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MIS PLANES SON AMARTE A Spiritual Journey filled with Music & Love 5TH ANNIVERSARY








1,825 days. That’s exactly five years, but more importantly all the days I have dedicated to ALEGRIA. THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY AWAKENINGS! LIGHT YEARS OF GROWTH! I don’t know about you but for me, that number resounds in my head and heart and each day I feel blessed for having the opportunity to create stories about the beauty and diversity of our people. It is truly a blessing to live my dreams by elevating others and sharing the joy of community together. To this date, people ask me why I am devoted to this project of love we call Alegria and the reason remains the same: To proudly show the world the beauty of our culture and our spirit through positive storytelling that can inspire people to reach for the stars no matter what! Many of us have come to the U.S. with nothing, leaving behind our families and all we hold dear to soar into the unknown. Very few can endure this type of journey and yet as Latinos we rise up with dignity, strength, kindness, hard work and passion. We give even when we lack; that’s the nature of our warrior spirits. Now more than ever, our voice and our stories have a special weight and historic relevance. We lift those that come after us by doing what we do best: infusing all with love and kindness everywhere we go. 1,825 days are lot, but even this big number does not equal all the wonderful friends, colleagues, collaborators and partners we have created during this time. We have celebrated together and grown no matter the season, always finding a reason to dance at our events and connect in a world where disconnection seems the rule. We are proud to bring a positive message to the world because We Matter; Our Dreams Matter & the World Would Not Be the Same without Our Latino Rhythms, Flavors and Colors!

Don’t you agree? Here’s to many more seasons together. Let us always grow and create as it is fit for us. And let us evolve, one heart at a time. I thank each and every one of you with my immense gratitude and love. See you at our 5th Anniversary Celebration! Much ALEGRIA to you,

Alegria Bilingual Magazine Publisher CEO @davifalegria


DAVINA FERREIRA - PUBLISHER Davina Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine. She is also a poet and published author. Recently ,she received the prestigious Rising Star Award by the National LBWA at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This honor recognizes entrepreneurial excellence to a business owner under 35. She is currently working on her second book: "Finding my ALEGRIA." Her ALEGRIA? Sharing time with her loved ones and her dog Emilio, traveling (minus the flying) and helping others accomplish their dreams.

SHARON RAPOPORT - WRITER / TRANSLATOR Sharon Rapoport is a professional writer. She has published more than 1,000 articles, stories, and interviews in well known magazines and online media, both in Mexico and in the U.S. She has written about every imaginable topic, from work strategies, to health, personal finance and parenting. Her husband thinks that if she were to practice 5% of advice she´s provided through her articles, she would be the perfect woman.

CLARE MIRANDA - WRITER Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.

RIITTA KÄRÄVÄ - TRANSLATOR Editor Riitta Kärävä was born in Helsinki, Finland and received her Master of Science degree in International Marketing of Foodstuffs from the University of Helsinki. She spent her free time playing ice hockey, designing fashion semi-professionally, learning languages, and travelling extensively while working as a multilingual tour guide for 10 years in Europe. After two decades in California, she decided to immerse herself in Spanish language at California State University Channel Islands, where she obtained a certificate in Spanish translation and a pool of Latino friends. Her husband and two adult children bring her mucha Alegría. She is still passionate about languages and international travel.

SANDRA RODRIGUEZ - WRITER Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandra’s areas of expertise, but she enjoys talking and writing about all topics, be they mainstream or obscure. This bilingual communications expert with considerable experience in media and publishing currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Previously a managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers en Latin America, she has impressed various industry leaders. She has, for instance, been described as “a great conversationalist” by the former Senior Creative Director for BBC Worldwide, and as a person who is “always up-to-date on the latest trends and brings great intelligence and creativity to all of her endeavors” by the Marketing Director at Discovery Communications.

PAOLA HERNANDEZ - WRITER Paola Hernandez is a journalist and a co-founder of KiiKAS (a breast cancer awareness program) from Pereira - Colombia. She is a passionate writer, an amateur chef, and a love expert. She posseses a unique sense of humor and a lot of friends. Paola is a proud Scorpio and a sexy momma who loves to read, travel and go on hot dates with her husband. Paola’s ALEGRIA is her son Santiago.

the TEAM


CARLOS MENDOZA - CREATIVE DIRECTOR Carlos is a colombian designer passionate about illustration, editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. His spare time is spent creating graphic publications with multiple applications (clothes, magazines, archigraphy), also cycling and walking his dog “domingo.” What does Carlos think about design? Quoting maestro Leonardo Da Vinci and what he tells his students: "Simplicity is the utmost sophistication." Carlos can be reached at:

DAVID JR. MARTIN - PHOTOGRAPHER I moved to LA from the Bay Area to pursue my music career some time ago. Along my journey I did many photoshoots myself, as an artist. I slowly fell in love with the art of photography. I can now see through both sides of the lense while bringing my experience and passion into every shot that I take. Iv'e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I'll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your "A" game. I'm here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory.

DAISY SOLIS - WRITER Daisy Solis is a Los Angeles based freelance writer of Mexican descent. She currently works in the field of education but enjoys doing a kaleidoscope of things. She is the Event Planning Coordinator for Latin Dance Pro, a Los Angeles/Pasadena-based dance academy. What gives me ALEGRIA? That’s easy: writing, dancing and creating beautiful events!” Daisy can be reached at: and via Facebook.

YESIKA BAKER - SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR This Venezuelan beauty is an award winning trainer and entrepreneur. She is the director of ALEGRIA´s special events division. In her free time, you can find her hanging out in Hawaii or running a marathon. Her son Matteo and merengue music bring her true ALEGRIA.

KARLA SILVA - MARKETING Born and raised in Mexico City. She comes from a family where her parents taught her that honor, respect and integrity are the main keys of credibility in the business world. Karla got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana in Torreon, Mexico in Communication Sciences which covers marketing, publicity and journalism. She came to the United States to study English as a second language and found many opportunities for her career and future. Karla started her own design studio for record labels in 1995 and was very successful for twenty years. As we all know the record industry changed and this led Karla to explore many other business opportunities in the Latino and Armenian community. Karla has become an image consultant, designer and marketing director for many successful business owners.

luxury & bilingual latin arts and lifestyle magazine in the united states General Counsel: Alvaradosmith | Cover: Juanes All rights reserved © 2017, the entire contents of this publication are protected by copyright. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any forms or by any means without the express written prior permission of the copyright owner. The translating of the content has been created by the editing board and does not represent literal translation of the articles. Some words have been modified based on editorial needs for each language. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication, Alegria Magazine cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.


New Kings The power of online influencers


Karol G. Colombian Powerhouse



Rolos & Icons II The Peralta Project


Mirtha Michelle Castro


Abbot Kinney Dreams!



JUANES Mis planes son amarte



Outdoor Movies at the Skirball

Spend a summer night under the stars! Celebrate the power of music with the exhibition Paul Simon: Words & Music and three rockin’ f ilms for all ages. Before the screenings, explore the galleries and enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, and light fare available for purchase.

Film Schedule Fridays at 8:30 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.)




June 30

July 14

Advance tickets recommended BUY NOW: (877) SCC-4TIX, ilm, or on site 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 • (310) 440-4500 FREE on-site parking; street parking strictly prohibited







Pacific Standard Time



Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a far reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles, taking place from September 2017 through January 2018 at more than 70 cultural institutions throughout Southern California.


ás de 1,100 artistas de 45 países de Latinoamérica, Norteamérica y Europa; incluyendo a México, Brasil, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ecuador, República Dominicana, Haití, Perú, Chile, Panamá, Guatemala, Cuba, Trinidad y Tobago, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Uruguay, Reino Unido, Alemania y Estados Unidos. Más de 70 exhibiciones que exploran diversos temas, temáticas, movimientos y periodos tales como arte y activismo; identidad; género; diseño y arquitectura; cine y video; arte chicano y latino; fotografía; artes escénicas y conceptualismo; modernismo y abstracción; globalismo, fronteras y diáspora; eras prehispánica y colonial. “All of Pacific Standard Time: LA/ LA’s grant-funded exhibitions are grounded in significant original research carried out by teams of

scholars – including curators, artists and critics – in the United States, Latin America, and Europe,” said Deborah Marrow, director of the Getty Foundation. “The fruits of their collaborative research will be evident in the resulting exhibitions. The exhibitions will also leave a lasting legacy of scholarship through numerous catalogues and other publications. The Getty Foundation is proud to support this work.” Además del amplio circuito de sus exhibiciones, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA se expandirá mas allá de los confines de los museos con conciertos, presentaciones y eventos que las instituciones asociadas ofrecerán en el Hollywood Bowl, en el Dorothy Chandler Pavilion y el Walt Disney Concert Hall de The Music Center, en Grand Park, y en distintos espacios interiores y al aire libre de Los Ángeles y toda la región.


Pacific Standard Time is an initiative of the Getty. The presenting sponsor is Bank of America. Find us online: Instagram and Twitter: @PSTinLA Facebook: @pacificstandardtime



my couch watching TV. An idea will come to mind, and I grab my laptop and start working on the concept. A lot of times something that I watch can trigger a great idea. Your artist inspiration...

The artists that inspire me are Rappers such as Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kendrick and Fania Allstars. The visual artists that I love are Frida Kahlo, Dali, Keith Haring, Warhol, Diego, and so many others! Your personal icon...

My mother, Alsacia Antonia Ramirez, is my icon. When did you find out this was going to be your life?

Ever since I was a kid, I always fantasized about being an artist. But it wasn’t until 2011 that I felt comfortable calling myself an artist due to the public’s reaction to my work, and the recognition I was achieving. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Art brings me ALEGRIA. Walking around the streets and seeing beautiful murals or going to the museum and seeing the art pieces of my favorite artist. Listening to a classic Michael Jackson song or eating a slice of pizza from my neighborhood pizza shop.


Native New Yorker and contemporary artist M. Tony Peralta presents his latest solo exhibit Rolos & Icons, which salutes iconic Latina women. The Peralta Project is a lifestyle brand created by Artist M.Tony Peralta. The Peralta Project is a mixture of old New York, Hip Hop & Latino Culture. How was the idea of Rolos & Icons II born?

Rolos & Icons ll was born of the desire to exhibit my work in Los Angeles. After the success of the show in N.Y. I was getting messages from my followers asking me to bring the collection to L.A. or Miami, but I had a no clue on how to make that happen. I expressed my interest to Zoila from the WORD agency. Five months after we first connected I had my opening in L.A.! What’s the best thing about being a bilingual artist in today’s world?

The best part of being a bilingual artist is the ability to speak to two audiences. Even though I wasn’t born in Latin America and my Spanish can be a bit choppy, my art communicates very clearly with that audience; it resonates.

How are you inspired by your Latino roots?

I love being Dominican! We were the first country in the Western Hemisphere. I’m inspired by our African, Taino and Spanish roots. Our food and music are inspiring. Our colors, a bright and festive pop-art palette. How was The Peralta Project born?

The Peralta Project was born in 2005, after a very overwhelming response to one of my early art pieces called “Gaza Strip.” Folks loved the piece so much they asked me to put it on a t-shirt, and that’s what I did the following year. I’ve always loved fashion and streetwear, and I wanted to see my graphics on tees. The best place to create...

I create best when I’m at home, sitting on




la pusiera en una camiseta, y eso fue lo que hice al año siguiente. Siempre me ha gustado la moda callejera y la moda en general, y quería ver mis gráficos en camisetas. El mejor lugar para crear...

Me inspiro mejor para crear cuando estoy en casa, sentado en mi sofá viendo la televisión. Una idea me viene a la mente, y tomo mi laptop y empiezo a trabajar en el concepto. Muchas veces algo que veo puede desencadenar una gran idea. Los artistas que te inspiran...

Los artistas que me inspiran son raperos como Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kendrick y Fania Allstars. Los artistas visuales que me encantan son Frida Kahlo, Dali, Keith Haring, Warhol, Diego Rivera ¡y muchos más! Tu icono personal...

Mi madre, Alsacia Antonia Ramírez, es mi icono. ¿Cuándo descubriste que ésta iba a ser tu vida?

Desde que era un niño, siempre fantaseaba con ser un artista. Pero no fue hasta el 2011 que me sentí cómodo llamándome artista, debido a la reacción del público y el reconocimiento que estaba obteniendo. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

El arte me trae ALEGRIA. Caminar por las calles y ver hermosos murales o ir al museo y ver las piezas de arte de mi artista favorito. Escuchar una canción clásica de Michael Jackson o comer una rebanada de pizza en la pizzería de mi vecindario.

¿Cómo nació la idea de Rolos & Icons II?

Rolos & Icons nació de un deseo de exhibir en Los Ángeles. Después del éxito de la serie en N.Y., recibí mensajes de mis seguidores pidiéndome que trajera la colección a Los Ángeles o a Miami, pero no tenía ni idea de cómo lograr que esto sucediera. Le expresé mi interés a Zoila, de la agencia WORD. ¡Cinco meses después de que nos contactáramos, ya estaba exhibiendo por primera vez en L.A.! ¿Qué es lo mejor de ser un artista bilingüe?

La mejor parte de ser un artista bilingüe es la habilidad de hablar con dos audiencias. A pesar de que no nací en América Latina y de que mi español no es perfecto, mi arte se comunica muy claramente con esa audiencia; resuena con ellos. ¿Cómo te inspiran tus raíces latinas?

¡Me encanta ser dominicano! Fuimos el primer país del hemisferio occidental. Me inspiran nuestras raíces africanas, tainas y españolas. Nuestra comida y música son inspiradoras. Nuestros colores, una brillante y festiva paleta de arte-pop. ¿Cómo surge el Proyecto Peralta?

El Proyecto Peralta surge en 2005, después de la abrumadora respuesta a una de mis primeras piezas de arte, llamada “Gaza Strip”. A la gente le gustó tanto la pieza que me pidieron que




I want to leave a message of happiness in the Universe; I want people to love what they do and connect with the depths of their being.

How did you come up with the idea of a book about Mandalas?

The idea was born at a time when I was very connected to this technique. I was going through a transcendental moment in my life, and the mandalas filled me with calm and tranquility. I then decided that I could not keep this to myself; I had to share it with the Universe, and I decided to deliver the message through a book: Mandalas for the Soul. Was the enormous success of your books in Colombia and Mexico something you expected?

Honestly, I never expected this much success. To me, it was always an important project, which may touch people in my town and other cities. However, it became a movement, a lifestyle and a trend that has reached more than eighty thousand souls. Why Mandalas?

Because it is the connection to our essence, providing serenity through a person’s individual process.

I am simply a channel for people to seek that inner happiness, but it is them who go through each process and experience it. I want to leave a message of happiness in the Universe; I want people to love what they do and connect with the depths of their being. How does it make you feel that your work is changing people’s lives?

It’s an amazing feeling. It means knowing that if I deliver a positive message through my experience, it will inspire other people to do the same. It allows them to get fulfilled through the things that make them happy and multiply that happiness to their environment. A best travel destinations and why?

I have many favorite places, but Thailand has an impressive energy. It is a country that fills you up, and you feel peace. I will always recommend it; it has stayed in my mind forever.

What is your happy place?

Anywhere, as long as I am in connection with my being. If I am happy, my environment is happy, and everything is happy. How important are spirituality and wellbeing to you?

Spirituality plays a super important role in my life, but it is not my everything. We live in a real world, not a spiritual one. You must maintain a balance to be in harmony. Any advice for the young entrepreneurs and social media influencers out there who follow you?

The most important thing is, do what you love and makes you happy. When this happens, everything flows with great force and serenity. It is the best way to be successful. Facundo Cabral said it best: “He who loves what he does is doomed to success.”


“Quiero dejar un mensaje de felicidad en el Universo, quiero que las personas amen lo que hacen y se conecten con lo más profundo de su ser.”

