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Powerhouse Songwriter Artist

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Photographer: Quincy Hargrove

pring is here, and summer is on its way. In this issue we are excited to have powerhouse Artist and Songwriter Kfhox gracing the cover of "The Cover magazine." We are celebrating and supporting Kfhox for her outstanding talents and contributions to the arts and entertainment industry in Nashville, TN – Music City.

Due to rising crime, violence, inflation and economic uncertainty, people are feeling depressed and oppressed. To understand what lies ahead, we must celebrate our winnings and leave our losses behind with high hopes of bouncing back strong.

The Cover magazine will provide you with its compelling contents of beauty, fashions, entertainment, real life issues, healthy lifestyles, celebrity news, rising stars and dreamers. The Cover magazine has also been produced to market and promote business owners; especially women owned businesses. Thanks to our readers, advertisers, contributors, sponsors, subscribers and fans, this magazine has been published and produced with you in mind. The Cover Magazine is a dream magazine that comes alive at your fingertips, each time you open an issue. It is our sincere hope that you are inspired and motivated to become one of our advertisers, subscribers, fans, supporters or contributors who enjoy reading and dreaming, because your dream can be made a reality. For more information about advertising and subscriptions to “The Cover” magazine, or the Publisher and Producer, Anner J. Echols visit us at or call (901) 650-4955.

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Casting models all shapes and sizes. Tap in and let’s go Hollywood Live with LA-Live Chris Eggleston, Dreamland Productions and The Cover Magazine.

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GREEN vegetables and fruits are tasty, low in calories, and extremely healthy for our bodies. The benefits of incorporating greens into our daily diet include: • regulating the immune system • providing magnesium which reduces fatigue • Vitamin C for iron absorption in the body • calcium to strengthen our bones • maintaining a youthful appearance…greens are anti- aging agents! I am a visual person, so I created a small chart to help me categorize my Greens by type: fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Facebook: Steph Lynn Facebook hashtag: #gogreenwithstephlynn IG: amplified queen Website: Coaching Calendar: YouTube Interview: Steph Lynn Amplified Queen

DID YOU KNOW? National Walking Day 2023 Began on Wednesday, April 5th Lace up your walking shoes and walk this month!

Healthy Benefits of Walking Think better, feel better and sleep better. Reduce your risk of serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several types of cancer. Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.

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150 minutes sounds like a lot, remember that even short activity sessions can be added up over the week to reach this goal. And it’s easy to fit in a few minutes of walking several times a day.

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Walking Morning, Noon or Night? It's a Personal Choice

JUANITA JONES'S STORE Feel good, and look beautiful when you shop for your jewelry accessories at Juanita Jones’s store.

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We are excited to announce the opening of a new radio station in Little Rock, AR – The Real UnderGround.

Leo Preston, Jr.

The station is set to open this spring, the launch date to be announced (TBA). You can listen to the station over the airway while in your car, home, office, online and social media outlets. Join a worldwide audience and take the opportunity to listen, participate or advertise your business. If you are in the arts & entertainment or fashion industry, request a live in-house interview with us.

For a more detailed overview or description of The Real UnderGround Radio Station contact Singer/Songwriter and Radio/TV Host/DJ, Leo Preston, Jr. at (501) 408-0889 or visit

FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation In the wake of what’s happening with the banking industry, I often get asked are insurance companies covered by FDIC. Let’s understand what FDIC is & why it came into play. 1865: Freedman’s Savings Bank was established to serve Black Americans. The white financiers used the funds in risky investments & lost the savings of their depositors. 1929-1933: During the Great Depression, the stock market crash, bankruptcies, and loan defaults caused banks to fail. Some never opened again.

1933: President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Banking Act of 1933 to rebuild trust in American banking. FDIC provided $2,500 of coverage. 2008 stock market crash, the FDIC limit was increased from $100,000 to $250,000 per depositor per bank.

