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art&beyond Vol. 15 • January/February • 2014

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Fu Wenjun

Illusory Metamorphoses Grass Cloth version No 1 oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Carol Staub

Countdown. Acrylic on Paper, 30" x 22"

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Vol. 15 • January/February • 2014

art&beyond Art & Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the art world. It is an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs to have when exhibiting their work, whether at art shows, art expos, or small exhibitions. Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the incredible artists featured on the pages of this issue. Each possessing their own style, unique ideas and vision of the world around us. From scratch they are able to create things that inspire and enhance our lives. In this issue we started to publish Interviews with winnig artists. For this issue we would like to congratulate following winners to be published in the magazine for their amazing work presented for the competition. Congratulations to Fu Wenjun, his work “Illusory Metamorphoses Grass Cloth Version No 1” was chosen as this months Art and Beyond Front Cover Competition winner.


Point of Interest I Meditation Artistic Retrea


Globalization ICAS News Monthly Theme Exhibitions by Peter Filzmaier 8

Fine Art

Alayne Abrahams Yulia Altas Kevin Blake Olivia Boa Alfonsina Bozzano Elena Bulatova Rhaisa M. Castrodad Debbi Chan Gabi Domenig Helen Kagan Jane Ellen Murray Anne Goffin Smith Carol Staub

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Mixed Media • Jewelry

Raquel Rub 24 Sandy Den Hartog 25

Photography Digital Art

Vered Galor Fu Wenjunl Melvin Harris Arthur Jacob Carolyn CJ Jones Petrea Noyes Paula Rucket


Back Cover

Fu Wenjun

Rhaisa M. Castrodad

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Carol Staub

Yulia Altas

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The Inside Front Cover was awarded to Carol Staub for a beautiful artwork “Countdown”. The Back Cover was awarded to Rhaisa M. Castrodad for work “TA flor de Piel” and the Inside Back Cover has been awarded to Yulia Altas for work “Night dreams”. We would also like to congratulate those artists who bave been chosen as Publishers Choice Award winners in this issue for their outstanding artwork: Alayne Abrahams, Kevin Blake, Debbie Chan, Jane Ellen Murray, Raquel Rub, Anne Goffin Smith, Carolyn CJ Jones, Petrea Noyes. We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in this competition and wish you all a great success in the New Year.

Publisher Art Director Interview Editor

Mila Ryk Mila Ryk Justin Hoffman Alina Lampert

Art & Beyond published 8 times a year. Six (6) Online issues and Two (2) printed issues. Distributed to the galleries, museumes and other

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point of interest

I MEDITATION ARTISTIC RETREAT The Moment is Now and Art is the Way Next January, twenty-five artists from all around the world practicing different artistic disciplines will spend two weeks at the Muktawan Sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated at the top of one of the Islands on Thailand's southern coast. They will meditate guided by Thai Teaching Monks and create artworks forming the "Samadhi - Santi Collection of Contemporary Art" that will be exhibited and presented by themselves in Phuket at one of the most exclusive Hotels in Thailand and, few days after, in an Art Gallery in Bangkok. Later on, the Collection of Contemporary Art will be exhibited in Art Galleries from all around the World.

Meditation Retreat It will take place within January 14th – 26th at the Muktawan Sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated at the top of one of the Islands on Thailand's southern coast. The Artists will spend two weeks practicing yoga and meditation, while receiving occasionally lessons from Thai Teaching Monks and distinguished lecturers guest. Rest of their personal time will be dedicated for artistic creation.

Private Circuit On the last day of the Meditation Retreat, January 26th, will take place a Private Circuit Exhibition within the Installations of the Sanctuary. An exclusive group of privileged guests will have the chance of finding out the works developed during the Artistic Retreat. They will explore the location

6 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2013

meeting each of the artists that will be distributed around the Sanctuary and will present their artworks individually to each of the special guests.

Exhibition in Bangkok Four days after the Artists come back to Bangkok, on Friday January 31st, the Opening Ceremony at the Gallery will inaugurate officially the Exhibition of the Samadhi-Santi Collection of Contemporary Art. A private event that will get together devotees of Contemporary Art having the chance of enjoying firsthand the Collection. A day after, on Saturday February 1st, the Exhibition will be open for the general audience.

Theme of the Collection The twenty-five artists participants of the Meditation Artistic Retreat will spend two weeks developing inner peace and exploring together new borders of inspiration and creativity. Artists from different countries, backgrounds and disciplines will share the goal of the Project and theme of the Collection: giving shape to the most primary and authentic feelings and emotions developed through the practice of meditation and selfdevelopment. The whole collection will express from different perspectives the ultimate concept of showing the world how peace looks through the artists’ eyes.

Collection and Project in detail The twenty-five artists participants of the Meditation Artistic Retreat have been carrying out a 42-day Online Meditation and Self-Development Program in order to train their meditation and concentration skills, being able like this to take the best of the Retreat from the very first moment. The application process opened last August and closed on September 31st, having collected four hundred applications of artists from eighty-two different countries. Thus, the selective and exhaustive process of shortlisting candidates ensures the exquisite quality and high level of the artists participating in the Project and responsible of the Art Collection development. Due of meaning an innovative artistic initiative with a peace building approach, specialized press and media from all around the World have already published about the Program and are now enthusiastically waiting to see the outcome of the Project. Besides, each of the twenty-five artists will have a journalist from its home country following individually its progress from the moment that they are selected as participants till they come back home. This fact will ensure global visibility for both Gallery and Collection at every stage of the Project.

