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“Jewellery Brand of The Year” Winner at the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014


Jewellers of Distinction 2 Church Arcade Bedford TEL 01234 354026


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September 2014

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Spa Suite Sensation The height of luxury at Woburn Forest Aqua Sana

Pole dancing

Latest fitness craze to tone your body

Bathroom Bliss

Secrets to a hidden sanctuary


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Forget the SALES hype just give us a try, You WILL be pleasantly surprised

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Welcome... It’s getting closer only about SIX weeks to go until our “50 Shades of Pink” Charity Ball, (we can’t wait!) this year monies raised will go to Breakthrough Breast Care, all tickets are now SOLD OUT, if you have brought tickets Thank you for supporting this great charity and I guarantee you a spectacular night full of glitz, glamour and fun. We have just added a new sponsor to our list – Yspa - Thank you guys – it’s not too late to be a sponsor or donate Auction or Raffle prizes please get in touch if you want to help. This issue is all about getting away from it all, last month (August) saw us visiting the idyllic Island of Jersey for a mini break, where we stayed at the luxury 5 star Club Hotel and Spa Boutique Hotel, with it’s Michelin starred dining, it was a real treat, page 71 tells you more. A visit to The Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest was another treat, this time a Spa Suite Stay, everyone needs to experience this at least once pure luxury inspired heavenly relaxation turn to page 28.

Pole Dancing!! No we’re not talking about the sort you see in a certain type of club. It’s the latest fitness craze to tone up all your wobbly bits turn to page 16 to see what it can do for you! The new A/W fashion is upon us, hopefully our shorts and summer playsuits will still get a little more airing before they have to be put away, but as always Affinity is prepared for what lays ahead, we take a peep (page 34) at the must have fashion that needs to be added to your wardrobe! Have a great month

Jane x

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CONTENTS 12 Let’s exfoliate 18 Magical artichoke 22 An evening of ESPA

24 7 steps to serenity 38 No more negativity 40 Catching up with Amber

46 Delicious dessert 47 Dining at The Park 54 Washbag wonders

58 62 66 69 71

Beautiful butterflies Close shave Hold onto your wallets! Back to school A jaunt to Jersey

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Health and Vitality with Rose Water


Add a teaspoon to a large glass of water to cool you on a hot day.

he wonderful thing about herbs is that they have a wide variety of uses and applications. They can be added to food, applied to the body, taken as a tea or a stronger tincture, dried and powdered. There are some herbs which are particularly versatile. Chamomile is one of them. Most people think of chamomile as just a relaxing tea, but it can clean a wound, calm the stomach as well as the nerves, as well as helping to relieve inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasi. But, personally I think of one of the most versatile flowers we have available to us is roses. The most therapeutically valuable variety is the Damascene rose. And, one of the best ways to keep it and apply is in the form of naturally distilled rosewater.

Spritz your skin with chilled rosewater – helpful for those moments you feel heat rising or in a hot humid environment! Make a paste with cornflour and put it onto sunburnt skin Rosewater makes a lovely natural, gentle and slightly astringent, aftershave lotion Taken regularly it can be used to help relieve skin and bladder infections It can help to balance female hormones, relieve PMS symptoms

Uses for Rose Water: A gentle anti-ageing and nourishing skin toner

Rosewater is a fantastic hair rinse to encourage bloodflow to the head and as an aid to alopecia

An eyewash for tired or bloodshot eyes Use in food, such as dairy, rice puddings or meringues, apple and berry sorbets, along with saffron for added indulgence. These two combined have added benefits of reducing the mucous effects of dairy and cold food.

And, finally, Use it to lift the spirits and calm the nerves

Add a dash for flavour to rice dishes Rosewater and oranges are a marriage made in heaven! Let strawberries shine with a few drops of rosewater 10

If you would like to experience pure joy with some of the highest quality naturally distilled Damascene Rosewater (with no alcohol), I have a special offer of 100mls for ÂŁ10.00 plus ÂŁ3.20 postage. Carolyn Woods Herbalist and Naturopath 07944886502

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Get ready to strip — your skin, that is! We bring you our pick of the best face exfoliators on the market.

ESPA Refining Skin Polish £26

A gentle exfoliating facial cream to sweep away dull and dry skin while it helps brighten and revitalise.

The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator £10

Gently lifts away dulling skin cells, dirt and grime, leaving skin clean and refreshed. For optimum results you can use once or twice a week.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser £34

Polish away surface oil and locked-in impurities to improve brightness and clarity. Reveal a youthful you!

Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Exfoliating Cleanser £7.99

This exfoliating cleanser removes dead skin cells and lessens fine lines, leaving skin balanced, nourished and radiantly rejuvenated.

Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator £29

This award winning exfoliator is a subtly fragranced gel, gentle enough to be used daily, leaving skin silky soft and deeply conditioned.

Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator £24.50

This gentle and deep cleansing exfoliator eliminates all the impurities that weaken and dull your complexion. Your skin will be left feeling liberated, clean and fresh.

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Brush Beauty O

f everything that goes into a makeup kit, brushes are the one thing we all use every day, for pretty much every look - but with so many different types and brands available it can be difficult to chose what ones to add to your makeup bag . We’ve done all the hard work for you and just love these ones from Benecos, not only are they perfect for our looks they are also all natural and you’ll love them! The range includes a powder brush, rouge brush, eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow applicator. Each brush is vegan friendly and made from ultra soft toray fibre, with a bamboo handle.

Rouge Brush £8.95 A soft and slanted rouge brush, which evenly distributes powder across the cheeks. Top tip: Swirl the brush across your powder blusher and, starting at the middle of your cheek, sweep upwards and blend for a perfectly sculpted look.

Powder Brush £9.95 Fluffy and soft, Bencos Powder Brush ensures even application of powder and bronzer.

Top tip: Tap the brush into the powder and blend across the face, starting at the nose and working your way out towards the hairline in circular strokes, for a flawless matte finish.

Eye Shadow Brush £4.95 Create a range of looks with this versatile eye shadow blush, which perfectly blends powder shadow. Top tip: For a natural daytime look, sweep the brush across Benecos Natural Mono Eyeshadow in So What? (£3.95) and apply over the eyelid, before blending Benecos Natural Mono Eyeshadow in Lucky Sky (£3.95) into the outer eye socket for a subtle yet defined look.

Applicator Brush £3.95 This sponge applicator is great for applying powder eyeshadow. Top tip: For a glitzy look, dip the sponge applicator in water to dampen and press into eyeshadow. Brush across the lower eyelid for a bold, shimmery and colour-popped look. 14

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Veda Therapeutics Carolyn wood Herbal Medicine - Ayuverda Naturopathy - Therapeutic Massage - Ear Acupuncture

Herbalist (Dip Herb) Naturopath (Dip ND) MAMH, MANP, ITEC

As a herbalist and naturopath I can help you with

• Immunity • Skin Conditions • Digestive Complaints • Hormonal imbalances • Heart health & Circulation • Energy & Wellbeing • Insomnia • Depression • Other chronic health conditions • Acute coughs & colds

07944 886502


01234 302408 07701 086394

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Pole Fitness The Benefits


Flexibility It’s a fact: if you don’t stretch, the older you get, the smaller and tighter your muscles become leading to greater difficulty in movement.You basically start to loose ease of motion as your muscles become tighter.

nspired by the benefits of an all over body work-out that improves strength, flexibility and confidence, thousands of men and women are trying pole fitness, the new gymnastic workout.

Pole fitness is one of the most comprehensive and resultsoriented workouts possible. It demands the strength of gymnastics, the focus of yoga and gets the heart racing faster than any treadmill.

It’s quite common for beginners to have tight shoulders, they can’t stand with their back against a wall and extend their arms flat above their head with their back flat. This is often caused from sitting at a computer all day. Office workers also have tight hip flexors from sitting in a seated position for many hours of the day. This is part of the reason why they can’t perform the splits. Pole fitness will help to lengthen muscles and unlock tight hips.

Aurelian Sports, the new pole fitness and premium fashion brand, which launched their first solid brass Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole in May believes there are many advantages to pole fitness:

Strength Pole athletes have some of the best bodies in the world because lean muscles are developed through performing many sets of resistance exercises whilst practice for a routine.

