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06 ALT Magazine | January 2018

From the Publisher

New year, new beginnings… Every year, I say that I’m not going to make any resolutions because I won’t keep them. It’s just not going to happen. This year, however, I decided I might make a few, just for fun, and see how long it lasts. So here goes: 1. I not only own this magazine, but as most of you know, I am also a photographer and have been for the past 20 years. I plan to do more photography, which I love, and increase my skills by attending seminars and schools. I also plan to do seminars to help others in the area learn how to be a better photographer. (I have one that starts on January 9th, if anyone is interested. Check out my Facebook page, www. 2. In 2017, I joined the gym. My kids, Jaclyn and Marshall, also joined. My kids actually went and got really fit. I, on the other hand, did not. So my first resolution is to actually go to the gym a minimum of 2 times per week – even if I have to wake up early to do it. That’s asking a lot of me! I also plan to vlog about it. Can’t wait to see how that works out! 3. I resolve to NOT adopt any additional dogs into my family this year. I have a few – numbers really don’t mean anything – but I really don’t need any more. I do love my babies and have always been a big animal lover. 4. I plan to travel somewhere I haven’t seen. Mike and I are tentatively planning a trip to inland Alaska – instead of seeing everything from a ship or on an excursion. I hope to go to Fairbanks, where I will see the Aurora Borealis and photograph it. I know it will be like seeing God’s Glory! Alaska is so beautiful that I want to see all of it – or at some of it that I haven’t seen that isn’t covered in 8 feet of snow. 5. Marketing is what I love. This magazine is great for helping others let people know who they are, what they do, and why you should shop with them. With the addition of Pinnacle Creative LLC to our list of companies, I hope to help with additional resources to bring awareness to local and regional businesses. With websites and social media, the method we share our message has changed so much. 6. I resolve to have NO surgery in 2018. God blessed me with the ability to breathe 4 years ago, and after the same surgery in November, 2017, I hope to have 4 or more years of precious breathing. 7. I resolve to paint my living room and kitchen, even though the back door has been on the frame for at least 4 years and has never been painted. I mean, white primer looks like paint, right? 8. I resolve to be nicer when responding to phone calls from people who are obviously not thinking – things like “Can I shoot at your gun range if I have a felony conviction?” Really? This one is a struggle! 9. Smile! Smiling makes you happy even when you aren’t. Share joy with everyone around you. 10. I saved the best resolution for last – Praise the Lord with all my heart! Everything else will fall into place. Happy New Year! Hope it is the best one ever for all of you!

08 ALT Magazine | January 2018

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Words by: Debbie Brower

"I'm a simple guy, you know? If I do something, it's not going to be, 'Look at this, look at that.' It just happens." ~ Mariano Rivera


ost children dream of what their lives will be like when they grow up. Maybe they want to be a fire fighter, or a super hero, or a doctor, or a teacher. I can remember holding class as a child, with my dog and my siblings all playing along. However, since I had very little athletic ability, my dreams never included sports – well, maybe ice skating, but that never happened since we never had the opportunity to go to an ice skating rink! Some children, however, do have that natural athletic ability and love to play sports. Some children play sports because their parents want them to. And some learn their love of a sport because their parents wanted them to play.

Scotty Barlow Shown here with Harry Boudreaux, his baby (left), and his wife, Klancy (above).

Scott Alan Barlow, Jr.’s mom, Margaret, decided that he needed something to do. He was a very active child, who bored easily. He needed a pastime. Since she loved the game of baseball, she signed Scotty up for t-ball. Her need for him to run off some energy paid off. As a single mom, working to raise her children on her own, the game fit Scotty well and, yes, he spent lots of energy daily practicing. Throughout his childhood, he and his mom spent every spring and summer involved in any baseball event they could find. The more he played, the more he loved the game. And the more he excelled. | January 2018 013

Scotty grew up in Quaker Hill, Connecticut, where frigid temperatures didn’t allow for yearround baseball. So, the family decided to move to Santa Clarita, California, his freshman year of high school to give him every possible opportunity. Although his brother Christopher didn’t make the move with them to California, they remain close to this day. Christopher joked, “He never knew anyone who could turn skipping stones at the local pond into a career.” Scotty has done just that. During his senior year, he was named Athlete of the Year for Golden Valley High. He was offered a full scholarship to play baseball at Fresno State in California. However, the scouts had already seen him play and he was scouted and signed with the LA Dodgers in 2011, during the 6th round of the draft. He was overall the 194th person chosen in the draft. He played with the Dodgers in the minor league from 2011 until 2017. In 2012, he had to have Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery. He was out and rehabbing the whole season, which was difficult for him watching from the dugout and not being able to play. Last season, however, the 6-foot4 starter spent time with Double-A Tulsa and Oklahoma City, going 7-6 with a 3.29 ERA in 26 outings.

Texarkana for events, and specifically gracing the stage of the Oaklawn Opry regularly. She is also a former Miss Texarkana. The moment they met, they had a connection. This past November 3rd, they were married. If you were present for their wedding, you saw the love and devotion they have for one another. Their happiness was contagious to anyone around them. The two have a bond that is unmistakable – loving, laughing, sharing. Scotty became a part of the family – one I became a part of years ago. Klancy is like one of my own children, having loved her and her family since she was a child. It was wonderful to see her smiling face, especially as he was obviously just as happy. Scotty and Klancy have four fur children, their German Shepherd, Harry Boudreaux, a schnauzer/Chihuahua mix, Heidi, and two cats, Colonel and Mingo. Klancy’s family lives close by and there is always a home full of love – especially for Harry, who is the real baby of the family!

While playing for the Dodgers, Scotty’s work ethic kept him going. His day typically started around noon, when he headed to the field for practice, followed by a work In 2015, while visiting his sister Laura, Scotty met the love out. He spent time going over the batters he faced in the of his life, Klancy Johnson. Klancy, a native of Texarkana, next start, then took a few moments to hang out with is well-known for her singing skills, performing throughout his teammates as they got ready for the game. After the 014 ALT Magazine | January 2018

game, around 11 pm, he headed home to try to unwind and decompress, typically reading or playing video games. This year, that will be amended a little to include having Klancy with him. Shortly after their wedding, he got the call. The Kansas City Royals were looking at him. Then it happened. He made it. Kansas City chose him as the 39th player for their 40 man major league team – a right-handed pitcher. His hard work had paid off. Now he, and his bride of 2 months, will be moving. Until then, in the off season, Scotty enjoys spending time deer and duck hunting with Klancy’s dad, Stephen, and her grandparents Steve and Sue Johnson. He also enjoys hiking, checking out activities specific for the area, eating at local restaurants (he loves Indian food and sushi) and playing with Harry Boudreaux! His down to earth attitude will take him far. After signing the new contract with Kansas City, Scotty returned to his holiday job at Bath & Body Works, to the surprise of the staff. He couldn’t understand why they would think he wouldn’t return to work – again being the person he is, with the ethics he has, he wasn’t going to let anyone down. He is disciplined, hard working and goofy, and believes that whatever

you choose to do, you should work hard at it and do it well. He enjoys helping others, including visiting the different kids’ camps during the season, seeing children from all different walks of life being able to play and learn to love the game. As for the new year, he is excited about the new contract and what all that means to him and to his new family. He would love to add another young one to their family – one more German shepherd! It’s unclear whether the Royals plan to use Scotty as a starter, which he’s been accustomed to his entire career, or as a reliever, which may give him a greater opportunity to earn a spot on the active roster. However, I feel sure he will do his best, keep a positive, even keeled attitude, and hopefully find a balance. As he says, “There’s always going to highs and lows. You have to find your balance. Do something every single day that’s going to make you better.” For all of us, we know he will excel. To be an established big league pitcher is the dream of so many, and Scotty is almost there. “Having a positive attitude is everything and it bleeds into whatever you decide to do,” Scotty says. Stay positive, Scotty. We are behind you. | January 2018 015

3412 Richmond Rd (Across from Ace Hardware) | Texarkana, TX 75503 | (430) 200-0854 |

018 ALT Magazine | January 2018

By: Anne Granado

MEAGAN ARMSTRONG General Manager Anytime Fitness for Wake Village, TX, and Prosper, TX, and Certified Personal Trainer

Meagan’s life motto is, “”Show up and give a damn harder than anyone else out there, every single day.” She says if you show up and just care about people, the rest falls into place. As a dual gym manager, certified personal trainer, and intra-company functional fitness certification instructor for seven gyms, Meagan promises that nobody cares about your physical and mental health more than she does. In fact, her greatest accomplishment is making a career out of what she is passionate about and empowering others to do the same. “We are in the business of helping people, and we never lose sight of that,” Meagan says. Meagan’s life changed during one of the most difficult times of her life. She was a nurse and worked as one from 2009-2015 until she decided to make a terrifying leap into the unknown. “My tattoo says, ‘Boldy go.’ I decided to make that leap because I fell in love with what we could for people,” Meagan says. “‘You let yourself go.’ That was a sentence that echoes in my memory, and one that ignited me so many years ago. Unbeknownst to me and the person who was “explaining” why our marriage had taken a turn, I had a tumor and accompanying health issues. Now, here I am several years later sans tumor and sans negativity. I not only made the decision to go into a new career, but I chose to do so with just me, myself and I.” Meagan felt like she had lost so much of her identity in both a toxic relationship and a career she didn’t love. “I made the decision to never feel weak or helpless or ugly again,” Meagan says. “Not that I was any of those things. But it’s how I felt. I found a trainer, and he gave me my life back. I was fortunate in that he educated me every step of the way. He taught me just enough to give me the ‘bug.’ I couldn’t quit.” Meagan never told her trainer what she was going through; she considers herself a more private person. However, she decided to give others what he gave her: empowerment. “I wanted to never stop learning, honing my craft, and living in the service of others. This is why I became a trainer. And by the grace of whatever you believe, this is how I came to manage gyms and be given the opportunity to empower other people like me so that they can spread it on,” Meagan says. “We get to work every day to pay it forward. You never know how you are changing a life.” No two days in Meagan’s life is the same. The uniqueness of what she does allows her to wear many hats. “Despite what some believe, not all gym employees ‘get paid just to work out,’” Meagan says. “As a matter of fact, always finding time for my own workouts and sleep is my greatest struggle. We are IT people, health coaches, makeshift counselors, janitors, electricians, typists, graphic artists, website administrators, crisis hotlines, 020 ALT Magazine | January 2018

chalkboard artists, decorators, plumbers, equipment repair, customer service reps, rule enforcers, motivators, advocates and cheerleaders. But you know...I’m so in love with the chaos.” One of the most memorable moments in Meagan’s career is standing on the stage in Palm Springs, California, in front of thousands of people while one of her training clients and dear friends, Ashton Parsons, received the honor of winning a national success story. She is a two-time cancer survivor. “Anytime Fitness corporate flew in their media team beforehand to Wake Village and filmed her story,” Meagan says. “Hearing the news she won, and then, being the one to tell her was surreal and incredible. Her story is so amazing. If you really want some motivation, watch her story on Youtube.” Meagan also channels her passion for helping others into philanthropy. Every year, she organizes the Pet Adoption Palooza at Anytime Fitness Wake Village. She invites all adoption and rescue organizations. They accept donated food in place of membership fees, and then, all donated food is divided among participating shelters. “So far, every year, several animals find homes, and we raise several thousand pounds of pet food,” Meagan says. Meagan also helps with a food drive for local pantries and churches. Plus, they serve as an off site training facility for Redwater ISD girls’ athletics, so they have a safe place to train during inclement weather. Meagan and Matthew Lovell donate their time to judge powerlifting meets at local schools, and in the event of a natural disaster, Meagan and her team help organize donations for those in need. They sponsor the CASA Foundation Colorful 5K in Texarkana and staff the event. Every year, they also donate free personal training and gym memberships to local fire departments, churches, athletic groups, and shelters during their raffle sales and silent auctions to help them raise money for their causes. “Gyms are often intimidating to people until they come in and see it themselves, and learn that the folks who staff it are just like everyone else,” Meagan says. “Occasionally coaches ask that I speak to their female athletes about the benefits of weight training so that they see it isn’t ‘manly’ or ‘scary.’ I also give free lift demo/technique clinics for any school that wants their students to get exposure to outside sources. My career in and of itself is a vow to live in the service of others every day.” When Meagan isn’t working she loves

to see her family. Her parents live in Ozark, Alabama. She lived there from 3 years old until she was 20. Her dad was stationed at Ft. Rucker, and they were fortunate enough to not have to move. Her dad is a retired apache pilot, and her mom is a retired administrative consultant. Her brother, Ryan, is 3 years older than her and lives in Florida with his new wife, Kathryn. He develops software for college campuses. “I wish I could live closer to everyone, but I make sure and make it home for holidays,” Meagan says. Besides wanting to learn how to jump rope better and setting a goal to not wear a hat every single day, Meagan wants to keep moving forward with her passion for health and helping others. “I hope the gyms I am entrusted with, along with their staff members, continue to flourish in beautiful, unexpected ways,” Meagan says. “I also hope to eventually own a gym of my own.”

