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Taste & See All That’s Good In Texarkana’s Very Own Chocolate and Gelato Shop!

Meet The Michels...

From Military to Magic TricksTexarkana Welcomes This Family!

Cattle Baron’s Ball...

Come On Out, “Y’all”, and Support the American Cancer Society!

Elvis Is Coming... To the Perot! You Do Not Want to Miss This!

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Enhancing Texarkana’s Tastes...

Dreams have come true for this family of sweet- geniuses... and Texarkana is reaping the benefits! S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 / Vo l . 7 , I s s u e 9

Publisher / Debbie Brower Editor / Miranda Johnson


Associate Editor / Jaclyn Gooding

14 E n h a n c i n g Te x a r k a n a ’ s Ta s t e s 24 Putting the “Poof” in Te x a r k a n a


F u r r y Ta l e s


Real Estate


Second Chances True Light


Cattle Baron’s Ball



Donny Edwards- The Next Best Thing to the King?

46 Uncorked




Dear Kendra

Ve n u s F r e e z e P a r t y


Keeping It Real

58 Rosehill Ridge Grand Opening


Financial Focus


Te m p l e D r a w D o w n


F i s h Ta l e s


Business After Hours


E a s t e r S e a l s / Te m p l e Benefit Concert


Gayle’s Trunk Show


71 Christus Duck Kick-Off Reception

Putting the “Poof” in Texarkana... Dr. Jason Michel and his family are bringing skills, compassion and even a little magic to our community!


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September 2013

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. . . it beats to enjoy the view right outside my front door... but my heart beats because of CHRISTUS St. Michael. Bill Roberts Quadruple Heart Bypass


From a 50-year law career, to his family, his church, his community, and his friends, Bill Roberts has planted a lot of seeds right here in Texarkana. With a heart condition described as “a bomb about ready to go off,” he almost didn’t get to see those seeds continue to grow. Bill chose CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System, the regional leader in matters of the heart, for his care. Only four days after his quadruple bypass surgery performed by cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons, Dr. M. Bruce Cannon and Dr. Kenneth Lee, Bill was right back at home. In fact, he enrolled in the CHRISTUS St. Michael Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and soon plans to rejoin the Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health & Fitness Center.  

“When it comes to quality heart care, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The care I got right here at home was nothing short of wonderful.”

KEEPING IT REAL... A Letter From The Publisher

Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

I love owning my own business. Although I have my

first met Jason at the paintball park. An avid and competitive

ups and downs, my moments when I want to scream and beat

player, Jason became fast friends with our league players.

my fists on my desk, those are few and far between and there

Then we met Samantha and Savannah! What gems they

are so many more moments that I have smiling and laughing,

are! And for those who don’t have a 4 year old going on 16,

happy to be exactly where I am. I am often asked how I

you just don’t know what a delight you are missing! While

multitask so well. Maybe it’s because I have always done

Samantha has a heart of gold where homeless pets are

several things at the same time – or so it seems – or maybe

concerned, Savannah has the same loving kindness – just in a

it’s just because when it happens, you do it! Either way, it

different package! I love that child! Not to leave Jason out – he

works for me. Yes, owning a small business (or several) is just

is one of those people I consider a “real” friend. If you are in

my way of life.

need, he is there. When Charlie had a crown break one Friday night, and her dentist was out of town, Jason was there to go

This month, we meet two local small business owners

back to the office and help her keep from going all weekend

that you may not know about. One wished upon a dandelion

with only one front tooth! He was her super-hero that day –

and her wish (eventually) came true! For Greg and Denay

and he remains one of our heroes to this day. Isn’t that what

Maheu, and son, Brock Brewer, owning a candy shop is a

friends are supposed to do?

dream come true. From freshly made gelatos and chocolates, to coffees from all over the world, their hard work is evident

from the first delightful taste! So not only will the product of

will take me away from everything and give me a desert island

their hard work amaze you, how they got here will, too! I love

somewhere! But it would have to have the internet…and cell

visiting with each of them when I visit Taste and See. It’s so

phone service…and restaurants because I’m not going to

inviting to just go by, have a cup of coffee, a gelato, some

cook…HAHA! Everyone who knows me knows that that would

candies to-go for the hubby, sit a while and relax. What a great

be my worst nightmare! I would never sit around doing nothing

place to call “work.”

for long – although I’d like to try it for a couple of weeks!

Now I’m dreaming of another super hero – one that

Hmmmm…maybe I’ll start planning my next vacation! Sounds

For Jason and Samantha Michel, the road to

like a plan. Kids, are you ready?

Texarkana was a little bit different. From the Army’s many trials and tribulations, to a private practice here in Texarkana, Jason practices his endodontic skills over in Galleria Oaks. We 8

ALT Magazine

September 2013

May God bless you… Publisher



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ALT Magazine

September 2013

Psalm 34: 8, King James Version

by: Jane Bouterse


Tastes “Profound and completely unappreciated.” According to Patrick McNamara, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine, our dreams are “profound and completely unappreciated.” They do affect our social interactions and usually have no expiration date. Denay and Greg Maheu and Denay’s son, Brock Brewer, can attest to the validity of McNamara’s study. They had dreams which occurred both early and later in their lives and were, at the time they occurred, unappreciated; however, these dreams clearly have been revived and affected the social interactions of their adulthood. These three are the owner/creators of the Taste and See Candy store—the product of their dreams and actions. Denay’s dream occurred when she was a California five year old shopping in a candy store. As she emerged from this magical place, she chanced upon a handy dandelion and blew on its magic petals with all of her 5 year old might. “One day I’m gonna’ have a candy store all my own,” she wished. Her wish turned into her dream and was never-to-be forgotten. Greg, on the other hand, was born in Wisconsin and spent most of his youth in Pennsylvania. His dad was a chemist; his mom, a dietitian; his grandfather, a dairy farmer. His grandfather’s dairy and ice cream parlor was named DuMont Dairy. His mom worked there and included Greg in the creation of the DuMont’s tasty treats as early as his eighth year. He grated the chocolate used to make her delicious English Toffee. “Any chocolate left over,” he admits, “I got

to enjoy.” By age 10, Greg was actively involved in using his mom’s recipes and assisting in the candy making, a job that expanded as he grew older.

Eventually, his older brother encouraged him to leave Pennsylvania and move to Ashdown, Arkansas, where he would be able to get a good job at a fledgling Nekoosa plant. At this point, Greg had just finished college and was trying to decide what he wanted to do. Making English Toffee had to take a back seat to his paper mill career. Some 33 years later, he has seen several transitions but still works for a paper mill, now Domtar. However, he never forgot the fun of the candy making. Meanwhile, Denay’s large family moved from California to Arkansas when she was 13. She was a top athlete and loved being around people. At 14 she was running a store, her first job, and from that point on there was no stopping her. Early on she developed a strong work ethic and a desire to “do her own thing.” She gathered knowledge and experience in a variety of jobs, especially during the 20 years she worked for Walmart, BUT…she never forgot her dream as a 5 year old. In 2003, a friend introduced Denay and Greg Maheu. From their first meeting, Greg and Denay “knew” they were supposed to be together. Within six weeks they were married. Denay knew that Greg worked at Domtar; Greg knew Denay worked at Walmart. They shared a strong faith and a willingness to explore. During the first Christmas they shared as Mr. and Mrs., their lives were totally changed. As the holidays approached, Greg began gathering the ingredients necessary to make his mother’s

English Toffee. Denay was amazed at the results, since she had no idea he knew anything about candy-making. She had already learned Greg was an excellent cook, but candy making required September 2013




Open: Monday - Saturday 11am - 9pm


3 Year Anniversary Party

Sept. 14! In-Store Specials

Drawing For Gift Certificates


2838 Richmond Road Suite B, Texarkana Tx 75503

Order Two Scoops &


The Guilt!

Gelato has up to 60% less fat than ice cream! *30+ Roasts of Whole Bean Coffee *New Chocolate Creations

We Are Setting The Trends for Ladies, Tweens & NOW Men! 3211 Kennedy Ln. Texarkana, TX 75501 903.223.8135 Mon-Sat: 10-6 totally different skills than food preparation. Greg succeeded in making not only the most delicious English Toffee Denay had ever tasted but creamy, real chocolate fudge and caramel candies he called “Turtles” which floated in a sea of pecans. The family and friends who received his tasty gifts were so impressed they attempted to buy additional quantities. However, these were his “gifts” to them, so his answer to sales was always a firm “No.” Greg created the candy because he enjoyed doing so (lots of good remembering, too), and he wanted his sweet treats to remain “gifts.” Denay, however, recalled her candy-store dream and shared it with Greg, expert candy-maker. From the beginning of their relationship, they both believed God had a hand in what was happening to them, and this was further proof. So…they decided to try selling some of Greg’s candy via. fax and online orders. Time now to call on Brock. Brock Brewer, Denay’s son, had “flown from the nest” and begun to create a life of his own. He had developed a healthy workout regime for himself; learned computers, marketing and advertising; established himself as an outstanding AT&T sales rep in the Arkansas market and honed his management skills. Only he knew of his dream to own his own business. “I wanted to be my own boss, with no one to blame but myself and to have the opportunity to implement my own ideas.” Brock’s expertise pulled him into their plans and enabled 16

ALT Magazine

September 2013

Check Out Our New Flavors, Weekly! them to interact with not only a customer base but also state-ofthe-art technology. As with so many of their decisions, they were guided by their faith, so they named their effort TASTE AND SEE based on Psalm 34: 8. Their public sales began with a website from which they continue to ship all over the United States (eventually internationally?): www., followed by a storefront in Ashdown, AR. Before long the reputation of their unique treats spread so that 70% of their customers were driving from Texarkana to Ashdown for the sole purpose of purchasing their candies. By now, their secrets were “out of the bag” and quite a surprise to each other: Denay’s dream of owning a candy store, Greg’s “candy making know how” and Brock’s dream of having a business of his own—had converged. Their move to Texarkana in 2012 represented their commitment to their dreams— no longer unappreciated. Denay assumed the TASTE AND SEE management duties as human resources person; Greg, still making paper, decided he could put his mom’s candy recipes to use. Brock left his exceptional record at AT&T to assume TASTE AND SEE responsibilities. Although the company is still small, the dreams are big: Greg has been designated “Taste and See’s” CEO; Denay, CFO, and Brock, Marketing and Advertising Director. When Denay suggested their inventory expand to include Gelato, Brock also became chief Gelato-maker.

