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Los Angeles TV Executive

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

MAGAZINE October 2018

with her Minature Schnauzers Bailee age 14 and Charlee age 2

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

Halloween Costume

Safety Tips for Your Dog pg16


of Schnauzers pgs 4-5 Published byby

Furry Nature

Cover Photo by Pamela Corey @furfamilyphotos

Expands her Brand with New Magazine Furry By Nature pgs 12-15

Historical Pooch Chronicles

Bud The First Cross Country W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 1 Traveling Dog pgs 8-9


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FurrybyNature Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

October 2018

with her Minature Schnauzers Bailee age 14 and Charlee age 2

of Schnauzers

HISTORICAL POOCH CHRONICLES Bud The First Cross Country Traveling Dog

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

Halloween Costume

Safety Tips for Your Dog pg16

Expands her Brand with New Magazine Furry By Nature pgs 12-15

Historical Pooch Chronicles


of Schnauzers pgs 4-5

Published byby

Furry Nature

Cover Photo by Pamela Corey @furfamilyphotos



Los Angeles TV Executive


Expands Brand with Launch of Furry by Nature Dog Magazine

Bud The First Cross Country WWW.F U R RYBYNATURELA.COM | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 1 Traveling Dog pgs 8-9

Staff Publisher Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart Head Staff Writer Rashaad King


HALLOWEEN COSTUME Safety Tips for Your Dog

2 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT U RE LA. CO M

Ambizion Magazine Reporter Margo Spann Senior Graphic Artist Kelly Anderson

Furryby Nature

Cover Photo by Pamela Corey @furfamilyphotos



Dee Dee


Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart has always been the Ambitious go getter that put things into action! With a combined experience of over 20 years in business and entertainment she added on to her AMBIZION Media brand which includes her Dog Clothing and Accessory Line AMBIZION POOCH and created Furry by Nature Magazine! Furry by Nature is a new and trendy magazine dedicated to our beloved canines and the people who love them! The Cover will feature a celebrity/influencer with their dog or a popular pooch that is in the media. Inside you find articles on everything DOG whether it’s health, grooming tips, unusual pet services and businesses and inspiring stories between a person and their furry best friend. AMBIZION Media was established in 2012 and has since grown to an amazing and very unique brand that consist of multiple media platforms including 2 magazines and 2 clothing lines for individuals as well as dogs. Dee Dee’s mission in life is to inspire others and bring awareness to Dog Charities and Organizations. Dee Dee is also currently the Director of Programming for Step 1 TV in Los Angeles, CA. Step 1 TV is a popular Multi-Genre television channel owned by Entrepreneurs Famous Los Angeles Talk Show Host Belinda Baker and Legendary Music and Marketing Executive Cassandra Cooper. Step 1 TV airs on channel 35.10 KTAV and on all internet platforms through their App with a coverage of 250 million homes worldwide including 7-10 million alone in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on broadcast local television. Dee Dee is excited about making content creator’s dreams come true by giving them a platform to showcase their talents in front of millions.


W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 3

History of


he Miniature Schnauzer (or Zwergschnauzer) is fundamentally the same as in sort to the Standard Schnauzer. The Schnauzers of all sizes are delegated “working puppies” in Europe and different nations where the FCI principles are taken after, yet in the United States, just the Giant and the Standard Schnauzer are named “working canines”. The Miniature has dependably been in the Terrier Group, and keeps on being made a decision as a terrier. This clarifies a portion of the contrasts between the Miniature and the other Schnauzer Breeds.

4 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT U RE LA. CO M

Furryby Nature

The Miniature Schnauzer has three acknowledged shading assortments in the United States. The AMSC perceives Salt and Pepper, Black, and Black and Silver. Albeit White Miniatures are being reared and appeared far and wide, this shading isn’t perceived by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and can’t be appeared in Conformation. The proportional smallness of the Miniature likely has much to do with the notoriety of the breed, albeit numerous fanciers will state that it is his unreasonably upbeat and cordial air and flexibility as a house pet. The overwhelming facial hair that everything except conceals the gag of the Miniature Schnauzer furnishes him with a comic musical show cover behind which he can design his charming wickedness undetected.

