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art&beyond Vol. 14 • December Special Issue • 2013

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Current Art Group USA–ArtSpot International Art Fair Spectrum Miami 2013 Fabio Mesa

Serie la Vida en mi Territorio. Acrylic on Canvas. oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Alejandro Leyva

Marilyn. Mixed Media on Heavy Paper. 80” x 58”

Vol. 13 • December Special Issue • 2013

art&beyond Art & Beyond is a bridge between artists and the global art world. The Magazine is published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., established in 2003. Art & Beyond Magazine is the essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs when exhibiting their work, whether at art shows, art expos, or small exhibitions. Art is a form of communication based on a range of emotions one can express using brush strokes, color, various techniques, different medium and materials. The viewer is able to experience the visual impulse that creates a fountain of feelings. Art is a universal language and one can experience its power by merely looking at it.

CONTENTS Participating Artists

Alejandro Leyva 8

Glen Josselsohn 20

Andres Conde 9

Helen Kagan 21

Andriy Halashyn 10

Henrik Welle 22

Aviva Beigel 11

Joaquin G. Palencia 23

Barbara Rosenzweig 12

Leonardo Tezcucano 24

Bernadette Despujols 13

Liora Rosenman 25

Elger Aragundi 14

Magaly Barnola Otaola 26

Esteban Leyva 16

Maria Fernanda Lairet 27

Eumelia Castro 17

Ronny Vayda 28

Fabio Mesa 18

Stephanie Bloom 29

Gilbert Salinas 19


Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the incredible artists participating in The Current Art Group Project USA. The Current Art Group Project USA will be exhibit a new Project at ArtSpot International Art Fair, Spectrum-Miami 2013. This Art & Beyond Special December Issue contains published artwork by 21 artists from around the world who will all meet at the Spectrum Miami 2013, December 4-8, Booth 215. This issue is a tribute to the incredible artists who create an extraordinary collection of art, capturing our life and displaying it through their prism of artistic vision and it share with the rest of the world.

Fabio Mesa

Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Art & Beyond wishes all the artists great success at The Current Art Group Project USA organized by Tata Fernandez, Project Director and curators Luis Valenzuela and Ted Barr.

Alejandro Leyva


Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

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Maria Fernanda Lairet

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Spectrum Miami 2013

SPECTRUM-MIAMI 2013 prime location adjacent to Art Miami/Context and Miami Projects makes Midtown and Wynwood the most visited areas, which run concurrent, and successful satellite art fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach. After working for 17 years as the director of his eponymous gallery in Chicago, Aldo Castillo has built a reputation based on his forward-thinking and progressive ideas which were evident in his participation as associate director for MIA Art Fair 2011, Shanghai Art Fair 2011 and Art Shanghai 2012 as well as ArtSpot 2012. During Spectrum Miami 2013, Castillo will have a dozen booths located at the right of the 60,000 square foot tent, near the entrance in a section named ArtSpot International Art Fair showcasing painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper. Current Art Group will exhibit a new project called Current Art Group USA, Art Projects at Booth #215 under the direction and marketing expertise of Tata Fernandez. This group was founded and curated by Ted Barr well known curator in cities as Miami, NYC, Paris, Tel Aviv. Ted Barr delivers international lectures and workshops demonstrating his multi-layered Tar technique as well as presentations in the subjects of symbolism, modern art concepts, curating models and global art marketing. The Current Art Group consists of more than 5000 members worldwide. The group enhances residency exchanges and offers platform for emerging and established Artists’ shows. Additional to Ted Barr, Luis Valenzuela will be the sharing curator, he has successfully organized art exhibitions in distinguished institutions such as The Chelsea Art Museum and The Kennedy Center, Washington DC and at art fairs such as Art Miami and Art Wynwood. Most notable of Valenzuela’s work as a curator was his collaboration with art champion and pioneer Bernice Steinbaum. Current Art Group USA, Art Projects will offer the modern methods of Sales and Marketing including social networking, artists’ personal interviews to promote the project as well as the participants’ artists. The Sales Team will be under the direction of Patricia Scremin, Director of Sales, providing the most profitable method of sales to achieve the maximum revenues for the project. Between the Participants Artists, we can mention Barbara Rosenzweig/USA, Magaly Barnola Otaola/Venezuela, Alejandro Leyva/Cuba, Esteban Leyva/Cuba, Liora Rosenman/Israel, Gilbert Salinas/USA, Fabio Mesa/Colombia, Bernadette Despujols/Venezuela, Aviva Beigel/Israel, Elger Aragundi/Ecuador, Eumelia Castro/Venezuela, Glen Josselsohn/South Africa, Leonardo Tezcucano/Mexico, Stephanie Bloom/USA, Ronny Vadia/Colombia, Henrik Welle/USA. For more information: Tata Fernandez, Project Director Telephone: 786-262-5886 Email: Website: • 5

