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The 10 Commandments of Filmmaking pg 20-22 how to use the

Law of attraction

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9 Steps To A Successful Business Plan pgs 30-31 A M B I Z I O N M A G A Z I N E . C O M | NOVEMBER 2018 | 1

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Cover Story: Alberto Reyes: Television and Film Set Decorator and Entrepreneur


A Guile to Controlling Time


Cassandra Cooper CEO of Matriarch MultimediaGroup Inc


The 10 Commandments of Filmmaking


How to Use the Law of Attraction to Achieve Goals



9 Steps To A Successful Business Plan

NOVEMBER 2018 Staff PUBLISHER Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart @Ambizionceo AMBIZION MAGAZINE REPORTER Margo Spann SENIOR GRAPHIC ARTIST Kelly Anderson

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart has always been the Ambitious go getter that put things into action! With a combined experience of over 20 years in business and entertainment she added on to her AMBIZION Media brand and created AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012. AMBIZION spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. In this magazine you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life). AMBIZION Media was established in 2012 and has since grown to an amazing and very unique brand that consist of multiple media platforms including 2 magazines and 2 clothing lines for individuals as well as dogs. Dee Dee’s mission in life is to inspire others and bring awareness to Dog Charities and Organizations. Dee Dee is also currently the Director of Programming for Step 1 TV in Los Angeles, CA. Step 1 TV is a popular Multi-Genre television channel owned by Entrepreneurs Famous Los Angeles Talk Show Host Belinda Baker and Legendary Music and Marketing Executive Cassandra Cooper. Step 1 TV airs on channel 35.10 KTAV and on all internet platforms through their App with a coverage of 250 million homes worldwide including 7-10 million alone in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on broadcast local television. Dee Dee is excited about making content creator’s dreams come true by giving them a platform to showcase their talents in front of millions.

Dee Dee


The LifesTyLe

Magazine for


UniqUe and a



Television and Film Set d Decorator an Entrepreneur


The 10 nts Commandme of Filmmaking pg 20-22


eyes R Answers The

how to use the

Ambizion 10 pg 14

Law of attraction

ls to achieve goa pg 12-13

9 Steps

Cassandra Cooper

l To A Successfu Business Plan pg 30-31

rch CEO of Matria roup MultimediaG Inc pg 6 AMBIZIO


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The Business Trinity By Michele Swing – Small Business Services

Congratulations! You have decided to become your own boss, kick the time clock in the trash, and give your final salute to your cubicle. Starting your own business is a liberating decision, one that separates you from being a mere “employee” to an admirable, self-employed, self-sufficient “business owner.” It is important to make sure your business has a strong foundation so it can flourish into the company you’ve always dreamed of. With the economic downturn, large corporations are letting go of highly skilled and well-educated professionals. These professionals are using their experience and self-marketing tactics to create their own successful business. Lately, it’s becoming more common to see the development of both individual businesses and partnerships. There are three key components to opening your own business: 1. a phenomenal attorney, 2. a stellar insurance agent, and 3. an amazing accountant. Call it the “business trinity” if you will. Oh, the joy of a phenomenal attorney! Your attorney will be your right arm, your legal guide, your God-send. Make sure you pick him or her well. They will execute the legal formation of your company and help you decide which type of entity fits your company best. The different entity types include sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. 4 | NOVEMBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

I think by now we all know we can incorporate a business through online services. Sure, you don’t have to pay the attorney fee, however, do you know what you are really getting from the online service? Are the proper state provisions in place if something were to happen while doing business? How much protection do you have? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you need to consult with an attorney. In most cases, the cost difference is minimal and not to mention it usually includes your corporate minutes book with your official seal! Onto the much-needed stellar insurance agent! Your insurance agent will tailor the policies needed to protect the activities of the business. There are different types of liability insurance which are industry specific. The insurance policy may include general, professional or product liability. Your insurance agent will help put policies in place for catastrophic events such as fires or loss of a business partner. These two types of events we do not typically think about or like to think about, but need to keep in mind. With a fire, will the policy cover loss of revenue and are all the assets

covered? If there is a partnership, is there a life insurance policy which will cover the partners stock in the company? Last but not least, all hail the amazing accountant. A good accountant is imperative to any business. As with the two other pieces of the “business trinity,” your accountant will help keep your business financials in compliance with accounting rules and regulations. There are a few different types of accountants. Some accountants work strictly with financial data and preparing financial statements while others only prepare tax returns. If you are up to the challenge you can certainly keep your own books, but be aware that your tax accountant may have to do tedious “clean-up” work prior to preparing a tax return. There are many professional individuals and firms who provide all these services, so make sure to do your due diligence prior to hiring these people to be part of your “professional team.” Most professionals will sit down with you for a free consultation and write a proposal for the services aforementioned.


