MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board | 2023 Annual Report

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Christopher E. Richards


The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank

Anne Stout


Wychmere Beach Club

Lindsay Cole Secretary

Cape Associates, Inc.

Melissa Farrell Treasurer

The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank

Kristina Dower

JTEC, MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center

David Sampson

Sampson Consulting

Julie Wake

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod


Wendy Buttrick

Department of Transitional Assistance

Dora Camara

Training and Upgrading Fund

Marnell Cash

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

Dr. Barbara-jean Chauvin

Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

Christopher Cataldo

The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

Dr. John Cox

Cape Cod Community College

State Representative

Christopher Flanagan

Home Builders & Remodelers

Association of Cape Cod

Roger Forget

Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

Dr. Joan Gallagher

Cape Cod Community College

Dr. Hope Hanscom

Mashpee Public Schools

Christine Hochkeppel Salty Broad Studios

Sheila Lyons

Barnstable County Commissioners Office, CEO


Dr. Hope Hanscom


Mashpee Public Schools

Cheri Armstrong

Monomoy Regional High School

Samantha Aronne

Encore Construction

Tom Brognano

YMCA Cape Cod

Beverly Costa-Ciavola

Cape Cod Neighborhood Support Coalition

Iris Govoni

Department of Transitional Assistance

Katie Green

Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office

Michael Medeiros

Sevita Health

JR Mell

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod & The Islands

Chris Morin Independence House

Lee Moynihan

Sturgis Charter Public School West Campus

Eileen Nelson

Department of Transitional Assistance

Christopher Mittell

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Tricia Murray

Community Development Partnership

Paul Niedzwiecki

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Jamie Regan

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Dr. William Roberts

Rotary Club of Barnstable Sunrise

Maryann Ryan

Elder Services of Cape Cod and Islands

Dr. Robert Sanborn

Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

Joanne Sellstone

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Ashley Terrill

MassHire Department of Career Services

Theresa Whalen Aflac

Eric Porteus

Sturgis Charter Public School East Campus

Ruth Provost

Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod

Danielle Whitney

Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office

Chris Wiklund

Living Independently Forever, Inc.

Carol Woodbury

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District

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Throughout this past year, the MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board (CIWB) has continued to build and leverage strategic partnerships to identify and support the dynamic workforce needs across the region. As a result, the CIWB has become a catalyst for cultivating powerful connections resulting in additional resources that align with our priority sectors and our commitment to career pathway education. The CIWB takes immense pride in operating in alignment with the MassHire values: Collaboration, Respect, Reliability, and Ingenuity. Systemically, we advocate, educate, and convene our partners on all workforce issues.

Developing long-term strategies for workforce development solutions has included investing in our future workforce. The CIWB is committed to exposing high school students to career pathways within priority sectors through paid internship opportunities, such as the STEM Internship Grant and the High School Senior Internship Education Project. These initiatives have exposed students to the importance of career development and experiential learning. The Career Technical Initiative and Mass Skills Capital Grants ensure that both young adults and adult learners receive training in high-demand sectors. These opportunities enable the CIWB to collaborate with our academic partners to leverage resources to build a sustainable workforce pipeline.

The CIWB has become a regional convener for local healthcare employers and training providers through the HealthCare Hubs and Behavioral Health Workforce Hubs grants. We have established trusted partnerships that help guide the meaningful work within the healthcare sector. Together with our employer partners and the Commonwealth Corporation, the CIWB has navigated and addressed skills gaps, which has resulted in career ladder training opportunities for incumbent workers. The CIWB recently launched a series of Public Service Announcements that continue to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges within the Behavioral Health sector.

As a small organization, we strive to operate with maximum efficiency. Establishing and fostering strong relationships with our Board of Directors, Cape Cod legislators, WIOA partners, State workforce partners, and regional academic partners is important to the overall success of the CIWB. Building meaningful relationships across the region and identifying

emerging workforce trends and challenges, while helping to build economic prosperity on the road to recovery, is a regional effort that involves collaboration with our regional stakeholders.

