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Eunice Elliott

Answers The Ambizion 10 pg 14 Changing Steps One Life At A Time

Belinda Baker pg 12 Filmmaker On the Move

Dwayne Wayne pg 25 Published by Cover Photo by Cary Norton

Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

Ethan Hathorn

pg 22 Why You Need a Good Cover to Sell Your Book pg 30-31 A M B I Z I O N M A G A Z I N E . Cwww.AmbizionMagazine.com OM | OCTOBER 2018 | 1

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Cover Story: Eunice Elliott: Comedienne & News Anchor

Changing Steps One Life At A Time! Belinda Baker



Mini Mogul Ethan Hathorn

Filmmaker on the Rise Dwayne Wayne



What Not to Wear When Doing a TV Interview 2 | OCTOBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

Tips to Make a Good Short Film

OCTOBER 2018 Staff PUBLISHER Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart @Ambizionceo HEAD STAFF WRITER Rashaad King AMBIZION MAGAZINE REPORTER Margo Spann SENIOR GRAPHIC ARTIST Kelly Anderson

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart has always been the Ambitious go getter that put things into action! With a combined experience of over 20 years in business and entertainment she added on to her AMBIZION Media brand and created AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012. AMBIZION spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. In this magazine you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life). AMBIZION Media was established in 2012 and has since grown to an amazing and very unique brand that consist of multiple media platforms including 2 magazines and 2 clothing lines for individuals as well as dogs. Dee Dee’s mission in life is to inspire others and bring awareness to Dog Charities and Organizations. Dee Dee is also currently the Director of Programming for Step 1 TV in Los Angeles, CA. Step 1 TV is a popular Multi-Genre television channel owned by Entrepreneurs Famous Los Angeles Talk Show Host Belinda Baker and Legendary Music and Marketing Executive Cassandra Cooper. Step 1 TV airs on channel 35.10 KTAV and on all internet platforms through their App with a coverage of 250 million homes worldwide including 7-10 million alone in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on broadcast local television. Dee Dee is excited about making content creator’s dreams come true by giving them a platform to showcase their talents in front of millions.

Dee Dee


for the Unique


and Ambitio

Ambizion e Magazine

The Lifestyl



Stand Up Comedian and Morning News Anchor



Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

An 10 The Ambizion pg 14 One Changing Steps e Life At A Tim

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Belinda Bake


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Filmmaker On the Move

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by shed biz ion Magazine Publi Norton Am by Cary Cover Photo

Cover Photo by


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Cary Norton




What About Your Logo


By Charles K

hen it comes to design a successful logo the key word is “The quality” It is that simple! Trademarks and Logos make up the most international language in the world. An excellent logo design can cross many barriers and provide your organization with a means of delivering to your customers a clear and consistent message.

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If your logo design doesn’t do these things, then you might need to update it, possibly seeking professional advice as logo is very important as a public image of your company.

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How to Develop an Effective Program for Weight Loss By Kim Quigley, Personal Trainer/Health Expert, Staff Writer

There are four components to a well structured fitness plan geared towards weight loss. For a successful weight loss program, you must track your caloric intake; including cardio, strength training and yoga. In many cases, people will focus on exercising alone without making changes to their diet; however, it is tough to lose weight without making proper adjustments to one’s diet. Exercise is important too however, monitoring calories with a food journal is essential. When looking to lose weight, it is important to take a multi-vitamin to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients while cutting back on calories. Eat a well balanced diet, incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fat free dairy products. Eat light bread and high fiber cereals. Avoid fatty foods and processed foods with a lot of sugar. Diet soda and coffee is okay in moderation.








at several mini meals a day, aiming to eat a maximum of 1,500 calories total. Track breakfast, lunch and dinner and be sure to include any snacks. Your food journal can be a simple note book. Keep it in a place where it will be easily accessible.

ocus on getting in some cardiovascular exercise up to 30-40 minutes daily for positive results. You can walk outside, dance for thirty minutes, go for a light jog or take part in an aerobics class. Cardio burns fat and calories. Try intervals of running and walking every three minutes if you are not ready to go for a two mile jog. Just get moving and get your heart rate up daily!

oga is another important part of an effective weight loss program. Yoga improved flexibility and helps with balance and coordination. It teaches discipline and concentration. Yoga is a form of meditation which focuses on self awareness. Yoga can be beneficial in regards to weight loss. It is all about the mind, body connection. You can learn to be more aware of your internal physical cues as to when you are hungry.

eep junk food out of the house. If you really need a treat, get a single sized portion. Drink plenty of water, green teas and light juices high in vitamin C.

