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Travis Ransom - From Veteran to Mayor. Fo r a d ver t i s i n g info r m atio n, c all 903. 334. 9605 COO / PUBLISHER / FOUNDER Debbie Brower CO-FOUNDER Jaclyn Gooding SALES & MARKETING Debbie Brower Jaclyn Gooding 903.334.9605 GRAPHIC DESIGN/LAYOUT Alyssa Bertrand PHOTOGRAPHY Alyssa Bertrand, Debbie Brower, Jaclyn Gooding, Sylvia Jennings, Miranda Johnson, Karen Lansdell CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mike Brower, Dustin Stringer FEATURE WRITERS Anne Granado If you have an event you would like to include in our Upcoming Events section, please e-mail us at: info@alt-mag.com.

A LT - M AG . c o m info@alt-mag.com 101 Slaton Dr. Nash, TX 75569 (903) 334-9605 ALT Magazine is published the 1st business day of every month. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission of ALT Magazine is strictly prohibited. ALT Magazine is distributed free of charge. Direct mail subscriptions are available for $42.00 per year. Contributions from our readers are welcome. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material.

06 ALT Magazine |November 2017

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GIFTS 2315 Richmond Road • Texarkana, TX 75503 • 903.832.519 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 07

From the Publisher Things don’t always work out the way we want them to. I daily remind myself that God has a plan and I don’t know what it is and can’t control it. I wish I could. You know, just a hint sometimes would be nice. Sometimes we just don’t understand what is happening, but we must be patient and know that He is in control. For a control freak, that is extremely difficult! The one thing that is constant and, to some extent, I am in control of, is this magazine. I love being able to share wonderful stories with our readers, highlighting ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. This month is no different. I have known Travis Ransom for quite some time. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I would call him “ordinary,” but he has done some truly extraordinary things. From being a veteran, to being a family man, returning to school, helping with his family, and now being the mayor of Atlanta, Texas, he has accomplished much in his lifetime of service to others. He never expected to do many of the things that he has done, and I, for one, understand that. Many of the businesses I have either owned or worked for were never even a thought in my mind when I was graduating from high school, thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. From working at a paper mill as the Mill Manager’s secretary, to being a legal assistant and court reporter, returning to school and getting my master’s degree, then landing a position as a marketing manager, my life has taken all kinds of twists and turns. Owning a photography studio and ALT Magazine have definitely been highlights, things I prayed fervently about before undertaking. I continue to pray about what I do with my life and try to answer what God asks me to do. If you read the many stories of the couples who are highlighted this month, you will see that many had known each other for years and had reconnected and fell in love. What an amazing thing to find that person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. I regularly tell Mike, my husband, that if something were to happen to him, I didn’t even care of think about someone else – there is no one else like him who would understand all the craziness that is our lives. You know, the “I am the moon and you are the sun, and the moon can’t shine without the sun” kind of love! He is the person I was meant to be with. This month we will celebrate our 28th anniversary! With the holidays approaching, it is wonderful to know that you have a family that appreciates all you do and puts up with the craziness. For me, I know they are there – although my mother tells me regularly that I need to slow down! She knows me well. For me, however, I am just ready and waiting for the next adventure. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Slow down and enjoy your family during this time. Creating memories that last a lifetime will be worth it. May God bless you and yours…

08 ALT Magazine | November 2017

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Pancreatic Cancer is the 4th most common cause related deaths in the US. According to the American Cancer Society, there is no established guidelines for preventing pancreatic cancer, although cigarette smoking has been reported for 20-30% of pancreatic cancers. Common symptoms include: upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back, loss of appetite, significant weight loss and jaundice (yellow tint to white of eyes or the skin).



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by Anne Granado


Travis Ransom, Atlanta, Texas Mayor and Veteran

012 ALT Magazine |November 2017

The military has shaped me significantly because it has been running either in the background or forefront of my entire adult life consistently. Sometimes, experiences can be the best teacher. While a traditional education is valuable, what we learn in the world as we travel and weather the pitfalls and obstacles in life has the potential to teach us more than we ever learned in the walls of the classroom. This is especially true of Travis Ransom. Travis calls himself “high mileage,” as his resume takes him from job to job in vastly different areas of expertise. Currently, Travis is the Mayor of Atlanta, Texas, an insurance agent at Offenhauser and Company, and the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for the 752nd Military Intelligence Battalion.

“You know the phrase, ‘We make plans, and God laughs’?” Travis says. “I’m not an expert on anything at this point. My hope is that I’ve developed a broad outlook through my varied jobs and have gained perspective that will help me be open-minded so that I recognize excellence when I see it and encourage and motivate those who are capable to achieve it. God has a way of sorting things out and helping make sure that each successive position has appreciably contributed to preparing me for the next.”

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 013

Travis grew up in the town he is currently overseeing as Mayor. While many kids could answer the question of what career or field they were interested in, Travis never felt drawn to one particular job or another. “When I was a kid, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I’m still not sure I know,” Travis says. His first real job after high school was with Century Cellunet, a Louisiana based cellular phone company. It eventually became CenturyTel before merging with Alltel. He attended school at Texarkana College and worked in the cellular phones kiosk

014 ALT Magazine |November 2017

in front of the Atlanta Walmart. “I eventually wound up working at every retail location in our market before becoming a technician, and then I got into outside sales,” Travis says. “The company was still fairly small back then, and they took great care of their employees. The job came with real benefits, and it was a great opportunity.” A year after high school, Travis decided to join the Army. Travis’ father was a 28 year veteran and a retired Lieutenant Colonel. He had never encouraged Travis to join the military, and he was surprised when Travis told him that he wanted to go together to meet with the recruiter. “Why the military? Well, every man I knew

worth his salt had served in the military. The men I looked up to like my scout master, my history teacher, my coach, and my father had all been in the military,” Travis says. “Plus, I saw how much of a financial struggle it was for my parents to put my older sister through college, and I wanted to find a way to help. I wanted to pull my own weight, and I wanted to get out of our small town and see the world.” Travis did see much more of the world than he had ever imagined as he began to be deployed to many overseas countries. He was deployed in 1999 to Bosnia as a 21-year-old. “I had never been out of the country, and to me, a deployment seemed like the end of the world,” Travis says. “But, it was time to grow up.”

When he returned from Bosnia, Travis was stationed in Fort Hood on active duty. After a short deployment to Thailand in 2004, he was asked to be the rear detachment First Sergeant for an Army Reserve unit in Dallas, training soldiers in and out of deployment. Then, he was given the opportunity to be the first recruit into a new special missions unit focused on operational support to Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). The Army Reserves is an initial eightyear contract, and Travis just keeps reenlisting every time his contract comes up. Now he has served in the Army for 20 years. “When I joined, I never intended to make a career of it, but I enjoy working on things that matter, and I believe that it’s meaningful work,” Travis says. “Multiple deployments may have delayed my formal education, but they provided me with invaluable experiences around the world.”

Travis eventually graduated from Texas A&M Texarkana with a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS). “I didn’t take a traditional path or have the traditional college experience,” Travis says. “I worked my military and civilian careers, started a family, went to college, and volunteered in my community all at the same time. To quote Roger Miller, ‘If I had my life to live over again, there

Coyt is a sophomore at Texas Christian University. Lucy is nineyears-old, and Anna is five-years-old. On top of her responsibilities as a mother, Emily is the President of the Texarkana Junior League and volunteers at the girls’ school. “She’s the one who pushed me to go back and finish school. In fact, she pushed me to do a lot of ‘normal’ things. She’s

wouldn’t be enough time.’”

a rockstar for sure. If I didn’t have her, I’m sure I’d be some loser in a ditch somewhere,” Travis says.

