Forward Stance 2023 Annual Impact Report

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Forward Stance Annual Impact Report 2023
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Forever grounded in the highest peaks.

Our focus rests upon the future ahead.

CMH, BC, Canada

This Is Our Forward Stance

Solitude Mountain Resort, UT
CMH, BC, Canada
Making The Approach— Letters From Our Leaders

Alterra Mountain Company was born out of a shared love of the mountains, a history of blazing trails, and a desire to shape the future of our industry.

Since our inception six years ago, we’ve held close the imperative to evolve, innovate, and lead by example so a broader range of people can experience the magic of the mountains for generations to come.

This year, in our aspiration to redefine the industry, we embarked on a journey to define who we are at Alterra. In the following pages, you’ll see the refreshed Alterra Approach, which serves as our operating philosophy and honors the unique character of all members of our global mountain community. You will see a comprehensive account of our social responsibility actions to date, with an emphasis on our progress over the last year. You will find details on our future targets, priority actions, and areas of future opportunity. Every detail is the collective product and manifestation of collaboration amongst our thousands of employees, community members, climate scientists, and other key stakeholders.

I am so honored to share Alterra’s second annual Forward Stance Impact Report. We only go forward from here, together.


At Alterra, our Forward Stance is a guiding force that shapes our culture, decisions, and the legacy we aim to leave. The transformative impact of our collective actions advancing our Forward Stance is a responsibility we all take seriously, without an end date. Intricately woven into the fabric of our operating philosophy is the belief that our work must advance the well-being of our people, the health of the planet, the vitality of our communities, and our shared investment with all our stakeholders.

Investing in our Forward Stance is not just a choice, but a conviction that every step we take together is a step toward a more welcoming, sustainable, and successful future for all.

About Alterra Mountain Company

12 Alterra Mountain Company

Who We Are

Alterra Mountain Company was born out of a shared love of the mountains, a history of trailblazing, and a hunger to be leaders in shaping the future of our industry. As a family of unique and leading outdoor brands, we are bringing together some of the most aspirational destinations and strategic businesses to build a global mountain community that exposes the incredible power of the outdoors to more people—from all walks of life.

United in the Unique

Featuring 19 unique destinations and brands based around the world, and with a shared services office in Denver, Colorado, we build one-of-a-kind experiences that challenge the status quo, ascend the expected, and celebrate the journey.

United in the Mountains

Delivering an entire world of elevated adventure, if it’s in the mountains, it’s our business.

United in the Community

From our partners to our employees and the customers they inspire, we’re in this together.

14 Alterra Mountain Company


17 owned mountain resorts

56 Ikon Pass Destinations

11M annual skier visits

23K winter team members

1 culture changing ski pass

3 strategic ancillary businesses

1industry leading heli-adventure operator

Forward Stance 15

Alterra Mountain Company formation begins.

KSL Capital Partners and Henry Crown & Company collectively announce acquisition of Intrawest Resorts.

Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, and Big Bear Mountain Resort are acquired.

Deer Valley is acquired.

Alterra Mountain Company is named.

Ikon Pass launches with 23 destinations.

Rusty Gregory named Chief Executive Officer.

Mikaela Shiffrin becomes investor and Global Ikon Pass Ambassador.

Solitude Mountain Resort and Crystal Mountain are acquired.

Sugarbush Resort is acquired.

Ikon Pass continues to grow sales and add industry-leading partners.

Ikon Pass launches digital app.

Capital improvements reach $181 million for the year.

16 Alterra Mountain Company
Our Ascent 2017 2018 2019
Deer Valley, UT Mikalea Shiffrin Sugarbush, VT

2020 2022 2021 2023

North American resorts close due to the COVID pandemic.

In response to COVID, Ikon Pass launches Adventure Assurance to alleviate uncertainty for guests.

Alterra Community Foundation is established.

Alterra announces $223 million in capital improvements.

Alterra Joins the Climate Collaborative Charter, with a focus on sustainability and advocacy.

Purcell Heli-Skiing joins the Alterra family.

Expanding equity for youth throughout the industry, Alterra enters a multi-year partnership with Share Winter Foundation.

Capital improvements hit $344 million for 2022, exceeding $1 billion invested over the past five years.

Aspenware is acquired, further investing in the guest experience.

Jared Smith named new Chief Executive Officer.

Ski Butlers is acquired, adding leading premium equipment rental delivery service.

Acquisition of Snow Valley in California.

Schweitzer in Idaho Joins the Crew.

Unveiling of significant terrain expansion at Deer Valley Resort.

Forward Stance 17
Share Winter Foundation
Truckee, CA
Palisades Tahoe, CA Schweitzer, ID

Crystal Mountain, WA

Palisades Tahoe, CA

CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures, Alpine Aerotech (Kelowna, BC)

Schweitzer, ID

Ski Butlers, (Park City, UT)

Deer Valley Resort, UT

Solitude Mountain Resort, UT

Steamboat, CO

June Mountain, CA

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Snow Valley, CA

Winter Park Resort, CO

Aspenware (Aspen, CO)

Big Bear Mountain Resort, CA

Snowshoe, WV Blue Mountain, ON Stratton, VT Sugarbush Resort, VT
Destinations Other Holdings
Tremblant, QC
Adventures, BC

Why We Exist: Our Mission

We’re here to shape the future of mountain adventure.

Palisades Tahoe, CA

Who We Serve: Our Stakeholders

We create one-of-a-kind mountain adventures by taking a balanced approach to serving our 5 critical stakeholders:

Our Employees

Our Guests

Our Mountain Communities

Our Planet

Our Shareholders

Through a balanced and solutionoriented focus, we can continue to create the novel mountain experiences we have become recognized for.

ABOUT ALTERRA 1 2 3 4 5 Mammoth Mountain, CA

How We Do It: Our Values

With each shareholder in mind, we define our approach by following these core values.


Real adventures are super special, not superficial, so we embrace and celebrate the things that make each of our businesses unique.


In the business of experience, people make the difference, so we strive to give our teams the tools, training, and opportunities they need to succeed.


Individual accomplishment pales in comparison to what can be achieved as a team, so we challenge ourselves to learn from one another to achieve our common goals.

Prioritizing PURPOSE

The mountains are some of the world’s most magical places, so we have a responsibility to care for our environment while creating inclusive, inviting communities to live, work, and play in.

Crystal Mountain, WA

How We Do It: Our Purpose Pillars

This is Our Forward Stance

United in our approach to prioritize purpose, we align our actions across 4 distinct pillars, creating positive change for generations to come.

26 Alterra Mountain Company


Elevating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Mental Well-Being


Focusing on protecting the environment through Climate Action and Advocacy


Developing Philanthropy, the Alterra Community Foundation, and Local Infrastructure


Operating and Governing with Ethics, Safety, Cyber Security, and Privacy

Forward Stance 27

What We've Done: Our Progress

Proof is in the Progression

As we push towards the future, we also need to pause and consider where we’ve been. That’s how we measure and find meaning in our progression. Across our four pillars—People, Planet, Community, and Responsibility—we’re committed to growing every step of the way. Our Progression Report highlights some of the critical steps we’ve taken throughout 2023.

