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Xia Tian

VINE BIOLOGY LANGUAGE. Acrylic on Canvas, 100cm x 70cm oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Arcelia Urbieta

FRAGMENTACIÓN. Encaustic on Board, 46cm x 44cm

Vol. 71 • Spring • 2022




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Xia Tian

Cindy Mawle

Arcelia Urbieta

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Point of Interest Art Vancouver 2022


On The View The Lewinson Art Group


Fine Art • Lewinson Art Xia Tian Cindy Mawle Arcelia Urbieta Mercedes Arellano Joseph Gretsch Shweta Patil

Mercedes Arellano

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Spring Fine Art Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) Paul Scott Malone Bita Motamedi Jasmine Seo Teresa Smith Jamie Lightfoot Shima Shanti Tere Muñoz de Cote Arturo Ezquerro Flores Melinda Margules Lillie Minor Irma Obregón Larios

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Artists from left to right: Kunihiko Nohara, Sky Lilah, Albena Vatcheva, Nada Hamatto

100+ Exhibitors | Art Masters | Art Classes | Panel Talks

Vancouver Convention Centre May 5–8, 2022 Art Vancouver, Western Canada’s most prestigious art fair is back at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Featuring contemporary art from across Canada and around the world. Visit for more information.

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point of interest

New and established artists welcome by Nathan Durec

's community

ART VANCOUVER SNEAK PEEK 2022 One of the main contributors to the success of Art Vancouver as they head into their sixth year has been their promotion of local talent in Vancouver and across Canada. Before Art Vancouver, the only option was to show in galleries. Sculptor Stefan Rogenmoser said the lack of an international art fair made it difficult to gain the much-needed recognition in Vancouver to make being an artist sustainable. “The art community in Vancouver needed that [Art Vancouver] really desperately,” Rogenmoser said. “It was missing. I mean, this is a worldclass city, one of the most beautiful cities there is, and we didn’t have an art fair.” Over 100 artists and galleries participate in Art Vancouver. They have grown quickly to become the largest art fair in Western Canada, creating an exhibition not only for local artists, but also for those outside of Canada to gain exposure. It is a unique experience, featuring live painting, panel talks, competitions, demonstrations and classes, and a runway—the “Face of Art”—giving artists the opportunity to be shown alongside their art.

A WALK IN THE PARK by Lisa Wolfin

The recognition of the artist behind the art is what drew Rogenmoser to be a part of the exhibition, now going into his fourth year with the event. “There was nothing really high end for us to show except for some of the galleries, which are really hard to get into,” he said. Long Gao, who has been painting professionally for just over a year, said it can be difficult to really know where to start. “Being an artist is a really, like, bad decision,” Gao said. “It's a terrible decision. Anyone who wants to be an artist because they think it's cool and they want to make a lot of money should do something else.” But finding Art Vancouver through other local artists has been a huge help in getting his name out to the community. For Gao, it's a place where he can connect with an audience that wants to view and consume art. This is important to him and speaks to what he believes is the role of the artist. “I think the ultimate role of an artist is to remind people that they are people,” Gao said.

Sculptor Stefan Rogenmoser

2022 runsMay 5 - 8 at the Vancouver Convention Centre • 5

fine art

Xia Tian

MODERN FASHION 1. Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 36". 2020

XIA TIAN is Canadian artist born in China in 1959. She is Art communication activist and a Member of the Canadian Artists Union, Member of the New Knights International Art Union and Chinese Canadian Artist. All artistic creations come from the shock of the soul, converge into a unique artistic language, let it shine and sublime. Tian likes to travel around the world and visited more than 90 countries. “I feel the artistic breath of different cultures, regions, and races, especially my love for nature. Bringing together various elements into a self-concept of art, color impacts its vision and perception, and uses the language of

6 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

the soul to interpret unique visual art with artistic methods,” stated Tian. In her original abstract works she brings a positive expressionistic mood and meaning of life. All creations are perceptions and aspirations, and are special notes of life. They are combined infinite life force and are a different kind of lifetime dreams. Tian has participated in various international art fairs, and her artworks have won many awards and found home in art lover hands around the world.

