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A volunteer board of citizens and a professional staff that works with families, individuals and financial planners to devise gift plans that ensure that their charitable contributions are used to maximum benefit. We identify needs in Collier County, stimulate resources to address those needs, make grants to agencies that are addressing those needs and help our community prepare for the future. We are conveners, collaborators and connectors.

To improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and providing leadership on critical community issues. For good. Forever.

• Annual Report 2013-2014 • Donor Advised Handbook 2015 • Vital Signs Report 2014-2015 • NONPROFIT DIRECTORY • Scholarship Brochure 2015 • GiveWhereYouLive30 Report

• Offer services and benefits to donors • Maximize charitable deductions by offering lower expenses and fewer administrative burdens than private foundations • Understand community needs and organizations that address them • Oversee grantmaking to ensure intended philanthropic impact • Act as stewards of our donors’ funds and vision

• Unrestricted/Community Impact: Address issues as they emerge in our community • Donor Advised: Participate in the funding process • Field-of-Interest: Designate funds for broad areas of interest, i.e. youth, arts, education, etc. • Designated: Designate dollars to specific nonprofits that you care about • Agency Endowment: Protect nonprofit’s charitable dollars for the future • Scholarship: Helps students pursue academic goals • Giving Circle: Group of people that pool resources for impact • Seedling: Allow donors to contribute as little as $1,000

Create a bequest in your will or revocable (living) trust. What, when and how much do you want to give? • Specific dollar amount • Specific personal or real property • Residuary Gift: Give the remainder of your estate in whole or in part • Contingent Gift: Give a gift only based on certain conditions How do you want your bequest to be used? • Unrestricted Gift: Made to the Foundation for general purposes • Field-of-Interest Gift: Choose a philanthropic area that you are passionate about • Gift to an Existing Fund: Leave bequests to funds established before your death • Create a Fund: Create a donor-advised, scholarship or designated fund—endowed or endowed— administered by the Foundation

• Year Established: 1985 • Number of Staff: 9 • Total Assets: $95 million • Total Grantmaking: $75 million • Funds Held: 510

As of 6/1/15

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Celebration of Philanthropy: Annual event; recognizes honorees for dedication to philanthropic service Give Where You Live: 24-hour online giving day in benefit of selected nonprofits Power of The Purse: Annual event hosted by Women’s Foundation to raise funds for at-risk women and girls Center For Nonprofit Excellence: Collaboration between the Foundation and Hodges University to strengthen capacity of nonprofits through educational programs Nonprofit Directory: Searchable, online database of in-depth, current information about nonprofits in Collier County Women of Initiative Honors Luncheon: Annual event honoring ten women for philanthropic achievements Professional Advisors Events: Networking and continuing education opportunities for our Professional Advisor’s Council

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Simplicity: Effective way to support issues you care about with one gift Tax Benefits: Gifts receive maximum tax advantages Flexibility: Able to accommodate many kinds of gifts Effective Leadership: Comply with high standards of Council on Foundations National Standards Objectivity: Not an end-user. Distribute charitable dollars to facilitate philanthropy Stewardship: Ensure donor’s funds are allocated according to donor’s intent Recognition or Anonymity: Offer donors choice of recognition or anonymity Professional Management: Work with top financial investment groups to provide cost-effective management of Foundation assets Accountability: Audited annually to ensure fiscal health Permanence: Established in 1985 with an endowment invested to generate a source of income year after year Guidance: Able to discuss all ways that donors can fulfill charitable goals

Organizational Development (improve nonprofit capacity) • Improved technology, equipment and software • Tuition reimbursement for certification at Center for Nonprofit Excellence/Hodges • Technical assistance/consultants • Collaboration start-up costs Capital Projects (grow nonprofit and its services) • Construction, building repairs, equipment New Programs/Expansion of Existing Programs (as identified in Vital Signs Report) • Community life, arts and environment • Education and workforce training • Basic needs • At-risk women and girls • Healthcare and mental health • Economic development Matching Agency Endowments: Help nonprofits grow sustainable funding with matching grant

When you establish a scholarship fund with us, you give deserving students the opportunity to pursue academic dreams. Establish a legacy, honor a loved one or give back to your community. We work with you to create, establish criteria for, and administer your fund. • Getting Started: We work with donors and/ or their financial advisors to establish the fund, prepare a fund agreement letter and transfer assets to establish the fund. • Required Minimums: Separately named scholarship funds can be established with gifts of $10,000 or more. • Investing Funds: Foundation funds are professionally invested under the supervision of our investment committee. Funds are pooled and invested with other assets of the Foundation.

ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: • Greater tax benefits • Fewer administrative requirements • No minimum annual required payout • The potential for anonymity • Grantmaking assistance from knowledgeable staff • Visit for details

• Eileen Connolly-Keesler, President/CEO • Sharon Bayata, Scholarships • Mary George, Community Grantmaking • Lisette Holmes, CFO • Ann Hughes, Donor Services • Craig Jones, Marketing • Eric Kingsley, Accounting • Carri Kreisman, Events • Marsha Lewis, Donor Services


What is the Community Foundation?  

The Community Foundation of Collier County aims to improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and...

What is the Community Foundation?  

The Community Foundation of Collier County aims to improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and...