In the coming year, the CIWB will focus on:

• Generating new funding opportunities that align with our in-demand sectors;

• Continuing to expose and educate students to the importance of the Creative Economy through expansion of the ArtWorks Initiative;

• Strengthening our healthcare consortium partnerships to create self-sustaining training opportunities;

• Advocating for workforce solutions that continue to exist within the region in partnership with regional and statewide stakeholders and legislators;

• Continuing to embrace and demonstrate the inclusivity of the CIWB programming and initiatives through connectivity with our regional and statewide partners;

• Promoting an internal system-wide integration of a CRM platform that will include data, QuickBooks, and social media platforms for overall operational efficiency.

I am honored and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead the MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments and awards the CIWB team has achieved this year. The CIWB team continues to prove that collaboration, respect, reliability, and ingenuity are at the core of how the CIWB operates.

I want to personally thank our very dedicated Board of Directors for your continued partnership, support, and commitment. I am exceedingly proud of all we have accomplished this year. Thank you does not seem enough for our Executive Team and Officers, Chris, Anne, Melissa, Lindsay, Kris, Julie, and David, for your continued leadership, guidance, and friendship.

Best Regards,



Over the past fiscal year, the MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board (CIWB) has remained steadfast in its commitment to workforce development in the region. Through decisive action and strategic planning, the CIWB has implemented innovative initiatives and expanded its reputation as a regional convener and reliable partner focused on addressing the evolving workforce needs of our region.

To better understand the changing landscape of our diverse workforce, the CIWB has broadened its stakeholder network throughout the Cape and Islands. We acknowledge the importance of community engagement in fostering greater connectivity with our strategic partners, including our employers, to ensure broad access to opportunities that will allow them to live, work, and thrive in the region.


The accomplishments of the last twelve months are many—and they were made possible only through the dedication, expertise, and collaboration of the CIWB staff, board members, and valued partners across the region. Thank you to everyone involved in carrying out the mission of the CIWB, as your commitment continues to make a measurable impact across Cape Cod and the Islands.

Looking ahead, the CIWB remains focused on continuous improvement and innovation. We are motivated to continue striving to develop a highly skilled, more inclusive, and self-sufficient workforce to keep pace with the workplace of tomorrow.

Thank you for being an essential part of the journey towards empowering individuals and shaping a prosperous future for our region.

With gratitude,

These four words are MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board’s pillars of success. They are the fundamental values that drive Kara Galvin and her team in every project that they take on. Collaboration doesn’t just happen! Successful collaboration begins with relationships! Kara and her team take the time to listen, to learn, to discuss, to think together, to share ideas, and then to act. This results in success after success and our students are the beneficiaries! I know it is cliché to say, “It takes a village,” but it is true. I am so very glad to have Kara Galvin and the MassHire Cape and Islands team as part of my village! They are truly making a difference with the innovative programs and support they provide to the participating school districts. You can count on this team!

Christopher E. Richards
“ ”

Developing the Future Workforce

Together with a contingent of healthcare partners, the CIWB engaged in a host of workforce development initiatives in the healthcare sector over recent years which will culminate in June 2023. Through meaningful collaboration with employers and training partners on the Health Care Workforce Hubs and the Behavioral Health Workforce Hubs grants funded through Commonwealth Corporation, the CIWB is well positioned to leverage the measurable connectivity it has established with stakeholders on the Cape and Islands.

Workforce development initiatives developed through these healthcare-focused grants have included:

• Providing an array of career ladder training opportunities within the medical field, which promotes skill and wage gain;

• Creation and growth of a Behavioral Health Consortium;

• Wage replacement activities to enhance retention and upskilling of incumbent workers;

• Production of a PSA campaign centered on behavioral health workforce development, launched during Mental Health Awareness month in May 2023.

It is the CIWB’s intention that the efforts of these working groups will continue as we are poised to embark on future collaborations through innovative funding opportunities. The CIWB is encouraged by the commitment made by the region’s healthcare leaders in this unified effort and the mutual desire among stakeholders to utilize increasingly accessible resources.

