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October 2016

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Emerald Dreams Think Pink Our favourite fashion pieces for Autumn


Since 2013 At

Lady of The Manor

be inspired with our Green Interiors



We try out the latest Gins

a stay at Llangoed Hall will have you feeling like one

October is all about your Breast’s

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I’m loving... 2 3

No one can deny liking that cosy feeling of autumn, whether it’s sitting by the fire wrapped in your favourite blanket or the festive feeling you get as the nights start drawing in. But with Autumn and the colder weather comes the dreaded coughs and colds, so we asked our experts to give us their top tips on keeping healthy this Autumn (page 32). October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, (page 34) and with many brands showing their support by giving a percentage of sales from limited edition products to Breast Cancer Charities, it’s easy to do your bit and help towards this by just purchasing one of them! Ever wanted to be ‘Lord or Lady of the Manor’? We did just that when we stayed for a few days at Llangoed Hall Country House Hotel in the Brecon Beacons (page 54), a real Downton Abbey experience somewhere everyone should visit at least once.


1. D&G Swarvoski FruitCrystal Earrings £295, 2. Le Copain Leather bag £365, Sonia Rykiel 3. Lexington Bear Cushion £79 Amara 4. Sarah Baily Leather & Pony Hair Passport Holder (can be personalised) from £60,

Let’s not forget Halloween at the end of this month, page 74 brings you some spookily delicious treats to give away or indulge in yourself! Until Next Month - Have Fun!

Jane x

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What does your kitchen mean for you!

Ltd Very affordable true HANDLELESS GERMAN kitchens now in store

Forget the sales hype just give us a try, you WILL be pleasantly surprised

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Veda Therapeutics Carolyn wood Herbal Medicine - Ayuverda Naturopathy - Therapeutic Massage - Ear Acupuncture

Herbalist (Dip Herb) Naturopath (Dip ND) MAMH, MANP, ITEC

As a herbalist and naturopath I can help you with

• Immunity • Skin Conditions • Digestive Complaints • Hormonal imbalances • Heart health & Circulation • Energy & Wellbeing • Insomnia • Depression • Other chronic health conditions • Acute coughs & colds

07944 886502

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What to Look for When Selecting a School


ctober and November are busy months for open mornings, as many independent schools welcome potential new families. But as a parent what should you be looking for in a school? All parents want their children to be successful and happy, to ensure they develop into confident young adults. It is important to think about the future; is the school going to help nurture the right skills and learning attributes to help your children navigate the wider world? The world is rapidly changing and education needs to keep evolving to provide relevant and engaging opportunities to ensure children are future-smart. At Bedford Girls’ School we believe in staying at the forefront of educational changes. Underpinned by the ethos of the International Baccalaureate, our educational philosophy is firmly focused on the future. We incorporate iPad technology into our learning and classrooms, and ensure that our educational model is rooted in developing a wide set of learner attributes, focusing on encouraging a growth mind-set and an open minded approach. With equal focus on the academic and co-curricular programmes, girls achieve outstanding examination results and develop into mature young women with a global outlook. They are able to critically think about the world and how they positively contribute to society; they can communicate clearly, think independently and understand the importance of leading a balanced life. We believe this is a recipe for an outstanding school, but come and see our vibrant community by attending our upcoming Open Mornings on Saturday 8th October and Friday 18th November at 10am. Reserve a place at or call Admissions on 01234 361918.

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Time to Travel

Beauty brand Prismologie have launched two new travel sets. The Hand and Foot Duo (£39) includes Rose Quartz & Rose Hand & Cuticle Cream, Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream and a travel bag. The Five-Star Gift Set (£59) includes Ruby & Cedarwood Foaming Body Scrub, Diamond & Neroli Rich Body Cream, Citrine & Bergamot Body Lotion, Rose Quartz & Rose Hand & Cuticle Cream, Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream and travel bag. Both available online at

Eye Lift

Skincare brand Murad has unveiled its Eye Lift Firming Treatment. The first product in the Murad Professional collection, this new treatment is designed to deliver younger looking eyes in an instant; featuring exclusive surface-filling spheres to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and deliver filler-like results. Containing a unique firming technology to instantly lift, firm and tighten the skin around the eyes. Available online now at and from leading spas and salons nationwide plus selected John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams department stores. Priced at £45.



Curls by Carmen Hair and beauty brand Carmen have announced the launch of its new heated rollers. The rollers have been designed with innovative easy-clip grips to simplify the curling process. The Keratin coated ten piece set contains larger rollers to create voluminous styles and smaller rollers for tighter curls. The heated rollers will form part of the new-look, 12-piece Carmen by Samantha range.

Time for a Hero The Hero Project’s new Vit C30 Ultra Brightening Serum is designed to help restore clarity and evenness, the serum also tightens and brightens the skin, improving the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles. Vit C-30 Ultra Brightening Serum contains 30% ethylated ascorbic acid (vitamin C), one of the highest amounts ever to make it into a product. Priced at £39/30ml, and available online at

The launch of the new fragrance WANT Pink Ginger from DSQUARED2. They have launched two different olfactive elements for the same woman: WANT Pink Ginger with a pink cap and lettering and WANT with an ivory cap and black lettering. The modern perfume has head notes of mangosteen and pink pepper which are blended together with lemon and tangerine. Heart notes comprise damask rose and neroli, whilst base notes feature Madagascar essence and vanilla including hints of violet and amber. WANT Pink Ginger launched exclusively at Harvey Nichols and is available in three sizes: 30ml (£39), 50ml (£56) and 100ml (£71).


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Base Coat “Flawless skin is the ultimate beauty goal We bring you a round up of the latest foundations that will help you achieve this”

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation £32 Harrods Kiko Second Skin Foundation £18.90

Elizabeth Arden Prevage AntiAgeing Foundation £45, Dual End Foundation Brush £24, John Lewis

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation £35 John Lewis

Liz Earle Signature Foundation 321 John Lewis

Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick Foundation £28 Debenhams

Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick £42 John Lewis

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation £29

Max Faactor Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation £12.99 Boots

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Midlife Madness A Live Language

As a teacher I must own up to loving the English language in all its crazy complexity. I also understand why it appears at times, particularly with spelling, to be much more complex that certain other languages, because although we have 26 letters in the alphabet we have about 44 sounds, so the spelling involves lots of letter combinations. What other language has 7 ways of spelling the O sound (soul, sold, sole, boat, toe, tow, and though that’s without mentioning the French words that have crept in like gateaux and faux)

like a deliberate attempt to make the older generation feel alienated! But that is not the only problem! Even when I think I have got my ahead around the meanings it seems to change again. I realised from our children that when you were keen to do something you might say ‘I’m up for that’ - yeah I got that so when a young person responded to a suggestion with ‘I’m down for that’ I think I can be forgiven for being a little confused. Did that mean they were ‘up’ for it or not? It seems it does, just another example of the youth of today confusing those of us who are more senior.

