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From the Publisher.. Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington, at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. Its first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910. Sonora’s father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there. After hearing a sermon about Mother’s Day at Central Methodist Episcopal Church in 1909, she told her pastor that fathers should have a similar holiday honoring them. Although she initially suggested June 5, her father’s birthday, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance pastors did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June.

Fast forward 112 years, and we still recognize Father’s Day as a day to celebrate dads. Men, who bring home a paycheck each week, can fix a leaky toilet, provide endless parental advice (even if their children are annoyed by it), and instinctively know when to take a long drive and allow their son or daughter to vent their problems. This day allows us to celebrate the fathers who fiercely love their children and do their best to provide a stable family life. Fathers strive to protect their children from danger, teach by example, and coach them through our complicated world. It has never been more important to have a strong father character in our children’s lives in today’s society. Whether you are a new father experiencing the joy of a newborn baby (and the sleepless nights that

accompany it), or you are preparing to move your firstborn into their dream college this fall semester, you are honored. Whether you are a blood relative, stepfather, adopted father, or simply a strong male figure in a child’s life, you are making a difference. I am thankful that my children have always had a compassionate father and stepfather. Even after divorcing my children’s father, we both remained in their lives and loved them intensely. Luckily, they had their biological parents plus a loving stepfather and stepmother. Our blended family was close, and we often spent family holidays with everyone present and having fun. Not many divorced families can say that, but we wanted our children to know they were loved and had two father figures willing to stand beside them. ALT Magazine wishes each father a wonderful Father’s Day. We are proud of you for being a landmark of stability that guides your children down the twist and turns of life.

Children of every age, take a moment to celebrate your father. Even with all of his mistakes, he has worked hard to raise you well. Let him know he is cherished, and celebrate him! May God bless you and yours,

Mike and Debbie, with daughter, Jaclyn, and daughter-in-love, Honor.

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Kevin Horton, owner of Small Engine Specialist of Texarkana, enjoys every moment he spends with his son, CJ. Through the years, Kevin has appreciated being able to watch CJ grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. “CJ’s heart for God and his desires to care for others make me most proud of my son,” Kevin says. “He strives to put others above himself, has a willingness to help others, and an overall great personality.” CJ is currently a college student at Texarkana College and has recently started an internship with Family Ministries at First Baptist Church in Pampa, Texas, for the summer. During the internship, he is serving the church under the direction of their family pastor, leading students from Kindergarten through 6th grade in Wednesday night activities, serving as a game coordinator at their church camp, and even attending a mission trip near Seattle, Washington. Kevin and CJ have many shared interests. They both have a love for sports cars, discussing political events, and watching basketball. They also appreciate times together outdoors where they can get away from the distractions of everyday life. “We love fishing together, and sometimes, a long drive in his 1995 Mustang GT out on the open highway is a great time to talk and solve the world’s problems. Or at least try to,” Kevin says. “CJ and I also love to play basketball together; there is not a week that goes by that we do not play a game of HORSE or PIG. Sometimes I even forget that I am 40 and play an intense 1v1 game with him.”

loving, put others before themselves and give attention to details. CJ says that he has learned all this and more by following his father’s example. “My dad has taught me how to have a good attitude through all things. Even when bad things happened, or maybe someone kept me from being somewhere on time, he would gently CJ says that he lets Kevin win in basketball from time to say, ‘That’s God’s provision. Don’t worry. He’s working time, although he is pretty sure that Kevin would say the all things out,’” CJ says. “He has also taught me how to opposite. CJ also says that Kevin has always stayed up treat people with respect, whether they deserve it or not. late at night with him to play video games. “Since I was That even translated over to dating girls. I remember young, we have had several gaming stations and shared my mom watching me open a door for my very first date many victories. Our favorite video game to play together and saying, ‘Oh my goodness, where did you learn that today is 2K Basketball,” CJ says. “We have a lot of great from?’ and I reminded her that I had seen my dad do memories, but my favorite one is when I caught my first that for her for many years. It became second nature massive bass fish. I was 8-years-old, and dad took me through his influence.” out for my first big fishing lesson. We were fishing at my grandfather’s pond on a very hot summer day. I finally Though the father and son pair do not have a specific set the hook and was able to reel the fish in. He stood tradition for Father’s Day, they always start the morning there and cheered me on while I worked hard to fight at church. After that, they cook Kevin’s favorite meal, that bass. After getting it on the bank, he took a picture, which usually includes steaks, fried potatoes, biscuits gave me a hug, and we celebrated big time.” and gravy, and a cookie cake. “Many years we spend the weekend leading up to Father’s Day in the great Kevin’s wife says that both her husband and her son outdoors fishing, renting a cabin, trail hikes, swimming; share similar characteristics. She says the two are kind, 010

