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Crusaders in Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics 2015-2016 Annual Report

Fall 2016

Althoff Catholic High School



In This Issue… Crusaders in STREAM ALUMNI SPOTLIGHTS Crusaders at Siteman Cancer Center :: Personally Motivated to Make a Difference…………..…p. 4-5 Aundrea Warren-Jackson ’88 :: Empowering Students to Achieve in Science……………...p. 6 Q&A Rachel Beyersdorfer ‘14………………………………………p. 8-9 Chis Leshikar ‘16…………………………………………………..p. 9 A.J. DiGiovanni ‘15…………………………………………p. 10-11 Adobe Creative Director John Caponi ‘84 :: Engaging Artists Across the World…………………….....p. 12-13 1st Lieutenant Emily LeBeau ’08 :: Directing Fighter Aircraft……………………………………....p. 14

2015-2016 Annual Report Financial Report………………………………………………...p. 18 Annual Fund Donors………………………………………..p. 19-23 2016 College Matriculation……………………….………p. 24-25 Scholarship Donors……………………………………………..p. 26 Athletic Highlights……………………………………………....p. 27


A Word from Our Principal Rooted in Jesus Christ and in our Catholic values, we strive to achieve our personal best in all we do. Dear Friends, As you know, this is a very exciting time at Althoff Catholic High School! I am proud to share with you the first ever edition of the Althoff Catholic High School Alumni Magazine along with our 2015-2016 Annual Report. The last school year was exciting in many ways. As always, we take great pleasure in witnessing each of our students achieve their personal best in all that they do—in fact, we recently created a blog to highlight their excellent work. I encourage each of you to visit to stay in touch with our Crusaders. I am excited for the bright futures of our students and our school. By now, I hope you have heard about the Igniting the Future Together Comprehensive Campaign—our opportunity to come together to strengthen Catholic secondary education in this community for generations to come. The campaign, kicking off this fall, features the addition of an outdoor athletic complex as well as a STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and mathematics) Lab to our campus. The addition of religion and arts to the traditional STEM Lab is a recommendation of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). Renderings for the proposed lab are featured on the page to the left. In celebration of this very exciting addition to our academic building, we present stories of several Althoff Catholic alums working in or studying in STEM related fields. We also feature current students and their plans to pursue STEM careers. The renovation of our second floor library into a state-of-the-art learning lab focusing on STREAM training will give Althoff Catholic students the competitive edge needed for the 21st century workforce. We hope that you will continue your generous support of Althoff Catholic High School. In gratitude,

David L. Harris Principal 3

Crusaders at Siteman Cancer Center :: Personally Motivated to Make a Difference According to the American Cancer Society, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. This sobering statistic means that cancer will, if it has not already, impact each of us directly. Navigating the cancer experience is a significant challenge for patients and their loved ones. In addition to the care provided by surgeons and oncologists, quality nursing care and online resources are a vital part of one’s journey through treatment. In this story, we introduce you to Althoff Catholic High School alums Yvette Howell Hoeffken ’80, Shannon Schaefer Krus ’98 and Jenny Baudendistel Miller ’07 – three women whose daily work at Siteman Cancer Center is inspired by their own personal experiences with the disease. As Nurse Managers, Yvette Howell Hoeffken ’80 and Shannon Schaefer Krus ‘98 each oversee teams of 50 people at their respective locations (Yvette at West County and Shannon at South County). In her role as Digital Marketing Coordinator, Jenny Baudendistel Miller ’07 is responsible for sharing patient stories and information on topics such as cancer prevention and groundbreaking research through Siteman’s website and social media platforms. “What I love most about my job is doing it for Siteman,” said Jenny. “I truly believe in the mission and have a personal connection to it. My mother was a patient (at Siteman) when I was a student at Althoff Catholic. Although her cancer was very aggressive and ended up taking her from us, the people at Siteman did everything in their power to give us as much time as possible with her.”

experience. Shannon experienced this exceptional level of care first-hand prior to joining the Siteman staff. “In 2001, I lost someone very close to me to Non -Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was treated at Siteman. After he died, I left my job as a computer programmer at Boeing to become an oncology nurse.” In her role as an oncology nurse, Yvette has had the opportunity to work in research and to see first-hand the advancements that have been made in the last 30 years. “In most cases, cancer has been taken from a death sentence to chronic disease. We now have many treatment options and actually can use the word cure for many of our patients,” said Yvette. “As a young girl, I remember my aunt having a rough and short road with her cancer. Today, someone with her diagnosis now has a 95% chance of complete cure.” What does working in your field mean to you? “In the beginning, working for Siteman was therapeutic and healing for me after experiencing such a devastating personal loss. Since that time it has been rewarding to take care of patients and family members going through similar journeys to what I went through and being able to provide knowledge, hope, support and compassion to make their experience a little more bearable. As I've moved into management, I also take pride in working with a staff who truly love what they do. I am also proud to work at a nationally recognized cancer center offering the most innovative approach to treating life-threatening diagnoses.” -Shannon Schaefer Krus ‘98

