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Vol. 46 • July/August • 2017



Gabi Domenig

UNDERWATER DREAMS. FLOATING WITH FISHES. Acrylic on canvas. oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Nicholas Teetelli

FORGOTTEN MYSTERIES V. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

Mindspace #57 / William Metcalf

Untitled / Douglas Mehrens Organic Corn / Rhett Lynch

Orbit / Gary Traczyk

Burnished Luminance / Shelly Forbes

Figure / Gold Pool by Andrea Broyles

OPENING NIGHT PREVIEW PARTY Thursday, July 13 | 5 PM – 9 PM SHOW SCHEDULE Friday, July 14 | 11 AM – 8 PM Saturday, July 15 | 11 AM – 8 PM Sunday, July 16 | 11 AM – 5 PM Whirlpool / Marina Viatkina

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Vol. 46 • July/August • 2017



In This issue:

In July/August issue Art & Beyond covers passed and upcoming International Art Fairs under our column Point of Interest. Here you will find a pictorial article Memorable Moments from the Art! Vancouver 2017.


Back Cover

Gabi Domenig

Igor Eugen Prokop

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Nicholas Teetelli

Grace Huang

Art & Beyond is proud to announce the following winners published in this issue. Art & Beyond team would like to congratulate Gabi Domenig her artwork “UNDER WATER DREAMS. FLOATING WITH FISHES” won the Front Cover for the July/August Online issue. The Inside Front Cover won Nicholas Teetelli for his work “FORGOTTEN MYSTERIES V”. The Back Cover was given to the artwork “HAIRY ORANGUTAN WORRIOR ANGEL AB” by Igor Eugen Prokop. And Inside Back Cover was awarded to Grace Huang for her work “THIS IS NOT A POMEGRANATE”. The Publisher Choice Award was awarded to Hui-ju Chen, Anna Maria Giordano, Barbaras BilderKunst, Sandy Den Hartog, Steven Lustig, Natalya Parris, Judi Regal, Sara Twomey, Suyin Wai, Tina Ybarra and Jeff Zarinelli with One page article and Wendy Coco and Lin Da Ni with Two pages article.

We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in the competition and wish you all great success in your journey.

Point of Interest

Suyin Wai

Art! Vancouver 2017 8

Barbaras BilderKunst

Fine Art Gabi Domenig

Grace Huang Igor Eugen Prokop


Hui-ju Chen


Anna Maria Giordano


Lin Da Ni


Nataly Parris


Sara Twomey Judi Regal


Tina Ybarra


Jeff Zarinelli


10 11


Sculpture • Jewelry

Steven Lustig


Sandy Den Hartog


Photography • Digital Art



Wendy Coco


Nicholas Teetelli


Congratulations to all!

Publisher Art Director Interview Editor

Mila Ryk Mila Ryk Justin Hoffman Alina Lampert

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point of interest

The Memorable Moments from

the Art! Vancouver 2017 with Art & Beyond Magazine V

by Devon Michael

olunteering my time for Art! Vancouver was the first thing I did after moving here from New York. I went in thinking of it as an opportunity to get to know a new city, and as I searched for the pulse of Vancouver, the artists arrived. The heartbeat I was looking for turned out to be a sanguine thrum converging from all over the world. In the following days, I wandered the aisles tracing pathways like an arterial map of cultural and historical confluence and found the inclusive spirit of a country that I had suspected was only a rumor. It was bloody wonderful, but through the course of the show, another image developed in my mind, one that changed the show from being a place to buy art into something more. I spent most of the open hours watching from the front door, greeting visitors and guiding them in. From that vantage point, I noticed something again and again. Each new person’s arrival seemed to illicit a small behavioral pattern in their feet. The first step into an art show causes an imperceptible arrest of the body as it takes a moment to recalibrate itself for new experience; steeling our legs for the potential of revelation.

Irina Gretchania with Art & Beyond at Art! Vancouver.