The Miniature is said to have originated from mating with the Affenpincher. They may have been produced totally by shot, regularly the primary purpose behind another breed. Regardless, it has taken its specialty throughout everyday life, both as a show canine, an execution contender, and as an attractive house pet. Great wellbeing, great disposition, and an alluring appearance consolidate to shape the identity of the Miniature Schnauzer. They have been reared for more than 116 years and were displayed as an unmistakable breed as ahead of schedule as 1899. Miniatures have been reproduced in the United States since 1925 and the American Miniature Schnauzer Club was shaped in August 1933. The Miniature Schnauzer was formally perceived by the AKC in 1926.

The root of the Schnauzer is considered just like a cross between the “puppy of Boulogne” and the Spitz. The most seasoned German Kennel Club was established in 1890. The next year at the Third German International Show in Hanover, with around 900 mutts, wirehaired Pinschers of German rearing were shown out of the blue. A canine “Schnauzer” won first prize displayed by the Württemberg Kennel of Burgerbeonberg. Past to any show make a big appearance, be that as it may, the Schnauzer had a long history. There is no doubt of its being a type of incredible vestige. Albrecht Durer portrayed a Schnauzer in a water shading “Madonna with the Many Animals” executed in 1492. In an embroidered artwork made around 1501, a portrayal of the Schnauzer shows up. The Schnauzer (the breed with a facial hair on the gag, the German word for gag being schnauze) was utilized broadly in Germany as a drover’s pooch, used to pull trucks with deliver from the homesteads to the towns, and monitor them while there. He was utilized too in crowding sheep, cows, and hoards, and, actually, doing every one of the obligations of the direction cultivate pooch. He was likewise utilized broadly as a rodent catcher, and even in present day times, German Schnauzer Clubs hold periodical “ratting” preliminaries with a specific end goal to keep the Schnauzer a “working” breed, and not just a show pooch. Here in the U.S., Schnauzers can be seen working in Barn Hunt and Earthdog Trials. The Miniature is a particularly decent ratter!


W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 5


FACTS Miniature

[Schnauzers] Miniature Schnauzers can be similarly as excited living in a city loft or in the nation. These spunky puppies are socialable and should be incorporated into family exercises.


ESTIMATE: WEIGHT RANGE: Male: 11-18 lbs. Female: 10-15 lbs.


TALLNESS AT WITHERS: Male: 14 in. Female: 13 in.

LENGTH: Medium.

HIGHLIGHTS: Semi-prick ears (normally). DESIRES: EXERCISE REQUIREMENTS: 20-40 minutes/day. Vitality Level: Average. LIFE SPAN RANGE: 12-14 years PROPENSITY TO DROOL: Low.



ATTRIBUTES: Double coat, hard coat. HUES: Salt and pepper, dark and silver, dark GENERALLY SPEAKING GROOMING NEEDS: Moderate. CLUB RECOGNITION: AKC CLASSIFICATION: Terrier. UKC CLASSIFICATION: Terrier.


6 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT U RE LA. CO M

Furryby Nature


maller than usual Schnauzer initially

The Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed The first motivation behind the Miniature Schnauzer was to get rats on ranches. Schnauzer implies facial hair. Smaller than normal Schnauzers are square-bodied canines with wiry coats. Guys stand 12 to 14 inches tall and measure 11 to 18 pounds (5 to 8 kilograms); females remain from 11 to 13 inches tall and measure 10 to 15 pounds (5 to 7 kilograms). The canine’s rectangular head is enhanced with rugged eyebrows, a walrus-like mustache and a rich facial hair. The ears are regularly trimmed to stand erect. Whenever left uncropped, the ears crease forward. Most Miniature Schnauzers have saltand-pepper coats, yet some are strong dark and others are dark and silver.