In 2001, on an Army Reserve weekend in Dallas, he contacted a fellow graduate of Atlanta High School, Carrie Miller. Carrie From 2004 to 2015, Travis served introduced him to her sorority sister, as legislative staff for Texas State Emily. The two were married in 2002. Senator Kevin P. Eltife. While he “What impressed me the most about worked for the Senator, Travis talked Emily then and now to thousands of Eltife’s 850,000 is her independence. My lifestyle is not constituents. He visited on the phone the ‘normal,’ and I burn the candle at both with many people who were fed up ends. With my schedule, a relationship and wanted results. Travis would requires maturity and being selfless on steer them in the right direction by both accounts. It’s tough, and many marriages fail in the military,” Travis says. “However, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 9th we have a true 2:00PM - 5:00PM partnership. She knows what I’m bad at and vice versa; we complement each other.”

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Travis is especially appreciative of his wife’s ability to raise their family and still give back to the community. The couple have three children.


4116 GIBSON LANE BEHIND TARGET ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 015

explaining who their elected leader was and who they could contact about the problem. His position required significant communication with the public and elected leaders, as well as knowledge of local issues and familiarity with key decision makers. “My work for the Senator was part social work and part civics instructor. I learned a lot about governance, not politics,” Travis says. “Senator Eltife was the former Mayor of Tyler, and working with him for over a decade was a great experience. I was able to meet many of the leaders in our region and learn about what makes each community successful and unique.” When Senator Eltife decided not to seek

016 ALT Magazine |November 2017

reelection, Travis began to look for other opportunities close to home. When Joel Steger, Vice President of OffenhauserAtlanta, contacted him about possibly selling insurance, Travis decided to find out more. “I met Don Morriss, President of Offenhauser, while serving on the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council (TRAHC) board of directors in Texarkana,” Travis says. “Joel called me and encouraged me to visit with Don about getting into insurance, and I did. I didn’t know just how much I would enjoy working in Atlanta. I have always lived in Atlanta, but for many years, I felt like I just slept there because I was always working in Texarkana or on the road to Austin. This job lets me have an office in

my hometown, and it’s been great to be truly local.” Now, Travis is serving as Mayor of Atlanta since the sudden passing of his friend, Mayor Keith Crow. When Travis was first approached, he felt unsure, but also curious. “I had experience working for the state, the federal government and leadership experience. However, I didn’t have any municipal experience, and I wanted to know how that worked,” Travis says. “Mayor Keith Crow was a lifelong friend of mine that, unfortunately, left us too soon. I’m looking forward to continuing the work he started, improving upon it, and carrying the load during my time in the position.”

As Mayor, Travis has the unique responsibility of leading and helping people in the town he grew up in. Not only is he vastly familiar with the town and many of its leaders, Travis’ previous experiences in leadership, civil service, and public relations have helped prepare him for the challenges of the mayoral office. He also recognizes similarities between this job and some of his military experience. “The intelligence world is basically just talking to people,” Travis says. “Living in a rural town is just talking and building relationships with people. When you live in a small town, you can’t burn bridges. My time in the Army has taught me what can happen when you don’t play well with others and the failures of diplomacy. The military has shaped me significantly because it has been running either in the background or forefront of my entire adult life consistently. In the military we also encourage our leaders to take broadening assignments so that they can gain from the knowledge and experience and develop a broader perspective as a leader, and that influenced my decision to accept the job.” One thing that has impressed Travis since stepping in as Mayor is how forward thinking and forward planning the town’s leadership has been in preparing for the future. “We are doing so many things right in Atlanta,” Travis says. “I say all the time, we are competent, professional and capable. I think that sometimes small towns get a bad reputation for being ‘Mayberry’ or being led by Barney Fyffe, but I want our citizens to know about the high level of professionalism in our city government.” In Atlanta, the police chief, Jay Womack, is a retired Texas Ranger with years of experience. Robin Betts, the fire chief, has 100% of his men trained as paramedics. The city’s water infrastructure could get safe and clean water to twice the town’s population. The Atlanta City Development Corporation is working tirelessly to develop the downtown area and bring in

new restaurants and retail stores. “So far, we have Luigi’s Italian, The Rabbit Patch, Roux-Ga-Roux Seafood, Uncle Juan’s, and Come and Take It Cafe. That’s more restaurants than Texarkana has downtown,” Travis says. Travis wants to continue the type of vision for the future that leaders like Keith Crow have helped put into place. Recently, the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation cleared land in the 100 acre industrial park in hopes of attracting new business. When Travis worked for Senator Eltife, he was specifically in charge of representing seven North East Texas counties: Bowie, Cass, Red River, Titus, Franklin, Lamar, and Morris. Because of his previous work with city leaders in these counties, Travis has been able to reach out to some of his contacts about the unique challenges of being a small town in rural North East Texas. “We cannot treat the city like an island,” Travis says. “A lot of our citizens live and work in Texarkana and over the state borders and then bring their dollars back here. We need to participate in regional business development.” There will be an election this spring for the mayoral position, and Travis plans on running. What will be next on Travis’ resume? There is no telling. All Travis knows is that he wants to keep learning. “I’ve never gotten to a point in any job where I can say, ‘I’m done.’ There is an infinite amount of time I could put into any job I’ve ever had because there is always something to learn and problems are never completely solved. There is never an end,” Travis says. “When I look at succession planning in the military, I always hope to put the right leader in the right position at the right time. The right time has to do with experience and leadership traits of the leader as well as the developmental period and climate of the organization. I believe Keith Crow was the right person at the right time for the City of Atlanta. My hope is that I will be the right person for the next phase. I hope to make smart, informed decisions about the city for its long-term future. While our lives are finite, the city will go on. I want to make sure it does so with the knowledge that I helped it along the way.”

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 017

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Kendal & Ty Thompson May 27, 2017

Our Love Story

We grew up going to school together, and even had several classes together, but we never really hit it off. We graduated from Pleasant Grove in 2010 and I chose to go to college here, while Ty went to University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After one year away Ty made the decision to come home and continue his education. We had an economics class together and we just weirdly hit it off while in class. After a few days he asked me to go on a movie date, and from there one week later we were “official!” We both continued our college education and I graduated in December of 2014 and Ty graduated in May of 2015. We were still dating as Ty stared to work for ArTex Truck Center full time and I landed my first teaching job at Theron Jones as a second grade math teacher. Fast forward to Christmas of 2015 where Ty’s gift to me were tickets to a Dallas Stars game. This gift was nothing out of the ordinary since we normally go to three Stars games a year. December 27th was the game day and we set out that morning for Dallas. Again, this was nothing new so I suspected nada. As soon as we got to the W Hotel it started pouring down rain. We got up to our room and BAM! I turn around to Ty on one knee with the most beautiful rose gold ring! Of course I said yes, and had to call everyone! That night we went to the Stars game and watched them win! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 020 ALT Magazine | October 2017 020 ALT Magazine |November 2017

Kendal & Ty Thompson What Made It Special?