A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

just anything to break away from the everyday life and enjoy each other while celebrating him,” CJ says. CJ says that some of his father’s best advice is always to seek and trust the Lord. “He has taught me to recognize that we do not have all the answers, and even if we think we do, they probably are not God’s perfect answers for our lives. Dad has always said, ‘Seek the Lord for wisdom, and He will give it to you. When He gives you that answer CJ, you have to trust God enough to do what He says,’” CJ says. “Dad has also said many times to never rush a decision. People in this world will often pressure you into making decisions, whether buying a car, getting into a relationship, or other ways. Dad has always encouraged me to take time, pray about it, and wait on God’s divine direction.” Kevin and CJ plan on making many more memories together, and both eagerly anticipate the day when CJ becomes a father. Though CJ says that it will be quite some time from now, he cannot wait to introduce his first child to ‘grandpa’ and see the joy it will bring. “My dad has always been the most gentle, yet fun-loving person, with children,” CJ says. “I look forward to the day my first child can experience him as a grandfather that happens to be the best father as well.” QUESTIONS FOR DAD, KEVIN HORTON HOW ARE YOU AND CJ DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER, AND HOW HAVE YOU WORKED TO MAINTAIN A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP DESPITE THESE DIFFERENCES? CJ is more outgoing and has a bigger personality than I do. I am more reserved, but we know how to match each other if necessary. CJ knows how to include me in a big group, and I know how to keep CJ from acting totally crazy. WHAT FATHER’S DAY STANDS OUT THE MOST IN YOUR MIND? I can say with certainty that every single Father’s Day has been amazing - one does not top the other. CJ has always made a point to devote his time to me on that specific day, making me feel special. I know it is hard for young adults to put down their cell phones and step out of their normal, everyday routine, but when he does, and often more than just on Father’s Day, it creates some awesome memories. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR YOUNG DADS ABOUT NAVIGATING A GOOD FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP? Patience is required. Always remember that you are dealing with someone who has never done what you A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

have done and learned what you have learned. Be willing to patiently teach them (yes, it may take many tries) but show love throughout the trying process. Also, hold your child responsible for their actions. This is one of the most challenging and non-glamorous sides of parenting, but it is needed so they can function in the world. QUESTIONS FOR SON, CJ HORTON WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD OF YOUR DAD? I am proud of my dad for the godly man that he is. He gets up, gets his family out the door, and shows up at church. He works so hard, and Sunday would be a great day to have a ‘day off,’ but he puts God before anything else. He constantly seeks a way to serve people and love on them at the same time. Beyond that, he is full of joy, and he brings a certain peace to those around him. He is super patient, kind, good, faithful to his wife and family, gentle in harsh or angry situations, and always displays self-control. WHAT IS ONE ACTIVITY THAT YOU LOVE TO DO TOGETHER? Working on vehicles has always been something we love to do together. My first vehicle was a 2007 Chevy Silverado that I purchased from working summer jobs. He taught me how to replace the knock sensors, tires, spark plugs, and perform general maintenance. Then, in 2022, I purchased a 1995 Ford Mustang GT, and together we have worked on that. We have replaced a fuel pump (that was a messy job), the cold air intake, spark plugs, throttle body, distributor, coil, thermostat, and so much more! I also know that my dad wants to restore a 1969 Fastback Mustang one day, and I look forward to doing that with him. 3. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER YOUNG MEN ABOUT NAVIGATING A GOOD FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP? Do not take lectures personally - they are given out of love - apply them to your life in a positive way. Put the cell phone and video games down and spend as much time with your dad. Do not be afraid to ask Dad if you can help him - even if he says no - he will appreciate it. Have a forgiving heart- life is hard, and as hard as parents try, they will mess up. But extend grace because parents always extend grace to children.


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Tony Langford is an entrepreneur, but he is best known for his business, Tony Langford Roofing and Construction. When he is not working, Tony enjoys spending time with his five sons: Colton, Drew, Maccauley, Kayson, and Kaigen Griffin (Griff). “I have many great memories with my sons. I would say my favorites are going on one of our many trips. We also ‘baseball park chase,’ which means we travel the country and try to go to every baseball stadium,” Tony says. “We have visited 24 parks in three years, and we’ve attended two out of the last three World Series. We have seen many great sights, watched a lot of great baseball, and made many memories along the way!” This year, Tony and his sons should finish their tour; they only have eight stadiums left on their list. They plan to finish at Wrigley and travel Route 66 across the country to Los Angeles, just so they can say that they did it. “I feel it’s the best way to complete our little threeyear adventure!” Tony says. “I very much look forward to it.” Tony says that his five boys have five very different personalities, so he tries to relate to each one and their separate interests. “I find what they like, and we go do it together. We may watch baseball, watch mixed martial arts (MMA), or explore historical sites. Some are intellectuals, and some are jocks, so I get to relate to my sons through a variety of things,” Tony says. “It doesn’t have to be my kind of thing to jump on a plane and go do it, but if it creates quality time with them, I’m ready to go!” Colton Langford is a law student who will graduate soon and take the bar exam. Colton says that he works hard because his father’s strong work ethic has inspired him. “Some of the best advice my dad has given me is to keep on moving no matter what,” Colton says. “Whether you’re going through a good or bad time, it’s best to keep on moving forward. It’ll always work out in the end.” Drew Langford is a college student majoring in business and pitching for the baseball team. In his free time, he works for his father to help coach a 13U travel team. 014

