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Vol. 17 • April • 2014

art&beyond DIGITAL ART and PHOTOGRAPHY Special Issue

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Michael Coakes

Essence 10 oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

María Fernanda Lairet


Digital Art and Photography Special Issue


CONTENTS Vol. 17 • April • 2014

Welcome to the Art & Beyond Publications special issue; Photography and Digital Art. For this issue we have selected a number of talented artists to showcase the many facets of both photography and digital art. Photography has been part of the fine arts for more than a century and has played a huge role in shaping the way we see the world around us. Within the past few decades photography has taken a new turn. Due to advances in technology and the introduction of digital cameras and computers in the early 1990’s, an array of new tools and programs boasted artists to create a new form of art. With the creation of the computer and its use in art, we are now looking at the next major step in the evolution of art. With the use of the computer, artists can create something that was never possible. The way art is defined itself is changing. We at Art & Beyond Publications wanted to highlight the great artists and photographers who create digital art today and showcase the beauty of their work. Digital Art has become a very important part of fine art and the interest in this new medium has grown dramatically in the past few years.

Point of Interest Contemporary Art Projects USA


Digital Art – Its Evolution by Paul Alleyne


Digital Art & Photography

Seda Baghdasarian


Paula Bannerman


Marti Belcher 10

Michael Coakes 11

Charles Fletcher 12

Leo Hylan 14

Arthur Jacob 16

Maureen Kirk-Detberner 18

Michael Katz 19

María Fernanda Lairet 20

James Markus 21

Petrea Noyes 22

Natalya B. Parris 24

Henrik Welle 26

Fu Wenjun 28

Barbara Wurden 30


Back Cover

Michael Coakes

Leo Hylan

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

María Fernanda Lairet

Michael Katz

We hope you enjoy the works that have been selected for this special issue and we thank all of the talented artists for their contributions. Congratulations to Michael Coakes, his work “Essence 10” was chosen as this isuue Art & Beyond Front Cover Competition winner. The Inside Front Cover was awarded to María Fernanda Lairet for her beautiful work “SERIE NARRATIVAS GLOBALES NELSON MANDELA MI ESPEJO”.  The Back Cover was awarded to Leo Hylan for his work “Tunneled” and the Inside Back Cover has been awarded to Michael Katz for his work “We Built this City”. We would also like to congratulate those artists who have been chosen as Publishers Choice Award winners in this issue for their originality and technique to Angela Young, Jean-Jacques Morello, Max Tzinman and Rick Chapman. We thank all of the talented artists who have been chosen to be  published in this issue and those who participated in this competition. Publisher

Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

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point of interest

Contemporary Art Projects USA Presents

:Fu Wenjun

Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA, nurtures and promotes both established and emerging artists working across a variety of disciplines, ranging from conceptual art to photography and spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Fu Wenjun, Artist and Tata Fernandez, Director, Contemporary Art Projects USA . Photo: Leonardo Di Tomaso The Director of Contemporary Art Projects USA, Tata Fernandez, left her position as VP of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company in order to pursue her passion for the arts in 2011. Since then she has worked with artists such as Fabio Mesa, Maria Fernanda Lairet, Sheila Elias, Barbara Rosenzweig, Stephanie Brown, Henrik Welle, and Joaquin G. Palencia, to name but a few. This year Ms. Fernandez has secured exclusive representation of the renowned Chinese conceptual photographer, Fu Wenjun. Mr. Wenjun’s series “Illusory Metamorphoses”, which explores faith, life and death, existence and illusion, present and future, was extremely well received this season at, MIA aboard the SeaFair, Art Palm Beach, and MA+D. During Art Palm Beach one of Mr. Wenjun’s works entitled simply, “No. 8”, was acquired by

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy of New York for their personal collection. Wenjun’s “Illusory Metamorphoses” combines photographs of the iconic Dazu stone sculptures, with x-rays of the human skeleton. The results of which are printed on Rongchang, a type of grass cloth, which has become all but extinct. Mr. Wenjun uses Rongchang grass cloth as an artistic statement on the dichotomy of existence and illusion, a commentary on the "contemporary transformation of intangible culture". The cloth, used in China for thousands of years, has fallen out of fashion and is rapidly disappearing from the public eye in favor of more modern materials. Fu Wenjun hopes to preserve this bit of Chinese tradition by reintroducing it to the public through art, thereby preserving the ancient material.

