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AIA Long Island Chapter 2020 Year In Review The AIA Long Island Chapter is grateful for the adaptation of the membership this past year during the disruption and changes to our living and working conditions. 2020 was a year that inadvertently provided us with many opportunities for collaboration across other AIA Chapters and organizations, deepening our communication and knowledge base. Even through the difficult circumstances, the Chapter was able to provide a

broad list of seminars, ranging from international speakers, school design experts, women in architecture sessions and emerging professional activities. In addition, the Chapter was able to host the 56th Annual Archi Awards program which highlighted the great accomplishments of our members and the Golf Outing event, an important event to support the Chapter's scholarship program for architectural students. Please take a moment to recollect the 2020 events:

January 30, 2020 AIA LI 2020 Board Installation and Lecture: 4D! Responding to Long Term Change Through Positive Adaption Presented by Illya Azaroff, AIA

The imperative of the 21st-century is how communities respond to challenges presented by climate change. These challenges present short term disturbances and long-term consequences that we now can project very well. Speaker: Illya Azaroff, AIA AIA New York State, President Elect and Disaster Coordinator

Founding Co-chair Design for Risk and Reconstruction Professor in Practice NYCCT CUNY Founding Director + LAB, PLLC

February 25, 2020 Long Island: A Material Culture Hearth for American Design and Construction Presented by Eric Anderson, AIA

Material culture is the aspect of social reality grounded in the objects and architecture that surround people. It includes the usage, consumption, creation, and trade of objects as well as the behaviors, norms, and rituals that the objects create or take part in. This lecture consisted of: Long Island as hearth for material culture Long Island the hinterland for New York Community formation/community inversion ● Worker communities

● Intentional communities ● Residential parks and parkways Morretti, Moses and you LI architectural hearths ● England, New England and the FHA ● International Style and hemispheric hegemony ● Modern Mannerism and Postmodernism ● Resiliency - past, present and future The Construction Hearth: Why is this important? ● Transit Oriented Development and the lesson of Morretti ● Housing Types ● Planning for Resiliency ● Regulatory evolution ● Technology and innovation

Mr Anderson discussed the “Material Culture Study� as a source for design and construction patterns. Also talked about understanding Long Island material culture contribution to national and international innovation in design and construction. Other topics included Transit Oriented Development and the lessons of Morretti. Finally, going forward - the next contributions of Long Island to the material culture of design and construction.

February 27, 2020 Women Reshaping the Construction Industry

Event organized by the AIA Women in Architecture Committee. Panel discussion with members of the National Association of Women in Construction NY

Chapter and leaders in the industry. The NAWIC is committed to championing women to impact the direction of the construction industry. NAWIC provides education, community, and advocacy for women. Topics discussed included challenges in the workplace, resources available to women in the industry and general information regarding contractor/architect relationships. Panelists:

Ellen Greiper, Partner at Lewis Brisbois, Construction Litigation Multi Party Cases Reagan Branch M/WBE, Owner Pyramid Safety and Health Solutions (Construction Safety) Cielo Frascatore M/WBE, President, CAFCO Group, Construction Management Services Moderator: Renee Marcus, AIA, LEED AP, AIA LI Chapter Secretary,

April 21, 2020 Long Island Architectural Firms Working Remotely and Restart Graciela Carrillo, AIA, AIA LI President moderated an interactive discussion with Marc Spector, FAIA, Principal of Spector Group and Alexander Badalamenti, AIA, President of BLD Architecture. The discussion focused on innovative ways to lead an architectural firm during this difficult time of COVID-19. Our panelists shared their experience working remotely and best practices for leading a design firm. They also shared their own challenges, tools, and strategies for working remotely and discuss tentative plans for startup.

