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Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 LIMITED EDITION 限量版

“If it matters to Asia’s dynamic youth, it’s in AERIS magazine.” AERIS Guide to Chinese Social Media AERIS 的中国网络指南 Corporate Chic, from Boardroom to Bar 办公时尚,由会议室到酒吧 Winter Wonderlands… 冬季仙境…

Gourmet UK

在英国「狼吞虎咽」: 一场盛宴之旅

Trend Watch: DYNAMIC Art 观瞻潮流:移动艺术

China: 100 Years 中国100年

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DEC 2011 - Jan 2012 FASHION 时尚 10 22 46 58 77

Corporate Chic: Work It Out! Work. It. Out. 办公时尚! Time is Relative 相对上的时间 An Education in Lingerie Lingerie的时尚教育 Beijing Brights 北京亮点 The Mandarin Collar 成衣中的中国风

FOOD 美食 20 31 56 72 75

Meet ‘Beijing’s Best Chef 2011’ 与北京2011年最佳厨师相会 Eating for Healthy Skin 吃出健康美肌 Christmas Cupcakes 圣诞节的杯型蛋糕 Trend Watch: Gourmet UK 潮流观察:英国美食 Asian fare for West-End London 伦敦西区的票价

TRAVEL 旅游 32


Winter Wonderlands SPECIAL 冬季仙境SPECIAL p. 32 Iceland 冰岛 p. 35 New York 纽约 p. 38 Russia 俄国 Think Twice: Boutique China… 乱花渐欲迷人眼—中国精品酒店

ART 艺术 26

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Dynamic Art SPECIAL 移动艺术 SPECIAL p. 26 Mediha Ting p. 28 A Moving Masterpiece 移动中的代表作 Behind the Spanish lens 西班牙的镜头背后 Meet Kathryn Chua, author, age 17 与17岁的作家 Kathryn Chua会面 Surrealist Art in China 中国的抽像艺术

Tech 科技 07 50 53 86 87

Navigating Chinese Social Media 漫游中国之网络 Aston Martin’s Cygnet And James Bond Aston Martin的 Cygnet与占姆士邦德 and James Bond The Art of Zung Fu 仁孚之道 Christmasy Apps… 与应用程序一起圣诞狂欢吧 All new Apps! 全新的Apps!

Perspective 视野 23 69 89

Microfinance in China: Wokai 中国的小型信贷:我开 Meet Kristen Lum… 与 Kristen Lum会面… China: 100 Years 中华人民共和国100周年

The Team Amanda Siew, Founder & Editor-in-Chief &

Health and Beauty Editor, 创办人、总编辑及「健 康、美容」编辑,

Amanda is an aspiring dermatologist who recently completed her degree in Medicine & Surgery in England. Raised in London and Hong Kong, she started working as a part-time model with Elite Model Management at the age of 16. Drawing on her experiences in modelling, fashion and internet publishing, she founded AERIS Magazine in 2010. 她最近在英国完成了医药及内外全科医学士学位,是一个有志 向的皮肤科医生。她在伦敦和香港长大,十六岁时以在Elite Model Management 当兼职模特儿开始她的事业。得到模特 儿、潮流时尚和网页出版的经验,她在2010年创办了Aeris Magazine.

Grace Brown, Creative Director, 创作总监, Grace graduated with double Bachelors of International Studies/ Law from Sydney University. She gained journalistic experience at Star World, APV, Channel Seven, CNN and Bloomberg. Raised in Hong Kong, Grace speaks fluent Mandarin and is passionate about business, people, fashion and art. 在悉尼大学的国际研究及法律双学位毕业。她在Star World, APV, Channel Seven, CNN和 Bloomberg得到了资讯传播的经验。在香 港长大,Grace 能说流利的普通话和对商业、人物、潮流和艺 术充满热情。

Sophie Bent, Director of Communications, 联络总监, Sophie was born and bred in Hong Kong, before completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Sydney and Boston. She is currently undertaking a Master of Strategic Public Relations. Her work experience incudes Burson-Marsteller, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hongkong Land, Jardine Airport Services Group and the Mandarin Oriental. 在悉尼和波士顿完成商业学士学位之前,在香港出生和长大。 她现在正在读策略性公共关系硕士。她的工作经验包括BursonMarsteller, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hongkong Land, Jardine Airport Services Group and the Mandarin Oriental.

Cherry Ng, Director of Marketing & Events, 市场与 活动总监 Cherry was born in Hong Kong but has lived in Sydney, York (UK), Beijing, and Lima. As a Cantonese, English and Mandarin speaker she enjoys learning about different cultures and travelling. She enjoys salsa dancing and meeting new people. Her work experience has ranged from selling in the top recyclable ink cartridge company in China to caregiving for children in Peru. 她在香港出生,但曾在悉尼、纽克、北京及利马居住。能说广 东话、英语及普通话,她享受学习新文化和旅游。她也享受跳 萨尔萨舞及结识新朋友。她的工作经验的范围包括从在中国顶 尖的可回收墨盒公司当销售到在秘鲁照顾小孩。

Jessica Li, Graphic & Layout Editor, 图像及设计编辑, Jessica was born and raised in Hong Kong, is currently studying Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins, London. She works as a freelance designer and is interested in the visual language behind different cultures. 在香港出生及长大,她正在伦敦的中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院 修读图像设计。她是一个自由设计师,并且对不同文化背后的 视觉语言怀有浓厚兴趣。

Agnes Haryuni ,Writer With years of experience in social media, web 2.0, mobile and web content, Agnes is our source for the latest news and trends about gadgets and technology. Her expertise are web development, web content, social media, and applications. 在社交媒体、web2.0及网页内容 上有多年经验,Agnes 是我们在 小型电子产品方面的最新消息及 潮流的来源。她的专业是网页开 发、网页内容、社交媒体及应 用程式。

Bill Chan, Photographer Bill is the founder and photographer of fashion blog “BoldItalicUnderline.” He graduated from University of Wisconsin- Madison with a degree in Marketing in 2010. He currently lives in Beijing and works in the advertising field.  Bill 是时尚博客 ”BoldItalicUnderline”的创办人及摄影师。

他于威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校的 2010年市场学系毕业。他现居 于北京,并在广告界工作。 whyneedone

Carmen Chen,


Carmen spends most of her week number crunching but in her spare time she enjoys capturing special moments through her lens – whether it be travelling, eating, walking her dog, or baking cupcakes. She is an enthusiastic blogger and is the proud owner of the photoblog — 来自悉尼的Carmen 把她一星期 的大部分时间花在数字运算上, 但在她的空余时间她喜欢以镜头 捕捉特别时刻 – 无论是旅游、进 餐、遛狗或烤杯型蛋糕。她是一 个充满热情的博客作家,而且是 一个摄影博客引以自豪的拥有者.

Christopher siM,


Christopher is an engineer with a passion for food and travel who formerly wrote for the Imperial College newspaper. Having lived in London and Melbourne he is now living in Amsterdam and writes in between international projects as a chemical engineer. 是一个对美食及旅游充满热情的 工程师,并曾经为伦敦帝国学院 校报撰写文章。曾在伦敦及墨尔 本居住的他现居于阿姆斯特丹。 作为一个化学工程师,他不时为 国际计划撰写文章。

Dicky Manana, Photographer Dicky is an internationally acclaimed photographer, working with leading brands and magazines worldwide. Born in Hong Kong, he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and has been a freelance photographer since 2007, colouring his images with romanticism, fantasy and darkness. Dicky是一个享誉国际的摄影师,

并为国际知名品牌及杂志工作。 在香港出生,他在2008年毕业 于中央美术学院,而且自从2007 年他就已是一个自由摄影师。他 以浪漫、梦幻和黑暗为他的影像 上色。


special Thanks to Ernest Chan, Writer Ernest obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong. He is an accountant by profession and, motivated by his immense interest in new technology, has established Oats and Barley a digital marketing consulting agency. His many hobbies include travelling and sports. Ernest於香港大学的工商管理学士学位毕业。他本

身拥有専业会计的资格,源於他热爱新科技的推动 下,Ernest合资成立了Oats and Barley,一间数字 营销(Digital Marketing)的顾问公司。他的兴趣很广 泛,其中包括旅遊及运动。

Jay Lee , Hair and Makeup

Jay is a make-up artist who has been working in Beijing for the past seven years. In that time, she has worked for major Asian and international fashion brands, magazines, film and stage productions. Her experience spans a 12-year career in makeup with an understanding of art direction, too. 化妆师Jay在过去七年曾於北京定居,为各大亚洲 和国际时尚品牌丶杂志丶电影和舞台制作等服务。 她有着逾十二年的造型相关经验,亦曾涉足艺术指 导。

Rennie Fensham, Make Up

Rennie is a US-trained artistic hair stylist, make-up artist and educator, who has worked in the glamourous world of fashion and TV for over 28 years, bringing out the best in stars from Rod Stewart to Liza Minnelli and Freddie Mercury. She is at Glow with Ceri Silk (winner of HK sassy Award Best Hair Salon 2011). Rennie 是一個在美國受訓的藝術髮型師、化妝師和

教師。她曾在迷人的時尚和電視世界工作了超過28 年,帶了頂尖的巨星如Rod Stewart, Liza Minnelli 和 Freddie Mercury。她在 Glow with Ceri Silk工作(HK sassy Award Best Hair Salon 2011的優勝者)

Sarah Bent, Image Contributor Living in Hong Kong for over 30 years, Sarah is a selftaught watercolour artist and Chairperson of Artists Abroad. She specialises in botanical and still-life paintings, many of which feature the flora and fauna of Asia.


