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Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation allows you to maximise your revenue through more precise customer segmentation which enables dynamic pricing. This is achieved via yield adjustments that can be defined through a range of yield modifiers. In an ever more competitive sector, one of the biggest business challenges is how to maximise profitability and to seamlessly integrate additional revenue maximisation logic with existing availability calculation algorithms, while simultaneously ensuring a consistent process throughout all distribution channels.

Maximise revenue Active Valuation allows dynamic segmentation of customers by enabling Revenue Management experts to maximise the application of their knowledge, to better capture the willingness-to-pay of their customers. Active Valuation is achieved through the use of yield modifiers which are seamlessly integrated with existing availability calculation algorithms. Yield modifiers, that reflect your business policy, are used to tailor the origin and destination (O&D) availability based on specific revenue-related passenger characteristics. Consequently, such business rules will allow you to narrow down the number of price points to the most accurate one. Revenue can also be maximised via the incorporation of cost, for example cost related to the sales channel or fuel surcharges, into the availability decision process. In addition Active Valuation allows you to consider the indirect contribution of a customer, such as loyalty, and the contribution to the network, via return trip criteria or flight load factor optimisation.

Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation enables you to: > I ncrease and maximise your revenues in complement to

Revenue Management System optimisation logic; >C  ustomise yield and availability based on real-time demand; > Benefit from a single platform that sustains quality and a

high level of performance.

Accuracy and precision The Active Valuation solution, which is an add-on to Altéa Revenue Availability, uses a combination of business rules to evaluate the potential revenue contribution of each passenger at the time of the booking request. The real-time data analysis which can modify availability according to the demand also improves accuracy and the resulting dynamic availability calculation.

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Main Features The Revenue Availability with Active Valuation solution comprises two main modules: >R  evenue Availability – enables O&D availability calculation, using

Yields, Journey Data and Marriage Segment Control; > Active Valuation – comprising of: Yield modifiers enabling dynamic pricing:

• Point of sale: reflects where the request comes from; • Trip characteristics: identifies business travellers versus leisure travellers; • Interline yield factor: reflects the split of revenue, depending on the connecting airlines or used for favouring connections with airline partners. • Customer characteristics: tailors availability based on passenger data, such as frequent flyer information;

State-of-the-art integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Key benefits at a glance Maximise revenue at O&D level – thanks to business rules impacting the yield modifications, which are based on the characteristics of the demand. Real-time adjustments are supported – Dynamic segmentation of customers – analysing the context in which the booking is made. It takes into consideration the competition offering, connecting flights, if the passenger is leisure or business oriented. Capacity to use Altéa Full Dynamic Availability – improving data accuracy and supporting all traffic, including the very high volume availability traffic generated by online shopping engines. Productivity is maximised – through the Altéa Inventory Graphical user interface and thanks to real-time adjustments, enabling instant modification, cancellation or creation of a business rule in the system.

• Fuel surcharge: reflects fuel surcharges in the yield; • Competition: adjusts your offering relative to your competitors’.

• Simulation tool: enables users to simulate expected requests and clearly see the combined effect of different modifiers, identify which modifiers are applied and how they impact the yield value and availability; • Rule usage statistics tool: indicates the impact of the yield modifiers and eases the maintenance of business rules.

Trusted technology partner As the global airline industry’s leading technology partner, Amadeus is committed to helping you overcome your biggest business challenges by continuing to provide innovative and advanced integrated solutions. Amadeus Consulting teams can help you maximise your revenue management practice with benchmarks, calibrations and business processes reengineering.

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Integrated for optimal effect For Altéa Inventory users, Revenue Availability with Active Valuation is perfectly complemented by the following products and options: > Altéa Revenue Management – improves demand forecasting

and revenue optimisation thanks to a perfect synchronisation with Altéa Inventory. > Yield Generation and Yield Watcher – offers advanced

capacity to calculate precise yields and monitor discrepancies, allowing you to take full advantage of co-ordinated pricing and revenue management.

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Amadeus Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation  

Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation allows you to maximise your revenue through more precise customer segmentation which enable...