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Are You Managing Your Time Effectively? pg 6

Gift Wrapping Your Relationships with Love pg 18

6 Ways To Build a Stronger Career pg 22 Published by

Executive Producer and Head Writer of E!’s hit show “Fashion Police”

Tony Tripoli Answers The Ambizion 10 pgs 10-14

Mini Mogul

Christian Hooks

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Cover Story: Tony Tripoli: Executive Producer and Head Writer of E!’s hit show “Fashion Police”

Are You Managing Your Time Effectively?


Gift Wrapping Your Relationships with Love


6 Ways to Build a Stronger Career

MiniMOGUL Christian Hooks

Balance: Your Key to a Life in Financial Full Bloom 2 | DECEMBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM



DECEMBER 2018 Staff PUBLISHER Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart @Ambizionceo AMBIZION MAGAZINE REPORTER Margo Spann SENIOR GRAPHIC ARTIST Kelly Anderson

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart has always been the Ambitious go getter that put things into action! With a combined experience of over 20 years in business and entertainment she added on to her AMBIZION Media brand and created AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012. AMBIZION spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. In this magazine you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life). AMBIZION Media was established in 2012 and has since grown to an amazing and very unique brand that consist of multiple media platforms including 2 magazines and 2 clothing lines for individuals as well as dogs. Dee Dee’s mission in life is to inspire others and bring awareness to Dog Charities and Organizations. Dee Dee is also currently the Director of Programming for Step 1 TV in Los Angeles, CA. Step 1 TV is a popular Multi-Genre television channel owned by Entrepreneurs Famous Los Angeles Talk Show Host Belinda Baker and Legendary Music and Marketing Executive Cassandra Cooper. Step 1 TV airs on channel 35.10 KTAV and on all internet platforms through their App with a coverage of 250 million homes worldwide including 7-10 million alone in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on broadcast local television. Dee Dee is excited about making content creator’s dreams come true by giving them a platform to showcase their talents in front of millions.

Dee Dee


The LifesTyLe

Magazine for


UniqUe and a




Executive Producer and Head Writer


Are You Managing Your Time Effectively? pg 6

lie ipersoTh rsw TAn

Gift Wrapping

Ambizion 10 pgs 10-14

Your Relationships with Love pg 18

Christian Hooks

Young Entrepreneur pg 9

6 Ways

To Build a r Stronger Caree pg 22

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MBE E C Eizion .Amb M | D I N E . C Owww

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T r a v e l

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Damitra Dee Dee Stuart CEO and Travel/Itinerary Consultant


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Phillip Berrian

oetry to me was a Spiritually Anointed, as well as a God given gift, where I’ve earned the highest honors and respect, such as participating in several online poetry contests, where I received two Editor’s Choice Awards from the International Library of Poetry from 2005 and 2007. My other poems were acknowledged, and got a great deal of buzz from Famous Poets Society, where I had received a few award-winning plaques with the official gold seals of excellence from the top head Chiefs and Editors. I was also presented the gold seal certificate of excellence, and another well talked about poem was listed in the Celebrate-Created Communication POETS SPEAK OUT2007 with a poem titled “A MAN.”I also got a couple of my other poems listed and acknowledged in the weekly Brooklyn College Student EXCELSIOR newspaper. I was also blessed to have received another Editor’s Choice Award which was my third one from World Poetry Movement for Outstanding Contributions to Poetry August of 2011. I was also featured on online poetry blog websites which was poetry and where a couple of my written poems have been displayed, and on top of that achievement, I was also presented with the blue honorary ribbon, for every poem that was featured. I was awarded a

Certificate of Publication, with a gold seal of Achievements, from another online contest, which was called World Poetry Movement. And recently in April of 2012 I also received during the National Poetry Month, where I myself was humbly given by both the Award Chairman and the Chief Editor who were all a part of the National Poetry Month Committee, the Prestige Great Poets Across America Award Certificate, which was mentioned recently with the official United States seal logo. I also received an award from World Poetry Movement that was called The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 Award, which was another blessing along with my other accomplishments. I also received from PoetryFest the 2017 Hall of Fame Award. I would also like to take the time to mention that I was awarded as of this year of 2016, digitally The Internet Radio Star Award which was presented to me by Mr. Jerry Royce Live World Wide and the entire staff and crew of the Positive Power 21 family, wherefore once again was another favorable blessing in which I myself was grateful to add on humbly to the collection of all of my gratifying success, in which I myself was named by them the Author of the Year, for clearly spreading the words of positive thinking into their worldwide radio programming.