Siminon graduated from the University of Edinburgh with honours in International Business. He has lived in London, Cape Town, Vienna and Edinburgh before returning to his hometown of Hong Kong to live and work. He is passionate about sport, adventure and food.

从爱丁堡大学的国际商业学位毕业。在回到家乡香 港居住及工作前,他曾在伦敦、开普敦、维也纳及 爱丁堡居住。他热爱运动、冒险和美食。

Shao Chong, Writer and Editor

Chong is completing his law degree at the University of Sydney, with an unusual fondness for editing and proofreading. Always keen to learn and experience new things, his interests include travel, philosophy, politics and psychology. In his spare time Chong is a passionate but mediocre musician on vocals and the drums. Chong在悉尼大学完成了法律学位,对编辑和校对有

着特别的兴趣。常常喜欢学习新事物,他的兴趣包 括旅游、哲学、政治和心理学。在空余时间Chong是 一个充满热情但平凡的声乐及鼓音乐家。

Bob Qian, Writer

Bob works as the freelance translator for AERIS Magazine. He is a first year business student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Bob is an enthusiastic member of the AERIS team and is interested in food, travel and technology. Bob是来自香港科技大学一年级的商学院学生,他 是AERIS团队具有热情的一份子,对最新的美食、 旅游以及科技的趋势非常感兴趣。

Cathy Tang, Writer Cathy is now our translator for the Chinese version of Aeris Magazine. Having deep interest in art, fashion and global social issues, she is responsible for these elements of the magazine. 她是AerisMagazine中文版本的翻译。对艺术、时 尚及国际公共议题有着浓厚兴趣,她现在负责为这 些元素进行翻译。

Keely Kuk, Writer

Keely was born in the USA but raised in Hong Kong. She is currently studying Global Business in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her previous internship experiences include working with the brands Chow Tai Fook and Lollia. She is passionate about fashion, beauty and Chinese literature. 一個在美國出生,香港長大的中國女孩,現為香港 科技大學環球商業系的二年級生。曾於周大福及 Lollia等品牌實習。熱愛時尚、美妝及文學。

Sue Page, Film and Literary Critic Sue has always lived in Hong Kong where she was the account executive of the Sheraton Hotel, PR Manager of Trade Media and now teaches Film and English. She has reviewed films for Style Magazine, SCMP on Sunday and RTHK. Novels, films and wildlife (including her children), are her passions. Sue一直在香港居住。她曾是喜来登酒店的账户总 裁和Trade Media 的公共关系经理,现在她教授电 影及英语。她曾为Style Magazine, 星期天版SCMP 和RTHK 评论电影。小说、电影和野外生活(包括 她的孩子)都是为她所热爱的。

Yumi Kawabata, Writer Yumi is an automotive and environmental journalist. She received an MEG and worked for 3 years as an engineer, before becoming a writer for automotive and environmental magazines, specializing in hybrids, electric vehicles and environmental solutions. Since 2009, she was also on the jury of Japanese Car of the Year.  Yumi 是一個汽車和環境記者。而且在成為一個汽 車和環境雜誌(專攻混合車、電動車和環境問題解 決方案)的作家之前獲得了一個MEG。自從2009年 起,她也是年度的日本車評審委員會成員。

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December2011 - January 2012

Dear readers, Welcome to the AERIS December issue! As 2011 draws to a close, we hope you’ve had a fruitful year and will fully enjoy the end of year festivities!

感谢您阅读十二月的AERIS杂志。2011年即将过去,我们衷心 地希望您度过了充满收获的一年,并且好好享受年底的欢庆 吧。

In Fashion, we embrace winter with a guide to corporate chic through a shoot inspired by hit TV series, ‘Mad Men’, with a Shanghai twist… We also showcase La Perla’s exquisite 1920’s A/W collection.

在时尚版块,我们用一篇时尚装扮的指南来迎接冬天,灵感来 自于热门电视剧集《广告狂人》。这些都是源自上海的设计。 我们还展示了La Perla精致的二十年代风格的内衣。

Our Food highlight is Carmen’s Trend Watch Gourmet UK — from Jamie Oliver’s Italian, to the best of British pub nosh and Michelin-starred decadence, this piece carries a warning: it will make you very hungry! The section concludes with an insight into how Asian cuisine is being interpreted in London as Chris shares an enlightening gastronomic experience at Kai, exploring what it takes to be the top Asian restaurant London’s Mayfair. In Travel, we take you to some of the world’s most evocative Winter Wonderlands, from the snow-topped cathedrals of fairytale-like Russia, to glacial walks and azure hot baths in intrepid Iceland, to the glamour of New York City... Grace and Cherry also give readers an exclusive look at China’s unique, growing boutique hotel scene, from the best art hotel to the best lakeside tea plantation escape this winter. In Arts, we showcase the exciting surrealist movement emerging from Beijing’s young artists, reflecting the surreal change felt through China and the world in 2011. We also visit Asian Art in London for a look at the trend of bringing art to life — from vibrant contemporary dances to new technology, it is intriguing to see the ways in which old and new masterpieces alike are now experienced beyond traditional, two-dimensional stills... 

在美食版块, Carmen 对英国美食的潮流观察是本期的亮点, 从Jamie Oliver的意大利餐厅到英国最好的酒吧小食以及米其林 星级餐厅。注意:这篇文章会让你垂涎欲滴。我们同样深入了 解了亚洲美食如何在伦敦的上流住宅区得到诠释,Chris与我们 分享在Kai餐厅令人惊喜的美食体验,探索了作为英格兰最高 档的地区最顶级的亚洲餐厅所必备的特质。 而在旅游版块,我们带您游览世界上最让能引起回忆的冬日胜 地,从如童话般的俄罗斯和它那白雪覆盖的大教堂,到无畏的 冰岛,去体验冰川上的道路和天蓝色的温泉,另外还有纽约的 冬日美景。 Grace 和 Cherry 给读者带来了中国精品酒店的独家 报道 , 既有最佳艺术酒店,更有能让人们在冬日于湖边饮茶 的农家精品酒店。 在艺术方面,我们为您展示北京年轻艺术家的超现实主义,反 映了中国乃至世界2011年在超现实主义方面的变化。我们同样 参观了在伦敦的亚洲艺术展,感受了将艺术带入生活的趋势 , 无论是充满活力的现代舞还是新技术,能够看到新老杰作都经 历着超越传统的变化转为了二维的影像,非常有趣。 在科技版块,我们将会见到最新款的都市车,包括阿斯顿马丁 出品的时髦的Cygnet,并且通过007系列电影重温这个品牌的传 奇。我们同样为大家准备了一份美妙的关于中国社交媒体的指 南,透过社会和商业的视角来了解这一新媒体。最后,像往常 一样,我们会为大家介绍一些全新的应用程序,来帮助大家度 过欢乐的节日。

In Technology, we welcome the latest smart city cars, including Aston Martin’s chic Cygnet, and revisit the brand’s legacy in the context of the immortal James Bond film series. We also have in store for you a fascinating guide to Chinese social media from both a social and business perspective and as always, all new Apps, including ones to help get you through the frantic festive season!

最后在视角版块,我们向大家介绍“我开”,一家为中国农村 企业家提供小额贷款的非盈利机构。通过推进自给自足的概 念,他们通过小额贷款和为创办企业提供财政支持帮助来自四 川、内蒙古和其他地区的成千上万的家庭脱离了贫困。我们也 将看看中华民国一些有历史意义的瞬间来迎接它的100周年庆 典。

Finally in Perspective, we introduce Wokai who — for those who haven’t heard of them yet — are a fantastic non-profit organisation raising money for China’s rural entrepreneurs. By promoting selfsufficiency, they are lifting countless Chinese families in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other parts of the country out of poverty, with the microfinance and support to start businesses. We also celebrate the PRC’s 100th birthday with a look at some of the nation’s most significant moments.

我们同时欢迎Chong Shao, Carmen Chen, Yumi Kawabata, Ernest Chan and Keely Kuk加入我们的编辑队伍。

We would also like to welcome Chong Shao, Carmen Chen, Yumi Kawabata, Ernest Chan and Keely Kuk to the editorial team.

Happy holidays and see you in 2012! 节日快乐!我们2012年再见!

Reaching Further, Faster: Navigating China Online

漫游中国之网络:触及更高、更远 By Agnes Haryuni and Sophie Bent

Image by testing /


According to a 2009 McKinsey report, social media is emerging as young China’s primary source of news, opinion and entertainment in an otherwise monolithic media industry. The rapid growth of platforms like Weibo, RenRen, Youku and QQ has significant implications for China and the businesses operating there, but tweeting in unchartered territory is not without risk. It’s vital to first learn ‘the rules of engagement’ to navigate China’s social media landscape. But which is the best platform to use, and how should companies be using social media to their advantage? 根据麦肯锡的报告,在2009年,社交媒体已经成为中国年轻人的新闻主要来源、以及传统媒体之外的观点、娱乐来 源。诸如微博、人人、优酷和QQ这样的社交平台的迅猛发展对中国以及商业运作有很大的启示,但是在不受限制 的领域发微博并不是没有风险的。很重要的一点就是要先学会“参与法则”,仔细参透中国社交媒体的现状。 但是哪种社交平台是最好用的呢?公司怎么通过社交媒体来让自己得利?

