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Forever Changed

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A Logo Can Help or Hurt your Business: What About Your Logo:

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Denisha Raychelle Hardeman

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Celeb Blogs: A New Tool to Gain Positive Publicity

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Cover Story- Freeway Rick Ross

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Dameion Elway Allen

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Brandon L. Draper

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july 2014


The Ambizion Brand

CEO Damitra Stuart Ambizon Magazine- (Formerly known as Atlanta Ambition Magazine) The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious! Ambizion Television Networks- (on Wisecast Television Channel 519)- (A global cable channel showcasing Independent talent and entertainment) The Hanging with Dee Dee Radio Show- Hosted by Damitra Stuart (Radio talk show on (Survival Radio Network)where celebrities Present and Past are interviewed about Current Projects Every Sunday afternoon 12PM PST/3PM EST Ambizion Talent- Talent agency for DIVERSE and Independent talent Ambizion Events- Event planning company catering to Red Carpet and unique events for the Ambizion brand and for clients as well. Ambizion Graphics- Creating logos, websites and etc.for clients since 2011 Ambizion Films- Damitra Stuart herself has created, produced and directed multiple original series for her cable channel Ambizion Television Networks with more projects in the works! Ambizion Apparel- Clothing & Accessory line for the Ambitious and Business Minded. This is a unique and diverse brand that signifies Damitra Stuart and her laid back style for women, men, children and dogs. Ambizion Dollz- Damitra Stuart’s new global organization for professional and ambitious women. First chapter will start in Atlanta Georgia! Ambizion Consulting and Development- I give unique consultations to business/aspiring business owners on how to develop their brands on a UNIQUE level! SRN Entertainment- Damitra Stuart has been offered a new radio branch with Survival Radio Network (Home of Ambizion Radio) called SRN Radio that will be home to a variety of additional radio shows around the world! july 2014


The Importance of Loving What you Do Each morning (or midday, as the case may be) when you rise, you can do one of two things: • Look forward to the day with anticipation and joy •Dread what the day holds in store Hence the importance of loving what you do. If your job or business does not involve doing something that brings you joy - then why do you bother getting out of bed? Why is doing something that you love, so dang important? Why, because it sustains you for the long haul, of course. Well (you ask) won’t my love of making money sustain me for the long haul? And (I answer) - No my friend, doing something you are indifferent to, just because it makes you rich, is not a long term success strategy. For example, take a look at the Rolling Stones; do you ever wonder why - with all their money- they don’t just retire and enjoy their lives? I mean after all they are as old as Croesus, and wasn’t this the generation that hoped to die before they got old?

It turns out that having a passion for what you do can renew and rejuvenate - my husband is a musician and I’ll tell you that life on the road isn’t always babes and booze - it’s a grind. If you do not love it with a passion then you hate it with a passion - and hate is such a strong and negative emotion, why would you want to carry that around? Therefore, I believe that the Rolling Stones longterm cross-generational success can be attributed to their passion for their work, and not necessarily a love of money. Another reason to love what you do is that your passion fires you up and is evident to others. When you talk to clients, potential business partners, or investors they hear and feel that passion and it is both attractive and seductive. Your passion helps you to grow your business, because your belief in your business is sustained and strengthened by passion and love and this is transparent to all who come in contact with you. What is Martha Stewart but a housewife who really, really, really enjoys her day to day work? She has turned her passion for cooking, gardening, and decorating into a multi-million dollar empire

july 2014


Forever Changed By Author Vickie Colbert On May 30th, 2014 my life changed forever....I received a call from my daughter that my car was outside surrounded by police I was just getting out of the shower, it was approximately 11am.. I quickly threw on a night gown and grabbed a towel for my wet hair. I slipped on my flip flops and went outside.