August 4, 2020 Remaking Urban Landscapes: Perspectives from Latin America ASLA New York, AIA Long Island, and AIA New York presented a panel discussion featuring Laura Mantilla Villa, former director of the Bogotá Botanical Garden; Luis Romahn, president and general director for the Parks of Mexico; and María Bellalta, ASLA, dean and faculty member at the School of Landscape Architecture at Boston Architectural College. The panel shared experiences over the development of urban landscapes and highlighted the mechanisms for creating and sustaining these spaces, including funding structures, participatory design, and planning and design implementation processes, as well as various maintenance principles. With exemplary work derived from Mexico City, Bogotá and Medellín, proven practices that transcend the traditional boundaries of landscapes will impart valuable lessons by disclosing the innate relationship between urban development, geography, community engagement, and long-lasting cultural values. The presenters shared ideas and practices on new urban policy models that contribute to the wider city’s infrastructure, carefully integrating civic development for a renewed social environment.

Speakers: Luis Romahn, President and Founder, Parks of Mexico and National Association of Parks and Recreation Mexico María Bellalta, ASLA, Dean, School of Landscape Architecture, Boston Architectural College Laura Mantilla Villa, Architect; Former Director, Bogotá Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis

August 20, 2020 Voices of EDI: Championing Change In light of the Black Lives Matter Movement and ongoing efforts to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in our workplace and our industry, this program highlighted a number of extraordinary women who are leading and championing change through their meaningful and impactful organizations.

AIANY and the AIA Long Island Women in Architecture Committees joined forces for this important panel discussion with three prominent voices of EDI: Bolanle Williams-Olley; Danei Cesario AIA, RIBA, NCARB, NOMA; and Pascale Sablan AIA, NOMA, LEED AP. They shared their initiatives in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion and offered suggestions, ideas, and actions on how we can contribute to building a more equitable profession. Julia Gamolina moderated the discussion, and also highlighted her work in making women in our industry more visible through

her online platform, Madame Architect.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 The State and Future of Assisted Living and Senior Housing Real Estate Presented by David L. Mammina, RA, AIA David L. Mammina, RA, AIA is Vice President, Deputy Real Estate Market Director and Director of Health Care and Senior Living at the H2M Group with Corporate Of-

fices in Melville, New York. Mr. Mammina discussed Assisted and senior living facilities which were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of both resident and employee infection rates and deaths. How will these essential facilities adapt to meet the current crisis as well as help prevent the spread of possible future pandemics? While this webinar focuses on assisted and senior living facilities, many of the learning objec-

tives can be carried over to other project types to protect the health and safety of other institutions.

September 9, 2020 John Notaro 30th Annual Golf Outing Each year for the past 30 years the AIA Long Island Chapter holds its annual Golf Outing to support our Scholarship Fund. This fundraiser provides help to students who are pursuing architecture as their profession. The event is a fun-filled day of golf (great golfing not a requirement), good food, raffles and camaraderie. If you have never joined us this might be a good time to

become involved. It will give you the opportunity to meet some of the architects, attorneys, engineers and professional affiliates who so graciously support our organization. Hoping to see you at next year’s Golf Outing. In the meantime stay safe and healthy.

September 16, 2020 Own Your Value, Secure Your Future The job market may be shifting, but what you bring to the table matters now more than ever. Being a leader in times of uncertainty takes courage and resilience, and it begins with owning your value. Whether you've taken on additional responsibilities outside of your wheelhouse or you're apprehensive about your job stability, you can

take action to endure these shifting times and grow your career. Organized by AIA LI Women In Architecture and speaker Ashley ParĂŠ talked in this interactive webinar session about how to identify and own the unique strengths and capabilities that make you an asset to your organization; articulate your value to your boss, team, or client/vendor; build a case to negotiate and ask for what you need to better serve your organization now and in the future; be prepared to handle objections and hearing "no"; and address the fears that come up when selfadvocating at work.