I love the sentences our language can create - there was one on facebook recently that you might have seen “Yes English can be weird but it can be understood through tough, thorough thought, though.”

But when asking someone how they met their partner and I was told on Tinder a whole new learning curve began - a match isn’t something you light a cooker with in fact I still don’t think I fully understand what a Tinder match is - I think it involves either both ‘liking’ each other’s profiles OR being in the same geographical location - which in my mind means quite different things! But then I don’t suppose I’ll be using Tinder any time soon. The tinder language I really struggled with was the notion of swiping! In my day swipe was a word used for taking or stealing - the not so well behaved might swipe something from a school mate or even a shop - and the word makes more sense to me than shop lifting, which is clearly an impossibility! But swiping has a very particular meaning on tinder and I gather it is also important to be very clear about your lefts and rights swiping one direction means you like them and in another direction it’s a sort of thumbs down.

But I am not talking about spelling, fascinating though it is; I am more concerned with the semantics (oops my inner teacher springing to life!) that is meaning of words and the way these can change. Those of us who are past the first flush of youth are having to keep pace with all the new language as our society changes - the language of technology for example with its ‘bytes’ and ‘drives’ and ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ ware. All with particular meanings quite different from the meanings they used to have. If someone asks did you ‘post’ something - they are likely to be referring to Facebook these days rather than actually putting an envelope with a stamp on it into a big red post box. But other words seem to change their meaning too. In the world where I grew up we had words to express our feelings about things being bad, disgusting or wrong. Yet now it seems many of these same words are used to express that something is really good - words like ‘wicked’ or ‘sick’ for example. Now I understand that the youth of any time find ways to identify themselves and language is one of those ways so it isn’t that unusual for them to change the meanings of words but to make them mean the exact opposite seems

I pride myself on having got my head around `Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (still working on Snapchat) but I don’t think I’ll manage Tinder! But being a happily married oldie that’s probably okay if I can just hang on to the language and know the difference between swipes and matches at least I’ll feel like I can join in conversations. 22

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Learning to

Harness the Power of your Subconscious


something we are automatically aware of, then the first step is starting to become aware of it and look for signs of its influence. There are times when the subconscious (which might well be known to some people as the instinctive or intuitive part of our minds the ‘gut reaction’) is easier to tune into than others. So start noticing what your first thought is, your instinct. Someone proposes an idea - what is your initial reaction - what do you think about the idea BEFORE you rationally think about the pros and cons? That is a good way to spot the kind of influence your subconscious may be exerting, the mind-sets that may be running in the background of your life but actually influencing you. Let’s say someone suggests a holiday - what is your first thought? It might be ‘oh that could be expensive’ indicating perhaps an underlying concern about money, or alternatively

pparently our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. That is a lot of extra power - yet for most of our lives we carry on fairly unaware of our subconscious. The fact that it is called the subconscious mind gives us a bit of a clue that it is not something we are always aware of - so how on earth can we begin to harness its power? Well the first step is to begin to be aware that not only does it exist but it is impacting our lives every day and if we are not using the power of our subconscious in positive ways then the chances are that it could be exerting a negative influence on our lives or even worse, actually sabotaging our goals and dreams. Start noticing gut reactions So if we accept that the subconscious mind is not


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commentary. This is especially noticeable when we are doing things that don’t take our full attention, perhaps walking, cleaning, driving or even mundane aspects of work. In fact some people ensure they have time to quieten or calm their minds through things like mindfulness or meditation to make sure they can tune in to their subconscious. Other good times to be aware of our subconscious thoughts are when we are drifting off to sleep or when we first wake up. That space between full conscious wakefulness and sleep is a great time to start to be aware of our subconscious. That is the time when we can be aware that although we might be saying to everyone how excited we are about a new job, house move or relationship, we might actually be feeling considerable anxiety. Often there are reasons why we can choose not to listen to our subconscious because often it is the part of us that might either urge caution or conversely encourage risk. But starting to be aware of it is the first step on the way to harnessing its power. How to use the subconscious The subconscious will ALWAYS work to get you what you want. What you really want, at a subconscious level which might not actually be the same as you say you want at a conscious level. Let ‘s imagine that someone applies for a job - they say they want it - because consciously they believe that they do, yet subconsciously they may be afraid that they haven’t the skills or that it will be just too much of a challenge. The unconscious will work against that person actually getting the job. They will probably feel very nervous and insecure prior to going for an interview and on many occasion this will mean they don’t do their best. The subconscious is making sure that what they really want deep down on a subconscious level is what actually happens. If you want to use the power of your subconscious try following these simple steps. • Tune into the messages of your subconscious - what is the commentary inside your head • If it seems at odds with your conscious desires then explore why this is the case and get rid of the unhelpful subconscious beliefs or mind-sets that may be inhibiting the pursuit of our dreams and happiness or sabotaging your efforts to achieve these • Be explicit with yourself and your subconscious about what you really want • Set goals or intentions and state them to yourself regularly - perhaps create a vision board • Get in touch with the emotions of what it would be to see those dreams fulfilled • Start to visualise those dramas (fulfilled) especially at times when you doubt you can achieve it BUT make a point of doing it regularly anyway. • Start to believe that you can achieve your dreams and that your subconscious can help you. • Take Action - as the saying goes ‘dreams won’t work unless you do’!

‘Brilliant - when and where to?’ which might show how much you value holidays or travel or perhaps the relationship you have with the person who has suggested it. It is important to remember that there is no reaction or even mind-set that is wrong or right - they simply are, they exist in the subconscious - but if they exert an undue negative influence then some work on them could improve your life dramatically. By becoming aware of your initial gut reaction to things you might be able to spot some of the prevailing mind-sets which will influence decisions that you make.

Become aware of your commentary When we are going about our day, we don’t do so in silence. I am not suggesting that the population at large hears voices, but we live our lives with an internal 25

For more information on the practice of reflection contact Attuned Education on 07921193479

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Citrus & Basil Scented Candle £15.99,

The RHS Tremont Wellington Boots £100,


Bentley Infinite Rush White Edition Fragrance £110 Harrods

Set of 4 Stacking Rings £41.99, Gemporia

Virginia Casa Metro Espresso Set in Clay £62,

Hotel Chocolat Autumn Sleekster £22.50 Hotel Chocolat

This month’s must have gifts and accessories

Ted Baker Floria Flower Starburst Necklace £79

Personalised Mason Jar £7.95,

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls £1.79, Waitrose

Kelly Hoppen L’Occitane Beauty Pouch £38,

Padded Bra and Briefs £50 and £30 House of Fraser

Union Jack Throw £150,

Blue Pom Pom Slippers £18, House of Fraser

SugarSin Fizzy Prosecco Gummies £5.95, Selfridges

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Welcome to SARAMANDA1 R

ecently opened in the village of Great Denham on the outskirts of Bedford is new Hair and Beauty Salon SARAMANDA1. Proprietor Amanda has lived in the village for over three years and with new homes being built and the village expanding Amanda felt the area was missing somewhere local to go to for all your hair and beauty needs without traipsing into town. Salon manager Samantha Warren has ten years in the industry and both Amanda and Samantha are keen to grow the business by adding different treatments and products as they expand and grow their team. As well as all the usual ladies hair treatments the SARAMANDA1 also offers the amazing Olaplex system, Wella colour and conditioning treatments as well as the Wella system professional personalised code matching. Beauty treatments include waxing, lash extensions and gel nails.

