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Vol. 42 • Dec • 2016

art&beyond DIGITAL ART and PHOTOGRAPHY Special Issue

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Michael Coakes

Manipulation. Photography, 16" x 24" oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Heike Suhre

NO CATS ALLOWED. Model: Christina Vaes Grime: Marian Velthuis Photo: Heike Suhre

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Digital Art and Photography Special Issue


CONTENTS Vol. 42 • December • 2016

from the publisher Welcome to the Art & Beyond Publications special issue dedicated to Photography and Digital Art. For this issue we have selected a number of talented artists to showcase the many faces of both photography and digital art and digital art in combination with a mixed medium. For more than a century Photography has been part of the fine arts and has played a huge role in shaping the way we see the world around us. Due to advances in technology and the introduction of digital cameras and computers in the early 1990’s, an array of new tools and programs boasted artists to create a new form of art. The use of the computer applications give artists a power to create something that was never possible before. The way art is defined itself is changing. We at Art & Beyond wanted to highlight the great artists and photographers who create digital art today and showcase the beauty of their work.

Point of Interest

Art! Vancouver – Discover, Create, Connect by Heidi Castle


Digital Photography – What Does Art Have To Do with It? by Vered Galor 8

Digital Art & Photography

Michael Coakes 10

Arthur Jacob 12

Cynthia Fleischmann 13

Chuck Fletcher 14

Nicholas Teetelli 16

Diana Whiley 18

JD Dennison 20

Heike Suhre 22

Frantisek Strouhal 23

Vered Galor 24

Maxim Tzinman 26

Maureen Kirk-Detberner 28

Natalya Parris 30


Back Cover

The Inside Front Cover won Heike Suhre for her work “No cats allowed” (p.22).

Michael Coakes

Frantisek Strouhal

The Back Cover won an artwork "Silence Within” by Frantisek Strouhal (p.23).

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Heike Suhre

Maureen Kirk-Detberner

We hope you enjoy the works that have been selected for this special issue and we thank all of the talented artists for their contributions. Congratulations to Michael Coakes artwork “Manipulation” won the Front Cover for the Special issue. The Interview with the cover winner beautify conducted by Justin Hoffman you can read on p.10.

And Inside Back Cover was awarded to Maureen Kirk-Detberner for her work "Sky Hunters" (28). Congratulation to the following artists who’s work was awarded to be published in the Special issue: Cynthia Fleischmann, Natalya Parris, Diana Whiley, Arthur Jacob with one page and Chuck Fletcher, JD Dennison, Maxim Tzinman, Vered Galor and Nicholas Teetelli with two-page article. We thank all of the talented artists who have been chosen to be published in this issue and those who participated in this competition.


Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

Art & Beyond published 8 times a year. Six (6) Online issues and Two (2) printed issues. Distributed to the galleries, museumes and other

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Art! Vancouver is an international curated fair created with the idea of discovering galleries and independent artists and showcasing the careers and achievements of creative minds. PRESENTED BY


point of interest

– Discover, Create, Connect by Heidi Castle

Art! Vancouver, Western Canada’s international art fair, invites both galleries and independent artists to exhibit their original works before a savvy and welcoming audience of curators, collectors, designers, gallerists, other artists and art lovers from all over the globe. Vancouver’s natural beauty, ease of living, cultural diversity and amenities make it ripe for an international art fair, says Lisa Wolfin, director, Art! Vancouver. “We want to put this city on the map as a must see art destination,” says Wolfin. “People are coming to this beautiful place in droves yet we had no art fair. After seeing what other cities have done and what we have to offer I knew it was time.” Wolfin’s background more than prepared her for the task. Having trained in Los Angeles and Paris as a fashion designer and built her own clothing label Wolfin took those skills and experience and shifted her focus to fine art. An accomplished artist in her own right with works in private collections around the world Wolfin ran and curated Hollyburn Country Club Gallery in West Vancouver for eight years before launching Art! Vancouver. “I meet artists, locally and internationally, who need a larger platform to connect with the greater community,” says Wolfin. “Art! Vancouver provides that. We provide a space and time for those attending our fair to connect and build relationships directly with the artists and for artists to connect with other artists and art professionals as well. As much as it is about promoting and sales it’s about building community with art at its core.”