“One of my favorite memories of my father is being able to play baseball for him, and now coaching with him is something I really enjoy doing,” Drew says. “My dad is a hard worker and will do whatever it takes. His influence pushes me to work hard. There are a lot of excuses out there, but we were raised to ‘man up,’ no matter the situation.” Macauley Langford is also a college student majoring in business and playing baseball. Macauley enjoys spending time with Tony doing fun things, but it also gives Tony a chance to share his experiences and how those have influenced him. “Dad has taught me ways to do and not to do business. He really preaches from the mistakes he’s made through the years so that I can get there more smoothly than he did,” Macauley says. “He always tells me to not burn too many bridges, treat people with respect, and if you take care of people, they will usually return the favor.” Kayson Langford is a high school student and is also currently starting a business with his dad. Tony coached Kayson in baseball, which Kayson says is one of his favorite memories, even though it was not always A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

easy. He also really enjoys all of their trips together. “I like traveling the world and seeing different places and cultures,” Kayson says. “I’m proud of my dad for the fact that he cares so much that all of us are on the right track and are successful in life, no matter what we choose to do.”

It was one of the least restful, most fun things I’ve done, and I’m glad it was with dad. No dad is perfect, but a good dad tries his best with what he has and always keeps his son’s best interests at heart. A father and son may not always see eye to eye, but it’s good to keep this in mind.

Kaigen Griffin “Griff” Langford has also enjoyed having Tony coach him in baseball. His favorite memory is when they attended game four of the World Series in Washington. “We got to be on the Houston news,” Griff says. “I’m proud of my dad because he works hard.”

WHAT MEMORIES ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO MAKING WITH YOUR DAD? To be honest, coaching my little brother with my father is what I look forward to the most.

Tony says that he is proud of his boys, and he appreciates their differences. “Colton’s a major intellectual; Drew is the definition of a jock – he can be hard-headed and stubborn. Macauley is completely opposite of his brother, Drew, and is very happy-golucky. Kayson is very business-minded and goaloriented, and Griff is just Griff. He’s the baby, he’s soft-hearted, and his brothers are pretty protective over him,” Tony says. “With all that said, what makes me the proudest is that they are all good, young men. As with all young men, they can be difficult at times, but they are good humans!”


WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER YOUNG MEN ABOUT NAVIGATING A GOOD FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP? My advice is to make good decisions and trust the process. Our father has been there and done that. Listen to each other. QUESTIONS FOR SON, MACAULEY LANGFORD WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD OF YOUR DAD? What makes me proud of my dad is how resilient he is. He has been through so much in life, and nothing phases him. He just grinds, no matter what, to make sure we will be comfortable.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES WITH YOUR DAD? My favorite memories are of my dad coaching me and Tony’s advice for other fathers raising young kids is teaching me the fundamentals of baseball. I also enjoy always to say what you mean and mean what you say. going to the movie theater with my dad. It’s something we “You can be an authoritarian and still be their best friend. often do.

People say you can’t, but you can. Also, spend a lot of time together. Do things together, even if it’s just getting out to the lake, and do not try to buy them. They will not remember that. I know that from my childhood,” Tony says. “Consistency is also so important. Be the same person all the time and expect a lot from them. If you don’t expect anything, they tend not to expect much from themselves. But, the most important advice I have is to let your kids be themselves. Your kids will prosper! QUESTIONS FOR SON, COLTON LANGFORD WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD OF YOUR DAD? He has accomplished so much in his life. He has built his business up from nothing to one of the most successful businesses in town. Few have done what he has done with the resources available to him. He has used what he has gained for the benefit of his family and community. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES WITH YOUR DAD? One of my favorite memories was going on a road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas and returning to Texarkana with him. We had flown to Los Angeles with the entire family, and then we all drove down to San Diego, but after a while, the rest of the family wanted to go back home. After they got on a plane, Dad and I rented a car and headed into the desert. A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

QUESTIONS FOR SON, KAYSON LANGFORD IN WHAT WAYS HAS YOUR DAD INFLUENCED YOU? He’s kept me on the right path growing up. My parents have always made sure I didn’t get into anything I wasn’t supposed to. He’s also influenced the way I think in terms of business. WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOUR DAD HAS EVER GIVEN YOU? HOW DO YOU USE IT IN YOUR LIFE TODAY? Don’t care or worry about what other people have to say about you. He’s told me this a lot, but I still struggle with this. I just have to keep reminding myself that it really doesn’t matter what people say. Everyone has their own problems they have to deal with. QUESTIONS FOR SON, KAIGEN LANGFORD WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOUR DAD HAS EVER GIVEN YOU? He teaches us not to be lazy and to man up even when we don’t feel like it. WHAT MEMORIES ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO MAKING WITH YOUR DAD? I’m looking forward to him seeing me graduate from college. 015


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Call us as soon as you notice issues with your roof. 9 times out of 10, it’s an easy fix. Since 1965, we’ve dealt with the insurance company on your behalf. It’s our mission to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Call the company that knows how to help. Call Tony Langford Roofing.