The doughnut bar was our favorite part! Parents of the Bride: Donna and Charlie Dockery Parents of the Groom: Myra and Ken Thompson Matron of Honor: Sophia Brown Bridesmaids: Allie O’Neal, Rebecca Murray, Sophia Brown, Sarah Carpenter, Kristi Rankin, and Annabelle Harp. Best Man: Tyler O’Neal Groomsmen: Tyler O’Neal, Chase Emerson, Braden Beth, Jackson Tidwell, and Cole Riddell Ushers: Cody White and Zach Rateliff Flower Girls: Kaylee Phelps, Piper O’Neal, Sadie and Caroline Harp Pastor/Officiant: Matt Graves

Flowers: H&N Florals Hair: Anna Ed DJ: Wes Spicher Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Vickers Cake: Sweet Rose Bakery Rentals: Dots Photographer: Stephanie Nunley Videographer: Fresh Focus Films Wedding Dress: Low’s Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Micah’s Jewelers Tuxedos: Squires Donuts: Donut Café Photo booth: Photo Bomb Txk

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Jeremy Corbin and Mary Collin Marracino Jeremy Corbin proposed to Mary Collin Marracino on August 28th at the Tulum Mayan Ruins in Tulum,Mexico. “It was a complete surprise” says Marracino, a dental hygienist at Eagle Dental Center.“I wasn’t sure what was happening at first. When it dawned on me what he was doing, I had immediate tears!” Corbin popped the question on a sugary white beach after taking a swim in the Caribbean sea.“I wanted it to be perfect” says Corbin.“She’s everything I could ever dream of spending my life with. She deserved a perfect proposal.” Corbin says that he chose the location as a reflection of their love.“Historically, Tulum was originally called Zama, or City of Dawn because it is one of the first places in Mexico that catches the morning sun. This union between us will be the dawning of a new life and new adventures. Also, these ruins have been here for thousands of years. We have the kind of love that will last for thousands of years.” The couple is planning an intimate destination wedding to be set late Summer of 2018.“We want something small and meaningful for us and our families...and I want someone else to make all of the decisions for me!” says Marracino.“I want to focus on what is important...and that’s him.” 024 ALT Magazine |November 2017

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Miranda Johnson & Tyler Serrano November 20, 2017

Our Love Story

Photo Credits: Jenna Lane Photography

Tyler and Miranda met before they were even old enough to be in school. Their families were old friends and knew each other from small-town connections and being members of the same church. It was during church when their friendship began. They were in the same youth group, and what started as a friendship sparked into something more. During their high school years, Tyler was an exceptional athlete for Nashville High School, and Miranda cheered for Nashville High School. They never officially dated because of their age difference, but there was always something special between them. As they got older, the age gap quickly closed. What began as a child-hood crush and high-school flame matured into something different. Tyler went to college at the University of Arkansas, and Miranda went to Henderson State University. After a football injury, Tyler transferred to Henderson State University. It was during this time that Miranda and Tyler reconnected. Tyler played football for Henderson State University and Miranda once again cheered him on. Tyler graduated from Henderson State University, and so did Miranda. As Miranda finished her masters’ degree and began teaching in Little Rock. Tyler began working on his family farm in Nashville. They would see each other from time to time and stayed in touch as old friends. In November of 2016, Tyler asked Miranda if she would like to go out to dinner when she came to visit her family in Nashville for the weekend. After catching up, they found that even though many things in their lives had changed, their feelings for one another had remained the same. In the following months, they never spent a weekend apart and talked to each other on the phone constantly. Miranda applied for a teaching position in Nashville, got the job, and moved back home. “It’s like one of those cliché love stories,” says Tyler. “You read about, and see it in the movies, but it rarely happens in real life.” “I never minded the wait,” says Miranda. “I always knew on some level that I was waiting for my husband.”Tyler decided to make the relationship official and proposed on his family farm with his late mother’s wedding ring. Miranda said yes without a second thought. They will be married in Tulum, Mexico on November 20, 2017 in the presence of their families and close friends.

026 ALT Magazine |November 2017

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ucing the


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Shelly & Chris Holland September 2, 2017

Photo Credits: Twos Company

Our Love Story

Chris and I met April 16, 2016. We had one mutual friend in common on Facebook, and it was her birthday! Of course I wished her happy birthday and then looked at everyone else who liked her photo. Chris was the only one that made an emoji face regarding her picture. So I clicked on his profile and immediately loved what his Facebook was about. He had scripture and encouraging words all over his Facebook. His love for the Lord was so obvious and that's exactly what drew me to him. Our first date was May 20, 2016, and exactly one year from that date he proposed to me! Our year was a long distance relationship. Chris lives in Atlanta Texas and I live in Sugar Land Texas, 5 hours away from each other. We committed to each other and the long drive it would take every other weekend. Fast forward, our wedding was September 2, 2017 and although close to every plan we made was undone, the one thing that did go as planned, was I married my best friend and the love of my life on September 2nd! After losing the venue, the chapel, the cake and the flowers due to the hurricane that brought the flood waters, I would have to say my favorite moment in that day was looking at him in his beautiful brown reciting|November my vows and giving him my forever commitment. 030eyes, ALT Magazine 2017


Shelley & Chris Holland What Made It Special? I would have to say my favorite moment in that day was looking at him in his beautiful brown eyes reciting my vows and giving him my forever commitment. Parents of the Bride: Ron Hardy and Peggy Jones Parents of the Groom: Dean and Peggy Holland Matron of Honor: Tiffany Cruz Bridesmaids: Joy Wright Best Man: Brad Sullivan Groomsmen: Trapper Snelgrove Ushers: Samuel Jones Flower Girls: Lori Hodges, Olivia and Gabby Cruz Ring Bearer: Malachi Holland Pastor/Officiant: Pastor Joseph Hamby

Wedding Vendors: Hollywood Events Center Flowers: Nora Ann flowers Hair: Kristi Jenkins Make-up: Jessica Daboul Venue: Boiling Chapel at First Baptist Katy Wedding Coordinator: Evelin Durango Velasquez Cake: Maureen’s Bakery Caterer: The Lasagna House Photographer: Jim and Andi Davis with Twos Company Ceremony Music: Train- Marry Me, Responsible For You-Piano version Wedding Dress: Parvani Vida Wedding Jewelry: Jared the Galleria of Jewelry


Award Winning Wedding Venue Three Years In A Row


903.244.7644 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 031

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Heather & Brandon Williams May 13. 2017

Our Love Story We met through mutual friends, hanging out many nights. One of the very first memories that got us to talking was one night when I was talking to a friend, and in the driver seat of the car, I kept hearing someone repeating just about everything I said and laughing. Finally I asked, “Are you making fun of me?” and he just laughed and said “Where are you from? I love your country girl accent.” From then on it was a flirty friendship that led to dating. Being in a biracial relationship was not something I had ever experienced before, and that is partly what led to giving him a chance because so many people told him I would never date him. At the end of 2010, we surprisingly got pregnant and that made our relationship even stronger than before. Getting married is something we had talked about for a while but we wanted both of our families on board first. The next Valentine’s Day 2012, while out to eat we were discussing getting married and decided to go look at rings. We picked out a ring together and got engaged right then. No romantic proposal, that really wasn’t our style. We knew it would be a long engagement because I wanted to finish school before getting married. So here we are five years later, finally married. 032 ALT Magazine |November 2017


Heather & Brandon Williams What Made It Special? We met through mutual friends, hanging out many nights. One of the very first memories that got my whole family and seeing the joy in our 5 year old son’s eyes that his momma now had their same last name. Parent of the Bride: Ron and Anna Endsley Parents of the Groom: Charles Williams and Barbara Atkins Matron of Honor: Jamie Smith Maid of Honor: Kristi Cobb Bridesmaids: Melanie Baskin, Heather Wicker, and Rachael Endsley Best Man: Brandon Hawkins Groomsmen: Anthony Staurt, Wince Starks, Walt Gamble, and Sean Harvey Ushers: James Fields and Landon Williams Flowers Girl: Hayden Smith Ring Bearers: Ryder and Roman Williams

Hair: Ashley Rains Make-Up: Kimberly Rayburn DJ: Tony French Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Wicker- Best Day Ever Cake: Caker’s Bakery Caterer: Ron Endsley, Father of Bride Rentals: Dot’s Rentals Photographer: inFocus Photography Wedding Invites: Valari Owen Tuxedos: Traditions

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Melody & Lance Drayton August 22, 2017

Our Love Story

What Made It Special?

“Being in paradise surrounded by beauty. It was just us and my parents. Being small and intimate was exactly what we wanted and let 034focus ALT Magazine |November | October 2017 2017 us on our special moment.”

We were set up on a blind date that I almost backed out of. Apparently, our friend Leslie was patiently waiting for both of us to be single at the same time for a while.  She just knew we were perfect for each other. She did tell Lance I agreed to this date before asking me. I guess it worked out for me and her that I agreed, because I am not sure how she would have explained that one.   It didn’t take us long to realize we were meant to be.  We were engaged on my sister’s birthday 4 days after our 1st anniversary.    We said “I will” (I am assuming it’s a Jamaican thing) on our 2nd anniversary.  Coincidentally our reception was on my sister’s birthday exactly one year after our engagement.  