¿Cómo surge la idea de crear un libro de Mandalas?

La idea nace cuando me encontraba muy conectada con esta técnica; pasaba por momentos súper trascendentales en mi vida y los Mandalas me llenaban de calma y tranquilidad. Luego decidí que no me podía quedar con esto para mi sola, debía compartirlo con el Universo y decidí entregar el mensaje a través de un libro: Mandalas para el alma. ¿Esperabas el enorme éxito de tus libros en México y Colombia?

Sinceramente nunca esperé tanto. Para mí este fue siempre un proyecto importante, que quizá tocaría a las personas de mi ciudad y algunas otras ciudades, pero se convirtió en un movimiento, un estilo de vida y una tendencia que ha tocado más de ochenta mil almas. ¿Por qué Mandalas?

Porque es la conexión con nuestra esencia, es entregar tranquilidad a las personas con su propio proceso. Yo simplemente soy un canal para que las personas busquen esa felicidad interna, pero son ellos quienes llevan cada proceso y los que realmente lo viven.




Quiero dejar un mensaje de felicidad en el Universo, quiero que las personas amen lo que hacen y se conecten con lo más profundo de su ser. ¿Qué sientes al saber que tu trabajo está cambiando la vida de muchas personas?

Se siente increíble. Es entender que, si entrego un mensaje positivo a través de mi propia experiencia, esto va a inspirar otras personas a que hagan lo mismo. Que se llenen de las cosas que los hagan felices y multipliquen la felicidad en su entorno. ¿Cuál es tu lugar feliz?

Cualquiera, siempre que esté en conexión conmigo misma. Si estoy feliz, mi entorno es feliz y todo es feliz. Tu destino de viaje preferido, y por qué…

Tengo muchos lugares preferidos, pero Tailandia tiene una energía impresionante. Es un país que te llena y sientes paz. Lo recomendaría toda la vida y permanece en mi mente para siempre.

¿Qué tan importantes son la espiritualidad y el bienestar para ti?

La espiritualidad juega un papel súper importante en mi vida, pero no es mi todo. Vivimos en un mundo real, no espiritual. Hay que mantener el equilibrio para estar en armonía. ¿Algún consejo para los empresarios jóvenes y los influenciadores de las redes sociales que te siguen?

Lo más importante es hacer lo que nos gusta y nos hace felices, cuando esto pasa todo fluye con mucha fuerza y tranquilidad a la vez. Es la mejor forma de ser exitosos. “El que ama lo que hace, está condenado al éxito”, decía Facundo Cabral.



ou recently arrived from Peru, to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. How do you hope to represent Latino actors?

When it comes to roles, there are a lot of stereotypes in Hollywood. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you look, where you come from, etcetera. I would like to break those stereotypes and portray different types, instead of the same characters Latinos always play, such as the immigrant, the thief, the uneducated person. However, if I get those roles, it would be my pleasure to play them. I’m twenty years old right now. I believe I can play the roles that Americans usually get by observing and studying them. That’s what acting is all about, becoming someone else.


What advice would you give to other young Latinos looking to pursue their dreams?

I think we should all pursue our dreams; we only live once, and the most important thing in life is happiness. Acting and modeling make me feel complete as a person. Every day I wake up, there is a new challenge, and it’s a new day to conquer that challenge in

order to make my dreams come true. If you think you can make it, then do it! Nobody can stop you: fight and never give up. If at the end you didn’t make it, it doesn’t matter, at least you tried, and that’s the most important thing. What is the best thing about being bilingual?

I’m Peruvian; that means I speak Spanish, that’s my native language.

I started learning English when I was 4 years old at a British school in Lima, Peru. The benefit of being bilingual is that you can work in different environments -the Latino world and the American world. You have more opportunities to get work and make friends and connections, and that’s very important nowadays. I’m still studying English every day, trying to expand my vocabulary and improve my accent. What brings you ALEGRIA?

ALEGRIA is a renowned Latino magazine. For me as a Latino, it’s an honor to be in this magazine. Now that I’m a part of ALEGRIA, I can show people what I’m doing and what I’m trying to achieve. ALEGRIA brings me joy, that’s its definition in Spanish.

What is your passion, modeling or acting?

My passion is acting; I’m one hundred percent sure. I enjoy modeling too, but even as a model, I can create different stories and characters through my acting.

porque al menos lo intentaste, eso es lo más importante. ¿Lo mejor de ser bilingüe?


ecientemente llegaste desde Perú a Hollywood para seguir tu carrera como actor. ¿Cómo esperas representar a los actores latinos?

En Hollywood hay muchos estereotipos en lo que respecta a roles, dependen de cómo luzcas, de dónde vengas. Me gustaría romper ese concepto e interpretar distintos tipos de personajes, en lugar de siempre interpretar al mismo personaje que los latinos consiguen, como el inmigrante, ladrón, o una persona poco educada. Pero si consigo esos papeles, sería un placer hacerlos. Ahora tengo veinte años, y creo que puedo interpretar los mismos papeles que los americanos consiguen, observándolos y estudiándolos. Al fin de cuentas, de eso trata la actuación, de interpretar a alguien más.

Photo by David Jr. Martin

¿Cuál es tu pasión, el modelaje o la actuación?

Mi pasión es actuar, estoy 100 % seguro, pero también me gusta el modelaje. Considero que puedo representar diferentes historias y personajes en las fotografías empleando mis técnicas de actuación. ¿Qué consejo le darías a otros latinos jóvenes que buscan seguir sus sueños?

Creo que todos debemos perseguir nuestros sueños, sólo vivimos una vez, y lo más importante en la vida es la felicidad. Al actuar y modelar me siento completo como una persona. Cuando despierto, cada día es un reto. Es un día más para escalar y llegar a la cima; para hacer realidad mis sueños. Si sientes que puedes hacerlo, entonces hazlo, nadie te puede parar, sólo lucha y nunca te rindas, y si al final no lo logras no importa,

Soy peruano, lo que significa que hablo español; esa es mi lengua materna, pero desde los 4 años asistí a una escuela británica en Lima, Perú, llamada Hiram Bingham, donde aprendí inglés. La ventaja de ser bilingüe es que puedes trabajar en diferentes ambientes, en el mundo latino y también en el mundo estadounidense. Tienes más posibilidades de conseguir trabajo y también de hacer amigos y conexiones, y eso es muy importante hoy en día. Todavía estoy estudiando inglés todos los días, tratando de reforzar mi vocabulario y también mejorar mi acento. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

ALEGRIA es una reconocida revista latina y para mí como latino, es un honor aparecer en una revista como ésta. Ahora que soy parte de la revista ALEGRIA, puedo mostrar lo que estoy haciendo y lo que estoy tratando de lograr. ALEGRIA me trae alegría, eso es lo que significa literalmente en español.



¿Cómo elegiste a los influencers que aparecen en tu documental?

Fue un proceso que me llevó cerca de nueve meses. Envié cientos de correos electrónicos a personas que trabajan en diferentes industrias. Sabía que este nuevo fenómeno estaba afectando a todos los negocios y sectores, así que quería tener tantas perspectivas como fuera posible. Me conecté con más de 50 profesionales e influenciadores de medios sociales y tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a muchos de ellos. Me sorprendió cómo al entrevistarlos todo empezó a encajar como un rompecabezas. ¿De quién aprendiste más y por qué?

Es una pregunta difícil. Aprendí mucho de todos ellos. Cada uno tiene un propósito muy claro. New Kings: The Power of Online Influencers, es sólo una probadita de estas profundas conversaciones. Voy a publicar las entrevistas más tarde, porque vale la pena. Ver todas las entrevistas te ayuda a entender cómo evolucionó la economía social y el espacio de los influencers. Como contadora de historias multimedia, ¿qué esperas que tu público se lleve consigo después de ver tu documental?

By Maria Alejandra @malerodriguezh / Photo by Mauricio Gonzalez

How did you select the influencers that are featured in your documentary?

It was a process that took me about nine months. I sent hundreds of e-mails reaching out to people who work in different industries. I knew this new phenomenon was affecting every business and every sector, so I wanted to have as many perspectives as possible. The response was great. I connected with more than 50 professionals and social media influencers and got the chance to interview many of them. As I interviewed them, everything started to fit together like a puzzle. Who did you learn the most from and why?

This is a hard one. I learned so much from all of them. They each have a very clear purpose. New Kings. The Power of Online Influencers, is just a taste of these in-depth conversations. I’m going to release the full interviews later on because it’s so worth it. Watching all the interviews helps you understand how the social economy and influencer space evolved. As a social media storyteller, what do you hope your audience will get out of watching your documentary?

When I started this project, I didn’t really know what was coming. Since this was part of my graduate thesis, I wanted to explore and answer

many of my questions as a strategic communications professional and as a social media consumer. Today, with the final product, I hope people will connect the dots and understand the amazing social economy we have all created. We live in very interesting times. We are living a revolution. And I just feel so fortunate to be able to document these changes. Do you believe social media influencers are here to stay?

I do. Social media platforms have empowered us to create and express ourselves in new ways. Technology has given us the tools to connect through our creations - through words, pictures, videos. That won’t stop. Expression is a human necessity. And among the creative community, there will be some people who step up; who will attract the masses. Perhaps the name “influencer” will change; maybe the whole dynamic will transform. With technology, the only constant is change. But I think the essence will remain. What brings you ALEGRIA as a journalist and multimedia storyteller?

I love this question! To create and to share bring me ALEGRIA. They bring purpose to my life. I love sharing the knowledge I receive, the stories I’ve been told and the stories I create about people. People bring me ALEGRIA. Human connections are everything.

Cuando empecé este proyecto, realmente no sabía qué esperar. Quería explorar y responder a muchas de mis preguntas como profesional de comunicaciones estratégicas y como consumidor de medios sociales. Hoy, con el producto final, espero que la gente conecte los puntos y entienda el increíble poder de la economía social que todos hemos creado. Vivimos en tiempos muy interesantes. Estamos viviendo una revolución. Y me siento tan afortunado de poder documentar estos cambios. ¿Crees que los influencers de las redes sociales están aquí para quedarse?

Definitivamente. Las plataformas de medios sociales nos han capacitado para crear y expresarnos de nuevas maneras. La tecnología nos ha dado las herramientas para conectarnos a través de nuestras creaciones (a través de palabras, imágenes, videos). Eso no se detendrá. La expresión es una necesidad humana. Y entre las comunidades creativas, siempre habrá personas que sobresaldrán. Tal vez el nombre “influencer” cambie; tal vez toda la dinámica se transforme. Con la tecnología, la única constante es el cambio. Pero creo que la esencia permanecerá. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA como periodista y narradora de cuentos multimedia?

Crear y compartir me trae ALEGRIA. Traen un propósito a mi vida. Me encanta compartir el conocimiento que recibo, las historias que me han contado y las historias que creo sobre la gente. La gente me trae ALEGRIA. Las conexiones humanas lo son todo.



What brought you to L.A. from Argentina?

My parents came from Toronto to Los Angeles in 1993. I had no choice in the matter, but later, I was glad they made that move. Los Angeles has always been one of those cities where people move to with the hope of discovering themselves, achieving their dreams, fighting for something… I’ve always admired that about those who leave everything behind to move here. As soon as I had it with the brutal Toronto winters, I knew it was time to begin the next chapter of my life. I’m a dreamer and a doer, and this city was the perfect place for that. What has been the most rewarding part of creating Sudamericana?

The most rewarding part of creating Sudamericana has been all the amazing people I have met in the last five years, who have become colleagues, friends, and even family. It’s been incredible meeting people who are committed to treading on a righteous path to make our world better. It’s very rewarding to be able to give back through each event, as we donate to nonprofit organizations in our respective communities, and to those who work in other parts of the world. What brings you ALEGRIA?

People bring me ALEGRIA; people from all walks of life, people from every part of the world. It’s those people who have a story, those who have struggled to make ends meet, and those who are committed to seeing their dreams come true; those are the people who bring me ALEGRIA. What is next for Sudamericana?

Sudamericana Make up Nicole Hawkyard / Photo by David Jr. Martin

How was Sudamericana born?

Sudamericana was born during a hot summer and a difficult stage of my life. Like many others, I have always been a believer in the notion that it’s best to create during hard times. And so, the idea came to fruition because I was nostalgic and had the desire to recreate those fun memories from my childhood in Argentina and adolescence in Toronto. I lived in a city

known for its diversity and was fortunate enough to be exposed to music from all over. We wanted to create a community comprised of people who enjoyed dancing to music they wouldn’t have heard anywhere outside their homes. I wanted to bring people together to dance like no one was watching. And that is the story of Sudamericana’s inception!

We’re very grateful to have witnessed Sudamericana’s growth in the last five years, and we can only hope it will continue to grow. We would like to expand the party and host it in different cities such as San Diego and San Francisco, among others. And of course, we will continue to spread the good times right here in Los Angeles! We would love to be more involved with recording artists and to create a music festival that is the perfect mix of the nostalgia we bring and the fun new-wave music our crowd loves to dance. Our goals align perfectly with our motto: Dance, Live, Love and do Good!



muchos se han convertido en colegas, amigos e incluso familiares. Ha sido una reunión increíble de personas que están comprometidas a seguir un camino recto con el fin de crear un mundo mejor. Es muy gratificante ser capaz de devolver a través de cada evento, ya que realizamos donativos a organizaciones sin fines de lucro en nuestras respectivas comunidades y a organizaciones en otras partes del mundo.

Nuestras metas están alineadas con nuestro lema que es: ¡Baila, vive, ama y haz el bien!

¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

La gente me trae ALEGRIA, gente de todos los ámbitos de la vida y de todas partes del mundo. Son aquellas personas que tienen una historia, aquellos que han luchado para llegar a fin de mes, y los comprometidos a ver sus sueños hechos realidad quienes que me traen ALEGRIA. ¿Qué sigue para Sudamericana?

¿Qué te trajo desde Argentina a L.A.?

¿Cómo nació Sudamericana?

Sudamericana nació durante un verano caluroso y en una etapa difícil en mi vida. Como muchas personas, siempre he creído en la noción de que es mejor crear en tiempos difíciles. Y así, la idea se concretó, porque yo estaba nostálgica y tenía deseos de recrear esos divertidos recuerdos de mi infancia en Argentina y mi adolescencia en Toronto. Viví en una ciudad conocida por su diversidad y tuve la suerte de estar expuesta a todo tipo de música. Queríamos crear una comunidad de personas que disfrutaban bailando con música que no podrían escuchar en ningún lugar fuera de sus hogares. Quería reunir gente para bailar como si nadie nos estuviera mirando. ¡Y esa es la historia de la creación de Sudamericana!

Llegué a Los Ángeles desde Toronto, donde mis padres emigraron en 1993. No pude opinar en el asunto, pero más tarde me alegré de que hubiesen realizado esa mudanza. Para mí, Los Ángeles siempre ha sido una de esas ciudades a las que la gente se muda con la esperanza de descubrirse, realizar sus sueños, luchar por algo... Siempre he admirado eso de los que dejan todo atrás para mudarse aquí. Tan pronto como me harté de los inviernos brutales de Toronto, supe que era hora de comenzar el próximo capítulo en mi vida. Soy una soñadora y una hacedora, y esta ciudad era el lugar perfecto para ello. ¿Qué ha sido lo más gratificante de crear Sudamericana?

La parte más gratificante de crear Sudamericana ha sido toda la gente increíble que he conocido en los últimos cinco años,

Estamos muy agradecidos de haber presenciado el crecimiento de Sudamericana en los últimos cinco años el maravilloso The Continental Club, en Downtown, Los Angeles, y sólo podemos esperar que siga creciendo. Nos gustaría que la fiesta creciera, y organizarla en diferentes ciudades como San Diego y San Francisco, entre otras. Y por supuesto, vamos a seguir propagando los buenos ratos ¡aquí en Los Ángeles! Tenemos “Beach House”, nuestra serie de fiestas de verano y una fiesta en barco a bordo del Expreso de Catalina el 1º de julio. Nos encantaría involucrarnos más con los artistas de la industria discográfica y crear un festival de música que sea la combinación perfecta entre la nostalgia que traemos y la divertida música new-wave que a nuestra gente le encanta bailar. Nuestras metas están alineadas con nuestro lema que es: ¡Baila, vive, ama y haz el bien!