We asked.

Q&A with Meagan Armstrong

What is the best advice you have ever received? “Always behave like a duck. Stay calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like hell under water.” What is your greatest struggle? Making myself slow down and make time for my own nutrition, workouts and rest. How do you spend your free time? I love a good beer and spending an ungodly amount of time just watching movies/shows. I love horror/thriller movies and pretty much anything 90's. The cherry on top is doing this with my herd of animals (3 dogs, 1 cat) and my boyfriend, Matt. What is your favorite food? Thai food or a good steak.

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KYLE BRETT BARRETT Real Estate Agent, Owner of Special Events on the Blvd and Chateau on the Blvd Floral and Design Services

For Kyle, who likes to stay busy, the best moments are ones spent with family or friends on his ranch. “The Hideaway Ranch is my place of therapy, relaxation and peace,” Kyle says. “Watching my cattle graze at sunset or seeing the deer in the bottoms in the early morning are moments that make my soul sing.” Kyle needs the time away from his busy schedule. His day starts early with a cup of coffee in his favorite chair. Then, he checks and feeds cattle and goes to the real estate office or Special Events. He also is involved with The American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball, American Heart Association’s Heart Ball, St. Michael Gala, Temple Memorial Rehab’s Phantom Ball, and his beloved hometown of Dekalb’s Oktoberfest Saloon Show and Parade. “I have always tried to help anywhere as much as I can,” Kyle says. “Sometimes I feel like I try and stay too busy, but I have learned it’s my personality and who I am.” Everyday, Kyle wants to deliver a service or product that is “second to none.” Having the support of his family, friends, clients, employees, and customers is what ultimately makes him feel most successful. “Earning their support and friendship means more to me than anything. I am so thankful for their loyalty,” Kyle says. “They have written the story of my life.” Kyle’s family is a great inspiration in his life. He is the youngest of four and the only boy. He says that his three sisters always made sure “little brother” was safe and knew they were the “boss.” Also, Kyle’s parents always made sure their children had the best life and opportunities possible. “My father, Dale Barrett, served the people of Bowie County almost 25 years as Commissioner. When he took office his precinct was broke. He had to change one battery 022 ALT Magazine | January 2018

from one machine to the next to crank machinery. When he left office, his roads were in the best shape of the history of Bowie County including present day and there was over a million dollars in his precinct's operating account,” Kyle says. “That’s a huge accomplishment that I couldn’t be more proud of. Also, my mother is one of the most loved and amazing human beings I have ever known. She is loved by many, and she gives 110 percent to her family and the Lord everyday of her life. There has never been a better daughter, wife, mother, grandmother or friend than Sherry Barrett.” When Kyle has free time, he loves to spend it on the ranch. “My partner, David, and I love to host dinner parties, check cattle on the ranch, hunt and fish,” Kyle says. “Or, we will just sit in the courtyard or on the front porch of the Hideaway with a good glass of wine talking with great friends. The Texarkana house is welcoming, and we love it, but there is no greater feeling than driving under the Hideaway Ranch entrance. It’s a place to leave your troubles at the gate.” In the next ten years, Kyle wants to grow more as a person. “I want to spend more time being thankful for what I have and less time worrying about things and people’s opinions of me that I can’t change,” Kyle says. “I want to take more time to appreciate and acknowledge the amazing things our God has laid before us that we take for granted every day.”

We asked. Q&A with Kyle Barrett

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? My daddy told me years ago that you always treat the man in the overalls the same as you treat the man wearing the business suit. What are your favorite TV show? I have a few I enjoy, but Game of Thrones, Spartacus, and some Golden Girls are in the top handful. I also love any hunting shows and outdoor survival shows. What is your life motto? Life’s short. Play hard. I’m not here for a long time, but I’m here for a good time. What is your New Year’s Resolution? To become a better listener, more open-minded person and to be the best partner, son, brother, uncle, friend and employer I can possibly be.

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LILY BENNETT Personal Trainer and Exercise Fitness Technician at Christus St. Michael Fitness Center

Lily found her career choice after being inspired by a trainer she worked with. “He had the professionalism, the experience, and the knowledge that matched no one I’d met before,” Lily says. “His passion about fitness and know-how ignited my interest.” A day in Lily’s life consists of a 4:30 a.m. morning workout. Then, from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., I alternate from training clients to program making/equipment demonstrating for new members who join the gym. She leads HIIT classes or TRX classes depending on the day and then heads home. Any free time that Lily has is spent researching new fitness tools and reading up on how pathologies can be prevented with exercise. “The most important thing about my job is helping to create a comfortable environment, mindset and confidence to know you CAN meet your goals,” Lily says. “My life motto is, ‘Work on your weaknesses until they are strengths and work on your strengths until they are second nature.’” Lily is involved in several philanthropies through St. Michaels including helping with the Kids Run the Line and the Kids Triathlon coming up this summer. “They do quite a bit to help the community, and I help anyway I can as far as putting together races, helping with health fairs and small fitness programs we have within the hospital. One of my most memorable moments happened during last year’s Kids Triathlon where a young lady did not think she could finish, so I ran to her, figured out what was keeping her from finishing, and provided words of encouragement for her to cross that line! She didn’t think she could do it without that moment! Such a great feeling.” Lily’s family is a strong support system for her. She says that “hands down” her mom is her personal idol. “I came from a super close-knit family growing up. Now, I get to enjoy time with my husband, Joseph Bennett, stepdaughter, Zoie Bennett, and German Shepherd, Odin,” Lily says. “My favorite off day activity would be running with mom and doing home improvement projects with Joseph.” In the next ten years, Lily would like to become a physical therapist/business owner and continue to build upon her dedication for helping others feel confident about themselves. “I am passionate and energized about helping people,” Lily says. “In the future, I’d also like to own a historic home, round out our family, and go wherever life takes us.”

We asked. Q&A with Lily Bennett

Making Healthy Eating Convenient What is the best advice you have ever received? “Don’t let a setback become evidence that you can’t do something.” What is your New Year’s resolution? Do more yoga! What is your favorite food? My mom’s chili rellenos and Thomas Farm’s kettle corn. What are your favorite TV shows? My husband and I have been watching Vikings, Peaky Blinders, Blacklist, The Crown, and Stranger Things.

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SHELBY COX Youth Director of

Highland Park Baptist Church

026 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Shelby has only been the youth director for about three months at Highland Park Baptist Church; however, she has already made an impact doing something she loves. She has already been able to help with the Rotary Club’s flag project and assisted with the Christmas Basket Ministry through the church. “As youth director, I am looking forward for the many ways I can get myself and my students involved in both our church and local community,” Shelby says. “I feel the joy of becoming a part of the incredible church family at Highland Park and getting to develop myself as their youth director.” Through either outside encouragement or personal insight, Shelby has felt drawn to vocational ministry. Growing up, various events in her life kept pushing her in this direction. She graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts, which furthered her pursuit of this career. “While vocational ministry has always been a goal of mine, it’s not always a first step,” Shelby says. “I knew from the beginning, I wanted to work in a church and help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ from within the four walls of the church and out into the local community.” Shelby recently started her own family. She married Matt Cox in September of 2017, and together, they are raising their Shih Tzu puppy, Macy. When she isn’t at work, Shelby loves to sleep in and go for a walk with Macy. Also, Matt and Shelby are “foodies,” so they enjoy discovering new restaurants or fun treats. “I love spending time in the kitchen with my husband, learning to cook new recipes. We both share a love of music and spend a lot of time listening or playing music,” Shelby says. “I don’t particularly love watching TV, but I love a good binge when I find something good on Netflix like The Office, The Crown, or Doctor Who.” To Shelby, the most important part of being a youth minister is realizing that it’s a people business first and foremost. “My job is to guide those I am blessed to influence to make positive choices that impact not only their personal life, but the world around them,” Shelby says. “I am in a unique position where my job doesn’t end when I leave my office for the evening and for some people that would be a huge turn off. I love what I do because 10, 20, 100 plus years from now, my actions will have made an impact. It’s not about numbers or having the coolest, up to date technology; it’s about kingdom building. It’s a huge responsibility, but I could not see myself doing anything else.” Shelby’s vision for the future involves continuing to grow and learn as she stays focused on her personal and professional goals. “I really want to focus on what matters, and stop getting sidetracked by the things that are fruitless and destructive,” Shelby says. “Different seasons in my life have brought different struggles. Eight years ago, I would have said getting to college was my greatest struggle. A year ago, I would have said finishing college was currently my seemingly impossible bar I had to cross. I have now

entered a period of my life where everything is new to me. A new job, new city, new friends and a new marriage, all which are good, but also have their challenges. I feel as if I have entered a very real yet very new period of growth and I look forward to whom I will grow into.” Even though Shelby’s youth group is small, it is dedicated. Besides learning to like black coffee and investing more time in those around her, Shelby’s goal for the new year is to see her students grow into the people God has called them to be. “I’ve never met such a passionate group of students or parents in my life, and it is an absolute joy to get to know and love them,” Shelby says. “In the next ten years, I’d love to see my youth group thriving, not necessarily in size, but in heart for the Gospel. I’d also like to work on my personal music career. Hopefully, my husband and I will have a few kids of our own in the picture by then. Shelby considers her greatest accomplishment to be her faith that helped her overcome all the obstacles on the way to her life today. “Honestly, anything I consider an accomplishment, I have to point to God when talking about it,” Shelby says. “I would have absolutely nothing without Him and I know that for a fact, but I can see how He has prepared me for this position and how my preparation from my past is coming to fruition. I still have a lot to learn and every day brings about new challenges, but everyday also has its own small victories. I’m excited for my future here and for the future of this youth group.”

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Q&A with Shelby Cox

What is your favorite food? Chicken wings or sushi. Depends on the day. What advice would you give others at becoming successful in whatever they strive to do? Comparison will steal your joy. You are on your own journey. Don’t let a timeline dictate where you are supposed to be and when you’re supposed to get there. Pursue what you love and the timing will be right. Who is your personal idol? Uhhh..I’m a youth pastor. I’m not supposed to have idols. My role model, as cliché as it sounds, is my dad. He’s kind, loving, servant hearted, and honestly one of the smartest people I know. He has taught me so much of what I know through how he lives his life. He’s a man who has a heart for Jesus and a knack for making sense out of the things that seem scary. He has always been my biggest encourager no matter what I pursue. If I can be half of who he is when I grow up, that would be success to me. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Do what matters.