4 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Fu Wenjun at Art Palm Beach 2014. Photo: Leonardo Di Tomaso

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy with the artist Fu Wenjun. Photo: Elsa Roberto

Fu Wenjun, 58, earned his art degree from Sinchuan Fine Arts Institute in Changqing in 1987, China’s oldest art academy of higher learning. Initially studying painting Mr. Wenjun moved on to photography, and since the millennium has committed himself solely to conceptual photography. “The transition from photography to conceptual photography did not occur by chance.” Said Wenjun. “It came from an intellectual transition, a slow process which goes along my cognition deepening process.” During the Paris “19th World Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition” at the Carrousel du Louvre, his pieces from the “Illusory Metamorphoses” series won Mr. Wenjun praises by critics and garnered him press in a variety of news outlets including, the European Times, The People’s Daily, Xixhua News Agency and the Chinese Channel of Phoenix Television. “The main theme of the exhibition was Heritage and Territory, and I am very pleased to know that through my works visitors recognized the importance of the international aspect of contemporary culture which transcends those themes”, added Wenjun.

Fu Wenjun at MAD + Design Art Fair. Miami 2014. Photo: Leonardo Di Tomaso

Fu Wenjun has shown in exhibitions at The Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees in Paris, The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, as well as at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing. Contemporary Art Projects USA and Tata Fernandez have been pleased to present Fu Wenjun this season aided by curators Zang Chaonan and Luis Valenzuela. Contemporary Art Projects USA Tata Fernandez, Director Miami, FL Telephone: 786-262-5886 Email:

Tata Fernandez, Director, Contemporary Art Projects with Collectors from Miami at Art Palm Beach 2014. Photo:Leonardo Di Tomaso • 5

point of interest

by Paul Alleyne

Digital Art – Its Evolution Digital Art can be defined as any art that is made

with the help of a computer. It is art created by a skilled artist using current computer software like Adobe, or Corel Draw; an artist may use manipulated photographic images, or drawings to represent their thoughts and expressions in interesting, coherent ways; or they may develop original work wholly using software resources. But, I cannot discuss Digital Art without explaining how it came to be. Digital Art is a new emerging form of Fine Art, not unlike other art forms or art periods, established over many, many years since the Caveman created drawings on Cave walls to tell their stories and learn about the world in which they lived. This digital art form was born with the development of photography, long considered to be the youngest of the visual arts, and whose development has been entwined into the fabric of our societies and cultures ever since, influencing how we live, who we are, and what we do as people.

Alfred Stieglitz There is one photographer who stood out in the 19th century and whose work continues to be the ideal examples of photography as Fine Art; he is Alfred Stieglitz, (1864-1946). In the Videolog, titled: The Eloquent Eye, a Revealing Look at “The Father of Modern Photography” (2012); the work of photographer Alfred Stieglitz is recounted. He was then, and still is considered to be a photographer who elevated the status of photography to the level of art. He was not only a photographer, but a promoter, publisher and gallery owner, and he was a key figure in the birth of American modernism.

The first known photograph: View From The Window At Le Gras. Nicéphore Niépce at his estate in France. 1826 – National Geographic – Online

Joseph Niepce This photograph was taken in 1826 by a French inventor Joseph Niepce who in 1829 formed a partnership with Louis Daguerre, the inventor of the first practical process of photography. The photograph taken from Niepce’s second floor studio depicts a view from the window at Le Gras. From this first experimental photograph to the present with the important use of photography commercially, artistically, the camera and the photographs created by this new invention have made tremendous advances over its long, steady timeline, and has had many positive and lasting influences on society and culture.

Georgia O’keefe by Alfred Stieglitz -Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

One of those iconic images he created was that of his wife of 21 years, world famous artist, Georgia O’keefe. It is reported in the Videolog that he photographed her 300 times. This story of Stieglitz is replicated in a book written by Katherine Hoffman, who, in her book, Hoffman (Fine arts, St. Anselm Coll.; Stieglitz: A Beginning Light, 2011), tells the story of the life of Alfred Stieglitz. It is a comprehensive look at his passionate approach to photography, and how we worked to have photography recognized as fine art. Stieglitz was not only the consummate photographer, but both in Europe and United States, and over several decades, he

6 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

wrote about photography, translated books about photography, exhibited his own pictures, and arranged exhibitions of the pictures of others. And during several trips to Europe, he was exposed to and interacted with several famous artists, and was influenced by the works of Cezanne, Rodin, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, and other artists of this modern period. According to Hoffman, (Legacy of Light, 2011), Stieglitz’s experience and his subsequent work produced several highly evocative photographs. They were Sun Rays—Paula, Berlin (1889); Early Morn (1894); and Sunlight Effect, Gutach (1894). Hoffman went on to explain that Stieglitz’s main concern was with exploring the effects of light, much as the impressionists had done in painting—a woman in a sitting room, workers in the field, a woman at a Well—was developed with the idea of capturing the qualities of light, or times of day, or atmospheric conditions, raising the perceptions or feelings they arouse in the artist.

