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Issue 214 | October 2020


t has been good to see some of our regular groups starting to meet again, however at the time of writing there is talk of a further lockdown. It is worth contacting groups for their up to date plans before setting off to join them. We live in such uncertain times! The Inspero community food hub has now settled into its new home at Kempshott Village Hall. The hub continues to support vulnerable and elderly families across the Southern part of Basingstoke (Beggarwood, Hatch Warren, Brighton Hill, Kempshott, Buckskin and South Ham. (See page 17 for more details). Unfortunately for us our young volunteer deliverer on Longacre has now gone back to her education and is no longer able to assist. We are really grateful for the work she has done and she deserves a BIG THANK YOU. Is there someone in this area that would be able to step forward and assist in delivering from now on. Please give me a call on 01256 354282 or email Apologies for the smaller print in this edition but we have had a lot to cram in this month, but not quite enough to go up an extra 4 pages. Please keep the news coming in.

Richard, Anne & Andy




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Small Ads Letters to the editor N2N St. Marks Church Useful Contacts


In the last edition of the Kourier I wrote about returning to my volunteer role at the Neighbourhood Police office in Parklands. My first returning attendance was to an empty office, but the following week was very different with many officers present, resulting in a very short visit. That’s the problem, in that policing demands mean that social distancing and PC availability can never be guaranteed. Of over 180 mail message in my Inbox, very few needed urgent NW attention. To try to help with mail routing, I have set my police e-mail auto-answer to refer to my BDNW e-mail address and so far, only 1 mail has been redirected to me. As a result of this, I am considering fortnightly or even monthly police visits as well as maybe changing location to the PIC where it seems that social distancing should be much easier. Very few Alert messages have been issued and the small number of Press Releases received, have been put onto the BDNW website for any interested persons to read. Also the latest Crime Prevention advice from Inspector Lane will be there by the time you read this update.


I have noticed that around our area there are many NW signs in poor condition. In some cases I know that replacement overlays have been supplied but do not seem to have been fitted. In a few cases, it seems obvious the NW interest is no longer there, thus giving criminals confirmation that nobody is bothered or watching the area. Unfortunately signs are now quite expensive and so the local association may not be able to continue with free replacements and may have to charge a nominal fee. As National NW said in their recent campaign, “Life’s safer when you know your neighbours. With more people looking out for unusual behaviour, burglaries and other crimes can often be prevented”. A properly signed and working NW area goes a long way to keeping things safer. Are you part of NW and is your local scheme working ? Do you want to start a scheme ? Although Ourwatch allows persons to propose themselves as ‘Self Declared NW Coordinators’, Basingstoke has always had a policy of police checks to try to ensure that any potential new coordinator has a clean record before commencing any NW role. So far, despite the COVID difficulties, several new coordinators and schemes have been checked and approved around the borough. As pupils return to schools, it is worth mentioning the sad fact that in the Hampshire Police area, the number of young persons carrying weapons has more than doubled. For everyone’s safety it is vital that parents are aware of what their young persons might have about their persons. Much better to have an early police official warning, than an injured child or even far worse. Similarly with meetings of large groups of persons of all ages - please obey the rules to stay safe. A concerning issue that has come to light is that NW coordinators including myself are being contacted by phone or e-mail about crimes taking place. It is vital that the person witnessing any crime in progress should themselves report it straight away, to the police using 999 if necessary or to 101 or the police website if it is not urgent. In virtually all cases, police need to refer back to the witnesses, if and when an investigation needs to take place. Don’t be afraid to make that call, our officers are quite easy to deal with and they do appreciate help from the public. At BDNWA the committee is considering ZOOM meetings instead of face to face gatherings. We had an initial ZOOM meeting a few days ago and it went really well. For the duration of COVID-19 my police email is unlikely to be available and I’m still volunteering mainly from home, please send feedback and comments to which gets sent on to me so I can respond, but please allow a few days for a reply. Kind regards

Brian Adams

Police Support Volunteer NW Basingstoke

Advertise with us! T: 01256 354282


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Kempshott School News Kempshott infant School

It has been absolutely lovely to welcome everyone to our ‘new normal’ at Kempshott Infant School! The buzz as the children arrived on the first morning was so exciting and joyful; the children, and the parents, happy to be back at school! We would like to thank all our families for their support and patience with our Do you want to make a differen staggered timings and following the routes around school.

The governing board at Kempshott Jun

academic year starting September 2020 Our very grown-up and responsible Year 2 children are settling in to new classrooms and getting to know their teachers. school (including those joining from Sep community who feel that they could ma Their topic, ‘What makes me amazing!’ is a great way to get to know each other as they talk about things they are good at We are incredibly proud of our school, o shaping the school’s strategic direction and things they enjoy doing. The children have discussed skills that they would like to improve and things they would improvement. We typically don’t get inv like to learn more about. They have also found out that it is fine to make mistakes and that is how we learn. Passion for making a difference is th

education is not essential. We welcom

interest from underrepresented social g The Year 1 topic is ‘Sensational Senses.’ The children are enjoying touching, tasting, listening, looking and smelling andand training you wil receive the support spend around 7 hours a thinking about how their senses tell them more about the world. They are becoming familiar with the map of Most thegovernors United school. At Kempshott Junior School, w Kingdom and contrasting urban and rural areas. They are finding out more about our local area as well, so keep your eyes peeled as they will be out and about in Kempshott counting vehicles and looking at street furniture! What do we need from you? 

Most importantly - an interest in

in allwith aspects of school life. Yo Year 1 and Year 2 are really enjoying Move-It Mondays when each year group have a sporty day with extra time  A natural curiosity, helping you Lyndsey our sports coach and lots of active lessons. Year R are going to join in soon, once they are a bit quicker at  getting An ability to listen to the ideas o changed! What we offer:

 A group of governors, led by a As for Year R, well, they are settling in beautifully! Striding into school with ever-increasing confidence, organising positive difference to children’s  An opportunity for personal dev themselves independently and developing delightful friendships as they wash their hands once again! different context and through th

It may be a new normal, but that new pencils, new shoes, September feeling never changes!


Friendly, well-chaired meetings everyone’s precious time

Interested in learning more? We would

Once we hear from you, we will share m

application should you wish to become How lovely is it to be back at school! Things may look a bit different but he class rooms are full, there are smiling faces everywhere and the pleasant sound of interaction is heard…how we have missed this ‘normality’.

Kempshott Junior School Governing

We are so proud of all of our children for their brilliant transition back to school, the families who have supported them and our staff for their continued hard work. Thank you to all and stay safe! Autumn term has started with the summer sunshine which has enabled continued outdoor learning and time out in the fresh air. New books have been started and ambitions set for this year. Year 3 have become brave adventurers, Year 4 are becoming volcanoes experts, Year 5 have set sights on maintaining their super hero status and Year 6 are exploring the emotional subject of World War 2. Kempshott Junior School continue to support Spotlight charity this year due to the complications of last year! Whilst the school are raising money for Spotlight through sweet sales, ice cream sale, a non- uniform day for mental health The Rabbiter - April 2009 support in schools and a film club, Spotlight are supporting the school and have offered a range of exciting things to pupils including sports clubs, English tuition, Maths tuition and language tuition! Here’s to a great year supporting a charity that supports so many of our families in Kempshott, In Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

All Seasons


Helping the environment is something we like to do at Kempshott junior School. One of the ways in which we help HEATING ourPLUMBING, environment is by taking part in Walk Once a week scheme. Everyone is encouraged to walk to school, badges are rewarded to those who walk to and from school at least once a week every week for each month. Permits can be granted AND ELECTRICAL NEEDS to families who wish to ‘park and Stride’. This involves parking at the Rugby Club and walking to school from there to reduce pollution and increase exercise. • Fully qualified local engineers Reliably serving the • Full Bathroom installations Hatchwarren community for 19yrs

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Additional services include: Children's Ballet Classes

Stafford School of Ballet

Saturdays at Aldworth School • Pressure washing • We are back to classes with • Cladding/signage cleaning • safety measures in place • Gutter/fascia/soffit cleaning • (ages 3 to 4) 09:10 - 09:40 (ages 3 to 4) ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES • Heating Systems • Boiler Replacements • Pre-Primary Standard 1 (ages 7 to 8) 09:50 – 10:20 (ages 7 to 8) • Cylinder Replacements • Un-vented Systems • • Conservatory roof cleaning • Primary (ages 5 to 6) 10:30 – 11:00 (ages 5 to 6) • Radiators • Pumps, Motorized Valves • Showers • • Thermostatic Radiator Valves • Water Softeners • • Pure water - no chemicals •

• Bathroom, Ensuite + Cloakroom (complete installations) • Household PlumbingSERVICE Repairs • Taps • FOR A• RELIABLE EFFICIENT • Ballvalves • Washers • etc. •

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E: | | T: 07951 660401 Welcome back! It’s been so lovely welcoming our children back to Kempshott Under Fives. We haven’t seen some of our older children since March so it’s been very exciting seeing how they’ve grown and our new children have all settled in fantastically. Children and staff are all very happy to be back to the preschool routine. We’re really impressed at how well the children have adapted to the new hygiene measures too, they are all amazing at washing their hands. At the start of any new academic year change is ahead for our little ones and the first few weeks of settling into a new environment is a time of crucial importance to a child's later happiness within a setting. There is potential for more transitions as children move through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) than in any other stage of the education system. A child may move from home to a childminder, onto a playgroup, then into nursery and finally into school - all before they reach their fifth birthday. Transitions are our highest priority and as such we plan with the individual needs in mind, building confidence and resilience through gradual change. Our first few weeks are always about helping our children settle in, helping them to explore the new environment, make new friends and get to know staff. All children are individuals, and while some children will adjust fairly easily and quickly to new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure. At Kempshott Under Fives we work hard to ensure that all children settle happily. Our first topic “All About Me” is a great chance for the children to learn all about themselves, their new friends and their families. We use stories, arts, crafts and songs to help our children discover what is unique and special about themselves and each other. We’ve had some gorgeous weather to start our new term so the children have been making the most of the garden. We have a new outdoor water channel wall, which the children love, it’s been especially popular in the warm weather. Over the summer holidays the Community Payback Scheme removed posts from the maze at Beggarwood Park, these were kindly donated by the council to one of our staff members who has transformed them into amazing planters for preschool. The children will be busy this year growing lots of vegetables in their new planters through the different seasons. We’ll soon be starting our topic of autumn where we’ll be enjoying lots more time outdoors collecting sticks and leaves to build bug hotels and hedgehog houses. KEMPSHOTT UNDER FIVES AND THE EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE (EYFS) Kempshott Under Fives work to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in all our activities. The EYFS sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five years old. At the start of any new academic year change is ahead for our little ones. Will they see new teachers? Stay at preschool for a longer amount of time without Mummy or Daddy? Will they be starting their school journey for the very first time? One of the areas of the EYFS is 'PSED' which stands for Personal, Social and Emotional Development. A large part of what we do here at Kempshott Under Fives is to ensure that we bond with your children and encourage their confidence building. We would encourage and observe a little one to see if, between the ages of 22 and 36 months, they can separate from their main carer with support and encouragement and also express their own interests and preferences. If they are not quite ready we work on it together. It is lovely to hear your little ones asking for a particular toy that may not be out on that day...and yes we will get it for them. Kempshott Under Fives is based in St Mark’s Church on Homesteads Road and has a lovely main room and a wonderful garden. We still have spaces available for this academic year, to enquire about a space please contact Melissa, Preschool Manager, on 07951 660401 or at

NEWS FROM CRANBOURNE We all returned to school on Monday morning and it is great to have the school full again! We have all missed each other!