Smaller than normal Schnauzers are solid, alarm, spunky little puppies. They can be feisty and may put on a show of sketchiness when stood up to by puppies they don’t have the foggiest idea. The fun loving nature of small schnauzers makes them perfect for families with very much carried on kids. They are additionally known for being faithful, snappy to learn and gave to their human packs.

living with

Smaller than expected Schnauzers are versatile. They can be similarly as cheerful living in a city condo getting several strolls every day as they can be on a nation bequest with bunches of space to run.


Since the breed is fairly brave around different puppies, it is critical to acquaint a Miniature Schnauzer with different canines while still a pup. Small scale Schnauzers are amiable puppies that affection to be with their kin. Their most profound need is to be completely incorporated into family exercises, regardless of whether those exercises focus on sitting in front of the TV or going out for a run. Since they don’t shed, these canines are perfect for individuals who are sensitive to different breeds. Be that as it may, they should be prepped consistently; visit brushing, hair and nail trimming, and intermittent cut-out and stripping are essential. Smaller than usual Schnauzers age effortlessly; they don’t hint at age until late throughout everyday life. The normal future is 12 to 14 years.


Smaller than usual Schnauzers are strong, happy little puppies that were first reared in Germany in the late nineteenth century. They are relatives of Affenpinschers and Standard Schnauzers. Not exclusively is he the littlest and most well known of the Schnauzers, yet additionally the main Terrier not starting from European Isle stock. The word schnauzer implies whiskers. The first motivation behind the Miniature Schnauzer was to get rats on ranches. Today, be that as it may, the Miniature Schnauzer’s principle mission in life is to convey fellowship and happiness to the general population sufficiently blessed to live with this sprightly canine. In 1933 the Miniature Schnauzer was perceived as a different breed from the Standard Schnauzer by the AKC. At one time the smaller than usual schnauzer was the third most well known breed in America, and it remains a top pick.

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Pooch Chronicles


the First Cross Country Traveling Dog


aking a cross-country trip nowadays isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. Avid travelers can make that trip within a few days, depending on how many stops they make in the process. Yet, the first man to ever make a crosscountry trip took 63 days to complete it. It all started in 1903 when Horatio Nelson Jackson, a doctor from Vermont, made a bet with his wife. At the time, the couple was in San Francisco; the bet was for $50 and made within a split second over drinks at the San Francisco University Club. The bet concerned cars and their capabilities. At that time, having a car was a luxury and still a bit of a novelty. Only rich people owned them, the car still being in the prototype-like design. Those who designed cars believed that they would be the future’s means of transportation. But at that time cars were only driven in the cities where roads had been paved. No car had ever made it across the entire country. And that is where the bet came in. Jackson was given 90 days to complete this excursion. He could choose any car he’d like and would have to make it from San Francisco to New York. Just think about it: the common road trip was invented on a bet. No one had ever thought about the possibility 8 | OCTOBER 2018

of taking a trip from one end of the country to the other. While America had had several people cross the country, they had never done it in a car. We had Lewis and Clark make the journey, the pioneers, and the Gold Rush dreamers who made the trek. By the end of the 19th century, a train was able to cross the country in three and a half days. However, having a car cross the entire country on unpaved roads was unheard of. Ironically, Jackson would reverse what previous Americans set out to do. While the first Americans went from the East to West, Jackson would backtrack and go West to East. Jackson had hired Sewall Crocker, a bike racer, and a mechanic, to be second in command. Following Crocker’s recommendation, Jackson had chosen a used Winton, which was one of the earliest brands of cars in the United States. Although the wheels were worn, Jackson had paid more for it than what it was worth.