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SHAWN FITZGERALD Lieutenant with Texarkana Texas Police Department Shawn decided he wanted to go into law enforcement while he was serving in the United States Navy overseas. He came home for his brother’s wedding in 1995, and his brother, a police officer in Nashville, Tennessee, took him for a few ride-alongs where Shawn was able to see a couple pursuits. “I left thinking it was absolutely the coolest thing I had ever done,” Shawn says. “I went back to my duty station and submitted a request to cancel my shore duty orders and filed my intent to separate. The rest is history.” Currently, Shawn works in recruiting, training and hiring. He also serves in the Office of Professional Standards, which most people know as Internal Affairs. Their mission is to plan, coordinate and implement training for all law enforcement agencies in East Texas. They also investigate complaints, whether internal or external, lodged against officers for violations of departmental policy. Shawn says that it may not be the most glamorous position, but it is absolutely necessary in today’s world. “Policing is a challenge in that every move you make is scrutinized, not only internally but externally. Ninety nine percent of all the officers are there to do the job right and to make a positive difference in their communities,” Shawn says. “They are just like everyone else with the same problems as everyone else. Their goal is to do the right thing, regardless of popular opinion, and then go home and be with their families. They need all the support you can give.” Every day on the job is different, and there have been many memorable moments in Shawn’s career, but there is one that definitely stands out from the rest. “The one call I will never forget occurred in the late 90’s. We received a 911 call from a woman who told the dispatcher she’d been tied up and stabbed. Another officer and I were the first to arrive on scene. When we got to the room and opened the door, weapons at the ready, we found the victim lying in a pool of her own blood and bound at the hands and feet. She had managed to get to her cell phone, despite her circumstances, and make the 911 call,” Shawn says. “She was an amazing person and was able to give us vivid detail about her attacker, all while being tended to in the ambulance. Turns out she was lured to the house under false pretenses for home health, and was attacked by a transient 028 ALT Magazine | January 2018

person. He was caught in St. Louis a couple of weeks later. I believe she later wrote a book about her experience. She is the bravest lady I’ve ever met.” When Shawn isn’t at work, he spends time with his wife of nineteen years, Christy, and their fifteen-year-old son, Christian, who is a sophomore at Queen City High School. Shawn considers his greatest accomplishment to be his marriage and the raising of their son. “My wife and I made a commitment years ago and we have honored that and grown in our marriage. We have raised our son with God as the head of our household and we cherish every day we have with him while he is still under our roof,” Shawn says. When he’s not working, Shawn spends time working in the student ministry at his church and playing drums with the praise team on Sunday mornings. He also serves on the school board for Queen City ISD. On Friday’s Christy and Shawn watch Christian play football. “I have a hard time just relaxing and doing nothing. Trust me there is plenty to be done around the house on my days off,” Shawn says. “We usually try to go out and as a family once a week, normally on the weekends. Sunday evenings is family movie night where we choose one to watch together. Last week it was the movie Elf.” In the next ten years, Shawn would like to be an agency head. On a personal level, he hopes that he and Christy are watching Christian begin a career he loves and perhaps get married. “My advice for being successful is to find a career that you could see yourself doing 15-20 years down the road. Once you do, become the best at that field that you can possibly be. Never stop learning, and be willing to admit your faults,” Shawn says. “People will respond to positive energy, so BE that positive influencer in your field. Forgive others because you will feel slighted at one time or another. Be firm, fair and consistent and know that you will fail a time or two.”

We asked. Q&A with Shawn Fitzgerald

What charity events do you support? St. Jude’s Research Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse and Air One Ministries What is your goal for 2018? Complete the executive training course through Sam Houston State and start working on my master’s degree. What are your favorite TV shows? The Goldbergs and Survivor Who are your mentors? First and foremost Christ is whom I strive to be like every day. My grandfather was always the most positive influence I had as a young man and he is responsible for who I am today. I have been blessed to have many mentors throughout my career.

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ANGIE FUNCHES Housekeeper and Staff Accountant Angie’s life motto is “Love Jesus. Love others,” and she tries to live by that every day. She became a housekeeper because she loves serving others. To her, housekeeping is “one way to bless a family.” She also needed something flexible to work around the many needs of our foster children. She became an accountant because she loves working with numbers. “If there’s a way I can use my gifts to serve others, I want to find a way to do it,” Angie says. Angie and her husband of nineteen years, Mark, have two sons. Mark Jr. is eighteen years old and Zachery is fifteen years old. To round out the family, they also have boxer, Tuffy. A “normal” day in their house is busy. “I get the kids up and ready for their day in school, followed by cleaning for 2 clients, then off to my office job,” Angie says. “Most days I also have an evening activity such as Scouting, Salvation Army, or Bible study at church.” For the upcoming year, Angie wants to work less and volunteer more. She currently volunteers at Salvation Army, For the Sake of One, and Young Life. “Sometimes my greatest struggle is balancing my desire to volunteer and serve my church without taking away from my family and responsibilities,” Angie says. “So, my goal is to always find ways to volunteer and serve more.” When she has a weekend off, Angie enjoys reading, coloring, listening to music while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. In the next ten years, she would love to help both of their boys get through college and start jobs they love. She also hopes to find more ways to bless those around her and her community. Her advice for others looking for success is to “Work hard, never give up, always remember your moral compass.” 030 ALT Magazine | January 2018

We asked. Q&A with Angie Funches

What is your favorite food? Seafood like crab legs, lobster, and shrimp. What is your favorite pastime? Reading What is your favorite TV show? Gilmore Girls. What is the best advice you have ever received? As a manager to always hire and surround yourself with employees that excel in areas where you are weak. What has been your greatest accomplishment? Being a wife and mother.

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JAKEB GOFF Principal of Liberty-Eylau Middle School Jakeb Goff believes that “public education is the greatest resource we have in our country,” and through his job every day, he hopes to help the students who walk through the door to Liberty Eylau Middle School realize their own potential. “In America we believe that every person has the right to live out their dreams. Public schools make that happen,” Jakeb says. “We accept every child, regardless of race, income level, or ability. Our mandate is to help each student reach their own best potential. Education is evolving. State and national leaders are beginning to understand that education has to be more than just academic and college readiness. We need to prepare students for life. We need to teach them skills. LEISD has been proactive in Career and Technical Education for years. It is good to see other schools in the area and the state begin to catch up. Our best opportunity to create a better world for future generations is to equip those generations with the tools they can use to change the world for the better.” Jakeb’s passion for education did not really begin until after college when he began his career in the television production field. After several years of teaching interns the business of television production, he began to realize how much fun it was to teach others what he had learned. “I then decided to go back to college to pursue a teaching degree,” Jakeb says. “I majored in social studies education, but have never taught a social studies class. I was blessed enough to get a position teaching television production at the middle school level. Working with middle school students has been my passion since then.” There really isn’t a typical day for a principal, but the day generally starts with Jakeb being the first person out of bed at home somewhere around 5:30. He gets up at 4:30 if he plans on running a few miles, a pastime he loves and enjoys. Once he’s dressed, he wakes up his two sons, James, six-years-old, and Joseph, three-years-old. The boys attend Liberty-Eylau Early Childhood Center. He, then, says goodbye to his “beautiful wife,” Lacey Goff, who teaches Chemistry at Liberty-Eylau High School. At school, one of Jakeb’s goals everyday is to connect with students. To him, while academic achievement is important, reaching the whole student and showing care about their lives can make the biggest difference in a child’s life. He greets almost every student as they arrive on campus and then makes his way around campus once they get settled in first period. He also makes an effort to see each class during 1st period. After that, most days include meeting with parents, attending campus or district meetings, returning calls and emails, analyzing 034 ALT Magazine | January 2018

testing data, preventing and handling discipline issues, and then it’s time for lunch duties. “I love the lunch duty part of the day because it gives me another opportunity to have those positive interactions with my students (and a chance to get outside),” Jakeb says. “The most important thing about the education business is loving the students. Yes, it is important to help students reach higher levels of academic achievement, but I believe it is more important that they know you care about them and their future even when they, their friends and sometimes even their family don’t. It has become a cliche, but students won’t always remember the facts they were taught in school, but they will always remember the daily life lessons they heard or observed from their teachers.” After the lunches, it’s back to the meetings, calls, and emails until dismissal. Then, Jakeb handles the car rider dismissal because it gives him the chance to talk to parents and take care of their concerns. “My dad always told me that you get more flies with honey, so I try to remember to be nice, friendly, and diplomatic with every person I interact with each day,” Jakeb says. “I can’t make everyone happy with my decisions, but hopefully they know I care about them and their concerns.” After school, there may be activities to attend, or he heads home to play with his own children for a few hours before their bedtime. Then he and Lacey have time to talk about their days and watch some of their favorite shows on Netflix. If he didn’t run that morning, Jakeb will close the day with a short run. “Though I love my job, my greatest accomplishment would be the ongoing process of raising two amazing boys with the help of my wife,” Jakeb says. There have been several memorable moments in Jakeb’s career. He was named the Region 8 Teacher of the Year in 2011 and was able to share that celebration with the students on his campus. He also proposed to his wife in front of the whole student body after an assembly with the help of the cheerleaders she coached at the time. However, this year may have been the most memorable. “I had to dress up as a cheerleader and cheer at a home football game,” Jakeb says. “I promised a student last year that if he stayed out of trouble and improved his grades in order to be eligible to play this year, then I’d wear the outfit and cheer for him at the first home

game. He nor his mom let me forget my promise this year.” When Jakeb has free time, he loves relaxing, traveling with his family and running long distances. The family loves to go on hikes together. Jakeb also enjoys giving back to the community. “I help my church fulfill the call to show the love of Christ to the Texarkana community and around the world,” Jakeb says. “I have been a part of mission trips to India and Mexico, and I help raise money to build churches in developing nations through a local outreach called One Heart Ministries.” For Jakeb, success is not defined by dollar signs or titles. “I believe success comes from being willing to serve faithfully where you currently find yourself. People will always notice those who show up everyday, those who work with joy no matter their task, and those who stay true to their word,” Jakeb says. His goal for 2018 is to be better each day than he was the day before. “Professionally, I want to help LibertyEylau Middle School become the standard that other schools in the nation strive to achieve,” Jakeb says. “Personally, I want to live a life worthy of the God who created me.”

We asked. Q&A with Jakeb Goff

Who is your personal idol? I don’t really idolize anyone, but I would love for people to think of me in the same way they think of my dad, Bill Goff. What are your favorite TV shows? Currently, my favorite shows are Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Blacklist. What is your favorite food? My favorite food is chocolate, and pretty much any kind of carbohydrate...I run a lot of miles! What is your life motto? Speak life.