WEI BO 微博 Weibo is widely regarded as the Chinese version of Twitter: a free social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and receive messages of up to 140 characters. Messages are displayed on profile pages and flow into subscribers’ stream of updates. Inviting customers or clients to follow you on Weibo is akin to offering your virtual namecard and a fast way of expanding your network, as pioneers Burberry and Louis Vuitton were quick to discover. With contests, polls and user-driven layouts, the interactivity of Weibo also provides opportunities for meaningful engagement. 微博被认作是中国版的Twitter ,是一种免费的社交服 务,用户可以发送或接收不超过140个字的信息。信息 会在资料页面显示,并会在订阅者的更新中显示。邀 请顾客或客户关注你的微博就等同于给他你的虚拟名 片,这是一种快速扩展你的社交网络的方式,就想巴 宝莉和路易威登这些先行者很快就发现的一样。通过 比赛、投票和用户设定的布局,微博的互动性为有意 义的参与也提供了机会。

The secret to Weibo is connecting with key influencers and leveraging their expanding social networks to continually boost your brand visibility. Weibo’s sign-in page features the service’s ‘most popular’users. Following them provides free exposure and, in a self-perpetuating cycle, ensures that like-minded subscribers can see and follow you too. Boasting over 120 million registered users and 60 million active users, Weibo accounts for 87% of the time spent by Chinese users on microblogs, making it a potentially transformative tool in digital marketing campaigns. 微博的秘密在于,通过关键的有影响力的人,依靠他 们不断扩张的社交网络,来不断增强品牌的曝光度。 微博的登录界面上会显示最受欢迎的用户,关注这些 用户就等同于提供给自己免费的曝光机会,在这样依 靠自身长存的循环中,保证想法类似的用户能看到你 并关注你。 微博拥有一亿二千万的注册用户和六千万的活跃用 户,占据了中国用户使用相似微博服务87%的时间, 使之成为电子招商活动一个潜在的转型工具。

RENREN 人人 RenRen is a social networking service, similar to Facebook, that is used by 95 million netizens to share and connect. This year, RenRen unveiled plans for location-based apps, information aggregation and diverse content streaming. However, the buzz around RenRen is driven largely by its social gaming: the virtual meets reality when companies host contests or events, such as a product launch party, invite customers and celebrity guests, and award points to ‘the best DJ’. A new version of the Facebook-inspired fan page also provides opportunities to showcase ‘social advertisements’, earning companies valuable word of mouth through user-generated news feeds.


RenRen remains heavily monitored, but when used strategically, can help to innovate your digital offering with minimal investment and potentially enormous returns.

market and the site’s audience — which peaks at more than 270 million unique visitors per month — Youku may represent the greatest opportunity yet for high-end brands.

人人是一种类似Facebook 的社交服务,九千五百万网 民通过人人来进行分享、联系。今年,人人披露了开 发以位置为基础的应用程序,以及信息整合和内容多 元流动的消息。但是,人人网最火爆的服务就是社交 游戏,虚拟世界与现实世界在公司举办比赛或活动的 时候联系到一起,比如说,在新品发布会邀请客户和 来宾,给“最佳DJ”颁发奖励的分数。受到Facebook 的启发,最新版本的粉丝专页也提供了展示“社交 广告”的机会,给公司挣得了用户口口相传的效果。

优酷作为Youtube的中国版,给用户提供上传及下载视 频的服务。这种内容分享的可能性是无限的,但是聪 明的市场专家建议公司用优酷来投放视频广告、网络 广播和网络频道。

人人依旧受到严格的管制,但是只要能有策略地进行 使用,就可以帮助你用最小的投资来创新数码推销手 段,以期得到巨大的回报。

有趣的是,优酷已经成为奢侈品牌的社交媒体平 台, Di or\Gucci 和 Omega 都投放了自己的频道, 最近Car tier也加入了他们的行列。据优酷的副总 裁魏明说:“我们传播内容的网络这项专利技术 让我们能够将这些品牌标志性的质量、可靠传达 出来,再通过我们覆盖全国的网络,使这些品牌 可以触及他们之前涉足不深的二级、三级市场。 由于网站的受众与奢侈品市场直接重合,最高时曾达 到每月两亿七千万的浏览量,优酷代表的是高端品牌 所能得到的最好的机会。

Youku 优酷 Youku, YouTube’s Chinese cousin, offers users the ability to upload and download videos. The possibilities for content sharing are virtually endless, but savvy marketers suggest companies use Youku to host video ads, webcasts and fully branded channels. Interestingly, Youku has emerged as the social media platform of choice among luxury brands, with Cartier recently joining the likes of Dior, Gucci and Omega by launching its own channel. According to Youku’s senior vice president, Frank Ming Wei, “Our proprietary content delivery network allows us to present these brands’ videos with the quality and reliability that are the hallmarks of their own products, while our nationwide reach is helping these brands make inroads into second- and third-tier cities where they had previously not had strong footholds.” With a direct overlap in the demographics of the luxury

QQ Instant messaging service QQ is a stalwart of social networking in China and immeasurably popular. However, with numerous communication features and a simple interface, QQ is also widely used within the business community. It’s simply a question of how many contacts you invite and how often you reach out to them. There’s also the opportunity to integrate and enhance your digital presence by linking corporate QQ profiles to Youku, RenRen and Weibo accounts. 即时通讯工具QQ是中国社交服务市场的有力竞 争者,在中国十分受欢迎。QQ同样凭借其多元 的交流功能以及简洁的界面,在商界也得到了广 泛应用。使用与否不是问题,问题仅仅在于你有 多少联系人、联系的频率是多少。另外一个机会 就是通过在优酷、人人和微博上发布有关QQ的 链接,整合并加强QQ在电子媒体中的存在感。


Corporate Chic from Boardroom to Bar

At work or play, dress to impress this season in sharp suits and retro classics — think Mad Men heydays in tomorrow’s Shanghai…

无论上班时还是下班後,随时准备好以俐落的 西服和复古的经典来惊艳四方 ─ Mad Men在明天的上海里最精彩的演绎…

Photographer: Dicky Manana Hair and Makeup by Yentl at Glow Salon Models: Taka and Dara (Starz People) Location: Azure Restaurant and Bar at Hotel LKF



“What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.” Don Draper

Lunch on the Town On Taka: Gray Prince of Wales Suit by Ring Jacket, Blue Shirt by Ring Jacket, Boucle Stripe Tie by Drakes, Handkerchief by Drakes, Suede Captoe shoes by Carmina, all from The Armoury (, with vintage hat On Dara: Coat and Margaux East West Shopper handbag by Max Mara (contact store: +852 2722 9603), with vintage heels and gloves


“I look around and I think: I want what he had...” Peggy Olson


“Now that I can finally understand you, I am less impressed with what you have to say.” Don Draper

Upon Reflection


On Taka: Gray Prince of Wales Suit by Ring Jacket, Blue Shirt by Ring Jacket, Boucle Stripe Tie by Drakes, Handkerchief by Drakes, Suede Captoe shoes by Carmina, all from The Armoury.

『这就是人生。这分钟你还是高高在上, 下一分钟你的秘书就会把剪草机辗过你的脚背。』

“That’s life. One minute, you’re on top of the world. The next, some secretary is running over your foot with a lawn motor.” Joan Harris

Making an Entrance On Dara: Velvet sweater by Max Mara, faux fur by Zara, skirt by Kanchan Couture (, heels by Witner, wool coat by Max Mara

『没有人会愿意告诉你,但千万别当个男人。 试也不要试。当个女人。执行得当的话影响力比你想像中大得多…』

“No one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man. Don’t even try. Be a woman. Powerful business when done correctly…” Bobbie Barret, to Peggy


Martini MAN •

On Taka: Gray Prince of Wales Suit by Ring Jacket, Blue Shirt by Ring Jacket, Boucle Stripe Tie by Drakes, Handkerchief by Drakes, Suede Captoe shoes by Carmina, all from The Armoury. On Dara: Dress and belt by Max Mara



“Why does it have to be like this? Why can’t I get anything good all at once?” Pete Campbell

Opposities Attract •

On Taka: Black Suit by Ring Jacket, White Master Seed Cotton Shirt by Ring Jacket, Diamond Navy Tie by Drakes, White Linen Pocket Square Handkerchief by Drakes, Black 3 Eyelet Derby shoes by Carmina, all from the Armoury, with vintage hat On Dara: White shearling suit and handbag by Max Mara, heels by Witner, leather gloves by Zara


“Sometimes when people get what they want, they realize how limited their dreams were.” 16

Joan Harris

『广告的凭依来自幸福。什麽是幸福?幸 福是新车的气味。是免除恐惧的自由。是 那路边的大型广告牌上散发着的保证 ─ 你在干的事很OK,你也很OK。』

Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OK. You are OK. Don Draper

” Lady in RED On Dara: Pencil skirt by Review, red top by Max Mara, heels by Witner


Work. It. Out. 办公时尚 AERIS Top 5 Tips for being Corporate Chic… AERIS的五个小建议让你上班也 能时尚摄人。 By Grace Brown

2. Look Sharp: 看起来锐利逼人 It’s all about the cut and tailoring. The right outfit exists only subjectively, based on the person wearing it. For men, the shoulder line must be right on the edge of the shoulder and the shirt cuff should fall just above the knuckles. Ladies — accentuate the waistline in so you always have a silhouette — as Marilyn Monroe established, a girl’s size matters less than her shape…

剪裁和手艺是重中之重。世界上没有最完美的衣服,只有 最适合穿着的人。男仕们,衣服的肩綫应该刚好落在肩膀 外沿,而衬衫袖口不应越过指节。女仕们─ 强调腰綫的服 装能让您拥有迷人的曲綫 ─ 玛丽莲•梦露创立的时尚法则: 女人的曲线永远比她的尺码更重要。

Polished watch by Void *

4. Aftercare: 合適的衣物護理 Iron your shirts or dresses — creases suggest you don’t care, or don’t manage your time well. Hand and cold wash anything delicate or bright, as heat causes the colour to fade and look cheaper… Shine your shoes or pay someone else to — no matter how old a polished shoe is, it looks younger than an unpolished one.