Having the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people facing a very difficult diagnosis also means a lot to Shannon. The compassion, knowledge and incredible support Siteman Cancer Center staff members show to patients and families makes going to work each day a rewarding

“Patients that come to us are overwhelmed and frightened in regards to their diagnosis. 4

Being able to sit and explain what their journey will entail and to try and ease their anxiety and fears. Some patients require more guidance than others, but any patient that I can assist in any way is meaningful to me.” -Yvette Howell Hoefken ‘80

Althoff Catholic hopes to add a STREAM Lab to its campus. What thoughts do you have on this addition to your alma mater? “I am proud of the effort to build this STREAM lab to increase the exposure students have to new developments in these areas. This opportunity would allow them great learning experiences that are certain to impact their lives as they enter college and choose a career path. It would be a more interactive setting that students would truly take an interest in and allow them to truly comprehend, learn and retain information rather than just study and learn it for a test.” -Shannon

“My field, digital marketing, can be compatible with basically any industry. However, I am so grateful that I am able to not only apply my skills to work within the healthcare industry, but also for an organization that means so much to me personally.” -Jenny Baudendistel Miller ‘07 What advice would you give to an Althoff Catholic student who is interested in a career field similar to yours? “I would advise anyone going into nursing, whatever specialty they choose, to take the time to get a good education and to take advantage of many experiences. Be patient when you graduate with a nursing degree. You do not know everything and you need to take time to understand medicine by working in a hospital setting. You cannot expect to graduate and have the knowledge of a nurse who has practiced for ten years or more. Take the time to learn from your peers. They too will learn from you.” -Yvette

How do you incorporate your faith into your daily work? “Prayer is a part of my day. I often am involved in challenging situations with a patient, family or an employee. I take a moment and say a fast prayer to assist me in dealing with a situation or to offer the prayer for the person with whom I am working. I often sit in Mass thinking over my week and how I can make the next week better with the Lord’s help.” -Yvette What Does a Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Do? “On a daily basis in my position at Siteman Cancer Center, I coordinate many of our digital marketing efforts. This includes working very closely with our traditional marketers to integrate and transform all campaigns to have a presence in the digital realm; such as search engines, our website and social media platforms. In addition to this, I manage all of the social media platforms in which we have a presence which currently includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. On a day-to-day basis I am tasked with content creation in the form of writing, photos, videos, graphics, infographics and more, however, the topic of the content changes from day to day. In one week I may create an infographic on the harmful effects of UV rays and ways to prevent skin cancer, write web content about groundbreaking research and discovery happening here, and create a video highlighting a patient's story of their cancer journey. No two days are exactly the same, but I like the variety of it all.” -Jenny

“I would encourage nursing because of the variety of paths it provides- as well as flexibility with schedules. It is a career that is personally rewarding knowing that when you go home at the end of the day you truly made a difference in the life of another human being. Do not go into this field for the money- rather because you truly care and want to impact the lives of others.” -Shannon “Since my actual career field is flexible to essentially any industry, I would say that the most important thing is to always do your job with integrity and passion. Within this field you will have the opportunity to work at agencies where you would have many different clients or for companies within a vast variety of industries. Before you accept a job offer or even apply for a job, I highly suggest doing a little research. Are these clients or companies ones you would be proud to say you've worked with? Do their beliefs align with your own? If the answer is no, just move on. There will be more opportunities. You want to be passionate and proud of your work and the clients or companies with whom you align yourself.” -Jenny

The personal experience of cancer is an overwhelming one, as is the much larger task of eradicating it. As Mother Teresa said, “In this life we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”


Aundrea Warren-Jackson ’88 :: Empowering Students to Achieve in Science

Aundrea Warren-Jackson ’88 is an Assistant Professor and Biology Department Chair at St. Louis Community College’s Florissant Valley Campus. After an eight year career as a Research Scientist at Monsanto, Aundrea was hired as a part-time instructor for Saint Louis Community College's Biotechnology program. She taught Biotechnology II and Microbiology for Biotechnology. She enjoyed her work so much, that by the end of first semester she became a full-time faculty member. Over the years her duties have expanded and become more inclusive of all biological sciences. “I would love to teach an even wider variety of subjects, but my biology department chair duties do not allow me to teach more,” said Aundrea.

“She doubted her abilities at first, and now has a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology.” Aundrea finds great joy in keeping in touch with her students many years after they graduate. What does working in your chosen field mean to you? “I’ve always loved science and now I get to share that love with a new batch of students three times a year- Fall, Spring, and Summer. As a research scientist, I did not have a direct impact on anyone’s life. At STLCC, I can impact over a hundred students a year. I can be an example to other minorities that never thought of entering the Life Sciences. I can share my faith and show them that science and God go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive.”

Aundrea enjoys the diversity of the St. Louis Community College student population. She teaches a range of people from honors high school students to senior citizens. She finds it an exciting personal challenge to make the material accessible and understandable to all while still making the classes fun. “I get a thrill seeing the light come on in a student who thought they hated science; or that science was too hard for them,” said Aundrea.