Lisa Wolfin. TOGETHER WE STAND STRONG. Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36"

“Art! Vancouver gave me the opportunity to meet my audience and see how they reacted to my work, which is invaluable for any artist,” says Kirsten Nash, award winning singer songwriter and fine artist. “Since my first exhibition with Art! Vancouver my paintings have been featured in several magazines, including Arabella, a Canadian art, architecture and design magazine, and will be featured on the inside front cover of this winter edition of Art and Beyond.” Nash’s paintings have also been featured in International Contemporary Artists, the 11th edition and in the latest edition of The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists.

Adam Gibb. FAIRY MIST. Photography

“All this started with participating in Art! Vancouver, which I’m really looking forward to doing again 2017,” says Nash. Housed in Vancouver’s architecturally renowned waterfront convention center, the four day event held annually in late May and now in its third season, runs next in 2017 from May 25 – 28. Each of the past two years have seen over 120 Canadian and international artists exhibit work. The well advertised and promoted event has seen some 20,000 attendees. “Sales are solid for a young event,” says Wolfin. “We’re growing and artists are growing with us. In addition to direct sales a number of galleries have signed artists as well. We’re excited for them.” Art! Vancouver offers a diverse selection of fine art in various styles, mediums and subject - realistic to abstract, portraiture to landscape, in oil, acrylic, mixed media, photography and sculpture. The opening night gala features select artists strolling along a fashion inspired runway displaying a work of art. The crowds love it, says Wolfin. For more information, to register or purchase advance tickets contact Art! Vancouver at www.artvancouver.net.

Skyla Wayrynen. EYES HAVE THE POWER TO SPEAK A GREAT LANGUAGE. Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 7

point of interest by Vered Galor

Digital Photography – What Does ART Have To Do with It?

A DIMENSION OF TIME. Time does not exist in the spiritual world. There - the past, present and future are connected to a single point. But the dimension of time comes down into our physical world, and created the material world. Time is part of the essence of material that is present now, but will end at the future. The spirit is eternal and infinite. 8 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

LIGHT FROM HEAVEN. This painting depicts a sense of enlightenment and inspiration that comes from above like a waterfall of light. According to Kabbalah, in the spiritual world there is a holy city of light - Jerusalem of Gold - from there comes an abundance of light and blessing to man.

© Images by Orit Martin

“Art, in all its forms, is the legacy of humanity.” - Vered Galor

Digital cameras were invented in 1975, though it took some time before they were mainstreamed into the general populace. At the same time, computers were not only available to society but continually advancing in their ability to access and function within the world of knowledge. For instance, Face book now has pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans and cameras.


he price of the cheapest 3D printer has come down to $400 and we now have an application called moodies that can tell in which mood we are. According to German technology professional Udo Gollub, by 2020 we will have applications that will tell if we are lying by the use of our facial expressions. So what does all of this have to do with Fine Art and its connection to Digital Photography? Everything!! The process of making Art, digital or other, is an integral part of the creation of the Artwork. However, without the expression and passion of its creator, the Art has no life!!! As artists create drawings, paintings, sculpture, music, vessels, jewelry to adorn us, books, poetry and theater to entertain us, they leave behind, in their work, part of their spirit and soul. The Artwork is left for society’s future generations and for history to learn about the human experience. Whether in the darkroom or through the use of digital programs, developing technology, renovation, and advancements are not what create imagery. The artist is the one who does that, and is the one who gives the image its spirit and soul. The digital process and the camera are just instruments that the artist paints with: tools and the process by which he/she creates the image/s he have visualized. Fine art and functional craft, music, books and poetry are not going to change conceptually. They will always be created in the mind and heart of it creator - the human being. The often-discussed question regarding the stage of imagery creation has simply become more complicated. Does the process of creation become easier with all of the digital capabilities? And when is that process done: when the artist visualizes the image, creates the image, or after he/she communicates it?