It happens the same way when we’re five years old and set foot into Disneyland for the first time, awestruck. I think it’s mechanically the same for adults in the doorway of an art show. There’s a whisper, a breeze that comes in with you. A private, softly spoken encouragement to join in; a child's voice that says play. For a few of us, that invitation is all we need, for a few others, a child whispering

things is every horror movie we’ve ever seen and so we resist, frightened. Most people experiencing that threshold moment simply don’t know what to do with such a quiet request and so we freeze for half a heartbeat in the doorway, asking ourselves if we’re certain - because we know art has the ability to change us. We feel it in the same way that an approaching blizzard or rainstorm sparks sudden acuity. Art jostles and provokes often unused parts of our awareness, requiring us to pay attention as we must when the weather turns. I never thought an art show would mean a place where such a shared human experience would take place, but it’s true that when we are standing on an emotional precipice, we all tend to look the same. The evidence is there at the door, at that invisible instant a kind of breeze pushes you inside and makes you, and everyone else say, yes.

LISA WOLFIN, Director Art! Vancouver

Next Stop is the Spectrum 2017 Apply to Exhibit with Art & Beyond and get published in the WInter Print Edition! Art & Beyond is your Marketing and Promotional Services! 8 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

VIP Opening Night!

Donna Giraud on opening night. Art! Vancouver 2017

Shakun Jhangiani. Art! Vancouver 2017

Cindy Mawle with Art & Beyond. Art! Vancouver 2017

Johan Andersson from Arts United Gallery. Art! Vancouver 2017

are born to create "YouIf you work very hard. If you work very hard You have to share it! If you have to share it This is the place where all the Magic happens!


– Mila Ryk, publisher

Irina Gretchania with Art & Beyond at Art! Vancouver.

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 9

fine art

Gabi Domenig

SAVANNAH AND HER CHEETA IN FRONT OF THE PURPLE HILLS. GABI DOMENIG is a through and through figurative Austrian artist. Since her early childhood she was attracted to the fine arts. She took classes in nude painting, color theory, drawing and composition. Especially charcoal, red chalk and pastels on paper and primed wood panels were the medium in the nineties. After her first show in 1999, when she presented 20 large pastel paintings to the public, she began to paint with acrylics on canvas. The strong and bright colors and the way of working with acrylics approached to her nature. She tries to capture moments and build up emotional tensions. She does not want to shock, stir up or provoke. The viewer of her images should be touched by a positive energy. For her art should be life-affirming and beautiful, touching and connecting. A language without words. She paints mostly with acrylic colors and concerns herself primarily with the representation of man and especially of 10 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

women. Her characters send out varied emotions such as pride, pain, love, sadness, loneliness, joy and longing. They are sensuous, strong, vulnerable, thoughtful, dreamy, seductive, promising and cautious. For the most part the figures are located in a particular environment cutout. The expression of the eyes should draw the viewer into its spell and animate him to enter in a deeper communication with the figures in the picture. Flowers, plants, animals, patterns and landscape sections are decorative parts, but are usually situated in the background. Because of her strong color palette she is assigned to the Neo-Expressionism. Participation in many international exhibitions in Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, South America and USA. She got 6 Awards in the last 2 years. www.veredgalor.com

Grace Huang

ONE WAY. Oil on canvas, 100cm x 121cm

GRACE HUANG was born in Guangzhou, China. She studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, graduated with a Bachelor degree (Fine Arts and Art Educations). Now She lives and works in Melbourne Australia. As a multiple awards winner, including MERIT AWARD (PALM ART AWARD) (2016); The Best Landscape, Mortimore Art Prize (2013); The Best Urban Landscape, Camberwell Art Show (2012); Victor Harbour Open Section Award (2002), Herald Sun Camberwell Art Award (2001); High Commendations, Fleurieu Food & Wine Art Prize (2016 & 2011). The multiple finalist: Cliftons Art Prize (2016); Brisbane Art Prize (2016); Hawkesbury Art Prize (2013 & 2012); Muswellbrook Art Prize (2013); Redland Art Award (2012 & 2008); Norvill Art Prize (2010); MacarthurCook Art Award (2008); and John Leslie Art Prize (2004). Paintings and articles published in Magazines, books and online worldwide, including Who's Who in Visual Art / 100 Top Fine Artists of Our Day (2017); TAKING IT TO MIND, China (2016); Art Compass (2016); Catalogs of 2016 Brisbane