Our plan is to keep ourselves and our community super safe, so that we never have to close again. We have a high level of infection control, students and staff have adapted to the “new normal” with ease. After a summer of uncertainty, the GCSE results came through and were well deserved. We congratulate the Class of 2020 again for their excellent GCSE and for their great resilience and commitment despite a turbulent final year of Secondary School. We wish them luck as they start their journeys at College and in the workplace. The most exciting news came this week. After years of trying, we have had Planning Permission for our new school Swimming Pool! The new pool is just as big, but has a state of the art, environmentally sustainable roof, heating system and changing rooms. We want to thank our Dutch and German Architects, 4 Green Architecture for their amazing plans, which will provide an important community resource for all of us for years to come! Headteacher

Mrs Aplin,

Come and visit Cranbourne for a Tour of the School. Have a child starting in Secondary School in September 2021? We understand the importance of seeing the school in action. This is an opportunity to meet Mrs Aplin (Headteacher), learn more about Cranbourne. Tours will be limited to ONE HOUSEHOLD and visitors will be asked to wear a face mask. Call 01256 868600 or email Abigail Weston: to book a tour today!



Wouldn’t it magical to be transported to a world with no imperfections, But humans have their own choices and thus we face the consequences. But let’s just sit and imagine, A paradise so spectacular and eye catching. With so much love and euphoria, With a happy future hereafter. To Imagine the most amazing waterfall in front of me, Its good to dream to be transported to another dimension, Full of hope in my mind i feel serenity. With nobody to hinder or any intervention. I never want to let go of this idealistic surrounding, Moving forward and upwards no regrets, I want to keep hold it’s mine it’s astounding. Just going with the flow with no summit. To dream to wish for better, is fine, Like a piñata being excitedly struck by a child, Maybe all we need is time. To have the splendid contents that it holds inside.

Ms M Kelson

They go bump in the night Whilst typing at night I saw a movement from the side Making me alert and my eyes opening wide But I couldn’t see anything, nothing was there

Not sure what to do now as I’m here all alone Would people think I was silly if I picked up the phone Who would I phone my mum or my dad

Just me in my study in my big swivel chair Then it was a door clicking in the night Uneasy and worried, should I put on the light What was that deep moan is it the plumbing gone wrong Should I wait till the morning to get the plumber along

But maybe 999 if it really gets bad Pulling my hair I am now all agog Then I remember, I’m looking after dads dog.

Bob Newman Eagle Close

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usfor now for afriendly free, friendly Call Call us now a free, Call us now for a free, friendly no obligation quotation Callno us obligation now for a quotation free, friendly no obligation quotation We are a local reliable family business and strive to provide outstanding no obligation quotation customer service & workmanship; Endorsed by Which Trusted traders. With 20 years experience With 20 years experience • Boiler installation & servicingwe With 20 years experience can Supply & Fit or Fit Only 20 years experience we With can Supply & Fit Fit or Fit Only • Central heating repairs / Smart thermostat installation we can Supply & Fit or • Power flushing / New radiators & valves we can Supply & Fit Only or Fit Only



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UPDATE BY BASINGSTOKE & DISTRICT DISABILITY FORUM (BDDF) YOUR LOCAL ADULT DISABILITY CHARITY. BDDF quickly responded to lockdown by moving our services on-line. We focused efforts on tackling isolation for our members by providing support virtually. Offering both weekly coffee & chat and chair yoga sessions. We also continued to provide our signposting activities which help those with disability related queries. BDDF are slowly reintroducing face to face yoga, whilst continuing the online sessions - both are free to attend. We are also exited to announce our brand NEW weekly Walking Group which again is free to attend, open to all abilities and strictly follows Government group guidelines. Funded by ‘Energise Me’ these social walks are already being thoroughly enjoyed by our members, an opportunity to make new connections whilst getting exercise and fresh air. Our next annual disability information day will take place in The Malls shopping centre on Friday 26th March 2021. If you are a local disability service or business operating in Basingstoke and are interested in exhibiting do get in touch. Over the summer BDDF organised Chineham and Sherfield Park’s first ever Scarecrow Trail. With 5 awards all voted for by the public, the community spirit shone and competition for the coveted title of ‘best in show’ was fierce with 91 displays all based around the theme of books. Our local charity partner for 2020 was the incredible Sebastian’s Action Trust who support children and the families of children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses. We are so grateful to everyone who supported, entered a scarecrow, sponsored and donated raffle prizes and of course our volunteers. Thanks to you all it was a huge success raising over £5k. The feedback suggests we would be welcomed back. We plan to reach out in the new year to seek volunteers to be part of the 2021 organising committee. We will always find a way to continue supporting the disabled people in our community. Currently our offerings include weekly virtual Chair Yoga & meditation; Walking Clubs; and Online Signposting and Support groups. We would love to hear from you whether you have feedback, ideas on how we can best serve our disabled community or if you would like more information on our current services – become a member of our BDDF community follow us on Facebook @BDDForum; email us uk or call 01256 423869.


EFFECTIVE COVID-19 SAFE Soft Tissue & Movement Therapy For pain relief, prevention, and Movement restoration

M & K AUTOS • BASINGSTOKE Trading in your car or just need an Instant Cash Sale CALL US FIRST

● Sports and Prestige Cars a speciality ● Top Prices Paid ● Instant Bank Transfer ● For a fast, friendly professional approach please call Keith Lovelock on Basingstoke (01256) 477838 or 07785 594429 cal

Your Lo Buyer


 

 Conquer pain, injury, and their impact Maintain improvement and prevent recurrence Achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life

By receiving Postural and functional assessment Advanced hands-on soft tissue therapy Tailored postural and movement ‘coaching’  Practical life-style advice Attentive motivation and encouragement

   

Interested? Please email Or call 07710 229 704 — thank you! Tanya M Ball MSc BA KCMT BCSI LSSM Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist KCMT Movement Therapist KMI Structural Integrator


Kempshott Village Hall Tel. 01256 324314


More clubs and groups are returning to their regular slots at the hall. Not all groups are able to return yet, eg. Horitcultural Society, Daytime Club, Partially Sighted and Women's Institute. As the situation is continually changing it is advisable to contact the group for more up to date information.. Monday Baby sensory 9.30 - 11.40 (depending on age), Main Hall

Tuesday Super senior citizens keep fit 9.30 till 10.30 Move it or lose it (keep fit) 2.30 till 3.30 Weight Watchers 5 till 6pm Pilates 8 till 9 pm

Janice.roberts@btinternetcom Tel 07789 711294 Main Hall call 0739 9618947 Main Hall call 07719 428953 Main Hall Main Hall

Wednesday Keep fit seniors 2 till 3.25 then till 4.15 Pam Pilates 6.30 pm till 7.30 Dog training 7.40 till 8.30pm

Call Janice 07789 711294 Main Hall Call 07841 665343 Main Hall Call Dale 07957806752 Main Hall or in the field

Thursday Pilates 9.30 till 12 call Pam 07841 665343 Pilates 6.30 till 7.30

Main Hall call 07725 581218 Main Hall

Friday USKO Martial arts 5.00 - 8.30 (various levels)

Call Andy Hobday 07973 562752 Main Hall & Small Hall

Art Club and Craft Club are now meeting more regularly in the new art room at the back of the building. For information on times and days please contact Kathy on 07799 693339

THE EASIEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT “I thought about losing weight once, but I don’t like losing” I could sit here and say eat less and move more, but what does that actually mean? I could sit here and say all you need is a consistent calorie deficit #ccd But what does that actually mean? There are many easy ways to lose weight - but if you have no other information to grab onto other than a slippery “eat less move more” no wonder you’re still trying to figure it out. But no fear, Food Is Life is here! I’m going to give you 3 really simple starting points to start losing weight, you can start with 1 tip, work on that and then add another when you’re ready, or jump in with all 3, completely up to you! #personalised 1. Reduce your portion size, whatever is taking up most room on your plate, reduce that portion by 1/3 or ½ (excluding veg) 2. Decide what time of day is your “snack weakness” 3. Once you have done that, you’re officially not going to eat snacks during those times 4. Drink 1 more litre of water daily than you currently are Keep yourself accountable by using a water bottle to measure your progress, the idea of these 3 tips is to cover the “eat less” portion of the weight loss equation. The reality is there are many ways to reduce calories. But you’ve got to find what works for YOU

Start with these and let me know how you get on Facebook: @foodislifeuk Instagram: Website: Email:


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Guaranteed repairs to to allall leading brands of,of, Guaranteed repairs leading brands • Washing Machines • Washing Machines • Tumble Dryers • Tumble Dryers • Electric Cookers • Electric Cookers • Dishwashers • Dishwashers Competitive fixed rates Competitive fixed rates Fully qualified & experienced local engineer Fully qualified & experienced local engineer ForFor a prompt, reliable andand professional repair please call, a prompt, reliable professional repair please call,


Š••ȹ Š›¢ȹ —ǹȹ ÇťĹ–Ĺ—Ĺ˜Ĺ›ĹœǟȹĹ™Ĺ˜Ĺ&#x;ŗřŞȹȹ ˜‹’•Žǹȹ Ĺ–Ĺ?Ĺ?ĹœĹ?ĹšĹšĹœĹžĹ™Ĺš ȹȹȹ ȹȹȹ Š••ȹ Š›¢ȹ —ǹȹ ˜‹’•Žǹȹ ȹȹȹ Š••ȹ Š›¢ȹ —ǹȹ ÇťĹ–Ĺ—Ĺ˜Ĺ›ĹœǟȹĹ™Ĺ˜Ĺ&#x;ŗřŞȹȹ ˜‹’•Žǹȹ Ĺ–Ĺ?Ĺ?ĹœĹ?ĹšĹšĹœĹžĹ™Ĺš –Š’•ǹȹÂ?–”Â?ŽŒ˜›ŠÂ?’—Â?Č“ÂŠÂ˜Â•ÇŻÂŒÂ˜Â–Čą –Š’•ǹȹÂ?–”Â?ŽŒ˜›ŠÂ?’—Â?Č“ÂŠÂ˜Â•ÇŻÂŒÂ˜Â–Čą –Š’•ǹȹÂ?–”Â?ŽŒ˜›ŠÂ?’—Â?Č“ÂŠÂ˜Â•ÇŻÂŒÂ˜Â–Čą

