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November 2018 | Volume 12 | Issue 11

An Oath With No Expiration Date


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An Oath With No Expiration Date


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From the Publisher... The holidays are here! I love this time of year, when the leaves change colors, the temperatures drop, and the festivities begin. For most, that means Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. But we must not forget about our veterans. Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. President Wilson proclaimed that date as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…”

Veterans Day: A celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

The original concept for the celebration was for a day observed with parades and public meetings and a brief suspension of business beginning at 11:00 a.m. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938, a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace. On June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor American veterans of all wars, with “Armistice” being replaced with “Veterans.” This month, Ben Groom graces our cover. Ben has a wonderful history of serving his country, and now serves others in a different capacity. From a military life, to helping children learn, Ben gives back what he can. That’s what veterans have done for our country and they deserve the recognition not just on Veteran’s Day, but every day. Some give all, but all give some. For those who have served, I applaud you. You are what makes this country great. We will remember. May God bless you and yours…

08 ALT Magazine | November 2018

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An Oath With No Expiration Date By: Anne Granado

Some may say that Ben Groom has done it all. His resume includes being a writer for the Texarkana Gazette, a Sergeant in the Army, a worker for the National Security Administration, a conversion trainer for Bank One, a Spanish teacher at Liberty Eylau, a collector of manuscripts, a homeschool teacher, a tutor, and a rancher. The thread that weaves these various positions together begins when Ben was just a young boy. His father and mother, William and Jean Groom, really stressed the importance of education to their children, but more than that, they encouraged their children to get out and see the world and to really experience life. This is a lesson that Ben has never forgotten as he has traveled the world and landed back in Hooks, Texas. “Neither of my parents were teachers, but I grew up with a passion for education,” Ben says. “My brothers and I were taught at an early age that if you get an education, you can do what you want to, meaning you have options. Now this is something I tried to pass to my own kids and the kids I homeschool and tutor.” Ben’s father, William, grew up on a farm. His parents were sharecroppers, and he was the oldest child, so he took care of his siblings while his parents worked in the fields. He would put his brothers and sisters on a blanket and pull them from one row to the next so that his mother could see them while she worked. He then went into the Army and law enforcement. He became the head of security for Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and then head of security worldwide for Day and Zimmerman. “Even though I lost my father when I was fourteen, he is still my hero. He accomplished many things even though he only had a fifth grade education,” Ben says. “I just feel so blessed to have had the childhood I had and two parents who loved us. I don’t remember a day going by when they didn’t tell us they loved us.” The boys listened to their parents and each pursued their own passions. Ben’s oldest brother, William (Bill) Parker, earned a doctorate in education from University of Arkansas. He also went into the Army and worked up to the rank of general; however, he medically retired after being diagnosed with 010 ALT Magazine | November 2018

Parkinson’s Disease. Ben’s middle brother, Sun Ray Cloud, Jr., who went by Joe, earned a bachelor’s degree from University of North Texas, a master’s degree at University of Texas, and a law degree from University of Houston where he stayed on to help develop their library. Ben attended Texarkana College for his associate’s degree, and then he also attended University of North Texas for his bachelor’s degree in Spanish and master’s degree in education. “Even though we grew up in Hooks, there was no pressure to stay here. We all left Hooks the day we graduated, and we went out and cut our own trails and all went different directions,” Ben says. “My parents always told us that we were young and to get out there and learn something. My parents didn’t care what we pursued; they just wanted us to do what we wanted to do and to try to be good at it. We didn’t have ‘helicopter parents.’ They would let us fail and make mistakes. We would get ourselves into trouble, and then they would watch us work ourselves out of it. They were decent, hard-working people.” When Ben first graduated, he started at Texarkana College for his associate’s degree even though he received a scholarship to Duke University. He had planned to stay with relatives while pursuing his degree in North Carolina, but he found out that his mother, Jean, had cancer, and he wanted to stay in town to be with her. “I stayed here and took care of her. We lost her in 1976. I know that a lot of people would say that it’s horrible I’ve lost both my parents, and while it was hard, I still just appreciate the childhood we had growing up. Even my parents’ deaths taught me a lot,” Ben says. “It sounds cliche, but their deaths taught me to appreciate life and to appreciate it every day. I also lost my middle brother, Joe, in 1986. Life is precious, and we should make the most of it.” While pursuing his associate’s degree, Ben began writing for Texarkana Gazette. He also wrote a music column for seven other newspapers. However, when he married in 1976, he needed to make a larger income for his family, so he took a job at Cooper Tire. “I was not cut out for that kind of work, but the money was good. We grew up knowing that you do what you have to do to support your family, so I did it. I also worked at this time for a trucking company loading some of their trucks,” Ben says.

Story by: Anne Granado

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” a quote by Aristotle | November 2018 011


Ben adopted his wife’s five-year-old daughter, Randee, and they had a son, Heath, in 1982. When the marriage ended in 1987, Ben decided to make a change and join the Army like so many members of his family had done. In 1988 Ben joined the Army at the age of 32, and he found a home there. “My family has a long military tradition. I lost an uncle in Korea, my father served in World War II, my brother served in Vietnam, and my great great uncle served in World War I, so the only war our family didn’t go into was the Spanish American War,” Ben says. “Our family was represented in every war from the Civil War to Iraq War. I was even born on Lone Star Ammunition Plant where they were making bombs for the Army.”

finished diagnostician training. “I majored in education because education intrigues me. I want to learn something new every day, and I want to instill that in my kids,” Ben says. “I tell them ‘Do not just be mindless followers.’ They need to go find out for themselves. They need to get out and learn something.” Ironically, Ben did not immediately begin a job in educating children. Instead, he began by educating and training adults. Because of his writing background and military background, he was sought out to work for Bank One as a consultant. As the company bought out banks, Ben would go and train the employees on the new system. He liked the work and the salary, so he continued until Chase bought out Bank One, and they asked him to move to Columbus, Ohio, to work in their training department. “I’m not one for the cold,” Ben says,”so I decided to move back home. I got out of the banking business and moved back home to spend time with my grandchildren. I had three at the time, but now I have six.”

"The best part of teaching is that ‘eureka moment’ that they always talked about in college. When the light comes on, it makes it all worthwhile."