When was your passion for social media born and why?

Ever since I was little, I was struck by everything you can do with digital devices. When I moved to Los Angeles, I bought my first computer. I discovered an editing program, and that same day I decided to upload my first video to YouTube. I made that video as a way of keeping connected to my family. I never thought it was going to turn into something so amazing. What inspires you when you wake up?

My family and my dreams. I am a compulsive dreamer; I love to think about what’s coming next, to know where I will place my focus and then make an action plan. Three things you could not live without...

The ability to communicate with my family; the interaction with my followers and my puppy, Kiwi. The biggest obstacle you’ve ever had to overcome…

Being away from all the people I love and finding the strength and inspiration to keep going. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To see the people that I love. To smile and to hear the stories of those who are making their dreams come true. I love a good conversation and a nice cup of tea. Just thinking about happiness makes me happy. Happiness is not a thing, a person or any amount of money. For me, ALEGRIA and happiness are feelings that come from the inside out.

Cuándo nace tu pasión por los medios sociales?

Desde que era pequeña me llamó la atención todo lo que se podía hacer con dispositivos digitales. Cuando me mudé a Los Ángeles compré mi primera computadora. Descubrí un programa de edición y ese mismo día decidí subir mi primer video a YouTube. Era un video para mí familia, para mantenernos conectados. Nunca pensé que se iba a convertir en algo tan increíble. ¿Qué te inspira al despertarte?


This Venezuelan beauty is inspiring a new generation of digital content creators with her passion for beauty & positivity.

Mi familia y mis sueños. Soy una soñadora compulsiva, me encanta pensar en qué viene ahora, saber en qué me voy a enfocar y luego hacer un plan de acción. Tres cosas sin las que no podrías vivir…

Comunicarme con mi familia; la interacción con mis seguidores y mi perrito, Kiwi. El obstáculo más grande que has tenido que superar...

Alejarme de toda la gente que amo y encontrar la fuerza y la inspiración para seguir adelante. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

Ver a las personas que amo, sonreír y escuchar historias de personas que están haciendo sus sueños realidad. Soy amante de una buena conversación, con una rica taza de té. El simple hecho de pensar en la felicidad me hace feliz. La felicidad no es una cosa, una persona o una cantidad de dinero. Para mí la ALEGRIA y la felicidad son sentimientos que comienzan de adentro hacia afuera y es algo que se refleja en los ojos.




With a relaxed, unique style, journalist and television producer Luz María Doria tells how she ended up becoming that successful, professional woman she dreamed of being when she was a teenager.

With over 30 years of experience in Hispanic media, Luz María -or Luzmahas been a witness to the breakout of stars like Jennifer López, Sofía Vergara, and Thalía, among many others, and she reveals how they all achieved success, secrets that she herself has applied in her professional life, and which she now reveals to her readers.

Sueña con todas tus fuerzas y acabarás convirtiéndote en eso que siempre has soñado.

Todos soñamos con triunfar, con lograr lo que nos proponemos. No importa la edad: siempre pensamos en esas versión mejorada de nosotros mismos que queremos ser. En La mujer de mis sueños, verás que sí es posible lograrlo: con fe, sin miedo y con muchos consejos.

En reveladoras conversaciones con Sofía Vergara, Ismael Cala y Emilio Estefan (entre muchos otros) y recordando anécdotas que incluyen a personalidades como Cristina Saralegui, Oprah Winfrey y Jennifer Lopez, Luz María Doria recorre el camino que la llevó a conquistar el éxito.

Una vida. Ednita Nazario Una de las artistas más icónicas de la Isla del Encanto, Ednita Nazario se convierte en autora de un revelador libro en el que comparte anécdotas íntimas sobre su vida y su prolífica carrera. “Una Vida”, es la íntima autobiografía de la diva de Puerto Rico, en la que la cantante desnuda su alma y narra detalles de los que nunca antes habló públicamente. Ednita Nazario recibió en 2016 el Lifetime Achievement Award, que se otorga en los Grammys Latinos como un reconocimiento a la totalidad de la obra de un artista y su excelencia en la industria musical. Con esta autobiografía y un álbum homónimo, Ednita Nazario regresa con más fuerza que nunca. Una historia del corazón, narrada con total transparencia y que revela detalles íntimos de esa mujer llena de talento, pasión y amor por su familia. Mas información sobre Ednita en:

En estas páginas descubrirás los secretos que Luz María ha recogido durante más de 30 años de carrera para que tú también puedas convertirte en la mujer (o el hombre) de tus sueños.



From one wordsmith to another, when putting pen to paper, what drew you to write poetry? I started writing poetry when I was six years old. I obviously didn’t understand it was poetry at the time. It was just an outlet to express myself. But I began to take it a lot more seriously when I turned thirteen. I started a journal dedicated to writing poetry, and haven’t stopped ever since. I’ve always been more into poetry because it can carry an emotion in less than a paragraph. It’s precise, it’s deep, and it gets to the point. Is there a specific childhood memory, joyful or heartbreaking, that’s inspired your writing? The childhood event that inspired some of my writings was the transition of leaving the Dominican Republic to move to Miami. It was tough to learn a new language. I was only five years old, but I remember it vividly. I missed my whole family, especially my grandparents. I come from a very tight-knit family, and it was tough. I remember missing the ocean. Moving to the Miami suburbs did not necessarily remind me of the sea! So, the ocean and “home” inspired some of my writings as a young poet, and then, when I became a teenager, I started writing about love. By Daisy Solis / Photos by Robert Tale


atina poets are an amazing rarity. Did you know that poetry helped secure the first Nobel Peace Prize ever awarded to a Latina? Latina poetry explores a variety of styles and themes and is often inspired by the poets’ beautiful -and sometimes painful cultural experiences.

Poetry has been responsible for giving many Latinas the strong voice they need to share their unique stories with the world, and Dominican-born contemporary love poet Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol can attest to that. Her following is a testament to the courage she showed when she threw caution to the wind and pursued a dream that ended up connecting her with an infinite number of women around the world and created an unexpected sisterhood.

After Mirtha graduated from college, she left Miami and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her joint loves of writing and acting. It was by no stretch of the imagination a life of instant glitz and glamour. There were many vicissitudes along the way. At one point, she just had a couple hundred dollars to her name; but thanks to her relentlessness, hard work, and passion for writing, she made a name for herself as a respected modern-day poet.

Her new book, Letters, To Women Like Me, follows two very successful poem compilations, and its release could not have been more timely. I spoke with Mirtha about perseverance in this tough town, the importance of staying true to herself, and her new role as a producer as she turns her first two books, Letters, To The Men I Have Loved and Elusive Loves into a TV series.

Your new book is titled, Letters, to Women Like Me. Who exactly are the women to whom these letters are dedicated? When I say, “a woman like me,” I am saying that I am a woman who believes in love, I am a woman who, regardless of the heartbreak, disillusion or loss that I have experienced, still has hope. I wake up every single day believing that the best is yet to come; that wonderful things are in store for me. I believe that there are many women like me out there, who encounter certain life-changing experiences, and when they’re at crossroads, they can turn a negative into a positive. We can turn a painful experience into a reminder of strength.



Do you believe that it is especially important to dedicate such a book considering what women in the Unite States. now must re-endure? Of course! First, I think that the plight of a woman will never stop. There are so many different obstacles that we must always endure. You may be a woman of color or a woman from a minority; women have been objectified ever since the beginning of time. We’ve been mistreated and looked upon as secondclass citizens for far too long.

Tell me about your television series! How will you be combining both of your books? It’s very exciting; we will be workThat’s just how it is. I’m as real as ing with One Race TV, which is they come. I am the same way Vin Diesel’s company under Unibehind closed doors than outversal. We will start with Letters, side. If you like it, fine, if you don’t, To The Men I Have Loved. It’s a there are many other people out coming-of-age story revolving there who will appreciate me. I around a character based on worked hard on the process of me. You will see the character go accepting myself, and I’ve built through the heartbreak of finding a strong confidence. I feel that her own voice, as she and her now, at my age, no one can really friend navigate through L.A. All mess with that, unless I give them the experiences that I wrote about permission. in Letters, To The Men I Have Loved, I started living when I moved to Los Angeles. We To what do you attest the loyal following that you have are at the very first established with your readers? My authenticity. Definitely. I am not trying to be like anybody else. People relate to me because I am open about my feelings and about what I have gone through. I think people respect that. There are many artists, writers and actors out there that choose to do things their way. I’m in touch with my soul, I am in touch with my humorous side, my sensual side and my feminine side. However, I am also in touch with my masculine side, and I am not afraid to show all of those sides.

This book is a reminder that we are equal, that equality is not a privilege, but a birthright. We should believe that wholeheartedly. We must believe that when we walk into a room, we deserve respect. We should never let anyone treat us differently. What’s going on right now in the U.S. is that we must refocus, because, all too often, we women become complacent. We don’t stand up enough for our rights, so this (the current situation) isn’t necessarily a negative thing; this is a reminder that we must unite and come together.

Do you believe that the unspoken mission statement of this book is to create that sisterhood that is very much needed right now? Yes, I not only dedicate this book to women like me, but I acknowledge the women in my life, and I thank them for the sisterhood we’ve built because they constantly inspire me. This entire book is inspired by conversations I’ve had with women in my life who are dear to me. My desire is that women stand up taller and stronger after reading my book. As a Latina in Hollywood, how have you acquired the tenacity and the thick skin needed to remain motivated, grounded and confident in a town that requires you to be tough -without losing your femininity, values, and identity?

I try to remain authentic to who I am, to my essence, regardless of what people expect from me or what people expect from a Latina.

What career advice do you have for those young women that look up to you and hope to one day shine as brightly as you? Perseverance. There have been times, and -since I still have many goals to accomplish, there will be many times in the future, when I’ve felt that people around me or the world itself was coming after me, attacking me or crumbling down. There are times w hen you feel weak, and you need someone to pick you up. The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to accomplish anything is to believe in yourself -even when no one else does. Constantly speak affirmative words. Tell yourself that you are successful, that you are special, that you have everything under control and that you are going to make it. You must talk to yourself. You talk to your friends and give them advice all the time. You need to have these conversations with yourself because you are your very best friend. No one knows you better. No one knows your heart, no one knows your fe ars, and no one knows your dreams better than you do.


stages, but it is so exciting! We’re still writing the pilot and will hopefully begin casting later this year. Finally, my last question, what gives you ALEGRIA? What gives me ALEGRIA? As soon as you said that, I thought of my nephew. He’s the love of my life. I must say, my family. Whenever I am around my family, I am extremely happy. But also, when I am working and meeting girls at book-signings, and I am sharing my work. That gives me strong satisfaction and happiness. The very thought that I can pay it forward and empower people and give them hope, there’s just no greater purpose in life



as poetas Latinas son una rareza extraordinaria. ¿Sabías que la poesía ayudó a lograr el primer premio Nobel de la Paz para una mujer Latina? La poesía Latina explora una variedad de estilos y temas, y a menudo se inspira en las bellas, y en ocasiones dolorosas, experiencias de los poetas. La poesía ha sido responsable de dar a muchas latinas la voz potente que necesitan para compartir su particular historia con el mundo, y la poeta contemporánea dominicana Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol puede dar fe de ello. Su tremenda popularidad y la lealtad de sus lectores son testimonio del valor que demostró cuando -al igual que muchos artistas apasionados, lanzó la cautela al viento y persiguió un sueño que terminó conectándola con un número infinito de mujeres de todo el mundo y creó una hermandad inesperada. Después de que Mirtha terminara la universidad, salió de Miami y se trasladó a Los Ángeles para perseguir su pasión por la actuación y la escritura. No es difícil imaginarse que no fue una vida de brillo y glamour instantáneo. Pasó abundantes vicisitudes a lo largo del camino, con sólo unos cuantos cientos de dólares a su nombre, pero gracias a su tenacidad, trabajo duro y pasión por la escritura, fue capaz de hacerse nombre como una respetada poeta moderna. Su nuevo libro, Letters, to Women Like Me, viene después de dos muy exitosas recopilaciones, y el momento de su lanzamiento no podría haber sido más perfecto. Hablé con Mirtha sobre perseverar en esta ciudad tan dura, que muchos llamamos hogar, la importancia de permanecer auténtica y fiel a sí misma, y su nuevo papel como productora al embarcarse en el proceso de convertir sus dos primeros libros Letters, to the Men I Have Loved y Elusive Loves; Amores Esquivos, en una serie de televisión. De una escritora a otra, al posar la pluma en el papel, ¿qué te atrajo a la poesía? Empecé a escribir poesía cuando tenía seis años. Obviamente no entendía qué era poesía en ese momento. Era sólo una salida para expresarme. Pero empecé a tomarlo mucho más serio cuando tenía trece años. Comencé un diario dedicado mi poesía y desde entonces nunca he parado. Siempre he estado más interesada

en la poesía porque puede transmitir emoción en menos de un párrafo. Es precisa, es profunda y puntual. ¿Hay algún recuerdo específico de la niñez, alegre o desgarrador, que haya inspirado tu escritura? El recuerdo de la infancia que inspiró algunos de mis escritos cuando era muy joven, fue la transición por la que pasé cuando dejé la República Dominicana para trasladarme a Miami. Al principio fue difícil aprender un nuevo idioma. Yo tenía sólo cinco años, pero lo recuerdo vívidamente. Perdí a toda mi familia, especialmente a mis abuelos. Vengo de una familia muy unida y fue duro. Recuerdo extrañar mucho al mar. ¡Mudarnos a los suburbios de Miami no necesariamente me recuerda al mar! Así, el océano y el “hogar” inspiraron parte de mi escritura como poeta joven, y luego, cuando me convertí en adolescente, empecé a escribir mucho sobre el amor. Tu nuevo libro se titula Letters, to Women Like Me [Cartas, a mujeres como yo]. ¿Quiénes son exactamente las mujeres quienes dedicas estas cartas?

Cuando digo “una mujer como yo”, estoy diciendo que soy una mujer que cree en el amor, soy una mujer que independientemente de cualquiera de las angustias, desilusiones o pérdidas que ha experimentado, todavía tiene esperanza. Me despierto cada día creyendo que lo mejor está por venir; que hay cosas maravillosas esperándome. Creo que hay muchas mujeres como yo por ahí, que al encontrarse en momentos de cambio en su vida y verse en esa encrucijada, saben convertir lo negativo en positivo. Somos capaces de convertir una experiencia dolorosa en un recordatorio de fuerza. Hay mujeres que no han llegado a ese punto;

a ese lugar de fuerza y fe. Quiero que este libro sirva como un recordatorio de que, en un momento dado, estuve en un lugar débil y pude levantarme y cambiar mi vida. Las mujeres como yo son esas mujeres que creen en el amor y tienen esperanza. ¿Crees que es especialmente importante dedicar este libro a las mujeres, considerando lo ahora estamos volviendo a vivir en Estados Unidos? ¡Por supuesto! En primer lugar, creo que la lucha de una mujer nunca se detendrá. Hay tantos obstáculos diferentes que siempre tenemos que soportar. Trátese de una mujer de color o de una


minoría, las mujeres han sido objetivadas desde el principio de los tiempos. Hemos sido maltratadas y vistas como ciudadanos de segunda clase por demasiado tiempo. Creo que este libro es un recordatorio de que somos iguales, que la igualdad no es un privilegio, sino un derecho de nacimiento. Tenemos que creer en eso con todo el corazón. Debemos creer que cuando entramos en una habitación, merecemos respeto. Nunca debemos dejar que nadie nos trate de manera diferente.