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Basingstoke Basingstoke Appliance ApplianceService Service

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Tel: (01256) 325319 Mobile: 07836 679802 Tel: (01256) 325319 Mobile: 07836 679802 Established 1992 Established 1992


Delivering Deliveringwhat whatis isright rightforforyou you Windows Windows


Doors Doors

Conservatories Conservatories Repairs Repairs

Over 30 years Over 30 years experience experience

Call us now for afriendly free, friendly Call usfor for free, friendly us now for aafriendly free, friendly CallCall us Call now for anow free, us now a free, no obligation quotation no obligation quotation no no obligation quotation obligation quotation With 20With years experience With 20 years experience With 20 years experience With 20 years experience 20 years experience wewe can Supply & Fit or Fit Only can Supply & Fit or Fit wewe cancan Supply & Fit or Fit Only we can Supply FitOnly or Fit Fit Only Only Supply && Fit or

visit visitourournew newwebsite website

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Telephone: 01256 332256 Telephone: 01256 332256 Telephone: 01256 332256 Mobile: 07760 252588 or or Mobile: 07760 252588 or Mobile: 07760 252588 07886 475662 07886 475662 07886 475662 Telephone: 01256 332256 07760 252588 or 07886 475662 Telephone: 01256 332256• •Mobile: • Mobile: Mobile: 07760 252588 or 07886 07886 475662 Telephone: 01256 332256 07760 252588 or 475662 01256 812622 01256 812622 Where reputation matters Where reputation matters Where reputation matters Where reputation matters Where reputation matters 07878 236001 F EF NE CN ICNI GN G • • D ED CE KC07878 IKNI GN G236001 • • S HS EH DE SD S 7(/ RU 7(/ RU 7(/ RU 7(/ RU PA T OIIO ’OS’’SS•• BR W OO R TU RUFRRIFFNIIN G PA KW W OK NG G PA BBIRRCIIK CCK RRKK•• TTU • •

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Local with 30 years experience ! # " of ! # "

01256 412709 | 07780 510901

Pack Lane, Basingstoke #

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Chris Valler

Plumbing & Heating Bathrooms Plastering & Tiling Associated Trades

Plastering Services

“Our reliability and work is guaranteed, so please contact us for a free no obligation quote.”

Commercial & Domestic CRB Checked • Free Quotes Tel: 01256 412581 Mob: 07785 346563 Email:

Property Applications Ltd.

01256 323499 07540 765838

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.

REPAIR, SERVICE AND INSTALL Boilers, Plumbing, Bathrooms, Showers, Gas Fires, Cookers, Hobs, Warm Air Units, Water Heaters, Gas Certificates, Natural Gas, LPG, Oil, Water

0800 246 5503

Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas. Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more.

Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246 Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote.

Sherringtons Weller Mackrill

Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers

Accounts, bookkeeping and VAT Self Assessment and Corporation Tax Payroll, PAYE and CIS Inheritance taxMark: and CGT 07968 808454 Company formations Greg: 07766 111302 IR35 reviews Tax planning advice

South Building, Upper Farm, NO CALL OUTWootton CHARGEStALawrence, ND FREE Basingstoke QUOTATIONSRG23 8PE

All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken For a friendly, priced Service service and your free initial consultation96519 : Bathroom Design sensibly and Installation Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates 01256 782059 Gas Boiler service, breakdown and replacement Oil & Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, Worcester & Grant Water Softeners Digital shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Mark: 07968 808454 Unvented hot water Mark: 07968 808454 07968 808454 Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Mark: Greg: 07766 111302 Proud members of Greg: 07766 111302 Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Greg: 07766 111302 Hive and Nest installation

N CALL OUT CHARGE AND FREE QUOTATIONS NO O CALL OUT CHARGE AND FREE QUOTATIONS N CALL Oand UT C HARGEUndertaken AND FREE QUOTATIONS AllOPlumbing Heating All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken Bathroom Design and Installation Service All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken Bathroom Design and Installation Service Including tiling, flooring, lighting & Service decorating Bathroom Design and Installation Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates Gas Boiler service, breakdown and replacement Landlord Certificates Gas BoilerSafety service, breakdown and replacement Oil Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, & Grant Gas&Boiler service, breakdown andWorcester replacement Oil & Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, Worcester & Grant Water Softeners Oil & Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, Worcester & Grant Water Softeners Digital shower / pumps and replacement Water Digital Softeners shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Digital shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Unvented hot water Tap replacement or repair Unvented hot water Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Unvented hot water Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Hive and Nest installation Wireless thermostats / heating control upgrade Hive and room Nest installation Hive and Nest installation

96519 96519 96519

Email : Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246 Email :

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd

With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas. Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246

Proud members of Proud members of Proud members of

Telephone: 01184 376 852 Mobile: 07843 801 556 Email : Email:

12 Kempshott Wildlife,

Green Space


In previous years in October Fuzzy Drove Conservation Group volunteers would be starting to coppice the Hazel which grows in Fuzzy Drove, coppicing is a woodland management method in which the wood from a tree is harvested by cutting a suitable tree near ground level. It subsequently regrows over a period of years without needing to be replanted. The two photos show one Hazel which was coppiced a year ago and the other two years ago, as you can see the Hazel thrives and puts on a lot of growth which is straight and ideal for use as garden poles for flowers and beans. Coppicing is done on rotation, small areas of a woodland are cut each year in sequence leaving the areas not being cut to grow on for between 15 and 20 years for chestnut, and about 7 - 10 years for hazel. When an area of coppice is cut, it is all cut down, and creates a clearing. This periodic coppicing encourages the individual trees to live for many years. If the coppice cycle is managed correctly it can increase biodiversity in the woodland because of the beneficial effects of varying light levels reaching the woodland floor, and the range of different aged trees and stools in the woodland. The best time to coppice is in the autumn and winter when the sap has gone down, and certainly well before the sap rises in the spring. In southern Britain, coppice was traditionally hazel, hornbeam, field maple, ash, sweet chestnut, occasionally sallow, elm, small-leafed lime and rarely oak, beech, sessile oak, ash or beech standards. In wet areas alder and willows were used. You may have noticed that the half of the Drove towards the cycle path and farm fields is narrower as the undergrowth is doing well, this is due to the fact that the council lorry is not using the Drove to collect rubbish from the bins but instead using the roads to access them. This will help the Drove’s wildlife while also making it a safer area for us all to enjoy.

Please bear in mind if you are having any bonfires to check for Hedgehogs which may be starting to hibernate as the weather gets colder.

Kempshott Conservation Group Email: Internet:

Our War on Ragwort. We have an excellent relationship with Worting Scouts. When they approached us to suggest suitable work that individual "socially distanced" groups of scouts could undertake, we jumped at the chance. There were a number of jobs, but after a site walk with one of the leaders, we plumped for them pulling Ragwort on Down Grange Meadow, as this did not involve bladed tools, such as secateurs or loppers. The first session was at the end of August and while the turnout was restricted due to fine weather and families being on holiday, a substantial amount of Ragwort was lifted. The picture shows the "socially distanced" group with the results of their efforts, not a spike of ragwort in sight! More………………………..


and Conservation AND CONSERVATIONNews NEWSfor FOROctober OCTOBER Despite the hard work, this did not put them off and they are planning to return for a number of shorter sessions. Ragwort is a potentially invasive species and while we like a little to encourage the Cinnabar Moth, a spectacular pink moth which we recorded for the first time earlier this year, you can, as the saying goes, have too much of a good thing. Fungi Warning. After some spectacular rain, we noticed a rash of mushrooms in the "Jubilee Copse" section of the Meadow. These turned out to be Brown Roll-Rim (Paxillus involutus). They are common mushrooms which are deadly poisonous, so should not be touched and definitely not eaten. Work Party Dates. We will be publishing our planned dates in next month’s Kempshott Kourier, but upto-date information on whether a session will go ahead and what restrictions apply can be found on our website "".

Old Down & Beggarwood Wildlife Group

The trees and bushes on the two sites are now displaying the beautiful colours of autumn. Both sites have lots of dogwood which in autumn turn to the most beautiful shades of orange, tan and red with bunches of berries that start off red and then turn to black. This is an attractive shrub as it gives the most beautiful colours during the seasons but sadly it does have to be kept in check by removal or chopping back because it is so robust and invasive and can overwhelm other plants. At this time of year there are very few wildflowers about but there are some late ones such as scabious and toadflax. There are three strains of scabious on the sites - field scabious, small scabious and devil’s bit scabious. The first two are a pale lilac; the latter is darker with a slightly smaller flower head that is a fairly tight globe. They are very attractive to insects such as hoverflies, bees and butterflies.

Field Scabious

Devil’s Bit Scabious

Common Toadflax

During October the Council will be mowing various parts of Old Down (as agreed with the Group). In the coming weeks and months the Group has plans to plant tree saplings, hedgerow shrubs and snowdrop bulbs. And there is much tidying up and cutting back to be done. So help is needed please. Work Parties – At last the Council has given the go ahead for work parties to start. It is hoped that the first work party on Old Down will be early October (meeting at the Hall at 10 am) but please check the Group’s website and Facebook page (Old Down and Beggarwood Wildlife Group) for confirmation of the exact date. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to arrange work parties on Beggarwood. Please look at our Facebook page for regular photos of the sites and their wildlife. Internet:



HOW AND WHY I BECAME A GP The Probus Club of Basingstoke heard from one of their members, Dr Nick Waring, who was a partner for many years at the Gillies Health Centre in Brighton Hill, about what prompted his medical calling.