Ben served in the Army from 1988 to 1995, and he discovered two of his life-long passions while in the Army: foreign languages and math. He was recruited to work for the National Security Administration while in the Army. He learned Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish while working in the NSA. Because of his ability to speak and translate, Ben was able to see the world. Due to his training in Portuguese and Spanish, Ben worked counter narcotics in Maryland where he was sent to South America many times. However, Ben took a long fall in Virginia that hurt his back severely. Then, while training in San Antonio, he stepped in a hole while running and hurt his knee. “They told me I was pretty much through, but I didn’t want to be. I loved my time in the Army, and I wanted to serve the rest of my life,” Ben says. “But, I took my disability and went on, and it was the smartest thing I could have done because I got educated.” The Army paid for Ben to finish his bachelor’s degree in Spanish at University of North Texas. Then, he went on to get a master’s in special education and

012 ALT Magazine | November 2018

When Ben moved to Texarkana, he was not in a hurry to find another job so soon. Content with enjoying his family and country-living, Ben was mowing his yard one day when the principal of Liberty-Eylau High School, Lewis Lincoln, pulled up in his car. “He said, ‘I hear you teach Spanish," and explained that they needed help finding a Spanish teacher. I told him that I would help him for 30 days until they found someone to be a permanent teacher,” Ben says. “I was able to handle the class, and I never really had any problems there. I don’t know if it is my military background or really what it is, but the kids know they can trust me, and I’ve never really had any discipline problems in my classroom. After 30 days, they said that needed another 30 days, and I


realized that they were not looking for my replacement.” The administration convinced Ben to stay the rest of the year and that year turned into three. Then, Ben worked for credit recovery at Ashdown High School. However, Ben was never completely satisfied with public education. He didn’t agree with some of the policies and grading regulations, and he hated having to move so fast through the curriculum that he was never really sure if the students were mastering the content. Looking for a better way, Ben talked to a homeschool coordinator and got inspired. He rented office space in Pleasant Grove and started homeschooling during the day and tutoring in the evenings. His business stayed busy, and Ben eventually bought a home in Wake Village with a space that he could use for teaching. “My son was homeschooled, and we were always very happy with it,” Ben says. “The kids I’ve taught had just exceeded their parents’ ability to teach them at home, and I began to really help kids in math and reading.” Now, Ben can accommodate about eight children in | November 2018 013


his homeschool. They are mainly from 9th to 12th grade, but Ben has now taught kids from a broad range of ages. Over the last 11 years, Ben has taught about one hundred children in homeschool and many more in his tutoring business. His students have pursued college, welding school, real estate school, and the medical field. “I’ve been blessed. I’ve never run one advertisement. All of my students from day one have been from word of mouth,” Ben says. Ben has stayed so busy with the business that he had to slow down the tutoring because he was teaching all day and then tutoring from about 5:00-9:00p.m. The students in the home school take modules and online classes. They attend year round from about 8:30a.m. till 12:30 a.m., and they only attend two days a week during the summer. Ben has found that year-round school helps with retention, and at his homeschool, he is focused on what is best for kids and their learning environment. A lot of Ben’s students are students with special needs or learning disabilities that would hinder them in the fastpaced classrooms of public school. “I believe that all students can and should learn,” Ben says. “I just tell them, ‘Hey, not everyone is Einstein and not everyone learns the same way, but if you don’t ever try, you aren’t going to learn anything.’ I really believe that students today are scared of making mistakes, but they’ve got to learn not to fear failure. I am by no means a perfect parent, but I do wish that more parents would just let their kids be kids and make mistakes.” Though Ben purchases a lot of his materials from Alpha Omega, a program available through the Baptist Book Store, his classroom does not have a religious focus. “I am a born again Christian,” Ben says, “but I don’t want the pastors teaching or the teachers preaching. I have students from all religious backgrounds. We all have some similar foundational beliefs, but I’m not here to teach the Bible. I believe that is something that is done in the home.” Besides doing school work, Ben requires his students to learn life skills. He teaches them household skills, and he stresses the importance of hard work. He teaches them how to cook and how to buy groceries. He points out the prices of items at the store and nutritional information. “I want to teach them how to do things with their hands besides just play games,” Ben says. “I tell them they need to learn how to be ready for the real world. They can’t just live on Hot Pockets the rest of their lives. I want them to know there is more to life, even as a child, than just school.” The other aspect that makes Ben’s homeschool unique is the individual touch he is able to offer every student. Ben explains that while public school teachers have to have a certain number of grades and teachers have to cover a certain number of pages in the book, Ben makes sure that the student has mastered the material before

014 ALT Magazine | November 2018

moving on. “In public school, they say that special needs children have to have modifications, but my passing score is 90. I don’t modify my tests. A student may take it five to six times, but they learn what’s on that test,” Ben says. “In the end, it’s not about the tests. I want that child to learn, and I do not accept mediocrity. We are going to keep at it until we get the best that we can, and then we are going to move on. The best part of teaching is that ‘eureka moment’ that they always talked about in college. When the light comes on, it makes it all worthwhile.” When Ben isn’t teaching or tutoring, he is taking care of his bucking bulls and getting back into what he calls “the cowboy life,” but Ben says the kids keep him young and that he has no plans to retire any time soon. “I’m always amazed at what the kids do and say, and it keeps me in touch with society in general,” Ben says. “They are just mirrors of what they see out there. I don’t need Facebook; I can just sit around a bunch of kids and they will tell me what’s going on. But I want kids to be engaged. It seems like it’s harder to get kids engaged in things these days. I tell them not to live their lives vicariously through a computer; go out and actually see it.” Ben says that the biggest concern he sees with homeschooling is the fear that a child will not be socialized like they will in public education; however, Ben argues that socialization starts at home. “I see so many parents and kids on their phones at restaurants. I’m just always shocked,” Ben says. “I’m really big about trying to educate parents as much as kids about helping kids get off the phone and computer. I tell them, ‘Get in here and be a part of your child’s life, teach them and be part of it. Be a parent. Don’t be a buddy.’”

Ben credits his own parents for his success in education and the relationships he is able to build with the students in his classroom. His students know that he means what he says and that he has their best interests at heart. His students know that Ben cares about them and wants them to succeed. These are the same philosophies that Ben learned from his mom and dad growing up and the same ones he wants to spread to a new generation. “I lived a blessed life to have the parents that I did and to grow up in the time period that I did, but more than that, I’m blessed to have grown up in the

country that I did. I love my parents, I love my kids--my own children and my students--and I love this country. Even with all its faults, bumps and warts, I’ve been all over the world and this is the greatest place on earth to live,” Ben says. “I want my students to get out and experience things the way I was able to. I’ve been so blessed to see the world and so many other cultures and people, and I’m not through yet.”

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What’s to love, Texarkana? Join the Big LIFT Movement!

When did it become a thing to bash the place where you live? Maybe it’s always been a tendency to some degree in every community, but I’ve been noticing little digs toward Texarkana a lot more lately. When someone moves to town, I hear comments like, “Why in the world did you move here of all places?” In fact, one colleague moved here from Lubbock and remarked how beautiful Texarkana was. Her co-workers nearly laughed her out of the room in disbelief. “This place, beautiful?” I would like to say I have never been party to this kind of town-bashing, but that simply would not be true. Looking back on my own behavior, I can’t even tell you why I thought it necessary to speak so negatively about my hometown. I doubt I’m alone, though. I’m sure I have a great number of people in my company. Since you’re reading this article, or at least you’ve hung with me this far, I’d like to challenge you to join me on a new quest, a purposeful journey toward appreciating the place we call home – Texarkana

018 ALT Magazine | November 2018

USA. I’ll go first, but as you continue reading, I hope you’ll think about the things you love about Texarkana. 1. I love being able to walk downtown and remember Saturday mornings strolling those same streets with my mother and sisters. There was nothing better than eating a chocolate ice cream cone from Wellsworth or spinning around on a Woolworth’s counter stool unless, of course, it was a riding up Belk Jones’s escalator. Downtown holds many precious memories for me, so to those working so hard to restore this area and make it something our own children can grow up loving, thank you! Because of you and your work, our town has more to love with each passing month! 2. I love Texarkana for its rich, and sometimes quirky, history and culture. From its start as a railroad town to a bustling downtown with streetcars, from its infamy as the home of the Phantom Killer mystery to its longrunning, friendly crosstown rivalry between Arkansas


