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art&beyond Vol. 65 • February • 2020


Talia Prilutsky

THE YEAR OF ROOSTER. Acrylic on Canvas, 16” x 20”

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Paul Scott Malone

THE UNION OF RECLINING NUDES. (10/04/19), Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Vol. 65 • February • 2020


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Talia Prilutsky

Igor Prokop

Paul Scott Malone

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Point of Interest

Igor Prokop


Dan McCormack


Arimathea Pappas


Helen Kagan, PhD HealingArts 6

Bita Motamedi


Nira Chorev


H. Allen Benowitz


Ludwika Pilat


Building an Art Community Art Vancouver 2020

Fine Art • Photography

Talia Prilutsky

Paul Scott Malone

12 14


Dan McCormack

Next Stop is the Art Vancouver 2020 Apply Now to be Published in the Special Online Edition Magazine Deadline March 3, 2020 Publisher Art Director Editor

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Art Vancouver International Art Fair April 16–19, 2020 Vancouver Convention Centre Art Vancouver is the largest international art fair in Western Canada, connecting 100 galleries and artists from Canada and around the world with over 10,000 attendees.

Apply now to exhibit in the 2020 fair. ARTVANCOUVER.NET

Sponsored by

point of interest

Building an art community: connects the public to artists

by Nathan Durec


wants to be recognized as more than an international art fair. It wants to be viewed as a place where one goes to experience and participate in art. And that’s exactly what they have created as they head towards their sixth annual exhibition in April 2020. Skyla Wayrynen, the media coordinator for ART VANCOUVER, said they have learned from attending other exhibitions around the world about what makes a good art experience. “ART VANCOUVER developed into more than an art fair that you see at other events,” she said. “When you go to Miami, they have tons of art fairs, but it’s just art. There’s no runway shows or panel talks or artist demonstrations.” In their short history, they have grown into the largest art fair in Western Canada, creating a platform for local artists as well as bringing in international ones to a new audience.


“There’s opportunity here in terms of a platform of how can we create this into more of a community thing,” Wayrynen said. Public Relations and Volunteer Manager Taisha Teal said they saw a need that was not being serviced. “A lot of galleries are closing because rent’s expensive and people are selling their work online, through online galleries,” she said. In creating ART VANCOUVER’s international art fair, these artists and galleries have a built-in and engaged audience come to them with thousands of potential buyers to see their artwork. This was part of the goal, Teal said. When talking with Vancouverbased art buyers and even artists, many of them said they had to travel to other provinces or out of country to find what they were looking for. “There was no platform in Vancouver for them to buy art,” she said. “There was no big art fair where there was art being shown.” And now that they have established themselves and become part of the art community of Vancouver, they want to champion the local art scene.

Exhibitor artist IBE ANANABA.

“That’s our goal, to put ART VANCOUVER on the art map with London and New York and Miami,” Teal said. Attendees not only get to see well over 1,000 individual pieces of art, they get to speak with the artists that created them. The fourday schedule of programming also includes a panel talk on how to purchase art, live painting accompanied by music, a runway for artists to showcase their work, art demonstrations and even a unique program for high school-aged youth.

2020 takes place April 16–19 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


point of interest

Helen Kagan, PhD “HealingArts”

Helen Kagan with her arwork at the Gilt Complex Show.

CROWN CHAKRA. Series Healing Chakras.

HELEN KAGAN PhD, a holistic therapist and artist, is a creator of her unique multi-dimensional concept “HealingArts” she’s been developing for over 20 years. She is one of the originators in creating art with an intention to heal. This direction becomes more and more popular as people recognize the healing benefits of art (especially in HealthCare & Hospitality Worlds). A Healer & Artist bringing together Fine Art and Art of Healing, her artworks can be described as “symphony of colors” saturated with movement, passion, positive intention & healing energy. She is passionate about her Vision & Mission - to bring her unique “HealingArts” to HealthCare, Residential & Hospitality Markets to enhance well-being by introducing vibrant colors, multi-sensory experience, meditation & relaxation, encourage joy & happiness, increase productivity, and just bring smile on your face ( In the last several years Helen participated in over 50 Juried shows, local, national and international exhibitions, was 6 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

AQUARIUS. Collection Eyes of the Zodiac. Helen Kagan and Garsot.

SCORPIO. Collection Eyes of the Zodiac. Helen Kagan and Garsot.

