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Glen Josselsohn

Spectrum 1

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Jack Jasper

Ariandne. Acrylic on canvas.

Vol. 13 • November/December • 2013

art&beyond Art & Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the art world. It is an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs to have when exhibiting their work, whether at art shows, art expos, or small exhibitions. Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the incredible artists featured on the pages of this issue. Each possessing their own style, unique ideas and vision of the world around us. From scratch they are able to create things that inspire and enhance our lives. Art & Beyond is continuing to publish Sunil Vilas' Exclusive interviews with artists, members of the Globalization ICAS - Online website that promotes The Best of the Best in Arts, News, Reviews and Updates on Art from around the Globe. For this issue of Art & Beyond Magazine we have published his interview with glass artist, David Flower. For this issue Art & Beyond held a Cover Competition for all 4 covers and Publisher Choice to be published in the magazine.

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Fine Art

Mixed Media • Jewelry

Exclusive Interview with David Flower

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Glen Josselsohn

Jeff Wilson

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Congratulations to Glen Josselsohn, his work “Spectrum1” was chosen as this months Art and Beyond Front Cover Competition winner. The Inside Front Cover was awarded to Jack Jasper for a beautiful artwork “Ariandne”. The Back Cover was awarded to Jeff Wilson for work “Flying Beaver” and the Inside Back Cover has been awarded to Sandy Den Hartog for her wonderful jewelry “Tribal NUBIAN PRINCESS ”. We would also like to congratulate those artists who bave been chosen as Publishers Choice Award winners in this issue for their outstanding artwork: Anica Shpilberg, Lynn Zubal, Gabi Domenig, Jeannette Sirois, Elton Leonard, Bogdana Krusic, Kathleen Gallagher, Edvard Ghazaryan. We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in this competition.


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Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

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prime location adjacent to Art Miami/ Context and Miami Projects makes Midtown and Wynwood the most visited areas which run concurrent and successful satellite art fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach. For the last 4 years, Castillo decided to focus his career on the fascinating and fleeting aspect of the arts market: the development and organization of the international art fairs. After working for 17 years as the director of his eponymous gallery in Chicago, Castillo has built a reputation based on his forward-thinking and progressive ideas which were evident in his participation as associate director for MIA Art Fair 2011, Shanghai Art Fair 2011 and Art Shanghai 2012 as well as Art Spot 2012. During Spectrum Miami 2013, Castillo will have a dozen booths located at the right of the 60,000 square foot tent, near the entrance in a section named ArtSpot showcasing painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper. Current Art Group will exhibit a new project called Current Art Group, USA Project at ArtSpot Booth #215. This group was founded and curated by Ted Barr well known curator in cities as Miami, NYC, Paris, Tel Aviv. Ted Barr delivers international lectures and workshops demonstrating his multilayered Tar technique as well as presentations in the subjects of symbolism, modern art concepts, curating models and global art marketing. The Current Art Group consists of more than 5000 members worldwide. The group enhances residency exchanges and offers platform for emerging and established Artists’ shows. Additional to Ted Barr, Luis Valenzuela will be the sharing curator, Creative Director of Artsy Productions USA©. Internationally renowned visual artist and curator Valenzuela has has successful careers in marketing, journalism, and fashion design. I his quest to create diverse and unique art, he has producedmany one-of–a-kind pieces, several of which have landed in art collections, interior designers and architects from around the world. Valenzuela’s passion to create such exceptional art and his creative vision naturally served as a catalyst for him to expand his career as a curator. He has successfully organized art exhibitions in distinguished institutions such as The Chelsea Art Museum and The Kennedy Center Washington DC and at art fairs such as Art Miami and Art Wynwood. Most notable of Valenzuela’s work as a curator was his collaboration with art champion and pioneer Bernice Steinbaum.

Alejandro Leyva. BECAREFULL ITS MY HEART. Mixed Media on canvas.

Elger Aragundi. Azul mas que Azur. Mixed Media.

Current Art Group, USA will offer the most modern methods of Marketing including social networking, artists’ personal interviews to promote the project as well as the participants’ artists, under the direction of Tata Fernandez, Art Marketing/Social Media Consultant. Between the Participants Artists, we can mention Barbara Rosenzweig/ USA, Magaly Otaola/Venezuela, Alejandro Leyva/Cuba, Esteban Leyva/ Cuba, Liora Rosenman/Israel, Gilbert Salinas/USA, Fabio Mesa/Colombia, Gouri Sahn/India, Bernadette Despujols/Venezuela, Aviva Beigel/Israel, Elger Aragundi/Ecuador, Eumelia Castro/Venezuela, Glen Joss/South Africa, Leonardo Tezcucano/Mexico, Raphael Weinstock/Germany, Stephanie Bloom/USA, Ronny Vadia/Colombia, Henrik Welle/USA. For more information visit our website: or email us to: currentartgroup2013@gmail.

