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A Legacy Of Music

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

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covering the ark-la-tex


A Legacy Of Music


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06 ALT Magazine | June 2018

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From the Publisher Superheroes – what exactly makes them so super? Is it their ability to do things that no one else can do? You know, leap over tall buildings, fly in the air, throw spider webs out to catch the bad guys? Or is it that they care enough for others to make the sacrifice of their own personal life to help others? Most dads only have that one superpower – the one where they sacrifice their own lives to make their children (and wife) happy. They are the dads who impact the lives of their own children, and many other children, by being there time after time. And being there is what counts. My dad worked a lot. He was home very little and when he was, he was asleep. He worked shifts at the paper mill, and because of that, he just wasn’t there. My mom made up for it most of the time, but there were others when you just needed your dad. And when that was the case, he always showed up. I have so many wonderful memories of times we camped, or went swimming, or just cooked out in the backyard. He was a very happy person who had a ready laugh for everyone. He couldn’t leap over tall buildings, but he was my hero many times in my life. There are many men who are heroes in this city. Chuck Guilbert is one of those men. He not only has a business he runs (with his superwoman Karen), but he has led worship in several churches in our area throughout his life. He was my music minister at Highland Park Baptist Church for many years and I can tell you, his retirement is something that has affected so many. We will miss his genuine concern and infectious laughter! Being a superhero is such a burden in many ways. However, that was a burden that we decided to take on this past month with our DBP Models and many children with disabilities from our community. When I first started planning this project, I was a little overwhelmed and worried about whether it would even work. The reality was that it was a blessing to us and to all the models who participated and helped with the children. I hope you enjoy the group photos that are in this month’s issue. Each child will have his/her own poster (hopefully by the time this is published) and will be able to cherish that for the rest of their lives. I know the parents are looking for to getting those. Thank you so much to those who helped us – Motivated Marketing, Lighthouse Flooring, Michelle Horton, Karen Landsdell, Darla Clement – and of course, Alyssa Bertrand, who I couldn’t have done this without! I know they all felt the same way I did – thrilled that it all worked and that we were able to let these children be the “Superheroes” they always wanted to be, if only for a short while! It was truly one of the most amazing things I have ever done! Happy Father’s Day! May God Bless you and yours…

Happy Father's Day 08 ALT Magazine | May 2018

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012 ALT Magazine | June 2018

A Legacy Of Music By: Anne Granado

The best parenting advice is something I always tell all my own children: realize that every one of your children is born with a purpose. They are born with special gifts and talents that will need to be developed to achieve that purpose...

I love to see the wisdom in my children, and it challenges me to be better.

Chuck Guilbert had always heard that parenting “wasn’t for sissies.” As he and his wife, Karen, raised their four children, they learned the truth of this statement. It was hard to decide how much freedom to give and when to say “no” and remain firm. However, through the process, Chuck and Karen had so many moments of pride and enlightenment as they watched their children grow and become parents themselves. “It is strange how when your children are small you are teaching them all you think they should know, but as they begin to get older they start teaching you things about life that you never knew,” Chuck says. “I love to see the wisdom in my children, and it challenges me to be better.” Chuck learned to be a father from watching his own dad, whom he had a great relationship with, even through his teenage years. Their solid relationship showed Chuck what a picture of what a husband and father should be. “I never really went through a stage of rebellion. I loved my Dad and never wanted to hurt him,” Chuck says. “He was always a strong example of what a father should be and what a husband should be. I grew up in a home that was my refuge. I never

once heard my Dad and Mom raise their voices to each other. I have since heard that is not healthy but I will take it any day.” As a pastor of small country churches, Chuck’s father did not make a lot of money. However, he always made sacrifices to try and provide the family with everything they needed. “His heart was much larger than his wallet,” Chuck says. Through his father’s example, Chuck knew the life lessons he wanted to ingrain in his children and grandchildren. Karen and Chuck have four children: Ashley, Heith, Breanne, and Brennan. “We try to instill in them that there is no life greater than serving the Lord and hard work always pays off whether it is in school or whatever you are doing,” Chuck says. “The best parenting advice is something I always tell all my own children: realize that every one of your children is born with a purpose. They are born with special gifts and talents that will need to be developed to achieve that purpose. Do all you can do to find out what their gifts and talents are and then do all you can to give them the tools to achieve that purpose. They have been entrusted to us to prepare them for God’s purpose.” | June 2018 013

Through both good and hard times, it is clear how much Chuck and Karen love their children. “There have been moments of great pride where you just want to shout to the world, ‘That’s my kid!’ I have had many, many of those moments with all my children,” Chuck says. Ashley is the couple’s eldest child. She has traveled the world singing with Kirk Franklin for thirteen years. She sang on the Grammy’s with Kirk and also did backup vocals for U2 on the Grammy’s. For a few years, she has traveled with Natalie Grant. Now she is a full time wife and mom to her one year old son, Innis. “My proudest moment of watching Ashley was when she sang at the Billy Graham crusade in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas,” Chuck says. “There were over 83,000 in attendance (63,000 inside and 20,000 in the parking lot watching on screens). Ashley sang the solo right before Billy Graham got up to preach. Her face was on the big screen, and I turned to the lady sitting next to me and said, ‘That’s my kid!’ and she said, ‘No it’s not.’ But, I finally convinced her!” Heith is Karen and Chuck’s oldest son. He is a worship leader, like his father, at the Bayou Church in Laffeyette, LA. He has previously sung in groups like Prism, Goesl’s Parade, and The Guilbert Brothers. All of those groups have won local and national music competitions. New York Times best selling author, Mark Batterson, used one of the songs Heith wrote called “Piano

014 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Song” to promote his best selling book, Circle Maker. “I was so proud when Heith’s band, along with Brennan, our youngest son, entered a national competition held by a major record label in North Carolina and won out of hundreds of bands in attendance,” Chuck says. Karen and Chuck’s youngest daughter is Breanne, who works with the Children’s Advocacy Center. They work with children that have been abused or neglected in some way. She is married with three boys, two here and Garrison in heaven. “I was proud of Breanne when she played the main character, Candy

Cane Jane, in a play. She had never done anything like that before. Karen and I were stunned as we watched her play the part totally uninhibited. There was someone in attendance that was a member of the Actors’ Guild that wanted us to take her to Hollywood to let her try out for parts there,” Chuck says. “But the most proud I think I have ever been of

