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June 2017

JUNE 2017 ISSUE 73

Time to Tone with these body firming creams

The Swimwear Edit The latest styles you'll love

Outdoor Living

Accessories to brighten up your space

Luscious Lips Lip Balms to keep your lips soft and hydrated this summer

Spitbank Fort A luxurious getaway in the middle of the sea

Stop Over-Thinking

Time to Put a Positive Spin on your Thoughts

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Telephone: 01234 843000

What does your kitchen mean to you?

Telephone: 01480 398017/8

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I’m loving... 2

I expect most of you are thinking about your summer holiday, whether it’s in this country or abroad an essential part of any holiday wardrobe is ‘Swimwear’ and with the array of different styles, shapes, colours and designs to choose from sometimes we just don’t know where to start (or we buy one for every day and only end up wearing one!) Page 21 shows you a round up of some of our favourites. This month (18th) is when we show all those fabulous dad’s out there how much we love and appreciate them as we celebrate ‘Father’s Day’ If like me you never quite know what to buy your dad, then turn to page 50 for some inspiration. For all you Gin lover’s out there, this month also sees us celebrating World Gin Day (10th) – did you know that Gin is more popular than ever. Gone are the days of plain Gin, now it comes in many varieties, using a wide range of botanicals to create complete different flavours (page 36).





1. Tropical Bikini, Top, £25, Bottoms, £16, Marks & Spencer 2. Beaded Earrings, £7, Next 3. Suitcase, £80, River Island 4. Floppy Hat, £22, Accessorize 5 .Beach Bag, £39.50, Marks & Spencer

We all know we need to eat a healthy balanced diet, however knowing what to eat at what times of the day can be a little confusing. Our nutritionist Cassandra Barns has broken down the day (page 10) and guided us through the best foods to have morning, noon and night. Have a great month

Jane x

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Luscious Lips Stop Over Thinking Hot Picks Swimwear Edit Bright Eyes Foodie News Sundae Delight Gin-aissance Outdoor Living Don’t be Late Daddy Cool Beach Bum Spoilt at Spitbank The WOW Factor







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It’s not What you eat, but When you eat A nutritionist’s guide to the best foods to eat from dawn till dusk

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We all know we need to be eating a healthy, balanced diet but knowing what to eat at certain points of the day can be confusing if you’re not in the know. Therefore we asked Nutritionist Cassandra Barns to guide us through what we should be eating from dawn till dusk.

7–8am: Scrambled eggs on rye toast with rocket and cherry tomatoes “Breakfast should always focus on protein. Protein helps to wake you up in the morning, as well as helping to balance your blood sugar for steady energy throughout the day. The eggs provide the protein, and this is combined with some slow-releasing carbohydrates in the rye bread, and one to two servings of vegetables in the rocket and tomatoes.”

10–11am: 2 teaspoons of almond or peanut butter on 2 oatcakes To keep your energy levels balanced Cassandra advises, “If you’re peckish mid-morning, go for a snack that combines some more slow-releasing carbohydrates, Nairn’s superseded wholegrain oatcakes [RRP £1.40, Sainsbury’s] with protein and/or healthy fats. The carbs are provided by the oatcakes and the protein and fats by the nut butter.” 1pm: Salmon salad with quinoa, avocado and green beans (or other mixed salad veg) “A focus on protein is important at lunch too. Keeping protein levels up and limiting carbohydrates to a smallish serving will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and help prevent the afternoon ‘slump’ around 3 or 4pm. Salmon provides not only protein but also vital healthy omega-3 fats for your brain.”

3–4pm: Matcha Green Tea with 1 or 2 chunks of raw dark chocolate “Many of us feel like an afternoon pick-me-up, even if we’ve eaten healthy meals at breakfast and lunch. But coffee can keep you buzzing for hours and may affect your sleep” says Cassandra. Instead she advises, “Go for Clearspring’s Matcha Shots [RRP £6.25, www.clearspring.co.uk] you’ll get a much smaller dose of caffeine for a gentle lift, together with theanine – a natural substance found in green tea that can help you feel calmer and more focused. As an afternoon treat, you could have a couple of chunks of dark chocolate – as long as it’s at least 70% cocoa, such as OMBAR 72% [RRP £1.99, Ocado] to limit your sugar intake. Raw chocolate is a great option as you’ll get higher levels of antioxidants compared to standard chocolate.” 6.30pm: Chicken and veggie stir-fry with buckwheat soba noodles “For your evening meal, you can put more focus on the carbohydrates by having a good serving of wholegrain noodles or wholegrain pasta. Opt for Clearspring’s Japanese Soba Buckwheat Noodles [RRP £3.99, www.clearspring.co.uk]. Eating more slow-releasing carbs in the evening can help to calm the nervous system and aid sleep. Buckwheat noodles are ideal for this. Emphasis on the the veggies too, with just a small to moderate serving of chicken or other protein.”

9pm: A small bowl of oats Finally just before bed Cassandra suggests “If you tend to feel a bit hungry before you go to bed, or you have problems sleeping, then an extra small serving of slow-releasing carbohydrates an hour or so before bed can be helpful. Try a half bowl of porridge made with Nairn’s Scottish Porridge Oats [RRP £2.00, Sainsbury’s]. Oats may also have natural calming properties – in herbal medicine, they’re classed as ‘nervines’, meaning they can support the nervous system – ideal before bed.”

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Travel Light

Glow with Coconut

Marc Jacobs Beauty has added to its Coconut Glow collection, with the new Dew drops coconut gel highlighter (£32), a luminous gel-cream that instantly brightens complexion, which can be mixed with primer or foundation, and is buildable with a golden-peach hue suitable for all skin tones with warm radiance. The Omega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan (£33) is a micro-fine, jet-milled powder that blends effortlessly for a flawless, radiant-matte finish. The bronzer is delicately scented with coconut and the Bronze Bronzer Brush is available in limited edition (£52). Available online and in selected department stores.

Cleanse & Polish

The new Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Grapefruit & Patchouli Limited Edition has now launched. The cloth is delicately fragranced with a blend of grapefruit, rounded with notes of patchouli and chamomile. The rich, concentrated cream formula gently removes daily grime and make-up, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin smooth and exceptionally clean. Retailing for £22.75 (150ml). It is available at Liz Earle flagship stores and online from www.uk.lizearle.com

ghd have launched its Flight Wanderlust collection travel hairdryer (£55). Sixty percent lighter than the ghd aura professional hairdryer yet with 85% of the power, ghd flight is a fusion of premium design, powerful performance and portability. It has two speed and temperature settings for drying control and weighing a light 423g, means you’ll be well inside your baggage allowance.