managing your time effectively? Are you

If you work full-time and have a family then you know free time is hard to come by. That’s why prioritizing your day is essential to managing your time effectively and maximizing time with your kids and spouse. Time management is a skill and you may be poorly managing quality time that could be spent with your family if you’re not paying attention. Try taking this quick quiz to see how you score. If you answered ‘yes’ to more than 5 of these questions then you are probably stressed and not managing your time nearly as well as you can. Time management is really self-management. The way you manage your time reflects who you are.

Quiz 1. I find myself completing tasks at the last minute. 2. I find myself having to take work home, in order to get it done. 3. I feel overwhelmed by too many tasks and responsibilities-juggling priorities. 4. I am very busy and impatient. 5. I dislike turning over responsibility to others. 6. Worry robs me of time and energy. 7. I am sleep deprived and do not feel rested in the morning. 8. I put things off until it’s too late, or no longer matters. 9. I find it difficult to create a health work and life balance. 10. My behavior is congruent with what I truly believe.


I’ve been on a calendar, but never on time. —Marilyn Monroe

I am sure that most women prioritize family and friends over work but there are also quite a few accomplished career women that make work a priority over everything, which is why they are so accomplished in their field. Something’s gotta give ….and no judgment to the latter women but unfortunately family has to suffer sometimes. I struggle with this; I have a toddler, a husband, and a fulltime job which I commute to. This leaves little time for me which is essential but to be discussed more in depth in future articles. My work could potentially suffer if I devote as much time to my family as I’d like. I certainly would not advance the ladder of success if work is not first on my to-do list. But none of us can be superwomen so, let me just tell you how I prioritize and you figure out what’s best for you, as long as you are paying attention to your time and you decrease the yes’s on that quiz than it’s secondary what you prioritize. I put my son first typically as far as what I do with my free time. I try and schedule regular time with my husband and only my husband and work makes up the rest. But the bottom line is it’s all a balance. That is my mantra, moderation and balance, it all equates to the same thing. Ultimately, if your life is out of balance, you will not truly be at peace and you will be more stressed than need be. That’s the ultimate goal, to go thru this life filled with peace and hopefully love; not rushed, but settled. So here are some helpful tips to improve your time management if that is a struggle of yours….Good luck!

Helpful Tips 1. Focus on what is important not urgent. 2. Planning and goal setting are the keys to successful time management. 3. You have to pace yourself. 4. Break tasks down into small accomplished steps. 5. Learn to set limits and say “no”. 6. Are you a lark or an owl? Know when your energy is at its peak, and schedule your most important tasks for those times. 7. Create time for regular spiritual, mental, and social/ emotional renewal. AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM | DECEMBER 2018 | 7



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AMBIZION Magazine spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have n businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities Magazine mbizio A aside from fame. Inside you will find articles on business, entertainment Stand Up Comedian g and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making and Morninor News Anch things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Eunice t Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 Elswlersiot An 10 ion The Ambiz are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and pg 14 how they got to where they currently are in life) orn Ethan Hath e Magazine

The Lifestyl


que and Amb

for the Uni


l Mini Mogu on the Rise be Tu u Yo Teen Sensation

ps One Changing Ste e Life At A Tim

Belinda Ba

pg 22


ed a Why You Ne to Sell Good Cover Bo Your ok pg 30-31

pg 12

Filmmaker ve On the Mo

e Dwayne Wayn pg 25


by shed biz ion Publi Am Cary Norton Cover Photo



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MINIMOGUL CHRISTIAN HOOKS Photographer & Entrepreneurship


eet Christian Hooks, a 13-year-old ambitious young entrepreneur based in the Metro Atlanta area. As a 6’4 young gentleman that wears a size 20 shoe, Christian is often asked about playing sports. Although he does play basketball and golf, he is very passionate about being a positive influence for his peers, serving as a student leader, and maintaining the honor roll. Christian is involved in many leadership activities including Student Council, Relay for Life steering committee, School Councilors’ Advisory Committee, and Rambassors. He arrives to school early not only to get additional study time but also to help faculty and staff with tasks that helps prepare them for the day. He is one of a kind and a very special person.

two passions of entrepreneurship and photography. He began receiving photography lessons through Camera for Kids and the Shaw Academy. And he engaged in an entrepreneurship program for kids, Break Into Business. He then launched Vines Photography. Christian conducted his first pop-up mini photo booth at Break into Business’ Annual Fall Market. Merging his two passions together at one event, confirmed that he made the right decision to own a photography business.