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

TE QUIERO TRES VECES 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 72” x 51”

Alejandro Leyva – CUBA Alejandro Leyva is a Cuban-born painter based in Miami, Florida. He graduated from the Vocational School Luis Casas Romero in 1985 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana, Cuba specializing in painting in 1995. He also received training in ceramics, design and photography in 1996. Since then, Leyva has participated in 10 solo shows, and in 40 collective exhibitions from throughout the word and his work is included in selected private collections from countries such as Mexico, Panama, the U.S., Cuba, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Portugal. One of his latest pieces was included in the permanent collection of MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. As a modern man, Leyva’s works are the product of his reflections on the aggregates of society that depicts an antagonism between the patterns of external beauty accepted by its people and by his own personal experiences. “As an artist I would describe my work as poetry, expressing my own emotions in an imaginative way which allows me to paint with instinctive and volatile feelings trying to capture and connect with the viewer in any possible way,” said Alejandro Leyva. 8 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

How I Can Tell him. Mixed media on canvas, 30" x 24"

Andres Conde – CUBA Painting is my passion. The act of creation has always been a source of emotional and psychological therapy. It relaxes and thrills me at once. I feel energy radiating from the canvas with each brush stroke. The subjects voices whisper how they feel, and ask to be freed from the heavy white veil of canvas and gesso where they are trapped. I fixate on the beauty of the human body, and the expressive nature of the face. My goal is to portray the dichotomy of strength and vulnerability in people, especially women, as this combination moves me deeply. For nearly two decades, my main source of inspiration has been my wife, my muse. It is her soul that I share with the world in every painting. All of these things have inspired me, and collectively, are the reason I paint. • 9

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Speed 35. Oil on Canvas, 51" x 59"

Andriy Halashyn – Ukraine Andriy Halashyn's paintings recreate futuristic scenes that seem oddly familiar. His canvases retain a coexistence of different times, each with their own styles that create complex narrative scenes. In the "Garbage" series, the artist evokes the city of Venice as frame to images of children playing with waste, this before the indifference of tourists and general public. The apparent elements that we can recognize are the ruins of certain classicism coexisting with more terrible images, generally related with photojournalism. The buildings, the channels, the bridges, they all remind us of Italian architecture, which has been an empiric way to educate our sensibility –and suddenly- we appreciate spectacular cultural landmarks of a luxurious past, unfold themselves in a progressive way, first becoming a tourism lot and finally a garbage deposit. Halashyn's paintings are "parasite strategies" of the mass media, some sort of joint digitalization under televised supremacy, although here, the artist also combines hyper realistic elements turned into abstract forms that reformulate previous artistic values that come together in a wider knowledge. Each and every one of these paintings are done based on the same exercise (closer to writing than drawing), and it consists on placing one sign next to the other.

10 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Baby Wall. Photography, 23" x 18"

new born-body. Photography, 18" x 23"

Aviva Beigel – Israel About me and my art. I am a multi media artist, I live and work in Tel-Aviv, and recveived B.A. in Art History in the Tel-Aviv University. I worked in the Tel-Aviv Museum of Modern Art as an Art Guide for adults and workshops for school children. Love to work in all kind of techniques: painting, mix media, photography and unique mosaic. I had exhibitions in Israel and abroad: New-York, Beijing, Paris,Berlin and more... The main theme of my artistic work is the human being. The Human appears in big or small forms, in several physical states: broken, incomplete, bound. I also" look" inside the human body (with the x-ray series) trying to understand what is "really" happening inside us that effects our mind and makes life so complicated. "The pre-occupation with the human character, or rather with what occurs to us as human beings, in the physical and spiritual aspects, and the focus on the areas of pain, unable us as viewers to absorb feelings that are beyond the direct expression of the artist. Beigel sets off from an autobiographical starting point, which is meant to reflect an existential situation of survival, which is both a tremendous source of inspiration and frightening". • 11