Furryby Nature

He and Crocker ended up taking out the backseat, to pack it with tools, extra gas, and provisions. They had named the car Vermont and set out from San Francisco. The men did not immediately start heading east. Jackson wasn’t the first man to attempt to cross America in a car – one man previously had attempted it but ended up in California’s desert. With that in mind, Jackson had driven the Winton north through California and into Oregon. There, he went straight to Idaho, where he decided to add a third body in the car – a pit bull named Bud. He bought the dog for $15 and had the dog outfitted in goggles in order to keep the dirt out of its eyes.

he decided to add a third body in the car – a pit bull named BUD.

Outside of the cities, there weren’t many paved roads to guide the men. They didn’t have many maps, either; all they had were maps that had been drafted by cyclists. These maps had been part of the Good Roads movement, which was an early infrastructure improvement in the rural areas. After heading out east, they had found some roads that ran parallel to train tracks. In Wyoming, they had basically driven through open prairie. When they stopped, they would ask locals for directions and those sometimes wouldn’t be very accurate, either. Some of the locals had misdirected the car on purpose, sending them miles out of their way so that the locals’ relatives could see the feat the men were trying to accomplish. The car had averaged about 71 miles a day and the detours they ran into ate up half, or even whole, days. However, bad directions weren’t the only trouble they ran into. They blew several tires, lost equipment, and ran out of gas. Their major mechanical issue happened a month into their trip. They actually had to contact the Winton Company for parts and then wait until the parts were delivered by train. Little did Jackson know, this call to the company had inspired other car companies to promise buyers that their machines could also make it across the country. After that, a Packard and an Oldsmobile had set off from the West coast to head to the East coast. Jackson had now been given two challenges


– the time limit he was given and the two other drivers who believed they could beat him.

On July 12, the two men and the dog arrived in Nebraska where they found themselves back on paved roads. Thankfully, they could then manage about 250 miles a day. They sped through Iowa and Illinois, making a pit stop in Chicago, then on through Indiana, Ohio, and New York state. Their car broke down again outside of Buffalo where they had their first accident. The three then made it to New York City on July twenty-sixth – a little over 63 days into their journey. Jackson never collected the $50 he was supposed to receive. All the expenses the men went through added up to about eight thousand dollars. Their road trip proved to be long and expensive, but the men had done it.

Vintage Pooch

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, a lifelong dog mom, was photographed with dogs of all sizes and breeds. For a lonely foster child who grew up to be the world’s most famous sex symbol, a dog was someone to trust when so many tried to take advantage of her. Marilyn was a faithful creature darling who once stated, “Puppies never chomp me. Just people. Monroe has stayed one of our most adored VIPs — even 54 years after her demise and her pet puppies included Spaniels, a Bloodhound, and her Maltese, Maf, who was captured heartbreakingly being detracted from Marilyn’s property after her lethal overdose in 1962.

OCTOBER 2018 | 9

Business & Entertainment Consulting

Need Help Coming Up With Unique Ideas for Your Business or Television Projects? With over 20 years of Business/Entertainment experience being a business consultant, owning a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states I ran for 13 years, owned a cable channel, magazines, an event planning company and created TV content. I am also currently Director of Programming for Local LA TV channel KTAV 35.10 Step 1 TV so being involved with a mass variety of genres in business, being connected and owning the Ambizion brand I can help you with all of that! My goal will NOT be to run your business but HELP you come up with unique options, ideas and solutions to help develop or change development with your company or brand so you too can stand out in a crowd and take notice amongst all the others doing the same thing that you do!

1 0 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart Consulting & Development

For more info & pricing please contact me at info@ ambizionmedia.com Furryby Nature