With a top of the range Soltron by Ergoline lay-down sunbed, SARAMANDA1 really does have something for everyone. For bookings or enquiries please contact: 01234 351473 or

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Silky & Soft “We bring you a round up of some of the best oils to keep your hair soft and glossy”

BC OIL MIRACLE Oil-in-Gelee £19.95

Millionaire Hair Mist £35

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment £29.95

Percy & Reed Hair's Best Friend Totally Intensive Treatment Oil £24

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothening Oil £15.50

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil £17.25

Sebastian Dark Hair Oil £21.28

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment £33.95

Osmo Berber Hair Oil Treatment £20.35 Feel Unique

Redken All Soft Argan Oil £26, Feel Unique

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Stay Healthy and Happy This Winter Our top 10 tips on keeping your immune system in check!

2. The sun’s rays keep the colds at bay. When the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, miserable winter flu and colds seem inevitable, which has most of us longing to get away for some winter sun. “If you seem to be coming down with one bug after another, or struggle to get over a cold, it can be worth asking your doctor to test your vitamin D level”, says Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at Superfood UK ( Vitamin D is just as vital for the normal function of your immune system as the better known Vitamin C, and your levels can start to drop very low by mid-winter. With the UK not exactly being known for it’s year round sunshine, we have to look elsewhere to get our daily dose of Vitamin D. The best source by far is oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel. There is also a small amount of vitamin D in egg yolks and other animal fats. If you need an extra boost, then take a vitamin D supplement, such as ‘Quest Once A Day Sunshine D’ a good vitamin D supplement for daily use.

No one can deny liking that cosy feeling of winter, whether it’s sitting by the fire wrapped in your favourite blanket or the festive feeling you get as the nights start drawing in. But with winter comes the dreaded Christmas colds, which are a nightmare at one of the most sociable times of the year. We asked our experts to give us their top tips on keeping the seasonal nasties at bay.

1. Laughter’s good for the soul (and body!). Research has found happy people who have positive emotions are less likely to develop the common cold. Further to this, laughter has been shown to boost your immune system as it triggers the release of dopamine. This hormone reduces stress, which is one of the main causes of a weak immune system. “There is truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter reduces the body’s levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, and can boost immunity by increasing the number and activity of natural killer Tcells,” says the UK’s leading nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville ( and author of The Natural Health Bible for Women. Whether it’s a sneezing panda, or a terrible cheesey pun that makes you chuckle, make sure you’re getting your laughs in to stay healthy this winter!


3. Happy gut = happy winter. For this reason it’s so important to keep your tummy filled with healthy bacteria, especially during the winter colds season. “This good bacteria has been shown to influence the immune system’s sensitivity to antigens, potentially helping to prevent autoimmune diseases. These clever

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:25 Page 31

bacteria also train the immune system to better distinguish between disease-causing pathogens and harmless antigens, which may help prevent you from developing allergies. Taking probiotics on a daily basis can help to maintain the ratio of good to bad bacteria by providing additional friendly bacteria to ‘crowd-out’ the bad. Maintaining this balance can then help to balance digestion and support immunity, energy and overall health”, says Adrienne Benjamin, Leading Nutritionist at Pro-Ven (

Juice Green Powder contains naturally occurring sources of vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, zinc and copper, all of which play a direct role in supporting the immune system. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals can be easier for the body to absorb and utilise compared to synthetic vitamins and minerals contained in many supplements. Studies have also suggested that micro-algae such as spirulina and chlorella can have direct immunesupporting activity, including increasing the production of antibodies and helping to balance or reduce inflammation in the body. (Natures Plus Ultra Juice Green Powder (, £29.25).

7. Snack on seeds. The winter seasons are notorious for making us want to eat more and with all the holiday season temptations it’s hard to keep to our healthy diets, making us more susceptible to colds and flu. Keep both your cravings and the nasty bugs away with a handful of seeds when you feel hunger strike. Not only will they fill you up with good fats, but also provide powerful immune boosting properties. “Try a selection of chia, flax (ground), pumpkin, sunflower, hemp and sesame seeds”, as recommended by Lily Soutter, Nutritionist and weight loss expert at “These are little nutritional power houses! Full of immune boosting zinc, calming magnesium and anti-ageing vitamin E”, says Lily.

4. Sleep deprivation mirrors the effect of physical stress on your immune system. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a poor night’s sleep, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. Feeling tired might not be the only problem you’re faced with as the effects of a sleepless night have now been found to mirror the effects of physical stress on the immune system. A study on sleep deprivation by the National Sleep Foundation found participant’s white blood cells “reacted immediately to the physical stress of sleep loss, and directly mirrored the body’s stress response”, says Katrin Ackermann, a postdoctoral researcher at the Eramus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Try taking a magnesium supplement such as Nature’s Plus KalmAssure Magnesium Capsules (£11.75 for 90 capsules) which can help you drift off easily and wake up feeling refreshed.

8. Explore nature! Going for a long stroll in the park might be just what you need to fight off the colds and keep your immune system in check. People who spend time in parks and forests exhibit an increased function of the immune system. There are certain chemicals that plants omit into the air called phytoncides, designed to protect plants from insects and from rotting, it also has a positive effect on human immune systems. 9. Get your Omega 3 goodness. Omega 3 is often touted as the go to solution for bright eyes and shiny hair, but its ability to combat colds and infections is just another reason to get your daily dose. Great news for fish lovers, as fish is packed full of Omega 3, making it an ideal choice for a warming winter dinner. “Oily fish (sardines, anchovies, herring, salmon, mackerel) are rich in Omega 3. Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation which may help to increase airflow and protect the lungs from colds and respiration infections”, says Cassandra Burns. If fish isn’t your thing, opt for an Omega 3 supplement, such as Smartfish Recharge Omega 3 drinks for those who are looking for maintenance or ‘everyday’ support, from £1.30 per drink.

5. Eating garlic strengthens your immune system. Garlic has been used throughout many different cultures for centuries, for it’s powerful immune boosting properties that stimulate the multiplication of infectionfighting white cells, boost natural killer-cell activity and increase the efficiency of antibody production. For most of us, eating garlic will come easily, and is best used raw to get the immune boost you need over the winter months. The UK’s leading nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville ( says “crushing it into stews, using it in salad dressings or mashed with avocado and lemon juice to make an immune system friendly guacamole.”