I thought about how no-one had asked me if my son was in my house, if they could look in my house. I saw no-one with flashlights looking around our building for him. I looked back over and my car just sat there with police lights flickering everywhere, just police, sitting in their cars. So, I walked up towards the street with my daughter she proceeded to walk up the street and My daughter, Brittany, was already outside and I went back and asked the officers what they were together we were trying to figure out what was waiting on and they told me a detective. I walked going on. I questioned the police as to the where- back my steps and called Brittany and I told her abouts of my son, Jojo and he responded that they were waiting on a detective. Once we hung he didn’t know where he was. I asked who was up, my mind went to the show First 48 realizing driving my car and I took my cellphone and the detective only visits to tell you that your loved looked into each car, neither held my son. I had one is dead. a ton of questions and I wasn’t getting any answers. At one point I was told I could go into my With a lump already forming in my throat, I once house and wait and I will not share the expletives again walked to where my car was and the ofthat came from mouth. As my mind just started ficers were in their cars and asked the first officer going through its thought process I thought that if he had seen Jojo in my car at all that night, because the motorcycle cops were riding close to did he jump out along the ride, all answers were the edge of a wooded area that maybe he was in- no. Then, I looked him in his eyes and told him jured and they were looking for him, in the back I wasn’t dumb, I know the detective only comes ground I could hear the train that passes through when someone is dead, I asked, “is my baby several times a night. My thoughts drifted back to dead?” He told me he couldn’t answer that so I something my son said a while back. “Mama if I asked the next officer the same question and he ever have to get out of Athens, I know the woods replied the same. Next I heard the most horrific in Tallassee like the back of my hand, I’ll hop the sound from my daughter Brittany, screaming, train and go to my Nanny’s”. Just for a moment I “Mama, its Jojo, my brother is dead”.......At that let myself believe that, all along I had a bad feel- very moment, I turned and my world went black ing inside. I sat on my steps and messaged my as I lost a piece of my heart. I could not see, I friend in South Carolina and told him I thought could not hear, it was pitch black. my son was dead. I once again questioned the police about my son and his whereabouts still not I was originally told he was shot in the neck and getting an answer. By that time there were only 3 having a medical background, all I could think cars there, police only. I walked back over to my about is my baby bled out, gasping for air, his last steps and my daughter joined me where we found breath and that he suffered. Later I would find out out that there had been shots fired and someone he was shot with an AR-15, an ASSAULT RIFLE! killed, “killed over something stupid”, to be exact. I was getting the run around from everyone and Continue on pg 7 no-one knew Jojo’s whereabouts. july 2014


I found out that his murder was considered gang related and that he was loved by many. He was a caring person who loved people and animals, nature, fishing, and he was a great cook too. He has always had a caring heart. At the age of 11 he said he dreamt of giving supplies to the homeless that live under a bridge and not long after he started donating his clothes to homeless men who lived under the bridge as well as Brittany would donated her clothing, shoes, and purses to females who lived there too. As years passed, Jojo's clothing became too big; his shoe size was a 15, waist 44 inches, shirts, 2x and 3x so instead of donating his clothes he started giving his time. Always keeping his tackle box stocked with supplies and nice fishing rods he would go fishing with the men because in his eyes they were just people who were down on their luck who needed love and care too. He had a love for animals and nature who wasn’t afraid of any animal or insect and he knew all about plants, what was safe to eat and what would make you sick or kill you. Since I entered into my forties, I have been worried that as I get older my memory will fail me and I worry that one day I forgot about my son. I still have a couple of dirty shirts I can still smell and I have tons of photos but nothing can compare to his hug and his huge smile. I miss him so much and I want his memory to stay alive. Jojo modified a baseball cap that allows you to wear different hair styles so I plan to make those hats available in the future on this website created in memory of my son called JoJo World Stop the Violence at I want to use this website to bring our community, our young adults and parents together. I want to be able to provide information about how we as a community can make this world a better for us and I hope it appeals to all people that want a say in about what we can do to combat violence as a nation because we need to save our future and so many parents didn’t know that their children were involved in gangs until it was too late. People will gain knowledge about teen violence and gang violence from this website and hopefully heal and I have experienced it firsthand and I pray for every family that is inflicted with the hurt and pain of losing a loved one to violence and together we can make a difference.

july 2014


A Logo can help or hurt Your Business: what about your logo: By Charles K When it comes to design a successful logo the key word is “The quality” It is that simple! Trademarks and Logos make up the most international language in the world. An excellent logo design can cross many barriers and provide your organization with a means of delivering to your customers a clear and consistent message. Every successful company has its own \”character\” and just as human character, it can also be very complex. Same is true with your company\’s personality. A successful logo is a means of squeezing a complex reality into a single, simple statement, one that can be controlled, modified, developed and matured over time. Your logo needs to be much more than just a unique mark for your company. It must be a sign of quality, value, and reliability too. A logo must do these things successfully, what about your logo? Recognition: for your company, product, or service. Distinguish: it from the mass of other similar companies. Converse: the information as to your products value and quality.