Por supuesto, he experimentado desilusiones en esta ciudad, pero al mismo tiempo estoy muy agradecida. Me convertí en mujer en esta ciudad, perdí mi ingenuidad en esta ciudad. Intento seguir siendo auténtica a quien soy, a mi esencia, independientemente de lo que la gente espera de mí o lo que la gente espera de una Latina. Así es. Como siempre digo, soy auténtica. Soy la misma

A mi autenticidad. La gente puede relacionarse conmigo porque soy abierta respecto a mis sentimientos y a lo que he pasado. Creo que la gente lo respeta. Estoy en contacto con mi alma, estoy en contacto con mi lado humorístico, mi lado sensual y mi lado femenino, pero también estoy en contacto con mi faceta masculina y no tengo miedo a mostrar todas esas facetas. Creo

Lo que está pasando ahora, particularmente en los Estados Unidos, es que tenemos que reorientarnos porque con demasiada frecuencia, como mujeres, nos volvemos complacientes. No luchamos lo suficiente por nuestros derechos. Así que esto (la situación actual), no es necesariamente algo negativo; es en realidad un recordatorio de que tenemos que unirnos. ¿Crees que la misión tácita de este libro es crear esa hermandad que es muy necesaria en este momento? Sí, realmente no sólo dedico este libro a mujeres como yo, sino que al final reconozco a las mujeres en mi vida y les agradezco por la hermandad que he construido con ellas, porque me inspiran continuamente. Todo el libro está inspirado en conversaciones que he tenido con mujeres de mi vida, que me son queridas. Mi deseo es que las mujeres se levanten más alto y con mayor fuerza después de leer mi libro. Como Latina en Hollywood, ¿cómo has adquirido la tenacidad y la piel gruesa que se necesitan para permanecer motivada, centrada y confiada, en una ciudad que te exige ser dura y a la vez conservar tu feminidad, valores e identidad?

a puerta cerrada que afuera. Si te gusta, bien, y si no, hay mucha gente por ahí que lo apreciará. He trabajado en el proceso de aceptarme, y he construido una fuerte confianza. Siento que ahora, a mi edad, nadie puede meterse con eso, a menos que yo les dé permiso -y soy muy celosa de mi vida. ¿A qué le atribuyes la relación de lealtad que has establecido con tus lectores?

que las personas que han leído mi trabajo aprecian que soy auténtica y eso es lo que les atrae. ¿Qué consejo profesional tienes para aquellas mujeres jóvenes que te buscan y esperan brillar un día tanto como tú? Perseverancia. Me he dado cuenta que he podido ver el fruto de mi trabajo porque nunca me he permitido rendirme. He podido ver el fruto de las semillas que


planté hace muchos años. Ese es el mejor consejo que puedo dar a cualquiera que tenga el deseo de lograr algo. Cree en ti mismo cuando nadie más lo hace. Repítete palabras afirmativas constantemente. Repite que eres exitoso, que eres especial, que tienes todo bajo control y que vas a lograrlo. ¡Cuéntame de tu serie de televisión! Es muy emocionante; vamos a trabajar con One Race TV, que es la compañía de Vin Diesel, bajo el sello de Universal. Comenzaremos con Letters, to the Men I Have Loved. Va a ser una historia iniciática que gira alrededor de un personaje basado en mí. Podrás verla lidiar con rupturas amorosas hasta encontrar su voz, mientras navega por Los Ángeles acompañada de su amigo. Todas las experiencias que escribí en Letters, to the Men I Have Loved las comencé a vivir cuando me mudé a Los Ángeles. Estamos en las primeras etapas, pero es muy emocionante. Todavía estamos escribiendo el piloto y esperamos comenzar la selección de actores más adelante este año. Finalmente, mi última pregunta, ¿qué te da ALEGRIA? ¿Qué me da ALEGRIA? Tan pronto como lo dijiste pensé en mi sobrino. Es el amor de mi vida. Y tengo que decir, mi familia. Siempre que estoy alrededor de mi familia, estoy muy feliz. Pero también cuando estoy trabajando y conociendo a chicas en mis lecturas y compartiendo mi trabajo. Eso me da una gran satisfacción y felicidad. El pensamiento de que soy capaz de devolverle algo a la gente, empoderarlos y darles esperanza: no hay mayor propósito en la vida que eso.




He is also grateful for his family, who is very understanding. He admits that his music career does take time away from his free time: “They [his children], understand, ‘Daddy has to work and loves to play music.’ So, when they see me on TV or in a magazine, they get all excited!”. As a family man: “I try to give them as much attention as possible when I’m with them, and to check in on them often, when I am away from home.”

By Claire Miranda / Photo by Ruben Gonzalez

He calls himself a “regular Joe” with a 9 to 5 job; but on weekends, Jorge Villarreal lives a double life as a Latin music superstar. For this story, we talked with him and his alter-ego.

I don’t want to overdo it with the James Bond theme, but come on! Jorge Villarreal, a.k.a. Mr. Vallenato is living the dream of everyone who’s ever fantasized about being a performer or entertainer: “I’m just an average Joe. I get up every day, sit in traffic, and work at my 9-to-5 job,” he says. But unlike everyone else, during weekends he continues to build his career as a vallenato singer and promoter.


s a child, “the pursuit of music was an awakening. My favorite thing to do was play with instruments such as the xylophone, keyboards, woodwinds and brass.” He then discovered and settled on the accordion; a great match for what would become his passion, vallenato music.ic.

somewhat surprising that Villarreal is of Mexican heritage. However, people in Colombia have been very welcoming, and are the ones who gave him his title, Mr. Vallenato: “It has been humbling to be welcomed and received so warmly by the people [of Colombia]. ‘You sound like one of us,’ they tell me”.

Villarreal discovered this unique music style when he was very young. “One day, my dad brought home a couple of vallenato records that a client -a Colombian woman-, had given him,” he explains. As he listened to the records, Villarreal says, “I started to understand what I was hearing, and the more I learned, the more I wanted.”

Pursuing music -while having a family and holding a traditional 9-to-5 job has been no easy feat, but he has managed to perform, produce albums and songs, and do photo shoots to promote his musical career. “I manage by being very grateful for my workplace. I am fortunate to have their support regarding my passion, and I strive to do my best to fulfill my tasks and duties as a way of showing my appreciation,” he says.

Eventually, a friend encouraged him to start a band and helped him book gigs. Since vallenato is a Colombian folk music genre, it’s

Now is an especially busy time for Mr. Vallenato. When I talked to him, he had just completed a photo-shoot and sent his most recent song to a studio in Miami for editing and mixing. “Soñadores,” his new song, focuses on the current issue of immigration. He says his song comes from the point of view of a citizen who wants to welcome immigrants to the U.S. Being the son of immigrants himself, he says, “I want to reach out to the people who don’t know the struggle. We are all immigrants, and I want this song to bring awareness so we can all come together.” With this song about immigrants and dreamers, it’s only fitting that Villarreal encourages people to believe in their dreams: “As a God-fearing man, I believe in God having a plan.”



Dedicarse al vallenato de tiempo completo, y al mismo tiempo atender una familia y un trabajo tradicional no ha sido fácil, pero se las ha arreglado para aparecer en escena, producir álbumes y canciones y tomarse fotos para promover su música y carrera. “Estoy muy agradecido por tener un lugar de trabajo que ha sido muy paciente y que me apoya. Soy afortunado de que apoyen mi pasión y para mostrar mi gratitud me esfuerzo en cumplir las tareas y deberes de mi trabajo”, dice, expresando a su vez su gratitud con su familia, que es muy comprensiva. Admite que su carrera musical“… me quita tiempo de mi tiempo libre… mis hijos comprenden que ‘papi tiene que trabajar y adora tocar música’, así que cuando me ven en televisión o en una revista, se emocionan mucho”. Como hombre de familia, “Trato de darles toda la atención posible cuando estoy con ellos y estar en contacto cuando estoy fuera de casa”.

No quiero exagerar el tema de James Bond, pero es imposible no mencionarlo. Para toda persona que ha soñado con ser artista, Jorge Villareal, también conocido como Mr. Vallenato, es un sueño viviente. “Realmente solo soy ‘un tipo normal’. Me despierto todos los días, conduzco en el tráfico y me trabajo de nueve a cinco”, dice Villarreal. Pero a diferencia de muchas otras personas, durante los fines de semana y siempre que tiene oportunidad, Jorge, famoso por promover la música estilo vallenato, sigue cimentando una carrera como cantante. Villarreal descubrió este tipo de música cuando era muy joven. “Un día mi papá trajo a casa dos LPs de música estilo vallenato, que una clienta

colombiana le había dado”, explica. Describe cómo cuando era niño “…la música fue un despertar. Mi actividad favorita era jugar con instrumentos como el xilófono, los teclados, instrumentos de madera y metal.” También descubrió y se decidió por el acordeón, lo que fue útil cuando se dio cuenta de que el vallenato se convertiría en su pasión. Al escuchar los discos, Villarreal dice, “comencé a comprender lo que oía, y mientras más aprendía, más quería”. Eventualmente, un amigo lo animó a crear una banda y le ayudó a conseguir apariciones importantes. Ya que el vallenato es conocido como un género musical popular colombiano, resulta un poco peculiar que Villarreal sea de origen mexicano, pero dice que los colombianos le han dado la bienvenida y que son quienes le dieron su título: “Ha sido muy gratificante ser recibido tan cálidamente por la gente. Me han dicho ‘suenas como uno de nosotros’”.

Este es un momento especialmente ocupado para “Mr. Vallenato”. Cuando hablé con él, recién había concluido una sesión fotográfica y enviado su canción más reciente a un estudio de Miami para finalizar su edición y mezcla. Ya está programado el lanzamiento de su nuevo sencillo, “Soñadores”, tema que se enfoca en el estado actual de la inmigración. Dice que su nueva canción presenta el punto de vista de un ciudadano que desea darle la bienvenida a Estados Unidos a los inmigrantes. Siendo él mismo hijo de inmigrantes, “quiero comunicarme con aquellas personas que no conocen las dificultades. Todos somos inmigrantes y quiero que esta canción haga conciencia, de manera que todos podamos unirnos”. Con este enfoque en la inmigración y los soñadores, Villareal alienta a la gente a creer en sus sueños: “Como un hombre temeroso de Dios, creo que Dios tiene un plan. Puede sonar como un cliché, pero no te des por vencido frente a la negatividad”. Tanto para Jorge Villareal como para Mr. Vallenato, ALEGRIA es “estar agradecido por estar vivo, ya que en ello se resume todo”.


Karol, you are making history in the urban genre and beyond... What motivates you to succeed?

At first, everything was a dream. Motivation came from other people, from my family, friends and other artists I followed. Now, after twelve years, motivation comes from public acceptance. Every time you conquer a country, a new market, a different audience, you want more and more. The fact that things are working out makes me demand more from myself every day. What is the stereotype you hate the most about Latina women?

That we are beautiful. I have heard people in other countries say Latina women stand out only because of their beauty. However, Latina women have made history because of their skills and talents. What do you like about people, and what do you detest the most?

I like it when people greet you and are polite. I cannot stand condescension. If someone loves you, they must...

Support me. This is a very lonely career; your social circle is very small, and you always end up looking for the same people. Music is...

What gives life to my life. When did you discover that music would be your life?

Ever since I can remember, my biggest dream was to be a singer. When I was in school, I studied music and participated in intercollegiate music contests. I went on to study music for five years at University of Antioquia’s music hub. But it was only after a musical reality show in Colombia that I got my first record deal and became Karol G. Your ideal man...

I do not have a set type, but I can say that there are things that draw my attention. Men with plans to grow, who make me laugh and smell nice. I have a fascination with men’s hands. How do you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone?

I understand that everyone has a different process and that I must stop comparing my process to other people’s. I need to surpass my previous achievements every day. That’s the way I find out what my next step should be.

Who is your hero and why?

Hands down, my father. He is the only person who never stopped believing I could make it, even when I stopped believing it myself. He had the superpower to make me see everything in a positive way and taught me to be the strongest woman on earth. I LOVE YOU DAD! What would you say to someone who has never been to Colombia, before they visited?

Colombia is full of fascinating places. Our diverse fauna and flora are world famous. You will find a friend on every corner. Colombians are very friendly. A place where you feel inspired...

When I’m in my personal studio, in my space, where I can sit down and write quietly. Two secrets you want to share and that few know about Karol G?

I would have liked to be a professional motocross rider. I dream of getting married and having at least five children. What brings ALEGRIA to your life?

To be with my family and my dog Otto bring me the most ALEGRIA. What are your goals for 2017?

Professionally, last year meant a lot to me, as I managed to enter markets such as the United States and Latin America. This year I will continue my work there while expanding my focus to Mexico and Europe. I want everyone to know who Karol G is, and my music to be heard in every corner of the world.

KAROL G. By Davina A.Ferreira

Colombian Powerhouse taking the latin Urban Genre by Storm Hailing from Medellin, Colombia and adored by her maestros J. Balvin & Nicky Jam, Karol G is getting ready to shine!



Tu hombre ideal...

Estás haciendo historia en el género urbano y más allá, ¿cuál es tu motivación para triunfar?

En un principio todo era un sueño. La motivación venía de otras personas, de mi familia, de mis amigos, de seguir a otros artistas. Ahora, después de doce años de carrera, la motivación surge de la aceptación del público. Cada vez que conquistas un país, un mercado nuevo, un público diferente, quieres más y más. El hecho de que las cosas estén funcionando hace que me exija cada día mucho más.

No tengo un prototipo de hombre, pero sí puedo decir que hay cosas que me llaman mucho la atención. Que tengan grandes proyectos de desarrollo, que me hagan reír, que huelan rico. Siento cierta fascinación por las manos de los hombres. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos?

En la vida aprendí que los obstáculos son solo pruebas. Me gusta creer que lo que es para

Colombia está llena de lugares fascinantes. Nuestra diversidad en fauna y flora es reconocida en el mundo y además en cada esquina encuentras un amigo. Somos muy amigables.

Definitivamente cuando estoy en mi estudio personal, en mi espacio, puedo sentarme a escribir tranquila. Dos secretos que nos quieras compartir y que pocos saben sobre Karol G…

Que somos bonitas. He escuchado comentarios en otros países donde dicen que la mujer se destaca solo por su belleza. Pero tenemos mujeres latinas que han marcado historia en el mundo por su destreza y talento.

Me hubiera gustado ser profesional de motocross. Sueño con casarme y tener al menos cinco hijos. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Estar con mi familia y mi perro Otto es lo que más ALEGRIA me puede dar.

¿Qué amas y qué detestas de la gente?

Me gusta que la gente salude y sea amable. No soporto la subestimación.

¿Qué metas tienes para este 2017?

El año pasado significó muchas cosas para mí y mi carrera, pues logré entrar en mercados como Estados Unidos y América Latina. Este año mis proyectos siguen en estas zonas, pero ampliamos el enfoque a México y Europa. Quiero que todo el mundo sepa quién es Karol G y que mi música se escuche en cada rincón.

Si alguien te quiere tiene que...

Apoyarme. Es una carrera de mucha soledad donde el círculo social es muy pequeño y terminas buscando siempre a las mismas personas. Para ti la música es...

Lo que le da vida a mi vida.

Desde que tengo memoria, ser cantante ha sido mi mayor sueño. Cuando estaba en el colegio estudié música y participé en concursos inter-colegiados de música. Estudié por cinco años en el semillero de música de la Universidad de Antioquia en Medellín, pero me convertí en Karol G después de salir de un reality-show musical en Colombia, en que logré mi primer contrato discográfico.

¿Qué le dirías a alguien que no conoce Colombia, antes de que la visite?

Un lugar para inspirarte...