What advice would you give to an Althoff Catholic student who is interested in a career field similar to yours? “Go for it. Just be open to all the possibilities that God brings your way. Success in your field may not look the way you picture it. I certainly never planned to teach; but now know, it's what I was meant to do.” Althoff Catholic hopes to add a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Lab to its campus. What thoughts do you have on this addition to your alma mater? “I think it would be fantastic. More Christian people need to be active and outspoken in this field that often derides a belief in God as ‘illogical’. For me, and many other scientists of the Christian faith, none of this makes sense without God at the helm.”

In her tenure, Aundrea has had several memorable students. A few, in particular, stand out in her mind. One was a single mother whose child died while she was in the Biotech program. “Our learning community rallied around her and supported her and refused to let her give up or give in to grief,” said Aundrea. This woman is now working at a local biotech company as a researcher. “We serve a lot of non-traditional students at St. Louis Community College. One of my students was an older wife and mother going back to school for the first time in twenty years,” said Aundrea. 6

Visit to hear from these and other outstanding Althoff Catholic students!

Jessica Hoffman ‘18 is passionate about math, science and engineering. She is excited about the STREAM Lab as well as the outdoor athletic complex.

Emily Myatt ’17 is an athlete who plans to study engineering in college. Find out what she thinks about the “Igniting the Future Together” campaign. 7


Emma Murphy ‘18 discusses her idea for a water purification system using algae and how she is partnering with a professor from Baylor University to implement the project.

Rachel Beyersdorfer ‘14

Can you tell us about your major?

from start to finish. I also love how engineering,

“I am a third year mechanical engineering

in general, is serving the world.”

student at Georgia Institute of Technology. My major is focused on the design, production,

Is there a meaningful experience you can

and implementation of products in everyday

share? “I think the moment that really

life. My curriculum consists of computer

cemented my desire to become a project

science (coding) courses, 3D computer

manager in a manufacturing plant was my

design/modeling classes, fabrication/

internship with King's Hawaiian the summer

machining classes, electrical circuit classes,

after my first year. I learned how company

thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, study of

protocol operated and worked across

static and dynamic systems, and a senior

various departments to help them work

design project. I am currently taking

toward a solution. I was given the freedom to

economics, dynamics (study of moving

be as creative as I wanted and to see the

systems), electronics and circuits lab, and

problem from an outsider's perspective.

numerical methods using Matlab (coding

Being creative is a part of being an


engineer. It is the ability to be come up with something never done before and to

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

having the ability to implement the change.”

“I love the broadness of my major. Mechanical engineers are the ‘jack-of-all-

What does pursuing your chosen field mean to

trades’ engineers. They are proficient in

you? “Studying mechanical engineering

every field but not necessarily an expert in a

means giving acts of service with innovative

certain area. Upon graduation, I can work with ideas that will leave the world better than how airplanes, rockets, computers, cars, HVAC

you found it. I am extremely passionate about

systems, or food products. I think that's what I

helping those in need.

love most. I can be versatile with my degree, especially since there is such a high demand for engineers. Manufacturing is my ideal field as I love seeing a product transform 8

What I find interesting,

Althoff Catholic hopes to add a STREAM Lab to its

as I continue in my

campus. What do you think about this addition?

studies, is that

“A STREAM Lab is so essential to the future

engineers do just that.

success of Althoff Catholic. STEM related fields are

Sometimes we create

more desirable in the workforce more now than

things that are not life

ever before. The lack of the exposure to these fields

altering; more often

is detrimental to society. Coming to Tech my first

than not, what we

year, many students were walking in with

create helps to feed,

advanced coding and 3D modeling knowledge.

house, and bring

This put them ahead in their college career. The

happiness. That's what I have found to be the most

world is advancing quickly in technology and an


increasing amount of adolescents are interested in STEM fields. I cannot stress enough how imperative

What advice would you give to an Althoff

it is to have some sort of STEM outlet in order to stay

Catholic student who is interested in a major

competitive and to prepare the students for

similar to yours?

post-secondary studies.”

“Engineering is tough. It will challenge you every single day as long as you live. You are always

How do you incorporate your faith into your daily

engineering, whether you think you are or not. We

work? “Faith is a part of my work every single day.

love to solve problems and think of innovative ways

As an engineer, you have to question whether a

to fix them. It is in our nature. Going to college for

project is ethically sound. The strong faith

engineering just hones in on those skills and

foundation I nurtured at Althoff Catholic

improves upon them. The challenge of this major

informs many of my decisions in this regard.”

invigorates us to push further to learn constantly and grow in our field and in our character.”