10. Have a cuddle! There’s nothing better than cosying up in the winter with your loved one, and now it’s been found to be good for your health, there’s no reason not to grab that blanket and have a cuddle. “A rub, a hug and a passing touch all decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Cortisol decreases your immune response, so snuggle up to a loved one and enjoy the immune boosting properties of an embrace!"

6. Eat and drink your greens. We all know the health benefits of eating our greens, but why not drink them too? When you’re under the weather, preparing and cooking lots of veg probably isn’t your top priority, so eliminate the hassle by fixing yourself a tasty smoothie with an added green boost. “Natures Plus Ultra


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oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:25 Page 36

Berry Beautiful

“Berry makes a strong colour statement, that is bang on trend this season”

Colourblock Fedora £35 Oliver Bonas

Flute Sleeve Jumper £35 Wallis


Playsuit £50 River Island

Lattice Dress £34.99 Superdry Trousers £49.95 White Stuff

Skirt £120 Phase Eight

Fringe Halterneck Dress £45 Very

Wrap Skirt £8 Primark

DeeDee Bag £75 Dune

Shirt £38 Debenhams

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:25 Page 37

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:25 Page 38

Blue Chain Bag £35 River Island Emer ald River Bag £18 Islan d

5 ag £5 Elina B e Dun



Datch Bag £70 Dune

Stud Detail

Chain Bag £28 Very

“Chain bags are the one item everyone should have in their wardrobe this season”

Bag TopSh o


g £275

n Ba rosstow Coach C hn Lewis Jo

Stud Detail Chain Bag £28 Very 5

£49 ck Bag rry Lo Mulbe ohn Lewis J

Cream Ba g £2 River Isla 2 nd

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:25 Page 39

Slogan Sweats “Who doesn’t love a slogan sweatshirt? We bring you some of our favourites”

Graffiti Sweater £22.99 New Look

Zoe Karssen Dreaming of You £110 Very Exclusive


Last Night Sweater £24 French Connection

Tres Chic Miss Selfridge

NYC Sweatshirt £19.99 New Look Red Collector Sweatshirt £45 La Redoute

Tokyo Sweatshirt £19.99 New Look

Sequin Slogan Sweat £12.99 Blue Inc Trending Sweatshirt Miss Selfridge Life Gives You Lemons sweatshirt £6 Primark

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:26 Page 40

Autumn Rust “Autumn is here and so is one of our favourite colours – Rust!”

Biker Suedette Jacket £30 Matalan

Calvin Klein Bag £150 House of Fraser

Trench Coat £75 Next

Knee High Boot £80 Very

Frill Dress £14 Matalan

Cami Dress £22 River Island

Fluted Sleeve Sweater £22 Next

Cord Skirt £12 Matalan

Skirt £70 Dorothy Perkins Check Wrap Skirt £30 Next

Gloves £18 Next High Neck Blouse £32 Very

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:29 Page 41

Black is Black “Black accessories will compliment any style or colour you choose to wear”

Earrings New Look

Brooch £12 Debenhams

Ring River Island

Tiffany & Co Black Beaded Bracelet £150

Cuff Bracelet £18 Debenhams

Necklace £15 Debenhams

Earrings River Island

Ted Baker Rosenna Rosette Ultra Bracelet £45 John Lewis

Red Herring Earrings £10 Debenhams

Ring £9.50 M&S

Necklace New Look Necklace £10 River Island Necklace £12 River Island

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oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:29 Page 44

A Fine Dining Experience


studying the menu. Gareth, (the extremely knowledgeable restaurant manager) recommended and explained the various dishes, whilst our waitress brought us the most scrumptious foccacia bread and a selection of butters (parsley, black pepper and turmeric) to enjoy whilst we were deciding.

ant some fine dining without the awkwardness and expense that goes with it? Then look no further and pay a visit to the newly opened V7 Restaurant at The DoubleTree by Hilton Milton Keynes. The restaurant itself is a celebration of the short but vibrant history of Milton Keynes, taking its name from the V7 road, visible from the bar and outdoor terrace, which forms part of the famous grid system. Every dish on the menu is inspired by the classics of European cuisine, which have been given a contemporary twist or tweak. With it’s own entrance on the other side of the building, a lift whisks you up to the first floor where you are greeted by décor that is both modern and contemporary with dark wood furniture, accessorized with purples, greens and greys which add a perfect twist to the design. After being shown to our seats, we enjoyed an aperitif whilst


It’s not often that I struggle to choose, but this menu had so many delightful looking dishes that I wanted to try - I will definitely have to return. Finally our choice of starters were made and we began with : buttered asparagus, air dried ham, crispy coated poached quails’ eggs, Hollandaise sauce and toasted pine nuts was hubbie’s choice, the strength of flavour in the crunchy dried ham was excellent with the quails egg being cooked perfectly – this dish was a big hit. Smoked duck, Hobnail goats’ cheese panna cotta, beetroot, micro leaf was the other choice - Gareth informed us that the panacotta was one of his favourites, and I can see why, full of the most creamiest cheese flavours, each mouthful was delightful, the duck was tender and the crunch of the beetroot was a perfect partner to the softness of the duck

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 45

and panacotta – both dishes had us enthusing about how impressed we were with the food and the service was attentive without being intrusive. Waiting for our main course we were brought a taster of the chef’s delicious vegetable soup, served in a tea cup and saucer (a lovely quirky touch), this was so full of flavour I wanted the recipe to take home with me! Roast rack of lamb, carrot purée, fine bean & bacon bundle, layered potato cake, and lamb faggot followed, the lamb was succulent and tender, the faggot, wrapped in a cabbage leaf was a nice touch and had a slight spicy kick to it. Poached Wester Ross salmon, mushroom & spinach risotto, sharp lemon sauce, asparagus and crackling this was a dish that was packed with creative flavours and textures as well as being beautifully presented – as were all the dishes. We were given a Beaujolais to pair with the lamb (I stuck with my prosecco, apparently it is a fine accompaniment to salmon). I’d decide to only indulge in a starter and main course but once I saw the dessert menu it proved too big a temptation and the Two Mile Ash honey cheesecake, honeycomb, meringue, nougatine, and crumbled shortbread was ordered – (the reason it’s called this is because the honey is local and from Two Mile Ash in Milton Keynes), it was utterly delightful with soft flavours mixed with strong crunchy honeycomb, a dessert made in heaven I do believe. Banana bavarois, bitter chocolate, fudge, caramelised banana, banana macaroon was a recommendation of Gareth’s and WOW he knows his dishes, paired with two sweet wines that could have been produced just for our desserts. We skipped coffee in favour of peppermint tea, which of course was served with homemade petit fours, the icing on the cake to a superb dining experience, where the food was fabulous and service impeccable. V7 restaurant DoubleTree by Hilton Milton Keynes Saxon Street, Milton Keynes MK1 1ST 0845 4545045 www.doubletreebyhilton

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 46

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 47

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 48

Time for Jimjams

JimJams, the award-winning chocolate spread company, which contains 83%, less sugar than rivals, is now available from supermarket giants Tesco, priced at £2.59 a jar. Invented by Kevin Bath a former IT worker who waved goodbye to the City after being appalled by the level of sugar in his children’s spreads and snacks. It is kinder to teeth, diabetic friendly, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. They are delicious on toast or bread but are also extremely versatile and can be used in baking or for making simple hot chocolate and shakes.