CASSANDRA COOPER CEO of Matriarch MultimediaGroup Inc


atriarch Multimedia was formed in 2007 to act as a film, television & music cooperative. By combining the resources of 10 companies we were able as a collective to procure funding, distribution and a range of projects in various genres including but not limited too; Hip-Hop, Latin, Reality Television and motion pictures. Matriarch’s founder and CEO Cassandra Cooper states “It made fiscal sense to pool our creative resources to reach one common goal. CONTENT. We cannot do 10 projects simultaneously on our own but our team certainly can. The major studios run on the same principal so why not us?” MMGI Founder & Chief Executive Officer -Cassandra Cooper J.D, M.AMarketed over sixty albums throughout her career. And for her efforts has been awarded 22 gold and platinum plaques for her role in the success of these artists, generating sales upwards of 70 Million units respectively. A variety of these projects have surpassed the “Gold” (500,000) and “Platinum” (1,000,000) sales levels and earned industry recognition through Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards to name a few. Ms. Cooper has worked in a marketing and promotions capacity for the following music labels, Sony Music, Epic Street, 550 Music, East West, Atlantic, Elektra, Tommy Boy, Wild Pitch, Chemistry, Cold Chillin, Sugar Hill, Zakia 4th & Broadway, Pallas and Mercury Records respectively. Cooper states that “when it comes to marketing an artist I have done it from the ground floor. I know what it takes to build an artist. From the streets to the radio I have played a vital role in making some superstars”. Some of Cooper’s early clients were rapper Jazz (now known as Jay Z) Some of the more established artist she had the pleasure of working with are Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, MJJ Records, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, and Metallica to name a few. In keeping with her music roots Cooper served as a managing Editor for Performer Magazine, the largest Rock magazine in the New England Region. She also owned and operated popular area night club called The Bassment in Brockton Mass, which allowed her to utilize her contacts to bring major label talent to the venue. Ms. Cooper has been a paid guest speaker for the Hip Hop Summit, at both MIT, and Harvard University, and a panelist at How Can I Be Down, in Miami Florida. She was also on the board of the Enternational Music Expo which travelled nationally

and gave several hundred unsigned artists an opportunity to showcase their talent for major label A&R personnel. Ms. Cooper also secured record deals for two vocal groups under her management company. Notorious with Cold Chillin Records and Another Shade with Sugar Hill Records. Notorious would become the subject of a PBS special, nationally aired called Notorious Live. In 1997 Cooper relocated to Los Angeles to pursue writing and producing, and never one to do anything small, she started executive producing urban films through York Pictures. While the films received no critical acclaim they turned a tidy profit. She invested in a Beverly Hills staffing firm, and with her at the helm turned it into a multimillion dollar agency, boasting such clients as Universal Studios and Cedar Sinai Medical Facility. When the industry changed and the real estate market was bustling, she became a full time real estate investor acquiring some 40 rental properties in five states, building a portfolio worth over 5 million dollars. Ms. Cooper’s mother passed away suddenly in 2007, and she took a reasonable amount of time off to deal with this tragedy. During that time the market shifted downwards Ms. Cooper decided to reinvest her time and energy into entertainment ventures on a full time basis. With the rental properties in the hands of a management team, Cooper founded Matriarch Multimedia Group. Ms. Cooper has directly produced and contributed to over $100 million of revenue for major record companies throughout her 10 year career, and within the past 10 years has founded 2 different companies that generated over 20 million dollars in revenue and employed upwards of 300 employees. Ms. Cooper holds several degrees, a Juris Doctorate, an M.A in Marketing and Finance and most recently certified in Financial Management from Cornell University. Under the Matriarch Multimedia Group umbrella, Ms. Cooper made strategic alliances with TRNTV, Levert Entertainment (Universal Music Group) Matriarch Music (Island/Def Jam Digital), Freedem Films, Aagile Multimedia, Continuum Pictures Distribution. MMGI has produced 5 television shows, all of which are scheduled to air on various cable channels in the the fall. Ghetto Court, A Taste of Hunney, Lakesterdam, Skin & The Living Room. MMGI is currently in production on its third major motion picture Mohammed, scheduled to be filmed in Jordan.