Andy Warhol

Conclusion The computer age is upon us. It is evolving at warp speed, and as it does, Digital Art is becoming more of a force within the Fine Art community as more traditional artists begin to see the value of its use in their work; there is also an ongoing debate that Digital Art is not “Fine Art”. This debate is mostly nurtured by traditionalist, but it is fortified by those of us who consider ourselves to be artist using digital media to create, and who may be too easily lead in the direction of making art primarily for commercial purposes as we struggle to survive financially, or simply for greed; behaviors, no doubt which put digital artists at a disadvantage in our effort to be taken seriously as we seek to take our place among the Fine Art community. References World’s First Photograph. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. National Geographic. Retrieved on January 30, 2014 from: http:// milestones-photography/ Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye, a Revealing Look at “The Father of

Modern Photography”in Art, Photography. October 4th, 2012. Open Digital art has its own timeline of development, but it needed Culture. Retrieved on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from: http://www. photography to help it get started in the early 1900’s where it influenced the world of advertising, architecture and other Alfred Stieglitz Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved related efforts; this development of digital art continued on January 30, 2014 from:,_ through today after getting a huge boost from artist Andy Georgia_O%27Keeffe,_1918.jpg Warhol, well known for the graphic style in his painted images Art Appreciation: Professor Katherine Hoffman. July 29, 2011, of soup cans and the actress Marilyn Monroe. In a promotion Retrieved on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from: http://blogs.anselm. for Apple Computers, Andy Warhol painted rock star Debbie edu/portraits/issues/art-appreciation-professor-katherine-hoffman/ Harry using an Apple Amiga 100 computer. “. . . the 1985 launch Alfred Stieglitz. A legacy of Light. Katherine Hoffman, 2011. Montreal of the Commodore Amiga, and the silver-wigged one sits down Review, 2011. Retrieved on Thursday, Thursday, January 30, 2014 to demonstrate the personal computer’s then-unparalleled from: Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the art graphical power by “painting” the Blondie Art front-woman’s legacy-of-light.php world. It is here, a an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist portrait. He tints it blue, clicks some red paint bucket Andyexhibiting Warhol Digitally Paints Debbie Harry with 1000 clicks some yellow paint bucket there, and before weto know it, when needs have their work, whether at the artAmiga shows, art Computer (1985) In Art, Technology, Television, April 3rd, 2012. we’re gazing upon a Warholian image ready for admiration”, expos, or small exhibitions. Retrieved on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from: (Art, Technology, Television, 2012).

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photography • digital art

Neon Wave. Digital Painting, 30 x 40. C-print on archival paper.

Big Bang. Digital Painting, 24 x 36. Durantrans in Lightbox, © Seda Saar 2014.

Seda Baghdasarian is a Los Angeles-based artist & designer who has been working andexhibiting her work Southern California & overseas for over 25 years. Sheproduces work in a variety of media including digital & analog painting,installation art, architectural sets and environmental/lighting design, photographyand new/digital media arts. Seda has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture& Interior Design with honors from London Metropolitan University in UK.For over two decades she designed and built numerous sets, show rides andthemed restaurants and retail for Hollywood studios such as Universal’s Islandsof Adventure Marvel

Superhero Island & Seuss Landing Theme parks atUniversal Studios in Orlando, Florida, & show-sets for Waterworld & Jurassic Park in Osaka, Japan. Additionally she has designed sets for opera, theater, andindependent feature film productions. Since 2011 she has been embracingtechnology in pursuing digital painting and photography.

8 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Slave to life. Ipad drawing.

Paula Bannerman was born and raised in the Washington DC metro Area. Inspired by her father’s work, she began drawing at the age of 5 and continues to this day. She became a permanent artist @ Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) DC. She works in the fields of ipad and dell tablet drawing, photography, painting, drawing, charcoal/pastel, and computer generated 2d/3d, and jewelry. • 9

photography • digital art

Men of Naga #2. Photography.

Marti Belcher I was born on my grandfather’s dairy farm in upstate New York. My parents, Eleanor and Percy, made TV antennas for a living. The tranquility of agrarian life, the nitty-gritty of the factory environment and now, the speed and sterility of the age of technology, have each provided me with an uncommon vantage point from which to observe and record the human condition. Curious by nature, I remain always a student. In 1981, I moved to Virginia to complete my education at Georgetown University. My time at Georgetown afforded me an opportunity to question my

basic beliefs, examine new philosophies and to grow into a fuller human being. After working for many years in the federal government, I went back to school to study interior design, art history and graphic design. In 2003, this led me to the study of photography. From the moment I picked up a camera, I knew that I had found my creative outlet.

