today my installations are combinations of ceramic parts, readymade objects, video and sound. As form of a work for the past few years I have keenly been interested in cupboards. A cupboard is a prosaic starting point for art. But where there is a door, you can peek inside. And discover something unexpected.

Pulse 45 x 60 x 20 cm old wooden cupboard, ceramics, three videos 2017 Photograph: Leena Mäki-Patola 20

Zero Gravity 40 Ă— 33 Ă— 14,5 cm old wooden cupboard, holographic paper, video 2016 Photograph: Marco Tissarim


Mervi Soramies (Memmu) In my art I want to find some mysticism and excitement that might exist in atmosphere and colours. My subjects often shows a human and sometimes complicated life within symbols. I admire Italian masters Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.


Charmer 38 x 46 cm oil on canvas 2018

A Toast For Friendship 50 x 60 cm oil on canvas 2018


Nina Wallenstjerna-Heiskanen An encounter with a wacky aunt I’m a painter and most often my medium is traditional oil painting. Occasionally, I make small leaps to using other paint materials and means, or bigger leaps into environmental art and using materials from nature that are close to my heart. The inspiration for my artistic work is often scenic: a forest, a field or water. This is conveniently Finnish: the nature is always present, and all living affects activities thoughts. If I ever venture deeper into metropolitan maze, nature travels along with me in my heart. While traveling in nature I often carry my camera with me, and sometimes I just let the scents and voices pass into my consciousness and my memory captures whatever, whenever. From these ingredients and from observations made by using all senses, springs to life the first draft of the painting, the sketch. From the sketch up until the finished painting spans a long road, during which the painting might change completely; a familiar scenery receives surreal shades or a dreamlike atmosphere sneaks into the painting. Usually some funny creature arrives for the lead part, or like in the paintings presented now, funny characters. I have trust in that from the subconscious surges a reality amassed of all that has been lived through and experienced, wherein the visible and the invisible world joyfully blend together. In these fairy-tale- like paintings where workaday and imagination come together, you can meet wacky aunts and entities in a speckled reality.

The Decision to Learn How to Fly 24

40 x 40 cm

acrylic on canvas


A Blue Dress, A Red Dress and a Lot of Hustle and Bustle 100 x 81 cm acrylic on canvas 2017 25

Rasaliina Seppälä www.rasaliina.fi

I paint my works with pigment powders that are wild and free. In counterweight, I use more rigidly controlled oil. When painting, it is always surprising that the color pigments are harmonious and mature. My paintings have become more and more abstract in the direction. However, with a nuance something is telling. With colors and shapes, I want to get my work to talk and communicate with both me and other viewers. I try to create heat and empathy for my work. The best part is when the finished work touches and moves totally strange people. The work does not necessarily tell just one message but can open up to each one its own story. Art and creativity, a wonderful way to deal with the darker moments of life. The work can be both author and viewer free and therapeutic. Sensitive and still very touching.


Taikametsä 40 x 40 cm pigment and oil 2018

3. maaliskuuta 90 x 90 cm pigment and oil 2017


Pirjo Sievänen

www.crashart.fi pirjo.sievanen@elisanet.fi Each of my paintings tells its own story. The stories often include my personal reflections and emotions. During the painting process, the message is sometimes unclear, and it may be that I realise only later on – sometimes much t later – what my painting has been trying to tell me. People sometimes achieve a special kind of awareness in their dreams, or when they are in the borderline of dreaming and being awake. I get a similar sense of awareness from art – when I paint, when I listen to music, or play music. It is then I become aware of something that can only be expressed through different art forms. I have noticed that my work touches every concentrated viewer in their own special way. I do not want to make the message of my art too explicit, as the stories belong to the paintings, and it is for the viewer to decide what the story is for him or for her. Through painting, I have learned to bring to words the painting, the story and the emotion that I see and feel in each painting.