1. Build Your Collection: 建立您的个人系列 Don’t buy haphazardly. Invest in high-quality, complementary pieces, not junk. As Ethan Newton from The Armoury, a Top Men’s Harberdashery in Hong Kong said: “The most stylish men I’ve met aren’t the ones with twenty different suites bought on sale, but the ones who took time and care investing in them and bought a few that suited them, which they continue to care for and match with new accessories…” i.e. quality over quantity!

不要漫无目的地购买。您应该把钱投资在高质量的基本长 青款。像从香港顶级男子服饰用品店The Armoury的Ethan Newton所说:『我碰到过最有格调的男人不会是那些拥 有二十套大减价时购入的西装的人,而是会把时间和心机 投资在数套真正适合他们的西装,并将继续细心保养它们 和购买搭配的饰品的男人。』也就是说,质量比数量更重 要! Cufflinks by Void *

3. Colour Code: 破解色彩密码 Colours must match, or you will either be as dull as wallpaper, or an office eye-sore… Colour choice should be informed by the company you will keep on that day — by mirroring that person, you demonstrate that you are on the same page. For a more conservative organisation, stick to the old guard of a black or grey suit, with a white or blue shirt. Err on the side of classic, when you don’t know who you’re meeting. 色彩必须互相搭配,不然您要不就像墙纸般沉闷,或者使 看的人眼酸。色彩的选择应该基於您那天的同伴,相近的 颜色能令您看起来更合羣。对於较为保守的工作环境,基 本的黑色或灰色的西服,配搭白色或蓝色的裇衫是最合宜 的打扮。当您不知道该穿什麽时,走经典路线准没错。 Surprise Ball Jorunal by Kate Spade

熨烫您的裇衫或裙子 ─ 衣服上的皱痕不是让人觉得您不 在乎,就是让人怀疑您的时间管理不善。用冷水手洗手工 精细或色彩明亮的衣物,因为热力会使颜色褪去,令衣服 显得廉价。擦亮您的鞋子,或至少找人帮你擦亮 ─ 不论 新旧,光亮的鞋子总比黯淡的更能让您显得精神焕发。

5. Confidence: 自信风采 Remember that what you wear will affect how you engage with the world — and how the world engages with you. It is of utmost importance that you are comfortable and take pride in what you put on yourself each day. True clothes should liberate a person, not simply clothe them.

Laptop case by Mischa, in black or red*


您的打扮不仅影响别人对您的观感,也影响着你对别人的 认知。最重要的是,您应该为每天的打扮感到舒适和自 豪。真正的衣着能彰显个性,而非只为遮身。 * From

Glow with Ceri Silk is all about total transformation, from head to toe. With state-of-the-art Meso Science and light technologies, and cutting-edge cosmeceuticals, we rejuvenate, reshape and lift — melting away the years. Before + after transformations

The spa’s award winning Creative and Artistic Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Rennie Fensham, makes the transformation complete, highlighting the special and unique beauty that is to be found within each one of us. l

Hair styling, colouring, extensions ++


Straightening – Brazilian Blowout


Makeup – bridal, makeovers + free tips


Mention this advert when booking to receive a free manicure with your appointment


Men’s facial treatments and hair styling


Slimming and body reshaping




Meso Science facials with advanced cosmeceuticals from SKEYNDOR for dramatic results


Nails, waxing, hair-reduction and other beauty treatments



9/F Parker House, 72 Queen’s Road Central (next to H&M) Tel: 2525 5198 | | |


st H

air Salon 2011

Meet Matt McCool, voted

“Best Beijing 年 Chef in 2011” 方

— and only 27!

After a sumptuous degustation prepared by the man TimeOut Beijing crowned “Best Chef in 2011”, we were lucky enough to meet him. The Head Chef of Aria shared his thoughts on Chinese cuisine and how wagyu steak should be… By Grace Brown Who did you train under? Numerous chefs around the world, probably the most influential have been in London including Gordan Ramsey, at Maze. Previously in Sydney, I was fortunate to work at one of the Australia’s best restaurants, Quay. Which Italian dish do you gravitate towards on a menu? I am a huge fan of Italian food, as my wife is from Sicily. I like fresh pasta on the menu with traditional sauces from southern Italy. You are known for being inventive with European cuisine — ground coffee beans with wagyu steak, dried olive oil with crab and caviar… What matters most: technical skill or creativity? I think to have creativity, you must first have a solid technical skill. You have recently been serving up South Australia farmer, Nick Sher’s, wagyu filets. To what point should wagyu be cooked? We have done a lot of tastings over the past 18 months with all different cuts and grades of wagyu, and have decided that no more than medium rare is optimum for this grade of beef. 20

廿 七 的 北 京2011年最佳厨师 ——Matt McCool

在品尝了Matt这位新晋的2011年最佳厨师为我们 准备奢侈大餐后,我们终于有幸见到了他。作为 阿丽雅餐厅的主厨,他与我们分享了他对于中国 美食的想法,还告诉了我们神户牛肉应该是什么 样的。 你的厨艺是向谁学的? 是向来自于全球各地的许多厨师学的,其中 最有影响力的应该是伦敦Maze餐厅的Gordan Ramsey。之前在悉尼,我也有幸能在澳大利亚最 好的餐厅Quay工作。 哪种意大利菜最吸引你? 我非常喜欢意大利菜,我的太太就来自西西里。 我喜欢新鲜的意大利面配上意大利南部的酱汁。 你以创新的欧洲菜式而著称,比如说咖啡豆陪神 户牛肉、蟹肉鱼子酱配橄榄油。技术和创意哪个 更重要? 我认为创意的先决条件是扎实的技术。 你最近开始提供澳大利亚南部的农夫Nick Sher的 神户牛肉。你认为神户牛肉应该被加工到何种程 度? 过去的十八个月我们品尝了不同部分和等级的神 户牛肉,最终决定这一等级的牛肉至多加工到半 熟就可以了。

Top: Goat’s Cheese Cannelloni Right: Exclusive Wagyu Left: Layered Chocolate Melting Cake

Aria, 2/F China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 阿郦雅,北京市朝阳区建国门外大街中国大饭店二层

What are your thoughts on the Marco Polo connection — how much does Italian food have in common with Chinese food? I have had plenty of discussions with my wife over this… I see some similarities, such as between pasta and noodles, ravioli and dumplings, pizza and north Chinese flat bread... I think the most common thing Italian food has with Chinese is the tradition of enjoying it in groups and making an event of eating a meal. 你对马可波罗的影响怎么看?意大利和中国的食 物有何相同之处? 我和我的太太进行了很多讨论,我认为有一些相 似的食物,比如说意大利面和面条、意大利饺子 和水饺、披萨和烧饼。我认为最相似的地方在 于,意大利人和中国人都喜欢一起享用食物,视 品尝食物为一种乐趣。 你最崇拜的厨师是谁? 任何一位有着热情的厨师。我听说一位澳大利亚 厨师在印度尼西亚干的很出色。他在如此偏僻的 丛林里做出了米其林餐厅水准的食物,他把一切 都外包,每天更新菜单,每天自己捕鱼,这在我 看来就是一片热情。 你最喜欢中国哪里的食物? 我最近在香港仔的一家饺子店吃到了我吃过的最 好吃的饺子,我想说我喜欢香港和四川的食物。 你觉得哪里的竞争最激烈,北京、悉尼还是伦 敦? 伦敦。 是什么促使你想要在北京的餐饮界工作呢? 全新的文化、伟大的人民、美味的食物,并且也 是一种从在伦敦的洞穴里烹饪转变的方式吧。

Who is a chef you admire? Any chef with a burning passion. I heard a rumour about an Australian chef in Indonesia, who is at the top of his game there. He produces Michelin quality food in such a remote location in the jungle that he outsources everything, changing the menu daily and fishing for his catch of the day — this to me shows a burning passion. What is your favourite region for Chinese cuisine? I recently had the best dumplings in Hong Kong actually, at Aberdeen, a little local dumpling restaurant that was packed! I would have to say I love the food in Hong Kong, as well as Sichuan, the most. Did you find the competition tougher in Beijing, Sydney or London? London. What made you want to work in the food and beverage industry in Beijing? New culture, great people, great food — and a change from cooking in a cave in London. Images Courtesy of Shangri-la


IWC’s Portuguese Siderale Scafusia

Time is Relative 相对上的时间

by IWC

Portuguese Siderale Scafusia The Portuguese Siderale Scafusia is “the most exclusive and complicated watch ever developed by IWC Schaffhausen” and required over 10 years in to develop, according to the company. Its emphasis on sidereal time — based on the movement of stars — embodies the notion that time is relative across cultures. Distinguished by the hand-wound watch, patented constant force tourbillon, the perpetual calendar and specially calculated astronomical charts, customers can individually combine and customise celestial components, resulting in over 200 unique design interpretations. Portuguese Siderale Scafusia是IWC Schaffhausen 发展过「最独特和复杂的手 表」,而且根据公司这花了超过十年时间去发展。它强调的是恒星的时 间 - 根据星球的运行 - 体现出在不同文化中时间是相对的观念。因和手动 手表、获得专利的持久力量陀飞轮表、万年历和特有的天文零件有所不 同,让超过200个的独特设计演绎从此诞生。

Portuguese Automatic Edition Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. HK.

IWC’s Portuguese Automatic Edition Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. HK.