¿Cuál es el estereotipo que más odias sobre la mujer latina?

¿Cuándo descubriste que la música sería tu vida?

de hacerme ver todo con mejor cara y además me enseñó a ser la mujer más fuerte del mundo. ¡TE AMO PA!

mí, tarde o temprano llegará; así que si estoy pasando por una de esas pruebas y después de poner todo mi esfuerzo no logro conseguir lo que quiero, lo dejo ir, porque entiendo que no me conviene o no es para mí. ¿Quién es tu héroe y por qué?

Mi héroe sin lugar a dudas es mi papá. Es la única persona terrenal que nunca dejó de creer que yo podía lograrlo incluso cuando yo misma dejaba de creer. Tenía el poder



On the verge… By Clare Miranda / Photo by Hernan Puentes

With a well-established career, singer Silvestre Dangond is no stranger to success, but a hot new single and new management mean that he is poised for even greater heights.


Paulina Rubio. Now, it’s Silvestre’s turn to join that elite roster, and he is happy for the chance: “Walter is a great professional, and I think he has the tools. He is very optimistic: a winner.” Now everything is falling into place to catapult his career, “Well, we already have the tools – we have the album, and we hope to go out to ‘kill,’ as he [Walter] says. . . Now our challenge is to promote my name internationally.” With these changes, Silvestre has his eye set on awards and recognition. But he is as satisfied and honored by the support of his devoted fans, “I believe that the best prize for any artist is the people. To conquer people’s hearts by being real, by being honest about how you feel. That prize you can´t buy, that prize is won.”

any musicians would envy Silvestre thing that was hurting them goes away,” he says. Dangond’s career. The Colombian Even if the single features riffs of hip reggaetón, vallenato singer has already acquired it still carries elements of vallenato. Dangond is a vast following, and his talent has been widely a well-known ambassador of this classic Corecognized. Dangond is known for his charlombian music genre: “Vallenato is an expresismatic personality and his way with people. sion of the people; it’s popular music.” Dangond values the joy of such connecMillions of fans, who call themselves siltions in his career and his personal life. To vestristas, can attest to his success. His be a husband and father, and to have a resume includes ten albums and five Lat“AT THE END OF THE DAY, ALL MUSIC IS USED demanding career, holds challenges. He in Grammy nominations. He could easily TO EXPRESS A FEELING. WHETHER IT IS A BALemphasizes that it is necessary to devote be content with his achievements, but LAD, POP, RANCHERA, VALLENATO, MERENGUE, time to both. The key “is time, because, now, more than ever, Dangond is ready EVERYONE WANTS TO EXPRESS HOW THEY FEEL at the end of the day, the important thing to take his career to the next level. THROUGH MUSIC. IT IS A SINGLE, UNIVERSAL is the quality of that time... To show the LANGUAGE WITH DIFFERENT RHYTHMS… IT’S THE love, admiration, respect and affection His latest single, “Ya No Me Duele Mas,” ARTIST THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.” you feel towards your people.” As for has landed the number-one spot in the his family, he feels that “the time I share charts in Colombia and Venezuela. The with them is very warm. I feel that I really song is not only serving to usher in a new chapThe release of a new song and his new goals appreciate my free days.” ter in his career; it is also a personal project have all been part of a major change in Silves which he cherishes. tre’s life – new management. Silvestre is now And certainly, no matter what changes this working with Latin music industry mogul, Walter new phase may bring -no matter what he may “I had to write not just about love, but to send a Kolm. As a music industry executive, and now garner, win or achieve, connecting with people message of self-esteem,” he explains. “I wish that as the CEO of W.K. Entertainment, Kolm has will still give him the most joy: “People kissing, when people listen to the chorus of ‘Ya no me fostered the success of legendary artists such hugging, crying, love, satisfaction, and achieveduele Mas,’ they experience hope; and that someas Carlos Vives, Enrique Iglesias, Juanes, and ments,” are his ALEGRIA.




Creo que al final de cuentas, la música se usa para expresar un sentimiento. Sea una balada, pop, ranchera, vallenato, merengue, todo el mundo quiere expresar cómo se siente a través de la música.


on amplio reconocimiento y gran cantidad de seguidores, Silvestre Dangond, el cantante colombiano de vallenato ya tiene una carrera que muchos músicos envidiarían. Conocido por su carisma y don de gente, millones de “silvestristas” -como se llaman sus fans, podrían hablar positivamente de él con solo señalar su currículo, que cuenta con diez álbumes y cinco nominaciones al Grammy Latino. Habiendo establecido su carrera desde 2003, podría sentirse satisfecho con lo que hasta ahora ha logrado, pero hoy más que nunca, Dangond está listo para llevar a su carrera al siguiente nivel. Su nuevo sencillo, “Ya no me duele más”, ha alcanzado el lugar número uno en Colombia y Venezuela. La canción no solo está abriendo un nuevo capítulo en su vida, sino que fue un proyecto personal e íntimo. “Nos preocupaba que debía hablar de amor, pero además ofrecer un mensaje de auto-estima”, explica. “Deseo que cuando la gente escuche el coro de ‘Ya no me duele más’, sienta esperanza y quizá la desaparición de algo que le está doliendo”.

A pesar de ser una nueva creación con un riff de reggaetón hip, el sencillo tiene elementos del género musical colombiano llamado vallenato. Conocido como embajador del género ante el mundo, Dangond explica que “el vallenato es una expresión de la gente, es música popular”. Quizá lo que él considera la universalidad de la música no solo es contribuir al éxito del género, sino de su carrera: “creo que al final de cuentas, la música se usa para expresar

un sentimiento. Sea una balada, pop, ranchera, vallenato, merengue, todo el mundo quiere expresar cómo se siente a través de la música. Es un lenguaje único y universal con otro ritmo… son los artistas quienes hacen la diferencia”. El lanzamiento de la nueva canción y la existencia de nuevas metas han sido parte de otro cambio mayúsculo en la vida de Silvestre: un nuevo manager. Silvestre ahora está trabajando con Walter Kolm, el magnate de la música latina. Como ejecutivo musical y ahora como CEO de W.K. Entertainment, Kolm ha tenido un papel fundamental en el éxito de artistas legendarios como Carlos Vives, Enrique Iglesias, Juanes y Paulina Rubio. Ahora es el turno de Silvestre de unirse a un selecto grupo de artistas, y él le está dando la bienvenida a este cambio, diciendo: “Walter es un profesional impresionante, y creo que tiene las herramientas… Es optimista, es un ganador”. Para Silvestre, todo parece estar alineándose para catapultar su carrera: “Bueno, ya tenemos las herramientas -tenemos el álbum, y esperamos salir a ‘matar’, como dice él… él tiene el reto de popularizar el nombre de Silvestre Dangond a nivel internacional”. Claro que, al apuntar a nuevos retos y logros, Silvestre tiene el ojo puesto en premios y reconocimientos, pero cree que los premios son un “…accesorio en la carrera de cualquier artista, sea o no exitoso…” y él está sa-

tisfecho y honrado con el apoyo de sus fieles fanáticos: “creo que el mejor premio que todo artista puede tener es su gente. Conquistar a la gente siendo auténtico, siendo honesto con tus sentimientos… ese premio no se compra, se gana”. La ALEGRIA de conectarse con la gente es algo que no solo valora en su carrera, sino también en su vida personal. Ser esposo y padre y tener una carrera demandante es un reto, y el enfatiza que es necesario dedicar tiempo a ambos. La clave, dice Dangond, es “el tiempo, porque al final, lo importante es la calidad del tiempo… mostrar el amor, admiración, respeto, y afecto que uno siente por los suyos”. Aplicando esto a su familia, dice sentir que “el tiempo que comparto con mi familia es muy cálido. Realmente aprecio los días de descanso”. Y en realidad, no importa qué cambios traiga esta nueva fase de su carrera, no importa lo que consiga, gane o logre; lo que continuará proporcionándole el mayor gozo será conectar con la gente. “La gente besándose, abrazándose, llorando, el amor, la satisfacción y los logros”, son su ALEGRIA.


This Mexican Duo continues to move us with their beautiful music & heartfelt stories Your latest production “Un Besito Mas” celebrates your 10-year musical career. It debuted at number one on the US charts and made it to the top in Latin America. Was this album more personal than the previous ones, and do you think that played a role in its success?

All four of our albums have been very personal. When we listen to our albums, we can remember what we were going through at the time. “Un Besito Mas” is not an exception. We’ve been around for more than 10 years and have gone through a lot together. It almost feels like a relationship or a family; we have this bond that gets stronger with time, and of course, it encourages us to get deeper into our feelings and emotions when writing and making our music, and people relate to that.

Jesse & Joy Photos by Alex Cordova

Do you feel more comfortable singing in English or Spanish?

It’s tricky; it’s not one or the other. Growing up with two languages, two cultures, it’s a big mix. When we are having a conversation with someone who speaks these two languages, it’s such a back and forth. For sure we are more comfortable when able to use both! How important is you to preserve your bilingual roots?

Isn’t the language that you speak a big part of your culture? It is something that defines us. It´s our roots; we are proud that we were brought up that way. Do you make it a priority to connect with your fans over social media?

We love that social media allows us to be so close to our fans. We can share a piece of our day with them and have direct contact; that makes our relationship stronger.

In which of the countries you visited did you feel more of a connection?

It is amazing where the music can take you. It´s such a rewarding feeling to add countries to a tour. We have a deep connection with Mexico and the US; of course, these are two places we are very familiar with. But when you travel from Central to South America, to Spain and the U.K. you get a homey feeling like they are adopting you... We are so grateful for that connection with those countries. What brings you ALEGRIA?

So many things! Music, our loved ones, our fans!! We do music for a living; we get to know people and make friends around the world thanks to that; we get to share our way of thinking with the world. Not only are we grateful and thankful for that, but we know that it comes with an enormous responsibility. It brings us ALEGRIA to know that we get to make a difference in people’s lives through our music.



¿Qué tan importante es para ambos consevar sus raíces bilingües?

¿No es el idioma en el que hablas una gran parte de tu cultura? Es algo que nos define. Son nuestras raíces; estamos orgullosos de haber sido educados de esa manera. ¿Se convierte en una prioridad para conectar con sus fans a través de las redes sociales?

Nos encanta que los medios sociales nos permitan estar tan cerca de nuestros fans. Podemos compartir un pedazo de nuestro día con ellos y tener contacto directo; Que hace nuestra relación más fuerte. ¿Qué les trae ALEGRIA?

¡Muchas cosas! ¡La música, nuestros seres queridos, nuestros fans! Nuestro trabajo es hacer música. Tenemos oportunidad de conocer gente y hacer amigos en todo el mundo gracias a eso, podemos compartir nuestra forma de pensar con el mundo. No sólo estamos agradecidos por eso, sino que sabemos que viene con una enorme responsabilidad. Nos trae ALEGRIA saber que podemos llegar a hacer una diferencia en la vida de las personas a través de nuestra música.

Su nueva producción “Un Besito Mas” celebra una década de carrera musical. Debutó en el número uno en las listas de los Estados Unidos y llegó a la cima en Puerto Rico, México, Chile, Colombia y Argentina. ¿Les parece que este álbum es más personal que las anteriores, y creen que eso jugó un papel en su éxito?

Nuestros cuatro álbumes han sido muy personales. Cuando escuchamos nuestros álbumes, podemos recordar lo que estábamos pasando en ese momento. “Un Besito Mas” no es la excepción. Llevamos en esto más de 10 años y hemos pasado por muchas cosas juntos. Casi se siente como una relación o una familia; tenemos este vínculo que se fortalece con el tiempo y, por supuesto, nos anima a profundizar en nuestros sentimientos y emociones al escribir y hacer nuestra música, y la gente se relaciona con eso. ¿Se sienten más cómodos cantando en inglés o español?

Es complicado; no es uno u otro. Crecer con dos idiomas, dos culturas, es una gran mezcla. Cuando tenemos una conversación con alguien que habla estos dos idiomas, saltamos de uno a otro constantemente. ¡Seguro estamos más cómodos cuando podemos utilizar ambos idiomas! ¿En cuál de los países que visitaron durante esta gira se sintieron más conectados?

Es increíble hasta dónde te puede llevar la música. Es una sensación muy gratificante agregar países a una gira. Tenemos una profunda conexión con México y Estados Unidos; por supuesto, estos son dos lugares con los que estamos muy familiarizados. Pero cuando viajas de Centro a Sudamérica, a España y al Reino Unido, tienes una sensación hogareña, como si te estuvieran adoptando... Esta conexión con todos estos países es algo por lo que estamos muy agradecidos.


Her favorite song from that album is “Yo Vivo Para Ti.” “When I started singing ‘Yo Vivo Para Ti,’ I used a different vocal range.” As she did, everything fell into place. Taking that risk was worth it. She hit the road on a U.S. tour that took her from New York City to Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and L.A. She also appeared on some major festivals, including Coachella, Pa’l Norte, and Vive Latino. Morrison reveals that the support and love from fans has been surprising.

“I’ve been enjoying the ride, honestly. I mean, really, many people like the album and I love the interaction.”


Making Headlines By Clare M. Miranda / Photos by Morrison productions


irst, let’s get one thing clear – Carla Morrison is no shrinking violet. The Mexican chanteuse, who has been in the music industry since 2008, has not only garnered attention for her music but also made headlines with her opinions. At the end of last year, noted her performance at the pre-telecast for the Latin Grammy Awards, in which Carla had made an impassioned plea to the audience not to allow a certain controversial political figure to silence artists and to let them go on exercising their freedom and liberties.

When I talk to her on a cloudy and crisp afternoon, the timbre of her voice, enveloped with warmth and softness, reveals the genuine passion and thoughts she’s ruminating in her mind. She feels comfortable though, expressing her thoughts and feelings. As a little girl growing up in Tecate, Baja California, her family encouraged this kind of expression. “My parents are simple people,” she says. “Like me, they love music, and the fact that it can be expressive and therapeutic.” Regarding her career and success as an artist, they’ve been “surprised, but always supportive.”

Her latest album, “Amor Supremo,” reveals more of her thoughts and feelings and reflects the growth she has experienced both as an artist and as a person. Released late in 2015, Morrison notes that her approach to “Amor Supremo” was different from previous works in, “the way I speak about love and how it can change,” she says. “I think the sound was more carefully taken care of, with the idea of creating an atmosphere and a whole experience with sound.”

Wrapping up the last leg of a Latin American tour, which included performances in Colombia, Chile, and Argentina, Morrison ended 2016 on a high note when she won a Latin Grammy Award – her third – for her song, “Primera Vez.” She was then nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. Receiving awards and acclaim not only fulfills her as a performer but as a female artist of Mexican heritage. Morrison is aware that this serves a bigger purpose. Regarding her success and recognition for her work, in the face of the current political situation in the U.S., Morrison feels that “being nominated is very special nowadays. It’s a big middle finger to Trump that says, ‘No way. You can’t look at people and judge people, and you can’t silence them.’” It is evident that speaking up on behalf of women, immigrants, and minorities is something Carla cares about deeply. When asked what gives her ALEGRIA, Morrison thinks for a moment and then firmly but quietly replies, “What brings me the most ALEGRIA is just to be aware and to be present in a very distracted world.”



De todas las canciones del álbum, “Yo vivo para ti” es una de sus favoritas. “Cuando empecé a cantar ‘Para Ti’, usé un rango vocal diferente y es lo que había estado pidiendo”, dice. Tomar ese riesgo valió la pena para Morrison. Mientras hacía un tour por las ciudades de Nueva York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco y Los Ángeles, fue invitada a los principales festivales, incluyendo Coachella, Pa’l Norte y Vive Latino. Morrison revela que el apoyo y el amor de los fans, ha sido sorprendente.