Find Me

75 x 60 cm

50 x 50 cm

pigment and oil wooden base

pigment and oil on canvas




Tanja Nyo

www.tanjanyo.com b. 1969 works and lives in Espoo, Finland For me art is not about making common sense. It’s beyond that. Art can explain the world, but never makes it too ready. In my art I have often observed body movement and the feeling of rhythm in the body and our minds. In my series The Essence of Sleeping I have stopped the movement, but there is detectable rhythm also in a static position. Sleeping person is in our eyes without conscious self and social masks. At the same time, sleeping mind is a great secret, where you can only get clues by interpreting the body language. This is very fascinating. I also combine words and poems to my work, which makes the work more multiplied. I work often with mixed media. I can also vary the techniques if it is relevant for the interpretation of the work. Photography is kind of a avant- garde sideplot of my works. I love imperfection in all shapes. It is a cornerstone in my art. In my mind, the roughness opens up new meanings in the art for forms and beauty. By painting this I also want to keep up the viewer’s interest. When I manage to add some oddities in to my paintings, both the punk and imperfectionism, it’s my style of cooking. Then my spicy art soup is ready to be served! JUST TRAMS : I dreamt that I had a Christiania Bike / and that I met you. Well. None of these things are true/ but some day they may be. Until then I just use trams.


Sporalla vaan / Just Trams 90 x 90 cm oil on canvas 2017

Metalhead 42 x 30 cm oil on metal 2017


Tuula Ahvenvaara t.ahvenvaara@hotmail.fi www.tuulaahvenvaara.fi

The starting point to my paintings is a relationship to nature, myth and folklore. The circle of live from winter to spring and summer to autumn is shown in the strong colors in my artwork. Colorfulness stories born in the present moment and nostalgic experiences of childhood. In nature colors tells about life and death. Those themes are also strongly present in my paintings. Experiences of nature are a force which influences both mind and body. It inspires me when I paint. Those strong experiences of childhood landscapes, wandering in the mythical swamps in Lapland, riversides and forests shows in my paintings. With colors I can express my emotions freely, joyfully and sometimes feeling sadness too. The nature of l Lapland can be destroyed by mine industry and has already been partly consumed because Lapland´s rivers were been used to produce electricity. Original swamps, rivers, forests and mountains of Lapland are national treasures which we must protect and defend.

Suokukko 32

70 x 70 cm

acryl on canvas


Susi juoksi suota myรถten 100 x 100 cm acryl on canvas 2017


Tuulevi Sivunen

tuulevi.sivunen@gmail.com www.facebook.com/tuuleviart My home is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It’s a northern country in Europe and I’ve lived here all my life. There are only five million people living in the whole country and 1 million in the capital. We have a very beautiful, but short summertime. The beauty lies in the long days, filled with light, since the sun sets only for a few hours a day. The winters on the other hand are the complete opposite. Days are short with just a little daylight. At its peak the sun is nowhere to be seen in weeks. All this forms a very rich range of seasons in our country as it all fits in one year. This has formed our ways of living and thinking, which of course leads to specific kinds of creativity. I love colours, the brightness of yellow and pink especially. My inspiration comes from the ordinary life surrounding me. The presence and being a part of the universe is a strong feeling inside me. I paint with passion and take some influence of cubism as well. The process is very fast and intense, just me trusting my senses like a child, feeling very humble and confident at the same time. My world of colours is a happy and open place. Life is a gift and every painting one unique moment of the past that never comes back.

Blind Date 100 x 100 cm acryl on canvas 2017 34

My Darlings 50 x 50 cm acryl on canvas 2017


Ă…sa Nylund For as long as I can remember I have drawn pictures. In every picture there is a story. It used to be memories, nowadays it is more about developing ideas- looking for the perfect line or the perfect colour to describe a moment, a sensation, a new idea. I paint, not because I think I can, but because it is a way to look and express and think. My children keep me grounded. My cat keeps me in the moment. My garden gives me happiness. Art is where it all comes together.

Garden 36

50 x 70 cm

acrylic on paper


Meadow 50 x 70 cm acrylic on paper 2017


Päivyt Niemeläinen Helsinki Finland www.paivytniemelainen.fi pniemelainen@yahoo.com

She was born in North Carelia, Eastern Finland. Maturated as Textile Artist. At Helsinki University maturated as Master of Arts. Studies in Fine Arts 1994-2008 From the year 2000 solo exhibitions in Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the USA. Participations in collective exhibitions and art fairs in Finland, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, England, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Oil paintings and mixed media technics are her main methods. She has researched pre historical technics to adapt them in her working. Impressions, miracles and phenomenons of nature, old great stories in the history, and human life – in good and bad - is in the focus of her art. Over the past few years she has made current anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. These artworks act as a comment on behalf of peace.