Goodbye to Shine

Say hello to the latest summer must have product from Murad the MattEffect Blotting Perfector (£32). A first of its kind skincare cushion compact, with a unique translucent liquid-to-powder blotting formula that instantly absorbs oil, minimises pores and eliminates any unwanted shine on the go. Drying instantly to perfect the skin for a beautiful matte, soft finish.

Discovery Time This month sees two luxury discovery kits from Annee de Mamiel. Long Weekender (£70) and Discover de Mamiel (£95) both contain a curated edit of de Mamiel essentials, providing an introduction to the restorative and rejuvenating range whilst ensuring that wherever you go, you stay connected within yourself and feel good from top to toe. Available online from www.demamiel.com

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Getting Over



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throw them away and stop. Even if it is the middle of the night it can help to do this.

I imagine almost everyone reading this will have experienced ‘over-thinking’ at some point in their lives. The conversation you’ve had that you can’t stop analysing, the time you wake in the night unable to stop worrying about different scenarios, usually disastrous, or the times when you’ve done something which you realise you maybe could have done better and find you can’t get it out of your mind. For others over-thinking may be related to anxiety about coming events and try as they might they seem unable to focus on anything but the negative possibilities and thoughts spiral out of control?

If you find that overthinking stops you from making a decision, then give yourself a timescale within which the decision must be made and then stick to it

Put a positive spin on thoughts Very often overthinking is rooted in fears and negativity, all the things that can go wrong, so if for example you are worried about an upcoming interview or presentation and your brain is giving you hundreds of terrible scenarios that might happen simply invent a good one and follow that one through wot your thoughts - imagine everything going well and getting the outcome you want.

If that is you then relax, the good news is that you are not alone. For many this is a problem occasionally , often at times of stress or extreme busyness, but for others it can become a major source of stress and anxiety in itself, causing many sleepless nights and for some an almost constant feeling of anxiety.

Use positive affirmations The word ‘affirmation’ comes from a Latin word meaning to make strong. Simply put, affirmations are telling yourself some truths, you can’t predict the future, but you can always choose how to respond. You can focus on the negative or you can choose to focus on the positive. You can be grateful for what you have rather than worrying about what you do not have. You can remind yourself that you are talented that you have strengths that people care about you.

But as with so many problems the first step is an awareness that something is in fact a problem, so if you have identified that give yourself a pat on the back. The next step is simple too, though some find it hard to implement - accept that is how things are, it is where you are now and don’t give yourself a hard time about it. However you can choose to change and the steps below will help you. First you need to consider a few principles, so that you can remind yourself of them when you need to and secondly you need to take some actions when you find yourself caught in a cycle of overthinking.

Distract yourself When your mind starts to spin do something to stop it. Changing the scene can help, moving to a different room, going outdoors doing some exercise, talking to someone about something else or even engrossing yourself in a TV programme - it might not solve the problem completely but it will certainly help.

The Principles Nearly all over thinking comes from dwelling on things in the past or worrying about things in the future, but we actually live moment by moment in the present. Accepting that is the beginning of managing your overthinking and beginning to enjoy the life you have in the present.

Learn some techniques that help you This is different for each individual but if overthinking is a regular problem for you then it is worth devoting some time to learn mindfulness or meditation, perhaps try yoga or some breathing exercises. Our bodies and minds are obviously closely linked and if we can learn to calm our bodies this often helps us to calm our minds. It is especially important during times of busyness or stress.

As humans we can control our thoughts. It might not be easy but with practice we can decide what we think about or focus on. Often the brain is not able to NOT think about a particular thing but you can choose to re-focus and actively decide to think about something else.

Develop good self-care If overthinking regularly stops you sleeping then explore some routines that can help make sure your general health is good by ensuring you have a healthy well balanced diet with plenty of fresh whole foods and not too much processed food. It might be tough but however busy you are try to fit in some exercise each day, even if it is just a 10 minute walk and also make sure you do some things that you enjoy, seeing a friend, reading a book, watching a movie or doing some gardening.

You are not a bad or weak person because you are an over thinker - you are strong because you are dealing with it. The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it

Actions to Take

Eckhart Tolle

Use a timer If you can feel that something is starting to worry you and your brain is beginning to circle around - set a timer for just a few minutes and use that time to write down all you worries about whatever it is and then scrunch them up,

If overthinking is a problem for you then contact us by email, info@attunededucation.com or by phone 07921193479 or visit www.attunededucation.com


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Midlife Madness Remembering to Forget

I think I have written before about the problems many people seem to face with memory, in what I will affectionately call the mid-life years. But I am tackling it again because a new problem is emerging. Like many others I face daily challenges in the memory department (if I am brutally honest several times a day for some things) searching for any detachable but necessary items, keys, phone, glasses, or purse, the list could go on. There are the items like the important letter I had in my hand minutes ago, which I don’t even remember putting down, let alone the thing I knew I needed to hold onto so I put in a safe place. Safe places are a nightmare in themselves. I have discovered they are not so much safe as utterly unfindable, there isn’t even a code I’ve found to crack the safe place mystery. Obviously I do always find things but usually with complete surprise when I’m not looking for them and always weeks, months or even years after I actually needed them. In fact if I mention the words ‘safe place’ my family shake their heads and look utterly desolate as they know it may not be seen again for a long, long time. Now I know you are probably thinking why not just pick one safe place, which I did and I told my fella where it was but then I needed to hide something from him so I found a second safe place, then the original safe place got a bit full so I started using another one. They are always sort of logical and when I find things I do sometimes feel it was a really sensible safe place - but clearly I used a different logic that day to other days! I was once searching for something in the office and a colleague said ‘if you could find it where would it be’? I threw her a sceptical ‘well if I knew that I’d obviously have it wouldn’t I?’ look, but guess what within about 30 seconds I thought of a place and then I found it. This was a digital safe place - which has whole new levels of complexity with folders and files, drives and data sticks all labelled neatly with names that seemed logical at the time you put said document into them. I’m not even going to mention clouds and drop

boxes. Or indeed passwords, instruments of the devil I say. It’s bad enough having to invent a password that is memorable, and then change it every few weeks to something that nowadays must contain lower and uppercase letters as well as numbers and now symbols and then remember it. Yes of course I make a note of it somewhere but I have to remember where, don’t I! So there are challenges a plenty with remembering things so I have been fascinated lately with things I simply can’t forget. We’ve all had the irritating tune that we just can’t get out of our heads, even when it drives us mad. Why on earth does my brain not put the same amount of effort into helping me remember where I put my keys 10 minutes ago! I enjoyed watching a comedian the other day talking about misheard song lyrics and it was hilariously funny but now the misheard lyrics are all I can remember. In this case ‘staple the vicar’ - (‘say for the record’) from the Sister Sledge classic ‘We are family’. Talking of families we’ve had plenty of our own - for years we thought The Corrs were singing about Bradley not breathless (‘Leave me breathless’) and that Adele was Chasing Penguins not Pavements and that Madonna was after fruity poppadum’s (poppadum peach instead of papa don’t preach). But the mystery remains for me that my brain won’t let me forget these things or indeed the images of my sweaty, lycra clad, environmentally conscious colleagues who arrive at work daily in said lycra before changing and it’s just jolly hard to get those images out of my mind when I an striving to regard them as professionals. Yet somehow the memory of where I put something just a few minutes ago shoots out of my brain faster than the proverbial bat out of hell. 26