“He estado disfrutando del viaje, honestamente. Quiero decir, realmente, a mucha gente le gustó el álbum y me encantan las interacciones.” Al concluir la última etapa de una gira latinoamericana que incluyó actuaciones en Colombia, Chile y Argentina, Morrison terminó el año 2016 con una nota alta, al obtener un Premio Grammy Latino -su tercero, por su canción, “Primera Vez”. Entonces recibió noticias aún más maravillosas al revelarse que había sido nominada para un Premio Grammy en la clasificación de Mejor álbum de Rock Latino, Urbano o Alternativo. Recibir premios y aplausos no sólo la satisface como intérprete, sino como artista femenina de raíces mexicanas, y sirve a un propósito más amplio del que Morrison es muy consciente.


n primer lugar, vamos a dejar algo claro, Carla Morrison no es nada tímida. La cantante mexicana, que ha participado en la industria musical desde el 2008, no solo ha llamado la atención por su música, sino que también se ha ganado titulares por sus opiniones. Después de todo, fue justo a finales del año pasado cuando el portal de Billboard hizo notar su actuación en la pre-transmisión de los Premios Grammy Latinos, en la que Carla hizo un urgente llamado al público a no permitir que cierta polémica figura política silenciase a los artistas y que continuasen ejerciendo su libertad.

Cuando me siento a hablar con ella una tarde nublada y fresca, el timbre de su voz, envuelto en calidez y suavidad, revela la auténtica pasión y la preocupación que tiene en mente. Se siente cómoda expresando sus pensamientos y sentimientos, ya que sus padres la animaron a ello cuando crecía en Tecate, Baja California. “Mis padres son personas sencillas”, comenta: “Como yo, aman la música, y la forma en que esta puede ser expresiva y terapéutica”. De su éxito como artista, comenta que están “sorprendidos, pero siempre han apoyado” su carrera.

Su último álbum, Amor Supremo, revela más de sus pensamientos y sentimientos y refleja el crecimiento que ha experimentado como artista y como persona. El álbum fue lanzado a finales del 2015. Morrison señala que su acercamiento a Amor Supremo, fue diferente al que tuvo con trabajos anteriores en cuanto a “la forma en que hablo de amor y de cómo puede cambiar”. Centrándose en afinar su trabajo, Morrison cree que, “el sonido fue más cuidado, con la idea de una atmósfera con mucho sonido; creando toda una experiencia con sonido “.

En cuanto a los desafíos que las artistas Latinas pueden enfrentar en la industria músical, Morrison dice: “Creo que, viniendo de una cultura del tercer mundo, vivimos en un mundo machista. Vivimos eso todos los días, por lo que es natural tener miedo”, y que “en los Estados Unidos, nuestra música enfrenta diferentes desafíos “. En cuanto a su éxito, en relación con la actual situación política de Estados Unidos, Morrison siente que “simplemente el hecho de recibir una nominación es muy especial en estos tiempos. Es un gran ‘dedo de en medio’ levantado, que le dice a Trump: ‘De ninguna manera. No puedes ver a la gente y juzgarla y silenciarla’ “. Carla está sinceramente preocupada por lo que la presidencia de Trump podría significar para el mundo, y resulta evidente que su corazón la mueve a hablar en nombre de las mujeres, los inmigrantes y las minorías. Cuando se le pregunta qué es y qué le da ALEGRIA, Morrison piensa por un momento y después responde queda, pero firmemente: “Lo que más me da ALEGRIA es simplemente estar consciente y presente en un mundo muy distraído”.


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After growing up in Colombia, and then studying and living in Paris., how has your sense of style evolved?

While living in Colombia and Costa Rica, I mastered the challenge of working with thick and wild hair. And then Paris… Oh, I´m so thankful and blessed to have spent time in Paris, where I was able to reach the next level as a stylist. It is there that I found my style and my soul. Your favorite summer hairstyles and color trends this year?

For summer I love warm, shiny, healthy light-brown hair with a few waves and lots of volume.

Después de haber crecido en Colombia, y luego estudiado y vivido en Paris, ¿cómo ha evolucionado tu sentido del estilo?

En Colombia y Costa Rica dominé el reto de trabajar con cabello grueso y salvaje. Y luego París… Ay, estoy tan agradecido y soy tan afortunado de haber pasado tiempo en París, donde pude alcanzar el siguiente nivel como estilista. Es ahí donde encontré mi estilo y mi espíritu. ¿Cuáles son tus tendencias de estilo y color favoritas para este año?

Para el verano adoro el cabello castaño claro, cálido, brilloso y sano, con algunas ondas y mucho volumen.

To book Luis Zapata, please contact: La Duree Hair Salon 2277 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 | 310-474-5860

Style Trend: Side Waves

When they are not working, models usually opt for side waves, an effortless style in which hair is gently combed to the side.

Ondas Laterales

Suavemente peinadas hacia el costado y estilo effortless, el peinado de ondas laterales suele ser el look elegido por las modelos cuando no están trabajando.

Pulled back hair: Up-do vs. Down

Pulled back hair reigns the runways. How do you like it the most? Pulled back and loose, or pulled in a low bun? It’s up to you...

Peinados hacia atrás: suelto vs. recogido

El estilo peinado hacia atrás reina las pasarelas. ¿Cómo te gusta más? ¿Peinado hacia atrás y suelto, o recogido en un low bun? Tú decides...


One of the strongest trends is rose gold. “This season, we´ll see a slight transition from rose gold to a peach tonality”


Una de las tendencias más fuertes sin dudas ha sido el rose gold. “Esta temporada veremos una pequeña transición del rose gold a un tono peach.”











Photographer: DAVID JR. MARTIN Models: MAX F. & JORJI Clothing provided by MACY’S Stylists: ARI CABRAL Hair n’ Make up: LULU & ADRIANA LEYVA




VIVA HOLLYWOOD The brainchild of seasoned restaurateurs, Viva Hollywood offers a delicious and diverse menu of Latin inspired dishes curated by Chef Raymond Alvarez, whose repertoire includes Pink Taco and Toca Madera among others. Alongside Alvarez is Erik Weatherford, Viva’s Beverage Director, who has come up with a tantalizing specialty cocktail offering that is both approachable and exciting at the same time. Using only fresh, seasonally conscious ingredients with bold flavors, Alvarez and Weatherford will repeatedly provide restaurant-goers an unforgettable dining experience through their creativity and passion. Located in the heart of Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. along the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Viva Hollywood is a dining and nightlife concept unlike any other. Just down the street from the iconic Pantages Theater, Arclight Cinemas, and other venues, Viva Hollywood is the ideal pre-show or post show destination for excellent culinary, mixology, and entertainment experiences. 6350 Hollywood Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90028



MEZCALERO Tacos, a wide selection of Tequila & Mezcal & great ambiance are some of the reasons you must stop at Mezcalero. Located on the Historic Core of Broadway in DTLA, this is the perfect place for happy hour with friends. 510 S. Broadway - Historic Core, DTLA

LOS BALCONES Though the genesis of Balcones des Peru started nearly 20 years ago, it wasn’t until nine years ago that the Rodriguez brothers had the opportunity to take over the space that Los Balcones now inhabits on the southeast corner of De Longpre Avenue and Vine. The brothers jumped at the chance when they were offered the spot, and they worked together to create an eatery that not only paid homage to their roots, but also shared some of Peru’s rich history with their guests. The LosBalcones menu is an eclectic mix of authentic Peruvian cuisine; some unique takes on traditional dishes, some modern plates, and, of course, some family favorites. 1360 Vine Street - Los Angeles, CA 90028

THE PARKER ROOM In the mid to late 1940’s, one of the hottest jazz clubs in the country, Billy Berg’s, sat in The Parker Room location. It was the first West Coast show for jazz legend Charlie Parker and the place where Billie Holiday had her New Year’s Eve party in 1948. The Parker Room pays homage to Billy Berg’s, celebrates jazz music, and brings back the origins of what the space once was. Located in the Heart of Hollywood, The Parker Room is an intimate bar and lounge that feels like your favorite neighborhood hang out. Classy but not intimidating, you can feel comfortable at the bar or on our comfortable lounge chairs. With large Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Parker photos on the wall as well as some of the classic jazz albums of that time, it is a perfect place to have a bite to eat and try some of our delicious signature cocktails. 1358 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028


Pez Cantina is the latest project by former Patina Executive Chef and co-founder of Milk Ice Cream Parlor, Bret Thompson. Located on Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, walking distance from MOCA, Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Broad Museum, Pez Cantina is a sustainable Coastal Mexican-style restaurant and bar serving the freshest sea-to-land dishes in an oasis-type atmosphere. HOURS Monday / thursday 11 AM – 10 PM (kitchen closes 9:30 PM) Friday 11 AM – 11 PM (kitchen closes 10:30PM) Saturday 5:00PM – 11 PM (kitchen closes 10:30PM) Sunday 11AM–3PM 401 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles •(213) 258-2280

L.A. Live, Los Angeles

Friday, July 28

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Saturday, July 29 Take advantage of two unique opportunities to celebrate the richness of Latin food and the success of Latino-owned vineyards in California! Enjoy tastings from over 80 top LA and OC restaurants and premium wineries, presented by world-renowned celebrity chefs and vintners.



Dallas, Texas, a bright city known to the world as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, is also famous for its diverse cuisine from around the world.


es, you can find steaks and burgers on just about every block; but Dallas has also become home to the best Mexican, Tex-Mex, and South American cuisine. We are not talking your drive-through commercial stuff here; we are speaking of hot spots such as La Duni Latin Cafe.

La Duni Cafe is surely one of the most talked about restaurants in town. It gained notoriety around the world when actor Tom Cruise and then-girlfriend Penelope Cruz booked the entire place all for themselves to dine. Once, during an interview with Esquire, Cruise stated that La Duni was his favorite restaurant in Dallas! This hot spot boasts a menu just for coffees from around the world. You should ask for my The experience of dining in Dallas would favorites “El Guajiro” and “Vaca Blanca.” not be complete without trying the There are two locations, one on McKinney Avenue, in the Henderson/Knox Mesero restaurants at the Uptown and Highland Park neighborhoods. Mico District; and the other at North Park Rodriguez, the founder of Mi Cocina Center Mall. restaurants, eventually departed and Meso Maya, in Downtown, has set launched his own Mr. Mesero brand. itself apart from the typical Tex-Mex Mico is known in Dallas for creating offerings in Dallas. Chef Nico’s love for several iconic restaurants, leaving an the culinary arts started when he was a indelible mark on this city’s restaurant 9-year old working at a bakery in Mexindustry. He is credited with elevating ico, making deliveries and assisting in the Tex-Mex experience by focusing on the kitchen. From Veracruz to Oaxaca, fresh ingredients, attentive service, and Chef Nico has brought his special Meximodern decor. My personal favorite can cuisine to the masses in Dallas. Now is the Nachos Conocidos, a delicious with two locations, Meso Maya is all the nacho creation with black beans, avocarave in Dallas. dos, white cream, a must-order to snack on while waiting for my other Mesero In the growing Bishop Arts District, a favorite, halibut tacos. stretch of several miles of retail stores, restaurants, and gift shops, sits the new Little Havana Restaurant. This two-story eatery is attracting Cuban food From South American and lovers from around the metroplex. From Mexican to Cuban and Tex-Mex, their Ropa Vieja and Pargo Frito (a whole Dallas has something to satisfy fried snapper) to their Cafe Cubano; everyone’s taste… and this is just guests have discovered a taste of Cuba the beginning what this amazing and Miami in our city. While waiting for city has to offer. your meal you can wander through the gift shop and purchase anything from a keychain to cigars and humidors.



ikki Rincon’s is a specialist in the art of media relations, digital strategies and managing the brands of his clients via the digital space. In 2000, Rikki launched a business called Artistik! Media, which focused on moving from traditional forms of media and advertising to the new digital world.

In 2006 Rikki changed his company brand name and launched Creative Juice Online, a Digital Brand Management company. Creative Juice Online focuses on the growing evolution of digital communications for companies in the areas of social media platform, integration and message amplification to his vast online network in the DFW market. Besides acting as CEO and Creative Director for Creative Juice Online, Rincon is also President of Music Access Latino (a division of Music Access, Inc.). Here, he runs the day-today operations for the Latino market segment of the company. Next up is chikiPoP, a music label launched in 2015 to target the emerging youth marketplace with an emphasis on talent ages 8-15, Latino, Urban, Pop and other genres. Rincon is also a Co-Founder of Social Latino USA, a Professional Networking movement. Social Latino USA launched in 2005 in Dallas, Texas and began as a monthly mixer rotating at the cities hottest and trendiest venues, such as the W Hotel/Ghost Bar, Joule Hotel, Crescent Club at the prestigious Crescent Hotel and has now developed into quarterly experiences in Dallas and Austin. Rikki invests time to work as Entertainment Chair for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Annual Gala in Dallas, Texas and Noche de Navidad/ Navidad En El Barrio, two major causes which help children both locally and worldwide. Other past commitments include service in the United States Marines Corps Reserve.




ikki Rincon es un especialista en el arte de las relaciones con los medios, las estrategias digitales y la gestión de las marcas de sus clientes a través del espacio digital. En 2000, Rikki lanzó un negocio llamado Artistik! Media, que se centró en la transición de los medios de comunicación y la publicidad tradicional, al nuevo mundo digital.

En 2006 Rikki cambió la marca de su empresa y lanzó Creative Juice Online, una compañía de gestión de marca digital. Creative Juice Online se centra en la creciente evolución de las comunicaciones digitales para las empresas, en las áreas de plataforma de medios sociales, la integración y la amplificación de mensajes a su vasta red en línea en el mercado DFW.

Además de actuar como CEO y Director Creativo de Creative Juice Online, Rincon es también Presidente de Music Access Latino (una división de Music Access, Inc.). Aquí, dirige las operaciones diarias para el segmento de mercado latino de la compañía. El siguiente paso es chikiPoP, un sello musical lanzado en 2015 para apuntar al emergente mercado juvenil con énfasis el talento de 8 a 15 años de edad, Latino, Urbano, Pop y otros géneros. Rincon es también cofundador de Social Latino USA, un movimiento de Redes Profesionales. Social Latino USA se lanzó en 2005 en Dallas, Texas y comenzó como una reunión mensual que rotaba entre las ciudades más excitantes y los lugares más de moda, como el Hotel W / Ghost Bar, Joule Hotel, el Crescent Club en el prestigioso Hotel Crescent, y ahora se ha convertido en una experiencia trimestral en Dallas y Austin. Rikki invierte tiempo en su trabajo como miembro del Consejo de Entretenimiento para la Gala Anual del Hospital de Investigación Infantil St. Jude, en Dallas, Texas y Noche de Navidad/ El Barrio de Navidad, dos causas importantes que ayudan a los niños tanto a nivel local como mundial. Otros compromisos del pasado incluyen el servicio en la Reserva del Cuerpo de la Marina de los Estados Unidos.



Eva Macias By Clare Miranda / Photo by David Jr. Martin

Increase your net worth inside and out For years, she’s cured her clients of their financial woes. Now, with a new book coming out, financial expert Eva Macias reminds us of the bottom line: pay yourself first.