The only real problem now was their space in Texarkana at 2838 Richmond Road, Suite B. They had the keys and were planning how their additional space could be used, but a national brand also decided that Suite B was just the space their business needed. For some days, the trio of dreamers was uncertain whose business would hang out their sign, but they just kept walking in each day; asking “What’s best for the customer?” and making the improvements to call the space their own. Greg built the display cases and worked on the kitchen; Brock ordered the Gelato case from Italy and began applying his knowledge of sales to the store’s environment. For example, the interior’s color selection was carefully chosen to enhance both the comfort and convenience of the store. The work of local artists and products arranged in wall displays would be highly visible. On opening day, the TASTE AND SEE interior welcomed the curious and smiles of eager customers—the pleasant and functional surroundings, the product of frequent consultations among the three. With their responsibilities clearly defined, the trio went to work. Greg juggles two jobs and forgets vacations but finds the candy-making provides him the delight he anticipated. Even as he slips a large tray of “caramel turtles swimming in [that] sea of pecans” onto the waiting rack, he smiles. “I’m really the turtle of this group,” Greg confesses. “I slow Denay down a bit and listen to her advice. She really knows how to temper chocolate. i.e. getting the crystals in chocolate which determine its quality. “I always start with my mom’s recipes. That’s kinda’ inspirational for me. Sometimes I do make mistakes with things I try, but the mistakes sometimes make the candy better. (Brock often reminds his partners, “It’s not always about what you like, it’s all about your customer.”) “My goal,” Greg continues, “is to become a Master

Chocolatier and to learn about the machines we use, too. We are constantly getting new ones. Because of my paper mill experience (he’s a Backtender who mixes the recipe for making paper), I can keep most of our machines running right.” Obviously, Greg’s efforts are successful, as he is constantly in the kitchen to keep the candy case trays filled. His mom’s English Toffee remains “hands down” the most popular candy in the store, but the choices are many and challenging. That’s why the various gift boxes are so valuable. They can include many different candies for sampling and all the staff has their suggestions, too. Greg does succeed in the kitchen but finds slowing down Brock is impossible “I just get out of his way.” All three agreed TASTE AND SEE should have its own style. That’s when Denay suggested “Gelato.” [Gelato is Italian (from the Latin meaning frozen) and is the oldest known form of ice cream. Perfect for a summer treat. On the average it contains 60% less fat than ice cream, since it is made with more milk than cream and may or may not include egg yolks (Brock’s Gelato contains NO egg yolks). Gelato is more like a custard in density and is served about 15 degrees warmer than ice cream.] Brock is the Gelato Guru of TASTE AND SEE and has created about 70 different flavors since he began his new career. “The recipes are all in my head right now,” he explains. “I guess I should write them down.” Experience has been an excellent teacher. Brock makes 12 batches of Gelato a day; his preparation time varies, 5-6 or 7-8 hours, depending on the flavors. He uses fresh ingredients and prefers to buy locally, if possible. “Some of the ingredients, like black currants, have to come from Italy. There are no preservatives in either the Gelato or our candy,” he explains.

OCTOBER 12, 2013 7 P. M . I R A M A G E FA R M S I H O O K S , T X

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Building on the Vision



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September 2013


Suggestions for flavors of both candy and Gelato (which is available year round) are guided by Greg and Brock’s creative energies; customer approval and suggestions (How about coconut basil or rum raisin?). “I could make a spaghetti sauce flavor,” Brock laughs. Special seasons influence the flavors, too. Strawberry Gelato covered with chocolate chips is prepared only on Valentine’s Day and coordinated with chocolate covered strawberries (over 3,000 last year) in the candy case. Salted caramel (a favorite) and pumpkin Gelato work well for Thanksgiving; eggnog and gingerbread for Christmas; watermelon and cantaloupe during summer. “I have made coconut for mom,” Brock admits responding to this very special request successfully. “We try to coordinate the candy and Gelato as often as we possibly can. We like to prepare truffle and fudge flavors with Gelato, too.” Greg notes. “I have had a few duds,” Brock laughs, “like green apple with cloves. Customers complained it was way too much like eating fresh cloves. I just have to adjust. I have maybe five or fewer duds.” Obviously, Brock knows his way around the Gelato case. Once a month, Brock prepares a sugar-free Gelato. He grins as he explains that he once asked a French chef how he 18

ALT Magazine

September 2013

would make a sugar-free Gelato. “What do you do with a sugar-free Gelato?” the startled chef questioned. “Just tell them to eat less.” In a more contemplative tone the chef added, “That’s rare. Probably only a handful of people do that. It will not work.” The red flag had been waved, and Brock was determined to make a sugarfree Gelato succeed. He has done just that. “When someone tells you that you can’t, that means you can. Everything we’ve done is unique to TASTE AND SEE. There is no place exactly like this one,” he declares. A few years ago, the Trio had the opportunity to add coffee to their offerings, and the enticing aromas of their 32 roasts announce their presence. The unique flavors

range from robust to mild, beans or ground, and the inventory is kept on the move. Flavors of the day are also available. Like the candy and Gelato, coffee tasting and smell tests are available. As these three gather around their working space island surrounded by candy, Gelato and coffee, they are all smiles. “It’s so wonderful,” Denay observes, “to see someone break into a big smile followed by ‘WOW! That’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I’m so glad you’re here.’” Greg adds, “It’s really fun to see something you have just made make people happy.” Brock nods in agreement. Denay, Greg and Brock add, almost in concert, that if they had known two years ago what they know today about what they were getting into, they would probably not do it. It takes commitment—7 days a week, 18 hours every day. But they are committed. “We love what we do,” they all agree. Brock enjoys working with his parents, as much as they enjoy him. Their responsibilities and talents are clearly defined, and each excels at the assigned job responsibilities. “We work as a family to provide good

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treats for Texakana and want to give back to the community in every possible way. We just need to do what we know we can do—just make customers happy,” Brock emphasizes. “God gives little bytes to know,” Denay adds. Plans for the future? There are many, and these three believe in their big dreams. “It’s like wrestling a bear,” Brock explains, “you get as big as you can and hang on.” “I’m a bulldog. I always hold on,” Denay joins in. “And I’m as stubborn as a mule,” Greg affirms. “Profound and completely unappreciated?” perhaps slightly true of the dreams that created them, but certainly not true of the TASTE AND SEE products. The smiles; the WOWs, and the expressions of absolute delight affirm that the pleasure of any TASTE AND SEE treat is profound and indubitably appreciated!


ALT Magazine

September 2013


Call Ted at 903-838-2300 today and see why we are the Better Business Bank.

5600 RichmondRoad, Texarkana, TX | 903-838-2300

We know just what you want.

Texarkana made from scratch.

4018 Summerhill Square 903.793.PEAS Mon-Fri 10-5:30 Sat 10-4 Owner, Amber Lawrence


ALT Magazine

September 2013

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9010 N. Kings Hwy

Texarkana, Texas

by: Jane Bouterse


I am a stranger to her. She turns toward me as I enter the attractive waiting room of Texarkana Endodontics. Her play stops while her curious eyes survey this unfamiliar person. Even as I say “Hi” to her, she does not speak to me. She is a petite 41 ½ inches tall and 42 ½ pounds with beautifully blonde hair and strikingly blue eyes. I quickly learn that she remembers almost everything. In fact, she is a precocious, loquacious and determined four year old (five on September 17) and her name is Savannah. Only BIG WORDS prove appropriate for this dynamo—the precious linchpin of the Michel (pronounced Michael) Family. Savannah’s parents: father, Dr. Jason M. Michel, DDS, and mother, Samantha, have chosen Texarkana as their home after Dr. Michel’s nine and one-half years in the U.S. Army. The location, people and opportunities provided by Texarkana offer a lifestyle appealing to this special family. A closer look will clarify their decision. Jason was born in Kansas City, MO. Jason’s dad is Opa; his mother, Oma—German identities for Savannah’s grandparents, the First Generation. The influence of Jason’s German immigrant grandparents remains strong. Jason attended The Barstow School, a private, coeducational, preparatory school in Kansas City, MO. The Barstow School describes itself this way: “We take kids off the bleachers and put them in the game, we take them out of the audience and put them on the stage, we take them out of the classroom and put them in the world.” Jason’s excellence as a student, particularly his expertise on the computer, proved The Barstow’s preparation was working. As a senior in high school, Jason spent a good deal of time surfing on his computer with impressive results, i.e. an education and a wife. Jason began exploring his options for a college education early in his senior year. He found the ideal program for him right in his own backyard at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, one of four campuses of the University of Missouri. UMKC offered a program which allowed students to attend school year round and complete their B.A. in Biology and Dental School Degrees in six years. Jason


applied. Initially, he was accepted into the four year traditional school and wait listed by the Dental School. However, about a month into the summer between his high school graduation and freshman year, Jason was accepted to the six year Dental School. He was set. His college exploration had been both predictable and successful. What happened next was not so predictable. Samantha and Jason met on AOL. He saw her profile and the instant messaging began. Since Jason was three years older than Samantha, their personal meeting was not so instant. The two communicated several months before they actually met. At the time of their meeting, Samantha was preparing for her senior year at Fort Osage High School in Independence, MO, and Jason was a student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Samantha graduated in May 2000; their friendship blossomed during the two years they dated; they were married on March 9, 2002. Jason completed his six years at University of Missouri— Kansas City and graduated with a B.A. Degree in Biology and his Doctor of Dental Science— Dr. Jason M. Michel DDS was now free to choose his own direction. Shortly after his graduation, on January 17, 2003, he joined the United States Army. “I remember it was MLK Day,” he recalls. For Dr. Michel and his wife Samantha an adventure unlike any other they might ever have was about to begin, but the basics had to be addressed first. Off they traveled to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX, for his Basic Training. When Jason and Samantha reached Dallas—their first trip ever to this famous city—a snowstorm—“No, a blizzard” had brought the city almost to a standstill. This was not the Dallas they had expected to find. When his Basic Training was completed at Fort Sam Houston, Jason and Samantha were sent just up the road to Fort Hood, Texas, where the unpredictability of Central Texas weather was firmly established in their minds—another blizzard. Quickly, these two Missouri immigrants learned the basic truths about living in Texas—surprises are constant; flexibility is mandatory. Nevertheless, September 2013


they settled in. “We liked it there,” Samantha explains. Fort Hood is described as the Army’s “premier installation” for training and deploying heavy troops. Many of the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan have shipped out from this Fort. The first year he was there, Dr. Michel was assigned to DENTAC, then transferred to the 4th Infantry Division. In 2005, he learned he, too, would be shipping out for Iraq for at least one year. On November 25, 2005, he was headed to the Middle East. He describes his deployment as “I got to visit Iraq for one year.” Basically, Dr. Michel and his assistant were responsible for the dental care of four bases in Iraq. That meant they were on the road almost as much as they were tending to patients. He and his assistant would load the dental truck with all their tired equipment and meds and head to one of the bases “for a week or so.” “The real challenges,” Dr. Michel explains, “were caused by the older equipment. It always caused a headache for the medical management guy. The equipment usually would go down in the middle of surgical extractions.” One night the XO of his battalion had a tooth that needed to be extracted. Jason clearly remembers, ”I needed to section the tooth into several pieces in order to get it out. During the sectioning process the air compressor stopped and caught on fire before I could finish sectioning the tooth and retrieve all the pieces. I was unable to finish the extraction. I placed gauze in the extraction site to help control the bleeding, like having a wisdom tooth extracted. The gauze might have been in his mouth 2-3 hours tops. “We were leaving to head back to the States in a few days (the travel process was over a week long). Once we got back State side (2-3 weeks later) we were able to finish the extraction. He was fine. “All the moving around helped the time go by faster. The year still went by slowly, but in retrospect it didn’t seem that long.” Jason’s tour ended on November 9, 2006. Fortunately, he was unhurt, but his Platoon leader, Emily Perez, was killed. “She was the first woman who graduated from West Point that was killed in the line of duty. Numerous medics were also wounded from IED blasts.” With Jason’s return from Iraq, Samantha found herself packing their bags once more. Jason had decided to become an Endodontist. He describes Endodontists as “dental specialists who have limited their practice to root canal treatment and other procedures involving the tooth ‘pulp’—the soft tissue located within the roots…We are experienced in treating complicated cases, diagnosing and relieving oral pain, and treating traumatic injuries to the teeth.” An Endodontist’s patient usually comes from a referring dentist, and the two doctors work together during the patient’s treatment and healing. Once again Samantha and Jason packed their bags. This time they headed to Augusta, GA for two years of Endodontist training. During this tour, a precious baby girl joined the Michel household. Their new arrival was named Savannah Jane, but, according to Savannah, her dad was prepared to name her Rufus. She is thankful he did not follow through with his plans. Savannah, as babies will do, totally changed the routine of the Michel household but not the plans of the Army. 26