Stephanie Bloom. King of the mountain. Photography on Plexiglas • 5


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Sunil Vilas exclusive Interview’s

David Flower – contemporary glass artist

I am proud to Welcome our next guest known to us as the award-winning artist for our theme “NEW WORKS” in August - David Flower contemporary glass artist. I am pleased David that you could join us in our VIP CREATIVE LOUNGE for an exclusive interview. Q. Sunil – When did you first realize you were an artist? A. David – That is a tough question. For a long time after graduating from a Design:Glass BA(Hons) degree I struggled to give myself the title ‘artist’. I would look at the artists from history that I had studied and found it impossible to put myself into the same category. Even now if someone asks me what I do I am more likely to say ‘glass maker’, my friends and clients refer to me as an artist. I suppose that I realised that I was an artist when that was the title I was given by means of an introduction but it is still an uncomfortable moniker. So many people Seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Mouth blown glass, hand forged steel, refer to themselves as artists these days that wood. 4m x 1m x 1m. 2013 the word is almost redundant as an effective description of what one does, so I still refer to myself as a glass maker because it is the word ‘maker’ that is so important to me. Q. Sunil - How would you describe your art to someone who has never seen your work? A. David – I wouldn’t. I communicate via a 3D visual language, that is where my strength lies, using colour and form, texture and shape to represent thought and feeling. If I were talented with words like Thomas Hardy or Philip Larkin I am sure that words would be an excellent tool to describing my work, but I am not skilled in that way so when I describe my work it is quite clumsy: for the purposes of this interview I would say that I make abstract sculpture. Visual arts have to be seen to be understood, and after the seeing comes the subjective part, the validation of what we see, the sense making. In this day and age if someone had not seen my work I would probably show them images of my phone rather than attempt a verbal description. Sunil - I believe the magical mix here is the passion and determination you have in your work which speaks louder. With each work we finish it becomes a process of learning and understanding ourselves better as we strive to improve, always believing our best is yet to come. Glass art and sculpture are visually attractive, tactile and also therapeutic. Q. Sunil – If you had the opportunity to change something in the art industry what would it be? A. David – I would change the way that glass and the artists that use it are viewed by the art industry. Currently glass occupies a strange netherworld, in that there are 3D artists that use glass as elements of sculpture but glass sculptures and their makers do not seem to be accepted as fine art. I am still not sure why, it could be because one has to be a true craftsman to manipulate glass that it holds the label craft very strongly perhaps. People have been creating with glass for thousands of years but as a material for true self-expression it is not well thought of. I find this odd. Q. Sunil – I know you recently become active member of Globalization ICAS and aware what we have achieved as an Organisation Globally. How do you believe we could help as GICAS? A. David – GICAS can help by promoting the use of glass as a fine art material and the people. That use it thus as fine artists. You have the ability to connect to collectors of art, to promote the wonderful variety that is to be discovered. The UK domestic art market does not place glass artists very highly, this is merely about perception and promotion and it is here that you can help. There is a new breed of collector out there, people who are excited by new materials and fresh visual languages in fine art, you can forge connections and begin to put glass art within the reach of collectors outside the very specific ‘glass collector’ bracket. For two thousand years we have been using hot glass to make objects of desire, no material has the history, or the lineage of glass. No material

Post Meridian. Mouth blown and cast glass. 50cm x 20cm x 1200cm. 2008 8 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

Journey. Mouth blown glass, hand forged steel, wood. 1100cm x 40cm x 1000cm. 2012

is as flexible, delicate, as commonly used or as routinely unseen. Imagine a life without it. Q. Sunil - It has been fascinating following your progress in contemporary Glass Art, Would you like to share examples of some of your major projects you have completed? A. David – I work by commission to make sculpture for interior spaces, usually people’s homes. A piece that I am particularly proud of is called ‘Journey’ and it describes the life of the client from birth to present day. I love-making sculpture for someone specific, I talk to my client about their life and try to weave this information into the piece of work so that the final piece is as much about them as it is about my need to create. In this way a piece of work is a three-way conversation between client, artist and material; ‘Journey’ represents this symbiotic approach, I won’t tell you what it has to say, that is between the client and me. Similarly with ‘Impressions of Wyndham Hodgkins’ I loved the challenge of describing a client, representing him in glass, steel and wood. Wyndham, his wife Gillian and I are the only people who understand the sculpture fully, we share this secret and this experience, and that is such a privilege. Clear Space was created for a client that worked inside an office in his house, when all he wanted to do was be out in his garden, so I created a ‘projector’ for him. This piece was made to sit on the windowsill of his southfacing office and use the sun to cast its green patterns onto the walls, the clear crystal block would interject with beams of multiple coloured light, the light and colour of his garden came into his office. Everything I make is a personal response to another person, either in representing them or an aspect of their character or in attempting to improve an environment using glass and light. Q. Sunil – Tell us your perfect scenario for working in glass art? A. David – In my perfect scenario I am working with clients that trust me, that are open to my way of working, ie extracting some part of them to go into the work. I am very fortunate in that this has always been the case for me. It is this part of the process, this desire to include the client in some way in their commissioned piece, that ensures I remain creative and challenged because I am dealing with a complex individual who will require an intuitive and informed emotional response from me when creating their artwork. People are endlessly fascinating, especially in the minutiae of our lives. Q. Sunil – It's look like we coming to the end of our amazing journey of following your development and having an inside to modern contemporary glass artists therefore leaves me ask our finally question, What are you working on just now? A. David – You catch me working on two projects with a third in the pipeline. Unfortunately the first two cannot be spoken about, one is bound by a non disclosure agreement and the other is a very private commission from a shy client. Mystery is always so much more tantalising don’t you think? The third is a rare personal piece involving ten thousand glass balls, each one blown by a member of the public, all suspended from the roof of a cathedral, individually lit and interacting with the sounds of the cathedral via a computer programme. A visual recording of the remarkable audible life of these buildings. David it was a great pleasure to have you in our VIP Lounge for an exclusive interview. We wish you continued success in your career. To read full Interview please go to