It always amazes me how the Lord can take someone with all their faults and failures and use them for His Glory.

youngest son. He is also an accomplished musician. He plays several instruments and Breanne writes beautiful songs. He has been playing in his brother’s band since was the seven and a half he was 11 years old, and he is currently the worship leader for City weeks she spent with Church here in Texarkana. “I was Garrison in Little Rock, Arkansas so proud of Brennan when Trinity Children’s Hospital NICU. I saw Christian School beat Genoa in 9th then what an incredible mother she grade basketball, which had never instantly became and continues to be to her other two boys today. From been done,” Chuck says. “Brennan was the high point and also made the time visiting hours began until they ended, she never left Garrison’s the winning score. If you’re from Genoa and reading this, we live in side.” and love Genoa!” Brennan is the couple’s

Karen and Chuck have eleven grandchildren ranging in ages from ten to one. Their names are Garrison Duffey, Harper Guilbert, Gage Duffey, Vander Guilbert, Elam Guilbert, Inman Bradshaw, Rowan Guilbert, Jones Guilbert, Hank Guilbert, Everett Guilbert, and Innis Saunders. “We spend a lot of time with our grandchildren. They are the joy of our lives, but it is pretty hectic when they are all in the house at the same time! Five of them live on our place, and we are always taking them riding on the golf cart (we have a big one) or horse riding or ballgames and on and on,” Chuck says. “I want them to remember that we loved them enough to sacrifice our time just for them. Plus, we love to see their little faces when they are having a good time. Grandchildren are a second chance as you remember | June 2018 015

the mistakes you made with your own children.” In an effort to spend more time with family and work on the family business, Garrison Gardens, Chuck has decided to retire from his music ministry position at Highland Park Baptist Church where he has led worship since December 2009. However, Chuck has actually served as a worship leader for 44 years. He was 18 years old when he started at Leary Baptist Church where his father was pastor. He has since been in churches in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. “My older brother was in church music, and it is something I felt the Lord calling me to,” Chuck says. “I have been able able to see so many lives changed through the ministry. It always amazes me how the Lord can take someone with all their faults and failures and use them for His glory. I guess the most blessed I ever felt

I think the greatest blessing is to see the faithfulness of our God to accomplish the dream he put in our hearts... was when we did a music program called ‘The Book’ where we saw literally over a thousand people come to know the Lord. Several times we packed out a 2000 seat worship center and still had to turn people away.” Though he leads the music, Chuck likes to think of himself as just one of many worshippers in a worship service. 016 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Garrison Gardens became what Karen and I believe is a God-Given dream over 20 years ago. excited about the next stage for their growing family business. “Garrison Gardens became what Karen and I believe is a Godgiven dream over 20 years ago,” Chuck says. “It was literally an ‘impossible dream,’ and we knew it wouldn’t happen without a Godly intervention. The story of all the miracles we saw our great God perform is way too many to put in this article. I think the greatest blessing is to see the faithfulness of our God to accomplish the “My favorite part of the service is to dream He put in our hearts and to worship a Holy God and also know know our children and grandchildren that others are united in worship,” were able to witness that and also be Chuck says. “I love working together a part of it.” with the choir, the worship band, or the technical crew for our common goal: to lead God’s people to see the worthiness of our God to be worshipped.” Because of all the expansions they have been putting into Garrison Gardens, Chuck feels like this is the time to invest in the family’s legacy and future. “It has become a very time consuming business,” Chuck says. “In the last year, we’ve added so much more landscaping. We’ve doubled our kitchen space to prepare ourselves to be able to offer catering, and we have added around 1,400 square feet to our reception hall. All of that takes time to maintain.” It is hard to say goodbye to a lifelong profession where Chuck has been able to touch so many lives; however, he is

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By: Anne Granado

Anne Geddes once said “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” The special men who helped shape our lives are the perfect mix of opposites: soft and strong, stoic and hilarious, heros and support behind the scenes. Our dads are real people who made real mistakes, but the memories we cherish are often of the little moments that made us laugh. Let’s celebrate real dads today and the laughter they bring us along way. Debbie Brower: My funny story is that Daddy fell asleep one day in his favorite recliner. When he woke up, he sat there for a minute, gathering his thoughts, and then proceeded to get up. What he didn’t realize was that his legs had been in an awkward position while he slept, and he had moved them around just enough to wake them up! So with what seemed to be like a million needles going through his feet, he proceeded to dance like a ballerina across the living room floor! He eventually landed on the couch! I will never forget how hard I laughed that day! He was so mad at me, but I still laughed! Lisa Waits: I have a picture of my father wading in the rain water with an umbrella in his Sunday suit pants rolled above his knees to search for my flip flop that I lost in the water. Tania Turner: My favorite story of my daddy and I was after I had graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree. I moved back home for the last semester while my soon-to-be husband finished up college. My dad and I were teasing, 020 ALT Magazine | June 2018

joking, around about how he couldn’t catch me. I took off through the house to my parents’ bedroom where an antique couch set in front of their bed. I hurdled the couch and landed on the bed. My daddy on the other hand attempted to hurdle the couch but caught his toe on it and proceeded to flip over it and totally miss the bed for a soft landing! I still love to tease him about this! Wilda Knighten Akins: There was a bad storm with a tornado and Daddy ran for the pea patch. They asked him later why and he said, “The peas saved me during the Depression so I figured they would save me during a tornado.” Jaclyn Gooding: One of my favorite funny stories from Mike Brower is when we all went kayaking about 10 years ago, and we talked him into going. But, he refused to wear a swimsuit, and he was NOT going without his SOCKS and sandals on. Classic Mike. Of course, we get out there, and there are some more rapid areas. He gets stuck and Miranda Johnson bumps into him

and tips him over. “You made me get a wet ***!” He just knew he was going to make it until the end and be completely dry. Nope! Anita Carver: When I was a teenager, my dad and I were out in the horse pasture, and I asked him about going out that weekend on a date with a guy that he didn’t like. He said, “I’ll race you back to the house and if you beat me you can go out.” I’m thinking this is a gift. I looked at him and said, “You’re crazy, you can’t beat me. You are old and wearing cowboy boots.” (My dad always wears cowboy boots.) He said, “Just tell me when you’re ready.” When I said “go” he took off in a flash. His legs were moving so fast I honestly thought he looked like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon. I never stood a chance! Now that’s what you call motivation! Needless to say I never dated that guy!

out with a mouth full of Skittles. I told my dad to quit giving her Skittles because she needed to eat. My mom went to the bedroom and said, “Ronnie, she told you to quit giving her Skittles so Destiny will eat her food.” He said, “I did quit giving them to her...” and as she walked out of the room he said under his breath, “I just moved the bowl so she could get them herself!” Chris Yust: My dad would put his hands up near his ears and bray like a jack***!