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BELINDA BAKER Changing Steps One Life At A Time!


n response to the high demand for premium content, successful business moguls Belinda Baker and Cassandra Cooper have launched the nation’s newest urban television channel Step 1 TV on KTAV channel 35.10. Step 1 TV reaches an audience of 14 million homes across Southern California, and is continually expanding its reach. Area residents are encouraged to scan their TV for the new channel. Step 1 TV, which boasts a broad spectrum of genres, was created with the intention of bringing new entertainment choices to its viewing audience. Viewers are enthralled with the channel’s urban content, but are also captivated by a diverse library of TV shows that make binge-watching the channel’s content a daily pleasure. Exciting television shows include “Changing Steps” hosted by media mogul Belinda Baker which shows an in-depth look into the lives of survivors of addiction, teen pregnancy, homelessness and abuse told in their own words. This unbiased and uncensored program brings attention to the enormous social and economic cost of addiction and abuse to today’s society.

“Ghetto Court” proceeded over by legendary hip-hop DJ and rock & roll hall of fame nominee Eric B. In this courtroom The Judges dispense justice by the rules of the street. In this court you have some of the most outrageous stories usually only heard in your neighborhood bodega live & in living color. And you won’t believe your ears, but the pure insanity of it all results in a side splitting verbal jab fest for the masses. Ghetto Court is in. Additional shows include “A Taste of Hunney” starring Patrice Fisher and “In The Mix” for music lovers. Step 1 TV CEO Belinda Baker says, “I am not only proud to be able to deliver premium content to our viewers, but ecstatic at Step 1 TV’s ability to bring producers content from vision to reality.” Belinda Baker is no stranger to hard work or success. Ms. Baker successfully operates three (3) clean & sober living homes; One in Northridge, one in Van Nuys, and one in Orange County, CA. She is the author of ‘Breakthrough A Testament of Faith’ which chronicles her personal struggles and triumphs. This inspirational, life-changing book inspires readers to breakthrough whatever they are going through to renew their faith and gain access to a whole new life. ‘Breakthrough A Testament of Faith’ is available at: Http://www.BelindaBaker.org Step 1 TV provides area businesses with access to costeffective television advertising targeted at local customers, as well as national exposure through mobile-broadcasting. For more information, interviews, content consideration or to inquire about advertising, please contact Director of Programming Damitra Dee Dee Stuart Deedeedop@step1tv.com Step 1 TV is the nation’s newest urban television channel providing a wide spectrum of premium content in all genres.


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Stand Up Comedian and Morning News Anchor


Eunice Elliott

Answers The Ambizion 10 pg 14

Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

Ethan Hathorn

Belinda Baker

pg 22

The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious

Ambizion Dwayne Wayne Cover Photo by Cary Norton


Stand Up Comedian and Morning News Anchor

Why You Need a Magazine Good Cover to Sell Your Book pg 30-31

Eunice Elliott

Answers The Ambizion 10 pg 14 Changing Steps One Life At A Time

Belinda Baker pg 12 Filmmaker On the Move

Dwayne Wayne pg 25 Published by

Ambizion Magazine

Cover Photo by Cary Norton

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Mini Mogul on the Rise Teen You Tube Sensation

Ethan Hathorn

pg 22 Why You Need a Good Cover to Sell Your Book pg 30-31 A M B I Z I O N M A G A Z I N E . Cwww.AmbizionMagazine.com OM | OCTOBER 2018 | 1

AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012 spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. Inside you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life)

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The Ambizion 10

Answered by Comedienne and News Anchor

Eunice Where are you from?


talk show and how she tailored it to her style and personality and has been on the air for 15 years at this point. She also has her hand in a lot of other business ventures behinds the scenes. Game shows, sitcoms and even home design!