Sunrays beam down, and there’s a soft, cool breeze as I enter the coffee house where my meeting with financial expert and author, Eva Macias, is scheduled. Greeting each other and navigating our way to a table underneath an ivy-covered trellis, the tranquil setting doesn’t seem fitting to talk about a topic that is often touchy: money. But Macias isn’t your typical financial expert. With her offices in Whittier, California, she’s more “Main Street” than “Wall Street”. She’s rejected the stuffy suit, preferring a chic, tailored blouse, black pointed heels and a swipe of vibrant, fuchsia lipstick. And instead of rattling off numbers, percentages, and statistics, she talks about the greatest asset people have - themselves. Raised in a close-knit family, Eva applied her hard work ethic to the real-estate industry and quickly reaped the rewards, buying not one, but two houses by her mid-twenties. Eva recounts her surprise when she learned that her parents were preparing to retire off Social Security with only $1,100 in their savings: “I thought, Only $1,100? No, this does not add up. My parents had worked for 35 years. Meanwhile, I was in my 20’s and blowing money away. I wasn’t okay with that.” Facing the stark reality of the situation and with a newfound concern for her and her parent’s financial future, Eva was now on the path to discover her passion for finance. It all started with, “with wanting to know more for myself and then for my parents, and then I found a huge opportunity (literally, saw an opportunity) to start a business.” Using her unique insight, she launched Eva Macias & Associates, to help clients manage their money; accumulate wealth; set and reach financial goals. Her mantra is: Pay yourself first, so your future self can thank you. Eva admits that was scared at first, but she knew what she was doing was important. She has devoted much of her time and energy to getting the word out. Besides her Rolodex of clients, she has gone out into the community and spoken at conferences and schools about finance. Using various social media platforms,

podcasts and videos, she is constantly looking for ways to share her message. Very soon, Eva will have a new vehicle for her message, when her new book, A Woman’s Guide to Money is published and released this summer. Eva feels that women need to have access to sound financial advice, so the book is geared towards a female demographic. Eva believes that women are nurturers by nature,

“I see women often take care of the entire world except themselves. They will show up for their husbands, they will show up for their kids, and yet, when I ask them to set money aside for themselves, they have to think twice about it.” However, “women are the shakers and the movers, ultimately, of a household. We direct where the money goes.” Despite her extensive knowledge of money and passion for sharing her expertise, Eva humbly admits that she has had her struggles with money in the past. “As a woman, I’ve had my own financial downhills that I’ve learned from, and that is why I can relate to people.” However, this has also fed her resolve, “I’ve been there. I’ve been broke as hell, but that’s why I tell people: You don’t have to stay there forever!”. She also firmly believes in reminding people of their worth and value as individuals: “People are not their bank accounts. Don’t be your bank account. You are not defined by that; You’re bigger than that.” She certainly takes that belief to heart. When asked what brings her the most ALEGRIA in life, Eva doesn’t mention money or wealth, but rather the joy of her family, her boyfriend, and their plans to buy a house and explore what their future holds. She happily says, “I’m really, really excited to see what the next stage, the next chapter in my life holds.”

Join Eva every Wednesday on Facebook LIVE for wealthy Wednesdays at 7 pm





Valor neto y autoestima Por años, ella ha aliviado a sus clientes de sus problemas financieros. Ahora, con la publicación de su nuevo libro, la asesora financiera Eva Macias nos recuerda la regla dorada de las finanzas: Págate primero a ti mismo. Los rayos del sol nos bañan, y hay una brisa suave y fresca al entrar en la cafetería donde está programada mi reunión con la asesora financiera y autora Eva Macias. Nos saludamos y navegamos hacia una mesa debajo de un enrejado cubierto de hiedra. El sereno ambiente no parece apropiado para hablar de un tema que a menudo es ríspido: el dinero. Pero Macias no es la clásica asesora financiera. En vez de Wall Street, sus oficinas se ubican en las calles de Whittier, California. Rechaza el aburrido traje, prefiriendo una blusa elegante, ceñida, tacones negros puntiagudos y un golpe de lápiz labial fucsia vibrante. Y en lugar de chasquidos de números, porcentajes y estadísticas, ella habla sobre el mayor activo que las personas poseen -a sí mismos-. Criada en una familia muy unida, Eva aplicó su ética de trabajo duro a la industria inmobiliaria y rápidamente cosechó las recompensas, comprando no una, sino dos casas a mediados en su segunda década de vida. Eva relata su sobresalto cuando se enteró que sus padres se estaban preparando para retirarse con sólo $1,100 de Seguridad Social en su cuenta de ahorros: “Pensé: ¿Sólo $1,100? No, no esto no es correcto. Mis padres habían trabajado por 35 años. Mientras tanto, yo estaba en mis 20 años, botando el dinero. Eso no me pareció nada bien”. Frente a la cruda realidad de la situación y con una nueva preocupación por sí misma y por el futuro financiero de sus padres, Eva estaba en camino de descubrir su pasión por las finanzas. Todo empezó, “queriendo saber más para mí, y luego para mis padres; y luego encontré una gran oportunidad para iniciar un negocio”. Lanzó Eva Macias & Associates para ayudar a los clientes a administrar su dinero; acumular riqueza; establecer y alcanzar metas financieras. Su mantra es: Págate a ti mismo primero, para que tu futuro Yo pueda darte las gracias. Eva admite que estaba asustada al principio, pero sabía que lo que hacía era importante. Ha dedicado mucho tiempo y energía a dar a conocer su labor. Además de su agenda de contactos, ha dado conferencias y pláticas sobre finanzas en la co-

munidad y las escuelas. Utilizando diversas plataformas de medios sociales, podcasts y videos, está constantemente buscando formas de compartir su mensaje. Muy pronto, Eva tendrá un nuevo vehículo para su mensaje, cuando su nuevo libro, A Woman’s Guide to Money, se publique este verano. Eva siente que las mujeres necesitan tener acceso a una sólida asesoría financiera, por lo que el libro está orientado hacia ese grupo demográfico. Considera que las mujeres son cuidadoras por naturaleza:

“Veo que las mujeres a menudo cuidan del mundo entero, pero no cuidan de sí mismas. Están presentes para sus maridos y para sus hijos. Sin embargo, cuando les pido que aparten dinero para sí mismas, lo tienen que pensar dos veces.” Sin embargo: “Las mujeres son el motor de un hogar. Son quienes deciden hacia dónde dirigir el dinero en última instancia”. A pesar de su amplio conocimiento sobre el dinero y de su pasión por compartirlo, Eva admite humildemente que ha tenido dificultades con el dinero en el pasado. “Como mujer, he tenido mis propias bajadas financieras, de las que he aprendido, y es por eso que puedo relacionarme con la gente.” Sin embargo, esto también ha alimentado su voluntad: “He estado allí. He estado hasta abajo, pero por eso le digo a la gente: ¡No tienes que quedarte allí para siempre!”. También cree firmemente en recordar a la gente su valor como individuos: “La gente no es su cuenta bancaria. No seas tú chequera. Ello no te define: Eres más grande “. Eva ciertamente lleva esa creencia a corazón. Cuando le pregunto qué le trae más ALEGRIA en la vida, no menciona el dinero o la riqueza, sino más bien la ALEGRIA de su familia, su novio, y sus planes para comprar una casa y explorar lo que el futuro les tiene reservado. Dice felizmente: “Estoy muy, muy emocionada de ver lo que el próximo capítulo de mi vida me traerá.”



Horton Photo by David Jr. Martin

As a business consultant, what is your best advice for young entrepreneurs?

Perhaps the best advice for my younger entrepreneurial clients is: starting your own business is not easy. It requires more work than you might imagine and will likely challenge you in ways you cannot yet begin to know. You may reasonably expect to be living on an emotional rollercoaster for the next few years if you start your own business. However, every successful startup business owner gets through it. So can you, if you’re well prepared, determined, committed, willing to learn, and flexible. You have been all over the world mentoring clients and entrepreneurs. What is the most rewarding part of your profession?

Most of us in the business/legal consulting profession are driven to help others, and most of us will tell you the most rewarding experience is to see your assistance help others achieve their dreams. When it comes to creating a strong team, what do you usually recommend to your clients?

Developing a strong team requires a clear understanding of the team’s mission. It also requires detailed planning, competent execution, and consideration of a wide variety of variables which can all ultimately affect the team’s effectiveness and efficiency.

You may reasonably expect to be living on an emotional rollercoaster for the next few years if you start your own business. However, every successful startup business owner gets through it. So can you, if you’re well prepared, determined, committed, willing to learn, and flexible. To contact Ted, you can visit: O (424) 204-9036 - M (562) 301-1203

Communication and training are critical to the development of a strong team. The team’s leadership must not only share a clear vision but be flexible and open to accept the team’s input. The kind of business environment which fosters such open communication requires universal trust and respect among the entire team. This can take time to build depending on the team and its individual members. What is the most fascinating aspect of your career?

As a Business/Legal Consultant, getting the opportunity to work in multiple industries -in the manufacturing and service sectors- is the most fascinating aspect of my career. I liken the experience to that of a bee flying from flower to flower and pollinating them. I can take my experiences helping one client and use them to help others. I am constantly learning new things, and yet I continue to see how key business principles apply to the outcomes of every business. What brings you ALEGRIA?

That’s easy! My family, my friends, my dog, my home, my business and volunteer service are all sources of ALEGRIA to me these days. Each helps me to appreciate how truly blessed I have been and continue to be in this extraordinary life I am living. It has been a remarkable sojourn, nicely complemented with the ALEGRIA gifted to me by others.





WHAT COULD YOU ACCOMPLISH? What if you could just concentrate on building your business? Would you take more risks? Would you go for larger or more accelerated goals? INSURENEX AssetProtect: A Simple Resource for Complex Business Concerns


Every small and medium-sized business has to face a mountain of crucial and complicated details with a limited number of staff who are already performing a wide variety of functions. We can help you climb that mountain. INSURENEX offers a business platform that bundles everything from payroll, group medical benefits, HR functions, claims consulting, certificates of insurance, workers’ compensation, and added value services for your employees. We will customize a solution that works for you. Then you can add or adjust any of these bundled services through a single point-of-contact. WORKERS’ COMPENSATION • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PAYROLL • HUMAN RESOURCES/COMPLIANCE CLAIMS CONSULTING •PERSONAL INSURANCE INSURENEX.COM

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Throughout 2016 and into this year, LegalShield has focused on several digital initiatives. Through their new and enhanced technology-based products and services. LegalShield offers the convenience of do-it-yourself technology with the assurance of a dedicated Law firm in the palm of your hand.


Protecting Small Businesses

Today, LegalShield provides legal services to 1.6 million members and 47,000 small businesses across North America. LegalShield has individual and family plans for as little as $20 a month and $39 monthly for a small business. According to “ The Legal Needs of Small Business,” a research study commissioned by LegalShield, nearly 60 percent of small-business owners who said they experienced a legal event in the past two years reported not hiring an attorney to help them. The most sought-after reasons for seeking legal help by small businesses were debt collection and review of contracts and other business documents-two prominent services covered under LegalShield’s small-business membership plan. Thanks to LegalShield, small-business owners have ready access to the quality legal advise and counsel they need so that they can focus on properly managing and growing their business. Don’t let the intimidating and expensive legal system stop you from getting legal counsel when you need it. Bridge the justice gap by becoming a LegalShield member today. (Contact Jesse) LegalShield is considered the original disrupter in the legal industry. 45 Years ago, it pulled together a community of consumers-average American-and matched them to accountable and responsible law firms. LegalShield is the only legal service provider that has a dedicated network of law firms and lawyers supporting its members. This unique attorney network provides a dedicated law firm in every state-except Alaska, which will be available by end of 2017-to direct service each LegalShield member. “Everyone should have an attorney to advise them how to navigate the legal system, which is complex and byzantine,” Jesse says. “Who would want to go through that without someone who’s experienced and educated in law.”


JESSE RAMOS Legal Shield Business Solutions Small Business Expert

With identity theft, it is not a matter of “if” you, your family, employee’s or Business will be impacted, but “when.”

CTRMS Identity Theft Benefits Advisor (909) 463-8082

Jesse expresses the importance of Protection with the growing epidemic of the 5 Types of Identity Theft.

ID Shield has helped restore nearly 10,000 individual identities back to pre-theft status. Plus! When employer-paid, new IRS rules make identity theft protection a non-taxable benefit for your employees. Identity Theft and Legal protection are among a new wave of voluntary benefits companies are offering employees. When they are protected, they have peace of mind and more productive at work-a huge advantage for your organization. “THE MILLENNIAL MOVEMENT IS FLOCKINNG TO LEGALSHIELD AS IT IS LEADING THROUGH INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY” According to data from Millennial Branding nearly 60% of millennials surveyed consider themselves entrepreneurs, with ideas, capital, and plans laid out for ventures. Jesse Ramos is a sought out expert and speaker on Identity Theft and is extremely passionate about serving the Small Business Communities Nation wide the Bilingual Small Business space is poised for 10 fold growth in the next 5 years. Having a Law Firm in the Palm of your hands will become the norm.

MacArthur Place, Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA92707 | T714.852.6840 F 714.852.6899

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MIS PLANES SON AMARTE A Spiritual Journey filled with Music & Love Photos by Omar Cruz & Nicolas Achury


is Planes son Amarte, the new visual album of Colombian rock star Juanes, is a breathtaking creative project which contains 12 songs that feature his unique musical signature. The album explores love in its different manifestations and premise that music heals.

Juanes himself plays the character of an archeologist with a fascination to explore other times and spaces. With a deep spiritual thread connecting all the songs and stories, his character’s search for true love and meaning takes him on an Ayahuasca journey, where he connects at a higher level with what he feels is his ultimate calling.

Mis Planes son Amarte is now available and can be accessed at no extra cost to all listeners and viewers, via online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Get ready to go to the moon and back with this incredible album!




Cuéntanos de este nuevo especial de HBO Latino... Es un documental que hace un recorrido por mi ciudad, Medellín. Este fue un proyecto muy lindo, ya que pude compartir con muchas personas que han sido parte de mi camino y que me conocen desde aquella época. En tu nuevo álbum, Mis Planes son Amarte, los temas del amor, la música y la espiritualidad se entrelazan para narrar este álbum visual. ¿Cuál es tu vínculo con estos temas en tu vida actual? Este álbum para mi es sobre las ganas que tengo de vivir y es el resultado del amor de mis hijos y mi familia y mi conexión cada vez mayor con Dios, el Universo o esa energía superior que siempre está presente en nuestras vidas. Un miedo… Montar en avión. Una ilusión… Sueño con la oportunidad de poder estar aquí para poder ver a mis hijos crecer. ¿Quién te ha cambiado la vida? Gustavo Santaolalla, quien me dio esa gran oportunidad un día y desde entonces mi vida cambió para siempre.

¿Lo sencillo o lo complejo? Ambos, todo depende. ¿Qué es lo que más extrañas del Juanes de hace 20 años en Medellín? La espontaneidad. Notamos tu nuevo look y plan de salud… Siempre me ha gustado el deporte, pero no tenía la vida más sana, así que un día me miré al espejo y dije: ¡Ya no más! Me dediqué mucho más al deporte, cambié mi dieta y me siento mejor que nunca. ¿Aguardiente o tequila? Umm.... ya no bebo. Sobre tus hijos... ¿qué te sacó cada uno? Luna, la disciplina. Paloma, lo artístico. Dante, lo carismático… (Entre risas) Karen, tu esposa, ¿qué es lo que más amas de ella hasta hoy? Su personalidad es increíble; es el tipo de persona que ve la vida de una manera muy linda y su ALEGRIA es todo para mí! Para ti ALEGRIA es... Sentirme realizado en muchos sentidos, pero mi mayor ALEGRIA es ver a mis hijos sonreír... y por supuesto la música.



Tell us about this new HBO Latino special... It is a documentary that takes you on a journey to my homeland, Medellin. This was a beautiful project since I was able to share with many people who have been part of my path, and who know me from that time. In your new album, Mis Planes Son Amarte, the themes of love, music, and spirituality are intertwined to narrate this visual album. What is your connection to these issues nowadays? This album is about my desire to live and is the result of the love for my children, my family and my growing connection with God, the Universe or that higher energy that is always present in our lives. One of your fears is… Flying. Airplanes are not my thing. An illusion… I dream of having the opportunity to be here to watch my children grow. Who has changed your life? Gustavo Santaolalla, who gave me that great opportunity one day and changed my life forever. The simple or the complex? Both, it all depends.