In Christian’s spare time, he volunteers at a local Montessori school’s after hour events. He also enjoys spending time with his little brother. Christian has a desire for his brother to be as successful as himself. After school, he takes his brother to have what they call learning time. Of course, he also enjoys talking with his friends and playing video games. While standing in a lengthy line to interview at a popular kids’ entertainment facility, Christian decided that he preferred to remove the middle party and work for himself. He stated, “If I have to compete for customers’ business then I want to compete for the customers to come to a business that I own.” This started his journey to entrepreneurship. Christian became interested in photography after a random family asked him to take a picture of them. He saw that capturing that moment really meant something to this family. He began taking random pictures of objects in his phone and the many variations of the same object intrigued him. He really enjoys taking pictures of nature. He believes that you can see more through the lens of the camera than by the naked eye. One day he decided to merge his

Christian’s future is bright. He has goals of attending college and owning multiple businesses. But first, he wants to perfect his photography business. His motivation and dedication are beyond his years. He is determined not to fail. He observes others, and how they respond to situations. He will then formulate his individual thoughts and ask questions to determine if there was a better approach. Christian Hooks is one of a kind. There is no one like him.



The Ambizion 10

Executive Producer and Head Writer of E!’s hit show “Fashion Police”




ony Tripoli was the Executive Producer and Head Writer of E!’s hit show “FASHION POLICE”, as well as the opening act for the legendary JOAN RIVERS for 5 years.

honey, but I’m judging the fuck out of you RIGHT NOW, and all I can see is the back of your head. It’s easy; it’s basically my cardio…”

He also wrote/produced “Joan Knows Best”, “In Bed With Joan”, “The Dish”, and tons of other shows he says you probably watched in a nail salon with the sound off. He’s worked with KEVIN HART, SARAH SILVERMAN, KATHY GRIFFIN, MARGARET CHO, RuPAUL, and even MISS PIGGY.

Where are you from? Phoenix Arizona is where I was born and reared...the first few times. See? I’m opening with a gay joke, just so we’re all clear! But, yeah, Phoenix is always home, even though I moved to LA after High School, and lived there for 30 years, so...I’m better than you. LA is CRAZY, yall. It poisons your soul, yknow? I was driving behind this car, and it had the thing around the license plate - would you call it a “License Plate Frame”? you know what I’m talking about - I got up to read it , and it said “Only God Can Judge Me”, and my immediate thought was: “NO. Sorry,

How did your parents influence you growing up? I have incredible parents. They told me, when I grew up, I could be anything I chose. And, I chose to be a sarcastic dick, so I moved to be with my people. It’s like our Mother Land. Honestly, it couldn’t have been easy, raising an opinionated little sissy boy in the 70’s...but, they always made me feel loved, and valued, and FUNNY. All my life, my Mom told me I should do stand up. I didn’t have any interest. About 12 years ago, I was on a TV show, and got asked to do stand up in a benefit. I agreed, just to prove Mom wrong... I got off stage, and was like “Damn! Moms are ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!” It’s infuriating, but, I’m also grateful for this one. I love my folks. They aren’t still married to each other; we’re not Amish… In fact, my Mother is married to her fourth husband, and my Dad is


divorced from his fourth wife. SO, when people ask me why I’ve never been married, I say “My parents took my turns”. I didn’t have a lot of super successful marriages to model after, so, I can’t imagine being married. I mean, I CAN IMAGINE IT, but my vision it’s pretty much that WAYFAIR commercial where the man is singing the theme song EXECTLY RIGHT, and the wife is like “nah, that’s not it....”, BUT FOR ALL ETERNITY. No Thanks. Ugh.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to be on TV. I grew up without many friends, and the people in the TV seemed like they would’ve really dug me. So, I wanted to join them. It’s crazy that, as an adult, I’ve got to be on TV, and help make a bunch of shows. Shows that, maybe, some other kid watched, and thought “THAT!”