Add worth: - by causing you to provide a quality service in order to maintain your company\’s reputation. Symbolize: potentially valuable assets. When people see your logo design, can they tell by the design that your product or service is of high quality? If your logo design doesn\’t do these things, then you might need to update it, possibly seeking professional advice as logo is very important as a public image of your company. Is my logo design is truly that essential? Well it is! It is extremely important as your logo is a part of the foundation on which you build your brand. Especially since the recent bang of Internet businesses, but even before that, consumers have an overpowering diversity of choices. Chances are that whatever you are selling, there is something similar to it already available. Chances are there are many companies out there in direct competition with you right now. Yes, there are very few products that are shielded from direct competition.

july 2014


Denisha Raychelle Hardeman

Denisha Raychelle Hardeman better known as “Dede” was born February 18. 1991 in Houston, Tx. At a young age, Denisha excelled in school and acting. Denisha would perform at church and was the most loved performer there. Her piano teacher, Ms. Roache, saw her talent and starred Denisha in numerous school plays. In middle school, Denisha was accepted into Pershing Middle School, a school for fine arts, for theater. She was accepted after her very first audition and did not need to come in for any more auditions, one of few people to get accepted that fast. At Pershing, Denisha starred in all her school theater productions including playing Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz”, Cinderella, and Lady In Red in “For Colored Girls.” She won best actress in 6th grade and 8th grade. In high school, Denisha was accepted into HSPVA (Houston School for Performing and Visual Arts) where stars Beyonce Knowles and Sarah Hickman attended, but decided to focus on sports. Denisha graduated from Pearland High School in 2009 with honors and a track scholarship to Southern Methodist University.

While attending college, Denisha focused on sports but still took theater classes. Her theater teachers wanted her to change her major to theater because of her talents. In 2011, Denisha left SMU for a semester. While at home in Houston, Denisha was signed to Page Parkes 713 talent and commercial agency. Not long after signing with Page Parkes, Denisha got booked on Quentin Tarantino’s hit film “Django Unchained.” While on set, Denisha became friends with Samuel L. Jackson and Quentin Tarantino. They saw her talent and loved her personality. Samuel L. Jackson hugely encouraged Denisha to move to Los Angeles and follow her dreams. In August 2012, Denisha left for Los Angeles to attend the New York Film Academy Universal Studios. At NYFA, Denisha acted in numerous thesis films, commercials, short films, and features. Not long after moving to LA, Denisha met actress Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow, Phone Booth, Proud Family). Paula loved Denisha’s ambition and courage. They soon became really close to where Denisha considered Paula her “Hollywood Mom.” Paula starred Denisha in her directorial debut movie “My Love and Hip Hop.” After learning about Denisha’s writing skills, Paula made her an executive assistant where she wrote treatments, scripts, casted, etc. Denisha also fell into producing. She has produced and cast pilots, features, and tv shows including TV One’s new show “Hollywood Divas.” Denisha’s passion for acting and writing puts her at the top of the game. She also has been told she has an eye for casting and passion for producing. Denisha is currently in pre-production for her new film “8 lanes” in which she wrote, is producing and will be starring in. “8 lanes” is based on Denisha’s life running track. It also touches base on abuse and sexual assault. Denisha continues to write and recently formed a production company with her manager Azim Latif entitled “Kiss and Tell Productions.” Denisha has worked with many stars and is starring in many movies being released later this year and early next year. She also does commercials and continues to follow her dreams. She has been featured in Urban Grand Stand Magazine, Soul Essence Magazine and Trendsetter 2 Trendsetter Magazines. july 2014 10

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Celeb Blogs: A New Tool to Gain Positive Publicity By John Benett

The growth of fame and the rise in income

of few selective individuals in the society have sparked a new culture-celeb culture. This celeb culture lends a new definition of achievement to a celebrity and the consumer culture which defines it as a ‘true success'. Celeb culture has validated intrusion in the private lives of the rich and famous criticizing them and at the same time promoting them. The continuous growth of celeb culture has given birth to a new form of virus called ‘celeb gossips'. World of Celeb Journalism People from all class and background today love to relish celeb gossips which in turn has given rise to a new profession called human interest journalism or in other words celeb journalism. The increasing impact of the visual culture on our lives have developed the hunger to know more, to know what takes place once the camera stops rolling on the celebrities. While some celeb gossips are anything but negative journalism, exposing secret affairs, unhappy married lives of the rich celebs. But, some celebs use journalism as a tool to promote or publicize their image. The continuous pressure to gain public recognition and acceptance and the rise of intrusive media, celebs now find it necessary to promote and spread the right words about their individuality. Since people now have access to media they have the potential to judge anyone based on the personal lives of the celebrities which is in a way dangerous. Importance of Celeb Journalism