High and Texas High, Texarkana brims with the kind of stories people long to hear and be part of. The people in our stories are adventurers, and their blood and spirit still live in Texarkana residents today. If you seek out these historical riches and listen closely to these stories, you will find your love for our town growing with each new bit of knowledge. If you need a guide, drop in and visit with Dr. Beverly Rowe at Texarkana’s Old Town Museum located at 202 East Broad Street. There’s no better person to share Texarkana’s story with you than Dr. Rowe. 3. I love the recreational areas in Texarkana, especially the campgrounds at Wright Patman Lake. My daughter’s boyfriend is relatively new to Texarkana. Last weekend, the two of them came to visit us at Clear Springs Campground, one of the campgrounds at Wright Patman Lake. As soon as Justin stepped from the truck, he started admiring the scene. “This is a really pretty place. I love the view.” To Morgan’s credit, she did not start correcting him. She agreed and began telling him about some of our trips to the campground when she was a little girl. Because I had already begun this journey toward appreciating my hometown, I caught myself before canceling their admiration with the things that could be better about the place. The thought occurred to me, “Which does the greater harm, graciously overlooking a negative for the sake of what’s positive, or overlooking a positive for the sake of what’s negative? I believe it’s better to take the second path.

A&M-Texarkana because it is my alma mater, the institution that awarded me my bachelor’s and master’s degrees and equipped me to go on and earn my doctorate at the University of New England. Today, I serve as A&M-Texarkana’s Director of BAAS Programs and get to do for adult students what so many others at the university did for me. I won’t go any further in this writing, but I hope you get the idea. There is so much to love about Texarkana, but no one else will love her if we don’t start doing it ourselves. So what about it, Texarkana? What’s to love, Texarkana? Join the Big LIFT Movement Celebrating What’s to LOVE in Texarkana Go to GOTXK.ORG to subscribe to the GOTXK Newsletter and join the conversation at #goTXK!

4. I love Texarkana College. Why? Because when I was 30 years old and wanting to go to school, I walked into the counselor’s office feeling out of place, wondering if I would even be accepted. Dr. Ronald Bright, one of the counselors at the time, not only encouraged me to give college a try, he convinced me that I would knock my studies out of the water. Thanks to wonderful instructors like Jane Daines, Dr. Janet Brantley, Dr. Alyce Bunting, Margaret Rauch, Delbert Dowdy, and many more, I did do quite well! 5. I love Texas A&M University-Texarkana. Dr. Doris Davis, Dr. Lila Walker, Dr. Glenda Ballard, Dr. Tommie Hughes, Dr. Teri Fowler, Dr. Jane Hastings, and so many more led me into the career I now enjoy. They showed me the transformational power of education, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love | November 2018 019

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About Vanco Systems Vanco Systems is a family owned business that began in 1987 servicing the Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma areas. Randy Ottinger leads the Sales Team while Daniel Plunkett and Jamey Pearson spearhead the Service Division. Mandi Pearson and Teala Rushing lead the Administration staff. Vanco carries a full line of Toshiba Multi-Function devices that copy, scan, print and fax in black and white or color. Vanco Systems prides itself in providing local dispatch service support which gives us the ability to provide an average of a four hour response time on most service calls.

“Vanco Systems has truly Vanco Systems President Allen Clement Accepts Award from (left to right) excelled in their collective sales Toshiba’s Larry White, Scott Maccabe and Ted LeBlanc performances in 2018,” stated Toshiba America Business Solutions were recognized for this award. We also Chief Revenue Officer Larry White. have a very strong and loyal customer “I am equally proud of the positive About Toshiba America Business Solutions, base that we are very thankful.” Inc. impact they’ve made within their Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) community. Allen Clement and his team provides multifunction printers, managed Vanco Systems is among seven elitehave donated their time, talent and document services and digital signage for performing U.S. independent resellers treasure to worthy nonprofits to help businesses of all sizes throughout the United Toshiba recognized. Toshiba selected create a better world where they live States, Mexico, and Central and South Brookfield, Wis. reseller, James America. The company’s award-winning and work.” Imaging Systems 2018 Dealer of the e-STUDIO™ copiers and printers provide quality performance with the security Year, Houston reseller, Stargel Office Allen Clement, President of Vanco businesses require. Solutions All Star and first-year channel Systems, said of the award, “ We are partner, Oklahoma Copier Solutions, very honored to receive this Award located in Norman, Okla., Rookie of the from Toshiba. It takes a great staff, Year. from sales, service and administration, to be recognized as the top dealer in our region. We are blessed to have several team members that have been with Vanco for over 10 years. They add stability and instill the values that we strive for with any new team members. Their dedication to Vanco is why we

Randy Ottinger Sales

Toshiba’s other regional award winners include Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office, headquartered in New York (East region), Chicago-based Proven IT (Midwest region) and Kelley Imaging Systems located in Kent, Wash. (West region).

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Our Love Story... We met in college and it was love at first sight. We have endured a lot in the 7 years of knowing each other including 2 years of long distance. That distance helped us realize the most that we could make it through anything. On December 31st, we were getting ready to go to a friend's house. I walked around the corner and there he was on one knee proposing! It was private and so special.

Parents of the Bride: Teddy and Donna Walthall Parents of the Groom: Bill and Tara Allday, Ed and Starr Thompson Matron of Honor: Sadie Carey Maid of Honor: Randee Jo Langley Bridesmaids: Carly Allday, Ashley Klimaszewski, Larry Graham, Kinder Patton, Haley Herring, Megan Toon, Leigh Welch Best Man: Frank Allday V Groomsmen:  Carter Hogan, Hunter Allday, Trey Buck, Cade Thompson, Caleb Dudley, Dave Welch, Colby Green, Austin Mote Pastor/Officiant: Zach Gryder

024 ALT Magazine | November 2018

Flowers: Greenleaf Wholesale Florist Hair: The Beauty Barr Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Wedding Coordinator: Southern Social Txk Cake: Robin Hamnett Cakes Caterer: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Rentals: Dot's Rental Photographer: Cristi Hoyt Photography Wedding Invites: Vista Print Wedding Dress: Bridal Boutique Tuxedos: Squires

JUNE 2, 2018

What Made it Special?

The most special thing about our wedding day was that it was also my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We look up to my parents in many ways, especially because of their love for each other. Our wedding day was also so special because of the amount of people there. Over 250 people came to watch our magical day unfold. We haven’t stopped talking about how blessed we are that all of our family and friends were able to celebrate our love for each other.

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Our Love Story... We met each in middle school, and we instantly became best friends. Throughout our friendship, we gave each other relationship advice and always went to each other with our problems. When I became a sophomore in high school (he was a junior), his best friend texted me and asked if I had feelings for him. It was a huge surprise to me since we had always been best friends. After thinking on it for awhile, I figured that I would regret it if I didn’t at least see what could evolve from our friendship. After dating for over 3 years, he proposed to me. We got married the following spring on March 10, 2018. I am so glad that his best friend decided to text me that day and that I took the chance.

