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Amadeus Affinity Shopper was specially designed to offer a ‘traveller playground’, which you can use to attract and then keep customers on your website. Customers are increasingly price sensitive and invariably shop around for different routes and fares. So you need to be able to offer something that will really grab and hold their attention when they visit your website.

Powerful and award-winning inspiration tool Amadeus Affinity Shopper is a powerful and intuitive search tool that reinvents the travel shopping experience for your customers. You can use its customisable interface and content to attract leisure travellers to your website, to retain their interest in your offer while they search for the most suitable product or package – and then to convert them into new customers straightaway. This innovative and award-winning solution was designed to provide a ‘traveller playground’, which acts as an influential inspiration tool. Prospective customers can take advantage of advanced, yet easy-to-use, technology to search for options that satisfy their true reasons for travel without needing to specify precise travel dates or destinations. Instead, they can use a variety of different search options – such as weekend search, activity search and budget driven search – to search for the holidays that best match their personal needs.

With Amadeus Affinity Shopper, you can: > I ncrease revenues and profitability; >E  nhance customer satisfaction; >B  enefit from an efficient IT model.

Quick and easy search in a single solution Amadeus Affinity Shopper is a customer-focused solution, which combines, in a single tool, all of the search functions currently available in the marketplace, including date, price, destination, theme and map display. It enables a customer to search specifically according to their need, for example, to spend a maximum of €400 on a week-long holiday to a sunny ‘beach’ destination in October or November. Amadeus Affinity Shopper will display on one screen hundreds of resulting travel recommendations, enhancing customer satisfaction by offering the traveller comprehensive choice and quick comparison. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of full integration with Amadeus Flex Pricer, which engages the traveller into booking directly from the inspiration environment so you can secure the sale swiftly and seamlessly.

Amadeus Affinity Shopper gives our customers further options to use our website as a ‘traveller playground’ where users can explore and determine their trip based on what they would like to do during their travel. The ability to inspire the traveller to search easily and quickly, using quality data, gives us a considerable competitive edge. Marcus Casey, Head of e-Commerce & Mobile, Lufthansa

Affinity search page with budget, activity and weekend search

Key benefits at a glance Increased revenues and profitability

Enhanced customer satisfaction

> I ncrease your share of the leisure travel market by giving

>C  ustomers have all the tools they need to manage their own travel

customers the ability to quickly and easily find their perfect travel solutions; > I ncrease load factors by enhancing your ability to steer

price sensitive demand towards destinations or flights with excess capacity; >Y  our choice of map provider and the ability to link destinations

with activities or to restrict cities to origins and/or destinations gives you the flexibility to use the solution in the way that works best for your business – to encourage sales of higher margin products, for example; >T  he interface and the displayed search criteria can be customised

to suit your specific business needs; >T  he inspiration tool links seamlessly into the booking flow,

eliminating the need to search again and enabling you to secure the sale quickly and easily.

and find the travel solutions that best meet their needs; >R  educes the time needed to plan and book a trip; >A  bility to define a wide range of search criteria, such as maximum

budget or specific interest, as well as more traditional criteria, such as dates and destinations; >P  ossibility to define simple search with just origin and

maximum budget; >M  ap-based interface provides an easily understood display of

flights that match the customer’s travel criteria; >Q  uick and easy search and comparison of travel options – all in

one place.

An efficient IT model >B  enefit from shared infrastructure and product evolution costs; > I ntegration with Amadeus Flex Pricer ensures seamless

Trusted technology partner As the global airline industry’s leading technology partner, Amadeus is committed to helping you overcome your biggest business challenges by continuing to provide innovative and advanced integrated solutions, plus best-in-class support and expert consulting services.

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progression to actual booking flow.

Amadeus Amadeus Affinity Shopper  

Amadeus Affinity Shopper was specially designed to offer a ‘traveller playground’, which you can use to attract and then keep customers on y...

Amadeus Amadeus Affinity Shopper  

Amadeus Affinity Shopper was specially designed to offer a ‘traveller playground’, which you can use to attract and then keep customers on y...