Bessemer, Alabama

How did your parents influence you growing up? My mom always told me that I was special, but that I wasn’t special. Meaning, I’m one of a kind, but I’m not any better or worse than anyone else.

What do you love most about your career?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to be a journalist because I love writing, talking and telling stories.

What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise? I started doing stand up comedy about 10 years ago. The NBC affiliate back home saw me do some fun guest segments and I was asked to join the morning show as the traffic reporter. I moved back to Alabama (from Atlanta) and joined the show in 2013. By 2016 I was promoted to morning show anchor.

I love that I represent an under-represented segment of the population. Whether that be as an African American or as woman or an educated woman or even as a savvy Southerner. I represent a part of the population that is rarely given a voice.

Talk about a time you wanted to give up and how you turned things around? I can’t remember ever wanting to “give up”. It’s the not knowing what’s next that has sustained me. On my worst days I’m attached to the fact that I have no idea what’s next...and I’m always here for it! I guess that’s called Faith. Supreme and ultimate.

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Tell me about your business. I am the morning show anchor for the NBC affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama (WVTM-13). I also still perform regularly as a stand up comedian.

Great question! I have no idea! I want to return to school and finish writing my book. So hopefully closer to realizing those particular goals.

If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be?

What is Your Ambizion? (Legacy)

I admire Ellen DeGeneres. She was always a funny comic and it was never malicious in nature. I appreciate her

She was kind, smart, loving and passionate. She cared for everyone and lived her best life!


Are You Ready For


By Andrew M. Warner It’s easy for anyone can go out and get a regular job to put some money in their pockets, but it takes a special individual to venture off and start their own business. That person has to display enthusiasm, inventiveness, and character. More importantly, they have to display ambition. Ambition is the key element for an entrepreneur. The ambition to start a business. The ambition to succeed. The ambition to carry-on after facing failure. Before deciding on being an entrepreneur and seeking ways to make money, do you possess that type of ambition? Are you willing to work late into the night without first punching a time clock, or are you going into business for yourself on the theory that you will be able to work only when you feel like it? If you choose the the latter, I suggest you stop reading right this moment.

Could you carry on your regular j-o-b while you get your home business started? A smart individual wouldn’t burn a bridge before a new one is built. Are you capable of saving money? If not, you’d better face the facts and work for someone else for the rest of your life. Saving your profits is crucial. If you have never saved any money, the chances are you won’t when you start your own business. Do you possess the ability to provide good customer service? This is something that many entrepreneurs fail at. This is often the one ingredient that makes one business successful, whereas the lack of it could cause a business to fail. Unless you are as genuinely interested in serving your customers’ needs as you are in fattening up your own bank roll, it would be wiser for you to work behind the scenes in someone else’s business. These are some basic questions you must ask yourself before even considering to become an entrepreneur. Many others before you have and many others after you will have to.



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Palm Springs International Comedy Festival’s

STAND UP WINNER Damitra Dee Dee Stuart Director of Programming for Step 1 TV

To Receive Half-Hour Comedy Special On Step1 TV

(PSICF) www.PalmSpringsComedyFest.com has partnered with the nation’s new urban television network, Step1 TV www.step1TV.com, to present the festival’s winner of The Stand Upcompetition a half-hour comedy special on KTAV channel 35.10. Step1 TV, available on TV, OTR platforms and via its App, is now available to over 250 million homes, including approximately 10 million in Los Angeles County and surrounding regions. “I’m super excited to work along Palm Springs International Comedy Festival and represent Step1 TV out of Los Angeles,” comments Director of Programming, Step 1 TV, Damitra Dee Dee Stuart. “Looking forward to having a great time and to search for the newest comedy star, helping them make their dreams come true by putting them on our platform in front of millions of viewers.” “It’s exciting to be able to partner with Step 1 TV’s CEO Belinda Baker and Damitra Stuart and give the winner of The Stand Up competition unprecedented exposure, by giving them their own comedy special,” adds Paul Cruz, director, PSICF. “Our goal is always to find the next big thing in comedy in every area we cover. I look forward to working with Step 1 TV on this mission.” The winner will be announced after the festival’s closing on PSICF’s YouTube channel. PSICF will also award a special additional $1,000 prize to the winner.