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Tassel Earrings, £12.99, Zara

Ti Amo Birthstone Bangle, £34, www.newbridgesilverware.com


Interchangeable Strap Watch, £55, wwwnewbridgesilverware.com

Chococo Chocolates, £19.95, www.chococo.co.uk

Elissa Shoe, £65, Dune London

Elemis Life Elixirs Sleep Candle, £36, www.elemis.com

This month’s must have gifts and accessories

Bespoke Handpainted Lobster Bag, £35, www.bellandfox.com

Pip Studio Spring to Life Teapot, £40, www.bellandblue.com

Flamingo Beach Towel, £15, John Lewis

Kate Spade Lips Mug, £21, Amara

Jo Malone London Blossom Plum Blossom, £92. www.jomalone.co.uk

Pineapple Cover Up, £35, River Island

Stell & Dot Taj Clutch, £75, www.stelladot.co.uk

Gin Rocket Decanter, £168, Amara

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june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 31/05/2017 18:28 Page 19


Summer Style

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:19 Page 20

Get set for summer with our favourite selection of one colour swimsuits

Janet Reger, £45, Debenhams

Coral Crochet Swimsuit, £24.99, New Look

Denim Swimsuit, £32, Boux Avenue

Eyelet Swimsuit, £18, F&F


Swimsuit, £16, Matalan

One Shoulder Swimsuit, £25, La Redoute

Swimsuit, £24.99, New Look

Swimsuit, £32, River Island

Matthew Williamson Swimsuit, £42, Debenhams

Yellow Zip Swimsuit, £20, Pretty Little Thing

Just Colour Swimsuit, £76, Seaspray

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/05/2017 10:35 Page 21

Check High Waist Bikini, Top, £28, Bottoms, £20, Boux Avenue

High & Dry These high waisted bikins will have you making waves wherever you go

J by Jasper, Debenhams

Nautical Stripe High Waist Bikini Top, £8, Bottoms, £6 Matalan

High Waist Stripe Bikini Top, £14.99, Bottoms, £12.99 New Look High Waist Stripe Bikin Top, £14.99, Bottoms, £12.99 New Look

Floozie bt Frost French, Debenhams

Tropical Print High Waist Bikini, £12.99 Yop, £16.99, Bottoms, New Look

Seafolly High Waist Bikini, Top £55, Bottoms, £55 Figleaves Littlewoods

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/05/2017 10:35 Page 22

Floral Fun

You’ll look blooming marvellous everytime you hit the beach in one of these flower inspired pieces Bikini, Accessorize

Floral Bikini, Top, £22, Bottoms, £15, Very Swimsuit, £42, Debenhams

Emroidered Flower Bikini, £13, George

Floral Swimsuit, £22.99, New Look

Tropical Floral Swimsuit, £28, Dorothy Perkins

Off Shoulder Bikini Top, £8, Bottoms, £6, Matalan

Matthew Williamson Bikini, £24.99, Debenhams

Underwired Swimsuit £32, Very

Floral Bikini Top, £10, Bottoms, £10, F&F


Off Shoulder Swimsuit, £24.99, New Look

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 23

Bandeau Babe Nautical Bandeau Bikini, £29.99, Bon Prix

Bandeau shapes can be worn with or without straps which means they’re great for no strap marks

Bandeau Bikini Top, £10, Bottoms, £5, Matalan

Monteverde Twist Bandeau Bikini, Top, £40, Bottoms, £31, Seaspray

Bandeau Bikini Top, £19.50, Bottoms, £14, Marks & Spencer

Bandeau Bikini, £29.99, Bon Prix

Frill Bandeau Top, £26, Bottoms, £16 Boux Avenue

Blue High Waist Bikini, Top, £16, Bottoms, £16 M&Co

Bandeau Twist Bikini, £38, Littlewoods

Pink Bandeau Bikini, Top, £10, Bottoms, £16, F&F Luxky Star Bandeau Bikini, Top, £28, Bottoms, £18, Figleaves

Ted Baker Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top, £35, Bottoms, £35, House of Fraser

Island Dream Bandeau Bikini, Top, £30, Bottoms, £18, Figleaves Figleaves

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Bright Eyes One of the first items you need when the sun comes out is a pair of sunglasses, not only do they look fabulous they also protect your eyes.

Sunglasses, £15, Next

Oversized Sunglasses, £12.99 TK Maxx

Guess Sunglasses, £89, Vision Express

Riley Sunglasses, £65, Hobs

Moorea Sunglasses, £49, Fixleaves

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, £75, Vision Express

Mila Sunglasses, £12, Accessorize

Round Sunglasses, £15, Figleaves

Versace Sunglasses, £178, Sunglasses Shop

Joules Sunglasses, £75, Vision Express

Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses, £12.99 TK Maxx

Ted Baker Sunglasses, £89, Vision Express

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june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 26

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 27


june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 28

Banquet at The Barns

The Barns Hotel in Bedford are offering the best Sunday banquet in Bedford. Created with the finest, seasonal produce. The new menu concept offers a selection of fresh salads, artisan breads, cured meats and seafood to start, which is followed by a choice of traditional roasts or an indulgent sharing platter. The scrumptious sharing platters include rib of beef, leg of lamb, honey-roasted smoked gammon and a whole roasted chicken. All roasts are accompanied by duck fat roast potatoes, cheddar cauliflower cheese, wine braised red cabbage, honey roasted root vegetables and a saucière of gravy. A three-course lunch is priced at just £24.50 per adult, children under 12 at £12.25 and little ones under 2 years old go free and is available every Sunday between 12:30pm – 2:30pm. www.barnshotelbedford.co.uk

Dinky Little Drops

Expect an explosion of colour and flavour from a stunning range of new Meringue Drops. Dinky little drops of handmade, Swiss-baked meringues in a kaleidoscope of colours - for snacking, desserts and gifting. These rainbow-finished meringues are the creation of sweet treat innovators Flower & White and are a new addition to their award winning collection of gourmet Merangz. Available in 100g boxes, with an RRP from £2.95, available online www.flowerandwhite.co.uk

A Botanical Blend

Firefly has launched Superfly, a brand new botanical blend set to complement those lighter, brighter days ahead. Created with award-winning bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana AKA Mr Lyan. Blending Cascara, Wormwood, Kola Nut, notes of Green Coffee, grapefruit and redcurrant to fashion a unique alternative to alcoholic cocktails. Hand drawn botanicals by Mr Lyan himself can be found etched alongside the bottle. Priced at £1.99 and available from Mr Lyan’s bars, Selfridges and Ocado.