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VELVET HALL President of

Texarkana Museums Systems Velvet is both inspired by and molded by her family. She still works with her dad, Rick Hall, at the Hall Surveying and Engineering company her family owns. But, she lost her mother, Pat Hall, nine years ago to cancer. “My parents are my personal idol, both individually and as the parental unit,” Velvet says. “I think every word I use to describe myself is a word my mother took to even higher extremes, and my dad adds so much equality and fairness into my thought process. My parents withstood a lot being a bi-racial couple in the South in the early 70’s but it was never their focus.” She said that the four months her mom was sick were the hardest “175,200” minutes of her life. “However, she taught me more about her love for me and my self worth in those months than she had in 39 years,” Velvet says. “While it was wonderful to know that love, it was bittersweet to know it would be gone soon. In the next ten years, I want to show my grandkids and my children and my friends a fraction of the love my mother showed me in the last few months of her life. I want them to walk into a room and see my eyes light up and know how deeply loved they are.” Velvet has three adult children: Ariel, Hastings, and Alyssa. Between them, she has eight grandchildren: Annalyse, Travis, Layne, Christian, Asher, Alex, Jaxon and Baby Olivia. Her grandkids include a set of twins, two “red-headed firecrackers” and her only granddaughters are the bookends. Baby Olivia is 10 months and Annalyse is seven-years-old. “My absolute favorite pastime is to have my oldest granddaughter with me,” Velvet says. “When she was born, a friend told me she was the first smile I really smiled after losing my mom. Annalyse and I will always share this odd MawMaw/ Grandchild bond mixed with this bond that is almost like two little old ladies who have been friends for years. I sometimes find myself playing with her, closing my eyes and almost imprinting the memory into my mind for future reference because I know memories fade.” Velvet began volunteering at the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller County when she was going through a difficult time in her life. She tutored English as a Second 036 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Language classes for a couple of semesters. “I began to grow from what I received by volunteering,” Velvet says. “My husband of about 17 years decided to leave, and I woke up one day to a world profoundly different from what I had planned and what I wanted. I needed a way to refocus that intense sorrow and the loss of what to me signified the obliteration of my family into something positive. A good friend suggested that I join the board of a non profit, and I took their advice. The Literacy Council is always going to be special to me because I couldn’t have asked for a better Executive Director to help get me involved in non profits than Richard Seymour.” Then, Velvet began volunteering for the Texarkana Museums System. “The museums system lends itself to my hyperactivity because there is always something new being planned, some new hurdle to overcome or some new achievement to celebrate,” Velvet says. Right now, Velvet’s most pressing goal is to raise money for the “I Adore to Restore” Capital Campaign for renovations to the Ace of Clubs House. They have already raised a significant portion of their total goal, but these renovations need to be accomplished soon before significant damage occurs to the building and its objects. “A historic home offers so much to our insight into a different time and society, but it requires such care from us,” Velvet says. “Lots of people think the Ace of Clubs House is owned by the city or that once a property is on the historic register there are unlimited funds for maintenance and that is simply not the case. This home is owned by the museums system. Upkeep and maintenance is funded from donations, grants and admissions.” The most memorable moment in Velvet’s career is tied to both the surveying business and the museum’s system. A few years back, the Housing Authority of Texarkana, Texas rebuilt many of their housing facilities in the Rosehill Area and Velvet’s family surveying company did a lot of the construction staking for those properties. “In looking at the old drawings from when these buildings were originally built, I would see my grandfather’s name on a lot of the drawings,” Velvet says. “When those buildings were built, very few African Americans were a part of the engineering and design process, but now, years later, the same company that was 100% Caucasian when they were built is partially African American

and not just by ownership but as a part of the family.” Velvet went to daycare in those buildings (when her older cousin wasn’t trying to lock her outside of the daycare). Velvet’s grandmother lived right down the street from those public housing complexes. “I was very proud to be a part of a process that involved what I considered to be a tremendous example of the growth our country can make when it tries,” Velvet says. “Then, my first public event at the museums system involved attending the dedication of the Dunbar Archives at Dunbar Elementary School, which is directly across the street from my grandmother’s home. My mother graduated from Dunbar High School back in the 60’s because it was the only school on the Texas side for African American students. I knew at that moment, I had found the non-profit I would enjoy working with the most. History has to be seen and acknowledged for progress to be made.” Aside from her professional goals and achievements, Velvet considers her friendships to be her greatest accomplishments. When she has free time, she spends it with friends where there is always something hysterical, newsworthy, or philosophical to delve into conversation about. “I have friends that are truly blessings,” Velvet says. “They are the kind who let you come over in your house shoes, fix you a plate of food AND cut up your steak for you. They are the kind that tell their friends to give me a chance and I’ll be one of the best friends they ever have. These are friends that I would trust to watch my oldest grandchild any day of the week. They are my surrogate brothers and sisters.” Velvet considers herself to be extremely loyal to those she cares about. One example that stands out to her is a time when a friend called from a party one night saying that Velvet needed to come and join her. It was late, and Velvet had already gotten ready for

bed, but something nagged her about that call. “Something made me think that maybe she needed a ride home or was in trouble,” Velvet says. “I got up, drove over to this get together and when I walked in everything was fine. They’re all sitting around in the kitchen talking and laughing. She just wanted me to come ‘hang out.’ I looked at her and said, ‘I’m a hot mess. I even have one shoe untied because I thought you were in trouble and I was in a hurry to get here.’” One thing Velvet wishes more people in the community knew about the museum system in Texarkana. There are four properties, and they do events once a month at each property. “The staff and board work very hard to provide these events, maintain the buildings and maintain over 60,000 objects from scrapbooks to swords to dollhouse and wedding dresses that have been donated to the museum over the last 45 plus years,” Velvet says. “We are the history of our area.”

We asked. Q&A with Velvet Hall | January 2018 037

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MORGAN HINMAN Cosmetologist at A Total Change Salon

Cosmetology is in Morgan’s blood. Her aunt has been a hairdresser for 43 years, and her mom has been a nail technician for 25 years. She has always been interested in hair, beauty products and makeup and being able to use what she is passionate about in her career is one of her greatest blessings. “Hair is so much more than just ‘hair,’” Morgan says. “It makes a woman feel complete and utterly confident in themselves! I have the opportunity to turn my chair around and make women smile all day. I get to share in their life experiences with them, and they get to share in mine. The relationships I have made are so important to me! Having these relationships allows me to use my testimony every day and use my salon chair as my mission field.” Morgan’s day starts at home with her family. She is married to Matthew Hinman, a doctor of physical therapy at Christus St. Michaels Outpatient Rehab. “He is the most sensitive, kind, loyal, caring and selfless person I have ever met,” Morgan says. “He loves our son, Jett Osburn, as if he were his own. Jett is 4 and is a light wherever he goes! He is all ‘boy’ and loves his mommy!” First thing in the morning, Morgan hears Jett’s voice asking for “pancakes and chaco milk,” so she gets up to make breakfast and gets ready before dropping Jett off for therapy at Temple Memorial Rehab. While waiting on Jett, Morgan works on her blog that she hopes one day to print into a book to share her testimony. Then, when Jett is done, Morgan drops him off at daycare and heads into work. “I hope that all of my clients see me for who I truly am, especially now, and understand that they make my days so much brighter. They are excited to see me everyday and that makes me feel so proud of myself! I have worked long, long hours, and I have had bad days and let-downs. But when people are excited to be in my presence, that makes it all truly worth it!” Morgan says. “They think they need me, but I truly need them! Not for the income, even though that is huge, but for the 040 ALT Magazine | January 2018

confidence in myself, and the gratification that I get at the end of the day.” One of the most memorable moments of Morgan’s career was being voted “Best Stylist in the Texarkana Area” through 95.9 radio station. She says that her heart “soared that day.” “Sometimes I struggle with being proud of myself, regardless of my insecurities, but I’ve learned that not everything has to be perfect,” Morgan says. “The best advice I’ve ever received is to work hard but stay humble. Everything can be taken away from you in a heartbeat or you can be knocked down a step or two.” Morgan’s personal experience, with an injury to her son, has caused her to give back in a unique way. She gathers hygiene products from people who travel and stay in hotels for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. She takes the supplies to Little Rock every time she travels there. “People who have kids in the hospital usually don’t have simple hygiene and body product items that they need for the first several days. I have been there and needed everything that I was given,” Morgan says. Morgan and her family are also active at Heritage Church where they try to give back, especially around the holiday season. “My personal idol is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Morgan says. “I want to be as selfless as Him everyday. I fail a lot, but my eyes are definitely set on him.” Besides printing her blog, Morgan would also love the opportunity to share her testimony with others. “I hope that one day I can share all over the country in churches, schools, youth groups, conferences, etc. that someone’s life can be changed by what I have been through and where God has brought me,” Morgan says.

911 US Hwy 82 W New Boston, TX 75570

We asked.

Q&A with Morgan Hinman.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Being a mommy and finding out what true, pure, unconditional love is, as well as understanding my parents’ love for me. What is your New Year’s resolution? To find my joy again and to take care of the body I have been given so that I can live a long life! What is your favorite food? Sushi, any day of the week! What is your favorite TV show? Dr. Phil. I record every episode! What do you do in your free time? If I have free time, it usually consists of being with my family, grocery shopping, taking care of the house, or watching cartoons in our pjs all day!

4413 Galleria Oaks Dr Texarkana, TX 75503 | January 2018 041

TYLER JOHNSON Teacher and Head Coach at Atlanta Middle School Tyler has always enjoyed working with youth. He grew up in Atlanta ISD where his mother was a primary and high school teacher. “Growing up with a mom as a teacher inspired me,” Tyler says. “Teaching is a lot more stress and work than most people realize, and it can be emotionally draining, but it is worth every second at the end of the day because you are investing in so many lives.” Some of the greatest accomplishments in Tyler’s career have been receiving multiple History STAAR Distinction Designations and coaching teams to various district championship titles in athletics. Whether he’s on the field or in the classroom, Tyler’s memorable moments come from seeing students find success. “It’s so amazing to witness kids each year that come in disliking history, but then decide it’s their favorite subject. I love watching them outperform state standards when the end of year test rolls around,” Tyler says. “With coaching football, I’ll never forget having our team down 23-0 in the 1st half and coming back to win 23-28. Another big moment was in baseball; a two-out hit rally in the bottom of 7th inning helped us beat Liberty - Eylau last year in district play.” Tyler is married to Miranda, and they have two boys. Jace is four-years-old, and Reed is sixmonths-old. On a regular day, Tyler works out with his coworkers at 6 a.m. Then, he opens the weight room for kids around 7 a.m. He teaches six classes of Advanced U.S. History, and then coaches athletics until 3 p.m. During baseball and football season, they practice late and sometimes do not get home until 9 p.m. Game days can be even later than that. “I struggle during the busy seasons balancing the time I spend preparing and doing my job and still finding enough time to really connect with my family at home,” Tyler says. “When I have free time, I spend time with them. I also enjoy hunting and taking the boat out on the lake. If we have a weekend off, I try to have a date with my wife, who stays just as busy as I do, or go on a little getaway with my family.” Tyler and Miranda support local nonprofits such as the Atlanta Education Foundation and the Atlanta Lions Club. Both provide local scholarships/grants to teachers and students. “The most important thing about education is to help young people discover their talents and help them positively impact our communities,” Tyler says. In the next ten years, Tyler wants to use his business degree to help his school district in new ways as all the State Legislation on education continues coming out. “I also want to find time to further my education to open doors to broader roles in my profession,” Tyler says. “The best advice I can give others about becoming successful in whatever they do is to find your calling in life, trust God, and dive in head first. Be bold.” 042 ALT Magazine | January 2018

We asked. Q&A with Tyler Johnson

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What is the best advice you’ve ever received? You never see a U-Haul following a hearse. Lay up your treasures in Heaven. What is your favorite food? Luigi’s Pizza. Come to Atlanta, Texas! You won’t be disappointed by the great food and amazing staff. What is your New Year’s resolution? To cut down on “screen time” and replace it with outdoor hobbies with my sons. Who is your personal idol? I have many people I cherish and look up to for different reasons so picking just one is impossible. The three people I most trust and look up to in different ways are my Granddaddy, JW Crow, and my parents, Joe and Elaine. They are all very Godly people that have made huge sacrifices for my benefit.