Trevor Kennison at Solitude Mountain Resort, UT



19,500+ participants, 27,000+ skier visits from underrepresented communities

Supported 200+ members in 4 Employee Resource Groups

5,000+ mental well-being trainings

Inclusion Survey data from 17 locations

Enhanced mental health counseling

Ongoing emissions auditing to track progress on our science-based 2030 Goals

Multi-million-dollar snowmaking upgrades and efficiency enhancements

17 locations piloting cutting-edge carbon reduction technology

3 regions piloting cutting edge waste diversion and composting technology

Joined 75+ Business Leaders in the CERES Policy Network to advance climate advocacy and legislation

Launched new Active Energy Management program including hundreds of smart thermostats and software platforms for more efficient energy usage

Winter Park, CO

30 Alterra Mountain Company
Palisades Tahoe, CA


$13M in philanthropic impact across 18 brands

45% increase in childcare services

$3M invested in mental health support by Alterra Community Foundation

$480,000+ provided in emergency relief and hardship assistance grants by Alterra Community Foundation

Creating 1000+ beds in 5 years for workforce housing

14 new art exhibits through the Forward Stance Studio


Community Guidelines & Expectations at 17 destinations

45,000+ Cyber Security & Data Privacy trainings

Annual Risk Summit for company leaders

Forward Stance 31
Tuck Blackl Ski Deer Valley, UT

The time for progression is now… because progression never ends.


Our Commitment To


34 Alterra Mountain Company
Blue Mountain Resort, ON,
“Our people make the extraordinary happen every day. To shape a sustainable snowsports industry on a long-term horizon, we remain committed to providing an inclusive, fair, and supportive experience for a wide range of people who can be true to who they are while doing their best work.”
Mammoth Mountain, CA

There’s No Place Like The Mountains

In a commitment to support vibrant, inclusive communities, we've enhanced our social responsibility framework. Our work directly impacts where our lives are lived, where our jobs find meaning, and where our commitment to our neighbors creates an environment where being different is celebrated.


1. Cultivating Inclusive Cultures

Prioritizing a wide range of voices, genuine engagement, and a sense of belonging. Actions include an annual Inclusion Survey, expanded workforce training, and fostering diverse partnerships.

2. Building Equitable Systems

Establishing fair policies and support structures for access and growth. Efforts span from enhancing process reviews and Employee Resource Groups to our executive-sponsored DEI Advisory Team.

3. Valuing Diversity

Embracing differences to enrich our business. Strategies range from leveraging new workforce data to fostering partnerships with affinity organizations.

4. Promoting Mental Well-Being

Safeguarding mental health in mountain environments. Measures include free Employee Assistance Programs, targeted resources, and stigma reduction efforts.

Stratton, VT

mountains speak to us all, without requiring people to fit into a pre-existing mold. Here, a harmony of differences is achievable. The power of metrics, the impact of action, and the beauty of stories will accelerate our vision of the future into the present.”

Alterra Ascend Leadership Summit, Denver, CO
Palisades Tahoe, CA



Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

How We Track Inclusion


To identify strategic opportunities for targeted action advancing an inclusive culture, we conduct an annual employee Inclusion Survey across all locations to gather invaluable data on the levels of inclusivity and belonging within our workforce.

A year-over-year analysis of data across all of our locations allows us to assess the varying levels of belonging for 48 demographically differentiated groups. These scores help show whether our current actions are working and what our future actions should prioritize. Snowshoe Pride Weekend




One of our goals from our annual Inclusion Survey is to earn a Belonging Index favorability score of 70% or higher from ALL demographic groups.


82% overall average favorability score

43 out of 47 demographic groups scored 70% or higher

21% of demographic groups increased their score in 1 year

66% of demographic groups maintained consistent scores


In FY22, Snowshoe Mountain’s Inclusion Survey results showed that LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues were experiencing lower-than-average levels of belonging, leading to the debut of its first Pride Weekend. In FY23, Snowshoe saw a double-digit improvement in its LGBTQIA2S+ belonging scores.


Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

Strengthening Indigenous Partnerships

Across the continent, we operate on the ancestral homelands of many distinct Native American, First Nation, and other Indigenous communities. To advance our objective of being responsible and inclusive operators at each of our destinations, we stay committed to building and deepening meaningful, local relationships with our critical community partners.


The ʔaqam Band of the Ktunaxa Nation Leadership Camp at CMH Galena Heniiniini’ at Winter Park, a collaboration with NativesOutdoors
Washoe Cultural Talks at Palisades Tahoe



FY22 Inclusion Survey revealed lower-than-average belonging scores among Indigenous colleagues.

Based on these scores, we took concerted actions, emphasizing Indigenous inclusion, education, and communication.

FY23 Inclusion Survey recorded a double-digit improvement in company-wide Indigenous belonging scores.

Blue Mountain + Nawash First Nation

Blue Mountain furthered its ongoing collaboration with the Nawash First Nation, featuring community gatherings in commemoration of National Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Crystal Mountain + Muckleshoot Tribe

Crystal Mountain and the Muckleshoot Tribe expanded their commitment to Indigenous youth through the Mountain to Sound Program. This effort nearly doubled its impact in empowering students and preserving cultural ties.

CMH + ʔaqam Band of the Ktunaxa Nation

CMH partnered with the ʔaqam Band of the Ktunaxa Nation for an empowering

gathering at CMH Galena, fostering community engagement, ceremony, and leadership development.

Palisades Tahoe + Washoe Tribe

Palisades Tahoe collaborated with the Washoe Tribe, providing complimentary mountain access and cultural events, with the resort's name change prompting broader positive changes in the Tahoe region.

Winter Park Resort + NativesOutdoors

Winter Park Resort strengthened ties with local Indigenous communities through its partnership with NativesOutdoors, resulting in the collaborative art project "There is Snow on the Ground."

Cultivating An Inclusive Culture Amplifying Diverse Voices

More than just a landscape for work and play, the mountains offer a place to advance conversations and promote a diverse range of voices. Informed by our inclusion data, we have continued to amplify diverse voices and stories that enrich the broad narratives of our mountain communities.

48 Alterra Mountain Company
Bailey Buckles (she/they) and Silas Musick (he/him)

MLK Weekend Op-Ed

The ski industry has a unique relationship with the MLK holiday. Henri Rivers, President of the National Brotherhood of Snowsports, penned an Op-Ed on elevating the connection between this key weekend and the cause it stands for, inspiring impactful actions across Alterra to pay Dr. King’s legacy forward meaningfully.

Speaker Panel on Transgender Inclusion

During Pride Month we hosted a speaker event with transgender advocates and outdoor enthusiasts Bailey Buckles and Silas Musick. This event, supported by the Alterra Pride Resource and Employee Support (APRES) Group, led to the development of Personal Pronouns training and spurred the development of inaugural Pride Weekends at Sugarbush and Snowshoe.

Multi-Cultural Creators

During our annual Alterra Ascend leadership summit, Colorado artist Casey Kawaguchi and Utah artist Lamont Joseph White shared their work and perspectives on the importance of diverse representation and the role of art in shaping community culture.

Forward Stance: People 49
Artists Casey Kawaguchi (he/him) and Lamont Joseph White (he/ him) on a moderated panel at the Alterra Ascend Leadership Summit

Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

Adaptive Access

Adventure should be boundless, which is why we continue our commitment to foster inclusive adventure and grow meaningful access for guests and employees with diverse abilities across our global community.


32 Programs with nonprofit partners serving adaptive athletes


Completely In-House Adaptive Program at Blue Mountain Resort

50 Alterra Mountain Company
Participants from Military to the Mountains at Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe & High Fives Foundation

Palisades Tahoe proudly supports Military to the Mountains, a High Fives Foundation program offering free skiing and snowboarding experiences to veterans and first responders after nine weeks of training, covering all aspects from transportation to equipment.

Blue Mountain & Blue Mountain Adaptive Team

Led by an internal team of Adaptive experts, Blue Mountain Resort offers diverse adaptive programs for all guests, from hiking to skiing. The Blue Mountain Adaptive Team goes beyond minimum standards, maintaining a specialized committee to ensure enhanced accessibility and an exceptional guest experience at the resort.