Marla Green: When I was about 7 or 8, my dad decided to “test” out my tire swing that he had just put up onto the swing frame. A few swings in and he was lying flat on his back on the ground underneath the swing with the dog licking every inch of his face! He was fine, only his ego bruised a bit! DeAnna Monroe O’Malley: My dad has been gone 15 years, and I have two stories that really make me laugh. We were at the fair one year walking around, and then went to the peanut pattie booth. He turned to my mom and asked her how many he should get and she said “three.” He turned to the lady at the stand and said, “I’ll have six please.” I don’t know why that was etched in my head, but just the way it went down still makes me laugh when I see the peanut pattie booth. His other favorite snack was Skittles. He would buy the big package, put them in a bowl, and leave them in his bedroom on this headboard where he would lay in bed and watch TV. My oldest daughter was three and a super picky eater. We were trying to get her to eat her lunch but she kept getting off the bar stool and going to see her papaw and would come | June 2018 021

this story. I am sure there is a lot left out in this story, primarily the laughter and tears my dad shed, every single time he told it! Jaime Clapp Knighton: I can’t think of one specific memory, but my dad was a pretty funny guy! The best was when he would tell a joke or say something that only HE thought was funny. He would laugh so hard and that alone made us laugh. We didn’t always know what was so funny, but he sure did! He’s been gone since 2009 and what I wouldn’t give to hear his laugh again.

Emily Fruge: To me there’s not many stories that don’t include Dad. I know he’s always been a hard worker, but he’s always made time for fun once he was off. My dad would make even the small things adventures--like walking through the “jungle” when we were camping at Lake Wright Patman. Dad could also make everything a joke, and even now, he can recite almost every Reader’s Digest joke he’s ever read. He can quote any skit from the first few years of Saturday Night Live, and he laughs until he cries when we turn on Impractical Jokers. Our favorite funny Dad story is that he CANNOT be trusted to go get Sunday lunch after church for everyone. You never know when he will be back or how cold the food will be by the time he’s done talking to any and every one! It’s a running joke in our family! Phyllis Rieves: My father used to live in a travel trailer, and one evening, he woke up in the middle of the night. The trailer was dark, and all he could see was his little chihuahua running back and forth with something black chasing it. He stood up fast and attempted to step on whatever it was that was chasing her. He finally “caught the chaser.” The puppy had gotten under the cabinet, and her hiney landed on one of those sticky boards, and then as she was leaving the cabinet she also picked up a black trash bag. So this whole time she was essentially being chased by a scary trash bag! Until the day my dad passed, he would laugh so hard trying to tell 022 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Teresa Cox: I was living in Springfield, Missouri, with my mother and step-father. I got my first speeding ticket there. I had to go to court to plead guilty and pay the fine. I asked my stepfather to go with me since it was also my first time to go to court. My court date was also my 19th birthday. He assured me that everything would be fine. He said to just pay the ticket. I arrived at the court time and found myself in the room with a hundred people and several prisoners. Finally, my name was called, and I plead guilty. The judge instructed me to walk over to a desk and pay my money to the lady. He also told me that there was a gift for me on her desk. My step-dad had sent me a pink rose to court. He had written the card himself. It read “If you have received this rose then you have successfully completed your mission. Know that I am very proud of you today. Now go home and DON’T SPEED ANYMORE!” Teresa Fruge: Our family loves going to the lake! My dad had bought a ski boat which we all have enjoyed very much, but he decided one summer to buy a barge so we would have a place to get together while out of the water and out of the hot sun. He bought a used barge, and as a family we all helped in getting this barge “summer ready”! Of course, my dad did so much of the work himself after having the pontoons repaired. He sanded it, and both my parents helped paint it Arkansas Razorback colors! All the metal was a bright white with a bright red carpeted floor. Finally, it was ready!

My dad proudly drove it to the front of the house for all to see, admire, and take pictures. My mom and dad got into the car, and we watched it down the street to the first stop sign where they made the disastrous turn. As my brother and I along with our neighbors watched in horror, the barge didn’t make the turn but fell over on its side!! Even though, of course, there was disappointment and my dad was not laughing at the time, we couldn’t help but laugh later! It was quite a sight!


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SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR CHURCHES. Much of the public is surprised to learn that faith-based institutions are targets of crime. But the truth is, they are indeed targets. In fact, they are often perceived as “easy” targets, with small, isolated staff and many empty hours, making them even more attractive to criminals. Prime Tech Systems LLC is adept at designing security solutions for faith-based institutions, while tailoring those solutions to the requirements of each individual facility. In assessing your security needs, we will take into consideration the physical location, needs of the staff, hours used and the people served, and any other particular requirements. Prime Tech Systems LLC protects faith-based institutions with a variety of products and services including: Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Video surveillance. Mobile solutions. Energy management. Access control systems. Environmental hazard monitoring.

