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art&beyond Vol. 15 • Winter Edition • 2019

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Nour Kuri

PACIENCIA. Bronze, 1.6’ x 10” x 11”

Victoria Udalova

MORNING. Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 120cm

art beyond

Vol. 15 • Winter Edition • 2019




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Nour Kuri

Victoria Udalova

Silvana Ravena

Fine Art • Sculpture • Jewelry • Photography Nour Kuri


Silvana Ravena 9

Kasia Szczesniewski 10 Victoria Udalova 11

Kirsten Nash 12

Jasmine Seo 13

Natalya Burgos 14

Ludwika Pilat


Varda Levy


Zhanna Martin


H. Allen Benowitz


Helen Kagan, PhD 16

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Bita Motamedi


Arimathea Pappas


Lika Ramati


Evelyn Walg


Kasia Szczesniewski

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fineart • sculpture • jewelry

Nour Kuri

DAMA DE SOMBRERO. Bronze, 10.5” x 36.6” x 9.5”

EN PAZ. Bronze, 16.1” x 8.5” x 12.6”

NOUR KURI was born in Mexico City, a country that has been her magical source of inspiration. Nour perceives reality beyond appearances and uses sculpture as her medium to communicate her emotions and feelings through Bronze, Marble, Onyx and Wood. Her Style can be defined as Expressionism Surrealist, being her recurrent theme the stylized human figure, leaning towards abstraction but always maintaining closeness with the original source of inspiration. Her art has more of 40 solo exhibitions at Museums and Galleries in Mexico as well in the USA, Europe, and it is in the permanent Collection at the Contemporary Art Museum MACAM, at the Migration Nucleus Museum in Lebanon, and in Private Collections. She has Urban and Monumental Sculptures at important Avenues in Mexico. For Nour, Art is her passion, her life, her inner expression and language. •

8 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

Silvana Ravena

White genuine leather necklace with large encaustic round pendant.

My wearable art jewelry collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made with the leftover fragments of some of my large encaustic paintings series encased in resin, metal and sometimes, leather. These fragments of my own art are my precious

12k gold-filled necklace with globe resin pendant that encases fragments of my large encaustics.

stones. My passion is to explore multiple materials in surprising angles and bold design to create unique pieces that translate my vision of confidence-inspiring beauty.“ - SLR

THE ROYAL CLOAK. Encaustic and Mixed Media Sculptural Painting, 35” x 72” • 9


Kasia Szczesniewski

LIGHT FROM ABOVE. Mixed Media (Acrylic Paints, Paper on Wood Board), 48” x 36”

KASIA SZCZESNIEWSKI studied Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; after immigrating to USA, she continued her artistic training at the Harper Community College, Palatine, IL, attended many workshops, and spent years on selfeducating, and refining her skills. “I feel blessed that I can spend time doing, what seems to me, one of the highest forms of human activity – creating. Building new compositions, step by step, inch by inch, is a form of meditation for me, a journey to self-discovery. Impermanence, constant change, harmony, and beauty, are very important aspects of my reality. In a search for the special artistic language I discovered my own creative technique that combines versatile properties of paper and its warm energy, with the modern but cold medium - acrylic paints. Often, I limit my color palette to blacks, grays, and whites.

10 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

In a society bombarded with colors all the time, this seems to be refreshing. There is something amazing about energy between black and white… A black surface is like a hole, pulling all light in, and on the contrary, white surface reflects all the light. This is the reason, that the tensions between areas black and white are so extreme. I like to play with the balance and relations of black, white, and gray... I love to create intricate textures, for which paper proves to be an ideal medium, where I can tear, crinkle, crease, shaping the surface with my own hands. Then I have fun using acrylic paints to “bend” space in all directions, pulling and pushing in order to create visually engaging effects. Usually my works are abstract expression of the medium. Sometimes there is a thread of symbolism, that weaves in and out, but it is always secondary to the form.” •

Victoria Udalova

VICTORIA UDALOVA (19.05.1969) - painter, graphic artist, designer. Education Art College (painting), Moscow State Art and Industry Academy of S.G. Stroganov. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1999. Active participant of local and international exhibitions and Art Fairs. Her works are in private collections in Russia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Malaysia and other country. Works in the style of figurative art.

wanted to paint, you begin to understand the value of figurative art and skills to represent human’s body professionally in motion: its personality, beauty, energy. Victoria Udalova is a member of the Union of Russian artists as a professional painter. She continues the tradition of realistic art in her own manner. Her models are flamenco dancers, ballet dancers, boxers TWO NORWEGIAN GIRLS BY THE POOL. Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 40cm and others, who express their feelings using body language». IMRULS plus 18, 2016, Russian-Spanish magazine. «In our time of information technology, computer graphics and conceptual art, where the viewer can only guess, what the artist

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Art & Beyond Interview with Kirsten Nash

DUET. Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 48”

very young. As a result I suppose it’s natural that my artistic interests are continually being reinvented, taking different paths, mediums feeding each other. I don’t remember there being a time without music or art and being self taught, I am grateful that somehow the universe has conspired to teach me and give me opportunities to work, create, show and sometimes even sell my work. It has always been who I am…can’t think of who or what else I would be.