By  BWW News Desk

PSICF will feature a star studded, black tie awards dinner gala, scheduled for November 10th, honoring the best comedic celebrity talents in stand-up, film and television and held in the grand ballroom of the trendy Hotel Zoso and Spa, located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. PSICF was created to discover great comedic talent from around the world, with the purpose to promote them to the entertainment industry and the public, as well as to showcase the works of seasoned professionals and celebrities of comedy. The festival provides a showcase for the best comedians, sketch artists, shorts, features, TV pilots, Web series and animation from around the globe, with a screenplay competition awarding the best feature, shorts and TV pilots. The competition features 15 categories and 28 awards with submissions judged by top entertainment industry professionals. Recently, it was announced that comedian Kathy Griffin will be presented with the “Comedian of the Year” Award, while Illeana Douglas is poised to receive the “Pioneer in Comedy Award” for the first ever branded Web series “Easy To Assemble.” Additional honorees, celebrity judges and guests to be announced soon including the Stanley Kramer Award recipient for ‘Best Feature Film Comedy.’


N ’ S P I R AT I O N




By Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC


veryday is an opportunity to live a life of purpose. It is a chance for us to make our mark in life that leaves a legacy for others to follow. Do you awaken each day with an attitude of anticipation and excitement? Do you feel you are doing what you were put on this earth to do? At the end of the day, do you feel you’ve made a difference? Living a life of purpose adds meaning to your life and work. It is the fuel that propels you to continue the journey of life with vigor and zest. Determine today to begin your quest of living a purpose driven life. Remember you have to be willing to ask yourself questions that will cause you to move closer to your purpose. Some of the following strategies may help you as you strive to live a life of purpose. P-PURSUE with energy and fervor the goals you have set for yourself. Each day commit to taking steps that will get you closer to what you desire to achieve in life. Never settle for less, always strive for greatness. U-UNDERSTAND that in life sometimes we fail. Failure is never final unless you get out of the game of life. You have to look at failure as a detour to your success. Successful people fail many times but in the process learn lessons that help them in the future. R-RADIATE love to all you meet. Spend time helping others without expecting anything in return. Look for ways to be a blessing to those who cross your

Ambizion Magazine

path. The attitude of your heart is a reflection of the love you show to others. P-PRIORITIZE things that are important in your life. Ask yourself is what I’m doing now helping me to achieve my long-term goals or is it merely busywork? Is what I am doing now a job or a career? Stays focused and list those things you desire to do and then just do it. O-OPEN your mind to the possibilities of what living a life of purpose will do for you. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. When you step out of your area of comfort that’s when real growth takes place. S-SPIRITUALLY stay grounded and plugged into your source. When you are spiritually connected you are able to handle the challenges and setbacks that try and derail you. Your spiritual connection will keep you anchored in living a life of purpose. E-ENCOURAGE and empower yourself everyday. Never give up on you. Even in the face of adversity, remember you are more than a conqueror and stand strong until the victory is yours. Be persistent, patient, and committed to living a life of purpose! Nancy J. Lewis is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. based in Fayetteville, Georgia. The theme of her company is “Developing a Better YOU!” Nancy can be reached at (770) 964-5533, E-mail: nancy@progressivetechniquesinc.com or Website: www.progressivetechniquesinc.com.