Cream and Cognac

BAILEYS®, the brand that brought about an innovation in Irish whiskey with cream, have recently launched an exciting, new, premium product available exclusively to shoppers in duty free - BAILEYS XC. Available in 50cl bottles for a RRP £15. BAILEYS XC heralds an innovation in drinks alchemy bringing together cream, Cognac and fine spirit of unquestionable quality for a smooth, indulgent flavour and a new taste experience for liqueur lovers.

Rave Reviews for Olivier’s

Pick Me Up

Olivier’s, The Woburn Hotel’s 2AA Rosette restaurant, recently launched a fresh and exciting à la carte menu, which utilises locally sourced ingredients and incorporates the latest trends to produce delicious dishes, whilst also catering for the growing number of diners with special dietary requirements. Guests can select from a variety of dishes, including crab ravioli with a lemon grass broth to twice-baked goat’s cheese soufflé with a Waldorf salad to start. Before moving onto mouth-watering main courses of roasted cod fillet wrapped in Parma ham to a warm artichoke salad with crispy and creamy polenta. To complete their dining experience at Olivier’s, guests can choose from an array of light desserts, from pistachio framboisier to the refreshing iced pineapple parfait.


The latest edition to the PiCK UP! Family are PiCK UP! Minis. Fun sized versions of the popular PiCK UP! biscuit - these little treats are perfect to pop into your pocket for a pick me up on a family day out or even nibble at your desk. Available in two moreish varieties; the classic Milk Chocolate and kid’s favourite Choco & Milk. Both flavours consist of a deliciously thick slab of milk chocolate sandwiched between two mini crisp butter biscuits - with the Choco & Milk variety also containing an irresistible milk cream filling inside the chocolate. Available from Waitrose with a RRP £1.29 for 10 individually wrapped portions.

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 49

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 50

The Magic of Mezze The town of Bedford has many hidden gems, and this month we found another one, hidden away in the Castle Quay area is ‘Shish’, a restaurant that serves up the most delicious Berber and North African dishes that are predominately - Mezze, Tagine and Grill food.

if you fancy something on the menu that sounds a little too spicy you can request for it to be milder, nothing is too much trouble when ordering your food.

Dark wood furniture and walls are complimented with red hues on the seats and accessories; Turkish lamps, Moroccan lights, and Shisha pipes further enhance the North African look creating an authentic, intimate space to enjoy your food. So that’s the look, what about the food itself? It’s all freshly cooked to order, and to suit your own palette, so


I love Mezze so of course that is what we started with – our selection included houmous with fresh flatbread delicious, with a slight spice sensation hitting the taste buds. Halloumi salad, tomato, pearl couscous and chermoula, I love halloumi and with its array of different flavours this was a real hit. The Lamb chops in olive oil, zahtar and mountain rosemary were incredibly flavoursome and succulent and the chargrilled chicken wings with hot harissa and herbs certainly set the tastebuds alive with their rich spicy tastes.

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 51

We followed the Mezze with Chicken Shish – Chicken, tomato, onions and peppers in a garlic, oregano, lemon & olive oil marinade served on a skewer inside freshly baked bread, this was a dish full of different flavours and textures that all complemented each other perfectly. Red Sea Shish with cous cous salad – a combination of fresh red mullet, prawns, baby octopus, peppers and onions served in freshly baked bread. A generous serving of succulent prawns, tender octopus and fresh red mullet was a real treat with the different spices making sure every mouthful was a riot of flavour! The menu offers a varied choice of desserts, which I did decline (a hard decision I have to admit), but hubbie didn’t have my willpower and chose a honey flavoured cheesecake on a crumbed base with half figs and pistachio – thick and creamy with strong flavours of honey the figs cut through the cream filling resulting in wonderfully balanced flavours. Shish is in the process of expanding into the building next door where you’ll be able to retire to after your meal or just pop in for a drink and smoke some authentic Shisha (Shish is introducing a new electronic Shisha that is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco –The world’s 1st device that actually works like traditional Shisha and produces great amounts of smoke and flavour). Shish 20 Castle Lane, Bedford 01234 325800

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 52

Hotel Chocolat Yumpkin £5.50

Ghost Cake £5 Asda Candy & Co Sweet Jar £5.99 TK Maxx

Hotel Chocolat Boo Caramel, Dark or Milk Chocolates £8 each

Baileys Pumpkin Spice £14.99, All major Supermarkets

Pumpkin Smash Cake £10, Asda

Gingerbread Haunted House £75 John Lewis

Skeleton Crew Bottle Labels £

Creepy Petrifying Pumpkins Chocolates £0.80 Asda

Hotel Chocolat Halloween Bites £12.50

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We are struggling to decide which one of these light, fresh and fruity wines are our favourite, they are all a delight on the palette

Quiz &  Curry Night

14th October £10 Entry to include curry, prize is £50 voucher

Pudding Nights

Monopole Blanco 2015 Bright straw yellow in colour with hints of green. Fine citrus and floral aromas, with some grapefruit and orange blossom. Elegant on the palate with ripe citrus and mango flavours and a balanced acidity, creating a long fresh, appealing finish. £10.00, Wine Rack

21st October & 18th November £16 for a main course and as many desserts as you can squeeze in

Halloween Charity Ball 29th October £25 per ticket

Christmas Bookings Being Taken

01234 781678 millhouse_hotel Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1NP

Vina Real Barrel Fermented Blanco 2014 Made from 100% Viura this wine boasts pure floral and citrus aromas with a creamy rich palate as a result of oak ageing. It will add a little extra to any dining table. £11.10, The Seriously Good Wine Company

Contino Blanco 2014 A complex and alluring wine, this white Rioja shows aromas of citrus fruits and toasty nuts while full bodied, although smooth on the palate. £25.45, Waitrose

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 54

A Royal Affair

Literally just round the corner from Buckingham Palace and St James Park, it seems only apt that one of Britain’s finest luxury hotels St. James Court, A Taj Hotel offers an afternoon tea fit for Royalty – A Royal Afternoon Tea! It is one of those hotels that are so discreetly hidden you hardly know it’s there, let alone right in the centre of London.

Elderflower and Strawberry Jelly topped with white Chocolate Crowns all of which proved to be a real decadent treat.

The Royal experience begins with your choice of tea from an extensive menu (English Breakfast and Chai Secrets of India were our choices) followed by a generous selection of savoury finger sandwiches, which consisted of Coronation Chicken with Golden Sultanas, Smoked Loch Fyne Salmon with Rocket, Cured Gressingham Duck with Red Currant Jelly, Cornish Yarg and Tomato with Branston Pickle and English Cucumber and Minted Cream Cheese in Beetroot Bread, fillings that are all unique and appetizing.