Parents of the Bride: Ron and Anita Gillion; Ken and Rhonda Surratt Parents of the Groom: Emma Drayton and Aford Drayton Wedding Vendors: Sandals South Coast

Blessing Tree Farm

Happy Fall www.blessingtreefarm.com 5483 Summerhill Road | Texarkana, TX 75503 903.223.5931 | ExpressCare4u.com


Happily Ever After S tarts Here

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2910 S. Cowhorn Creek Loop, Texarkana, Texas 75503 Texarkana.hgi.com | sales@texarkanaconventioncenter.com

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Mikayla & Zackary Langofrd June 10, 2017

Our Love Story

They were best friends in high school, had nearly every class together but were never more than friends. Mikayla graduated in 2013 and moved to College Station, Texas. Zack graduated in 2014 and moved to Irving, Texas where he played college baseball. On spring break of 2015 we reconnected at a gathering, this time as more than just best friends. On December 30, 2015, Zack took Mikayla on a gondola ride through Irving, Texas and asked Mikayla to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she said yes. They had a year and a half long engagement before they finally tied the knot on June 10, 2017.

What Made It Special?

One of our favorite things that made our wedding so special was the friends & family that drive so many miles to spend our amazing day with us. 036 ALT Magazine |November | October 2017 2017

Mikayla & Zackary Langford

Parent of the Bride: Brian Hensley and Christi Cain Parents of the Groom: Trevor and Tammy Lawing – Paul and Mendy Langford Maid of Honor: Lauren Peek Bridesmaids: Holland Hensley, Whitney Kelsoe, Kirsten Clay, Megan Power, Breezy Townes, and Hope Bivins Best Man: Cody Duren Groomsmen: Tyler Price, Skylar Lawing, Hunter Morris, Dustin Travillion, Seth Coughran, and Dakota Durham Ushers: Jim Lawing and Taylor Grider Flowers Girl: Basil Riddle and Zara Langwell Ring Bearers: Christian Hunt Pastor/Officiant: Steve McMicheal

Flowers: Clarksville Florist – Lisa Aroca Hair & Make-up: Katie Martin Band: Dj- Moore Music Entertainment – Clay Moore Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Wedding Coordinator: Erica Ramage Cake: Sassy Sisters Sweets & Treats – Clarissa Wilson Caterer: Gusano’s Pizza Photographer: Kodee Roraback Photography – Kodee Roraback Videographer: Kristin Manson Photography & Videography – Kristin Plyler Wedding Invites: Wedding Paper Divas Ceremony Music: Moore Music Entertainment Wedding Dress: Sherri Hill Vintage Couture Tuxedos: Traditions Bridal Texarkana, TX

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Weeping Willow


twitty NURSERY, INC.

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As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

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90 3 . 33 6 . 61 3 9 925 Brower Lane, Texarkana, TX 75501 info@legendaryshootingsports.com www.legendar ypaintball.com facebook.com/LegendaryShootingSports


4 Playing Fields Fully Netted & Insured Gun Speed Tested Experienced Refs Shaded Picnic Area Private Parties Available ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 039

Lindsay & Hunter Elrod July 15, 2017

Our Love Story

We met online through Tinder. Didn’t take long to fall in love. Hunter’s mom, being a photographer got us to go out and take Valentine photos and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him during the photo session!

*Name changed

What Made It Special?

Having close friends and family at our wedding to celebrate our day.

040 ALT Magazine | October 2017

Lindsay & Hunter Elrod

Parents of the Bride: Melissa and David Sackett Parents of the Groom: Teena and Max Elrod Maid of Honor: Alli Davis Bridesmaids: Morgan Murray, Rachel Bradshaw, and Katie Myrick Best Man: Greg Neal Groomsmen: Sean Mosley, Cody Hunter, and Dillon Foreback Ushers: Troy Sackett, Dillon Roberts, Reese Elrod, and Jace Elrod Flower Girls: Brylie Otwell and Presley Bennett Ring Bearer: Houston Rowe and Bennett Roberts Pastor/Officiant: Jay Laythrop

Flowers: Ava Walston Hair & Make-up: Amy Faulkner and Shaena Daily Fifield DJ: TNA Karaoke Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Cake: Kristi Jones Caterer: Dillon Roberts and Melissa Sackett Rentals: CeeCee’s Wedding & Event Designs Photographer: Keith Powell Wedding Invites: Texarkana Digital Printing Wedding Dress: My Mother’s Rehearsal Dinner: Blessing Tree Farm- Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

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Wedding & Party Equipment Rentals

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Candice & Kenny Riles June 11, 2016

Our Love Story

After meeting on a dating site and texting for about a month before meeting officially, our first “date” was at Tropical Snow. ( I had to make sure he wasn’t a catfish.) From that day forward we were inseparable. We dated for several months, traveling and making memories with our kids. On July 4, 2016, he proposed with a beautiful chocolate diamond ring. We had an intimate ceremony on the beach in Negril, Jamaica. This destination wedding was a dream come true to the both of us. Everything was perfect- from the beaches to the food. We spent 5 days in paradise with friends and family. Perfect start to our amazing life!!

Parents of Bride- Fred Smith/ Linda Jones Best Man- John Crossland Parents of Groom- Bernard and Marilyn Maid of Honor- Ashley Crossland Redd Wedding Vendors- Rui Tropical Palace 044 ALT Magazine |November 2017

The new generation of emergency care.

“I am very proud to work for Texarkana Emergency Center, where all of our patients receive quality and compassionate care. TEC is the kind of Emergency Room I would want to treat my friends and family.”

Ray RN “At TEC, the staff is local, elite and specialize in ER medicine. We could tell you we were voted best ER in town, but we would prefer to prove it to you.”

Shane RT (R)(CT) Radiology Centrally located East of Central Mall 4646 Cowhorn Creek Texarkana, TX 75503 903.838.8000



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Anna & Greg Vickers October 8, 2016

Our Love Story

It’s funny how God brings people together when they least expect it. Greg and I met at a cookout. In the summer of 2015, we began talking and texting. For our first date, we planned to have dinner, but rather than go out to eat, we wanted to cook dinner together because we both love to cook. Greg ended up working very late so I cooked everything and had it ready for him when he got home at almost 10 pm! Cooking together became our favorite weekly date and still is. Greg proposed to me at Sunday lunch on Mother’s Day 2016 at my grandmother’s house in front of my four kids, his two sons and my family. When I walked down the aisle and saw tears in his eyes, I tried remembering the exact moment I’d fallen for him by reliving all those moments that had made us laugh, argue, cry, and ache for each other. As hard as I tried, I could not recall it. Then it came to me at the altar on our wedding day. I had been in love with him all along.

046 ALT Magazine |November | October 2017 2017

Anna & Greg Vickers What Made It Special?

Our wedding was in my grandmother’s beautiful backyard! Parents of the Bride: Kelsey and Paula Owens Parents of the Groom: Royce and Neva Vickers and the late Joyce Vickers Maids of Honor: Savannah Willeford Junior Bridesmaid: Aidan Harris Best Men: Chirs Vickers Junior Groomsman: Caleb Vickers, Tyler Vickers, Jaxen Harris, and Payton Willeford Pastor /Officiant: Joe Owens

Flowers: Paula Owens and Jordan Owens Fondren Band: Mark and Amy Meadows Venue: Kenneth and Melinda Spears, The Backyard of the grandparents home. Cake: Paula Owens and Jordan Owens Fondren Caterer: Paula Owens and Jordan Owens Fondren Photographer: Paula Owens Processional Song: Marry Me (instrumental) by Train Recessional Song: I Wanna Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler First Dance: I Love The Way You Love Me by John Michael Montgomery

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 047

Melody & Randy Hickson

Our Love Story

Randy and I became friends when our oldest boys met. They were 11 years old. They are now 21. They grew up together. When my girls were baptized, Randy and the boys were there. He became their Godfather.