ALT Magazine

September 2013

When Jason completed his training, he and Samantha were given options, so they chose to return to Fort Hood. “When I got to Fort Hood,” Jason explains, “there were two Endodontists. I served as a clinical Endodontist and went from one clinic to another. I did that for a year and then was made the Chief Endodontic Mentor for the Advanced Education in Graduate Dentistry Program. I taught there for two years.” However, change was on his horizon: Would he stay in the Army or move into the civilian world? Once again, he began to explore. The one thing both Jason and Samantha knew was that they wanted to stay in Texas where several opportunities existed for private practices. The two most desirable were in Weatherford and Texarkana. After visiting both areas, Texarkana and Texarkana Endodontics emerged the winners. “We liked the community,” Samantha explained, “and we still do.” One of Texarkana’s strengths, according to Samantha, is the basic reason for its existing in the first place—location, a

Art by Savannah Michel

transportation hub. Since the Family’s arrival, Samantha has stayed busy volunteering, transporting and temporarily fostering dogs. For Samantha’s dog rescue activities, Texarkana is a Grand Central Station. She and her family rescue animals, some kittens but chiefly dogs. They provide the dogs with food, care and, most importantly, seek to get them to a place called “Home.” “Home” with the Michel Family includes: Linus, a 5 year old, brown, Rhodesian Ridgeback (African hunting dog); Tucker, a 10 year old, reverse brindle brown and white Boxer; Elvis, a 2.5 year old black and white Great Dane, and Reno, a 14 year old white Siberian Husky. “It’s hard to keep some of them moving,” Samantha confesses about these strangers who seek her help, “but we have to move them along.” That may require enlisting family, friends, and organizations like: • The Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue in Kilgore, TX • Texas Humane Heroes • Texas Animal League • The Greater Dayton (Ohio) Lab Rescue • Liberty Train Rescue • Kindred Heart • Livestock Guardian Dogs No distance seems too great. For example, when the Michels adopted Linus from The Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, they drove four hours from Fort Hood to Kilgore. Molly, a Ridgeback Bloodhound mix, was adopted by Samantha’s dad. Pumpkin Patch, another mix was rescued then transported from Linden to San Antonio by another foster family. Jason spotted someone drive away after dropping off two “Chiweenie” puppies—Licker and Jumper— (cross between Chihuahua and Dachshund-designer breed). TX Humane Heroes rescued them via. of Samantha’s family and friends in Rockwall, Killeen, Leander and “Home.” Samantha and Savannah spotted a kitten—Flower Pot—in the middle of Richmond Road. They rescued this one in the rain. ALL ANIMAL NAMES ARE COURTESY OF SAVANNAH Three Lab puppies and a Great Dane mix became part of the Liberty Train to the Greater Dayton Lab Rescue which has waiting lists for Labs and Great Danes. The Michel’s have made several trips to Dallas and Little Rock to complete legs of a rescued dog’s journey. A Pit Bull from San Antonio stayed a weekend in their home before proceeding on its Liberty Train and Kindred Heart routes. Livestock Guardian Dogs provides dogs to Ranchers in

Africa to preserve cheetahs. The barking dogs keep the cheetahs from the livestock so the Ranchers do not kill the cheetahs to protect their herds. Jason and Savannah lend helping hands whenever possible to make their transient guests feel welcome. Samantha’s door is always open. Texarkana is a crossroads for many of these rescue “legs,” and Samantha takes full advantage of the location. Jason takes full advantage of the location, too, as state-ofart technology is so accessible. His offices at 1726 Galleria Oaks Drive are filled with the latest imaging and magnification equipment. His voice bristles with excitement at he explains his CBCT instrument. CBCT stands for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and provides improved 3-D imaging for diagnostic purposes—the CT scan of dentistry. CONBEAM.COM explains, “In layman’s terms, CBCT is a compact, faster and safer version of the regular CT. Through the use of a cone shaped X-ray beam, the size of the scanner, radiation dosage and time needed for scanning are all dramatically reduced… The time needed for a full scan is typically under one minute and the radiation dosage is up to a hundred times less than that of a regular CT scanner.” The information provided by the CBCT equips the dentist with a “better idea of what you’re getting into,” Dr. Michel explains.

Dr. Jason M. Michel, DDS Certified Endodontist

Experienced. Compassionate. Professional. Thorough evaluations for the most appropriate care Fast, effective pain relief Experienced, compassionate staff Specialized methods for gentle care & minimal discomfort Mild sedation available State-of-the-art knowledge, techniques & equipment Thousands of successful cases & satisfied patients *Preferred Service Provider of Delta, Cigna & Ameritas Insurances

903.793.7411 or toll-free: 888.287.7555 September 2013


Another addition to his office equipment is in the patient care room where a super microscope allows the doctor and the dental assistant to view the patient’s tooth at the same time. “Cameras provide the patient a better idea of what’s up as the work is being done.” Better tools are available not just for diagnosis but also for “fixing.” The material used for fillings now is made up of what used to be in the center of golf balls. Amazing—everything. Dr. Michel’s enthusiasm for his equipment and his job is apparent. Enthusiasm and dedication are obviously important components of Jason and Samantha’s every days.. TIME NOW TO…PREPARE FOR THE PRINCESS… Savannah enters the room with a bang…not a whimper. Her presence is clearly established. “Do you know a tornado?” she asks. “It flies up in the sky, and it’s scary. You go to no windows and somewhere underground. It goes round and round. Every day—watch out for them.” She leaves to return to her toys. Mom Samantha laughs, “I had to Google to get information about tornadoes just for Savannah.” A few moments later Savannah returns to the table and, once again, begins her monologue: “Just ‘poof’ works magic. (Are you writing this down?) “Magic, magic, make I say— Make this (her blue pony) “Make this disappear.” “I am so good at poofing. I might take her with it.” We learn only princesses can “poof.” Off she goes. Savannah’s imagination is a rich mixture of images and happenings and people and puppies who are important to her. She draws Linus and Tucker, Reno and Elvis all the while declaring how much she loves these puppies rescued by the entire family. Savannah is trying to catch up with 10 year old Tucker, but she probably has quite a sprint to succeed. Meanwhile, Samantha explains how much Savannah has learned at First Baptist Church’s Preschool Program, and how she misses the kindergarten cutoff by 17 days. But these interested,



ALT Magazine

adoring parents are making certain that she is learning. Finally, Savannah reviews her family: “Daddy’s handsome, and I love him. He likes to play ponies with me. “Mommy’s pretty. I love her very much. “I’m Savannah Jane. I’m a princess and I do magic tricks.” There is much about this family that is familiar—education, careers, children—but it is also unique. The Michel Family is characterized by caring—serving—those in need whether people or puppies; engaging—in lots of loving and laughing; respecting—each other and their world and embracing—each other and change. How complimented Texarkana should be to have this family choose this community as their home. Welcome Jason, Samantha and Savannah Michel. We’re happy you are in Texarkana and anticipate your sharing the magic of ….”POOF!”

3201 Kennedy Ln. Walk-Ins Always Welcome or Call Ahead for Appointment!

September 2013

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Christy Lost an additional 53 lbs after converting her LapBand to a Gastric Sleeve *We will fight for insurance approval! Before “I had a Lap Band back in 2004 with another surgeon and

everything went well for the first few years, but then I started having issues eating solid food. I was always nauseous and had really bad acid reflux. My life was miserable. I struggled to do simple day-to-day activities, and worst of all, I was steadily gaining my weight back. I saw an ad for Dr. Frenzel, and scheduled a consultation hoping that he would be able to help me. I am so glad I did! My first impression of Dr. Frenzel was that I finally found someone who would listen to me, and would actually hear me out and not talk for me. He answered all my questions and was able to offer a real solution to all the problems I was having. In December of 2011, Dr. Frenzel converted my Lap Band to a Gastric Sleeve and I have never felt better! At church, people I haven’t seen for a while, they always tell me, ‘You look great, you look great!’ and I just love it! It’s fun! So far I have lost an additional 53 pounds and have kept it off for almost a year. Now that my weight loss is complete, I’m working with Dr. Frenzel and his staff to get a tummy tuck approved through my insurance. I am really looking forward to it! I tell everyone I know, ‘Dr. Frenzel is the way to go!’”


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September 2013

by Anne Fruge

For the first time ever...

Texarkana will host an American Cancer Society

Cattle Baron’s


September 2013


This is an exciting year for Texarkana. For the first time ever, Texarkana will host an American Cancer Society Cattle Baron’s Ball on October 5. This event is the largest single-night fundraiser in the nation for cancer research through the American Cancer Society. To date, the ball, which started in Dallas in 1974, has generated nearly $48 million in only 38 years. “We are so excited about bringing this wonderful gala to Texarkana,” Christal Prince says. “This is a party like no other, but more than that, it’s a party with a purpose. When you come and participate, that money is going to a great cause.” For the more than 1.4 million people who will be diagnosed with cancer this year, the American Cancer Society provides hope as they grow closer to finding a cure. This year, 11 million cancer survivors in America will celebrate a birthday. Between the early 1990s and 2005, the ACS has contributed to a 15 percent decrease in the overall cancer death rate, and it was the American Cancer Society’s passionate commitment to hope that made Christal Prince want to get involved. Christal is no stranger to large productions. She was once the owner of five dance studios in the area, but she took a break and began to focus on volunteer work in the community. Because both her mother and father survived cancer, her personal history caused her to apply at the American Cancer Society. “I love the work we do here,” Christal says. “There are a lot of great non-profits, but most are very specific.

There is no one who hasn’t been touched by cancer and the bulk of all the money raised here goes directly to cancer research. The mission statement of this great organization is to find a cure, to find better treatments that are less ravaging and to provide support through our great local programs. To me, that’s our future.” Though Christal was mainly involved in work for Relay for 32

ALT Magazine

September 2013

Life, she put in a request with ACS to see if Texarkana might be a suitable candidate for hosting a Cattle Baron’s Ball this year. “I just love Cattle Baron’s Ball, and I know our community is going to love it too,” Christal says. “This event is something truly different. It’s comfortable and interactive with something for everybody to do. You don’t come to Cattle Baron’s and just stand around. We have some amazing plans in the works for a night that Texarkana will never forget.” The “Boots, Bangles and Bandanas” event will be held October 5 at Bandana Ranch located off Farm to Market road 1397 Texarkana, Texas.

