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2018 Health Awareness Meet local health care providers and read expert advice on staying healthy


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06 ALT Magazine | August 2018

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From the Publisher

As we begin thinking about the end of summer, the heat can become oppressive to so many people who have health issues. Even those without health issues struggle at times. Temperatures soaring to above 100 degrees makes me long for fall, where the struggle to breathe eases a bit. This month, we highlight some of our local health care professionals. We are very lucky to have an amazing choice of providers when we are ill. In fact, I credit one amazing provider with the fact that I am still alive today! Dr. Laura Balmain, with Texarkana Gastroenterology Consultants, was instrumental in helping me discover what was causing my breathing problem and I will be forever grateful. Several years ago, I started having problems catching my breath. I was diagnosed with many different things, including asthma, lung problems, and acid reflux, as the cause of the problem. After visiting with Dr. Balmain, we decided that was not the problem, so she suggested a different route. That route resulted in finding out that I have Idiopathic Tracheal Stenosis (ITS). Big words for such a unusual problem! My disease somewhat mimics asthma. However, unlike most asthma sufferers, it cannot be controlled with an inhaler and medications. For ITS sufferers, there is no relief. ITS sufferers have scar tissue that has “grown” at the entrance to the trachea, causing it to narrow. By the time I received an actual diagnosis, I was breathing through what would be the size of a drink straw. Let’s compare that -- the normal size trachea for women is between 10 to 21 mm, with the size of a drinking straw at .6 mm. Think about it! My trachea, which brings life saving air to my lungs, was closing up. In fact, it was almost completely closed! Thank God I found someone who listened to me and understood what was going on. After laser/balloon surgery to open my trachea again, I can breathe again. Since my diagnosis, I have had two surgeries – 4 years apart, with the most recent one just in November of last year. I know what it feels like now when my trachea starts closing and go to the doctor! You never really think about breathing until you can’t! It’s very scary. There are many people who have died because of this issue, not knowing what was happening, and some who knew what was happening but didn’t make it to the hospital in time to get help. If you are having health issues, visit the physician of your choice. We have so many to choose from! I praise God for the fact that my diagnosis came before I ended up in the emergency room or worse. I hope you all stay healthy! May God bless you and your family!

08 ALT Magazine | August 2018


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2018 Health magazine Awareness

When you or a loved one is ill, a knowledgeable and compassionate health care provider can help alleviate a stressful situation. We all want the best medical care we can find. The good news is that Texarkana citizens don’t have to travel far to receive experienced and quality care. From family health care physicians to endodontists and surgeons to nurses, our community is host to a wide variety of passionate and qualified individuals who desire to help people find the answers and the relief they need. The sampling of men and women here all pursued a medical career to help ease the pain and stress of facing a medical condition. Not only did they share their backgrounds with us, they also shared with us their best tips for staying healthy - free medical advice we are passing on to you!

010 ALT Magazine | August 2018


Jamie Campbell, M.D. was born in Buffalo, NY. She attended the University of Buffalo and then medical school at St. George’s University where she graduated in 2010. As a child, she always liked science and even told her fifth grade teacher that she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. She completed her residency at University of Arkansas Medical School Southwest. She now practices family medicine at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic. “I enjoy family medicine because it allows me to treat the whole family, and I enjoy the variety it offers,” Dr. Campbell says. Dr. Campbell and her son, Adler, have lived in Texarkana for five years. Adler is nine years of age and attends St. James Day School. Dr. Campbell is very passionate about fitness. She teaches P90X at the Compound TXK in Nash, Texas every Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. as well as is available for personal trainings. Dr. Campbell’s best advice for staying healthy is to eat right, exercise regularly, develop good sleep habits, and get your preventative exams regularly. | August 2018 011



Mark Gabbie, M.D. was born and raised in southeast Arkansas. He was the first born of high school sweethearts. “I was raised in a loving and supportive home,” Dr. Gabbie says. “My brother and I also learned life lessons in the value of hard work, discipline, and treating everyone with respect and courtesy.” Some of Dr. Gabbie’s early jobs included working in rice fields, asphalt, plants, and splitting firewood. He and his wife, Shelley, were junior high school sweethearts, and they married before he completed his undergraduate degree from University of Arkansas. “I knew she was the one from early on,” Dr. Gabbie says. Dr. Gabbie went on to University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock and completed his family practice residency at UAMS Southeast Arkansas. He and Shelley have two children who were born while Dr. Gabbie was in medical school and residency. He started his family practice in 1989 in Texarkana and has continued for over 28 years. Faith in God and family led him into family medicine. “No one in my or Shelley’s family had any medical background, but everyone in our families really care about people,” Dr. Gabbie says. “I can remember one summer spending a few days with a small town physician who saw pretty much everyone and did pretty much everything medical for them. What I remember most was his compassion for all of them and how well he knew each person. His records were on 3 x 5 index cards, which he never needed for himself. I knew I wanted to be a family physician from this experience.” Dr. Gabbie says that he probably thinks more about being mentally and physically healthy now that he is getting older. His best advice is to keep things simple. “Pray a lot, but do everything in moderation. Move some, eat smaller portions, don’t smoke, and don’t spend time and effort worrying over things you have no control over,” Dr. Gabbie says. “Value time more than stuff and love at least one person more than yourself. Always be thankful for what you have.”

012 ALT Magazine | August 2018



Harold G. Weems, Jr., M.D. was born in Texarkana in 1967 and graduated Texas High School in 1985. He attended Austin College in Sherman, TX, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology in 1989. He really didn’t think about medicine as a career until college. In fact, Dr. Weems never even thought about going to college until his best friend’s father, Dr. Walter Wyrick, encouraged him to do so. “My dad worked at Cooper Tire, and I was very mechanically inclined as a kid and thought I would end up being a mechanic or something similar. I had always done well in school, and Dr. Wyrick encouraged me to go to college, so I did and, as they say, the rest is history,” Dr. Weems says. “I discovered medicine while in college and orthopedic surgery once I entered medical school. Orthopedics was the perfect marriage of medicine and mechanics, and it was a perfect fit for me.” After graduating from Austin College, Dr. Weems then attended medical school at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, TX, and received his medical degree in 1993. He undertook a general surgery internship at UAMS in Little Rock, AR, and transferred to Scott and White Hospital in 1994 where he did his orthopedic residency. He then moved back to Texarkana in 1999 where he has been practicing orthopedic surgery for the past 19 years. “As a general orthopedic surgeon, I treat a large variety of orthopedic conditions. I especially enjoy joint replacement surgery and arthroscopic procedures. Not only are these procedures fun, but they can be life altering for patients that need them,” Dr. Weems says. “It’s very rewarding to see how much these procedures can improve the quality of life for patients.” Dr. Weems is married to Laura Bills Weems, and they have four children: Maegan, who is 26 and is a music therapist in Shreveport; Rachel, who is an registered nurse and works in the surgical intensive care unit in Tulsa, OK; Jake, who is 18 and will be attending Southern Methodist University in August to study computer science; and Emma Grace, who is nine and is a “firecracker of a red head.” When Dr. Weems isn’t working, he has several pastimes he enjoys. “I love music and tinkering around with keyboards and music production, and I spend far too much time playing computer games,” Dr. Weems says. “I’m currently picking up a new hobby and trying my hand at photography. I have also enjoyed a good craft beer and have been known on occasion to brew my own.” Dr. Weems’ advice for avoiding health problems includes treating your body well by eating healthy and staying in motion. “Unfortunately our society is fast paced and busy busy. We rely too much on quick and easy meals which many times means fast food,” Dr. Weems says. “Try to avoid the lure of quick and easy food; eat well, but eat healthy. Exercise is also vital. As the saying goes, ‘Bodies that are in motion tend to stay in motion.’ Keep your joints moving, and they will be happier. Lastly, don’t forget that your mind is as important as your body. Keep your mind active, always strive to learn new things.” 014 ALT Magazine | August 2018

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NOMINATIONS BEGIN NOW! Administrative / Regulatory Law


Have you searched for an attorney and don’t know who to call? We want to help! Texarkana’s Top Lawyers 2018 will be nominated by you, our readers! Prior to voting, we will confirm that they are in good standing with the local bar association. The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for those searching for legal counsel. You will have an opportunity to tell us who you think should be Texarkana’s Top Lawyer 2018! Here are the categories, plus an overall Top Lawyer and Top Young Lawyer!