FOODIE NEWS Summer Sundowner

Smirnoff Cider is back this summer with a NEW flavour: Mandarin & Pink Grapefruit. The delicious flavour is the perfect British 'sundowner' blending zesty mandarin, enlivened with tangy pink grapefruit. It joins the existing Smirnoff Cider lineup of Passionfruit & Lime and Raspberry and Pomegranate. Smirnoff Cider Mandarin & Pink Grapefruit will be available in cases of 8 x 500ml bottles with an RRP of £2.19 each nationwide.

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 29

Veda Therapeutics Carolyn wood Herbal Medicine - Ayuverda Naturopathy - Therapeutic Massage - Ear Acupuncture

Herbalist (Dip Herb) Naturopath (Dip ND) MAMH, MANP, ITEC

As a herbalist and naturopath I can help you with

• Immunity • Skin Conditions • Digestive Complaints • Hormonal imbalances • Heart health & Circulation • Energy & Wellbeing • Insomnia • Depression • Other chronic health conditions • Acute coughs & colds

07944 886502 carolyn612@btinternet.com www.vedatherapeutics.co.uk

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/05/2017 10:36 Page 30

Prawn Saganaki


“Packed full of flavour and not too heavy this dish would be great for lunch or a light meal.”

1 tbsp olive oil 1 medium brown onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp tomato paste ½ cup white wine 400g can chopped tomatoes 1 tsp granulated sugar ½ tsp chilli flakes 350g raw, shelled prawns 125g feta cheese, crumbled ¼ cup torn, fresh flat-leaf parsley 1 large baguette, thickly sliced

Method Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4. In a large frying pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onions, and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes, until softened, then add garlic and cook for another minute. Add tomato paste, cook for 1 minute, then add white wine and simmer until reduced by half. Add chopped tomatoes, granulated sugar and chilli flakes, reduce heat to low and cook, stirring occasionally, until thickened, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in prawns and spread mixture into a large oven-proof dish in a single layer. Sprinkle crumbled feta cheese evenly over the top and bake for 10 minutes, until prawns are cooked through and cheese has melted slightly. Remove from oven and scatter with torn parsley. Serve immediately with sliced baguette.

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 31

Cod with Garlicky Tomatoes and Potatoes Ingredients

"A perfect meal that family and friends will love"

2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 3 cloves garlic, smashed and peeled 1 lb. baby potatoes (about 8), sliced into 1/4"-thick rounds 1/2 c. dry white wine, such as pinot grigio 1 14-oz. can diced tomatoes 1/2 tsp. smoked or regular paprika 3/4 tsp. kosher salt, divided 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, divided 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 1 1/2 lb. skinless cod fillet 1 lemon, quartered 1/4 c. chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley


In a large saucepan over a medium heat, heat the oil. Add garlic and potatoes and cook, stirring often with a wooden spoon, until garlic is golden brown, approx 3 minutes. Add the white wine, tomatoes, paprika, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper, and red pepper flakes. Cover partially with a lid, reduce heat to medium-low and let simmer, stirring occasionally, for 18 to 20 minutes, until the potatoes are tender. Season fish with remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and remaining 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Place the fish on top of the potatoes and tomatoes, cover tightly, and let simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the fish flakes easily and is opaque throughout. Squeeze the lemon over the fish and sprinkle with parsley before serving. Recipe from the book ‘Food Swings’ by Jessica Seinfeld

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae This is the ultimate ice cream sundae, peanut butter and chocolate all rolled into one – delicious!



175 ml double cream 100g milk chocolate (chopped) 100g smooth peanut butter 3 tbsp golden syrup 4 scoops toffee ice cream (or caramel ice cream) 4 scoops chocolate ice cream 4 scoops vanilla ice cream 4 tbsp salted peanuts (roughly chopped or left whole to taste)

Put all the cream, chopped chocolate, peanut butter and golden syrup into a saucepan and place on the heat to melt, stirring occasionally. In about 2 minutes you should have your sauce ready. Get out four sundae glasses and put a scoop of toffee or caramel ice cream in each, followed by one of chocolate and then another of vanilla. Pour some chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce over each sundae and sprinkle with the salted peanuts. Recipe by: www.nigella.com

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Pudding Night 16th June

7.30 arrival - Main course and all you can eat desserts £16 per person

Father's Day 18th June

Serving 12-9 2 Course £21.95/3 Course £25.95 Free pint for all the dads

American Night



Celebrate National Rose Day (10th June), with one of these fruity pink wines, great accompaniments to a wide range of cuisines, perfect as aperitifs and ideal for sharing good times with friends and family, this summer

Mirabeau en Provence Classic With its delectable raspberry pink hues and intense aromas, expressive red berry fruit remains the essence of this rosé. With a beautiful concentration, with strawberry and raspberry flavours taking centre stage, balanced by fresh acidity and leading to a sumptuous finish with notes of redcurrant. A perfect aperitif for an alfresco moment. £9.99, Waitrose

1st July

2 course meal & milkshake for only £25 per person All the classic American dishes you’ve ever wanted to try

Pudding Night 14th July

7.30 arrival - Main course and all you can eat desserts £16 per person

French Night 21st July

7.30 Arrival - £20pp A Taste of several authentic French dishes & platter of dessert Includes a free glass of wine

01234 781678

info@millhouse-riverside.co.uk www.millhouse-riverside.co.uk millhouse_hotel Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1NP

Mirabeau en Provence Etoile Presenting beautifully on the nose, this elegant cuvée is defined by the delicate aromas of white peach, tangy citrus and a subtle hint of pineapple. Appealingly silky and round, with notes of ripe apricots and a concentrated, lingering finish. £16, Sainsbury’s

Mirabeau en Provence Pure 2016 An ethereal pale pink colour with silver reflections, this wine has the allure of a pure summer breeze. A complex rosé, with a pronounced mineral structure it’s characterised by elegant notes of wild strawberry, citrus, white flowers and a hint of lychee. Refreshing and refined with a lingering, beautiful finish that will prolong the aromatic pleasures. £12.99, Waitrose


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On Saturday 10th June it’s time for Gin lovers of the world to rejoice as World Gin Day returns for its NINTH year. They may have called it mother's ruin back in the 18th century, but gin is the most popular spirit around these days, so why not celebrate with our top gin picks.