Chris Leshikar ‘16 :: Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M Chris Leshikar ’16 is a first-year Aerospace Engineering student at Texas A&M University. So far, Chris enjoys being able to define his own schedule as a college student. His current program of study includes: Calculus I, Chemistry, and Foundations of Engineering. One of the things Chris enjoys most about Texas A&M, is how “Aggies” look out for one another. “ I have volunteered to be a peer note taker for a student with a disability in one of my classes,” said Chris. What does studying engineering mean to you? “It is really exciting for me. I get an opportunity to make an impact in the world through engineering.” What advice would you give to an Althoff Catholic student interested engineering? “I would definitely say be prepared to put in a lot of time studying. Engineering is more about having a strong work ethic rather than just intelligence alone. I highly encourage all Althoff Catholic students to get involved. Colleges look for people who take initiative and do things. Also, try to meet with your guidance counselors often. They are such great resources and go above and beyond to help you.” 9

A. J. DiGiovanni ‘15

Photo by Tom Rossiter / The University of Chicago

Can you tell us about your major?

Is there a meaningful experience you can

“Although I'm still a student, this fall I will begin

share? “The fruits of most research are very

working in a lab that investigates the genetic

long-term, however, as a member of the

and neural bases of the motor systems of fruit

UChicago NEURO Club, I've been able to work

flies. In my curricular lab work - which the

with other students to organize

Biological Sciences Collegiate Division of the

educational programs for learners of many

University of Chicago has designed to emulate ages. We invite high school students to real biological research as much as possible - I

campus to learn about neuroscience through

conduct experiments on DNA and genetics, as sheep brain dissections, as well as bring well as run computer simulations of

speakers in many neuroscientific fields to

biological systems.”

inform and inspire the university community.”

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

What does pursuing your chosen field mean to

“Difficult though they can be, I love writing

you? “As someone who’s fascinated by

reports of the experiments I run in class! I find it

puzzles and who wants to improve the world

interesting to present the data in as

through my career, the meaning of

understandable yet rigorous a manner as

biological research for me lies in the

possible, and to consider every factor that

opportunity it provides to promote human

could have influenced the results so I can

health by solving the puzzles of nature. You

make sense of them. It is rewarding when the

would think fruit flies would be far-removed

data fall into place, and if something still

from humans, but in fact there have been so

remains a mystery on closer inspection, that’s

many advances in medicine and human

an opportunity to learn something new

genetics thanks to fruit fly studies, that these


organisms are arguably the most efficient research subjects. My hope is that by investigating the development of neural systems, my work will lead to improved treatments for brain illnesses.”


What advice would you give to an Althoff

home, but in the vast

Catholic student who is interested in a major

majority of scientific

similar to yours? “Challenge yourself, and read a

fields (which are

lot. Personally, I decided to pursue a biology

crucial to the

major after taking Advanced Biology my junior

development of

year, so I’d recommend that class for sure along

societal well-being,

with AP Chemistry and AP Physics (not only do most in my opinion), you biology degrees require these subjects, which you

do not really learn

may be able to satisfy with AP credit, but also it

anything new about

really helps your understanding of molecular

the way nature works

biology to have a grounding in all the sciences).

until you break out

Resources like Scientific American articles and

the Petri dishes,

books for a general audience can help you grow

microscopes, and

comfortable with interpreting scientific literature,


and get a sense of what specific kinds of research might interest you. Finding lab positions for the

How do you

summer can definitely help, but don’t sweat it if you incorporate your faith into your daily can’t find something. Once you get to college, professors love to welcome students into their labs


as long as you show them your genuine interest in

“Christ’s emphasis on service even at one’s own

their field, and your classes that have a lab

expense informs my career path. Breaking into

component to them will help you adjust to

research is evidently a grueling process, but what

advanced experiments.”

keeps me going, even more than the joy of learning about this incredibly intricate universe, is

Althoff Catholic hopes to add a STREAM Lab to its

the fact that doing science is not about me. It is

campus. What do you think about this addition?

about helping humanity understand the processes

“A STREAM lab at Althoff would be incredible! Even

of life so that we can make life better for those

speaking as someone who tends to work better

burdened by its imperfections.

with science ‘on paper’ than hands-on, I cannot overemphasize the importance of giving students the earliest opportunity to take part in the actual process of science, with quality equipment. You can theorize ‘til the cows come

Visit the “Admissions” tab of to learn more about: Crusader for a Day, 8th Grade Placement Test and more! Learn more about Althoff Catholic and our outstanding students by visiting

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Questions? Contact Mrs. Ali Jeffers at 618.235.1100 ext. 116 or 11

Adobe Creative Director John Caponi ‘84 :: Engaging Artists Across the World

With over 7 million Creative Cloud members around the world, Adobe impacts many of us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. In fact, the publication you are holding in your hands was created, in part with help from Adobe. According to the company’s website, “Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Our creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone – from emerging artists to global brands – to bring digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment for the best results.”

anywhere,” said John. “In my position, experimentation, grit and risk-taking are encouraged.” John enjoys connecting with and promoting artists whose voices have not yet been heard. For the Photoshop 2015 startup screen he connected with Reuben Alvarez in Barcelona, Spain. Mr. Alvarez was very grateful for the opportunity to be featured in Adobe Photoshop and wrote a message of thanks to John. “I downloaded the new release (of Photoshop) a few minutes ago and… wow, I have no words… It is incredible, thank you. In January only my mom knew about me and 11 months later I have been featured on the best program of design! Since the new version of Photoshop came out I have received more than 1,000 followers on networks and thousands of views on my projects. It is amazing!” - Reuben Alvarez