Samadhi – Santi World Tour After its presentation in Bangkok, the Collection will be exhibited in Galleries of Contemporary Art around the world, including the home countries of each of the participants, where they will be the ambassadors of the Project. This way, in its Tour around the World, the Collection will be characterized for being represented by artists that have worked in its development at most of its exhibitions. • 7


Peter Filzmaier

Celebration of Art s 2013

GICAS (Globalization International Contemporary Artists & Sculptors) Monthly Theme Exhibitions


o present the concept of the GICAS theme exhibitions I have to begin with an introduction of its founder Sunil Vilas. A man of vision and a deep understanding of the world of Art in these times, Sunil, through his desire to leave the world a better place has founded an organization dedicated to help artists evolve into the best they can be as artists and global citizens. To him GICAS is a community all-inclusive of artists and industry professional dedicated to creating an environment of learning and growth. His goal is to enhance the understanding of the interrelationship of the artist and the art professionals of the industry in a joint vision of creating a relationship beneficial to all involved, resulting in increased opportunities engaged in creating and participating in venues that reflect transparency, honesty and a learning environment that all participants can engage in that enhances their standing within the enterprise of creating and promoting art. His vision encourages individual development and a sense of family within the membership, which brings together discussions and concepts contributing to the relevance of culture, history and individual contribution to the evolution of art. There is a movement in art that we would call art from within. It is the expression of the individual from within. It does not deny beauty or technical skill for they have always been compliments of art. It requires honesty and courage and a desire to share. In this inner expression the artist is revealed through his or her work expressing their uniqueness through the originality of their work regardless of style, medium or technique. This striving for originality is acknowledged in the theme exhibitions. In the past, groups of artists have gathered to share ideas, concerns and venues to show their work. This need for community among artists still exists and now on an international level as. Technology makes the world an instantaneous forum. GICAS is a gathering a community of artists and art professionals within the broadness of the art world without the hype and vanity forums that function purely for a commercial purpose 8 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

The GICAS theme exhibitions began in December of 2012. The concept was to create a venue for members to show and discuss each other's work. Soon the concept of creating an online venue evolved and the idea of jurying and commentary from the jurors was introduced. Then the concept I continued to evolve and is now at a point of introducing actual Galley exhibitions. The first exhibition will be in Letchworth, Garden City, England this spring at Gallery ICAS – Vilas Fine Art The theme exhibitions are much more than a venue for artists to exhibit their work. This is for artist of all stages of development who are interested in a continual process of evolving as artist. It is a forum for viewing new works of fellow artist, getting commentary from jurors about your work and encouragement to experiment with new concepts, styles and mediums. It is an all-inclusive group of artists, writers, academics, curators and gallery professional from around the world, from all cultures and age groups with the only premise for entry being a deep desire to advance one's openness, to advance one's skills, to expand creativity, and respect one another's work and opinions. It is also a venue of opportunity. Each exhibition is scored and exhibiting artists are awarded honors such as Best in Show and awards of Merit. Winners of best in show are given the opportunity to exhibit in actual gallery exhibitions. GICAS members direct the exhibitions as volunteers and the panel of jurors is composed of critics, galleries, writers and international artists all of whom volunteer their time to help, Members are encouraged to participate in directing the exhibitions as it is a learning experience in helping them in producing their own solo exhibitions and further their understanding of the relationship between the artist and the professionals that critique, promote and create venues for their work. It stresses the concepts of commitment and integrity in working relationships within the industry. The GICAS theme exhibitions are fee free but do require a commitment to better one’s self in terms of our work, our relationship with others and our nature of giving in terms of taking part in the goal of helping others as we help ourselves. It is an opportunity for all

involved in the art industry to take part in learning and sharing. It is an enriching experience as cited by these brief testimonials; I am so pleased to be able to enter the GICAS shows because they are so encouraging and helpful to me as an emerging artist.

2013 Theme Exhibition “Best in Show” winners are as follows; January – First exhibition – no awards. February - Donald Spencer – Title - “Labyrinth” March – Lloyd Knowles – Title - “Black Angels -2”

"I love that the Globalization ICAS themed exhibitions are all inclusive and absolutely open to everyone. Only a few rules to follow and you can enter. Emerging artists through to long time professionals are welcome to enter.

April – Lesley Oldaker - Title - “Passing Through”

Every month I am amazed that our themed exhibition has such a broad The fantastic feedback from wellspectrum of media and that each June – Susie Woolf – Title – “Northgate Casualty” respected jury members is the artist is working from their own highlight for me. It is so useful to July – Vered Terry – Title – “Free Robert” point of growth and developing get constructive honest feedback August – David Fowler – Title – “Codex Seasons” their own unique art language. from art professionals who are As one of the jurors, I assess the September – Vered Terry – Title – “One Solid Truth” much more experienced than me. composition: balance, rhythm, It encourages and guides me at October – Lesley Oldaker – Title – “Shop Till You Drop” colors and tones of each art work. the same time. It gives personal November – TBA My intention when commenting as value to my work. a juror is to share my insights about I also learn from other artist each art work and especially to submissions and get inspiration from the way others see things honor each artist’s creative process. and express their ideas. To view these works of art from artists around the world each - Best wishes, Lesley Oldaker month and be a juror. is a true joy. I consider it a wonderful honor and a position of trust to be one of the jurors for the Globalization Here go my feelings about participating to the Monthly Themed ICAS themed exhibitions." Shows: May – Merce Pla – Title - “Crises”

I find so many advantages, first at all, it allows me to be known as an artist and show my work from my local environment to the whole world. Know and enjoy the different proposals and techniques from my fellow artists. The most important is to get constructive criterions from each entry and learn from them. This allows to all participants to improve and grow, it's priceless. - Best wishes, Herminia Haro Guzman

- Laara WilliamSen GCIAS is represented on Face Book, Word Press, and LinkedIn. Globalization ICAS discussions are posted on LinkedIn. Our website for more information We invite visitors to enjoy our web site and interested prospective members to partake in this collaborative venture to add value to all aspects of creating and promoting Fine Art. For additional information



Filzmaier • 9

fine art

Pink Moon Princess. Watercolor.