10 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Liquescence 5. Digital Photography, 24” x 36”.

Michael Coakes Michael Coakes was born in 1958 and raised outside of Chicago. With the influence of the 60s and 70s pop culture and an attraction to a diverse array of artists from Mucha to Rembrandt, Michael displayed a serious passion for art even in his pre-teen years. He has created many drawings and paintings in the years since. His prevalent style during that time was photorealism. This may be why with “Illusions of Psyche” he shifted mediums to mixed media dominated by digital photography. A self-described “recovering introvert”, Michael avoided exhibiting his art in gallery settings until 2009 in the fear of having to talk

about his work. Having overcome that fear, Michael now remarks, “It’s rewarding to execute a concept that I have by creating it in a physical form. The next best part of this process is hearing how gallery visitors respond to it, their questions or thoughts about the work. Until now I’d missed out on this very rewarding aspect of creating art” Michael produces commercial and fine art photography in his studio in Chicago. His work resides in a number of private collections around the world. • 11

photography • digital art

Teresita III. Digital Photography on Satin Aluminum, 8” x 10”.

Photography is more about access and composition and less about the camera or technology used to take the picture. It’s the photographer’s job to see the unusual in the every day by balancing scale, light and luck. The best photographs creatively compose compelling subjects and elicit emotions while demonstrating excellence in tradecraft. The right photo can have lifetimes of impact.

Chuck Fletcher (b. 1968) uses a camera to engage people and create wonder about their story and how they came to be in his pictures. Chuck’s work focuses on street photography and contemporary sociocultural themes exposed in candid portraits of people. His photos reflect an interest in emotions, environment, and culture to promote social understanding.

and disposable cameras. The shots are taken on the move, with no rehearsals or second chances. The photographs are moments of opportunity, which means that nothing is staged – nothing is controlled – the environment, subject, lighting, movement and timing are all fluid. These blended challenges make street photography exciting and a unique way to convert daily life into art.

Chuck’s work showcases photographs taken over the years using a variety of camera and sensor types - from fancy Nikons to antique

Chuck is a published photographer and scientific author. An experienced geologist, teacher, and technical analyst, his pictures

12 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Smiley Ring. Digital Photography on Gloss Aluminum, 10” x 12”.

Macy’s Mannequins. Digital Photography on Satin Aluminum, 8” x 10 “.

demonstrate a professional acumen for the graphics arts. Chuck’s early influences include volunteer work taking pictures of children waiting for adoption and a wide variety of street encounters during international travel. He grew up in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia, but now resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and three kids.

Chuck is a member of the League of Reston Artists, the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), the Art League, Photographic Society of America, and supporter of the Arts Council of Fairfax County. • 13

photography • digital art

Treetych. Digital Mixed Media, 17” x 36”.

Leo Hylan is a Multimedia Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Video Artist (Installation and VJ), and Electronic Musician from the Baltimore/ Washington area. He received his B.F.A. in New Media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master’s in Art Education and is pursuing a second Masters in Digital Arts from Goucher College. As a native of the state of Maryland and the Baltimore Area, the theme of his work often includes the state’s topography and history. He is an Award Winning Artist who has had featured gallery exhibitions for his Two-Dimensional Multimedia, Photographic, and Video Installation work in several prestigious Baltimore/Washington Area galleries, which include the Chesapeake Arts Center, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, BWI Airport Gallery, The Herring Run Network, and the Studio of the Arts. He continues to provide Multimedia Performances (Electronic Music, Sound, Live Video) at various locations throughout the Chicago, Baltimore/Washington, Asheville, Philadelphia, and New York areas. This includes live video performances for nationally acclaimed musicians such as Telesma, Alto Verde (Andy Bopp), and others at major venues such as Rams Head Live-Baltimore. As a filmmaker he has produced three short films that combine 16mm, 8mm, and Video, all of which have been selected to be shown at premier cinemas including the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago. Leo Hylan is a Founder and and Instructor at the first Arts Magnet Program in his now hometown of Annapolis, MD. He has also been published in several Art Education Curricula and Journals, selected to speak at the National Art Education Conference in Seattle, WA, featured in numerous articles a including the “City Paper”, Capital Gazette, and “What’s Up Annapolis” for his work both in and out of the classroom.