Appellate Practice Banking and Finance Law Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and reorganization Law Business Organizations (Including LLCs and Partnerships) Commercial Litigation Corporate Law Criminal Defense: Non-White-Collar Criminal Defense: White-Collar DUI/DWI Defense Employment Law Family Law Health Care Law Insurance Law Labor Law Mediation Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants

Nominations: Lawyers can be nominated by anyone but themselves. Nominations will be taken from August 1st-31st, 2018. Winners will be announced in the December 2018 ALT Magazine.

Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs

Eligibility Check: Nominees are confirmed to be in good standing with their local Bar Associations. Nominees will be announced in the October 2018 ALT Magazine. Voting will be from October 1-31, 2018.

Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs

• While there is no limit to the number of lawyers a firm may nominate, we suggest that nominees be in practice for at least ten years in order to give them time to build a legal presence in their community and practice area(s).

Workers’ Compensation Law – Employers

• We ask that a lawyer not nominate himself or herself.

Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs Product Liability Litigation – Defendants Real Estate Law Trusts and Estates Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants

Texarkana’s Top Lawyer Texarkana’s Top Young Lawyers

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David Greathouse, M.D. was born in Texarkana and graduated from Arkansas High in 1986. He played baseball at Oral Roberts University and graduated in 1990. From there, David went to University of Arkansas Medical School followed by an obstetrics and gynecology residency at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. He returned to Texarkana 20 years ago to begin his practice as an OB/Gyn at Collom and Carney Clinic. “I chose medicine as a career after becoming interested in helping others to achieve and maintain their health,” David says. “I decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology soon after witnessing childbirth for the first time. There are few things in life more rewarding than being a part of the miracle of childbirth. I’ve been blessed to attend thousands of deliveries, and I remain as amazed at the process now as I was the very first time.” David and his wife Elizabeth have two children: Landon, 10, and Caroline, 4. They try to remain healthy by making time to eat nutritious foods and exercising. “I suppose the most important aspect of staying healthy is to prioritize your health,” David says. “This includes health maintenance in your body, mind, and spirit. Wellness in all areas is necessary for your total well-being.”

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Marney Sorenson, M.D. was born in Lovington, NM, and grew up in Sonora, TX. He attended Angelo State University, and then got his medical degree from University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX. “I wanted to be a football coach, but after my last high school game my chemistry teacher and coach told me I should go to medical school,” Marney says. “I said, ‘Yes, sir’ and became pre-med.” Marney completed his residency at University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock, AR. He has been a vascular, thoracic and general surgeon for 22 years. Marney has had additional training in robotic surgery doing robotic lung, hernia and GI surgeries, as well as training in endovascular surgical techniques. “I chose general surgery because I wanted to be able to do a wide variety of surgical procedures and take care of critically ill patients,” Marney says. “I enjoy learning new technologies and advancing my skills as a surgeon. Marney’s best advice for staying healthy is to remember to enjoy everything in moderation. “Also, eat right and exercise. Unfortunately with my chosen field, I often don’t have time to do either. So do as I say not as I do,” Marney says.

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Annette Mugno was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas, and graduated from Liberty- Eylau “way back when drinking from a garden hose wasn’t frowned upon and everyone knew where their friends were by where the bicycles were parked.” She went into the medical field immediately after high school, graduated nursing school from Trinity Valley in Athens, Texas, and has been a nurse for 26 years now. Having worked in just about every environment from a clinical setting to critical hospital care, Annette wasn’t certain what field of nursing she wanted to “root” herself into until she went to work in the hospice industry. “I have been in hospice for over 15 years now and have been lucky enough to work at Dierksen Hospice for the past 10 years,” Annette says. “I feel as if I have a purpose driven life, and I am exactly where God wants me to be. Supporting and loving patients and families at some of their most difficult times is what I have been called to do, and I am incredibly grateful for them allowing me to share in their laughter, tears and life’s journey. My favorite quote is by the National Hospice and Palliative Care campaign: ‘Dying isn’t a choice, choosing how to live is. Your life, your choice.’” Annette has two daughters that were born to her and a “bonus” daughter that she was blessed with when she married her best friend and “love of her life,” Michael Mugno. Her advice on staying healthy is to eat at least as many fruit and veggies as you do tacos and pizza, move around more than you sit, get a good night’s sleep and never doubt your mind is the strongest thing on you. “It can keep you going long after the rest of your body fails,” Annette says. “So be sure to clear it, and appreciate it at least once a day.”

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4116 GIBSON LANE | BEHIND TARGET | August 2018 021

PIPER SPAULDING NURSING STUDENT AT TEXARKANA COLLEGE Piper Spaulding was born in Texarkana and graduated from Texas High School in 2017. Her mom, Kim, is a teacher at Texas High, and her dad, Brian, works at Cooper Tire and does H-VAC work. Piper is following in their footsteps as both of them obtained certificates/college hours at Texarkana College. Her brother, Sawyer, is currently serving in the Air Force, and her sister, Hartley, is an incoming senior at Texas High. Her siblings have also taken TC dual credit classes, and Piper’s maternal grandmother attended TC. “My whole family has attended Texarkana College,” Piper says. “I finished high school with 33 college hours, so I was able to start my first year of college as a sophomore. I was able to knock out all the required freshman courses in high school because of the dual credit classes I had available to me through Texarkana College.” Piper recommends dual credit courses for other high school students because of their affordability and the fact that they are a great preview of what students can expect in college. “There’s a big difference between a high school course and a college course. Experiencing college classes for the first time in a familiar setting with teachers I already knew gave me peace of mind and the confidence I needed to succeed,” Piper says. “The dual credit classes I took laid a sturdy foundation for my college education and allowed me a smooth and easy transition from high school to college. I continued my college career at Texarkana College as a full-time student after I graduated high school because I was comfortable and familiar with what was to be expected of me as a student at TC. Also, I have heard wonderful things about TC’s nursing program, and I’m excited to be apart of it.” Even from a young age, Piper expressed an interest in the medical field. She wanted a career that made a difference in people’s lives as well as provided a challenging and interesting environment. “In the nursing profession, you deal with many aspects of patient care, and I think I will enjoy the varied routine. As for the application process, it went smoothly. I completed half of the pre-rec courses required to apply in high school and finished the other half during my first year of college,” Piper says. “It’s crazy to me to think that I’ve only been out of high school one year, and I’m already going to start the Associate Degree Nursing program this fall. It takes most students at least two years to complete all the required courses to apply for the nursing program, and I did it in one year thanks to dual credit.” For Piper, completing the Associate Degree Nursing program is just the first step to her goal. She would like to go on to become a family nurse practitioner or work as an nurse practitioner in a dermatologist office. When Piper isn’t studying, she spends the majority of her free time outdoors. She loves kayaking and hiking in Arkansas. “My best advice on staying healthy is to remember that your physical health and mental health are equally important. When most people think about being healthy, they think of things pertaining to physical health like diet and exercise,” Piper says. “I believe mental health and physical health go hand and hand, and to lead a healthy lifestyle you must focus on both. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body, and vise versa.” 022 ALT Magazine | August 2018

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Matt Young, M.D. was born and raised in Texarkana. He is the son of Dr. Mitchell Young and Donna Young. His father practiced general surgery for 40 years, and Matt made the choice to follow in his father's footsteps in medicine. “I decided to pursue a career in medicine because I always had the exposure through my family, and I saw how rewarding the profession was,” Young says. Young graduated from Texas High School and then studied and received his training at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR. He has been the Medical Director for LifeNet, Inc. for more than a decade and has been practicing Emergency Medicine in East Texas for over 17 years. He has also served as the Medical Director of Emergency Services at both local hospitals in Texarkana. Young is happily married to his wife of many years, Cindy. They have two sons, Logan and Garrett. “I chose emergency medicine because I enjoy helping others in their time of need, and I feel it is my ministry that serves our God,” Young says. For Young, the best advice about staying healthy is “prevention is the cure.” “From the emergency standpoint, think before you leap, be prepared, and always have a plan with a backup plan for any possible emergency,” Young says.