Convening to collectively address opportunities and challenges facing our region is vital to the advancement of a healthy and prosperous Cape Cod and the Islands.

The collaboration between your organization and ours has facilitated even more growth for us, which translates to more services available in the community for the fragile populations we work with. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to participate in the programs that you sponsor and we look forward to working with you in the future.

The CIWB was honored to present an overview of its successful Connecting Activities initiatives at the 2022 NAWDP Youth Conference in Raleigh, NC, in November. Executive Director Kara O’Donnell-Galvin and Program and Data Manager Samantha Fonseca were joined by Board Member and Managing Director of the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, Dr. Barbara-jean Chauvin, and Michael Looney, Director of Career and Technical Education at Mashpee Middle High School. Below: Supt. Dr. Robert Sanborn of Cape Cod Regional Technical High School accepts the 2022 Academic Partner of the Year Award from CIWB Board Chair Christopher E. Richards.
“ ”
—Michelle Aceto, CARN, Vice-President, Relief Home Health Services

Cape Cod Commission Executive Director Kristy Senatori delivers remarks at the inaugural CIWB Board Retreat in September. Senatori provided members and invited guests current data and a fresh perspective on topics such as wastewater, housing, and regional economic development.



The MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board develops strategic partnerships and advocates for innovative solutions that provide equitable access to training and education. These efforts lead to sustainable career pathways, a skilled workforce, and economic resiliency in the region.

A highly skilled, inclusive workforce that is prepared to meet the evolving employment needs on Cape Cod and the Islands, encouraging self-sufficiency and economic resiliency in the region.

We actively seek input and diverse perspectives in our approach to operational optimization in the region, ensuring our efforts are built on trust, cooperation, and accountability.

Respect is a cornerstone of the CIWB’s programs and operations. We recognize the need to foster an inclusive environment that embraces the experiences and backgrounds of a diverse workforce, furthering the potential of individuals, employers, and organizations across the Cape and Islands Region.

Bringing Together Thought Leaders

The CIWB held an inaugural Board Retreat in September, bringing together members of the CIWB Board of Directors and regional and state leaders to discuss current workforce, economic, and educational initiatives that are pertinent to the region.

The half-day convening delivered on its promise to serve as an opportunity for information sharing. Kristy Senatori, Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission, and Robert LePage, Assistant Secretary for Career Education with the Massachusetts Department of Education, shared insightful commentaries. CIWB board members Christopher Flanagan, Executive Director of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, Roger Forget, Superintendent of Upper Cape Regional Technical High School (UCT), and Christopher E. Richards, Executive Vice President, The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank,

shared industry overviews with the attendees, while CIWB Executive Director, Kara O’Donnell-Galvin, presented on CIWB updates and goals.

The working session also included an opportunity to revise the CIWB’s mission and vision statements. O’DonnellGalvin and CIWB team members Samantha Fonseca and Silene Gordon presided over breakout sessions with board members to develop updated content and language to authentically reflect the CIWB values and purpose.

The day concluded with an inspiring tour of the UCT campus where attendees were given a glimpse of the veterinary tech, healthcare, and automotive shop facilities. The tour showcased the ongoing collaboration between the CIWB and UCT and the impacts that Mass Skills Cabinet Grant funding have made on campus.


Providing consistent outreach and support to partners across the region demonstrates the CIWB’s commitment to serving as a reliable collaborator. Here, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Economic Director, Katy Atcheson, Business Development Coordinator, Silene Gordon, and State Representative Kip Diggs, gather at a regional economic conference.

The Legislative Breakfast showcased the breadth of services that MassHire Cape and Islands offers to employers, job seekers, and those looking to acquire new skills. The engaging presentations by the CIWB staff very clearly made a positive impact illustrated by the questions, comments, and enthusiasm of the representatives.