Randy and I dated and became best friends over the last 2 years. A week after Valentine’s Day, on the two year anniversary of our first date, he proposed. He was very creative. We both enjoy being crafty and making things. So, we had gone shopping one day and bought some tools, pink ones just for me. A few days later we are having dinner at his grandmother’s house with most of the family, also something we do 2-3 times a week! He brings out a cake and a box. With everyone gathered around, I open the box and find a pink tool box. This tool box is full of rose petals and a diamond ring. Inside the lid of the box is a note asking if I would marry him. Of course I said yes, after a huge pause and nearly hyperventilating, traditionally, he got down on one knee and placed the ring on my finger. We really love each other and our families. I am so thankful for all of our amazing children, birth and bonus! I tell him all the time I’m so thankful I married my best friend.

048 ALT Magazine |November 2017

June 2, 2017

Melody & Randy Hickson What Made It Special?

“I had decorated the stage with a house and picket fence. I had balloons attached and a mail box out front. Just like in the movie “Up”. When the time came, I gave him a bundle of balloons and told him to look up. The stage curtains were pulled back, The theme song from the movie “UP”, I Wanna Grow Old With You, came on and a video I had put together started playing... ”You and I are in a club now”. We are in a club, we are best friends and now husband and wife for life!!!”

Parents of the Bride: Paul and Loretta Capps and the Late Deb Brae Capps Parents of the Groom: Johnny and Judy Caples Maids of Honor: Daughters of the Bride, Ashley and Adrianna Brackeen Best Men: Sons of the groom Logan, and Nolan Hickson, and son of the bride, Dylan Brackeen Flower Girl: Sallis Owens Pastor /Officiant: Rev. Bruce Bennett Flowers: Brandy Clark at Albertsons on Richmond Hair: Anita Martinez at David’s Hair design Make-up: Sheena Cobb with Clinique at Dillards

Band: Mark and Amy Meadows Venue: First United Methodist Church, Texarkana, AR Wedding Coordinator: The Bride Cake: Heather Estrada “The Cake Lady” Caterer: The Bride Photographer: Jim Davis with Twos Company Photography Videographer: Don Ruggles Wedding Invites: Designed by the bride Ceremony Music: A Thousand Years, A Prayer for Home, and Our God is a Mighty Fortress Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal Tuxedos: Elegance

ooding G decorative concrete

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Custom Pergolas • Wood and Trex Decking • Custom Furniture Pressure Washing • Acid Stains and Scoring • Indoor/Outdoor Overlays General Repairs (Carpentry, Welding, etc..)

903.277.0307 www.goodingdc.com ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 049

Ashley & Gary Smith September 17, 2017

Our Love Story

Gary and I met on Facebook in December of 2015. I never thought I would find the love of my life on social media! His profile picture had a cow trailer in the background so I sent him a friend request and he messaged me asking if we knew each other. I told him no but I liked cows. Silly huh!! From then on, our feelings became stronger for each other. So on December 21, 2016, he asked me to marry him. It was a wonderful surprise because I had no clue! We are truly blessed to have each other!

050 ALT Magazine |November 2017

Ashley & Gary Smith What Made It Special?

Our Wedding was perfect! Gary said his favorite part of the wedding was seeing me walk down the isle. All our friends and family definitely made it special with all their love and support. Parents of the Bride: Gale Fisher, Tommy and Karen Huggins Parent of the Groom: Marilyn Smith Maid of Honor: Joni Newton Bridesmaids: Jessica Guilbert, Kenzie Megginson Allen, and Heather Sisson Best Man: Zach Dozier Groomsmen: Felton Jackson, Howdy Smith, and Joe Mills Flower Girls: Harper Guilbert Ring Bearer: Rowan Guilbert Pastor/Officiant: Mr. Robert McCarver Flowers: Sticks & Stones and Greenleaf Hair & Make-up: Taylor Barr Venue: Garrison Gardens Cake: Robin Hamnett’s Cakes Caterer: The Fish BowlBrandon Wren Photographer: Kevin Goodman Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal Tuxedos: Traditions

We do a lot of living here!

“I adore what I get to do everyday. Those sweet residents bring so much joy to my life and have changed me forever.” Ashley Traweek Marketing Director

We’re a long term/ short term nursing and rehab facility with huge success stories from residents being able to go back home after their rehabilitation.

4920 Elizabeth St • private rooms • semi private Texarkana, Texas 75503 rooms • activities 7 days a week • fun outings • parties (903) 792-3812 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 051






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ALT READERS CHOICE NOMINEES READERS CHOICE NO GOODS & SERVICES Apartment Complex Arista Apartments Homes Encore Waggoner Creek Apartment Homes Legacy at Pleasant Grove Apartments Richmond Oaks Apartments The Pointe at Texarkana

Auto Service & Tires Cooper Tire & Service Discount Tire Store Discount Wheel & Tire Gateway Tire & Service Center Texarkana Wheel & Tire

Auto Stereo & Accessories: Almost Everything Audio Center Best Buy Electronic Service Center Sound Towne, Inc.

Band Chasing Rita Crooked Halo Dusty Rose Band Jawbone Moss Brothers

Bank Bancorp South Commercial National Bank Farmer’s Bank & Trust Guaranty Bank & Trust State Bank




Children’s Clothing Bossy Britches Fan Fare Handprints Children’s Boutique Knuckleheads N’ Prissy Tails Rhea Lana’s

Cleaners Colonial Cleaners Fashion Cleaners Holiday Cleaners Premier Cleaners

Computer Repair/ Service Company Complete Computer Solutions DataStandBy North Heights Computer Repair Phone Pros Tri-State Computer

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Credit Union


Grocery Shop

Domino Federal Credit Union Mil-Way Federal Credit Union Red River Federal Credit Union TEXAR Federal Credit Union

Ashley’s Furniture Four States Furniture Ivan Smith Furniture Lafferty’s Home Center Rawls Furniture

Super 1Foods The Granary Wake Village Walmart Neighborhood Market/ Albertsons Walmart Neighborhood Market/ Richmond Road

Fitness Center/ Gym Garden Store/ Anytime Fitness/ Richmond Road Landscaping Anytime Fitness/ Wake Village CHRISTUS St. Michael Health & Fitness Center Gold’s Gym Planet Fitness The Sportsplex by Healthcare Express

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Gift Store CHRISTUS St. Michael Gift Shop Fan Fare Gifts Pleasant Grove Pharmacy TRAHC – For Arts’ Sake Gift Shop Turner’s Framing, Gifts & Collegiate Boutique

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Gun Store Academy Sports + Outdoors Cowboy Guns Legendary Firearms Top Shot Pawn Tri-State Pawn & Jewelry

Home Builder/ Home Improvement Christian Construction Company Jimmy Anderson Construction Light House & Flooring Red River Lumber Rogers Equipment & Construction


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Dr. Cindy R. Porter, MD | Board Certified Pediatrician Collom & Carney Clinic | 5002 Cowhorn Creek 903-614-3211 | Fax: 903-614-3590 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 053

2018 Hotel

New Local Business Spa

Comfort Suites Courtyard by Marriot Texarkana Hilton Garden Inn Texarkana Holiday Inn Express, Texarkana AR Residence Inn by Marriott Texarkana

Care Pet Clinic Happy Trails Boarding, LLC Phone Pros Sweet Arts Cake Boutique The Burger Joint The VET

Investment Advisor Pawn Shop Chris Ritchie/Regions Bank Devin Carroll/Carroll Investment Management Dustin Stringer Wealth Management Melford Pierce/Edward Jones Mike Cobb/Cobb Financial Services

Cash America Paul’s Pawn & Gun Pawn America Top Shot Pawn Tri- State Pawn & Jewelry