I’ve always had A LOT to say. What’s great about me is, I have opinions on EVERYTHING, regardless of how little information I may have. What can I say, I’m Facebook’s dream customer. In fact, you should be following me on Facebook (Tony Tripoli) or twitter/Insta (@tonytripoli), because I use it to argue with people - between promoting shows, and throwing poop on our bigot President. Fight me.

What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise? I sang as a kid. Went to a hoity toity acting school for college. By 30, I’d been all around the world. That’s a real gift. But, that meant living out of a suitcase, which is really tough. At 32, I knew I needed to stay in one place for a while, so I really focused on TV stuff in LA. Once I started doing standup, everything fell into place. The Executive Producers of “The Soup” were fans of my naughty comedy, and hired me to write jokes for TV. I did 10 years non-stop at E! (The Dish, Fashion Police) It was incredibly fun, and also crazy high pressure. Now, I’m pitching TV shows I’ve created, and doing tons of standup. It’s been a fun ride, and there have been lots of surprises, that’s for sure. I got hired to write a stand up act for a gay porn star, who thought comedy would be less degrading. Wrong. He went back to porn. I was on “Two and A Half Men”, and Charlie Sheen couldn’t have been lovelier! WHAT? I know. I was a Millionaire on Patti Stanger’s phony matchmaking show, and she....did I mention how cool Charlie Sheen was? Yeah, when HE is the reasonable show business professional, you know shit is deep!

What an industry, huh? Tell me about your business. I moved back home to Phoenix, to be with my family for the first time since High School. I base my standup out of here, and come to LA a couple times a month for TV meetings. Being able to VISIT the crazy bullshit, but not LIVE IN IT 24/7 has been a godsend. LA is a wonderful place, and dreams come true every day, but, it’s also terribly fear-based and competitive. Any time something good happens to you, people around you act as if it cost them an opportunity. It’s nonsense. I’m too old for that shit. The standup community in Phoenix is supportive, welcoming, and funnier than LA, truth be told. (How can that BE????? I’ll tell you: No fucking Instagram Influencers in Phoenix! If you go to a comedy show here, it’s all actual COMICS, not some pretty person who has never been told NO in their life. It’s so much better.) 12 | DECEMBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be? I was lucky enough to have 5 years with Joan Rivers, and there is no better mentor than that! She had a 50 year career, did it all, lost everything a few times, and built it back up again! She never gave up, and never stopped being grateful. She was the best. She gave me so much incredible advice, but, the best has to be “Say YES to everything”. It’s simple, but profound. You never know what will come from any little nothing gig. The person you work for may fun a network in a year, and hire you. Someone in the audience might recommend you the next day for something huge. And, it goes double for things outside your comfort zone. When Joan got asked to do a jewelry line for QVC, no celebrity had done it. Everyone told her it would ruin her career. But, she thought it might be fun, and different. Boy, was she right! The QVC money kept her afloat when nobody in Hollywood would hire her! She gave me the best advice: Take every gig, save your money for the dry spells, find people who will tell you the truth even when it’s hard, get a facelift every 4 years. Okay, not ALL of it was great advice… One time, she looked at her watch, and sighed, “Oh shit, time for a face lift already?”. I said “Excuse me? Did you just look at your WATCH? Not even a calendar?” She said “What’s your point? And, sped up, my ears are on the back of my head…”

What do you love most about your career? I love making people who might not spend any time with gay guys get to the place where they are just LAUGHING. That’s progress. In today’s political environment, it’s easy to just be tribal all the time, and only around people who agree with you. I know that - a lot of the time- when I come on stage, people think “Ooooh shit. What’s THIS gonna be?” And, that’s okay. Cause, once I’m making you laugh, we have something in common; something shared. That may be the ONLY thing, but it’s a start. But, getting to hold the mic is a real honor, and I do feel a certain responsibility to remind people that this is a time when we can all affect change. I always say to my audience “Thank you, straight people, for voting FOR us and WITH us. We didn’t have the numbers to get marriage equality alone, and our straight allies are the ones responsible for making it reality. So, continue that! Be an ally every day to a marginalized community. If you see someone being told to “go back to their country”, step in and defend them. Say “that shit ain’t okay”. DO SOMETHING for someone that needs assistance. This moment is all about the ALLY, and it’s a powerful time.”