Farewell Tuvalu. Mouth blown glass, steel, wood. 80cm x 45cm x 30cm. 2011 • 9

fine art

Go on first! Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80 cm. Timeless Painted blind. Collection “Blind”


freedom of painting blindsided

“When I got the news that my 3 months old son was blind, I went through a deep reflection about our perception of things. When I created the “Blind Collection”, I never felt so much joy and freedom painting.” Olivia Boa. “If Olivia Boa feels free when she is painting blindfolded, this must be because she has years of practice behind her and she has mastered her movement with a spatula or her fingers, which makes her lay her acrylic colors following on a personal writing.” Pierre Hugli for PH+Art magazine.

Olivia Boa Olivia Boa was born in 1981 in Yvelines in France. At a young age Boa was attracted to the world of the art and in particular, painting.

couple representing the same landscape and being entitled: the first generation.

Boa began her formation into an artist at the age of 10 with the help of Yves Armani, an artist who taught her the basiscs. From the age of her 14, Boa pursued her work and her research in painting in a self-taught way.

In addition to her work as an artist, Olivia is also a therapist and in 2012 she proposed a subtle mixture of her work in therapy mixed with her work in abstract art.

In 1998, Boa decided to release hersefl from conventional structures of the academic painting, by turning on the abstract art. In 2011, she worked the concept of “generations” in art, namely to paint a subject on various energy perceptions. For example of a landscape, Olivia Boa is going to draw all the energy yin and to transmit it on a work, while realizing simultaneously another work of the same landscape but in an energy yang, so forming a linen

10 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

Olivia Boa declines us a whole pallet of feelings, sensations, observations and makes in consultation and retranscribes it in the form of colors, of movement, of textures and of forms on a painting. A French/English bilingual catalog of its work: « psychological works » will be available from the end of this summer. For any order please get in touch directly with the artist who will dedicate it to you personally. •

Indago red. Brushed acrilics on canvas. 80cm x 100cm

Alfonsina Bozzano She comes from Argentine country life, born 1944- Lost her father at fifteen, endless spaces & horses with him, needding a new meaning to live up to. Obtained painter degree & professorship at high school of arts, inspired at Bauhaus & now Fba, depending of UNLP: ”Universidad Nacional de La Plata” - including humanistic studies. Later worked several years close to great masters in sculpture, painting, mural Technics, and so on & teaching privately or within schools, children’s hospital, indian-mission, rural teacher. Paying attention to the inner need we all have to develop creativity, and the vital importance in our lives, deep roots, connections. Balancing her metaphysical interests, began to work on technical design, finding it fascinating- the ONE structural sense, be it in places we walk on,live in, or in the inner strength working through canvas. Secure earnings too, and time to paint freely. But little time left for PR & art shows, self promotion, groups membership. At age of 35 went to London for 8 months, enjoying Tate Gallery & other magic places. Then to Paris: Beaubourg, Musèe de la Ville, Palais Royal, Jeau de Pomme; coming back latter to Musèe d’Orsay, small travels while living at Milan - Enjoying the Gugenheim at Venice or walking Ravenna.

Alfonsia had retrospective show of her paintings at the Milan Argentine Consulate in April 1994. She has attended the “oliversità” (holistic university) 1998/99 at Milan & online One Center course, 2000, attested “study group leader.” Has worked long at Naval Design. At Milan for 17th years, even with Gae Aulenti on a 21m yacht interior. Latest 8 years at Wally shipyards at Fano & Ancona (Adriatic seaside) & back to Milan where she lives. Briefing about her plastic work: “I think, as many others before me, that every masterpiece is based upon abstract values, inner structure, cadence, synergy of colors, composition & inner need to cope with it all- Colors are like sounds to music. I love both: abstract paintings & portraits, landscapes, drawing animals in movement. Have done it all - just taking one way at the time. Knowing that we are sort of mediums, through which something else manifest - indivisible with us-sort of our higher-selves, and clearence & integration for the rest. Anyway, while painting, I free my mind of every thing than painting - I let it Be-” • 11

fine art cricket. Traditional Chinese style Watercolor/ink on thin painting silk, 17” x 10”.