ALIENS SERIES No 2. Acrylic on Canvas, 50cm x 40cm. 2022


is a



of the

Cover Competition

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Art Vancouver International Art Fair 2022 • 7

fine art

Cindy Mawle

TOUCHSTONE OF SOLITUDE. Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"

CINDY MAWLE is a Vancouver Island artist who works out of her home studio surrounded by forest on the central island. Her acrylic paintings on canvas mostly depict her surrounding areas on the Canadian west coast. Her main objective in these collections of work is to express the calm and joy she experiences in each location. “I want my work to present itself

8 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

as a touchstone to our natural world. I believe the more we connect to nature, whether in real time or through art, the better off we are as human beings.” To find out more about the artist, upcoming shows and events go to

NESTLED. Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 24"

Cindy Mawle

Winner of the Cover Competition and an Exibitor Art Vancouver International Art Fair 2022

is a


at • 9

fine art

Arcelia Urbieta

SIERRA GORDA. Acrylic on Canvas, 61cm x 81cm

MÓNICA ARCELIA URBIETA UVILLA Painter originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico City. She currently lives in Mexico City. Graduated from the Visual Arts career at the National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP), currently (FAD), UNAM. She was a student from teachers like: Antonio Díaz Cortez, Raúl Cabello, Javier Anzures among others. She has taken several work shops and courses, including: Diploma in Art Therapy, at the Mexican Art Therapy Workshop (2015). Analysis Work shop on the life and work of painters through cinematography, in 2012 and Abstract Painting course, in 2011 taught by the Mexican Association of Engravers of Plastic Research, AC. Watercolor course at the National Museum of Watercolor Alfredo Guati Rojo, in the period 2007-2008. Curatorial Workshop, given by the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana, in 2005. She also has participated in thirty-nine collective exhibitions, among the most outstanding are: Mexico Israel Cultural Institute, Chrysler Interlomas, Mexican Society of Geography 10 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

and Statistics, University of the Valley of Mexico, Atelier et Galérie d Audiffred, Alvarado Lang y Carreño Hall, Santa Rosa Museum Galería el Túnel , Israelita Sports Center and Lewinson Art Gallery. She has also participated in four individual exhibitions: Radio Education Gallery, French Alliance Center of the Valley, José Clemente Orozco-UNAM Gallery and Stunam Zapata Cultural Center. In 2006 she was selected in the XLVI annual contest for amateurs at the National Watercolor Museum. Her work is part of: National Polytechnic Institute, French Alliance Center of the Valley and the Leon Trotsky Museum; currently belongs to the Lewinson Art Virtual Gallery. She has dedicated her life time to teaching in a plastic arts workshop and the importance of art appreciation in middle school level. Presented by Lewinson Art


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Elia Perez

Evolve. Women. Wisdom . 2020

Grietas del alma.

Jenik Cook

Mother and Child.

acrylic on Canvas.

fine art


TIEMPO DE EVOLUCIÓN. Oil on Canvas, 90cm x 110cm

The great variety of modern paintings in our countries prosperous largely due to the contribution of our outstanding Mexican artist women. Within this interesting female universe, Mercedes Arellano´s paintings have stood out through the years with profound vision, that reveals her decisive and strong character.

she has been doing for more than 27 years. There is no doubt, that her teaching is characterized for facilitating her students, absolute creativity freedom. It is clear for her that her studio is a space to share wisdom with other women and therefore see them grow and take different ways in the wonderful journey of painting.

Mercedes enrolled in her studies in plastic art in 1979, with a BA degree in Graphic Design in the University Anahuac. In parallel, she started courses on different drawing techniques and engraved painting at the famous Academy of San Carlos. These events mark the beginning of a great journey that not only can be seen through her paintings, but also through her way to print her aesthetic and creative character to her apprentices.

Mercedes has had important exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. Some of the countries where she has presented her artwork include Mexico,Canada, India, US, Spain, Italy and Japan.