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FATHER: PAUL WADKINS SON: NASH WADKINS When Paul Wadkins watches his son, Nash, pursue his passions and deal with frustrations, Paul sees so much of himself. Both Paul, who works in Logistics and Planning at Day and Zimmermann at Lone Star LLC, and Nash, who is a student at Red Lick Elementary, enjoy pistol marksmanship and spending time in the shop working on new projects. While Nash says that his favorite times are spent on the gun range, he is also really passionate about studying electrical engineering. “Nash spends most of his shop time wiring and testing alarm panels and emergency lighting systems. He and I both share a passion for learning new things and the frustration that comes with it,” Paul says. “I see so much of myself in him when I see him learning a new task. We both want it to come out perfect every time. Watching him learn, fail, and improve has really given me more insight about myself and how we both are so much alike.” One thing that Nash really admires about Paul is that he works hard and studies to be better at what he is doing. “I want to be like that,” Nash says. “He also makes me proud because he takes really good care of our family.” Both father and son love to learn about new things together. Right now, Paul has been helping Nash learn more about firearms. “We spend quite a bit of our one-on-one time visiting gun shops and learning about different types of weapons and calibers,” Paul says. “Also, going to the hardware store is also one of our favorite activities; he is mesmerized by the electric aisle. You can see him working out wiring diagrams and systems setups in his head as he is staring at the various components.” Another activity that Paul and Nash enjoy is traveling. The two love to visit family, but they also enjoy the times they get to explore woods or water. “My favorite memories with my dad are when we go on trips. He takes me to places like burial mounds, Petit Jean, and Siesta Key,” Nash says. “The memories that I look most forward to making are of us just being together.” 018

Paul will never forget their family trip to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. “Watching my children stand on the sand and stare out at the ocean made me realize how much I take for granted,” Paul says. “I wanted to ask them what they were thinking right at that moment, but thought maybe those words have not come to them yet. They are still in awe whenever we go to the coast.” Looking to the future, Paul is excited to watch Nash continue to grow his interests. Paul also wants to introduce Nash to new adventures like primitive camping and traveling to museums and historical locations that match his passions. Paul says that he is proud of Nash’s soft heart and concern for others. “He really loves people and A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

animals. He is forever asking me what we can do to help those less fortunate,” Paul says. “Just this year, we talked about local charities and how we can help.” While Paul does not feel like he is very qualified to advise other fathers, he can share one thing that he has learned over the years. “I’ve learned that patience, above all, is more precious than gold and harder to get,” Paul says. “You may forget some of the good times, maybe even some of the great times, but in those moments when you lose your patience, those will haunt you.

QUESTIONS FOR SON, NASH WADKINS WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOUR DAD HAS EVER GIVEN YOU? Talk less, listen more, and turn out the lights when you leave a room. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER YOUNG MEN ABOUT NAVIGATING A GOOD FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP? Spend as much time as you can with your dad.

QUESTIONS FOR DAD, PAUL WADKINS WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES OF YOUR SON? Choosing a favorite is tough. One day that stands out for me is the day he took his first steps. Nash was always determined and in a hurry when he was still crawling. That didn’t change when he started walking. When he took his first steps, he tried to run to play with his sister. HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR SON DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER? Nash is a talker. He will talk you to exhaustion, which works out very well for us because I am not.



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Our Story Chris and Melanie dated briefly in high school in February 1992. Twenty-six and a half years later, they were both single, and Chris friended Melanie on social media. She immediately messaged him, "Hey stranger!" They began to talk and went on a date the next day. They continued to talk, and two and a half years later, they eloped.

It was special because

Although we wanted our seven children, their spouses, and children at our wedding, it was impossible. So we planned the elopement and told only our closest family and a few friends. It was the most beautiful weather in the gorgeous Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, AR. Melanie’s favorite flowers are tulips, and it was peak blooming season with over 150,000 bulbs.

Parents of the Bride: Larry Woodle, Sherry Davidson Parents of the Groom: Ray and Shirley Earley Pastor/Officiant: Michael Pounders Flowers: Johnson Floral Co. Bridal Make-up: Ashton Robinson Venue: Garvan Woodland Gardens Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography Wedding Dress: LuLu’s Wedding Jewelry: Micah’s Jewelers, Texarkana, TX




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Our Story We met at the University of Arkansas. I was taking a tour of the campus, and he was there with his family visiting his sister. We crossed paths and ended up going to a football game that night for our “first date.” Although Gannon didn’t attend the University of Arkansas, he lived in a small town in Missouri about an hour and a half from Fayetteville. We would spend many weekends with his family and many in Texas with mine. After a year and a half together, Gannon decided to pop the question. On a very hot June day, we were scheduled to take pictures in my family’s pasture with Blue Bell ice cream and our fur baby Remi Rose. As we took some pictures to get the right lighting, I saw my parents bring Remi towards us. As she’s getting close, I can see something around her neck that reads, “Mommy can we keep him?” As I turn towards Gannon, he’s on one knee holding a ring. ~Victoria

It was special because The entire day was special! The decorations and flowers were perfect. The food and cake were delicious! The venue was perfect; even the weather was perfect! Being able to have all of our family and friends in one place to celebrate our love for each other, well, it doesn’t get any more perfect than that.