His father was involved with the St John’s Ambulance Brigade and that he also manufactured surgical needles encouraged Nick Waring’s interest in medicine. Joining the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff in 1966 he qualified five years later although training and exams carried on for several years. He recalled many instances during student training that showed that practicing on patients was part of the curriculum. There was a saying “see one, do one, teach one.” Two examples that demonstrated how medicine had progressed was when he had to clerk (take a history) of an octogenarian who, when aged only 3, had been operated on by Lord Lister, the man who introduced antiseptics. Another was when his professor of bacteriology told that he had once been tasked with transporting, in his briefcase, the “world” supply of antibiotics. The first baby he delivered as a student arrived on a hot and humid evening (no air con then), the day man landed on the moon. It was a boy and, of course, named Neil. His first paid job was in Southampton working for Prof Donald Acheson, the first Dean of the new Southampton medical school who went on to become the national Chief Medical Officer and then to work for WHO. Even though now qualified as a doctor, vocational training was being developed which involved two more years in various jobs in hospital followed by another year as a trainee. At this stage he could have been accepted into a general practice and after 3 years working up to parity he could become a full profit sharing partner. Unlike today, there were very few GPs then salaried or part time or indeed female. To gain further experience, after Southampton he had three jobs in Cardiff, a stint in Wrexham and returned to Cardiff for a trainee year. Having spent a year in children’s medicine he could see that there was great competition in Wales for higher positions in paediatrics with demanding work rotas and further exams. General practice seemed an altogether better option and he has never regretted it. In 1972 he started in Basingstoke as a GP with a personal list growing from 0 to 3,500 in about eighteen months. This needed an on-call rota system working one night in five with a full day’s work either side. Probably half of the maternity patients delivered under the care of the practice and it was surprising how many went into labour in the middle of the night. There were no mobile phones in those days so out of hours calls came from home via a pager necessitating finding a phone to re-plan the route around the patch. His low point came when he was called out of bed five times after midnight. The change to the Hantsdoc co-op came just in time as most GPs were on their knees. Patient records were, in those days, hand written on cards, kept in a brown envelope and stored in filing cabinets. Introducing computerisation made a significant difference allowing the practice to tailor their provision of service to improve care although for a few years, as required by the NHS payment system, they had to duplicate information by maintaining hand written records. It does mean that with increasing work loads patients have less continuity of care as ancillary staff take on more of the roles traditionally carried out by a GP. It is a very different job to the one he started out with. Since retiring in 2007, despite his medical experience, he has become increasingly aware of how difficult it is to know when to seek medical help. He appreciates how much more problematic it can be for people to decide either to self-care or use the medical service responsibly. But it is better to call unnecessarily than not call at all when you need to. See

Basingstoke Mattress and Bed Centre Ltd

Over 40 Years Experience

Unit 34, Basepoint Business Centre, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke. RG24 8UP

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Telephone: 01256 809 760 01256 351800


TV Audio Video CCTV & WiFi Supply Installation & Repair Services

“Don’t risk buying online, come and visit our shop to try and feel whats comfortable for you. We supply value and mid range mattresses along with divan bases, with or without storage plus ottoman beds in a variety of colours. Along with a choice of headboards. All mattresses are made in the UK".

*TV, HDD Recorder & SKY Repairs

*TV & Radio Aerials

*CCTV Camera & Recorder Systems

*Freesat & SKY Dish Installations

*WiFi Access Points & Internet

*TV Wall Mounting

*New TVs Supplied & Installed

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tLane Lane FH 5FH


Professional and Friendly Service Plumbing, Plastering, Tiling, Brickwork, Small Building Work, Gardening, Decorating, General Carpentry, Laminate Flooring, Flat Pack Furniture Assembled



JOBS Any manner of small building jobs undertaken References Available In fact ANY SMALL JOB you need doing

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Telephone Engineers We can x slow broadband internal faults less than half the price of service provider


TO with over 35EXCLUSIVE years experience YOU No call out charge No x no fee







TOTAL TELEPHONE SERVICES Call 01256 819Lane, 889 Kempshott or visit Pack

ent, ent, hing, des, ting

Where reputation matters


Skylight Electrical Services Ltd

Over 30 years of experience and fully qualified Elecsa part P and fully insured. No job too small.

e with us!

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ksmiths Service, bility. All

ntry and ncluding

Find us: Unit 18, Basingstoke Business Centre, Richmond Road, Basingstoke, RG22 4AU (just off Winchester Rd).

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New Build Refurbishments Rewires Extensions

• Landlords certifications • Fault finding • Portable Appliance Testing • Repair & Maintenance FREE Estimates

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Home & Garden Services Garden Maintenance – Fencing & Repairs Hedging – Lopping – Weeding – Lawn mowing Gutter Clearance – General Tidying– Mower Servicing New - We Now Also Clean Carpets A Friendly Reliable Service - Reasonable Rates

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Spencer 3rd Generation family owned and run Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons 24 Hours


Established 1961

Our family serving your family for over 50 years 380 Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG22 5DZ

01256 323165

The Flower Girl florist on site

7 London Road, Hook, RG27 9DY

01256 761717 Trading Standards approved Pre-paid funeral plans discussed without obligation



To order draught beer or bottles call us on 07579801982 1A Moniton Trading Estate, West Ham Lane, Basingstoke RG22 6NQ

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BASINGSTOKE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY The last time we were able to meet was back in January when Chris Bird from Sparsholt talked to us about potatoes. Our February meeting had to be cancelled at the last minute following late advice about the access road to Kempshott Village Hall being closed due to resurfacing. Then came the virus lockdown and the rest, as they say, is history, All of our remaining meetings for 2020 have been cancelled but most of our speakers have been rebooked for 2021 in the hope that by then we will be able to meet. Our in-house competitions were also suspended except for one which took place in mid-August. This was the heaviest yield from one seed potato grown in a bag or container. Chris Bird’s talk in January was certainly timely and many members took up the challenge despite the early difficulties with the seed potato distribution. At the time we were told that it was a “second early” but not its name. Just prior to when we were scheduled to harvest our potatoes, Dave Buckland, our competitions secretary, told me that this year the variety was “Marfona”. It is not one we have grown before but, according to one website, it is said to produce large tubers, stores well, is good for baking, boiling and general purpose and has a fair resistance to blight and scabbing. However, I did notice some scabbing on a few of ours and on pictures that some members sent me. There were certainly some large tubers, one of ours was 451g but Angela Pope topped that with one weighing in at 568g. Congratulations go to our winner, Brian Bicknell, whose crop weighed in at 3808g. Not a bad return from one seed potato which was probably no more than 100g! Here are Vida Sinden (Chair of BHS) and Dave Buckland presenting The Thompson Memorial Cup to Brian Bicknell marking his remarkable potato growing ability this year. Seems like neither want to let go and Brian, socially distanced of course (!), eager to get his hands on it. I am pleased to say the rightful recipient now has the Cup! Interestingly Dave tells me that Ernest and Amanda Thompson were his maternal grandparents. Ernest was a cabinet maker but ended his working life making seed boxes for Laxtons nursery in Bedford. No wonder Dave was reluctant to let it go with such a family connection. Horticulture has obviously paid a big part in his family through the generations.

Philip Wraight Vice Chairman,

INSPERO COMMUNITY HUB Inspero Community Hub is still up and running supporting the areas of Buckskin, Beggarwood,

Hatch Warren and Kempshott as agreed with Basingstoke Council and the local MP at the beginning of the pandemic. Going forward we will also be supporting the South Ham area and Inspero families in various areas of Basingstoke. Many thanks to our dedicated volunteer team who continue to serve the public and provide help and support in this challenging time. Our volunteer team also includes St. Marks Church volunteers, including the Reverand Nicola Such and volunteer drivers from Caritas Basingstoke. If you need help with the following please get in touch: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Healthy Food parcels Food shopping and delivery Prescription collection and delivery Well-being Check-in if you would like someone to talk to Hot Meals made by our Chef's Community shop fresh and ambient food available as well as organic produce from our community garden

Our community shop is located at Kempshott Village Hall, the entrance is via the patio, second blue door, open on Tuesday's and Thursday's 11am - 1pm. Anyone is welcome to use the shop and come and gain access to good food for a donation. We would like to appeal for food donations, particularly fruit and vegetables, if anyone has any surplus from their allotments or gardens, we would very much appreciate it, you can donate at the village hall on Tuesday's and Thursdays. Thank you to those members of the public who have given us regular food donations in the last month. We would also like to thank Sainsbury's Kempshott, Morrison's, Lidl and Tesco, as an organisation we turn around approximately 3 tonnes of surplus food per week for public benefit that would otherwise go into landfill. Currently Inspero feed around 300 people a week who have fallen on hard times, parents with young families who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis or are vulnerable older people who need support. Every family situation is different and quite complex and we have been overwhelmed with the need in our areas of Basingstoke and our team want to be there throughout the Winter to help local people when needed. If you would like to donate funds, any amount would be appreciated via Many thanks for your support.

The Inspero Team

18 Question Why make a Will? Answer Helen Beach, Wills and Estate Planning Solicitor, replies: I am often asked “When is the right time to make a Will?” There are obvious circumstances when individuals think about making or even changing their Will. The most common scenarios I am faced with are: After having a child When you have had a child you may want to ensure appropriate guardians are included in your Will in the event you or your partner passes away. Buying a property If you want to ensure a cohabitee, who perhaps isn’t invested in the property, has a right to live there for their lifetime whilst ensuring the capital for named beneficiaries or children remains protected. This is a fantastic mechanism for the preservation of capital for other family members, whist ensuring the person with the benefit (life tenant) has a roof over their heads (subject to paying the outgoings). With the increase in second marriages, this type of request is becoming more popular. If you are a business owner A business owner may want to ensure their business is disposed of in a tax efficient manner or again to ensure an individual inherits the business on their death. Relationship breakdown The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is another important time to make a Will. If you were to die before the divorce is finalised, your soon to be ex-spouse, will inherit your estate (or at least the first £250,000). In contrast, if you are engaged, you can make a Will now that remains valid post-marriage. Many people do not realise that marriage cancels any Will previously made, unless it is specified to have been made in contemplation of marriage. Without a Will, many of these circumstances would go unaccounted for. The rules of intestacy would apply and the next of kin may be responsible for administering and receiving your estate, something which may be undesirable. If you would like to review your Will, make a new one or discuss estate planning generally please contact Helen Beach on Tel: 01256 320555 or email Do you have a legal query? Email and the answer may be printed in the next edition of the Kempshott Kourier.