2010: $250,000 remains the maximum limit per depositor, per bank. The Dodd-Frank Act aka the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act was created to improve transparency, accountability, prevent another financial crisis and protect consumers from abusive financial practices. Banks pay into the FDIC as its “insurance” backed by the U.S. government in case a bank fails. 2013: Silicon Valley Bank invested poorly; their stocks dropped which caused a bank run. Just like the Great Depression, consumers were lined up at the bank to withdraw their money, but it wasn’t there. Banks use other people’s money, right. So, President Joe Biden, the government stepped in and announced they would restore consumer confidence by making sure everyone will be made whole & the management of the failed banks were fired. FDIC insures your checking & savings accounts, money market, CDs, and some prepaid cards.

Mutual funds, stocks, crypto and other investments are not insured by FDIC or anyone that I could find.

Safe deposit boxes, bonds, treasury bills, municipal securities are not insured by FDIC. Go to: EDIE.FDIC.GOV, choose “Calculator” then enter your information. EDIE is FDIC’s Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator. Finally, life insurance companies are not FDIC insured. They are protected by their state government and insurance regulators. Life insurance companies offer clients a guarantee; a promise even if the stock market crashes. If a life insurance company fails, another life insurance company will take them over or purchase them. AIG failed in 2008 because of their bad mortgages, not because of life insurance or annuities. Just the facts

Sandra Quinn-Bailey Women Financial Power 901-617-1139

"PROM BEAUTY" CLASS OF 2023 NaDayisha Lott


NaDayisha is a senior at Soulsville Charter School in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from high school her career plan is to attend Air Force ROTC in the fall of 2023 at Jackson State University. While attending school NaDayisha also works part-time. Because of her talent and creative vision, she is a girl entrepreneur with four (4) businesses: Ayisha’s Creations (Customz), D Billionaire Apparel, ShaAuna D. Stylist and D. Cosmetics & Aesthetics. In her free time, she loves being a creative agraphic designer.

She Knows How to Make Things Happen

Kathryn F. "Kfhox" Hoxie, well known in the industry as Kfhox a powerhouse songwriter and artist, spending seven years on the New York City live music scene before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 2017. With an eclectic catalog that ranges from pop to hip hop to R&B, her music boasts thought-provoking lyrics and undeniable musicality.

The World and Live Music Came to a Screeching Halt... But She Didn’t! Her third full length album, “Love 360°,” was released on Valentine’s Day of 2020, just before the global pandemic. The album was produced entirely by Darin “D-Roc” James of Memphis, written by Kfhox, and offered a new edge and flair for the bold as Kfhox stepped fully into a new domain of femininity during her transition into Music City. After a full band performance, a Lightning 100 show, and a New York City Press run, live music came to a screeching halt. Kfhox continued to write and create while the world learned to pivot. In spite of the challenges of the pandemic, the loss of her mother, and taking on the role as full-time caregiver to her father with dementia, Kfhox has forged ahead, using music as a healing force and inspiring others along the way.

Author and Illustrator "Never Stop Dreaming" She is also, a published children’s book author and illustrator, Kfhox continues to demonstrate her unyielding creativity and drive. Her children’s book, “Screaming to be Free” is available in paperback and hardcover through several large retailers nationally, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart. The book is based on her song of the same title, which is all about having a dream in your heart and letting nothing stand in your way. The song also made its way to Kingston, Jamaica, where Kfhox recorded a reggae remix at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Trends A member of The Recording Academy since 2016, Kfhox has been under Grammy consideration consecutively every year for projects that she has written and recorded. She has proven that independent artists can be recognized among the elite of the music industry without the backing of a major label. She’s also raised over $11,000 through various crowdsourcing campaigns to fund her projects and use the power of fan support to continuously elevate and execute high quality music. Kfhox continues to break barriers and set trends as an independent artist, pioneering unchartered territory.

In the Spotlight....Making her Television Debut Kfhox made her official television debut as a songwriter last year, appearing on the first season of The Writerz Rumble, created by Grammy nominated Shanell Red & Jonathan Jennings. The show aired on Tubi in 2022 and has more episodes on the way, with Kfhox appearing once again. The television show is a mash up of a challenge-reality show, which teams up songwriters and producers to create hit records while racing the clock and each other.

The Cover: What upcoming projects are you most excited about? With new music, television appearances, and more books in the pipeline, there is no shortage of new projects for Kfhox in 2023 and beyond. “I’m already 12 years in the game and yet I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of my potential and creativity,” Kfhox shared.