The CIWB was proud to accept the Outstanding Partner Award from the MassHire Metro South/West Workforce Board in recognition of our support to their youth career initiatives. Program and Data Manager Samantha Fonseca exemplified the CIWB’s commitment to reliable partnerships by serving on the planning team for Metro South/ West’s Trade and Construction Expo. Fonseca is pictured here with Megan Burke, Metro South/West’s Director of School Employment Programs.

—Lindsay Cole, Director of Human Resources, Cape Associates, Inc.

Creating Reliable Partnerships

Developed to promote ongoing dialogue between the Cape and Islands Delegation and the CIWB, a Legislative Breakfast was hosted by the CIWB in February to share details of important workforce initiatives being conducted in the region with representatives from the delegation.

Agenda highlights focused on the efforts that are underway to develop a highly skilled, inclusive workforce prepared to meet the evolving needs of the Cape and Islands and the role that the MassHire system plays in the region and across the Commonwealth.

• Executive Director Kara O’Donnell-Galvin presented a high-level view of tangible resources that are available, including funding through Workforce Skills Cabinet Grants. The ED also provided an overview of the CIWB’s Connecting Activities initiatives which are focused on providing in-school young adults with career and college readiness development.

Executive Director Kara O’DonnellGalvin shares updated goals and strategies at a convening of the CIWB and some of its strategic partners. The CIWB pursues continuous improvement, both internally and as a trusted workforce development resource in the Cape and Islands Region.

• Representatives from the MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center discussed the multitude of offerings and services provided to employers and job seekers in the region, highlighting the workshops, seminars, and counseling available to all populations, including veterans and out of school youth.

• Silene Gordon, the CIWB’s Business Development Coordinator, presented a status update on the impactful healthcare initiatives taking place in the region and the deepening connectivity with employer partners, resulting in a growing healthcare consortium.

The event culminated with a robust and energetic discussion centered on workforce challenges and opportunities along with a Q&A about regional needs and priorities. The CIWB is committed to ongoing convenings and partnerships with local legislators through a series of quarterly discussions focused on workforce development.

“ ”


During MassForward, a statewide convening of workforce development agencies and partners, the CIWB’s Samantha Fonseca was honored as the MassHire 2022 Ingenuity Award Winner. This prestigious award was fitting recognition of Sam’s ability to consistently incorporate innovation and ingenuity in her work as the CIWB’s Program and Data Manager.

Inspiring Future Leaders

In April, the CIWB proudly hosted more than 65 young women and local leaders from across Cape Cod for a Women’s and Girls’ Mentoring Breakfast. The event was designed to introduce a diverse group of high school students to a cross section of some of the region’s most influential female leaders in an effort to encourage mentoring and networking.

For many of the young attendees, this session provided their first opportunity to directly engage with professional women outside of the classroom setting. The CIWB was honored to have many strategic partners on hand, including representatives from Cape Cod’s legislative delegation, Housing Assistance Corporation, Encore Construction, Ashley Irene Boutique, and Cape Cod Young Professionals, as well as a local professional artist and valued educators.

In addition, Mashpee Public Schools Superintendent Patricia DeBoer and Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District Superintendent Carol Woodbury served as mentors, along with Dr. Hope Hanscom, Assistant Superintendent at Mashpee Public Schools. Dr. Hanscom serves as Co-Chair of the CIWB Youth Council.

Interspersed between a panel of inspiring speakers, mini mentoring groups were arranged during which mentors and attendees could exchange questions, discuss career and college topics, and establish pathways for future discussions.

The CIWB aims to deliver on its promise to be part of regional workforce solutions through innovation and ingenuity.

At the CIWB, we utilize creative approaches and technological advantages to maximize opportunities across the Cape and Islands region.

Capacity building efforts funded through a regional grant led to the launch of a public service announcement showcasing an array of opportunities in the behavioral health industry. The CIWB invited healthcare employees, training providers, local media, and workforce partners to participate in this successful undertaking, which was launched during Mental Health Awareness Month in May.