024 ALT Magazine | August 2018

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Jason Michel, D.D. S. was born in Kansas City, MO. He lived there until the age of 5 and then moved to Saudi Arabia where he attended school from first grade to the middle of ninth grade. Then, his family moved to Guam. He finished up his freshman year of high school there and attended through his junior year. Next, they moved back to Kansas City where he finished up high school and began college and dental school and University of Kansas Medical Center. While attending dental school, Jason met his wife, and they got married in 2002. “I decided to go into dentistry because my father is a dentist, and I grew up around the profession,” Jason says. “Listening to his stories interested me.” After graduating dental school, Jason joined the US Army. His first duty station was Fort Hood, TX. While at Fort Hood, he was assigned to the 4ID and deployed to Iraq from November 2005 to November 2006. After returning from deployment, Jason was transferred to Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, where he completed his two year Endodontic Speciality Training. While at Fort Gordon, Jason’s daughter was born. Jason was then transferred back to Fort Hood where he worked as an US Army Endodontist and acted as the Chief Endodontic Mentor at the two year Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Program. After living in Texas for the majority of his Army career, Jason and his wife knew they wanted to stay in Texas. He moved to Texarkana in 2012 and took over Texarkana Endodontics. He has been doing dentistry since 2002 and solely Endodontics since 2007. “My two cents for staying healthy would be to look into eating healthy,” Jason says. “There are a variety of ‘diets’ out there and for me I have always felt my best when I can follow a Paleo or Ketogenic lifestyle.”

026 ALT Magazine | August 2018

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Oriental Medicine: Laser

Uses Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmision of Radiation known to reduce swelling and pain

Moxa Punk is burned on or above the skin at acupuncture points. It can be more effective than acupuncture

MicroCurrent Therapy

Uses extremely small amounts of electrical current to help relieve pain and heal soft tissue of the body


Suction cup method used to help circulation and reduce swelling

Tui Na

Chinese style physical therapy or massage

Oriental Medicine

or TCM is used in both acute and chronic illnesses and it includes internal and external therapy.

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Poongodhai Ramachandran, M.D. Wadley Regional Medical Center

Poongodhai Ramachandran, M.D. was born in a small town in southern India. Her early education took place in India, and she knew she wanted to be a doctor. “I like the life sciences and interacting with people, so medicine was the natural choice,” Poongodhai says. She completed her internal medicine residency in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, and her cardiology fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Shadyside, PA. Poongodhai now lives in Texarkana with her “wonderful husband and two beautiful children” and has been practicing medicine since 2000. “I specialized in cardiovascular diseases, and I love practicing cardiology,” Poongodhai says. “Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. There are a lot of good management options available and also excellent preventive measures that can be pursued. A special interest of mine is preventative cardiology which helps people recognize and reduce their cardiovascular risk factors.” Poongodhai’s best advice for staying healthy is to keep moving. “I cannot stress the importance of regular exercise enough,” Poongodhai says. “Healthy food habits, regular visits to your doctor, and doing appropriate screening tests are also important.”

028 ALT Magazine | August 2018

Brian So, M.D. Texarkana Gastroenterology Consultants Brian So, M.D. is a native Californian; he grew up in the city of Simi Valley, about 40 minutes north of Los Angeles. His parents immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea in the 1970s. They met and married in Los Angeles. Brian first seriously considered medicine as a career around the 6th grade. His grandmother, with whom he was very close, had frail health. “Watching her health continue to deteriorate despite the best efforts of her health care providers as well as our family, left an indelible mark on me. She passed away at the age of 63, when I was 12. Even then, I recognized how tremendous her health care needs were,” Brian says. “But, I was too young to do much to assist in her physical care needs. I did only what I could do, which was spending as much time with her as I could. That feeling of helplessness as a child, and not wanting to experience that again, first inspired my desire to study medicine. The practice of medicine is truly an art form. I love the challenge of it, both mentally and emotionally. It is deeply fulfilling and hard for me to imagine doing anything else. I am convinced it is my God given calling.” Brian left California for college at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, where he completed a degree in biophysics in 2001. Before attending medical school at the University of Maryland, he taught inner city high school in Baltimore for two years, teaching 9th grade biology and 12th grade anatomy and physiology. Brian completed medical school in 2007 and then went on to a residency in internal medicine at Ohio State University. “During medical school, I discovered how much enjoyment I received from the patient office visit. I loved getting to meet and know my patients on a one-on-one basis, being able to follow their health in the long term, and learning more about their personal life story,” Brian says. “These relationships with my patients were far more fulfilling that I could have imagined.” After completing his residency, Brian finished a fellowship training in gastroenterology at the University of Utah in 2014 and is now a board certified gastroenterologist. Brian decided to pursue gastroenterology from one of his professors in medical school, Dr. Alessio Fasano, who is a world renowned expert on celiac disease. “He was one of the most charismatic lecturers I ever had,” Brian says. “He would walk up and down the aisles of the auditorium like a talk show host. Gastroenterology was a big change from my initial plans of becoming a surgeon. Upon the advice of my school adviser, and further exploring the specialty of gastroenterology, I realized what a better fit this was for me. In gastroenterology my time is spent between seeing patients in the office, rounding in the hospital, doing outpatient procedures (ie. upper endoscopy and colonoscopy), and performing emergency procedures. For a person who likes variety in his career, this was a perfect fit.” Brian is married to Jennie, his wife of 10 years. They have two children: Ellie, 7, and Brenton, 4. His hobbies include working hard to improve on his “rather unenlightened” golf game, pursuing his new-found love of duck hunting (influenced by his new home state of Texas), and traveling with his family. His strongest suggestion for staying healthy is to complete colon cancer screening. The average lifetime risk of colon cancer is nearly 5%, which is about 1 in 20 persons. “Colon cancer is that common, and colon cancer screening is truly one of the best preventative medicine success stories in the medical profession,” Brian says. “ I have given lectures and presentations on this topic in the hospital to other health care providers, to different community groups in Texarkana, on the local radio and television station. I encourage everyone to get their colon cancer screening at age 50. Colonoscopy is the preferred screening method, but I would have one undergo any screening test over NO screening test at all. Colon cancer IS preventable by getting your colonoscopy when it is due. I would encourage the community to talk with your primary care provider or local gastroenterologist if you are due for a colonoscopy screening, or would like to learn more about it.” 030 ALT Magazine | August 2018

COMMERCIAL Established Business, including Indoor Shooting Range, prime location in Nash Industrial Business Park. Can be maintained as a shooting range or used for other commercial needs. Buyer can make changes to building to fit their needs. Plenty of square footage to convert to fit the needs of your business! Priced to sell!