Abstract #12. Digital Mixed Media, 40” x 48”. The pieces above were created using Mixed Media Techniques that incorporate Multiple Digital Processes. These include film (35mm and medium format), digital, and experimental photography; as well as, scanning and manipulating paintings, drawings, prints, and other fine arts processes. The pieces were all edited, manipulated, effected, and composited with Photoshop and printed on large canvas paper with was stretched.

14 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

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photography • digital art

Web. Photography/Digital art.

Arthur Jacob My work reflects many journeys and discoveries. It offers an infinite number of visual interpretations. Through abstraction of a photography or pure digital art, I ask that the observer take a journey of discovery with me and explore the many shapes, colors, form and movement of a work. Colors and shapes become my emotion of that work while form and movement reflect my attitude. Even when

a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. The techniques I use in my work are thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. My goal is to use a mouse, rather than a brush, to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication with the observer.

16 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Flood. Photography/Digital art.

I have been fortunate to receive recognition of my work by several organizations and competitions. Some of them include Digital Art of California, Manhattan Arts International, Gresham Valley Art Center, and ArtLa who hosted a two moth solo exhibition in Santa Monica, California. After leaving the work-a-day world, it was in Las Vegas that I began to discover my creative abilities and focus on the mediums

of photography and digital art. In 2008 I decided to move to the Portland area where I presently reside, after a short stay in Coos Bay, Oregon. Believing that it is important to stay connected with one’s community, I have actively served on several community boards and committees, most recently, the Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas and the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon. • • 17

photography • digital art

The Babysitter. Digital art.

Maureen Kirk-Detberner Using her camera as an instrument that can explorer and document the spirit of animals and the desert, inspires Maureen to create images that delight and surprise the viewer. Maureen’s main subjects are horses, desert animals and landscapes. Finding inspiration in her subjects and the serenity of the Sonoran Desert, Maureen is most happy when she can photograph animals with a desert backdrop. Taking photos since her high school days, she was the photo person at family gathering and events. She documented the lives of her children and friends in photos. In the early 2000’s Maureen purchased her first digital point-and-shoot camera and fell back in love with photography. After pushing her point-and-shoot to the limits Maureen purchased her first digital DSLR camera in 2008. After tens of thousands of photos and many photography classes in 2009, Maureen started FastWinn Photography named after her Arabian Horse Winn. Maureen enjoys combining her love of horses

and the desert by taking photographs of the rare Colonial Spanish horses, the wild horses of the Salt River Basin, portraits of people with their horses and pets, and the landscape of the Sonoran Desert. Maureen’s photos have appeared in the Arizona Daily Star, Yankee Peddler, Schmap Tucson Guide, Wikipedia, SAAG Gallery, Tohono Chul Park’s Gallery and Toscana Studio and Gallery to name a few. The Livestock Breeds Conservancy named Maureen’s photo of two Spanish Barb Mares as their 2011 Photo of the year. Maureen’s image titled “Victory” received an honorable mention in the Black and White category in the Winter 2013 Ideal Equine Photography Contest an international photo contest . View Maureen’s images on her website at Maureen Kirk-Detberner and her husband share their home in the desert with three horses, two dogs, one cat and six chickens.

18 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Men Behind the Wall’s #1. Didital art, 30” x 40”.

Michael Katz was born in 1953 and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 15, he received his first camera and fell in love with photography. At 16, his family built him a complete darkroom where he learned how to roll film, experimented with developing film in different ways, and made black/white & Sepia prints with the encouragement of his family for more than 16 years. He attended the State University at Oswego New York where he received a B.S. degree in Elementary Education in 1975. After a career spanning 26 years in the area of purchasing and product design management for several Fortune 100 corporations, in 2002, he decided to dedicate himself to his true passion, photography. Michael embarked on a photographic journey that included food and interior photography for several well known restaurant and design clients throughout the country. His work has appeared in Food and Wine, Wine Spectator, Food Arts, Travel and Leisure, Ocean Drive, USA Today, New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Elite Traveler, Millionaire, American and Delta Airline Magazines, Dining Out, Where Magazine, the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Newsday, Gotham, Hampton and GQ-UK. Several of Michael’s images also appeared in the “South Beach Diet Book” and the “SpainChic” travel book. Michael has photographed images on four continents throughout the world, as well as capturing food images across the United States, Spain, Mexico, and London. In 2002, Michael became the Photographic Coordinator of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, one of the premier events of its kind in the United States, overseeing all of the festival images for five years. Additionally, he produced 32 photo