Pole fitness includes conditioning as part of the course. Additionally you can enroll in extra stretch classes if you need it. Stretching for just half an hour a day has been found to prevent much of the muscle atrophy normally associated with tight muscles.

Builds Self Confidence Pole fitness creates body awareness and develops selfconfidence. You’ll learn to see yourself. You’ll regularly be studying your position on the pole in the mirror, examining your own legs, arms, tummy, bum and even your toes to work out what your best angles are, how to hold a position and what moves you can perform. It might be hard at first to see yourself in the mirror at all angles but each class makes you stronger, more toned and more coordinated.

Resistance exercises are any exercises which cause the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increased strength, tone and/or endurance. External resistance can be dumbbells in the gym or a fitness pole. Just like in the gym, when you are pushing and contracting your muscles through weight sets, pole fitness puts your muscles through the same type of movement. Instead of pushing and contracting in the gym (isotonic contraction) you are using your own body weight to pull yourself up and let yourself down off the pole. It is the same type of exercise.

What makes pole fitness so different is you don’t feel like you are doing exercise. Instead, you are absorbed in the moves, the technique, the beauty of the positions and challenging yourself to become more flexible. Your first classes will be a lot of fun as you try to hold yourself in whichever position you can to get your legs off the ground.

Whilst learning a three-minute routine during a pole fitness class, you will work multiple sets of muscle groups. The result is, after eight weeks, you’ll notice your arms getting stronger, your stomach becoming more toned and your legs looking better.

Weight Loss In an hour’s class you will burn around 300 calories. The big plus is you will build tone and muscle in your arms and legs and strengthen flabby areas such as your bottom and upper arms, which can be hard to target at the gym. It also improves balance, coordination and agility and core strength. 16

Pole fitness is an imaginative and expressive workout. Once you learn some of the basic pole and dance moves you can create your own routine to whichever music suits your style. Workouts can be slow, theatrical, artistic or athletic. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that the discipline allows you to be creative with over 170 pole moves. People can use all kinds of music and influences in their routines

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The ultimate repair for sun damaged hair


hether you’ve been at the beach or by the pool this summer remember suncare shouldn’t stop with your skin – Your hair needs nurturing too. Even if you don’t colour, bleach or use daily styling tools your hair still suffers from external factors such as pollutants, smoke and of course sun radiation. This strain on the hair shaft can leave the lipids in the follicles damaged leading to dull, frizzy, dry, weak and brittle hair.

Restore Shine and Intense Condition Now you can get super soft sleek hair with Sun & Sports Shampoo and Conditioner, containing an exciting new ingredient - Artichoke Leaf Extract. Working as a protective shield to the cuticles in the hair shaft Artichoke Leaf extract leaves the hair surface flat and smooth to reveal shiny, sleek and frizz free locks. In sunlight the lipids that protect and give shine to the hair are oxidised causing damage which affects their performance leaving hair dull and lacklustre. Artichoke Leaf extract preserves the surface of the hair leaving both natural and coloured hair with the high shine and brilliance - hair that feels thick, healthy and tangle free. Sun & Sports Shampoo is an effective yet gentle cleansing shampoo, excellent for removing chlorine and mineral deposits left on the hair. Both shampoo and conditioner boast plant proteins to restructure damage to the hair shaft and pineapple extract high in natural enzymes to remove dead skin cells and debris that accumulates on the hair and scalp withy the use of heavy styling products and hair sprays. Marshmallow and chamomile are added to gently soothe sun damaged hair and scalp. Just perfect to protect hair from an active lifestyle, not only do these products smell yummy they leave you with glorious glossy locks! £9.99 Each from


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Treatment of the Month

Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Facial


The skin is then thoroughly cleansed before being treated and repaired with Professional Vitamin C Infusion which is massaged into the face, neck and décolleté. This can also applied to backs of hands if the client is suffering from pigmentation/age spots.

f you’re a regular reader of the various treatments and products I try each month you’ll know that I am a big fan of Murad, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I heard John Lewis in Cambridge were launching a unique counter concept MuradSpace offering Cambridge visitors the ability to experience a skin health assessment, have a treatment and purchase their favourite products at the same time.

A relaxing massage is then carried out while the mask takes effect. Once removed Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum is applied to the skin for maximum hydration and finally a generous application of Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 and Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15, are applied as well as Soothing Skin and Lip Care.

On launch day I was able to indulge in a facial of choice, I decided to treat my skin to the Murad Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Facial The 'sun undone' facial works by the skin being infused with Pure Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants to neutralise and destroy free radicals found in the environment, which may reverse signs of premature ageing and improve the appearance of skin.

I was left feeling relaxed, refreshed with skin that was definitely brighter and firmer. The Murad Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Facial is £55

My facial began with my skin being analysed using the Murad REVEAL Skin Scanner this looks deep into the skin, through the surface layers, to detect hidden sun damage and pigmentation which will eventually appear at the surface of the skin.

MuradSpace John Lewis Cambridge 01223 224646


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Barú Chocolate Coated Marshmallows £2.99 Waitrose

Tortoise Bakelite Minaudiere Jewelled Clasp £334

Swirl of Diamonds & Sapphire Ring £695

Radley “A Little Bird Told Me” Boots £40

Eastpak Authentic L’80s Backpack £40 ASOS

Cogito Pop Watch £79.99

DK Great Maps £20

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream £50 Boots

Garden of England Preserves £2.69

This month’s must have gifts and accessories

Brighton Radio £39.95


Carpo Chocolate Tubes

Metallic Bronze Leather Satchel £112 The National Gallery

Swan Sweater £45

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An Evening of ESPA


hat better way to spend a lovely summer’s evening, than sipping champagne within the beautiful setting of Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf and Spa

individually chosen oils were used, the combination of the therapists relaxing massage techniques, essential oils and calming atmosphere left me feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated not just from head to toe but in mind an spirit as well.

It was The Spa that was the focus of our attention, with the launch of their new product house ESPA.

ESPA uses only the very purest extracts, their biochemists distil active ingredients into products that keep their promises. Thus creating instant, lasting results, every day.

ESPA are the latest name to be added to the spa and together The Spa and ESPA have created a number of exclusive treatments perfectly suited for both men and women, from traditional massages and facials to speciality body programmes and beauty therapies.

Whether it’s a quick facial, pedicure, body treatment, massage or a complete spa day of indulgent pampering, you are guaranteed relaxation under the skilled hands of the therapists within this beautifully appointed spa who make sure that every spa experience and beauty treatment at Luton Hoo highly unique.

The ESPA Aromatherapy Massage sounded too good to miss so I slipped on a fluffy robe and headed to the treatment area to await this treat. This massage is tailored to your individual needs so after a consultation with my therapist I decided on the DeStresser, where specific blends of

The Spa at Luton Hoo 01582 734437


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Seven Simple Steps to Serenity


september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 22/08/2014 13:14 Page 23

September 13th Marks Positive Thinking Day........ A day that encourages people not to lose energy towards negative thoughts, but instead to think positively. According to data from the Office of National Statistics*, personal well-being and ratings for life satisfaction are on the increase in the UK, despite the pressures of our hectic, stressful lifestyles. To mark Positive Thinking Day, Simon Bandy, from nutritional supplements company Health Plus, has compiled some top tips for the nation on how to ensure we remain positive.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others: The rise of social media means we are constantly exposed to our friends’ life events and successes, making it easy for us to feel our lives are not as worthwhile or successful. Thinking about ways we can improve our own lives, rather than comparing them to other people’s means we’re less likely to feel the need to compete against others, leading to a more positive outlook. 2. Get back to nature: There is something primeval about growing things with your own hands. Plant some easy-care flowers or seeds in your garden or a window planter and enjoy watching them grow throughout the year. The simple achievement of seeing a flower bloom can really help to boost well-being.

3. Give to others: The act of giving or helping another person or animal can lift the spirits and soothe the soul, by activating the pleasure and social areas of our brains. Do you have an elderly neighbour who would benefit from a cup of tea and some company, or could you spare a couple of hours each week to volunteer at an animal rescue shelter? 4. Take up art: As children, the act of painting was seen as something fun and freeing. As adults, it’s easy to think that painting is too much ‘hassle’ or too messy or time-consuming. Forget those thoughts, pop down to your local craft store and pick up some cheap coloured paints and a canvas and get creative. You may be surprised at just how cathartic painting can be!