Beauty and Wellness Center Escape to Bliss ReNew Medical Spa Time in a Bottle Spa Tranquility Day Spa & Salon

Tattoo Artist Allan McEneaney Jason Standridge Joel Wright Matt Hendricks Steve Ardwin

Retirement/ Assisted Urgent Care Collom & Carney Clinic Living Exceed Urgent Care

READERS CHOICE NOM Liquor Store BJs Refreshment Center Inc. Chubby Cheeks Liquor The Party Factory Villa Liquor Store Vincent’s Fine Wine & Liquors

Local Pharmacy CHRISTUS St. Michael Health Center Pharmacy Glenwood Pharmacy North Heights Pharmacy Pleasant Grove Pharmacy Red River Pharmacy Services


Shoes & Boots Boot Barn Cavender’s Boot City Nelson’s Boots and Shoes Racquet and Jog Red Wing Shoes

Salon Fringe Salon & Beauty Bar Head Masters Shear Country Style Studio The Beauty BARR

Express Care/ Summerhill Road Family Medical Group HealthCARE Express

Veterinarian Care Pet Clinic Oubre Animal Clinic Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital The VET Westridge Animal Hospital Wisdom Animal Clinic

Women’s Clothing Dressing Gaudy Gayle’s OMG LuLu The Open Window Boutique The Rancher’s Wife Boutique

Social Media Presence- Yoga Studio Diem Yoga Company/ Organization Carpe FWD Fit CHRISTUS St. Michaels Impact Realty Group Phone Pros Texarkana Emergency Center TXK Today

Texarkana Yoga



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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Domtar JCM Industries, Inc. Ledwell Machinery Mayo Manufacturing Corporation

Bella Vista – Independent Senior Living Cornerstone Retirement Living Cowhorn Creek Estates The Oaks Assisted Living The Villa at Texarkana


Carmichael’s Custom Jewelry Cooper Fine Jewelers Crocker’s Jewelers Gray’s Jewelers Micah’s Jewelers




Weight Loss ProgramLocal Barbell Butterflies Beauty and Wellness Center Elevation Health Express Care Jazzercise Texarkana

Emergency Room CHRISTUS St. Michael’s Neighbors Emergency Center Texarkana Emergency Center Wadley


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Best Electronics Repair Service Best Buy Electronic Services Phone Pros Smart Phone EMT Tri-State Computer

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Company To Work For CHRISTUS St. Michael’s Cooper Tire Ledwell Machinery Liberty- Eylau ISD Lifenet State Bank

When you order a lunch special and a drink you will get an entree, two veggies, salad, rolls and a free dessert! Join us during the week from 11am till 2pm for hearty meals and generous portions.

(903) 832-3874 • 503 S. Robison Rd • Texarkana, TX 75501

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for nominating me in Readers Choice for Best Realtor! Selling Texarkana Sarah Griffin Sealy, ABR, CRS, GRI Griffin Realtors Broker/Owner 2012 Arkansas Blvd. Texarkana, AR 870-774-6101 903-277-6101 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 055

2018 Non-Profit Organization Wedding Florist (National) Farmhouse Flowers

H & N Floral American Cancer Society Persnickety Too Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association Ruth’s Flowers of North America Sticks and Stones on the Blvd. Kiwanis Samaritans Purse United Way

Wedding Indoor Venue

Non-Profit Organization (Local) Alzheimier’s Alliance of Texarkana Hands On Texarkana Harvest Texarkana Junior League of Texarkana Passion for Pooches Texarkana Symphony Orchestra

Blessing Tree Farm & Best Day Ever Cabe Hall- Regional Arts Center Convention Center and Hilton Garden Inn Texarkana Ramage Farms Weddings The Silvermoon on Broad

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Big Jake’s Bar-B-Que Naamans Championship BBQ Randy’s Smokehouse & BBQ Silver Star Smokehouse Smokey Joe’s BBQ


READERS CHOIC WEDDINGS Wedding Attire Le’Bells Fashions & Bridal Squires Formal Wear Traditions Bridal & Formal

Wedding Cake All in Good Taste Bakery Bri James- Twisted Fork Julie’s Deli & Market Silver Spoon Smallcakes

Blessing Tree Farms & Best Day Ever Elk Meadows Weddings Garrison Gardens Ramage Farms Weddings The Silvermoon on Broad Twin Creek Lakes Pavilion

Wedding Photographer

Alamond Photography Breanne Bradshaw Photography Fresh Focus Films inFocus Photography- Stephanie Ryan Kayla Brint Photography (Editor's Note: Thank you for all the nominations, but I cannot be in this competition! Love you all! Debbie Brower Photography)

Wedding Caterer

Wedding Rentals

Chef On The Run Jennifer Ogburn Julie’s Deli & Market Sugar & Spice Catering Twisted Fork

Bella Roo Big Event Party Rentals Dot’s Rental & Sales Special Events on the Blvd

Wedding DJ Darryl Miller Magic Fabienne Thrash Jam Master D Wes Spicher

Wedding Videographer

Julie’s Deli & Market SmallCakes Taste and See The Lunch Box Twisted Fork

Fried Chicken Chicken Express Golden Chick Hopkin’s Ice House Mother Kelly’s Raising Canes Slim Chicken

Hamburger 30 Burger Cafe 511 Old Tyme Burger Shoppe Reggie’s Burgers, Dogs & Fries Sum Burger The Burger Joint TLC Burger & Fries

Mexican Amigo Juan On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Ta’Molly’s Mexican Restaurant The Fiesta House Zapata’s Mexican Grill & Cantina

Dodson & Glover Photography Studio Eric Ethridge, Xtreme Video Fresh Focus Films

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Marc-André Bougie, Conducting

Celebrity Conductor Competition! REPERTOIRE INC LUDES

Dan Goeller: A Christmas Festival of Carols Randol Alan Bass: Twas’ the Night before Christmas and more!



Student tickets available with ID, Group Discounts available. Visit the Perot Theatre Box Office at 219 Main Street, Texarkana, TX





TICKET INFORMAT I O N / $53, $45, $30 CHILD TICKETS / $13 (6-12 years old), $7 (up to 5 years old)




Sunday, December 10, 2017 Historic Perot Theatre: 4:00PM






In loving memory of Florence and George Crank by the Gray and McGinnis families




Gourmet Dinner

Big Cheese Pizza Chappos Italian Cuisine Gusanos Chicago Style Pizzeria Joe’s Pizza and Pasta Larry’s Pizza Papa Murphy

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Grandy’s Johnny B’s of Texarkana Texas Chuck Wagon Three Chicks Feed Café

Cattleman’s Steak House Park Place Pecan Point Brewing Co. Twisted Fork Verona Restaurant


Happy Hour

Hopkin’s Ice House Julie’s Deli & Market Pecan Point Brewing Co. Silver Spoon Verona Restaurant

Fat Jack's Sports Bar Hopkin’s Ice House On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Pecan Point Brewing Co. Twisted Fork

Business Lunch

Locally Owned Restaurant

CE NOMINEES Steakhouse

Cattleman’s Steak House Longhorn Steakhouse Park Place Pop’s Place Texas Roadhouse

Wine List Cattleman’s Steak House Olive Garden Park Place Twisted Fork Verona Restaurant

Fuji Kim’s Sushi & Grill Hopkin’s Ice House Ironwood Grill Julie’s Deli & Market Pecan Point Brewing Co.