Debbi Chan On the cusp of two creative signs, the tiger and the rabbit, I was born in Houston, Texas. With a creative push from day one, I took up the brush by age ten. In my early years as a budding artist I decided that oil painting was not my thing but watercolor and ink were. That really never changed but the style vacillated from realism to fantasy throughout those formative years. It was not until a bit of aging wisdom came to me that I sought out a teacher and found Frank Chiu, a master artist in traditional Chinese painting. He mentored me for over a decade and was later joined by his wife, Judy. They showed me that just taking Sumi lessons was not enough. I involved myself in Chinese culture, philosophy, and art until it coursed through my veins and I saw the world through different eyes. My teacher gave me an artist name – Sosum. He said I always do what I say I will do and SOSUM was the He chose. What He did not know is that the main reason I got in to traditional Chinese art was to paint on silk. Sosum also means, through the root character, threads of silk. I learned much from this wise teacher. then I took an invitation to visit Idaho for a three weeks vacation. Four days before my departure for home, I decided to live here and when I went back home it was only to pack my apartment and say two goodbyes: one to the Buddhist Temple where I was an ordained nun; the other, to the Chiu’s, my mentors and teachers who had become family. Frank Chiu threw the IChing without my knowledge

12 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

tired of bamboo try Wisteria. Watercolor/Ink on painting silk, 12” x 20”. I then partially embroidered it with silk thread using the ancient Gu school of embroidery. In doing this, both the painting and the embroidery enhance each other.

and four days later in my new home he told me what the sticks had said..... GO TO THE WESTERN now a decade has passed. I own a farm on ten acres of paradise, and my heart and art are reaching heights not reached by many... I can truly say that I am rich – rich with no money. And art is still as exciting as it was when I picked up that paintbrush fifty years ago.

Pink Blue. Acrylic on paper. 30cm x 30cm

Gabi Domenig was born in Austria. She is a through and through figurative artist. She tries to capture moments and build up emotional tensions. She does not want to shock, stir up or provoke. The viewer of her images should be touched by a positve energy. He should feel the music she has listened during her painting. He should feel something of her passion when she paints. There are so many negative messages every day which cause bad feelings. For her art should be life-affirming and beautiful, touching and connecting. A language without words. She paints mostly with acrylic colours and concerns herself primarily with the representation of man and especially of women. Her

characters send out varied emotions such as pride, pain, love, sadness, loneliness, joy and longing. They are sensuous, strong, vulnerable, thoughtful, dreamy, seductive, promising and cautious. For the most part the figures are located in a particular environment cutout. The expression of the eyes should draw the viewer into its spell and animate him to enter in a deeper communication with the figures in the picture. Flowers, plants, animals, patterns and landscape sections are decorative parts, but are usually situated in the background • 13

fine art Evening by the Water. Oil on Canvas, 48" x 72"

Westcoast. Oil on Canvas, 36" x 60"

Kathleen Gallagher Since childhood, I have always felt the passionate longing to create. I travelled through Northern Canada with my sketchbook in hand, and eventually passed through Grande Prairie Alberta. I decided to enrol in the Visual Fine Arts Program at Grande Prairie Regional College in 1982-83. I spent a year there and developed a passion for painting. I returned to the Westcoast of British Columbian and continued to paint while meeting family obligations. Over the years, my work took on an abstract style and evolved into an exploration of texture, helped along by the use of my favorite tool, the palette knife. I love exploring nature, taking pictures, and the forms and textures of nature became imprinted in my mind and became the ongoing theme in my paintings. My paintings are definitely abstract

14 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

in nature and how much of the reality of the landscape remains in my work, varies in each painting; however, they are rich in texture. I will sometimes paint in black and white, other times I must paint in colour; primarily I feel guided by texture. Texture fascinates and inspires me, and I love that the textural possibilities are endless even within my distinct style. I want the viewer to be tempted to reach out and touch the layers on the canvas, explore the work, interact with the painting, and connect with the nature that it was born from, in a sense sharing an experience with the work and the nature that it represents.

W1511. Oil on Canvas, 160 cm x 120 cm

Joachim Gerschler Joachim Gerschler is 67 years old. He has been working for a few decades as the top restorer on historical buildings in Berlin doing analysis of the building`s history, the technical requirements of restoring them in the original sense and doing the restoration work himself and with his staff. Since 2010 he has begun to paint oil on canvas in rakel  (spatula) technique and has produced up to now more than 100 such paintings, mostly in sizes of one to two m2,

some in smaller sizes and some up to 10 m2. In this field of art he is up to now completely unknown. He is still most busily producing new paintings. Now it seems to be time to get known internationally and he is looking for a competent party which is best suited to promote his works. Representing him is Dr. Hergen Heinemann who may be contacted under Hergen. • 15