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MASON LAFFERTY Lafferty's Home Center Mason was born into the family business, but he didn’t always want to be in the business. He started riding on installation trucks when he was in junior high, but in college, he wanted to go into digital network management. “During my senior year at Harding University, we had a family emergency, and it was then that I realized my place was close to my support group. So, I decided I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my dad and granddad. I haven’t looked back since,” Mason says. One of the most memorable events in Mason’s career was his first sale. He sold a customer a black side by side refrigerator. They needed it as soon as possible because theirs had quit working that morning. “What sticks out in my mind is that as a team, we were able to save the day and get her new refrigerator to her that day. The joy we are able to give our customers by meeting and beating their expectations is one of the reasons we love doing what we do,” Mason says. “I feel like we place the most importance on customer satisfaction. We try to go above and beyond to make the customer happy with their experience. From their first impression in the store, over the phone or with our service department to their in-home installation and everywhere in between and beyond. We’ve always prided ourselves in having service after the sale, that’s what has kept this business alive for over 50 years!” When Mason isn’t working, he is spending time with his wife, Amanda, and their three kids. Amanda owns a law practice in Atlanta, Texas, so Mason drops the kids off at school and picks them up after, something he loves to do. Then, he goes to work and ends the day with family. “During the kids’ ball seasons, there’s practices or games. We have extracurricular responsibilities in the community as well. I am the president of Christian Warriors Texarkana and we meet twice a month plus a board meeting once a month,” Mason says. “We are active members at Walnut Church of Christ, where I serve as a deacon and Amanda heads the children’s church called Discovery Hour. We like to try to spend as much time as possible with our kids because we realize the importance of our presence in their lives as they grow and learn. After dinner and getting the kids into bed, we usually have a couple hours that we can do housework or try to unwind from the day, then it starts 044 ALT Magazine | January 2018

over again the next day.” Mason considers his greatest accomplishment to be his family. “I love talking about my wife and kids and showing them off to all my customers,” Mason says. “I am the proudest of how we are raising our children.” Mason was taught by his family to put God first by being loving, caring and reserved, so he tries to emulate that throughout his adult life. One way he does this is through outreach and ministry through Walnut Church of Christ and Christian Warriors Texarkana. “Walnut feeds the homeless every third Sunday downtown and through that ministry, I have gained a lot of relationships that I cherish and have been blessed so much more than I’ve blessed others. Walnut has so many outreach ministries that there’s always a way to get involved to help our community,” Mason says. “Christian Warriors holds fundraisers to be able to provide the homeless and needy with jackets every winter and bibles year round. CW partners with many different organizations and churches around the Texarkana area and is always willing and ready to lend a hand and give their time.” Mason tries to live life by the Latin phrase, “Sine Metu.” “It means ‘without fear,’” Mason says. “1 Corinthians 16:13-14 says to ‘be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.’ I can definitely see that as my everyday mission statement.” In the next ten years, Mason will have two kids in high school and one in junior high. “My goal is to survive the tumultuous times,” Mason says, “I am always looking for ways to grow and expand our business so my goals change sometimes daily. In 2018, I would like to continue to support my wife and her business, my kids, and my work. Somehow, I will try to juggle all of those things and still keep my sanity.” Some of the best advice Mason has ever been given is to treat people like they are important. “If you treat people that way, you automatically gain their respect and their friendship,” Mason says. “At the end of the day, we are all neighbors here, even if only for a short time. I’m tired of the hate and discourse in our town and our country. My prayer is that we can find some middle ground to relate to each other about and start treating other people the way we’re supposed to, with love and compassion. It’s not difficult to not be hateful. A smile is contagious and a kind word goes further than anything.”

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What is your favorite food? I have a weakness for oysters. You know, the ones wrapped in bacon. And cream cheese, anything with cream cheese. Especially cream cheese and bacon. And oysters. What is your favorite pastime? I taught myself how to play guitar in college. I enjoy sitting down and trying to remember some of the songs I’ve forgotten how to play over the years. Who is your personal idol? I cannot deny my father. We look alike, sound alike and people tell me we act alike. I can’t think of anyone else here on earth I would rather be associated with. Cheers Pop! What is your New Year’s Resolution? I have refrained from making a new year’s resolution for a long time. Why wait until the new year to make a new you? Why not start right now by changing how you view your circumstances and outlook on life and make a difference in just one person’s life today? What advice would you give others at becoming successful in whatever they strive to do? Always treat people fairly and calmly. The first one to lose their temper still loses. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

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MAYTEN LUMPKIN Freshman at University of North Texas in Denton Even though Mayten has had to overcome many obstacles since his injury his senior year, he is currently attending college. Dealing with his handicap and attending classes hasn’t been an easy adjustment, but Mayten says, “A broken neck is better than a broken spirit.” He considers one of his great accomplishments to be graduating from high school and getting the opportunity to attend college, and his advice to others is to “do hard work and have dedication.” Mayten’s mom, Missy, dad, Todd, and little sister, Mally, are very supportive of Mayten, and he considers his papaw, Charles Liles, to be his personal idol. Though Mayten spends a lot of time dedicated to his school work, he also loves hanging with his friends, watching movies and playing video games. His goal for 2017 is to continue his education and work hard at his physical therapy. In the next ten years, Mayten would like to “obtain a degree, be on his feet walking and have a nice job.”

We asked. Q&A with Mason Lumpkin

What is the best advice you have ever received? Check yourself before you wreck yourself. What three words would you use to describe yourself? Tall, funny, and disabled. What is your favorite food? Pizza. What is your favorite TV show? Game of Thrones. What is your favorite pastime? Playing Smash Brothers with my friends.

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CLAUDE MOORE Manager of Cafe' 511 and Consultant for Moore Capital and Investment Group, LLC

Claude Moore’s New Year’s resolution is to “work even harder,” but that is going to be hard to do with his already packed schedule. He works as the manager of Cafe 511 and a consultant for Moore Capital and Investment Group, LLC. His day begins with coffee and Ameritrade. He answers email and is in the office by 10 a.m. He leaves the office at 3 p.m. to meet with new clients and work on marketing. Then, he opens the restaurant and manages the shopping and staffing. He makes it home by 11:30 p.m., researches until 1:00 a.m., checks trade platforms and stop losses. He’s asleep by 2 a.m., and starts the day over again. “I try to date and fit a life in there somewhere,” Claude says. “Working in the restaurant business means no weekends off, but I occasionally get some time to get away.” Claude’s passion for cooking and for investing has driven his career choices. He considers one of his greatest accomplishments as going into business for himself in 2002. “I enjoy creating employment and a livelihood for others,” Claude says. “I want to propel and expand my restaurants to different markets and create opportunities for growth. I want to maintain present and increase quarterly sales and launch a new investment office in January. I hope to build my consultation business, launch first quarter projects for investment group, create a hedge fund, and continue to serve the public sector.” As he looks to the future, Claude is thankful for the experiences in his past. “After the losses, the embarrassment, the disappointment, and the setback, find the opportunity in what others sees as a loss and make it a win. Never give up,” Claude says. When he’s not working, Claude is reading and brainstorming for the next deal. He takes pride in creating a missing element that’s essential in our city and community and helping to change people’s lives. “I continue to thank God daily and be more thankful for everything He has done for me and my family,” Claude says. “In the next ten years, I want to continue to teach, inspire and invest in some serious dreamers or entrepreneurs that want it no matter the cost. I also hope I’m married and have brought my golf game back up to par. I want to build a lifetime of friendships and relationships, whether it’s restaurants, consulting or politics. We have to build for the generations to come and pass along that quality of life.”

We asked. Q&A with Claude Moore

What is your favorite food? Anything off the smoker or grill. Wagyu beef still holds the number one spot. What is your favorite TV show? Sanford and Son What is your favorite pastime? Reading What advice would you give others at becoming successful in whatever they strive to do? Yes, I have 10 keys, rules, steps, commandments for any dreamer, entrepreneur, etc. Come visit me and let’s talk.


LPersonal ily B ennett Training evolve towards your

Janet Green Interior Design

STRONGER self... • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT) • Corrective Exercise Specialist • Fully Customizable, Flexible Program With Proven Results • Dedicated To Improving The Way You Move.

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BETH PETERSON General Surgeon at Collom & Carney Clinic Beth Peterson chose surgery as a career because she gets to see the difference that her work makes in her patient’s lives. She spends most of her day rounding at the hospital. Then, she works on operative cases or works in clinic. Her greatest accomplishment is becoming a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. “I believe in lifelong learning and incorporating new technologies to provide the best surgical care possible,” Beth says. Some of the most memorable moments of Beth’s career have been ones where she has been able to meet young women who are also interested in the medical field. “I enjoy meeting young girls who I can have a positive impact on opening career choices,” Beth says. “For some, I might be the first female surgeon they’ve met. My advice to others who want to be successful is to ‘Never settle.’” When Beth isn’t working, she loves traveling, reading and working with her horses. She has so many horses that her mom also helps her take care of them. In the next ten years, Beth hopes to not only grow her practice, but also rodeo. Looking towards her goals and her future, Beth remembers the best advice she’s ever received: “Be your biggest cheerleader and your own worst critic.”

We asked. Q&A with Beth Peterson

What is your greatest struggle? Finding balance in life. What is your New Year’s resolution? Exercise regularly and improve my physical fitness. What is your favorite food? My mother’s seafood gumbo. What is your favorite TV show? Madam Secretary. 052 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Smaller Incision. Less Pain. Faster Recovery.

right here at home! Beth Peterson, MD FACS Marney Sorenson, MD FACS Board certified General Surgeons 5002 Cowhorn Creek Rd | Texarkana, TX 75503


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MORGAN SMITH Owner of Phone Pros and TXK Marketing

054 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Five years ago, Morgan left his corporate job to chase his dream of being an entrepreneur. “Adjusting from the corporate life to being self employed was a struggle. But the pay off has been so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined,” Morgan says. “My advice is, ‘If your current goals don’t scare you a little, then strive for bigger goals.’ Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Morgan knew there was a need for phone repair and sales outside of “big box experience,” and he wanted to bring that experience to Texarkana. “Even though we are called Phone Pros, we don’t stop there; we can repair almost any electronic device,” Morgan says. “TXK Marketing was something I decided to do as I saw success with Phone Pros. I would like to grow TXK Marketing by expanding my client list and offering more services. I love helping other businesses succeed and reach goals from social marketing. In the future, I would like to build several different businesses in the Texarkana and surrounding areas, as well as continue to build and expand Phone Pros into different markets.” Phone Pros puts on several events each year that are free for the entire community. They have also sponsored several charity events in our community as well. “This year, our Christmas event brought it more than 1500 people and over fifteen businesses, so I would have to say that is definitely a day I won’t forget,” Morgan says. It’s not very often that Morgan gets to turn the “work switch” to “off,” but if and when he does, he simply enjoys relaxing at home with his family. Morgan and his wife, Jennifer, have been married for over ten years. They have two children. Stella is eight-years-old, Walker is four-years-old, and their third child, William is due in January. “My wife and I are a pretty good team,” Morgan says. “We get the kids ready every morning and each of us take one to school. Then, I typically start my professional day with checking client emails, helping assist customers at Phone Pros, and just rolling with the punches. Then, my wife and I usually tag team again at picking up the kids from school and end our day together as a family.” Morgan and Jennifer try to stay active as possible with their children recognizing that they are only little for a short amount of time. On the weekends, they like to take them to Morgan’s family farm. “I grew up there every weekend, and it’s nice to see them enjoy it so much,” Morgan says. “My greatest accomplishment is my children and my ten year marriage to Jennifer. I am proud of my children and the little people they are growing into. And also, in today’s world, to say you have a successful ten year marriage is a huge accomplishment in itself!


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What is your favorite food? I love Lagniappe bacon-wrapped ribeyes, but for a lunch setting, my wife and I enjoy the fried green tomatoes from Iron Wood. Who is your personal idol? Both of my parents. They are both great business owners in their own fields. I learned from the growing up seeing their personal success. What is your New Year’s resolution? Travel more. What are your favorite TV shows? I watch a lot of ESPN and the 30 for 30 series.