COLORS OF MY CITY. Series New York.

named a "Collectible Artist" by Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines. Her “HealingArts” won awards, shown in many physical and online Galleries, Cities, States, Magazines, Articles & Catalogs including FL Design Magazine, FineArt NY Magazine; major Art Fairs including ArtEXPO New York 20132018; SPECTRUM Art Basel Miami 2013-2019; Art San Diego 2014-2016. For several years Helen has been collaborating with legendary Garsot (Sotirios Gardiakos) while creating 2 Museum quality Collections – “Muses & Music” (10 pieces), and “Eyes of The Zodiac” (12 pieces). ( She continues to work with Garsot on a brand-new Collection “Serenity” which they’re going to introduce to HealthCare – to assist in promoting well-being in patients, visitors & personnel. Beginning March 2020 Helen is showcasing her colorful “HealingArts” in a One Woman Show “Colors, Healing & Beyond” @ Sawmill Center in Maitland (Orlando) FL with 100 artworks. In April- July 2020 she will be simultaneously doing another big Solo Show in Brooklyn NY. Dr. Kagan believes that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment. She feels privileged to be among visionary artists to share the beliefs about healing power of art. • 7



History, Memories,

Visual A

Vered Galor Contemporary Fine Art

His tor y, Me mo rie s,


Vis ua l Ar t

lor by Vered Ga


by Vered Gal

This book is a memoir, collection of poems, stories and visual images, about the life and history of my family, between the years 1916 to 1960. The writings are based on testimonies' of events and include poetry, short stories and artworks made by my mother and me. I find that the use of poetry and visual imagery to tell about the Holocaust is a very powerful tool. Art imagery communicates in an emotional format. Its' impact is more immediate then the written word. It also helps others with their reaction to what they see and feel about this intense subject matter. This book is a tribute to my family who were taken from my mother, my father, and me by the time I was one month old. As a mother and a grandmother, I am trying, in this book, a new approach to communicate not only through the written word but also through fine art and visual imagery. It is not only the family legacy that I am trying to preserve, but also the knowledge of this horrific genocide of the Jewish people and my concern that the next generation knows the truth and will never forget it.

THE BABY WHO CAN TELL, by Vered Galor is available to purchase at

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Stephanie Holznecht

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Paul Scott Malone

Mystic tWilight. Acrylic, tempera and latex Paint on canvas, 30” x 30”

d. Photography, NocturNally chargE

32” x 25” UntitlEd (floral,

04/19). acrylic on Canvas,

36” x 30”. 2019

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fine art

Talia Prilutsky


Born in Ukraine in 1972, Talia Prilutsky came to US in 1998 and since then has worked in the art field for over twenty years as an artist and art educator. She holds her MA in Creativity Studies from Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH.

12 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Talia received her BA in fine arts from Donetsk State Art College. Between 1993 and 1998 Talia lived in Israel where she received training in Fine Art and Design under I. Port supervision. Her painting style can be categorized, as “figurative” though

STILL LIFE WITH SUNFLOWERS. Oilon Canvas, 14”x 30”

not overly concerned with realism. Her creations rather evoke to a deep unconscious level of each individual rather speak directly. All paintings contain the ideas that in many cases are reflecting her identity. Colors are used as a narrative emotional and expressionistic tool sometime with little correlation to reality. Some pieces are created as individual piece, however many are part of the specific series that united by the theme. She has exhibited her works in numerous groups and solo shows in US and overseas. Currently Talia runs the ART STUDIO ARTISHOCK, which she founded in 2007 in Wheeling, IL. She is a member of American Jewish Artists Club since 2014 and often participates in many group exhibitions. Talia lives in Wheeling IL with her husband and 2 daughters. • 13

fine art

Paul Scott Malone

WHAT HARVEY SAW. (Aftermath 08/28/19), Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 24"

Malone has appeared in Art & Beyond many times. He is a visual and literary artist whose career spans three decades. He holds degrees from the University of Houston and The University of Arizona (MFA), and has worked as a newspaper journalist, a university instructor in English literature and writing, a literary critic and editor, and a writer of fiction and poetry. He is the author of three award-winning books of fiction. Since the 90s, however, he has focused his attention on painting pictures, mostly abstract but with forays into representational and figurative art. Over the years, his paintings have appeared in a number of galleries and exhibitions, as well as publications on both sides of the Atlantic. Among his many honors are an NEA Fellowship, and, last year, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the publication Who's Who in America. In 2017,

14 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Malone's home and studio, in the coastal town of Rockport, TX, were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. He has since rebuilt, returning to work early last year and devoting himself largely to portraying the physical and emotional violence inflicted on the place and the people who survived the storm at Ground Zero. Also in 2019, Malone began a collaboration with a British e-commerce entrepreneur to create a line of fashion accessories and wall prints depicting several of his artworks. Called, the site launches later this year. He is now represented by the New York Art Gallery in Manhattan, and, in March, his work will be part of a group exhibition at the LarkGallery in Los Angeles.