Art Prize and Fleurieu Art Prize (2011); Articles and works published in AUSTRALIAN ARTIST magazine (2004 & 2001); paintings selected for use in BLONDE by Crawford Productions services Pty Ltd & Robert Greenwald Films (2000); drawings published on ABC Program covers (1989) and The Best Art Drawings of Students at The Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts. Grace’s work has been held in solos and contemporary events worldwide, including ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0 (2017), ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 1.0 (2016); TAKING IT TO MIND, Lingnan Museum of Fine Art, China (2016); ART CONTEMPORAIN, Saint Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, Paris (2015); Exhibited in China (2011 and 2006); Melbourne Affordable Art Show (2004 & 2005); ArtExpo, NYC, Palm Spring International Art Fair, California (2003); Exhibited in Taiwan, (1996 to 1999). Her work has been included in corporate and private collections in Asia, Europe, America, and Australasia. www.gracehuang.co

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 11

fine art

Igor Eugen Prokop

NATURE'S ANGEL AB. Acrylic on Canvas.

IGOR PROKOP was born in Budapest in 1953. He graduated from the Teacher Training College in Eger as a teacher of Biology and drawing in 1978. Igor studied Biology at József Attila University and Arts between 1981 and 1983 in Szeged, then philosophy in 1984 in Budapest. He also studied film aesthetics in 1987 and between 1991 and 1993 he studied design at the University of Applied Arts. 12 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

Igor Prokop studied and worked in New York, Heidelberg, Auckland and several other places around the world. Everything is connected - nothing is meaningless. It does matter how you live, what you create, if you are going to have children, and what you are going to leave to them and their children as well. It does matter how much enlightenment you achieve! Every one of us has his own inner world made out of experience and personal learning within the system.

BLACK HEART DEVILS AB. Acrylic on Canvas.

“I want to preserve the past and to design the future. I want to protect the universal systems and I would like to protect the teachings of those that have thought me everything: The Organon by Aristoteles; Holbach, On the Road by Kerouac; Jack London, Arnold Gehlen, Stephen Hawking and several other teachers from art, music, history and even from the internet. They all became guides on my way.” – Igor Prokop.

can solve its problems. We must work together! This is my final goal, the inspiration for my pictures: To create tolerant, creative and cooperative systems that are heading toward a spiritual unity. Everyone must learn and teach at his realm, everyone must learn to work together with the power of art. For it is only possible to compare the power of art to that of nature herself” stated Igor Prokop.

“Our world permits no further mistakes. United mankind

https://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/98903 www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 13

fine art SPOOK. Acrylic & Mixed-Media, 60cm x 90cm

BABY HEART. Acrylic, 60cm x 90cm

Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) Abstract Mind

I always have doubts about the real and the abstract. Am I supposed to capture the real form of the real world? What is reality anyway? When people define the word “abstract,” it is made to seem like something hard to understand and something impossible to grab. To me, the truth about the abstract is lying underneath everything and everywhere. My current project is about trying to cultivate the idea of “abstract.” I have heard some comments about my work: everything you do is rather abstract! Really? Wow! Does that mean what I see and hear are rather abstract? In fact, I usually feel that reality is such a façade that it traps our minds into thinking that everything is supposed to be real. Underneath the skin of reality, there are feelings and

14 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

emotions floating around as abstract/real as they can be. In my current project, I have been trying to grasp certain elements in reality and certain moods in my head, hoping to create some mixture of visual impact. Some say that paintings are dead. However, images have not disappeared in life. Instead, images have become even more vivid and vibrant nowadays. Regardless of the medium, images are our daily life necessity. Therefore, the so-called “abstract” is not at all abstract. www.ratgoofy.com