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

UNTITLED (0132). Oil on Gessobord, 24" x 24". 2013

Barbara Rozenzweig – USA The interrelationship of line, color and surface has been the subject and content of my work for the last 10 years. During my creative process I consider how each item is operating. How the line is operating…is it a measure? A color? A vestige of a transverse plane or is it a directional signifier? How fast is it moving? Because the painting must work harmoniously my color choices are dictated. My color is intense and aesthetic. It bears weight and also directs the movement of the painting. Surface is very important to me…my paint is thinly layered to build a smooth and rich skin. Often asked what inspires my paintings, I can only say that each work inspires the next, somewhat like a mathematical progression. For example, at the end of 2012 I completed a series I had been working on for a year, with the final piece being somewhat different from the rest propelling me forward into the work I am doing in 2013. My imagery began to create a weave effect projecting energy prompted activity. It moved me to add blocks of color to my surface ground in order to have my lines move in front, behind, and through the surface plane. This work signals change, a change that is made more evident by my color choices: white and a “corral” red. In this case my color inspiration was born of a trip to Bermuda with its bright white sun and corral-flecked beaches. An idea that percolated for one year before it surfaced.

12 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Interruptions 1. Oil on Canvas, 12” x 18”

Bernadette Despujols – Venezuela My work explores Latin American identity, diaspora its relationship to site. Violence and political instability forced me to leave my country. Though leaving was my choice, I still experience feelings of deportation: self-deportation. In this new foreign land that we (the deported) inhabit; spatial perception and the notion of home mutates and transforms with our memories of homeland. These memories are filled with ghosts that are sometimes real and sometimes imaginary. I think of my paintings as landscapes instead of portraits; I think of them as Portraits of Landscapes. I treat the human flesh as topography, full of mountains and lakes; and the facial expressions as horizons and borders where dreams and limitations hide. I believe our homeland is somehow printed on our faces, we are the space we live and lived in; we are trees, weather, surroundings and buildings. We are maps, nations, floor plans. We are site. My work seeks to express the feeling of nostalgia and homesickness of the immigrant who projects the images of his own culture on to the new territory, disguising spaces and creating new identities. In the series of paintings called “Interruptions” I overlap figurative portraits with geometrical shapes, patterns or flat surfaces. These “interruptions” are a metaphor to the distortion of our memories, of our images of the past, of our country and the people with use to coexist with; like a picture that loses it quality with time. These distorted representations allude to the memories of homeland, which are re-shaped with time, and distorted by migration. • 13

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Azul mas que Azur. Mixed Media, 40" x 50"

Elger Aragundi – Ecuador An abundant pictorial and photographic production defines the extensive file where he moves with confidence and creativity, this innovative artist, curious and restless, which is Elger Aragundi. In permanent confrontation with the traditional schemes, venturing into certain paths untrodden by other artists, and producing works characterized by a very personal expression. In his first book-object, AZUL, he includes a series of paintings derived from his tireless searches in the labyrinths of forms and color, revealing an unwavering desire to find new ways to express his feelings, desires and even his perception of the world around him. In this book, and in his new book Whites, both carefully and elegantly edited, the artist expresses a coherent conceptual articulation. In his first book he display a wide range with an evident spiritual burden and a knack of lyrical gesture also reflected in his second book Whites with slight brushstrokes that complement the photographs that skillfully its pages; because this book is about photography, nudes, as a new aesthetic compromise of the artist that privileges women figure. They are beautiful shots technically well done, and as I said, he adds the wise brush marks, resulting in a sort of mixed works: photo-painting.