NOW THE BIG GUNS. (Aftermath 09/19/19), Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 48" • 15

fine art

Igor Prokop


All the living creatures are very complex and intricate. Structurally and, mainly, in their operation.

in it, so is the Man, the living system, most complicated and most respected by us.

The non-living systems are closely linked to each other. They behave like the living systems we know. And only the two, living and non-living - both notions created by us, humans systems convey typical differences for us.

During my biology studies I experienced a lot of “miracles” due to their complexity, correlations and awareness.

On the astronomical scale known and imagined by me, the Earth’s “NATURA” is like this within the system. And naturally,

16 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Today, I believe that the human brain and the entire living organism are naturally linked to a special "LIVE" system encompassing the UNIVERSE. We are also elements of this very complex WORLD. I imagine it is directed and operated


by a UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, an all-pervading UNIVERSAL POWER. It is of Divine origin, a Divine power, with the purpose of operating and structuring the created UNIVERSE. I think the infinite Universe is God Himself! And this perfect structure is incomprehensible to the human brain, the human structure. (For now!) Only a feeling like a faint breeze can perceive and recall it. Consciousness modifies systems, and we begin to discover very small but very complex subsystems within the "WHOLE" structure. The purpose of my art is to mold these dreamed, sensed, learned, discovered and very complex, really intricate systems into shapes and colors, to create a perceptible, thoughtprovoking new world. These paintings, drawings, structures, with their complexity and intricacy, represent the fragile

presence of the large, ubiquitous UNIVERSE. God is present in my pictures. We are present in the created world ourselves. We are a part of God ourselves. Chaos is also part of the whole. It is a constantly changing Divine power, energy that creates and destroys. With my paintings and thinking, I want to contribute to making our life on Earth more livable. The longer nature on Earth can survive, the longer and more complete the future of humanity will be and the more the thinking man can add to the ever-changing, evolving state of the Universe. That is how I think and act. • 17

fine art • photography

Dan McCormac

LENOIR_R_03-22-19--07AD, H 17.70" x W 20.00", signed and an edition of 15. Photography.

Dan McCormack studied Photography from 1962-1967 at the Institute of Design, the New Bauhaus, at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he studied with Aaron Siskind, Arthur Siegal, Wynn Bullock and Joe Jachna. Next, he earned an MFA in Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1967 to 1970 having studied with Barbara Crane and Ken Josephson. He began photographing the nude with Wendy, his wife while in graduate school. Then for over forty 18 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

years he explored various techniques and processes while photographing the nude as a central theme. In 1982, Dan McCormack won a NYSCA-CAPS Photography Fellowship with a series of infrared nude images made of Wendy. With that series, he produced a monograph, "BODY LIGHT-Passages in a Relationship" in 1989. In 1998 Dan began to work with pinhole camera photography. In 2009, he won the Ultimate Eye Foundation’s grant for

LENOIR_R_03-22-19--10AB, H 19.98" x W 20.00", signed and an edition of 15. Phptography.

Figurative Photography and had his work featured in an exhibition at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont, CA. In January 2010, Dan McCormack had a solo show at the Photography Center of the Capitol District in Troy, NY. He showed over fifty images from ten diverse series made from 1990 to 2010. In May 2013, Dan had a solo show at the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. In this exhibit he showed

28 images from his “Nude at Home” series. Then in January 2016 he had a solo show of the “Nude at Home” series at the Beacon Artists Union in Beacon, NY and in May of 2016, Dan had another show with newer images of the “Nude at Home” series at the Arts Upstairs Gallery in Phoenicia, NY. • 19

fine art

Arimathea Pappas

MEDITATION LAMP. Mixed Media, 14” H x 11” W 20 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Bita Motamedi

PURPLE FLYING. Watercolor on Paper, 16” x 25”

MY FISH. Watercolor on paper, 14” x 10” • 21

fine art

Nira Chorev

FIGURE 13. Pastels and Charcoal on Newspaper.