Alayne Abrahams Alayne is an award winning artist working primarily in the medium of watercolor in the realm of magic realism. She won the ARTV Muse Award in Drawing in 2007 ( and has most recently been published in the book titled Imaginaire V. This book showcases an international array of artists working in the area of magic realism and is published on an annual basis through Fantasmus. ( Her painting titled “Pink Moon Diva” resides as part of the collection of the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art. ( In 2010, she published her own book titled Dreams and Daydreams, which is a compilation of her own paintings with accompanying prose. It is available on

10 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Alayne is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (, International Society for Experimental Artists, ( and the Society for Art of the Imagination ( Alayne Abrahams has a Certificate in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Butterflyes are dancing. Gouache on paper. 11" × 14"

“Even in my gloomiest mood, I try to find in the natural creations from God the raw material , the magic of life, colors and shapes needed to come up with a work of art,” - Yulia Altas.

Altas Yulia Russian-born artist Altas Yulia was one of a handful of international artists that exhibit for the first time in, 2013 at the Miami Iron Side during the City of Miami-endorsed exhibition entitled “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,” an event produced by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC. Altas Yulia was born in the Tula city of Russia, surrounded by the rich heritage of art of this country. Her first serious artistic education began in 10 years of age, in the Tula art school. During the 4 years of training, she took part in various competitions, exhibitions and festivals of children's drawings, there were awards and certificates and prizes. In 1993 she entered the Orel Art School, where she took most important basic skills of painting, drawing, composition, as well as crafts that including wall paintings, stained glass, Gobilen... Received an honors degree at Orel Art School and later she continued for 6 years to study at Tula State University where learned a new discipline, graphic design receiving a master degree title. Immediately after graduation, in 2003, she went to New York, USA, where she continued her work of the specialty and in arts.

Altas’ formal classical education is revealed in her colorful mixmedia paintings depicting elements found in nature that are filled with picturesque features which are characteristic of a combination of a well-lived and nurtured childhood in addition to the explicit graphic details learned during her college years. Her works are tender and emotional and she finds many opportunities in the open air to recreate her inspiration with the total energy of life that would be later used when she sets the theme to craft a particular motive or creation. Altas’ works have been showcased in New York at the Caelum Gallery in 2012; Spanish Society Benevolent Gallery in 2012 and 2013, she was one of a handful of international artists that exhibit in 2013 at the Miami Iron Side - endorsed exhibition entitled “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,” an event produced by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC.; at the Elena AB Gallery Tribeca in NY, July and September in 2013; at the Chelsea Eye Gallery in NY in 2013. • 11

fine art

Living Under the Same Sky as Murderers. Mixed Media on Panel, 48" x 60". 2013

Art & Beyond Interview with

Kevin Blake

by Justin Hoffman

Kevin Blake is a Chicago artist and a January 2014 MFA candidate at Lesley University College of Art and Design. Blake also holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts as well as a Masters in Art Education from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Blake is also contributing writer for "Bad at Sports."

Q. How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it? A. I use pen, oil paint, paint stick, as well as a variety of other materials to integrate abstract mark making with realistically painted figures and appropriated photo/image transfers. The figure plays a prominent role in almost every work. Often, a single phrase of text will be present in the composition as well. Integrating (and sometimes clashing) those various vocabularies, I investigate the inevitable noise, baggage, or history surrounding the human form. Sometimes that comes across in relation to the history of painting – where I directly quote Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns – and sometimes it is conjured personally, by incorporated nostalgic figures from popular culture. The surface of my paintings function as a kind of static receiver, or petri dish, that maps the often ambient influence in a given frame. I attempt to illicit a nostalgic sensibility about the past, while being critical of it.

Q. When did you realize you were going to be an artist? A. I realized I was going to be an artist at an early age. I thought I wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney, but it turns out that I don't have the patience or the ability to work within tight parameters. Q. What is the story behind the first artwork you sold? A. The first painting I ever sold was to a friend's mother. She wanted me to paint a picture of her cat having a martini sitting on top of a piano. So I made a painting of an empty cafe and the colors happened to match her living room – so she settled for it. I always regretted selling it. However, it just so 12 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

happened, that ten years later I ended up getting the painting back in a very round about way – for free. It now hangs in my living room.

Q. How would you describe your perfect situation for creating art? A. I think my best work is often created in the most imperfect of situations – at times when I am under duress, stressed, and filled with anxiety. I allow this restlessness to reveal itself in my compositions – to be the force that expands my conceptual scope while pushing a fresh approach to my material applications. In this way, every moment is as perfect a moment as the last moment to make something afresh. Q. What work are you currently creating? A. I am currently working on an ongoing series of work I call “Systems of Attrition for an American Patriarch.” It is through my work that I can see myself from a critical distance. I can see myself as a sense-making being, who is amassing information from memory, familial artifacts, and imagery appropriated from popular culture, to systematically deploy into paintings and sculptures that help me understand consequence. In my work, I recreate my past with the charge of understanding its current value, and the hope of using it to shape my tomorrow. Q. When and where will you be showcasing your work in the coming months? A. I have a piece in the 2014 WetPaint Biennial at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. The show opens on January 17, 2014.