Althoff Catholic High School alum, John Caponi ’84, has been a Creative Director at Adobe for 14 years. In his role, John can be found engaging with some of the most creative artists and designers in the world, developing creative strategy and setting the visual tone of the Adobe brand. John’s work includes curating the art that becomes the identity for the products seen on the Adobe website and on product startup screens. “Working with photographers, sketching and designing marks for the brand, developing advertising campaigns, directing video and photo shoots, and managing a group of 8 graphic designers, writers and video producers is very rewarding,” said John. Additionally, John serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Graphic Design department at CCA - California College of Art.

What does working in your chosen field mean to you? “It’s humbling and fulfilling. I get to discuss art and create something new every day whether that’s a website, an app for a device, a digital masterpiece created in Photoshop or Illustrator, or physical work like a sculpture with projection mapping. I get to take a fragment of an idea I have, or a challenge from my executive creative director, and turn it into a campaign for an international brand that makes tools for creatives.”

Being part of, inspired by, and supporting the artistic community including beginners, students and creative professionals is what John likes best about working for Adobe. “Great ideas can come from

View John’s work and learn more about his design philosophy online at 12

Althoff Catholic hopes to add a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Lab to its campus. What thoughts do you have on this addition to your alma mater? “From my point of view in a creative technology business, we need more creative coders

in this world, women and men. We also need more articulate, compassionate designers, writers and fine artists who can take technology and find meaningful uses and generate purpose.�

Alumni Class Notes Be featured! Are you newly married? Do you have a new baby? Have you landed your dream job?

Send us your updates and wedding/ baby photos so that we can feature you in the next issue of the Althoff Catholic Alumni Magazine! Althoff Catholic Advancement Office 5401 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois 62226


1st Lieutenant Emily LeBeau ’08 :: Directing Fighter Aircraft

Emily LeBeau ’08 is part of the 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron (AACS) stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. As an Air Battle Manager, she flies on the E-3 AWACS. Emily and her fellow Air Battle Managers direct fighter aircraft in combat training and overseas operations. When she is not flying, she works in her squadron's tactics office, where she and her colleagues are responsible for planning exercises, developing new tactics, and preparing the squadron for deployment. “There are so many great things about what I do,” said Emily. “The best part is the people with whom I work.” Emily is surrounded by some incredibly intelligent, thoughtful people every day. She also gets to meet people from around the world. “I have been involved in training exercises with Spain, Pakistan, Israel, and so many more. I have Australian and British friends from deployments. Getting to meet people with such diverse worldviews has been phenomenal. It's made me more patient and compassionate, because I have a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.” Emily deployed last summer in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. “We were there for some pivotal moments, particularly when Russian jets started flying in Syria. Our job as an AWACS crew was to ensure Russian, Syrian, and coalition aircraft stayed safe, and we were there to de-escalate a very stressful, chaotic situation. It was incredible to see the professionalism and skill of the coalition flyers. Faced with such a dynamic environment, it was hugely rewarding to know those months and years of training were paying off and that people were going home safely at the end of every day because of the expertise we provided.”

Emily joined the military to be a part of something bigger than herself. She finds her job to be both challenging and rewarding. What advice would you give to an Althoff Catholic student who is interested in a career field similar to yours? “The United States Air Force is incredibly demanding of airmen. We are always training and learning new skills. The military in general requires a strong work ethic and a lot of self-motivation to succeed. Regardless of career field, individuals with a sense of personal integrity and pride in their work are the ones who will succeed and help their team do the same.” Althoff Catholic hopes to add a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Lab to its campus. What thoughts do you have on this addition to your alma mater? “I think that would be a fantastic addition. The improvements made to Althoff since my family started there have been wonderful to see. Adding that focus to academics and the hard sciences provides so many opportunities for students, and makes learning so much more accessible and appealing.” How do you incorporate your faith into your daily work? “My relationship with God keeps me grounded. It is so easy to take my job for granted, both the good and the bad. I am blessed to have had great opportunities: the travel, the good people, and so much more. On the other hand, there is so much responsibility placed on us, and I don't think any person is equipped for that. I have to turn to God to find what the right decisions are and to keep me on a righteous path. My faith is such an integral part of who I am and what I do because without that direction, it's very easy to lose sight of the human aspect of being part of a profession of arms.”


2015-2016 Annual Report THANK YOU! We are so grateful for the generous financial support we received from the Althoff Catholic community in a variety of ways throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. Support for our special events and athletic programs are very much appreciated and are recognized in specific program books and signage. The next several pages of this booklet recognize our 2015-2016 Bishop Althoff Society and Crusader Club of the Annual Fund, as well as our Scholarship donors. Your contributions remind us that we are not alone and that we are surrounded by a community dedicated to Catholic secondary education.


Photo by Zia Nizami/Belleville News-Democrat. Reprinted with permission.