Content Creation & Development

Commercial Infomercial Orientation Video Production

For Television and Social Media Los Angeles & Orange County AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM | NOVEMBER 2018 | 7

How to Get Some

Peace & Quiet! By Jim M. Allen

In this hectic, modern world of ours there is often a great need for us to slow down, calm ourselves, and find some peace and quiet. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


3. Turn off the television/radio Do you leave your t.v. or radio on as “background noise?” If so, try turning them off.

4. Turn off your telephone, especially at night Nothing is more disturbing than the shrill ring of a telephone when you are trying to relax. Turn off your phone’s ringer. Let the answering machine or voicemail system get a message.

Turn off your computer Today, we receive as much information in a single day as a person did in an entire year in the early 1900 ‘s. A large portion of that wave of information comes from our daily contact with the computer... so turn it off. Check your email tomorrow. Give your mind a rest.

8. Get away from the kids, the pets, etc. Ask a friend or family member to babysit/petsit for you for a day or two. (Then help them get some quiet time and return the favor.)

9. Take a nap We are much more sensitive to the stress noise creates when we are lacking sleep. So take a nap and recharge your batteries.

1. Plan daily “quiet time” The best way to quiet down is to plan 30-minutes (or more) of daily quiet time. Time you can spend quietly, with yourself and your thoughts.

2. Create a noise-free zone Designate one room of your house as a noise-free zone where family members can go relax.

5. Turn off your cell phone In fact, leave it at home. After a while you may find that you don’t even need it.

6. Turn off your beeper Do you *really* need to be contactable every minute of every day?


10. Take a hike! Literally. If you’re going to surround yourself with noise, then surround yourself with the noise of nature. Reconnect with yourself and with the natural world around you, stroll around your favorite park or recreation area.

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AMBIZION Apparel is a fun and laid back clothing line that caters to the Unique and Ambitious! AMBIZION APPAREL motivates and inspires business minded individuals to live their lives to the fullest while striving to accomplish their goals no matter race, age, gender or obstacle.

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Damitra Dee Dee Stuart CEO and Travel/Itinerary Consultant


Florida Registration # 35395 CST # 2001330-10

If interested in a Travel Agent Work From Home Position please Email me at 10 | NOVEMBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

How to Be In Charge Of Your Future

A Guide to Controlling Time By Robert Stallard


magine that you are in the Dentist’s waiting room and feeling a little anxious. You announced yourself to the receptionist and she has motioned you to a seat. The time of your appointment has passed. You have read all the old magazines and the notices on the wall, including the one that says you will be charged for broken appointments. Thirty five minutes later a nurse calls you into the surgery. No one apologies for keeping you waiting or gives any excuse. The dentist starts his work but after ten minutes says that you will need extra work and should make a new appointment. Your day is ruined. You are now too late to do the other things that you had wished to do. You feel unhappy and of little worth, a person of no importance. Guess what? You are a person of no importance. You did it to yourself. Let’s go back to the Dentist’s office. When you announced yourself to the receptionist did you ask if you will be seen on time? I always do, and if I am told that there may be a delay I ask her to let the dentist know that if I am not seen in twenty minutes I shall leave. I not only leave after twenty minutes, I bill the Dentist for a broken appointment. It is important that the office appreciate that your time is of least as much importance as anybody else’s. If you do not respect yourself and value your time, why should other people? Now, of course the boot may be on the other foot as it were. You are with a customer who hasn’t recognised that this meeting is over and is wittering on. The amount of time that you had allotted for the meeting is over. However the business is not concluded. This is where you could lose control by just keep going. Not only is this wrong but you have given up control. Time is equally important to your next customer who expects to be seen on time. Give a second appointment to the present customer. Be sure to tell them that you will need a full appointment to conclude your business. You then are punctual for your next and every other appointment. In this way you are not only in charge of today but have established yourself as the controller of your future. AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM | NOVEMBER 2018 | 11


The Ambizion 10

Television and Film Set Decorator and Entrepreneur



Where are you from? I was born in Manhattan New York, but spent my childhood in Central Islip, Long Island, N.Y. My parents are from Puerto Rico, so I’m what you would call a “Newyorican” (A Puerto Rican, born in New York.)

day I love greeting cards, sometimes more than a gift. I believe people will write or pick out a card with words that we don’t say every day, So when I get a meaningful card I treasure that and the words in the card mean the world to me.

How did your parents influence you growing up?