NIRA CHOREV was born in Boston MA (1952), raised and educated both in United States and Israel. In 1970 Chorev graduated from Vocational High School, TelAviv, receiving a Diploma in Fine Art, in 1974 she graduated from Israel’s Art Teachers College, receiving a BA. Chorev was accepted to the School of the Museum of Fine

22 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Art (SMFA), Boston, MA to the second-year level in 1974. She received her Diploma from SMFA in 1975. In her Fifth-Year, as a post-graduate, she majored in Silk Screen and Drawing. Chorev won a fifth-year scholarship which she used to return to photography and merged it with the artwork she was doing at that time - painting landscapes on large canvases from a bird’s-eye perspective, looking for the contrasting forms in

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. Mixed Media on Paper,16" x 22"

color and the positive and negative shapes.

were before man changed nature.”

In 1978 she received her Post-Graduate Degree from SMFA and returned to Israel.

Her artwork has been exhibited in: The Royal School of Art London (1988); Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (1998); Grossman Gallery/SMFA in Boston, MA (2010); Art Takes Times Square, NYC (2012); Post Office Gallery, North Truro, MA (2016).

In 2008 Chorev returned to the United States to continue her art education at the Continuing Education Program and Workshops at the School of Museum of Fine Art in Boston. “Using photos to capture moments as memories, the photos I take are the trigger to the landscapes I create from them, the continuing connections between me and nature, the positive and negative shapes that remind us of how things

Chorev’s work is in the collections of The Royal House, The Hague, Netherlands, and in private collections Israel, Europe and the U.S. • 23


H. Allen Benowitz

BLUE RIDGE BRIDE. Blue Ridge Parkway, Yancey County, NC. Photography.

H. ALLEN BENOWITZ, a self-taught photographer from Brooklyn, NY has lived in Miami since the 1960s. “Attracted to photography as a child, I enjoyed taking candid shots of my friends at the children’s home where I was raised; I was provided use of a darkroom. As a former court reporter and videographer, the camera became a natural segue and my eye for detail moved from the courtroom to the world. The trademark of my work is depth and texture, drawing one’s eye into the picture, highlighting varying objects’ multifaceted shapes and shades of light, and bringing a still image to life,” the artist says. “Each captured image is motivated by passion 24 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

behind the shutter.” Photo subjects include nature, wildlife, people, architecture, and adventure travel. Vast recognition for his work includes a Judges’ Award at the University of Miami Lowe Art Museum’s Beaux Arts Festival; honorable mention in the International Kodak Contest; award winner, B/W photography, One Ear Society; and winner, American Institute of Architects global competition. Benowitz was chosen as one of Art Business News’ Top Emerging Artists for 2014, and a year later his work was on display at the Louvre in Paris. Recently, Mr. Benowitz took 1st

ALLIGATOR. Tamiami Trail, Florida Everglades. Photography.

Place Photography at the Pinecrest Gardens Fine Art Show in Miami, FL. His recent exhibitions include the Beaux Arts Festival, Coral Gables, Florida; the Toe River Arts Council and Design Gallery, Burnsville, North Carolina; Naples National & Downtown Arts Festivals; Las Olas Art Festival, Florida; Art & Culture Center of Hollywood; Spectrum-Miami; Coral Gables Museum; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City; and the Coconut Grove Art Festival Gallery. Featured:




Art Business News, Laurel of Asheville, International Contemporary Art artists book, Art & Beyond, SE FL Style & Design, and Exposure Award Portraiture. Equipment and technique: Cameras: Canon 5D III and Leica V-Lux 3 digital. All photographs: original acid-free archival pigment ink prints on art paper, signed. Limited editions of 15 in each series and size; images sizes 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 48x32; lustre or matte prints, acrylic mount or framed. •

ARTnews, • 25

fine art

Ludwika Pilat

WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF. Acrylic on Canvas, 50cm x 50 cm 26 • Art & Beyond • February 2020

Dan McCormack

LENOIR_R_03-22-19--05AC, H 23.09" x W 20.00", signed and an edition of 15

Igor Prokop

ANCIENT INFORMATIONS. Mixed Media on Canvas, 36" x 48"

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