5. Dance: The well known Irish saying “Dance like no one is watching,” is a great saying to live by. Learning to not worry about what people think of you is a strong life lesson, and one good way of overcoming this is to dance - just let yourself go, spin and jump around and enjoy feeling the music. 6. Focus on the present: Focusing on ‘the now’ and living in the moment can help us to avoid worrying about ‘ifs and buts’. Health Plus offers Ginkgo 50 supplements (£9.25 for 60 tablets), which is well-known for helping to improve mental alertness, by increasing your cognitive powers, to help focus the mind. 7. Plan something to look forward to: Booking a holiday, buying tickets to see your favourite band or arranging dinner with a friend can help boost mood by providing something positive to focus on.


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The Curse of Communication! I find myself amazed, with increasing regularity lately, at my failure to communicate effectively, especially with my nearest and dearest. I know that words are only one part of the message, one small part in fact, and I am sensitive enough to pick up on his signal when I want to start an in depth discussion about our holiday plans for next year, in the middle of match of the day. (Though I guess turning the TV volume up to deafening is a fairly clear signal!)

wine. To be honest I would have settled for anything alcoholic after spending much of the afternoon ferrying muddy, sweaty youths to and from football matches. But somehow he thought it meant that I had got the wine. Honestly, we are clearly from different planets! Then I suggested ‘catching up on 24’ and he said he really ‘didn’t fancy watching a film on 4’! Our home could start resembling the bad jokes of a warm up comedian!

I can remember the response of the children, when I was all excited about a museum visit for example, and without saying a word (though sometimes they did that too) they could communicate, with absolute clarity, that they would much rather, play on a play station, bike, skateboard, see mates or almost anything in fact rather than my suggestion. Or ‘the look’ that a teenager can give you when you ask what they think of your new dress, coat, bag or shoes!

That got me thinking about some of our other epic communication failures. Etched in my memory is the time the daughter was left waiting after a dancing class for over an hour when “I’ll need you to do the dancing run” somehow became “No need to do the dancing run”! And I can still remember one of the children asking why the bananas in pyjamas ‘catch your underwear’ (catch you unaware).

But the point is I GOT IT. I received the message, even if unspoken, loud and clear. So why, lately, do I find myself simply not being able to get my point across OR understand someone else’s. As far as I am aware I am still in full possession of most of my faculties, I can hear, unless there are a lot of distractions, and I can see, okay I need my glasses, and yoga each day means I can still move my arms about to gesture - legs that’s a whole different story but maybe the splits at my age is over optimistic!

Then there was the time recently when discussing fashion with a foreign student (male) and I made a comment about them wearing English clothes (jeans T shirt etc) and they got all offended and said they weren’t wearing ‘girlish’ clothes! Perhaps my best/worst/most astounding communication fail was booking a hire car in Gran Canaria when we were actually staying in Tenerife – don’t even ask!! In my defence the name of the hotel in Tenerife, was the same as the name of a town in Gran Canaria! Which was shouted to me from another room while I was booking on the internet. And there was music playing, but it is starting to sound like a list of excuses.

However the other day I had several conversations over a period of about an hour where I was completely at cross purposes with the other person. One concerned a lift to a football match, I heard “I’m getting a lift” (so I assumed my taxi services on this occasion weren’t required) but I discovered as I was about to go and meet my mate for a coffee and a catch up that what was actually said was “I’m needing a lift”. Was I just hearing what I wanted to hear? Coffee with a mate was the better option! Then a few hours later I sent a little cartoon wine glass text to my fella. Surely the meaning is blatantly obvious. Get


However as I worry that I am really losing my marbles I read a helpful article about Vitamin D staving off the aging effects in the brain so I helpfully said ‘I think we should book a holiday – I’ve read it can help us escape getting old’. ‘Ok’ he said ‘but at the moment I don’t really think we need to escape the cold!’ Anyway probably a bad idea - who knows where we would end up?

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When a Day isn’t Enough………….. F eeling in need of some TLC? Well I have found the most heavenly haven - a hideaway hidden in the forest not a million miles away, in fact it’s just around the corner – it’s the Aqua Sana and more specifically it’s their luxury Spa Suites at the newly opened Center Parcs at Woburn Forest. Now I have stayed in some amazing suites on my travels and the Aqua Sana Spa Suites are certainly up there with the best of them - luxurious, elegant, stylish and contemporary. For special occasions where only the best will do, this luxury Spa Break for two is pure indulgence. I was intrigued - What were they offering that made it that little bit special and justified the £500 price tag (approx £249 per person) I needed to investigate for myself (research purposes of course!) and wow was I impressed – From the minute we arrived at the gates our every need was met, our very own concierge greeted us at the entrance to the Aqua Sana, and took us to the spa suite lounge where of course a glass of bubbly was waiting for us! With unlimited use of the spa from 9am on your arrival day to 9pm on your departure day, this break is all about relaxing and indulging yourself – so having finished our glass of bubbly we changed into our robe and slippers and headed straight to the World of Spa ready to enjoy the unique experience rooms. This one-of-a-kind Spa has six

sensuous, nature-inspired “zones” to experience. Spread over two floors, it is beautifully spacious with loads of relaxation areas and a heated outdoor hydrotherapy pool. There is also a Zen garden for chilling and a terrace overlooking the beautiful forest.

As part of each luxury Spa Break, guests receive a 55-minute signature treatment, and so after lunch (included) having relaxed outside for a while we had our treatments which were of course just as relaxing, as everything else – treatment finished it was time to check into our spa suite (check in is 2.30pm) Wow! Am I allowed to keep saying that? These suites will take your breath away, anyone would be happy to live in them the space is large, yet cosy, sumptuously decorated with flickering faux fires, 2 large flat screen TV’s (one in the bedroom one in the lounge), expensive designer lamps and gorgeous soft furnishings. A Kitchenette with a fridge stocked with a few essentials, a large luxury double bed (twin beds are available), a living area, an ultra modern bathroom with a luxury double walk in shower complete with massage jets, toiletries compliments of Elemis – off the bedroom with it’s own sliding doors a giant bathtub awaits with doors that open onto the outside balcony area complete with your own daybed and glorious views of the forest, and to top it all your very own concierge to provide you with anything you need. This is a truly relaxing break that leaves you 28

rejuvenated from head to toe.

And finally you have direct access to the World of Spa from your Suite! Your Spa Break also includes Breakfast which can be taken either in your suite or in the Vitalé Café Bar, £20 each towards your evening meal, and cycles to explore the forest My advice to make the most of the whole spa suite experience on day of arrival arrive at 9am or as near to this as you can. Begin your day by experiencing the World of Spa until you check in your suite at 2.30pmt then thoroughly indulge and enjoy your suite whilst you have it, have a long luxury soak in the bathtub, balcony doors open so you can admire the views whilst sipping a glass of bubbles, cosy up in your fluffy robe, watch TV, listen to music, relax on the daybed on the balcony just clear your mind and simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Take breakfast in your room and enjoy on the balcony or in bed! Then come checkout time (12pm) have your inclusive treatment followed by lunch and then make full use of the spa, potter about on your bikes exploring the forest and anything else you want – this break is all about making full use of your spa suite they are far too fabulous to just sleep in! Whether it’s with a partner or friend a Spa Suite Break has everything you could possibly want so all you have to do is sit back, relax and simply enjoy! burn/spa-breaks

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New Horizons The Owl, The Mole and The Gearbox


I must admit sounded like a lady of night and so I was relieved to see he meant it was an old family garage business who could do the job for me!

his month my escape from the corporate slog has started to go into cruise control. The tennis lessons have come on a pace (Martin was soundly beaten in straight sets last week!), Charlie Brown, my horse riding pal is bonding with me on a weekly basis and best of all - I have now made loads of new friends at my fabulous dive club Scuba Republic.