The energy that emerges within Mercedes is reflected not only through her volcanos, forces of nature and abstract paintings, but on the way she teaches her students, a practice 12 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

She has received many acknowledgments due to her creative and innovative work from diverse institutions and organizations. Some of the most important are the Certificate of Excellence 6th edition “Premio Nacional de la Mujer”, granted by la Cámara Nacional de la Mujer A. C., Certificate for her participation in “La Asamblea de la Legislatura de California, School of Architecture and Engineering, I.P.N., Cultural Institute Mexico-Israel A. C., “Museo de Arte Latino

TIEMPO DE ACTUAR. Oil on Canvas, 80cm x 120cm

FLUIR. Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 130cm

de la Ciudad de Pomona, US. Mercedes is also known for her priceless volunteer work as an advisor, at the “Museo de Arte Moderno” in Mexico City.

known as the “Painter of Perpetual Movement”. Presented by Lewinson Art

Mercedes Arellano due to her inner strength and energy is • 13

digital art

Joseph Gretsch


The impetus for these and most other of my pictures was lifework as a clinical psychologist in remote locations such as southern Arizona, Hawaii, northern New York and rural Oregon and Washington. In these settings digital photography and the opportunity for new creation it provided were welcome companions, and resulted in the abstract compositions now set before you. The images are best given study, rather than just one look. They are compositions of digital sections repeatedly mirrored against one another, ultimately creating surreal images that when seen closer contain other images within—images with 14 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

boundaries that seem to connect and reconnect in various ways with other images, thus creating new images. Figureground reversals can be seen, similar to those in a psychology text where, as if in preparation for our contemporary culture, outlines of boxes that once seemed to point upward, without moving seemed actually to point downward. These figures, however, are not of boxes but of faces that seem from fairy tales or science fiction stories. The pictures are therefore named Little Green Men, The Grandmothers, Vacuum Cleaner Bots, Watson Himself and the Cat King. The faces of these wonderful people often seem to have an


emotional reaction to the observer. The Little Green Men seem to have an intelligent curiosity. The Grandmothers seem vulnerable, withdrawn but strong. The Vacuum Cleaner Bots are reporting for work, and Watson Himself seems ebullient, a healthy extravert, congenial and interested. The Cat King is solemn and alert. Within these fey outlines there are smaller

Joseph Gretsch the

images; imps, trolls and fairies, who also seem emotional— mischievous, angry, lustful or torpid, as they wend. Not all, but some of them will seem to wink in and out of existence. They will gladly entertain you for 1001 Nights!

is an



Art Vancouver International Art Fair 2022 • 15

fine art


ON THE OTHER SIZE. Acrylics on Canvas, 24" x 24" SHWETA PATIL is a self-taught artist and developed a keen interest in sketching, painting, and other forms of art since her early childhood. Although she is an Engineer and MBA by training, but she always been an artist at heart. Shweta was born in very diverse and colorful India, where she was exposed to a plethora of cultural activities since a very young age that fueled her passion for art. "I spent more than a decade living in beautiful North Carolina and traveling to majestic national parks of USA. Nature has been my inspiration since the beginning of this artistic journey and is reflected in my work. "- stated Shweta. We all are a part of nature, and Shweta believes that we can find answers to all our questions in there. "I consider painting

the 16 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022


as a form of meditation, which allows me to dive within myself and search for inspiration. I have always been in awe with landscapes - its scale, wilderness, range of variety, roughness, serenity makes me feel extremely tiny in the face of nature."said Shweta Patil. Over the years, her work has changed from painting impressionistic landscapes and florals to abstract landscapes. Shweta finds freedom in the abstract form that liberates her to express the authenticity of her experiences and interpretations of nature. "In my recent work I try to capture various elements of nature, their feel, flow, texture, color in a very fluid style."Shweta Patil.