What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise?

Well, I come from a family where my parents where much older when they had me, and most of my siblings where grown with kids and on their own by the time I was born. I would say, my mom taught me to love and trust God always. Education was very important to my mom. My dad thought me how to be self-sufficient and resourceful. He also taught me how to be strong. I learned from BOTH of my parents the value in hard work, and what it takes to go after what you want in life. My mother worked well into her 70’s because she didn’t like to be lazy or bored. When my dad wasn’t working his day job, you could always find him doing handy work around the house.

Tell me about your business.

When you were a child,

what did you want to be when you grow up?

To be honest, I wanted to own a greeting card shop. I used to love to make cards for people for all occasions. I swore I would be as big as Hallmark one day. To this

Another thing my mother taught me was to be clean and organized. When I was a child and would become upset or uneasy, I would find myself cleaning or organizing something. Every Saturday my mother would have my and my siblings clean the house from top to bottom, and Sunday was church. That was our routine every weekend! So the older I got, I kept my same nack for being organized and clean. Several years ago, I organized someone’s garage and when I had finished, they were so impressed, they suggested I start my own business and start making money for my work. In 2012, I did just that.

Al Be’s Keen Eye is a professional Organizing company. Again. I started the company in 2012. I had printed flyers on my computer and printed them on regular white paper. People ask me all the time, “You like organizing?” But yes, I do, I love helping people feel good about the space they live in.


I love seeing the reaction on people’s faces when the job is done. My company specializes in organizing closets, garages, storage unit, offices, workplace and commercial. My goal is help add balance to your left, help you declutter and lighten your load. My mission is to refresh, restore & renew any space you trust me to be of service.

If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be? Barack Obama.

What do you love most about your career? I honestly love to be creative. I love challenging my creativity. Trying and learning new things is something that gives me drive. I love that it allows me to be the jack of all trades that I am. I love meeting and interacting with new people.

How do you balance family life with your career? Well honestly, Family has always been important to me. I try to remember that you can have all the money in the world, but nothing is more important than family. My mom and dad worked hard every day through out my childhood and youth, but they both came home every night to make sure we had cooked food and a roof over our heads. No matter

how busy I am, I make sure I call my dad every day just about and I go to visit my dad every other month or so. I try to remember that tomorrow is never promised, so all we have is the here and now, I don’t take that for granted.

Where do you see yourself in the next year? I’m currently in school so I hope to have completed school by next year. My goal has always been to be bi- costal, So I’m hoping to make more trips to LA and other states for clients. This year I decided to pursue my business and Film career full time. Work hasn’t always been consistent, but next year I’d like to have continuous work through out the year.

What is Your Ambizion? (Legacy) I’d say my Ambizion is my drive to succeed. I’ve hit many road blocks in my life, I’ve had days where I feel discouraged and like I can’t win. But even still I have never given up. I have seen firsthand what happens when you strive to be great, when you are a man of faith and hard work ethics. When I’m gone, I want to be remembered as the man who was creative, unique, genuine and never felt the need to compromise myself to fit in or be something that I’m not. I’ve always stayed true to myself and treated people as I would want to be treated.


Business & Entertainment Consulting

Need Help Coming Up With Unique Ideas for Your Business or Television Projects? With over 20 years of Business/Entertainment experience being a business consultant, owning a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states I ran for 13 years, owned a cable channel, magazines, an event planning company and created TV content. I am also currently Director of Programming for Local LA TV channel KTAV 35.10 Step 1 TV so being involved with a mass variety of genres in business, being connected and owning the Ambizion brand I can help you with all of that! My goal will NOT be to run your business but HELP you come up with unique options, ideas and solutions to help develop or change development with your company or brand so you too can stand out in a crowd and take notice amongst all the others doing the same thing that you do!

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart Consulting & Development

For more info & pricing please contact me at info@


213-352-9215 213-352-9215


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content mentality intent consciousness wealth result thinking thought strategy outcome dream mind

idea belief mindset intentions visualization like attracts like

attitude energy success secret positive negative

how to

use the law of


to achieve goals

By Oliver Muller

Once people have read and familiarized themselves with the actual concept of the law of attraction, the first question that pops in their minds is how to use the law of attraction. One of the primary concepts that are repeatedly emphasized while discussing about law of attraction is the fact that like attracts like. Basically, this means that like thoughts attract like consequences and effects. Or to state it simply, it just means that whatever effects you see / experience are a direct outcome of your thoughts.