Fire Butterflies 38

90 x 90 cm

mixed media on board


Three Totems 50 x 50 cm mixed media on plex 2016

The most notable participations: - TRIENNALE di Arti Visive a Roma, Italia 2017, 2014, - UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS exhibitions NYC New York USA 2017, 2016, - TRIENNALE INTERNATIONALE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN de Paris, France 2016, 2013; - Grazie Italia, BIENNALE DI VENETZIA, Italia 2015, - INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS in Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas USA 2013 - CHIANCIANO BIENNALE Museo d’Arte di Chianciano, Italia 2013 - HÖSTSALONG Edsvik Konsthall Sollentuna, Sweden 2009.


Riikka Pelkonen My name is Riikka Pelkonen. I am an artist from Helsinki. I studied painting in Alfa Art school and cratuated in 2017. I get my greatest inspirations from citylife. I love to walk around the city and on my own hoods and take a lot of pictures. It's allways amazing to see the same city in differend lightnings or in differend time of year. I use my photographs when I'm painting/planing a painting, and oil colours on canvas is my favorite technique, because I like to paint many layers. Result is allways mystery to me. Thats's why being an artist is so interesting and fun!


Don't Worry, Home Is Just Around The Corner

50 cm

oil on canvas


Leave Your Lights On For Me! 93 x 73 cm oil on canvas 2017 41

Ulla-Maija Vaittinen ullamaija.vaittinen@gmail.com www.ulla-maijavaittinen.fi EMPTY SWINGS Photographic collage prints My current works reflect on the position of children in this violent and chaotic world. Around the world abandoned swings swing away in light as well as in shadow as symbols of both dark and sacred memories. These images of empty swings symbolise the lives of our children in the world of today. Will they ever be used again or will they remain abandoned? Ulla-Maija Vaittinen first exhibited at the National Youth Exhibition in 1972. Since then she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. Her techniques vary from works in bronze, graphics, painting, installations, videos, frottage technique, readymade and enviromental works. Her most recent works have been videos and photograph collages. Ulla-Maijas motto is: Art may not change the world, but it can impact people´s emotions and their way of thinking and arise discussion. Vaittinen has studied at Art Industrial High School of Helsinki, now called Aalto University. She has taught visual arts in many sectors since year 1979. Vaittinen is a member of many Art societies. Ulla-Maija Vaittinen lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.


We Were So Many‌

59 x 79 cm

photographic collage print


Leaving A Place 58 x 41 cm photographic collage print 2018


Przemek Pawlik – „Soim” irafasdesign@gmail.com facebook/Przemek Soim Pawlik

I was born in Tychy, Poland in 1983. My adventure with art began from graffiti as part of hip-hop culture. But it wasn’t enough for me, that’s why I decided to put my ideas on canvas. I started to experiment with different technics, textures, materials and styles. I like to create and try new things all the time, for that reason I don’t want to have one style. I would like my art to be more interesting and better technically at any time. I try to work on improving myself during each free moment. Four years ago I had moved with family to Finland. Nature give me peace and inspiration for work. I also become a member of two art associations, witch give me also a lot of support and motivation to be more creative.

Matka (Äiti) 100 x 81 cm watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas 2018 44

Revolution (Rohkeus) 50 x 60 cm acrylic paint on canvas 2017


Vilmalotta Olivia Schafhauser www.schafhauser.fi

Graduated from the Art University, Acamedy of fine arts, as a master of fine arts year 2002. From the Graduate exibition of Academy she was picked up to be Art Center Salmela`s Young artist of the year 2003. After that one of the leading modern galleries in Helsinki invited her to have the first big solo exibition 2004. Through that she was invited in many countries and shows. Schafhauser has had exibitions for example in Spain, Germany, England, Portugal, Skotland, Sweden, Russia and so on. In Moskow Moderrn Art Museum she was invited as the firs finnish artist to have a big solo exibition 2006. Schafhauser has been working as a full time artist/painter 16 years now. She is respected and award winning artist. She is an actual member of the Finnish Painters Union and the Artists Associoation. Her paintings are also widely presented in collections of musems and private collectors.