Parents of the Bride: Chris and Jennifer Bergt Parents of the Groom: Ron and Rhonda Tiller Matron/Maid of Honor: Paige Grissom Bridesmaids: Savannah Riddle, Taylor Barnes, Sydney Bergt Junior Bridesmaid: Stella Clements Best Man: Gage Tiller Groomsmen: Clayton Miller, William Prince, Nicholas Bergt Flower Girl: Taylor Clements Ring Bearer: Daxon Miller Pastor / Officiant: Ryan Milliken Flowers: Unique Flowers and Gifts Hair: Regan Cox, Southern Salon Make-Up: Celeste Biddy Venue: Garrison Gardens Wedding Coordinator: Karen Guilbert Cake: Cake Lady’s Custom Cakes by Caren and Judy Rumsey Caterer: Big Jake's BBQ DJ: Chuck Guilbert Rentals: Dots Rentals, Texarkana, TX Photographer: Cydni Johnson, Cydni Lauren Photography Wedding Dress: Low’s Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Micah’s Jewelers, Kendra Scott, and the bride’s mother’s collection Tuxedos: Squire’s A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2


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Bone-In Wings,Boneless Wings, Tenders & THIGHS!


• Hickory Smoked BBQ • Garlic Parmesan • Louisiana Rub • Lemon Pepper • Hawaiian • Mild • Spicy Korean Q • Original Hot

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Affordable Event Rentals

Classic. Boho. Rustic. Elegant.

Tables & Chairs Specialty Linens Cupcake Towers Fountains Punch Bowls Arches, Columns & Urns Cake Stands China & Flatware

Altars & Backdrops Barrels Candleholders & Candelabras Crystal & Silver Servingware Se Chiavari Chairs


814 North Robison Road | Texarkana, TX | DotsRentals.com 028

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Diabetic Eye Disease Management Dry Eye Treatments Glaucoma Management Advanced Eye Health Examinations

Therapeutic Optometrists

Dr. Terry Foster

Dr. Randal Cox

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Dr. Adam Cox

• Optometrist provide comprehensive eye examinations that evaluate 17 visual skills children need to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and life. • 60% of children struggling with school have undiagnosed vision problems. • All children should have a comprehensive eye examination by their Optometrist at age 3, before starting kindergarten, and every year they are in school. • At Family Eye Care Clinic, children do not need to know their letters or make difficult choices. • Our doctors have the skills and instruments to determine a precise glasses prescription and assess the eye health without a child’s verbal response.

719 W. Main St | Atlanta, Texas 903-796-8288 | www.familyeyecareclinic.net 029

Russell & Aloysia (Aloe) Warren


June 19, 2021

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Our Story

After I was turned down from several body shops for repairs on my car, I was referred to Russell’s shop, and he immediately accepted the job. We met there, talked while he fixed my car, and I was smitten. After becoming friends and spending time with him over the course of a few months, I declared to my best friend, Victoria, that this was the man I would marry someday! The whirlwind of college kept me busy for the next couple of years, but when life began to settle, we decided that we were ready to pursue a relationship together. As I got to know him even better, I realized that when I made that declaration years before, I had barely seen an ounce of how wonderful he really was. Every day that I spend with him, I am thrilled that my gut feeling was right! Before I knew it, Russell was proposing at our favorite place, an island on Lake Ouachita, and I got straight to work planning the wedding of my dreams! ~Aloe

Parents of the Bride: Kenny & Aloysia Loyd Parents of the Groom: Richard & Jenene Warren Maids of Honor: Cassie Caldwell, Victoria Peterson Bridesmaids: Alyssa Jones, Sarah Bullock Best Man: Huey Estell Groomsmen: Brandon Bailey, Mak Kinnaird, Paul Murphy Flower Girl: Aubrie Austin, Aloysia and Melody Reynolds Ring Bearer: Emmett Loyd Officiant: Mia Hyman Flowers: Made by the Bride and her friends using Sola Wood flowers and preserved greenery and florals Hair & Make-Up: Bonnie Keith and Claire Bonds of Serenity Day Spa, Millie Huffman, Victoria Peterson Venue: Garrison Gardens Wedding Coordinator: Karen Guilbert Cake: Graham Slam Bakery Caterer: Dragon’s Den Café and Catering, My Kitchen Table DJ: Chuck Guilbert and the Bride Rentals: Dot’s Rentals and Sales Photographer: Madison Harris, Color and Dust Photography Wedding Dress: Heritage Garment Preservation restored the heirloom dress that was previously worn by the Grandmother and Mother of the Bride Wedding Jewelry: Gardening Etsy, Horsley Park, Australia Tuxedos: Friar Tux