“We will literally transform a beautiful hay field into a western wonderland,” Christal says.

“The logistics for an event this big are just tremendous. It’s an outdoor event, so everything has to be brought in: the décor, water trucks, generators. All food is cooked on-site, so our caterer, Eddie Deen’s, a Dallas-native that caters for many other Cattle Baron’s, brings in a refrigerated 18 wheeler and a line of ovens. It will be truly amazing to see all the pieces come together.” The inaugural run is being co-chaired by Linda Lilly and Allison Deshotels. Linda became involved in American Cancer Society after losing four immediate family members to cancer. Her mom was a three-time cancer survivor, and her sister-in-law is also a survivor. “Cancer does not discriminate; most everyone has been touched by it,” Linda says. “This tremendous organization does research so that they can meet their goal of having 3 out of 3 survivors. Our goal this year for the ball is to help them get there.” Allison started volunteering at American Cancer Society because she was looking for a way to be involved in something “bigger.” “My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and though I am blessed

to have not suffered loss, like Linda, I know that cancer affects everybody whether directly or indirectly,” Allison says. “The ACS supports research for all types of cancer. I feel like the ball is a chance to be a part of something worthwhile.” Linda and Allison actually knew each other from showing reining horses in the area, but the work to put together this landmark event has brought them even closer as they help manage volunteers, handle on-site logistics, order invitations and tickets, choose the menu, secure entertainment, and enlist community support. “We’ve had a great showing of community support,” Linda says. “It’s amazing to see local businesses like Farmer’s Bank and Trust really step up and see the future of this event. It’s going to grow and grow.” The co-chairs have received guidance from an advisory committee including Dianne Martin, Texarkana Area President for Capital One, Kevin Johnson, Senior Vice President at Bank of the Ozarks, Kyle Deshotels, Owner of Capstone Health Group, Mike Lilly, President and Owner of Electrique Corp., James Bramlett, Senior Vice President Business Development and Lending at Farmers Bank and Trust, and Van Alexander, Owner of Alexander’s Jewelers. “We knew by the time we were granted this event that we had missed a lot of local businesses’ budget from last year,” Christal says. “However, a lot of businesses have really shown their support.” The outdoor event’s dress code

differs greatly from what the community often thinks of when they hear that it is a “ball.”

“This is an event that the guys love because they just have to put on their jeans, boots and maybe a hat,” Christal says. “Plus, the ladies have fun picking out their western ‘bling.’

In other cities, the turn-out has been great because it doesn’t require a lot of prep on the attendees’ part. The relaxed atmosphere also opens doors to EVERYONE, not just the elite. We want people to know that this is an inclusive event. Invitations are going out, but tickets are also available September 10 at Cavender’s and Baskins. We want everyone who supports ACS to come.” Because this is the first year, Linda and Allison find that they have to dispel a lot of myths about the name “Cattle Baron’s Ball.” “This year, everything is new. It’s new to the community and it’s new to us,” Linda says. “Unless you’ve attended one before in Dallas, or maybe Tyler or Lufkin, then it’s hard to explain what a big production this is.”

September 2013


Emerson Drive

“We know our community can do this,” Linda says. “Until “We’ve also had to explain that it’s October 5 we will be working on ticket sales, securing auction items, NOT a fundraiser for cattle owning people,” and generating community participation. I know that Allison and I couldn’t have done what we’ve accomplished so far without our Allison says with a laugh. “Some people supporters in the community and Christal’s leadership. She has have thought that they have to be landworked so hard because she really believes in this event and this owners or a real ‘cattle baron’ to attend, but cause.” There are sponsorships and underwriting opportunities that’s not the case at all. The ball was started still available for this year’s ball. Also, committee members and Alexander’s Jewelers are selling Chance Tickets for a beautiful Rolex in Texas, and it’s a truly western event.” watch donated by Alexander’s. In addition, if you cannot attend the The ball will start at 6 p.m. for premium Baron ticket holders with hors d’oeuvre and a concert by new artist, Sam Shupak. Then at 7 p.m. the doors will open to Outlaw ticket holders. A full westernfare dinner will be available from 7-10 p.m. including a 32 foot long s’mores bar where patrons can roast their own marshmallow over charcoal flames. During this time there will also be a silent auction, live auction, and bid board for community treasures. Midway games, a wine pull, and horse-shoe pits will be open as well as a dancefloor under the stars where couples can two-step to the music of Dagnabbit. At around 10 p.m. the concert-size stage will light up for a live performance by Grammy nominees Emerson Drive. The band had hits like, “Fall Into Me” “I Should Be Sleeping” and their first number one single with “Moments” in 2008. Emerson Drive also won the ACM Top Vocal Group of the Year in 2007. The band is expected to be releasing a brand new album in October of this year. “This will truly be an event to remember,” Christal says. “It’s my hope that this year, people will come and not hang back to hear if it was a good event. Everyone that comes is going to have a great time, and I know that everyone will still be talking about Cattle Baron’s a month later.” Until October 5, Linda, Allison and Christal will be working daily to make sure that this is a fun and successful fundraiser.

The American Cancer Society gave the committee a goal this year to raise $50,000, but Linda and Allison want to double that. 34

ALT Magazine

September 2013

ball, but still want to support the cause or donate in memory of a loved one, memorials will be available for purchase and on display at the event.

“Once the community comes out and sees the event and the impact they can make, I think they will make this a part of their yearly calendar,” Allison says. “It’s going to be great fun, but it’s really about the end result. Our community loves to give, so I think they will all come together to make this a great success.” Ticket prices are $225 for a Baron ticket or $150 for an Outlaw ticket. Tickets will be on sale at Baskin’s and Cavender’s September 10. For more information about the event or how you can become a sponsor or underwriter, please call: 903 278-9680 or 903 277-1602


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September 2013

September 2013


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September 2013


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September 2013


Dear Kendra Dear Kendra, I was in a relationship with a man for 6 years. He treated my two children (from a previous relationship) like his own. We are not together any longer, but he is still there for my kids. He is in another relationship and just had a child of his own. I am still in love with him and have been fighting to get him back for the last 3 years. Should I keep fighting or give up? Help Me

help move past a broken relationship. It allowed me to move on and prepare my heart for the right person. So when Tim (my husband) came into the picture, my heart was ready and open to receiving his love. Bottom line, this guy has moved on and so should you. You deserve someone that wants to be with you. Don’t forget that! Let go and start healing, my friend. Much love, Kendra

Dear Help, Let me start by giving you a great big AIR HUG because I am going to give you a bit of tough love today. It sounds like it was not an easy break up for you because you still allow this man to be involved with your children. I can understand that, you were with him for 6 years. But if he is with someone else and they just had a child together, it is time to move on. Why are you still fighting for him? He has obviously moved on. What is holding you back? I know you expressed that you still love him. It is ok to hold a piece of that love in your heart. He was/is kind to your children. But your heart needs to release him and heal so it can be open for the person that will love you back. By holding on to these feelings of “in love” for this man that doesn’t return it you are limiting yourself to finding happiness with someone else. I don’t know if he still tells you he loves you, or is leading you on by still being involved with your children, but if he is with someone else and just had a child with someone else then he is not “available” for your love. Three years is a very long time to fight for someone, I admire your tenacity, but at some point you have to realize that he is not the one and start the process of letting go. Before I met my wonderful husband, I dated someone exclusively for 6 months. I ended the relationship but I was still very hurt by it and had a hard time letting go even months later. I came across a book that really helped me move on and I highly recommend it to you. “It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken” by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Behrendt. It gives some wonderful insight and steps to 40

ALT Magazine

September 2013

Dear Readers, Hi! I wanted to take a moment and tell you about a wonderful fundraising event that I am involved with in Gurdon, Arkansas (my current hometown). I am a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. Each year we do a fund raiser to raise money for scholarships, school activities, our Gurdon Christmas Parade and more. This year the event will be held on September 10th at the Cabe Auditorium in Gurdon (about one hour from Texarkana down I-30 towards Little Rock). We host a dinner and silent auction followed by a Live Auction, it all starts at 6pm. I would like to invite you to come be a part of this fundraiser. We have some pretty awesome items up for grabs, like Autographed Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts items, a Ghost Adventure, Press Box Passes to sit with Chuck Barrett during the Arkansas/ Mississippi State Game, fly over Texarkana with a “Discovery Flight” from Brandon Bell with the Texarkana Flying Club, 6 Flags Tickets (compliments of KKYR), lots of different gift baskets plus so much more. I invite you to come enjoy this night with us as we raise money for our little town. We would love to have Rotary Members from all areas come support us. Tickets are only $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Feel free to email me at for more information or to purchase tickets. Thank you so much and have the most wonderful day! Much love to you, Kendra



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P.S. If you would like to send me a question for this Dear Kendra column but don’t want to send from your email, send it with complete anonymity to: Dear Kendra 302 N. Elm Gurdon, AR 71743 Dear Kendra is not a licensed therapist. The guidance offered on ‘Dear Kendra’ is intended for informational purposes only. Use of this column to provide guidance is not intended to replace or substitute any professional, financial, medical, legal, or other professional advice. If you have specific concerns or a situation in which you require professional, psychological or medical help, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist. Kendra is a happily married wife with three wonderful children, two perfect grandchildren and two spoiled doggies. She bases her guidance on a life packed full of experiences and a passion to help others. Besides being Dear Kendra she is also an entrepreneur and On Air Personality on KKYR 102.5. You can “Like” her on Facebook by visiting September 2013


by Christine Amos

Shortest poem known to me~

Fleas, Adam had ‘em! Your dog will get them also. They’re pesky little things. They cause much irritation and pain to your pet. Hot spots are the worst. Dogs can get allergies from them. In a really bad scenario, a hot spot can cause hair loss and weeping sores. Fleas may hitch a ride inside your home on your pant leg only to jump off and onto your pet and your furniture and carpet. At this point the problem arises. What do you do when your pet gets fleas? First and foremost it is important to use a preventative. There are many preventatives on the market that are safe to use on your pet. Some are more effective than others. If you find that what you’re using isn’t working for you then you may have to contact a professional. Your local veterinarian or trusted groomer will be more than happy to help you find a product that will work for you or they may even assist in removing them for you. It is a key important factor that once you’ve removed them from your pet, you don’t leave any eggs behind. They can hide in bedding and furniture as well as your yard. Fleas have a life cycle that must be broken. To do that you must destroy the eggs. Please use preventative and keep your pet flea free. It’s a tricky business to keep them away but if you stay on top of things you and your pet will benefit. If you cannot get rid of those pesky fleas, call us at Georgia’s Pet Salon & Boutique. We will be more than happy to assist you. Have a great summer! Christine Amos has over 30 years experience grooming pets and an owner of Georgia’s Pet Salon. She is a Certified Groomer, Master Groomer, AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator, and Obedience Trainer. She is also Mom to Georgia (pictured), MoMo, and Annabelle!