FAMILY 2. Acrilic on Wood, 50cm x 60cm. 2016

Anna Maria Giordano

You can see in the varied artworks by Anna Maria Giordano the research into an ultimate end of painting: to transform every kind of experience, from the dream to the everyday life, from the microscope to the stars vision, from realism to abstraction, in a continual pursuit of quality and in the foundation of a new expressive language. Each work reveals an accomplished harmony, and one senses the preparatory part, such as the choice of the medium, on which she will impress pigments, sometimes very earthy, securing the light to be turned into life energy; or as a hardworking choice between dozens of drawings and/or anyway images, to retrace a spiritual path of classical architecture. The result is a pattern of the image with a central perspective into deep space projecting plans, through the firm path of diagonal lines, re-edited the “divina proportione” of the golden section of the Grand Masters. You understand a follow-up, marked through time, as a moment of pure reflection: a formal control of the balance between space, light and image through the scrupulous examination of the ended work at the mirror, subject to the introspective "labor limae". Real root of rigor and memory, that, enhancing severity and discipline, even more vivifies the sight of the harmony of these works. Her works deliver the legacy of the past to the evocative power of the present. Intense brushstrokes, the result of chromatic passages thinning down, but equally sweet and tireless, they own the space: the incommensurable, between the real and the metaphysical, which the peaceful introspective proceeding by the artist gives to painting of timeless high poetic value, between evocative spirituality and thematic inspiration. Anna Giordano shows us the reality of the unreal: everything is illusion. Even life. On a sort of instinctive expressionism, supplemented by

cubist and futurist depictions, Anna Giordano elaborates an image basic structure of high dynamism and immediate visual impact, deliberately without excessive erudite references. From it, the artist moves his tries in an abstract area, in the surrealist and dadaist field with certain unpredictable and playful combinations of shapes and heterogeneous materials. Altogether in her works one can recognize that substantial component of eclecticism that is the basis of the production of Anna Giordano images. A component that, paradoxically, we could consider as homogenizing all her activity. – Manlio Gaddi, September 2016. www.webalice.it/amagiord www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 15

photography • digital art

Wendy Coco


Once a featured artist of The Queer Gallery, Wendy Coco is a photographer who specializes in capturing the images of the living world. Born in Maine she first used her camera to capture images of rural living. In 2002 she moved to Western Massachusetts where she began exploring her interest in the arts and in floral photography. As a Social Worker Wendy quickly found a way to combine

16 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

her love of photography and her 20 year experience in housing the homeless to capture the reality of living today. She has been blessed with the opportunity to meet thousands of people around the country who are struggling under the weight of poverty. Encapsulated in her work are poignant images of individuals who continually work towards survival and seek the basic enjoyment of life.


Recognized by: The International Society of Photographers - Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award The International Library of Photography - Editor's Choice Celebrated Photographer Award Apogee Photo Magazine A Judge's Favorite of ViewBug Best In Color - Viewbug

An Artist Showcase Winner of ARTSlant PUBLISHED Art Takes Time Square Best of Photography 2008 Expressions from the Heart An Artist Showcase Winner of ARTSlant wendycocophotography.zenfolio.com

www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 17

photography • digital art

Nicholas Teetelli Fine Art Photography

NORSE FACADES. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper FORGOTTEN MYSTERIES II. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

NICHOLAS TEETELLI is both a published and international award-winning fine art photographer. He was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, Teetelli was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become his lifelong passion. While he took some photography courses in college, Nicholas Teetelli is primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, he has learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional. During each journey, with camera in hand, he records much of what he sees, sharing the impression of his mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design. 18 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

THE LONG BOATS RETURN. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

FORGOTTEN MYSTERIES III. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

He has recently brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had more than one hundred of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at dozens of galleries and museums across the United States, receiving many awards for this work. www.teetelli.com • nicholas@teetelli.com

FORGOTTEN MYSTERIES IV. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 19

fine art

Lin Da Ni

Naïve Landscape

EXPECTING. Watercolor, 78cm x 53cm MELTING WATER. Watercolor, 78cm x 53cm LIN DA's landscape paintings are a strange world nowhere to be found. Unidentified people emerge from the forests and the water—from supposedly untouched lands. But the sudden appearances of uniformed figures and concrete structures are enough to alarm viewers. It is hard to know what happens in the artist's mind, but his day job as a customs officer may offer some clues. It is a naive land that cannot maintain itself, a land awaiting forthcoming emergencies. Lin is a self-taught artist with fantastic visions. His painting techniques are so directly genius that pictures are so unpredictably composed; his uses of colour are sometimes reasonable and sometimes disturbing. They reflect a sense of trouble that not even the artist can describe. Nevertheless, the paintings are uniquely beautiful and attractive. Viewers leave with unforgettable experiences and, at the same time, with a sense of uncertainty. His work is a narrative of otherness, a consistent dream in which we would love to stay as long as possible, but sometimes the interruptions of nightmare bring us back to reality. - Chen Ping 2017 13902726182@126.com 20 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