High Fives Foundation & Achieve
Mammoth Mountain & Disabled Sports of Eastern Sierra Big Bear Mountain Resort & United States Adaptive Recreation Center
& Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports (STARS) Deer Valley Resort and Solitude Mountain Resort & National Ability Center Winter Park Resort & National Sports Center for the Disabled Snowshoe & Challenged Athletes of West Virginia
Mountain & Blue Mountain Adaptive Team
Palisades Tahoe &
Stratton & Bart Adaptive Sports Center Sugarbush & Vermont Adaptive Ski and Snowboard

Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

Adaptive Access


Ikon Pass, Winter Park, and CMH proudly supported the production of the awardwinning documentary film “Full Circle,” which tells the story of two spinal cord injury survivors: professional athlete Trevor Kennison and the legendary Barry Corbet. The film follows their intertwined stories of raw challenges, growth, and advocacy. Watch trailer: Full Circle | A Story of Post Traumatic Growth

Alterra’s Resource Alliance for Disabilities (RAD) employee resource group also supported the distribution of the film. Full Circle is now streaming on Netflix.

52 Alterra Mountain Company
Trevor Kennison at Winter Park

Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

Community Celebrations & Conversations

We operate in distinct communities, each with their own cultures. As community centers and gathering places, our mountains have the unique opportunity to facilitate community-wide conversations. Based off each work location’s unique data, our resorts plan local recognitions to strengthen inclusive culture on and off the mountain.

At Alterra, we have a wide-ranging calendar of inclusive commemorative observances throughout the year where we proudly share the stories of the powerful work happening across our communities to spark ongoing inspiration and action.

54 Alterra Mountain Company
Women’s History Month event with SheJumps at Crystal Mountain


Pride Celebration at Snowshoe Pride Celebration at Mammoth Mountain Women’s History Month event with SheJumps at Crystal Mountain Luis Villanvueva (VP Lodging, Mammoth Mountain), sharing his story for Hispanic Hertiage Month Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration at Blue Mountain Pride Celebration at Sugarbush National Day for Truth & Reconciliation at Blue Mountain Pride Celebration at Crystal Mountain Laura Sexton (Grooming Manager, Deer Valley) sharing her story for Veteran's Day
Deer Valley, UT


Building Equitable Systems

How We Track Equity

Equity opens doors to give everyone a fair shot. In FY23, we continued to implement actions from our DEI Audit to make comprehensive improvements to our systems and practices. Some examples of completed and ongoing work itemized in our equity blueprint include:


Strengthening our new slate of Employee Resource Groups

Updating performance review criteria

Collecting additional data on differentiated retention and advancement rates

Leveraging our cross-functional, Executive-sponsored DEI Advisory Team

Updating interviewing and onboarding guidelines

Upgrading career development resources

Providing paid summer internships at Alterra

Developing efficient best practices among our DEI Council practitioners

Conducting an updated pay equity assessment

Expanding talent development through Alterra’s Peak Leadership Program

Partnering with Colorado Mountain College for a specialized lift mechanics program

Providing toolkits for location-specific DEI Audits and more detailed data baselining

58 Alterra Mountain Company


1 2

Developing guest conduct expectations in a set of clear Community Guidelines & Expectations

Collecting and assessing guest inclusion data differentiated by demographic groups



Tracking strategic third party sponsorships with measured contributions and impacts

Establishing equitable criteria for non-profit partnerships serving underrepresented communities

Palisades Tahoe, CA

Building Equitable Systems

Employee Resource Groups

In 2023, Alterra marked a milestone by introducing the ski industry’s first comprehensive slate of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The purpose of ERGs is to provide voluntary support networks formed around shared identities and experiences to help counter isolation and build community.

Using insights and data from our annual Inclusion Survey, we identified four prioritized ERG support systems for our colleagues who identify as BIPOC, women, and/or as members of the disability and/or LGBTQIA2S+ communities.


Alterra’s Pride Resource & Employee Support (APRES) Group

Multicultural Matrix

Resource Alliance for Disabilities (RAD)

Women’s Summit Seekers

60 Alterra Mountain Company
Jazz Van Horn (they/them) Sasha McGhee (she/her) Christy Martinez (she/her) Jane Zsigmond (she/her) Derek Trull (he/him) Kiyono Ames (she/her)
Miriam Schachtman (she/they) Lindsey Thayer (she/her)


200+ members joined our four inaugural ERGs in their first year.


Alterra Pride Resource and Employee Support (APRES) Group organized the raising of progressive pride flags across Alterra locations for Pride Month and partnered with the Forward Stance team on a panel featuring transgender advocates

Resource Alliance for Disabilities (RAD) hosted a film series, including a screening of critically-acclaimed Crip Camp, a sponsorship contribution to Full Circle, and attendance at the film premiere

Multicultural Matrix launched a BIPOC Leadership Speaker Series, forums, and resources, amplifying stories from internal BIPOC leaders and addressing community-specific topics

Women Summit Seekers hosted a range of educational programs and a speaker panel of women Resort Presidents, inspiring a next generation of leaders in our communities

The 4 ERGs have also collaborated with each other by holding a joint Bystander Intervention session focused on active allyship, as well as providing community-specific feedback on Microaggressions Training and commemorative communications.

In addition to the Alterra-wide ERGs, the localized affinity group Steamboat Women+ hosted its inaugural Sisters Symposium to bring together women-identifying leaders from across the Rocky Mountain region and the Women of IT group hosted a series of guest speakers to address issues of interest for women in tech.

Building Equitable Systems Talent


A dual focus of learning while leading is a critical piece of our talent development program, empowering employees to reach their highest potential. From self-directed modules on Alterra University to live training sessions and cohortdriven programs, we design diverse development opportunities, attracting employees eager to expand their impact and advance their careers.

PEOPLE Schweitzer, ID


Go deeper into some of our targeted Talent Programs that we piloted and strengthened this year.

Career Development:

Our Talent Development team revamped performance review criteria, emphasizing specific, observable behaviors and skill sets to foster fair advancement while actively mitigating biases.

Leadership Elevation:

Piloting the Peak Leadership Program, we provided leading talents with a 4-month immersive experience, focusing on self-awareness, leadership impact, and coaching skills, ensuring our journey to new heights is guided by capable leaders.

Innovative Skills Training:

Collaborating with Colorado Mountain College, Big Bear Mountain Resort, and Steamboat, we developed a four-week intensive job skills training for lift mechanics, training 14 professionals across 10 ski areas, supported by a grant from the Colorado Outdoor Recreation office.

Future Talent Showcase:

In our second year, the paid Intern Program welcomed interns across 12 departments at the Alterra Shared Services office, fostering future talent and showcasing the rewarding careers within the snowsports industry.



How We Track Diversity

Across our workforce, we track demographic diversity as a key metric to ensure a highquality and varied talent pool at all levels of our workforce. As our equitable systems and inclusive culture strengthen, we enhance our long-term capacity to attract and retain diverse talent, fostering business success. In FY23, with our new enterprise Human Resources Information System (HRIS), we initiated the analysis of enterprise-wide demographic data, laying the foundation for more comprehensive metrics in the future.

Valuing Diversity


*Data on employees identifying as Nonbinary was not available in FY22.




This racial data mirrors the U.S. EEO1 reporting categories for U.S. employees only. Similarly to the U.S. Census, individuals may self-identify with more than one category, resulting in totals over 100%.