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September 2013

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by Vincent Senatore

Bella Italia...

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and Italian wines are popularly known for their quality and for their style. Italy shares with France the title of largest wine producer in the world, its contribution (about 45-50 million hl per year) representing about 1/3 of world production. Italian wine is exported around the world and is also extremely popular in Italy: Italians rank fifth on the world wine consumption list by volume with 18 gallons per capita consumption. There are 20 distinct growing regions in Italy and there are more than one million vineyards under cultivation. For 12 years of my “other life”(as an Italian wine importer), I would attend “Vin Italy”; an annual convention of growers, producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.  Merchants from every corner of the globe converge on the town of Verona to show the fruits of their labor.  However, it wasn’t always that way. Although vines had been cultivated from the wild Vitis vinifera grape for a thousand years, it wasn’t until the Greeks colonized Sicily and southern Italy that wine-making became an important industry. It was during the Roman defeat of the Carthaginians (acknowledged masters of wine-making) in the 2nd century BC that Italian wine production began to further flourish.  Viticulture outside of Italy was prohibited under Roman law and exports to the provinces were reciprocated in exchange for more slaves, especially from Gaul (conquered by Julius Caesar ) where trade was intense. According to Pliny the Elder, due the inhabitants were being over-enthusiastic with Italian wine, drinking it unmixed and without restraint (It was customary to mix wine with a good proportion of water which may otherwise have been unpalatable), making wine drinking a fundamental part of early Italian life. As the laws on provincial viticulture were relaxed, vast vineyards began to flourish in the rest of Europe, especially Gaul (present day France) and Hispania. This coincided with the cultivation of new vines, like biturica (ancestor of the Cabernets). These vineyards became hugely successful, to the point that Italy ultimately became an import center for provincial wines. As the centuries passed, grape production and cultivation became monumental.  Wine had become an important beverage and a major part of the religion.  Wine was necessary to perform Mass 46

ALT Magazine

September 2013

in the new Christian religion and as the church grew, missionaries brought wine and grape plants to cultivate new worlds. In fact, the church will play a major role in grape growing and wine making throughout the new world. For many years, Italy was known for its light, easy to drink Chianti and the soft non-descript whites like Soave and Orvieto.  Today, Italy has maintained its status as a major wine producing country and has propelled itself into a world of its own. While Pinot Grigio and Chianti are still gigantic in worldwide stature, The Super-Tuscans and the DOCG wines have brought Italy into the forefront of world class wine making. I remember, while working at a fine wine store in Palm Beach Florida in 1977, I purchased a new wine from the Antinori family. The wine was called Tignanello.  We were selling the wine for $10 a bottle.  I thought the wine was good. But, it was Italian and would not get the attention one might find with a classified French Bordeaux.  Needless to say, I was very wrong. Today, Tignanello is one of the world’s finest and most expensive red wines. Depending on the vintage, Tignanello will sell for $80 to $400 per bottle. And, it’s well worth it. During my time in the Italian wine business, I was really fortunate to learn about and participate in the upper level of Italian wines, as well as, the popular wines of Asti and Veneto. Certainly, one would never turn down the opportunity to taste a Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Gattinara or a Barbaresco.  Further, there isn’t a wine drinker alive that hasn’t tasted the luscious wines made from the decadent Moscato grape and Pinot Grigio. Since 1992, Pinot Grigio has become the second most selling white wine (behind Chardonnay) in America.  And, let’s not forget the wonderful wines of Prosecco.  This delicious sparkling wine has taken the sparkling wine world by the cork and carved out a new niche for Italian wine.  A fresh nose of cut flowers and the clean, crisp finish, offers the consumers and opportunity to celebrate at a decent price. Even better, Prosecco is wonderful with fresh fish and light pasta dishes. While Italy has never gone away as a wine producing country, the new styles and innovative products have brought them back to greatness.  Italian wines are always a great value and have multiple uses.  All I got to say is… Fuggetaboudit!

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by Mike Brower

My Buddy


lost a dear friend and fishing partner, Bill Stueart, last month and he has been in my thoughts. Thinking of what this month’s blog would be about, I decided to share one of the most memorable times with Bill. In March of 1992, we were fishing an Arkansas Team Bass tournament on Lake Degray. Fishing was “TOUGH” that day, with a 25 mph wind and a high for the day of only 45 degrees. The week before I had found a couple of places that were holding fish and with the front coming through, the bite had shut down. At 10 AM, we only had one fish in the boat. We decided to go to a spot that was pretty much out of the wind and

stay there until time to weigh in. Bill fished a jig and I fished a Carolina rig as we thought our only chance to catch anything was to fish slow. Between the two of us, we caught a small limit which we figured was about 9-10 pounds. About 15 minutes before our weigh in time, we left so we could get our measly limit weighed and go home. We idled Bill’s boat into the tournament area and Bill decided since we didn’t have much of a sack he was going to beach the boat as far away from the weigh trailer as he could so we could get weighed and put the boat on the trailer as fast as possible. I took the fish up to be weighed and Bill stayed with the boat. Now, out of 183 teams we were among the last five to weigh. When I walked up to the scales, the weigh master said, “New Leaders Mike Brower and Bill Stueart, 10.32 pounds!!” I looked down the 100 or so yards to the boat and Bill wasn’t there. As I scanned up the line, I saw him running like Usain Bolt! He must have covered that 100 yards in about 10 seconds and that’s fast for a big man. I will never forget him running that fast and the fact that we still hold the record for the lowest weight win in a team tournament on Degray. We won our share of tournaments in Arkansas, but that was the one of the best. Goodbye friend, see you later. Pictured: 1987 Hydrasport Tour Arkansas State Champions


ALT Magazine

September 2013

September 2013


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S at u rd ay : 1 0 : 0 0 - 6 : 0 0 - S u n d ay : 1 : 3 0 - 6 : 0 0

903.334.9605 925 Brower Lane, Texarkana, TX 75501 ALT Magazine September 2013 52

4 Playing Fields Fully Netted & Insured Gun Speed Tested Experienced Refs Shaded Picnic Area Private Parties Available


Victoria’s Secret

Gordon’s Jewelers

September 6 & 7 Friday and Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM



just want to have


Schedule of Events:

Come see all the fun things we have in store for you!

FRIDAY 12:30 - 1:00 PM - Texarkana’s Premier Senior Residence of Distinction and Rehab Express Strengthening and Conditioning Unit - Waterton Plaza at Cowhorn Creek and Rehab Express 2:00 - 2:30 PM - Demonstrations on Beginner, Intermediate and Pro Yoga Texarkana Yoga 3:00 - 4:00 PM - Make-over and Make-up Tips - BeautiControl by Brenda Sawyer 4:00 - 5:00 PM - Sushi Rolls Made Easy / Bubble Tea Craze - Eden Bubble Tea 5:30 - 6:30 PM - Scrapbook 101 (12 Participants Make Christmas Page Layout, Bring Your Own Photos) - Scrapbookers Emporium 6:30 - 7 PM - Zumba Gold - Texarkana College Continuing Education Department

SATURDAY 12:30 - 1 PM - Hula Hooping - Texarkana College Continuing Education Department 1:00 - 1:30 PM - Cake Decorating - Texarkana College Continuing Education Department 1:30 - 2:00 PM - Advocare Health and Welness by Ashley Cooper, Lindy Hatridge and Team 2:00 - 2:30 PM - Texarkana’s Premier Senior Residence of Distinction and Rehab Express Strengthening and Conditioning Unit - Waterton Plaza at Cowhorn Creek and Rehab Express 2:30 - 3:00 PM - Demonstrations on Beginner, Intermediate and Pro Yoga - Texarkana Yoga 3:00 - 4:00 PM - Mini Facial and Beauty Tips - The Beauty and Wellness Center 4:00 - 5:00 PM - Sushi Rolls Made Easy / Bubble Tea Craze - Eden Bubble Tea

Stage: Four States Furniture 1. Christus St. Michael Hospital 2. First Choice Urgent Care & Dermal Solutions 3. Classic Auto Park 4. Waterton Plaza at Cowhorn Creek and Rehab Express 5. Taste and See 6. Scrapbooker’s Emporium 7. Toastmasters 8. Baptist Bookstore 9. Charles E. Hollingsworth, MD 10. Dr. Clayton Frenzel with Advanced Surgery 11. ALT Magazine 12. The Beauty & Wellness Center 13. Advocare Health & Wellness by Ashley Cooper, Lindy Hatridge and Team 14. Creative Treasures 15. Eden Bubble Tea 16. Texarkana Furniture Mart / Mattress USA 17. 1st Choice Pregnancy Center 18. Southwest Arkansas Counseling & Mental Health 19. Texarkana College Continuing Education Department 20. Farmers Bank & Trust 21. Larry Oxford State Farm Insurance 22. Century 21 All Points Realty 23. Advanced Spine Sports & Rehab 24. Texarkana Yoga 25. Knight Nutrition 26. Vaporifics 27. Origami Owl, Custom Jewelry 28. Mobile Massage by Sheena / Salubrious Sun Airbrush Tanning 29. ACE, Appetite Control & Energy 30. Razorback Glass 31. Deju Vu Trendy Shoppe & Man Cave 32. BeautiControl by Brenda Sawyer

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September 2013


by Anne Fruge

The news stories are filled with tales of a lost generation: a generation of teens who are led astray by technology, the Internet, and their apathy. However, David Farren knows that this is only part of the picture. As Youth Minister of a growing program at Heritage Baptist Church, David is seeing a whole different side of the teens in Texarkana. “People ask me why our ministry here is growing, and I’d love to say it’s because of their awesome youth pastor, but truly it’s our phenomenal student leadership,” David says. “Our student leaders have caught onto the culture and vision that we strive to create here. The best part of my job is seeing students get to the point where God becomes real to them. He’s not just something they hear about on Wednesdays and Sundays, they know that He’s real. They get it.” David chose to side-step his own call to serve in the church for many years. As a pastor’s son, he grew up seeing the demands of being in the ministry and decided instead to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter. “My decision to pursue my own path is one of the best stories of how God has shaped me as a person,” David says. “I knew at 14 or 15 that God was calling me to the ministry, and I had a great Christian walk, but I thought that I didn’t want that lifestyle.” After graduating from Texas High, David started volunteering at the fire department in Nash and also went to EMT school. For seven years, David worked for LifeNet and as a volunteer firefighter, but he really wanted to work as a firefighter for the city. After applying and interviewing for a job on the Arkansas side, David was almost certain that he had the job. “The interview went well, and I was at the top of my class. I had people congratulate me and say that I definitely had the job, but three hours later they called and said I didn’t get it,” David says. “It was totally a God thing. At that point, I just surrendered to God’s plan for my life, and I’ve been in the ministry ever since.” During his first job as an associate youth pastor at Cross Point Baptist Church in Texarkana, David was mentored by his best 54