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Kevin O'Sullivan, M.D. Wadley Senior Clinic

Kevin O'Sullivan, M.D. was born in Little Rock Arkansas, and lived in North Little Rock Arkansas with his father, Patrick O’Sullivan, mother, Eileen O’Sullivan, and older sister, Kelly O’Sullivan, in their little house on Middleton Drive, North Little Rock Arkansas for most of his life. Kevin’s father works for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, currently for their “Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas,” going around the state and giving out grants for educational/health care programs. Eileen O’Sullivan was originally an accountant, but chose to retire to become a homemaker/housewife for many years, and Kelly attended Northwestern University with a major in drama and is currently an actress, working in Chicago, Illinois. Kevin attended North Little Rock High School, then went to Hendrix College in Conway for 4 years for his undergraduate education. “I was actually originally planning to go into accounting when I first started college at Hendrix,” Kevin says. “I ended up changing my mind and choosing to go into medicine after I had several opportunities to do volunteer work over at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock during my summer breaks, as part of the ‘Hendrix Odyssey’ program (a program of extra-curricular activities for the college students). I still have a minor in accounting from college, but switched my planned major to biology for pre-medical education.” Kevin attended North Little Rock High School, then went to Hendrix College in Conway for 4 years for his undergraduate education. He then went back to Little Rock and graduated from UAMS College of Medicine after another four years to get his medical degree. “I specialize in family medicine. I decided to become a family medicine doctor during my 3rd year of medical school after I did my rotations in each of the different specialties of medicine,” Kevin says. “I actually had the opportunity to come down from Little Rock to Texarkana for one month and rotate/work at the UAMS AHEC family medicine clinic. I was quite impressed with both the resident and attending doctors I was able to work with during that time, which motivated me to apply to be matched into family medicine upon graduation from medical school. I was then fortunate enough to be matched to family medicine in Texarkana.” Kevin has only recently completed his three year family medicine residency, practicing at UAMS Southwest Family Medicine Clinic of Texarkana. He will now be starting at the Wadley Senior Clinic for his future practice. “I particularly enjoy caring for the older adult. Seniors have unique needs and I am looking forward to building my practice at the Wadley Senior Clinic,” Kevin says. According to Kevin, the best advice for avoiding a trip to the doctor is to eat a good diet and get regular exercise. “Our daily diet and exercise affects almost all aspects of our health, including blood pressure, diabetes, immune system, and risk for things such as heart attacks or strokes,” Kevin says. “To quote Aristotle, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.’ We have all no doubt heard these basic healthy principles many times, but keeping a regular routine that adheres to these tenets is the true challenge.”

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A&M Texarkana’s BAAS Program Celebrates 40 Years of Serving Students

By Lisa Myers, Ed.D. BAAS Program Coordinator Texas A&M University-Texarkana

The BAAS program has experienced an amazing year! Not only did the program continue to serve 150+ students each semester, it also caught the attention of national organizations and publications as a degree program others should emulate. This past year, the BAAS program • Was featured in the Journal of Continuing and Higher Education, “Prior Learning Assessment Done Right: A Look at Texas A&M Texarkana’s PLA Program.” • Led the University in being recognized by Washington Monthly as one of the “12 Most Innovative Colleges for Adult Learners” in the nation. • Continued partnering with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) in research and practice, resulting most recently in CAEL’s “Do Methods Matter? PLA, Portfolio Assessment, and the Road to Completion and Persistence: A Study of Prior Learning Assessment and Adult Students’ Academic Outcomes.” • Accepted an invitation to serve on the Best Practices Panel at CAEL’s international conference in November. We could not have asked for a more successful year going into this year’s milestone: 40 years of serving BAAS students in our community and region. Our story, though marked with various changes throughout the years, is one held together by the commitment to serve adult students. In 1971, Texas A&M University-Texarkana was a center of East Texas State University in Commerce and served 034 ALT Magazine | August 2018

under the leadership of its president, Dr. John Moss. According to Dr. Larry Davis, Professor of Economics and Management and the first BAAS Program Director, Dr. Moss charged him with creating a pathway that would allow adult students to use their technical knowledge toward a bachelor’s degree. After attending various professional conferences, completing the needed research, and designing a plan based on his findings, Dr. Davis prepared the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) proposal and submitted it for approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). After the final edits and subsequent approval by THECB, students began entering the BAAS program in the fall of 1978 and were the first to utilize their knowledge in applied arts and sciences to earn college credit. Since 1978, there have been various BAAS leaders and thousands of students who have benefitted from a program that has maintained its core purpose and goals: to recognize and validate knowledge that adult students bring into their degree program and to support them in growing beyond that knowledge to experience transformational outcomes in their personal and professional lives that in turn enhance the communities in which they live and practice. This mission, and the practice resulting from it, has been and continues to be the driving force behind the BAAS program as evidenced in the following reflections from some of the program’s leaders. Serving as coordinator of the BAAS degree program was the most rewarding experience of my career. As I directed students through the process of developing their work/life

portfolio, I realized they were gaining more than college credit. They came through the portfolio process valuing their own learning experience more and with greater confidence in their ability to be successful in college. More than merely advising students through a series of content courses, I had the opportunity to assist them in creating a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Dr. Lila Walker Retired Professor of Adult Education Texas A&M University-Texarkana Working as BAAS Coordinator was so important to me for several reasons. I truly loved working with adult students, and I saw how their lives were transformed through the experience. I will go so far as to say going through the BAAS program at A&M-Texarkana is a life-changing experience, dwarfed only by individual, spiritual encounters that people experience – it can be that powerful. When I say that the BAAS program is a transformative experience, I do not exaggerate. As a trained adult educator, I witnessed how powerful the portfolio experience was for adult students. This process – and it truly is a process – guides the student through three layers: (1) self-exploration of one’s life (we used to say, “where are you now, how did you get here, and what will you do with the time you have left” – powerful stuff!); (2) job-skill analysis (this section truly is empowering when adults see they have learned MUCH through experience); and (3) critical reflection – by transcribing responses to (1) and (2), cognitive ability is empowered. The portfolio semester is truly a transformative experience. The outcome?  Dr. Glenda Ballard Dean, School of Human Development and Education St. Edward’s University

Following Dr. Green, Suzanne Buehler became the program coordinator. Ms. Buehler, who is now the Digital Integration Specialist for Everything Marketing, offered the following reflection: “All good learning theories contain a component in which students solidify learning through the application of concepts and knowledge. BAAS students generally have lived the principles of these learning theories in their work/life experiences and have come to conceptualize their comprehension beyond the college level. Learning to articulate that knowledge and have it validated by a respected university results in transformative academic and personal growth that is uniquely BAAS.” Today, I am honored to be the director of the BAAS program. I am honored because the BAAS program does offer transformative opportunities to those who decide to take the journey. Could there be a better mission to serve? This program has truly served us all, and for that, we look forward to 40 more years!

Dr. Gaynell Green, Associate Professor of Adult and Higher Education at A&M Texarkana, followed Dr. Ballard in the role of coordinator, and she introduced an integral piece to the already successful BAAS program during her tenure – the ability for students to use technical and workforce credits in the BAAS degree. Dr. Green, a strong proponent for experiential learning, reported that this addition “allowed the program to adapt to trends in the field to create pathways from career and technicalbased associate degrees to baccalaureate degrees.” Many BAAS students benefit from this addition still today. | August 2018 035

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The Love Story

Alyssa and Michael Beach June 16, 2018

A little over four years ago, both of us were discouraged and ready to give up on love until we matched on Tinder (yes, Tinder does work one in a million). We technically met in person about a month later at Superior Bar & Grill in Shreveport and were instantly inseparable. He was stationed at Barksdale Airforce Base and I had just graduated from Texas A&M University- Texarkana with my Bachelor’s Degree, but was continuing there for my Master’s Degree. Our relationship moved very fast- I honestly never believed in love at first sight until I met him. I think it was around September of 2014 when I was in Shreveport visiting him and he had to break the news to me that he got orders to be deployed to South Korea for two years. My heart immediately sank and my head was spinning. I’m sure a lot of couples that had only been dating for 4-5 months probably would’ve just ended it at that point, but that wasn’t even an option for us. We knew we were each other’s soulmate, so whatever it was going to take to be together in the end we would have to endure. The next six months were spent counting down the time until he had to leave. The hardest day was watching him leave in the DFW airport knowing that I would only see him 2-3 times within the next two years. Thankfully, time went by pretty fast, even though it was not easy. Last year, he came home for his month of leave and it was not too hard saying bye again, because his deployment was going to be over in a couple months and he would be home and we could start planning a fall wedding. The week before he was supposed to come home, his deployment got extended 9 months (the remainder of his military career) and we would not be able to see each other before that time. It was devastating! We did not want to wait another year or so to get married, so he told me to do as much planning as I could with him still overseas and we would just have a very short engagement. It definitely was not the typical wedding planning time since I was not engaged yet and I felt like people were judging me. I had to put into perspective that our entire relationship and story was not “typical” and that is what makes it special. We got engaged on April 28th and were married on June 16th. Finally getting to be together and never having to say goodbye again was the best feeling for us. We were forced to be separated for so long, which tons of people never experience. It was the hardest thing to go through but it has made our love stronger for one another. We are FINALLY Mr. and Mrs. Beach and it’s the greatest feeling yet!