The attention to detail, attentive staff and luxury setting all add to the whole experience making you feel just like ‘Royalty’ and why not, after all you are indulging in a ‘Royal Afternoon Tea!’ The Royal Afternoon Tea is available from 12.30pm – 5.30pm seven days a week. Priced at £27.50 per person.

Continuing the connection with Royalty the tea then included scones (plain, chocolate chip and golden) made from the recipe Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II personally sent US President Dwight Eisenhower in a handwritten letter in 1960, accompanied with, of course, strawberry preserve and fresh clotted cream. And finally the sweet delights arrived, tasting divine and looking majestic with Raspberry Bakewell Tart, Miniature Victoria Sponge Sandwiches, Glittery Battenburg, Homemade Jaffa Cakes and my favourite - a refreshing 56

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 55

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 56

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 57

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 58

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 59


oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 60

Jonah Sofa £549 MADE.COM

Green Going for

From rich emeralds to soft dusky hues, green is definitely one of our favourite colour trends

Green Wave Vase £19 April and the Bear

Hurricane Lamp £50 Amara

Shelby Accent Chair £349 Very

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 61

Rug £24.99 HomeSense Pot £5.99 HomeSense Poole Pottery Maya Bud Vase £28 John Lewis

Loop Sculpture £60 John Lewis

Glass Tea Light Holder £5

Green Crackle Console Table £1295 Orchid Furniture

Velvet Ombre Cushion £27 Oliver Bonas

Liberty Cushion £95 Houseology

Cancun - Green Pouf £119 IN-SPACES

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oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 63

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 64

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 65

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 66

The Cat’s Whiskers

Andrew Lloyd-Webber's extraordinary recordbreaking, smash-hit musical ‘CATS’ is back at Milton Keynes this October. Adapted from TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, this wonderful blend of fantasy, drama and romance is set on a gigantic rubbish dump which, after dark, becomes alive with cats of all types, shapes and sizes. It's the night of the Jellicle Ball. The cat clan has gathered for the annual event at which the revered elder Old Deuteronomy chooses the most deserving cat to ascend with him for a heavenly reward. The cats have gathered, and one by one, we learn about their personalities, exactly as T. S. Eliot portrayed them in his book of poems. With “timeless music, spectacular sets and a superb cast” (Daily Mirror), breathtaking choreography and of course the unforgettable ‘Memory’, CATS is a magical musical like no other. One of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history, CATS has enchanted audiences in over 300 cities around the world – now you too have the chance to experience this legendary musical phenomenon for yourself! Mon 24th – Sat 29th October Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 8717652 68

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:30 Page 67

Fry’s Footie Corner

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:31 Page 68

Manchester City still look the team to beat. Pep has strengthened the team in the areas that needed strengthening and the kindest thing you can say right now is that they don’t miss Vincent Kompany.

It has been an eventful opening month or so in the Premier League and already, pressure is being heaped on a number of manager’s after disappointing starts including Mark Hughes at Stoke City, who, at the time of writing this column, prop up the rest in the division.

They have played some excellent football and in my opinion, they have one of the best players in Europe right now in Kevin De Bruyn. He glides past players, has a wonderful eye for a pass and can score goals – everything you would want from an attacking midfielder.

For me, Hughes deserves a lot of credit for how he has redesigned Stoke City since taking over from Tony Pulis. He has brought in a number of top players and changed how the club play, all on a relatively small budget in comparison to the majority of other clubs in the Premier League.

In the Championship, I can’t see anyone coming close to stopping Newcastle United. It was an absolute masterstroke to persuade Rafa Benitez to stay in charge at the club and he has a squad that is arguably better than the one he had in the Premier League. Dwight Gayle will score the goals to get them promoted; I have no doubt about that.

I have no doubt that Stoke will soon climb the table, they have had a poor start but in my opinion, that is all it is. David Moyes has a job on his hands at Sunderland to keep them in the division after not securing the players he wanted in the transfer window. You have to wonder who will score the goals if Jermaine Defoe gets injured. At the other end of the table, Jurgen Klopp has impressed many pundits with his management style (who wouldn’t want a hug of Jurgen) and the results on the pitch reflect how well Liverpool are performing. They have already beaten Arsenal and Chelsea away from home and that is no mean feat!

Best wishes

Barry Fry 70

Wrap it up

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As the days get colder it’s time to keep warm in our knitted hats and scarves

Callaway Beanie £10 House of Fraser

Cable Hat £19.99 Superdry Knitted Beanie £7.50 M&S

John Rocha Scarf £50 Debenhams

Mantaray Bobble Hat £16 Debenhams Check Scarf £25 M&S

Mantaray Beanie Hat £16 Debenhams

Checked Scarf £24 Next

Hammond & Co Scarf £25 Debenhams Criminal Chunky Bobble Hat £15 House of Fraser

primarkuk Grey Slouch Beanie £8 River Island

Woolen Beanie £8 River Island

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oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:31 Page 71

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:31 Page 72

Retreat to The Country

Llangoed Hall Hotel


ipping tea from china cups in the drawing room, whilst looking out at views of the garden with mountains in the distance makes it easy to daydream and imagine yourself as Lord and Lady Grantham in an episode of Downton Abbey – but this isn’t Downton, it’s the elegant Llangoed Hall Hotel, a specialist country house hotel situated in the stunning Wye Valley in the heart of the Welsh countryside. Steeped in history this stunning house is believed to have been the legendary ‘White Palace’ - home to the first Welsh parliament. Having been won in a card game by the MacNamara family it stayed with the family for two generations until 1847. In 1912 Clough Williams Ellis redesigned it into a country house and in 1987 it was bought by Laura Ashley’s family, who, in 1990, opened it as a Country House Hotel. The Laura Ashley influence is, of course, evident, as is the elegance and style that appears everywhere, from the fine art collection gracing the walls through to the Grand Piano at the foot of the elegant wooden staircase, (that hubby felt the need to ping every time we walked by!); this is certainly the place to retreat to for a little peace and relaxation. Our room, a Master Suite reached via the solid wooden staircase, with its intricate detail and the most amazing mural on the wall had Laura Ashley fabrics adorning the King Size bed, sofa and chairs. Crisp fresh bed linen, antique furniture, Penhaligon products in the bathroom, and tall, arched windows that gave views of the croquet lawn and the idyllic Wye Valley beyond. That’s without the finer details a crystal decanter of sherry, crystal glasses, fresh fruit and a selection of waters– nothing is left to chance here, it is all carefully thought out to ensure you feel as if this is your country house home not a hotel.