MINIMOGUL ETHAN HATHORN YouTube Teen Sensation from Cyberzilla101


than looks like your every day, 14 year old, freshman in high school. He has already enjoyed prep rallies, homecoming, and later this month he hopes to make the golf team. Keep your fingers crossed! Ethan has a younger 10 year old brother and 8 year sister he close to, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 Articulated Gecko. (Mom said NO to two Geckos haha.) He is friendly, likes to crack jokes and laugh and regularly attends the Temecula United Methodist Church and participates in his Youth Group on Sundays. He volunteers with projects like the Homeless Outreach and the Community Food Pantry. For the last 2 years he has also gone with TUMC and the Sierra Service Project, on their annual summer program with church youth groups helping lower income communities in need. In middle school he played trombone for 1 year and clarinet for 2 years. He also practiced Martial Arts for 1 1/2 years up until recently. He is now practicing instead for the high school golf tryouts. Right now he is enjoying his class schedule because his high school provides some great elective opportunities. Video Media Arts and Graphic Design classes!! Having these classes greatly improves his overall school schedule and enjoyment. Ethan is hoping to be a successful director some day. He enjoys making “stop motion” movies at home using paper cutouts, Five Nights At Freddie’s Characters, figurines, and basically his imagination. He likes to mix in music, voiceovers, hand drawn characters, Godzilla (his favorite King of Monsters), and basically EVERYONE is casted into the film!! His channel is suitable for audiences of all ages and “hopes to inspire other children to create with what objects and toys they have at home have FUN and just start filming!”

He currently has over 10.3k followers and over 6 million views on his YouTube Channel and hopes to attract more subscribers, especially children to inspire and motivate. He was very excited when he started getting his first paycheck from YouTube this year!! Even his parents were amazed! 1. He was a teenager 2. Making fun videos on YouTube. 2. Doing something he loved 3. Getting paid for it! WOW! He was prepared and opened up a checking account at 13 years old just for this reason and had his debit card ready for his first deposit. It was exciting and the whole family went out and celebrated. They all celebrated again when he hit 10k subscribers. Sushi anyone? It would be nice for him to meet someone who would give their professional time, “while on the job” so he could see what it’s like in real life and gain some real hands on experience. He admires Tim Burton and hopes one day to meet him and dreams of working with him one day. He really loves movies like Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Ethan loves to draw and draws a lot of his characters. He gets inspiration from Travis Knight who was an animator in Kubu and the Two Strings and Lead Animator Coraline. Ethan is always having fun at the drawing board, designing and filming for his next episodes. To see what he’s up to and follow his videos go to YouTube Channel Cyberzilla101. He would be happy answer your questions, offer advice, especially to young aspiring You Tubers. You can also find him on www.facebook.com/cyberzilla101. Thanks in advance for your support.


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DWAYNE WAYNE By Damitra Dee Dee Stuart


wayne Wayne is a ambitious Los Angeles filmmaker and comedian who is making big moves in the big city but his journey wasn’t pretty. Born in Kingston Jamaica, he came to America when he was only 7 years old and at that time he discovered he had many talents that included drawing and rapping. Dwayne started producing music at the age of 13 and at age 16 he ended up in jail for a crime he did not commit. Turns out his older cousin used his name which caused confusion and leading him to spend time in prison. Throughout the years he had been arrested 30 times for false identity and he spent 2 years in prison for a gun he did not have. While spending time in prison Dwayne had time to reflect on his life and realized that life is way too short so he had to make some serious changes, distance himself from his current surroundings and go after his dreams. Once released after a 2 year stint he decided to go to college and enrolled at Full Sail University studying Media, Editing and Video Production. Dwayne thrived in college even becoming Campus President and after graduating he decided to move to Hollywood with only $17.00 in his pocket and a dream to pursue his career. To try and make ends meet, Dwayne started doing standup and performed in front of talent Scout Big Mike from BET but things didn’t work out as planned which resulted in him becoming homeless for about a year. Sleeping in parks and walking around all night trying to find a place to sleep Dwayne had no choice but to Leave California to get his life together. Now a year later he has come back to Hollywood creating a full season of his latest project a TV series called Sidetrack in addition to a movie based on the series. Dwayne is also currently working on his own comedy show The Dwayne Wayne Show with the first Episode being called Crazy Exes and he a mentor with Lionsgate Entertainment who is helping him along the way.