100 x 100 cm

oil and acrylic on canvas


Happiness 80 x 60 cm oil and acryic on canvas 2016 47

Marie Sonninen

https://mariesonninenart.wordpress.com www.instagram.com/mariehenrie_the_artist I observe life around me. Animals and humans become subjects of my paintings. Through them I interpret the world. I try to incorporate their inner world into my creations. Brush strokes and colours playing on the canvas to bring the small moments of their everyday lives to existence. Nature finds its way to my canvas. The many states of life reflect through the human mind and appear as facial expressions. In my paintings they awaken emotions and allow the observer space for their own interpretations. I mainly paint with oil and watercolours. Different techniques offer different creative possibilities. Art moves me to new adventures.

The Maestro 40 x 50 cm watercolour on canvas 2018 48

The Forest Of The Past 100 x 100 cm watercolour and pencil on canvas 2018


Mikko Eerola My name is Mikko Eerola and I've worked for a decade doing concept art for various videogame projects. I studied oil painting and I still like to do traditional art and sometimes I mix it with my digital pieces. These paintings I painted on a tablet based on my sketchbook doodles. I love drawing bears because it's so easy to see ourselves in them. Don't we all just want to eat and nap all day long? My art can be found online on instagram with my username @angrymikko


ç†Šă Žé “



The Pond Where All the Best Fish Hide digital 2018 51

Kanoko Takeuchi Kanoko Takeuchi is a very productive Japanese painter who enjoys playing with humour and is prolific in her use of detail and colour. She has her own unique style of NaĂŻve painting, a very popular genre in Japan, interpreting stories, fables and other narratives. She also has another world, bringing mystical, even erotic tales to her paintings that offer the viewer a variety of meanings. Kanoko Takeuchi also likes painting nude models.

One Day In The Forest 100 x 80 cm oilpastel 2018


A Good Friend 65 x 53 cm oilpastel 2016


Carmen Thompson The artist Carmen Thompson lives in Rio de Janeiro where she investigates a variety of materials for the production of masks, sculptures, paintings, watercolors and drawings. Since 2008, she has experimented with etching, where she interferes subtly in the process of printing and through the use of color, in search for an alchemic opulence. Born in Minas Gerais, by the time she was 10 she was already living in Rio de Janeiro and had started her classical ballet studies. Later she has attended modern and contemporary dance courses. So, the artist arms herself with her dance experience as an instrument of her action, in the space and on the paper. She opens the eye to possibility, unique and unexpected, at the same time continuous like the movement andpoetic like the drawing. Nowadays, the artist is in a new phase of works, whereby she handles photography as a starting point for development leading to a creative work on the captured images using digital art resources.


“ ” シリーズ文章 ブラジルの女性は強く、美しく、可愛いです。ブラジル人 すべて、 例外なく、ブラジル人女性から生れた。 彼らは様々な民族に属し、私たちの人々5世紀の形成、彼らには大きな賛辞に 値する。 しかし、2017年には暴力の恐れがあります ブラジルのフォーラムによると 公安 1日あたり平均135人の女性がレイプされ、12人 ブラジルでは毎日女性が殺害されています。 これらの男性は何を望みますか? マリエ―リ フランコ はブラジル人でした、母、社会学者、フェミ二スタ、人権ディフェンダ ー、家族の為の暴力の犠牲者の為のフォスタープロジェクト議員。彼女は残酷に男の手背中から 殺された。 何のため?