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SYLAR SMITH Piano Player Playing music is Skylar’s passion, so he feels lucky that he gets to do what he loves for his career. He plays at several restaurants in Texarkana every week, and he also plays at special events and parties. Skylar also helps kids learn piano at Keyz-4-Kidz in Nash. He is known as “The Piano Man -Skylar Smith” on Facebook. “I really can’t imagine doing anything else,” Skylar says. “I feel blessed that my community has helped me to achieve this as my occupation so far.” Skylar comes from a close family. His parents have been married 27 years in February, and he has three siblings. His eldest sister is a teacher in Baton Rouge, LA. His older brother helps run his dad’s business: 5 Star Communications. Skylar’s little brother is a senior this year and will be joining the family business upon graduating. Skylar’s mother is his manager. “I don’t have a lot of free time, but I like to hang out with my family and friends, especially for get togethers and cookouts,” Skylar says. “I love playing games, like charades, with visiting family and out-oftown friends.” The best advice Skylar has ever received ties into his faith. As a Jehovah’s Witness, he says he feels it is important to live by Biblical principles and tell others about the beneficial advice it contains. “Overall, God is above everything because without him I wouldn’t have what I have. I’m proud to be a part of this worldwide family-like organization,” Skylar says. “If I were going to give advice to someone else, I would say never allow anyone to discourage you from following your dream. Be hardworking and kind. A person that is hardworking and kind will go further than a person who is hardworking and selfish.” Even though he is performer, Skylar has always struggled with being shy. “When I first started doing gigs 3 years ago, my big brother played his saxophone with me which served as a huge ice breaker for me to perform in public,” Skylar says. “As time passes and the more I play, the shyness tends to slowly fade.” One of his greatest accomplishments is actually from a high school experience in band. “I am 19 years old and have been playing piano for 6 years now with no piano lessons. I mainly play by ear. It was a huge surprise when I received a phone call my senior year in high school from my band director, Mr. Kelly, telling me that I placed 1st in the Texas All State Jazz Band and that I 056 ALT Magazine | January 2018

was the first to ever in Hooks High accomplish this,” Skylar says. “It was very exciting, to say the least, to go to San Antonio to perform in concert with other talented musicians.” Skylar is always happily surprised by how his music can affect the audience. “I will never forget one particular night on a gig where a woman requested ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson, and she started crying as I played it,” Skylar says. "I guess I never realized how much my music can touch such ones, but I always hope to take them to a certain moment in their life upon hearing me play.” Skylar’s goal moving forward is to get more exposure and continue to work on his music. “I plan to learn more songs that people love and try to better myself with my music. Also, I’d love to win a competition I am in called Megastar with Usher as a judge. That would be a perfect start to 2018!” Skylar says. “Megastar is a talent competition through an app on your phone. Public voting is very much needed by all each day until January 8. I would use the prize money to help my business and would appreciate any support from readers and fans!” In the next ten years, Skylar hopes to expand his family and his business. “I hope to continue to make people smile with my music,” Skylar says. “I also hope to increase my business enough to make a comfortable living and perhaps find a wife to share this with, one that has the same goals as me."

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Commit your works to the LORD, and your plans will be achieved.   (Proverbs 16:3)

We asked. Q&A with Skylar Smith

What is your favorite off-day activity? I love to go shopping with my friends for records to add to my collection. And if there’s a Marvel comic movie out, we’re there opening night if at all possible! What is your life motto? Don’t worry. Be happy! What is your favorite food? I love Mexican food. I love my mom’s the best, but I like restaurant Mexican food too! Who is your personal idol? Lionel Richie. His talent is phenomenal. I love playing his songs.

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ANITA WHITE Assistant Chief Appraiser at Bowie Central Appraisal District

058 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Anita tries to live by the best advice she has ever received: Never be afraid of hard work and never be afraid to stand up for what is right. In her 28 years at the appraisal district, she has seen many unhappy property owners come in upset about value and taxes. However, after Anita visits with them and explains the breakdown, they leave with a smile on their face and satisfaction of knowing how the system operates. “I love people. I love helping people, and I love animals,” Anita says. “I do not like to see anyone mistreated and I have a huge tender heart for children, elderly and animals. My greatest struggle is not being able to help as many people as I would like to help, or able to reach out and help all the abandoned and homeless animals. My dad once told me, ‘Anita, you can’t save the world.’ He is right, but I wish I could!” Anita considers her greatest accomplishment in her career to be receiving an “A” on her RPA (eighthour exam) to become a “Registered Professional Appraiser.” “One of the most important things about this business is to do a good job for the taxpayers, the jurisdictions and the State Comptroller. But, even more, we want to be fair and treat each person with kindness and respect,” Anita says. Anita and her husband, Mike, have been married almost 35 years. They have one son, a beautiful daughter in law, a beautiful step daughter and husband, and a precious niece (who is like a daughter). She has lived with Mike and Anita since 2010 when she lost her mother in a car accident. Anita and Mike also have five grandchildren who make Anita’s “heart smile.” “On a personal level my greatest accomplishment has been raising a wonderful son who has become a great daddy to my two precious granddaughters,” Anita says. After a full day at the office, Anita goes home to cook dinner for her family. Then, she has playtime with her two granddaughters who live next door. For Anita, time with family is extremely important. “I’m very blessed to still have both parents. It means a lot to me to be able to stop by and visit with them a few times each week,” Anita says. “As for personal idols, I have several people whom I admire, but my pick would have to be my mother! She is the sweetest, kindest lady!” When Anita isn’t working on spending time with family, she spoils her grandkids and loves on her puppy dogs. Anita and Mike are involved with their church, St. Jude Children’s Research, the veterans and March of Dimes. She also enjoys reading, cooking, working in her yard, riding through the pasture on their Ranger with Mike checking their cattle. They also love to take their RV to Canton with family and friends. “We have a great time searching for ‘treasures’ and making fun memories,” Anita says. Looking towards the future, Anita wants to keep

up to date with the laws and rules of the state to help run and maintain a fair and equitable Appraisal District. “I also want to enjoy each and every day of being with my family and being a ‘Gran’ watching my grandchildren grow up,” Anita says.

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What is your New Year’s Resolution? I normally do not make New Year’s Resolutions. But, I do plan to be healthier. What is your favorite food? Mexican What is your favorite TV show? HGTV and Family Feud (Steve Harvey, cracks me up)! What advice would you give others at becoming successful in whatever they strive to do? Say “you can” and never ever give up!!

Preventative Medicine Laser Surgery Diagnostics Wound Therapy Emergency Medicine

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BRENDA WILLIAMSON Retired Labor and Delivery Nurse and Volunteer for Texarkana Animal League

Brenda wishes there wasn’t a need for her job, but, unfortunately, there are so many abandoned, stray and abused dogs in our community. Brenda started out volunteering at the shelter three to four days a week after feeling compelled to do something to help. While working there, she met a group of women then called Texarkana Friends of the Shelter, now Partner for Paws, that would donate money and sponsor adoption events. “They did all of this with little or no thanks or recognition. They did it solely to help the animals, so when they asked me to join them, I said I would be honored,” Brenda says. After a few years, Brenda moved from the shelter to Texarkana Animal League because they built an adoption center and allowed her to pull even more animals and save even more lives. “Texarkana Animal league has saved many lives and adopted out dogs that normally would have been put down in the shelter, like our little footless dog, Skipper! She found a home with a lady who teaches disabled children, and Skipper is a source of encouragement since she doesn’t view her lack of back feet as a disability,” Brenda says. “I am also a member of Partners for Paws because these selfless ladies save countless animals by not only sponsoring adoptions at the shelter but by helping people in our community save their pets when they are unable to foot an entire emergency vet bill. They have helped spay and neuter countless animals and held discounted microchip events among other things. I feel blessed to be a part of both of these organizations.” A day in Brenda’s life includes constant phone calls and texts from people trying to reach her about dogs. She cleans, feeds, and plays with the dogs at Texarkana Animal League 6 days a week for four hours a day. This doesn’t include the time spent calling potential adopters, talking to people wanting to surrender their dogs, or talking to people about dumped dogs that need placement. “I don’t seem to wear anything else but dog rescue shirts and jeans because I’m always going and doing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Brenda says. “My greatest struggle has always been when we get to a dog too late and there’s nothing you can do to 060 ALT Magazine | January 2018

save them. Sometimes the best thing we can do is just be with them and comfort them as they leave this world, and hope they know that someone cared and someone thought they mattered.” For Brenda, her greatest We asked. accomplishment is getting the Q&A with Brenda unadoptable dogs adopted to great Williamson homes. She’s seen her footless dog, Skipper, a severely bow-legged puppy mill chihuahua, a near-blind schnauzer, and countless senior dogs with few teeth but big hearts adopted to homes where they will be loved. Brenda also helps with the Furball in the spring and any other fundraisers Partners for Paws and Texarkana Animal League puts on. “We need the support of the community to do what we do! Thank you to our The more donations we get the more animals we can save and fabulous the more people we can help with their animals,” Brenda says. “My community of goal for 2017 is to save even more Texarkana for dogs and puppies and educate the public on the importance of spaying/ your support of neutering and vetting their pets.” Barbell Butterfly! When Brenda does have some free time, she loves to spend it with Together, we can her family. She has three grown, married children, three beautiful help women grandchildren and twelve furbabies. become their “If I ever do have off days, my hubby and I go to the movies and OWN success plan to go fishing more now that we have a new boat,” Brenda says. stories! “Then there are grandkids to spoil! I wish so bad they all 3 lived here so I could spend more time with them!” Besides spending more time with her grandkids, Brenda’s goal for the next ten years is focused on how to help this community change their attitudes about animals. She is burdened for our four-legged population, and she hopes that with community support, things will begin to change. “I wish we could get the spay neuter law enacted in our area to reduce the high population of unwanted and stray animals,” Brenda says. “I also wish we could enact stiffer punishments for animal abuse, neglect and dumping of animals. I would love to find a way for our shelter to become a no kill shelter and have the approval and help of our city to make this happen. Our city officials on both sides of the state line have to get actively involved and care about the welfare of the suffering animals in our town, or at the very least, allocate the money so that animal lovers can make it happen.”

What is your life motto? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What is your New Year’s Resolution? To not bring home any more dogs! What is your favorite food? Ramen noodles because they’re fast and who has time to cook? What is your favorite past time? Loving on fur babies and reading at bedtime | January 2018 061

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BUILDING ON TRUST 903.278.4244

We turn your vision into your dream home.

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Winner: Red River Federal Credit Union Runner Up: TEXAR Federal Credit Union

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Winner: CHRISTUS St. Michael Health & Fitness Center Runner Up: Planet Fitness


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Runner Up: Sticks and Stones on the Blvd

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Winner: Persnickety Too

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Winner: Ashley's Furniture Runner Up: Four States Furniture

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Winner: Three Chicks Feed and Seed Runner Up: H & N Landscaping

Winner: Rogers Equipment & Construction Runner Up: Red River Lumber


Winner: Hilton Garden Inn Texarkana


Runner Up: Residence Inn by Marriott Texarkana

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Winner: CHRISTUS St. Michael Gift Shop

Runner Up: Fan Fare Gifts

Winner: Mike Cobb/Cobb Financial Services Runner Up: Dustin Stringer Wealth Management

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Winner: Albertsons

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Best Children’s Clothing! We make clothing for your little adventurers, scientists, fashionistas, explorers & even knuckleheads & Prissy Tails!