  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oriental Watch Company, IWC has also released the limited Portuguese Automatic Edition Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. HK, in red gold. The Portuguese Automatic Edition retains the classic look of the 1930’s version, with appliquéd Arabic numerals, railway-style minute chapter ring and slender, feuille hands. Yet in true IWC style, tradition is accompanied by modernity, including an exclusive IWC Pellaton winding system and seven-day power reserve display. The watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, encapsulating the originality of its brand. 为庆祝Oriental Watch Company的五十周年纪念,IWC 亦 发行了限量的、红金色的Portuguese Automatic Edition Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. HK。The Portuguese Automatic Edition 保留了1930年代版本的古典设计,并有着应用阿 拉百数字、铁路风格外圈刻度盘和纤细的柳叶形指针 。 不过真实的IWC风格是传统和现代的结合,包括独特的 IWC Pellaton 发条系统和七天能源保存显示。此手表是 全球限量五十块的,以保存品牌的独特性。 Images courtesy of IWC Schaffhausen For more information, visit

Grace Brown talks to


James Wemyss and examines China’s growing microfinance industry Aeris 与

「我开」 的对话…审视增 长中的中国小型 信贷行业

What is Wokai about? ‘Wokai’ means ‘I open’ — it is a website platform that opens up new business opportunities for the poor by connecting field partners at grassroots levels to borrowers/ beneficiaries in rural China. The average loan size is $350 and the borrowers are either farmers or small business owners ((1 or 2 employees) in rural areas. Why do you focus on China? The income gap in China is one of the most severe of lowermiddle income countries. When giving presentations on Wokai, I always like to use the map of China made by The Economist of the difference in GDP/person between a coastal province and one in the interior. For example, Shanghai has the same GDP/person as Saudi Arabia, while Sichuan has the same as Armenia. However, one must realise that if you go to Sichuan, of their 100 million population, a large amount are living in the lower income levels. You regularly organise art-jamming at cafes, encouraging patrons to pick up a canvas and paint for a cause. Are many of your investors and sponsors in China quite young? We have all types of investors. The reality is that most of the volunteers at the Shanghai chapter are between 22 to 35 years of age. Because of that, we often organise events that would cater toward that age group. At the same time, our chapter is very interested in attracting volunteers to specifically focus on different age markets, whether it is Chinese businessmen or foreign spouses who followed their husband or wife to China. How long, on average, does it take for investors to get their money back e.g. from their art-jam ticket? Because of Chinese law and regulations, microfinance

「我开」是什幺? 联合了草根阶层的合作伙伴和来自中国农村的借款 人/受款人,「我开」是一个为贫困人士开拓商业机 遇的网页平台。平均贷款的金额为$350,借款人为农 村地区的农民或小企业主(一到两个僱员)。 为什幺你们会专注在中国发展? 中国的收入差距是在中低收入国家中其中一个最严重 的国家。当为「我开」进行阐述时,我很喜欢用《经 济学人》做的、显示了沿海省份和内陆省份的人均国 内生产总值差距的地图。例如上海的人均国内生产总 值和沙特亚阿拉伯的一样,而四川的则与亚美尼亚相 等。不过,你要知道四川一亿人口中的大部分都是生 活在低收入水平里面的。 你们常常在咖啡馆举办自由创作绘画,鼓励赞助者在 帆布上为一个主题画画。你们中国的投资者和赞助者 都是挺年青的吗? 我们有不同类型的投资者。事实上上海分支的大部分 的志愿者都是22岁至35岁的。因此,我们时常举办迎 合这个年龄层的活动。同时,我们的分会很有兴趣去 吸引志愿者去针对不同年龄层市场,无论是中国商人 还是跟随丈夫或太太到中国的外国籍配偶。 投资者平均需要多时间才能拿回投资的钱(如从他们 的自由创作绘画门票那里)? 由于中国的法律限制,中国的小型投资机构不能接受 外国投资者的借贷及股本投资。所以「我开」是一个 捐献平台而非像Kiva 般的投资平台。例如,在自由创 作绘画时,「我开」上海分支会成立一个网上系统让 参加者捐献RMB60给一位内蒙古或四川的企业家。假 设那位企业家选择了RMB3000的贷款,而又已筹集 了RMB2940,那RMB60便会令整个借贷过程完成。 两至三个月后,借款人便会偿还贷款,而同一借款人 便可以选择再次借贷。


「我开」帮助了多少企业家创立他们的企业?其中有 多少个百分比是中国农村的? 根据我们最近的数据,我们帮助了376个企业筹款。 里面可能有一些是重覆的顾客。这些企业都是中国 农村的,因为他们都位于四川和内蒙古这两个农村地 区。 贷款者会付利息吗? 是的。给「我开」的伙伴以及两个当地的合作伙伴。 这些合作伙伴必须收取利息以支付提供小型借贷的费 用如交通费(合作伙伴有的时候需要开单程两小时的 车去核对借贷)、培训费用、信用分析职员的薪金以 及办公室的费用。 「我开」最近帮助了一个四川妇女开设火锅店,你们 是怎样找到她的? 我们在2009年2月开始在四川的仪陇县营运,我们 在 那里的伙伴是“” 仪陇县乡 村发展协会 (ARDY)。到目前为止我们的合 作伙伴已 和2437个客户合作,而其中804个是女性。我们在四 川有超过98.8%的准时还款率。那家火锅店只是我们 帮助过的很多借贷人中的其中一个例子。 像孟加拉格拉明银行,「我开」似乎特别会提供小型 贷款给妇女。是什幺造成这个趋势?

organisations in China cannot accept loans or equity investment from foreign investors. Therefore, Wokai is a donation platform instead of an investment platform like Kiva. For example, at the art-jam, Wokai Shanghai will set up e an online system allowing the attendees to donate 60 RMB to a entrepreneur in Inner Mongolia or Sichuan. Let’s say the ntrepreneur chosen needs 3000 RMB and already has 2940 RMB raised. The 60 RMB donation will complete the loan. 2–3 months later, the loan will be repaid, and the same audience member can choose a new loan to fund. How many entrepreneurs has Wokai helped establish in China? What percentage are in rural China? According to our most recent statistics, we have helped fund 376 entrepreneurs. Some of these entrepreneurs may be repeat customers. All of the entrepreneurs are considered rural, as they are located in two rural areas in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia. Do borrowers pay interest? Yes. Wokai works with two local field partners. These field partners must charge interest to provide for the cost of providing the microfinance, including transportation (the field partner sometimes needs to drive 2 hours one way to check on a loan), training, credit analysis staff, and office expenses. Wokai recently helped a Sichuan woman open a hot pot stand — how did you find her? The Sichuan operation, started in February 2009, is based in Yilong County and our field partner there is the Association

For more Information: 24

Images courtesy of Wokai

「我开」在蒙古的的合作伙伴“ partner/1” 赤峰召乌达妇女发展协会(CZWSDA) 是只 针对妇女客户的。他们的3120 个女性客户的、总贷 款额多于一百万美金的投资组合里,准时还款率达 99%。 借款人还款后,那些捐款会用作那些用途? 再投资 – 投资者可以选择把他们的捐款重新投资在另 一位企业家上。因为「我开」的设定是若你在第一次 捐款时选择捐给内蒙古的企业家,你的再度投资也必 须在内蒙古。四川的情况也是一样。 是那些原因令「我开」和其他跨国的非政府组织有所 不同? 令「我开」与众不同的因素包括1)「我开」对中国的 投入及2) 投资者对于谁和哪地会用到他们的钱拥有选 择权和高透明度。大多数的跨国银行的中国小型贷款 计划不是不够世界上其他地区的发展的好,就是较专 注于培训以及能力建设而非真正的贷款给农村的企业 家。 而且,比较其他中国的小型贷款平台,我很相信「我 开」有着最好的网上平台去让中国人或外国人去参与 小型贷款。我们的网页每天都会更新,而且我们有一 个多于三百人的志愿者网络去积极帮助我们向他们的 团体教育小型贷款对中国重要性。

for Rural Development of Yilong County (ARDY). So far our field partner has worked with 2,437 clients, 8 04 of whom are female. We have over a 98.8% on-time repayment rate in Sichuan. The hot pot stand is just one example of many borrowers we have funded. Where do contributions go once loans are repaid? Investors can chose to let their contribution be reinvested in another entrepreneur. Because of how Wokai is set up, if you first choose to donate to entrepreneur in Inner Mongolia, your reinvestment must also be in Inner Mongolia. The same goes for Sichuan. What makes Wokai different from a larger, multinational NGO? Wokai’s key uniqueness is 1) its commitment to China and 2) the transparency in showing investors exactly where and who their dollars go to and giving them the option to decide that themselves. If you look at the big banks such as CITI, HSBC, and Standard Chartered, their microfinance programs in China are either not as developed as other regions in the world, or are more focused on training and capacity-building than actually lending money to small rural entrepreneurs. If you look at the other microfinance platforms in China, I strongly believe Wokai has the best online platform that allows someone from China or a foreign country to get involved with microfinance. Our website is updated on a daily basis, and we also have a strong base of over 300 volunteers actively working to help educate their respective communities about why microfinance is important for China.