King of Soho Gin, £31.95.jpeg

Manchester Infused Raspberry Gin, £34.99

Prudence Rose Scented Gin, £20.15 BLOOM Gin, £24

june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:20 Page 35

Thomas Dakin Gin, £29 Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin, £36.95

Bulldog Gin, £22

Opihr Gin, £23 Silent Pool Gin, £33.99

Edingburgh Elderflower Gin Liqueur, £16.65

Williams Chase Pink Grapefruit Gin, £38.95

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Living Brighten your outdoor space this summer with some of our favourite accessories

amara Tahiti Hammock, £44, Amara

Beach Ping Pong, £32, Sunnylife

Florian Chair & Footstool, £500, Debenhams

Glass Solar Lantern, £4.50. Wilko

Cotton Hammock Chair, £79, Bloomingville

Rattan Egg Chair, £275, Wilko

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Lollipop Lights, £18.99, The Oak Room

Rosedal Bench, £149, Marks & Spencer

Kate Spade Ice Bucket, £45, Amara

Woven Tray, £14.99, TK Maxx

Green Glass Candle Holder, £19.95, www.dotcomgiftshop.com

Floral Basket, £25, Marks & Spencer

Bucket BBQ, £49, Bloomingville

Grey Verdi Duo Bench, £480, Debenhams

Jug, £16, Tumbler, £4, Debenhams

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Fun in the Sun

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Make sure you have a picnic blanket in your cupboard, ready for those impromptu summer days with family and friends

Fruits Picnic Rug, £12, Wilkinson

Blue Picnic Blanket, £40, DaWanda.com

Butterfly Picnic Rug, £12, Sainsbury's Home

Waddling Ducks Picnic Blanket £35.95, Annabel James

Tartan Rug, £35, National Trust

The Roomery Picnic Blanket, £77, DaWanda.com

Sophie Allport

Lemon Curd Chunky Picnic Blanket, £99, Tolly McRae

TWEEDMILL Monochrome Picnic Rug, £94.95, Black by Designjpg

Multicolour Picnic Rug, £35, National Trust

Sophie Allport Bees Picnic Blanket, £35, www.sophieallport.com

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Lamborghini Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo Ultimate Racer


Arrives in London

eading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen has welcomed a spectacular and podium-ready Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo racer to its world-famous Lamborghini London dealership.

standard car. Power is provided by a 620hp version of Lamborghini’s V10, while the power-to-weight ratio is an impressive 2.05 kilograms per horsepower thanks to its new and improved 1,270kg dry weight.

The South Kensington showroom – the number one Lamborghini dealer in the world in 2016 – recently put the race version of the Huracán coupé on display ready for a licensed racer to snap up.

Developed by Lamborghini in collaboration with race car constructors Dallara, the rear-wheel-drive monster is an attractive buy for drivers looking to progress to GT3 racing.

The car was made exclusively for the 2016 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Series season, but was never able to fulfil its explosive track potential.

The Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo has cut a stunning figure in the Lamborghini London showroom since its arrival, with its racing livery, enormous rear wing and striking grey paintwork stopping the South Kensington public in their tracks.

Owner commitments meant the Huracán only completed half a year’s worth of Super Trofeo races, making it an exciting prospect with just shy of 4,000km on the clock. On the track, it offers unrivalled performance thanks to being lighter, more rigid and more powerful than the

H.R. Owen’s Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo is available to view at Lamborghini London now, priced at £200,000 excluding VAT.

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Daddy Cool

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Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a gift he’ll love

Cross Peerless Trackable Pen, £215, cross.com

ELEMIS Gym Kit Collection, £35.50

Prada 'L'Homme' Eau de Toilette, from £49, Debenhams, Intu, Milton Keynes

Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum, £39.99, firebox.com

TW Steel Adesso Watch, £465, twsteeluk.com

Aqua Polo, £22.99, F&F

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Collection, £25, Hotel Chocolat

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Ferreira Minature Port Gift Set, £25, Harrods

Navy Pelicans Shirt, £44.99, Superdry

Trobla Wooden Smartphone Speaker, £84.95, Cuckooland.com

Aspinal Of London Union Jack Hip Flask

Mens Cardholder £45, Dune, Intu, Milton Keynes

London Dry Gin, £32, nationalgallery.co.uk

Hotel Chocolat Whisky Box, £10, Hotel Chocolat

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Fry’s Footie Corner

The Scots will be looking for revenge after England won the first game between the two sides in the group and they will have to be at their best to get the result they desperately need. It is always exciting when home nations come up against each other in qualifying groups – it just brings back memories to the Home Nations tournament that took place in my era – I know they tried to revive it but it needs to have every country involved to be a success.

The domestic season may well be over, but just because the summer is upon us does not mean that football takes a back seat. In fact, international matches will be taking place throughout June with one huge game on the calendar involving Gareth Southgate’s England side. A squad announcement without Wayne Rooney was probably to be expected as he looks to extend his career away from Manchester United, but regardless of the players on show at Wembley Stadium, it will be an incredible atmosphere in the stands.

We have been saying it for years, but it is an exciting crop of England players at this moment in time and there is no better striker in my opinion than Harry Kane. He has been the golden boot winner for the last two seasons and ended last term with back to back hat-tricks as Tottenham Hotspur finished second in the Premier League.

I have wonderful memories of England v Scotland games – not just as a spectator but also as a player. I represented England at schoolboy level and scored in a 5-3 victory over the arch enemy back in 1960. That game was played in front of over 95,000 supporters, which seems incredible when you look back on it now. They were special games to be involved in and they create memories to last a lifetime. I remember going to play in the second game between the two sides at Aberdeen, mainly because I scored the equaliser in a 2-2 draw, but even that game attracted a huge crowd. I have no doubt that England have the players to ensure they don’t come unstuck in Scotland, but they will have to handle the atmosphere that goes with that.

Let’s hope Harry can continue that form against Scotland! I have no doubt he will. Enjoy the summer!