14 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

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Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Red Composition, 2012. Acrylics on Canvas, 58" x 71"

Esteban Leyva – Cuba Esteban Leyva is a Cuban born painter based in La Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Bachelor of Mural Painting, Havana,Cuba, in 1976 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, during 1981-1993 Professor and Head, Department of Painting and Composition of the National Art School (ENA), Havana, Cuba. "Many have been the ways I expressed my artistic inspirations since graduating back in 1976 from the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy…… from creating and designing postmarks for the Cuban Postal Service to crafting theater pieces for the Cuban National Children Theater Guiñol, but also illustrating books for Canadian children, While searching for constant change and self-perfection I also dedicated many years of my life to teach others and so it was during this period of my life, imagine it extended over a decade, that I travelled all over Cuba trying to find “al hombre nuevo”, the new man, the promising future,the talent our national school was eager to find, educate and be proud off. I have been blessed. Living on a beautiful tropical Island, and despite certain difficulties in life that I have not mentioned, I have so far had a wonderful life. And I am still at the beginning of what I am sure will be a very long and productive artistic life" Esteban Leyva said.

16 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Discovery. Acrylic on Canvas. 60” x 36"

Eumelia Castro – Venezuela PAINTING is part of a ritual, a process of abstraction, a spiritual elevation. Slowly I prepare the color palette, I sit down to the canvas, I observe I detail; take a deep breath and start to paint. I paint because is my passion, that way I connect with my spirit, I go into another dimension where my mind is filled with beauty, magic, happiness, peace and at that moment I stop thinking; and a divine power flows through me. Since childhood I always felt the urge to paint little dolls in notebooks and textbooks. I didn’t pay attention and of course didn’t understand the classes because all I did was draw and draw nonstop because it made me feel good and happy. This internal process has always been inside me, has been a process an internal growth by which I live and vibrate. I use IMPASTO Technique with pallet knife, I feel a special charm to work on funds and soft textures and varied vivid colors, always inspired in nature. Also experimenting with different materials and tools combined with acrylics and oils, has given me the strength to give that special sparkle where the female figures, beauty and delicacy of women is always implied in my work. Eyes are the soul’s window and I want to express through the very large and languid eyes that are in search of something wonderful, that big and magical things always happen. Paint is my Joy and this is the wish to convey to all who observe my work. • 17

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Private Swiss Collection. Migraciones Obligadas. Acrylic on Canvas, 63" x 39"

Sonadores de ese tiempo. Acrylic in plexiglass, 47" x 20"

Fabio Mesa Migraciones – COLUMBIA The biggest migration in human history is in process now, war dreams,better life, and one artist Fabio Mesa presents to us in various medias a bold open narrative of what that search for happiness feels and looks like. With the imprint of the grande impressionists as his base humanity is painted with bold strokes, often in beautiful chiaoscuro. Washes of colour embrase and cover the figures. The sky opens to them, imaginary walls open for them. A sensation of waiting permeates. The mystery stands in front of them. Are we going to a brighter future, should we hesitate? With the force of his painterly strokes Fabio pulls us in and we think not only of the journey of his migrants but our own journey. Fabio Mesa, a Columbian artist studied at the Instituto de Bellas Artes in Medellin Columbia. His work has been shown in various International exhibitions and is many private collections. He is presently having a show in Bejing another solo show at the Galeria Arte Actual in Bogota. Presently Fabio’s work can be seen at Spectrum Miami/Art Spot International Fair during Art Basel Week 2013. Fabio has expanded to sculptures on his theme and they will be featured at the fair/ His wonderful small plexiglass pieces will also be shown. Small formats composed of sheets of plexi stacked up together each one painted to give the illusion that you are falling into a dense small world but lit up to give the illusion of a world as a glow. - Written by Roberta Gonella, Curator.