fine art

Hopland. Oil painting on cardboard, 14 cm x 17 cm

Edvard Ghazaryan is an Armenian professional fine artist. Edvard’s first teacher, Ara Sargsian was a tremendously talented and famous sculptor. He established the Yerevan State Institute of Fine Art (now Fine Art Academy). In 1966, with Sargasian’s highest recommendation Edvard entered the Yerevan State Institute of Fine art and graduated with a degree as a painter and designer in 1971. Edvard Ghazaryan won the former USSR Inter-republican Art Exhibition in 1979 and worked as a painter and designer in many factories and Institutes of the Former Soviet Union, since 1972 he worked at the Institute of Technical Aesthetics of USSR, Center of Young Engineers at Technical Institute of Machines, Yerevan Factory of Clocks, Yerevan Designer Bureau and the Armenian National Survey of Seismic Protection. Ghazaryan worked very hard to create his original painting style which reflects the motion of life through people, gardens, flowers, villages, mountains and seas. Today, he is immensely grateful to the fans of his work for understanding and supporting his art. 16 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

Ghazaryan hopes that one day his painting style will inspire young artists. “European painters were created the painting styles and directions regarding to impressionist, post-impressionist and abstract painters. I am 66 years old painter and so many years did work as a painterdesigner in different institutes and factories of former Soviet Union where communist oppressive system required to paint only limited topics of socialism. But I did choose to paint free and painted nature, sea, flowers, landscapes, churches, villages, mountains. The main focus in my art to show a motion of life and, if someone can feel a motion in my paintings at least 3 minutes, I do think that I did paint correctly. I am very glad to see so many talented painters opening doors for 21 century painting styles and techniques in “Art and Beyond“ magazine.”

Ariandne. Acrylic on canvas.

Jack Jasper studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received a BFA in painting in 1970 and an MFA in 1975. He concentrated on painting in graduate school, but he also studied performance. His work in the time arts led him to explore the use of the body in conjunction with other media such as sound and film. After receiving his MFA, he moved to Helena, Montana to pursue freelance design work with his brother. He eventually joined the staff of the Printers, Inc., as a designer. He continued painting and exhibited locally and regionally. In 1982 he received a grant from the Helena Film Society Grant to Artists Program. He collaborated with Montana poet, Rick Newby to design and produce the book, The Man in the Green Loden Overcoat, a juxtaposition of words and images. While he was in Montana, he completed three years of course work in Medical Technology, pursuing a combined degree in chemistry and biology at Carroll College in Helena. He maintained his interest in the time arts by studying percussion. After twelve years in Montana, he decided to return to a more urban environment. In 1988 he moved back to Chicago to further his joint careers in graphic design and painting. He worked as a book designer at a small Chicago press for four years, working extensively with the Macintosh. After completion of a kindergarten through eighth grade series of books for the press, he pursued freelance graphic design work. At one point he worked for a company creating medical illustrations for doctors, nurses and hospitals. Currently, he is freelancing. He continues to paint and

periodically pursued courses in electronic design and imaging at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is represented by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York city and shows his work in group shows. His work has been sold to various collectors. From the experience of being surrounded by the powerful presence of nature in Montana, coupled with the study of life sciences and the Australian aborigines, he is drawn to experimenting with combinations of elements, sometimes alluding to air, earth, fire and water. He strives to represent nature’s electron dance that presupposes an ambient underlying sexuality, unfolding as a shimmering becoming, a synchronicity between disparate elements. • 17

fine art Capistrano. Acrylic on canvas.

Glen Josselsohn will beexhibiting with Spectrum-Miami/Art Spot/CURRENT ART GROUP USA – ART PROJECTS BOOTH 215

Creating a Splash with Contemporary Art Glen Josselsohn Distinctively contemporary in his work, artist Glen Josselsohn’s signature art style offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room design. There’s nothing quite like art to give a room a character of its own. If the décor is the room’s attire, the paintings on the walls are definitely its attitude! If there was ever a good example of this analogy, it’s the work of contemporary artist, Glen Josselsohn. Not only does his art buzz with energy and movement, but it opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. What really is going on between those lines and squiggles, those figures leaping off the canvas? “The way I paint is unique,” Glen says of his work. “The last person who had a similar style was Jackson Pollock. I’ve been using and experimenting with the drip technique for ten years now, and I feel like I have developed a signature style. It’s interesting, and it’s contemporary’’ It’s definitely sparked an interest within the hospitality industry. Last year, Johannesburg boutique hotel, Marion on Nicol, commissioned Glen to do over 30 paintings for the establishment, creating a contemporary feel throughout this chic property. According to Glen,