周年「伦敦的亚洲艺术活动」展示了 在Kuan Ching Mediha Ting作品中的城市倒影和活力的新浪潮

The annual Asian Art in London Event showcases new wave of urban reflection and dynamism, in the works of Kuan Ching Mediha Ting By Amanda Siew As part of the Asian Art in London, an annual selling event involving the art capital’s top art dealers in a celebration of Asian art and culture, Hua Gallery exhibited the latest artworks by Kuan Ching Mediha Ting. Using intense fluorescent colours and shadows, Mediha Ting creates bold impressions that transform the mundane aspects of everyday urban life into the vibrant conscious and subconscious experiences that can be taken from a city, on any ordinary day… Visitors were also treated with a breathtaking display of uniquely choreographed Chinese dance by renowned dancer, Ronny Wong, performed alongside by Louise Tanoto and Anthony Tsang. The captivating dance was a novel addition to the interpretation of contemporary art, inspired by the dynamic appearance of the artist’s works, as well as the broader trend of bringing two-dimensional art to life, seen in 2011. Taiwanese-Chinese Mediha Ting, whose abstract artwork brings a fresh approach to Chinese contemporary art, is strongly influenced by her cross-cultural background, having grown up in Belgium and lived in Hong Kong, the UK and US. “I’m inspired by everyday things such as current affairs, pop culture, landscapes and interactions with other people. I’m also interested in psychology, the relationship between the conscious and subconscious and memories and cultural identities,” said Ting.

For more information, visit: Hua Gallery Unit 7B, Albion Riverside, 8 Hester Road, Battersea, London SW11 4AX


Images courtesy of Hua Gallery

作为在伦敦的亚洲艺术的一部分,一个庆祝亚 洲艺术和文他的周年销售活动包含了这个艺术 首都的顶尖艺术品商人,「画廊」展示了Kuan Ching Mediha Ting 的最新作品。利用强烈的 荧光颜色和阴影,Mediha Ting 创造了一个把 日常城市生活的世俗观点变成活跃的有意识或 潜意识经验的大胆印象。这可以从任何城市或 任何平常日子进行… 游客亦能享受一个由知名舞蹈家Ronny Wong 独特的精心设计、Louise Tanoto 和Anthony Tsang 表演的扣人心弦演出。那令人神魂癫倒 的舞蹈是现代艺术诠释上一个具创意的添加 部分。这是从艺术家作品中的活跃面貌和在 2011年看到的带给平面艺术生命的广大趋势。 中国台湾艺术家Mediha Ting的抽象艺术品为 中国现代艺术带来一个新鲜方法,这是被她的 交叉文化背景强烈影响的,她在比利时长大, 也曾在香港、英国和美国居住。「我从日常事 物如时事、流行文化、名胜及和其他人的互动 中得到灵感。我亦对心理学很有兴趣,如在有 意识和潜意识及记忆和文化认同之间的关系。 」Ting 说。

The Realm of Perception combination Acrylic and Chinese ink, 80cm x 80cm each, (2009) by Kuan Ching Mediha Ting 27

Grace Bron talks to Andrew Nugee, CEO of Imagineear, about the latest technology bringing still art to life, which is set to draw an estimated 800,000 people to potentially the largest exhibition in Singapore’s history. Grace Brown 采访了Andrew Nugee, Imgineear 的行政总裁,关于为静止艺术带来生命的最新科技。 这预计会吸引约八十万人,可能是新加坡史上最大型的展览。

DYNAMIC dynamic DYNAMIC 移动中的代表作

ART How was the concept of a moving painting conceived? It is the perfect marriage of ‘China’s Mona Lisa’, a painting known to all of China, and 21st century technology. It brings a highly protected thousand-year-old work to the masses and updates it, and in doing so, reignites interest in the prosperous Song Dynasty. For all us non-art historians, is this the first time a painting has been brought to life? Animation is as old as painting itself. There is an Egyptian burial chamber mural, approximately 4,000 years old for example, showing wrestlers in action. There was no way to see the images in motion, but it indicates the artist’s intention to depict motion. More recently, in 180 AD Chinese inventor Ding Huan (丁緩) developed a zoetrope-type device, with slits around a cylinder and images on the inside. Driven by convection, Ding Huan’s device hung over a lamp, called ‘The Pipe Which Makes Fantasies Appear’. The rising air turned vanes at the top from which paper or mica panels were hung. Pictures painted on the panels appeared to move when the device was spun at the right speed. Today many people animate pictures, and a contemporary New York artist, Jeff Scher, has made it a trademark of his. See his L’eau Life shark ending for example. Why was the digitisation applied to a Song-era artwork in particular? The Northern Song period (960–1127 AD) was a particularly vibrant, prosperous and peaceful period of Chinese history. It inspired technical innovation, leading 28

to the development, for example, of moveable type printing and the compass. An artwork from the Song period was selected as this era represents a society which many today aspire to. What was the reaction at the Shanghai Expo last year? It was the most popular display at the China Pavilion, with queues of several hours to see the painting, and over nine million visitors. Is this technology likely to be applied to more artworks in future? I hope so. Although it is rather a long and expensive undertaking, and needs to be able to guarantee a large audience. What other kinds of art would be suited to this technology — could it extend to 3D sculptures? Yes! I guess you could argue there is a straight line from Images courtesy of Imaginear

here to Ben Stiller and ‘Night at the Museum’… Can we expect to see the Mona Lisa flash a toothy smile anytime soon? I would respectfully suggest you pose this question to the Louvre — then stand well back! Apple is another brand that has been known to blend technology and art. Would you collaborate with them? Everything we build is inherently cross-platform, available to Apple and Android phones, as well as handheld players. In this respect, we work with Apple technology already. Overall, does this technology reflect a trend of new art lovers seeking meaning in art from more than an image? Yes, I believe so. The real fascination with great art is that we can continually reassess it using our current learning and the tools at our disposal. Over the course of a decade I saw the proportion of visitors taking an audio tour at a typical fine art exhibition in London rise from 20–30% to 30–40%, and sometimes much higher. 是怎样被构想出来的? 那是从中国的蒙娜丽莎的完美婚姻,一幅在全中国着名的 画作和二十一世纪的科技。它把一个被高度保护的、拥有 千年历史的作品带给群众和让它变得现代化,而且这重新 燃点了对富有、和平和成功的唐朝时期。

对于不是艺术历史学家的我们,一幅作品被赋予生命是第 一次吗? 动画和画作的历史一样悠久。例如有一幅约有 4000 年历 史的埃及墓穴壁画展示了摔角手的动 态。虽然没有办法去 看到移动的图像,但它清楚地指出艺术家想描绘动态的意 图。 再近期一点,公元后 180 年中国发明家丁缓发展了一个活 动画片类的仪器,利用一个圆筒、围绕着它的缝隙和在 圆筒内的图像。由对流现像推动,丁缓的仪器吊在一盏灯 上,而且它名为「创造幻想的管子」。上升的空气在吊着 纸或云石板上面的地方转动叶片。当仪器以适合的速度转 动时,纸板上画着的图画就像在移动一样。 今天人们制作动画,而且一个现代纽约艺术家 Jeff Scher 以 此作为了他的商标。可以看他的L’eau Life shark ending 作 参考。 为什么数码技术特别适用于宋朝画作? 南宋时期(公元后960 - 1127年) 是一个在中国历史上尤其 有活力、富裕和和平的时期。这刺激了技术创新的旺盛发 展,亦导致可移动种类别的画作和指南车等等的发展。宋 朝时期的画作被选择的原因就是因为它非常能反映出社会 的景况。 去年上海世博会的回响怎么样? 那是在中国馆内最受欢迎的展览品,人们需要排队几个小 时去看这幅画作,而且有超过九百万的访客。 这科技能有可能在将来应用在更多的艺术品吗? 我希望可以。虽然这可能是花时间和昂贵的工作,而且亦 需要有大量观众的保证。 哪些其他种类的艺术会适合这种科技 - 它可以延伸至 3D 的雕塑吗? 可以!我想你可能会为这贯穿了这和Ben Stiller 的「博物舘 惊魂」而争论... 我们可以期望很快见到蒙娜丽莎闪耀着一个露齿微笑吗? 我会尊敬地建议你把这条问题留给卢浮宫,然后等待。 Apple 是另一混合科技和艺术的另一知名品牌。你们会和他 们合作吗? 我们所创造的每一件事都是跨越平台的,所以对Apple 和 Android 的电话和掌上工具都是可用的。这方面我们已和 apple technology一起工作了。

Original painting by Sun Yang Zheng Dian

总括来说,这科技反映了新艺术爱好者从多于一个图像中 寻找画中含意的趋势? 我相信是。伟大艺术真正的美妙之处是我们可以不停地对 它作出评价, 利用现今的理解和工具所得出的来龙去脉。经过一个世纪 的进程,我看到于一个伦敦典型的艺术展览中参与声音导 览的游客由20-30%上升至30-40%,有时会更高。


成功只有一种, 就是能够活出自己的方式。

There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way -Christopher Morley -克里斯托弗·莫利


Eating for Healthy Skin By Amanda Siew

While various factors contribute towards your skin’s health, a diet rich in essential proteins, fats and vitamins is a big one. In our busy lives, it is hard to ensure we get these- so here’s a simple guide to more skin-savvy eating choices everyday. 虽然肌肤的健康取决於很多不同的因素, 含丰富蛋白质丶 适当的脂肪和维他命的饮食习惯是重中之重。要确保每天 足够的营养摄取量─ 这份简单的指南能让挑选有利於美肌 的食品变得更加容易。

Carbohydrates contribute towards the skin’s structure and immune function. These skin benefits are more derived from complex carbs such as beans and whole grains, which are everywhere now- from rustic farmer loaves to wholegrain congee! No excuses.

Protein is absolutely essential for skin renewal and healing. Proteins like collagen make up about 70% of your skin’s elastin, responsible for skin structure and elasticity (i.e. looking young!). To benefit from the full range of amino acids, opt for both animal (fish, poultry, lean red meat) and vegetable (beans, nuts, whole grains) sources on the menuit will pay dividends on your future face.