著者に関する文章 ミナスジェライス生まれ、10歳の時リオデジャネイロに住んで クラシックバレエを習い始め、その後にモダンとコンテンポラリーダンス。 アーチストはダンスの経験を道具として使い、紙に描く。 リオデジャネイロに住んでいます、そこで 仮面、彫刻、絵画、水彩画、絵の生産における様々な材料の研究しています。 2008年からは、金属彫刻で作業しています。 現在、新しい段階では、出発点として写真を 使って想像的な作業開発の為デジタルリソースを使用します。


Brazilian Women #1 We Are Coming 56 x 33 cm print on photographic paper 2018


JosĂŠ Vasconcellos www.jvasconcellos.com

JosĂŠ Vasconcellos is one of the most important Brazilian painter live in Europe and USA. After the international Art critic opinion Vasconcellos is part of the Fantastisk Realism and the Modern Symbolism. His color and his excepcional teknik give Vasconcellos one place in the most important group of artist use the spatula and a very special use of pigments and vegetal resina. His universe of symbols result from his dreams and from the memory of his children's time. But also from the dreams of every one of the present time. Vasconcellos have his work in many art galleries in the world, contemporary Art Fair and Museums. And he received important price included the Queen Ingrid from Danmark, the Jyllands Post Kunst Legat and the Gold Medal of the Bienal of Brasilia.

Serie Musas


Serie Gods Angels And Demons / Bacus


Rogério Mariano

rmmariano@gmail.com www.facebook.com/rogeriomarianoarte Rogério Mariano’s works are composed by informal abstraction paintings presenting shades of a wide range of color combinations, distributed on canvas in a spontaneous, almost insensible way. The meaning of the painting thus created is supposed to be not only in the canvas, but also in elements of an external reality completed by the eye of the spectator. The artist’s action painting technique is materialized in scratches in the painting caused by the dragging of several objects used for painting the canvas, such as a paintbrush, a spatula, a squeegee, among others, creating some kind of glaze or certain monotype effect, defining recurring patterns and colorful schemes, enabling the sudden appearance of areas between different color fields, recognizable amid the abstract source of the artwork, with no previous schemes.


Abstrato XL - Acrílica sobre tela - 99 x 150 cm - A embriaguez de Apolo e Dionísio

Abstrato XXII - Acrílica sobre tela - 160 x 110 cm 59

Sergio Chvaicer Sergio Chvaicer, renowned publicity photographer with dozens of awards in this area has lately developed his personal work. With exhibitions in Paris, Miami, Vienna, Helsink, SĂŁo Paulo and to come in this first semester in New York, Osaka and Tokyo, has been spreading throughout the world its vision at times romantic and sometimes aggressive, but always with the light beautifully crafted, which is a trademark of your photos.






Teresa Asmar

teresa.asmar@gmail.com http://teresaasmar.blogspot.com.br Contemporary artist, with expressionist language. Her focus in painting are abstract figures and colours. She has received many prizes for her work which The Premium of Travel’s painter to Paris, France in 1985, gave the Roberto Marinho’s Foundation. She has taken part on collective and individual exhibitions. Among them, for the National Museum of Fine Arts /MNBA in Rio de Janeiro, which possesses two of her works on painter and engrave at XX century at them permanent Collection. She also has many paintings at Public and Private Collections in Brazil and abroad as well. She’s also the author of very important masterpiece entitled “Ecological Mural -Homage to Chico Mendes”, about the world famous ecologist from the Amazon Forest, shown at State Library on the Rio de Janeiro at the Exhibition Rio Eco-92, it was catalogue and published at the United Nation’s Cultural Agenda - ONU. Exhibitons in New York, Paris/Louvre, Finland, MNBA/RJ/Brazil, MNH/RJ/Brazil



Junior Maeda Junior Maeda is a Brazilian photographer born in Porto Alegre city, located in Rio Grande do Sul state. He has been living in Japan for more than 25 years and currently lives in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Prefecture. Maeda is majored in professional photography by “The Photography Institute Japan� and works on professional photography for more than 3 years, specializing in several fields. Recently he has carried out several workshops throughout Japan, working on direction, illumination and professional photography. His work on product photography is sought-after and he has many customers in Japan. Maeda is currently working on projects aiming documentary photography, using his long life experience in the Japanese archipelago. Maeda also has extensive experience in photojournalism, developing works related to photographic coverage for the website Portal Mie in several regions in Japan.