Parents of the Bride: Keenan and Carla Howard Parents of the Groom: Ronnie and Kathy Mullins Matron of Honor: Joy Sandefur Bridesmaids: Jasmine Castille, Jayme English, Katherine Hall, Lauren Reyes, Jade Ruth and AleMae’ Simmons Best Man: Ryan Howard Groomsmen: Ray Sandefur and Will Harris Ushers: Ryan Howard and Ray Sandefur Flower Girls: Leighton Lile Ring Bearer: Tank and Cash Howard Pastor/Officiant: Steve McIntosh

Flowers: The Rockin K Rose Boutique and Florist Hair: Lindsey Graf and Natalie Singleton with Style Studio Venue: Elk Meadow Ranch in De Kalb, TX Wedding Coordinator: Nichole Sherman Cake: Twice As Nice Bakery  Caterer: Elk Meadow Ranch Rentals: Dot’s Rentals and Special Events Photographer: Marissa Merritt Videographer: Eric Ethridge Wedding Dress: Galina from David’s Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Nadri and Givenchy Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse in Shreveport | August 2018 039

Alisha and Bradley Crabtree June 16, 2018

040 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story

A short summary of “Our Happily Ever After” – A story of fishing, Pin-Ups and poison ivy. Love at first sight - From the first time Brad saw Alisha, he knew he wanted to have her in his life. The catch was, he had to work up the nerve to ask her out or even talk to her. Fast forward almost a decade later - he finally worked up the nerve, kinda. Brad knew Alisha didn’t date. So he asked to take her and her Momma fishing (sly lil devil). From that moment, Alisha knew that this man was leaps and bounds above the rest. Not too long after this fishing trip the two began dating - and became inseparable. After a whirlwind romance consisting of fishing, hunting, high school football/baseball/basketball games, petticoats, red lipstick and “victory rolls” (for Alisha’s Texas Pin-Up events and parades) it became clear that “popping the question” was in the near future. “Popping the question” - With the ring bought, Brad just had to figure out the perfect time to ask. Not being the best at being suave, he opted for a more practical approach. He took her to one of her favorite spots, his cow pasture. Among the old oak trees early that cold, January morning, Brad and Alisha set out to cut firewood. Yup, firewood, you read right – no drawn out, highly romantic plan involved in this engagement. He popped the question – she said YES! They went on to cut two loads of firewood that morning and Alisha managed to get poison ivy on most of her body. The Wedding Plans- Originally they were planning the wedding for April of 2019, things quickly changed to June 2018. The Crabtree family had plans to build a new wedding venue (“Tree Haven” in Simms) and a “Crabtree Wedding” would be a perfect first wedding! So work began on the venue, but not without small issues and setbacks. They were there every day after working ten hour days at regular jobs and then every single weekend up until the actual day of the wedding. The couple managed to smile and joke even through setbacks because of building issues, weather and many more outbreaks of poison ivy! Then on June 16, 2018, the couple’s big day had finally arrived. Love filled the air and the very first wedding at Tree Haven in Simms, Texas, was about to happen! And the couple’s “Happily Ever After” began.

Parents of the Bride: Marsha Watson Parents of the Groom: Royce and Velma Crabtree Matron of Honor: Christi Sellers Maid of Honor: LaManda Crabtree Bridesmaids: Lacy Waters, Tracy Ratliff, Kacey Barrington, and Haylee Waters Best Man: Aron Crabtree Groomsmen: Tyler Crabtree, Joe Ratliff, Skylar Obenoskey, and Mason Sellers Ushers: C.J. Waters and Bryan Sellers Flower Girls: Nora Barrington Morgan Sellers, Hadley Barrington, Jaycee Waters, and Teegan Barrington Ring Bearer: Braxton Barrington, Colt Waters, and Ryker Crabtree Pastor/Officiant: Steve Minter

I know that I have been so blessed – not only do I have a loving husband now and the support of both of our amazing families - I was also given the gift of a wonderful son, Tyler. He may not be mine by birth but I love him just as if he were.

What Made it Special?

Flowers: Albertson’s and Sam’s Wholesale – Arrangements made by family & Bouquets made by Carla (Albertson’s) Hair and Makeup: Christi Sellers, Kacey Barrington and Tressa Hobbs Venue: Tree Haven in Simms, Texas DJ: Coach Downs Entertainment Cake: Heavenly Sweets and Interior Treats Caterer: Crabtree Catering and WhiskTXK Rentals: Reception chairs from Dot’s Rental Photographer: John Vutech; Twos Company; Captured Blessings by Tonya Videographer: “Jefferies’ Crew” Wedding Invites: Vista Prints Wedding Dress:  Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique Wedding Jewelry: Custom his and her’s wedding bands (and engagement ring) Mariell freshwater pearls Family heirloom brooch | August 2018 041

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As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15

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Carla Collier and Tracie Robinson have always been close. Growing up in Ashdown, Arkansas, their mother, Shelby Snead, was their hero. Only 11 months and 3 weeks apart in age, watching them, you would think they were fraternal twins -- although they don’t act alike, they are connected in a way that most siblings are not. The closeness comes from having a loving home environment where their creativity was encouraged and therefore, it flourished. Since their dad worked away from home a lot, their mother’s influence was what shaped them into the women they are today. Carla always loved to cook and bake while Tracie loved to decorate, and Mom loved it. They would experiment with all kinds of things, cooking new creations or redecorating the house while mom was out. Once, they even decided they wanted to be hairdressers and came up with a fabulous way to cut her hair! They put it in a ponytail on the top of her head and cut it off. Needless to say, mom spent the next day at the hairdresser, but the ease at which she allowed her children to work on whatever creative project they chose showed in every thing they did.

Today, Carla bakes and decorates delicious, beautiful pies and cakes, while Tracie creates amazing floral arrangements and table settings. Their skills complement each other’s abilities. Each of them credit their mom, and dad, with nurturing their talents when they were young. Heavenly Sweets and Flower Boutique began in February, 2012, and continues serving customers today throughout the area. They have provided services in Ashdown, Mena, Murphreesboro, Hot Springs, Shreveport, Semmes, Doddridge, Genoa, Hope, and of course, Texarkana -- covering the Ark-La-Tex!. Give them a call today to schedule a consultation. See what years of creativity will bring to your wedding or event. Carla and Tracie will definitely help your dreams come true!


192 Highway 71 South, Ashdown, AR 71854

(870) 898-7744 | August 2018 043

Samantha and Corey Durham June 2, 2018

044 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story

Corey and I met at the Cossatot River several summers ago. My best friend, who happens to be his cousin, introduced us. After a little leisurely chit-chat, we both discovered we shared an interest in golf. Corey invited me out to play a round of golf with him and some of his friends. He then, conveniently, was interested in finding a female golfer so that he could start entering couples tournaments. So, he coached me up and we entered our first tournament. Since then, we have played in several more tournaments and even won a few! As I was leaving work one Friday evening, Corey left me a note that would send me on a two hour scavenger hunt. The places I visited highlighted all the memories we had already created. Starting at the golf course, to the lake, to a duck hole, and finally ending at the river. Corey was waiting for me there and asked me to be his wife! On June 2, 2018, we officially became lifetime golf partners.