*Percentages are representative of known data

FY22 FY23
62% 59.7% 38% 39.9% N/A* 0.4% MALE FEMALE NONBINARY
FY22 FY23 80% 2% 79.6% 2.6% 7% 1% 0.3% 11.8% 2% 0.3% 2% 0.5% 7% 3% 0.6% N/A*

Valuing Diversity

Broadening Mountain Access

At all 17 of our destinations, we are committed to growing mountain access to guests from a variety of underrepresented communities, including BIPOC, Women+, Indigenous or First Nations, LGBTQIA2S+, Veteran/Active Military, adaptive, and lowincome groups. In FY23, we broadened our mountain access baseline to over 19,500 youth and adult participants, totaling over 27,000 day visits, from programs serving a wide range of underrepresented communities.

68 Alterra Mountain Company
SheJumps at Crystal Mountain Connor Ryan & Ellen Bradley of NativeOutdoors at Winter Park Resort Dioné Rodriguez & Krystin Norman of SheJumps
Participants from Share Winter grantee, Spirit of the Sun, at Winter Park Resort


Partnering with the Share Winter Foundation, we're invested in transforming the winter sports landscape for the next generation. Our multi-million dollar, multi-year commitment provides youth with four complimentary instructor lessons, meals, lift tickets, and rentals, fostering diversity and enriching lives through winter sports.

This past year, program visitation expanded by 10%

Our resorts hosted the most demographically diverse groups among all Share Winter programs in the U.S.

Ikon Pass continues to invest in growing participation and inclusion in skiing and snowboarding among Native communities and women of color through the Ikon Pass Scholarship Program with NativesOutdoors and SheJumps.

In 2023, Ikon Pass Scholarships increased by 50% Scholarship recipients averaged 8.9 return visits


One of the goals of our mountain access programs is to help build career paths for program participants. In 2020, Dioné applied for the Ikon Pass Scholarship on a whim. Dioné said, “Little did I know I would get the scholarship and took a deep dive into skiing that season.” Three seasons later, Dioné worked as a Solitude Mountain Resort ambassador and contracts with SheJumps. The impact of mountain access programming can be life-changing.

PEOPLE Winter Park, CO

Mental Well-Being Resilience

How We Track Mental Well-Being & Resilience

In response to the very real mental health crisis in our mountain communities, our proactive Mental Well-Being & Resilience Program is strategically breaking down stigma and fostering employee well-being. Progress is measured through the availability of counseling services and initiatives guided by annual Employee Engagement Survey data. Collaborative efforts across departments underscore our commitment to prioritizing the mental health of our team.


“Alterra Mountain Company employees work incredibly hard every day to make guests’ dreams come true and help them create lifelong memories. They deserve our care and consideration right back. Alterra’s Mental Well-Being and Resilience program provides research-driven training, resources, and support for all employees to safeguard their mental health and thrive.”

Deer Valley,

Mental Well-Being & Resilience

Evaluating Impact

Alterra’s Mental Well-Being & Resilience programming and strategy is based on a variety of data sources, prioritizing programming that addresses our greatest needs.

Employee Engagement Survey

Our employee Engagement Survey is crucial for understanding genuine concerns and taking actionable steps for improvement. This process fosters a culture of mutual respect, open communication, and continuous growth, enhancing overall employee engagement. Administered twice a year and with favorability scores consistently above 72%, this survey drives insights and identifies areas for focused support.

Training Efficacy

In 2023, the delivery of 5,445 online trainings garnered an overall 4.4/5 satisfaction rating, indicating that trainees found the content highly impactful. The continued use of data-based guidance targets interventions that boost well-being in specific and needed areas.

Forward Stance: People 75

Mental Well-Being & Resilience Systems

Of Support


Open to all employees, their dependents, and immediate household members, our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) offer free counseling, legal and financial consultation, work-personal life assistance, mental health education, and more. In addition, our Mental WellBeing & Resilience Program has crafted industry-specific resources, covering topics like suicide prevention, supporting grieving colleagues, responsible drinking, and fostering a culture of respect.


In collaboration with key stakeholders, we've crafted a comprehensive curriculum of ski industry-tailored training, addressing various mental health topics. This ongoing effort ensures that our training remains responsive to the evolving needs identified by our valued teams.

Empowering Team Members

Through The Mental Well-Being Champions program, with over 60 participants across 17 destinations, employees passionate about mental health are empowered to extend the reach of the Mental Well-Being and Resilience program throughout the Alterra landscape.


Our in-house Mental Well-Being & Resilience Director, who has extensive professional clinical experience, provides confidential consultations to a wide range of individual employees and leaders when mental health concerns or struggles arise.

76 Alterra Mountain Company

In 2023, more than 250 ski patrollers participated in a tailored session called “Thriving Through the Tough Stuff,” an intensive, in-person training to teach patrollers about trauma.

This session equipped our frontline responders with insights on trauma's impact on the body and mind, strategies to identify and alleviate symptoms, and guidance on when to seek professional support.

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Mental Well-Being & Resilience

The Paradise Paradox

In 2023, Alterra Mountain Company proudly partnered with Podium Pictures on the production of "The Paradise Paradox," a compelling documentary that delves deeply into the profound mental health challenges faced by communities nestled in America’s mountain towns.

Crafted in collaboration with Olympic ski racing legend Bode Miller and Podium Pictures, this impactful film weaves together poignant stories from diverse voices, including Olympic athlete Mikaela Shiffrin, dedicated ski industry workers, insightful mental health professionals, and the resilient members of mountain communities.

More than just a cinematic experience, "The Paradise Paradox" serves as a rallying cry against the isolating tendrils of stigma. It stands as a beacon, sparking meaningful conversations, fostering a supportive community, and elevating awareness regarding innovative solutions for mental health support.

78 Alterra Mountain Company

Mental Well-Being & Resilience

The Paradise Paradox

Community-Wide Conversations

Mountain communities across North America are utilizing "The Paradise Paradox" as a powerful catalyst, initiating community-wide conversations on the pressing mental health crisis.

“It felt amazing to see this film, like validating how hard we work and the hard stuff we face, even though we love being here.”


If you are eager to extend these vital conversations to your community, The Alterra Community Foundation proudly sponsors grants to facilitate screenings in Ikon Pass communities. To host a screening and be a part of this transformative dialogue: Apply Here

Planet Our Commitment To

82 Alterra Mountain Company

“Climate action is the cornerstone of our commitment to sustaining our mountain communities. Protecting the planet is not just an obligation—it is an investment in the well-being of our communities, the longevity of our business, and the essence of our industry. Our responsibility to act is clear—and we will do so through a blend of reductions and advocacy.”

CMH, BC, Canada

The Mountains Are Our Lives and Our Livelihoods

Across our varied landscapes, the mountains embody the space where our lives and livelihoods intertwine. Because of this fact, we recognize the pressing threats of climate change impact both our passions and professions. Our commitment to climate action is unwavering, and to prove it, we’ve set aggressive, accountable to third parties, and achievable 2030 Goals. We audit our data against these goals and embrace the challenge with a dedication to minimize our environmental impact.


1. Electrification

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable infrastructure.

2. Efficiency

Conserving energy through optimized facilities and operations.

3. Renewable Energy

Greening our electricity by exploring multiple avenues.

4. Waste Diversion

Leaving our landscapes better than we found them by diverting waste impact.

5. Advocacy & Collaboration

Engaging stakeholders on shared decarbonization strategies and policies.

CMH, BC, Canada
Stratton, VT

2030 Commitments & Our Status

2030 Commitments Dedicated to Tomorrow

Last year, we boldly embraced science-based carbon reduction goals and three major targets for 2030, igniting innovation and positive change throughout our operations. These commitments, our north star, guide our unwavering dedication to climate action.



Reduce Carbon Emissions by Over 50%

Innovating in the ski industry, our partnership with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) secures third-party validation for our aggressive emissions reduction goal. By 2030, we're determined to outpace scientists' recommendations, aiming for a 1.5°C limit. Our commitment extends beyond emissions from our direct operations, urging suppliers and partners to join our accelerated journey.