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BASINGSTOKE CITIZENS ADVICE TRUSTEES AT CITIZENS ADVICE BASINGSTOKE Working Together, Making a difference, Supporting our Community Trustees are the people in charge of a charity, and at Citizens Advice Basingstoke we are extremely fortunate to have a team of 7 Trustees. We thank them for the work they do. They play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work. Our Trustees ensure Citizens Advice Basingstoke has a clear strategy, and that its work and goals are in line with its vision. They safeguard the charity’s assets – both physical assets, including property, and intangible ones, such as its reputation. They make sure these are used well and that the charity is run sustainably. The Chair of our Trustee team, Ian and a trustee, Terri make the following comments: Ian- ‘Sometimes it is easy to forget, that to provide a professional service, to those who need help and advice, it needs more than just the people who give the actual advice. At Citizens Advice we have many different types of volunteer, from all walks of life. One important role is that of Trustee, where we are responsible for making sure that we have the funds, resources and strategic vision to keep our service running. Terri joined us this year, and these are her reasons for joining.’ Terri – ‘I joined the CAB as a trustee at the beginning of this year. I was attracted to the role due to my experience and observations of the amazing, good work of the CAB staff and volunteers assisting members of the public with a huge range of issues. Life as a trustee has proved hugely rewarding. We have a fabulous team of both paid and voluntary staff, who are totally dedicated to providing what is a vital, free service of advice and assistance. It is wonderful to see the responses from clients as they move from real concern and often crisis, to information, help and solutions, often finding that their lives are completely turned around by being able to find a sympathetic listening ear providing the right advice and a way round the problems that were previously facing them. And this has been especially true during the pandemic when the whole operation of the organisation was turned from in person appointments to online, web chat and telephone in a matter of days. The commitment of staff and volunteers to make this work and to continue to provide everyone that needs it with the advice and support that they require has been extraordinary.’

What is income tax

Perhaps you have skills or experiences that could help us? If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of Citizens Advice Basingstoke do contact us

Income tax is a tax on income including:

Or if you have a problem, then maybe we could help you Call us on 0300 3309 064

earningsChat from employment, including benefits in kind such as online: Website: company car Citizens advice website Or search on the National  earnings from self-employment BASINGSTOKE LIONS CLUBincome, including state, occupational and per  most pensions The Zoom Quiz: We had our zoom quiz night on the first of August. Seventeen teams entered, but three pensions failed at the first hurdle, couldn’t make the zoom connection. The Quizmaster nearly fell into that category which would have been a real disaster. Thesecurity next problem benefits was how long to leave between questions. The  some social answer seems to be 18-20 seconds. Our usual top team, “Haute Quizine”, won proving that honour is alive and well. Financially it was a success. They say most half a loafsavings is better than no bread, but this was crumbs. But, as my ancestors  not interest on would have said, “Ay a mickle maks a muckle” so we’ll try again.  income from shares (dividends) The Business Meeting: This was supposed to be face to face at the British Legion. In fact due to a variety of circumstances  and rental we had half on zoom half in income the hall social distancing, with the whole kit and caboodle under the control of Lion President. It went well for everyone but the minute taker who ended up with paranoid schizophrenia and got hauled  income from a trust. over the coals for getting several important matters of financial significance completely wrong. The minutes had to be 


Not all types of income are taxable.

The Future: We have had several fundraising ideas. However having touted them to various organisations whose cooperation/ permission we would need, we have had nothing but negative responses. It appears that the pandemic is being used as an excuse to block anything that might involve people in a bit of work or initiative.

You won't usually have to pay tax on all your income, even if it is all because you will be entitled to a certain amount of income tax free i year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the following Philip Wilson The Past: Brian Locock, a Lion of 47 years outstanding service, has produced A History of the Basingstoke Lions Club. It deals with the essential elements of the founding of the Club in 1967 and its progress, without getting lost in nitty gritty details which, interesting though they are, would detract from the major highs and lows which have beset us in our 53 year history.

There is no minimum age at which you become liable to pay income


PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE When it comes to thinking about the future of your loved ones it is important to have plans in place to cover all eventualities should anything happen to you.

Many people put off planning for the future because it is something they would rather not think about, or choose to worry about it at a later date – after all few people like to face up to the eventuality of their passing. If this sounds like you, your loved ones could be left with some very complicated issues to resolve at a difficult and emotional time. It is worth remembering that if you do not make a Will, when you die your estate will be dealt with according to the Rules of Intestacy, where the law dictates who inherits your estate. This may be against your wishes, especially if you are unmarried or live with your partner. At Phillips Solicitors, our expert lawyers in our Wills and Probate team, understand the importance of planning for the future. That is why we specialise in providing clear, straightforward advice so you can make informed, positive decisions. In addition to drafting and reviewing Wills, we offer a wide range of other services too. These include dealing with your affairs after your death through our probate service, where we wind up your estate with sensitivity and understanding and help your family get through what can be a very confusing and upsetting time. We can arrange for Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to be set up, so that someone can take care of your decisions in the event that you lose capacity, maybe as a result of an accident or illness. Our team can also arrange and administer trusts to ensure your assets are protected and your family is looked after. To find out how we can help you plan for the future, please contact Lucy Watson, who is the head of our Wills and Probate team, by emailing or by calling 01256 854646. Alternatively, for more information about our wide range of legal services please visit Phillips Solicitors incorporating Brain Chase Coles Town Gate 38 London Street Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 7NY t. 01256 460830 f. 01256 854638 e. w. dx. 123073 Basingstoke 10

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Basingstoke Deane Rotary is a group of 35men women from aextremely wide variety of backgrounds. live locally in the borough but some commute to work outside Basingstoke. £1.4& adds billion toward eradicating theAlltodisease vaccines have been delivered the eradication If you would like to find out more about how enjoyin ourselves, in to to see what extremely we Most joined Rotary toIfhelp others lesswe fortunate, andefforts theyjust findtune Basingstoke Deane Rotary adds another enjoyable dimension to their lives. countries polio-free. all eradication stopped have coming up, or contact Helen or Paul above toneeds find out more . 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All live locally in From eradicate the virus from 200,000 the African continent with time to time readers write in to the children each year. boroughvaccination but some commute to Almost work outside Basingstoke. Most joinedto Rotary less fortunate, and t Kourier asking residents save itemstoforhelp themothers CHARITY sustained 9 billion polio Thursdaycampaigns. 8th October to assist local organisations or charities. The Basingstoke Rotary adds enjoyable to their lives. vaccines have find been delivered in the eradication TheseDeane agencies have beenanother workingextremely since 1996 to try todimensionCOLLECTORS following items are currently being collected: If you would like to find out more about how we enjoy ourselves, just tune in to programme and this will continue and needs be funded. eradicate the to virus from the African continent with CORNER to see what w Thehave Basingstoke Lions Club coming up, or contact or Paul campaigns. above to find out more . Wepolio think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. sustainedHelen vaccination Almost 9 billion Supermarket Milk Bottle Tops can find a home forFacebook: your vaccines unwanted specs. – Postage Stamps have been delivered in the eradication @RotaryBasingstokeDeane Twitter: Used @RBstokeDeane In aid of St Michael’s Hospice, prescription/non-prescription/sunglasses ! in aid of Hart Wildlife – programme and this will continue and needs to be funded. please drop off at 138 Coniston Road Mrs M Dowsett, Basingstoke Deane Rotary is a group of 35men & women from a wide variety of backgrounds. All live locally in th Between or Bob at 27 Old Kempshott Lane 36 Derwent Road boroughThurs. but some commute to work outside Basingstoke. Most joined Rotary to help others less fortunate, and th 24 Sept. – Thurs. 8 Oct.





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The Basingstoke Lions Club

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Facebook: @RotaryBasingstokeDeane

Twitter: @RBstokeDeane

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Help us to help them…thank for your unwanted –

Lions International – “Fighting Blindness” for over 100 YEARS Between prescription/non-prescription/sunglasses ! Thurs. 24 Sept. – Thurs. 8 Oct.

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C A R S U R G E N T LY W A N T E D Telephone Engineers TOP CAS H PA I D We can x slow broadband internal faults less half the price of service provider M & than K AUTOS, BASINGSTOKE

GPO / BT Trained

with over 35 years experience No call out charge No x no fee

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est. 1991 leaky taps to full bathroom refurbishment, boiler repair, servicing and replacement, water softeners, power ushing, hot water cylinders, all allied trades, all aspects of plumbing and heating


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TOTAL TELEPHONE SERVICES Pack Lane, Kempshott Where reputation matters

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Kitchens, stairs, TO wardrobes, doors, Decking, Piano and Flute Tuition. Over 20 years experience. Extensions, FISH, CHIPS ANDBeginners FINE welcome CHINESE MEALS TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE from 6yrs. Local, experienced ‘ISM skirtings, flooring, bedroom conversions, loft porches, driveways, patios, garden walls hatches/ladders etc. Free quotes and approved’ teacher. 01256 333241 / MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALSand TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, general building work. Tel 01256CHIPS 469073 07774 631802 advice given. Tel Darren on 01256 350527or Mob. 07775675609 07876775244 website AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO

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floor andMEALS wall tilingTO undertaken. Local to TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND -FINE CHINESE TAKEAWAYTO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND Carpets FINE CHINESE KindMEALS EnglishMEALS tutor/author. Support for Y7-11 Flooring r y CHINESE Company’ Real wood oCHINESE Kempshott. Free quote and advice given. £35/hr.

Tel: 01256 461601 CHINA GARDEN

Laminates -Vinyls. Call for a CHIPS free no FISH,AND CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE SH, CHIPS FINE CHINESE MEALS-obligation TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, quote at a time that suits you T Call Mark on 844048 or 0785 5398631 MATHS AND SCIENCE TUITION 01256 842742 m 07774884672see www. ALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO HEALTH AND BEAUTY HOME HOME AND LEISURE Maths and science FINEST tuition to FISH, GCSECHIPS KEMPSHOTTS AND IMPROVEMENTS for OFFERS (mathsCHINESE and chemistry to A level). 01256 AND FINE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE AVON CALLING!! Electrician WINDOW CLEANING SE MEALS LOCATED NEXTstevemenear@ TO TESCO IN BUCKINGHAM PARADE 333241 / 07742009651 Electrician, EAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAYAvon Calling!! Do you have a regular Avon BRIDGES Electrical Solutions Ltd Fully MJ'S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES BRIDGES Electrical Solutions Ltd Fully Lady? If not and you would like to browse Qualified, Experienced, Registered & Traditional Service, Trading Standards, Fully CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE Qualified, Experienced, Registered & GERMAN TUITION/CONVERSATION our latest Brochure Please contact Sharon on Insured Electrician. All Work Certified.


welcome ‘ISM


or Y7-11


GCSE 01256 enear@


offered level.


Native 01256-


Maths, mmonds @gmail.

els, call

ored & earning . 07763 letts1@

Tel: 01256 461601

Insured Electrician. All Work Certified. 0German 7 7 1 3 Tuition 0 3 7 /9 8Conversation 7 o HOME r e offered m IMPROVEMENTS ail and 01256 471853 / 07879 298008 by native speaker up to GCSE level. 01256 471853 / 07879 298008 leave a message and I will get back to you. Tel: 01256 356026. DMC CARPENTRY BJ COLE BUILDER


Kitchens, stairs, wardrobes, doors, Decking, GERMAN TUITION/CONVERSATION TUITION skirtings, flooring, bedroom conversions, loft German Tuition/conversation. Native hatches/ladders etc. Free quotes and MATHS TUITION German, experienced, allon levels. Tel:350527or 01256advice given. Tel Darren 01256 464401 07876775244 Maths tuitionwebsite to GCSE level. Tailored &

Insured, Police Checked, Choose 6-20 Wks Office: 01256 336469 Mobile: 07955174729 http://www.mjswindowcleaningservices."