School Planning and Design for Covid-19

AIA LI Chapter in collaboration with Nassau BOCES. The three-part webinar series gave the educational community an opportunity to meet with design professionals to explore emerging trends in school design. Together, they explored potential short and long-term strategies to enhance school design in the era of Covid-19. September 20, 2020

A New Frontier for School Planning: Designing for Resiliency, Safety, & Wellbeing in the Wake of COVID-19. The speakers staled about preparedness, planning, and operational continuity pre-, during and post-pandemic / disaster. At the end of the talk, attendees learned about operational, infrastructural, and educational recommendations that can support the resiliency, safety, and well-being of our schools for generations to come. Presented by Jenine Kotob, School Safety Specialist & Architects at Hord Coplan Macht

October 14, 2020 Next Millennium Design: “Adapting to Emerging Variables This discussion provided a lens through which to look at school facility design and its goal of engaging students in a safe and inspirational learning environment, with reference to the differences and commonalities of approach before 2020 to the present, then onward into the future from a NYS, Northeast Regional perspective. Presented by Kevin Walsh, Accredited Learning Environment Planner with BBS Architects, during his presentation of Next Millennium Design: ‘Adapting to Emerging Variables.

October 28, 2020 Transforming School Design for a Post-COVID World Using the built learning environment as the template for change, this webinar covered the full range of architectural, educational and operational challenges that must be faced and overcome when schools are fully back in session post-COVID. Primarily, their challenge will be to move from a teacher-centered to a studentcentered model of education. Presenter: Prakash Nair, Founding President and CEO of Education Design International

Roni Zimmer Doctori, Principal Architect, Education Design International

October 20, 2020 Find Your MidCareer Mentors & Collaborators While early in your career you may have had great mentors and guides to show you the ropes, as you grow in your career the nature of mentorship shifts. Finding great mentorship relationships involves being more proactive, getting clearer on what you want out of mentorship, and bringing more of yourself to the relationship. This can be especially hard if you’re a woman or person of color and the majority of leadership in your industry doesn’t reflect you. But the good news is that being proactive to find your new mentors will require you to get out of any professional echo chambers you may be stuck in, will build your personal power, and will give you a sense of your opportunities. In this session, presented by Mia Scharphie of Build Yourself, a career strategy company for women in design, tech and innovation, she discussed how to initiate and strengthen the mentorship relationships that will lead you forward, wherever you find yourself in your career. She also provided a step by step process to finding and strengthening your own mentor relationships and expanding your network - so you can boost your influence, achieve your professional mission, and attract the career opportunities you


October 26, 2020 BATON - Fall 2020 AIA LI Emerging Professionals Mentorship Program Through the Mentorship Program, architects were able to establish a connection with entry-level, mid-level intern architects and students; and students and intern architects had the opportunity to connect with mentors that lead them through career development goals. Each mentor group had a college student, an intern architect, a recently licensed architect and an experienced architect. This way, the group shared career experiences from all different levels. The program run for 4 weeks meeting once a week.

November 11, 2020 Design Manufacture Construct Project Delivery The creation of a successful modular project involves the use of a DMC (DesignManufacture-Construct) Process that differs from the traditional Design-Bid-Build. This talk described in more detail the three main phases of this process and discuss how they work together to address some of the issues faced by traditional project delivery methods. Presented by Jeremy Linzee

November 18, 2020

Global Collaboration = The Future Workplace Organized by AIA LI Women in Architecture in collaboration with Equity Committee by WIELD for the AIA DC Chapter. Traditional employment is shifting from the regular office set-up and opening doors to more flexible relationships between companies and the workforce. Paola discussed these changes, covering such topic areas as: •

How the freelance and self-employment economy will continue to expand

How individuals will choose where to work from and when

How remote work will bring economic development to designers in rural areas or third world countries

How innovation in remote workplace collaboration will be inevitable in the coming years