Transition to 100% Renewable Energy

By 2030, our pledge is unwavering: 100% renewable electricity. We're strategically blending onsite and offsite renewable projects and fostering proactive partnerships with utility providers across our diverse portfolio to bring this commitment to fruition.

Attain Carbon Neutrality

At the heart of our mission is slashing our carbon footprint through operational upgrades and decarbonization. Committed to absolute reduction, we simultaneously embrace high-quality carbon offset opportunities when needed. This dual strategy propels us toward carbon neutrality in our owned operations by 2030.

1 2

Our Emissions Status

Evaluating our GHG Emissions

Mitigating our carbon footprint is vital for responsible greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions. Grounded in data, we implement measurable strategies for impactful reductions.

Aligned with cutting-edge climate science, our partnership with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) led us to update our baseline data to incorporate new factors for precise emissions representation and account for new additions to our portfolio.

In FY23, our combined Scope 1 and 2 emissions totaled 146,421 MT CO2e. Our Scope 1 and 2 emissions consituted roughly 34% of our total annual emissions of 424,542 MT CO2e when including Scope 3 indirect emissions.

Our FY23 operating season was 12% longer than the prior year because the snow kept falling, but we were still able to achieve a reduction in average daily emissions rates. This sets the stage for future reduction strides as we amplify our impacts and investments.

92 Alterra Mountain Company PLANET

Direct emissions from owned or controlled buildings, equipment, or vehicles

Fuels: Emissions from fuels used for fleet vehicles, helicopters, stationary diesel, and other equipment

Propane / Natural Gas: Emissions from propane and natural gas used for buildings or equipment

Other: Refrigerants and wastewater treatment

Indirect emissions from purchased energy that is generated offsite

Electricity: Emissions from electricity purchased to power buildings and equipment

Indirect emissions from upstream or downstream activities

Business Travel / Employee Commuting: Emissions from travel related to company business and from employees traveling in vehicles to and from work

Procurement: Emissions generated from the purchasing of materials

Landfilled Waste:

Emissions generated from the landfilling of waste and the decomposition of organic matter

Forward Stance: Planet 93
MOST CONTROL LEAST CONTROL 8.8% 3.3% 3.2% 1.4% 0.4% 17.4% 26.2% 21.6% 8.8% 7.1% 0.8% 0.8% 0.3% Capital Goods Purchased Goods and Services
and Energy Related
Employee Commuting
Vehicles Propane Natural Gas Stationary Diesel Refrigerants Purchased Electricity SCOPE 1 SCOPE 2 SCOPE 3 17% 17.4% 65.6%
in Operations Business Travel Upstream Transportation & Distribution

Our Blueprint

Snowshoe, WV


We're reducing greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable infrastructure.

• Set new standards for eco-friendly buildings.

• Test electric vehicles on and off the trails

• Electrify aging facilities and systems, while boosting energy storage.


We are conserving energy through optimized facilities and operations.

• Launch an Active Energy Management program across our portfolio.

• Upgrade lighting, fuel storage, and invest in cutting-edge smart technologies.

• Prioritize efficiency in snowmaking upgrades.

Renewable Energy

We're greening our electricity by exploring multiple avenues.

• Advocate for renewable energy sources in our local communities.

• Secure renewable energy from diverse suppliers.

• Track Scope 2 emissions annually, leveraging appropriate onsite and offsite options.

Waste Diversion

We leave our landscapes better than we found them by diverting waste impact.

• Maximize waste diversion infrastructure and partnerships.

• Instill policies for minimal environmental impact.

• Empower our team as forefront activators of solutions to reduce waste.

Collaboration & Advocacy

We engage stakeholders on shared decarbonization strategies.

• Align with industry leaders for sustained change.

• Advocate for climate legislation aligned with our goals.

• Collaborate with local communities to protect the environment.

• Engage with like-minded vendors to amplify tangible impacts.


Electrifying our Assets

Our Energy Audit in the past year pinpointed electrification as a paramount opportunity, leading us to significant strides. Focused on reducing emissions and aligning with our development plans, here's where we're breaking ground:


Vehicle Electrification

Testing new technology, we piloted electric snowmobiles across locations during the 23/24 season, exploring opportunities to electrify more of our fleet. Beyond carbon reduction, going electric delivers broad benefits, from positive wildlife impacts to decreased noise pollution. Our destinations are actively pursuing diverse EV opportunities.

Snowshoe: Snowshoe recently invested in a 4WD EV mini truck, the first of its kind sold east of the Rockies. More are on the way.

Crystal Mountain: In 2014, Crystal was the first ski area in North America to take delivery of two 600E+ diesel/electric snow groomers, saving 20% NOX emissions compared to regular snow groomers.

Snowshoe’s 4WD EV Mini Truck Crystal Mountain’s PistenBully

“At Alterra, we embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, recognizing that our commitment to the environment and our local community is integral to our long-term success. By fostering sustainable development practices and engaging with our community, we aim to create vibrant, eco-conscious destinations that enriches the lives of our guests, employees, and neighbors for generations to come.”

Green Building Standards

As we invest in transforming the future of mountain adventure, we're developing aggressive Green Building Standards to ensure our property investments align with our goals.


In 2023, Tremblant became the first company in Quebec to achieve the highest level of certification under the Council for Sustainable Industries’ Ecoresponsible Program.


Steamboat's Full Steam Ahead Base Area Redevelopment achieved LEED Silver certification with a 70% waste diversion rate during demolition and construction.


Sugarbush electrified the heating system at the Lodge at Lincoln Peak, expecting a 75% reduction in propane consumption at Lincoln Peak.


Since 2013, Stratton has been a leader in development standards through the Continuous Energy Improvement Program, maximizing energy productivity.

PLANET Snowmaking at Sugarbush, VT


Upgrading Snowmaking Efficiencies

To provide an enhanced experience while using water resources wisely, Alterra committed over $1.5 million last year to energy-efficient snowmaking improvements. This comprehensive initiative included the modernization of systems across destinations.

This upgrade both significantly improved energy efficiency and also led to a substantial reduction in water usage. This dual impact allows our destinations to improve the guest experience while actively minimizing our environmental footprint.


Sugarbush: At Sugarbush, we replaced over 9 miles of snowmaking pipe with a more efficient system. A comprehensive overhaul of the snowmaking system on beginner terrain at Lincoln Peak features new, efficient KLIK hydrants. Additionally, the Summit terrain area at Mt. Ellen received new snowmaking pipe and energy-efficient snow guns, reducing the resources and time required for snow production.

Forward Stance: Planet 99


Optimizing Energy

In our commitment to energy efficiency, we're embracing low- or no-emission systems wherever feasible. Our efforts involve employing various technologies, from facility upgrades to infrastructure electrification, to transition to more energy-efficient operations.

Active Energy Management

A key component of our strategy is the Active Energy Management (AEM) program, spanning all destinations. AEM includes equipment audits, real-time monitoring and optimizing, and installing smart thermostats for efficient control—all on a unified platform.

100 Alterra Mountain Company
Stratton, VT


Hundreds of smart thermostats being installed across buildings in North America.


Investing in sustainable design across 70+ buildings and more than 4.3m ft2 across 16 destinations.

This includes 11 building automation systems, and 5 domestic hot water systems at 9 destinations.


Efficient Lighting Upgrades at Stratton:

We collaborated with Efficiency Vermont to transition over 1,000 fixtures to more energy-efficient versions throughout the resort. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainable lighting practices, contributing to reduced energy consumption.