The Eden. Acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 100cm. 2013

Olivia Boa Olivia Boa was born in 1981 in Yvelines in France. At a young age Boa was attracted to the world of the art and in particular, painting.

couple representing the same landscape and being entitled: the first generation.

Boa began her formation into an artist at the age of 10 with the help of Yves Armani, an artist who taught her the basiscs. From the age of her 14, Boa pursued her work and her research in painting in a self-taught way.

In addition to her work as an artist, Olivia is also a therapist and in 2012 she proposed a subtle mixture of her work in therapy mixed with her work in abstract art.

In 1998, Boa decided to release hersefl from conventional structures of the academic painting, by turning on the abstract art. In 2011, she worked the concept of “generations” in art, namely to paint a subject on various energy perceptions. For example of a landscape, Olivia Boa is going to draw all the energy yin and to transmit it on a work, while realizing simultaneously another work of the same landscape but in an energy yang, so forming a linen

Olivia Boa declines us a whole pallet of feelings, sensations, observations and makes in consultation and retranscribes it in the form of colors, of movement, of textures and of forms on a painting. A French/English bilingual catalog of its work: « psychological works » will be available from the end of this summer. For any order please get in touch directly with the artist who will dedicate it to you personally. • • 13

fine art

Red & white. Brushed acrilic on canvas, 110cm x 150cm

Alfonsina Bozzano She comes from Argentine country life, born 1944- Lost her father at fifteen, endless spaces & horses with him, needding a new meaning to live up to. Obtained painter degree & professorship at high school of arts, inspired at Bauhaus & now Fba, depending of UNLP: ”Universidad Nacional de La Plata” - including humanistic studies. Later worked several years close to great masters in sculpture, painting, mural Technics, and so on & teaching privately or within schools, children’s hospital, indian-mission, rural teacher. Paying attention to the inner need we all have to develop creativity, and the vital importance in our lives, deep roots, connections. Balancing her metaphysical interests, began to work on technical design, finding it fascinating- the ONE structural sense, be it in places we walk on,live in, or in the inner strength working through canvas. Secure earnings too, and time to paint freely. But little time left for PR & art shows, self promotion, groups membership. At age of 35 went to London for 8 months, enjoying Tate Gallery & other magic places. Then to Paris: Beaubourg, Musèe de la Ville, Palais Royal, Jeau de Pomme; coming back latter to Musèe d’Orsay, small travels while living at Milan - Enjoying the Gugenheim at Venice or walking Ravenna.

Alfonsia had retrospective show of her paintings at the Milan Argentine Consulate in April 1994. She has attended the “oliversità” (holistic university) 1998/99 at Milan & online One Center course, 2000, attested “study group leader.” Has worked long at Naval Design. At Milan for 17th years, even with Gae Aulenti on a 21m yacht interior. Latest 8 years at Wally shipyards at Fano & Ancona (Adriatic seaside) & back to Milan where she lives. Briefing about her plastic work: “I think, as many others before me, that every masterpiece is based upon abstract values, inner structure, cadence, synergy of colors, composition & inner need to cope with it all- Colors are like sounds to music. I love both: abstract paintings & portraits, landscapes, drawing animals in movement. Have done it all - just taking one way at the time. Knowing that we are sort of mediums, through which something else manifest - indivisible with us-sort of our higher-selves, and clearence & integration for the rest. Anyway, while painting, I free my mind of every thing than painting - I let it Be-”

14 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Exploration 3. Mixed media on Canvas, 48" x 60"

"My work is very much about process. The process is one of action/reaction. My most recent work is about the thrill of exploring and experimenting with a variety of methods of applying acrylic color on raw canvas, taking big risks and looking for new combinations that I’ve never done before. My approach is very intuitive; there are no sketches to work from, little predetermined choice of color. The process begins with an initial application of paint and continues as I react to subsequent layers, it concludes when a final action no longer evokes reaction. For me painting is like an intense compulsion motivated by the love of the process itself, allowing me to become more comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability which opens up a whole world of new possibilities. Born of spontaneity, the work is a reflection of myself at the time of its creation."

Heart Beat. Mixed media on Canvas,

Elena Bulatova

60" x 48"

Yale alumnus, graduate of Moscow State University with honors and golden medal. Born in Russia, Elena Bulatova is a multimedia artist who is continuously discovering and creating. Paintings of Elena Bulatova are included in the book "International Contemporary Masters Volume VII" presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. She is a recipient of prestigious Fox fellowship at Yale university, as well as a stipend from French Government in 2004 and admittance to Science Po. Elena Bulatova artwork is included in many
 private and important collections and she has been selected as the official artist for festivals and
 events all over the world. • 15

fine art

Matices. Mixed Media on paper, 11" x 14".