Sequence of Steps


The Cadence of Loneliness


Avi Neto Avi Neto is an artist who looks for what has not yet been created. Incessant researcher of form through light, shadow and colors, he gets satifaction when his work reveals a new discovery. This constant research in his technique, which has guaranteed him a vertical growth in his works and his subjects. This mature artist has dared to take his own limit to new frontiers of art, sometimes through surrealism or fantastic reality. The artist carefully chooses his traits, forms and colors to present the chosen theme elegantly and that jumps to the viewer's eyes. Formed in architecture, the artist borrows the mature notion of perspective and depth to create truly realistic and at the same time fantastic works of beauty. The approach to your themes is challenging in and of itself. However, the union of an accurate technique with frighteningly realistic details causes the spectator an immediate and passionate attraction. Avi Neto is known in his hometown as "the artist of the sky of clouds" for the realistic perfection of these two elements. It is impossible to go unnoticed in the eyes of those who appreciate art. The quality of his work has earned him praise from collectors and the media in general. His most recent works have translated this search for beauty, dedication to technique and a reality that transits between the real and the imaginary.



The Gossip


Deca Torres The artist Deca Torres was born on April 7, 1967, in the city of Belo Horizonte / MG - Brazil. At the age of seven he already showed his interest in the Arts through his drawings. Influenced by the taste of surrealism and Mirรณ, he researched and studied various techniques and experiments through the use of various production processes. He attended the School of Arts, Media and Design (EAMD) and Washington Animations. Today he has his works in several countries, Brazil, Europe and USA. The Labirintica and Poetic Art of the artist Deca Torres, reveals indirectly the internal dynamics of the author. Based on the experimentation of contemporary means of material manipulation, he proposes a "handmade" reading under the prism of Art and Creativity, emphasizing the analysis of the reprographic processes of repair and the oscillation between dispersion and integration, joining process and synthesis to the ordered chaos. Let us look at the s. concept of Chaos, related to the transformative processes, including the creation by the Art of the appropriation of mechanized methodology as potential space container of a transcendent approach of the raw material and its signifier in the elaboration of the work.



Umberto Nigi Umberto Nigi was born on May 13, 1945, on the island of Gorgo in the Tuscan region of Italy. It grows in the city of Livorno, home to the painter Amedeo Modigliani and composer Pietro Mascagni. In that city, he began his painting studies. In 1963, he was attracted to Van Gogh's Impressionist painting, which influenced his early works. In 1976, he participated in the Second International Biennial of Naif Art and drew the attention of critics to his work. He participates in exhibitions in Paris and New York, as well as traveling through various Italian cities, such as Turin, Milan and Florence. In 1986, he moved to Egypt, where he also exhibited his paintings. In this country, it receives a strong influence from Egyptian and Arab art. Afterwards it lives in the Arab Emirates, South Africa and the former Yugoslavia. From there he leaves for visits and studies in countries like Sudan, Libya, Turkey and Greece. He returns to Italy in the 1990s, where he resizes his work abandoning the figurative style. Part for works with recycled material, such as construction wood, sand, plaster, metal net and glue. She performs several expositions with this new technique. The dramaticity of her brushstrokes, the bold style, elegant sensuality and the use of colors in their different shades attract the attention of the specialized critic and the public. Diverse and intense colors that mix blacks, browns, yellow reds, oranges, blues and greens, cause chromatic explosions of impressive visual effect, revealing the excellence of his technique and the mastery of the mysteries of the art of expressing feelings through colors and In 1998, he visited Brazil and moved to Rio de Janeiro and, later, to Belo Horizonte. The landscapes and the customs of the native land and the pilgrimages by several countries, including by Brazil, were fundamental to lapidate his style.



Marilene Bernardo I was born in the city Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil. At age 18 I went to live in Rio de Janeiro, where I entered into the world of the arts. But it was in Ouro Preto that I began to develop his painting. Self -taughet, I always looked for colors and shapes, light and shadow. My works where exihibited in several places in Minas Gerais, including the arcobh 2017, which paved the way for the Ava Gallery which exihibited my work since 2017. Between the dream and the playfull, the work brings the seriouness of the current themes, the beauty of decoration where the last retouching is the viewer's gaze.