ALT Magazine

September 2013

friend to this day, Simon Knighten. However, he also approached his ministry with influences from his father and grandfather. His father, Orville Farren, started Grace Baptist Church in Texarkana. This past Easter Orville retired after 23 years of ministry. Plus, David’s “pawpaw,” Leroy Howell, was also a pastor. He passed away in 2009 after preaching for 63 years, but David still keeps his signature Fedora on his desk. “I’m a third generation pastor, and I was raised with a legacy of loving people,” David says. “I had the best, Christian, Godly examples growing up. My dad is the most tender-hearted, merciful man I have ever met. While he really is an amazing preacher, he also taught me what it meant to pastor people: to show others love and mercy.” After working at three other Baptist churches in the area, David and his family decided to make the move to Heritage Baptist Church in 2011. Now, his wife, Meredith, overseas all the administrative part of the youth ministry. “Meredith is fabulous. She is the opposite of me, and that’s a good thing,” David says. “My son, Avery, is a straight stud and a great baseball player. He was on the Arkansas side State Champions team this year. My daughter, Abby, is a singer and loves to do theatre. She’s a sweetheart. I have an amazing family, and they are all so supportive.” When David first came into the job at Heritage, he was only three weeks away from taking the youth to summer camp. While preparing for the camp, he realized that many of the junior and senior high students didn’t really know each other. David and his staff looked through records and found that only about 25 kids were coming consistently to youth functions, so they got on the phone and started calling. They ended up taking more than 50 students to camp that year and really started to see them bond together. “I told the kids, I only have two goals for our youth ministry. Number one, we are going to grow closer to God. Number two, we are going to grow closer together,” David says. “That principle still stands today in everything we do.” David’s approach to reaching kids centers around making God a part of their daily life. “We don’t baby them. We speak truth into their lives. We want to set a culture of how to worship and live Godly,” David says. “When I was 14 or 15, I wasn’t a bad person. I was going to church and had a relationship with God, but it didn’t get REAL for me until I started living His plan for my life. Our kids are going to leave the student ministry one day, and it’s going to be a whole new world. We want them to have this basis of loving Jesus because then it doesn’t matter what new things come into their life. They will have a fundamental foundation of worship and life in Christ.” As a leader, David also strives to be transparent with his youth group and show them what it’s like to be a Christian both in and out of church. “The kids that are around all the time, they see my failures,

but they still see my intimacy with Christ,” David says. “My relationship with God is an actual lifestyle that I practice not just on Sundays. I want to teach the kids that it’s not just about loving God, it’s about being passionate for him and living life for something other than themselves.” At the other churches where David worked, he established leadership programs in the youth group; however, many times it became more of a popularity contest than a true desire to lead. Learning from his past mistakes, David knew that he would take a whole new route with the program at Heritage. “We have the ‘Here For You Crew’ at Heritage and it is made up entirely of students,” David says. “I didn’t pick and choose them. Any kid can be a part if they just show up. I honestly can’t take credit for any of the good things going on here because these kids show up and run this thing. They are small group leaders, greeters and prayer walkers. Every kid has the opportunity to step up and lead.” Because David believes in the student leadership program, the staff sat down with them in May and really interviewed them about all aspects of the Streamline youth ministry. “We asked them for the pros and cons and took their opinions into account,” David says. “In fact, we are making a lot of changes based on that counsel. One of the biggest changes we are making is that we will no longer meet on Wednesday nights. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and say, ‘What you are doing is crazy! I mean, you have 200 plus kids coming on Wednesday nights, why would you change it?’ But, the truth is, kids are busier and busier and it’s harder and harder to get them to church on Wednesday nights. They’ve got homework and football and baseball and dance, and we want more kids to be able to come.” Many of the students that used to be upset when their parents forced them to attend on Wednesday nights are frustrated that during the school year, they don’t have time to come. “The kids have projects to complete, and sometimes practice runs late,” David says. “It used to make me so mad, but now that I have my own 13 year-old, my view point has really changed. They aren’t bad kids because they don’t have time to come on Wednesday nights.” Starting on September 22, David will unveil the newly remodeled youth center and the youth church services will officially move to Sunday nights. “My heart is changing, and I love the direction that God is taking us in,” David says. “In fact, I’m encouraging students to go to other churches on Wednesday nights. I hope we blow this thing out on Sunday nights, but on Wednesdays, I want them to go to other churches and spread this fire they have. I want them to spread a spark and show that we are all one body of Christ.” The Here For You Crew also suggested a change in the traditional invitation following the message in the youth service. Now, instead of a formal invitation where students come to the front, students will break up into adult-led small groups. “The end of service is filled with emotion,” David says. “We don’t want people to just walk the aisles; we want them to make changes in their life. Our adult leaders, and we do need volunteers, will be able to look them in the eye and talk to them about the message. We want them to know that an invitation isn’t just an emotional thing, it’s a life-application thing.”

At the grand-opening, David will also reveal this year’s youth ministry theme which was inspired by his recent travels with youth overseas to spread God’s word to Muslims. “This year, our theme will be focused on trying to reach people where they are at,” David says. “Whatever culture it is, we want to teach the kids that just not everyone will come to church, but we can take the church to them.” With many exciting changes on the horizon and a growing program, David and his staff are focused on a vision of a church youth group that is on fire for God every day of the week. “Walking with Christ isn’t easy; it’s a daily decision to wakeup and follow in His footsteps,” David says, “but we are seeing these students walk with Him and talk with Him. They know that He is real. It’s not about whose youth program is better or whose church is better, it’s about raising up a generation that follows Christ.” If you are interested in getting involved with the thriving ministry at Heritage Baptist Church, they are always looking for volunteers. For more information, please call David Farren at 903-831-5960.

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September 2013



Venus Freeze Party


The Beauty & Wellness Center







1. Kim Burks, Parker Burks, Jessica Hooten and Lauren Carmony 2. Debbie Brower and Jaclyn Gooding 3. Kellie and Tye McDonald 4. Mckenzie Wooldridge and Tye McDonald 5. Ashley Alexander, Sherrie Davidson and Kaityln Thomason 6. Kamarye Jones, Angel Watkins, Kimberly Smith and Miracle Watkins 7. Sheri Saddler and Presli Saddler 8. Susan Whitten and Janet Mosier 9. Chance Coburn and Jennifer Wren 10. Kirk Keller of KOOL 95.1 and 103.9 KPGG and Sherrie Davidson 11. DiAnn Hopper instructing a yoga class 12. Vickie Williamson - Independent Consultant for Celebrating Home 13. Donnie Batts and Mary Loper-Batts of Jo-Nei Fashion

11 56

ALT Magazine

September 2013










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What is Aging in Place? (AIP) Simply put, Aging in Place means remaining in your own home safely and independently while maintaining your lifestyle. It means not having to move from one’s present residence in order to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs. Maintain the pleasure of living in your familiar surroundings with neighbors and friends rather than moving to a health care facility.




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ALT Magazine

September 2013



1. Charlotte Maxwell (Housing Authority) 2. Denis Washington (Board of Directors, Housing Authority) 3. Craig Lindholm (Executive Director of Community Redevelopment and Grants) 4. Jeff Sandford (CEO Chamber of Commerce) 5. Ribbon Cutting 6. Denis Washington and Richard Herrington (Board Member, Housing Authority) 7. Jeff Sandford and Mayor Wayne Smith 8. John Whitson (City Manager), Elaine Chriestenson and Frank Thomas 9. Will Henderson and Naomi Byrne (Executive Director, Housing Authority) 10. JoAnn Rice and Rodney Hartfield 11. Paul Norton (Texarkana ISD Superintendant), Dan Haskins (Board member, Housing Authority) and Mark Bledsoe (Chamber of Commerce) 12. Debbie Brower, Naomi Byrnes and Charlie McMurphy 13. Arlicia Hawthorne, Tariq Hill and Charlotte Maxwell 14. Bernard Husser and Mahesh Aiyer 15. DeNita McFarland and Cadalea Jenkins 16. Mark Murray, Tommy Alexander and Cody Martin 17. Sydney Westbrook and Richard Herrington 18. Heather Banks (Leasing Manager) and Nicole Wood-Norman (Board Member, Housing Authority) 19. Shana Washington (Property Manager) 20. Erica Jackson, Andrew Etta Sutton, Pamela Hill and DeNita McFarland









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September 2013

1. Casino Night & Draw Down 2. Anita Carver and Sandy Varner 3. Dr. Barry Bullard and Donna Bullard 4. Sheryl Collum and Henry Dale 5. Mike and Debbie Brower 6. Debbie Brower, Anita Carver, Sandy Varner and Jaclyn Gooding 7. Wes and Chesley Kindman 8. Barry and DeeAnn Belanger 9. Kathryn Ward, Deja Presson, Jordon Nutt and Tristan Mamess 10. Susan and John Stanlie 11. Jeff Sandford, Melody Melton, Anita Carver, Lisa Dupree and Gina Parish 12. Karrah and Eric Dickeson, Owen and Holly Dickeson, Mandy and Benton Cater, and Claire and Drew Wilson. 13. Tony Clowers and Ann Clapp 14. Randy Rackley and Brandon Carver











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Even with all of your savvy college shopping and research about financial aid, college costs may still be prohibitive. At these prices, you expect you’ll need to make substantial financial sacrifices to send your child to college. Or maybe your child won’t be able to attend the college of his or her choice at all. Before you throw in the towel, though, you and your child should consider steps that can actually lower college costs. Although some of these ideas deviate from the typical fouryear college experience, they just might be your child’s ticket to college--and your ticket to financial sanity.

Submitted by Dustin Stringer Stringer Wealth Management LPL Financial

Ask about tuition discounts and flexible repayment programs Before you rule out a college completely, ask whether it offers any tuition discounts or flexible repayment programs. For example, the school may offer a discount if you pay the entire semester’s bill up front, or if you allow the money to be directly debited from your bank account. The college may also allow you to spread your payments over 12 months or extend them for a period after your child graduates. And if it’s your alma mater, don’t forget to inquire about any discounts for the children of alumni. Finally, ask if some charges are optional (e.g., full meal plan versus limited meal plan). Graduate in three years instead of four Some colleges offer accelerated programs that allow your child to graduate in three years instead of four. This can save you a whole year’s worth of tuition and related expenses. Some colleges offer a similar program that combines an undergraduate/graduate degree in five years. The main drawback is that your child will have to take a heavier course load each semester and may have to forgo summer breaks to meet his or her academic obligations. Also, some educators believe that students need four years of college to develop to their fullest potential--intellectually, emotionally, and occupationally. Earn college credit while still in high school By taking advanced placement courses or special academic exams, your child may be able to earn college credits while still in high school. This means that your child may be able to take fewer classes in college, saving you money. Think about cooperative education Cooperative (co-op) education is a type of education where semesters of course work alternate with semesters of paid work at internships that your child helps select. Although a co-op degree usually takes five years to obtain, your child will be earning money during these years that can be used for tuition costs. In addition, your child gains valuable job experience. Enroll in a community college, then transfer to a four-year college One surefire way to cut college costs is to have your child enroll in a local community college for a couple of years, where costs are often substantially less than four-year institutions. Then, after two years, your child can transfer to a four-year institution. Your child’s diploma will be from the four-year institution, but your expenses won’t. Before choosing this route, though, make sure that any credits your child earns at the community college will be transferable to another institution. Defer enrollment for a year Your child might be aching to get to college, but taking a year off, commonly referred to as a “gap year,” can give you both some financial breathing room and allow your child to work and save money for a full year before starting college. Your child will apply under the college’s normal application deadline with the rest of his or her classmates and, once accepted, can ask for a one-year deferment. But make sure the college offers deferred enrollment before your child goes through the time and expense of applying. Live at home It’s not every child’s dream, but attending a nearby college and living at home, even for a year or two, can substantially reduce costs by eliminating room-and-board expenses (though your child will incur commuting costs). This arrangement may work out best at a college