Direct Relation What Benefits Can between Thoughts Come Out Of This? and Effects There is a direct relation between thought processes and the situations that we face in our daily lives. Having positive thoughts is essential to having a positive life full of positive experiences. When you think of something negative, you are basically attracting negativity into your life by just thinking about it. For instance, if you thought that it would be really bad for you if you lost some career opportunity, then it doesn’t matter that you were actually trying to protect your career by avoiding risks. All that matters is that the thought of losing a career opportunity occurred in your mind. This thought will now attract the negative consequence of lost opportunities. Instead, it is better to think of how great it would be if you succeeded in some endeavor or got your raise or got a great career opportunity. If you think this, the fundamental law of attraction that governs the universe will be sure to bring about circumstances and situations where this positive outcome is possible.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be achieving all the greatness in life? How they never lose in anything they try their hand at? How they seem to achieve the highest possible status and successes in every single thing that they try their hands on? Is it because they work hard? Is it because they have a natural talent for what they do or is it because they have invested thousands of hours of hard work and patient practice? The answer is NO. Well, mostly no. Hard work and talent do go a long way in getting you what you want, but above all, it is important to have a really positive mindset and never stop thinking of good outcomes. No matter how hard you try or diligently you work, the chances of getting positive results are very dim if you yourself do not believe that you can succeed. Being confident of achieving success, makes you more focused and determined in your efforts at achieving it. Having a clear picture of the reward in store for yourself will be sure to help motivate you and make sure that you do not quit halfway into the game.

This, in essence, is how to use the law of attraction in an appropriate manner. AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM | NOVEMBER 2018 | 19

How to Work and Survive in the Film and TV Industry:

The 10 Commandments of Filmmaking By Peter D Marshall


have learned many things during my career in the film industry, but one of the most valuable lessons I have learned was to remain human at all costs. And by this I mean to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. During my 39 years in the film and television business, I have worked as a PA, grip, electrician, assistant cameraman, commercial production manager, first assistant director, TV series creative consultant, television producer and director. I have also had the opportunity to work on all kinds of productions, from industrial films to documentaries; television commercials to music videos; TV series to Hollywood feature films. Making a film is a stressful job and you have to remember that there are many careers and a lot of money on the line every time the camera rolls. When you enter this business, you are stepping into the world of “entertainment.” TV and movies are just one part

of this “make-believe” environment – dance, theatre and music are some other examples. This is a business of artistic expression, massive egos and huge amounts of cash – a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one! It is also a business where you can lose your soul if you’re not careful. Remember the often cited (and industry changeable) quote of Hunter S. Thompson: “The (television) business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” With that in mind, I created “The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking” which is my way of showing you how to work and survive in this business – without getting OR giving ulcers!



This list was written primarily for First AD’s and Directors.


C1) It’s only a movie – no one gets hurt.

“There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins! And the cardinal sin is dullness. I want you to always remember this quote, and as you get up each morning and walk onto that set, refer to it often!

—————————————————————————— This one should be obvious. Making any kind of film or TV production can be risky because there are many natural hazards on a film set. Crew members can trip over cables, fall off platforms, have equipment tumble on them, burn and cut themselves, slip on stairs and slippery surfaces etc. Then there are the added hazards that are specific to our industry: breathing atmosphere smoke for long periods, accidents involving insert cars or process trailers, accidents from stunts and special effects and noise hazards such as loud explosions and gunfire. All crew members should be aware of the safety issues working on any set. If you have any concerns, you should talk to your shop steward, union rep or the 1st AD who is the set Safety Supervisor.


C2) Ask lots of questions – never assume anything. —————————————————————————— on’t be afraid to ask questions. Like the expression says, “The only dumb question is the one that was never asked.” If something doesn’t feel right, or it doesn’t ring true, or it doesn’t make sense, ask questions. Solve it now. Assuming it will all work out “on the day” is wrong. If something in the script doesn’t make sense, or you feel something is not working, deal with it right away. Fix it, change it, eliminate it, solve it, get rid of it. Whatever IT is, do something about it before you go to camera.