Content Creation & Development

Commercial Infomercial Orientation Video Production

For Television and Social Media Los Angeles & Orange County

info@ambizionmedia.com FurrybyNature

W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 1 1

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart with bailee & Charlee

1 2 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Furryby Nature

TV Executive Expands Brand with Launch of Furry by Nature Dog Magazine! By Rashaad King


n an industry where Cash and Creativity reigns supreme, TV Executive and CEO of the brand Ambizion Media Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart is introducing another respected and beloved “C” to the mix: Canines, with the launch of her new monthly Dog magazine, Furry by Nature. The launch of the highly anticipated magazine for dog lovers comes a year after she accepted a Director of Programming position for Pendulum Television Networks and as of recently after being recognized for her hard work, she was offered and accepted a Director of Programming position at Step 1 Television Studios. The local Los Angeles, CA TV Channel reaches over 250 million homes worldwide on all internet and mobile platforms including 14 million viewers on LA local broadcasting channel 35.10 KTAV. Born in Germany to a military father and career-oriented mother, Dee Dee’s zest for life and ambitious persona has been apparent from birth. Her first introduction to the magazine world was back in 2002, when she was the Office Manager with the Northeast Community Bugle Publishing Company in El Paso, Texas. As Dee Dee was getting settled as Office Manager with NCBP, she also had a part time job as a Veterinarian Technician. But it was there at NCBP, where she ran Tyght Magazine, a magazine dedicated to El Paso’s African-American community. She ran the magazine for years and this ignited a fire inside of her. She launched Atlanta Ambizion Magazine, an online magazine focused on showcasing successful Atlanta female business owners in January 2011. 2011 would prove to be a successful year for Dee Dee. In an effort to bring more exposure to Atlanta Ambizion, she created a YouTube channel and executive produced her own talk show, Hanging with Dee Dee. The show became so popular that Wisecast Television Cable Network approached her to start her own global channel. In May 2012, the Ambizion Television


W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 1 3

Network was born and Dee Dee created and executive produced five original TV series for her new network. In an effort to follow her dreams and expand the brand, in 2014, she sold all of her belongings and relocated to Los Angeles with only three suitcases and her 10 year old Schnauzer baby, Bailee. While she has been working tirelessly to expand her brand including working multiple jobs, life in LA was no crystal stair at the beginning. She was on the verge of homelessness, she didn’t have a car so she walked everywhere and had holes in the bottom of her shoes and could feel the concrete. As time progressed 3 years ago, more tragedy struck in 1 4 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Furryby Nature

her life her estranged husband that she was with for 20 years was killed in a hit and run and two months after one of her best girlfriends passed away. Though this was one of the most trying times in her life and she went into a year and a half depression, it brought about another beautiful blessing in her life, her second Schnauzer baby Charlee. Bailee age 14 and Charlee age 2 have been the great loves of her life and were the inspiration behind Ambizion Pooch, her clothing and accessory line for dogs and now, the Furry by Nature dog magazine. The magazine will feature uplifting stories, bring awareness to charities and animal rescues, health information, tips, restaurants, events and so much more, all catered to and dedicated to dogs. The magazine will also coincide with an interactive website where information about dog events, retreats and more can be found on the Furry by Nature website. Her Ambizion brand, a merge of the words Ambition, Business and Vision has now grown into a global, multimedia conglomerate. The Ambizion family of ventures have included a television network ,a highly-rated radio show, a Celebrity Business magazine, a global talent agency with over 20 signed acts, event planning services, two apparel lines, consulting services and more. Since her move to LA, Dee Dee has managed to climb the corporate ladder as an executive in the cable industry and shows no signs of slowing down. She has regained her footing and continues to make steps towards the future with passion and determination and nothing will stand in the way of her success and Ambizion.


W W W. FUR RYBYNATUR E LA. CO M | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | 1 5



1 6 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Los Angeles KTAV Chby 35.10

Furry Nature

Advertise Your Your Business Businessin in250 250 Advertise Million Homes Homes Worldwide! Worldwide! Million 7-10 Million Million in in Southern SouthernCalifornia California

2 2 30 Sec Slots Slots for for $99.99 $99.99 Per Month Month Larger Larger Packages Packages Are Are Available Available Please Please Contact ContactFor ForaaQuote! Quote!

213-352-9215 213-352-9215


www.step1tv.com www.step1tv.com


Los Angeles Los Angeles KTAV Ch 35.10 KTAV Ch 35.10 | OCTOBER 2018 | 17

Nothing to Wear?