Shweta Patil is an Exibitor at Vancouver International Art Fair 2022

Vietnam Lacquerware

FALL. Lacquer, 53” x 142” by Nguyen Duc Viet Our paint goes into Vietnamese lacquer like a predestined relationship. In the 30s of the last Century, students of Indochina Fine Arts College devised a grinding technique so they earnestly asked Pho Thanh artisan to create a lacquer for them. After a while, Mr. Pho Thanh searched and succeeded. The trick is to add turpentine to the paint, making it more brittle. When the color of cockroach wings became soft, the painter of the gold or silver paint still had some brown substance on the surface, like a light that was compressed so tightly that it darkened. When grinding, gradually revealed the inner core is very bright, fanciful. The process of creating lacquer painting requires a lot of meticulous workmanship, reaching sublimation, blending paint, drawing, grinding and emotions of the artist. Paint is a drawing, offering the ability to coordinate, including the intention of coordinating multiple layers of colors overlap. Grinding is also drawing, flattening, taking advantage of the ability to coordinate (both random and active) of the previously painted colors. With the above technique, lacquer has the advantage of depth, revealing the layers of many color layers; When the painting is polished, the depth effect is significantly increased, no other material can match. A picture meets 3 criteria: Depth, width and height, requiring a lot of effort. From idea to color scheme drawing, grinding. Painting is like science subjects, only general formulas. Each artist urges himself to explore his own secrets. Grinding is a magical art. Artists not only feel with their heart and eyes but also


at the

FAMILY. Lacquer, 36" x 44" by Ta Thi Thanh Tam with their hands. To concentrate as highly as the state of meditation, when drawing and grinding, only the paintings and colors are visible and nothing is visible. Sharpening has not come or is too thin, the colors do not reach sharpness, sublimation. The magic of lacquer is grinding into layers, creating a unique, unexpected color effect. According to the feeling and creativity of each artist, our paints combine with layers of gold, silver, egg shell… then grinding out each layer so the surface of the painting has 7 to 10 layers.

Art Vancouver International Art Fair 2022 • 17

fine art

Hui-ju Chen (Mickey)


HUI-JU CHEN (MICKEY) graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago major in Fine Arts and the University of Hertfordshire in Creative Arts. Even though she has not been using art and design as her main profession, she has kept up her passion of making art until today. She always finds time to create various styles of work. It is interesting 18 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

to see how her work has varied from photography to acrylic painting to mixed-media to collage. She hopes to keep being experimental because she believes that, in the art world, there are no real errors but rather different thoughts and processes with different outcomes. Without experimentation, she feels, art is not art. She gets inspiration from different aspects of


life. She always hopes to learn and create different kinds of work by making use of her own different life experiences. It is normal to have lots of frustrations and doubts as one goes through the phases of creation. For Mickey, the biggest frustration has been the temptation and pressure to build and keep up one particular style in order to be a professional artist. Though it is true that a dedication to one style may enable one to come a little closer to perfection in that style,

Mickey feels that art is about taking risks. If she is satisfied with one style, she believes that she loses a very important quality of art--the excitement of experiencing different things in the world. Therefore, she hopes to continue working in different ways and experimenting with different styles. Art making, for her, is not just a way to express herself but a way to define her existence. • 19

fine art

Paul Scott Malone

HARVEY #4," (Aftermath 05/27/19), Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 24" Malone has appeared in Art & Beyond many times. He is a visual and literary artist whose career spans three decades. He holds degrees from the University of Houston and The University of Arizona (MFA), and has worked as a newspaper journalist, a university instructor in English literature and writing, a literary critic and editor, and a writer of fiction and poetry. He is the author of three award-winning books of fiction. Since the 90s, however, he has focused his attention on painting pictures, mostly abstract but with forays into representational and figurative art. Over the years, his paintings have appeared in a number of galleries and exhibitions, as well as publications on both sides of the Atlantic. Among his many honors are an NEA Fellowship, and, last year, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the publication Who's Who in America. In 2017,

20 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

Malone's home and studio, in the coastal town of Rockport, TX, were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. He has since rebuilt, returning to work early last year and devoting himself largely to portraying the physical and emotional violence inflicted on the place and the people who survived the storm at Ground Zero. Also in 2019, Malone began a collaboration with a British e-commerce entrepreneur to create a line of fashion accessories and wall prints depicting several of his artworks. Called, the site launches later this year. He is now represented by the New York Art Gallery in Manhattan, and, in March, his work was part of a group exhibition at the LarkGallery in Los Angeles.