Parents of the Bride: Danny and Sally Drabble Parents of the Groom: Steve and Cissy Durham Maid of Honor: Sophie Cherry Bridesmaids: Cyndi Durham, Chelsea Durham, Shelbie

Palmore, Hanna Drabble, and Cassie Clark Best Man: Steve Durham Groomsmen: Jakeb Durham, Trevor Durham, Matthew Rowe, Ben Sanders, Andrew Sanders, Max Norton, Brandon Hall, Kyle DeLaughter, and Dillon Drabble Pastor/Officiant: Rev. Patrick Evans Flowers: Albertsons -7th Street

Hair & Makeup: Kimberly Rayburn, Natalie Liles,

Scarlett Purifoy Venue: Hardy Memorial Methodist Church

Wedding Coordinator: Nichole Sherman Cake: Heavenly Sweets and Interior Treats  Caterer: Gusano’s Pizza Rentals: Dot’s Rentals and Special Events Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography

Ceremony Music: Shelly Brown Wedding Dress: Inverness Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Dillard’s Tuxedos: Bea’s Alterations and Tuxedo Rentals | August 2018 045

Stephanie and Adam Gearhart June 30, 2018

046 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story One morning, Stephanie had asked her cousin, Hailey Procell, to babysit Ellie for a couple of hours, so that she could go get her hair done. Hailey’s husband, Chris, is one of Adam’s best friends, as well as neighbor. While Stephanie was getting her hair done, Chris and Hailey went to Adam’s for a football party, and invited Stephanie to come join the fun instead of just picking Ellie up and going home. When Stephanie and Adam met for the first time, everything just clicked. It was a very effortless and natural kind of thing. Adam invited Stephanie back over the very next weekend for another football party, and this time, invited everyone over who had kids, and had a bounce house set up in the back yard to make for a kid friendly environment. The dates became steady, and very quickly they became inseparable. Adam states that after the 3rd week he knew this was his happily ever after, and Stephanie knew after the first date. The proposal was a very intimate and private moment between the two. Adam took Stephanie to the front steps of her home, turned her to face him, and said “Stephanie, I want you to be my wife.” got down on one knee and continued, “Will you marry me?” Stephanie is unsure what happened next, because through the joy and excitement she blacked out. But she ended up with the ring on her finger and engaged to the man of her dreams. Parents of the Bride: Kevin and Lisa Young (dad and step mom) Tony and Maggie Raines (step dad and mom) Parents of the Groom: Christy and Jerry Gearhart Maid of Honor:Brittany Zentz Bridesmaids:: Caitlin Lemmons, Heather Young, Hailey Procell, Brittany Burkes, Ashley Thomas, and Jenilee Dumlao Best Man: Thomas Smith Groomsmen: Matt Procell, Chris Procell, Bubba Armstrong, Will Abercrombie, and Keith Copeland Ushers: : Chris Young, Aaron Young Flower Girls: Peighton, Emmi, and Eliana Young Ring Bearer: Tucker and Patrick Pastor/Officiant: Pastor Hatcher Flowers: Sims -Lucille Young Hair: Lindy Daughtery and Chelsea Grisham Makeup: Samantha Monk Venue: Venue at Doodley Dee’s Farm Cake: Batter Up Cake Shop Caterer: Rudy’s BBQ Rentals: Encore Rentals Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography Videographer: LeRonn Burris Wedding Invites: Etsy Wedding Dress:  Happily Ever After Wedding Jewelry: David’s Bridal Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

My maid of honor put together a big scrap book. My mom, dad, bridesmaids, What Made and Adam each had their own page, it Special? and had a handwritten letter from each of them. I read them all out loud while getting ready, and it was so overwhelming and beautiful to read the words of love and praise from all of my special people. | August 2018 047

Briana and Troy Gretlein May 19, 2018

048 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story

When we first met, Troy was working at Home Depot as a merchandiser. My tub handle had fallen off so I ran down to Home Depot to grab some supplies. Troy asked if I needed any help so I explained my situation. We began chatting and hit it off instantly, we exchanged numbers and have been together ever since. And yes, he fixed my tub handle for me. Troy joined the United States Air Force a few months into our relationship. I stayed by his side through months of intense basic training, technical classes and qualification training. When he was finally able to come visit me in Texarkana, we hiked the Bringle Trail where he proposed to me. Parents of the Bride: Annette Mugno and Micheal Mugno Flowers: Jennifer Ogburn Venue: Beavers Bend Amphitheater (step father) Wedding Coordinator: Annette Mugno Parents of the Groom: Ryan and Angela Gretlein Cake: All In Good Taste in Texarkana, TX Maid of Honor: Candice Randal Caterer: Jennifer and chef Brian Ogburn Bridesmaids: Trystin Fergyso , Candice Randal, Rentals:: Big Events Party Supplies, Special Events and Dot’s Heaven Gretlein and Lauren Mugno rentals Best Man: Eric Joseph Porter Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography Groomsmen: Jake Humphries, Colton Humphrey-long Ceremony Music: DJ Mike’s audio services Wedding Ushers: Johnny Nettles (grandfather) Dress: Traditions Bridal and Formal LLC Flower Girls: Houston Heart Wedding Jewelry: Pandora Pastor/Officiant: Keith Ducroz Tuxedos: Traditions Bridal and Formal LLC | August 2018 049

Wedding & Party Equipment Rentals

Owner: Kyle B. Barrett Like us on FaceBook

050 ALT Magazine | August 2018

Chateau Floral Services

Call Jane Ann at:

903-277-3161 or 903-793-2121 3307 Texas Blvd. Texarkana, TX

Picture by: Kali Rushing Photography.


3117 Kennedy Lane Texarkana, TX 75503 • 903.793.1570

Celebrate! Blessing Tree Farm


Kedrick and Kayla Jones A friend told me about Micah’s Jewelry, then one day I was just out and about and decided to stop by. From the moment I drove into the parking lot and read they were a Christian based jeweler I was in love. When I walked in everyone greeted me with a smile and asked how my day was going, there was so much positivity in the atmosphere. A lady name Kayla came over to help and she showed sincere interest. She wasn’t just doing her job, I could tell she truly cared. They did not have to try to convince me they were Christ-centered, I knew from the moment I walked in. Micah comes out and he laughs and talks with his customers to make them feel welcome. I will forever recommend them to everyone needing jewelry. We can’t say thank you enough to them! | August 2018 051

Lawanda and Emmett Johnson May 5, 2018

052 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story It was a typical night out and I was looking for some plans, so my friend and I ended up meeting my sister at a restaurant, whom introduced Emmett and I. He was there with some friends watching a basketball game. As time goes on he asked for my number. I gave him my real one (gasp!) and didn’t think much of it. I heard from him the very next day; not knowing we both were employed at the same job in a different department at the time. As time went on we began dating and fell in love. We had a lot to learn about making a relationship work, we had our bumps along the way but with God’s grace and mercy we did it. We wouldn’t change a thing because it got us to this point in our life. Emmett proposed to me on October 19, 2016, and we married May 5, 2018. Parents of the Bride: Gail and Curtis Hamilton Parents of the Groom: Barbara and Emmett Johnson Maid of Honor: Shemeka Martin Bridesmaids: Crystal Hamilton, Trina Hamilton,

Melanie Turner, Andretta Hamilton, Tiffany Dotson, Marilyn Taylor, Jessica Hendrix, and Shawanda Draper Best Man: Johnny Island Groomsmen: Anthony Dotson, Leo Montgomery, Dominic Robinson, Damarcus Crawford, Marcus Wills, Joe Whitaker, Harold Johnson, and Kendarel King Flower girls Harlee Sutton and Jazlynn Jetton Ring Bearer: Tyler Hamilton Pastor/Officiant: Tommy Hasell

Flowers: Sticks and Stones, Lorna Dennis-Parker Hair: Gentry Lamar Mitchell-Nard Makeup: Elisa Johnson of Elisa Maria Makeup Artistry Venue: Garrison Gardens Wedding Coordinator: Lorna Dennis-Parker Cake: All in Good Taste  Caterer: Shayla White Rentals: Dots and A-1 Party and Tent Rental Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography

Videographer: Trevon Jamison Ceremony Music: Chris Daly Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Crocker Jewelry and Zales Tuxedos: Traditions Bridal and Formal LLC | August 2018 053