ALT Magazine

September 2013

that has a student commuter population, because the college is likely to try to meet these students’ needs. If your child does live at home, you’ll both need to sit down beforehand and discuss mutual expectations. For example, now that your child’s in college, it’s not realistic to expect him or her to adhere to a rigid weekend curfew. Research online learning options Taking courses online is a trend that’s here to stay, and many colleges are in the process of creating or expanding their opportunities for online learning. Your child might be able to take a year’s worth of classes from home and then attend the same school in person for the remaining years. Work part-time throughout the college years Part-time work during college can help your child defray some costs, though working during school can be both a physical and emotional strain. To make sure that your child’s academic work doesn’t suffer, one option might be for your child to focus on school for the first two years and then obtain a part-time job in the remaining years. Join the military There are several options here. Under the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship program, your child can receive a free college education in exchange for a required period of active duty following graduation. Your child can apply for an ROTC scholarship at a military recruiting office during his or her junior or senior year of high school. Or, your child can serve in the military and then attend college under the GI Bill. Your child can also attend a service academy, like the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, for free. Be aware, though, that these schools are among the most competitive in the country, and your child must serve a minimum number of years of active duty upon graduation. For more information, visit your local military recruiting office, or speak to your child’s high school guidance counselor.

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Look for employer educational assistance Does your employer offer any educational benefits for the children of its employees, like partial tuition reimbursement or company scholarships? Check with your human resources manager. Have grandparents pay tuition directly to the college Payments that grandparents (or others) make directly to a college aren’t considered gifts for purposes of the federal gift tax rules. So, grandparents can be as generous as they want without having to worry about the tax implications for themselves. Keep in mind, though, that any payments must go directly to the college. They can’t be delivered to your child with instructions to apply them to the college bills. Disclaimer: This report is intended to provide you with an analysis of your major financial goals. Securities and Advisory Services Offered Through LPL Financial - A Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA / SIPC September 2013



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1. Makela Gant - Sous Chef and Jake Derrough - cook 2. Kadie Allen - Banquet Server and Cody Cox - Guest Services 3. Karen & Steve Nipper - Interface Financial Group and Billie Nipper 4. Barbara Israel - General Manager - Hilton Garden Inn and Jennifer Montoya - Director of Event Managements - Hilton Garden Inn 5. Stephanie Rogers - Manager - The Pointe Apartments, David Maeder - Sales and Manager at Anytime Fitness and Tiffany Smith Leasing Consultant - The Pointe Apartment 6. Bill Cox - TexAmericas Center, David Vershaw - Workforce Solution Center, and Robin Bobo -KTSS TV - Hope/Texarkana 7. Carol Green - Catering Sales Manager - Hilton Garden Center and Patricia Cunningham - Red River Credit Union 8. Hollis Boyette - Chamber of Commerce and Shannon Barlow Chamber of Commerce 9. Steve Matlock - Arkansas Nursing & Rehab 10. Lisa Dupree - Administrative Assistant - Easter Seals and Dymond Banks - Volunteer - Easter Seals 11. Susan Wood and Charlie McMurphy 12. Charlie McMurphy and Jenny Mitchell 13. Sonya and James Kaiser - Javarock 14. Zach Norment , Elaine Chriestenson, and Darla Cigainero 15. Kevin Johnson, Justin White, and Clayton Wisdom - Bank of the Ozarks 16. Mike Pace and Stacie Olivella - Farmers Insurance, Melissa Burkett, Carri Campbell and Amber Sullivan - Servpro 17. Debbie Brower and James Bramlett - Farmers Bank & Trust 18. Robin Bobo, Angela Evans - Health Care Express, and Merrill Grove - Red Road Winery 19. Lee Medley, Mark Duch and Korey Keith - Columbia Property Management 20. Chris Court - US Foods and Jill Whittington - Humco 21. Nirmal Sehmbey and Anish Gadani 22. Glen Boles and Jason Roundes - CHRISTUS St. Michael, Dr. Brian Matthews

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1. Parker Burks, Ashley Alexander, Kim Burks 2. Cache Conatser 3. Taylor Keith, Jessica Hooten 4. Debbie Brower; Susan Whitten; Sherry Davison 5. Angie and Lizanne Tyson 6. Stacy Bain 7. Connie Walker, Parker Burks 8. Carter Tyson, Mike Petty, Paul Tyson, Wade Tyson, David Tyson, Casey Pickney 9. Kirk Keller 10. Jamie Simmons 11. Morgan Warren 12. Lane Nations 13. Trevor Nations 14. Jason Granado, Anne Fruge, Marshall and Jaclyn Gooding, Amy and Lance Steed 15. Brandon and Anita Carver, Debbie Brower 16. Terry and Greg Giles, Cathy Ryan 17. Robin and Wendell Bruce 18. Dawna Rogers 19. Leslie Looney Williams, Stacey Smallwood 20. Klancy Johnson











Homemade Fudge Gift Boxes & Tins Gourmet Snacks 66

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20 September 2013


Nash, TX,

is pleased to welcome back Doug Bowers as the new City Administrator. No stranger to Nash, Doug served the city as Chief of Police from 1998 to 2012. Doug left his position with the Nash Police and made a move to E-Z Mart Stores, Inc., where he worked for 7 months as the Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Security. Doug has 21 years of experience as a Texas Peace Officer with a master level certification. Doug’s wife of 15 years, Amy, works for TEXAR Federal Credit Union. A family of faith, Amy and Doug are coteachers of youth Sunday School at their church, FBC Wake Village. They have an eleven year old daughter, Madison Bowers. Doug’s experience, knowledge and wit are sure to help him excel in his newest venture serving the city of Nash.

Doug Bowers, City Administrator of Nash, TX

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Trunk Show



3. Faye Wilson and LeeAnn Maynard


5. Megan Mervish, Emily Greeney, Melody Hines, Amy


1. Gayle Hines, Melody Hines and Abby Hines 2. Jaclyn Gooding and Debbie Brower

4. Sarah Mize, Emily Greeney, and LeeAnn Maynard

Norris 6. LeeAnn Maynard, Claire Ulmer, Melody Hines 1


7. Megan Mervish, LeeAnn Maynard, Melody Hines, Gayle Hines 8. Robin Murdock, Amy Clements, Debbie Lake



9. Gayle Hines and Darla Clement






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Duck Kick Off Reception

1. Jim Pomeroy, CSM Duck, and Andre Storey


4. Stacye Magness, CSM Duck, and Amy Poe



2. Charlotte Tidwell and CSM Duck 3. Clint Priest, CSM Duck, and Susan Landreaux

W. Temple Webber Cancer Center

5. Tammie McKamie, CSM Duck, and Father Lawrence Chellaian


6. Zach Norment, CSM Duck, and Kim Harbin







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Nerium International is the first and only company that has the capability to harness the power of the Nerium oleander plant in its skincare products, which addresses multiple concerns at once, including wrinkles, discoloration and texture. Nerium controls this main active ingredient from seed to bottle, making the Nerium skincare line both high-impact and exclusive. This is the Nerium Difference.

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm September 2013


The Texarkana Humane Society is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to re-homing orphaned animals, promoting the human-animal bond, preventing animal cruelty, educating children and adults about responsible pet ownership and preventing pet overpopulation. In order to reduce the number of unwanted animals and the euthanization of them at the shelter people need to spay/neuter their pets. The Texarkana Humane Society has a program to help individuals do this and urge everyone to get involved and tell your neighbor, family, and friends to be responsible and do their part in putting a stop to this problem here in our city. Have them contact us regarding our program. Call 903 8386334 and we will be glad to help you.

The Texarkana Humane Society is always needing volunteers as well as foster homes. If you would like to get involved and lend a helping hand they would love to talk with you. They are also needing the following items to help with the care of all the babies that come into foster: Puppy and kitten chow, formula for the babies, animal baby bottles, as well as monetary or debit card donations. We have a big need for individuals who have the time to bottle feed some of these babies. It is so sad when we cannot take any in because we are full and would welcome a few more bottle moms. It is a great expereince as well as very rewarding taking care of these little ones. If you can help with donations or feeding call Sherrie at 903 838-6334. Volunteers who agree to provide a foster home for our strays are provided with medical care for the animals. The Humane Society pays for all immunizations and spays or neuters the animal.

Texarkana Humane Society

Our goal is to place these animals in permanent homes with responsible, loving pet owners. All of our services are provided through private donations from our community. Donations are accepted and needed! Our animal friends appreciate you and your donations are tax deductible! (The Humane Society is all volunteers and all money goes towards the animals.) We’ve got a full house! Please come visit us! You might find the addition your family has been looking for! Do you have an animal that needs a new home? Please don’t neglect it! Call us and let us help you find a foster home. We will list your animal on our Facebook page at no charge. Let us help! For more information, contact Sherrie Thompson, President, at 903.838.6334, or go to www. We’re also on Facebook!

Come visit us at Petsmart on the fourth Saturday of every month!



1. Scarlett is a terrier mix weighing 33 pounds. She is spayed, current on shots, heartworm negative, microchipped and full of love. She walks well on a leash, housetrained and rides well in a car. Scarlett will need a privacy fence as she has the ability to hop right over a 4ft fence. For more info call Sherrie at 903-838-6334. 2. Sissy is a pretty little Pom mix that is around a year old. She weighs 14 pounds, spayed, fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped. She is housetrained, gets along well with other dogs but is still a little shy. A fenced yard is required. For more info call Sherrie at 903-8386334. 3. Orey is a handsome 10 month old Lab/retriever mix weighing 43 pounds. We rescued from him from our local shelter and he is truly a great pup. He is neutered, current


ALT Magazine

September 2013



on shots, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is working on his housetraining, gets along with other dogs and would be a great addition to any family. A fenced yard is required. For more info call Jerry at 870-773-3740. 4. Look at our newcomer, this is little Lenny. He is a 3 year old Shih Tzu mix, weighing around 15 pounds. This handsome little fella is fully vetted, he is neutered, current on shots, heartworm negative and has been microchipped. Lenny is doing great on housetraining, walking on a leash and loves to play with other dogs and gets along well with cats. For more info call Sherrie, 903 838-6334. A fenced yard is required. 5. Izzy is an 11 pound Boston terrier mix that was rescued from our local shelter. She is spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped and current on all her shots. She is 2 years




old. This sweet girl would be a great addition to any family. Fenced yard required. For more info call Amber at 903949-9389. 6. Luna is a blue chihuaha mix weighing in at 8.3 pounds. She was born with a birth defect but that hasn’t slowed her down. She is housetrained, current on shots, gets along great with other dogs and would be a great addition to any family. For more info call Sherrie at 903-838-6334. 7. Zoe is a 35 pound heeler mix that is full of love. She has been spayed, current on shots, heartworm negative and is microchipped. She is being worked with on her crate training, walking on leash, gets along with other dogs and is eager to please. A fenced yard is required. For more info call Amber at 903-949-9389.