Bita Motamedi

NOW THE BIG GUNS. (Aftermath 09/19/19), Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 48"

Bita lives in Burnaby, BC. She’s a professional painter and a distinguished graduate of Fine Arts. More recently, several of her artworks have been accepted into juried exhibitions in the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), Portrait Society of Canada, Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial, MUSEE LAURIER (Quebec) and several artists & artisan markets.

She was also honored to receive an award for her water colour painting from CSPWC OPEN WATER 2010. Bita has assembled a collection of her artworks which demonstrate the development of her personal style. It’s a context revealing a growing concept. • 21

fine art

Jasmine Seo

RESUSCITATION. Ink, 30" x 40"

22 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

JUST A DREAM. Pastels, Pen, Ink.

JASMINE SEO is a Seattle based surrealist with a propensity for enlightenment and an optimistic approach to life.

connect mind to mind but a key to trace back to our inner world and re-connect.

Although she mostly works with different pastels, she has been particularly enjoying incorporating illustration and printmaking techniques in her artwork as a powerful communication tool to help our society broaden their sense of understanding and wisdom for better harmony and peace, not only within ourselves but also in our life. Jasmine firmly believes that art isn't just as a communication tool that can

In her artwork, personified animals are embodied in the process of re-discovering a ray of hope that might have faded and been lost in the pandemonium during our individual lifelong journey. The perspectives through her inner child's eye are intended to bring every one of us together to the point where we can reflect upon the past and present, and work towards a better future together.

Jasmin Seo the

is an



Art Vancouver International Art Fair 2022 • 23

fine art

Teresa Smith

STILLNESS. Oil on Canvas, 36" x 48"

TERESA SMITH graduated from Naropa University with a contemplative arts degree. She exhibits her largescale oil paintings in the US and Canada. She lives on a little ferry served island overlooking Mount Baker and the Salish Sea, with her horses, Irish wolfhounds, and giant fir trees. The mystical nature of trees come to mind as a drippy underpainting connects the dots in the same way mycorrhizae connects a network under surface of earth. "How can I paint the magnificent upper story without root? And what of the wisdom and intelligence of trees? Where is the invisible mind of mother tree? Above ground, magnificent cathedral reaches for the sky, but what of the world wide web of connectedness’ below surface? Do we know? How can I paint the friendships among trees, the families, the relatedness, the invisible concentric interlocking wisdom of ONE HEART? I begin by pouring on oily dripping layers of paint. Allowing the first layer to grow outward and upward like the roots and branches of a tree. This first layer informs the art. I make sense of this by laying in patterns, lines and colors in the same way a tree grows leaves, branches and roots. The composition and colors go together like a puzzle. I decide what color is a perfect companion to the one next to it. Back and forth, foreground to background, color by color, stroke by stroke. I finish the painting in this manner, following the soul of the piece and allowing it to have a voice of its own. The painting is done when it changes the energy in the room. And maybe, in this way, it is possible to paint one heart and the intelligence of trees." - Teresa Smith. 24 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

Jamie Lightfoot

LIFE’S MOMENTS. Oil on Panel, 16" x 20" "My goal is to manipulate color and light in a way that invites the viewer to come along on the journey." - Jamie Lightfoot

JAMIE LIGHTFOOT is a painter based out of the Pacific Northwest but with a heart for the world. She has a passion for oil painting in the Russian Post Impressionism Style. "I love photography, but I felt like I wanted to convey more with my images. The paintings that you see on my website all have a story and would not exist without first having the experiences." - state Jamie.

Jamie is a creative, intelligent, and deep soul who continually is on the path in search of a full life, and is ready to share such a philosophy with anyone who will listen. Her truth is evident and straightforward to her. Her creativity and drive to find the elusive pinnacles of human existence are inspiring. • 25

fine art

Shima Shanti

JOURNEY INTO SILENCE. A Encaustic - Beeswax and Fire, 36”x 36”

SHIMA SHANTI paints with beeswax and fire. Her impressionistic paintings of water in motion are inspired by the natural elements.