THE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY LINE FOR DOGS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM Ambizion Pooch is a new Trendsetting and Unique Online Pet Clothing Store that caters to dogs as well as their parents! Carry AMBIZION Pooch in your Pet boutique and stores! For questions please email us at info@ambizionpooch.com


Furryby Nature

Doggy Events

OCT TH 15 THROUGH NOV TH 15 To find out more information on events go to


Oct 20th 2018


13755 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA, US, 90292

Oct 21st 2018


250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA, US, 92627


700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA, US, 90037

Oct 25th 2018



1050 Buchon St., San Luis Obispo, CA, US, 93401

One Ritz-Carlton Dr, Dana Point, CA, US, 92629

Oct 21st 2018

Nov 4th 2018

1800 North Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA, US, 92101

471 Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, US, 90212





OCTOBER 2018 | 19

Halloween Costume Safety Tips for Your Dog


e’re moving toward that season when our little apparitions and trolls will be out strutting in the night. On the off chance that you choose to take your puppy with you while “trap or treating” with the children this year, there are some fundamental security issues to consider. On the off chance that you need to dress your puppy up, keep it basic. Your canine doesn’t really need to be placed in a full outfit. Consider a bandanna or embellishing neckline. These might be only the correct touch. On the off chance that your canine can endure wearing a full ensemble and really loves it, pick one that fits serenely. On the off chance that it is too tight, it could cut off flow, confine development, deter breathing or cause sore spots. In the event that the outfit is too free, your pooch can trip or end up tangled. Extras, for example, strings, capes, belts, and so forth., can get captured on objects in your home. Your puppy could likewise ingest parts of the ensemble, i.e. free texture or catches, and stifle. In the event that your canine swallows the part, this could cause a blockage or disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract. When you’re outside going way to entryway and it will in all likelihood be dull - ensure the ensemble is intelligent with the goal that your pooch can be effectively observed by drivers. Intelligent tape can be purchased at the store, cut into strips and afterward connected to the outfit.

In the event that the outfit is too overwhelming, your puppy could overheat or potentially wind up depleted. In the event that your pooch is unreasonably gasping or lingering behind, this ought to be a sign for you to evacuate the ensemble. It’s a savvy thought to get your puppy used to wearing the outfit you have chosen. Have him wear it a few times previously the genuine day so he’s alright with the new outfit. Pooches can without much of a stretch wind up terrified or spooked by noisy or extraordinary sounds on Halloween night and may attempt to flee from you. Should this occur, having his ID tag set up will help with his arrival. Mutts that end up worried in new airs might be more happy with remaining at home in a tranquil room far from the hints of the doorbell and trap or treaters. These tips and counsel from your veterinarian can help make your Halloween night sheltered and a good time for all.

2 0 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Furryby Nature


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Damitra Dee Dee

October 2018

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart


Halloween Costume

Safety Tips for Your Dog pg16


of Schnauzers pgs 4-5


Expands her Brand with New Magazine Furry By Nature MAGAZINE pgs 12-15

Los Angeles TV Executive

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

Historical Pooch Chronicles

October 2018

Bud The First Cross Country Dog pgs 8-9

with her Minature Schnauzers Traveling Bailee age 14 and Charlee age 2

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

Halloween Costume

Safety Tips for Your Dog pg16


of Schnauzers pgs 4-5

Published byby

Furry Nature

Cover Photo by Pamela Corey @furfamilyphotos

ONLY $ 9.95 2 a year for n subscriptio

Expands her Brand with New Magazine Furry By Nature pgs 12-15

Historical Pooch Chronicles

Furry by Nature is a new and trendy magazine by AMBIZION Media dedicated to our beloved canines and the people who love them! The Cover will feature a celebrity with their dog or a popular pooch that is in the media. Inside you find articles on everything DOG whether it’s health, grooming tips, unusual pet services and businesses and inspiring stories between a person and their furry best friend. A percentage of Furry By Nature monthly advertising revenue will go to a Dog Rescue or Charity of choice!