Thus, many celebs from Politicians, Hollywood actors to Bollywood actors and entertainers have resorted to publishing celeb blogs that speak good words about them. Kolkata celeb brigade too have now joined this trend. Numerous agencies and firms are now mushrooming all over Kolkata who take up the task of writing excellent blogs that help in in promoting the public image of the Tollywood stars. Tollywood is now taking celeb journalism seriously as media continues to spread its hold over the masses. In the last decade, the rise in Internet journalism and web promotional activities had given new meaning and added value to this phenomenon of ‘celeb journalism'. How to Create a Good Celeb Blog? Writing celeb blogs require expert skills and the requirement to have keen interest in celeb lives. One should not only be a master in words but also knowledgeable about the life of a celebrity on is about to write on. Therefore, it takes time and one should carry out research on the celebrity's life and history along with his or her achievements. Upholding the struggles and achievements gives people a fair idea about how tough a celebrity's life is in reality. With the development of technology several tools have been developed to promote the blogs of celebrities. Experts of search engine optimization (SEO) make sure that these blogs are posted in the right platforms so that people get to read them and instantly develop a connection with their favourite stars. Celebrity blogging is an inexpensive form of celeb publicity that has gained huge prominence in the media world today. The rise of celebrity journalism has given impetus to the growth of high profile jobs such as celeb journalist and bloggers Celeb blogging is an art and Tollywood celebrities have embraced it graciously. july 2014


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Cover Story

The Evolution of Freeway Rick Ross By Damitra Dee Dee Stuart CEO/Publisher of Ambizion Magazine Ricky Donnell Ross aka known as Freeway Rick Ross is an entrepreneur and an author who in the past was a convicted drug trafficker best known for the drug empire he presided over in Los Angeles, California, in the early to mid 1980s. He has served his time and has used his experiences and hardships to motive and inspire millions of adults and children to openly educate them on being able to turn a negative experience into a positive one. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting this man and he has also inspired me with his ambition, kindness, knowledge and his bright future of sharing his experiences to move on in life and to maintain his TRUE image! I had the pleasure of interviewing him on my radio show Ambizion Radio a couple of years back and his journey was AMAZING and he was very open about it and he has recently sat with Ambizion Magazine to let us know what he has been up to since! To hear the show where he discusses his past you can go to this link and listen in ambizion-news-entertainment-radio-w-damitra-stuart

Ambizion Magazine: Speaking of teaching, I know you teach children in school once a week tell us about that. Freeway:

Ambizion Magazine:

Well that started off with me speaking at UCLA and a group from Watts was there and the whole school wasn’t there and the teacher said you need to come to our school and teach and the way he said it felt like a challenge as if I wouldn’t come to Watts to teach after speaking at UCLA and said yes I’ll come better yet I’ll come to teach the kids the things that I know so it just started from there to where I come down and teach the kids once a week and fell in love with the atmosphere of being around these kids from Watts, kids that people don’t think are supposed to make it and to really give them a chance to get it in.

Tell me about your new record label.

Ambizion Magazine:


The last time we talked on my radio show a couple of years ago you were dealing with the lawsuit with Maybach Music Rapper Rick Ross. What was the verdict on that and are you able to give us any information on what’s going on with that?

I’m been messing with music since the early 80’s I had turntables at the beginning of Hip Hop but I started making so much money in the drug business that I kinda put music on the back burner. I did go into some other ventures in the music business I was working with acts like Otis Smith, Dick Griffey in R&B so I always had a passion and drive for music and I invested a lot in music in the early days that I have not got back yet so I feel the music business still owes me. So I formed Rick Ross music group what I hope to do with that label is to give up and coming artist an opportunity to be artist and be themselves without conforming to how others do music and have the same sound and hopefully teach them my entrepreneurial skills as well.

Freeway: Yeah I can give you that what happened I ended up losing the suit for different reasons each judge had different reasons but at the end of the day they all had the same conclusion that I shouldn’t get any benefit from committing a crime Continue on pg july 2014


and that he can still use my name and he did not owe me any money nor did Universal or Warner Brothers or any other people who were associated with it. But I’ve moved on now and now I’m really concentrating on my book and what he is doing with my name is an afterthought and I have casted it out of my mind and now my focus is on the future and not the past. Ambizion Magazine: Speaking of your book, can you tell us a little more about it? Freeway: Well this book was something I felt that I could give the world a piece of what I have been through so people could better understand a lot of the things that are going on today. When I sat down and put it together, that was my intention to really give the world a glimpse of the experiences that I have been through as a young man. Ambizion Magazine: So now that you have lived such an extraordinary life what’s next for Freeway Rick Ross? Freeway: Well for short terms will be to get a hit record, the next to have a bestselling book and be a bestselling author. To continue my speaking engagements where I travel across the country to speak to young people about what I’ve been through and what it takes to get through this life. Long term I just hope to be a great philanthropist somebody who goes around and help the world become a better place because I believe that it’s all of our job to leave the world a little better than it was when we got here and that’s my goal and to try to redeem myself for all of the negative things that I have done in the world and leave it a better place