Then firing with heat she smooths the wax to a satin-smooth finish creating a depth of luminosity that draws the viewer beneath the surface.

Layering bold brushstrokes of molten wax and pure pigments onto birch panel she creates a rough-yet-refined texture.

Growing up in Big Sky Montana forever connected her with nature, giving her an innate sense of color and composition.

26 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

WITHIN THE GRASP. A Encaustic - Beeswax and Fire, 24”x 24”

She never expected to become a successful, collected abstract impressionistic painter. However, years after moving to the coast of California, and after an established career in the corporate world, Shima felt that unrelenting desire that all great artists have to create.

She is both humbled and inspired by the patrons who have acquired her paintings as well as the many galleries across the country who carry her work. • 27


the Lewinson Art Group LEWINSON ART aims to spread art and make known the great artistic talent in the world. It has the virtual gallery to promote artists. It has also organized more than 50 face-to-face exhibitions and since the pandemic, it has organized 18 virtual exhibitions. It has participated in several exhibitions abroad, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Salerno, Italy, taking the work of Mexican artists to exhibit in those countries. It has published articles in several virtual magazines, such as Revista Escenarios, Diario Judío, Arts Illustrated, Bisemanario El Ángel Metropolitano, Fotografía en Movimiento, among others. It combines live music and dance with the plastic arts in its exhibitions, making each exhibition an artistic experience. Débora Lewinson

It offers many services, such as cocktails, music for events, rental of easels, screens and sculpture bases, among many other things, to meet the needs of an artist. It organizes international art contests on its Facebook page Lewinson Art y Amigos. On the other hand, it has another facebook page: Amigos a los que


28 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022





les gusta Lewinson Art, where every month, an artist is been selected to be interviewed and publish it in its virtual gallery. For Lewinson Art it is an honor to present several of its artists in the Art & Beyond magazine, which has a high quality and is highly regarded. • 29

fine art

Tere Muñoz de Cote

CUTTED FREEDOM. Lost fax Bronce, 2.60 x 0.72 x 1.30m

TERE MUÑOZ DE COTE was born in Mexico City. She is a sculptress and painter, passionate about the human figure as ultimate expression of beauty, which is the main theme of her work. It attempts to translate sublime expressions and dynamic of the human body exploring interrelationship with emotions... She is a self-taught artist with a sublime sensitivity, who captures in her work elements of her own never-ending search for balance, esthetic, harmony, peace, and above all - love. Her work is characterized by the use of materials that transcend time such as lost-wax bronze, silver, marble, oil on canvas, pastel on board, charcoal. Tere has exhibited in many important places and received international recognition and awards such as: 30 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

METAMORFOSIS. Lost fax Bronce, 0.90cm x 0.60cm

“II and 8th Biennale Internazionale dell´arte Contemporanea”, “Vitrina degli Artisti Contemporanei” and recieved award "Italy per l´ art", Premio Speciale della Giuria, both in Florence, Italy; “Palazzo Fantuzzi”, Bologna, Italy; “Monaco Yacht Show”, France; also she recieved ”Caravaggio International Prize” at Milan, Italy; “International Prize Diego Velázquez” in “MEAM”, European Modern Art Museum of Barcelona, Spain. Tere participated in number of International Art Expo in Europe and United States including Scope International Contemporary Art Show during Art Basel Week Miami, FL. Tere is represented by galleries in Cancún, Los Cabos and Mexico City all in Mexico, among others. Presented by Lewinson Art

Arturo Ezquerro Flores

SERIAL COMPOSED FLOWERS. Acrilic Paintings on canvas, mounted on a dual translucent acrillic thin layers.