Fuel Storage System Upgrade at CMH:

CMH Heli-Skiing and Summer Adventures upgraded the Cariboos Lodge's fuel storage and distribution system, improving energy efficiency through remote monitoring enabling precise digital adjustments. CMH is committed to an annual 10% reduction in diesel, propane, and gasoline consumption, aligning with our environmental stewardship commitment.


Renewable Energy

Greening Our Grid

Through our sustainability commitment, we're actively exploring shifts from fossil fuels to electricity and green energy for heating, leveraging the grid's renewable growth. Our destinations, already using renewables, continue to seek further diversification. For unavoidable emissions, we're committed to procuring verified carbon offsets, aligning with our carbon neutrality goals.

Big Bear Mountain Resort,



80% solar energy for Deer Valley as a result of the Elektron Solar Project

~42% reduction of the resort's carbon foot print

After four years of work, Deer Valley is excited to see the Elektron Solar Project come online. This solar energy will power ~80% of Deer Valley’s electricity usage.


75% of Ski Butlers locations are powered by community solar projects

Reducing Waste Impacts

We have a responsibility to keep our most special places clean and beautiful. Across Alterra, our destinations are taking a variety of unique approaches to both reduce and divert waste generated from our emissions.


Investing in New Technology with the BioCoTech Composting Pilot

This year, Alterra invested in cutting-edge composting technology to transform our waste into a usable product with a community benefit.


When food waste ends up in the landfill, microbes break it down without oxygen, releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Composting in an aerobic environment (with oxygen) minimizes this methane release and allows us to reuse valuable nutrients from food waste.

Alterra piloted onsite composting systems across our three regions. The BioSpeed is an aerobic, microbial composting technology that allows organic waste to be converted into lush compost in 24-72 hours, while reducing the waste volume by 70-90%.

Each unit will provide meaningful reduction of our current waste removal volume and an annual GHG reduction of up to ~42 MTC02e per year depending on the amount of waste typically generated per destination.

The final product is a nutrient-rich compost that can be used in landscaping, gardening, or donated.

104 Alterra Mountain Company PLANET

Crystal Mountain’s composting technology has allowed them to develop a “full circle” waste solutions. All organic waste produced onmountain is placed in the composting machine and turned into fertilizer. Several nearby community partners and local tribes will use the compost they produce as fertilizer for their crops and community gardens. Crystal plans to purchase some of this locally grown food for use on-mountain.


Employee Activations

Our employees hold us accountable and propel us forward. Several destinations have wellestablished employee committees that host employee engagement opportunities, with a primary focus being waste diversion.

Sustainable Event Policies

In harnessing the remarkable talent and expertise of our diverse workforce across Palisades Tahoe in the West and Tremblant in the East, our destination teams have co-created localized sustainable event policies. These comprehensive guidelines, covering everything from pre-event planning to waste management, ensure that today's positive experiences do not come at the cost of tomorrow's well-being.

Tremblant's teams actively engage in waste diversion and community outreach. Monthly, they deliver employee donations to La Samaritaine, a local aid center. Biannually, they host La Grande Corvée, a community clean-up event. Last year, employees collected over 1,000 lbs. of garbage, raising $5,000+ for the employee tree nursery.

Forward Stance: Planet 105
Composting at Crystal Mountain, WA La Grand Corvèe at Tremblant, QC, Canada

Creating Strategic Alliances

As a leader in mountain communities around the world, we drive a larger advocacy movement that leads towards a sustainable future. It takes a collective effort to address the challenges of the climate crisis and we are proud to join forces with industry partners who share our passion for positive change for the planet.

106 Alterra Mountain Company
& Advocacy
Ikon Pass Stickers for Stoke social campaign

Ceres Policy Network

We proudly joined the Ceres Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) Network, leveraging the collective influence of businesses. Our public support included advocating for strong standards on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and endorsing the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule Adoption in Colorado.

NSAA Climate Challenge

Many of our destinations actively participated in the National Ski Area Association’s Climate Challenge, implementing best practices for GHG reductions.

Mountain Collaborative for Climate Action

As part of the Mountain Collaborative for Climate Action (Mountain Collab), we collaborated with the four largest ski companies, collectively representing >76 mountain destinations. Initiatives like the "Innovation Challenge" foster community-led action on complex climate challenges.

Ikon Pass Activations

Through initiatives like our partnership with Protect Our Winters and the "Stickers for Stoke" campaign, we not only engage passholders in environemtnal advocacy, but also financially contribute to changemaking organizations.

Forward Stance: Planet 107
Representatives from the Mountain Collab at Mountain Towns 2030

Collaborating With Suppliers

Our procurement teams are tracking a new path towards sustainability. By embracing sustainable purchasing practices and exploring opportunities to reuse materials already in our inventory, we’re confident we can meet our emissions reduction goals. We also know that engaging with vendors and suppliers who share our priorities will be a crucial element of our success.


Eco-friendly Transactions

A rising number of our destinations embrace eco-friendly transactions, favoring digital shifts and adopting 100% recyclable receipt paper. Blue Mountain's successful program, partnering with

EcoChit, minimized waste and contributed to tree planting. Alterra extended the initiative to other destinations, including Crystal, Deer Valley, and Steamboat.

Blue Mountain piloted the recyclable receipt paper program and was proud to see this initial impact created through their purchases:

700 trees planted

8,750 plastic cores avoided

4,550 lbs of waste diverted from the landfill

PLANET Collaboration & Advocacy

Goodbye Plastic

Palisades Tahoe was the first resort in North America to ban the sale of single-use water bottles, replacing with more reusable and sustainable products thanks to our procurement teams. Since then, more have followed the lead. Steamboat has maintained the momentum of removing plastic bottles and has also switched to a plant-based material for to-go containers.

421,000+ 2,100+

plastic bottles removed from waste stream at Palisades Tahoe

lbs of plastic avoided by switching to plant-based to-go containers at Steamboat

EchoChit and Blue Mountain partnership
Carpool at Palisades Tahoe Winter Park Express Train Deer Valley Transit Tremblant EV charging station Crystal EV charging station

Greening Guest Travel

As we welcome people from all over the world to our mountains, we remain committed to reducing environmental impacts through innovative solutions. Drop-in for a few specific examples of how we’re making movement.

Shared Transit

Several destinations offer a variety of shared transit options—from ski trains to shuttle transport to innovative Ikon Pass perks—to get more cars off the road and more people where they need to be.

Deer Valley participates in a communitywide employee carpool and transit program. Last year, the impact of Deer Valley staff’s participation in the program generated 6,500+ alternative trips which equates to 91,500+ miles of alternative travel. This created a reduction impact of ~21 MT CO2e, which is the equivalent of sequestering carbon from ~25 acres worth of U.S. forests in one year.

Carpool Incentives

We love friends on powder days, especially when you can get to the mountain with them. To incentivize visiting us with friends, several destinations encourage carpooling with great perks.

Palisades Tahoe Carpool Parking with Protect Our Winters (POW) eliminates ~25,000 cars off the road annually with POW Carpool Parking, preventing greenhouse gas emissions equal to ~67,000 trips around Lake Tahoe.

EV Charging

While you recharge on the mountain, so can your vehicle. Across our entire family of destinations, we continue to expand and invest in our EV Charging offerings for both our guests and our own fleet.

Several destinations—including Tremblant, Crystal, Solitude, Stratton, and Sugarbush— have expanded their EV charging offerings. There are >100 chargers available across our destinations in partnership with a variety of providers.

Forward Stance: Planet 111
Collaboration & Advocacy

Protecting Ecosystems

We are an impactful part of an ecosystem we love, so it is our responsibility to coexist with our surroundings in harmony. Our destinations invest in nature through a wide range of protection, mitigation, and conservation programs.

Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire mitigation is essential for protecting lives, property, ecosystems, and resources that are core to our communities. We invest and partner in fuel mitigation efforts and innovative solutions to minimize the risk and impact of wildfires.

Habitat Protection

Our destinations work hard to minimize the impact of our operations on the local ecosystem and habitats through a variety of protective and proactive measures. We work closely with local stakeholders to keep our shared natural landscapes healthy.

112 Alterra Mountain Company
& Advocacy
Snowshoe Mountain Bee City


Deer Valley Resort & Schweitzer: Partnered with the US Biochar Initiative to host biochar demonstrations for the community at the resort. Biochar technology shows promising impacts on mitigating climate change through sequestration of carbon into the soil. Other benefits at the resorts include fuel mitigation efforts, trail maintenance and site restoration, moisture retention, and a reduction of invasive weeds.

CMH Snowbase System: CMH utilizes a proprietary software system to record and track wildlife observations to plan flight paths and skiing and hiking routes to avoid areas with wildlife activity.

Snowshoe Bee City: Pollinating is all the buzz at Snowshoe Mountain. Snowshoe tilled a 4.5 acre Pollinator Garden, granting them status of Bee City USA to protect the native Rusty Patch Bumblebee, which is the first bumblebee to be put on the endangered species list. Over the last year, Snowshoe has nearly doubled the size of the gardens due to the programmatic success.

Palisades Tahoe: Partnered with ALERTWildfire to install fire cameras and tools, helping firefighters and first responders mitigate risk, identify sources, and scale critical resources.

Schweitzer Bio Char Demonstration

Community Our Commitment To

114 Alterra Mountain Company

“We commit to being proactive agents for positive change within the communities where we operate. Through philanthropic investments, community-led programming, and local stakeholder collaboration, we promote the unique integrity and character of our communities.”

Salt Lake Valley / Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

The Mountains Are Where Our Communities Thrive

Across our vibrant mountain communities, each with unique character and charm, we are dedicated to fostering a spirit of collaboration and progress.


1. Philanthropy

Forging impactful partnerships with regional organizations to drive positive change.

2. Alterra Community Foundation

Investing strategically to bolster the resilience and vitality of mountain communities.

3. Local Infrastructure

Providing essential supports and enhancements to our workforce and community ensuring they thrive in their local environments.

Steamboat Springs, CO
COMMUNITY 24H Tremblant, QB, Canada



Giving is a core part of our identity and culture. Through sponsorships, partnerships, and the contribution of in-kind and cash donations, we strategically support local partners and organizations to advance shared community progress.


122 Alterra Mountain Company COMMUNITY Philanthropy

The Alterra philanthropic footprint totals almost $14M annually across our global




A 23-year tradition at Tremblant Resort, gathered over 4,500 participants, raising a record $6.6 million in 2023, totaling over $55 million for youth support since inception.


Southern Vermont faced severe flooding in July 2023, triggering swift community action at Stratton. Stratton Resort provided shelter for displaced families. The Stratton Community Foundation raised $500,000 in 8 weeks, aiding affected individuals with resources, funds, and insurance support.

Paradise Paradox Screening
Alterra Community Foundation

Alterra Community Foundation

Supporting Our Communities

THE MISSION: We invest to support a thriving mountain community. As a public charity, the Alterra Community Foundation is a movement for positive change in the Ikon Pass communities of North America. In FY23, our Foundation expanded its impact to support critical mental health initiatives. Alongside our ongoing emergency relief and hardship assistance grants, this work marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to fostering resilient mountain communities.


Inspired by "The Paradise Paradox," our mental health focus now includes grants for community film screenings and specialized psychotherapy support for our first responders such as patrollers and heliguides. Click here to apply for support. We're expanding further by organizing community convener events to optimize behavioral health access and collaborating on industry-wide initiatives.

Additionally, in partnership with former Alterra CEO Rusty Gregory, we support Return-to-Performance Programs and Mental Health Services for U.S. Ski and Snowboard Athletes, as well as mental health work in the Mammoth area in partnership with the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation.


The Alterra Community Foundation stands as a mountain of hope, extending a helping hand to those facing emergencies and hardships in the vibrant communities surrounding Alterra’s North American destinations.

126 Alterra Mountain Company COMMUNITY

$481K PROGRESSION POINTS towards aiding individuals and families across 16 mountain communities

Random Acts of Kindness Week Event at Mammoth Mountain

Alterra Community Foundation

Empowering Help


Our mountain communities are eligible to apply for a variety of grants from the Alterra Community Foundation. We are dedicated to supporting those who live and work in our mountain communities in North America. If you or someone you know needs assistance, our application process is open year-round. Click here to apply.


Beyond the continuous support from Alterra Mountain Company, every public donation plays a pivotal role in the Alterra Community Foundation’s enduring success. Your generous contribution fosters resilient communities capable of overcoming any challenge. Join us in building lasting impact.

All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible in the U.S. Click here to donate.

“The mental health of our mountain communities is the foundation of everything. By providing a variety of solutions to support the mental health of those who live, work and recreate in mountain resorts across North America, we are one step further to creating a thriving mountain community.”
MEEGAN MOSZYNSKI (she/her) Director, Alterra Community Foundation
COMMUNITY Nonprofit daycare at Snowshoe, WV

Local Infrastructure

Local Infrastructure

Employee Housing & Community Childcare

In our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future, Alterra Mountain Company prioritizes affordable housing and community childcare, recognizing their pivotal role in fostering robust communities. Our substantial investments span all mountain communities, dedicated to providing not just living options but nurturing environments crucial for the holistic development of our workforce and the well-being of the communities we cherish.


+45% 1000+

increase in resort-provided childcare recipients across owned destinations in 2023

workforce housing beds over the next 5 years

132 Alterra Mountain Company


Winter Park’s Conifer Commons: This winter, we welcomed 332 employees to brand new private rooms a short walk from work. Conifer Commons is a showcase for modular construction and our commitment to quality employee housing.

Snowshoe’s Linwood Community Center:

A gift to the community, Snowshoe’s Center offers a range of resources, including a nonprofit daycare, immersive field trips, a library, and a market with fresh local food. All the result of community curation after years of planning, volunteer efforts, and extensive investments.

Schweitzer Children’s Center:

KinderKamp at Schweitzer’s Children’s Center provides year-round licensed childcare and outdoor activities.

Steamboat Childcare:

Achieving a Level 4 rating in its first year, Steamboat’s Child Care Center emphasizes quality and teacher retention.

Elevate | Mbin’ge sculpture Blue Mountain, ON, Canada James Haunt working on mural at Big Bear Mountain Resort, CA Harlan Mack building moose sculpture at Sugarbush, VT Lamont White installing his art at Solitude Mountain Resort, UT Crystal Mountain, WA Steamboat, CO Deer Valley, UT Snowshoe, WV

Local Infrastructure

Forward Stance Studio

Alterra Mountain Company, deeply invested in transformative enhancements, ensures each destination maintains a distinct identity and culture. To further celebrate the uniqueness of each destination, Alterra Mountain Company invested in 14 public art installations by diverse, local, and sustainable artists— creating the Forward Stance Studio.

Each work of art in the collection is intentionally distinct, woven together by the Forward Stance pillars and sparking conversations that each destination wanted to facilitate in its own community.


Winter Park Resort: NativesOutdoors collaboration reveals cultural touchpoints, honoring the land of Nookhose’iinenno (Arapaho), Tsis tsis’tas (Cheyenne), and Nuuchu (Ute) tribes. Connecting to shared values and water’s significance, it enriches the landscape.

Crystal Mountain: Collaborating with Muckleshoot Tribe’s Keith Stevenson, ski patroller Mary Iverson unveils Circle of Life Tower, a repurposed chairlift tower representing nature’s timeless beauty.