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Kyle Jennings


038 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Congratulations Ladies

Pageants can be a wonderful learning experience for young women. From learning how to walk, to learning how to be well spoken, to learning how to ace an interview, the skills they learn to compete will help them for a lifetime. From college entrance exams to job interviews, they will be better off for having competed. Support our local titleholders as they go on to compete at Miss Texas and Miss Arkansas this summer! Miss Texas -- June 23 - June 30, 2018 - Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, Richardson, TX Miss Arkansas -- June 9 - 16, 2018 - Robinson Performance Hall, Little Rock, AR

Miss Texarkana


Name: Jasmine Bruce Parents: Tara Capeheart & Zach Bruce Platform issue: “ACT FAST-Stroke Prevention and Awareness” What I want to achieve: During my year of Miss Texarkana I hope to accomplish spreading my platform to local schools and programs about the importance of stroke awareness and prevention, such as living a living a healthy life style. I also hope to be a role model, empower and encourage young women in my community so that they are reminded that they are powerful and can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Miss Texarkana's Outstanding Teen Name: Courtnee Gilchrist Parents: Gary and Jennifer Gilchrist Platform issue: “Peer Assistance Leadership – PALs”


What I want to achieve: As Miss Texarkana’s Outstanding Teen I want to accomplish many things! One of those things being making a difference in as many ways as I possibly can. When my year comes to a close I want to look back and know that I have reached out to, inspired, or just simply made someone’s day. I want to be able to say that I lived the title to its fullest and did so proudly. | June 2018 039

Miss Twin Rivers


Name: Rachel Johnson Parents: Bethany Cavinder Cox & Levi Johnson

Platform issue: “Starts With You- Bullying Prevention and Self Empowerment” What I want to achieve: During my year as Miss Twin Rivers, I would like encourage at least one bullying victim to regain their self confidence. Texas is one of the leading states where bullying rates are at its highest. As a victim of bullying myself, I understand the internal struggle of accepting who you are when others are telling you who you should be. This can be an enclosed and lonely time in any age group of life. As a titleholder, I would like to provide a support system to anyone in my area and let them know they are not alone. Changing one life can alter a large chain of events, and that is exactly what I plan to do as Miss Twin Rivers.

Miss Twin Rivers’ Outstanding Teen Name: Olivia George Parents: Leslie & Shaun George Platform issue: “BE THE LIGHT”


What I want to achieve: As a local titleholder in the Miss America Outstanding Teen Program, I found I personally have a lot to give of myself. I truly enjoy meeting and encouraging others. The crown of Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen 2018 will give me the opportunity to expand my platform “Be The Light” statewide. I want to be an inspiration to the youth of Texas so they can feel good about themselves, and impact the world that they grow up in.

Miss Lake O' PinesTexas

Name: Angelica-Jasmine Bates Parents: William and Monica Bates

Platform issue: "Sign Up" which aims to empower our youth with the three C's of Confidence, Communication and Community service. What I want to achieve: For me, I aim to leave a legacy of hope. As a little girl, an amazing woman once told me, “You came into this world early because God knew you were destined for greatness.” Those words will always be my personal motto because through the hardship, struggle and obstacles, I will continue to be a living testimony and leader. I will leave behind optimism for the best, drive and perseverance to work hard for one's dreams, as well as, love and compassion. Alongside these points, hope will continue to be the greatest quality that every child, teen, and person will take away from my community endeavors as a goodwill ambassador and motivational friend. 040 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Miss Lake O' Pines Outstanding Teen

Texas Name: Jenna Williamson Parents: George and Lisa Tullis & Charlie and Allison Williamson

Platform issue: Kool to be Kind What I want to achieve: My platform focuses on teaching kindness and compassion to others. Everyday we encounter people that may be struggling or privately dealing with something personal. If we focus on our words we use, the actions we demonstrate and concentrate on how we treat other people, we will make a difference in other people’s lives everyday! I hope to demonstrate with my platform the impact we can make in our community and our state by how we treat other people. When I visit schools I talk about H.E.A.R.T. Kindness is healthy, empowering, accepting, respectful and is teachable!

Miss Red River


Name: Jessica Zeller Parents: Sandi Gray-Zeller

Platform issue: Be BOLD: Branching Out, Living Dreams What I want to achieve: As a titleholder, I strive to set an example for my community by working hard to accomplish my goals. In my daily life and as a titleholder, I implement the five P’s: setting forth with POSITIVITY, connecting your PASSION to your PURPOSE, PERSEVERING when things get tough, and making PROGRESS each day! Everybody has a dream, and everybody is capable and worthy of making it a reality.

Miss Red River's Outstanding Teen


Name: Cara Anne Court Parents: Lance & Terri Court Platform issue: Express Yourself Through The Arts What I want to achieve: Educate students, parents and teachers about the benefits of being involved in The Arts | June 2018 041

Miss Northeast Texas' Outstanding Teen Name: Emily Walker Parents: Lisa and Scooter Callaway and Adam Walker

Platform issue: "Living Guilt Free: Underage Drinking Awareness" What I want to achieve: As a title holder I hopes to accomplish many things such as becoming a positive and relatable role model for young ladies and help raise awareness of underage drinking and making the choice to live guilt free. I also wants to show the importance of being confident and secure in yourself and hopes that she can pass that along to other young girls.

Miss North Texas' Outstanding Teen Name: Aly Graves Parents: Mark and April Graves

Platform issue: What Love Can Do What I want to achieve: I love being a local titleholder in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization. It allows me to have a larger voice and to be given opportunities I otherwise could never have dreamed of having. Of course, I would love to win the title of Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen to broaden my reach and spread my message of “What Love Can Do.” But whatever the future holds, I will continue to raise awareness about the epidemic of child abuse and will encourage Texans to be the one who makes a difference in the life of an abused or neglected child.

Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers


Name: Kyla Soden Parents: Donya & Mike Soden Platform issue: “Empowering Hearts: I Can, I Will”

What I want to achieve: I hope that something I’ve said will be remembered and believed. Everyone deserves to hear how special they are and that they are capable of doing amazing things. I know in my heart that at the end of the day, if just one person was impacted, then every single minute of all this craziness called pageantry was worth it. 042 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers Outstanding Teen Name: Reaves Robinson Arkansas Parents: Leigh Anne & Robert Robinson

Platform issue: “Reading with Reaves/ Reading is Important” What I want to achieve: As a titleholder, I want people to remember me as the girl who worked hard and was kind to all. I want my platform, Reading With Reaves/Reading is Important, to be remembered and understood. Being a titleholder from Texarkana has given me numerous opportunities to spread my platform and volunteer. The organization has truly made me who I am today and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to represent Texarkana.

Miss Southwest Arkansas Name: Julie Williams Parents: Charlie and Amy Williams

Platform issue: “Bridging the Gap Between the Free and the Fighter.” What I want to achieve: My ultimate goal as a titleholder is to serve and minister to the people of my state. It is my hope throughout this journey that they will see the power of the grace of Jesus and of the beauty of their identity as Arkansans. This is the best place in the world to be a citizen of, and I thank God everyday, that he made me a part of Southwest Arkansas!