How designers can use global resources to generate innovative solutions to their

clients Presenter: Paola Moya, CEO & Founder of Moya Design Partners

December 8, 2020 Architect My Life, Architect My Freedom: The Female Architect’s Strategy for Success, Sanity and Scalability Organized by AIA LI Women in Architecture in collaboration with AIA Cleveland Women in Architecture. In this lecture, “Architect My Life, Architect My Freedom” Aya Shlachter cracked the code and share her success in starting and running several businesses that’s scalable and sustainable, while also thriving outside of work. She shared her experiences and insights on: • Value and Principles Discovery • Work/life integration: How to manage time, create workflows and productivity planning tips. • Business of Architecture: New business development strategies postCovid. Negotiation strategies and how to level the playing field as a woman in the field. • 5-point starter checklist to launching your own firm Presenter: Aya Schlechter, Assoc. AIA, CEO MGS Global Group

December 18, 2020 Strong Leaders in Tumultuous Times

AIA Long Island Women In Architecture in Collaboration with AIA New York State presented Strong Leaders in Tumultuous Times. Women leaders of AIA across New York State talk about their goals, struggles, lessons learned during this challenging year and how they planned to wrap up 2020 as Chapter Presidents. Moderator: Kelly Hayes McAlonie, FAIA Director of the Capital Planning Group, University at Buffalo 2012 President, AIA New York State Panelists: Graciela Carrillo, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Architect, Cashin Associates, P.C. 2020/21 President, AIA Long Island Sarah D. Barnard, AIA, LEED Green Associate Project Architect, Architecteam 2020 President, AIA Central New York Debbie S. Kropf, AIA Owner & Principal. DSK Architect PLLC 2020 President, AIA Peconic Kim Yao, AIA Principal, Architecture Research Office 2020 President, AIA New York Jacklyn Tyler, AIA ,2020 Past President, AIA Westchester + Hudson Valley

December 3, 2020 AIA Long Island Chapter 56th Annual Archis Awards Ceremony After 55 years of live presentations, this year we celebrated our awards ceremony remotely due to the restrictions of COVID-19. We invite you to watch the presentation here: watchv=op9v663aAZk&

You may also view our 2020 Archi Award Journal here: docs/2020_aiali_design_award-_issuu? fr=sMjAwNTIzNTI2NDU

CODE AND PRODUCT RELATED WEBINARS: April 23, 2020 2020 NYS Residential Energy Code Update Webinar, presented by Thomas Baccarella, HERS Manager April 28, 2020 Whats new in the 2020 NYC Energy Code , presented by Neil Rosen, AIA, LEED

FELLOW May 7, 2020 2020 NYS Residential Code: Mechanical Ventilation and Range Make Up Air Options, presented by Thomas Baccarella, HERS Manager May 14, 2020

Detailing and Value Engineering the 2020 NYS Residential Energy Code, presented by Thomas Baccarella, HERS Manager May 21, 2020 Safe Homes - Designing for Peace of Mind in the Age of Pandemies, presented by Thomas Baccarella, HERS Manager May 22, 2020 Long Island HERS Index Stretch Code with 2020 Updates Webinar, presented by Thomas Baccarella, HERS Manager May 27, 2020 2020 NYS Code Accessibility Update Webinar, presented by Dominick Marinelli July 7, 2020 AIA Vitual Product Fair: Versico Roofing Systems


October 13, 2020 Guide to Home Elevators This presentation provided an overview of home elevators for architects and build-

ers. The learning objectives for the course were as follows: • Relate to the variety of applications for home elevators • Identify common features and the four main types of elevator drive systems • Analyze site requirements and project timelines • Understand codes and regulations applicable to residential elevators By the end of this session, participants had a broad understanding of residential elevators and the increasing demand for mobility in the home. This presentation was an intermediate level AIA CES course.


November 9, 2020 Multilayer Decking Presented by: Royal Building Products November 10, 2020 Performance and benefits of Woodgrain Aluminum Siding Presented by: Royal Building Products November 13, 2020 PVC. Trim and Moulding Presented by: Royal Building Products November 12, 2020 Architectural and Performance benefits of Cellular PVC Cladding Presented by: Royal Building Products November 13, 2020 PVC Trim and Moulding Presented by: Royal Building Products