Blue Mountain: Honoring Indigenous cultures, Blue Mountain unveils Elevate | Mbin’ge, a thoughtful sculpture by Anishinaabe artist Kathryn Corbiere. Symbolizing a teepee, its seven pillars embody Anishinaabe teachings and values like love and bravery.

Sugarbush: Local artist Harlan Mack crafts a moose-themed sculpture, symbolizing historical and landscape connections, fostering visitor-nature bonds.

Forward Stance: Community 135

Local Infrastructure

Bringing the Mountains to the City

Since 2007, Winter Park has collaborated with Denver Parks & Recreation and Burton to bring mountain vibes to the city. Building on this history of grassroots partnership, the Ruby Hill Rail yard in Denver is an evolving snowsports playground. In FY23, Winter Park and Alterra expanded their investment, enhancing access and adding new terrain park features and snowmaking equipment at Ruby Hill for an elevated experience.

136 Alterra Mountain Company
Ruby Hil Rail Yard event in Denver, CO

Our Commitment To


138 Alterra Mountain Company
PRIVACY Stratton, VT
“Operating our business in an ethical and principled manner is core to who we are. The cornerstone of a thriving organization is laid through corporate governance, which establishes sound internal controls to minimize risks for all stakeholders and set us up for long term success.”
Steamboat, CO

Operating Securely In The Mountains

Ensuring ethical business practices and robust corporate governance is fundamental to our identity. We prioritize compliance, safety, and integrity across all operations, empowering our teams to uphold the highest standards.


1. Ethical Culture

Defining our beliefs and embedding integrity and trust into our business operations.

2. Safety

Continuously evaluating and enhancing our operations and programs to prioritize the safety of our employees and guests.

3. Business Risk Mitigation

Identifying and mitigating risks to safeguard our organization's health and longevity.

4. Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Ensuring secure operations to earn and protect the trust of our valued guests, employees, and communities.

Big Bear Mountain Resort, CA
RESPONSIBILITY Marketing Meeting at Alterra Office in Denver, CO

Ethical Culture


Ethical Culture

At Alterra Mountain Company, our commitment to unwavering ethical standards is embedded in our daily behaviors and culture. Upholding ethical practices across our organization requires adherence to a set of core policies that is applicable to all team members.

In our commitment to building and sustaining a company-wide ethical and accountable culture, Alterra also provides a third-party administered anonymous employee reporting service, available 24/7/365. This ensures all team members can confidently report concerns and suspected misconduct while empowering team members to make a positive difference.


Our Core Policies Include:

Code of Conduct

Anti-Harassment Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Team Member Privacy Policy

Protecting Personal Information (PII)

Media/Social Media Policy

Legal Governance Policy

US Drug & Alcohol Policy (US destinations)

Anti-Corruption Policy

June Mountain, CA
Blue Mountian, ON, Canada RESPONSIBILITY



How We Track Safety

As a standout in how we evaluate corporate threats, our Risk Management Information System (RMIS) stands as a data powerhouse, constantly aggregating insights from all our resorts. This information lets us spot trends, communicate seamlessly, and craft actions rooted in data to help minimize risks and injuries for both guests and employees. The RMIS System has been a game-changer, guiding us to strategic actions with the power to cut down risk and injury rates, fortifying our culture of safety.



In FY23, leaders from our Health and Risk departments gathered for a summit focused on developing a shared vision and boosting safety initiatives for everyone under the Alterra Mountain Company umbrella.


Reducing employee incidents across various operational functions, closely monitored against a data-based action plan.

Taking employee safety programs to the next level with advanced mountain safety and health & well-being education.


Equipped our teams with de-escalation training to better serve our guests.

Enhanced safety information on local websites.

Adopted clear Community Guidelines & Expectations for guests, employees, and community members, setting crystal-clear expectations for safe and inclusive behaviors.



Community Guidelines & Expectations

Drop in to see our new Community Guidelines & Expectations for all guests and employees. Clarity advances a collective enjoyment of the mountains for all.


Enjoy a safe skiing experience by following a comprehensive collection of onmountain safety guidelines, including the “Your Responsibility Code” developed by the National Ski Areas Association.


Take personal responsibility on the slopes and be aware of individual physical limits.


Help foster an inclusive mountain community by treating everyone with respect, irrespective of background.


Furthermore, each Ikon Pass resort has its own set of guest conduct standards and safety rules. Each destination is unique and these expectations are designed to address the resort's specific issues.

For more information on our Community Guidelines & Expectations, please visit our Health and Safety webpage.

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Business Risk Mitigation

Risk Assessment

Business Risk Mitigation

In the everyday rhythm of our operations, our Internal Audit team plays a vital role. Working independently, this team navigates the intricacies of corporate functions, resort operations, financing, and new services. Interacting directly with senior management and keeping the Audit Committee in the loop, our Internal Audit team sheds light on significant risk exposures, control matters, fraud risks, governance issues, operational best practices, and more. This robust function ensures we stay transparent, accountable, and on top of effective risk management.



Evaluates + Manages Risk


Reviews + Confirms Findings


Identify, Document & Test

156 Alterra Mountain Company
Acquired Business Key Control Identification & Standardization Business Operations Improvement Opportunities Quarterly Key Control Certifications Annual Audit Plan Creation & Execution Annual Fraud Risk Assessment Enterprise Risk Management Annual Risk Assessment Resort Baseline Internal Control Standards IT General Control Standardization & Execution Best Practice Gap Assessment & Remediation
Big Bear Mountain Resort, CA RESPONSIBILITY

Cyber Security Data Privacy

“Data privacy transcends legal compliance; it is a commitment to earning and preserving the trust of every employee, guest, and stakeholder.”

Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Keeping It Secure

Across our varied landscape, Alterra takes cyber security and data privacy seriously, valuing the confidentiality of employees, guests, and other stakeholders. Our robust Cyber Security and Data Privacy program keeps us ahead of new legislation, safeguards personal information, and prioritizes protected business practices.


Alterra adheres to all privacy laws and regulations that impact its business operations, including the requirement to adopt and maintain a transparent privacy policy. Alterra’s privacy policy outlines how we collect, use and handle personal information, and how guests can exercise their privacy rights, ensuring clarity and compliance across our shared landscape.


Alterra's cyber security program employs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework, a proven system trusted by prominent entities, including financial services companies, the U.S. government, and healthcare providers. This framework establishes a robust defense mechanism, ensuring the protection of our guests' data.

Forward Stance: Responsibility 161


Cyber Security & Data Privacy


For All

Security and data privacy is a collective responsibility. Our Cyber Security & Data Privacy Program centers on three core areas: People, Governance, and Technology, fostering a comprehensive strategy for information protection and a secure environment.


Build and maintain strong IT Security & Privacy teams

Invest in employee training of data security and privacy topics

Promote best-in-class policies and practices across the organization


Collaborate among Legal, Cyber Security, and Privacy teams

Create strong Legal, Cyber Security and Privacy controls around anyone with access to guests’ or employees’ personal information


Enhance use of threat detection and endpoint monitoring

Invest in technology around privacy rights compliance

162 Alterra Mountain Company

FY23 progress highlights from our blueprint:

Developed technology solution to enhance compliance with privacy laws and regulations

Processed 200+ privacy rights requests

Developed interactive employee training module on Alterra’s core policies

Enhanced data security program by expanding user education program, implementing innovative security technology, and adding dedicated security resources.

“In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, we work diligently to stay on course and confront new challenges head-on so our stakeholders can focus on what’s really important— making memories in the mountains.”
ERICA BOYLE (she/her) Vice President, Cyber Security & Compliance


164 Alterra Mountain Company

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