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:31 Page 73

Pre dinner drinks were taken in the drawing room, where again the history of this house was everywhere from the paintings and photographs of days gone by to the large wooden antique desk. Canapés were served with our drinks and if they were anything to go by our dinner was going to be a real treat. A bright airy dining room with even more spectacular views of the garden and surrounding countryside, fine china crockery made exclusively for Llangoed Hall, crystal glasses and fresh flowers from the garden are just part of the charm that make it the perfect setting to enjoy the finest fresh food created by Head Chef, Nick Brodie, and his talented team. Using as much produce as they can from the hotel’s garden including herbs, vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, ducks and chicken,s as well as their very own smokehouse to add that extra taste. We began our culinary journey with freshly made warm bread followed by a mackerel with pickled vegetables and tomato and Foie Gras with smoked eel and salted plum puffed rice – both dishes looked like they deserved to be hanging on the wall of an art gallery and tasted utterly divine. Mains were Sea Bass with new potatoes, chive mayonnaise and smoked whey and suckling pork, polenta, mushrooms and golden raisin, yet again presentation was perfect, the fresh vegetables picked from the garden were full of flavour and were a perfect complement to both dishes. It is no surprise that Nick Brodie has been celebrated as one of the very best talents in the country and Llangoed Hall is ranked as one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the prestigious Good Food Guide, with 3AA Rosettes awarded to the restaurant. The Black mission fig walnut with nitro meringue was the dessert of choice and an ideal end to a decadent fine dining experience. As in any period country house we retired to the drawing room to finish our culinary experience with tea, coffee and delicate petit fours that were, of course, absolutely delicious. Waking up the next morning with the sun shining through the window just added to the magic of this place, somewhere that needs to be seen to be believed. After breakfast (another foodie delight) we spent the day exploring the Brecon Beacons returning late afternoon to Llangoed for a few games of snooker in the wood paneled Billiard Room, and a quick game of croquet on the lawn before the sun went down. Whether you want to explore the surrounding Brecon Beacons or luxuriate at Llangoed for a few days living like a Lord and Lady, where you can take a walk in the exquisite gardens, investigate the fresh fruit and vegetable plots, play croquet or outdoor chess, sit on the patio enjoying the views or take Afternoon Tea you will feel like you are starring in a period drama, set in a stunningly beautiful country house – that is Llangoed Hall Hotel. BOOK IT

An overnight stay in October in a Master Suite starts from £500 per room including breakfast. An overnight stay in a State Room starts from £199 per room including breakfast.

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Watch the Galaxy Ignite Chase the Northern Lights This Winter

The quest to see the Northern Lights is one of the most magical journeys on Earth – Spreading across eight countries, we bring you our hand-picked, our most dazzling Aurora-hunting spots for you to marvel in your Winter Wonderland.


Hotel Alyeska: Stay in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. With breathtaking scenery and wildlife, you can fill your days with endless activities before settling in for a night under the spectacular skies. £140 per night (standard double room)

Blachford Lake Lodge only accessible by bush plane flights, this lodge is the perfect isolated escape. Watch the dancing skies from the front porch of your own cosy cottage. £2,191 (Queen room, 2 nights, all inclusive)


Northern Lights Resort & Spa: situated close to the city of Whitehorse, this hotel offers the perfect setting for the whole family to get out into the wilderness to enjoy panoramic views of the Aurora Borealis. £110 per night (Queen room, inc breakfast)


Hotel Arctic: located on the UNESCO-listed Ilulissat Icefjord, this hotel is so far north that daylight will be minimal. Northern light chasing is at its best here – be sure to pack your woollies! £217 per night (double room, inc breakfast)


Lapland Igloo: fall asleep under the dazzling light show in this unique accommodation. Your dreams will come true in this magnificent winter wonderland! £302 per night (deluxe suite, inc breakfast)

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/09/2016 21:24 Page 75


Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina: Stay in central Reykjavik and enjoy whale watching by day; and chase the lights by night. It’s all-possible from this northern city! £161 per night (double room, inc breakfast)

Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel: if design, luxury and isolation are what you’re after, then you’ll be winning when staying at this hotel. Overlooking Lake Thingvallavatn, the stunning scenery will make it hard for you to leave! £271 per night (double room)


Basecamp Hotel: experience the Arctic Circle in a traditional trapper’s lodge. The Cognac Attic boasts a glass ceiling perfect for guests to view the mesmerizing Northern Lights without freezing in the elements. £244 per night (suite, inc breakfast)


Treehotel: blend in with your surroundings when staying in the mirror cube at this hotel. The night sky will dance above you while you relax in this picturesque forest setting! £449 per night (double room, inc breakfast)

Camp Ripan: surrounded by mountain and nature, this family-run hotel in the north of Sweden will give you a truly Nordic experience. Try ice fishing or go dog sledding during the day, ahead of spending your evening under the multi-coloured sky. £164 per night (chalet, inc breakfast)



When to go: The long dark nights of winter have their perks! Book when the nights are the longest to give yourself maximum viewing hours – October to February is the best time to go. What to wear: Balaclava-chic is the outfit du jour!

Azimut Hotel Murmansk: located in the world’s biggest Arctic city and surrounded by unparalleled scenery. Stay during the dark winter months and book an excursion to watch the lights sparkle over the snow-covered landscape. £72 per night (double room, inc breakfast)

Stock up on thermals, knitwear and fleeces to keep yourself warm in those sub-zero temperatures.

If you fancy going to watch the galaxy ignite into an astounding light show you can book all of the above at

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:32 Page 76

Time to Sleep at Shanti Maurice in Mauritius

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:32 Page 77

With insomnia flourishing in high-pressure environments, linked to poor lifestyle and stress, Shanti Maurice, a boutique resort, located on a pristine horseshoe coral cove on the largely untouched south coast of Mauritius is launching a new sleep retreat, designed to reduce stress levels and overcome sleep disorders. Launching this month, the Shanti Sleep Package will offer a five or seven-night bespoke programme incorporating Ayurveda, Reiki, guided meditation, yoga practices and nutrition. Guests are introduced to the retreat with a personal one-on-one wellness consultation where health concerns and sleep patterns will be discussed and analysed. Yoga Nidra practices, known as yogic sleep, teaches guests to access the mindful state between waking and sleeping, in which the body is completely relaxed while Pranyama, teaches the control of the breath, or “Prana” – the vital energy in the body. Designed for all levels, guests will be guided through these ancient techniques by the Nira Spa's expert practitioners. A combination of traditional spa treatments such as Ayurvedic Shirodhara, Tibetan sound massage, Reflexology and Magnesium Sleep therapy will also aid in the retreat journey, using cultivated ancient techniques and therapies to encourage the restoration of physical, mental and emotional health. The Japanese healing technique of Reiki is incorporated to channel energy into the patient by means of touch, encouraging physical and emotional wellbeing, healthy sleep patterns and activating the natural healing process of the body to combat the more significant health problems that are linked to poor sleep. BOOK IT!