18 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

the hospitality industry is a perfect platform for his art, as he is able to create work in large volumes, at affordable rates. As for the content and the style, it’s timeless and appeals to most – characteristics that hospitality establishments would do well to keep in mind when investing in pieces that will form part of their identity for years to come. The Radisson Platinum gym is another buyer of his work, the movement and energy on his canvases being suitably appropriate for the nature of the establishment. Glen has also been featured on Top Billing. Although art has always been Glen’s passion, it is only now that he is able to focus on it fulltime. But finally, it seems, he is on the career path he has always desired. Keeping within the theme of change he will also be focusing more intently on working on canvas mediums, rather than paper. “As an artist, painting on a canvas as opposed to paper makes a big difference. He is also in the process of creating his own unique range of acrylic paints – acrylic being his primary medium, along with textured resin, which allows his drip technique to have an almost 3D effect. Using a syringe to do the ‘drips’ and thus outline his work, Glen draws on inspiration from famous modernists such as Miro, Pollock and Mondrian. It is this technique that defines Glen’s unique style – a signature flair that has proven particularly popular, both locally and internationally. Looking forward, Glen’s main goal is to keep doing what he does best: painting. With the intention to promote his work more in Europe and to build and develop his technique even further, life is certainly bound to be exciting. Watch this space – he’s sure to create more than a splash within the art circles. You never know – one of these vibrant wall adornments may just be the je ne se quoi in your hotel lobby.

CITY VIBE. Acrylic & Mixed mediums, canvas, 48”x 36”

Helen Kagan PhD Coming from a family of scientists, Helen was always fascinated by the left and right brain communication. A holistic therapist and artist, she's been developing her unique technique and style in “Healing Arts” which reflects her own deep and colorful view on life, a desire to bridge realities and heal the Past. A refugee from Russia, Helen believes that art as a powerful form of self-expression can be a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Her “Healing Arts” – is her unique way to integrate fine art and the art of healing, and through beauty of expression, positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color, and energetically balanced composition – enhance well-being in a viewer. Helen believes in mind-body-spirit connection and her passionate art is a statement of her beliefs. • • 19

fine art

Rest. Coloured Pencil, 20" x 30"

Jeannette Sirois Exploring the human face and form in some of it’s most vulnerable and awkward moments is the basis of this work called Beyond Realism. Jeannette Sirois sees each of her subject matter as magnificently beautiful and creating these drawings gives her the opportunity to read a story which her subject presents before her as she studies line, form, negative and positive spaces and composition. She works at reproducing those moments using a hyper-realistic technique of drawing with coloured pencil on Canson white illustration board. Having just come to this method of art making, in the past year, after many years of years of being an art educator, she considers herself an emerging artist with this technique, subject matter and material. 20 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

With a BFA, a Graduate Diploma in visual arts and a Masters of Education, teaching and art making had always run parallel for Jeannette. Teaching art took her away from creating on a full time basis, up until recently when she returned to making art full time. Her goal is to explore the human condition in its most vulnerable and relaxed moments and she has been recognized for her work by being accepted into group shows and through winning awards. Beyond Real: Overexposed Underexposed, is an approach which pushes the realism beyond the initial visual studies she conducts with each of her subjects, and highlighting the true details of her subject as it speaks to her of their true self.

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fine art

Ovaltine Cafe. Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Jeff Wilson Jeff was born in Edinburgh Scotland, and worked around the world for several years, before settling in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in 2004. He is a self-taught, realist, acrylic painter. Typical subjects range from heavy machinery to signage and coastlines to animals. The subjects chosen are normally cropped, to home in on the core of object, and often have asymmetric forms. The resulting composition is commonly dynamic and unusual, sometimes tending to abstraction. Jeff paints with a warm palette, interspersing punches of vivid colour with more muted tints, to create a harmonious scheme.

22 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

Since his first successful solo show in 2011, Jeff has gone on to participate in over twenty shows and competitions. He has recently won: the Best in Show at the Oil & Water competition, and the live competitive Art Battle and Battle of the Brush competitions. Jeff is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and CARFAC-BC.

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mixed media • jewelry

The Bella They were a slave Caste of the Tuareg People of Morocco. This represented the Female Form. Very Rare and quite exceptional. Surrounding the Pendant are Graduated Ethiopian Silver Bicone Beads. Continuing are Agate Column Stones from South Africa. Finished off with more Ethiopian Silver.

Ethiopian Baptismal Cross Sterling Silver Ethiopian Cross Pendant. Surrounding the Cross are Tanned Croc Skins from South Africa. Front and Back of Skins are finished with Sterling Silver. When a baby is Baptized in Ethiopia they are given a Cross they wear it their whole life. They are all different Designs, depending on the Village they were born in.

Sandy Den Hartog Sandy has had an interest in stones since childhood. Wherever she went, even as a young person, whether it was picnics, vacations, or field trips; she always made sure she had a cup along to collect rocks which were precious to her at the time. Once in high school she took numerous classes in gemology and geology. Then she graduated, got married, and had children. Rocks and gems had to be put on hold for a while. However, she was still able to attend gem shows and art shows when she had the opportunity. She was looking and learning and eventually was able to travel the globe and reignite her interest in gems and minerals. She was struck by how much stones, rocks, 24 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

gems, and minerals change from country to country. In bringing back Ethiopian Crosses from Africa, she made her daughters and granddaughters necklaces with the crosses. She was once again hooked with a creative passion for what she could now do with these artifacts. Sandy’s work has been exhibited at Palace Hotel in San Francisco and the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. She has also been a part of several juried shows winning a first place medal in 2010 and 2012 with a Award of Merit in 2012.