Barry Fry 62

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Floral Print Shorts, £14.99, New Look

Beach Bum What will you be wearing on the beach? Take your pick from some of our favourites

Palm Print Shorts, £16, M&Co

Pineapple Shorts, £16, Burton Menswear

Marks & Spencer

Hawaiian Print Shorts, £16, Burton Menswear

Lobster Print Shorts, £17.99, Marks & Spencer

Mantaray Shorts, £28, Debenhams

Palm Tree Shorts, £9.99, Blue Inc

Print Shorts, River Island

Superdry Palm Tree Shorts, £34,99, Superdry

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Anyone Else Predict a Riot? Continuing with our countdown to this year’s Bedford Park Concerts, being held this August, we take a look at the Saturday 5th entertainment that comes in the form of one of the century’s most popular indie-pop outfits Kaiser Chiefs. Having formed in 2002 the band has enjoyed enormous global success ever since. They consist of lead vocalist Ricky Wilson, who has achieved added fame from his stint as a judge on the UK talent show The Voice, guitarist Andrew “Whitey” White, bassist Simon Rix, keyboardist Nick “Peanut” Baines and drummer Vijay Mistry, who replaced founding drummer Nick Hodgson in late 2012. The band has fast become one of the most successful UK indie rock bands today. Their most notable hits include ‘I Predict a Riot’, ‘Every Day I Love you Less and Less’ (both from their debut album) and smash hit ‘Ruby’ from their second album, amongst many others. Their second album, ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ topped the success of their first, reaching the number one spot on the UK albums chart and the album’s lead single ‘Ruby’ became their first ever UK number one single. In terms of music style, the band can best be described as indie rock with elements of new-wave and post-punk revival. Other similar artists include Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand. With over one million singles sold worldwide, Kaiser Chiefs are arguably the biggest band to have emerged from Leeds, having won many prestigious awards including Brits and NME awards. “We were sent to entertain you,” hollered Kaiser Chiefs

singer Ricky Wilson, as the penultimate date of their arena tour hurtled towards its glorious conclusion. “Have we done our job?” The answer, screamed back by thousands of delirious fans, was an emphatic “yes”. Ricky Wilson’s boundless energy was mesmerising” – Daily Telegraph Supporting the Kaiser Chiefs will be indie / rock giants Feeder, whose hits include the iconic ‘Buck Rogers’, ‘Feeling A Moment’ and ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’. We can’t wait to welcome these Welsh rockers to Bedford Park. The final two support acts will be ‘The Wholls’, who have a large fan base in Bedford and it’s great to see local talent taking on the world, we are really pleased the band can join us on their home turf. Last but by no means least we have ‘Victoria’ who are hotly making a name for themselves on the indie circuit and can be found playing at most of the major UK festivals this Summer! Gates open at 4.30pm, with Victoria taking to the stage at 5.45pm, The Wholls at 6.45pm, Feeder at 7.45pm and The Kaiser Chiefs bounding on at 9.15pm. Tickets are on sale for this concert and are priced at £45 for adults, £16 for children – Please note VIP Tickets for this event are now Sold Out! www.bedfordparkconcerts.co.uk

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Luxury and Style in

The Middle of The Sea

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In and around the UK there are some truly unique and luxurious boutique style hotels, all making vast claims as to why they are different from other hotels – but I think we have managed to find a truly unique venue that really has thought outside the box, somewhere steeped in history, that offers luxury accommodation, peace and tranquility, and amazing views – A Fort! Don’t panic we’ve not gone mad, The Fort we are talking about is not any old Fort, it is Spitbank Fort – built in 1870 as a defense against Napoleon III, Spitbank sits in the middle of the Solent in the English Channel and offers you so much luxury you’ll feel like Royalty. Nestled between its two sister forts ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Horse Sand” this is the perfect place to escape to, a unique retreat away from everyday life, where history meets luxury. You can only reach the fort via a private boat that picks you up from Gunwharf Quay, in Portsmouth Harbour – It’s simple - check in at the Solents Office, (a two minute walk from your pick up point), drop your bags off and let your adventure begin. After a short ten-minute boat ride you arrive. It’s then time to carefully navigate the metal steps that take you onto the fort, (I was glad it was a calm day) a cool glass of champagne awaits and then it’s into the Victory Bar, where we take in the amazing surroundings, and explore a little before being given an official tour. Spitbank has been lovingly restored to preserve its character and history; there is a story everywhere you turn. From the dark and mysterious wine cave to the metal tracks on the floor used to guide the wheels of the canons in days gone by - every nook and cranny brings you something new to discover, including the fort’s very own resident ghost! Artifacts are everywhere and nowhere is out of bounds, the fort literally is yours for 24 hours along with 8 other couples (that’s if all the rooms are taken). We were well and truly spoilt with the Admiral Nelson Suite, chic and stylish offering space in abundance, exposed brickwork and arched ceilings where the large metal hooks that used to hold the hammocks of soldiers still hanging from the rafters – (if the large, comfy bed with its crisp linen sheets is not to your liking, then the hammock is always an option!) Then there’s the awe-inspiring sea views which add to the nautical ambience, especially when accompanied with another glass of champagne. A bottle of ‘Spit’ water (the water is from Spitbank’s own artesian well, bottled on site no less, hence the name ‘Spit’ water), along with tea and coffee making facilities, makes you not want to leave your room – but that’s not possible when there’s still so much to see and do. Lunch is served on the top deck of the fort in the Crow’s

Nest bar, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Solent across to the Isle of Wight. After lunch it’s time for a dip in the roof top hot tub, with, of course, another glass of fizz, (staff here are attentive, always on hand to get you whatever you want, nothing is ever too much trouble). A rabbit warren of rooms lies beneath the bedroom floor, including the old cook house, television and games room. Then there’s the courtyard with its Victorian ironwork, red bricks and arch doors all a charming reminder of the skill of those who created Spitbank over 150 years ago. At 4.30pm it’s time to head back to the Victory Bar where fresh cakes, tea and coffee are served. A few games of trying to hook the string on a hook on the wall are enjoyed (a game that the soldiers used to play for hours on end to while away the time) if you can do it in 3 you win a glass of champagne, did I do it in 3? – Well hubby did it in one so it was only right he shared his bubbles! Having been featured on Michel Roux Jr’s Hidden Restaurants on Channel 4, the food was clearly something we were looking forward to, and it certainly didn’t disappoint, impeccably presented and tasting divine. We dined in The Officers Mess on home cured duck pastrami, oriental seafood; Himalayan salt aged lamb and a dessert plate to share. Dinner finished, it was time to head back into the Victory Bar where cheese and biscuits, tea and coffee were served. The night is young, you can stay in the bar, explore some more (if you’re feeling brave you can take a stroll around the inner walls (torch needed) which is where the ghost of Sergeant Henry Jones is said to walk), huddle around the open air firepit and roast marshmallows, even take another dip in the hot tub, the choice is yours. At night the views from the top of the fort are just as breathtaking as in the day with the lights of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight glittering in the distance. Retiring for the night, you are lulled to sleep by the lapping of the waves softly against the side of the fort. Next morning breakfast is taken in the Officers Mess, before you have to embark and leave this magical place – your own sanctuary in the middle of the sea. BOOK IT!

Overnight stays at Spitbank Fort include dinner, a full Fort breakfast as well as boat transfer to and from the private island. Prices start from £799 per night (excluding activities). www.solentforts.com

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Maldives Dhigali Island Resort It’s Open……..