Rhaisa M. Castrodad Rhaisa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1988. Since very young, Rhaisa began to show enthusiasm and a great ability for the art of drawing and painting. She began taking art lessons with the Puerto Rican artist, Luis G. Cajigas. Since then, Rhaisa has kept developing her art, and was chosen to be part of the Antonio Cortés Foundation. Eventually, she became Antonio Cortés’ art assistant. In the year 2006, she was the only student in her school nominated for the El Nuevo Día Educador Awards, where she was selected to participate in the fine arts category. Her art has been chosen twice as the cover of an academic and scientific journal from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), known as Revista Kalós. She has also been requested by the UPR to paint faculty members for diverse academic activities. Among them: the Puerto Rican community leader, and director 16 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

of the entity Iniciativa Comunitaria, Dr. José Vargas Vidot, and the UPR Cayey Honor Studies Program Director. She was also the artist of the artwork given to the guests of the Honor Studies Program Convention “In times of stress, art as a therapy”. At the UPR at Cayey, she offered art lessons to the students at the Honor Studies Program. Rhaisa’s work involves figurative drawings and paintings. She has always been amazed by the perfection of the human body, and how it can create art and beauty. Rhaisa exposed this year at the International Biennale Artist Exhibition in Miami Beach, Florida. Rhaisa is actually studying at the UPR School of Medicine, and aims to fuse both disciplines, medical and artistic, as a social tool to work on the high risk young population of her Island.


holds Content and Cover Competitions Summer/Fall holds Cover Competition forfor Spring issue issue

Don’t promotional price to Competition be published. The miss winner of the Content

will be awarded with One Full Page Fullarticle page article - $286.00 (value of $345.00). 1/2 page article - $160.00 Artwork of the Cover Competition winner article -on $85.00 will1/4 bepage published the cover (award equal $1100.00) Each price included Cover competition.

Weonline: will be Apply

rewarding over $4000 in prizes!

February21, 21,2013 2014 The deadline for this competition is August

Apply Online get your art noticed

fine art elephants elephants elephants album. This is an album leaf from a much larger folding album 70' when unfolded. Done in watercolor/ink as a continuous story painting.15"w x 22"h

Frank Chiu, a master artist in traditional Chinese painting. He mentored me for over a decade and was later joined by his wife, Judy. They showed me that just taking Sumi lessons was not enough. I involved myself in Chinese culture, philosophy, and art until it coursed through my veins and I saw the world through different eyes. My teacher gave me an artist name – Sosum. He said I always do what I say I will do and SOSUM was the He chose. What He did not know is that the main reason I got in to traditional Chinese art was to paint on silk. Sosum also means, through the root character, threads of silk. I learned much from this wise teacher. then I took an invitation to visit Idaho for a three weeks vacation.

Debbi Chan On the cusp of two creative signs, the tiger and the rabbit, I was born in Houston, Texas. With a creative push from day one, I took up the brush by age ten. In my early years as a budding artist I decided that oil painting was not my thing but watercolor and ink were. That really never changed but the style vacillated from realism to fantasy throughout those formative years. It was not until a bit of aging wisdom came to me that I sought out a teacher and found

18 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Four days before my departure for home, I decided to live here and when I went back home it was only to pack my apartment and say two goodbyes: one to the Buddhist Temple where I was an ordained nun; the other, to the Chiu’s, my mentors and teachers who had become family. Frank Chiu threw the IChing without my knowledge and four days later in my new home he told me what the sticks had said..... GO TO TH E WESTERN now a decade has passed. I own a farm on ten acres of paradise, and my heart and art are reaching heights not reached by many... I can truly say that I am rich – rich with no money. And art is still as exciting as it was when I picked up that paintbrush fifty years ago.

Last song for friends. Acrylic on paper, 30cm x 30cm.

Gabi Domenig was born in Austria. She is a through and through figurative artist. She tries to capture moments and build up emotional tensions. She does not want to shock, stir up or provoke. The viewer of her images should be touched by a positve energy. He should feel the music she has listened during her painting. He should feel something of her passion when she paints. There are so many negative messages every day which cause bad feelings. For her art should be life-affirming and beautiful, touching and connecting. A language without words. She paints mostly with acrylic colours and concerns herself primarily with the representation of man and especially of women.

Her characters send out varied emotions such as pride, pain, love, sadness, loneliness, joy and longing. They are sensuous, strong, vulnerable, thoughtful, dreamy, seductive, promising and cautious. For the most part the figures are located in a particular environment cutout. The expression of the eyes should draw the viewer into its spell and animate him to enter in a deeper communication with the figures in the picture. Flowers, plants, animals, patterns and landscape sections are decorative parts, but are usually situated in the background • 19

fine art

BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Oil on canvas, 36” x 48”. 2011

ENCHANTIG MORNING. Oil on canvas, 48” x 24”. 2012

Helen Kagan PhD Coming from a family of scientists, Helen was always fascinated by the left and right brain communication. A holistic therapist and artist, she's been developing her unique technique and style in “Healing Arts” which reflects her own deep and colorful view on life, a desire to bridge realities and heal the Past. A refugee from Russia, Helen believes that art as a powerful form of self-expression can be a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Her “Healing Arts” – is her unique way to integrate fine art and the art of healing, and through beauty of expression, positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color, and energetically balanced composition – enhance well-being in a viewer. Helen believes in mind-body-spirit connection and her passionate art is a statement of her beliefs. • 20 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

The Stock Market. Oil on canvas, 23"X24"

Flag Ship. Oil on canvas, 24" X 24"

Jane Ellen Murray In 2009 Jane Ellen was invited to display her paintings in Florence Italy at the Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea. In 2010 She had an Opening at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea and the Broadway Gallery in New York City. Her still life “Cherries Jubilee” was featured on the cover of the calendar sent out by Whitney Gallery to their patrons. She is listed in International Contemporary MASTERS IV.

Her work has been shown at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas, the Gora Gallery in Montreal, the Nina Torres World Tour Exhibition in London and the LuminArte Gallery in Dallas. Next year her art will be featured at the opening of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s new Tip Top Tap Gallery in Chicago’s Fine Arts Building. • • 21

fine art 1957 Chevy Belaire. Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40". 2013

Chevy Belaire Tail fin. Oil on Canvas, 12" x 24".