How do you balance family life with your career? Moving back to Phoenix from LA has been incredible. I have 3 young nieces here, so I see them almost every day. I pick my 13 year old niece up from school each day, and we have some time, just us. She keeps me cool. So, when I rip a killer Logan Paul joke, or drop a hot Tekashi69 reference...that’s all her! I also have a 9 pound Yorkshire Terrier who goes everywhere with me. I know, I’m such a Pumpkin Spice White Woman. But, I don’t care; I love him more than any man I ever dated. Probably because he can’t talk. But, he needs me, and I need to feel needed. I don’t trust people who don’t have animals in their life – how did you learn what love is?? From HUMANS? Oh, no wonder you’re fucked. So, between my nieces putting their needs above mine, and my dog putting his comfort above EVERYTHING, I have a great sense of perspective. That’s healthy. I can go deal with the nonsense of show business better because I have them in my life to keep me honest.


Is Your DOG Part of the Family?

Furry Nature by








by ture Furry Na



MAGAZINE October 2018

Executive Angeles TV

Damitra Dee Dee art re Schnauzers Stu her Minatu


with e age 2 14 and Charle Bailee age

Furry by Nature is a new and trendy magazine by AMBIZION Media dedicated to our beloved canines and the people who love them! The monthly magazine features an influencer or celebrity with their dog or a popular pooch that is in the media. Inside you find articles on everything DOG whether it’s health, grooming tips, unusual pet services and businesses and inspiring stories between a person and their furry best friend.

Damitra art Dee Dee Stu

New Brand with Expands her y By Nature Magazine Furr pgs 12-15

me ween Costu


Safety Tips

for Your Dog

zers pgs 4-5

of Schnau

A percentage of Furry By Nature monthly advertising revenue will go to a Dog Rescue or Charity of choice!

och Historical Po s Chronicle





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ntry t Cross Cou| 1 18 Bud The FirsC T O B E R 2 0 pgs 8-9 | Oeling Dog RELA .COM Trav


byby otos ure Publishedry NatCorey @furfamilyph

Fur by Pamela

Cover Photo

om c . A L E R U YNAT B Y R R U F ng on i w o h S Also Now

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Where do you see yourself in the next year? I’m talking with Netflix and Kevin Hart’s companies about some shows I created, and hope to land with them in the next month or so. That would have shows airing by fall. That’s a dream come true, once it happens. But, television is a rotten business. So many ways for a show to go wrong. So many cooks in the kitchen. Any time you see a show you don’t HATE, that’s a fucking miracle! I’m booking standup all over: Puerto Vallarta, Ft Lauderdale, San Diego, Palm Springs... so, it should be a busy year.

What is Your Ambizion? (Legacy) That’s the hard question. No wonder it’s last. I mean, I’m 49. That’s old for show biz. Like, Ye Olde. And, I don’t like all this aging stuff, not one bit. When I wake up now, I have morning balsa wood. Sure, It’s technically wood, but it’s not strong enough to do anything FUN WITH. You definitely can’t sit on it, that much I know.

I guess I’d like to leave some love and funny memories behind me. Some people who remember me as doing something kind, or making a bad day a little better with a joke or something. I think I’d be a good famous person, because it’s later in my life – I know EXACTLY who I am now. I wish I could draw more attention to movements I’m passionate about, but, of course, we all can (and should) every day. Earlier, I mentioned that this really is the moment for ALLIES, and I mean it. As white people, we have made all the rules for 250 years, and now, it’s time to share a little. I know that’s a scary thing for a lot of people, but, tough shit. I love that expression “You’re not being OPPRESSED when another group gains rights that you’ve ALWAYS HAD”. So, as white folks, when we see our own acting foolish, we have to CALL IT OUT. No more “I don’t want to make waves…” Fuck that. MAKE ‘EM! If you see something, say something. Be an ALLY!