BLESSING. We see emanation of letters spills from heaven toward the woman, which symbolizes the blessings from the fountain of life, the source of creation. Genesis explained that the Creator created the world with letters: "God said let there be light….. and there was light … In this writer’s opinion the art gets its life after the artist imagines it, creates it and communicates it! That is when the Art becomes part of our inheritance - the legacy of a society. The capability of the human mind will create robots to do the work that humans used to do - and may even do that work more efficiently - but by then there will be additional advances enabling an even better world for the Human species, including longer life and hopefully happier experiences. For this holiday season, let’s hope technology will help us spread knowledge and ability to create hope and peace in the world!!!

www.veredgalor.com vgalor@hotmail.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 9

photography • digital art

TISSAGE 12. Photography, 24" x 36"

Art & Beyond Interview with Michael Coakes by Justin Hoffman

Early in his career, Michael Coakes focused primarily on photorealist painting. More recently, he has expanded his mediums to include photography. In his current series, “Tissage” he is achieving painterly effects with his camera, giving his images an abstract, impressionistic appearance, with virtually no post digital work.

Q. How would you describe the evolution of your art?

Q. You previously won a competition that put you on the cover of this

A. While my subject matter has mostly remained the same, my

publication. How did that experience influence your career?

approach has changed significantly. Twenty years ago I was working on a series of female figurative paintings trying to capture a moment or the state of mind of the subject in the image. At the time I thought painting was a purer form of art than photography. That changed when I became more involved with photography as a tool. I felt shy about using it at first but it answered some of the challenges I was facing in moving the work in the direction I wanted it to go.

A. More than anything it was a boost to my confidence and a sense of acceptance into the art community. As an artist you hope for exposure; to get your unique point of view in front of as many as possible. Art & Beyond magazine offers that opportunity to artists and I'm proud to have won that exposure.

Q. Who or what is your greatest influence?

10 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

TISSAGE 8. Photography, 24" x 24.5"

A. In terms of why I do the work I do, my life, since I was very young,

A. Once I gained reasonable control of the tools, I found the adoption

has been dominated by female influences. My grandfather was the only male character of importance when I was growing up and his advice was always a "women first and above all else" point of view. It was both a matter of respect and romance. What matters to the women in your life is what matters most. So even prior to analyzing why my work was almost all female-centric I just knew what I wanted to create was something that cherishes the beauty and strength of women.

of digital capabilities very easy, and, to some degree, liberating. In some of my work I rely on digital process to help manage merging images to complete the concept. What I don't do is allow "digital" to dominate the work. I won't use digital effects that have nothing to do with my specific influence in the work. There's nothing algorithmic; I control 100% of what's going on in the image. Also, I still sketch and/ or paint regularly, sometimes in planning and other times executing work so as to maintain a level of tactile connection with my artistic output.

Q. Could you discuss your personal adoption of digital art to your portfolio?

www.michaelcoakesart.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 11

photography • digital art

WHITE DAHLIA. Digital Art.

ROSE BLOOM. Digotal Art.

Arthur Jacob As early as I can remember my sense of sight was the strongest of all five sense. As I grew older I began to do all sort of art projects but always with a sense of bold colors, shapes, and movement. In 2003 I moved to Las Vegas and while unpacking I discovered a box with a digital camera in it. Someone said to me, “Do something with it!” So I began doing portfolios for new artists in Las Vegas. Late one night, while I was touching up an image on the computer, I accidently pushed the wrong key and everything before me changed in terms of shapes and movement. I added a little bit of color and that was it, I began a new creative adventure which continues to do this day. When people ask me about my work I like to share with them that my canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse is my brush. From that point on, my creative focus is not on the actual identity of the subject; but rather, through digital manipulation, the focus is one of exploring shapes, colors and movement that are hidden in the photograph. I don’t record the steps taken to achieve this focus so each work is unique and new. This allows me to take a new journey of discovery

with each piece I create. The focus on color, shapes and movement continue even when my work is more representational.