What Made it Special? One of my favorite parts of our wedding was when we read letters to each other while hand in hand with a door between us so that we couldn’t see each other prior to the wedding. We didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, and we also didn’t feel comfortable reading our own vows in front of a 100+ people. The letters allowed us to still give a personal message to each other and be in private. The only other person there was our photographer. These photos are some of my favorite of the wedding.

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MARCH 10, 2018 Parents of the Bride: April and Robert Shumate Parents of the Groom: Tony and Regina Braley Maid of Honor: Natalie Shumate Bridesmaids: Madison Falgout, Kara Richardson, Brooke Falgout, Karley Marrow, and Ashlyn Harvey Best Man: Dylan Davis Groomsmen: James Rouse, Warren Falgout, Mason Robertson, Sky Smith, and Austin Harvey Flower Girl: Carlee Robinson Ring Bearer: Brody Erey Pastor/Officiant: Corey Calicott Flowers: Elizabeth Lofton Hair & Make-up: Karlee McDonald Venue: Ramage Farms Wedding Coordinator: Sheri Walston Cake: Robin Hamnett Cakes Caterer: Chef On The Run Rentals: Dots Photographer: Makayla Jones and Hailie Flood Wedding Dress: Low’s Bridal & Formal Wear Wedding Jewelry: Crocker’s Jeweler Tuxedos: Squires

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Our Love Story... We met on the dating app called “Plenty of Fish” and ended up living on the same street as each other. As cliché as it sounds it was kind of love at first sight. We always just “went” together. The proposal is a funny story because I had seen on his phone that he was going to propose in August 2017 but never told him I knew. Little did I know he had changed the plan and when we went on a vacation with my parents to Colorado in July 2017. He took me up to Seven Falls and asked me to marry him. Safe to say I was definitely caught off guard. 028 ALT Magazine | November 2018

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 Parents of the Bride: Michael and LaCretia Bates, Shawn and Carrie Bishop Parents of the Groom: Randy and Joanna Coleman Grandparents of the Bride: Mike and Debbie Brower Matron of Honor: Miranda Snodgrass Bridesmaids: Heather Waterhouse, Kaitlyn Bishop, Alexis George, and Rachel Halie Best Man: Hunter Pettey Groomsmen: Ryan Cooper, Kolbe Adams, Shawn Bishop, and Eric Bishop Flower Girls: Allie Bishop & Jayden Huffman Sign Bearer: Gannon Dudley Pastor/Officiant: Kevin Myers Flowers: Persnikety Too Hair & Make-up: Ashley Alexander Venue: Garrison Gardens Cake: Julie’s Deli & Market Caterer: Chef On The Run Rentals: Special Events Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography Videogrpher: Aaron Whitehead Wedding Dress: Traditions Bridal & Formal Tuxedos: The Black Tux

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Our Love Story... Cole and I met a Razorback football game in Little Rock in October 2014. Even though we both grew right here in Texarkana, we attended different high schools and really didn’t know each other. We were introduced by some mutual friends at the game and hit it off right away. We continued to text occasionally after the game. A couple weeks later, Cole and some of his friends came to Fayetteville for a football game. We spent some time together again that weekend, and although we really liked each other and seemed to have so much fun together, dating someone 5 hours away my freshman year at the U of A was not in my plans. My mom reminds me that I called her saying that I was really trying not to fall for Cole, but that he was just so nice. It wasn’t long though until we were driving back and forth from Fayetteville to Magnolia seeing each other as often as we could over the next three years.

What Made it Special? One thing that really made our wedding special was getting married in our church, First United Methodist Church of Texarkana. Several months before our engagement, Cole and I began looking for a church of our own. Each time we visited FUMC we were showered with so much love and kindness. Rev. Rob Holifield, the associate pastor showed such interest in us and made us feel so welcome. We finally decided that this was definitely the church for us. A short time later, Rev. Holifield baptized Cole with all of our close family members present. This was a special and important occasion for Cole and I. It was the beginning of a strong bond we would have with Rob. This last year we have developed many wonderful relationships at FUMC, so being able to stand in the front of our church with our family and friends present and have Rev. Holifield preform our marriage ceremony made our wedding so special. 032 ALT Magazine | November 2018

During the summer of 2017, Cole invited me to go on vacation to Colorado with his family. Little did I know, Cole was planning a proposal. He had already talked to my parents and his, so everyone knew our engagement was impending except me! I noticed that Cole was acting a little strangely on the plane right there and then I thought t even stranger that he wanted to go explore Denver when we finally arrived at nearly 1am! As we walked and explored we saw a beautiful bridge in the distance and decided to walk to it. When we got to it he popped the question! The next day we were meeting his family to stay in a beautiful cabin in Steamboat. When we arrived at the cabin in was decorated with banners and all kinds of wonderful surprises to celebrate our engagement. The rest of the vacation was so special since we got to spend it as a newly engaged couple.

JUNE 9, 2018 Parents of the Bride: Joe and Leann Byrd Parents of the Groom: Chris and Jamie Harris, Jennifer and Tracy Harrison Maid of Honor: Madison Duncan Bridesmaids: Stephanie Fishback, Cheyenne Anderson, Sarah Hughes, Brittin Patton, Hannah Brantley, Claire Wade, and Marissa Jeans Best Man: Drew Woodman and Jackson Harris Groomsmen: Jared Brown, Ryan Hensley, Dylan Silvey, Austin Bryd, Blake Resecker, Kevin Harris, and Brett Rhinehart Pastor/Officiant: Rev. Rob Holifield Flowers: Chateau Floral Service by Kyle Barrett Hair: Taylor Barr Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Cake: Claire Benefield Caterer: Whisk Catering DJ: Wes Spicher Rentals: Special Events Photographer: Kendal Dockery Thompson Wedding Invites: Vista Prints Wedding Dress: Low’s Bridal and Formal Wear Tuxedos: Traditions Bridal & Formal

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Our Love Story... Caroline: After I became employed at Chapter House, I decided to make Ken be my friend. Ken running carpool is the beginning of me falling in love with him. He posted a picture on Facebook of him being stuck in traffic while taking guys to the court house for probation. I got in my Chapter House email and found an email he had sent that had his cell phone number on it and texted him. Everyone who knows me knows I love a creepy introduction. Funny enough, he never had to ask who it was. From there, I made him be my friend. Finally I asked him if he wanted to go on a walk one afternoon and he obliged. I remember we sat on the couch and talked for a long time that night and I knew I had never met anybody like him. Thank you to the little boy I babysit for asking him if he was my boyfriend. My life has never been the same. Ken: It started with a sad emoji and a response on my facebook wall. My friend asked me the next day what was going on there and I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn’t know that this simple post was the start of something that would change my life forever. From there Caroline proceeded to pull me out of my room and into her life. I had already added her phone number from an email she had sent previously so when I received that first text there was no guessing who it was. After that I found out Caroline liked fizzy water so I bought her a Topo Chico and put it in the fridge with a sticky note on her desk and the fridge. From there she kept pulling me out of my room and I kept falling. Best thing to ever happen to me.