Investment Advisor

2400 Richmond Rd. Texarkana, Texas 75503 (903) 794-9910

903.838.8000 4646 Cowhorn Creek Texarkana, TX 75503

Centrally located East of Central Mall

The new generation of emergency care. | January 2018 065


Liquor Store


Runner Up: The Party Factory

Runner Up: Time in a Bottle Spa

Winner: Chubby Cheeks Liquor

Winner: Beauty and Wellness Center

Local Pharmacy

Tattoo Artist

Runner Up: Pleasant Grove Pharmacy

Runner Up: Matt Hendricks

Winner: Red River Pharmacy Services

Winner: Jason Standridge


Urgent Care

Runner Up: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Runner Up: Collom & Carney Clinic

Winner: Ledwell

New Local Business Winner: The Vet

Runner Up: Sweet Arts Cake Boutique

Winner: HealthCARE Express

Veterinarian Care Pet Clinic Winner: Westridge Animal Hospital


Pawn Shop

Winner: Tri - State Pawn & Jewelry Runner Up: Paul's Pawn & Gun

Retirement/ Assisted Living Winner: Cowhorn Creek Estates Runner Up: Cornerstone Retirement Living

Shoes & Boots

Winner: Racquet and Jog Runner Cavender's Boot City


Winner: Style Studio Runner Up: Head Masters

Social Media Presence- Company/ Organization Winner: TXK Today

Runner Up: Impact Realty Group

Runner Up: Wisdom Animal Clinic

Women’s Clothing

Winner: Gayles/ Abby Gayles Runner Up: The Rancher's Wife Boutique

Yoga Studio

Winner: Texarkana Yoga Runner Up: FWD Fit

Weight Loss Program- Local Winner: Barbell Butterflies

Runner Up: Beauty and Wellness Center

Emergency Room

Winner: Texarkana Emergency Center

Runner Up: CHRISTUS St. Michael's

Best Electronics Repair Service Winner: Phone Pros

Runner Up: Smart Phone EMT

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We Fix all brands and makes and models of computers. •We specialize in Laptop Power Jack and screen replacement. •We also fix Game Consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. •We Now Offer IPhone Repair! •Cracked Screen? Broken Power jack? We can fix that! 066 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Best Computer Repair/ Service Company 903-213-3624 1209 E 35th Street • Texarkana, AR 71854

COMMUNITY Charity Event

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Best Women’s Clothing’

Winner: Mistletoe Fair

Runner Up: Texarkana Duck Race

Company To Work For

Winner: CHRISTUS St. Michael's Runner Up: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Non-Profit Organization (National) Winner: American Cancer Society Runner Up: United Way

Non-Profit Organization (Local)

winners Winner: Harvest Texarkana Runner Up: Junior League of Texarkana

4059 Summerhill Square | Texarkana, TX | 903-792-0056 AbbyGaylesTexarkana | Gayle’s & Abby Gayle’s


Fur Ball


Save the Date! APRIL 7, 2018 SILVERMOON ON BROAD MUSIC BY LIVE 80 | January 2018 067

Wedding & Party Equipment Rentals

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Owner: Kyle B. Barrett Like us on FaceBook

Stop by and see our showroom!

Call Jane Ann at:

903-277-3161 or 903-793-2121 3307 Texas Blvd. Texarkana, TX

Chateau on the Blvd Floral Design Services Available

Chef on the Run ThankYou Texarkana, for voting me

Best Chef & Caterer

Owner/Chef Jeff Loving 903.276.8081 21 White Oak Lane | Wake Village, TX

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for voting us Best Desserts in ALT Magazine for TWO years in a row! 3626 Richmond Rd | Texarkana, Texas | (903) 223-0533

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VOTED BEST PIZZA for FOUR years in a Row!

Chicago-Style Pizza Salads Sandwiches Hotdogs And More!

903.792.8646 • 2820 Richmond Rd • Texarkana, TX 75503 | January 2018 069



Wedding Attire


Runner Up: Squires Formal Wear

Runner Up: Big Jakes's Bar-B-Que

Winner: Traditions Bridal & Formal

Winner: Naamans Championship BBQ

Wedding Cake


Runner Up: Smallcakes

Runner Up: Julie's Deli & Market

Winner: Julie's Deli & Market

Wedding Caterer

Winner: Julie's Deli & Market Runner Up: Chef On The Run

Winner: Smallcakes

Fried Chicken

Winner: Slim Chickens Runner Up: Chicken Express


Wedding DJ

Winner: Fabienne Thrash Runner Up: Wes Spicher

Wedding Florist

Winner: Persnickety Too

Runner Up: Sticks and Stones on the Blvd

Wedding Indoor Venue

Winner: The Silvermoon on Broad


Winner: Reggie's Burger, Dog, and Fries Runner Up: 30 Burger


Winner: Zapata's Mexican Grill & Cantina Runner Up: Ta'Molly's Mexican Restaurant

Runner Up: Blessing Tree Farms & Best Day Ever


Wedding Outdoor Venue

Runner Up: Joe's Pizza and Pasta

Winner: Garrison Gardens Runner Up: Ramage Farms Weddings

Wedding Photographer

Winner: Breanne Bradshaw Photography Runner Up: InFocus Photography- Stephanie Ryan

Wedding Rentals

Winner: Special Events on the Blvd Runner Up: Dot's Rental & Sales

Wedding Videographer Winner: Fresh Focus Films

Runner Up: Eric Ethridge, Xtreme Video

Winner: Gusanos Chicago Style Pizzeria


Winner: Texas Roadhouse Runner Up: Cattleman's Steak House

Wine List

Winner: Verona Restaurant Runner Up: Twisted Fork


Winner: Wingstop

Runner Up: Buffalo Wild Wings


Winner: Three Chicks Feed CafĂŠ Runner Up: Texas Chuck Wagon

070 ALT Magazine | January 2018


Winner: Julie's Deli & Market Runner Up: Hopkin's Ice House

Business Lunch

Winner: Ironwood Grill Runner Up: Hopkin's Ice House

Date Night Restaurant Winner: Twisted Fork Runner Up: Ironwood Grill

Gourmet Dinner

winners Winner: Pecan Point Brewing Co Runner Up: Verona Restaurant

Happy Hour

Winner: On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Runner Up: Fat Jack's Sports Bar

Call the Wing Experts! Or Order On-Line at:



On the corner of N.State Line and Texas Blvd

Call the wing experts! Order on-line at:


2700 Richmond RoadSuite 14A1 | January 2018 071

2018 Locally Owned Restaurant

Insurance Agent

Runner Up: Pecan Point Brewing Co

Runner Up: Coy Mason/ Miller County Farm Bureau

Winner: Scottie's Grill

Winner: Kelli Ashbrook/ State Farm

Lunch Spot


Runner Up: Fuzzy's Tacos

Runner Up: Surdeer Jayaprabu

Winner: Hopkin's Ice House

Winner: Jennifer Thompson

Outdoor Dining


Runner Up: Pop's Place

Runner Up: James Moser/ Vision Source

Winner: Scottie's Grill


Winner: Chef On The Run Catering

Winner: Eric McCall/ The Eye Guys


Winner: Cindy Porter/ Collom & Carney Clinic


Runner Up: Julie's Deli & Market


Runner Up: Clark Green/ Collom & Carney Clinic

Runner Up: Jennifer Tanner/ Julie's Deli & Market

Winner: InFocus Photography/ Stephanie Ryan

Winner: Jeff Loving/ Chef On The Run



Runner Up: Stephanie Adcock Photography



Runner Up: Mary Jane Orr

Runner Up: Sarah Sealy/ Griffin Realtors



Winner: Joel Wright

Winner: Woosley Chiropractic Clinic Runner Up: Dr. Baker/ Spine Care

Cosmetic Surgeon

Winner: David Whitten/ Beauty and Wellness Center Runner Up: Charles Hollingsworth

Decorator/ Designer Winner: Kyle Barrett Runner Up: Janet Green


Winner: Mitchell Glass/ Pediatric Dentistry

Runner Up: Chris Ferguson/ Chris Ferguson Family Dentistry


Winner: Ar-Tex Electric Runner Up: H&K Electric

072 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Winner: Tracy Spradlin/ Impact Realty

Winner: Carey Alkire/ Collom & Carney Clinic Runner Up: Beth Peterson/ Collom & Carney Clinic


Winner: Susan Whitten Runner Up: Jennifer Smith

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Best Pediatrician in Texarkana!

Our customers are the BEST!

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Breakfast Served Saturdays 8am-10:30am Lunch Monday- Saturday 10:30am - 2:30pm

winners Because it’s the little things that matter...

Dr. Cindy R. Porter, MD Board Certified Pediatrician Collom & Carney Clinic 5002 Cowhorn Creek 903-614-3211 | Fax: 903-614-3590

4045 Genoa Road • Texarkana, AR, 71854 870.773.5633 • 870.571.7950

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Best Optometrist in Texarkana!

4504 Texas Blvd Texarkana, TX 75503 (903) 792-3705 | January 2018 073

The new generation of emergency care.

“Working as a nurse at TEC let’s me take time with my patients, and provide excellent care. TEC makes me feel like we are a family, and I want patients to feel the same.”

Stephen RN “I love working at Texarkana Emergency Center because of the excellent care we are able to provide our community, and working with a great group of people that have become like a second family.”

Kevin RT (R)(CT) Radiology Centrally located East of Central Mall 4646 Cowhorn Creek Texarkana, TX 75503 903.838.8000






OPEN TUES-SAT: 10:00-6:30, SUN: 1:00-5:30 | January 2018 075

Fish Tales with Mike Brower The Big Freeze Now that Christmas is over we can get down to business, the cold weather fishing business. I’m not going to talk about how to catch fish in cold water. No, I want to talk about keeping you fishing in cold weather. First, we need to address the clothing options -- (not clothing optional.) Remember, layers work best, because we are in the south where it can be 20 degrees F in the morning and 75 degrees F in the afternoon. With layers, you can shed what you don’t need as it warms, just don’t get naked. Next, as part of your layering you might consider a good rain suit top and bottom. Since they are water proof, they will be wind proof and will make that run down the lake much better. Gloves are good, but they don’t need to be too thick. I like runners’ gloves. Yes, they will get wet and will be cold, but not as cold as without them. Now here is where I differ with lots of people about cold. I prefer to wear socks and sandals in the winter -- a nice pair of wool socks and open to the world, not a shred of waterproof, looks goofy as can be sandals. The theory is that since you are not constricting your feet or causing them to sweat with tight socks and boots, you will get a nice flow of blood moving in and out of your feet. That unconstructed flow of blood keeps your feet warm, not hot, but not freezing cold either. I’m good down to about 18 degrees F with them and at the same time I get funny looks from everybody. One last reminder, keep a towel and extra clothes in your boat in case you or your partner do the “Boat Deck Two Step” and fall in.





OPEN TUES-SAT: 10:00-6:30, SUN: 1:00-5:30

076 ALT Magazine | January 2018

ooding G decorative concrete

We’re Back! C U T F aQ ! all


oday or


Also Doing General Repairs (Carpentry, Welding, etc..)

Custom Pergolas • Wood and Trex Decking • Custom Furniture Pressure Washing • Acid Stains and Scoring • Indoor/Outdoor Overlays General Repairs (Carpentry, Welding, etc..)

9 03 . 33 6 . 61 3 9 925 Brower Lane, Texarkana, TX 75501 www.legendar



4 Playing Fields Fully Netted & Insured Gun Speed Tested Experienced Refs Shaded Picnic Area Private Parties Available | January 2018 077




Determining what to do with your retirement savings from former employer's plan. For many Americans, employer-sponsored retirement plans are a cornerstone of their savings strategy. Contributions are made to an account, typically a 401(k) or 403(b), where the money grows tax-deferred.