covers for Where Miami Magazine between 2003 to 2007. Michael loves to find natural lines in nature as well as images that have distinct eye appeal, which are qualities that consistently spur his passion for Fine Photographic Artwork. His ability to take every day images, impressions one may remember from the past, and using a selective tinting process, or a combination of light, contrast and monochromatic use of color, transform the images encapsulated by applying his creative point of view, into unique pieces of art. • 19

photography • digital art




The world is making a transit through lands that are really close to a precipice and the road seems to get narrower with every step. The greatest global economical crisis in the last half century has already claimed some victims, like Greece that is considering the possibility of getting out of the European Union as a radical measure to refloat its economy and also not to spread the disease to other countries in the European Union, the disease of the uncertainty and the nervousness that nearly sank their country into bankruptcy. Spain, another aspect to be considered in this crisis, is holding its breath and applying a hard plan of reductions in social programs with the objective of solving the unemployment problem of more than four million people. Surrounded by chaos, France and Germany

are discussing if a policy of austerity is the most effective formula to take Europe out of the crisis. In America, the united States are recovering from the most serious economical storm in the last seven decades. On the other hand, uncertainty increases in China due to the deceleration of their productivity; this could also negatively affect Latin America, where the great economies are now dependent on their exportations of raw materials to the Asian giant. The consequences of the crisis are hitting everyone: nations, banks, large corporations and common people in the street. Money, a medium that is both human and material, has become a lifesaver to survive the global financial storm. Many people think money is the origin of all the materialistic diseases of our present-day society and that it is also the instrument of the much discredited capitalism; but very little is said about the spiritual load it carries, or about its symbols, its historical, cultural and chromatic value, considered and compared in the different monetary signs of individual countries.

20 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Red Meets A Sharp End 1. Digital art.

Twig & Vase. Digital art.

James Markus I am one of the first digital photographers. Between 1992-1994 I tested professional prototype cameras for Nikon, Kodak, and the Associated Press who jointly produced the first portable professional digital camera. I also have been using Photoshop for well over 25 years. Photography has been a constant passion throughout my life. There have been a few dry years due to widowhood, and being father to seven wonderful children. However, there has always been a need to express visually the images in my head, and photography has been the main outlet for these expressions. Thirty years as an advertising photographer in a newspaper marketing department was the sandbox in which I honed my skills. The last five years I have run my own studio where I create images for everything from food/product shots, to children’s book illustrations. I hope you enjoy looking at my images. • 21

photography • digital art

Cocktails for Two. Ddigital painting, archival inkjet on canvas, 39” x 39”.

Little Egypt. Ddigital painting, archival inkjet on canvas, 39” x 39”.

Petrea Noyes Born 1946 Studied with Connecticut artist Harold Wolcott (19501964), then attended AFA degree program at Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan CT (1965-1967) and received BA from University of Miami, FL (1969-1971) I began making art in the 1954 and have been doing so ever since…my current practice involves software, digital imaging tools and a 44-inch archival inkjet printer. I have exhibited in several hundred juried shows throughout the Northeast since 1962 and am currently exhibiting in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. My work is in a number of private and corporate collections including the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, the Marriot Corporation, and I have won a number of local and regional awards.

22 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Nosferat 2. Ddigital drawing, archival inkjet on canvas, 30” x 30”.

AWARDS 2014 Publisher’s Choice Award, Art & Beyond Magazine 2013 Publisher’s Choice Award, Art & Beyond Competition 2010 ‘Branching Out’ Residency Program and Grant for Young Artist Mentoring 2010 ‘Best of Mixed Media Worldwide, Vol 1’ publication Spring 2009 Art Kudos International Finalist 2009 Maine Arts Commission Grant, ‘Art in Our Towns: Freeport’, cash grant for commissioned encaustic/ mixed media piece 2009 Best of Show, RiverArts Gallery “Driven to Abstraction” 2009 Honorable Mention, Harlow Gallery Art2009, Augusta 2008 Honorable Mention, Harlow Galley Art2008, Augusta 2007 Juror’s Choice Award, Harlow Gallery Art 2007 Exhibition, Augusta

Underpinnings. Ddigital drawing, archival inkjet on canvas, 30” x 30”. • 23

photography • digital art

Broken Beauty. Photography 8” x 10”.

Natalya B. Parris has advanced degrees in construction engineering from the Moscow State Construction University. She is a curator, an art instructor and an artist. Ms. Parris is among featured artists at the “100 Contemporary

International Artists”, “Contemporary Artists of the World 2008 – 2009”, and “Contemporary Women Artists 2010.” Ms. Parris and her art were featured among international artists in the 2010 and 2012 Yearbooks of the Latino Art Museum.

24 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

A Kiss of Sunshine. Photography 8” x 10”.