Cycles, Circles & Squares. Mixed media, 70cm x 70cm

Bogdana Krusic I'm an architect, illustrator, graphic designer and a painter. I graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture; field of study: architecture, visual communications, design, illustration, scenography, and recieved my M.A. degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design; field of study: illustration, painting, visual communications design.

Circles & Square Endless cycle of existence is presented in the form of the tree of life. Trunk of the tree consists of two intertwined stylized figures, supporting the crown with their arms stretched out. The crown itself is shaped as a medieval garden. With symmetrical layout of four circles that intersect the square, it represented as a whole a complete symbolic order of the universe and the relationship between man and God. That is, between the human and the divine. It represents a complete and always recurring ritual of circulation. Female figures within the circles are personifications of each of the periods in the eternal cycle. Vernum as youth and spring, represented by "odor" or smell, Aestas as adulthood or summer, represented by "spectaculum" or sight, Autumnus as maturity or autumn, represented by "degustare" or taste, and Hiemis as age or winter, represented by "audiere" or hearing. Shifted circles that limit the allegories are opening up in the direction of growth of each season and the path of the sun. Inscriptions of human senses that stand out in a given period are written in this space. Letters are designed as sexless stylized human figures in motion. Stylized figures represent the modus vivendi of a man and his desire to give names, to count, understand, control and manage. • 25

photography • digital art

Tel Aviv Towers. Digital Photographic Collage.

Vered Galor has been involved with the fine art world as an artist, curator and educator for over thirty years. She received her BA and MA in Fine Art from California State University in Northridge in 1975 and 1978. Mrs. Galor started her career as glass sculptor. In 1981 she established a business doing curatorial projects and consulting in Contemporary Fine Art. She lectured, participated in discussions and wrote art programs to encourage the collaboration of Art and Architecture. Since 1989 Mrs. Galor has been concentrating on photography. She has been creating her own work, teaching photography and showing with galleries.

“My photographic collages are layers of my reflections and observations, being personal, political or historical. Like our life experiences, these thoughts accumulate on top of each other, to create my feelings and emotions that get expressed in the artwork. The layering process coincides with the synthesis of creating visual pieces that invites one to investigate and explore the given information. Like in previous works of mine, made on glass, the technique and the transparencies, of the digital process are an important part of the art, they emphasis the build-up process and the blending which creates the images. When photographing in Israel, the amount of history, archaeology, culture, faith and natural beauty of the country overwhelms you. In my Israel portfolio/gallery I combine the Archeological, Historical, political and my Emotional relation to the subject”.

26 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

AUTUMN FANTASY II. Digital Print, 18” x 24”

Melvin Harris I became interested in art at an early age. I remember looking at the ‘Draw Me’ ads in comic books and various other publications. I started by taking one of their correspondence courses. I took art classes in Junior High School and was a frequent visitor to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City after school hours. I intensively studied Water Color and Acrylic painting, Life Drawing, Graphic Art and Design, Technical Illustration and Airbrush Photo Retouching during several decades that I lived in California. I gave no thought to ‘being in the arts’ when I was young. I find creating art to be an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. In my work one may perceive a facet of my dream life, catch a glimpse of a thought, experience or wish that I have had during my life. I intend for every image to be not only thought provoking but also appealing to the eye. Because I spent many years as a graphic artist and illustrator, I started using a computer to complete some of my work. After a time, I began using the computer exclusively for all of my art creations.

My preferred medium of expression is digital landscape and modeling software. I use these programs to create one-of-a-kind images from photo-realistic landscapes to ‘other-worldly’ abstracts. Fantasy may be a term that describes one of several themes I depict. Sometimes it is a word concept and other times I may follow a more esoteric route. Surreal landscapes and scenes are ‘products’ of my dream-life. Artists are the ‘visual journalists’ of their time. Through their work they tell the story of the world in which we find ourselves. As an artist, I feel it is important to express, through art, my story of the world’s impact on me. All my prints are on Somerset Velvet paper using Epson Archival inks. The prints Robins Nest, Gift Wrapped and Stained Glass will be on display at the Raw Art Space NYC March 1 - 15. • 27

photography • digital art Yello Dahlia Center. Digital art.

