Aquafeed Vol 14 Issue 2 2022

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Corn fermented protein: Healthy, sustainable nutrition for aquaculture Peter E.V. Williams, Green Plains Inc. As the aquaculture industry continues its rapid global growth, reliable sources of protein will be increasingly necessary.

Corn fermented protein (CFP) is the new, highly versatile evolution of sustainable, plant-based proteins designed to add value for aquaculture feeds. CFP is a product of the ethanol industry, which has realized the value in creating consistent, high-quality ingredients at commercial scale through the traditional fermentation process. A new wave of technologies has been introduced to the industry that puts ingredients like CFP at the forefront. Through leading-edge biological, enzymatic and mechanical separation processes, this transformation has truly unlocked new potential in corn and other grain products and provides a growing portfolio of value-added ingredients, ideal for fish nutrition.

The process Traditionally, the feed coproduct of an ethanol plant was distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), which contains the remaining protein, fiber and fats after fermenting the starch component of a corn kernel into alcohol. DDGS were never designed as a product for any particular feed use and this, together with the perceived variability in the composition of the product, has severely limited the application of a valuable ingredient for feed formulation. The Maximized Stillage Co-Products™ technology (MSC™), developed by Fluid Quip Technologies, was designed specifically to capitalize both on grain protein and the yeast generated during fermentation

Aquafeed: Advances in Processing & Formulation Vol 14 Issue 2 2022