The next problem was the pigeons, and heartedly sick of repainting the decking areas after scrubbing away their fruit based missiles, a friend recommended buying plastic birds of prey as scarers. So the classic line was set up one night Martin came home. How was your day darling? “Oh it was great; I bought an owl and a gear box!” So having sorted out all of these problems and hoping that there would be no more for at least a while, I jumped into my jodhpurs and headed off to my horse-riding lesson. Just as I was leaving, the DHL guy drew alongside the car, we both wound down our windows and he gave me the parcel. It was like a drive through delivery service! Opening up the package excitedly, it turned out to be the sonar device that Mr Mole had been dreading. He was a big problem and to stop the little fella as I said was paramount, so to avoid the cats going into counselling, we bought this gizmo which worked in persuading him to move next door.

However, on a more mundane level the cars have gone wrong, the brussel sprouts have been eaten by caterpillars and the pigeons continue to use the decking areas to re-enact the Dambusters with their fruit based bombing raids. Worst of all Posh and Becks (our cats), are now on medication because of the frustration of hearing a mole digging a new labyrinth of tunnels under the garden. So I set out to sort these three problems one by one. Starting with the car, the gear box had failed, so did we buy a new one, knowing that the car probably had been driven into the ground or should I go on eBay and source a reconditioned gearbox. Of course I chose the latter route as for once in life I had the time to make the right decisions and save money. Next I had to get said gearbox fitted and so asked my friendly local Manager at Kwik Fit, who said “pop down the road to see his friend KK”, which

Life was good. I was in the zone and had sorted out all this week’s problems. What else could possibly go wrong?........................... 32

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Cheeky in Checks Lingerie £16.50 Debenhams

Henry Holland £38 Debenhams

Dress £55 Yumi


Red Herring £26 Debenhams Mantaray £25 Debenhams

Jumper £48 Yumi

Dress £110 Phase Eight

Top £6 Primark

Red Herring £29 Debenhams Dress £30 Simply Be

Skirt £32 Next

Skater Dress £50 SimplyBe

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:18 Page 33

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:18 Page 34

Flower Power Necklace £18.50 Miss Selfridge

Blouse £16 JD Williams very

Daisy Dress £48 Yumi Shoes £35 Debenhams

Dress £89 Phase Eight

Definitions Floral Skirt £25 Very Scuba Skater Dress £45 SimplyBe

Flower Dress £39 Very

Skirt £28 Next

Rose Print Top £75 Phase Eight

Fearne Cotton Blouse £29 Very Trousers £55 Yumi Bag £39 Accessorize

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 35

Metallic Madness

Skater Dress £59 Very Biker Jacket £25 Primark

very Metallic Skirt £35 Very

Metallic Top £27 Very

Skirt £45 Yumi

Loafers £28 Next Metalic Slash Neck Top Wallis

Pewter Ankle Boot £45 Dorothy Perkins

Bag £28.50 Marks & Spencer

Dress £13 Primark

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 36

Learning to Deal with Negativity 38

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 37


f you are striving to be successful, and most of us are in some area of our lives, then it is important to surround ourselves with positivity. But many of us know that can be tough. It is amazing how often people can be negative. Often this is just what we don’t need, many of us have a part of our brain that can ‘do’ the whole negativity thing ourselves.

achieving it will mean for you, and keep on taking those steps you know you must in order to reach your goal. Also, take time to surround yourself with positive folk, people who are rooting for you to get where you want to go.

Take Action A crucial part of achieving anything, pretty much, is actually doing something! Somehow activity sends a powerful message both to ourselves and others. It certainly is a good way to show the folk who doubt you that you are serious. But it also has a really positive impact on our own subconscious, our dreams are not just vague thoughts but real plans backed up by action. This creates a positive momentum.

So what do we do when we are all fired up and excited about something and we find that those around us seem to revel in pouring the proverbial cold water on our plans, dreams and wishes?

Accept them and where they are There may be a whole host of reasons why those that you are close to can’t seem to get behind your plans, maybe they are jealous or resentful, maybe they are simply worried because they don’t want you to experience failure. But whatever their reasons you have to accept that their comments stem from where and who they are. The important thing is to not let their negativity have an impact on your plans. That is not the same as having a reasoned discussion about pros and cons, where supportive friends may help you think about things from different perspectives, which can be helpful. This is about attitudes. Some people just seem to love to be negative.

Learn from others I am a firm believer that there is something to be learned from every experience, even the negative ones. So even if people doubt you, and even if you feel hurt by their lack of support or negativity there is still something to be learned. If nothing else it can make you think about the way you respond to others and perhaps about ways you can explore things with others without being negative. In fact being negative rarely achieves anything – if you disagree with what someone is doing that’s absolutely your right, but to be negative is often a symptom of a desire to control others and that is rarely helpful. Even if, worst case scenario, the actions they take lead to unhappy consequences, it is their decision, providing of course they are adults of sound mind, so it is enough just to express doubts without being negative. How? Well remind them that it’s their decision and just raise issues you think they should maybe consider.

Resist the urge to argue This is not quite the same as a discussion, or even debate. An argument IS a discussion or debate but the term implies a degree of conflict. Often it is easy to argue, or debate issues we feel passionately about BUT which are a little distant from us. To argue about things we hold dear, with people we hold dear, will often cause considerable emotional upset. The fact is we are all unique individuals and therefore will see things differently. But arguing takes energy and frankly you will rarely change opinions through argument so accept that their stance is different from yours and do not waste energy trying to justify your opinions or decisions.

What about me? So the above points should help you to deal with negativity from others. But what if there is a little whisper, or even a loud shout, of negativity from your own subconscious? There are a number of ways to silence those inner critics. • Rely on the truth, actually if you have decided to do it then probably you have the skills you need and if you don’t then you are definitely capable of learning them.

Put in some boundaries The thing is, your dreams, wishes and plans need a bit of nurturing and if you are forced into a situation where you end up having to defend or rationalise your dreams, then the time has come to limit how often you have to do that. I am not saying don’t see the person, but if seeing them saps you of energy to pursue your dreams, then either see them less, OR when you see them make sure that your plans are not up for discussion. There may be all sorts of reasons why they don’t see things the same way that you do, and think that you shouldn’t go travelling, expand your business, re train, move house or whatever but if that is what you want to do then you need people around you who can be positive about your plans.

• Think positively! That means changing those thoughts so fill your head with positive thoughts “I can do this” “I have skills”, because the truth is, you are an awesome, unique individual. • If you feel negative or downhearted then SMILE, even if you don’t feel like it, try it and honestly you will probably start to feel more positive. • Take action, in the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced”. It’s worth noting that this works for anything not just painting!! I think Nike had the message – ‘just do it’.

Cherish Your Dream When faced with any kind of doubt it is easy to lose heart so make sure you spend time cherishing your own dreams and plans, especially in the face of negativity from others. How do you this? Start by reminding yourself why you have that dream in the first place, visualise what

If you need help to deal with negativity coaching may help contact Attuned Education on 07921193479 01234 349067, email or visit 39

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 38

. . . N O B E L

R E n o i B h s a f M A wine and ...talks


e caught up with model and trendsetter Amber Le Bon (Daughter of Simon and Yasmin Le Bon) and her friend international stylist Nicole Smallwood to talk Moscato, pastels and metallics! Moscato is the must-have wine trend that’s swept America and is now hitting the UK by storm. Amber and Nicole teamed up with Gallo Family Vineyards the UK’s number one white

Moscato brand to create the Moscato ‘MustHave Edit.’ They have hand-selected a fashion edit around three core looks; classic, pastels and sports luxe, these looks are easy to wear for all women who want to ensure they stay on trend this season. It effortlessly mixes high-street staples with designer brands to create an accessible on-trend wardrobe for this season.

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 39

Amber and Nicole’s Top Tips:

• Pastels have been creeping in season after season, but do be careful if you have a fairer skin tone. Go for a fake tan, if possible, and experiment with the pastel look and what suits you.

• A good leather jacket is always on trend and are extremely versatile, make sure you look for quality as this is something you’ll be wearing again and again day or night. They’re always on trend and are really versatile. • Metallic accessories are perfect for a pastel outfit so try a stacked layered ring. It can take you from season to season so there’s no need to throw it away. • A big statement necklace can brighten up any look, it works with something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans and you can take your look from classic to evening very quickly. • Sports luxe is the style to adopt this season and works for a low-key evening or a wild night out, the key is to wear it with confidence. • Smoky metallic eyes and nude matte lips are a great evening look to compliment a sports luxe outfit. • And of course the must-have drink of the season has to be Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato, either the pink with its sweet pomegranate flavour, or the white with its citrus twist. It’s refreshing and sweet, perfect for adding glamour to those key social events of the season.