Parents of the Bride: Thomas and Lisa Waston Parents of the Groom: Richard and Christine Kobylinski Matron of Honor: Mary Beth Oakley Bridesmaids: Sarah Mascoe, Sarah Sorce, Noel Cromer, Crystal Whitten, Mindy McMahon, and Blair Ver Meer Best Man: Paul Skinner Groomsmen: Benjamin Waston, Parker Mullins, Aaron Stacey, and Dante Galluncini Pastor/Officiant: Michael Smith Flowers: H & N Floral Hair: Regan Cox 034 ALT Magazine | November 2018

Venue: Blessing Tree Farms Wedding Coordinator: Erica Ramage Cake: Julie’s Deli & Market Caterer: Chef On A Run Rentals: Dots Rental Photographer: Cydni Johnson at Suns-n-Roses Photography Wedding Invites: Vistaprints, calligrapher: Natalie Flemming at NRF Calligraphy Wedding Dress: Bridal Boutique Lewisville Texas

MAY 12, 2018

What Made it Special? Topo Chico played a big part of me seeing Ken’s kind heart. We had an awesome Topo Chico installation at our wedding and a Topo Chico bar. We had lots of little things that reminded us over each other. It was perfect.




Wedding Venue in Arkansas ...”spectacular”... | November 2018 035


Our Love Story...

Matthew and I are high school sweethearts. We became friends in high school, though we had both attended Avery ISD since kindergarten (he was two grades ahead of me). We began hanging out in the same crowd once I entered high school, we both played sports so we spent a lot of time together traveling back and forth to games. We quickly became really good friends and loved to make each other laugh. Neither of really know when we started to develop serious feelings for one another, but we started dating in November 2008 and have been inseparable ever since! He proposed on our 9 year anniversary of dating. I am a crazy Christmas lady, so I had my tree up and fully decorated by Nov. 30 (our anniversary). We had plans to go to Zapata’s for dinner to celebrate, so I was not really expecting anything, though in my head I was praying it would be the day he asked me to marry him. When I got home, he quickly opened his small anniversary gift and then handed me mine. It was a brown paper bag stuffed with colorful tissue paper, inside was a piece of paper with the words “The One Where Sam Finds the Perfect Ornament” (I am a HUGE fan of Friends). I will never forget the butterflies I had at that moment. He told me my gift was on the tree. I immediately spotted a silver ribbon on a bright red ornament hidden on the tree and snatched it off as quick as I could. The ornament read “Will you marry me?” I hadn’t noticed the ring attached to the ornament until I heard it hit the tile floor, he got down on one knee, grabbed the ring and asked me to marry him. I thought I was going to pass out (in the best way possible). It was one of the best days of my life and my favorite proposal idea EVER. I’ve kept the ornament on display in the house all year and I can’t wait to add it to our tree each year.

What Made it Special? We had over 35 people join us for our big day! With a destination wedding, you never know who will be able to make the trip. Even Matthew’s great-grandmother was able to attend. She is 94 years old and this was one of her first times at the beach! We were blessed with a beautiful day, surrounded by those who love us the most.

036 ALT Magazine | November 2018

AUGUST 11, 2018 Parents of the Bride: Tonnya Thomson and Lynn Armstrong Parents of the Groom: Sherry Montgomery and Ronnie Stanley Maid of Honor: Shelby Stanley Best Man: Shawn Hall Pastor/Officiant: Robert Bullock Venue: The beautiful Gulf Shores, AL Wedding Coordinator: Paradise Beach Weddings Photographer: Amy Bullock Wedding Dress: Lulu’s

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Our Love Story... I met Corey the summer before my freshman year of high school. We started dating November of my sophomore year and his senior year of high school. We dated 5 years before he proposed on July 30, 2016, with the most beautiful engagement ring. This was even more special because Corey lost his older brother, Trey, to a rare form of cancer in 2010, and the day he proposed was a celebration of his brother’s birthday. My mom planned our wedding over the last two years and it was my fairytale wedding. We chose Ramage Farms for a venue because I remember being a little girl telling my mom I wanted to walk down the stairs when I got married. We were surrounded with so much love on our wedding day. 040 ALT Magazine | November 2018

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 Parents of the Bride: Ronnie and Natalie Starkey Parents of the Groom: Kevin and Vicki Westmoreland and Billy Sutton Bridesmaids: Hailey Johnson, Courtney Green, Lauren Starkey, Madison Miller, Madison Falgout, and Natalie Adams Jr Bridesmaids: Keegan and Lainey Robinson and their escorts Brycen and Cooper Bailey, and Brody and Zane Haire Best Man: Nathan Westmoreland Groomsmen: Kade Lumpkin, Colby Thompson, Casey Schmidt, Camron Holcomb, and Ty Lewis House Party: Morgan Sharp, Champ and Cruz Bailey Flower Girls: Georgia Beydler Ring Bearer: Dawson Starkey Pastor/Officiant: Corey Callicot

What Made it Special? I had my late great grandfather’s shirt pocket sewn into my dress and it said “Pop’s girl”. That was special to me because Corey and I had bought him a blue shirt for Father’s Day one year and we used that shirt as my “something blue”. Another reason is I wore my great grandmother’s wedding set (my Pop’s wife) during the ceremony.

Hello Fall

Flowers: Cristy Bradford and Karla Bailey Hair: Jessica Haire Make-up: Lauren Starkey DJ: Donny Hunt Venue: Ramage Farms Wedding Coordinator: Erica Ramage (Bella Roo) Cake: Sweet Rose Bakery Caterer: Sugar and Spice Catering Rentals: Dot’s Rentals Photographer: Kendal Dockery Thompson Videogrpher: Eric Ethridge Wedding Dress: Terry Costa Dallas Bridesmaids dresses: Knuckleheads and Prissy Tails

4059 Summerhill Square | Texarkana, TX | 903-792-0056 abbygayle’s_gayles | Abby Gayle’s and Gayle’s

5483 Summerhill Road | Texarkana, TX 75503 903.223.5931 | | November 2018 041


What Made it Special? During our getting to know each other and friendship we have kept God at the center. We also needed and wanted God to be the undeniable presence in the entire day. Our prayer was that the presence of God would be evident for us and all that were involved with our wedding. We were surrounded by many of our friends and family, blessing us with their love and support. The joy that was in the room was evident on the faces of our friends and family. The presence of God was evident to us all!

Our Love Story...