Anne Goffin Smith I attribute my early love of art to my Belgian grandmother, whose impressionist painting style and encouragement resonates with me still. After graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in marketing, I attended Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design in New York City where I earned a Master’s Degree in Package Design. I worked for several years as an art director and a freelance artist. I took up painting again in my 30’ s and have been painting ever since then! Whether it is to capture the effect of light filtering through trees or the sun reflecting off a car, I become completely absorbed in trying to render, with great detail, the image through paint. I love color and the passing effects of light and shadow, as reflected in my latest series: CARS. I feel quite nostalgic when I paint these beautiful, old cars. My work has been displayed in a variety of venues, most recently at the Ceres Art Gallery in NYC, the Montclair Art Museum, and the Phillips Lighting Corporation in Somerset, NJ.

22 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Complexity. Acrylic on Paper, 22" x 30".

Carol Staub Carol Staub was born and raised in Milford, Delaware. She is one of six children and was raised in the country learning to enjoy the simple things in life. Upon completion of high school she entered the world of flight and completed a 26 year career with Delta Airlines. She then retired and started to “play”. This play led to becoming an award winning silversmith creating one of a kind custom jewelry. A friend of hers repeatedly asked her to go to a watercolor class and after much coaxing she acquiesced and has been painting ever since. She is a self taught artist and to date has garnered over 120 National and International awards and has been featured/published in: The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Magic Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, New Art International, American Art Collector , The Best of America Mixed Media Artists and Artisans, The Best of Artists and Artisans-Florida, Masters of Today, Trends and numerous others. She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women Artists (Florida Chapter). She is a Signature/Full Member of many art organizations some of which include: International Society of Acrylic Painters , International Society of Experimental Artists,

San Diego Watercolor Society, Boca Raton Museum of Art Artist’s Guild, Allied Artists of America, The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, The Florida Watercolor Society, National Collage Society, New Jersey Watercolor Society, Garden State Watercolor Society,, National Association of Women Artists, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Texas Watercolor Society, Women In The Visual Arts and others. She is an associate member of the National Watercolor Society and The American Watercolor Society. Her works are in private collections and can be seen in museums and galleries throughout the United States and abroad. Her biography appears in Who’s Who In America, Who’s Who In American Art, Who's Who In the World, Who's Who In American Women and the Cambridge Who’s Who. She is currently represented by the Wit Gallery in Lenox, MA, Gallery 14 in Vero Beach, Fl and The Boca Raton Museum of Art Artist’s Guild in Delray Beach, FL. Carol resides with her husband in Port Saint Lucie, Fl • 23

sculpture • mixed media • jewelry

Flowers XIII. Aluminum porcelain acrylic on canvas Judge's Recognition at Basel Broward December 2013 Judge Michael Prodanou and Judge Constantine Manos Love Forever I created these flowers with love. A flower is an eternal symbol of love. Where words would not suffice to describe friendship, love or happiness, a flower says it all. Fusing the strength of aluminum with the delicacy of flowers gives birth to art, lending permanence to an otherwise fleeting moment of beauty in a flower.

– Raquel Rub

to understand the art of sculpting, prompted Raquel, to pursue studies in stone sculpting with Salvatore Zagami.

Raquel Rub was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Her interest in art began as a young child. She studied Oil and Acrylic Painting at Brooklyn College, New York in 1956. Back in Lima, Peru, Raquel continued her studies in Pastel and Oil Painting at the Academy of Suarez Vertiz in 1957. She earned her degree in Interior Decoration at the Escuela de Decoración Interior de Miraflores in 1968. Relocating to Miami, Florida in 1974, Raquel continued to take art classes and workshops with Ilse Grinstein, Peter Rubino, Nilda Comas, Eugene Daub, Susan Luery, Paul Lucchesi, Judy Williams, Wayne Pelke, and currently Robin Katz amongst other artists. Raquel is an accomplished and prolific artist working with differentmedia such as watercolor, acrylics, oils,metals, ceramics and stones. Traveling to different parts of the world, Raquel always found the sculptures she encountered irresistible to touch. Her desire 24 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

“When I work with stone, I feel the inner essence that seeks to be revealed, it is as if ‘voices of the stone’ are guidingmy hands.” Raquel earned her first award in 1967 for “Kindling Light” an oil painting exhibited in Lima, Peru. She then won an award for “Menorah” a bronze sculpture in 1972 in Lima, Peru. “Menorah” is part of the permanent collection of the Jewish Museumin Miami Beach, Florida. Raquel has earned numerous awards for her ceramic and alabaster sculptures and continues to showcase exhibitions in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in South Florida. Her first solo show was on April 2009 at Caridi Gallery in North Miami, FL. Her second show is amother and daughter exhibit which was showing at Maor Art Gallery in Miami, Florida in 2011. Raquel is an overall humanitarian and a philanthropist. She is an active participant in the Jewish community. Raquel was the president of Na’amat OR Chapter of Miami from 1983-2005. Since 2005 to the present day, Raquel serves as the Na’amat South Florida Regional President. The State of Israel Bonds honored Raquel as a “Woman of Valor” in 1993, and honored Raquel and her husband Dr. Moises Rub O.B.M. in 1999 with the ‘Celebration of Life’ award. Raquel Rub has received many awards for her oil paintings and sculptures, has had two SOLO exhibitions and several groups exhibitions in Miami, FL and Dallas, Tx. Her sculpture was chosen by Camuso in Lima, Peru to manufacture locally. Raquel Rubmay be reached at



This piece features Large Chunks of Turquoise separated by Sleeping

God of the Ocean best suites this piece. Beautiful Spiney Oyster Shell

Beauty Turquoise, Hand Made Copper Beads from Bali. As well as the "Lost Wax Brass Beads from Ghana." Pendant is a Wonderful piece of Hand Made Copper. Quite unique.