C3) There are no rules in filmmaking – only sins! —————————————————————————— This is probably my best piece of advice. It’s not original – it’s a partial quote from the legendary director, Frank Capra:


C4) Listen to the people who know more than you do. —————————————————————————— When was a Second AD on the TV Series “Hitchhiker” in 1985, I had to run the set for the First AD while he did some scheduling. Well, after a bit I got a little flustered, as this was my first time running the entire set. Suddenly I heard my name. When I turned around, the dolly grip was waving me over to him. As I came closer, he smiled and said, “Peter, it’s block, light, rehearse, tweak, shoot!” Words I will always remember. (Thanks Mike!) The crew work on the set – all the time! That’s what they do. They see directors and First AD’s come and go. They know more than you do. Always will. Listen to them and you will become a better AD.


C5) You have to EARN respect – not demand it. —————————————————————————— The hierarchy of a movie is very much like the hierarchy of an Army: General’s at the top and Privates at the bottom. And just like the Army, there are certain people in the higher positions that you are unable to get along with. Directors, 1st AD’s and DOP’s form the “Triumvirate” of any movie set. They are the people in charge. And many times you will be faced with the difficult task of working for months with one (or more) of these people who are egotistical, abusive, or sometimes not even very good at their job. This will happen – and sometimes it happen’s a lot. How I deal with this, and suggest you do the same, is to remember this military expression, “You need to respect the Rank – but you don’t have to respect the person.”



C6) Don’t abuse your power – use “Power Through” not “Power Over.” —————————————————————————— As a First AD, you have a very powerful position in the film industry. The Director hires you for your organizational skills and your command of the set; the Producers look to you to make sure the movie comes in on time and on budget; the crew look to you for leadership. The “rank” of 1st AD means you get to carry “a big stick”. But a lot of AD’s will abuse this power and yell and scream and make everyone’s life miserable. In other words, they will take advantage of their position and use their power over people. My philosophy is to take the other route. In other words, use “power through.” What this means is to work with your crew and bring them all together as a team and work it out together. The crew know you are in charge. You don’t have to flaunt it.

Ego can be defined as “your consciousness of your own identity.” You need an ego in this business because Ego is important for your survival. Ego helps you to believe in yourself, it helps you to get up in the morning knowing that you still have things to learn but you are good at your job and you will get through your day by being fair and respecting others. On the other hand, self-importance (or what I call misplaced ego) is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.” I believe it is this trait (more than anything else) that makes working and surviving in the entertainment industry harder than it has to be. ——————————————————————————

C9) Have a sense of humour – learn to laugh at yourself. —————————————————————————— This rule should probably be #1 on this list.


In my experience, the best sets are the ones that have a relaxed and professional atmosphere presided over by a creative director with no insecurity issues; an experienced 1st AD with no attitude problems; and a DOP who loves the collaboration process and realizes that “making a film is not all about the lighting!”

I read a self-help book once that also had a set of ten commandments and one of them was “It’s okay to change your mind.”

Making a movie is hard work, and the occasional break from the stress and intensity of it by a film crew having a laugh pays for itself many times over.

This makes a lot of sense. Especially when you are a Director or First AD because you are making decisions all the time and some of them may not be the right ones after you get more information or listen to other people. The problem happens if let your ego get in the way.

I have found that my sense of humour (and my large repertoire of bad jokes) have gotten me through some very difficult times.

I did that once. I thought I had the right answer and I didn’t want to change the schedule even though the director and the PM thought we couldn’t make it.

C10) Take 10 at lunch – and change your socks and shoes.


C7) Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Well, they were right and I cost the production money. Not just because I didn’t want to do the extra work, but also because I was afraid the crew would feel I didn’t know what I was doing (which turned out to be correct in this instance anyway.) Lesson learned! ——————————————————————————


—————————————————————————— As a First AD you stand on your feet all day. Taking a moment after lunch to change you socks and shoes is a blissful moment – it actually re-energizes you. There is probably some psychological or chemical reason for this that I don’t understand, but whatever it is, try it because it does work!

C8) A healthy Ego is necessary – self importance is unnecessary.

I like to take about 10 – 15 minutes on my own somewhere off set during lunch to have a quiet time. This is where I can “recharge by batteries.”


All day you have to be on your game and make hundreds of decisions with the crew constantly asking you questions. Taking time some time for yourself is really, really important to keep your body relaxed and your mind sharp.

There is an important distinction between Ego and Selfimportance.