Hunter and I grew up in the same town just a few miles down the road from each other our entire lives. Both of us had many mutual acquaintances, however we never crossed paths until one day, when we connected through Facebook. We both would see random posts and videos of each other, but one late Wednesday while broadcasting a live video, Hunter said “Hi!”. That opened the door for a friendship to begin to grow. We started talking and went on our first date just a few days later. Hunter and I laid our expectations out towards each other and we were both just looking for a friend. We’ve been told our first date was a marathon… God did so many things in our hearts over the next weeks. We began meeting up at Starbucks every Tuesday evening after my college class and the bible study he was attending. We discussed all God was doing in our lives and what He was saying to us personally. As we both fell more in love with God, through our friendship, we fell in love. Everything has happened rather fast and completely out of nowhere, but in the end God had a plan far greater than our own. As we began to get more serious, Hunter knew how important my relationship with my parents and pastors was and is to me. So, Hunter, being the amazing man he is, asked my dad if he could marry me. This may see old fashioned to some, but when you honor those who are your covering, God can then honor and bless you. (Little side note, He also spoke with my pastor because Hunter knows that as my spiritual father my pastor would need to be involved in the entire process.) Over the next few weeks, we continued to talk about our futures and all the stuff when you’re getting to know someone. Then on a random Saturday, Hunter arranged for He and I, along with our parents (both natural and spiritual) and a few others to meet at Starbucks, “randomly” …. He had prearranged with the manager that when he ordered they would write on our cups “Mr. & Mrs.” As they called out our names for our drinks, I looked at the cups and swirled around to Hunter on one knee, asking me “Will you marry me?" To be honest I don’t think he got to ask the entire question before I was saying “YES!” Those fairy tale romances still happen today and when we let God write our story, it happens in a way we would never expect or imagine. 042 ALT Magazine | November 2018

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 Parents of the Bride: Philip and Michelle Poteete Parents of the Groom: Scott and Misty Blake Matron of Honor: Sarah Stailey Bridesmaids: Kailee Dobbins, Michaela Marmon, Shelley Holland Best Man: Dan Davis Groomsmen: Ryan Truitt, Kris Weems, Justin Goforth Ushers: Colton Davis, Josh Davis, Ben Harris Flower Girls: Kyrsten Stailey Sign Bearer: Jayse Stailey Pastor/Officiant: Ben Aguirre Flowers: Michelle Poteete Hair: Michaela Marmon Make-up: Kimberly Rayburn DJ: Aaron Whitehead Venue: Christian Fellowship Church Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Poteete Cake: Robin Hamnett Caterer: Friends and family of the bride and groom Rentals: Dot’s Rentals Photographer: Jim Davis – Two’s Company Photography Wedding Dress: Traditions Bridal & Formal Tuxedos: Traditions Bridal & Formal

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Morgan Craig and Cole Pedron When Morgan and I got serious about looking at rings, we were so lucky to be able to use Micah’s Jewelers. Micah and his staff were so helpful from the day we first walked in to look around to the day I left with the perfect ring. He even had my fiancée come in to have her ring resized as soon as she got it to make sure she had the perfect fit. Micah’s Jewelers is a 5 star business. They went far beyond my expectations to make my fiancée’s dream ring. -Cole Pedron and Morgan Craig

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Come to Me, all who are WEARY AND HEAVY LADEN, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Take My yoke upon you AND LEARN FROM ME, FOR I AM Gentle and humble in heart, AND YOU you will find REST FOR YOUR SOULS. FOR MY YOKE IS EASY AND MY BURDEN IS LIGHT. Matthew 11:28-29

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Celebrate in a perfect setting and enjoy our stunning spaces. Silvermoon on Broad is a unique wedding venue in the heart of downtown Texarkana.


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Fall Back is Much Better Than Spring Forward Thanks to Daylight Savings Time there are two Sunday mornings a year when people moan and groan at church. On those two days, everyone exiting the front door of the church seems to share a disdain for saving that precious hour of daylight. “I’ve lost an hour of sleep, but luckily I was able to make it up during your sermon” some will lightly quip. In the fall, they say with relief, “At least I got that hour of sleep back. I wish they would just leave the time alone!” If there is one thing I’ve learned these last couple of years, it’s that many times sleeping has little to do with rest. Everyone needs to get a proper amount of sleep in order to physically function at his or her best. However, when our spirits are restless, it’s not sleep we need; we need true rest. Jesus said something in Matthew 11:28-30 that I overlooked far too long in my life. He said, “Come unto Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from ME, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Like so many of God’s instructions, I’ve known this passage for most of my life, but it has come alive to me lately at a time when spiritual rest seemed to have left me. When Jesus spoke these words, He did so to a group of people who were literally wearing themselves out trying to reach or please God mostly due to the man-made rules of the religious system in place at the time – rules and actions based upon some man’s opinion and not centered on God’s holy word. That’s where this season’s Fall Back was used to remind me of what to do when I find myself working to reach or please God and missing the peace He offers me in this life. Simply Fall Back! It is very easy to get worked up about life or simply so busy in life to miss the sweet communion God has provided us through Jesus Christ. When Jesus is the Lord of your life, He offers a restored relationship between you and Him; a communion or oneness is restored by His power and design. When I forget to Fall Back upon Him, and 048 ALT Magazine | November 2018


more importantly to simply be with Him, I will restlessly struggle in my walk. One Time Blind is a skit group I highly admire because their simple portrayals of our relationships with Jesus challenge my thinking. You can find their work on YouTube, and I’d highly recommend your giving them a view or two. One of their skits involves this Fall Back thought and is titled Trust Fall. Many of us have participated in an initiative or group-building project called Trust Fall. The process involves one person standing on an elevated platform and eight other people standing below who promise to catch the person as he or she falls back. I’ve seen this process work successfully, and I’ve seen it fail miserably, much like my efforts to walk with Jesus in my own power and efforts. One Time Blind added a twist to the Trust Fall game in their skit. The skit involves a woman who is struggling to trust Jesus. The Lord proposes an exercise to help her, and as He walks her through the Trust Fall game, we see how she learns to Fall Back into the faithful, waiting arms of Christ. She is so excited to learn that if she blindly falls back, Jesus will catch her. The video seems very simple at this point, but there is so much more. There is always more with Jesus! In her excitement, she encourages Jesus to back up as she faces Him and yells, “Forward fall!” Jesus stops her and says she needs to face Him, lean forward, and then Fall Back. He explains that is the real exercise. She is perplexed, just like the moments in life when we aren’t quite sure of what to do next, even as we seek His face. Then, Jesus says, “Trust me.” She looks at Him and then behind her. “There’s nothing behind me, Lord.” “Just trust me.” Sadly, she turns from the one she just called Lord and says, “I won’t.” I hate to admit it, but my life mirrors this video far too often. I love our Lord as He has so changed my life and provided a true purpose after years of trying to make it on my own. Still, even now, as I attempt to seek His face daily and walk according to His word, I struggle. Yes, you can be seeking Him face-to-face, you can be facing the right direction, and you can even be moving in the right way according to His word and still struggle at certain moments with Fall Back. Proverbs 3 encourages and instructs us on how to handle these moments when we desire to see it all and know it all before it happens. This is a common longing for all of us. Listen to verses 5 and 6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Trust Him, lean on His understanding, acknowledge Him, and He will direct you. Fall Back is more than a catch phrase about a clock. It might be a phrase to help you remember to totally trust Jesus even when you can’t see what He is doing. I promise, such a trusting life is a restful life. ______________________________________ Kevin Myers is pastor at Highland Park Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas. He and his wife, Lisa, have one daughter, Morgan. He encourages you to find God’s rest at the church of your choice and would love to welcome you if you visit Highland Park. | November 2018 049

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the more beautiful life becomes. Sitters come to you: in-home, hospital or retirement facility setting. Sitter Services Include: Bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, assisting with self-administered medications, routine hair and skin care and transfer or ambulation. *Costs about $14

per hour. Call for a customized quote. A minimum of 4 hours is required!

Owners, Karen Schmidt & Katheryn Schmidt

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Oh, for the good, old days... DBP Models enjoy a fun, vintage photo shoot. They “styled” themselves so well.