20 Althoff Catholic Sports Teams Earned IHSA Team Academic Achievement Awards! Team Academic Achievement Awards are given annually to sports teams who maintain a cumulative, team GPA of 3.0 or higher throughout their seasons. In the 2015-2016 academic year 20 of our 22 sports teams earned this recognition—including our Class 3A State Championship Basketball Team!

Learn more at 16

McKendree Model UN Superior Delegation—China Alex Abernathy and Daniel Stovey—Honorable Mention Gabby Sullivan, Cole Nordmann—Superior Delegates Kyle Nordmann, Nick Siegel, Luke Schreder—Most Outstanding Delegates

Speech Performance in the Round Team 2nd in IHSA Regionals 3rd in IHSA Sectionals IHSA State Qualifiers


Althoff Catholic Annual Report 2015-2016



Revenue: A. Tuition and Fees = 69%


B. Church Support = 9%

$ 348,600

C. Fundraising/Donations = 13%

$ 490,210

D. Other = 10%

$ 348,113

Total Revenues

$ 3,779,516

Expenses: A. Salaries and Benefits = 66%

$ 2,501,581

B. Operations = 18%



C. Building Maintenance = 16%



Total Expenses

$ 3,853,069

Student Education Cost

2015-2016 Annual Giving

2015-2016 Tuition Fees for Althoff Catholic Students:

Fundraising Activities:

Catholic Parish Student (Belleville Diocese)


Annual Fund Drive


Catholic Parish Student (Other Diocese)


Restricted Gifts

$ 6,307

Non-Catholic Student



$ 3,392

Per Student Actual Costs




Cash Corral

$ 56,910


$ 80,000

Golf Tournament

$ 33,568

Benefit Dinner

$ 6,205


$ 32,815


Bishop Henry J. Althoff Society 2015-2016 Annual Fund Donors

Partners in Mission

Anonymous Andrew and Joanne Blassie Michael and Kathleen Wenzel

Principal’s Circle

Dr. Kevin and Valerie Beyersdorfer Dr. Michael and Patty Guignon George Hebel Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gift Program


Bank of America Matching Gift Program Dr. and Mrs. Jerome V. Basinski Empire Comfort Systems, Inc. Thomas and Donna Galvin John Goodwin Gregory and Linda Gundlach Wesley and Lois Heintz James and Jennifer Maher John and Dr. Deborah McDermott Robert and Margaret McGlynn Mr. Lee's Bargains Rena Murphy My Tutor Learning Center & Driving School David and Jayne Orlet Wyatt and Kim Rawlings Dr. Robert and Julie Ringhofer Richard and Sandra Schumacher James and Debra Shay Elmer and Virginia Strieker Union Pacific Corporation Matching Gift Program Mark and Bunny Von Bokel David and Jill Wenzel Bernard and Patricia Ysursa


Bishop Henry J. Althoff Society Supporter Stephen and Nancy Bertelsman Thomas and Stacy Egan Joseph and Virginia Elliott Kenneth and Jayne Gillum Antonia Goelz Ron and Melanie Grimm Erik and Kristie Hartenstein Hess Brad Hill and Camille Emig-Hill Jeffrey and Michelle Jones John and Roberta Meehan Andrew and Kara Miller Monsanto Matching Gift Program Gerold Mueller Dennis and Rose MulQueeny Tracy and Barbara Neighbors

William and Geraldine Obernuefemann Hon. Sheila O'Brien and Hon. Wayne Andersen Steve and Kathleen Odenwald Hon. John and Anna O'Gara Terrence and Jan O'Leary Eileen Orlet

Dr. James and Dr. Mary C. Rybak Ronald and Cynthia Schaefer Gregory and Judith Schoen Dan and Judith Siegel Gregory and Kathy Simmons Gregory and Susan Skinner Don and Netlie Sudholt

Kevin and Linda Pesko

Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Tebbe, Jay and Diane Tebbe Charitable Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation

Frank and Judith Pratl

Dr. Michael Tognarelli

Dr. Kim and Lisa Reichert

Robert and Janice Vernier

John and Constance Reitano

Paul and Kelly Waller

Michael and Carey Riley

Dolores Waller

Ronald and Patsi Padgett

Michael and Kay Deane Rodriguez Robert Rowan Jr.

Crusader Club Leadership Barbara Ahrens

Joseph and Judy Gundlach

Thomas and Janis LeChien

Edward Bassler

Hallmark Corporate Foundation

Dr. Mark and Heidi Lucarelli

Bernard Bauer

Robert and Patricia Halpin

Perry and Cheryl Marcum

Thomas Bauer

Robert and Bethany Halpin

John and Karen Bevenue

Terrence and Julie Hanger

Louis and Pam Boggeman

David and Peggy Harris

James and Debra Bozsa

Ann D. Harvilla

Michael and Belinda Burnworth

Jack and Colette Hoffarth

Michael and Susan Cannady Dennis and Jean Cerneka David and Barbara Cimarolli Maribeth Farnham