THE AUTUMN. Watercolor, 78cm x 53cm

THE LOST BEAST. Watercolor, 78cm x 53cm www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 21

fine art

BIRD IS FLYING ABOVE THE MOUNTAIN. Watercolor on Paper, 11" x 14"

Natalya B. Parris NATALYA B. PARRIS express herself and view of the world through color, color combinations and shapes. When she creates abstract art, she feels completely free. There is no taboo of what colors she can choose or combine, or what technique to use. She applies whatever seems right at the moment or whatever new ideas are coming up in the moment of inspiration. When she paints, she feels like a flying bird. She wants people who views her art to feel free and happy as she does when she paints, whether they are considering buying it or just want to look for a moment. Very often when viewers see her paintings they ask, “How did you do it?” But, she always lets them guess because one of the purposes of her artwork is to encourage people

to exercise their imagination, fantasy and ingenuity. When they guess, they also sometimes come up with the ideas for paintings or for new paintings techniques that are useful to her as well. After Ms. Parris have finished painting the artworks, they have life of their own. During the process of drying, acrylic colors may mix together or dry at different times. These factors could create a picture different than what she painted or planned and add excitement and element of surprise to her artist journey. This is why every piece of her abstract art is unique, and even she, who knows a lot of tricks, secrets of colors and acrylic paints, cannot create exact duplicates of her paintings. They are inimitable, but they are all united by the fact that they came from her heart, love and soul.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalya-B-Parris/111488538880248 www.linkedin.com/pub/natalya-parris/18/a1b/820/ https://artavita.com/artists/8737-natalya-b-parris 22 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

PRISON. Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 70cm x 110cm

ARCHIVE OF BLACK. Oil, Enamel & Acrylic on Canvas, 90cm x 130cm

Sara Twomey I have been making abstract and semi abstract Paintings for 10 years. Recently I have made a series of Black Paintings I exhibited and sold at the Cork Street Open in Mayfair, London. Other paintings have been shortlisted in National Open competitions and was invited to exhibit in the 2015 Florence Biennale. I paint because it liberates me from my immediate surroundings and circumstances. I use painting as a space of experimentation, it is not to make a finished thing to sell, but

more as a way to cope with the world! I always see my work firstly as a space of experimentation, and every placement of paint leads me in a new direction, I fight with the painting to say what I want it to express. I use Black as it is an end point in colour, black is an absence of any colour. I am almost painting nothing but a void. However black paint captures light, and can absorb light. So I use Black paint to capture light. sara.twomey@gmail.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 23

fine art

REFLECTIONS SERIES 103. Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20". 2017

REFLECTIONS SERIES RED 104. Oil on Canvas, 18" x 18". 2017

Judi Regal JUDI LYNN REGAL is an artist who works primarily in oils and watercolors. her expertise in fine art, painting and design has spanned a period of 18 years. Regal’s contemporary works focus on light, texture and the interplay of color and form. They explore the nexus of representation and abstraction. She received her bfa in graphic design and illustration at the university of Texas in Austin. She was selected as one of only seven students to an exclusive masters program at the Chicago art institute specializing in interior architecture. Regal has studied with many distinguished artists from around the world. Prior to dedicating her career solely to painting, she started and ran a successful graphic design company in Chicago. Judi maintains active studios in both Chicago, Illinois and Palm Beach, Florida. Her work is found in many major private collections throughout North America. Judi Regal ventures into the everglades to paint. She is able to capture its essence. her current work can be viewed within the broad mainstream of Florida landscape painters stretching back into the early 19th century. Judi regal’s art transcends both time and place. It evokes the exuberant, intense coloration of the fauves, the bright vision of Oscar Bluemner and the contemporary abstracted naturalism of Wolf Kahn. “Among the leading innovators, artist Judi Regal combines the immediacy of post-war American abstract expressionism and color field paintings. She is a brilliant colorist and highly adept at landscape as well as figurative work in both oil and watercolor. Her paintings can be found in the homes of a number of distinguished collectors.” Brook mason us correspondent the art newspaper. judiregal.com 24 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