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Networking GROUPS By Phyllis Walker


reetings and Happy Fall to AMBIZION readers! Glad you stopped by. Tell me, how many business networking groups are you associated with and which ones work for you? Tweet me @hummingbirdlady. I’d enjoy your comments!

• Is its membership diverse in terms of culture and ethnicity?

Mutually beneficial networks are crucial toward business growth. Because powerful networks nurture successful businesses, it becomes crucial to affiliate with groups that meet our directives and goals.

• If disputes arise, how are they resolved?

Finding the Right Fit: When visiting groups to potentially connect with, consider the following in terms of your needs: • How well established is the group? What are its core values and reputation within the community? • Does it have accountability standards and a successful track record? • Are the events and programs aligned with your needs? • How often meetings held and what are the membervisitor ratio? • How do visitors perceive the group? Do they readily become members? • Are there national and global chapters to connect with? • Is the group characterized by a diverse business representation?

• Are the members enthusiastic and energetic? • How mutually supportive are members of one another? Are they easily accessible?

• If membership dues are required, are they paid annually, bi-annually, or quarterly? • Are renewal fees automatic? If so, how far in advance are you informed? • If you decide to opt-out, is there a refund policy? Are time limits imposed? Practice due-diligence when searching for quality networking groups. Remember that givers reap more than receivers. Stay committed to the process and you will discover true rewards in terms of business growth. Phyllis Walker is a fine art photographer and owner of Hummingbird Studios (http://www.hummingbird-studios.com) where she markets her work for home décor, office accents and all-occasion gifts. As a survivor of domestic violence, she is additionally the founder of Esperanza! A Woman’s Hope, Inc. (http://www.esperanza-awomanshope.org) a non-profit organization offering scholarships to Georgia’s survivors who are returning to school for job skills upgrade. To schedule Phyllis for a speaking engagement, exhibit, or lunch and learn talk, contact her at hummingbirdlady@ bellsouth.net. (Please place “Speaking Engagement” in the subject line.) A percentage of her product sales is allocated to organizations, that assist disadvantaged women and children. http://www.hummingbird-studios.com http://www.esperanza-awomanshope.org


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Need Help Coming Up With Unique Ideas for Your Business or Television Projects? With over 20 years of Business/Entertainment experience being a business consultant, owning a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states I ran for 13 years, owned a cable channel, magazines, an event planning company and created TV content. I am also currently Director of Programming for Local LA TV channel KTAV 35.10 Step 1 TV so being involved with a mass variety of genres in business, being connected and owning the Ambizion brand I can help you with all of that! My goal will NOT be to run your business but HELP you come up with unique options, ideas and solutions to help develop or change development with your company or brand so you too can stand out in a crowd and take notice amongst all the others doing the same thing that you do!

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with your nails By Muñeca Ramos


here is no other way this spring to enhance any wardrobe than with fabulous nails. The nail color trends of Fall 18’ are earthy, edgy and vibrant. From nudes to greens to metallics, this spring has arrays of colors at your disposal. Also, because there are so many wonderful ones to try out, be adventurous and don’t worry about that mint green or peach not matching your outfit. Your nails are an outfit and statement all by themselves. Don’t be alarmed but whether you know it or not, subconsciously everyone looks at your nails, and you do the same. So, well manicured nails are always the best route. Keep them clean, shapely and fun. Here is a list of the 10 hottest shades for this season: 1. Coral Rose 2. Beeswax (soft yellow) 3. Silver Peony (light pink) 4. Peapod (light green) 5. Regatta Blue (bright blue) 6. Silver Cloud (light grayish silver) 7. Purple Aster (light purple) 8. Camel (nude) 9. Black Pearl (greenish/blackish) 10. Honeysuckle (bright coral pink)

Not only are there color trends but shapes and designs. To give your nails a more sophisticated look, try a rounded nail. For a more edge look, try OPI’s black shatter nail polish, it applies over any shade and dries with a cracked and shattered look. If that’s to risqué, try the half moon look, with any color variation. It brings class and fierceness to anyone who dares to try it. And if you want simplicity with a little edge, maybe because of your work environment or you’re scared of change, keep it simple with a single stud. Whether you want them on all of your nails or just one, you choose, but that will say I’m straightforward but fun. Express yourself through something that is exciting and ever -changing that you will never have to regret or be scared to change, your nails. Let your nails speak for themselves.