Arthur Jacob Recognition of my work has greatly expanded with participation in several solos and many juried and group exhibitions. Among them is my most recent solo exhibition at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica, California and hosted by Gallery ArtLA. I have also been the recipient of several awards and have been featured in or as part of several print media articles, among them Professional Artist and Art & Beyond Magazine, that are both national print and electronic magazines. I have also recently been juried in to the winning on-line gallery hosted by Manhattan Arts International, New York, New York. My work is a process of discovery, strongly influenced by a very strong visual sense of the world. My work offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer is

28 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

first told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, they are then asked to undertake an adventure of discovery and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction present. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. My creative process is a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication, creates this style of fine art. After leaving the work-a-day world, it was in Las Vegas that I began to discover my creative abilities and focus on the mediums of photography and digital art. In 2008 I decided to move to the Portland area where I presently reside, after a short stay in Coos Bay, Oregon. Believing that it is important to stay connected with one’s community, I have actively served on several community boards and committees, most recently, the Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas and the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon. •

Naked Soul. Pencil and Digital Colors, 11" x 17"

Elton Leonard Jr.

projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through

My artwork takes a critical view of cultural, political and erotic perspectives. In my work, I reconstruct the American dream and fantasy images that are part of our childhood and adult culture. Having engaged subjects as diverse as black women's rights, spirituality, AfricanAmerican liberation and African culture, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. Often times these themes are combined into visual feminine elements that feature surreal and abstract backgrounds, juxtaposed with symbolic spiritual images, and often embellished with vibrant colors. The colors orange and yellow (that I most frequently use) establishes a dream-like surreal quality, suggests notions of calmness, peace, love, happiness and safety; which formally unifies the disparate figures in each portrait. While I use a variety of graphic as well as digital materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different

the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. My work for the most part is a major recording that reminds us about the beauty and sweetness of women and how to find the goddess within all of us. Believe it or not, we as humans are all Artists in one shape or form that is personally unique to us; for we have to ability to create our own lives and most of all our own destinies. My artwork is the very blueprint of who I am. • 29

photography • digital art

I Am Beautiful. Photography

Paula Rucket Paula is a self taught photographer and feels at home producing either straight out of the camera or digitally enhanced photography. As a result of the digital world, her camera is an important part of the circle of digitized creativity which gives her a wide range of innovative elements to create images that tell a story. She uses any subject and then uses photographic treatments that give emphasis to tone, shades, texture, and shapes. When on site Paula moves around her intended subject to determine the best angle and lighting. Her goals are to capture what is often not looked at. Paula’s inspiration is to deepen our connections to the world around us by digitally capturing substance, color, idea, intensity of light, or form. As an aspiring ‘avid amateur’ Paula has had numerous images exhibited in galleries ranging from Honorable Mention to Grand Prize

30 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

winner. It is competing that drives her to improve her photographic skills. One element of her approach is to study other photographers’ images - focusing primarily on composition, light, and texture then using that information she experiments on her next shoot. This is a large part of her self taught strategy. Paula prefers to photograph as a Generalist. Shooting different subjects including nature, architecture, and landscapes is always a challenge and provides a learning experience on every shoot. In addition, she enjoys street photography and is currently working on improving her technique. Ultimately, producing a beautiful image created from a blend of many different artistic approaches is her goal.

photography • digital art

The Selection. Photigraphy on Acrylic, 24" x 36"

FOUR OF THEM. Photigraphy on Acrylic, 24" x 36"

Anica Shpilberg Anica Shpilberg ‘s photographs render peculiar corners of reality. The artist discloses visions and happenings of urban life. From the up close intimacy of people, to panoramic city visions, to surreal objects, her work captures fragmented narratives of a larger story in which the photographer’s eye gives away the specifics of a situation. By Dr. Milagro Bello 32 • Art & Beyond • November/December 2013

She will exhibit during Art Basel Week Dec. 2 to Dec. 8, 2013 at Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Contemporary Art. Dr. Milagros Bello, Director and Chief Curator

piolet. Digital art

Lynn Zubal Have you ever spent the summer looking at human feet? At the beach, shopping, wearing sandals is the summer time experience we all enjoy. The feet are the windows to our soul. According to massage therapists the feet control much of the human body functions. You can tell a lot about a person just by their feet. People look at their feet as art. Shoes are considered an art form for feet. People with toenail polish can create art on their toenails. Individuals have rings or piercing on their feet. Other human toenails are groomed to look like lizards feet with claws. There are web sites, “wikifeet” being one, of celebrity feet showing polish and well groomed toenails depicting a “stylish” type of person.

My most recent artwork is called “Foot Fetish Series”. I take human feet and create human situations, or portraits. The “Foot Fetish Series” are all Giclee, 8x10, computer art. “My Heroes” is a portrait of Dali and Caravaggio. Dali and Caravaggio changed the norm in the art world. Dali the surrealist composed the bizarre into his paintings and made a world we “dream” about. Caravaggio took biblical meanings and brought compassion into his art using his bar fly buddies as subjects. I like seeing things in a bizarre way with compassion. Making you aware that my study of feet has nothing to do with the erotic. • 33

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Sandy Den Hartog

NUBIAN PRINCESS African Hammered Brass with a Patina. African Bone Beads. Very Regal yet the Hammered Brass and Bone Beads really gives this Necklace a Tribal Flair

Jeff Wilson

Flying Beaver. Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 30"