12 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016


BRIGHTON BEACH' UK, 2016. Bodypainting & Photography, 35" x 53"

Cynthia Fleischmann Cynthia Fleischmann calls herself a bodypaintographer. Her artform, bodypaintography, incorporates a person into their surroundings by her painting directly onto their body and photographing the resulting dialogue between the person(s) and place. Painted red palms are her signature, symbolizing humanity. Cynthia is a Miami-based artist who grew up in KĂźsnacht, ZH, Switzerland and Dover, MA, USA. She earned her BA in Art from the University of Miami in 2010 and continued with a full scholarship and teachers assistant position to attain her Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014. In October 2015, Cynthia was hit by a car while riding her motorcycle and lost her right leg above the knee. She is grateful to be alive, remaining active and artistic. www.CynthiaFleischmann.com

STONE-CLIFF STAIRCASE' ES, 2014. Bodypainting & Photography, 35" x 53" www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 13

photography • digital art

Chuck Fletcher Artistically. Reflecting. Reality.

BOXING GIRL, Photography, 10" x 10". 2016

Blending elements of lifestyle portraiture and contemporary street photography, I use a camera to engage people and create wonder about who they are. Inspired by what I don’t fully understand, I believe my work encourages an enhanced awareness and broader sense of human interest about contemporary sociocultural themes exposed in candid portraits of people. My images assume a cinematic quality and often reflect a personal impression or powerful combinations of action and emotion.

To create emotionally intimate pictures, I look for situations where people have let their guard down because they are distracted, exposed, or in a state of transition. The goal is to artistically capture "that honest moment" between the subject and photographer, and illuminate subtle, yet important, relationships between people. My work often highlights diverse subcultures exhibiting unique characteristics or cultural norms. My collection of work often show uncomfortably close portraits of anonymous individuals revealing

14 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

GEOMETRY OF PARTNERSHIP. Photography, 10" x 20". 2016

their talents and personal triumphs. Universally, these portraits imply a slightly mysterious narrative of achievement, and provide insight into people who exist both before and after the photograph was made. The photos are a contextual reminder of what is real now. My work is intentionally shot in public, where the environment and subject are both dynamic. Theses blended challenges make open air photography an exciting way to transform everyday people, doing artistic things, into community models. My creative philosophy is to limit the use of equipment and technology in the field so that I do not influence the environment. Using only a simple camera, it’s my job to balance scale, light, and luck. The best photographs creatively compose compelling subjects while demonstrating excellence in

trade craft. I believe that the right photograph can have lifetimes of impact. I am an accomplished Washington DC photographer and own Rush Street Gallery, a digital exhibition of contemporary artistic photography. In addition to my photo work with the Federal Government’s Executive Office, I was published in Art Tour International's 2015 Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. I also won the 2015 American Art Awards as well the professional category in the Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design v 41. My work has been shown in many east coast galleries and more examples can be seen on my web site www.beonfilm.com.

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 15

photography • digital art

Nicholas H. Teetelli Fine Art Photography

LABYRINTHS. Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, 22” x 16”

Nicholas Teetelli is both a published and international awardwinning fine art photographer. He was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, Teetelli was introduced to art and

photography, developing an interest in what would become his lifelong passion. While he took some photography courses in college, Nicholas Teetelli is primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, he has learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming

16 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

BALLERINA. Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, 15” x 15” (top right)

QUOTIDIAN II. Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, 12” x 12” (bottom left)

MIND GAMES VIII. Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, 20” x 20” (bottom right)

an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional. During each journey, with camera in hand, he records much of what he sees, sharing the impression of his mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design.

He has recently brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had more than one hundred of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at dozens of galleries and museums across the United States, receiving many awards for this work. www.teetelli.com • nicholas@teetelli.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 17

photography • digital art

PURPLE IRIS BLUSH. 50 cm x 70 cm, Digital Art. 2016

Diana Whiley Digital Artist I love working in the digital medium. It’s like watercolour at times where happy accidents happen as I layer and colour different parts. An avid reader of history and lover of science I love to create and respond to the affects time and place have had on us My inspiration comes from the Impressionists and their study of light conveyed over a day. Intersects with my interest of rituals and myth. www.dianakwhiley.weebly.com 18 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

CONNECTIONS. 70 cm x 75 cm, Digital Art

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August 21 Novemper 27

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photography • digital art

JD Dennison

CRASH. Inverted Digital Photography

EGRET. Inverted Digital Photography

JD began photographing at night for a desire to capture something from the dark quiet world we so rarely dip into. His revolutionary technique involves a powerful flash to illuminate a scene, and a computer to invert the images so the dark turns to light and light to dark. This causes the pure black “unknown” to glow,

and isolates the complexity of an ecosystem into one form, and to find in that form, all the complexity of the whole. To find the miraculous in the common is the ultimate goal of his work.