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fine art



Suyin Wai Born in Montreal, Quebec but, now lives in Toronto. Has been painting seriously for the past 4 years. Trained at George Brown College for Graphic Design but, ended up working on a little in the industry after graduating (1996). Accidently fell into the Financial Industry and took up painting to balance out the cubicle culture that permeates our society. Suyin currently is in school full time at York University and pursues art as a hobby which she takes very seriously. Suyin’s art is mostly abstract influenced by many artists from Egon Schiel to Impressionism and everything in between including whimsical illustrations (Ralph Steadman is a favourite). She started with acrylics on wood or canvas but, later found that she prefers to use oil pastels and India ink on paper with chalk or mineral paint on wood; she still sometimes uses acrylics but, often find mineral or chalk paint preferable. Her work can be seen at Artisans at Work and has recently showed at the Black Cat Gallery (Salon of Inclusion Group Exhibit, 2016) www.suyinwai.com 26 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

CORAL 3. CollagenMalerei on Canvas, 100 x 80 cm. 2016

Barbaras BilderKunst In the opinion of Mona Youssef Gallery, Curator, jurist

International Artist and Award Winner

"BARBARA WALDER has been fascinated by nature since childhood which clearly reflected in her paintings striving to find answers about light and colors in nature and their relationship to man. Working with chalk and gouache, she adds special emphasis on naturalness, authenticity, originality and subjects matter which is important part of her existence. Barbara's inner rhythm leads her to gracefully connecting elements with sensible brush strokes attracting and mystifying viewers. The moment of "now-ness" the transition from night to day, day to night fascinates her with its peculiar color, a moment of indecision in which its mysterious and perfect beauty unfolds."

Participation XI Florence Biennale 2017, October 6-15, 2017 Contemporary Art of Montreux, November 8-12, 2017 Barbara Walder is living and painting in the Principality of Liechtenstein. www.barbarasbilderkunst.gallery

Mona Youssef Mona Youssef Gallery www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 27

fine art IN OUR HANDS. Mixed Media, 11" x 14"

REPAIR WITH GOLD. Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Tina Ybarra TINA YBARRA lives a mixed-media life. Born in the urban city of Lynwood, CA, Ybarra attended Cal State Univ., Long Beach off and on (mostly off) for several years, eventually earning a degree in General Art. Currently residing in South Gate, CA, Ybarra is a veteran schoolteacher, a semi-retired softball junkie, a former HS coach, and an undercover artist.


Raised on Motown and Santana, Ybarra gleans inspiration from all genres of music. She’s mesmerized by TV, fascinated by movies, fanatical about books, and enchanted with theatre. For the most part, Ybarra’s work deals with issues that are personally relevant such as the hypocrisy of religions, the brutal realities of inner-city education, the relentless despair of poverty, and the inequalities of gender and race. In Ybarra’s current work there is a tendency towards mixed media. Still, on occasion, Ybarra will return to basics; to something straightforward and traditional; to something as 28 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

comfortable and familiar as the velveteen texture of charcoal on paper. http://tybarra23.wix.com/tinaybarra-artshow

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fine art

CHIAROSCURO VINO. Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

PINO E VINO. Oil on Panel, 9" x 12"

Jeff Zarinelli JEFF C. ZARINELLI is a traditional artist who is mainstream in all aspects of art and design. Jeff graduated with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in May of 2000. With a double major in design and illustration, Jeff focused his artwork with an enthusiastic painting technique capturing the essence of life. After working in graphic design world for several years, Jeff turned his attention to his true passion with the fine arts and started his own business by painting murals. With a realistic approach, he quickly established a name in the Saint Louis area. www.midwestmurals.com 30 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

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sculpture • jewelry


Steven Lustig This art is born out of a love of the human form and its natural motion. Throughout time, man has studied virtually every aspect of himself in great depth. These sculptures represent a further step in that long lineage of study.

beautiful art form of life drawing. Live models, many of whom are artists in their own right, bring their art of human motion into the process. It’s in capturing the flow of these beautiful human beings in drawings that the sculptures are born.