Q: What is your process for creating? A: I do like solitude when I’m working… funny enough, though I’m a musician I rarely listen to music while I paint. Sometimes if there’s a musical piece or song I’m working on, I will have it playing while I paint… but I like to really connect with my work, no distractions. Of course, when I do inevitably get distracted, it’s usually by another bit of creativity that has occurred. When my arm gets sore from painting, I’ll often head to play an instrument…they all use different muscle groups and they all take a lot of work to keep fluent and current. I call it artistic crosstraining.

Q: What or who is your greatest influence? A: There are so many…Joni Mitchell, being Q: Was there a point in your life when you decided that you wanted to be an artist?

A: I don’t remember ever not being an artist. We are all artists as children…it’s a shame so many people stop making art as they grow up, for so many reasons. I was born in San Francisco, 1961, into an artistic family of musicians, actors, dancers…my grandfather painted a little, my great grandmother was a stunt actress double for Marion Davies when women didn’t do that kind of thing. My formative years were the definition of eclectic, a whirlwind of the 60’s Bay Area arts culture before heading north to the west coast of Canada when I was

12 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

the musician and artist she is, probably tops the list.

Q: Do you have any upcoming exhibitions? A: I will probably be showing again in Art Vancouver 2020. I have exhibited there and at Art New York, Red Dot Miami, Carre Dor Gallery in Monaco, always enjoy it. I love meeting people! I took some time away from exhibitions in the last couple of years, so I am really looking forward to gearing up and getting back at it!

Jasmine Seo

9E:6IRTH (RE:BIRTH). Pastels, Ink, 22” x 29.5”

THYSELF. Pastels, Ink, 24” x 18”

JASMINE SEO is a Seattle based surrealist with a propensity for enlightenment and an optimistic approach to life. She mostly works with different pastels, incorporating illustration and printmaking techniques in her artwork as a communication tool to help our society broaden their sense of understanding and wisdom for better harmony and peace, not only within ourselves but also in our life. Jasmine firmly believes that art isn’t just as a communication tool that can connect mind to mind but a key to trace back to our inner world and re-connect. • 13


SUNSET IN THE CITY. Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”. 2019

HALF MOON. Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30” WHITELIGHT. Acrylic on Canvas, 40”x 30”

Natalya Burgos Natalya Burgos is a professional American artist based in Corpus Christi, Texas. She specializes on portraits, landscapes and abstracts and her favorite mediums are watercolors and oil. She is a mother of two years old son and a primary caregiver for her sick mother-on-law but she paints in her home-based studio every day. Natalya lives in the countryside, surrounded by fields, trees and a distant horizon line. Natalya tells stories through the artworks that she creates. Art is her way to escape from reality, and process of creating an artwork is a journey what helps her in her everyday life. She draws inspiration from her own experiences as well as from nature, fairytales and various mythologies.

LOVE OR BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH. Watercolor on Paper, 36” x 48”. 2019

14 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

Diane Holland Diane Holland is a San Francisco International, Abstract & Impressionist Artist and was born in Santa Monica, Ca. She has exhibited her paintings both Nationally and Internationally in SF, Los Angeles, London, Spain & Italy. She has been awarded international prizes and awards in the U S, Rome, Italy and Venice in 2018-2019 Her most recent exhibit was in the “Meam” Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain where she received the “International Prize Velazquez” in April 2019. “A composite of geometric figures between creative silences and infinite shapes. Her pictorial world develops in a heterogeneous search of forms, colors, and space endowed with poetic spirituality and artistic experience.”- Antonio Malmo, International art critic and expert in modern art. Diane-Holland/Diane-Holland.htm

Taras Bibilashvili

TBILISI. Oil on Canvas, 70cm x 80cm

TARAS BIBILASHVILI was born on April 2, 1960 in Zestafoni,Georgia. In 1977 Taras graduated the Arts school in Tbilisi And the year after begins his career as an artist in the workshop of famous artist Profesor Zurab Nizharadze.In 1983 years Taras studied at the Yakob Nikoladze Arts College. In 1988 his studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fin Art and graduated 1993. Has been participating in many local and international exhibitions since 1985. In 1994 Taras Traveling ti Athens,Greece of creative work. There he met famous artist and sculptor Khristos Ksarakacianos. Sculptor, the director of modern museum, Haris Gyras. In 2014 Taras began working at the Artist Pablo Picasso Collection, In Artist Star Arts Production, In Artist Star Arts Production Galery and Art-on-Gugle.