Miss Southwest Arkansas' Outstanding Teen Name: Caroline Derby Parents: Jay and Susan Derby

Platform issue: Just Dance!: Moving Towards a Healthy Lifestyle What I want to achieve: As a titleholder, I hope to accomplish several tasks. I want to leave a lasting impact in the lives of every human I meet. I’m such a people person, and I want to know the people I’m representing, and hear their stories. I hope to be a role model in the eyes of young girls everywhere, and inspire them to reach high for their dreams, set their goals way above their heads, and do the best they can in every situation. I’m not your typical pageant girl, and I hope that I can change any negative views of pageantry throughout my year as Miss Southwest Arkansas’ Outstanding Teen. | June 2018 043

The new generation of emergency care.

Drug Take Back Initiative Operation Medicine Cabinet

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is proud to partner with Texarkana Emergency Center in an effort to remove unused and out of date prescription medicines from your homes. •It is important to know that law enforcement is only interested in the removal of unused and/or outdated medications from the homes of our citizens. •It matters not whose name is on the prescription, by whom it was prescribed, where it was prescribed, or where you reside. •We stress that it makes no difference if you live in Texas or Arkansas. •We take back all medications, no questions asked. You can remove the label if you desire but it’s not necessary. •We ask that you do not deposit needles (sharps), inhalers, medication from businesses or clinics, ointments, lotions, liquids, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide, or thermometers.

One box has been placed behind the Bi State Justice Building at 100 N. State Line Ave., Texarkana, Arkansas and another outside the Texarkana Emergency Center, 4646 Cowhorn Creek Rd., Texarkana, Texas. These boxes are regularly checked and the contents are immediately packaged for destruction. If you would like to personally drop your medications off to law enforcement, you can at the Miller County Sheriff ’s Office on East Street and Bi State Justice Building in Texarkana.

You can learn more about this program by visiting or on Facebook by searching Arkansas Take Back or Arkansas Drug take Back. FIND US ON 4646 Cowhorn Creek | Texarkana, TX 75503 | 903.838.8000

044 ALT Magazine | June 2018



Your company retirement plan is a valuable employee benefit, but to maximize its potential, it helps to understand how it works and the choices you have. At Stringer Wealth Management, we are financial advisors experienced in retirement planning dedicated to educating plan participants on all aspects of their company retirement plan. WE INVITE YOU TO CALL US ABOUT:

•Your retirement plan options •Rollover education •Determining how much you should ideally contribute •Selecting the most suitable investments for your situation

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1620 North Kings Highway Nash, TX 75569 PH. 903.223.0011 FAX. 903.223.0589 Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Stringer Wealth Management is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services, INC. Advisory services offered through Raymond James Financial Advisors, INC.

Like us on Facebook @signgypsiesarklatex 903-392-9935 | Clyde and Beckie Lewis

Ashley Alexander MAKEUP ARTIST




Prom & Wedding


Body ACHIEVES What the Mind BeLieVeS. the



600 Nor th Kings Hwy |Wake Village, TX 75501 903.832.5438 | June 2018 045

Outdoor Fun For Kids!

Two 4 oz. bottles of WASHABLE school glue 1 cup white flour 4-5 cups plain white shaving foam food coloring drops 1 gallon plastic zipper bag sandwich-sized plastic zipper bags – 1 per food coloring scissors Optional: plastic squirt bottles (such as used for tie dyeing) 1. In a gallon-size plastic zipper bag add 1 cup of flour. 2. Pour both bottles of washable school glue on top of the flour. Make sure it’s washable for easy clean up! 3. Spray about 4-5 cups of shaving foam into the bag. At first I attempted to measure it in a measuring cup, but it was ridiculous trying to get it out of the measuring cup. So, after the first cup, I just eyeballed it. 4. Close the bag and knead it for a few minutes until everything is totally mixed. 5. Snip one corner of the big bag and squirt into sandwich-sized plastic zipper bags to divide it up per color. I went with four neon food coloring bottles, so I divided it up into 4 smaller bags. One each of blue, purple, pink, and green. 6. Add 10 drops of one food coloring to each bag. 7. Knead each smaller bag until color is throughout all the bag 8. Snip off the edge and squirt it into plastic squirt bottles. Or you can be frugal and just paint with the zipper bags. If you keep it in the bags, just snip off a tiny corner, so it doesn’t come out too heavy.

Rock Tic - Tac - Toe

Search for the BEST rocks to play an AWESOME game of rock Tic-tac-toe!

Homemade Bird Feeder Water Balloon Baseball Fill up as many water balloons as possible, get bats, and wait and see who gets soaked first!





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Investing in potential

529 education savings plans are more versatile than you may think

A baby’s on the way. There are a lot of details to be worked out. What color to paint the nursery? A name! Car seats. Strollers. Cloth or disposable diapers? College? Wait. What?

Yes. Many parents and grandparents start investigating their college savings options before the newest addition is even born. Why? Possibly because education is a top priority for their families, and already-expensive tuition increases almost 5% every year, according to The College Board. A child born in 2016 can expect to pay anywhere from $94,800 (public) to $323,900 (private) in tuition and fees for a four-year education in 2034, when he or she turns 18. However, saving toward that goal is much more achievable if you use the tools at your disposal wisely, particularly tax advantaged college savings vehicles. Not everyone is in a position to set aside money for the next generation without jeopardizing their own goals, but if you’re fortunate enough to do so or if you can start early and save over time, it is worth looking into your options. Specialized savings accounts, informally referred to as 529s, should be at the top of your list because they offer preferential income and/or estate tax treatment. Here are a few advantages that parents and grandparents may want to consider. Capitalize on generous federal and state tax savings Assets contributed to a 529 on behalf of your designated beneficiary grow tax-free. Even better? The withdrawals are tax-free as long as they’re used for a qualified education expense, such as tuition, room and board, and supplies, and don’t exceed the actual costs. Most 529s are state-sponsored, which could provide additional tax savings. For example, some states offer a tax benefit to residents who invest in their state’s plans. Others allow a state income tax break if you contribute to any state’s plan. It’s important to understand which tax deductions or tax credits may be available – especially if you reside in a state with income tax. Your advisor can help you compare potential deductions.