18 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Gamma Ray. Mixed media, 36" x 60"

GILBERT SALINAS – PUERTO RICO/USA My central theme is based in the organic forms of nature and its constant evolution. In the natural evolution of life itself. I identify with those who see art as the expression of a person in a certain and unrepeatable moment of his life. I would describe my style as abstract expressionism going in sometimes into figurative abstractionism with an intense and colorful palette, having contrast and textures that invite the spectator to reflect about its forms and meanings. • 19

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Spectrum. Mixed media on canvas, 72” X 60”

Glen Josselsohn – South Africa “The way I paint is unique,” Glen says of his work. “The last person who had a similar style was Jackson Pollock. I’ve been using and experimenting with the drip technique for ten years now, and I feel like I have developed a signature style. It’s interesting, and it’s contemporary’’ Keeping within the theme of change he will also be focusing more intently on working on canvas mediums, rather than paper. “As an artist, painting on a canvas as opposed to paper makes a big difference. He is also in the process of creating his own unique range of acrylic paints – acrylic being his primary medium, along with textured resin, which allows his drip technique to have an almost 3D effect. Using a syringe to do the ‘drips’ and thus outline his work, Glen draws on inspiration from famous modernists such as Miro, Pollock and Mondrian. It is this technique that defines Glen’s unique style – a signature flair that has proven particularly popular, both locally and internationally. Looking forward, Glen’s main goal is to keep doing what he does best: painting. With the intention to promote his work more in Europe and to build and develop his technique even further, life is certainly bound to be exciting. Watch this space – he’s sure to create more than a splash within the art circles. You never know – one of these vibrant wall adornments may just be the je ne se quoi in your hotel lobby.

20 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Eternal Portal. Acrylic, Mixed Mediums, canvas, 48" x 60"

Helen Kagan – Russia/USA I believe that art heals. My work is influenced by impressionism, and mainly expressionism. My canvases are varied, vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all are intuitive. There are domes, bridges to the past, cities in the rain, mementos, fields of sunflowers. The common themes always present in my paintings are: being on your Journey, moving towards the Light, self-reflection, awareness of 'Here and Now', and of course - 'j'oie de vivre'! Each generation creates new ideas, paradigms and art forms. I believe my 'Healing Arts' as a powerful form of self-expression, enhances healing and promotes well-being in a viewer. I believe in the interconnectedness of physical, mental and spiritual. My passionate Art is a statement of these beliefs. • 21

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Time 16. Photography, 60” X 40”

Henrik Welle Underwater Photography I’ve chosen the media photography over film because I can capture the present moment and freeze it in time. A photograph always can bring you back to that moment and feeling that you had in the time of its creation or when you saw it for the first time. A photo can create an emotion, a feeling and inspire your imagination whenever you gaze at it. My passion has always been for the water. It’s the essence of all living creatures on earth. Leonardo da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of all nature”. While diving or just floating on the surface one can feel the weightlessness – like drifting through space. I love capturing the reflections of the water that are created by sunlight breaking the surface. By turning the world upside down I like to cause an effect that conjures up the surreal. Everything is connected with water, nature and the energy of life. For the body of work, "The Only Time", I used a model in a full suit. The pictures were taken underwater and mostly at night. The "Agent of Time" represents anybody and everybody. The composition alludes to the past, present and future in which the agent deals with daily human challenges yet remains always in the only reality–the now.

22 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

EXTINCTION Hanging Cow. Photography, 20” x 50”

Joaquin G. Palencia – PHILIPPINES GO OGLE PROJECT This series was created using a computer connected to the Internet. Images from the Internet are browsed and downloaded and modified/ incorporated/fused in two-dimensional artworks that also contain the attributions of the images used in the form of incorporated textual art. Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia has worked on the premise that sooner or later, the fullness of the computer and internet experience will open a door through which he can truly and without reservations, explore new forms of visual expression that, instead of just mirroring traditional art forms, would use the instruments of the medium and honestly portray it, its interests and resources, as well as create Art that can be enjoyed fully by people, no matter what their level of involvement is in the computer/internet media. This would be an Art that would show the processes of creation in this medium, much like a brushstroke in a painting or the mark of a chisel in traditional sculpture and truly make the work a product of the medium and all of its capacities. The Go Ogle series, in its purest presentation, would be jpg files viewed on a computer monitor, which the viewer/interact or may then decide to select and view on the monitor AND/OR print in an attached printer for a hard copy which he/she can then bring home. This process completes the nature and the “instrumentationality” of the series and remains true to the process, from the input to its output. This hard copying can be extended online, is there is an online component for the show, which will then truly incorporate the fullness of its intent in the process of “creation-mounting-interaction-printing computer-internet”. • 23

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

VICE-DER-TOTET. Mixed media, 75” x 60”

Leonard Tezcucano – Mexico Leo Tezcucano is a Mexican Visual artist, with a career spanning over 14 years professionally. He has collaborated with internationally renowned brands like Absolut Vodka, Perrier, BMW, Mont Blanc, Buchanan’s, Jameson and others. His work is a mix of urban art, gestural, pop, figurative. The techniques he uses are: painting, illustration, collage, design and photography. Currently he is the brand ambassador of DIESEL Mexico and was selected from 80 Mexican artists to design a pack of Camel filtters for 100 years.