213-352-9215 213-352-9215


Los Angeles Los Angeles KTAV Ch 35.10 KTAV Ch 35.10

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Los Angeles Los Angeles KTAV Ch 35.10 D EKTAV C E M B E Ch R 2 0 35.10 18 | 17

Gift Wrapping Your Relationships with


ot your computer humming and your running shoes pumped? Once the turkey is picked apart, our country’s annual shopping marathon starts, and it’s not for the fainthearted. Whatever happened to stockings filled with oranges, nuts, and maybe a Matchbox car or a tube of Tangee? A better question might be, what are we really giving each other? The stress, hassle, expense, and downright angst resulting from random holiday gifting have been chronicled for years, so why do we continue the madness? Whether it’s Hanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, money for presents flies out of our pockets, often with a sense of resentment. What would happen if it all stopped on a dime? What if new holiday gifting rules declared: 1) Every gift purchased must add to the quality of life of the recipient; 2) Every gift purchased must have a handwritten message attached saying why the giver knew the giftee would be thrilled or honored to receive it; 3) Any gift item must be made in the good ol’ USA, including the wrapping that hides it; 4) Material gifts must be accompanied with no less than three promises to share specific times together over the coming year; 5) Ideal gifts, and those declared most precious, would be personal actions, words and revelations given in a spirit of love. Wouldn’t this genuinely add to the quality of our relationships with each other? Wouldn’t this be better than having a department store pre-wrapped gift thrust in


our faces with a rushed “Happy Holidays” offered as the perfunctory greeting? We’d all feel so special! And, wouldn’t that be greatest gift of all? But we all know there’s no way the Christmas train will be stopped dead in its tracks; that would be impossible and most everybody would feel cheated. But we can claim some sanity during this season of spending. How about shopping only in your neighborhood? This would help restore local economies and show genuine concern for our communities. Rather than buy yet another doo-dad for those on your list, why not wrap up gift certificates for hair salons or barber shops, car detailing, restaurants, yard or cleaning services, or even the local grocery store? Passes to museums, plays, concerts and kiddie attractions are wonderful gifts, especially if you offer to tag along. Unique treasures purchased from local artists and craftsmen are one-of-a-kind offerings everyone loves to receive. Or, how about gifting a cherished family heirloom, with your own personal letter of authenticity attached? The whole idea is to share those meaningful relationships in meaningful ways. Taking the time to think about what your partner, family, and friends mean to you is a good start to finding gifts that will truly mean something to all of you.



Content Creation & Development

Commercial Infomercial Orientation Video Production

For Television and Social Media Los Angeles & Orange County AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM | DECEMBER 2018 | 19

GRAND OPENING Saturday, January 5th

Nothing to Wear?

THE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY LINE FOR DOGS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM Ambizion Pooch is a new Trendsetting and Unique Online Pet Clothing Store that caters to dogs as well as their parents! Carry AMBIZION Pooch in your Pet boutique and stores! For questions please email us at

139 South Market Street Suite#252 Inglewood, CA 90301



N ’ S P I R AT I O N


Courage TO BE Real

By Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC


n a world of constant perpetual change, life trials and triumphs, the courage to be real and true to yourself is vital to maintaining joy, peace, and serenity in your life. So often we find ourselves trying to be what others want us to be instead of being true to the wonderful person God made us to be. When we do this, we are not happy and nor are the people we are trying to impress. We must stop the games and pretense and find the courage to be a person who walks in integrity, respect for others, and authenticity. It is time for us to look in the mirror and learn to appreciate the special person we are. The courage to be real requires taking stock of all you have been blessed with so you can allow your spirit to soar. Consider some of the following strategies in your quest of being real with yourself. 1. Remember life is not a dress rehearsal and it is important to make the most of every minute everyday. Don’t live a life of regret because you failed to be honest with yourself. Don’t keep putting off doing some of things you have purposed in your heart to do. The time is now to move forward and take that leap of faith and dismiss the fear that has been holding you back. Learn how to love yourself right where you are with all your flaws and imperfections. You see, we all have things we must work on, but the important thing is to not beat yourself down and have a pity party. Instead, get up, take responsibility for your life and let your light shine bright because of your inner joy and peace. 2. Expect great things to happen in your life because you deserve success. In life, we get what we expect, so why not think big and go for the gusto. Encourage yourself to