Doing what I love...performing live in Memphis, TN at the YO-HITS.COM Music Concert

Be sure to check out her website to find her across social media, your preferred music streaming service, and for upcoming show dates.

Connect with Kfhox at

KATHRYN "KFHOX" HOXIE Enjoying her best life in Nashville, TN - Music City

The Cover: What are you most thankful for? I’m eternally thankful for my friends, family, and fans who have steadily supported me, loved on me, and showed up in real way. This journey has been long and winding, but most of all rewarding and purposeful. I believe God blessed me with the gift of song so that I may be a blessing to others. It’s my honor to serve the music and support the greatness of humanity.

Sponsors and Credits: Photographer: Misfit Studios International - Cover photos Additional Photos; Compliments of YO-HITS.COM and Kfhox MsDig Photography and Lollipop Photos Studio: VUE Nashville: Outfit & Accessories: The Showroom Nashville:

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TI and Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique and Atlanta’s Elite celebrated her EP “The Break Up” with a private listening session.“

Isabelle Doll Ngcobo and her Media crew was on the scene and on point to capture all the excitement at Zonnique’s EP Release titled “The Break Up EP.” Zonnique's track list, The Break Up” is available everywhere beginning Friday, March 24, 2023. Track list: 1. Game Over 2. One More Time Ft Bandhunta Izzy 4. Interlude 3. All Grown Up and number 5. Crash and Burn.

Isabelle Doll-Ngcobo, International Media Correspondent for The Cover Magazine

LASTING LOVE...BURNING BOATS Power couple Country Music artists, Lee Newton and Dale Houston have teamed up for an amazing love song called "Burning Boats." This is the next single off of Dale’s upcoming album, That's The Way I Am, that is set to release late summer.

Lee is celebrating the release of her first Gospel Album Crossroads, where she did duets with some of Country Music best of the best; Rhonda Vincent, T. Graham Brown, Joe Bonsall from The Oak Ridge Boys and several others including her fiancé Dale Houston whom she did “One Day At A Time.” The new release, "Burning Boats" is available now on all musical platforms. Dale Houston said “It's a duet with my girl, Lee Newton. There's something special about getting to sing a love song with the woman you're planning a wedding with.”

Lee also stated, that they will be singing this song to each other during their wedding ceremony. “It’s an amazing feeling singing a song with the love of your life.” Let’s Burn the Boats! If you’d like to hear all of Dale's new songs in one place, click the link below and give a listen. And, if you would Like, Follow, and Share, that would be a BONUS!

Zbowz FASHION STYLIST The Cover: We caught up with Zachary B. Morrow to talk about his love of fashion, dreams and goals for Zbowz Fashion.

The Cover: Did you discover your creative passion for fashion early in your career choices?

Zachary: At first, I wanted to become an attorney but unfortunately that major changed several times from legal assistant to currently celebrity fashion stylist to now owning my tailored suit studio and business. The earlier part of my life I attended State Tech, formerly known as State Technology College of Fine Arts, Remington College of Business with an associate in Business Administration, University of Phoenix with complete Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, and finally a degree in Hospitality and Resort Management at The University of Memphis. Photos: Compliments of Zachary B. Morrow

Zachary did not want to work a 9 to 5 job During the process of completing his degrees, Zachary’s work resume experiences exceeded his expectation. His jobs include working for department stores like Sears, Macy’s, JCPenney’s, Jos. A. Banks Clothiers, Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Nordstrom in Leesburg, Virginia, Destination XL and Men’s Warehouse and numerous other jobs in different retail fields. Zachary kept telling himself that he did not want an ordinary job working a 9 to 5 punching the clock. He wanted his own clothing business and brand. Zachary began to think of ideas to become a business owner.

The Cover: What was the inspiration behind your brand? Zachary: I wanted to own my clothing business and brand. I began to think of ideas of becoming a business owner. So, I started my first side business as ZBM Productions. Although, I had an art for acting, singing and dancing. I also had a passion inside of me for fashion. I became interested in the wonderful world of fashion. This became a hobby for me on the side as a fashion blogger for GQ Magazine and fashion magazine platforms which veered over to social media platforms like Facebook in 2010, Instagram in 2012 and other socially driven platforms.