1. Ace is a male Wirehaired Terrier. He’s very friendly and loving. He’s been waiting in his cage for someone to choose him for about a year. 2. Cocoa is a Border Collie. Cocoa is a bit nervous now and doesn’t like being tied up, but is looking for a calm, loving home to help her get over her fears! 3. Cowboy is a male Heeler mix. He is low energy

“This month we’re featuring some very sweet babies that desperately need a good home. They have all been here far too long and are all VERY sweet. Please help!!!” -Miss Bertha Animal Care & Adoption Center Who else can help? Artex Animal Welfare, Inc. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990 Little Paws Rescue 903-280-3083 Poodle Patch & Friends Passion for Pooches (mostly small dogs) 903.832.8632 Texarkana Animal League 877.525.4825 Texarkana Reptile and Amphibian Rescue 903.809.3761





and would love a family to call his own! 4. Ivy is a female Shepherd/Husky mix. She would be a great companion! 5. Donavin is a male Chihuahua. He’s laid back, friendly and likes to curl up in your lap. 6. Jake is a neutered male Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He’s great with other dogs and is ready to be a part of a family.




The mission of the Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is to be a technologically advanced, self sustaining, human and animal friendly facility that specializes in personal customer service from a team of knowledgeable, caring individuals who endeavor to achieve rapid placement of all adoptable animals. We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more. Your tax-deductible donation will help care for and assist in the adoption of loving animals to good homes! 1 The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call Connie Slater at 870.773.6388, or visit We’re also on Facebook! We’re open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 - 5:00. Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog.

How can you help the THS? The Texarkana Humane Society is always in need of dry food for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens, scoopable cat litter and litter boxes, collars, leashes, toys, beds, heartworm and flea medications, gift cards and monetary donations. These donations are all tax deductible, as the Texarkana Humane Society is a 501c3 organization. If your are interested in donating, helping with events, fostering or working fundraisers call Sherrie at (903) 838-6334.

7. Luke is a male Labrador mix. He is shy, calm and gentle. He just wants someone to love. 8. Jenny is a female Pit mix. She was found pregnant, roaming the streets looking for food. She’s now ready for a new chance at life!

12 13



9. Luna is a female Chihuahua mix. He is fun, medium energy and ready for a companion. 10. Monty is a male Labrador mix. He’s a natural guard dog and ready for a family of his own. 11. Shadow is a male Labrador mix. He’s ready for someone that will love him and take him on walks. 12. Nadia is a female Shepherd/Husky mix. She’s very friendly and ready for a family to love unconditionally. 13. Speedy is a female Terrier mix. She’s ready for someone to give her the love she needs. 14. Zailey is a female Rat Terrier. She’s a happy girl and not much of a barker. She’s ready for her chance! 15. Trigger is a male Terrier mix. He’s a content personality, happy to play or cuddle!

In less than 24 hours our little Maggie was adopted. When Virginia saw little Maggie’s picture she fell in love. Virginia is giving her hugs and kisses in this picture. Maggie will have a brother at her new home, the Hudler family has another schnauzer named Harley. Thank you for adopting this precious little girl. Cour tesy of the Texarkana Hum ane Society

Happy Tails! September 2013


September Sept 6-8

Barrels for Bryson at the Four States Fair Entertainment Center.

Sept 6

Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Texarkana College Career and University Center at the Truman Arnold Student Center from 11:30am to 1:00pm. For more information, 903-792-7191.

Sept 7

Suicide Prevention Walk at the Bobby Ferguson Fairground Park at 9:45am. Please come and show your support by joining this Suicide Prevention Walk, in honor of Matt Gaines, to kick off Suicide Prevention Week. For more information, 903-506-1013.

Sept 12

Texarkana Ducks Unlimited Banquet at 6:00PM at Elks Lodge No. 399, 4701 Garland Ave, Texarkana, AR. For more information, 870772-9545.


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September 2013

Calendar of Events Sept 13-22

69th Annual Four States Fair & Rodeo

Sept 14

69th Four States Fair & Rodeo Parade in Downtown Texarkana.

Sept 26

Red Lick ISD Education Foundation’s Annual Campaign Kickoff will be held at Papa Pablanos from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $35. There will be live music, mexican dinner, door prizes and a cash bar. Guest speaker will be James Henry Russell. For more information, 903-838-8230, ext. #3.

Sept 27-29

Jacob Dude Turner 3rd Annual Memorial Team Catfish Tournament held at Rocky point Pavilion: Wright Patman Lake. Tournament entry fee: $50. Donations accepted and appreciated! Thursday at 5:00pm:chili dogs and bingo. Friday at 5:00pm: burgers and live music. Saturday at 5:00pm: fish fry and auction. Proceeds from the tournament will fund scholarships, teacher grants and community service projects. For more info, JG Turner: 903-8248835.

Sept 28

Lead Foot Mud Drags Grand Opening Mud Race at 6:00pm. Come watch some of the fastest trucks in the country speed across 200 feet of mud. After the outlaw trucks, the truck pace slows down but not the action. Watch as the drivers do all they can to have the best time and/or the longest distance traveled. Monetary prizes for each class. Concession stand will be available. Ice chests, lawn chairs, and canopies are welcome and encouraged. Entry fee is $10.00 per person. If you are interested in participating in the race, please contact Tiffani for more information or go to www. or 903748-6699.

Sept 28

The kick off rally for Operation Christmas Child will be held at Cross View Church on at 6:30pm. The church is located at 3268 N. FM 2148, Texarkana, TX. For more information contact Billy or Carolyn Sparkman at 903-908-5585.

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From babies, to teenagers, to empty nest, we’ll help you find the perfect home for your


Buying? Selling? We Can Help! Residential . Land . Timber Commercial . Recreational Property

1356 N. Kings Hwy., Nash, TX 75569


Want a New Home in the New Year?

Call today to find out how much you can afford.

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If you’re thinking of buying a home, call me first to learn how much you might be qualified to borrow. Knowing how much you can afford can put you in a stronger position when you negotiate your purchase contract.

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Even if another lender has provided a quote, call me. We’ll perform an apples-to-apples comparison to ensure you are receiving the best financing for your situation. This is a complimentary service so there’s nothing to lose—and the straight facts to gain.

Visit my website to apply online Providing exceptional service to Texarkana and surrounding area borrowers for more than 15 years.

Once you find your home, ask SWBC to provide you with a homeowners insurance quote, too.

Ask for your complimentary home buying booklet today.






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Mortgage Group “Making 1019 North Kings Hwy Nash, TX 75569 903-334-REFI (7334)

BIG Dreams Come True.”

217 W 2nd Street STE 211 Little Rock, AR 72201 501-812-LOAN (5626)

109 Cedar Bend 201 S 20th St Suite 6 Abilene, TX 79602 Rogers, AR 72758 325-754-8227 479-636-4512

4141 Blue Lake Circle 240A Dallas, TX 75244 972-638-REFI

100% Financing Available* FHA, VA, Conventional, & Rural Development Loans Fast Approvals Quick and Easy Refinancing Reverse Mortgages Available Non-Owner Occupied Investment Property * Availability subject to borrower and property eligibility

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5120 Summerhill Rd Texarkana, TX 75503

48 Briarwood Circle

Fantastic floorplan in a wonderful PG neighborhood. 4 bedrooms, breakfast & formal dining, huge fenced backyard with storage, large patio & super kitchen. Don’t miss this opportunity!

31 Treebark

This one will knock your Razorback socks off! 3 bedroom, 2 living w/ FP, new floors, updated baths & kitchen, garage with A/C on a fenced acre near New Haven Golf Club!

Office: 903-794-5250 Toll Free: 866-473-1953

114 Crumpton

One of a kind, so unique, with vaulted ceilings in all bedrooms. This one has space for everything. 3 living areas, large yard, fountain in the back, individual rain shower in master and unbelievable dressing area for her!

3 Lambeth Circle

Just on the market, traditional style with the upgrades you expect. Kitchen is well designed with stainless. Well maintained mature neighborhood!

3414 Garrett

This new construction has stainless and super open layout. Black granite and rich wood flooring, with split arrangement. Its ready for you in PG!

2 Southridge

New flooring, new paint with open layout, large fenced yard along with barn/workshop. S. Liberty Eylau. 100% financing Available!

Check Out

240 Patriot Way

Great new construction with an open plan, office, patio with fireplace, split master with special bath, granite, stainless and pretty floors in a new LE subdivision!

223 LaGrange

Looking for a Wake Village home? This one is so stylish with distressed cabinets, mosaic tile FP and great colors. 3 bedrooms with an eat in kitchen, great patio and fenced yard in a central location!

Our Newest Listings!

3410 Garrett

You will like the neutral palette and two toned cabinets in this kitchen. Stainless and granite! Location is perfect for active families, close to I-30! Great quiet neighborhood.

6104 Polly

Grand cathedral ceiling with FP in living, breakfast & formal dining, master suite, great updates, covered patio, workshop and trees on a corner lot in PG. Move in ready.

903.276.9464 cell

26 Big Oak

Superb open ranch, with large lot! 100% financing available, along with newly installed kitchen upgrades.

View These Properties at:

More Than Just Losing Weight...

It’s Time For A

Transformation! Dr. David Whitten’s

Transformation Program

Physician Supervised Weight Control Program:

Our Transformation Program is not a diet, but rather a principal based program using science and other disciplines to enable patients to make better choices and take control of their lives. Our program is customized for each patient and gets proven results. The program works with or without a Weight Loss Formula. Utilizing accountability, common

sense, and basic science; the only thing you have to lose it weight!

Where Beauty & Wellness Are One & Equal Health!

903.831.5659 or 903.908.2885

5303 Cowhorn Creek Texarkana, TX 75503

Sometimes You Have to Drive a Little Farther

to SpenD more time witH tHoSe you love

When it comes to your rehabilitation after an illness or injury, you want the best outcome with the fastest results—just like you find at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Texarkana.

As part of your community, we offer a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation with experienced professionals, the most advanced technologies and personalized programs to help you reach your goals—faster. Although you may have to drive a little farther to get here,

2006, 2010, 2011, 2012

The Joint Commission DiseaseSpecific Care Certification in Hip Fracture Rehabilitation and Stroke Rehabilitation

A Higher Level of Care


you’ll have a better chance of returning home sooner to those you love. Choose HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Texarkana. Our rehabilitation is worth the drive.

©2013:HealthSouth Corporation:614160D

515 West 12th Street • Texarkana, TX 75501 903 735-5000

ALT Magazine September 2013  
ALT Magazine September 2013  

ALT Magazine's September issue is all about indulging in new finds! Check out our new gelato shop, a new endodontist, and a new ball benefi...