ARTURO EZQUERRO FLORES was born in 1957 and raised in Mexico City. He is a self-taught artist, whose painting career begun in 1975. While he was very young, he was untroduced to art by his father, Raul Ezquerro. Later in his life he took “Pueblo Arquitecture” course at The Academy of Art University, founded by Richard Stephens in San Francisco, CA. He also mastered painting with acrylic and air brush techniques there. Today Arturo is well known for his mixed media installations using unique lighting techniques. “My challenge is to change the color perception of the viewer depending on the point of view”stated Arturo Ezquerro Flores. His artwork can be viewed at Presented by Lewinson Art

SERIAL COMPOSED FLOWERS. Acrilic Paintings on canvas, mounted on a dual translucent acrillic thin layers of 2mm. 24 x 16 inch. Sealed as a sandwich, this makes the final peace water resistant. The art peace shall be installed in a 30 inch tall metallic base, thin legs are submerged from the grass. Sall have outdoor illumination at dark. • 31

fine art

Melinda Margules

LA CREACIÓN. Acuarela, 15cm x 11cm

MELINDA MARGULES, born in Teennesse, USA. She has participated in many exhibitions, organized by Lewinson Art. She studied art in different courses in Miami, Florida, at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and in workshops under the direction of teachers like Patricia Cajiga, Gerardo Ortiz and Eugenia Orozco. Master several techniques such as: Bronze Sculpture, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media. Her style is figurative, surreal. She has exhibited individually in more than 40 places and collectively in more than 50 spaces, both in Mexico and abroad. Like the maritime terminal of Salerno Italy. She has received awards and recognitions from the Chamber of Commerce, Mexican Embassy in Singapore, Rotary Club (SECOFI), Casa De La Cultura Mexico Japan. She has public works in: Miami Beach Florida Erotic Museum, ABC English Hospital and Ramat Shalom Temple. Presented by Lewinson Art

32 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

PROTECCIÓN. Dibujo sobre grabado, 45cm x 35cm

Lillie Minor

JUSTINIANO 2. Oil on Canvas.

LILLIE MINOR´s career in plastic arts began too early. At first, she was a self-taught painter. Her first exhibition was in the YMCA building in Mexico city at the age of thirteen, where she exhibited the portrait of her mother. Further on, she began learning painting techniques in Mercedes Arellano´s Workshop Atelier. Also studied sculpture in La Esmeralda, National School in Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking. Lillie´s style is realistic-symbolistic, and her favorite techniques are portrait and oil painting. She has displayed her art work in several cities and cultural centers of Mexico, including the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros which features David Alfaro Siquiros work. Lillie Minor also has exhibited her work in the digital displays of Time Square in NY, in Italian cities like Florence and Ravena. She is member of Lewinson Art, a strong and proactive sponsorship. By the support of this Gallery, Lillie´s art work was chosen for the cover of Art & Beyond Fall Issue 2021. Lillie is an art painting teacher and has her own work atelier. Because of the pandemic she has already adjusted her work space to teach online classes. Presented by Lewinson Art

TAN ANTIGUO COMO YO. Oil on Canvas. • 33

fine art

Irma Obregón Larios

ARMONÍA. Mixed Media on Canvas, 180cm x 210cm

Heir to the talent and sensitivity of her father and grandfather, both world renowned Mexican architects, she developed a profound love for art and nature from a very young age. Ever since she majored in Art History, she has dedicated her life to exploring new painting techniques alongside great teachers, whose influence led her to adopt a contemporary style that fluctuates between abstract and figurative. With a 20+ year trajectory, she has exhibited more than 300 paintings in some of the most important museums in her native Mexico, such as the museums of Modern Art and Fine Arts, as well as in international exhibits in Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, England, and Germany and Florence Biennale in Italy. Her use of vibrant colors, with a particular predilection for reds and yellows, allows her work to convey harmony and positivity, inviting the spectator to gravitate away from darkness, toward light, in search for new life and happiness. Presented by Lewinson Art

34 • Art & Beyond • Spring 2022

EXTASIS. Mixed Media on Canvas, 100cm x 100cm

Mercedes Arellano

FRAGMENTACIÓN. Encaustic on Board, 46cm x 44cm

Cindy Mawle

WAITING FOR FOOTPRINTS. Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36"