Marylou and Russell July 4, 2018

054 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story

This tall, gorgeous man caught my eye coming out of Costco one day and we just so happened to have parked next to each other. We made eye contact as were loading groceries and started talking. First question he asked me was “Can you cook?” lol… I thought to myself, "Is he serious?" He sure was! That’s all she wrote. City girl meets country cowboy. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Funny thing was I told him I was country because, to me, having had a riding mower and grown a small garden years ago, that made me a country girl. Little did I know he’d soon show me what being country really was! I've traded sports cars for pick ups and tractors, high heels for boots, and probably encountered every insect and reptile known to man out here in the country. He’s been a pilot for over 40 years and his love for aviation amazes me still everyday. I've overcome my fear of flying, thanks to him, and now sit in the co-pilots seat…but that’s all -- I just sit. lol. He’s shown me and taught me things I never would have imagined. We have fun everyday. But when I really fell in love with him was when I saw how well he was taking care of his 94 year old mother all by himself. With all he has to do between his ranches, his farms, flying and just everyday things, his mother comes first. You just don’t see that anymore. I still don’t know how he does it all. He is the kindest, gentlest, most generous, considerate and patient man you’ll ever meet. Even though we are from 2 very different worlds and it can get interesting at times, we both have a lot of old fashion values and I think thats what makes it so perfect! I am truly blessed to be a part of his life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. He is the love of my life.

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Maggie Sottero Trunk Show September 28 - October 12 $150 off dress during show!

Photos by: Debbie Brower Photography | August 2018 055

The Love Story

Hannah and Kris McCullough June 16, 2018

056 ALT Magazine | August 2018

We met while at college at Henderson State University and dated for about two years. The first date that Kris took me on was to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, AR and we went there on several dates after. Kris is a college a football coach, so we had a long-distance relationship for several months while he coaches at Fairmont State in West Virginia. During that time, he flew in to see me for a week in July. On July 4th, he asked me if I wanted to go to Garvan Gardens since we both loved it there but had only ever been around Christmas time to see the famous Garvan Gardens lights. So, I was excited to see the wonderful gardens filled with flowers and has absolutely NO idea that he was planning on proposing. When we got there, he excused himself for a moment while I was wandering around the gift shop. He was secretly getting a map of the walk way around the Full Moon bridge (where he proposed to me). This is extra special because our “song” is called Goodnight Moon and the moon holds a lot of sentimental value to our relationship. Other than my quirky, “Are you serious?” shriek, the entire thing was perfect and Kris did a wonderful job. He even went as far as to not only ask my parents for their permission, but he asked for my older brother’s permission as well. Our love story will continue in Ada, Oklahoma, where Kris is now coaching quarterbacks and we are ecstatic to call such a cozy and loving town our new home.

What Made it Special?

Parents of the Bride: Jeff and Tina Carver and Jeff and Carla Wahls Parents of the Groom: Scott and Pam McCollough Man of Honor: Ben Parnell Bridesmaids: Mikayla Douglas, Kayla Kirkpatrick, and Laci Shuffield Best Man: Josh Harris Groomsmen: Timmy Clanton and Zach Clanton Flower Girls: Kylaa Provence Ring Bearer: Ryder Sorenson and Easton Ward Pastor/Officiant: Kelvin Richardson Flowers: Special Moments the Shop on Main; Nashville, AR Hair: Sarah Ward; Style Guru at Great Day Houston Venue: Blessing Tree Farm Wedding Coordinator: Special Moments the Shop on Main; Nashville, AR Cake: Fat Bottom Girls; Hot Springs, AR  Caterer: The Gourmet Girls; Mineral Springs, AR Rentals: Special Moments the Shop on Main; Nashville, AR Photographer: Hollie Henderson Photography Wedding Invites: Vista Prints Wedding Dress:  Venus Bridal Tuxedos: J. Ferrar

Sheri and Derek Sartin May 12, 2018

058 ALT Magazine | August 2018

The Love Story We first became friends on FaceBook and started chatting. We made plans to meet the next day at the park, Where Derek says it was love at first sight when I got out of my truck. Derek: “We talked until 3am and the next day I took her fishing. She was a blessing from God that I had prayed for. I was done. I knew I had to marry this woman.” Derek proposed to me on Christmas Eve at his family’s celebration. I was expecting a ring but when I opened the box there was a bracelet with a note. I was so nervous wondering why there wasn’t a ring that I couldn’t read the note. Then all of a sudden he was on one knee with a beautiful ring. I just cried. We felt there was no need to wait. When we visited Ramage Farms we knew from the moment we walked in it was perfect for us.

Parents of the Bride: Bill Andrews, Peggy and Don Maness Parents of the Groom: Boyd and Cissy Sartin Matron of Honor: Whitney Eddy Bridesmaids:: Amy Wilson and Chloe Sartin Best Man: Greg Hornbuclke Groomsmen: Austin Frachiseur and Al Turnage Ushers: : Peyton Adams and Allen Williams Pastor/Officiant: Major John Markham Flowers: Bridgett’s on the Square, Magnolia, AR and Cissy Sartin, mother of Groom Hair & Makeup: Christie Williams, sister of the Groom Venue: Ramage Farms, Hooks, TX Cake: Sweet Rose Bakery, Ashdown, AR Caterer: Chef on the Run, Jeff Loving Rentals: Dot’s Rentals Photographer: Debbie Brower Photography Wedding Invites: Shutterfly Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal Wedding Jewelry: Crocker’s Jewelers

What Made it Special?

Sheri: My favorite part was marrying my best friend, but the most special part was when Derek and his groomsmen got down on one knee while Major Markham read Derek’s vows to me Derek: Even though I had seen her all day, when I turned around for my first glance of her in her dress, it was like the first day I met her all over again. I remembered how I felt when she got out of her truck that first day and all the same feelings came over me again. She looked amazing! | August 2018 059

Morgan and Jared Williams May 25, 2018

The Love Story Jared and Morgan met in high school. Jared knew Morgan was the one from the start. The couple got engaged at their favorite restaurant in Odessa, TX, on their 2 year anniversary.

Parents of the Bride: John and Shannon Coats Parents of the Groom: Ken and Christina Williams and Sam and Rebecca Hamilton Maid of Honor: Ashleigh Calhoun Bridesmaids: Candy Hall, Katherine Earnest, and Raychel Williams. Best Man: Collin Clark Groomsmen: Hunter Bailey, Cody Clayton, and Aleck Keopke Pastor/Officiant: Mason Clem Venue: The Blessing Tree Farms Wedding Coordinator: The Best Day Ever Cake: Holly Holmes  Photographer: Sara Thomas

060 ALT Magazine | August 2018

Zierre and Canah Spencer Our wedding rings represent God’s never ending love for us and our never ending love for one another. We were amazed by how friendly, caring, and helpful Micah and his entire staff were while picking out our rings. We worked through resizing and even customization with family heirlooms to add a sentimental touch. We look forward to working with Micah’s in the future as we carry out the rest of our lives together.





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Is the World Just About to Have a Trade War? Chris Bailey, European Strategist, Raymond James Euro Equities* "For all the backlash against globalisation, it's doubled the world 'middle class' in little more than 2 decades to 45%. For all the complaining of jobs lost in the rust belt, how many were created by virtue of the extra 2.3 billion people who can afford to buy made- inAmerica goods?" -David Rosenberg

to rising trade deficits with the country as their own population’s propensity to consume Chinese made products has dwarfed China’s additional import needs. Aggregate all this up and most towns and cities in Western Europe or North America can point to an industrial plant or a company who have shifted their location eastwards.

As any A-Level Economics student will tell you, the ‘law of comparative advantage’ tells us that every country should concentrate on what they are good at. Maybe they have a plentiful supply of labour to populate manufacturing facilities, they could be blessed with natural resources or a numerate and well-trained population which encourages technology or service sector activities. Real life however, outside the purist Economics textbook, is necessarily much messier. Competitive shifts in the world have real impacts on jobs, wealth and hence politics leading to a willingness to apply barriers that take the world further away from the ideals contained within the law of comparative advantage.