Benjamin and Kimberly Hoffmann Thomas and Diane Honerkamp Col. Charles and Janet Kacsur

Donald Forhan

Gregory and Joan Keltner

Bernard and Carol Geolat

Justin and Suzanne (Gundlach) Kraudel


Rev. Msgr. Jack McEvilly Michael and Carole Mueller Jerry and Janet Murphy Walter and Jane Nesbit Charles and Bonnie Nesbit Keith Newman Julie Orlet Nick and Kathy Parker

Crusader Club Leadership (cont.) William and Ann Polka

Bradley and Susan Schmidt

Dr. Stephen Striegel

Jane Read and Paul Greve

Stephen and Jeanette Schranz

Dave and Kelly Toboja

Bradley and Jodi Edgar Reinhardt

David and Pamela Schumacher

Kevin and Rachel Tribout

George and Lynn Renner

Gilbert and Carolyn Sedabres

Terry Trout

Michael and Jeanne Sanders

John Simpson

Arthur Voellinger

Bill and Kathy Schaefer

Dr. Frank and Jane Spreng

Rev. Msgr. Marvin Volk

Service Wilma Abernathy

Arthur and Erica Fahrner

Scott and Sheri Herzing

Dr. Jose and Maria Amorado

David and Judith Fahrner

Russell and Elaine Hoernis

John and Mary Barger

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Dr. Steven and Mary Ellen Hoffman

Mary A. Barger

Lial and Janet Field

Anthony and Patricia Holdener

John and Marti Baricevic

David and Karen Foeller

Dr. Joseph and Teresa Bassler

Allen and Patricia Foppe

Teresa Hopper / Mother Teresa Foundation

William Baudendistel

Donald and Jean Forhan

Boeing Gift Matching Program Retirees

Raymond and Mary Fournie

Brian and Denise Buettner Gary and Judith Calhoun Campbell's Automotive Steven and Sheree Cannady James and Julie Canning Catholic Knights & Ladies of Illinois Robert Craig David and Martha Dahm Dennis and Bonita Dalke Rev. James Deiters Robert and Lee DeRousse Kenneth Duchnowski Dr. John Dunn C. Kevin and Linda Endres

Frederick and Jane Fournie Charles and Dawn Franke Donald and Lerinda Frost Robert and June Gagen

Richard and Therese Hottenrott Maria Hucker Patricia Jenks Leonard and Shelley Jones Douglas and Lori Jones Timothy Jones Joseph and Patricia Kaiser

Conor Gardner John and Laverne Genetti Andrew and Denise Gleeson Richard and Mary Gorazd Kathleen Greiman Maureen Guignon Bryan and Anne Guignon Dr. Dean and Susan Hageman Harlan and Mary Anne Harla Eugene and Mary Hausmann Clifford Helfrich


Janice Kaiser Kurt and Jessica Kalmer Thomas and Mary Kloess Norman and Therese Krause Bernard and Ellen Kueny Christopher and Lea Kwapis Tony and Julie Laquet Dr. James and Shereen Lehman Donna and Michael Lewis

Crusader Club Service (cont.) Chad and Barbara Lombardo

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Renner Funeral Home, Inc.

Roseann Thoman

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Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

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Love (cont.) Stephen and Renee Comerford

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James and Susan Potje Donald and Susan Rafalowski David and Agnes Rasure Vicki Renisch Dr. Paul and Margo Rusnack Michael and Karen Sarikas Glennon and Patricia Schott Sharon Schubert Steven and Barbara Schulte Patrick and Marjorie Schwartz Jack and Mickey Scoville Larry and Karen Siebenberger Stacy Simonin Jeffrey and Angela Springer Jo Stogner Dede Strano David and Ramona Strieker Michelle Taylor The Kula Foundation Timothy and Elizabeth Thomas Rita Trotter Laurel Vernier John and Susan Walter


Gyn Wei August and Marjorie Werner Thomas and Donna Whitworth David and Mary Woesthaus Gary and Michelle Wolk Edward and Rose Marie Wottowa

Class of 2016: Colleges and Universities Bellarmine University

Lindenwood University

South Seattle College

Addison Maine

St. Charles

Dongho Lee

Mackenzie Komeshak

Southeast Missouri State

McKendree University


Jordan Augustine

Emma DeRousse

Jarrid Braunagel

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Butler University Bryce Evans Concordia University—Chicago Chloe Hrabusicky

Alexander Diel

DePaul University – Chicago

Andrew Dori

Mary O’Gara

Anna Hanger

Eastern Illinois University Katerra Davis Dale Hassall

Brendon Gooch Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Cole Nordmann Kyle Nordmann Molly Reitano Alexander Ruocco

Sydney Krisher

Missouri State University

Alana Reinhardt

Rachel Mertens

Krystian Stover

Justin Polites

Grand View University Jody Howard Ishaiah Williams

Grace Reeves Missouri University of Science and Technology Kendall Butler Alex Langenstein

William Dall

Murray State University

Malik Easley

Samantha Denison

Keenen Young Lewis University

Mallory Bugg Alyssa DeBourge Decker Gramlich Julia Michael Mary Schallert Southwestern Illinois

Indiana State

Jackson State University

Alexander Abernathy

Ross Keleher

College (SWIC) Emylia Bouc Jack Cleary Christopher Dunn Jordan Eiland Brenden Frame Chuck Gehrs Rorey Keen

Jacob Petry North Central College Michael Cook

Lydia Nowels Rykisha Thomas St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Gabrielle David

Connor Eghigian

Lindenwood University—

Penn State University


Yunlong Wang

Alaina Irwin

Rockhurst University Emily Lassman


Carson Von Alst

St. Louis University

University of Illinois Chicago

University of New

Cassandra Amorado

Tarkus Ferguson, Jr.