Take advantage of built-in flexibility Many people worry that gifting large chunks of money to a 529 means they’ll irrevocably give up control of those assets. Hard to swallow, when you’ve worked hard to build your net worth and can’t predict if you’ll need that money later. The good news is that 529s allow quite a bit of control, especially if you title the account in your name. At any point, you can get your money back. Of course, that means it becomes part of your taxable estate again, subject to your nominal federal tax rate, and you’ll have to pay an additional 10% penalty on the earnings portion of the withdrawal if the money isn’t used for your designated beneficiary’s qualified higher education expenses. What if your beneficiary receives a scholarship or financial aid? Well, you’ve got options here, too. •First, you can earmark the money for other types of education, like graduate school. •Second, you can change the beneficiary, as many times as you like, since most 529s have no time limits. You just need to do so before the new recipient actually heads to college. This option is particularly helpful if your designated beneficiary chooses not to go to college at all. •Third, you can take the money and pay the taxes on any gains. Normally, you’d expect to pay a penalty on the earnings, too. But that’s not the case for scholarships. The penalty is waived on amounts equal to the scholarship as long as they’re withdrawn the same year the scholarship is received. Of course, you can always use the funds to pay for other qualified education expenses, like room and board, books and supplies, too. Plus, many plans offer you diversified portfolios allocated among stocks, bonds, funds, CDs and money market instruments, as well as age-based portfolios that are more growth- oriented for younger beneficiaries and less aggressive for those nearing college age. 57% of parents save for college, but most of that money is held in general savings accounts, not tax-advantaged educational savings vehicles.

Source: Sallie Mae’s “How America Saves for College 2016”

048 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Bypass gift taxes for five years A grandparent, or anyone really, can contribute up to $14,000 a year per person ($28,000 if married filing jointly, for 2017) with no gift tax consequences. Better yet, if you can swing it, you can “super fund” your 529 using the five-year accelerated gift election, a lump sum gift of $70,000 per contributor ($140,000 for married couples). The catch here is that you can’t make additional gifts for the next five years, but your larger gift now has the opportunity to compound tax-free over a longer time. Minimize potential estate taxes Estate tax benefits can be significant, especially if you have a large number of kids or grandkids you want to benefit. Once a 529 plan is funded, it is considered a completed gift to the beneficiary for federal estate tax purposes even though the owner retains full control of the account. It shifts assets out of your estate (unless you make yourself the beneficiary) and can grow tax-free until needed. If opting for a five-year election, the contributor must outlive the election or it will be prorated back on a calendar year basis. Give generously Lastly, it doesn’t matter how much you make, you can contribute to a 529 for anyone of any age, including yourself if you plan to go back to school. And lifetime contributions are generous as well. Depending on the state, you can contribute more than $200,000 to help your future learner avoid or minimize student debt. What about financial aid? Most Americans supplement their contributions to college expenses with financial aid of some sort, but aren’t quite sure how college savings could affect future aid. There are some things to consider with 529s. You have to decide how to title the account – who will own it and who will be the beneficiary. Is it better to own the 529 plan and make your child or grandchild the beneficiary or to put the 529 plan in the beneficiary’s name outright? Another option for grandparents and aunts and uncles is to contribute to

an existing 529, opened and owned by the child’s parents. The difference is how the distributions will be treated when it comes to seeking financial aid using the common Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The FAFSA form is the key to unlocking some portion of $150 billion in available federal tuition assistance. No reason to leave money on the table if it could be better deployed to achieve your own goals, right? These decisions can be complicated, and your financial advisor should be able to offer some helpful advice beyond the basics offered below. If the 529 is owned by the parents In this case, 5.64% of the assets in the 529 plan will be counted toward something called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). That amount is The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as FAFSA, is the first step to receiving your share of $150 billion in loans, grants and work-study funds for college or career schools. recalculated each year based on the end value of the account, which will steadily decline since funds will be used to pay for education expenses. If the student owns the account, 20% of the balance counts toward the student’s expected contribution. That’s the case for any student owned assets, so it’s important to title assets appropriately. If the 529 is owned by anyone but the beneficiary Technically, if the account is owned by someone other than a custodial parent or student, such as a grandparent, it is not counted for financial aid purposes. However, the distributions are. FAFSA treats the distributions as the student’s income – even if it’s a qualified tax-free distribution for income tax purposes, so this has the potential of limiting the value of your gift. However, this may be avoided by delaying 529 distributions until after the student has completed his or her FAFSA application for their junior year or later. FAFSA calculations consider income from what’s called the prior- prior year – for the 2017-2018 FAFSA that would mean using your 2015 tax return – so the income from distributions won’t be a factor toward the end of a college career. Not every institution relies on the Federal financial aid form. Some use the CSS/Financial Aid Profile from The College Board instead, which reports and treats 529 assets as available assets, regardless of how they’re owned. Set your course now Saving for college doesn’t have to be daunting, just disciplined. It helps to take advantage of investment vehicles designed to help you along the journey. Each has its benefits and considerations, so it’s wise to talk to your professional advisor before making a years-long commitment. For example, 529s, like many other investments, come with fees and are subject to market fluctuations, unless you opt for a prepaid account. And you can only make changes to your asset allocation twice a year. On the plus side, 529s have higher contribution limits, no income limits and a low impact on financial aid eligibility. They allow for tax and penalty-free withdrawals of principal at any time and for any purpose. The earnings portion, however, must be spent toward qualified higher education expenses. Any leftover funds withdrawn will incur federal income tax and a 10% penalty. Talk to your advisor to see if 529s are the right way for you to give the gift of education – whether it’s for a child, grandchild, family friend or even yourself. Earnings in 529 plans are not subject to federal tax and in most cases state tax, as long as you use withdrawals for eligible college expenses, such as tuition and room and board. However, if you withdraw money from a 529 plan and do not use it on an eligible higher education expense, you generally will be sub- ject to income tax and an additional 10% federal tax penalty on earnings. An investor should consider, before investing, whether the investor’s or designated beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in such state’s qualified tuition program. Sources: The College Board, savingforcollege. com,,

903.278.4444 | June 2018 049

050 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Professional Counseling Services-Texarkana- April 2018

Wake Village Walmart Neighborhood Market (Online Grocery Pickup)- May 2018

Tasty Donuts Donut • Croissant • Kolache • Fruit Sticks • Burrito Biscuit • Muffin • Coffee

NOW OPEN IN TWO LOCATIONS!! 1443 N. Kings Hwy. 903. 838. 0422

K-Mart Shopping Center 903. 223. 0149

Donuts are ALWAYS the Answer!