Slices, Lapis. Blue like the Ocean, Along with Ocean Jasper. Pendant is African Turquoise, Spiney Oyster Shell, Lapis and Sterling Silver. Definitely an eye catcher.

Sandy Den Hartog Sandy has had an interest in stones since childhood. Wherever she went, even as a young person, whether it was picnics, vacations, or field trips; she always made sure she had a cup along to collect rocks which were precious to her at the time. Once in high school she took numerous classes in gemology and geology. Then she graduated, got married, and had children. Rocks and gems had to be put on hold for a while. However, she was still able to attend gem shows and art shows when she had the opportunity. She was looking and learning and eventually was able to travel the globe and reignite her interest in gems and minerals. She was struck by how much stones, rocks,

gems, and minerals change from country to country. In bringing back Ethiopian Crosses from Africa, she made her daughters and granddaughters necklaces with the crosses. She was once again hooked with a creative passion for what she could now do with these artifacts. Sandy’s work has been exhibited at Palace Hotel in San Francisco and the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. She has also been a part of several juried shows winning a first place medal in 2010 and 2012 with a Award of Merit in 2012. • 25

photography • digital art

Home Coming. Digital Photographic Collage. 2011

Jerusalem Of Gold. Digital Photographic Collage. 2008

Vered Galor has been involved with the fine art world as an artist, curator and educator for over thirty years. She received her BA and MA in Fine Art from California State University in Northridge in 1975 and 1978. Mrs. Galor started her career as glass sculptor. In 1981 she established a business doing curatorial projects and consulting in Contemporary Fine Art. She lectured, participated in discussions and wrote art programs to encourage the collaboration of Art and Architecture. Since 1989 Mrs. Galor has been concentrating on photography. She has been creating her own work, teaching photography and showing with galleries.

“My photographic collages are layers of my reflections and observations, being personal, political or historical. Like our life experiences, these thoughts accumulate on top of each other, to create my feelings and emotions that get expressed in the artwork. The layering process coincides with the synthesis of creating visual pieces that invites one to investigate and explore the given information. Like in previous works of mine, made on glass, the technique and the transparencies, of the digital process are an important part of the art, they emphasis the build-up process and the blending which creates the images. When photographing in Israel, the amount of history, archaeology, culture, faith and natural beauty of the country overwhelms you. In my Israel portfolio/gallery I combine the Archeological, Historical, political and my Emotional relation to the subject”.

26 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Art & Beyond Interview with

Fu Wenjun

by Justin Hoffman

Fu Wenjun (Chinese: 傅文俊; pinyin: Fù Wénjùn, born 1955), graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, is a freelance artist and photographer. He is a member of the China Photographers Association and of the Professional Photographer Association of America. His works have been exhibited in Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées in Paris, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and Old Summer Palace in Beijing.

Q. How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it? A. My works focus on the issues, like faith, history, technology, and civilization, that are connected to the present time. At the same time, I pay attention to maintain a distance between the works and the present popular ideas, which characterize most my works. Q. When did you realize you were going to be an artist? A. Authors express with words, dancers with body, musicians with voice; humans are born with the desire to express, and the way they express is different due to their different talents. I realized I would become an artist when I realized that I thought about and responded to the world in an artistic way.

Illusory Metamorphoses Grass Cloth version No 4. 110cm x 140cm

Q. How would you describe your perfect situation for creating art?

A. As a conceptual photographer, I think the perfect situation should be a sober situation. Many people create with the use of the passion, and their art is exciting. But I love creating artworks quietly, so an inner peace is the best situation for me. Q. When and where will you be showcasing your work in the coming months? A. Recently I received many exhibition invitations, such as Art Paris Art Fair, Artexpo New York, and Art Innsbruck. I have not chosen which of those to attend, but it cannot be all because time is limited. Q. What work are you currently creating? A. Recently, I published my new work, Clouds of Hometown, on the theme of African civilization. After five years of collecting materials, the work is finally done. Currently, I am working on Construct Cities, which is a documentary of conceptual photography concerning the urbanization process in China – discussing the phenomenon of the landless farmers walking towards the cities.

Illusory Metamorphoses Grass Cloth version No 8. 110cm x 140cm • 27

photography • digital art

STAINED GLASS. Digital Print, 18” x 24”

Melvin Harris I became interested in art at an early age. I remember looking at the ‘Draw Me’ ads in comic books and various other publications. I started by taking one of their correspondence courses. I took art classes in Junior High School and was a frequent visitor to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City after school hours. I intensively studied Water Color and Acrylic painting, Life Drawing, Graphic Art and Design, Technical Illustration and Airbrush Photo Retouching during several decades that I lived in California. I gave no thought to ‘being in the arts’ when I was young. I find creating art to be an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. In my work one may perceive a facet of my dream life, catch a glimpse of a thought, experience or wish that I have had during my life. I intend for every image to be not only thought provoking but also appealing to the eye. Because I spent many years as a graphic artist and illustrator, I started using a computer to complete some of my work. After a time, I began using the computer exclusively for all of my art creations.

28 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

My preferred medium of expression is digital landscape and modeling software. I use these programs to create one-of-a-kind images from photo-realistic landscapes to ‘other-worldly’ abstracts. Fantasy may be a term that describes one of several themes I depict. Sometimes it is a word concept and other times I may follow a more esoteric route. Surreal landscapes and scenes are ‘products’ of my dream-life. Artists are the ‘visual journalists’ of their time. Through their work they tell the story of the world in which we find ourselves. As an artist, I feel it is important to express, through art, my story of the world’s impact on me. All my prints are on Somerset Velvet paper using Epson Archival inks. The prints Robins Nest, Gift Wrapped and Stained Glass will be on display at the Raw Art Space NYC March 1 - 15.