continually stretch and grow and step outside your comfort zone. When you are able to do this, you give yourself the courage to soar and achieve greatness. Let passion fuel your goals, dreams, and desires as you pursue them with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. 3. Adopt an attitude that allows you to turn your mess into miracles, your pain into a pearl, and your tests and trials into triumphs. You must decide each day what attitude you will embrace. Life will throw you curves, disappointments, and challenges, but life will also throw you happiness, success, and peace. The attitude you have about yourself is key. Learn how to balance the many roles you play in life and commit to taking time to do something you enjoy? Commit to taking time for YOU. It inspires you and keeps your attitude positively charged. 4. Learn to laugh more, love more, and live more. Lighten up and don’t take yourself so serious. If you mess up, review, reflect, and find out what you can do differently the next time and move on. Listen to your spirit when it speaks to you and tells you to take time out. Love yourself unconditionally and stay true to your values and standards that govern your life. The courage to be real begins today. I challenge you to remain focused, faith filled, and fired up to continue your journey of being real with yourself. Nancy J. Lewis is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. where the theme of her organization is “Developing a Better YOU!” Nancy is a motivational speaker, trainer, author, and business coach. She can be reached at (404) 559-7614, email: or Website: www.


6 Ways

to Build a Stronger Career

Every day, I get asked, “What can I do to improve my ability to be successful at my career?” I have put together six simple steps you can take to create success in whatever career you choose to follow. These steps form the easy to remember word C-A-R-E-E-R! So I hope you remember the importance of your CAREER and put these steps into action. I wish you the best of luck with creating a successful career that you enjoy and will last you a lifetime. 22 | DECEMBER 2018 | AMBIZIONMAGAZINE.COM

C – Choose.

Choose a career that involves your passions, your strengths, and your desires. Don’t settle for second best. If you are passionate about your work, you will succeed. Choose how you spend your time wisely. Be sure to involve all dimensions of your life and not just focus on your work or you will wear out.

A – Accept.

Accept that you are not good at everything so why do it all! Find out what you are good at and focus on those things. Allow other people in your family and in your work organization to show their talents and strengths by accepting them into your circle and allowing them to shine.

R – Re-energize.

Be sure to allow yourself time to reenergize on a regular basis. Take time off, take a vacation (even if it’s in your own backyard), and recharge your batteries. You can’t make a difference and support others if you wear yourself down. Also, volunteer to do new jobs or participate in new activities. This change of pace or change in roles will also provide you a boost of energy and re-energize yourself. Don’t become stagnate!

E – Embrace.

Embrace that everyone has their own strengths and own way of doing something. Embrace these differences and realize that in diversity grows innovation and new, creative points of view. Embracing these differences, rather than fighting against them, will create some amazing results that were not possible when doing things on your own.

E – Encourage.

Encourage others to try something new. Try something new yourself. Listen to what those around you are saying and provide encouragement and support to help them overcome their fears and achieve their goals. Doing so will not only help them to succeed but allow your career to soar as well.

R – Reward.

Reap the rewards of your accomplishments. Remember to celebrate even the smallest of victories and do it on a daily basis. Rewarding others and rewarding yourself for a job well done, no matter how small a token of appreciation, reaps big benefits. Not only will this increase your energy and your team’s energy to do even more, it will reap you immeasurable results. By focusing on these simple, yet powerful CAREER tips, you can really ignite your success and enjoy your journey. No matter what your job, embracing these six CAREER builders can make a huge difference in your life. Remember to continue to learn and grow every day. Here’s to your success!


BALANCE Your Key to a Life in Financial Full Bloom

By Phyllis Walker


uring a recent business luncheon, the subject of resentment and its impact upon professional performance was addressed. A high-achieving entrepreneur responsible for marketing and sales confided that she’s recently begun to drag. She feels totally stressed and resents the business that she has so avidly nurtured. Client meetings aren’t flowing well. Her quarterly sales figures are off. Within a few short months this woman has diminished from peak producing capacity to less than optimal performance. Her eyes brightened with intensity as she touched upon a marketing strategy in development stage, but then her enthusiasm waned. As the conversation continued, I realized that this woman has lost her balance and needs to regain her footing. This can occur when we become too intent upon a project at hand. The attraction and enthusiasm related to a new endeavor can overly entice and beguile us until every moment becomes focused on conceptualization, development and implementation. Although the ability to focus is requisite for success, we can over-focus until states of imbalance emerge. The discordance of losing one’s balance and the subsequent energy drain pervades all aspects of our lives. Professional activities relating to relationship building, client acquisition, a loyal customer base, and repeat sales become compromised.