It was special because

Garrison Gardens is so beautiful that it allowed me to feel confident about creating my own decorations, with help, of course! My friends, Cassie and Alyssa, spent countless nights helping me bring my vision to life, and I even got to work with my mother and mother-in-law while also creating memories that I will always treasure. Mia, our officiant, was so supportive of Russell and me that she got ordained just so that she could be the one to marry us. It was such an honor to have another of my friends, Rachel Howell, singing. Their talents alone would have been enough, but they also brought so much sincerity that made the ceremony feel even more personal. Most importantly, I was able to wear the dress my grandmother had custom-made for her wedding in 1964 and that my mother also wore for hers in 1987. We did have to restore it, but somehow it fit me perfectly. As if that wasn’t special enough, for our send-off, I wore my widowed paternal grandmother’s skirt suit from when she remarried in 1992. Both of my grandmothers are no longer with us, so it meant the world to have a piece of them with us and remember and honor them when I missed them the most. These details culminated in the most magical wedding, and it will forever be my favorite day ever.

EXTREME CLOSE QUARTER-HANDGUN COURSE Taught by Jacob Meadows 903.293.7454 August 13, 2022 8:00am - 4:00pm First hour and a half will be held at Legendary Firearms located in Nash. The remaining of the course will be held at Synergy Martial Arts Academy Texarkana. If you carry a firearm, that’s a great step toward protecting yourself and your family. But honestly ask yourself these three questions: Have you been trained to keep a attacker from getting access to your weapon? Have you been trained to create enough space from your attacker so that you may access your weapon and use it to defend yourself? Have you been trained to gain control of your weapon if you’ve failed at questions 1 & 2, and you and your attacker are BOTH trying to gain control of your weapon? COME INVEST IN YOURSELF AND LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP A FUNDAMENTAL COMBATIVE HANDGUN SKILL SET FOR THREATS WITHIN 0-5FT. YOU DON’T CHOOSE THE DAY, THE DAY CHOOSES YOU & TRUE PREPARATION INVOLVES MORE THAN THE COMFORT OF A FLAT RANGE.


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Creating lifestyle and editoral imagery for you.

Jacob Meadows is an active Texas police officer. Officer Meadows is a Sheepdog Response Level 1 / Protector 1 graduate and has been training in martial arts, primarily grappling, for approximately 6 years. Officer Meadows trains in arts including but not limited to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Western boxing. In regards to law enforcement, Officer Meadows is a Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 Instructor, a Code 4 Concepts Police Jiu Jitsu Level 4 Instructor and a Level 4 C4C PJJ Officer. Officer Meadows holds a TCOLE Instructor Certificate and a Basic Peace Officer License. Officer Meadows is also an adjunct instructor in defensive tactics for the East Texas Police Academy in Kilgore, Texas and also periodically coaches jiu jitsu class at a Texarkana mixed martial arts school.

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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT! July is the Back the Brave issue. Show your support with a sixth page ad for $100! Contact Debbie at debbie@alt-mag.com!

ALT magazine


covering the ark-la-tex

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financial focus



Sorting through complicated compensation plans FAMILY AND LIFESTYLE Managing earnings tax efficiently may be just as important as the compensation package itself.

You’ve worked hard to rise through the ranks. As a corporate executive, you know all too well the demands on your time, the importance of decisions you have to make, and the stewardship required to keep your company thriving. It’s a demanding job. And managing the significant wealth that accompanies it takes skill, attention to detail and a lot of planning. Executive compensation packages usually consist of short-term and longterm incentives that come in a variety of forms, above base salaries. They might include annual bonuses and stock options--both of which come in many forms. It might feel like a lot to wade through, especially when you start thinking about the next chapter for you, whether that’s preparing for retirement or a new phase in your career. How should you draw upon your income options in the most tax-efficient way? Do you need to consider how your

investments in company stock will affect you years down the line? These are questions best to ponder while you can adjust how you’re managing your bonuses, stock grants and stock options. Here are some tips for sorting through these complex compensation plans.

Ask for an accounting of your total benefits and compensation. It’s

becoming more common for companies with generous perks to share total compensation package figures with employees. As an executive, you’ll want to know the rules around exercising stock options, vesting schedules and policies about how to draw deferred compensation. Understanding these policies will help you avoid equity concentration down the line as well.

Tip: Pay close attention to the vesting rules. Your window to exercise vested stock options may accelerate upon retirement, and unvested restricted stock and performance shares may be forfeited when you are no longer an employee. If you have unvested awards, consider including them when negotiating your retirement package. A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

Consider if you can delay lump-sum payments until you’re no longer drawing a salary.

When you retire, you’ll likely be at your maximum earnings, and adding lump-sum payments from your nonqualified deferred compensation plan and accumulated stock awards could significantly boost your adjusted gross income as well as your tax obligations. You may be given the choice to take a lump-sum payout in the near term or push payments out five to 10 years, essentially creating a predictable income stream. Your decision is irrevocable, so think through the implications carefully with your accountant and professional advisors.

Work with your advisor to determine your cash-flow needs in the near future. If you’re

Delay Social Security. If you’re retiring in the

near future, consider delaying Social Security as long as possible so that the payments don’t coincide with years when you have to take large, deferred compensation payments. Avoid unnecessarily increasing your marginal tax bracket and, therefore, your overall tax burden if you can.