Photo Courtesy of Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart

Courtesy of the Watts Towers in Los Angeles, CA

july 2014


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Dameion Elway Allen Dameion: I always knew I could rap, as a kid I would listen to Tupac, Snoop, OutKast etc. but the moment I realized I could rap, I was in the 12th grade at my boy Bugsy’s house smoking and listening to my homeboy Cliff freestyle, then out of nowhere I just started spitting. Lol after that we would ditch school just to go freestyle. Haven’t looked back since Ambizion Magazine: Where does your inspiration come from? Dameion: My inspiration comes first from the creator, secondly the struggle of trying to get into the industry, it’s been a journey, and I just wanted to prove I had a voice as well. Ambizion Magazine: Who are your dream artists to work with? Dameion: Ambizion Magazine: What type of work do you do? Dameion:

My dream would first be to work with Andre 3000 second TI of course Snoop but all in all I want to work with whoever wants to work with me Ambizion Magazine:

What is Your Ambizion (Your Legacy)? My name is Elway the gr8 and I'm a rapper/writer/consultant. Dameion: Ambizion Magazine: When did you realize your talent?

The Elway legacy is simple never give up on your dream.. Work hard and have faith ...your hard work will do the rest.

july 2014



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Brandon L. Draper

As one of the United States most influential motivational speakers, Brandon Draper is a dynamic personality and highly-sought after resource in business and professional groups, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. For more than a decade he has not only mastered the art of leadership and training others, he has also achieved it by leading thousands of successful soldiers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders and teaching them to do the same with others. Brandon is a veteran platform orator who motivates, inspires, and captivates his audiences on a small and large scale. Whether it is packed cathedrals or minute conference rooms across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Brandon is recognized for engaging his audience and delivering lectures that are simple to interpret in order for one to achieve their own success. As a stellar Keynote Speaker and professional development coach leading as many as 20,000 soldiers and future leaders of tomorrow—Brandon encourages others to overcome and meet new and old challenges of the world surrounding them. He tactfully incorporates his fascinating life story into the lives of others, proving that anything can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance.

Addressing audiences from adults to youth, entrepreneurs to business leaders, and sales teams to CEO’s, Brandon is invited back again and again for his compelling message and the ability to connect with people from all areas and stages of life. Brandon has presented countless keynotes and leadership seminars for organizations and conferences in many different states and numerous locations. Clients span practically every industry including health care, government, direct marketing, hundreds of associations, countless colleges and universities, and companies such as the United Way, Morehouse College, Medical University of South Carolina, the American Marketing Association, and many others. It isn’t just his awesome personality and his charming smile that has gotten him featured in publications such as the Urban Grand Stand Magazine, Atlanta’s J-Dub Journal, and The Tony & Tel Show. Brandon has a realness in the way that he interacts with his audiences, which entices their trust. His way with words and experience knowledge in mindset development motivates people to take action like they have never done before. As the author of the book Becoming Who You Should Be, Despite Who You Are: The Thinking Forward Approach to Life and Circumstances available late fall 2014, member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, and the Commerce Club Atlanta, Brandon is highly revered by his colleagues as a renowned and encouraging keynote that has the ability to mine gold and diamonds out of the mountains inside of others. Brandon's personal experiences with the struggles of overcoming negativity during his grade school years, and how he pressed through tough obstacles, gives a personal touch to the motivation and inspiration for students to shine the greatness within them. Brandon's Thinking Smarter student seminars are adequately energetic and remarkably monumental instilling leadership abilities, confidence, and knowledge to create success through their own perseverance. july 2014


Brandon is committed to motivating, inspiring, and training the new and older generations to be leaders and achieve success as he introduces new audiences to innovative avenues of mastering their talents. Brandon Draper’s youth seminar series, “Be All You Can Be,” as well as his Thinking Smarter High School Initiative, remains his most critically acclaimed series and is frequently requested to help make an impact on the youth worldwide. “On your mark, get set, SHOOT for your DREAMS!” is Brandon’s motto whether he is speaking to an adult or youth audience. There are challenges and stumbling blocks in everything and every endeavor. However, knowing that once he sets foot in a room, there is always a way to achieve amazing results for your organization or business. From the combat field to the platform Brandon delivers inspiration that would have you charging hell with a water pistol!

Brandon L. Draper, MS Psychology

july 2014


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