Why You Need a Good Cover to Sell Your Book

By Ruth Lunn


et’s be honest, if you don’t judge a book by its cover, well, there’s not a lot else to go on. A short blurb, some reviewers’ comments, perhaps reading the first line or paragraph or two will give you an idea. But ultimately, a well-designed book cover will help to sell your book.


Unfortunately, in a crowded book publishing market, many self-published books are easy to spot – from their poor covers. Having a professionally designed cover can really make a difference to how your book is perceived – does it look cheap and nasty and amateurish, or does it ooze quality? Consider your own reaction to a book – does the cover catch your eye; do you want to pick it up and explore further; does it convey what the book is about? If none of these things, the sale is already lost. This same principle applies just as much to e-books as to printed books – it’s all about perceived quality and helping the potential reader make the purchasing decision. In some ways though, the popularity of the e-book concept has meant that printed books have to work that bit harder – if they are going to sit on your bookcase and take up space, they need to look good. This concept is taken even further with the coffee table-style book – its purpose is as much decorative as the relevance of the content. Keep it simple Some books work well with a strong image or illustration – others sit quite happily with a more typographical approach – with all though the aim is to encourage the potential reader to explore further, to pick up the book and/or buy it. Simple generally works best and can be really powerful – if the cover is too busy, there are too many competing ideas or themes that just end up crowding each other out. Avoid using too many colors, and don’t be afraid of space – space

is what gives the elements of the book’s design room to work. Similarly, the title needs to be readable – don’t be tempted to use an obscure typeface that you think looks hip; it needs to be functional and also scalable – can it be read in a thumbnail, as this is how it will be seen online? You will notice that the better book covers for novels tend to avoid specific photographs of people. This is because a novel relies on the reader’s imagination, and if you have shown what the main character looks like on the front cover, then it spoils the effect. Instead, go for something abstract or location based. Think also about the genre of your book – are you trying to portray your book as a thriller, romantic fiction, or crime novel – keep it in line with readers’ expectations. But perhaps the best thing to do is to look at your bookcase – or go to a bookshop – and see what works for you. What catches your eye? Which book covers make you curious? Which ones just look so beautiful that you think ‘I must own that book’? Consider what elements of those book designs work and what you would like to emulate. It’s fine to communicate these to your designer – this will help them create what yzou’re after for your book. A good investment Ultimately a professional cover will make a real difference to how your book looks and the impression given to potential readers. It will probably cost less than you expect, but paying for a cover design may well be the best investment you make in your literary pride and joy.






• DON’T wear all black. You’ll look as though you’re disappearing into a hole. This often throws women into a panic, as we love the slimming properties of black, particularly when TV will make you look slightly heavier than you are in real life. Black trousers or skirt will normally be fine as a filmed interview will generally concentrate on your top half, but do go for a color on top if you can.

• DON’T wear all white. It makes TV lights bounce back and you’ll look as though you just descended from the heavens on a cloud.

• DON’T wear anything with a very small pattern such as pinstripes, tweed or polka dots. Again, it has a strange effect on TV lights known as strobing. Men should avoid pinstripe shirts – bring a change of clothes if you’re not sure.

• NO visible logos of companies or brands (watch out for this particularly on sportswear) as this may be regarded as advertising. You may be asked to change if a logo is too obvious.

• AVOID buying a new outfit the day before and acting as if you’re going to a job interview. If you feel too stiff and formal in your clothes this will affect how you express yourself. • If you CAN’T DECIDE what to wear, bring a change of clothes – plenty of people do and it can be a good idea if your original choice turns out to be unsuitable.