Caveman Consignment Company- May 2018

We can take the stress away from all the vacation laundry...

y a d i l Ho Cleaners

870.773.4072 | June 2018 051

Fish Tales with Mike Brower

Times Are Changing I have mentioned this at least once before, but it needs to be revisited. Boat prices are getting out of hand. It won’t be long and only those who have an annual salary of $300k will be able to afford one. Several years ago, when oil prices were rising, the boat companies said they had to raise prices because fiberglass is a byproduct of oil and they couldn’t help it. Well, since then, the price of oil has gone down considerably, but we didn’t see a price reduction in boats from any builder. I guess they liked the excess profits and it appears that people are still buying them even at the $60-70k price level. Of course, they are financing them for 20 years and the payments are about the same as a mortgage. They seem to keep them for a year or so and then try to sell them for what they owe. Then they find out they owe more than the boat is worth. That realization is the “DUH” moment, and some just let them go back to the lender. Where does this stuff stop? I have no idea, but there are people out there buying the new $100k bassboats. You do the math.




052 ALT Magazine | June 2018


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Wilbur Awards

Leadership Texarkana celebrated local excellence in community leadership at the 9th annual Luncheon with Leaders at Texarkana Country Club on April 10, with the awarding of the organization’s Leader Of The Year Award, as well as honoring community leaders through Leadership Texarkana’s annual Wilbur Awards

Wilbur for Organization - Opportunities, Inc - Sherry Young, ExDir and Board President Treva West

Wilbur Youth - Allie Graves with her parents

Wilbur for Adult - Dr. Matt Young with Novella Medlock

Group Youth Honorees: L-R Jay Williamson, Kate Todd, Will Norton, Ali Millgan, Allie Graves

Leader of the Year LeAnne Wright (rt) with Vicki Huckabee of TAMU-T

Group Organ’l Honorees: Peggy Burson/ Altrusa; Damien Davis/ DD Foundation; Treva West/Op Inc

Group Adult Honorees L-R: Matt Young, Betty Williams, Warren Smith, Emily Cutrer, Joey Martin, Mark van Herpen

Wilbur Youth - Ali Milligan with Novella Medlock | June 2018 053

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

WINE & JAZZ 2018

Cindy Craig, Rosie Benson, and Shane Gatlin

Sue Smith and Marianne Norwood

Brad Lee, Connie Lee, Amy Deen, and Wesley Deen

Sam Clem, Sherri Waters, and Paulette Batts

Amanda Almond, Bella Fuqua, JulieWhitney Almond,Fuqua, and Delores Clara Ayres and Ed Forsyth

Jeff Harlow, Terri Arnold, and Cathy VanHerpen

Karen Lansdell and Jeff Harlow

Jennifer Tanner, Ashley Weems, and Samantha McCallister

Richard and Kimbley Hindman

Carla and Derrick Durrant and Toni Dumas

Carla Moon and Amanda Ward

Chris and Tera Holder, Allison Collinsworth, David Johnston, and Ryan Robinson 054 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Karen Lansdell and Andi Darby

Joseph Raymond

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Kyle Ronan, Chris Winchester, Crystal Beckham, Aaron Hardy, Jeremy Garner, and SheaLynn Garneer

Chuck Kamm and James McGee

Antonio Williams, Ryan Rich, and Ben Slocum

Jeff and Whitney Rosenbaum

Bella Fuqua, MarcWhitney and KelliFuqua, Cogburn Clara Ayres

Donnie Spriggs, Dr.Cindy Porter and Dr. Paul Whitt

Candi Robinett and Sandra Syphers

Angie Watson, Monica Coffman, and Karen Lansdell

Heather Buster and Jennifer Laurent

Sue Smith and Richard Martin

Jeff Brown, Tavo Cruz, and A.L. Crawford

Leslie Abston and Shea Phillips

Leslie Abston and Chuck Phillips

Amanda McDonald, Will Williams, Holly jones, Ariana Akin, and Ashlyn Akin

Paul Whitt | June 2018 055

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.


Marcy Templeton, Keira Akin, and Tammy Templeton


Domtar Domintors

Bella Fuqua,Domtar Whitney Domintors Fuqua, Clara Ayres

John and Joel Baldwin

Firebreathing Misfits

Barbell Butterflies

Texarkana Emergency Center

US Marines

Thomas Rhodes and Carol Maudin

Shai Taylor and Gloria Shavers

Helen Colvin and Geri Spears

056 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Domtar Domintors

Kyleigh Philyaw, Hannah Philyaw, Deanna Matlock, Shelli Pike and Mata Savage

Tonya Brookes and Devon Matte'

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Survivors Walk

All Survivors

Health Care Express

Walnut Warriors

Bella Fuqua, Whitney The Ricksters Fuqua, Clara Ayres


Blutiful Zeta Team

Team Sumoas

Cima Cancer Avengers

Texar Kara Lifesavers

Jamie Patton

The Grey Matters

Lisa Alexander and Nicki Wagstaff

Madison Welch, Parker McDuffie and Karen Lansdell

Team Mates for The Grey Matters | June 2018 057

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Erin Blackburn, Alex Hurbert and Sherri Self

Debbie Smith and Connie Burkland

Brooke Marshall, Gary DanDeaver, Matt Young, and Leigh Ann Scates

Jonathan Mixon, Jordan Liles Shane Page, Robert Greenway, Cory Wilhite Bella Fuqua,and Whitney Fuqua, Clara Ayres

Brenda Lenaway, Suzie Harris, Jennifer Treadway, Georgette Duke, and Felicia Black

Craig Hicks, Joshua Harris, Joe Sloan, and Michael Stephenson

James Smith, Tina Bell, and Darren Higgs

Texarkana Emergency Center

David Chreene and Cynamon Burnett

Tony McDuffie, Robbie Caudle, and Brad Irvin

058 ALT Magazine | June 2018

Dena McCord, Shauna Lee, April Britton, Crimson Tyson, and Jennifer Christian

Jonathan Escobar, Jacob Larry-Cox, James Thompson, and Meran Nakashian

Bob Bruggeman, Ashley Barker, and Matt Young

The Connie Burkland Demo

Karen Lansdell and Tony McDuffie

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.