FISH. Oil on Canvas, 65cm x 80cm • 15


Helen Kagan, PhD

SACRED BEAUTY. Series Divine Feminine. Acrylic on Canvas

BIG BANG. Series My Happy Universes. Acrylic on Canvas

HELEN KAGAN PhD, a holistic therapist & artist, one of the originators in creating art with an intention to heal, brings together Fine Art and Art of Healing. For over 20 years she’s been developing her unique concept ©“HealingArts” based on her beliefs in mind-body-spirit connection, and art as a catalyst for healing individuals, society and environment. Her “HealingArts” was shown in many physical and online Galleries, Cities, States, Countries, Magazines, Articles, and Catalogs, won awards, exhibited in NY, NJ, MI, AZ, WI, MN, CA,VT, and in many cities in FL. Her passionate vibrant art that can be described as a “symphony of colors” and a vehicle for well-being, is a statement of all her beliefs.

16 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

Gabi Domenig

EMILY. Inspired bei Paul Gauguin`s LOULOU. Acrylic on Painting Board. 40cm x 40cm. 2019

Her way of painting has developed unhindered over the past 20 years and is attributed to Neo-Expressionism due to its intense Color palette and the figurative painting. Man and nature are her main topics. The artworks of the Austrian artist are colorful snapshots , often mysterious and fairytale and want to find the way to the heart of the observer. As a typical feature of her pictures, a paradisiacal subject has established itself. Plants and animals have moved from the original decorative element in the

PINK POPPY. Acrylic on Painting Board. 40cm x 40cm. 2019.

foreground. Human and nature. Communication at all levels with the originality of creation. You can find her pictures in renowned national and international art books, art magazines, online galleries and private collections in Austria and abroad. International awards. 2017 Finalist at the Global Art Awards in Dubai.

FLOWER GARDEN. Oil on Canvas, 16” x 20”

Jenny Huang Jenny Huang is a full time Commercial Banker, managing a portfolio of clients at one of Canada’s leading financial institutions. She started oil painting a few years ago, and her passion has grown ever since. Painting added colour and joy to her busy life as a financial professional. She loves her ability to capture the surrounding nature in its endless beauty.

TRANQUIL GARDEN. Oil on Canvas, 16” x 20” In 2019, Jenny showcased her talent at the International Art Fair hosted by Art Vancouver. “The journey will continue...and who knows, it may lead me to another exciting career path...”- Jenny Huang • 17


HYPNOTIC SUNFLOWER. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 36” x 1.5”. 2019

OCEAN WHISPER. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 36” x 1.5”. 2019

Laelanie Larach Laelanie Larach was born in Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America with coasts on the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF. Acrylic on Canvas, 50cm x 50 cm

OASIS. Acrylic on Canvas, 50cm x 50 cm

Ludwika Pilat

Each one of her paintings is unique with a signature in her work of vibrant colors and concepts. Throughout her body of work one can see themes drawn from her early experiences in Honduras, including aspects of her inner thoughts and emotions.

After becoming an architect in Poland and living abroad for a while Ludwika decided to grow some roots in Switzerland. It turned out not to be so easy in this rocky soil but she’s always been quite good at impossible. She was also good at following reason while confusing what she wants with what she thinks she should want and she needed a way to better show her emotions in art. She’s learnt to listen to herself and slowly unlock that heavy duty container where her feelings were kept. She rediscovered and incorporated collage elements in some of her acrylic paintings and with this she wants to provoke thoughts and questions. She’s not striving for perfection anymore. She’s expressing something more important with textures, colours and ambiguous words.

It was this beautiful combination of mountains, tropical forests, and sandy beaches that inspired at a young age to begin experimenting with her artistic expression. In her earliest work she used pas-tels, watercolors, and charcoal after winning some small art contests in school, she was inspired to expand her work into the medium of oil on canvas.

18 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

LOUISE. Oil on Canvas,100cm x 80cm

Varda Levy

ALLISON. Fired Clay, 12” x 8” x 7”

Varda Levy, fine art painter, lives and creates in Jerusalem. Levy started her artistic career as a fashion designer and a personal stylist. Her art is inspired by colors, nature, music, dance and fashion, and the intensity of her painting touches the depth of the soul.