At the centre of it all are the two economies that are singularly the most influential in the world today: the United States and China

Such pressures are once again building and at the centre of it all are the two economies that are singularly the most influential in the world today: the United States and China. The cause of the current trade bickering can be sourced from an event which occurred on 11 December 2001 - the day China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) - which opened up its capability to trade globally. China really loves trade. Go back a generation and the great hope of economic change was to make China the manufacturing hub of the world, taking advantage of the country’s plentiful and cheap labour source. And so ‘Made in China’ became first a more regular sight, and then so much more. However, China’s export success has not been costless, and many countries can point 062 ALT Magazine | August 2018

Maybe it was always like this. The story of developing economies across Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa over the last generation has been centred on their growing popularity as a global manufacturing location. China is not only the biggest, but also has the biggest ambitions. China’s political leadership knows there can be no let-up in the country’s economic change lest slowing growth breeds political and social instability among the one billion plus population. So as well as encouraging consumption and urbanisation domestically, there has been a very rapid push behind other initiatives too. The ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) project envisages a trade zone stretching from China to Western Europe, Africa and even South America. Meanwhile, in anticipation of a swathe of other countries being progressively cheaper places to manufacture, China has set its sights on becoming an important player in all major technology, pharmaceutical and consumer sectors, areas where intellectual know-how rather than the existence of a cheap labour force alone is important. In combination these initiatives have particularly irked the United States who unlike Europe - are not natural geographic

beneficiaries of OBOR whilst the slipping away of manufacturing and more recently some more knowledge-based sector preeminence rankles. In short, China appears to be getting stronger economically and diplomatically, whilst the United States is appearing to become weaker. The United States has a decision to make: to levy new tariffs and other trade impediments with a focus on China to try and shift the balance a little back towards themselves... or to stick with the current trade arrangements and accept a progressively less influential economic and diplomatic role in the world (as Western Europe appears to have concluded). To date they have edged towards the former, but not irrevocably. And the reason why? China is a big purchaser at the margin of US Treasuries issued to help cover the US fiscal deficit. Irking them too much over trade may lead to less Treasury purchasing and higher US interest rates... which never goes down well domestically. Meanwhile China, with an eye on economic growth and domestic

The history books tell us that more overt trade wars tend to be lose-lose for all concerned over time

political stability, is also wary of antagonising the United States too much, hence so far more of a war of words than any serious trade impediments. So the issue is finely poised and, unsurprisingly, a concern for global capital markets today. Certainly the next step lies with the United States. My instinct remains that the US administration hopes that they can get some concessions on issues like aggressive product dumping at loss-making prices, intellectual property theft and the opening of new sector markets in countries like China, by talking loudly and aggressively. Overplay that hand though and the history books tell us that more overt trade wars tend to be lose-lose for all concerned over time. Just ask an A-Level History student who is looking at the Great Depression in the 1930s if you do not believe me.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: • The source of the current trade bickering can be dated from when China joined the WTO • China has set its sights on becoming an important player in multiple areas of the economy • The United States fears becoming weaker economically and diplomatically • The issues are finely poised and unsurprisingly a concern for global capital markets today

Congratulations to the newest Officers for Texarkana Texas Police Department. Zierre Spencer, Marshall Gooding, Kobie McAdams, and Dustin Johnson were sworn in July 18th, after graduating from police academy July 13th.





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Fish Tales with Mike Brower Say What? It never ceases to amaze anyone at the sometimes stupidity of government, be it city, county, state, or federal. Here are some "nifty" laws that, as far as I can tell, may be on the books somewhere. 1. In Oregon, canned corn is not to be used for bait when fishing. 2. In Chicago, you can't fish in your pajamas. They don't want you to be comfortable. 3. In Scotland, you can't fish on Sundays. 4. It seems to be illegal in Texas to fish from a bridge. Tell that to the folks at Big Creek. 5. It is illegal to fish with dynamite. No explanation needed. 6. No fishing with a firearm in Wyoming. There went my summer plans. 7. In Kansas, you can't use a mule to hunt ducks. Nothing, got nothing. 8. And in Pennsylvania, it is illegal to catch a fish by any body part except the mouth. Figure that out yourself. So, if you go fishing, check those local laws. We don't want you to get a ticket for fishing for whales on Sunday in Ohio.

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Dare to be

The world is full of the ordinary.

NOW BOOKING 2019 SENIOR PORTRAITS / 903.278.4444 / 903.334.9605 | August 2018 065

Gomez Expeditions- Book Publishing

Edward Jones: Michael Rhodes

Picker’s Self Service Auto Parts

Road Runner #1105 - Richmond Rd

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Sugar Hill United Methodist Church Groundbreaking

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Jamie Couch, Velvet Cool, and Kari and Adam Reardon

James Henrey Russell, Ryan and Monty Murry

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Katie Andrus, Keeley Bledsoe, Bob Bruggeman, and Jennifer Lockman

Dennis Walker, Dr. Theresa McDonald, David Wall, Joyce Wall, and Maxie Johnson

Joe Bennett, Dr. Joslyn Kemp, and Kristi Bennett

Awards Recipients

Belinda Baker, Pam Lindsey, Ashley Eddy, Jennifer Hedrick, and Renda Stuart | August 2018 067

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Saturday, August 18

Drawdown & Casino Night Twin City Event & Conference Center Activities start at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $100 (includes dinner for two, silent auction items, open bar and the chance to win $5,000) This event helps support client services at Temple. For more information about the services Temple provides visit us at

Tasty Donuts

Saturday, August 18

2018 Great Texarkana Duck Race Holiday Springs Water Park 9 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. The 2018 Great Texarkana Duck Race will benefit 3D Mammography Services at the CHRISTUS St. Michael Imaging Center. The Great Texarkana Duck Race will enter an estimated 12,000 rubber ducks competing for approximately $20,000 in prizes. Ducks can be adopted for $5 each or 6 for $25. Adopt your ducks today at or call 903-614-7223!.

September 14 - 16

The 2018 Murphy USA El Dorado Shootout presented by Pepsi Co. Mystic Creek Golf Club in El Dorado Numerous activities will occur through out the week leading into the Tournament, including a Junior Clinic for children ages six to eighteen and Pro-Am scrambles that pair Symetra Tour professionals with various local and national sponsors.

SUMMER IS ENDING... We WILL Get The Sand Out For You!

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Donuts are ALWAYS the Answer! 068 ALT Magazine | August 2018

y a d i l Ho Cleaners


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Pleasant Grove Custom Home that is absolutely Stunning! Walk up to the front door and be amazed when you enter into this dream home. Featuring four bedrooms, three full baths, office area, sun room, large family room, open floor concept into the dining area and kitchen, huge walk in pantry, studio with built ins (could be fifth bedroom, playroom, etc. Lots of thought went into this home, such as home safe room with Force Shield reinforced door, whole house Cummins automatic emergency generator, Cambria quartz countertops in kitchen, utility, hall bath, studio desk. Carrera quartz in 2-baths, curb less tiled showers in 2 baths, soaking tub in 3rd bath, whole house water filter, crown molding throughout, enjoy entertaining in the wood deck with pergola. So much more, you must see!!

Bill Spradlin Realtor 903-748-3186

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Adopt, Don’t Shop! ARKLATEX COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE ArklatexCockerSpanielRescue ARTEX ANIMAL WELFARE, INC. (mostly horses) 903.824.1990



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The Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, AR, 71854. For more information, call 870.773.6388, or visit: www. or AdoptionTXK. Please note, all dogs adopted from this shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. Spays cost $89-$104, neuters are $76-$92 depending on the weight of the dog.











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We also have SPONSORED dogs and cats! This means someone has already paid for their vetting! Come see who’s waiting! We are always in need of caring, capable volunteers to assist in with duties at the center, adoption events, fund-raising activities and more.

WE’RE OPEN! M-F 11A-5P & SAT 11A-2P

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ALT Magazine August 2018  

The August Issue of ALT Magazine. 2018.

ALT Magazine August 2018  

The August Issue of ALT Magazine. 2018.