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Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting helps you stay in control by allowing real-time recording, management and reporting of all planned and actual revenues secured through any distribution channel. In today’s fast-evolving global travel market, the business of revenue accounting is ever more complex. Under pressure to record, monitor, analyse and collect all types of revenues as soon as possible, you need an efficient solution that is also highly effective.

Innovative and progressive solution Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting is a new generation revenue accounting system based on advanced, yet intuitive, technology. It is specifically designed to meet your needs for a high-productivity, real-time application that also provides full integration with your passenger service system. This unique solution enables you to stay in control at all times thanks to the automatic recording, management and reporting of real-time information relating to all planned, unearned and earned revenues. It allows the efficient and effective handling of any accountable document received through any distribution channel. Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting represents an innovative progression in this cornerstone business activity – one that transforms the accounting task into a more strategic function.

With Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting, you can: >S  upport collection of all revenue types; > Identify revenues as soon as the flight doors close; > I nstantly provide real-time reports and analysis; >B  enefit from enhanced controls and improved accuracy; >R  educe the need for time-consuming manual data loading; >E  nsure compliance with all the latest industry standards.

Reap the benefits of integration, in real time Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting offers so much more than a legacy revenue accounting system based on batch feeds. Because it is fully integrated with other leading Amadeus solutions for airlines – such as Altéa Inventory, Altéa Departure Control, Electronic Ticketing Server and Electronic Miscellaneous Document Server – all your sales are recorded, reported and analysed automatically, in real time. You also benefit from instant identification of earned revenue through the online capture of flown information.

Unearned Revenue Report

Earned Revenue Report

Key benefits at a glance Increased revenues

Reduced costs

> I ntegration with other solutions enables revenue identification to

> I ntegration with other solutions enables instant controls and

be made earlier and with increased accuracy;

audit checks at time of sale;

>R  eal-time reporting and analysis of planned, unearned and earned

>P  roactive alert and reporting mechanisms greatly reduce frauds,

revenues enables timely internal or alliance strategy adaptations for optimal revenue generation;

as well as the amount of time and money spent in post-flight auditing and recovery processes.

> I ntegrated prorate simulation tool analyses the impact of provisos

and adjustments to special prorate agreements to maximise your interline revenues.

> F lexible and easy configuration eliminates coding change

requirements and time to market for business policy changes.

Immediate compliance > Full integration with other Amadeus airline IT solutions ensures

data consistency, accuracy and elimination of manual loading requirements;

> Latest industry standards embedded; >C  ontinuously updated to ensure full compliance with SIS,

ancillary services and EMD implementation requirements.

>E  asy to use, thanks to modern and user-friendly web interface;

An efficient IT model

>U  sers can quickly and easily customise workflows and access

> Fully scalable application;

booking, ticketing and usage history all along the ticket lifecycle, from sales to accounting and financial settlement; > I nformation is all in one place for productivity gains all round.

Rich, real-time reporting >U  nrivalled, advanced online reporting facilities;

>E  asy integration with your upstream and downstream

system, as well as those of external partners; >E  mbedded archiving functionality; >O  pen system architecture and ASP solution hosted at world-class

Amadeus Data Centre combine to reduce total cost of ownership.

> F irst-class drill-down, slice-and-dice and comparative capabilities.

Trusted technology partner As the global airline industry’s leading technology partner, Amadeus is committed to helping you overcome your biggest business challenges by continuing to provide innovative and advanced integrated solutions, plus best-in-class support and expert consulting services.

Find out more For further information, visit or speak to your Amadeus Account Manager today.

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Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting  

Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting helps you stay in control by allowing real-time recording, management and reporting of all planned and...