The photo “A Kiss of Sunshine” won Third Place at the Keep Montgomery County Beautiful (KMCB) Annual Photography Contest 2013. In the photo is my daughter Victoria. I took this photo also in  Milton M. Kaufmann Park, MD USA  on April 10, 2013. This is a story about this photograph:  “This park is my favorite place for walk and run.   I took a walk there and saw magnificent blooming trees.   I went home to take my camera and my daughter Victoria wanted to go with me for a

photo shoot. While we were working on taking her photos with Saucer Magnolia blooms, I noticed how beautifully the bark of the tree matches the color of her hair.  The ray of sunset sun touched her face and here it was that magical moment when the sunshine kissed her eye in a shape of a heart and changed color of her green eye to golden.  It was like a sun whisper, “Good night sweet girl. I will shine for you tomorrow.”  I am happy I captured that moment.  It will forever remind me about my special bond with my daughter.. • 25

photography • digital art Time. Photo-Lithography.

My passion has always been for the water. It’s the essence of all living creatures on earth. Leonardo da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of all nature”. While diving or just floating on the surface one can feel the weightlessness – like drifting through space. I love capturing the reflections of the water that are created by sunlight breaking the surface.

Henrik Welle

By turning the world upside down I like to cause an effect that conjures up the surreal. Everything is connected with water, nature and the energy of life.

Underwater Photography

For the body of work, “The Only Time”, I used a model in a full suit. The pictures were taken underwater and mostly at night.

I’ve chosen the media photography over film because I can capture the present moment and freeze it in time. A photograph always can bring you back to that moment and feeling that you had in the time of its creation or when you saw it for the first time.

The “Agent of Time” represents anybody and everybody. The composition alludes to the past, present and future in which the agent deals with daily human challenges yet remains always in the only reality–the now.

A photo can create an emotion, a feeling and inspire your imagination whenever you gaze at it.

26 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014


Cover and Content Competition to its issue holdsholds Content and Cover Competitions for Summer/Fall Annual Special "Nude, Nude and Nude" Issue Multiple winners willContent be chosen: Four artists will The winner of the Competition be awarded to be on the One Covers (Front will be awarded with Full PageCover, Back article Cover, (value Inside of Front Cover and Inside $345.00). Back Cover) 20+ Competition artists will be winner chosen to Artwork of theand Cover be published in theon Online magazine. will be published the cover (award equal $1100.00) Winners will be awarded with One Full Page article published in the Art & Beyond Online We will be rewarding over $4000 Magazine.

in prizes!

June 3, 2014 The deadline for this competition is August 21, 2013

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photography • digital art

Totem II. Plexiglass, 55” x 75”.

Fu Wenjun The Cultural Meaning Contained in Totem As for the totem, we will naturally think of primitive rock or mural paintings --- images daubed and engraved on the rocks. Disregarding the hunters’ awe of ferocious beasts or the vague wishes of the desires to conquer, the primitive inhabitants frequently painted on the steep cliffs vivid figures of the animals closely connected to their survival. Having a look at the images related to the witchcraft and the blessing, we can easily find that the painters purposely made a clear contrast between the figures of gods and emperors and those close to them, regardless the size of the shaped figures or their positive rate. In my opinion, the charm of prehistoric art lies on the psychological, cognitive and conceptual interflow with our days, so the totem symbols of the prehistoric art has become an issue of my art research. The totem culture can be found embodied in social and cultural texts, as a cultural phenomenon belonging to society, history, class and race.

I have tried to explore the meaning of the totem from the perspective of the philosophy of art, and I’ve found that there is an inherent connection between the ideas expressed in the primitive rock paintings and the visual and perceptual schema in modern and contemporary art. The cultural phenomenon and meaning implied by the totem are also embodied in the current society, culture, history and life, like the total obedience to the cultural authorities, the established recognition of Western centralism, the blind worship toward the post colonialism, are nothing else but a sort of worship of totem. The dominant Western culture, as the leader in global politics and culture, always assimilate compulsorily the non-Western, marginal and low class language systems. In my works, the figure of Barack Obama is enlarged, making a big contrast with the African aboriginal people, so as to accord with the schema