The Cover: Is it proper to say "The rest is history?" Zachary: Yes, I became excited about fashion and came up with so many ideas of how I could make money designing fashion and work a full-time job. So, I formed and founded Zbowz Fashion in 2012. Each year Zbowz Fashion grew and became well known in Memphis and the surrounding areas, and now nationally known.

Celebrating a Milestone Last year 2021 marks 10 years in Business for Zbowz Fashion. From just an ordinary blog page on social media to (a) thriving clothing company and finally now a custom tailoring company.

The Cover: What's next for Zbowz Fashion? Zachary: As the CEO of Zbowz Fashion my plans are to grow further in making the business into a fashion enterprise that no one will never forget. Contact Info: Zachary at Email: or (901) 596-3856

DETOURS Detours can obstruct your vision and keep you a little further from your purpose. The thing that we must understand is this... The Detours are hard but they are Necessary for the Journey.” These are the words written in a popular Stage Play called Detours by Erica Jackson. Erica is no stranger to the Detours of this life. Her Detours have caused her to experience low self-esteem, low selfconfidence, and insecurities. She always had dreams of writing a play, creating an Empowerment Conference, being a Life Coach, and so much more! However, these insecurities prevented her from doing so for 14 years! During this time, she learned that God had to MANIFEST some things within her! Now she is ready to help YOU do the same! This is what led Erica to become the Founder/CEO of Ephesians 6 Productions. Her goal is to Empower, Inspire, and Motivate others to walk in their purpose. Erica specializes in writing, acting, directing, speaking, planning conferences and creative workshops. Her Stage Play Detours has most recently been nominated for Inspirational Play of the Year. She is also available for Business Consulting, Youth Leadership Coaching and Empowerment Coaching. After years of experiencing a series of Detours in college and leaving U of M with a 1.0, Erica graduated in 2013 with a 3.92. She received accolades such as Summa Cum Laude, Social Services Award, MCUTS Award from Belhaven/MCUTS and her Bachelor’s in Social Services. Erica also received a Master’s in Leadership. Her degrees give her the knowledge needed to counsel and coach others, allowing them to walk in Purpose. Her motto is: “Everything attached to me wins! In short... If I win... you win too!!

Currently, Erica is the Co-host of C.A.P. Podcast (Cultivate, Accumulate, Prosper) with Jerry Davis and Chamel Jackson. She is working on her book From Detours to Destiny which will be released later this year and plans on relaunching Manifest Conference which was put on pause due to the Pandemic.

She is currently accepting speaking engagements and Life Coaching clients by booking her at You can subscribe to her Podcast at, like her on Facebook at wtsid=rdr_02xrbTs7OQI9eiCWM&mibextid=Zxz2cZ, and follow her on Instagram @ephesians6productions.

Dreamland Productions Brand Ambassadors "Wearing that Funky Denim"

CONGRATULATIONS! Standing (L-R): Toya Wofford and Chrystal Norwood Below (L-R): Aleisha Dean and Michelle Brittenum

Styled by: AJE Swept Away Fashions

Attire: Funky Denim w/Chiffon Halters and Funky Denim Jeans

"No Mission is impossible" With a Game Plan for These Ladies

Valeria Sturrup Jenkins is the Founder and Director of Val JaVaughn & Chloe School of Etiquette and Modeling. Her many talents include being an entrepreneur, stylist, makeup artist, professional model, motivational speaker. jewelry designer, and interior decorator. As the director she teaches the principles of being a lady and a gentleman. Ms. Jenkins is a life coach who believes in speaking the truth. Outspoken and sassy are only a few ways to describe this spirited lady.

QUEEN OF ETIQUETTE In a world where manners seemed to be a thing of the past a Queen of Etiquette emerged. She was fierce yet poised. She wanted the perfect world, in her perfect world there would be genuine love and caring for all. People would have character and morals. There would be no sickness, violence, discrimination or hate in her perfect world. Valeria fulfilled her dream when she opened Val JaVaughn Finishing and Modeling School March 8, 1988. The only minority school of its kind in the United States.

She is a dedicated philanthropist who have given countless scholarships to well-deserving youth. She donated her time and expertise to the Memphis City School System teaching the students the importance of etiquette and helping to prepare them for a successful future.

After many years of teaching, mentoring and creating success stories in the mid-south her attention was later centered around Chloe' Alexandria her beautiful granddaughter who was the apple of her eye. The legacy continued when Val JaVaughn Finishing and Modeling School became Chloe' School of Etiquette and Modeling, only the name was changed, but the results remained the same. Thirty-five years later Valeria Jenkins is still Modeling, still teaching and still making an everlasting impression on the world of Etiquette & Modeling.

MY LIFE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Jessica Eve Scozzola, Actress and Entrepreneur In just the last few months in Los Angeles, I’ve been invited on set to be an actress for a Feature Film, three different TV series and a Commercial. I am currently working on a feature film in pre-production, helping with logistics. I’ll be an actress in that film as well. In addition to this, I have had the privilege of being invited to some red-carpet events in Los Angeles, such as the film premiere for “Shot Gun Wedding” and “Murder Mystery 2,” as well as the TV series premiere for “The Last Thing He Told Me.”

VIP Treatment 4U Jessica is also the business owner of VIP Treatment 4U™ and that name came to her when she looked at her personal goals as an artist, and how she wanted to help others. She feel that all good-hearted people should feel like they are VIPs. "I don’t feel that a person should be deemed a VIP just because they are famous." There are many people on this planet that are VIPs but not yet well known to the masses.

All good-hearted people contribute a lot of good in the world and have huge potential to help make an impact, not just within their own community, but throughout the US and worldwide. Jessica want to help all good-hearted artists stay on their path; although her company’s focus is on helping artists. There will still be a consistent message that goes out, that all good-hearted people are VIPs in their own right. Actress Contact: 727-307-0057 FB: Jessica Scozzola IG: Jessica Scozzola Tik Tok: JessicaEveScozzola 727-307-0057 FB: VIP Treatment 4U™ IG: VIP Treatment 4U™

Photos: Compliments of Jessica Eve Scozzola

MEMORABLE MOMENTS Final Curtain Call PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ' On Sunday night, April 16, 2023 the curtain closed on the longest-running show in Broadway history. The Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber's mega hit musical, is closing after more than 35 years. Phantom of the Opera' takes a final Broadway bow after 13,981 performances

I’m elated that I was able to co-produce “The Phantom of the Opera Couture” in 2014 with Producer, John Mathis at the beautiful historical Orpheum Theater, downtown Memphis, TN. John’s work can be seen all over the world captivating many in Europe, Asia and North America. The production made the Phantom of the Opera story come alive through high- end editorial/designers, actors and models with a class of elegance and style.

UBER DRIVERS Is it an alternative for driving?

Drivers who use Uber come from all backgrounds and industries, setting their own schedule to make work fit into their lives, not the other way around. Driving with Uber offers a flexible earning opportunity. It’s a great alternative to full-time driver jobs, parttime driver jobs, other part-time gigs, temp jobs, or seasonal employment. Maybe you’re already a rideshare driver and want to supplement your income by becoming a driver using the Uber platform.

Uber offers an alternative to traditional part-time driver jobs in all major cities in the US, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle and hundreds of other cities all across the country.

Factors to decide if hiring an Uber Driver is worth the risk Is it safe to take an Uber alone? Can I request a female Uber driver? Whenever possible, sit in the back seat, especially if you're riding alone. This helps ensure that you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic, and it gives you and your driver some personal space. In the high-tech world that offers you the opportunity to hail a ride through an app on your mobile phone, you might think it's easy to choose whether you would like a man or a woman driver. Not so fast — neither Uber nor Lyft offer you the choice to choose the sex of your driver, but you can: Request your ride from a safe place Confirm you are getting in the right car Tell a friend or family where you are going Sit in the back seat on the passenger side Don’t ride impaired Ride together Trust your instincts Speak up against unsafe driving Report the driver/send feedback

The dangers of using Uber and Lyft can include theft, assault, sexual assault, and auto accidents. Theft, assault, and sexual assaults could be perpetuated by the driver or by another passenger during a pool ride. In each case, Uber or Lyft are responsible for keeping you safe and may be liable if they failed to do so.

The Cover: Always do your research and stay informed.



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