Date Night Restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings Café 511 Hooters Slim Chickens WingStop

Ironwood Grill LaFogata Bar & Grill Pecan Point Brewing Co. Twisted Fork Verona Restaurant

Café 511 Chappos Italian Cuisine Fuji Kim’s Sushi & Grill Ironwood Grill Joe’s Pizza and Pasta Off The Fire Park Place Pecan Point Brewing Co. Scotties Grill The Burger Joint Twisted Fork

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 057

2018 Lunch Spot



Fuzzy’s Taco Hopkin’s Ice House Ironwood Grill Julie’s Deli & Market Mother Kelly’s Off The Fire The Burger Joint The Lunch Box The Lunch Box

Cris Bookout Dr. Baker/ Spine Care Lauren Allday/ Advanced Spine, Sports & Rehab Stacy Warner/ Texarkana Chiropractor Woosley Chiropractic Clinic

Dandra Bingham David Greathouse Jennifer Thompson Surdeer Jayaprabu Thomas Wilson

Outdoor Dining

Charles Hollingsworth Clayton Frenzel/ Advanced Bariatric David Whitten/ Beauty and Wellness Center Rachael Keilin

Hopkin’s Ice House Ironwood Grill On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Pops Place Scottie’s Grill

Cosmetic Surgeon

Optometrist Dr. Brad Aaron/ Aaron Eye Care Eric McCall/ The Eye Guys James Moser/ Vision Source Littleton Fowler/ Fowler Eye Care Mark Allen/ Vision Source Randall Glass/ Fowler Eye Care

Decorator/ Designer Pediatrician


Big Jakes BBQ Chef on the Run Catering Julie’s Deli & Market Silver Spoon Sugar and Spice

Chef Becky Williams/ Pecan Point Bryan Ogburn Jeff Greening/ Hilton Garden Inn Jeff Loving/ Chef on the Run Jennifer Tanner/ Julie’s Deli

PEOPLE Artist Betty Richardson Dean Lynn Joel Wright Linda Larey Mary Jane Orr

Brent Stewart Janet Green Jeff Brown Kyle Barrett Twisted Vines

Ann Baker/ B Pediatrics Cheryl Saul-Sey/ Collom & Carney Clinic Cindy Porter/ Collom & Carney Clinic Clark Green/ Collom & Carney Clinic Mark Wright/ Collom & Carney Clinic



Chad Patterson/ Patterson Dental Center Chris Ferguson/ Chris Ferguson Family Dentistry Jason Michel/ Texarkana Endodontics Mark Mashburn/ Boulevard Dental Mitchell Glass/ Pediatric Dentistry Torin Marracino/ Pleasant Grove Family Dentistry

Amanda Magness Photography inFocus Photography- Stephanie Ryan Molly Minter Photography Scott Johnson Photography Stephanie Adcock Photography



ArTex Electric Columbus Electric H&K Electric Integrity Electrical R&W Electric

Amber Gideon Stewart/ Coldwell Banker Elite Annette Kilker/ RE/MAX Chad Raney/ Keller Williams Realty the Chad Raney Team Claudia Snow/ Century 21 All Points Realty David Jenkins/ Griffin Realtors Sarah Sealy/ Griffin Realtors Tracy Spradlin/ Impact Realty Group

Insurance Agent Brian Purtle/ Allstate Coy Mason/ Miller County Farm Bureau Jamie Tengwall/ Texas Farm Bureau Jennifer Smith/ Offenhauser & Co. Kelli Ashbrook/ State Farm Mark Oubre/ State Farm

(Editor's Note: Thank you for all the nominations, but I cannot be in this competition! Love you all! Debbie Brower Photography)

Visit www.alt-mag.com to vote for your choices in the Readers Choice Awards November 1 - November 30 Winners announced in the January 2017 issue of ALT! 058 ALT Magazine |November 2017

Surgeon Beth Peterson- Collom & Carney Clinic Carey Alkire/ Collom & Carney Clinic Denise O’Banion/ Surgery Associates- Texarkana Harold Weems/ Collom & Carney Clinic Thomas Hoang/ CHRISTUS St. Michael’s

Volunteer Brenda Williamson Earl Anderson Jennifer Smith Lynn Whitt Mary O’Farrell Susan Whitten

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OWE NO! If you’re surprised by a tax bill, consider ways to pay without interrupting your financial plan. Many working Americans expect a refund come tax day, but this year, some of us may get an unexpected bill instead. So what happens if you fall into that camp? First, stay calm. Secondly, think strategically about how to pay what you owe, particularly if your money is invested, earmarked for retirement or stashed away in an emergency fund. Lastly, put plans in place to include more tax-saving strategies into your financial plan. Doing so can help avoid this situation next year. If you do find yourself obliged to pay, perhaps you can rely on one of these options to help you settle up with the IRS and keep your financial plan undisturbed and on track. Make sure it’s not a mistake. Review your return with your accountant to make sure you’ve included every exemption and credit for which you qualify. Consider taking out a low-interest-rate loan. If you really do owe Uncle Sam a large chunk of change, a securitiesbased line of credit* or a home equity loan may be a more cost-effective way to pay instead of selling securities that are part of your long-term investment plan. These types of loans can offer quick liquidity and flexibility to help you meet your tax obligation, at competitive interest rates. And you may be able to avoid capital gains taxes that could result from selling appreciated investments. Carefully select investments that could be sold for additional liquidity. In some cases, selling securities to capture 060 ALT Magazine |November 2017

capital losses or rebalance a portfolio is a good idea. Talk to your advisor about securities that could be harvested for capital losses or ones that you can sell to help bring your portfolio back into alignment with your long-term goals. Another possible benefit? Unused realized capital losses may be available to offset future tax bills. Please remember that the process of rebalancing may result in tax consequences. If possible, avoid these … An unfavorable offer in compromise. The IRS may negotiate an offer in compromise (OIC) to help you settle your bill for less than you owe. However, be aware that there are associated costs, including a filing fee. Paying with a high-interest-rate credit card. This kind of debt can negatively impact your credit score and quickly rack up fees, making it harder to pay down the principal. Even though the IRS also charges interest, it’s far lower (3%) than most credit card companies. Taking money from your retirement accounts. It’s not a great idea to undermine a long-term plan by withdrawing funds early. You’ll be faced with penalties, as well as additional taxes on the amount you take out, which could mean you won’t have as much to pay your tax bill as you thought. And you’ll have even less for retirement. Plan ahead If you do end up owing taxes, talk to your tax and financial advisors about other ways you can pay the bill without disrupting your investment plan or depleting savings. If you anticipate

owing taxes again, you may also want to discuss investment and tax-saving strategies to reduce your liability next year and beyond. * A securities based line of credit may not be suitable for all clients. The proceeds from a Securities Based Line of Credit cannot be used to purchase or carry margin securities. Borrowing on securities based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the pledged account(s) may be sold to meet the collateral call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. The interest rates charged are determined by the market value of pledged assets and Capital Access. Securities Based Line of Credit provided by Raymond James Bank. Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank. As featured in WORTHWHILE, a quarterly periodical dedicated to serving the clients of Raymond James advisors and affiliated advisory firms. ©2015 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC ©2015 Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/ SIPC Investment products are: not deposits, not FDIC/NCUA insured, not insured by any government agency, not bank guaranteed, subject to risk and may lose value. 15-FA-WW-0210 CW 4/15



CHOIR & PRAISE BAND 10:45 AM . December 10, 2017

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 061

Fish Tales with Mike Brower More on Cold Fronts Fishing is pretty good, you got the bass figured out and BAM! A cold front swings down. Everything you thought you knew just danced out the window. What do you do now? Here are some things to try so you can salvage the day. Fish tighter to thicker cover or deeper into it. Shade, shade, shade- shallow bass will tend to move to shade. Smaller profile baits - give them a snack, not a full meal. Dead sticking - make it easy for them to attack. Get in the wind - This is my preferred way. Bait will be moving in the wind and so will some bass. Slow down - self explanatory. Fishing post front is really challenging, but doesn't need to be a total loss.





OPEN TUES-SAT: 10:00-6:30, SUN: 1:00-5:30

062 ALT Magazine |November 2017

Txk Vision Therapy- October 2017

76 Gas Station -September 2017

Encompass Home Health and Hospice- October 2017

Paychex, Inc - October 2017

Award Winning Photography

Newborns . Children . Weddings Family . Commercial . Headshots

debbiebrower.com 903.278.4444 / 903.334.9605

be DIFFERENT. ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 063

What's on the AGENDA?