碳水化合物对皮肤的构成和抵抗力有着莫大的贡献。它的 好处主要来自复合性碳水化合物,像豆类和谷麦等 ─ 从 农村手制面包到谷麦粥,碳水化合物的身影随处可见。这 下子没借口了吧!

蛋白质是肌肤再生和修复和重要元素。以蛋白质构成的骨 胶原占皮肤的弹性层的70%,是让肌肤看起来饱满紧致(和 年轻!)的重要功臣。要充分地利用含氨基酸的食品,肉 类 (鱼类丶家禽和瘦红肉)和蔬菜(豆类丶坚果和谷麦)都不 可或缺 ─ 现在的『投资』在未来有着丰厚的回报。

Fats (and essential fatty acids) improve the skin’s protective barrier function. Omega-6 is found in vegetable oils, grape seed and meat, while Omega-3 exists in fish (especially salmon, mackerel, sardines), nuts (particularly walnuts) and green vegetables (like cabbage and lettuce). These fatty acids must be in your diet, as our bodies cannot synthesise them. A deficiency may cause water loss, resulting in dryness, which we have to combat harder in the winter. On the go? Get your fatty acid fix from fresh sushi, or mixed-leaf tuna salad. 脂肪(和脂肪酸)能增强皮肤的防护力。欧米茄-6能在蔬菜 油丶葡萄籽和肉类中找到,而鱼类(尤其是鲑鱼丶鲭鱼和 鲱鱼)丶坚果(特别是胡桃)和绿色蔬菜(像包心菜和生菜)含 丰富的欧米茄-3。我们必须依靠食物来摄取脂肪酸,因为 人类身体无法自行制造。缺少脂肪酸会导致缺水,令肌肤 乾旱,尤其是在乾燥的寒冬时份。坐言起行,来一份新鲜 的寿司或杂菜鲑鱼沙拉吧!

Vitamins must come from your diet too as our bodies do not produce these (except vitamin D and K). Vitamin A, regulating oil and pH levels, is found in fish oils (such as cod, tuna).Vitamins C and E have received much attention for protecting against UVB, as well as being antioxidants” , as well as being antioxidants, reducing cell damage by free radicals like pollution. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits and tomatoes. 因身体无法自行提供 (除了维他命D和K以外),所以维他 命也必需从饮食中摄取。能调节油份和酸碱度的维他命A 可从鱼油中获得 (像鲑鱼和鳕鱼等)。正如各大品牌这些年 来不遗馀力地所宣传的,维生素C和维生素E以其防护UVB 的功效和作为抗氧化剂的特点受到了广泛的关注。能减少 受污染空气中的自由基对肌肤细胞的伤害。柑橘类水果和 蕃茄中含大量的维他命C。

Water comprises a large proportion of the dermis and is retained in the outermost layer. Adequate hydration is essential for smooth, supple skin. In general, 8 glasses of water a day should do the trick! 水份是真皮层的重要组成部分,储藏在最外围的皮层。充 份的保湿才能确保柔嫩细滑的肌肤。一般来说,每天应该 饮用八杯清水。

The nutrition source. Harvard University 2011. Philippe Humbert, D. Binda, S. Robin, and Jean Krutmann. Beauty from Inside: Nutrition-Based Strategies in Cosmetic Dermatology


Warm waters 温泉水滑 As the plane descended over Reykjavik, I saw beneath me steam vents rising from volcanic ridges, a testament to Iceland’s awesome geothermal power. The next day I experienced it firsthand as I swam in the Blue Lagoon, a must-visit destination 20 minutes drive from the capital. The geothermal spa offers top facilities, massages, steam rooms and of course, a stunning azure outdoor pool… It is difficult to describe the sheer pleasure of scampering through the near-freezing air before submerging in the glorious, hot water. Ingeniously, your locker wristband can also be used to purchase drinks and ice cream from a vendor at the water’s edge, ensuring maximum immersion time.

A Land of Fire and Ice 冰與火之境

Come and explore the volcanic island of Iceland this winter with its relaxing hot springs, amazing landscapes, friendly locals and — with luck — the best northern lights display in 50 years. 这个冬季,诚邀您一起探索火山岛上的国度 ─ 冰 岛,体验这个小国悠闲的温泉丶令人惊艳的自然景 致丶友善的当地人们丶还有 ─ 幸运的话 ─ 五十年 来最美丽的北极光。

By Chong Shao

随着机身降落在雷克雅维克(Reykjavik),我看 着蒸气从火山山脊上的气孔缓缓溢出,见证 着冰岛火山令人惊叹的生命力。翌日在蓝舄 湖里畅泳时,我有了更深切的亲身体会。这 个有名的地热温泉距离首都只须二十分钟的 车程,是到访冰岛的必到之地。这里提供着 最出色的设施,按摩,蒸气房,还有 ─ 令人 叹为观止的蔚蓝色室外游泳池。在寒冰般的 空气里嬉闹一番後滑进温热舒畅的热水里是 美好得无法以语言来形容的纯粹享受。一个 巧妙的小设计 ─ 套在手腕上的储物柜钥匙同 时也能让您从池边的售卖员购买饮料和冰淇 淋,让您的温泉体验更致完美。

The great outdoors 如画山水 The famous Golden Circle is an un-missable tour, encompassing three important destinations. First is Thingvellir National Park where the boundaries of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. This results in an incredibly dynamic landscape — from deep valleys and sheer cliff faces to impossible paths that cut through the rock. 着名的黄金圈包括了三个大热的旅游景点, 是不容错过的旅游胜地。第一个是连接着欧 洲和北美地壳板块的辛格韦德利国家公园 (Thingvellir National Park)。地理上的独特性构 成了独一无二的景致 ─ 从深不见底的山谷和 险峻的悬崖峭壁到顽石间的奇异小径。


Next is Gullfoss, literally the ‘Golden Falls’. It is utterly unique, the water rushing down a series of steps before splitting into two and plunging down a narrow crevasse. Visitors can walk along the top to absorb its full magnificence, but stay well on the path — as our laconic Icelandic guide put it: “if you slip, there is only one option… falling to your death!” Gullfoss encapsulates the elemental beauty of Iceland. 下一个景点是Gullfoss,冰岛语中的『黄金瀑布』。这里 的景观非常特殊,水流从阶级般的石级疾冲而过後才会 一分为二,从狭窄的裂隙里飞瀑而下。您可沿着瀑布的 上方漫步欣赏壮丽的景色,但请留心足下 ─ 就像我们 的冰岛导游所说的:『要是你不幸失足,那你只有一个 选择…迎接死亡吧!』黄金瀑布凝聚了冰岛最极致的自 然之美。 Third on the tour is Haukadalur, a valley renowned for its geothermal activity and home to the great Geysir (giving us the English ‘geyser’) and Strokkur, which erupts every 5–8 minutes. A helpful tip: stand well back when playing the waiting game. Not only will you capture a better shot, but also avoid being showered by the water on its down! The entire area is strangely beautiful and feels otherworldly, the jagged landscape punctuated by bright reds, blues and criss-crossing indentations.

最後一个是Haukadalur,这个因地热现象而为人所 熟悉的小山谷拥有两个地热间歇泉,Geysir(英语单 词中Geyser的起源)和Strokkur,约5-8分钟喷发一 次。一个有用的小提示 ─ 耐心等待时请尽量站远 一点。这样您不但能拍下更漂亮的照片,还能避免 被汹涌而至的水雾弄湿衣裳。这片土地有着奇异的 独特美感,散播着另一个世界似的神秘气息。崎岖 不平的山石夹杂着鲜红和彩蓝,间隙中点缀着十字 形的刻痕。 While in Iceland, also be sure to book a glacier hike. My friends and I drove south to the Sólheimajökull glacier. Fitted with crampons, we were told to take wide steps on the ice, cowboy-style. Crunching across the ice is an absolute delight, as we passed tall hills, deep crevasses and mind-boggling ice formations. Try doing an ice-climb up a wall — simply exhilarating! 身处冰岛时,请别忘了来一趟冰川远足之旅。友人 与我自驾南下,抵达了Sólheimajökull冰川。装备好 登川用的器具,我们被叮嘱在冰川上要大步行走, 跟牛仔似的。我们攀山越岭,经过了各式千奇百状 的冰块和裂缝,横跨冰川的滋味实在美妙无比。尝 试徒手攀上冰山吧 ─ 令人兴奋的神奇体验!


Wonderful food, wonderful people 好客之境 “Forget about what everyone has told you about the best Icelandic cuisine,” intoned our tour guide as we drove along the outskirts of Reykjavik on the first day. “It is not the seafood or the lamb or the rotten shark.* The best food is hot dog. Everybody here loves it.” Intrigued, I went downtown to Bæjarins Beztu (literally ‘town’s best’) hot dog stand, immortalised by a visit from Bill Clinton in 2004. It did not disappoint. There’s something about the onions, both fresh and crisply roasted, the snap of the sausage and the combination of ketchup, mustard and remoulade that had me (and countless Icelanders) returning eagerly for more. 『忘记所有人曾经告诉过你冰岛最好吃的是什麽。 』我们的导游在第一天还在雷克雅维克(Reykjavik)的 外缘驾驶时道。『不会是海鲜,或是羊肉,或是腐 烂的鲨肉*。这儿最好吃的是热狗,每个人都爱死 它了。』怀着好奇的心,我拜访了市中心的Bæjarins Beztu (能直译成『城内最佳』)热狗摊,其名气源於 2004年比尔·克林顿的一次到访。它没有使我失 望。新鲜微烤的洋葱片丶香脆的肉肠和蕃茄酱丶芥 末与蛋黄酱之间的微妙搭配令人情不自禁地想要一 吃再吃。 Volcano House, a fascinating blend of exhibitions and the best coffee in Reykjavik, is well worth a visit. At night, we headed to Café Rosenberg for Christmas beer and entertainment provided by an Icelandic crooner with a sequinned blazer and equally dazzling hip manoeuvres. The atmosphere was wonderful — recent economic woes have not dampened the locals’ spirit. The English Pub is a great way to finish the night, with live music and a game of darts.