Hampshire Manchester

Shania Eversgerd

University of Illinois Springfield

Victoria Adamske

Abigail Herr

Lindsay Harris

University of Tennessee

Garret Hurst

Brittany Willis

Emma Koory

Texas A & M University

University of Kansas

Valparaiso University

Christopher Leshikar

Emily Bertelsman

Matthew McCarthy

University of California

University of Memphis

Western Kentucky University

San Diego

Donovan Gagen

Heather Gosebrink

Junhee Kim

Allison Hutchinson

Darby Poole

University of Central

Rebecca Johnson

Evan Toennies


University of Mississippi

Wingate University

Alanna Bramwell

Halle Ames

Justin Robinson

University of Central Missouri

Shannon Maitland

Xavier University

Zachary Tate

Braden Storner

Tyler Wade

University of Illinois

University of Missouri

Taylor Bone


Devin Piper

Jacob Frazier

Scott Semko

Aliyah Gillespie Stephen Toenjes

92 Graduates 98% continuing on to higher education Offered $8.8 million in college scholarships 11 Illinois State Scholars ACT Scores Top 10% Top 20% Top 30%

30.2 28.6 27.7

Althoff Catholic students earned an average ACT score 22.6 which is higher than the state average of 20.7 and the national average of 21.

Class of 2016 25

With Special Thanks to Our Scholarship Donors... Althoff Catholic scholarships are a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a special person in your life. We are grateful to the following families and organizations for their dedication and generosity. Al and Leona Wuller Scholarship Bill and Cindy Wuller Althoff Catholic Parents & Friends’ Scholarship Andy Schumacher Scholarship Schumacher Family and Friends Assumption Alumni Scholarship Assumption Alumni Association Bielke Family Scholarship Dennis Bielke Trust

Glenn Schott Scholarship Glenn and Pat Schott & Golf Committee The Gleeson Family Scholarships James G. Gleeson & Catherine M. Gleeson James H. Wuller Memorial Scholarship Tom and Kathy Wuller Mike and Joann Wuller Stephen and Loretta Wuller

Bruce Young Scholarship Charles and Dorothy Young

Joe Hubbard Scholarship St. Vincent DePaul Althoff Catholic Chapter

Edmond Bauer Scholarships Empire Comfort Systems

John & Jim Roth Scholarship Henry Roth

George Martz Scholarship George Martz Family

Knights of Columbus Scholarship Knights of Columbus – Council 592 26

Major James E. Lay Scholarship Diane Lay and Denise Ysursa Mike Kelley Memorial Scholarship John & Connie Kurowski Orella Gansmann Memorial Scholarship Gansmann Family Richard and Dolores Sullivan Scholarship Richard and Dolores Sullivan Schindler/Jansen Scholarship Holy Trinity Catholic School St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Anonymous Stephen J. Miller Scholarship Kevin Miller

Althoff Catholic is Proud to be’s Small School Sports Program of the Year 2015-2016

2015-2016 Academic Year—Athletic Highlights Boys Basketball

Boys Track and Field

Girls Basketball

Class 3A State Champions

State Qualifiers - Jaylon Bester, Melvin Brock, CJ Coldon, Malik Easley, Justin Strong, Cameron Wicks and Ishaiah Williams

Regional Champions

South 7 Conference Champions Ranked 17th in the Country (Max Prep Sports) Boys Bowling Daniel Hummel - State Qualifier

Boys Volleyball Regional Champions


Boys Wrestling

2nd in State - Class 4A Conference Champions

State Champion - Chase Bittle 2nd in State Danny Braunagel and Jarrid Braunagel

Boys Golf State Qualifiers

5th in State - Zac Braunagel and Max Kristoff

Boys Soccer Regional Champions Boys Tennis State Qualifier Donovan McKnight


Girls Tennis State Qualifier - Emma Melichar Girls Track and Field State Qualifiers - Addie Burris, Tamya Dixon, Elizabeth Harla, Epiphany Smith Girls Golf State Qualifiers Gabby David—7th in State Tia Kimbrough—10th in State

5401 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois 62226

Together we can “Ignite the Future� of Althoff Catholic High School! Learn more about our comprehensive campaign by visiting or calling 618.235.1100 ext. 115.


Althoff Catholic Alumni Magazine  
Althoff Catholic Alumni Magazine