Over 20 years experience. Extensions, Experienced, reliable, friendly cleaner you Looking for a good cleaner. Reliable and porches, driveways, patios, garden walls can GARDEN MAINTENANCE trust. hour. Call Agie. Louise on honest. Pls£10 call per 07988 916721 and general building work. Tel 01256 469073 01256 351440 or 07748868910. Gomez Gardening for all aspects of gardening Mob. 07775675609 DECLUTTERING availableAND ORGANISING and ground maintenance contact Carl on References CERAMIC WALL AND FLOOR TILER Do you wish someone could wave a magic LADY CLEANER flexible approach to individuals' learning 01256 473789 or 07771 906300. PRIVATE TUTORKS1 AND KS2 CARPETS OR FLOORING needs. First session at reduced rate. Skype wand to tidy upwith your20 home? you need Lady cleaner yearsDoexperience Over 25 years experience. All aspects of Fully qualified teacher Maths, ‘Basingstoke Noprimary 1 Choose Home GARDEN SERVICES available. 07763 884383/ 01256at516045 to declutter after acleaning. house move? available forbefore privateorhouse Own floor and wall tiling undertaken. Local to English and SATs prep Natasha Simmonds Flooring Company’ Carpets - Real wood and references £12 clear per Would you like to create available. a more calm, Kempshott. Free quote and advice GARDENING SERVICES. Aregiven. you transport -Email:natasha.simmonds.tutoring@gmail. Laminates -Vinyls. Call for a free no TIM’S hour, minimum 2 hrs weekly. call and positive space in your home Please but are you Call Mark on 844048 or 0785 5398631 unable to maintain your garden? I can com Phone: 07926621811 obligation a time that suits you T PIANOquote ANDatFLUTE TUITION 07771217008 too busy to do so? Tel: 07709 339514 with a regular visit for tidying, Sue 01256and 842742 m 07774884672see www. help you PETS HOME AND LEISURE GUITAR LESSONS Email: Piano Flute Tuition. Beginners welcome weeding, planting and lawn mowing. Based in GARDEN SERVICES for OFFERS from experienced ‘ISM Friendly & reliable . From just £15. Guitar 6yrs. lessonsLocal, in Kempshott. All levels, call Kempshott.DOG approved’ teacher. 01256 WINDOW CLEANING Tel 07400 664127 orWALKING after 7pm 01256 359484 GARDEN Andrew on 07803 695375333241 / Electrician LADYMAINTENANCE CLEANER 07774 631802 LHS Dog Walking offers a reliable service you Gomez Gardening for all aspects of gardening GARDENER WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES Lady cleaner With 20 years experience BRIDGES Electrical Solutions Ltd Fully MJ'S can trust. DBS checked. lhsdogwalking@ and ground maintenance Carl on Gardener available garden maintenance. Service, for Trading Standards, FullyI available for private housecontact cleaning. Own Qualified,MATHS Experienced, Registered & Traditional TUITION or 07792 725967. 01256 473789 or 07771 906300. Insured, Police Checked, Choose 6-20 Wks work to a high standard and have a passion for transport and references available. £12 per Insured Electrician. All Work Certified. Maths tuition to GCSE level. Tailored & Office: 01256 336469 Mobile: 07955174729 hour , minimum 2 hrs weekly. Please call gardening. Call Mark on 07867658599 flexible471853 approach to individuals' learning http://www.mjswindowcleaningservices. sue on 07771217008. 01256 / 07879 298008 needs. First session at reduced rate. 07763" 884383 / GARDEN 01256 516045 anthony.willetts1@ SERVICES LOOKING FOR A GOOD CLEANER? BRICKWORK • PATIOS • BLOCKPAVING • FENCING • LANDSCAPING Looking for a good cleaner. Reliable and & GENERAL HOUSE MAINTENANCE GARDEN PET07988 SERVICES A regular slotMAINTENANCE with advertising honest. Pls call 916721 Agie. Gomez Gardening for all aspects of gardening AND ORGANISING NO JOB TOO SMALL • FREE ESTIMATES (black & white text only) for £70 for sixHOME months. and ground maintenance contact Carl only on DECLUTTERING HOLIDAY FOR DOGS CHEEKY PAWS320749 AND CLAWS DOGGIE DAWDLES Tel: 01256 Do you wish someone could wave a magic 01256 473789 or 07771 906300. Mobile: 07802 428252 COSYtoSTAY HOLIDAY HOME FOR DOGS. Professional & friendly dog walking service. wand tidy up your home? Do you need GARDEN Council Licensed, Insured,CRB Fully Insured, CRB SERVICES checked. Tel. Tracey to declutter beforeFully or after a housechecked. move? Katy Beschizza. Dog Walker, Pet Sitting & you like to create a more calm, clear Home visits for all pets. 07752414821 Text Tel: 01256 351647 / 07940741342 (Trina) 07500 701038 TIM’S GARDENING SERVICES. Are you Would positive space in your home but are you only. E-mail unable to maintain your garden? I can and help you with a regular visit for tidying, too busy to do so? Tel: 07709 339514 AND BEAUTY Email: HEALTH weeding, planting and lawn mowing. Based in month This we are looking forward to the Oakley Green Week, revelling in what our Kempshott. Friendly & reliable . From just £15. YOGA PHYSICAL THERAPY beautiful world has to offer and focussing on how we can help toPRACTITIONER keep it that way. FOOT HEALTH Tel 07400 664127 or after 7pm 01256 359484 LADY CLEANER Yoga Classes for all levels GARDENER Tanyacleaner Ball MSc BA20 BCSI LSSM MISRM Emma (MCFHP MAFHP) available around Lady With years experience Our regular readers will know that we already make efforts to help protect our MCNHC for MIASI. Preventative & remedial Gardener available for garden maintenance. I available private house cleaning. Own the Kempshott area for routine nail care email - planet. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, in order to make sure that our hands-on soft tissue treatment, alongside cutting nails/hard skin. Call Emma on 07767 work to a high standard and have a passion for transport and references available. £12 per Jo - 07811 331658 self-awareness, exercise, lifestyle advice. 887093 hour ,are minimum 2 safe hrs weekly. Please call kept as asand possible, we have decided to temporarily halt some of gardening. Call Mark on 07867658599 customers Tel. 07710 229 704 / E-mail Tanya@tmb-src. ADVERTISE IN THE KEMPSHOTT sue 07771217008. our greenon initiatives. However, there are still many initiatives that we can continue KOURIER LINEAGE / SMALL ADS /


Hugh Roscoe

01256 354282

News from Jolly Olly’s Coffee Shop

with and a few new ones for Oakley Green Week:

Email the editor for more information

line us per for month is approx 30 characters ● £1 per Ask a (line Loaf End Toastie to inc. help PET spacesSERVICES and punctuation).

us use the crusts that might otherwise be thrown away and get a 50p refund ● Choose a delicious vegetarian option from our menu, including cheese, pineapple, red onion and fresh coriander HOLIDAY HOME DOGS bell CHEEKY PAWS CLAWS S toasties and sweet FOR chilli hummus, pepper, red onion,AND tomato and salad leaf bagels FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE DOGS. service. COSY STAY HOLIDAY HOME FOR ry to ec irchecked. ● Try one of our Deals ofDthe Day. These are designed to help us reduce waste and are often sold at bargain prices tt o sh p em K Council Fully Insured,CRB Katy Beschizza. Dog Walker, Pet Sitting & Tracey MEALS e ThLicensed, TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS ●Tel: Free something have been of throwingText away? Why not give it away instead. Bring 01256Cycle (Trina) you Home visits for thinking all pets. 07752414821 com by– GotMEALS d/ 07940741342 reBoard owith ns351647 o AND FINE TOonly. TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND E-mail aSp card in CHINESE details on and advertise Jolly Olly’s for free throughout Green FINE Week CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, CHIPS AND FINE CHINESE MEALS TO TAKEAWAY-FISH, ANDLemon FINE HEALTH AND BEAUTY ● New for Green Week, sample one of my recipes suitable for vegan diets, my favourite of whichCHIPS is the Vegan Cake PHYSICAL THERAPY FOOT HEALTH PRACTITIONER ● Tanya A challenge! We are attempting to end each day with no food waste. Why not join us with a similar challenge at Ball MSc BA BCSI LSSM MISRM Emma (MCFHP MAFHP) available around home? MCNHC MIASI. Preventative & remedial the Kempshott area for routine nail care -


hands-on soft tissue treatment, alongside

cutting nails/hard skin. Call Emma on 07767

We look forward to seeing you soon and 887093 working together to maintain and protect our beautiful planet. self-awareness, exercise, and lifestyle advice.

SHOTT Tel. 07710 229 704 / E-mail Tanya@tmb-src. / wishes, LL ADS Best


racters inc.

The Jolly Olly’s Team

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News Hello Oakley Pedalers


J&K Care Specialists was established in May 2001 and has become one of the leading specialist care agencies in the Basingstoke area, building a reputation as a professional, friendly and caring service

"A new approach to care"

Call: 01256 300099 Email your CV to: Or visit our website for further information

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Our Values Make Us Different

Christmas & Charity Collections Covid-19 has thrown many challenges to the way we work at our stores during the last six months. Sadly, although not unsurprisingly, Sainsbury’s has taken the decision to postpone Christmas Collections, Carol Singing and bag packing across all stores. We’ll still be supporting the Royal British legion Poppy Appeal, although there will be no poppy sellers at our stores. Instead, colleagues and customers will be able to donate digitally, via Smart Shop or ‘Rounding-Up’ their bill at any of our checkouts. We’ll have plenty of posters and prompts placed around the store with more information, once the appeal launches. Following the success of the Brighten a Million Homes Appeal last year, we’ll be supporting two charities from the beginning of December, for food donations. Inspero and Basingstoke Foodbank who have supported our communities during the Covid-19 Pandemic, will work together to distribute food donations during December. We’ll also offer the facility to donate at the checkouts and Smart Shop, with funds distributed equally at the end of the campaign. Local Hero Our Local Hero scheme is still very much alive. The scheme allows our colleagues, who volunteer in their own time, to request a grant of up to £200 per financial year, to the organisation they volunteer with.