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Saturday, November 4

Booze, Blues & Shoes, A Gatsby Extravaganza Texarkana Museum Systems is hosting a 1920's night of food, fashion and festivities at Silvermoon on Broad. Tickets are $50 per person. 903-793-4831 for more information.

Saturday, November 18

Pinkalicious, The Musical 11:00 am & 2:00 pm Perot Theatre 221 Main Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

Victorian Christmas Card Creations 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Ace of Clubs House 420 Pine St. Texarkana, TX 75501 COST: TMS Members FREE;Others $5 Invented in 1843 during the Victorian Era by Henry Cole, who helped establish the British post office, the Christmas Card has become a standard holiday tradition. Come continue this tradition by visiting the Victorian Ace of Clubs House and create a variety of Christmas cards from the Victorian age to Modern day.

Saturday, November 4

Monday, November 20

Saturday, November 4

Texarkana's largest INDOOR YARD SALE! 7AM - 1PM $2 per person. For booth space rental please contact Townsquare Media at 870-772-3771 Climate Controlled!

Friday, November 10

"The Third Day" - The Art of Danny Helms Opening Reception 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Regional Arts Center 321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

Saturday, November 11

Art of Yoga Fundraiser 10 am to 11 am Regional Arts Center 321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

November 16-19

Mistletoe Fair More than 8,000 shoppers are expected to visit Mistletoe Fair this year for exciting unique gift buying opportunities. Mistletoe Fair 2017, the Junior League of Texarkana’s Shopping Event of the Season Four States Fairgrounds 3700 E 50th Street, Texarkana, AR

064 ALT Magazine |November 2017

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 7:30 pm Perot Theatre 221 Main Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

December 1 - 2

Holiday Arts Market 10 am to 5 pm and 10 am to 4 pm Regional Arts Center 321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

December 2 - 3

Christmas Tour of Homes will be held from 4PM – 8PM both days. Tickets are $25 and available at the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce located at 819 North State Line Avenue or call (903) 792-7191. Tickets may also be purchased from any QHNA member. For more information contact Mary Warner at marynwendell@cableone.net

Thursday, December 14

Cirque Dreams Holidaze 7:30 pm Perot Theatre 221 Main Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

Thursday, December 14

Holiday Keepsake Art Journaling Workshop with Agnes Tirrito 6 pm to 8 pm Regional Arts Center 321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

December 27 - 29

Winter Art Camp Jr. with Lindsay Foster Ages 5 - 7 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm December 27, 28, and 29 Cost: $65 (Registration required) Arts on Main 218 Main Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

December 27 - 29

Winter Art Camp Sr. with Megan Griffin Ages 8 - 12 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm Cost: $65 (Registration required) Arts on Main 218 Main Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

Saturday, December 9

Drop-in Art Workshop (FREE) 1 pm to 4 pm Regional Arts Center 321 4th Street, Texarkana, TX 75501


LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Apraxia Walk October 2, 2017

Sue Smith, Scott Burks, and Jamie Sheets

Amanda Whitehead, Maggie Marie, and Cathy Mundy

Sade Wilson, Terri Tussey, Leilani Robinson, and Ava Grace Tussey

Jackie Cigainero and Tyler Holt

Bella Susan Fuqua, Whitten Whitney and Fabienne Fuqua, Clara Thrash Ayres

Alektra Hamil, Lisa Hamil, Colton Hamil, Skylar Hamlin, and Ava Mitchell

John wood, Parker Steele, and Maggie Marie

Virginia and Tom Kesterson

Scott and Melanie Norton

Tylir Alexander, Mariah Heald, and Julianna Yeager

Arkansas High School Interact Club

Walk Group Photo

ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 065

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Eagle Round- Up October 12, 2017

Jill Whittington, LaTonya McElroy and Mark Missildine

Debbie and Mike Brower

Martha and J.W. Bramlett

Kathy and James Bramlett

JadeBella Evans, Fuqua, Sharon Whitney Burdine Fuqua, and Clara Shawna Ayres Parry

Michala Terrell and Pam Beck

Laura and Ken Miller

Laura Spencer and Family

Ray and Mel Walsh

Buddy and Carolyn Allen, Charlotte and David Potter

Curt and Diane Green

Mark Missildine, Dr. Nurul Alam, and Jill Whittington

Rachael and Josh Potter

Denise Nicholson and Francine Francis

Jim McCarty, LeAnne Wright and Jon Purifoy McCarty

066 ALT Magazine |November 2017

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Jeans & Bling October 14, 2017

Suki O'Neal, Cody Adams, Samantha Rogers, and Miriam Smith

Dr. Brent and Morgan Bennett

Carl Jensen and Alyssa Bertrand

Skipper Wormington and Annette Killer

Bella Fuqua, Jim and Whitney BrendaFuqua, Rochelle Clara Ayres

Joe and Linda Strickland

Betty and Ron Howard

Bonnie Reed, Hazel Heinrichs, Marci Conley, and Glen Willyard

Carole and Jim Boswell

Kristen Sharp and Salena McCloskey

Cranford and Kathy Graves

Erica Visser and Karen Landsdell

Karen Landsdell, Mike Ingram, and Sylvia Harrison

Sydney Steely, Shanne Mock, Chris Stuard, Tammy Stone, and BJ Maberry

Lucas Hoge ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 067

Local Rescues

Adopt, Don’t Shop! ARKLATEX COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE Facebook.com/ ArklatexCockerSpanielRescue ARTEX ANIMAL WELFARE, INC. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990



Boxer Rescue of Texarkana Texarkana Animal League


Kitties Pad Rescue


Passion For Pooches

ATLANTA ANIMAL LEAGUE Facebook.com/ AtlantaAnimalLeague BOXER RESCUE OF TEXARKANA Facebook.com/ BoxerRescueOfTexarkana KITTIES PAD RESCUE Facebook.com/TheKittiesPad MUTTLEY CREW GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE Facebook.com/ MuttleyCrewRescue POODLE PATCH RESCUE INC PoodlePatchRescue.com PASSION FOR POOCHES (mostly small dogs) Facebook.com/passionforpooches

Annie - Arklatex Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Tasha & Sasha

Texarkana Humane Society



Muttley Crew

Poodle Patch Rescue Inc.


TEXARKANA ANIMAL LEAGUE Facebook.com/ TexarkanaAnimalLeague TEXARKANA HUMANE SOCIETY TexarkanaHumaneSociety.org Facebook.com/ TexarkanaHumaneSocietyInc TEXARKANA REPTILE & AMPHIBIAN RESCUE Facebook.com/TkReptileRescue TOBY’S TALES (mostly wildlife) Facebook.com/Tobysname

Bruce Wayne

Texarkana Humane Society





The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call 870.773.6388, or visit: www. animalcareadoptioncenter.org or www.facebook.com/AnimalCare AdoptionTXK. Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog.



GG 068 ALT Magazine |November 2017







We also have SPONSORED dogs and cats! This means someone has already paid for their vetting! Come see who’s waiting! We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more.

WE’RE OPEN! M-F 11A-5P & SAT 11A-2P





5820 Richmond Rd. | Texarkana, TX 75503 | (877) 525-4825 | Fax: (870) 330-0057 ALT-Mag.com | November 2017 069 info@texarkanaanimalleague.org | TexarkanaAnimalLeague.org



070 ALT Magazine |November 2017


Have the best

Thanksgiving Day with a new home!

Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186

Tracy Spradlin Broker 903-748-2477

Jan Williams Realtor 903-277-5771

Tara Whelchel Realtor 903-293-1429

Stephanie Maddox Realtor 903-701-1341

1356 N. Kings Hwy. | Nash, TX 75569 | 903.223.0710 www.ImpactRealtyOnline.com | billsprad@aol.com | spradlintd@aol.com

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