Take into account proposed tax code. Every

year there is the potential for tax changes that affect executive compensation. You may need to make changes to your income or investment strategy to reduce potential tax burdens. It’s worth revisiting every year and pulling in your advisor and accountant to recalibrate if necessary.

going to be exiting the organization, whether it’s to retire or do something else, you may be relying on cashing in stock to bolster your income. In your calculations, be sure to include your tax liability when exercising stock options. If you’re planning to retire, think about what you’ll need to fund health coverage or other insurance as well.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. Depending on your unique situation and the plans you’re making for the future, there may be specific actions you could take to minimize your tax consequences. Consult with your accountant and advisor to determine what will work best for you and your family.

Concentrate on equity concentration. Executive compensation often includes substantial equity in your company’s stock. And you may be attached to it. After all, you helped build the company and are proud of what you’ve accomplished. It could be hard to imagine a time when the stock may falter. But there’s no sure thing in investing, so it makes sense to diversify your holdings to limit overexposure to just one investment. Work with your accountant to sell your stock over time so you don’t trigger unnecessary tax consequences, violate any insider trading regulations, or infringe on any holding rules established by your company. Then work with your advisor to invest the proceeds in a more diverse range of securities. Putting strategies in place for diversifying is best done sooner rather than later, before the situation becomes an issue.

Next steps

Tip: The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rule 10b5-1 allows you to strategically sell an established number of shares at regular intervals to avoid perceptions of insider trading. A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

If your executive compensation package is getting complex: • Bring together your accountant, financial advisor and attorney for a meeting to discuss your vision for the future • Keep an eye on tax code changes that may affect your tax responsibility year to year • Enjoy the wealth you’ve worked so hard to earn; be sure to write that into your plans Sources: The Wall Street Journal; Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax advice. You should discuss any tax matters with the appropriate professional.

© 2022 Raymond James Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange / SIPC, and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA / SIPC, are subsidiaries of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Raymond James® and Raymond James Financial® are registered trademarks of Raymond James Financial, Inc.



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Landscape . Architecture . Commercial . Headshots . Pets

debbiebrower.com / 903.278.4444 / 903.334.9605 / Award Winning Photography A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2



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Suzie TK Snippets By: Suzie Tyler

SISTERS ARE SPECIAL My mom and dad were both only children and said they were so lonely growing up. The closest neighbors were several miles away, and they had no one to play with. I think that’s one reason they had nine children! I was a dreamer and lived in my own little imaginary world. My two sisters were a few years older than me. I’m sure as the little sister, I was a “nuisance”! My dad was drafted into the Army when I was just a few months old, and the family felt sorry for me not having my dad around and gave into my every whim. When he came home from Germany, he did the same. I remember moving a block away from Grim Street to Jackson Street on College Hill. Walking across the vacant lot with my two sisters, I took my life’s possessions ... a doll and a china tea set! I was only five years old, but my memory etched it vividly in my mind, and I treasure those childhood memories with them! My older sister, Nona, played the clarinet for the Arkansas High School Band. In 1950, she and several other girlfriends in the band practiced their routine in front of our house for majorette tryouts. I marched with them to an imaginary drummer up and down Jackson Street, and pretended to be a drum major. I used a long stick for my baton and a green cap my mother knitted for my headpiece. I took a flower from a crepe myrtle tree in the front yard for my plume. Those were the “good ole days” when we played outside and were creative. When my brother-in-law was in Greenland serving with the Air Force, my sister and nephew lived in Texarkana. She had a 1949 standard shift Buick and taught me how to drive when I was 13. She would let me use her car to pick up an item she needed. My sisters and mom were excellent seamstresses and taught me how to sew. I entered a 4-H competition in 5th grade and won first place. They showed me how to put several patterns together and create a unique design. In my next life, I want to be a fashion designer. My sister Racine’s husband, James, worked at the Texarkana Gazette after they married and loved to tease me. I’m sure he would have many stories to tell but I’m glad he brought Odis home for supper and introduced us. My five brothers were special too, but that is for another blog! *Clips are from Growing Up In The Fifties, a short story by Suzie Tyler, available on Amazon. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

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SERVING. JOIN US. FOLLOW US Christian Warriors Church

Sunday Services, 10 am Christian Warriors Church, 2101 E 50th St, Texarkana, AR 71854 042

Love God. Serve Others. Teach Truth.

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Drug Take Back Initiative Operation Medicine Cabinet The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is proud to partner with Texarkana Emergency Center in an effort to remove unused and out of date prescription medicines from your homes. •It is important to know that law enforcement is only interested in the removal of unused and/or outdated medications from the homes of our citizens. •It matters not whose name is on the prescription, by whom it was prescribed, where it was prescribed, or where you reside. •We stress that it makes no difference if you live in Texas or Arkansas. •We take back all medications, no questions asked. You can remove the label if you desire but it’s not necessary. •We ask that you do not deposit needles (sharps), inhalers, medication from businesses or clinics, ointments, lotions, liquids, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide, or thermometers. One box has been placed behind the Bi State Justice Building at 100 N. State Line Ave., Texarkana, Arkansas and another outside the Texarkana Emergency Center, 4646 Cowhorn Creek Rd., Texarkana, Texas. These boxes are regularly checked and the contents are immediately packaged for destruction. If you would like to personally drop your medications off to law enforcement, you can at the Miller County Sheriff’s Office on East Street and Bi State Justice Building in Texarkana.