They are founded in the very basis of the ancient tradition of human anatomy. A study that dates back to the Greeks and beyond. The sculptures incorporate aspects of human motion that started with Kouros figures and developed during the renaissance. These modern versions of this ancient art form are further influenced by the works of the Italian Futurists, Umberto Boccioni, Balls and others. They take flight through the sheer force of human biomechanics and the internal energy that stones and human models bring to the process.

You can follow the development of this work on Instagram and FB. Recently the works have been featured at Sculpture in the Park 2016, Loveland Colorado, Spectrum Miami, Art Expo New York, Blue Azul Collection, San Diego, and Trousdale Modern, Palm Springs.

Each one of these sculptures comes directly from the 32 • Art & Beyond • July/August 2017

This year, I will be at the La Quinta Arts Festival, March 2017 for the first time, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland Colorado, 2017 and more. . . www.stevenlustigfineart.com

Old Silver SOUTHERN CROSS from Morocco. Surrounded by Ethiopian Silver Bi cone Beads and small Silver Spacers. Second Strand Is the same. Can be worn as One, Two, or fastened as one

Pendant is a Sterling Silver CROSS OF CARVACA from Spain. Gemstones are a luminous Agate spaced with Sterling Silver Beads.

long Necklace.

Sandy Den Hartog is a Native Californian. She now resides in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Her current home, she and her husband had built for themselves, faces the water with the desert a short distance behind and as a backdrop a dramatic and rather large mountain range. With this view Sandy has taken the time to absorb the impact of this beauty and pieced together jewelry that exemplifies each geographical characteristic, blending them into original jewelry objects. She is an Award Winning Artist. Sandy has placed in numerous Juried Art Shows throughout Arizona. Her romantic pieces of art continue to be showcased at David Rafaels in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Other distinguished pieces of jewelry designed completely from within her personal workshop are in the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, Arizona and Africa and Beyond Gallery in La Jolla, CA. Malouf on The Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a self taught artist. Her jewelry displays both serene and harmonious qualities that have

been regarded as the highest of models. Her work covers a wide range of Style, from Ethnic, Classic, to Over the Top and Everyday Chic. She refers to herself as displaying "ARTISTIC FREEDOM." Sandy loves to mix everything up. The old with the new, and the big with the small. Although quite versatile in her design she leans toward the large and Ethnic Style. Many of Her Designs are created as she sleeps. She considers them to be her most excellent art pieces. Gemstones and Artifacts used in her talented designs have been found in her many World Wide Travels. These and and so much more from the nations she has visited, are incorporated into the designs made by Sandy. Sandy also feels, "If you can't see your JEWELRY from across the room, why bother." sandzibarjc@hotmail.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 33

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art&beyond Vol. 10 • Summer

Edition • 2017


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Cyndy Carstens

Advertise your work on the pages of Art & Beyond! It's easy and affordable. This is your opportunity to showcase your work to thousands of art professionals. Materials due:

ObOE d’ AmOrE.

oil • acrylic • wate

rcolor • mixed medi

a • photography

• digital art • sculp

x 24” Oil on Canvas, 24”

ture • glass • cera

Summer issue Winter issue

mic • jewelry

August April 10 21 Novemper October 10 27

Apply Online http://www.artandbeyondpublications.com/magazine-entry For additional information contact 847.581.0518 • 224.388.0582 • mryk@art-beyond.com

Grace Huang

THIS IS NOT A POMEGRANATE. Mixed media on linen, 40cm x 40cm

Igor Eugen Prokop


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Art & Beyond July/August Online 2017  

Art & Beyond is a promotional services for artists and art professionals in form of both Online and Print Edition Magazine. It is distribute...

Art & Beyond July/August Online 2017  

Art & Beyond is a promotional services for artists and art professionals in form of both Online and Print Edition Magazine. It is distribute...