HOW YOU DOING. Fired Clay, 5” x 5” x 5”

Each piece of art is a journey to a world that reflects intuitive feelings ROSE. Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 80cm and experiences from her personal life. The viewer is called to enter the intimate and profound, mysterious and aesthetic worlds, richly colored and full of intimacy and movement. “I use oil paint, a medium that has life of its own. Painting and creation of art is my major passion and a most important part of my life’s journey these days. I express myself through realistic images, human characters, still life and views of nature, you can see in my work a merging of the spirit and substance, of reality and dream, that tell my inner intriguing story of my personal awakening” - Varda Levy

Zhanna Martin I was born and raised in a small town in Russia….what Americans know as “Siberia”. I moved to the United States in 1998 to pursue a career in architecture. But in 2009, with a small child and another baby on the way, I was laid off. I took it as a sign that I needed to change my path in life, and I did.

Varda Levy’s art is presented in art shows, galleries and fine art magazines around the world and appearing in numerous private collections.

My clay work focuses on the emotions that make us all human…. and centers on facial expressions as the representation of those emotions. My ideas typically come from a phrase I heard, or a moment I observed. • 19

fineart • photography

H. Allen Benowitz

CIGARLADY II. Photography. BEHIND THE WALL. Jerusalem & Tzfat, Israel. Photography.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Allen graduated from the Interboro Institute of Business in Manhattan. A self-taught photographer, he resides in Miami. Allen’s work has been displayed at The Louvre in Paris, The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York, and Spectrum-Miami in Florida during Art Basel. Vast recognition for his work includes Art Business News’ Top Emerging Artists, winner, American Institute of Architects, and, recently, 2nd Place – Merit of Excellence in People: “Cigar Lady II” and Nominee in Photojournalism for “Behind the Wall” in the Black & White Spider Awards global competition. Photo subjects include nature, wildlife, people, architecture, and adventure travel. 20 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

PURPLE FLYING. Watercolor on Paper, 16” x 25”

Bita Motamedi Bita lives in Burnaby, BC. She’s a professional painter and a distinguished graduate of Fine Arts. More recently, several of her artworks have been accepted into juried exhibitions in the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), Portrait Society of Canada, Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial, MUSEE LAURIER ( Quebec) and several artists MY FISH. Watercolor on paper, 14” x 10” & artisan markets. She was also honored to receive an award for her water colour painting from CSPWC OPEN WATER 2010. Bita has assembled a collection of her artworks which demonstrate the development of her personal style. It’s a context revealing a growing concept.

MEDITATION LAMP. Mixed Media, 14” H x 11” W

Arimathea Pappas Arimathea Pappas is an emerging mixed media artist who resides in Clinton, BC, Canada. Her love for clay, nature and spiritual teachings is what inspires her to unify these elements to create sculptural and functional works of art. Specializing in uniting natural materials to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, Pappas creates these dynamic works of art to portray stories of transformation and enlightenment that reveal her path of self expression and artistic growth.

INTO THE LIGHT. Mixed Media, 21” H x 14” W • 21

fineart • photography

Lika Ramati Lika Ramati, Visual artist and a fine art photographer. Ramati is the founder and decorator of the legendary downtown’s Yaffa Café and Simone Martini Bar in New York city, she was nominated as one of 100 top Israeli’s influential entrepreneurs in the USA by Ynet.


Published in the Gold list editions by Art Market International Magazine as one of the 60 top contemporary artists of today. Received Artist of the year 2019 prize in Italy by Art International Contemporary magazine and appears in the International book of the Most influential Woman of the World 2019 by Monica Garg. Her Artistic language has no limits, from street art giant images to art projects for public spaces, to international art exhibits. “I’m in love with the concepts of womanly eternal beauty, the

PINK ROSE. New Media Art.

Goddess, nature and power of the female. Art for me is a way of expressing truth, translating my soul evolution to time and space, transforming energy into form and color. It’s an impulse, a life force, which I drown to pass forward. I’m playing with a process of dressing and undressing layers of my fantasy world, all with my original photographs.” Lika exhibiting her art in shows and galleries around the world.

Evelyn Walg Evelyn Walg is a Venezuelan artist of Dutch origin. Evelyn is an international artist with worldwide exhibits in Venezuela, South Florida (including Basel Art week), Ephrat Gallery in Tel Aviv, Armonia in Lima, New York International Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Fair, Art Park Gallery in Hollywood, FL.

FREE CHOICE. Mixed Media, 36” x 48”

Millions of us are virtually connected but few are together, there is little touch and no eye contact. My people hold hands, look and touch each other and transmit warmth. I enjoy paying attention to each little person that walk, jump and dance on my canvas. I create individuals with no identity but with clear personality. They represent a world of happiness, friendship, peace, love and harmony.

22 • Art & Beyond • Winter Edition 2019

Kasia Szczesniewski

INFUSED WITH GREEN. Mixed Media (Acrylic Paints, Paper on Wood Board), 48” x 36”

Silvana Ravena

YOUR EYES AND THE SEA. Encaustic on Birch Wood Panel, 60” x 40”