We regularly donate over £6000 each year through the tremendous volunteering efforts of our colleagues. However, we’re certain that many more ‘Local Heroes’ are out there, volunteering in our community, who we haven’t found yet. So, if you know someone, who works for Sainsbury’s and, volunteers at your club, charity or community orgainsiation, drop us a line and we’ll distribute these funds. The process usually takes between 8-10 weeks. Grocery Online Orders Our delivery service continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. At the beginning of September, we delivered over 800 orders in just one day; that equates to close to 50,000 items of shopping.

Derek Hooley Fully insured, local tradesman with 30+ years experience

• Driveways & Patios • Walls • Fencing • Cleaning of existing drives & patios No job too small

For a free, no obligation quote call

The popular ‘Delivery Pass’ service is also now available again for purchase. You can source the latest deals at

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Kempshott W.I

It is a huge understatement to say that 2020 has not turned out to be the year any of us would have wanted or expected, with the ongoing pandemic resulting in loss, heartache and loneliness for so many. We have tried to keep in touch with as many of our members as possible and shall continue to do so for as long as we are unable to meet together. Please believe me when I say we share your frustration, as although National Federation constantly provides guidance on WI meetings etc based on current legislation, the rules and interpretation of them changes so fast we can barely keep up. Last month I believed, as did many others, that as far as Covid 19 was concerned we seemed to be getting our lives back under control. Our WI had tentatively started to make plans to move forward, hopefully for meeting again in December or January. We had discussed possibly having two meetings a month, one on our old Social afternoon and one on our normal meeting day later in the month with the members being divided into two groups at least in the short term. Sadly with the rise in the number of people testing positive, this idea has ceased to be viable, particularly with the new introduction of draconian restrictions on groups gathering together, so where thirty would possibly have been manageable, six definitely wouldn’t work. In the meantime I do hope all our members are keeping safe and please remember if you have any questions or concerns you can contact either our President Barbara Hutton 01256 460475 or one of the committee. 1084 or our President Barbara Hutton 01256 460475.

Find me on Facebook @UniqueBlockPaving









Tel: 07526 196891

26 Throughout various times of the year we receive letters or emails to the editor where readers express their concerns about various occurrences within the community. The most common ones relate to bonfires in the Autumn months and more generally thoughout the year comments about inconsiderate parking, cycling or parking on the pavements. We would like to point out that we do publish a disclaimer at the bottom of the Useful Contacts page (inside back page) stating that 'The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors or for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers'. The concerns expressed by the authors of these contributions are genuine concerns of those writing in and it is a way in which they can highlight the 'nuisance' this behaviour is causing them. It may appear to some that a knock on the door of the person causing the nuisance would be an easier option, however in this day and age people cannot always feel confident that such an approach will not lead to verbal or even in some cases physical abuse.

kempshottkourier@gm g Subject: Dog foulin


I agree that this is a ng a dog owner myself, bei t No '. ling Fou g 'Do the article about I read with amusement should be fined. and people who allow this ter oun enc to g filthy thin or much less be seen!! rden' fining these people Wa g 'Do a of r hea or m to ignore the signs. However, I have yet see m Court; most cyclists see gha kin Buc und living. aro ' unt yclists Dismo where elderly people are Also, despite the sign of 'bic oming a source of worry bec is this s, day se the bikes With more people using

Dear Editor

Yours sincerely

Parade Resident of Buckingham To:


Subject: Eagle Clos e Bonfires

Dear Editor, I assume this was directe First I’d like to apologise

d at me, as I have had a

to anyone I have upset.

few fires over the summe

r period.

To the writer of the me ssage: Surely the friendl ier approach would have door for a quick chat, or been to contact me dire even a letter through the ctly, at the offset. A kno door. An anonymous not ck on the This would have sufficed e, had you been nervous , had you done this, had of the response you mig you made me aware I wo ht receive. uld have stopped. To the editor : In future, before choosing to publish emails of this nature, per the direct approach and haps you can ask the sen that this direct approach der to confirm if they hav has been ignored. The rea been party to what cou e tried son I ask this (of you), is ld be considered as bullyin because in publishing this g tactics, which has actuall and the writer of the em you’ve y upset other members ail owe an apology to the of Eagle Close. I think bot rest of Eagle Close. h you Kind regards Sally 11 Eagle Close

Andy Man and Van House, garden and garage clearance.

Call 01256 470 833 or 07944 00 88 02



ALGORITHMS AND COMPUTATIONAL THINKING Computational thinking (CT) is a process used to solve complex problems. Whilst historically linked to computer programming, there’s a growing number of educational experts trying to introduce this style of problem solving in to the classroom as it can help solve many other issues. In fact, in terms of its importance, some educators believe that CT should be taught alongside reading, writing and arithmetic. Computational thinking involves looking at a problem systematically and expressing the solution in such a way that a computer, human or machine can understand. There are four key steps to computational thinking: ● Decomposition - breaking down a complex problem or system into smaller, more manageable parts ● Pattern Recognition – looking for similarities among and within problems ● Abstraction – focusing on the important information only, ignoring irrelevant detail ● Algorithms - developing a step-by-step solution to the problem, or the rules to follow to solve the problem The process of decomposition is to take the task or problem and work out the best way solve it. A simple example would be making a cup of tea. Working through all the steps to achieve the right cup of tea requires precise analysis. Missing out a simple but crucial step will result in failure. For example, if your first step is “switch on the kettle” then you’ve made the assumption that there is water already in the kettle, but this might not be the case. A more complex example is taking a completed project, such as a car engine, and then working backwards to understand what’s required to make another one. A classic example used to demonstrate CT is summing all the number from 1 to 200. You could start buy adding 1+2 to get 3. Then add 3+3 to get 6 and keep a running total. Whilst this works, it’s not particularly efficient, especially when the number count could increase from 200 to 13,232. An easier solution is to take 1+200 and get 201. Then take 2+199, which also equals 201, 3+198= 201, etc. That leads nicely to Pattern Recognition. By spotting a pattern to the problem we can often simplify the number of steps required to solve the issue. In our simple example, we can already see that taking the ascending low number and add to the descending high number, we always get 201. Pattern recognition is also about looking at other problems and finding similarities. Planes have used the science of aerodynamics to create machines that fly in the air but car manufacturers saw how smoothing parts of the bodywork helped to make cars more efficient by directing airflow around the body in a more effective way. Formula 1 cars use the exact same principle of an airplane wing but instead of creating lift they turn the wing upside down to create downforce allowing the car to exert more grip when cornering. Abstraction is a key part of the solution as we need to identify what’s not important. And issue can become more complex when focusing on unnecessary elements. For instance, with the “cup of tea” example, we don’t need to know how the kettle works. We just need to understand that in order to get hot water, the kettle requires water and power. Abstraction is linked to pattern recognition. If you are asked to draw a series of cats you know the general characteristics, which are common to all cats, eg eyes, a tail, fur, a liking for fish and the ability to make meowing sounds. In addition, each cat has specific characteristics; such as black fur, a long tail, green eyes, a love of salmon and a loud meow. These details are known as specifics. In order to draw a basic cat, we do need to know that it has a tail, fur and eyes. These characteristics are relevant. We don't need to know what sound a cat makes or that it likes a specific type of fish. These characteristics are irrelevant and should be filtered out through abstraction. If we look back at the simple equation, we don’t need to make a note of ALL the pairs because they are all the same. We just need to know how many pairs. We can determine how many pairs of numbers are needed by simply dividing the 200 by 2 giving us 100 pairs. From this we can create a simple formula. (200 + 1) * (200 / 2) = 20,100 The last step is the Algorithm which involves creating a step-by-step instruction to solve the problem. A classic, and complicated algorithm was used during the Apollo 13 disaster. The three astronauts went into the Lunar Module however, the module wasn’t designed for three astronauts together; only two. The extra astronaut overloaded the carbon dioxide scrubbers in the lunar module but there was a problem. The lunar module used cylindric scrubbers while the command module used cubic ones. So, the NASA ground crew have to formulate a solution and write clear instructions on how convert the scrubbers. This list of instructions is the algorithm. In our maths example, we can break this down into three simple instructions. 1) Add the highest and the lowest number together. 2) Divided the highest number by 2 and, 3) Multiple the result of step one with the result of step 2. The hardest part of creating a good algorithm is making the correct assumptions in the first place. And as we know with the recent A-Level debacle, someone, somewhere failed to identify all the important data!

Neale Killick

N2N Solutions are a IT Support specialist offering a full range of professional IT services, including networking, broadband setup and PC health checks for both home and business users. Telephone: 01256 322 455 Mobile: 07775 681 787 email: Web:




my children were young I loved getting Hello. My name is Debbie Veel. I am one of the Licensed Lay Ministers (LLM’s or Readers they are sometimeswere known)young at St. Mark’s church. LLM’s are notready ordained,for so wethe don’t really love new this uniform season….the children I loved getting w books, Inew classes, and autumn term. Whenasmy wear a dog collar, but we can do much of what a vicar can do with some notable return to school in September… new books, new classes, new uniform and new shoes. I couldn’t wait for the to turn….followed by the darker days of exceptions. We can’t bless the communion wine and bread; we can’t marry people nor leaves to begin to turn….followed by the darker days ofbaptise October, wonderful gifts….and do we anyone.with Interestingly enough, weHarvest can lead funerals. Other thanthen that we remembering others in November. preach, lead worship, prayer and mid-week groups and we are involved in the running of the church. I think remembering others in November.


a icle ur

of it as being a bit like being a deputy head of a school.