20 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016


UNTITLED. PANORAMA. Inverted Digital Photography

LONE PINE. Inverted Digital Photography

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 21

photography • digital art

Heike Suhre

Photography Titel: QUEENSDAY Model: Christina Vaes Grime: Marian Velthuis Photo: Heike Suhre

Heike Suhre is an award winning artist she was born in 1960 in Münster, Germany and lives in Emmen in the Netherlands. After studying at the Arts Academy of Enschede in the Netherlands, Suhre went on to have many exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited Italy, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Morocco and throughout the Unites States of America. Her works are published in more than 500 magazines all over the world. www.hsfotografie.com www.heikesuhresphotoartgallery.com

22 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

Frantisek Strouhal

SERENE IN NATURE. Photography/Digital Collage/Contact Printing/Lithography Inks, 21.5" x 25.5"

Frantisek Strouhal was born in Czechoslovakia from a family of painters and artists. He currently lives in western Canada. He is internationally admired for his flawless use of traditional 19thcentury techniques combined with his unique contemporary yet timeless artistic vision. Frantisek's work explores the harmony between the spiritual and the physical world. His surrealistic approach can only be described as psychologically engaging. In other words, his work forces one to ponder about the deeper meaning of life. Frantisek’s unusual technique and style, as a mixed media artist, is created from photography, digital collage, contact printing and lithography inks on watercolor papers. His subjects range from

landscape, cityscapes and still life but mostly focus on the human form. Frantisek’s artwork is included in numerous private collections in Canada, United States and through Europe. He has had many exhibitions in North America. The artist is a recipient of the Gold Medal at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna, BC and was selected by the Manhattan Arts International curated art exhibition “The Healing Power of Art”, 2015. He also received Awards of Merit at both American Juried Art Salon’s International Fine Art Show and Decorative Art’s International Show. www.frantisekstrouhal.com

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 23

photography • digital art


Vered Galor Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. It has been my interest, my form of expression and a sociological and psychological outlet. My work reflects visually who I am with my feelings, opinions and existence. In the seventies I have earned an Associate degree in Architecture and two degrees, BA and MA in art and design at CSUN - California State University at Northridge California. I have been part of the art world for over 40 years as a curator, consultant, educator and mentor while doing my artwork and teaching photography. As part of my business I have lectured, participated in discussions, wrote art programs and encouraged the collaboration of art and Architecture. My own artworks spend the spectrum of Sculpture, Poetry, Photography and Collages Digital and others.

The images are showing examples of how the digital process has been used with other medias to create the final artworks. Orchids represent and reflect nature perfection. Their design is exquisite and they are quite hardy. They1 need some light and some watering and if they are happy they will bloom in variety of colors and shapes otherwise they only keep their wide simple green leaves.

I currently create Photographic Digital Collages, in portfolio grouping on a subject matter.

The original artwork started with a collage of emulsion transfer photographs on glass, which was a separate piece of artwork.

The artworks in this article represent some of the processes and techniques I have used in my work to create the images before I utilized the digital program. The emulsion transfer, metal etching and photographic collages were done for a while as I started to do my digital work twenty years ago.

Then the collage on glass was rephotographed and finalized on the computer as a digital image.


24 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016


The Indian Dance is part of the old Indian culture and exhibit the approach to nature, life and spiritual believes of the Indian people. The original artwork was done with photographs taken during an Indian ceremonial dance. The collage was etched on a zinc plate, which was a separate piece of artwork. The plate was then scanned to the computer and the final image was created as a digital image.


The issue of life and death is represent by the Impala, Now as a skull and Then as a beautiful animal! This image has been done by creating a collage with photographs through the digital program of Photoshop. I always use my own, originally taken photographs, in my collages. The image is not manipulated by filters but visualized and conceptualized before it is created digitally.

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 25

photography • digital art

Max Tzinman

LAND. Metal Print, 20" x 16"

Max Tzinman's images explore mob mentality. He is fascinated and disturbed by the hypnotizing appeal of the mob and its link to the desire to escape from the complexities of life and individual responsibility.