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 40

Perfection at

The Park


uilt in the 1900's, The Park Pub is just on the outskirts of Bedford Town centre and a stones throw from the idyllic Bedford Park. Having recently been refurbished with its fireplaces, flagstones floors and beamed ceilings, the pub is stylish, cosy and comfortable with an ambience to match.

Starters were Herb and Chilli Marinated Salmon Skewers with a mixed leaf and mint pea brulee, the salmon was soft and succulent with the chilli marinade adding that extra little kick. Charred Asparagus, honey roast ham, poached duck egg with a lemon & mustard dressing was the other choice and utterly delicious, the presentation of both dishes was flawless.

Arriving at The Park we were shown to our table by staff who were warm and friendly, drinks were ordered, menus were studied and dishes chosen.

A Seafood Board with aioli, lemon marmalade, balsamic & olive oil, smoked mackerel, fillet crevettes, smoked 42

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 41

salmon, smoked halibut, crab cakes and home baked bread followed - a little tip if you choose this go for the small board as portions are very generous, the fish was delicious and so fresh. Pork medallions in a honey, yoghurt mint and coriander marinade, quinoa and lentil salad was the other mains the pork was tender and the blend of flavours and textures from the marinade and lentils was a delight to the taste buds. Plates were cleared away by our lovely waitress and the dessert menu offered, I opted for the Raspberry jelly and elderflower fool thinking it would be light, small and non fattening – how wrong was I! The elderflower within the cream was a taste bud heaven (and as cream is one of my downfalls) I was in my element! Key lime pie, with mojito ice cream was the other choice and was an absolute treat! Dishes on the menu use only the freshest local ingredients and seasonal produce. There is always a daily fish special made from top quality fish straight from the market, making the menu an absolute delight. With a spacious restaurant and relaxed conservatory as well as a light and airy garden room which leads out to the garden (a fantastic place for dining in the summer with heaters provided for the other unpredictable months) The Park is the perfect venue for a drink or meal whether it be with a partner, family, friends or even a business meeting – The atmosphere is warm and friendly and service is excellent - pop along and see what you’re missing! The Park Kimbolton Road, Bedford 01234 273929

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 42

Chicken, Chorizo and Potatoe One Pot 44

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 43

This one pot wonder is just perfect for a family meal whatever the weather

Ingredients 1tbsp olive oil 2 red onions, sliced 3 chicken breasts, cut into thickish slices 300g chorizo, cut into chunks 2 red or yellow peppers, deseeded and sliced 400g chopped tomatoes 500g new potatoes, cubed 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 large tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed 400ml vegetable stock Paprika to taste Salt Pepper

Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay A medium bodied wine, loaded with wonderfully ripe peach and pineapple flavours. These tropical fruity flavours complement the flavours of pork, chicken and veal perfectly. £7.99 Tesco

Method Heat the olive oil in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan and fry the onions for 1-2 minutes until softened. Add the chicken and garlic, and cook for 5 minutes until the chicken is lightly browned. Add the chorizo and peppers, and cook for 1 minute. Stir in the tomatoes, chickpeas, potatoes and stock. Bring to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes until chicken is cooked through and its juices run clear. Add paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Serve with crusty bread.

Codorníu Brut NV Limited Edition Bottles The Codorníu Brut NV - in gold - featuresa stunning print highlighting Barcelona's key landmarks. With typical varietal aromas (apple, citrus, almond flowers) prominent, combined with a slight hint of toastiness from the lees ageing. Ideal as an aperitif, accompanying dried fruit, savoury tarts, canapés, etc £9.49 Sainsburys and Tesco

Codorníu Gran Cremant Vintage Wonderfully crisp and dry with layers of lemon and pear fruit, it is the perfect match for barbequed meats, £10.99 The Co-Operative

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 44

Strawberries and Cream Pannacota Ingredients


600ml Cream 150ml milk 3 Gelatine leaves 150g sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 21 strawberries

Start by soaking the gelatine in a bowl of cold water. Leave this for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the cream, milk and sugar in a pan. When it reaches simmering point, drain the gelatine leaves and put them into the milk/cream. Add in the vanilla and whisk until the gelatine has fully combined. Pour your mix into individual tins and finish by placing 3 hulled strawberries into each. Leave these to set overnight. Here at the millhouse hotel, we suggest finishing them with a mixed berry compote and a cinnamon whipped cream Makes 7 dariole tins

This sweet is brought to you by the Chef The Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant, Sharnbrook, Beds 46

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 45

Steak Night Wednesdays Selection of prime cut steaks available from £18.95. Price to include a free dessert from our a la carte menu and a glass of house wine We are still doing “Buy 1 get 1 free” on main courses every Tuesday all day, 12pm- 9pm! Join us for our monthly pudding nights! £16.00 for a main course and as many delicious desserts as you can squeeze in! 5th September 3rd October

Afternoon Teas We are now doing traditional afternoon teas by the river! Served 2.00pm til 5.00pm daily. Full afternoon tea, including pot of tea/coffee, a selection of finger sandwiches, homemade scones with cream and jam, selection of cakes and macaroons, £9.95 Sweet afternoon tea, including pot of tea/coffee, homemade scones with cream and jam, selection of cakes and macaroons, £7.00 Champagne afternoon tea, including glass of champagne, a selection of finger sandwiches, homemade scones with cream and jam, selection of cakes and macaroons, £16.95

01234 781678 millhouse_hotel Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1NP

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 46

Family Run Business ■ Quality Finish ■ Competitively Priced

01234 261682

Loft Conversions ■ Extensions ■ Renovations 54a, Caves Lane, Bedford, MK40 3GN

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 47

Bathroom Bliss


september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 48

Assorted Accesories from £12.80 Cubbins

Antique French Style Bottle £6.99 Swanky Maison

Orla Kiely Container £23 Dispenser £25 Amara

Mirror George at Asda

Penthaligon's Shaving Set £136 Amara White Wicker Draws £75 Melody Maison

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 49

Towel Box £12 Tesco Direct

Shutter Mirror £70 BHS

Vintage Sign £2.95 Dotcom Gift Shop

Set 3 Baskets £7 Tiger Stores

Now Wash Your Hands £36 Olley Design

Tissue Box £15 Marquis and Dawe

Orla Kiely Towels £27 Amara

Lined Basket Marquis and Dawe

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september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 51

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 52

Catseye Lips £15 Selfridges Alphabet Wash Bag £19.50 Oliver Bonas

Wash Bag Wonders

Crown & Orb £17.99 Milly Green

Rendezvous Wash Bag £16.99 Mollie and Fred

Paper Plane Wash Bag £18.99 Mollie and Fred

Tube Washbag £19.99

Tickets Toiletry Bag £20 Grace & Favour Home

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 53

Gentleman's Wash Bag £18 Simply Add Style Holly Sharpe Limited Edition Wash Bag £12 Marks & Spencer

Football £29.99

pink VW Camperwashbagj

Spora Wash Bag £12 Paperchase

Horse Print Wash Bag £18 Clare Loves

Hunky Builder Wash Bag £16.95 Swanky Maison

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 54

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:19 Page 55

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 56

Butterfly Salad Servers £8.95 Hunter Gatherer

Beautiful Butterfly Bathroom Accesories George at Asda

Matthew Williamson Candle £16 Debenhams Cosmetic Bag £16 Debenhams

Butterfly Mobile £19.50 Drift Living

Butterfly Meadow Storage Basket £12 Free Spirit Designs

Cushion George at Asda

Thai Cushion £84 Suzy Newton

Storage Boxes George at Asda

V&A Butterfly Mug £3.99 Creative Tops

Butterfly Trinket Box £8 BHS

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september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 58

Sitting Down with Susan Calman

With her unique brand of cheerful quick-wit in tow Award winning Glaswegian Fringe veteran and Radio 4 mainstay Susan Calman brings her new show ‘Ladylike’ to Bedford Corn Exchange on Thursday 2nd October Ladylike isn’t a word Susan Calman would use to describe herself. If you haven’t seen her before, Lady Like is a reassuring hour spent with the woman her neighbours call ‘the mad cat lady’. The show will definitely make you feel better about your own life. A show about being older, wiser and liking yourself whatever anyone might say. Susan told us “The show is like many of my previous shows in that it’s very personal. It tells the story of the last couple of years of my life and some of the highs and lows that I’ve surfed. Without doubt I’m really looking forward to the tour, I’ve never worked harder on a show than this one and I just hope that audiences enjoy it!”