Bud The First Cross Country Traveling Dog pgs 8-9

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FurrybyNature 1 Year (12 issues)

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ambizionmedia.com // info@ambizionmedia.com // 213.352.9215 Published by


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ets treat most creature medical issues with anti-microbials or torment prescriptions. In any case, nourishment impacts the improvement of creature ailments and you can avert numerous illnesses with an appropriate eating regimen, particularly kidney, liver, skin and stomach related tract issues. While eating routine may not generally fix an ailment, it can typically facilitate the manifestations.


You can undoubtedly treat heaving and looseness of the bowels in canines and felines. These issues originate from numerous causes, yet dietary changes to treat the manifestations are standard. For non-particular spewing and looseness of the bowels, withhold sustenance (however not water) for 24 hours and tail it with a light supper of bubbled rice and chicken. Straightforward sustenance can rapidly fix minor bombshells and take out the requirement for a costly tip to the vet. For pets with nourishment hypersensitivities, there are uncommon brands figured to control sensitivity side effects and facilitate the strain on your pet’s stomach related tract. For instance, James Wellbeloved utilizes profoundly absorbable fixings and has a scope of items that bar regular sensitivity triggers, for example, soy and wheat. Touchy gut infection, colitis or skin issues may demonstrate prejudice to a pet sustenance fixing. Like people, a few creatures are bigoted of soy, wheat or dairy items. Others create gastrointestinal trouble from protein sources, for example, fish and pork. Stay away from pet sustenances that contain these fixings.

Pet weight influences by and large wellbeing, the same as in people. Overloading and absence of activity make pets put on weight and puts their wellbeing in danger. You can help decrease your pet’s caloric admission by sustaining them a low-fat sustenance — dry nourishment as a rule contains less fat than canned or wet sustenances. For extra exhortation on pet weight reduction, approach your veterinarian for an eating routine and exercise plan, and tail it reliably.


Protein is a critical supplement for creatures experiencing liver illness. There are uncommonly planned sustenances for these pets, for example, L/D by Hills, that contain very edible proteins, sugars and fats that diminish weight on your pet’s liver. Pets with various phases of liver sickness require distinctive levels of protein, so request that your veterinarian suggest the correct level.

On the off chance that your pet has exocrine pancreatic deficiency (EPI), pancreatitis or a bacterial excess in the small digestive system, they require an exceedingly edible eating routine. Keep away from business and natively constructed nourishments that are high in fat, which is difficult to process. Stoppage is caused by an absence of fiber or liquid. You may need to locate a high-fiber pet nourishment. Ensure that your pet beverages a lot of water and drench dry pet nourishment in water to expand their liquid admission. 2 2 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 | WW W. F U R RY B Y NAT UR E LA. CO M

Furryby Nature


Ailing health is the most well-known reason for issues with bones and joints, particularly if your pet’s eating routine needs calcium. In the event that your pet has this sort of inconvenience, your vet will probably endorse a profoundly satisfactory, supplement thick eating regimen to help bone wellbeing and joint capacity.


Creatures with kidney sickness require more water and less sodium. Dried nourishment will make pets parched and urge them to drink more. Veterinarians regularly suggest nourishment by Hills and Walthams for pets with kidney malady.


Cardiomyopathy happens when your feline does not have the imperative supplement taurine, and can be perilous. Felines with a taurine insufficiency are at high danger of contracting extreme coronary illness. Congestive heart disappointment regularly couples with unhealthiness. By giving magnesium and potassium supplements under vet supervision, you can lessen the danger of your pet getting this perilous ailment. You can avert other cardiovascular issues with an eating routine that is high in Omega-3. This unsaturated fat can help diminish the danger of hypertension (or hypertension), which adds to other medical issues, for example, strokes.