When we lack flow and energy, we can easily enter into a precarious mindset that triggers hasty reactions and disappointing results, in contrast with a calm and centered mindset that encourages acceptable solutions. Recognizing states of imbalance facilitates the transition from chaos to flow. With restored balance, we become realigned and re-energized. We function at optimal levels and generate optimal results. We problem-solve with enhanced clarity and creativity. We adhere to priorities, while avoiding dangerous time traps. Our personal, professional and financial lives become increasingly enriched. We enjoy greater levels of success. Instead of falling prey to the stress and overwhelm associated with an over-focused mind, create flow and equilibrium by recognizing states of imbalance. Incorporate personal techniques to overcome these energy drains. Take time to make time, while balancing professional endeavors with a satisfying personal life and you will truly bloom! What are you doing to create balance in your life?


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Collaboration of Small Businesses Can Make A Difference Every day in the news we read and hear about familiar names in business; Home Depot, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Exxon to name a few. These companies are a part of our daily lives as we shop for goods and services we require. Collectively, these companies employ literally millions of people across the US and around the world. Wal-Mart, for example, employs 1.6 MILLION people across the globe and rings up almost ½ TRILLION of sales each year! Surely these companies dominate private business, yes? Wrong! A surprising fact is that those small businesses, defined as having less than 500 workers, employ almost 60% of the private workforce in the US! These businesses account for two out of every three new jobs, contribute 44% of all sales in the country and account for nearly 40% of the Gross National Product in the US! Small businesses are a very big deal indeed. But how can these businesses, the local bakery, auto repair shop, pet store, and newspaper compete against the huge national firms? By providing products and services tailored to a unique community, quickly adapting to changes in the marketplace and offering exceptional customer service and by joining together in business associations and trade groups’. Small companies can achieve through collaboration the cost savings and exposure that larger companies enjoy. A good example is your locally-owned not-for-profit credit union. Offering the same consumer financial services as the mega-banks, credit unions recognized that branch access was a drawback to increasing their member base. The answer to this problem was a collaborative effort that allows nationwide access through a “shared branching” concept. Could you imaging making a Bank of America deposit at a Chase bank branch? Of course not! But this is what is possible in the cooperative world of credit unions. Small businesses of any type can benefit by involvement in local groups and networks that specialize in the support and promotion of the locally-owned enterprise. Competition is a daily reality for the small independent business, but collaboration and cooperation is a choice that can increase visibility, maximize marketing dollars and help entrepreneurs to not only survive, but thrive.




By Phyllis Walker


ach of us is endowed with a set of Divine Gifts intended for making a difference in the world. For those of us who follow purpose-driven lives, the approaching New Year invites us to identify and create heartcentered businesses to serve those about us.

What is your Life Purpose? How would you like to change the word about you? Take time to quietly sit with a notebook while reflecting upon what impassions you, energizes you, and brings you ultimate joy in life. (Those of you with a creative bent may want to reflect via self-written poetry, a vision board, composed music, or video imagery that you’ve produced yourself.)

Once you’ve identified your heart-felt purpose, you need to determine whether you can successfully monetize and profit from your passion. •

What special gifts do you offer in terms of products or services that people need?

Who specifically needs you and why?

What will compel people to do business with you?

What will entice them to return?

What forms of networking and marketing will be most effective in moving your world?

All successful businesses launches are characterized by passion plus a determined desire to create meaningful change. To be successful, each business must offer innovative services while steadily expanding its customer base and profits. •

What type of sales funnel will you use?

Will you be working solo or with a team?

If asking for the sale terrifies you, then how will you overcome this?

Are you determined to succeed despite the obstacles?

Are you determined to be a mechanism of authentic change?

Identify your passion. Commit to making a positive impact upon your community and those about you. Be guided by hope and inspiration! Build a team. Create your strategies. Pursue your goals. Maintain your focus and determination for a life lived with authenticity. Irrevocably determine that the upcoming year will become the year of your dreams while fulfilling the needs of those about you A woman of resilience, Phyllis Walker survived domestic violence, underwent eye surgery to correct rapid blindness, and then turned her passion for photography into Hummingbird Studios. She later established Esperanza! A Woman’s Hope, a non-profit organization to help battered women transitioning forward with their lives. Phyllis additionally engages in motivational and inspirational speaking on topics specific to triumphing over adversity. She enjoys visiting art communities, fresh produce markets, advocates for abandoned and abused pets, and tends to a family of feral cats. For additional information or to comment, e-mail her at


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