WIN! WIN! WIN! We have a pair of tickets to giveaway to see Susan, all you have to do is tell us what date she will be appearing at The Bedford Corn Exchange and send your answers to – Good Luck! 60

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 59

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 60

Lush Prince Shaving Cream £5.75 Bluebeards Revenge Doubloon

Smooth Operator

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream £9.99 Tesco

We bring you the pick of the best shaving creams, oils and gels that will give you a smooth, moisturizing shave for every kind of skin.

Aqua Di Parma Shave Cream £37 John Lewis

Bulldog Sensitive Shave Cream £3.49

Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel £21

Aveda Men Pure Performance Shave Cream £16 John Lewis

Trevor Sorbie MG Shaving Gel £3.99 Liz Earle Sensitive Shave Cream £11.50

Maca Root Shave Cream £8 The Body Shop

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 61

Fry’s Footie Corner


Managerial Merry Go Round

an you believe Crystal Palace, two days before the start of the Premier League season they parted company with Tony Pulis? My understanding of it is that they met on the Thursday and he wanted to leave the club because he didn’t feel he had been given the players he wanted in the summer.

very hard to take to lose your job. These are the demands of football. It is a crazy game with new owners coming into the game every five minutes. I should imagine this occurrence will happen more and more frequently.

Tony worked a miracle in keeping Palace in the Premier League last season. When he joined they were bottom of the league and finished comfortably in mid-table. He also won the Manager of the Year for his achievements so to be relieved of his duties before the season got underway is staggering.

There is no logic to it, but we have to accept it happens and get on with it. The new season is well underway and there have been shocks all over the leagues. Manchester United lost on the opening day and they played a formation that won’t go down well with the supporters. They were very defensive and I don’t think anyone expected them to be beaten by Swansea!

Tony loves football and he loves a challenge and I can only assume that after his heroics last term and keeping his record intact of never being relegated, he feels he can do a job with a better club elsewhere.

That result highlighted how unpredictable the league is and how hard it will be for Louis Van Gaal to fix everything at Old Trafford. It certainly won’t be done quickly. They will have to be patient.

After one defeat in the Championship, Mark Robins lost his job after a 4-0 defeat to Bournemouth. People spend pre-season preparing their side and after one game it is

Until Next Month

Barry Fry 63

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 62

All About...

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 63

Barry Cowley

"This month sees the Birthday of Cowley Holmes Accountants , so it seemed only right that we caught up with Managing Partner Barry Cowley" Age: 53

Occupation: Managing Partner at Cowley Holmes Accountants Describe yourself in three words? Thoughtful, Dependable, Loyal

What would you do if you had a time machine? Go back a few weeks with the correct numbers for the Euromillions Lottery.

What makes you stand out in a crowd? The Shine from the top of my head!

You can’t leave the house without? Checking 3 times that I have locked the door!

Your top three movies? Throw Momma From The Train for comedy, Blade Runner for its great Vangelis soundtrack, and Born Free with Virginia McKenna.

If I take a look in your fridge what would I find? What my wife has bought, plus chocolate.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them? With the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 in mind I’d meet Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in June 1914 and persuade him not to go to Sarajevo.

What do you do to relax? Watch a few episodes of Mad Men to take in the style and music of 1960s Manhattan

Your most extravagant purchase and why? Apart from my children who I’ve still not paid for yet, my 1978 Kawasaki 400cc motorbike. Its just for me and takes me back to the days of my youth.

If you were a biscuit what would you be? Garibaldi (sounds like Barry baldy)

Who is your inspiration/role model? The daddy of them all for personal development in recent times, Jim Rohn

If you could be anyone or anything what would it be? I wouldn’t mind being JK of Jamiroquai; I love his music, he’s wealthy and yet has a relatively private lifestyle.

What is the one gadget you couldn't live without? It’s got to be my iphone these days!

Describe your ideal woman? My wife, she’s the only one who’d put up with me!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you? Our ginger tomcat for companionship, my iPod for music and plenty of wine of course!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Sipping a cold Malvasia white wine with my wife, overlooking the sea from my new villa, yet to be acquired, in Lanzarote. 65

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 64

Hold Onto Your Wallets...

The Illustrious British Supercar Show Speeds into London this September With the crème de la crème of the automotive industry once again converging on the stunning lawns of Syon Park, this year’s Salon Privé delivers another jawdropping selection of the world’s most exotic and rare supercars to experience and buy! A fantastic selection of models awaits guests with several brands participating for the first time and a number of models making their event & public debuts. With manufacturers attending from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, India, Italy and Sweden, it is a truly international affair.

Some of the most exotic super and luxury cars on the planet will be attending including; Abarth 695 biposto BMW i8 Ferrari F12 TRS Ferrari California T Lamborghini Hurácan Lister Knobbly Maserati - Ghibli Diesel, Quattroporte Diesel, GranCabrio MC Overfinch Range Rover Sport (event debut) Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeed Collection Spyker Venator Tesla Model S

The stunning line-up of cars, comes to London for this three day event starting on 3rd September and culminating in The British Supercar Show on Friday 5th September where the hotly contested ‘People’s Choice’ awards will be presented after three days of voting by visitors to the event. 66

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 65

David Bagley Sales Director for Salon Prive told us "This is still the only automotive event in the UK that focuses purely on the premium automotive sector and allows cars to be openly and safely displayed without the need for barriers – very few events in the world offer such accessibility to the kind of priceless one-offs we have on display at Salon Privé."

glamorous boutique full hospitality Garden Party where spectacular cars shine, the diamonds sparkle and the champagne corks pop away.

For those of you that haven’t experienced Salon Privé, it is a motor show unlike any other. Unique in the UK for the way it so successfully combines the British Supercar Show and Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance. It is a relaxing,

Tickets to Salon Privé 2014 are available now 08081002205

Entry is fully inclusive of Pommery champagne, lobster luncheon, complimentary bar, English afternoon tea and full access to all areas.


september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 22/08/2014 13:00 Page 66

Welcome to the musings of Yummy Mummy. Living in Bedford she is married to ‘The Husband’ and together they have 4 children - Rafferty 9, Violet 7, Roman 6 and Clementine 2 All my views are my own and are not intended to offend anyone but alas I may frustrate you as I certainly do myself and no doubt those around me at times. I would love to hear from you, your views, questions or indeed just to share your experiences of trying to be a Yummy Mummy. Email me at

The Impatient Patient!


s a mother of four I am used to dealing with the various ailments that come as part of the package when you have children. We’ve had quite a selection too, from the usual colds and the accompanying snotty noses – I am quite fastidious at wiping them though as there is nothing worse than hours old dried on crusty bits! We’ve also had the projectile vomiting, bad tummies, slapped cheek, hand, foot and mouth (these do sound rather gruesome but are viruses) and of course chicken pox.....Roman had that twice!! There are various thoughts on whether you can have it more than once however having been through it twice with him, I am definitely in the camp that says you can! The second time he was so itchy I had to take him for a drive in the car to get him to sleep – it took nearly an hour at 2am!

with a towel and wait for their husbands to get home! However on one occasion I literally could not move so had to wait for ‘The Husband’ to travel all the way back from central London to do the honours!! Thanks goodness for CBeebies to look after the children! Being a rubbish patient hasn’t only just been since I’ve been a mummy, as it has always been the case! Back in the day when I was a mere slip of a girl of 18 I was rushed into hospital with acute appendicitis, I left it quite late to go to the doctors and when I was in agony at 3am and unable to walk an ambulance was called. However my older brother who had been out nightclubbing, so was a little worse for wear and trying to get to sleep just kept telling me to be quiet!! Luckily my Dad thought otherwise!