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The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious


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Stand Up Comedian and Morning News Anchor


Eunice Elliott

Answers The Ambizion 10 pg 14

Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

Ethan Hathorn

Belinda Baker

pg 22

The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious

Ambizion Dwayne Wayne Cover Photo by Cary Norton


Stand Up Comedian and Morning News Anchor

Why You Need a Magazine Good Cover to Sell Your Book pg 30-31

Eunice Elliott

Answers The Ambizion 10 pg 14 Changing Steps One Life At A Time

Belinda Baker pg 12 Filmmaker On the Move

Dwayne Wayne pg 25 Published by

Ambizion Magazine

Cover Photo by Cary Norton

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Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

Ethan Hathorn

pg 22 Why You Need a Good Cover to Sell Your Book pg 30-31 A M B I Z I O N M A G A Z I N E . OM | OCTOBER 2018 | 1

AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012 spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. Inside you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life)

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THE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY LINE FOR DOGS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM Ambizion Pooch is a new Trendsetting and Unique Online Pet Clothing Store that caters to dogs as well as their parents! Carry AMBIZION Pooch in your Pet boutique and stores! For questions please email us at



have always had a passion for things being organized and “tidy”. I believe my mother instilled a love for all things organized in me at an early age. I would find myself cleaning and organizing when I was bored or needed a distraction. Back in 2012, a close friend encouraged me to turn my passion and skills for organizing into a business. So I did! What started out as a side project has now flourished into a wonderful establishment. I have built a great reputation with many clients and have completed numerous projects over the years. My services vary from closets, garages, store spaces, offices, residential and commercial, etc. but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication and customer service. The tranquility and delight of organized surroundings has no equal! Al Be’s Keen Eye will help to REFRESH your space, RESTORE order and comfort; and RENEW a sense of confidence in any space that you call yours. No matter the extent of the clutter we can get the job done! Al Be’s Keen Eye is a company that continues to grow and take on new clients! “Organization is my way of life” Organizing, maximizing spaces, de-clutter, interior decorating, and more. For more info on Al Be’s Keen Eye check out the website: or follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Al Be’s Keen Eye


Is Your DOG Part of the Family?

Furry Nature by








by ture Furry Na



MAGAZINE October 2018

Executive Angeles TV

Damitra Dee Dee art re Schnauzers Stu her Minatu


with e age 2 14 and Charle Bailee age

Furry by Nature is a new and trendy magazine by AMBIZION Media dedicated to our beloved canines and the people who love them! The monthly magazine features an influencer or celebrity with their dog or a popular pooch that is in the media. Inside you find articles on everything DOG whether it’s health, grooming tips, unusual pet services and businesses and inspiring stories between a person and their furry best friend.

Damitra art Dee Dee Stu

New Brand with Expands her y By Nature Magazine Furr pgs 12-15

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Safety Tips

for Your Dog

zers pgs 4-5

of Schnau

A percentage of Furry By Nature monthly advertising revenue will go to a Dog Rescue or Charity of choice!

och Historical Po s Chronicle





is the Magazine for You!

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ntry t Cross Cou| 1 18 Bud The FirsC T O B E R 2 0 pgs 8-9 | Oeling Dog RELA .COM Trav


byby otos ure Publishedry NatCorey @furfamilyph

Fur by Pamela

Cover Photo

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or D f g n i amm

rogr P d e t Rela



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All DOG Related Topics!! Entertaining Dog Behavior

Historical Dog Facts

Amazing Rescue Stories

Celebrities and Their Dogs

Unique Dog Businesses and Services

And So Much More!

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is the Magazine for You!


AMBIZION Magazine spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have n businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities Magazine mbizio A aside from fame. Inside you will find articles on business, entertainment Stand Up Comedian g and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making and Morninor News Anch things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Eunice t Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 Elswlersiot An 10 ion The Ambiz are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and pg 14 how they got to where they currently are in life) orn Ethan Hath e Magazine

The Lifestyl


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for the Uni


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ps One Changing Ste e Life At A Tim

Belinda Ba

pg 22


ed a Why You Ne to Sell Good Cover Bo Your ok pg 30-31

pg 12

Filmmaker ve On the Mo

e Dwayne Wayn pg 25


by shed biz ion Publi Am Cary Norton Cover Photo



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Need Motivation? Want to Be Inspired? The Place To Go For Quick Ambitious Pick Me Ups! Get Tips In Business and

Unique Business Spotlights


Historical Entrepreneurs

Watch Amazing Success Stories

Celebrities in Business

Ambitious Kids

And More!