• ASK if there are any colors you should avoid wearing. This can happen if they clash with the set, 32 | OCTOBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

or if an effect called Chroma Key is to be used – this is the effect which is used as the basis of some special effects, where a particular color is replaced by pictures. The usual colors affected by this are green and blue (this is why it’s commonly known as blue screen effects). So if you were in a studio where this effect was being used and you happened to be wearing a blue tie, you could look as if you had a big hole in the middle of your body, which will probably not enhance your corporate image. • Above all, ensure that however YOUR LOOK


CONGRUENT with how you want to come across – if your message is sober and serious, dress appropriately. Likewise, if your message is fun and frivolous you can probably leave the navy suit at home. Some TV professionals reckon that wearing pastel colors can make you look younger, but you may not necessarily want to look younger, especially if you’re appearing in an expert role.

It’s worthwhile bearing these guidelines in mind any time you meet a member of the media, even if it’s non-visual interview such as radio or print. How you look will still have an impact on how you are perceived, so make sure you give the impression you intend to on all levels. And in case you were wondering, it is true that television can make you look as if you’re a few pounds heavier than you are in real life. It’s all to do with the fact that a TV picture is made up of a series of horizontal lines, and other technical reasons I won’t bore you with. Suffice to say, when you meet people who regularly appear on TV, they often look much smaller and slimmer than you might expect – this is because many TV presenters (especially female ones) decide to keep as skinny as possible in order to look regular size on the box.

Now, how you regard this is up to you. I’m not telling you this so you can all rush out and join Weight Watchers. It’s just something else about the process to be aware of and take into consideration. You don’t have to look a particular way or be a particular weight to appear

on TV, but it will help your over-all performance if you are happy in your own skin, whatever size that may be.

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to Make a Good Short Film By Films Maker


ver the past few centuries, short films have been entertaining people worldwide. Initially, it was introduced by North American film industry during its infancy period. At present, short films are used to represent almost every short subject including advertisements, short cartoon movies, serials, company presentations and many more. In fact, short films have been the first step for almost every star today. Most of the film stars, directors, producers, script writers have started their career by contributing roles in short movies. Thus, if you have interest in film making and want to make a career in film industry, it is best to start with short film making. Anyone can make short film easily. It do not require huge budget, famous faces or any hard work. All it needs are creative mind and passion about film making. Even if you are out of money, you can make films with low or no budget at all. You can ask your friends or families to play role in your film. After making film, you can submit short movie with some renowned youth film festivals online. But if you want to make a good film, it requires time, preparation and dedication. Let’s discuss some helpful tips to ease your job.

Come up with an idea Today, people have tendency to find logic behind everything. Without logic, things look uninteresting and artificial. So, it is primary to think of a unique logic and make your story audience centric. Mostly, people love comedy short films. So, do not overflow movies with emotions. It is bets practice to add humor to the movie.

writing. While writing the script, keep the practicability of writing in mind. Try to make the story perfectly shorter without compromising with the pivot of story. Always try to avoid overuse of phrases and clinches. After finishing, engage a intelligent reader who can help finding flaws in your writing.

Collect a confident crew Confidence is the most important thing for any filmmaker. Not only in filmmaker, but every member including actor, actress, director, producer in the crew must be confident about their ability. If you are directing, script writing and producing film yourself, you need to be more confident. Undoubtedly are a little apprehensive about your abilities and some of your ideas as every artist does. But the trick is not to show it. Inspire people to want to work with you, make them think that their time is going to be worth giving to the film.

Make your movie Finally, it’s time to make your movie. Using the best cameras, customer editing packages and cheap VFX available in market, have made film making incredibly easier for everyone. After finishing with your film, now the question is how to get recognition for your work and how to get your movie screened. Short films are mostly screened at state, national or international youth film festivals. Submit short movie to these festivals and get opportunity to move forward in film industry.

Script writing Find a scriptwriter who can add heart to your story. Finalized with story, it’s time for lucrative storytelling script


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