When the children are ill I am very patient, full of cuddles and reassurance even when I’ve been thrown up on for the third time in a morning with having to shower and wash my hair each time! However when it’s my turn to get ill I am the world’s worst patient!

The operation was done to remove the appendix and I had to stay in hospital for six days (luckily in a room to myself). By day three I was unable to cope with my unwashed hair so over the sink I bent to wash it!! This was two days after I was physically unable to climb out of the bed and walk. I also had a drip attached to me whilst I did it! Oh and I went back to work quite soon and after an early morning swim - I think the weight loss following the five days of nil-by mouth spurred me on, needless to say I didn’t feel great after!

Now I don’t get ill that often thankfully, well I don’t think you can when you have children! But the odd times I have succumbed to various germs I am extremely bad at resting in bed – which being a mum of four you would think I would love to have an excuse to stay in bed all day! Obviously you can’t often take to your bed with a houseful of children to look after, feed, get to school etc but even when I do get the chance – I don’t! I get up, showered, dressed in the hope it will make me feel better and power on through the day with the help of ibuprofen!

However I do need to make sure I am better at realising when my children are genuinely ill, the eldest has caught me out before and enjoyed a day off school when he wasn’t ill so the next time he said he felt sick, off he was sent to school. Within five minutes I got the call – he had thrown up all over the classroom floor, oops!

I have had to get ‘The Husband’ home on the odd occasion when we have all been puking – normally I can clean up sick but I know some mums who can’t, they cover it up 68

Yummy Mummy

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 67

Pirate Backpack£19.99

Back to School

Lion Backpack £19.98

Make sure your little cherub returns to school with one of these trendy backpacks from Becky and Lolo

Rocket Backpack £19.99

Fox Backpack £19.98

Transport Backpack

Hedgehog Backpack £19.98

Owl Backpack £19.99

Butterfly Backpack £19.98

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 68

september2014.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 21/08/2014 18:20 Page 69

Jersey’s Jewel…

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..........The Club Hotel and Spa


veryone likes a mini break and we have found a home from home just an hours flight away with beaches to rival any in the world, miles of cliff paths, tranquil country lanes, castles, water sports, shopping, harbours and marinas, museums, an amazing choice of restaurants and so much more, so where exactly am I talking about – Jersey After just an hours flight with Aurigny Airline where you even get a complimentary drink we touched down in Jersey to glorious sunshine and one of the most helpful car rental employees I have ever met. We set off to The Club Hotel and Spa in St Helier which was going to be our base for the next three days. Since opening in 2005 The Club Hotel & Spa has established itself as St Helier's premier luxury boutique hotel. With its contemporary, chic and vibrant décor not only is it a place to stay, it’s also a relaxing spa where you can indulge in some pampering , and a trendy venue to indulge in a Michelin-starred meal, a Bohemia afternoon tea or a heavenly cocktail or two. On arrival we made the most of being too early for check in and went to explore St Helier with it’s quaint little boutiques, places to eat and the laid back friendly people I could see why Jersey was such a hit with tourists. Once back at the hotel we had a little tour The outside private swimming pool looked so inviting and the Honesty bar where guests can help themselves to drinks before handing in a form to reception noting what they’ve drunk is a nice unique touch. Our room was light and airy with a well-stocked minibar, Elemis toliletries in the modern bathroom and at night, home-made shortcake was left next to our beds - a lovely touch. Suitably refreshed, we got ourselves ready to dine in the Michelin Starred Bohemia Restaurant the Jewel in The Club’s Crown. The staff were warm and friendly, whilst looking over the menu we enjoyed a pre dinner drink accompanied by some delicious appetisers, if they were a start of things to come we were in for a real treat. Bohemia’s menu has a wide selection with fresh, succulent dishes. Including tasting menus: the vegetarian and the pescatorian, tasting menus were our choices, from fois gras, sea bass, succulent scallops, strawberry gazapacho through to the cheese trolley each and every

dish was one delight after the other. Even the butter was an experience - seaweed butter - heaven! This dining experience was truly divine, innovative and balanced it was fine dining at its absolute best. After a restful nights sleep and continental breakfast we didn’t even need to leave the hotel for some proper pampering. Tucked beneath the hotel, is The Club Spa where we enjoyed a Rasul Mud Treatment - This is a must experience! Perfect to share with a friend or partner. We followed this by unwinding some more in this small, private and luxurious spa. Alongside the indoor salt water pool is the thermal suite which includes a salt cabin, herbal steam room, sauna and experience shower as well as a relaxation area. The relaxation area has been carefully arranged to maximise the privacy of each guest a selection of herbal teas, and water adding that extra touch. Feeling a little peckish after all this pampering we headed to The Terrace to treat ourselves to an alfresco Bohemia Champagne Afternoon Tea, which can only be described as utterly delightful with a selection of loose leaf teas, Plain & Raisin Scones served with Strawberry Jam, Jersey Black Butter & Clotted Cream, Bohemian Tea Sandwiches, a Pina Colada Délice, Black Cherry & Chocolate Delight finished off with a Gariguette Strawberry & Mint Iced lolly – an absoloute treat! This luxury 5 star boutique hotel has everything you need all under one roof as well as having St. Helier on its doorstep, making it ideal for an afternoon’s walk to poke around the shops, restaurants and cafés or a stroll to the seafront, and if you're looking for extra luxury, the suites overlook the courtyard pool and comprise two bathrooms (complete with walk-in double shower) as well as a lounge for chilling out in. Whilst you are in Jersey I do recommend you pay a visit to St Brelade’s Bay it has the best beach and is one of the most beautiful places oj the island. There is so much to see and do on this Island - beaches, castles, arty experiences, festivals, restaurants and yes Jersey cows it’s got it all The short flight, warmer climate and burgeoning restaurant scene just shows you how much more there is to this island than you think! The Club Hotel & Spa 01534 867500

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Suspect Everyone

The Mousetrap


he Mousetrap is famous around the world for being the longest running show of any kind in the history of British theatre – with almost 25,000 performances it’s a play to be proud of.

To celebrate 60 incredible years on stage, it’s going on tour for the first time, with a star cast to give you a once in a life-time opportunity to see this masterpiece in your local theatre and it arrives in Milton Keynes later this month (September). The scene is set when a group of people gathered in a country house cut off by the snow discover, to their horror, that there is a murderer in their midst. Who can it be? One by one the suspicious characters reveal their sordid pasts until at the last, nerve-shredding moment the identity and the motives are finally revealed. In her own inimitable style, Dame Agatha Christie has created an atmosphere of shuddering suspense and a brilliantly intricate plot where murder lurks around every corner. A truly entertaining classic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat quietly accusing everyone in the performance of MURDER! Mon 22nd – Sat 27th September Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 8717652


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What’s on September 2014

Sun 7th September Shuttleworth Airshow Pageant The Shuttleworth Pageant showcases all of the Collection’s aircraft and vehicles and this year there will be an emphasis on items collected personally by Richard Shuttleworth. If we can make it fly, drive and ride on the day, we will! Pre-show entertainment will include live music, the children’s craft ‘creation station’, and the Collection’s historic vehicle parade. Gate opens at: 9am Approx. flying display begins at: 2pm Ticket prices: £25 on gate / £20 online, children under 16 free when accompanied by a paying adult

others to develop their artistic skills in all mediums. She will demonstrate how she creates a portrait using pastels. Entry is free for members, £5 for visitors 01234 307210

Fri 12th September Sunset Cruise on the Ouse The Swan Hotel, Bedford Champagne, canapes, cruising on The Ouse...the perfect way to watch the sunset. Join us on our evening cruises on The River Ouse, the boat departs at 6.30pm, ready to watch the sun go down. Only £25 per person (includes: 2 hour boat trip, canapes and Champagne. Full bar on board)

Sun 7th September Missenden Abbey Wedding Fair Great Missenden, HP16 0BD, Buckinghamshire HP16 0BD Planning on getting hitched? Come along to the Missenden Abbey wedding fair to browse through a variety of local wedding suppliers and see the Abbey set up for a ceremony as well as a marquee reception. Other features include a music live lounge, bridal fashion show and goody bags filled with everything you need to plan the day of your dreams! Pre-register on our website to be in for a chance of winning a bottle of Champagne to take home!