Volunteers: Bryan Pfluger, Jerry West, Marion Crowder, Dan Crowder, Mike Skonieczny, Angie Funchus and Jaclyn West

Becky and Bill Barlow

David Orr and Samuel Coston

Brittney Roundtree, Callie Perkins and Jan Grossman

Bella Fuqua, CaleWhitney and Crystal Fuqua, Davis Clara Ayres

Renay and Perry Brown

Rusty and Sandy Richardson

Michelle & Jodie Raffaelli

Andy Pesantez and Jessica Holt

Angie Coston & Beth Freeman

Banquet at Silvermoon on Broad Pinnacle Creative LLC 101 Slaton Dr Nash, TX 75569

Marketing and Public Relations


Graphic Design • Web Design • In-House Photography Inbound Marketing • Event Marketing/Production

Phone: 903.334.9605 E-mail: Web :

Great design is more than aesthetics. Great design begins with understanding what the goals are and how to achieve them.


Delivering results | June 2018 059

What's on the AGENDA?

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Saturday, June 2nd

Tinkering, makey-makey, arts, crafts, rediscovering trades of the past and exploring technology of today all come together downtown for a 1 day hands-on make and take event hosted by Discovery Place Children's Museum, The Texarkana Museums System and local businesses and civic organizations. $5 members. $10 non-members Fun lasts from 10 am to 4 pm. 903-793-4831 for more details on tickets and booths.

Saturday, June 2nd

Power Boats Visit the Museum of Regional History for our exhibition of the tools and toys of men of our region from the 19th century and 20th centuries. FREE members. $10 non-members 10 am to 5 pm.

Saturday, June 9th

A Tribute to Dads Fast or slow? What powers your boat can make a big difference. A Moana wind powered popsicle boat might not travel as fast or as far as a baking soda & vinegar powered boat. We won't know until we give them a try at the Discovery Place Interactive Museum in downtown Texarkana. FREE members. $5 nonmembers. 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Saturday, June 16th

Scavenger Hunt: Historic Everyday Objects. Join us at the historic Ace of Clubs House as we go on a Scavenger Hunt for Everyday Objects that aren't so "everyday" anymore! Kitchen tools, household items and other items ranging from the early days of this home have gone out of fashion or been modernized. You'll get the chance to learn and hunt for those that existed in the past. FREE members. $5 non-members. 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Saturday, June 16th

Learn the art of Bobbin. Lace at your own pace. Beginners and the more advanced are invited to attend. If you need to borrow supplies, we can lend you some for the duration of the workshop with advance notice or you can bring your own. For tickets, see our website www.; FaceBook or Space is limited so please register in advance. Call 903-793-4831 or email for more details $3 members. $8 non-members. 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

June 16th & 17th

The 2018 AKC All-Breed Dog Show You will see some of the best dogs, handlers and judges coming from all over the United States and some foreign countries. Many are the same ones you see on TV at national dog shows & Westminster. Around 1,000 dogs are expected & over 120 breeds competing. here will be numerous vendors on site offering a wide variety of unique dog products. You can win some great prizes at the raffle on Saturday. Everyone is invited!. Two shows: one on Saturday & one on Sunday. Texarkana Four States Fairgrounds. Doors open both days from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. FREE to the Public & fun for the whole family (everyone invited) – Parking $5.00 (covers both days)

Sunday, June 17th


Saturday, June 23rd

Through the Words of Literature. AhernThe relationship between a father and child is one to be honored and celebrated. Join the Texarkana Museums System (in costume if you wish) as we examine some literary examples of the beauty, joy and heartache of these relationships at the historic Ahern Home in downtown Texarkana. Bring your favorite excerpts to share or come to hear ours. FREE members. $5 non-members. 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Saturday, June 23rd

Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall 3rd Annual Benefit Fundraiser Help support your local memorial wall being designed and built one brick at a time. 10 am - 8 pm Front Street Festival Plaza Texarkana, AR

July 07 - 31

Harry Potter Month All Locations The Texarkana Museums System will host an event each Saturday at it's locations focused on the mystery and fun of Harry Potter! Make plans to attend one or all events. For more details, see our FaceBook pages or visit www.

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6308 Pecan Cove

Exquisite two story home in Pleasant Grove, fabulous landscaping, sprinkler system. Enjoy sitting on balcony overlooking large fenced backyard. Home features four bedrooms, three full baths, family room with wood burning fireplace, den has beautiful lawyers paneling, marble counter tops in kitchen, breakfast and formal dining areas. Laundry room is conveniently located upstairs with all the bedrooms.

Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186

Tracy Spradlin Broker 903-748-2477

Jan Williams Realtor 903-277-5771

Stephanie Maddox Realtor 903-701-1341

1356 N. Kings Hwy. | Nash, TX 75569 | 903.223.0710 | June 2018 061 | |

Local Rescues

Adopt, Don’t Shop! ARKLATEX COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE ArklatexCockerSpanielRescue ARTEX ANIMAL WELFARE, INC. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990



Boxer Rescue of Texarkana Texarkana Animal League



Kitties Pad Rescue

Passion For Pooches




Texarkana Humane Society

Texarkana Humane Society



Arklatex Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Muttley Crew


Poodle Patch Rescue Inc.









The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call 870.773.6388, or visit: www. or AdoptionTXK. Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog.


ATILLA 062 ALT Magazine | June 2018








We also have SPONSORED dogs and cats! This means someone has already paid for their vetting! Come see who’s waiting! We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more.

WE’RE OPEN! M-F 11A-5P & SAT 11A-2P

Cause What Is Better Than A Relaxing With Your Best Friend?




5820 Richmond Rd. | Texarkana, TX 75503 | (877) 525-4825 | Fax: (870) 330-0057 |

June 2018 Magazine  

The magazine for the month of June!

June 2018 Magazine  

The magazine for the month of June!