When I chose to start a modeling program, I wanted to do something different. Different places, different themes, different people. The DBP Model Team became a reality last year and has been a really wonderful experience for the models and for us. The DBP Model program is for energetic and outgoing girls and guys who will be graduating from high school for the years 2019, 2020, or 2021. Along with the high school age, we encourage “tweens” to be a part of our group as well. Being a DBP Model at Debbie Brower Photography isn’t about trying to sell portrait packages to your friends. You will get a great Portrait Experience and you will belong to a exclusive group of other DBP Models that will get plenty of opportunities be photographed, serve the community, model for ALT Magazine, be used in promotional ads and maybe even get paid to help with other photo projects. You can do as little or as much as you like. You will have lots of photos to choose each time you get involved with the extra shooting opportunities.

From vintage cars, to smoke bombs, to trash the dress, to funky fashion, to Holi powder, to super heroes, to BFFs, we try new and exciting things each year. You never know what idea we will dream up next. One idea for next year is water of some sort -maybe fountains, maybe waterfall -- we will see. Or a possible Halloween theme! Details are worked out to make your year exciting and fulfilling. I have to admit that one of my favorite things about this program is watching the girls blossom. Some are great at modeling when they join. Some learn a lot and leave with a confidence they were lacking at the beginning of the year. We love our models and hope that their time spent with us enriches their lives. We want to have fun, try new things and help everyone be the best they can be. If you are interested in becoming a DBP Model for 2019-2020, visit our website -- www.debbiebrower. com. We look forward to the end of this year and a new year beginning!

Thank you to Mike and Linda Lilly for the use of their fabulous vintage cars for this shoot! | November 2018 063


064 ALT Magazine | November 2018


Texarkana Area Apartment Association- September 2018

Wake Village Police Department- September 2018

A-B-P Ministries- September 2018

Bancor Lois & Cary Patterson Student Center at Texas A&M University-Texarkana- October 2018

Texas ToGo- October 2018

Speck Publishing, LLC- October 2018

Hill’s Auto Country- October 2018

Browning Homes, LLC- October 2018

066 ALT Magazine | November 2018


Danielle Welsey, Joseph Hood, Hope Crowder

H.W. Hall, Richard Austin, Glenda Williams, Carolyn Mudford, Merida Johnson

Jennifer Futrell, Debbie Jones, Deborah Mason, Carol Pitt

Janet Harness, Britney Cleveland, Angela Martin

Allan W. Eneaney, Ronald Diggs

Rod Williams, Gwen Malone

Michael Jimmy Hendrex, Robert Reed

Sharon & Aaron Burdine

Gina Jewell, Kenneth Johnson

Calvin Mullins, Herman York

Patsy Crumley, Noel Hayes

Karen Lansdell, Erica Cain, Erica Visser

Diane Paolucci, Pam Beck

RANDY SAMS’ DRAW DOWN 2018 09.27.2018

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Sarah McCool, Grace Olvera, Asher Beasley

Nancy Hoehn, Candee Cline, Rick Hensley Sue Hayes, Judy Short

Jeff Harlow, Karen Lansdell, Mike Ingram

Vanessa, Sydney & Dennis Schoen

Barbara & Aaron Collins, Russell Graham

Sue Smith, Karen Lansdell, Marianne Norwood

Cody Moss

Deedee Woods, Kayla Hobbs, Barbara Akins

Cristi & Scotty Pearson, David Carter, Courtney & Lucas Shelton

Sue Smith, Dawn Parker, Marianne Norwood

Al Crawford, Jeff Brown, Tess Baker, Tavo Cruz

Cody Moss, Karen Lansdell, Preston Moss

Cody Moss, Dawn Parker, Preston Moss


068 ALT Magazine | November 2018

Casey & Ashley Jones


Richard Turner, Judge Nancy Talley, Terry Roberts

Maranda Crabtree, Tanay Crabtree, Cheyenne Mathis, Annie Decaprio

Polly Brooks, Brittany Brooks, Briannah Markham

John & Jazz Ross

Julie Walker, Brittney Frost, Melissa & Jeremy Killian

Gail & Dr. Ed Eichler

Dr. Stacy Leonard & David Carter, Event Hosts

Jerry & Yulin Brewer, Suzy & Robert Irwin

Paloma & Alfonso Leal

Roger & Lisa Douglas

Erica Cain, Erica Visser, Dr. Cindy Porter

Dr. Stacy Leonard Carter, Ashley Parker


Scott & Ashley Walters, Holly & Shane Bates

Texas Unlimited Band | November 2018 069

Vernon Dean Bowman Dr. Vernon “Dean� Bowman was born and raised in Ashdown, AR. After obtaining his BA in Biology from Southern Arkansas University, he then received his Masters of Science in Physiology and Biophysics from UAMS in 1997. He then earned his medical degree from University of Arkansas College of Medicine in 2002. After completing his residency with AHEC from 2002-2005, he opened his family practice in Ashdown. He is board certified with American Board of Family Medicine. He has been serving the emergency needs of Texarkana and the surrounding areas at Wadley Regional Medical Center since 2006. He joined Texarkana Emergency Center in April 2016. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Renae, and his children Madelyn, Kadie, Jake, Kyla, and Tyler.

Centrally located East of Central Mall 4646 Cowhorn Creek Texarkana, TX 75503 | 903.838.8000 FIND US ON 070 ALT Magazine | November 2018

The physicians and staff at Texarkana Emergency Center appreciate the opportunity to have served the Texarkana community for the past year. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in the future.


Thank You, Texarkana,

for nominating me for

Best Realtor

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Real Estate - Property Management | November 2018 071

Fish Tales with Mike Brower Who Cares? I have been discussing the pros and cons of the new "Bass Pro Tour" (BPT) with some others in my fishing circle and have been asked by other what I think about it. I have pretty much the same answer every time, "Who Cares?" I mean that stuff only means something to the guys who are involved and those invited. It's just a way to make 80 favored guys more money and forget about everyone else. It's like the NBA or the NFL starting a league where a few invited players own the league, coach, and play, and those that are not in the loop are out. Fishing at the pro level has for years been trying to get to a place on par with golf. Well, it's not going to happen. In golf, the players are followed around by the gallery and it is televised live on the major networks, whereas in fishing, it will never be televised live on the major networks and the pros already whine about being followed by a gallery or rather a flotilla of people as it is now. Without a major network willing to invest the money into televising tournaments, sponsors with deep pockets willing to shell out big bucks, and the pros willing to accept the crowds of boats following them around, competitive bass fishing will never be what some envision. All the BPT consists of is a bunch of privileged fishermen who want to pat each other on the back and swap money with each other. Thus ends the rant.





OPEN TUES-SAT: 10:00-6:30, SUN: 1:00-5:30

072 ALT Magazine | November 2018

What's on the AGENDA?

NOVEMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

November 2nd - 11th

TexRep in association with Texarkana College present SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE The Play Friday, Nov 2 at 7:30pm Saturday Nov 3 at 7:30pm Sunday Nov 4 at 2pm Friday Nov 9 at 7:30pm Saturday, Nov 10 at 7:30pm Sunday, Nov 11 at 2pm at the Stilwell Theatre in the Humanities Building on Texarkana College Campus 2500 Robison Rd. Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard

Monday, November 12th

Saturday, November 10th

Thursday, November 22nd

Veterans Day Parade Texarkana Area Veterans Council hosting this year's parade. Parade will start at 11:00am at East Broad & Hazel Streets. All area organizations, schools, clubs, churches, and businesses are invited to participate. Call 870-733-8279 or 877-8244862 or e-mail to be included in the line up. The theme this year is "World War I - 100 years" Come show your support to the past, present, and future! Remember the veterans and support the troops!

Sunday, November 11th

30th Anniversary of the Korea/ Vietnam Memorial November 12 at 6:30 pm, we will celebrate the dedication of the Korea/Vietnam Memorial here in Texarkana. We will have a 30th Anniversary Re-Dedication Service at the Korea/Vietnam Memorial on Monday, November 13, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. The public is invited! Korea and Vietnam veterans are asked to attend! For more information call 870-773-8279, e-mail or go to our website @

Thursday, November 29th

Meet Crazy Horse Family Elder & Author W Matson 6pm – 8pm Texarkana Public Library 600 W 3rd St, Texarkana, Texas 75501 Crazy Horse Family Elder Floyd Clown Sr and Author William Matson discuss and sign their book "Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life and Legacy" based on the Family's oral history. The event is free and open to the public. Photo dates back to 1868 at the Fort Laramie Treaty signing. The one seated on the far left is one of Crazy Horse's maternal uncles Lone Horn. Lorn Horn applied for an agency that Crazy Horse requested before he came into Fort Robinson. The government granted it to him

so he came into Fort Robinson to claim it. While he was there he was assassinated by the government and some of his own people.

Monday, December 3rd

Main Street's Annual Christmas Parade 2018 Theme this year is: My Favorite Christmas Memory If you are wanting to participate in the parade there is a application fee of $20 and the application deadline is 11/23/18 Starts at 7:00 p.m. at Downtown Texarkana. The parade route is still being determined.

Sunday, December 9th

Christmas at the Perot 2018 4:00pm at the Perot Theatre. Texarkana Symphony Orchestra's ever popular holiday family tradition! Featuring: Don Howren, guest conductor; with musical guests: The Texarkana Jazz Orchestra. Ticket Info: $30, $42, or $55. Student tickets available with ID. Group discounts are also available. Visit the Perot Theatre Box Office at 219 Main Street, Texarkana, TX.

Want your event in the magazine or in the calendar section?

For events, send an e-mail including the name of the event, a brief description, and pictures with each person's name. For the calendar section, send all the information that you may want in the magazine. We will pick the most important parts depending on space available.

send information to | November 2018 073


074 ALT Magazine | November 2018


Tasty Donuts

he current U.S. economic expansion, the second longest on record, is now entering its 10th year. While some investors may fear that we are “due” for a recession, the Donut • Croissant Kolache • Fruit Sticks • Burrito likelihood of an• economic contraction Biscuit • Muffin • Coffee does not depend on the length ofernment agency, not bank guaranteed, subject to

risk and may lose value. 17-WorthWhile-0022 BS 8/18

NOW OPEN IN TWO LOCATIONS!! 1443 N. Kings Hwy. 903. 838. 0422

K-Mart Shopping Center 903. 223. 0149

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(903) 832-5438 600 North Kings Hwy Wake Village, TX 75501


Like us on Facebook @signgypsiesarklatex 903-392-9935 | Clyde and Beckie Lewis | November 2018 075

Local Rescues

Adopt, Don’t Shop! ARKLATEX COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE ArklatexCockerSpanielRescue ARTEX ANIMAL WELFARE, INC. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990 ATLANTA ANIMAL LEAGUE AtlantaAnimalLeague


Boxer Rescue of Texarkana


Texarkana Animal League



Passion For Pooches



Texarkana Humane Society


Arklatex Cocker Spaniel Rescue


Muttley Crew

MARCY & MURPHY Poodle Patch Rescue Inc.



TOBY’S TALES (mostly wildlife)

The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call 870.773.6388, or visit: www. or AdoptionTXK.





Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog. We also have SPONSORED dogs and cats! This means someone has already paid for their vetting! Come see who’s waiting! We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more.

LADY 076 ALT Magazine | November 2018




WE’RE OPEN! M-F 11A-5P & SAT 11A-2P

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5820 Richmond Rd. | Texarkana, TX 75503 | (877) 525-4825 | Fax:(903) 949-6589 |

2311 S. Stateline 4000 sf with 3 retail areas 20 parking spaces $219,900 MLS#101503

Connie Ruff Walker Realtor TX & AR since 1982

2693 Fm 559 Gorgeous 12.39 acres 2/1 French County Charmer Unrestricted - out of city limits MLS#101505

Maud - 10 Acres | Unrestricted Fenced Site has utilities $59,900 MLS#100997

Multi Million Dollar Producer

Service Excellence There’s No Place Like Home!

Service Excellence for over thirty-five years. Specializing in residential property, first time home buyers, land development, new home and farm-ranch property. Whether helping you sell a home or buy the one of your dreams, I can make the process understandable, simple and fast.

1831 N King Hwy Commerical Zoned / High Traffic House & Frontage Income $550/mo $149, 900 MLS#101504

Gorgeous, country home! 9.30 Acres 4 bed, 3 bath, 2 kitchen 3150 heated sq. ft. Lake, Cookshack and 3 Stall Barn $374,900 - MLS#100982

Barkman Creek Trce 7.5 acres $49,900 MLS#99868 078 ALT Magazine | November 2018

200 Roosevelt 2 bed and 1 bath / Remolded Exclusive / Appt. Realtor Owned $38,900

9723 Fm 1398 2 bed and 2 bath / Remolded Exclusive / Appt. Realtor Owned $38,900

Rose of Sharon 1/2 Acre - $15,500 1.5 Acre - $24,000 MLS#100801

M:(903) 277-0100 O:(903) 832-2486 4321 Mcknight Rd | Texarkana, Texas 75503

3708 Holloway Total HGTV makeover inside 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 living & Office $169,900

Commercial Building & Loading Dock Offices & Ample Parking $99,000 | MAKE AN OFFER MLS# 98270

BRAND NEW! 16 Rose of Sharon LOADED! 4 bed & 3 bath acre wooded lot $279, 900 MUST SEE! MLS# 101332

Beaver Creek Lake Lots over 3 acres $60,000 MLS#93100

Featured Listing 123 Silverhill

Looking for a Farm House feel, then check out this new construction. Located in Redlick, home features three bedrooms, two-half baths, large family room with gas log fireplace, open floor plan, large kitchen with island and granite counter tops, dining area, pantry. Nice size laundry room with quartz counter tops. Fantastic master suite with two walk in closets, master bath with walk in tile shower, jetted tub, double sink vanity with quartz counter tops. This home is just spectacular schedule your showing today!

Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186

Tracy Spradlin Broker 903-748-2477

Jan Williams Realtor 903-277-5771

Stephanie Maddox Realtor 903-701-1341

1356 N. Kings Hwy. | Nash, TX 75569 | 903.223.0710 | |

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