Fri 12th September 80’s Tribute Night Whittlebury Hall Hotel Enjoy the night of your life at this party night, as you step back in time to the sounds of the 80’s and show off your dancing moves. Back To The 80's are a live and lively band, all dressed in completely over-the-top 1980's costumes who will take you right back to those times. Join us as they play all the great 1980's party songs from Wham, Madonna, Duran Duran, Cyndie Lauper, Kylie, Madness, Bananarama, Culture Club, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Kim Wilde, Soft Cell, Katrina & The Waves, Dead Or Alive, Human League and lots more. A great night out and spectacular show not to be missed, with a three-course dinner, half a bottle of house wine per person and disco to finish at 12.30am.

Sun 7th September SuperCar and SuperBike Sunday The Sharnbrook Hotel & Vesuvio Launching our #supercarselfie Competition; Welcoming TVR as our Guest Marque; Looking forward to Lamborghini Club UK Car of the Year Presentation at 3.30pm Supercar Driveout; Italian GP Lunch in The Amalfi Suite; BBQ & Pig Roast Register your Gorgeous Supermodel with us at Weds 10th – Thurs 11th September The Gruffalo The Royal & Derngate, Northampton Meet a wheeler-dealer Fox, an eccentric old Owl and a maraca-shaking, party mad Snake. Mouse can scare these hungry animals away with tall stories of the terrifying Gruffalo, but what happens when he comes face to face with the very creature he imagined...?

Fri 12th – Sat 13th September 12th Cock & Bull Real Beer Festival Stony Stratford, Bucks The 12th on the 12th and 2 x 12 beers and ciders. The usual array of local and not-so-local beers and ciders, with some delicious old favourites and delightful new tastes. PLUS: Fairtrade wines, juices and snacks, hot food, and charming and efficient bar staff. To help the goodies go down there will be the now-traditional spoken word gathering with set pieces and open mic. On Saturday evening the long- traditional livemusic will be played to the rhythm of your elbows. And it’s FREE to enter! Bar open noon to 11pm both days

Thurs 11th September Spanish Night The Park Pub, Kimbolton Road, Bedford An evening of delicious food & wine… Relax & enjoy as we bring you paella & tapas, carefully matched with some wonderful, hand selected Spanish wines... £25 per person 01234 273929 Fri 12th September Bedford Art Society meeting, 7.15 for 7.30 start, at Putnoe Heights Church, Bedford, MK418EB Celia Maddison is a popular local artist who enjoys helping

Fri 12th – Sun 14th September Bedfordshire Steam and Country Fayre The Mansion House, Old Warden, Beds Many great attractions including steam, tractors, steam ploughing, minature steam, fairground organs, working crafts, trade and market stalls, craft and food halls, sheepdog, falconary, demos. Vintage vehicles, old time fairground, licensed bar and refreshments


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Fri 12th – Mon 15th September The Landmark Trust Queen Anne’s Summer House Open Days Old Warden, Beds One of Britain’s largest building conservation charities, the Landmark Trust, will open Queen Anne’s Summerhouse, an intriguing eighteenth century folly, to the general public. This fine brick-built folly will be open for free from 10am to 4pm on Friday to Sunday and from 10am to 1pm on Monday. Queen Anne’s Summerhouse is available for anyone to book for a self-catering holiday for up to two people, with the rental income paying for the building’s on-going maintenance. The open days are a rare chance for the public to enjoy the fine interior and views from the roof terrace. All are welcome at these free open days and there is no need to book. A free information leaflet will be available to explain the building’s history and restoration.

stall's delights, watch food demonstrations and simply enjoy being by the river. Free entry The Compleat Angler Hotel, Marlow Bridge, Buckinghamshire SL7 1RG Fri 26th September ABBA Tribute Night 7.30pm – 1.00am Wyboston Lakes Entertainment from tribute act ABBA Fever, th¬ree course dinner and disco £39.50 per person (includes event ticket, a three course dinner and ½ bottle of wine)

Fri 26th – Sun 28th September Autumn Theatre of Fashion Middleton Hall The Centre:MK Join us for three fashion-filled days where you’ll see first hand the latest trends set to hit the stores this autumn/winter. There will be plenty of action throughout the weekend, from fashion shows to pamper pods, demonstrations and workshops, featuring centre:mk’s top retailers and brands.

Sun 14th September Grande Weddings Classic Love Wedding Show 11am – 3pm The Holiday Inn, Newport Pagnell The epitome of romantic elegance, providing a showcase of handpicked wedding specialists offering luxury services teamed with expert knowledge and advice. Sun 14th September Wedding Showcase 11am – 3pm The Sharnbrook Hotel The ethos of the ‘Matrimoni’ Wedding Show at The Sharnbrook Hotel is to support local businesses that offer unique and quality services. Held in the spacious Amalfi Suite.

Sat 27th September John Bishop Live The Royal & Derngate Join John Bishop up close and personal as he tries out new material in advance of his autumn UK arena shows.

Weds 17th – Fri 19th September Dawn French 30 Minute Millions Milton Keynes Theatre Dawn French, the Queen of British comedy, performs her first ever solo tour. The award-winning actor, best-selling novelist and all round very funny lady has written a new show, based on her life and career, called 30 Million Minutes. 30 Million Minutes will consist of various delights and riches, with the odd irksome tribulation thrown in, as Dawn takes audiences through the various lessons life has taught her, and the things she knows for sure. Book for this show now, because Dawn French is convinced it won't be long before she is far too doolally to perform it. Sat 20th – Sun 21st September Pilates Retreat at Spa Illuminata Danesfield House Rejuvenate your body and mind in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside with a Pilates Retreat at Spa Illuminata Danesfield House. The Pilates Retreat includes 3 varied classes of Pilates with specialist instructor Jo Tuffrey, as well as use of the award-winning spa facilities. Guests can indulge in a healthy and delicious lunch in the spa. Evening dinner and breakfast will also be included during their stay. The Pilates Retreat will be exclusively available to 10 attendees at a cost of £220 per person for a double or twin room and £320 for single occupancy.

Sun 21st September Marlow Food Festival Now in its 5th year, the Marlow Food Festival is established as an event that attracts more the 2000 people to sample the


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A quiet night in... Close Call by Stella Rimington

The international arms trade is about to become a national problem... In 2012, in a Middle Eastern souk, CIA agent Miles Brookhaven was attacked. At the time he was infiltrating rebel groups in the area. No one was certain if his cover had been blown or if the act was just an arbitrary attack on Westerners. Months later, the incident remains a mystery. Now, Liz Carlyle and her Counter Terrorism unit in MI5 have been charged with the task of watching the international under-thecounter arms trade. With the Arabic region in such a volatile state, the British Intelligence forces have become increasing concerned that extremist Al-Qaeda jihadis are building their power base ready to launch another attack. As the pressure mounts, Liz and her team must intercept illegal weapons before they get into the wrong hands. When MI5 learns that the source of the arms deals is located in Western Europe, Liz finds herself on a manhunt that leads her to Paris, to Berlin and into her own long-forgotten past. A past buried so deep that she thought it would never resurface .

Sex Tape Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel try to prevent an embarrassing video going viral in this raunchy comedy! After ten years of marriage and two kids, Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are in a relationship rut. To spice things up a little, the couple hit on a plan. They decide to have a kinky three-hour nookie session and record the whole thing on video. Job done, Jay erases the recording. At least, that what he thinks he's done. In fact, he's uploaded it to the Cloud, where it can be viewed by all their friends and family! The horrible truth dawns when they start receiving compliments about their performance. With the video just one click away from hitting the internet, the couple embark on a madcap race against time to prevent their intimate secrets becoming public knowledge. The stars and director of 'Bad Teacher' reunite for this deliciously risque comedy. Release Date: 5th September

Killers KILLERS is executively produced by THE RAID director Gareth Evans and tells the story of a psychotic businessman who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a journalist. After conversing for a while, the two begin to connect and the journalists dark side begins to emerge and a complicated bond brings the two men together! Release Date: 1st September


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