Tzinman's works start digitally, in two or three dimensions, adding layers of mixed media (acrylic, oil, collage, metal) to create still structures and moving images, light and sound.

Is groupthink the inevitable, irreversible result?

He starts with a specific vision which may be realized, changed, extended during the creative process.

Can we hold on to our individual humanity in the face of this drift towards the seductive comfort of merging with the mob?

Max Tzinman was born in Romania and lived in Israel and Canada, immersing himself in a multitude of cultures that influenced his

26 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT #2. Pigment Print on Board, 18" x 24"

REFLEXIONS #2. Metal Print, 12" Dia. (Round)

artistic/philosophical concepts. Formerly an architect, since his move to New York City he returned to his first love, art. theflyingcannibal.weebly.com (iPad work) www.anthropofagus.net (web site) https://www.instagram.com/theflyingcannibal (Instagram) mtz222@gmail.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 27

photography • digital art

Maureen Kirk-Detberner FastWinn Photography

RUN FOR THE HILLS. Photography Digital Art, 16" x 24"

Maureen finds inspiration in photographing the interactions between humans, animals and desert landscape. Traveling to New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California she finds unique subjects for her photographs. She is expanding her fine art photography work to include digital art. By adding layers of textures and treatments to the photograph in Photoshop, the finished piece becomes more than a photo. Editing in Photoshop allows Maureen to reach her vision. Maureen creates art with a unique southwestern style. Examples of her art work is available on the galleries on her website at www. FastWinn.com and her Etsy Shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ FastWinn.

of a horse on flagstone was accepted into the SAACA (Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance) Recycled Show in April. Her piece sold within the first 5 minutes of the show. Maureen’s photos have appeared in the Arizona Daily Star, Yankee Peddler, Schmap Tucson Guide, Wikipedia and other media. Her fine art photography and digital art has won many international and national awards Her work has hung at the SAAG Gallery, Tohono Chul Park's Gallery, AZ, Claire's Cafe and Gallery, Toscana Studio and Gallery and Sweet Poppies in Tubac, AZ. Maureen Kirk-Detberner and her husband share their home in the Arizona desert with a bull dog, one cat and four chickens.

In 2016, Maureen picked up a brush and started painting. It has been over 40 years since she last painted. Her first work, a painting 28 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016


Print Edition Magazine To be promoted at the Art! Vancouver 2017 and Spectrum Santa Fe 2017 in addition to the regular distribution to galleries, museums and art consultantes

Apply Now! Deadline April 10, 2017


photography • digital art

PATTAYA, THAILAND. Digital Photography, 8” x 110”

Natalya B. Parris Natalya B. Parris's camera is her loyal friend and companion in all of life's adventures. It documents events she participated in; countries and exotic locations she has explored and art exhibitions she visited. Her camara has become a part of her existence. Photography is not only an art form she enjoys, but also a constant reminder of a therapeutic effect of art. Looking through the photographs she took gives her motivation to create and provides her with ideas

for new paintings. She is planning to combine her phography with paintings by taking inspiration from her photographs to create a series of artworks. She is not planning to paint the photographs. She will be painting the memories and feelings that the people, events and places on the photographs evoked in her heart and soul. She will enhance the paintings with her signature, unique artistic style “Emotional Counterpoints in Paint – Dots.” https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalya-B-Parris/111488538880248 www.linkedin.com/pub/natalya-parris/18/a1b/820/ https://artavita.com/artists/8737-natalya-b-parris

30 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2016

Maureen Kirk-Detberner

SKY HUNTERS. Photography Digital Art, 16" x 20"

Frantisek Strouhal

SILENCE WITHIN. Photography/Digital Collage/Contact Printing/Lithography Inks/, 20” x 24”

Profile for Art & Beyond Studio, Inc.

Art & Beyond Photography and Digital Art Special Issue 2016  

The Art & Beyond Special Issue 2016 dedicated to Photography and Digital Art. For this issue we have selected a number of talented artists t...

Art & Beyond Photography and Digital Art Special Issue 2016  

The Art & Beyond Special Issue 2016 dedicated to Photography and Digital Art. For this issue we have selected a number of talented artists t...