Last month DebbieI am wrote about the Remembering Stones project. It was great to see so writing this month because, as you may or may not know, the Rev. Kelvin and Jane Taylor left St. Mark’s many of you contribute this They over few weeks. Here of Many whatexciting the at the endto of May. hadthe been last with us for nine years and we areissadatopicture see them go. things have happened in the churchto andpress. community under photos their leadership. cairn looked like when this article went More will be available on our website For as examplethe project develops. we have started a messy church (very informal craft, food, a short celebration and lots of fun for families of all ages 2.30pm -5pm every third Saturday);

Remembering is important as we the many milestones in our livesforand those we notice have started doing the fabulous ‘Open the Book’ assemblies the Y4’s in the junior school; Saturday @ Saint Mark’s (2nd young Saturday of the month from whom we love. I am actually writing thisstarted article as children and people have 9:30am) which is an informal chance to learn such things as your ancestry, try flower started the new term in September. Facebook has been awash with back to school photos arranging go for walks or bike rides round Kempshott or find out about various things to do with IT or further of excited childreneducation. plus some not so happy or Worker compliant young people! Our memories We have employed an Outreach and renovated our kitchen at church – if you have ever used the old kitchen at St. extend to keeping things such as our favourite cuddly toys in adult hood, significant birthday cards or programmes y milestones in our lives and those whom Mark’sfrom you know whatof state it was in! All of this much of more from a theatre visit. I’ve kept the hospital identity tags both our children inand a box memories. Remembering is under Kelvin’s leadership. en and young people have started newof it… important and this is the the season Kelvin and Jane are off on a well-deserved long holiday to their h back to school photos of excited favourite place- the we Greekhear islands.about We wish them well, as I amfamily sure In the Bible we hear stories about remembering…..In Genesis Noah, his and an ark of animals ung people! extend to many of you do also. thatOur arememories saved from the flood. When the waters have receded, God makes an everlasting covenant; an agreement with n adult hood, cards or that there will never It is abe time of change and transition them and foris theachurch. Noahsignificant and everybirthday living creature another flood. Theforrainbow sign of that promise, a way of remembering. those people who helped usYou so may much in thejob;last sixmoving months, spital identity tags fromRainbows both of ourhave also helped us remember It may well be a time of change and have transition for you too. be changing maybe house; havingrole a newto baby; getting married; leaving home for the firstto time to go to university displayed or to travel. There those who have gone above and beyond their normal keep us safe. It’s been lovely see rainbows in mportant and this is the season of it… may also be some less pleasant changes happening in your life- divorce, unemployment, bereavement. windows and many are still there now. In the church’s year, the weeks just gone still form part of the ‘Easter Season’. It was a time of transition and ..In Genesis wetalks hearabout aboutremembering Noah, his Jesus when he shares a final supper He asks that they with remember him through change for Jesus’with discipleshis too.friends. They had travelled around the country Jesus, listening to him teach and preach, watching himso do miracles and healings. But they hadn’t understood ‘what was really about.’ he flood.the When the waters have receded, sharing of bread and wine. Many Christians continue to do thousands of years later,quite following his he teaching and sharing Holy Communion together. And although this is somewhat limited at the moment, St Mark’s continues to On Easter Sunday and on many occasions after that they met the risen Lord Jesus, and during this time, nt with Noah and every living creature that before He ascended to heaven, theyat began to understand all that He was teaching and explaining to them celebrate Holy Communion during a simple service on Sunday evenings 6.30pm. If you would like to join us please a sign of that promise, a way of about God and about how much He loves each and every one of us. They finally did begin to comprehend book in via our website. ‘what He was really about.’ ember those people who have helped us Many of what are called resurrection appearances in the Bible involve eating. This is important because it Remembering is important andtothis is the season for it…. one above and beyond their normal role

eaders don’t otable le nor hat we ing of the church. I think

tells us that the risen Jesus had a real physical body -he wasn’t some kind of ghostly apparition.

layed inAt windows andwe many are still there Harvest remember the provision of food. We are thankful for those who grow it, produce it and organise its Often the disciples didn’t immediately recognize Jesus-‘he was the same but different.’ The best analogy of delivery into shops or markets - this year even morethis when We remember don’t enough eat comment by giving giftsis maybe you havethose had yourwho hair done or gethave new glasses. Oftento people that there a bitthe different about you’Centre but they cannot place their finger on it. bank. This year of food to local residents and also contribute to the‘something work of Camrose and quite Basingstoke Food final supper withwill his friends. He asks that If you would normally Harvest look a little different. usperiod, please consider During thishelp transition Jesus appeared tomaking his disciples a in pairs, groups and once to 500 people in one go. This tells us that Jesus’ resurrection appearances couldn’t have been a hallucination. It is unlikely that 2 and wine. Many Christians continue to do donation to Basingstoke Food Bank or 3 people, let alone 500 would have had the same hallucination! and sharing Holy Communion together. Transition is unsettling often make us feel illand at easeAll - ItSouls was for the disciples, it is for us at St. Mark’s As October moves into November we remember All Saints day onand1st November day on 2nd November. ment, St Halloween Mark’s continues to celebrate and it may well be for you. We wonder, “What we’ll do?” and “How we will manage?” Jesus promised to on 31st October is linked to All Saints day on 1st November. Hallow means to “honour as holy” and you may send his disciples a ‘helper’, which we call the Holy Spirit, to guide & support them and enable them to ay evenings at 6.30pm. you would likesecond to remember this Ifword from the line in the Lord’s Prayer: manage and find a way through.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name” for it…. Halloween comes from contracting "All Hallows' Eve" meaning "All Saints' Eve”. On All Saints day believers remember the saints and martyrs, and unknown throughout Christian history who are now in heaven. All Souls is the We are thankful for those who growknown it, following day. This is an opportunity for local families to remember their loved ones before God, giving thanks to Him markets - this year even more so. We for their lives and all that they had meant to us. Our service on All Souls is due to take place on 1st November and will y giving gifts fooddifferent to local residents look of quite this yearand due to the current guidelines. Please do check on our website for the current advice and e and Basingstoke Food bank. This year service information. rmally help us please consider making a At our All Souls service we usually invite members of the community to remember their loved ones by lighting a candle

in memory of them. Do let us know if you would like us to do this on your behalf at our service on 1st November. Please contact Kim in the Parish Office on or 01256 840502. After remembering Guy Fawkes on 5th November, we come to Remembrance Sunday on the second Sunday in November. A service to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. A time to pause and reflect on war and conflict and pray for peace. In our Remembrance service, we remember those who gave up their lives for their country especially those who lived locally. Our list of names is somewhat limited with no details of the most recent conflicts. If you have any local knowledge of service personnel who lost their lives during in recent times; from 1970’s onwards we would be pleased to add them to our Roll of Honour. Please contact the Parish Office on the details above. Remembering is important and this is the season for it….

ane Taylor left St. Mark’s them go. Many exciting

Let us remember this year, its difficulties and also the moments of hope and joy. Let us not forget those who have worked tirelessly to provide food, goods, healthcare and so much more. Let us remember our loved ones, our friends, and our

29 neighbours. Let us remember how good it feels to hug someone we love. As a community of believers at St Mark’s, we remember that Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life for us – we remember him by celebrating his birth at Christmas and his death and resurrection at Easter. Let us always continue to remember. God bless

Kim Robins

’s or Readers , so we don’t ome notable y people nor than that we he running of the church. I think

Ordinand and Parish Administrator

n and Jane Taylor left St. Mark’s to see them go. Many exciting St Mark’s

will continue to be open for individual private prayer between 10am and 1pm each Tuesday. You are welcome to come and pray- please take a look at the guidelines for entry which can be downloaded from the ry informal craft, front food, a page short of our website

0pm -5pm every third Saturday); ’ assemblies for the Y4’sonline in the Our d Saturday of the month from below: ings as your ancestry, try flower us things to do with IT or further

services will also continue for the time being. If you would like access these please follow the link

Kempshott Methodist Church Kempshott Lane

nging job; maybe moving house; o university or to travel. There mployment, bereavement.

"We have been running our Sunday Service at 10.30 as an interactive experience for a few weeks. It has proved very welcome and we have people from Reading and as far as Telford taking part in the Service.

’. It was a time of transition and esus, listening to him teach and tood ‘what he was really about.’ The Rabbiter - April 2009

ord Jesus, and during this time, eaching and explaining to them inally did begin to comprehend

Everyone can participate and we can see and interact with each other during the service. FOR ALL YOUR LOCAL All Seasons

ng. This is important because it ghostly apparition.

Window Cleaning

and once to 500 people in one allucination. It is unlikely that 2

Reliably serving the

An off-shoot of thisPLUMBING, has been a fellowship meeting every Wednesday morning. We discuss and pray about both personal HEATING and The pre lockdown fellowship was once a month, but this format has proved so valuable in these t different.’ The bestglobal analogy ofissues. AND ELECTRICAL NEEDS n people comment that there is isolating times that it has been established for each week. People get a chance to talk to each other and partake in a r on it. fellowship that breaks into what, for qualified some, can beengineers a long week. • Fully local • Fullcontact Bathroom community for 19yrs for information." Interested? It's easy to join us, please Colininstallations on 468969 or through Hatchwarren fb kempshottmethodistchurch

isciples, it is for us at St. Mark’s ll manage?” Jesus promised to port them and enable them to


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LOCAL SURGERY CGH Partnership St Andrew's Centre,Western Way, Basingstoke Tel: (01256) 324666 Beggarwood Surgery Broadmere Road, Basingstoke Tel: 01256 396500 CHURCHES St Marks Church Office Tel: 840502 (Weekdays 9am - 1pm) Email: Kempshott Methodist Church Revd Valerie Fisher tel 0118 983 4793 General enquiries 01256 468969 Sunday Morning Worship at 10.30am St Andrews Methodist Church, Western Way Office 816173 St. Joseph’s R.C. Church St. Michael’s Road, South Ham 323595 The Salvation Army Corps, Church and Comm. Ctr. Wessex Close, RG21 3NP 01256 328178 CHATTERBOX NURSERY

WATER LEAK ALERT LINE 0333 0003 330 COMMUNITY POLICING Police (In emergency please dial 999) Police General Enquiries 101 Community Safety Patrol Officers Email: Tel: 01256 844844 Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 BOROUGH COUNCILLORS - KEMPSHOTT Cllr Tony Capon - 07910 203772 Email: Cllr Anne Court - 01256 354282 Email: Cllr Hayley Eachus 07775 727097 Email BOROUGH COUNCILLORS - BUCKSKIN Cllr Tony Jones - 07852 494718

Children aged 2years - 5 years Mon, Tues, & Thurs:- 8am - 3pm, Wed:- 8am - 3pm For more details call 01256 350533 (term time only) or email

Cllr Stephanie Grant - Bus. phone: 07786 512226

NOAH’S ARK PLAY SCHOOL Open Monday to Thursday 8 - 4, Friday 8 - 3.30. Children aged from 2 - 5 years Call :01256 323853 or 07592 913953 or

Cllr Gary Watts - No telephone number listed Email

SHOOTINGS STAR NURSERY SCHOOL Opening in January 2020. Children aged from 2-5 years. Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm. Call : 07900 600243

Cllr Colin Regan – 07796 225618

SNAPDRAGONS KEMPSHOTT UNDER 5S Telephone 07951660401 or email

Our circulation area falls into 3 County divisions, County Councillors can be found at

KANCARE (KEMPSHOTT NEIGHBOURCARE) 07905 272711 Mon - Fri 09.00 - 17.00 FAULTY STREET LIGHTS 0845 850 44 22 ReportFault.aspx


Cllr Sean Keating – 01256 422969 Email:


MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT Rt Hon Maria Miller MP - 0207 219 5749 House of Commons London SW1A 0AA KEMPSHOTT VILLAGE HALL Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 324314 Website:

OLD DOWN HALL POWER CUT Power cut - call 105 You can also call this number if you spot Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 356974 Email: electrical damage. This is a free national service http://www. Website: All dates and phone numbers are believed to be correct at the time of going to press. No responsibility can be taken for errors. All content is copyright of “The Kempshott Kourier”. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers.

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