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Set to welcome its first guests this month (June), Dhigali, the newest island resort from Universal Resorts matches contemporary luxury with the pure natural beauty of the Maldives. Located in the Raa Atoll, Dhigali brings modern minimalist design to this wonderfully remote part of the Maldives. The resort is just a 45-minute journey by seaplane from Malé Airport; domestic flights from Ifuru/Dharavandhoo Airport, are also available and including transfer by speedboat, take just 70 minutes. Surrounded by a pristine coral reef and crystal clear lagoon, this 5 star sanctuary invites guests to cast away in unspoilt luxury and rich Maldivian culture. The island itself is corralled by 20 Beach Bungalows and 33 Deluxe Beach Bungalows to the south, and 63 Beach Villas, which line the north and south western beaches. Nestled under a canopy of palms these beachfront sanctuaries provide luxurious intimacy, effortlessly marrying the interior and exterior. Outside, spend your days relaxing in the private deck's day bed or opt for the Beach Villa with Pool, which includes a private plunge pool overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean. Dhigali's overwater bungalows dot the island's azure perimeter. Extending from the south eastern side of the island is a jetty hosting 24 Water Villas, each one rising out of the lagoon on stilts. Similarly, from the south-east of the island snakes a further jetty housing 16 larger Lagoon Villas with Pools. The natural beauty of the island is the heart and soul of this unique resort experience. Guests can unwind on superb golden beaches including Dhigali's private sandbank, during season extending up to 250 m from the island or explore the island's house reef,

teeming with marine life. Small caves are located on the south western part of the reef where lion fish, eagle rays, turtles and manta rays can be found. Dhigali offers access to Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where divers and snorkelers can discover the largest seasonal groupings of manta rays, a variety of stunning corals and huge schools of tropical marine life, as well as the opportunity to spot Whale Sharks. Dhigali's innovative and authentic cuisine explores the spices of Asia, the classic tastes of Europe and traditional Maldivian flavours in its 5 restaurants whilst their 2 bars, Haali and East are perfect settings to enjoy a cocktail. There'll be a particular focus on fresh Asian dishes, including the specialist Asian restaurant, Battuta. Hidden amongst the island's idyllic tropical gardens, the Dhigali Spa is a lush sanctuary with 12 treatment rooms, making it one of the largest in the Maldives. Featuring an outdoor plunge pool surrounded by lush natural greenery, the spa offers indigenous therapies and healing traditions. This remote coral cay promises unforgettable moments, exquisite romance and true Maldivian beauty. Lose yourself in this luxury hideaway with a difference. BOOK IT! Prices start from £194 per night (for 2 people) in a Beach Bungalow including breakfast in June and July. Prices start from £229 per night (for 2 people) in a Water Villa including breakfast in June and July. www.dhigali.com

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The WOW Factor

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Sophisticated and quirky, glamorous and decadent, and centrally located in the heart of Leicester Square is the W London Hotel, offering luxury, and style just steps away from theatreland, the catwalks of Brewer Street and Soho’s electric nightlife, the hotel like the city itself - is a bold contrast of themes, colours, textures and characters, making it perfect for our recent trip to London. A large freestanding lit up W is the only indication you have arrived at your destination, as you walk through the dark glass doors into a jet-black lobby, with glass ball chandeliers and sparkly lifts to take you up to the reception area on the first floor. The lift doors open, to a view of disco balls hanging from the ceiling (a reminder of the nightclub history that once dominated Leicester Square). Mirrored reception desks, stand on a shiny black floor with neon purple lights, abstract artwork on the walls and a floor to ceiling bookcase filled with plates that depict business men in different stages of business to going out attire. The hotel is a bold contrast of themes, colours, textures and styles . Check in was faultless, and within minutes we were stepping back in the lift to our room. WOW! were the words that escaped our lips as we walked into the aptly named WOW Suite (our home for the next 24 hours). It was WOW everywhere you looked. Situated on the higher floors with rooftop views over Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Soho (I would have to be careful I didn’t spend the whole time just gazing out people watching from the comfort of our suite), and being approx 77 m2, this suite was bigger than most people’s apartments. A bedroom, with the most comfortable bed – WOW! A lounge area with a large red deep corner sofa, bespoke artwork dotted around, and a desk and working space with excellent wifi (exactly what I needed), proved ideal if you needed to work or host a couple of business meetings whilst in London. A separate mammoth bathroom space with a steam bathtub to relax in whilst looking across the rooftops of Leicester Square – WOW! A four-person shower hidden behind a mirrored door – WOW! And bliss spa toiletries (in extra big bottles) everywhere – WOW! Every time you think there’s no more WOW! to come, you come across something else – Gin and Tonics were sent up from the manager, mini bottles of Blue Sapphire Gin, Fentamans Tonic, lemon slices all served on a blue vinyl record – WOW! And the WOWness of the suite still doesn’t stop. Included in the price of a WOW Suite is your very own Megabar experience, (a luxurious in room bar, brought to your room with your personal Mixologist,) – just perfect for pre-dinner drinks before you head out to the bright lights of London. The whole procedure is simple, book what time you want the Mega bar experience to begin and your dedicated barman arrives at your door with what looks like, a large music freight case that opens to reveal an opulent bar, with a rotating disco ball, deluxe leather paneling, and onyx worktop.

Guests can choose their own soundtrack, or let the barman choose for them, and then the cocktails begin. It’s not just about the drinks though, it’s about the props served with them - An inflatable flamingo drinks holder and a spa bath set were served with our ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’ cocktail (a mix of citron vodka and fragrant undertones of lychee liqueur, lemongrass and ginger) and the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ (a blend of pineapple, Ciroc vodka with ginger, chili and caramel) served in a hollowed out pineapple with a pair of bright pink sunglasses. Our Italian Mixologist, kept us entertained with a selection of some of the finest liquor that was shaken, stirred and sipped well into the night. Once over, the bar is put away and wheeled out of the room quicker than it takes to unpack your suitcase, with the cocktails and props left for you to enjoy at your leisure – The whole experience takes pre dinner drinks to a completely new level and I loved it. Cocktails well and truly consumed we headed out to China Town, for a little food to soak up the alcohol. It is hard to believe that this luxury escape is right in the heart of Leicester Square, whether its because our suite is so high up or the window panes are so thick, I don’t know, but none of the noise reaches us until we step outside and walk to a restaurant that is literally a stones throw from the W entrance - You would be hard pressed to be more central than this. After dinner and back in our suite, it’s almost a shame to go to sleep, there is still so much more people watching to do, but of course that comfy bed was too tempting, so after a restful night’s sleep it was time for breakfast, which we opted to take in our room. A selection of pastries, fruits, and an English breakfast that was so fresh it’s hard to believe it wasn’t cooked in front of us! Nothing beats sitting in your white fluffy gown eating the most delicious breakfast looking out on the shoppers, office workers, tourists, all getting on with their day to day life as we watch from above, and the views, have I mentioned them yet? – I feel another WOW coming here, so much so I could have stayed all day! Whether it’s for shopping, sightseeing, a show, meal or just catching up with friends, W London is the perfect glamorous base to stay at whilst you explore London, and the vibrancy surrounding it. BOOK IT!