But what happens when your employment ends? When you can no longer make contributions to a former employer’s plan – maybe you retired or are simply changing jobs – you have a decision to make about what to do with your tax-deferred savings. It’s important to choose the option that best suits your financial needs and goals. While the options are fairly straightforward, there are many factors to consider. We will explain those options, the information you will want to gather, and the factors to consider in making your decision. TAKING THE MONEY OUT OF THE ACCOUNT AND KEEPING IT When separating from service with the employer that sponsored the retirement plan, you have the right to take the money out of the plan and keep it. Keeping the money will mean paying income taxes on the amount taken, called the distribution amount. The plan administrator is required to withhold 20% of the distributed amount and send it to the IRS to apply toward the income tax. Also, if the distribution occurs prior to the year you turn 55 – or turn 50 if it is a qualified governmental benefit plan – you will owe the IRS an additional 10% penalty for what is considered an early or premature distribution. KEEPING THE MONEY IN A RETIREMENT ACCOUNT If the money is not needed right now, or you do not want to incur the tax implications, the money can be kept in a retirement account and continue to grow tax-deferred. Here, there are three account options: • The current retirement plan. • A new employer’s retirement plan. • An IRA. Later, we will discuss the differences in these accounts. First, let’s review the information you should collect to make your decision. DECISION FACTORS There are several things to consider when comparing leaving the money in the former employer’s plan, rolling it over to a new employer’s plan or rolling it over to an IRA. Some could be more significant to you than others. Ultimately, you will need to decide which factors are most important to helping you achieve your financial goals. 1. SERVICES You may wish to consider the different levels of service available under each option. While employer retirement plans may provide access to investment advice, planning tools, telephone help lines, educational materials and workshops, oftentimes the service available to plan participants can be limited. A financial advisor can provide a variety of services, including asset allocation advice tailored to your risk tolerance level; specific investment advice and monitoring; financial planning that incorporates your goals and time horizon; distribution strategies; tax planning and strategies; and beneficiary designation planning. 2. INVESTMENT OPTIONS Employer retirement plan investment options can sometimes be limited, 078 ALT Magazine | January 2018

while an IRA often enables an investor to select from a broader range of investment options. Investment choices for IRAs include low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), mutual funds, alternative investment products, CDs, individual stocks and bonds, and annuity products designed to hedge against poor market returns during retirement. The importance of this factor will depend in part on how satisfied you are with the options available through the plan under consideration. For example, an investor who is satisfied by the low-cost institutional funds available in some plans may not regard an IRA’s broader array of investments as an important factor. 3. PLAN FEATURES, DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES, AND TAX IMPLICATIONS While most IRA providers offer complete flexibility with regard to accessing funds, many retirement plans have restrictions for how participants can access their money. These restrictions vary by plan, so it is important for you to understand a plan’s provisions. Some plans may offer a limited number of distributions per year, some plans may allow money to be distributed only once per year, and some plans may allow money to be accessed only through full lump-sum distribution. Limited access to funds needed to pay living expenses could be a key consideration in the rollover decision. Regarding taxation, if you leave your job between age 55 and 59½, you may be able to take penalty-free withdrawals from an employer retirement plan due to an IRS exception to the 10% penalty tax. In contrast, penalty-free withdrawals generally may not be made from an IRA until age 59½. However, money can be withdrawn penalty-tax-free from an IRA prior to age 59½ using the IRS tax exception known as substantially equal periodic payments. If you are not ready to retire, consideration should be given to the fact you may be allowed to borrow from a retirement plan, whereas this is not allowed from IRAs. Not all plans allow participants to borrow, so be sure you understand the specific plan’s provisions. This would only be relevant for people who are considering rolling their money to a retirement plan with a new employer, given that you generally cannot borrow from a former employer’s plan. 4. PROTECTION FROM CREDITORS AND LEGAL JUDGMENT Generally speaking, because of ERISA, retirement plan assets have unlimited protection from creditors under federal law, both bankruptcies and other types of judgments. However, IRA assets are protected in bankruptcy proceedings only. State laws, based on the participant’s state of residency, vary in IRA asset protection for other types of judgments, such as civil lawsuits. Important points to note regarding ERISA and IRA plan creditor protection include: • Retirement plans not protected from creditors are those covering only a business owner and spouse and 403(b) tax sheltered annuities held in custodial accounts rather than in trusts. • Retirement plan assets are marital property subject to division in divorce or attachment for child support by a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

• Retirement plan assets may be subject to attachment by federal tax levies, judgments and fines imposed in federal criminal actions. Treasury regulations provide that plan benefits are subject to attachment by the IRS. • Neither ERISA nor IRS protections apply to IRAs (including SEPs and SIMPLE IRAs), government plans or most church plans. 5. REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTIONS Once you reach age 70½, the rules for plans and IRAs require the periodic withdrawal of certain minimum amounts, known as the required minimum distribution (RMD). If you are still working at age 70½, however, you generally are not required to make RMDs from a current employer’s plan, unless you are a 5% or greater business owner. This may be advantageous if you plan to work into your 70s. 6. EMPLOYER STOCK AND NET UNREALIZED APPRECIATION (NUA) If you hold significantly appreciated employer stock in a plan, you should consider the tax consequences of rolling the stock to an IRA. If employer stock is rolled over to an IRA, any stock appreciation will be taxed as ordinary income at the time the stock is distributed. A net unrealized appreciation (NUA) strategy could be beneficial, especially if you have short-term income needs or your stock has appreciated significantly. With an NUA strategy, employer stock is transferred in-kind to a taxable investment account, without selling it first. At the time of the transfer, you will pay ordinary income tax on only the amount paid for the stock at the time it was added to the retirement account, referred to as the cost basis. The NUA, the amount the stock appreciated since it was purchased, will be subject to long-term capital gains tax at the time the stock is sold, regardless of how long the stock is held. To know if you qualify for an NUA strategy, or for a clear understanding of its complexities, please consult your financial advisor or tax professional. 7. FEES AND EXPENSES Qualified plans and IRAs typically involve investment-related expenses and plan or account fees. Investment-related expenses may include sales loads, commissions, the expenses of any mutual funds in which assets are invested, and investment advisory fees. Plan fees typically include administrative fees (e.g., recordkeeping, compliance, trustee fees) and fees for services such as access to a customer service representative. In some cases, employers pay for some or all of the plan’s administrative expenses. An IRA’s account fees may include administrative, account setup and custodial fees. CONCLUSION As you can see, there is much to consider in deciding what to do with the savings in a former employer’s retirement plan. You might have accounts from a previous employer out there somewhere, still in the former employer’s plan, that you could put through this same decision-making process. Gathering all the necessary information and reviewing the decision factors can help you select the option that best suits your financial needs. If you have questions, or require additional information, contact your financial advisor. As featured in WORTHWHILE, a quarterly periodical dedicated to serving the clients of Raymond James advisors and affiliated advisory firms. ©2017 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC ©2017 Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC

Texarkana, Atlanta, & Surrounding Areas

There’s always a reason to celebrate! we can help you say it


Like us on Facebook @signgypsiesarklatex 903-392-9935 | Clyde and Beckie Lewis

Don’t let the holiday laundry pile up!

y a d i HolCleaners

870.773.4072 | January 2018 079

LOCAL HOT SPOTS We’re sharing your stories! Anything and everything from local events around town to what you’re sharing on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Mistletoe Fair 2017

Berkley McKnight, Debbie Greene, Heather Knight, and Laiken McKnight

Gena Shipp, Terry Knighton, and Sharon Shipp

Faye Kirkland and Nikkie Daniels

John Hart and Kimber Pack 080 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Bonnie Jones and Jamie Knight

Marianne Weems , Autumn Kvarda, and Jennifer Kvarda

Bella Carol Fuqua,Jackson Whitney andFuqua, Ms. Horton Clara Ayres

Terra WAlker, Michelle Finch, Jaclyn Pessel, and Sandra McNeely

Monica Harrison and Jeanna Morris

Judy McClung, Becky Coleman, Brandi Annis, and Casey Easley

Angie Durham., Harrison Young, and Dani Jo Young

What's on the AGENDA?

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Open Through January 11th

The Museum of Regional History The Great War: Arkansas in World War I showcases images from the Arkansas State Archives' holdings, including original documents, photographs, posters, maps and historical objects that tell the story of Arkansas's role during World War I, at home and on the battlefields. The panels cover the chronology of the war as well as various facets of the conflict: training troops in Arkansas, actions overseas, the Home Front, providing for the war, healthcare and Arkansas heroes.

Saturday, January 6

Texarkana Jeopardy 6 pm to 8 pm The Museum of Regional History It will be based on our local history and trivia. Snacks & Prizes available. Tickets can be purchased on Facebook or $8 per person. TMS Members only $3. Call 903-793-4831 for more information. 219 N State Line Ave, Texarkana, TX 75501

Saturday, January 13

Make Candy Land Game 2 pm to 3 pm Discovery Place Interactive Museum Teach kids how to make their own versions of Candy Land to take home. Kids 3 and under are FREE. TMS Members are FREE. Others are only $5. Call 903-793-4831 for more information. 215 Pine Street, Texarkana, TX 75501

Saturday, January 20

Bridal Fair 10 am to 3 pm Newest bridal trends, fashion show, and $2,000 grand prize giveaway. Tickets $14 in advance and $ 20 at the door Texarkana Convention Center 4610 Cowhorn Creek Loop

082 ALT Magazine | January 2018

Saturday, January 20

Ace of Clubs House- POKER 6 pm We'll enjoy a night of snacks, poker & prizes. Admission is only $10 per person. TMS Members are only $5. Tickets may be purchased on Facebook or through Call 903-793-4831 for more information. 420 Pine Street, Texarkana TX, 75501

Saturday, January 27

Victorian Parlor Pastimes highlight an afternoon of games at the P. J. Ahern Home.

Sunday, January 28

3rd Annual Six Leg Fun Run & 5k 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm Front Street Plaza in Downtown Texarkana Four dog legs and Two human legs ... Duh! Shelby’s P.A.W.S. (Pets are Worth Saving) presents the 3rd Annual Six Leg Fun Run & 5K Proceeds will benefit the Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana and the community of Texarkana by purchasing an adoption trailer. The event includes a 5k race, 1 mile fun walk/ run; onsite veterinarians, animal rescues & trainers; art, food vendors; photography, fun events for the kids will include a pet costume contest, face painting, & more! Register online at or check it out on For more information, email sixlegfunrun@ or call 903-826-4278.


Saturday, February 10

Organ Transplant Awareness 5K/10K & Family Stroll 9 am CHRISTUS St. Michael Health & Fitness Center 2223 Galleria Oaks Dr. Texarkana, TX 75503 Both races will be CHIP timed All proceeds go to the Stinson Organ Transplant Awareness and Support Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization formed to educate and increase awareness for the need for individuals to register as organ donors and provide financial aid for those currently awaiting organ transplant and/or immediately post-transplant. An opportunity to register as an organ donor will be provided at the race. $35 runners / $10 walkers For questions please contact Susie Stinson 903319-6537 Online Registration:

Have a Blessed New Year!

Twin City Title- November 2017

Pop Pop Shoppe - November 2017

NextHome Realty Advisors - November 2017

Happy Tails Boarding - November 2017

Gibson Insurance Agency - November 2017

Bowie County Farm Bureau - November 2017

Classic Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - December 2017| |January January 2018 083

Local Rescues

Adopt, Don’t Shop! ARKLATEX COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE ArklatexCockerSpanielRescue ARTEX ANIMAL WELFARE, INC. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990



Boxer Rescue of Texarkana Texarkana Animal League



Kitties Pad Rescue

Passion For Pooches


PETEY - Arklatex


Cocker Spaniel Rescue


Muttley Crew

Poodle Patch Rescue Inc.






The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call 870.773.6388, or visit: www. or AdoptionTXK.


Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog.




084 ALT Magazine | January 2018







We also have SPONSORED dogs and cats! This means someone has already paid for their vetting! Come see who’s waiting! We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more.

WE’RE OPEN! M-F 11A-5P & SAT 11A-2P

Needing New Year Resolution... SPAY

...Adopt A New Fur Baby! NEUTER


5820 Richmond Rd. | Texarkana, TX 75503 | (877) 525-4825 | Fax: (870) 330-0057 | January 2018 085 |

Thank you

to all of our clients for a wonderful year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186

Tracy Spradlin Broker 903-748-2477

Jan Williams Realtor 903-277-5771

Tara Whelchel Realtor 903-293-1429

Stephanie Maddox Realtor 903-701-1341

1356 N. Kings Hwy. | Nash, TX 75569 | 903.223.0710 | |

Thank you for voting me ALT Magazine’s

Best Realtor Four Years in a Row!

Tracy Spradlin Broker

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January 2018 Issue of ALT Magazine

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January 2018 Issue of ALT Magazine