Henrique Piantino Since 2006, Henrique Piantino, painter and sculptor, has been researching with the remains of your carpentry and atelier at Jardim Canada, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil. Doing Your Sculpture Works inspired by the orthogonality of the traits of art indigenous peoples and in the effects of the from the 'unfolding' of wood in the band saw. After cutting the wood, chemically prepared (oxidation and varnishing) the steel panels for later receive the wood.


40 x 40 cm

40 x 40 cm


Rogerio Akiti Dezem My name is Rogerio Akiti Dezem, I was born in Osasco City in São Paulo State, Brazil in 1974. I’m living in Osaka since 2010. Since I was three years old I see the world myopia through my glasses, observing from my “darkroom” the movement of things around me, without trying to understand them, just wandering around... Therefore, my (late) choice in photographing “strangers” in the streets for me was something natural. For me Photography is the exercise of seeing for what is not.

私の名前はロジェリオ・アキチ・デゼンです。1974年にブラジルのサンパウロ州にあるオザスコ 市で生まれました。私は2010年から大阪に住んでいます。私は3歳の頃から眼鏡のレンズを通し て世の中の動きを観察してきました。観察とはいえ、これといって身の回りの出来事を理解しよ うと努めていたわけではなく、単に自分の中の「暗室」から眺めていただけですが... そのため、カメラのレンズを通して街行く人々を撮影するようになったことはごく自然のなりゆ きでした。私にとって写真とは見えないものを見つけることです。 http://akitidezemphotowalker.zenfolio.com http://lattes.cnpq.br/8188299495120772 http://osaka-u.academia.edu/RogerDezem


Naniwa シリーズから (2016-2017)

Sampa シリーズから (2016-2017)


Calina Pandele Yttredal pandele@online.no http://calinapandeleyttredal.com https://calinayttredal.wordpress.com

Calina Pandele Yttredal lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Starting her art studies at early age, she has been exploring the relationship between light, colour, and space through her paintings, drawings, litographies, monoprints, lighting sculptures, public art commissions. Yttredal`s works has been shown in solo and group exhibitions both in Norway and abroad, among others in New York, Miami, Seattle, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Osaka, Rome, Helsinki. Among art commissions she recently has completed is “Landscape of Finnmark”, mounted directly on 10 m (393,7 in) glass facade at Kirkenes Snowhotel, Northern Norway. Another work is her lighting sculpture “Seahorse” rising five meters above the ocean and changing lightscenarios according to the changes of the water and sky in all seasons. Yttredal is the author of several books on light, colour, design. She has received a number of grants, among others from the The Norwegian State, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and “Art and Business Award” for her lighting art commission “A One Year`s Lighting Cycle” in Oslo. She has also featured in radioand TV programs, both in Norway and abroad. Her works have been acquired by public institutions, private collectors, and are as well included in the Print Collection of Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway.


Whispering Landscape

64 x 44 cm

monoprint on paper

In The Shadow, Mirroring

100 x 50 cm

acryl on canvas


Marcio Goldzweig http://marciogoldzweig.com

In the age of social media and touch communication, the artist makes his own pens (Qalams) with bamboo and waribashis - recycled chopsticks of Japanese food - strongly inspired by the concepts of the "maker culture". Qalams - Are tools that originally date back to the X Century in Islam in the age of the writing aurora. The hand of the artist, build tools of expression and produce lines from calligraphic gestures of different cultures, translated into drawings on paper and canvas. The myriad of lines into his artworks enables the watcher to come across letters, wondering of hidden words in a texture, which turn into physical and abstract silhouettes. The Calligraphic Abstractions go beyond painting and drawing, being crafted on linoleum and wood matrices where the elements and calligraphic movements are eternalized with precise incisions made over traces created with brushes or markers revealing the failures of the ink on the plate. Hairlines are gently engraved forming compositions printed directly in a manual printing press.