What do you miss the most from the Juanes of 20 years ago in Medellin? Spontaneity. We noticed your new look and health plan... I always liked sports, but I did not have the healthiest life, so one day I looked in the mirror and said: No more! I dedicated myself much more to the sport, changed my diet, and I feel better than ever. Aguardiente or tequila? Umm .... I do not drink anymore. About your children... what did each of them get from you? Luna, discipline. Paloma, the artistic thing. Dante, charisma... (Laughing) Karen, your wife... What do you love the most about her to this day? Her personality is incredible; she’s the kind of person who sees life in a beautiful way and her ALEGRIA is everything to me! ALEGRIA is… To feel fulfilled in many ways, though my greatest ALEGRIA is to see my children smile… and music, of course.



DANCE CRUISE The Largest Latin Dance Cruise in the World

By Davina A. Ferreira

with a light Caribbean rain. I sang along with a loud voice, too loud, so I lost my voice. And I danced until my feet burned, but it was a bittersweet pain, for though my feet hurt, I knew how much joy the dancing had brought.

One of the aspects of ADC that I found incredibly fascinating is that you will meet new friends of all ages from all walks of life; a multicultural explosion of kind and warm-hearted people who love to dance and treasure the beauty, beat and history of Latin Music.

Because here comes one of my main joyful observations about going onboard ADC: Diversity, Unity and ALEGRIA 24/7. There is never a dull moment, from the time you wake up to an energizing Kizomba dance class by the pool, to the sexy day-long pool parties, and the evening galas filled with social dancing and new friends. Lots of them.

Looks and social status are irrelevant; professions or titles become obsolete; stereotypes fade into the warm evenings filled with dancing and magic and friendship. You can truly witness beauty in all its forms and shapes: talented musicians and dancers mingling with amateur dancers who want to feel the thrill of dancing with one of their favorite stars.

On this cruise, you will leave behind any feelings of loneliness and isolation, which are so common in cosmopolitan cities, and you will become part of a new tribe, a fun-loving one: the #ADCFamilia.

The legends of Mambo mingle with a new gen of Latin music lovers & sunset awakens you when you catch a glimpse of a sexy lovers who’ve lost track of time & everyday life, dancing to a sensual tune.

There are moments in life that simply can’t be described, only lived. One of them is going onboard an ADC cruise.


did not know much about Aventura Dance Cruise, the largest Latin Dance Cruise in the World until I met its owner, Moshe Raiser earlier this year and he generously invited me to be part of a cruise in the fall. As a Latina who loves Salsa dancing, when I heard Grupo Niche was giving a concert onboard, it was only natural for me to want to reconnect with one of my favorite Salsa bands from the land of my ancestors. During my teenage years in Colombia, their songs’ lyrics were engraved in my consciousness. I think back to that time, which seems so long ago… It was an enchanted evening concert, complete





ne of my greatest dreams has finally come true! It all started when the Disney bus arrived. I could see the magical colors from a distance: black, red, and yellow. My heart started beating wildly in my chest. I couldn’t help thinking: If the bus is this nice, how wonderful will the cruise be!

Once we boarded the ship, I was so excited just to be there, and could barely contain my excitement when I heard “Baker family, welcome on board!”. I saw a line of people in beautiful white uniforms, so crisp and clean. I couldn’t help noticing the gorgeous carpet and lights that led the way. Everything was perfect. I was the happiest kid on the planet during those four days, and not only that, my mamá was happy and relaxed too. That day was just the beginning of many magical moments I shared with her. We ate lots of ice cream together and played in the pool, where we also watched movies and just relaxed. She could really rest because the amazing crew took care of everything. They would close the pool every 45 minutes so that everyone could take a bathroom break, and before dinner, they made sure all guests washed their hands. Indeed, cleanliness was evidenced everywhere, especially in our magical room.

When it came to our daily schedule, we didn’t have to worry about anything. All was perfectly planned, and every night we received a schedule with the activities for the following day. We went to a variety of shows, such as Frozen and a magician. We tried a different restaurant each night and had an incredible meal on each of them. Our server the first night was Jose. His service was impeccable and made the whole experience that much better. In fact, he became more of a “vacation friend” than a cruise employee.




no de mis mayores sueños finalmente se ha hecho realidad! Todo comenzó cuando llegó el autobús de Disney. Desde la distancia pude ver los colores mágicos: rojo, negro y amarillo. Mi corazón comenzó a golpear salvajemente en mi pecho. No pude evitar pensar: Si el autobús es tan bonito, ¡imagina lo maravilloso que será el crucero!

Una vez que abordamos el barco, estaba tan emocionado de estar ahí, y cuando escuché: “Familia Baker, ¡bienvenidos a bordo!”, estaba fuera de mí. Vi una fila de gente con hermosos uniformes blancos, tan limpios y almidonados. No pude evitar notar la hermosa alfombra y las luces que delineaban el camino. Todo era perfecto. Durante cuatro días fui el niño más feliz del planeta y no sólo eso, también vi a mi mamá feliz y relajada.

pedes se lavaran las manos, para estar sanos y felices. De hecho, la limpieza se evidenció en todas partes, especialmente en nuestra habitación mágica.

En cuanto a nuestro programa diario, no teníamos que preocuparnos por nada. Todo estaba perfectamente planeado. La noche anterior recibíamos un horario con las actividades del día siguiente. Pudimos ver una gran variedad de espectáEse día fue sólo el comienzo de muchos culos, como “Frozen” momentos mágicos que compartí con ella. y un espectáculo de Juntos comimos un montón de helado y ju- magia. Probamos un gamos en la alberca, donde también vimos restaurante diferente películas y nos relajamos. Ella realmente cada noche y siempre pudo descansar porque el maravilloso per- comimos delicioso. sonal del crucero se encargó de todo. Nuestro mesero de la primera noche se Cerraban la alberca cada 45 millamaba José. Su servicio era imnutos, para que todos pudieran pecable e hizo que toda la expetomar un descanso e ir al baño, y riencia fuera mucho mejor. Fue antes de la cena, la tripulación se más como un amigo del crucero aseguraba de que todos los huésque un empleado.



nother thing I enjoyed was the freedom. I went to the Kids Club without my mamá worrying about my safety. The bracelet system and the phones allowed her to contact me whenever she wanted, knowing that I was in good hands. I had so much fun with my friends every night that I didn’t want to leave! The excursions were equally great! We both had lots of fun in the Bahamas. Then, the next day we arrived at the Disney private island, which was even better. It is truly paradise on earth. I couldn’t believe the amazing ice cream machine on the island. The bikes and snorkeling were also tons of fun. And I got to swim with stingrays! It was such a magical place; I asked my mamá if we could stay there longer! On Wednesday, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, my birthday came. I couldn’t believe all the wonderful decorations in the room. That day everyone wished me a happy birthday. I received a button that said, “Happy Birthday, Matteo” and I had a beautiful Mickey Mouse shaped cake that night. It was so amazing… My wish is that all my friends can one day have this magical experience. Thank you, Disney, for some of the most amazing days of my life!




tra cosa que realmente disfruté fue la libertad. Pude ir al Club de Niños y mi mamá no tuvo que preocuparse por mi seguridad. El sistema de pulsera y los teléfonos le permitían ponerse en contacto conmigo siempre que quisiera y sentirse a gusto, sabiendo que estaba en buenas manos. Me divertí tanto con mis amigos cada noche que no quería irme. Las excursiones también fueron grandiosas. Los dos nos divertimos mucho en las Bahamas. Sin embargo, el día siguiente fue aún mejor, cuando llegamos a la isla privada de Disney. Realmente es como el paraíso en la tierra. No podía creer la increíble máquina de helado de la isla. Las bicicletas y el snorkel también fueron muy divertidos. También nadé con mantarrayas. Era un lugar tan mágico, que le pregunté a mi mamá si podíamos quedarnos ¡muchos días más! Justo cuando pensaba que las cosas no podían ser más asombrosas, el miércoles llegó mi cumpleaños. No podía creer todas las decoraciones maravillosas en la habitación. Ese día todos me deseaban feliz cumpleaños. Recibí un prendedor que decía: “Feliz Cumpleaños, Matteo” y esa noche tuve un hermoso pastel en forma de Mickey Mouse. Fue increíble. Mi deseo es que todos mis amigos algún día puedan tener esta experiencia mágica. Gracias Disney por algunos de los días más increíbles de mi vida.


El catálogo de Netflix:



By Maria Alejandra Rodriguez

Es preciso decir que Netflix ha marcado un antes y un después en la industria del entretenimiento mundial. El mayor proveedor de televisión por Internet inició la disrupción innovando la forma en la que se distribuía elcontenido. La televisión ‘a la carta’ y el binge-watching han permeado la sociedad hasta el grado de convertirse en un fenómeno cultural, donde el usuario tiene miles de opciones a la hora de consumir contenido. En 2013, mientras tomaba fuerza a nivel mundial, Netflix decide aventurarse en la producción de contenido original con su primera serie y éxito innegable, House of Cards.

Desde ese momento, la plataforma empieza a convertirse en un espacio donde brilla la libertad creativa, la diversidad de género y donde no existe censura. El catálogo de Netflix es como su nueva serie, INGOBERNABLE. Netflix sin duda ha sabido acercarse a la audiencia con una nueva forma de contar historias; historias que estaban siendo acalladas y muchos querían escuchar.

Netflix was a watershed in the global entertainment industry. The largest provider of Internet television started the disruption by innovating the way content was distributed. À la carte television and binge-watching have permeated society to the point of becoming a cultural phenomenon, where the user has thousands of options when it comes to content consumption. In 2013, as it gained global momentum, Netflix decided to venture into the production of original content with its first series of indisputable success, House of Cards. From that moment on, the platform became the place where creative freedom and gender diversity shine, and there is no censorship. The Netflix catalog is like its new series, INGOBERNABLE. Netflix has certainly been able to approach the audience with a new way of telling stories; stories that were silenced and many wanted to hear.

Erik Hayser

“Como artista, es necesario hablar de mi país. Hablar de lo bueno, pero también de lo que no me gusta. Es fundamental. Creo que el arte transforma. Que está ahí para tocar al espectador de formas en que nada mas lo hace. Para mí es necesario buscar proyectos que generen preguntas y concienticen al espectador y que nos haga movernos a mejores lugares. A ser mejores seres humanos, pero también a aportar un granito de arena para tener un México y un mundo mejor. No he sentido ningún riesgo con esta serie, porque yo no me censuro.”

Kate del Castillo

“Me siento muy contenta, primero porque la televisión ya está en unos niveles increíbles. Netflix ha cambiado cómo se ve la televisión. Pero, además, no existe la censura. No hay censura en esta serie. No tenemos miedo de que nadie nos censure, porque los actores siempre tenemos miedo y debemos cuidar lo que decimos. Para nosotros, ese es un paso adelante.”

“As an artist, I need to talk about my country. To talk about the good, but also about what I don’t like. It seems fundamental. I firmly believe that art transforms. That art is there to move the viewer as nothing else can. I have the need to look for projects that ask questions and give the viewer a new awareness, which will make us all move towards better places. To be better as human beings, but also to do our bit to have a better Mexico and a better world. Since I never censor myself, I have not felt at risk. “


“I feel very happy, first because television has reached amazing heights. Netflix has changed how we watch TV. But, also, there is no censorship. There is no censorship in this series. We are not afraid of being censored by anyone because actors are always afraid and we must be careful with what we say. To us, that is a step forward. “



Paz Vega

“Es un buen momento para la mujer. Esta serie está protagonizada y creada por una mujer. Se está dando un movimiento a nivel global, donde la mujer está cansada de tener un rol secundario en todo, en el trabajo, en la familia, en las parejas. Ahora somos conscientes de nuestro poder real. Al final esto es un negocio: las plataformas, las productoras, se están dando cuenta de esto y tienen que hacer contenido que lo refleje.

Working in this series has been a very positive experience. Because it’s just what I like, to find things that surprise me. Everyone involved in this project knew that we were taking a risk. Everything was like an experiment because it is a different series with a different structure, which raises questions and does not leave anyone indifferent.”

Trabajar en esta serie ha sido para mí una experiencia muy positiva. Porque es justo lo que me gusta, encontrarme con cosas que me sorprendan. Todo los involucrados en este proyecto sabíamos que estábamos arriesgando. Todo era como un experimento porque es una serie diferente que propone otro esquema, que plantea preguntas y que no deja a nadie indiferente.”

“This is a good time for women. This series star and creator is a woman. A movement is taking place globally, where women are tired of having a secondary role everywhere: at work, in the family, in relationships. Now we are aware of our real power. At the end of the day, this is a business; the platforms, the producers, realize this and must create content that reflects this reality.

“Las chicas del


Ana Fernández

“Te da una sensación de respeto, de querer comunicarlo lo mejor posible, de no mentir, sobre todo. Porque la historia ha mentido con muchas cosas. Cuando eres parte de un proyecto, yo por mi parte intento ser objetiva, y que lo que se cuente sea verdad. Creo que esta serie es así en lo que respecta a las mujeres. Sobre sus situaciones, sobre las opciones que había en ese momento, sobre los perfiles de las mujeres… Lo han respetado bastante. Son cosas reales”.

Ana María Polvorosa

“Netflix no es el futuro, es el presente. Es una televisión ‘a la carta’ que cualquier espectador desea. Todo es maravilloso.”

“It gives you a sense of respect, of wanting to communicate as well as possible, of not wanting to lie. Because history has lied about many things. When you participate in a project, I try to be objective and tell it like it is. I think this series is like that in regards to women. Discussing their situations, the options they had at the time, their archetypes... The story is pretty accurate. These are real things.” “Netflix is not the future; it’s the present. It’s the kind of on-demand TV every audience desires. Everything is wonderful”.


“Orange is the

the NEW BLACK” Selenis Leyva

“I had no expectations. When I read the pilot, I was like: Hmm this is interesting, but still… It’s a bunch of women in prison, with no makeup on, we don’t look pretty, this is show does not look great at this time… It’s lesbians, transgender, Latinas, old women, young women, fat, skinny… Oh God, who is going to watch this?! We had no idea that Netflix was doing something so brilliant. They were going to give access to everyone. BOOM! And give you the opportunity to binge-watch or view however you wanted to. We are proud of a show that’s making history. A show that’s entertaining and thought-provoking. We are proud of this phenomenon.”

“One Day

AT A TIME” Justina Machado

“We have a responsibility to see ourselves portrayed in a positive way. I feel an incredible responsibility to tell actual stories. To tell universal stories, that everyone can relate to even if we are representing Latinos. I feel a strong responsibility since we don’t see ourselves onscreen that often, and when we do is not always the greatest light. We need to tell stories realistically, we need to change the narrative, and I think we are doing that with this show.”

“Tenemos la responsabilidad de vernos reflejadas de manera positiva. Siento una increíble responsabilidad de contar historias reales. De relatar historias universales, con las que todos se puedan relacionar, aunque estemos representando a Latinos. Siento una gran responsabilidad, ya que no nos vemos a nosotros mismos tan frecuentemente en la pantalla, ni se nos presenta de la manera más favorable. Necesitamos mostrar historias de manera real, cambiar la narrativa y creo que lo estamos haciendo en este programa”.

“No tenía expectativas. Cuando leí el piloto, pensé: Mmm, está interesante, pero aun así… Un montón de mujeres en prisión, sin maquillaje, no nos vemos bonitas; este show no se ve muy bueno por el momento… Hay lesbianas, transgéneros, Latinas, viejas, jóvenes, gordas, flacas… Ay Dios, ¿quién va a querer ver eq sto? No teníamos idea de que Netflix estaba haciendo algo brillante. Le iban a dar acceso a todo el mundo. ¡BUM! Y ofrecer la oportunidad de darte un atracón de televisión o de ver los programas como quisieras. Estamos orgullosos de esta serie, que está haciendo historia. Un programa entretenido y que estimula el pensamiento. Estamos orgullosos de este fenómeno”.



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