Cover and Content Competition to its issue holdsholds Content and Cover Competitions for Summer/Fall Annual Special "Digital Art and Photography" Issue Special Issue

te, succee d from artist to artist - marke t, promo

Xill Fessenden

Vol. 10 • June • 2013


Multiple winners willContent be chosen: Four artists will The winner of the Competition be awarded to be on theOne Covers will be awarded with Full(Front Page Cover, Back article Cover, (value Inside of Front Cover and Inside $345.00). Back Cover) 20+Competition artists will bewinner chosen to Artwork of theand Cover be published in theon Online magazine. will be published the cover (award equal $1100.00) Winners will be awarded with One Full Page article published in the Art & Beyond Online We will be rewarding over $4000 Magazine.

in prizes!

The Fingerprint of The Artist

• photography • digital art oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

January 21, 2014 The deadline for this competition is August 2013

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photography • digital art Interiors. Digital art.

Arthur Jacob Recognition of my work has greatly expanded with participation in several solos and many juried and group exhibitions. Among them is my most recent solo exhibition at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica, California and hosted by Gallery ArtLA. I have also been the recipient of several awards and have been featured in or as part of several print media articles, among them Professional Artist and Art & Beyond Magazine, that are both national print and electronic magazines. I have also recently been juried in to the winning on-line gallery hosted by Manhattan Arts International, New York, New York. My work is a process of discovery, strongly influenced by a very strong visual sense of the world. My work offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer

30 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

is first told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, they are then asked to undertake an adventure of discovery and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction present. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. My creative process is a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication, creates this style of fine art. After leaving the work-a-day world, it was in Las Vegas that I began to discover my creative abilities and focus on the mediums of photography and digital art. In 2008 I decided to move to the Portland area where I presently reside, after a short stay in Coos Bay, Oregon. Believing that it is important to stay connected with one’s community, I have actively served on several community boards and committees, most recently, the Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas and the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon. •

Down the Straightaway. Photography.

Carolyn CJ Jones is a photographer of wrought iron gates and abstract photographs created by the energy of light when it interacts with glass. Her gate images are inspirational photographs, and have been complied with her verses to describe a pathway to wholeness in the book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. The photograph you see, Realm of Possibilities, is the cover photo on the book. Images from this book speak directly to those on a journey of self-awareness and healing. For those searching for light, yet, experiencing the stuck parts of their heart or mind, these images offer the courage to move into the light they are trying to be. For those who have walked through gates in their life, these images serve as tender reminders of where they have been, where they are now, and where they wish to remain. In her most recent body of work, Abstracts, Carolyn discovered the amazing pho-tographs that appeared when light was shined through glass. She was drawn to the vibrant patterns created by light’s energy, which produced magical and mysterious abstract impressions. To achieve these images, Carolyn fabricated and constructed environments where she experimented with the energy of light as it interacted with glass. The image. Down the

Realm of Possibilities.Photography.

Straightaway, is a photograph, captured on film. The glass used was an antique relish tray. It was not computer created and, other than minimal adjustments and cropping, was not digitally manipulated. No image Caro-lyn photographed can be recreated and, therefore, each is unique and one-of-a-kind. • 31

photography • digital art Blue Hill #4'. Digital drawing/ collage, archival inkjet on canvas, gallery wrap, 30” x 30"

Nosferat 2. Digital drawing/collage, archival inkjet on canvas, 30” x 30"

Petrea Noyes Born 1946 Studied with Connecticut artist Harold Wolcott (19501964), then attended AFA degree program at Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan CT (1965-1967) and received BA from University of Miami, FL (1969-1971) I began making art in the 1954 and have been doing so ever since…my current practice involves software, digital imaging tools and a 44-inch archival inkjet printer. I have exhibited in several hundred juried shows throughout the Northeast since 1962 and am currently exhibiting in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. My work is in a number of private and corporate collections including the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, the Marriot Corporation, and I have won a number of local and regional awards.

32 • Art & Beyond • January/February 2014

Simplicity. Photography

Paula Rucket Paula is a self taught photographer and feels at home producing either straight out of the camera or digitally enhanced photography. As a result of the digital world, her camera is an important part of the circle of digitized creativity which gives her a wide range of innovative elements to create images that tell a story. She uses any subject and then uses photographic treatments that give emphasis to tone, shades, texture, and shapes. When on site Paula moves around her intended subject to determine the best angle and lighting. Her goals are to capture what is often not looked at. Paula’s inspiration is to deepen our connections to the world around us by digitally capturing substance, color, idea, intensity of light, or form. As an aspiring ‘avid amateur’ Paula has had numerous images exhibited in galleries ranging from Honorable Mention to Grand Prize

winner. It is competing that drives her to improve her photographic skills. One element of her approach is to study other photographers’ images - focusing primarily on composition, light, and texture then using that information she experiments on her next shoot. This is a large part of her self taught strategy. Paula prefers to photograph as a Generalist. Shooting different subjects including nature, architecture, and landscapes is always a challenge and provides a learning experience on every shoot. In addition, she enjoys street photography and is currently working on improving her technique. Ultimately, producing a beautiful image created from a blend of many different artistic approaches is her goal. • 33

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Yulia Altas

Night dreams. Gouache on paper. 11" Ă— 14"

Rhaisa M. Castrodad

A flor de Piel. Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 30"