Tereza Vianna

tevianna17@gmail.com We are living a new and complex moment of connections in the real, the imaginary world – sharing life, art, dreams and fulfillments ...together on the Blue Planet. I was thinking about this while I was sketching. I thought about our searches, tried to express myself in a free and lucid form with these series of work presented here. Dots, dashes, lines in movement, sketches, mandalas, symbols – personal and universal graphics. Graffiti plays with us... I imagine it brings out the child that lives in us. While eliminating the excesses, remain the suggestive earthy tint and the primary colors that ease and smoothen the images to our eyes. And for this moment I want to simplify everything, searching for a priority, a formula, to reach our essence, love, a shining of a light, that even on paper illuminates and enlightens us, explains us by feeling and seeing it. How nice would it be if words were not necessary - if paintings and drawings themselves could tell any admirer their stories, their secrets, their magic. As if they were like portals inviting each admirer to transforming and exclusive journeys, love and gratitude. Tereza Vianna


Assim na Terra 30 x 30 cm Photo 2015

Assim na Terra 30 x 30 cm Photo 2015


Tulio Marquez Tulio Marquez, Brazilian, mathematician, businessman and photographer. In the universe of photography, everything began very early, in his own childhood, where Tulio photographed his family and family vacation trips. However, the greatest dedication comes since 2011 when friends questioned Tulio for a photo exhibition while viewing photos of a trip on Chinese lands. From there, what was pleasure became something serious and successful with the first exhibition “Passenger watch” in January 2012, in the gallery Ido Finotti, in Uberlândia City MG Brasil curated by the artist João Virmondes. From that moment, several invitations appeared. And now, with this great opportunity, in Tokyo.



SaÊnz Møller

saenzmoller@yahoo.com M. Saenz Moller Born in Spain and initially educated at the Limoges Academy of fines Art, France, where she was awarded for her drawings. She has also been awarded for her Ornamental work by the Danish Museum for Art and Design, and by the Art Biennale in Tuskaer, Danmark. She has receuved travel scholarships to New York, Paris and Guatemala, and has participated in the Symposium and Exhibition at the the Museum of Applied Art in Riga and varius exhibitions in Copenhague, Paris and New York. Her work is melodious and alive, somtimes abstract, sometimes figurative and often finds itself in the intersection between various genres. The works she exposes here revolvesaround the concept of " the couple" the mand and the woman and is inspired by the Artist Klimt, whom she admires greatly. She lives and works in Copenhague, Danmark.

Japan in an Ocidental Eye


Japan in an Ocidental Eye


Lisa Burenius Lisa Burenius, born in 1963, graduated from The Departement of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Master of Fine Arts ( MFA ) in applied Arts and Crafts 1995 and has done numerous exhibitions, set design for theaters, public space design and workshops in colour and shape. The colour itself and it´s physical presence plays the main part in her works. It could be a landscape or a cityscape yet not discovered. She registers colours, shapes, light and different kind of surfaces in nature just to be able to create an interpretaition back in the studio. Her works are often created by layers of overlapping paint. Using brushes, knifes, paint scrapers, or just pouring out the paint over the canvas or over the paper. This helps her to create an abstract landscape wich never has been seen before yet always recognizable.




Cent ro de As s is t en c ia S o c ia l e A rt ist i c a

Art School Casa


CASA, THE ART SCHOOL FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN Art school CASA (Centro de Assistencia Social e Artistica) was founded in August 2005 by Helena and Edson Cardoso. Art School is ment for underprivileged children living in the favela of Cidade de Deus - City of God, in Rio de Janeiro. The school’s aim is to help these children fulfil their dreams of a better future through the power of art and to give them a constructive hobby and direction in their lives. There are currently 15 children in the school, ranging in age from 4-15 years. We hope that our work will help to prevent these children from ending up on the streets. The Finnish organization, Arte Vida Arte ry, funds CASA. The Finnish artists from our organization have been visiting Cidade de Deus and working with the children. You can also be a part or this valuable project and help give these children a better future.




Arte Vida Arte Association supports the activities of the Art School CASA. By buying AVA Magazine you support the art school’s activities and help secure a better future for the children. Your support will improve the daily lives of the children at the art school. To: Arte Vida Arte ry Bank account: 572115-2138442 IBAN FI4257211520138442 BIC (SWIFT) OKOYFIHH Message: Artschool CASA Sincere thanks: Kids and Teachers of Art School CASA, and Helena & Edson Cardoso.



Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 B 8 FI-00100 Helsinki Finland Tel: +358 400 765 576 ava@avagalleria.com www.avagalleria.com