Un-fixed male felines get LUTD more than different creatures. Gems frame in the pee and cause the condition. Felines under pressure are additionally defenseless to idiopathic cystitis, caused when their bladder gets aggravated, which makes urinating troublesome and difficult. Urge your pet to drink a lot of water in unpleasant circumstances, for example, moving house or presenting another. Adequate water guarantees that the pH of the urinary tract stays somewhere in the range of 6.0 and 6.5, restricting the danger of blockages. To forestall calcium oxalate urolithiasis, an excruciating condition that can expect medical procedure to expel precious stones, feed your pet an eating routine that is low in salt, protein and calcium.


Diabetes is regular in pets, particularly on the off chance that they’re overweight. In the event that your overweight pet has diabetes, it might require a low-calorie eating regimen custom-made to the species. Puppies advantage from diets high in complex starches, yet felines can’t endure high-fiber or high-sugar consumes less calories. Nourishment can assume a job in the improvement of numerous creature wellbeing conditions, especially when it adjusts an insufficiency. Changing your pet’s eating routine can likewise diminish numerous side effects of basic ailments. In the event that your pet has one of the conditions above, or demonstrates side effects of them, ask your veterinarian how you can roll out dietary improvements to help. An eating regimen altered to your pet’s needs may dispose of costly drugs that can be difficult to regulate, and can likewise enhance their personal satisfaction.

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1. Security Clearly, security is the main need. Your canine won’t be upbeat on the off chance that he gets injured. So ensure your puppy can’t achieve lines to bite, unsafe synthetic compounds to drink (like blanch or liquid catalyst), or whatever else that could represent a threat. Contingent upon your little guy’s age and tendencies, you may case your puppy when you’re away or keep him or her in a mudroom or pantry. A word on cases: this may make your canine fondle significantly more confined, so when you let him out, he may run wild - and truly, would you be able to censure him? In the event that this sounds like your canine, at that point the box may not be the best choice.

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Furryby Nature

2. Physical Exercise While each pooch needs work out, some need a LOT of activity. Lab little guys and Border collies are two such breeds that are high vitality. They should have a constructive option for their vitality consistently, or they will locate their own. This may mean taking them out on a hour stroll toward the beginning of the prior day you leave for work and one more hour walk when you return home. Enrolling the guide of an early afternoon pooch walker to encourage both you and puppy can likewise help keep up your mental stability. Mutts require work out, particularly on the off chance that they should be home alone amid the day

4. Utilize a Monitor There are an assortment of webcam alternatives for observing your puppy while you’re away. Alternatives extend from particular gadgets made for this reason to designing Skype on a home PC to see (and converse with) your pooch. This will enable you to perceive how your pooch is getting on, and if there’s an issue, you can enroll a crisis contact to help.

6. Know the Signs of Frustration or Separation Anxiety There’s fatigue, and afterward there are greater issues like division uneasiness. In the event that you’ve attempted the procedures above - including guaranteeing your pooch gets one more hour daily of activity - he’s as yet miserable, at that point you may require proficient help to work with you as the issue can run profound. Indications of division tension incorporate yapping or crying for extended lengths when taken off alone. Visit devastation is another indication of detachment tension. In the event that you presume your canine is exceptionally on edge, you can approach your family veterinarian for proposals.


3. Mental Exercise Intuitive riddle recreations, nutty spread stuffed Kongs, or other fitting bite toys will enable your pooch to remain occupied with something positive as opposed to looking for other amusement. It merits exploring different avenues regarding distinctive toys to perceive what your puppy loves best.

5. Introduce a Dog Door Dog entryways are not for puppies who can move out of the yard! On the off chance that you have a fenced in yard, a canine entryway will give your puppy access to the outside when nature calls, and also the chance to pursue squirrels in great climate. Simply ensure the fence is secure and you don’t have a pooch who’s slanted to burrow under it or move over it. (More bizarre things have occurred… .)

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