24 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Seven Sefirot. Mixed Media, 47" x 39"

Liora Rosenman – Israel Liora was Born in Israel and lived in Colombia in her youth. The time she spent in South America is reflected in her art works in color, music and harmony. Liora studied art at the Avni-Art-Institute in Jaffa, as well as at the art school in Bat-Yam, Israel. She is a member of the Concilio Europeo dell'Arte and Israeli Artists Association. Her paintings are currently exhibited in Israel, Canada, South America, U.S.A. Her artwork is present in art collections (private and corporate) all over the world: Israel, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary and USA. • 25

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Dynamic Connection.1.Digital Photography on Plexiglass on Lightbox, 32” x 42”

Magaly Barnola Otaola – Venezuela A vibrant, intuitive woman from Venezuela, directs her interests towards a search for the cosmic truth, in order to offer us, through her art, a vision of how she interprets the opening words of St. John’s gospel: “In the beginning was the word (…) All things were made through by him (…) In Him was life and the life was the light(… ).” A painter of vigorous strokes full of radiance and life, whose palette is rich in pure and warm colors, she leads us into a universe where the mythical and symbolic dance an unending waltz beginning with the “Cosmic Cloud,” pristine expression without beginning or end, to continue its rhythm with the succeeding ordering of our planet Earth, and closing the circle with “Man – technology.” Precursor of a new astral chaos?

26 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

Bric. Photo print and praise glass impression and transparent laser print, 17.72” x 70.87”

Maria Fernanda Lairet – Venezuela Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Degree in Graphic Design Design Institute of Caracas in 1987. Throughout her career plastic has ventured into graphic design, drawing, photography and painting, working without limitations disciplines and combines to result in amazing pieces by the use of the support and the mixture of techniques. During the eighties begins its exhibition activity, when performed inside the framed pieces and a paint abstract expressionism with strong gestural domain in which, in the words of the artist, "(...) only care about the supreme act of painting".
Currently the artist performs a more reflective and conceptual work through to check the coin paper money in particular, of different denominations and nationalities, which let on topics of current political, economic and social, by using digital printing on sheets of plexiglass. She

has participated in solo and group exhibitions in universities, galleries, biennials and fairs, both in Venezuela and abroad. Fairs where she has shown her most recent work, Global Narratives and photographs intervened. One of her latest exhibitions took place at the Georgian National Museum called “PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II”. • 27

Current Art Group USA–Art Spot International Art Fair

Crossbow Serie. Cast Iron, Lathing and Crystal, 19 1/4" x 6" x 4 3/8"

CROSSBOW Serie. Cast Iron, Lathing and Crystal, 13 3/4" x 4" x 4"

Ronny Vayda – Colombia “I love geometry. I use all of it's repertoire and I feel very comfortable dialogue it's language. Translating this thoughtful discussion between shapes and forms allows me to relate them with sounds and symbols; by achieving this result, I remain faithful to my principle: every object has an inside, my endeavor is to investigate that inner space”.

28 • Art & Beyond • December Special Issue 2013

Spectrum Miami 2013

King of the Mountains. Photography on aluminium, 34" x 26"

Stephanie Bloom – USA As part of the "short story" series, Stephanie Bloom creates a wordless narrative, asking the viewer to be the link between artist and viewer. The Artist was born in Brooklyn, New York. Studied Fashion at the Institute of Technology. She has shown her work at various International Fairs, Europe, Rockford and Islip Museum as well as Onishi Studios. She has currently studios in Miami and New York. • 29

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Maria Fernanda Lairet

Global Narrative Series. World Currency War. Graphic Print on Clear Acrylic. 36� x 36