28 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Illusory Metamorphoses Grass. Cloth version No 5, 110cm x140cm

of the totem worship. At the same time, I blur the figures: the figure of Barack Obama occupies a large planar space, but the highlight intensity is lower than the other planar elements. As a result, a place of gaming is created, which stands between marginal discourse and central discourse. Although many scholars, by means of individualistic theories, advocate for overcoming the radical antagonism between East and West, as well as for deconstructing the fairy tale told by the central power, such a reality will be hard to surpass yet for a long time. I’ve analyzed carefully each figure chosen, its clothes and accessories, because I wish to highlight the cultural meaning of the totem, while creating a mysterious, illusory beauty for the audience. In my works, except for the investigation on cultural rights, the interdisciplinary questions related to photography represent another key point the work series Totem attempt to experiment. After the news photography, documentary photography and scenery photography, nowadays the artists engaged in photography always make use of the postproduction work in hope of creating some special effects. As a result, I’ve thought, if merging photography and scientific technology, what advantages and differences would be achieved from that effect? Basing on this idea, in terms of form and performance techniques in the work Totem, I made use of the Photoshop composition and recreated illusory environment. Consequently, many friends have said that my work seems like a static Avatar. However, as is known to all, with the transformation of the visual culture, the traditional art (painting, photography) has made a breakthrough in the interdisciplinary field and in the use of technology power. Within the intercultural communication system, technological innovations in multimedia and new media art have achieved both a macro and micro conscious mastery. While my works, which do not leap over the bounds of conceptual photography but get very close to the new media art, namely based on the digital technology, they present an art form characterized by Internet, transmission, interaction and fictitiousness. Due to the tendency to non-elite culture in postmodernist research, the visual culture has started to move towards the popular culture. On the one hand, visually it impresses the audience with its sense of wonder and amazement; on the other hand, it gives the audience more interaction and enrichment regarding the art experience. I hope that with the help of such kind of art works, which same as popular culture can easily spread, the distance between artist and audience as well as that between works and audience can be shortened, which would make the art works appear not as a subject or a third part, and the media themselves to change into information texts. After all,

the good contemporary art works can’t just be confined in the ivory tower, unknown to anyone else. But this doesn’t mean I am trying to please the public: where I appreciate most Andy Warhol is that he wasn’t afraid to cater to the audience and the fashion, but he didn’t desist from his attitude of criticism, even while approaching the audience. Contemporary art should be spread-disseminate and be more and more affected by the mass media transmission; I have put the mass media directly into my works, with the hope of creating a new graphic language. Thanks to the deep research on primitive art and the interdisciplinary experiment on photographic works, I’ve completed this new work. In my opinion, a good work doesn’t need a long story, what important is the issue recognized and studied during the creation process. Paul Cezanne called himself a primitive with new vision; even though I can’t be put in the same category with him, we share a common focus on the new vision in our art. On such a breathtaking, expanded and fancy big stage of contemporary art, I hope my works can settle down in the pure and mysterious primitive art, and I will make a few more simple but meaningful attempts. • 29

photography • digital art Head Nine. Transparency Painting, 20” x 24”

Jeweled Woman. Transparency Painting, 20” x 24”

BARBARA WURDEN expresses her artistic talent through three creative disciplines. She is a fine artist, decorative painter and video producer. Wurden received a bachelor’s degree in fine art from a Minnesota State University in 1985. Soon afterwards, she moved to Southern California to pursue her passion as an artist. She began by developing a decorative painting business. Wurden, owner of Faux Fun, Inc., has collaborated with designers and homeowners leaving behind her creative signature in homes and commercial business throughout Southern California. Friends and clients loved to watch her work and they frequently inquired about the processes. Consequently, Wurden decided to create an instructional video to show them the steps. The idea blossomed into the ten title Faux Fun DVD series. She does much of the production on her own as she thrives on the artistic challenges of setting up interesting camera angles and delivering clear and inspiring scripts.

improvement show with a feminine twist and she tags herself The Handy Goddess. She’s the Diva of Demolition and Design and has even managed to land her face on the Jay Leno Show where she pitched her show to America. However, Wurden expresses herself best through fine art. It is here on canvas where she is able to use her creative energies in a more mystical manner where she paints images beyond decoration and interior design. Her paintings mirror the expression of her life as to that point in time. She often paints abstractly or abstractly coupled with realism. Her paintings reflect vibrant colors and lively gestured brush stokes interconnected with the use of quiet and the sensual blending of colors.

In contrast to her faux painting instructional videos, Wurden creates and produces home improvement entertainment videos. It’s a home 30 • Art & Beyond • Photography and Digital Art • Special Issue 2014

Michael Katz

We Built this City. Digital art, 30” x 40”

Leo Hylan

Tunneled. Digital Mixed Media, 24” x 30”

Art & Beyond Special Digital Art and Photography issue2014  

Art & Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the art world. It is an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs...

Art & Beyond Special Digital Art and Photography issue2014  

Art & Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the art world. It is an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs...