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OCEAN STATE VETERINARY SPECIALISTS (OSVS) provides specialized and emergency care for your pets. OSVS is available 24 hours-a-day, including weekends and holidays for emergency and critical cases. The hospital treats dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotics and birds. Our referral services include internal medicine, surgery, avian/ exotics, ophthalmology, radiology, oncology, neurology, and emergency/critical care. OSVS is fully equipped with the latest advances in veterinary technology including endoscopy, ultrasound, transfusion medicine, CT scans, and MRI. OSVS considers its staff to be an extension of your family veterinary practice and part of your pet’s health care team. Emergency services are provided by experienced clinicians when referring veterinarians are not available. Referring veterinarians send patients with involved medical or surgical diseases to OSVS for consultation, advanced diagnostics and treatment by board-certified specialists. The combination of specialists, highly-trained staff doctors and technicians, and a state-of-the-art facility provide the finest medical care available.

OSVS also has a sister hospital in Swansea, MA. Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services is a 24-hour emergency hospital with limited specialty services and is located at the intersection of Routes 6 and 136.

{Letter From The Editor}


ome of you may remember a story a little over a year ago about a Boston Terrier mix I was fostering thru the group “Friends of Homeless Animals”. Peggy Sue was one of those hard luck cases that I feared a heartbraking outcome for. During her stay at my home, she began exhibiting some pretty serious reactive agression behaviors to things which threatened her. I had no experience with this, so I called in rienforcments in the form of animal behaviorist, Katenna Jones. Katenna spent the day with us, helping us learn just what might be going on with her. This was clearly going to be a long road, filled with constant training, and a lot of patience. Her odds of now finding a forever home had dwindled to what I beleived was zero. After all, who would fall in love and want to invest so much of their love, life and time in a dog with “issues”. Well that all changed the day I got an email from Megan & Ben. They had read about Peggy Sue’s story in the Animal Print and said they would like to meet her - Megan said there was something about her story and photo that touched them so deeply that they felt compelled to write. (of the many thousands of folks that may have ready Peggy Sue’s story, they were the only ones to reach out). I had no idea at the time, but this was truly meant to be. I recently recieved a letter from Megan & Ben which, brought me to tears, very happy tears, and I would like to share it with you - please read an excerpt below.

Hard to believe that it has been over a year since we adopted her...where does the time go? We’ll never be able to thank you enough for saving Peggy Sue and helping on her journey to finding her forever home! We love her more than anything and can’t remember a day of our lives without her. It really has been a great year. Lucy and Peggy Sue are loving sisters and best buddies! They love to wrestle, go on long walks and snuggle! They still go to daycare twice a week...and the staff at Off The Leash have been wonderful with Peggy Sue! It means the world to us that she has another place where she can can go and feel safe and comfortable...a place where she can play with her friends and just be a happy dog. She loves her groomer at OTL (Vanessa), and actually gives her kisses now. Who would have thought? She still has some triggers that we continue to work on, but we have become very good at recognizing them and avoiding stressful situations. We really have seen so much growth in her over the past year. She is great walking around our neighborhood, but her favorite though are walks in the woods and on the beach! Thank you again for saving her...we just wanted you to know how happy and loved she is in her forever home. She means the world to us! Megan & Ben. I cannot thank Megan & Ben enough for being so wonderful, caring and saving this amazing little dog. You are what makes fostering so rewarding. Thank You, Stephanie Georgia Editor P.S. We are tallying up all our Top Dog Readers Choice votes and will be selecting one lucky voter to win the iPad2! Results will appear in our next issue - good luck to everyone!

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Locally and Around The Globe…

Working Dog Stamps Now Available The U.S. Postal Service recently released 65¢ working dog stamps. The set of four stamps, celebrates the partnership of dogs and people, depicts four typical jobs of working canines: guide dogs, therapy dogs, tracking dogs and search dogs.

French Bulldog Adopts Wild Boar Piglets

The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin, Germany said a French bulldog there named Baby immediately took to the wild boar piglets when they were recently brought in, three days old and shivering from cold. Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm said, as soon as the furry striped piglets were brought in, Baby ran over and started snuggling them and keeping them warm, even though they’re already about her size. He says the piglets’ mother was likely killed by a hunter and the litter was found abandoned in a forest. The piglets are being bottlefed right now and should be released to an animal sanctuary when they can feed themselves in about three months. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

POSITIVELY A DOG SCHOOL • Pet Manners • • Daycare • • Problem Solving • Agility

O bedience Conformation

P rivate In Home Training & Behavioral Modification

Manitoba Bans Ear Cropping

A new Manitoba bylaw has outlawed the practice of cropping dog ears for cosmetic enhancement, and any veterinarians who violate the ban will face charges from $5,000 for a first offense to a maximum of $30,000 under the province’s Animal Care Act. “We’re looking out for animal welfare.,” said Winnipeg vet, Dr. Ron Worb, owner of the St. Boniface-area Anderson Animal Hospital. “We need to change breed standards and that’s what veterinarians feel.” The new legislation does not restrict tail docking, another controversial cosmetic procedure that has declined in popularity. The breeds most commonly subjected to ear cropping are Great Danes, schnauzers, boxers, Dobermans and miniature pinschers.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

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Photo Contest

Do you know two or more pets who are inseparable buddies? Perhaps they snuggle nightly or live to play together? Well, The Animal Print wants you to grab your camera, snap some photos and send us a photo of your buddies doing what they do best...being best friends!

Accepting New Patients Dogs, Cats, and Exotics too!

Dr. Susanne Saslaw * Dr. Christina Lorenson * Dr. Stacey Rodehorst


7440 Post Road North Kingstown (401) 295-9739 •

Things You Need To Know

1. It’s free to enter! 2. Winners will appear in the upcoming Spring/Top Dog issue of the Animal Print in a special photo section. 3. Quality counts - think about composition, lighting and point of view. 4. You must be the photographer and/or have legal ownership of the photo. 5. Up to 2 entries per person. 6. Deadline is April 15, 2012

Snail mail your 4x6 matte finished entries with your photo’s title, your pet’s name, along with the photographer’s name and contact info (please write info on back of photo). Send to The Animal Print Magazine P.O. Box 16002, Rumford, RI 02916 please note: entries will not be returned

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5,000SF of air conditioned indoor play space where they can romp all day long and 10,000SF of outdoor space. Daycare: Monday-Friday 7-7 Boarding 365 day/year

2057 West Shore Road Warwick, RI

Dog Center, Inc

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Rhode Island Canine Search And Rescue They hope that you and your family never need them, but they are ready, willing, and able to help if you do.

itte Wr nb

ll e oe yJ : Sp Photo

in e Co



•P ho r un st hro






Joh n Jac tunn obsons el o n the

RICSAR c ourse.



hat would you do if one of your loved ones was missing, lost in the wilderness or rubble of an urban disaster, and time was running out? Imagine all of the thoughts bound to be running through your terrified and emotionally exhausted mind: Are they cold? Are they wet? Have they found shelter? Are they hungry, thirsty, or hurt? Are they huddled in fear, trembling, and praying that help arrives? And finally, as time wears on, your thoughts inevitably turn to the most horrific question you could have to ask yourself…are they alive? This is exactly what Jim Rawley was asking himself in 2004, when the tragedy of The Station fire left him feeling helpless as to how he could assist the victims and their families. His desire to help those in need, and his lifelong love for dogs, spurred him into founding RICSAR (Rhode Island Canine Search And Rescue). RICSAR is a one hundred percent volunteer funded and run organization of highly trained search and rescue dogs and their dedicated owners, all of whom are highly educated in wilderness survival and tracking. Amazingly enough, no other organization of this kind currently existed in Rhode Island or other closely surrounding areas. Every member of RICSAR is a volunteer, however their unpaid status is in no way reflective of their extreme professionalism; they are each rigorously trained individuals who remain impassioned and resolute in their mission of saving lives and offering closure to the families of missing persons. Each member also trains and handles their own dog, which means no RICSAR dog lives in a kennel or boarding facility; while being invaluable and meticulously trained Continued on page 10



Pet Boutique Open Every Day!

Biscuit Bar

512 Main Street Warren, RI 02885 401-289-2341

Custom Birthday Cakes & Pupcakes! Blue Buffalo (Buy 10 Get 1 Free), Natureʼs Variety, Taste Of The Wild, Planet Dog, West Paw Designs, Douglas Paquette, If It Barks, Go Fetch & More!


RICSAR Continued from page 9.

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service dogs, they are each very much pets and beloved family members. As these dogs are trained solely through positive reinforcement, and their indefatigable play drives are harnessed and channeled into their work, their family life and love for their owners can only heighten and enhance a preexisting inherent motivation to succeed and please. Any dog with physical stamina, an excellent temperament without dog aggression, and a strong, compelling play drive is suitable to train for search and rescue work, and acceptance into the training program is not breed specific. While visiting a training session, I saw Labradors, Shepherds, Shepherd mixes, Flat Coated Retrievers, and a rescued Doberman named Bruno. I had the wonderful experience of watching Jim work with his dog Cole, an agile, adept and strikingly beautiful Black Lab, at RICSAR’s training obstacle course. Cole gracefully and assuredly maintained balance on a thinly planked moving see-saw, climbed pyramids of 55 gallon metal drums with

Jim Rawley with dogs Matrix (left) and Cole (right)

RI’s Mobile Vet Salmon River Vet, LLC

MOBILE VET SERVING RHODE ISLAND • Full Service State-of-the Art Surgical Unit. • L ow Cost Spay & Neuter Services for Cats • L aser surgery available

Dr. Ryan Loiselle, DVM 401.793.0092


Jim Rawley agile Black Lab, Cole, makes quick work of the challenging course.

ease, maneuvered underground tunnels, and even climbed a vertical ladder with confidence and speed…all for the reward of a treat and a pleased “Good job!” pat on the head from Jim. There are several different forms of scent detection utilized, and each one requires its own specialized training. RICSAR trains dogs in tracking/trailing, air scent, water search, and cadaver recovery. Each form of training relies primarily on a dog’s incredibly keen sense of smell; dogs have over 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose, while humans have only five million. However, how the dogs are trained to apply this amazing sensory gift differs depending on the type of search. Tracking/Trailing dogs work with their nose to the ground, following a human “scent specific” (following scent from a specific person rather than any human) trail which usually consists of microscopic particles of skin which have fallen onto the ground or low brush. These dogs need a “last seen” point, or a specific spot where the missing person was last seen to be standing or moving through, at which to begin tracking. They also need an identifying article of clothing, or personal effect, containing the person’s scent, and an uncontaminated trail. Because scent on the ground deteriorates rapidly, time is crucial in this type of search. Air Scent dogs, as the name implies, work with their nose in the air, typically off lead and are non-scent discriminating (following scent from any human, rather than one specific person). They do not require a “last seen” starting point, as they are detecting scent on the moving winds and in air currents, and are seeking to identify its origin by detecting the greatest point of concentration. Time is not as crucial an element in these searches, as scent particles in the air remain intact and non-compromised for greater periods than those on the ground. Wind speed, temperature, and humidity all determine the amount of area which can be covered by Air Scent dogs. Continued on page 12.

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1049 Tiogue Ave., Coventry, RI

RICSAR Continued from page 11.


Water search is especially interesting, and sadly, most water search dogs are deployed to locate drowning victims. Water search relies on two laws of chemistry – The Law of Diffusion and The Phenomena of Evaporation. Scent exists in liquids and gasses associated with the human body, which are both soluble and insoluble. Lighter, soluble scent molecules will diffuse into water like salt and rise to the surface. Once they have, they are able to be evaporated and detected as scent in the air. Insoluble scent molecules which are lighter than water will rise to the surface and float, becoming detectable on top of and within water currents. Water Search dogs are able to detect scent both in the water, and in the air. Cadaver dogs are cross trained, through the use of imprinting with simulated scents, to track, trail, and use air scent to detect and follow

Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic Progressive Medicine in a Family Practice Atmosphere

Wishing Everyone A Great Holiday Season! + Wellness Care + Hospital Services + Surgical Services + Dental Services + Emergency Visits

the scent of decomposing human flesh. The image of a body being discovered in the wilderness is gruesome to all of us, but cadaver dogs and their handlers can offer great emotional solace to families during their darkest and most heartbreaking moments. The sight of a loved one’s body, still familiar and able to recall to our minds our last memories of when they were filled with life and movement, is often times what a family needs the most

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Portrait Session Now!

We invite you to come see the difference Compassionate Care can make in your pet’s veterinary care.

+ Night & Weekend Appointments + 1725 Mendon Rd. Suite 102 Cumberland, RI 401.333.7911


traer scott

photography 401.274.4604

Author of Bestsellers:

Shelter Dogs & Street Dogs



Animal Hospital

Courtney Rebensdorf, D.V.M. Honorata Lenk, D.V.M.

Julie Mahaney, D.V.M., M.S. Shannon Cutts, D.V.M

A Full Service Companion Animal Hospital

401.943.0500 655 Oaklawn Ave., Rt. 5 Cranston

“Playtime” - and important part of training!

to have closure. While nothing can assuage the pain of losing a loved one, such pain may be tempered by the ability to see, or reach out and gently touch, the vessel which carried their spirit, soul, and personality. Jim says that some of his most emotionally rewarding experiences, when all hope of finding someone alive has passed, has been being able to offer families the solace and comfort of saying goodbye to the most recognizable carrier of their shared memories with their loved one… their body. The benefits RICSAR provides extend far beyond the vital role of locating missing persons and Continued on page 15.

Atlantic Animal Hospital & Wellness Center Offering Integrative Medicine For The Optimal Health Of Your Pet • Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine • Wellness Exams • Surgery • Dentistry • Nutritional Counseling • Behavior Consults • Massage Therapy

5001B South County Trail Charlestown, RI 401-364-BARK (2275)

Get The Most Out Of One Of Life’s Most Rewarding Relationships. We train puppies and mature dogs, and can work with you anywhere in Rhode Island, Boston or SE Massachusetts.

» Individualized, one-on-one training » »

with you and your dog Dog walking services available Positive reinforcement training

(401) 615-7279


thank you for voting us #1for two years in a row!

- Dr. Jane Linden, DVM, and the staff at the Providence River Animal Hospital

Check us out on:

131 Point Street, Providence, RI 02903 • (401) 274-7724


RICSAR Continued from page 13.


reach into the realm of education…both in survival techniques and respect and compassion for animals. Jim and his team of expert volunteers have organized many educational and fun seminars with local schools, The Boy Scouts, and Big Brothers, including “Lost But Found Safe.” These events often include the children playing Hide and Seek with the dogs, and are then provided with life saving information on how to remain safe if lost in the woods. They also receive fun baseball type collectors cards with photos and stats on all of RICSAR’s dogs. Jim Rawley founded this amazingly compassionate and dedicated organization with one motivating drive… to help. RICSAR is non-profit and receives no federal or state funding, and there is never a charge for their services. The cost of supplies, training, food, veterinary care, transportaion and equipment comes directly out of his and his volunteers’ own pockets. Donations are warmly appreciated, and if you wish to make one please visit the donation link on their website at If you would like to “meet” the dogs, along with their incredibly giving owners, read their team profiles, or learn more about RICSAR, please visit their website at Their help can be requested through contacting local law enforcement.


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Boarding Doggie Daycare Grooming Pet Supplies

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{16Wander Tails} a book review by Mike Fink


Co-written by librarian Vicki Myron and author Bret Witter.It is a remarkable tale and a lovely book!

The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

Vicki describes the Iowa town in historical and current terms and claims that readers mis-use the slot where borrowed volumes are returned. Lazy citizens stuff soda bottles and other trash as well as the overdue hardcovers or paperbacks. One cold morning she abandoned kitten, with frostbitten paws. She took it in and adopted it, not only as her personal pet but as the guardian and greeter for the whole community. The library became her den and domain. Little by little Dewey transformed not only his own destiny but also the fate of the town....and of the world beyond. He endeared himself to the children, the homeless, the helpless, the powerful and the powerless. He became famous even beyond the borders of the oceans. A crew from Japan made its way to this library to film Dewey and broadcast his fame across Asia. What this reader particularly enjoyed about “Dewey” was, that Vicki Myron manages to compose the story of her own life without ever letting go of the tale of her cat. Vicki has a troubled and doomed marriage, a disturbed daughter, serious health problems herself, and money anxieties as well, and tells us about her tribulations and trials not in the spirit of complaint but rather of authorital authenticity. Her woes only add to the value of Dewey, who has eerie, mystical intuition about


Country Club for Dogs and Cats

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• All forms of Obedience Training • State of the Art Facilities • Climate controlled

• Cat Boarding in our seperate Cattery • Security & Fire alarms • Owner Lives On Property

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�amestown’s �et �upply �tore! High quality, premium foods, treats & supplements. Durable toys, collars, leads and training aids

Located behind Jamestown Family Practice 24 Southwest Ave. 401-560-0616


who needs friendship, a warm companion on the lap, a gentle, quiet visit, all performed with feline grace and dignity. He has a sixth sense and a metaphorical level in his long cat-life. The farmland economy is failing and losing its confidence, but Dewey seems to restore its pride and deep belonging both to collective community and personal integrity and individuality. Cat as soul. Cat as spirit. Cat as pet with purpose and breadth of perspective. This is a splendid book. You can get it from the public library system, or from the Athenaeum, which provided me with my copy. It totally suited my need. Always for a good new text about the friendship between human and other species and lives. And especially for me as an English teacher ever in quest of fresh ways to mix autobiography and biography, memoir and portraiture, the unravelling of oneself but always with somebody else to focus on. Dewey is a pet, a cat, a motif, very much an animal true to its nature. He is also the touchstone for the saga of a landscape, a librarian, and your own interpretation.

245 Esten Ave PAWtucket RI 02860

Wellness Plans Affordable Preventative Medicine For A Low Monthly Fee! F

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On i n d Us



T #1 VE OG



“Our family taking care of yours since 1926” Full service state-of-the-art hospital serving: Canines, Felines, Ferrets, Rabbits, Small Mammals VOTED #1 GROOMER

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The finest facility I have ever seen. RI Department of Agriculture Kennel Inspector

– Indoor/Outdoor Runs –C entral Heat/AC – Special Needs Boarding – Boarding

– Grooming – Doggy Day Care – Senior Pet Care – Play Time – Treats

Rhode Island Animal Medical Center


343 Warwick Ave • Warwick • RI • • 401.785.1000





Saying the final ‘Goodbye’ to a beloved pet is a difficult and emotional experience for every member of the family. The professional staff at Final Gift understands this. Having suffered the loss of our dearest friend and companion; we were faced with the same difficult decisions you may now be faced with. How do we properly say goodbye? How can we give our friend one last gift for all of the love and loyalty she gave to us? Cremation offered our family the most thoughtful and respectful way to make the love and memories we shared with our pet last forever. This is why we decided to create Final Gift Pet Aftercare Services and Memorial Center. Final Gift is committed to providing veterinarians and pet owners in the New England area with the finest, most complete and professional pet aftercare service available. Final Gift's distinguished reputation among the veterinarians and clients it has been privileged to serve over the years, is a testament to our dedication and unequaled service. As pet owners, we treat your pets as members of our family. Let the caring staff at Final Gift provide your pet with the services they deserve.

Our Facility Final Gift offers state-of-the-art pet crematories and pet memorial centers conveniently located in Cranston, Rhode Island and Dover, New Hampshire. Our facilities have been thoughtfully designed to guarantee the highest level of service to the veterinary hospitals we serve as well as their clients during their time of grief.

Final Gift i s a fu ll memorial cen private bu rial complet e selecti on best

Individual Cremation

This service includes the gen veterinary hospital. Once in individually into the cremato remains are then placed in an your home or veterinary hos cremation and grief package

Communal Cremation

Communal cremation means other pets. This service also maintains a high level of dig receive a proper burial at the farm.

Equine and Large Com

Caring for a large pet can so stall or an area difficult to ac consideration when scheduli Whispering Pines facility off facilty or on site euthanasia b 603-516-0340

� Complimentary wooden

� Guaranteed 72 hour cr

their family within 72 ho

� Free access to the “Fina

Center” located at www.

� 24 hour emergency ser Equipped with six crematories and room for expansion, Final Gift provides our clients with a guaranteed 72 hour return of their pet remains, in a complimentary wooden urn.

week/365 days per year. � Our representatives are a speak to you 24 hours a your needs.

� A variety of urns and ca

your personal preference

Announcing the Grand Opening of our Final Gift at Whi N e v e r a b s e n t f




l -s er vice pe t af ter ca re p ro vide r a nd pe t n ter off er ing b oth cr e ma tio n and l se rv ices . You m ay cho os e fr om a n of cr e mat ion and buria l s er vices t hat fit your afterc ar e nee ds .

ntle pick up of your pet at your home, stable or the care of Final Gift, your pet is placed ory and is kept separate from all other pets. The n attractive urn of your choice and hand delivered to spital to be reunited with their family. A certificate of e is issued with every individual cremation.

s that your pet is cremated in a group setting with includes the gentle pick up of your pet. This option gnity at a modest cost. Pet ashes are not returned, but e discretion of Final Gift in the fields of our family's

mpanion Pets

Pet Aftercare Services & Memorial Center DAILY SERVICE To all of New England Phone: (401) 464-8338 Cranston,Rhode Island Phone: (603) 516-0340 Dover, New Hampshire

ometimes be difficult if they have passed away in a ccess. Final Gift recommends that you take this into ing an euthanasia with your veterinarian. Our fers transportation of your horse or pony to our by your veterinarian. Call for an appointment

Other Services

n urn included with all Individual Cremations.

remation service - All pets are reunited with ours. 24 hour service is also available.

al Gift Online Grief Counseling Resource

vice 7 days a . available to day, for all

askets to meet e and budget.

Thank You For Making Us #1 for 3 Years In A Row!

spering Pines Facility located in Dover, New Hampshire. r o m y o u r h e a r t .



The staff of the RI Community Spay/ Neuter clinic (RICSNC) in Warwick celebrated their 10,000th spay on Tuesday, January 31st. Dr. MaryBeth Holinka holds “Sydney,” the cat who marked this milestone.

The Rhode Island Community Spay/Neuter Clinic (RICSNC)...

Reaches 10,000 Spays/Neuters! Congratulations to the staff of the Rhode Island Community Spay/Neuter Clinic (RICSNC) in Warwick who recently sterilized its 10,000th patient on January 31st. This milestone was reached just over 18 months after the clinic’s opening.

lives of those animals already in shelters. In addition, RICSNC currently partners with more than 70 shelters and rescue organizations in RI, MA and CT and offers special pricing for pit bulls and feral cats, animals most likely to be deemed unadoptable and euthanized in shelters.

RICSNC opened its doors July 1, 2010 thanks to grant funding from The Rhode Island Foundation. As a nonprofit, high-volume, high quality facility, the clinic offers subsidized spay/neuter services for cats and dogs. Two veterinarians perform up to 60 surgeries per day in a state-of-the-art facility, which offers free transportation within Rhode Island. Pamela Knoecklein, Clinic Director, says, “The clinic’s remarkable success is due to the highly skilled and dedicated staff that works together with great efficiency, while never compromising the excellent patient care they provide.”

RICSNC is owned by the Ocean State Animal Coalition (OSAC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Rhode Island. OSAC’s founding members are: Animal Rescue League of Southern RI, PawsWatch, Potter League for Animals, Providence Animal Control, Providence Animal Rescue League, RI Animal Control Officers’ Association, and Westerly Animal Control.

Each year, more than 15,000 animals enter Rhode Island shelters and approximately 3,000 are euthanized. Taxpayer dollars must be spent to house and ultimately euthanize those animals in part because there are not enough homes for them all. Spaying and neutering is the only way to prevent the birth of unwanted animals, while saving the

Going forward, the clinic expects to perform roughly 8,000 surgeries annually. Tom Gulluscio, OSAC President, says, “Most of the shelters and rescue groups in the State are already clients of the clinic. Our goal now is to reach individuals who, for whatever reason, have not yet had their pets spayed or neutered. Every surgery performed at the clinic counts toward our goal of addressing pet overpopulation.” For more information, or to donate to the clinic, please visit or call (401) 369-7297.





in RI s e c a l P y l d Frien


• Julian’s Restaurant – Providence, RI • India Restaurant – Providence, RI • The Garden Grille – Providence, RI • Nick’s On Broadway - Providence, RI • United BBQ - Providence, RI • Aldo’s Restaurant – Block Island, RI • Tricia’s Tropi-Grille – Jamestown, RI • Matunuck Oyster Bar – Matunuck, RI • Harry’s – Block Island, RI • Jim’s Dock - Jerusalem, RI • Frappo 66 – Provincetown, MA


• Commercial Street Beach – Provincetown, MA • RISD Beach – Barrington, RI • Goosewing (after hours) – RI • Sandy Point Beach – Portsmouth, RI • Block Island Beaches – Bock Island, RI


• Aidans Pub & Grub – Bristol, RI • Nick-A-Nees – Providence, RI • O’Briens Pub – Newport, RI • Canfield House – Newport, RI

& MA


• Books on the Square – Providence, RI • A Novel Idea – Bristol, RI • Myopic Books – Providence, RI

COFFEE SHOPS (outoor seating)

• Seven Stars Bakery – Providence, RI • Starbucks, – Wayland Sq. Providence, RI • Little Falls Cafe – Cranston, RI • White Electric – Providence, RI • Coffee Exchange – Providence, RI • The Cupcakerie – Cranston, RI • Main St. Café – East Greenwich, RI • PerKatory – Providence, RI • Coastal Roasters – Tiverton, RI • South End Buttery – Boston, MA

OFF-LEASH DOG PARKS • South Kingston Dog Park – Wakefield, RI • Gano St. Dog Park – Providence, RI • Haines Dog Park – Barrington, RI • Warwick Dog Park – Warwick, RI • Dexter Dog Park – Providence, RI • Newport Dog Park – Newport, RI • Pawtucket Dog Park – Pawtucket, RI


• Caster’s Bike Shop Providence, RI • The Kayak Center of RI – Wickford RI • Mudstone Studios – Warren • Kinko – Eastide of Providence, RI • The Silver Willow – Seekonk, MA • Black Dog General Store – Newport, RI • Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Boston, MA • Life is Good Store – Newburyport, MA


• Gothic Inn – Block Island, RI • The Edith Pearl B&B – Little Compton, RI • Providence Marriot Downtown – Prov, RI • Sanford-Covell Mansion – Newport, RI • Surfside Hotel – Provincetown, MA • Land’s End Inn – Provincetown, MA • Benchmarck Inn – Providencetown, MA • Woof Cottages – Nantucket, MA • Jared Coffin House – Nantucket, MA • Brass Lantern Inn – Nantucket, MA • Nine Zero Hotel – Boston, MA • The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common, MA • Hotel Marlowe – Cambridge, MA

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March 3-4th The 18th Annual RHODE ISLAND PET SHOW and International Cat Association Cat Show At the RI Convention Center. Hours: 11-6 Saturday & Sunday 11-5.Admission: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children 12 & Under $4. For more info Call: Jenks Productions, Inc.1-800-955-7469 Wednesday, March 7th Coalition for Animals 5th Annual Lasagna Dinner At The Skyroom 651 Orchard Street, New Bedford. 100% of all proceeds will support our Seniors for Seniors Program, for which we pay the adoption fee to adopt a senior shelter animal to a senior person from a participating local shelter! Donation $10/Adult $8/Senior & Child. Buy Tickets at Mellisa’s Pet Depot, 83 Faunce Corner Rd # A North Dartmouth. Or by calling New Bedford Animal Control (508) 991-6366. Limited Tickets will be sold at the door of the event. Thursday, March 8th Canine Massage Seminar Jessica Gonsalves Poyant, certified Massage and Reikki II practioner will be teaching a seminar on Canine Massage for pet owners. 12-3pm.Advanced reservations required. Style Unleashed 401-245-2600 or Thursday, March 15th CLOUDY WITH A 100% CHANCE OF MEATBALLS!!! A Pasta dinner to benefit the Pawtucket Dog Park. Eat pasta & meatballs, listen to the dj spin some tunes, and take a chance at the 50/50 raffle all for a GREAT CAUSE. PWPC is raising funds to beautify the dog

park this spring. 6:00 to 8:30 Where: St. Theresa Church Hall 358 Newport Ave Pawtucket, RI Ticket Prices: $10 Adults, $5 Children under 12, Children 2 and under eat FREE. Call Joanne at 723-8709 for more info or John at Pawtucket Parks & Rec dept at 728-0500 ext 257 to purchase tickets. Sunday, March 18th Easter Bunny Pet Photos Take your pet or family photos with the easter bunner to benefit A.D.O.P.T (Animal Depend On People Too). 12-3pm at Pet Supplies “PLUS” - Garden City Shopping Plaza, Cranston, RI. $20 for two photos (photos can be reproduced.) Saturday, March 24th Medicine Horses Workshop: Adventures in Equine Experiential Learning Learn New Ways to Build Relationships. Classes are open to anyone interested in having a more natural, authentic relationship with animals and humans too! The experience can be LIFE CHANGING! $50 in advance, $55 day of includes a light lunch. Time: 10:00am- 4:00pm. Horse Play, 143 Gilbert Stuart Rd, Saunderstown, RI. Contact: Horse Play (401)294-3565 or email Sunday, March 25th Clam Boil Time: 2:00 PM. Location: Fire Headquarters,Railroad Ave, Warren RI. Cost: Adults $30, Child 5yr – 12 yr $15. Child under 5 free hot dog. Sponsored by Residents United for Furry Friends. The

mission of RUFF is to preserve the health, safety and integrity of domestic animals in the Town of Warren and greater Bristol County, Rhode Island. Tickets available by contacting the Warren Animal Shelter at 80 Wood Street - 401 245-4569 Thursday, March 29th Picture Purr-fect at Gallery Z: animals and art unite in march! All month long, the front window of Gallery Z at 259 Atwells Avenue will be showcasing The Providence Animal Rescue Leagues mission and services. And that’s not all...on Thursday March 29th, join them at Gallery Z from 5pm - 7pm for an “Art, Food & Wine” event. Peruse some fabulous art, enjoy a bite to eat and drink as you help support the homeless animals at PARL. For more informations visit Saturday, March 31st 8th Annual Breakfast & Raffle to Help Homeless Cats and Dogs Friends of the Warwick Animal Shelter will hold its eigth annual Breakfast & Raffle from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM at the Norwood Baptist Church, 48 Budlong Avenue, Warwick, RI. Tickets are $8.00 each and $3.00 each for children under 6 years old. For more information, please call 401-467-2692.


Date TBA TOP DOG READERS CHOICE Awards Party! Join us for a night of dancing, drinks and fun, to celebrate winners of our top dog survey! Sign up for the Animal Print newsletter for more info! or friend us on faceboook at

eighborhood! April 20-22 IAABC Conference The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) is a certification and membership organization for animal behavior consulting professionals, but our conference has a variety of speakers and topics for everyone, at any level. Whether you dig dogs, canoodle cats, play with parrots, or hang with the horses, IAABC has a topic for you. Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RI. Details: Sunday, April 22nd What Would Jeff Do? Live Seminar w/Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training A special fund raising event will preceed the seminar, from 4:00-4:45pm. Sean O’Shea from The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center in LA will be doing a how to Flyball Demo. Learn how to get your dog started in this fast pace sport, whether for fun or for competition. Flyball demo and silent auction at: 4:00-4:45 Seminar: 5:00-7:00p.m.

Check our website for daily event updates!

Cocktail reception with complimentary hors’duevers and cash bar: 7:00 The Westin, Providence 1 West Exchange Street, Providence, RI For more info visit www.solidk9training. com/ or call 401.527.6354 Friday, April 27, 2012 Dinner & Silent Auction For Homeless Pets Join A.D.O.P.T (Animals Depend On People Too) for a fun night of food, music and a silent auction. Tickets are $20 per person. 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Media and Art Center, 325 Public St., Providence, RI Contact info: Email Kware@metmail. com or call A.D.O.P.T. at 401-826-0320


Sunday, May 6th 10th Rhode Island SPCA 10th Annual Fundraising Horse Ride 10:00am until 3:00pm. Saddle up and come ride the bridle trails of Goddard

park. If you dont have a horse, stop buy and visit. There will be raffle prizes and a Silent auction. Rain Date for this event is May 12th. $25.00 per rider this includes an event t-shirt, lunch, and a chance to win a prize... ALL funds raised will go to help our animal friends at the RISPCA. Visit for more information.

WEEKLY/MONTHY Every Saturday What Would Jeff Do? Real World Dog Training Talk Radio on AM 790. When: Saturdays 8-11am. Station Hotline: 401-437-5000. Tune in, call in, and get saved. Every Tuesday “Pick of the Litter” Each week, channel 6 hosts a program called Pick of the Litter that features adoptable animals from the RISPCA. Tuesdays at 12pm.

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Many thanks to all of our wonderful clients, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary of service! 710 South County Trail Exeter, RI • 401.294.0102


Nini Silva • 401.692.0147


Put A Dog On It (or food) In case you missed it on the web, we just had to share some smile inducing photographers we found doing some unsual things with dogs! Enjoy!

Adopt A Bunny! (401) 623-1340

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Sharon R.

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Maddie the Coonhound’s Tumblr, subtitled “a super serious project about dogs and physics” is one of those fantastic gems that comes along and makes me excited that the internet exists! I don’t know much about Maddie, but I do know that she has some serious skills in balance and concentration. See Maddie balance on more things at

357 Putnam Pike #6 • Smithfield, RI 401.349.2668

Love Your Pet. Naturally. Your pet will enjoy our all-natural and organic pet food and accessories, and you’ll enjoy a 10% case discount! Visit our three RI locations. To find one near you, visit

“Food On My Dog” certainly lives up to it’s name. Tony, is a Staffordshire Terrier & American bulldog mix with a penchant for balancing food items on his head, seems to “relish” the attention, and the treats his owner gives him after each shoot. I’m not going to lie, this blog with not only make you laugh, but make you really, really hungry! Check out more treats that Tony puts on his head at

Jenks Productions, Inc. presents the 19th Annual


PET SHOW & The International Cat Association Cat Show

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March 3rd-4th Rhode Island Convention Center


1 Sabin Street, Providence, Rhode Island

OVER 150 EXHIBITORS OFFERING PET PRODUCTS, INFORMATION, SERVICES, AND ENTERTAINMENT • MasterPeace Dog Agility Demos • Solid K-9 Training Demos And our FASHION SHOW is a must see … catch all the • AKC Canine Showcase runway excitement by • Petting Zoo and Pony Rides • Live Entertainment Daily! • Local Rescue and Shelter Groups Park Ave Puppy’s • Shop for Show Discounts Participating Sponsors: General Admission:Adults $8.00, Seniors $7.00, Children 12 & Under $4.00

Please, NO Personal Pets Allowed A Special Show for Pet Lovers of All Ages! • Outside CT 800 955-7469 • 860-563-2111



& Behavior

} by Katenna Jones ScM, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Take a look at these dogs. What breeds do you think they are? Why?




(stay tuned for the DNA results!)


f you were looking, which would you adopt? Why or why not? Breed identification is a very hot topic these days. Between breed specific legislation, insurance restrictions, personal image, and public perception – breed ID plays a big role in American culture. But what is it that makes us need to know what breed a dog is?

Why do we vilify certain breeds? Why do we adore others? Perhaps it’s a social thing, retained from the Victorian era. That is when the focus on “pure bred” dogs took hold among the upper crust – as a way to separate themselves from the lower classes that could only afford “mutts.”

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Is it a desire to have bragging rights? You may hear many people gushing that their dog is a pure-bred such-insuch, in much the same way one might boast that their bag is Prada. In some cases, the price of a pure-bred is – albeit erroneously – believed to reflect the quality of the dog itself.

, Ruffin Wranglers dog excursions


Blythe Penna 401.419.4318

27 Or is it simply a desire to name the breed, so we can better understand the health and temperament expectations that might be expected with specific breeds. For example, do I want to know if that dog is a Jack Russell, because Jacks tend to be pretty high energy and shedders, whereas I might prefer a lower energy, nonshedding Maltese? In many cases, including mine, it’s pure curiosity! My guess is there is a combination of all of the above, and several other factors as well. But what I do know is that breed identification is incredibly difficult, and mistakes can be fatal. Labs, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, American Bulldogs, and many, many other breeds are often mislabeled as pit bulls. In towns where pit bulls are banned, or in shelters that do not place them, labeled dogs can be and are euthanized. In towns where breed specific legislation is enacted, dogs can be removed from your property and euthanized, with no proof that the dog is actually of a restricted breed. Scary, right?

What if you want to adopt from a shelBut what if you want to ID a breed ter, and you want to know what breed to avoid these “dangerous” breeds? you are getting, what can you do? AcDid you know breeds are considered cording to Dr. Amy Marder, Director “dangerous” based on dog bite statisof the Center for Shelter Dogs, Animal tics, which are based on media reports Rescue League of Boston, “It is imposand identification of the breed by the sible to breed label dogs of unknown victim? So, the people reporting the history and genetics breed that bit solely on the basis of are not experts “ I t i s i m p o s s i b l e t o their appearance. There in breed label dogs of is so much behavioral identification, u n k n o w n h i s t o r y variability within each or even animal and genetics solely breed, and even more professionals! within breed mixes, on the basis of that we cannot reliably their appearance.” Well, in that predict a dog’s behavcase, only ior or his suitability professionals for a particular owner based on breed should be the one to identify breed… alone. Each dog is an individual.” right? Well, turns out, Dr. Victoria Voith has conducted several studies to My advice is to get to know the dog. examine the ability of dog professionDon’t choose based on looks or breed, als to identify breed based solely on but rather on personality, shedding, looks. She has found very little energy, and size. Spend time with the correlation between an animal dog, don’t adopt or buy without several professional’s ability to identify breed visits and an extended visit. Spend at and the actual DNA analysis. On a the very least 30-45 minutes with the personal note, I recently visited an dog, to allow them a chance to calm animal shelter and saw a pure-bred down and so you can see the real Weimaraner labeled as a pit bull. When I inquired, it was labeled as such deal. I recommend multiple visits whenever possible. because the owner said so. What!? Continued on page 28.


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28 A Rose By Any Other Name… Continued From Page 27 Still Curious About Your Dogs DNA? If you still want to know, or you’ve taken a guess and want to see how close you were, the most accurate option is a DNA test. DNA consists of the genes that make us what we are. Scientists have mapped the DNA of several breeds, but there are different DNA combinations for all breeds, and hundreds of breeds, so not all are

completed yet. The best product out there is Wisdom Panel by MARS, who has identified over 750 breeds. There are two types of testing – saliva swabs and blood. The blood testing is more accurate, but must be done in conjunction with your veterinarian. The saliva swab is incredibly easy, very fast, costs $70, and includes a certificate of your dog’s genetic makeup.

Now, (drum roll) let’s see how good your breed ID skills are. Lily

has no primary breeds, which means neither of her parents were purebreds. She also has no secondary breeds, which means all four of her grandparents were mixes too! What we do know is that Lily has some whippet, English setter, and Border collie in there. Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?


also has no primary breeds. One of his grandparents was a Rottweiler or Rottweiler mix. He also has some bits and piece of Dachsund & Tibetan Terrier. Dachsund!!?


has one parent that was pure American Staffordshire terrier (aka pit bull), and the other parent was ½ American Staffordshire terrier and ½ something else. The most likely “something else” is miniature bull terrier. Yeah, I can see that.

The moral of this story is, avoid labels, don’t get hung up on breed, and instead focus on the core of the dog. Personality should reign over looks in all of our relationships, and nowhere is this more true than in relationships with our dogs. Suggested Resources • Google “Victoria Voith Breed ID” to learn more about her research • to order a DNA test • “Fatal Dog Attacks,” by Karen Delise to learn more about breed biased statistics

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New Cat Adoption Program Offered at the Potter League:Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ Survey Brin LOVES having her head petted and she loves to give kisses. She would do best in an adult only home. She would prefer to be the only baby in the household. Lap cat, very sweet.



he Potter League offers a new program designed by Dr. Emily Weiss for the ASPCA® called Meet Your Match®. The adoption program determines the Feline-ality™ of a cat and the personality of a potential adopter. The program is designed to increase the bond between a cat and adopter and is not based on how cute a cat is or the color of its fur. A well matched pair will create a positive experience allowing a cat to remain in a new home. Upon arriving to the shelter, cats are assessed to determine their individual needs and personality traits. The cats are evaluated based on their friendliness, playfulness, their reaction to being pet and held, and their independence. The resulting score of the assessment assigns a personality color of green, orange or purple. A kennel card with the assigned color is placed along with the cat’s information for

The Betsy Fund

Saves Lives Sometimes the animals brought to shelters require critical medical care out of the scope of the shelters daily resources. In response to this need, The Providence Animal Rescue League has launched Betsy’s Fund. This fund was created to provide extra care to adoptable animals in need, like it’s namesake Betsy. Backyard breeders brought Betsy to PARL at just two weeks of age with a crushed front leg. They wanted her put to sleep because they couldn’t make any money from

viewing. There are nine feline-ality categories. The purple category includes private investigator, secret admirer, love bug; Orange category has the executive, sidekick, personal assistant, and the MVP, party animal and leader of the band are in the green category. Potential adopters fill out an adopter survey. The survey helps to identify lifestyle, expectations and home environment of a potential adopter. They are given a green, orange or purple card based on the results of the survey. Although it is not required that you choose a color of the same assigned color, it is highly recommended. Visit The Potter League, 87 Oliphant Ln. Middletown, RI or log on at: for more information or to obtain an adopter survey or call us at 401-846-8276.

a crippled dog. Rather than put her to sleep, and with the owner’s permission, PARL’S welfare staff dedicated themselves to saving little Betsy. Her front paw could not be saved, but Betsy adjusted just fine and went on to live a happy, well adjusted life! By giving to Betsy’s Fund you have the opportunity to help give second chances to hundreds of dogs and cats who require medical care, surgery and other treatment before they can be adopted. For more information or to donate to the Betsy Fun please visit or call (401)421-1399.



PARL – 34 Elbow Street • Providence, RI • 401.421.1399 •

Shadow is around 5 years old and was surrendered after her owner lost her job. Shadow has lived with children of all ages, other cats, and a small dog. She is a very lovable girl who likes to be held and sit on your lap. Come visit Shadow at our satellite adoption center at Petsmart in Warwick!

Binky is a 5 year old calico cat who was surrendered because her owner lost her home. Binky has lived with a small dog and another cat before, but has never lived with children. She is an independent girl but very friendly. Come visit Binky at our satellite adoption center at Petsmart in Warwick!

Angel is an adorable 7 year old Pit Bull Mix who was surrendered because her owner had to move. She is an active girl who will require a lot of exercise! She loves to go on long walks and explore new places! She loves to be the center of attention and have all eyes on her, so a constant companion would be ideal for her! She is house trained.

Storm is a 5 year old very handsome German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix who was surrendered because he was too much for the children in the household. He is an independent dog who loves to explore his surroundings. Due to his large size, a lot of land and daily exercise would be ideal for him. He is very well behaved and smart.

A.D.O.P.T: Animals Depend on People Too – Cranston, RI •

Kesha is only 3 years old. We believe he is a male. His owner is moving and can not take him along. Kesha loves people. He loves to be next to you but he is afraid of hands. He is a gentle boy looking for his forever home. We will only adopt to bird experienced people. For birds only email

Ace’s owner died and a relative has been caring for him since. Ace is a very sweet dog. His foster mom is trying to get Ace all of his medical care, to make him a better prospect for adoption. His final medical hurdle is to have entropion eye surgery. Once he is adopted, Care For Animals will perform the surgery at no cost to his new owner.

Sam, a Lynx Point Siamese and Mai-Tai, a sealpoint Siamese are 7 year old brother & sister. These Siamese babies lost their human mom in December. They are used to a quiet home and hide around children. They were both lap cats with their human mom. Sam is very sweet and affectionate. He will make a wonderful addition in any home.

Kit-Kit’s human Mom had battled cancer for 2 years and unfortunately passed on Easter Sunday. Her one wish was that we can find loving homes for her cherished babies. These kitties are what kept her going. Jackie’s niece had taken Sammy, Annie & Kit-Kit shortly before Jackie died, and can no longer keep them.

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue – Foster, RI • 401.623.1340 •

Brooke is one of 7 rabbits we caught that were dumped in the woods in NW Rhode Island. We believe Brooke may be the mom to James, Meriwether & Webster. She is a gorgeous New Zealand Red bun. She is a bigger gal, about 7 lbs. and she would be a great first bun.

Liza one one of MANY angoras taken out of a hoarding situation. She is sweet and beautiful and good with her litterbox. She has the super angora coat and she needs routine clipdowns to keep her happy and from getting matted. We can teach you how to maintain angoras.

Mattie is a Giant Angora, a pretty big gal that is an explorer, friendly and gorgeous. She is about 2 years old, spayed and good with her litterbox. She will require grooming maintenance and we can teach you how. Her grooming needs are something to consider but she is worth it!

Puffcake is a sweet, gentle giant of a girl. She is about 2 years old, spayed and doing well with her litterbox. She would make a good bonding candidate or a great first bun. Her grooming needs should be considered but it is fairly easy to do once you learn. Having a great bun like her is worth learning.

This page was made possible through the generosity of:


401•453•3007 711 Westminster Providence M-F: 7:00-5:30, Sat: 8-5:30, Sun: 10:00-5:00



Help Save Lives... Adopt A Pet Today! Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pet Bull Type Dogs – Providence, RI •

Frankie is going to be just fine! Sweet and super snuggly. He was born on 11/26/11 from an accidental breeding between a brother and sister dog. The rest of the litter was born healthy, but this little guy has a condition called Hypomyelination or “Shaky Puppy Syndrome”. His little body constantly shakes & trembles, except when resting.

Juno is a sweet and wonderful dog. She is 4 or 5 years old pit bull mix that was taken into the shelter as a stray. Juno was at the shelter for several months and became depressed. She stopped eating and was becoming more and more dejected. Now that she is in a foster home, her appetite has returned and her true personality is shining through.

Big Blu is taking a break from shelter life at PARL. He is officially adoptable through PARL, but we are listing him here to get him some more exposure and because he will be in one of our wonderful foster homes for a week. Blu has proven himself a wonderful dog and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite.

Cash is great with kids and cats!! He is in foster care with both and is doing wonderfully! Cash’s favorite place is curled up on the sofa next to someone. He is good with other dogs too and just a fun-loving young guy looking for his forever family.

Animal Rescue League of S. Rhode Island – S. Kingstown • 401.783.7606 •

Clementine is a gorgeous pointer mix that we rescued from a high kill shelter in the south. She is 1-2 yrs old. She is a wonderful dog and would make a great companion. She is looking for a home to call her own and would love it to be yours.

Luther, like so many I was a stray and Paws Watch found me and gave me a warm home and a future. I am now at the Animal Rescue League of SRI and I would love to have a future with you. I am really looking for a forever home. I am about 2 1/2 yrs old and great cat with lots of love to give.

Dexter is an Aussie Shepherd mix from the south and he is around a year old. He is looking for his forever home and would love it to be yours.

Chanel, a 1 year old, gentle girl with a huge heart. Like everyone else, she just needs to be loved. She is very gentle and calm and loves to be pet. She is looking for a home to call her own and would love it to be yours.

Rehoboth Animal Shelter – Rehoboth, MA • 508.252.5421 •

Solomon is an adorable little boy, just a few months old. His brothers have gone to their new homes and he is lonely! Please come see him. He loves to be held and will purr happily when he gets any attention. For more information, please call 508-252-5421, ext. 126 or e-mail

Lucy, a hound mix with possible ancient ancestry, can be very loving and a good home companion. She has upright ears, white around her muzzle, and a black nose. She’s a sweet dog but a lonely lady who would love some attention.

Patches is a playful and friendly youngster, born about late May. He will be neutered and vaccinated before adoption. For more information, please e-mail the shelter or call 508-252-5767.

Air-conditioning • Eclectic Jukebox • Pool Table

75 South St. Providence, RI • 401.861.7290

Ringo is a lively young cat, who gets along well with other cats. To visit him, call 508-252-5421, ext. 126

OPEN Daily at 3pm


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Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Wanted Seeking individuals for pet sitting/dog walking jobs in Coventry/west warwick, tiverton/fall river, westerly/charlestown, Warwick/cranston. Seeking candidate with prior volunteer or professional experience with animals. Visit; for info or email

Advertising Sales Needed The Animal Print is looking for an experienced ad sales rep. The ideal candidate should be : • Experienced & skilled in advertising sales. • Great with people and easy to get along with. • Enjoy selling to customers both on the phone and face to face. • Computer literate. • The ability to work as an Independent Contractor. • Commit to at least 3 days a week. We pay a competitive commission plus bonuses based on monthly sales goals. We also offer some other fun perks. Please send your resume and cover letter to


Providence Animal Control is looking for weekday volunteers to work with both cats and dogs starting immediately. Duties center around playing with and socializing animals as well as showing animals to potential adopters. Candidates should be over 18 with health insurance and able to commit to one day a week for at least a year. Hours are 11-3. Previous experience with animals in a shelter setting is helpful but not necessary. Dog volunteers need to be comfortable around big dogs and bully breeds. We also need skilled amateur or pro photographers to photograph animals for online adoption sites. Please send inquirers to:

Volunteers Needed The Pet Refuge Animal Shelter of N. Kingstown is in need of volunteers for general shelter help and fundraising. For more information please visit www.nkeapl. org or call 401.294.1115

RATES: $10 for first 20 words, .50 for each additional word. (Call for business prices.) Just mail your check with info to: The Animal Print • P.O. Box 16002, Rumford, RI 02916


Like Animals? You’ll LOVE This! The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants annual conference is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss it! The IAABC is a certification and membership organization for animal behavior consulting professionals, but our conference has a variety of speakers and topics for everyone, at any level. Whether you dig dogs, canoodle cats, play with parrots, or hang with the horses, IAABC has a topic for you.

Are you a pet owner who just loves animals and wants to learn more? • Learn about enriching the lives of cats, dealing with litter box problems, and how to deal with an aggressive cat. • Learn how to deal with dogs that are reactive toward humans, and toward other dogs. • Learn about animal assisted therapy and how horses are used to help special needs children. • Learn about pet diets and how it impacts behavior and which illnesses look like behavior problems. • Learn about cat and dog interactions. • Learn about the intelligence of parrots and how to deal with common behavior problems

Are you a pet professional looking for advanced education? • Learn about how genetics impact behavior. • Get business tips and publication advice. • Learn about neurobiology of operant conditioning. • Learn about extinction and recovery. • Learn about effective behavior change. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with area animal professionals and lovers as you peruse our vendor hall and learn more than you ever knew you didn’t know about animal behavior! Dine with your new friends at the Saturday night banquet, included in all multi–day tickets, as you chat around Speaker-hosted discussion tables. The event also includes a mixer cocktail party, Author book signing, and hands-on live animal presentations for Sunday. This is an amazing deal for an amazing group of presentations and speakers - don’t miss it! When: April 20-22 Where: Crowne Plaza, 801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, For more details, visit : Register now, and we hope to see you there!

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Doggie Menu

Hamburger & Rice Chicken & Rice Vegetables & Rice Yogurt Pops After a stroll on the Boulevard treat yourself & your pet on our beautiful front patio.

Best Pet Friendly Outdoor Restaurant

Puffer&&Tony Tony C.C.Puffer What do you do for a living? C. Puffer: Design, Web Development, Audio Production Tony: Bark at noises and Waste Management. Do you have a motto? C. Puffer: : Life’s a karmic knot to be untangled and then you transcend the physical plane. Tony: Are you going to eat that? If you had a superpower what would it be? C. Puffer: Flight Tony: Opposable thumbs What is your idea of perfect happiness? C. Puffer: Tinkering with music. Tony: Dinner! What is your most endearing quality? C. Puffer: Don’t take myself too seriously Tony: Most people think I’m pretty adorable What is your greatest fear? C. Puffer: Fear itself? Tony: Being left alone.

1060 Hope Street Providence 401-421-2600

Advertising Sales

Rep Needed The Animal Print is looking for an experienced ad sales rep. The ideal candidate should be :

• Experienced & skilled in advertising sales. • Great with people and easy to get along with. • Enjoy selling to customers both on the phone and face to face. • Computer literate. • The ability to work as an Independent Contractor. • Commit to at least 3 days a week.

We pay a competitive commission plus bonuses based on monthly sales goals. We also offer some other fun perks. Please send your resume and cover letter to



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