The Shanti Sleep Package starts from £2,750 for five nights and £3,660 for seven nights, based on one person staying in a Junior Ocean View Suite.

oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:32 Page 78


Manish Kumar Arora (K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant) reveals what’s in store for you this month

Libra (23 September – 22 October) You will have many opportunities to prove your viability as an established professional with your own vision and conception of your activities, as a loving family person. Your smart and fighting spirit will remain at the possible peak. Composure and determination will help you achieve success. All ventures undertaken will be successful. This will largely contribute to high self-esteem. Love will sweep you off your feet and turn your life into real bliss. Favourable Dates: October 2, 8, 11, 26, 20, 26 Favourable Colours: Purple & Green


oct2016.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 24/09/2016 12:32 Page 79

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November) You’re in a period of reflection and preparation, so take things as slowly as you can. Sacrifices may need to be made when it comes to your relationships – you are required to be sympathetic and helpful now. Working your charm is effortless; however, do watch for confusion in love and friendship. The month will end most likely with all the same incredible joyful closeness that was present at the beginning. Favourable Dates: October 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Blue

professional life, love issues, or interrelationships with others. The single ones will go for a journey in search of unearthly love, which will not last long. Favourable Dates: October 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22 Favourable Colours: Red & Yellow Taurus (20 April – 20 May) You’re feeling especially optimistic about your work this month and you’re being received in a wonderfully charming light. It’s easy to rally up support now. Work will be easy, and you will be able to relax and reflect on your personal preferences. Destiny will provide an opportunity to meet with someone who has almost all the qualities that you may require in a partner. The main line of conduct should be the ability to harmoniously fit into any situation and not resist it. Favourable Dates: October 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Favourable Colours: Red & Green

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) Your private life is especially animated this month. You’re not as willing to share your feelings with the world and personal plans are in an early stage of development. Not everything in life will go well and smoothly, many circumstances will be favourable, and all troubles will result due to the fussiness or due to the inadequate assessment of a situation. Experienced ones will themselves fall in love with someone who will not reciprocate such love. Favourable Dates: October 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Favourable Colours: Yellow & White

Gemini (21 May – 20 June) Your independent spirit pushes up and out, and you enjoy plenty of scope for doing your own thing. Others take special interest in you. Enhancing your appearance in some manner serves to increase your confidence even further. The last few days of the month bring love matters up front. Appreciation for your efforts is forthcoming now. However, there may be breakups where relationships have become too complicated. Favourable Dates: October 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Purple

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) Pressure to perform is reduced this month, and your social life begins to take more priority. You’re in high demand with friends, and group activities can keep you pleasantly busy this month. Trust issues would be in play. Trying to separate fact from fiction in your love life could put you on an emotional rollercoaster. Destiny will allow you to choose whether to spend the month on sexual adventure, or build a foundation for a lasting union. Favourable Dates: October 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favourable Colours: Green & White

Cancer (21 June – 22 July) Your talent, feelings and personality will have a unique opportunity to fully open up. You will become active in communication, make new friends, and will become more open and receptive. As confident and energetic as you feel, however, avoid taking on too many new projects, as you’re likely to feel their weight in the last week of the month. Moderation and focus are keys to success now. Favourable Dates: October 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Red

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) Financial matters seem very promising this month, but be careful that you don’t overdo spending or purchase large ticket items that you are likely to regret later. This period is characterized by a strong infatuation and hasty termination of previous relationships. Destiny will throw up so many new opportunities in romance. Single Aquarians will quickly fall in love and also grow cold quickly having been frightened by the depth of passion. Favourable Dates: October 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Favourable Colours: Green & Red

Leo (23 July – 22 August) You should not hesitate in starting projects that you have in mind. Always organized and clearly understanding the ultimate goal, you can achieve incredible results. You would achieve positive results within a short time, if you will direct all efforts with determination. Unmarried Leos will unexpectedly and madly fall into love. Newcomers will have a turbulent period of reconciliation, parting and new reconciliations. Experienced ones will behave quieter. Favourable Dates: October 4, 8, 13, 26, 22, 26 Favourable Colours: Yellow & White

Pisces (19 February – 20 March) Your goals are clearer and motivation is easy to find. Work and professional matters are well starred this month. There will be career growth and a magnificent actualization of a number of projects. Your attitude towards your close ties is transforming in significant ways. If single, you might meet an especially charming and communicative love interest. There might be a sudden outbreak of feeling. This is all true not only with bachelors, but also with exemplary couples. Favourable Dates: October 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & Red

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) It will be a rare period of sobriety in thoughts and actions. Those who build a career will make the first bold steps upwards. You should not be complacent and distracted by insignificant trifles because this is a very important stage in business life. Romantic relationship entered into during this period will be enjoyable and will last long. There will be mutual understanding and constant physical attraction. Favourable Dates: October 4, 9, 13, 27, 22, 27 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Blue

Aries (21 March – 19 April) This month brings powerful intuition for work, the chance to turn losses into gains, and opportunities to deal with past problems. You will experience an extraordinary clarity of thought for promotion of your projects. This period portends dramatic and significant changes that may be related to



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A quiet night in... The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

The latest novel in the Will Trent series from No. 1 bestselling author, Karin Slaughter. A body is discovered in an empty Atlanta warehouse. It's the body of an ex-cop, and from the moment Special Agent Will Trent walks in he knows this could be the most devastating case of his career. Bloody footprints leading away from the scene reveal that another victim - a woman - has left the scene and vanished into thin air. And, worst of all, the warehouse belongs to the city's biggest, most politicallyconnected, most high-profile athlete - a local hero protected by the world's most expensive lawyers. A local hero Will has spent the last six months investigating on a brutal rape charge. But for Will - and also for Dr Sara Linton, the GBI's newest medical examiner - the case is about to get even worse. Because an unexpected discovery at the scene reveals a personal link to Will's troubled past. The consequences will wreak havoc on his life and the lives of those he loves, those he works with, and those he pursues. But Sara's scene-of-the-crime diagnosis is that they only have a few hours to find the missing woman before she bleeds out...

Inferno Tom Hanks investigates a high-stakes mystery involving Dante's Inferno in this third thrilling Dan Brown adaptation. When renowned symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up in a hospital bed with amnesia, he finds himself plunged into his most extraordinary case yet. It's a race against time to solve a riddle with potentially devastating consequences for mankind. Release Date: 14th October

Alice Through The Looking Glass ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ takes us back to Wonderland. Alice has been gone too long. Things have gone wrong in her absence, and the Mad Hatter is in danger. Reuniting with old friends Absolem, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, she sets out on a race against Time to save the Hatter. But Time is a person, and he has dreadful designs on Wonderland… Come back to Lewis Carroll’s world of adventure and magic for ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and – in his final performance – the late Alan Rickman. Release Date: 18th October


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Affinity is a stylish, glossy complimentary publication for everyone. With its glossy cover it oozes style and sophistication. It's distribu...


Affinity is a stylish, glossy complimentary publication for everyone. With its glossy cover it oozes style and sophistication. It's distribu...