You can learn more about this program by visiting www.artakeback.org or on Facebook by searching Arkansas Take Back or Arkansas Drug take Back.


TexarkanaEmergencyCenter.com US ON 4646 Cowhorn Creek | Texarkana, TX 75503 | 903.838.80000 4 3

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Fish Tales with Mike Brower







Saturday, June 11th at 8:00am Random Thoughts From The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool It struck me the other day how much tackle is manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Japan. That fact got me thinking about what would happen if China invaded Taiwan or the USA embargoed China, and none of the scenarios were good.

Saturday, July 16th at 8:00am Saturday, August 13th at 8:00am

Just like televisions, stereos, and a bunch of other stuff, most fishing tackle is made overseas and could be impacted by any number of supply problems like we are seeing right now in other areas. Even if the products make it on a ship to the U.S., the morons in California will cause them to sit on the docks for months. It might be a wise thing to pick up some extra terminal tackle and maybe a few extra of your favorite baits “just in case,” if for no other reason than the headache inflation will cause. You don’t want to be walking down the street one day, and some random guy on the corner in a whisper goes, “Hey buddy, need some Lucky Crafts or how about a few hooks?” as he opens his trench coat showing you his stash. Prices will go up, and supply will likely go down. No one wants to pay $40 for a Chugger, so be ready. If tackle gets high enough, I might be the guy in the dark alley in the trench coat looking to sell some tackle. “Hey Buddy, need a nice Whopper Plopper?”





OPEN TUES-SAT: 11:00-6:00 | SUN - MON: CLOSED 044

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DINE AND DONATE Twisted Fork will be hosting a Dine and Donate for HandsOn Texarkana. A percent of the proceeds will be donated.


ANNUAL TEXARKANA DRAGON BOAT FESTIVIAL Festival will be held at Bringle Lake Park starting at 9:00AM. It's time to get your team together and prepare for a full day of unique fun. All proceeds benefit the programs of HandsOn Texarkana, which provides volunteer services in the greater Texarkana area.


TEXARKANA REPTILE EXPO SHOW ME REPTILE SHOW A premier reptile expo bringing quality and variety. Experience, learn, and maybe even bring home a new family member. Four States Fair Grounds from 10:00AM - 3:30PM. General admission can enter at 10:00am for $15 and VIP can enter at 9:00.am for $10. They will accept all forms of payment online and at the door.


JUNE CULTURAL NIGHT MARKET The event will help people embrace and celebrate the many different cultures that combine to make Texarkana home. Come out and support our local farmers and their products. Will be 5:00PM - 8:00PM at the TXK Farmer’s Market is located at 500 N Stateline, Texarkana, TX. Plan on enjoying locally grown, produced, and crafted items from local vendors.


RUMBLE IN THE PARK A Car and Motorcycle Show benefiting local Scouts. Located at Spring Lake Park, 8:00AM - 3:00PM. Entry fee is $25.

Bonded Pair

Local Rescues OLIVER



Passion For Pooches


Passion For Pooches

MUTTLEY CREW GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE Facebook.com/MuttleyCrewRescue PASSION FOR POOCHES (mostly small dogs) Facebook.com/passionforpooches TEXARKANA ANIMAL LEAGUE Facebook.com/ TexarkanaAnimalLeague TEXARKANA HUMANE SOCIETY TexarkanaHumaneSociety.org Facebook.com/ TexarkanaHumaneSocietyInc



Muttley Crew


Muttley Crew

Boxer Rescue of Texarkana



Texarkana Animal League


Texarkana Animal League


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Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186


Tracy Spradlin Broker 903-748-2477

Jan Williams Realtor 903-277-5771

Pam Hollingsworth Realtor 903-277-1222

John Trubia Realtor 817-701-8402 Now Servicing the Dallas Fort Worth Area!

Beautiful custom built home features three bedrooms, three baths, bonus room upstairs, second living area downstairs could be playroom or fourth bedroom, formal dining, breakfast bar, large family room with fireplace, granite countertops, LLV flooring, custom print carpet and custom cabinets, interior shutter blinds.Privacy fenced backyard, two car garage. This home is a must see!

Ronnie Olson Realtor 903-280-6831

Amber McCormack Administrative Assistant 903-223-0710

Brenda Elrod Property Manager 903-559-1511

Candace Henry Assistant Property Manager 903-276-0971 A LT M a g a z i n e | J u n e 2 0 2 2

1356 N. Kings Hwy. | Nash, TX 75569 | 903.223.0710 billsprad@aol.com | spradlintd@aol.com www.ImpactRealtyOnline.com 0 47








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