Prices start from £1062 for 2 people in a WOW Suite (in June) including a Megabar experience for 2 people. www.wlondon.co.uk

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STARS Manish Kumar Arora (K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant) reveals what’s in store for you this month

Gemini (21 May – 20 June) You can have good business sense, particularly for tapping into current or future trends. You take more pride in tastes, relationships, and personal possessions during this period. You should be more affectionate, expressive, and generous, and you tend to crave admiration and appreciation. This is also a good time for releasing resentment or negative feelings in order to move past or beyond an emotionally “stuck” place. Favourable Dates: June 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Blue


june2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 29/05/2017 20:22 Page 63

Cancer (21 June – 22 July) This can be a strong period for networking, connecting, and enjoying friends, goals, and dreams. A competitive urge can be stimulated. You would be open to new energies, approaches and attitudes. Seek out creative outlets for excess energy, and try to take part in an activity that allows you to take the initiative. You can meet people who inspire you or introduce you to new ideas and perspectives this month. Favourable Dates: June 7, 9, 16, 25, 27, 29 Favourable Colours: Green & Grey

thought to your finances and how you can make important changes that free you from worry and limiting attitudes. Favourable Dates: May 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Favourable Colours: Brown & Yellow

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) A romance or creative project may not be moving at the speed you’d like or requires more attention now, and on the other hand, the drive to produce and perform is strong. There would be a quest to become dedicated to the service of others. You will need to overcome the tendency to daydream and feel overwhelmed and to put your compassion and wisdom to practical use for humanity. Favourable Dates: June 5, 6, 14, 15, 23, 24 Favourable Colours: Green & Blue

Leo (23 July – 22 August) There is a nesting urge experienced now, and also a stronger ability to find beauty in things. New ideas for making money or new businesses should be considered, but it’s better to wait for a better time to start anew. Your mood lifts when you feel emotionally stronger and equipped for making changes, You are looking for more meaning or colour to your life and especially to your relationships. Favourable Dates: June 3, 8, 12, 16, 21, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & White

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) The month continues to bring good fortune when it comes to family and your personal life, and will introduce plenty of positivity for romance and recreation. It also brings out a need to share your affection with others, to play and enjoy, and to celebrate. The period will bring strong energy for your intimate relationships, and will introduce fortunate energy for travel, education, and other mind-expanding endeavours. Favourable Dates: June 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Favourable Colours: Green & Red

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) This period can push you to take better care of your finances, but it’s also a strong period for building confidence in your own worth. If you feel that you’ve been undervaluing yourself or your talents, then this is the time to make things right. Your feelings and tastes are grand, and you may be especially extravagant or indulgent. However, you may have a tendency to seek excitement and scatter your energies. Favourable Dates: June 4, 8, 13, 17, 21, 26 Favourable Colours: Red & Yellow

Pisces (19 February – 20 March) This month will introduce fortunate energy for establishing yourself and getting comfortable. You’ll be taking in information and letting inspiration or intuition work its magic rather than try to push an idea. Partnerships would be a little more reinforcing now. Strong energy for seeing patterns and coming to useful ideas is with you now. Travel, higher education, cultural events, and other experiences that broaden your horizons are in high focus by month’s end. Favourable Dates: June 3, 5, 12, 14, 24, 25 Favourable Colours: Purple & Cream

Libra (23 September – 22 October) This month brings easier and more natural energy for getting things done and pursuing your desires. You are more personally appealing, and you might find that asserting your needs or purpose is not only natural, it goes over well with others. Self-esteem issues can be handled with more self-honesty. There could be difficulties working with others if something has been brewing in working relationships. Favourable Dates: June 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favourable Colours: Red & Purple

Aries (21 March – 19 April) This is a wonderful time to develop your pet projects or work. Your powers of attraction and personal magnetism are special and your own feelings tend to match the intensity you’re projecting. You feel cared for when others accept and encourage your sense of individuality. The period also favours work in general, as well as nurturing relationships with superiors or people who can help you achieve your goals. Favourable Dates: June 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25 Favourable Colours: White & Purple

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November) You may get encouragement or motivation to pursue your desires and ambitions through a relationship during this period. New opportunities to learn and connect can open up. Children, entertainment, creative pursuits, and romance can be integral to all of this. You can find that you’re less inhibited and more spirited now, and more willing to pursue activities that require a little extra courage. Healthy competition can fare well during this cycle. Favourable Dates: June 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Favourable Colours: Blue & Yellow

Taurus (20 April – 20 May) The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of your lives and to gain freedom through independence is strong during this cycle. You will depict faith in your ability to make positive changes and improvements. Fortunate events occur as a direct result of your willingness to entertain the unusual and to think outside of the box. Favourable Dates: June 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favourable Colours: Red & Purple

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) The month is a powerful one, even if it is tumultuous at times. You will be finding new and improved ways to make your mark on the world, but a good part of the month is about laying low and tying up loose ends. You would give


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A quiet night in...

The Girl Who Just Wanted to have Fun by Jenni Regan

Three stories. Three women. Three very different lives. Liz is a career woman who is desperately trying to break through the glass ceiling in the world of finance, Betsy is the motherly figure with more than enough on her plate, while Ellie is a wild party girl, hooked on having a good time. As the lives of the three become increasingly interwoven, the sudden financial crisis creates a different set of problems for each one, as they battle to maintain their individual lifestyles. And as it deepens they find that the pressure of life becomes almost unbearable, as Liz loses her job, Betsy’s mother dies and Ellie is assaulted while out one night. As lives begin to unravel, Liz suffers a crisis as her increasingly bizarre behaviour spirals out of control and she suddenly finds herself shunned by the people she knows. Rescued by friends, life begins to look a little brighter and there is yet one last surprise for her. The question is, will Liz be able to regain control, or is it already too late for her?

Rough Night In Rough Night, an edgy R-rated comedy, five best friends from college (played by Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and ZoĂŤ Kravitz) reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Their hard partying takes a hilariously dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Amidst the craziness of trying to figure out what to do,their night takes some hilariously unexpected turns, ultimately bringing them closer together when it matters most. Release Date: 16th June

Patriots Day Tragedy strikes on April 15, 2013, when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon. In the aftermath of the attack, police Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg), FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon) and Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman) join courageous survivors, first responders and other investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the suspects and bring them to justice. Release Date: 26th June


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Affinity is a premium quality luxury lifestyle monthly magazine. Targeting men and women who aspire to a luxury way of life.

Affinity Magazine June 2017  

Affinity is a premium quality luxury lifestyle monthly magazine. Targeting men and women who aspire to a luxury way of life.