The CIWB is proud to collaborate with leading organizations that enhance the workforce development opportunities on the Cape and Islands, including:

Alison Caron Design

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod and the Islands

Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod

Broad Reach Healthcare

Cape and Islands District

Attorney’s Office

Cape Associates, Inc.

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Cape Cod Commission

Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Foundation

Cape Cod Makers

Cape Cod Young Professionals

Children’s Cove

Commonwealth Corporation

Community Development Partnership

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Department of Transitional Assistance

Duffy Health Center

EforAll Cape Cod

Elder Services of Cape Cod and Islands

Encore Construction

Gosnold, Inc.

Guyer Art Barn

Home Builders & Remodelers

Association of Cape Cod

Housing Assistance Corporation

Hyannis Chamber of Commerce

Independence House

Job Training and Employment

Cooperation (JTEC)

Leadership Cape Cod

Legislative Delegation of Cape Cod

Love Live Local

Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

Mashpee Chamber of Commerce



Academic Partner

Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

Business Partner

Encore Construction

Economic Development Partner

Board Member State Representative

Christopher Flanagan and Board Member

Jamie Regan at the Annual Residential Construction Career Day—a collaborative event between the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod and MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

MassHire Cape and Islands

Career Center

MassHire Department of Career Services

Mid-Cape Home Centers

Outer Cape Health Services

Philanthropy Partners of the Cape & Islands

Relief Home Health Services

S.K.Y. Strategies

Salty Broad Studios

Sevita Health

The Cape Cod Five Cents

Savings Bank

The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod


Town of Barnstable

YMCA of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Commission

Legacy Award

Carol Woodbury

Mentor of the Year

Jeanne Tassinari

Mentor of the Year

Aiste Zitnikaite

Non-profit Partner

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

Rising Stars

Cheri Armstrong

Broad Reach Healthcare

Lee Moynihan

Relief Home Health Services

Jacob Stapeldon

Anne Tochka




At the CIWB, we know that if we want more for our region, it will take more than a 9-to-5 approach.

That’s why our staff shares their energy and expertise outside of the workplace with organizations of impact across the Cape and Islands.

Our staff is proud of our affiliations with the following organizations:

• Adult Education Advisory Council

• Barnstable County Economic Development Council

• Cape Cod Foundation – Women & Girls Advisory Committee

• Children’s Cove

• Connecting Activities Strategic Planning Group

• EforAll Cape Cod

• Housing Assistance Corporation

• Leadership Cape Cod

• MassHire Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee

• MMHS Healthcare Advisory Board

• Philanthropy Day Cape Cod

• Residential Construction Career Day Committee Metro South/West

• The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank – Credit for Life

Effective partnerships were vital to the success of our Metro South/West Trade and Construction Expo. The MassHire Cape and Islands Workforce Board’s participation on our planning team and the ability to learn how they implemented a similar event not only enabled us to develop a meaningful career exploration experience, but it served as an example of how our entire workforce system can work together to create public value.

Samantha Fonseca Program/Data Manager Kara L. O’DonnellGalvin Executive Director Silene Gordon Business Development Coordinator Kim McLaughlin Special Projects Director
Deb Vaughn STEM Coordinator
“ ”

426 North Street, Suite 9, Hyannis MA 02601


Construction has been and always will be an expanding and profitable sector of business on the Cape and Islands. Wanting to continue my family’s legacy in construction as the third generation of builders here on the Cape, I was quick to realize we need a strong workforce. In 2017, I learned of this local powerhouse of an organization that was just as eager as I was to help staff our industry.

The ongoing and reliable support the CIWB gives our construction sector is crucial to the sustainability of the employment of Cape and Island residents. Connecting with current students through collaborations with the CIWB and learning of financial opportunities through the Workforce Training Fund Program helps our local youth excel with further education, as well as purchasing tools needed with the help of the Scholarship Committee. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the robust relationship of the CIWB and the Construction sector on the Cape. Together, we are growing our future construction workforce.

“ ”
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