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N ’ S P I R AT I O N


Power OF Authenticity

By Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC


he power of authenticity is so important in a world where people often lose themselves trying to be what others want them to be. Do you have the courage to be real and true to yourself? Do you love yourself totally despite your flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections? Are you easily swayed to do what others want you to do when you feel in your spirit it is wrong? I read once a long time ago you can be a first rate you or a second rate somebody else. What are you striving to be in your daily walk in life? I challenge you to let your light shine and be the authentic person you were born to be. We have different fingerprints, voice tones, and expressions that are unique to us. It is important you learn to appreciate the special person you are and remember there is no one else in the universe like you. Authenticity is having the courage to stand up for what you believe when everyone else says you are wrong. Authenticity gives you the confidence to stay the course and deal with whatever consequences may arise because of what you believe. Others do not influence you because of their cute words and clever sayings. You allow your values to dictate what you do even if it is not popular with the crowd. When was the last time you stood up for something you believed in when those around you opposed? That’s a lonely feeling, but authenticity for what you hold near and dear to your heart will cause you to stand on your values. Authenticity says when you meet people you put away the facades and games. Instead, you choose to be genuine and real to those you meet. When you do this it cuts down on the stress and tension in your life. You don’t have to remember how you behaved with one person versus another because you were authentic with everyone. Authenticity is allowing the essence of who you are to come through no matter what the circumstances or situations. Think about the last time you were at a social, professional, or civic event, did your authenticity come through? Do

people see you as a person who keeps it real or someone who goes along so everyone will accept them?

Authenticity lets you appreciate others for the uniqueness they bring to the universe. People are different and have talents, skills, and abilities that often go untapped because they are trying to blend in with the crowd. It is vital to realize the world is full of wonderful people who all have their taste of authenticity they bring to the table. When you have fully embraced and appreciate the uniqueness you possess, it allows you to value the uniqueness of others. Think about it, what things can you list right now that are unique to you? What helps you stay focused in maintaining your authenticity? When I think of authenticity it reminds me of people who keep things REAL. R- Recognize the uniqueness God has placed in you and share it with the universe. E- Empower and educate yourself to live each day with passion for life so you can maximize your potential. A- Acknowledge your gifts and find a way to use them. L- Learn to laugh more and love more and help others do the same. Commit to yourself everyday that you will live a life of authenticity, where you are happy with yourself and the decisions you make. Let authenticity be the foundation for your life as you move forward in living your purpose and fulfilling your destiny in 2019. Nancy J. Lewis is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. based in Fayetteville, Georgia. The theme of her company is “Developing a Better YOU!” Nancy can be reached at (770) 9645533, E-mail: or Website:



Steps To A Successful Business Plan

If you are considering starting your own business, then you will need to also come up with a good plan for that business. A business plan is necessary for several reasons, including outlining your goals, expected costs, marketing plans and an exit strategy. It is basically a road map to help your new business know how to operate and how you will measure your success or failure at it. Here are nine steps to a successful business plan:



List your goals and objectives in an executive summary plan. This is one of the most important steps in the process of setting up a business, and it’s the one banks and other lenders use to decide if they want to loan you money. If you don’t have a proper executive summary plan put together, then you aren’t likely to be able to get the funds you need to run your company.


List how your business got started. Put together a short and concise paragraph or two that clearly explains how and why you started your business.


List the business goals. Make a list of the short term and long term goals that you want to complete in the next few years. You need to list things like how fast the business is likely to grow and who is your target audience.


Make biographies of your management team. Your plan should include a management section with the names and backgrounds of the head members of your business’s management team and their respective duties and responsibilities.


Talk about your products and services. Put together the reasons why your product or services are better than the rest and why this will help your company to succeed and prosper.


What are the market possibilities of your business? A new business has to convince banks, potential employees, and everyone else that the market you’re going for is viable and will keep on growing and prospering. You can put in things like the demand for your product or services in a specific mile radius. If it is an online company, you can get some information on the web on the type of item or service you plan to provide and look for some history on that topic to make your prediction of its success.


Have a marketing strategy. Next, you need to add in how you plant to let everyone know you are open for business and ready to provide your services or products. List things like how you will advertise, how much you plan to spend on advertising, where you will list your company, will you also use word of mouth, etc.


Have a 3-5 year plan. You must think about both the long and short of things like a summary of the possible financial outcomes with balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow predictions. You also need to list how much money you need to borrow to get started. This is a very important section as it can make or break you depending on what is listed here.


Have an exit strategy. Every great company has a part of their business plan that includes a section that shows exactly what you will do if you decide to close the business. It should list benchmarks such as dollar figures, revenue growth, how your business is received by the world, and what type of consensus your top management agrees on in order to close it.


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