火山屋,艺术展览和雷克雅维克(Reykjavik)最好的咖 啡的绝妙配搭,很是值得一游。入夜後,我们决定 前往Café Rosenberg来一杯圣诞啤酒和观赏冰岛吟游 诗人的精彩演出 ─ 和他闪亮的西装外套跟令人难忘 的舞步。这里的气氛非常美好 ─ 经济上的打击并没 有熄灭当地人的好客精神。英式酒吧的即席音乐和 射镖游戏为夜晚划上完美的句号。 Lastly, we dined at Sægreifinn (‘Seabaron’), serving the most authentic seafood in Reykjavik. The signature lobster soup was a rich and savoury delight that got better with each spoonful. Our salmon, halibut and blue fin were seasoned and cooked to perfection. As I aimed my camera at a friend and some fishing paraphernalia, the owner — an ancient man with a big smile — shuffled over and draped an arm around my friend’s shoulder, beckoning us over. The waitress happily snapped the shot, adding: “He loves to be in photos.” With our spirits lifted, we stepped out into the chilly night. It was the perfect way to end our time in Iceland, a place beautiful both outside and within. 最後,我们Sægreifinn (‘Seabaron’ )吃了晚餐 ─雷克 雅维克(Reykjavik)最料足味美的海鲜餐厅。招牌龙 虾汤有着浓郁的香气,每一口都让舌头得到充分满 足。我们的鲑鱼丶比目鱼和蓝鳍从调味到烹调都无 可挑剔。在我把相机镜头对准同行友人和一些钓鱼 用具时,一个挂着灿烂笑容的老头冲了过来把胳膊 搭在友人肩上,朝着我们示意。服务生愉快地按下 快门,解释着:『老板最爱与人拍照了。』带着振 奋的心情,我们踏入了刺骨的寒风。再也想不出比 这更恰当的告别了,与冰岛这个内在和外表同样美 好的国度。

*Yes, this is real! It is called Hákarl (or fermented shark) — certainly an acquired taste. *你没看错,这是真的!当地人称为Hákarl (发酵鲨肉) ─ 真是与众不同的口味

IF CHRISTMAS WERE A CITY, it would surely be New York. 如果圣诞的化身是一座城市,那它一定是纽约。 By Sophie Bent

A glittering, jingling treasure trove of festive treats. Shop windows stuffed like stockings, the constant crackle of wrapping paper and everywhere you turn, the faintest smell of cinnamon. 像一场闪烁着梦幻灯光,圣诞节庆气息满点的美妙寻宝游戏。店铺橱窗充 满了装着礼物的长筒袜,包装纸被拆开的清脆响声在耳畔回旋,而无论你 在那里,鼻尖都能捕捉到一抹淡淡的肉桂香气。


With a reputation for luxury and Gossip Girl glam, it’s little wonder that New York counts China’s well-heeled tourists among its biggest Christmas spenders. But first things first: no New York Christmas would be complete without a leisurely stroll down Fifth Avenue to visit the Rockefeller tree — a 74-foot Norway Spruce crowned by a Swarovski crystal star – that would wow even the Grinch. 挟着奢华时尚之都的美誉和《绯闻女孩》的名气,不难 想像为甚麽纽约把远道而来的中国游客列作最大的圣诞 消费者。但真正的纽约圣诞游必须包括在第五大道上漫 步欣赏洛克菲勒的圣诞树 ─ 一棵74英尺高的挪威云杉, 被施华洛世奇的水晶妆点得闪烁迷人 ─ 漂亮得连圣诞怪 杰都无法挑剔。

Just steps from the Rockefeller Centre, you’ll find Bergdorf Goodman, legendary toymaker FAO Schwarz and the winter wonderland of Central Park. Strap on the skates and feel the cool, crisp bite of New York’s winter air as you glide across the picturesque Wollman Rink. Otherwise, a horse-drawn carriage ride from Central Park South may be the closest you get to “dashing through the snow”, Manhattan style. 在洛克菲勒中心的数步之遥您能找到时尚百货波道夫•古 德曼丶传说级的史瓦兹玩具店丶还有中央公园里的寒冬 乐园。穿上直轮滚鞋,在风光如画的中央公园溜冰场里 感受冰凉清爽的空气扑面而来。除此之外,一趟中央公 园南边的马车之旅也很能满足您对『在雪地上奔驰』的 想像 ─ 曼哈顿风格的。

Giving necessarily involves spending, and naturally, a fair amount of eating — especially in New York. Once you’ve exhausted the major department stores, head downtown to Union Square Holiday Market, a vibrant scene famed for its candy cane-striped tents, Christmas trinkets and close proximity to Soho’s eclectic boutiques. Relief from the afternoon chill can be found in MarieBelle’s Cacao Bar, a Broome Street chocolatier that boasts the best Aztec Hot Chocolate and artisan truffles around, in an atmosphere reminiscent of Paris, Vienna and Budapest. While you’re in the neighbourhood,it can’t hurt to stop in at the four-story Topshop either.


vivid flavours of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Azalea on West 51st Street is the perfect place for a pre-theatre dinner. After the curtain falls, look no further than The Crystal Room — perched atop West 55th Street’s intimate Dream Hotel — for delicious, seasonally inspired cocktails, sipped before a crackling rooftop fireplace. 随着夕阳缓缓下降,大大的霓虹灯,熙熙攘攘的商店们 和世界级的百老汇歌剧让时代广场迅速注满了与日间截 然不同的生机活力。完美地把圣诞特色美味融入意式海 岸风情,在West 51st Street的Azalea是观赏歌剧前晚餐的 最佳选择。谢幕後,您可拜访座落在West 55th Street上 Dream Hotel顶楼的The Crystal Room,在劈啪作响的温 暖火炉前享受时节限定的美味鸡尾酒。

在纽约,『给予』除了花费,也包括着进食。逛遍了 各大百货公司後,可前往位於商业区的联合广场节日 市场(Union Square Holiday Market)。这个热闹的市 集邻近苏豪区的各式精品小店,以糖果般鲜艳甜美的 帐篷们和出售各种五花八门的圣诞小装饰而为人所熟 悉。MarieBelle’s Cacao Bar是午间小休的理想地点,在 彷如巴黎丶维也纳和布达佩斯般充满着欧陆风情的小店 里享受最好的阿芝特克热巧克力和精致的糕饼点心。当 您还在这里附近时,不妨到四层高的Topshop里大肆采购 一番。

Times Square comes alive when the sun starts to set, with its neon signs, bustling superstores and world-class Broadway shows. Blending hearty Christmas fare with the

Finally, remember to take advantage of a luxury Christmas hotel package to ensure you’re well rested for all the Yuletide excitement on offer, and enjoy: at Christmas, even the steam rising from New York’s famous subways vents seems magical. 最後,记得充分地利用各式酒店所提供的豪华圣诞套 装,来确保白天的兴奋过後,晚上能得到足够的休息。 好好地享受吧,在圣诞时份,连纽约有名的地下铁路口 里喷出的蒸气都显得如梦似幻。

Wintery Magic 俄罗斯 的冬日魔法

Fifty students, ten days, two cities and one eye-opening journey. 五十个学生,十天, 两座城市和一段 大开眼界的旅程 Planning a trip to Russia is no easy feat, so when the opportunity arose to go on a tour organised by my university, I took it immediately. December/ January is a wonderful time to go as its cities are draped in a gorgeous white coat of snow and the Russians get into the festive spirit... 想要规划一次到俄罗斯的旅行并不容易,因此当我得知有机会参加学校组织

in the Mother-Land

的到俄罗斯观光的机会时,我立刻报名参加了。十二月和一月是去俄罗斯的 黄金时间,因为那时俄罗斯的城市都会被覆盖着皑皑白雪,而且整个国家都 处在节日的气氛当中。


Our adventure began with a sightseeing trip around St Petersburg, including the gold-domed St Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress and the stunning Church of the Spilled Blood. It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Founded as a European city by Peter the Great in 1703, St Petersburg is characterised by wide boulevards, tranquil canals and classical architecture.


We visited the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art collections in the world, housed in the former Tsars’ Winter Palace. With decadent interiors and exquisite furniture, this is one of the best places to take in a masterpiece. Our enlightenment continued with a trip to Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, meticulously restored after World War II. It features the worldrenowned Amber Room, with walls covered by a spectacular pattern of crafted yellow, orange and red amber pieces.


顶的圣伊萨克大教堂、彼得罗巴甫洛夫斯克要塞以及喋 血教堂。这是我见过的最美丽的城市。圣彼得堡自从 1703年被彼得大帝建立之后,一直以其宽阔的大道、风 平浪静的运河和经典的建筑而闻名。 我们参观了艾尔米塔什博物馆,位于过去沙皇居住的冬 装潢和精致的家具让它成为了装在杰作的最佳地点之 一。之后到位于普希金市的凯瑟琳宫,它在二战中被完 美保存下来,我们再次感到了历史的熏陶。这里有着世 界著名的琥珀宫,四周的墙上都覆盖着精心制作的黄 色、橙色和红色琥珀。

Inside Catherine's Palace. Places to eat: Onegin,Sadovaya Ulitsa Pricey, but with fantastic food and interior design. It also doubles as a club. 这里的东西很贵,但是非常好吃,且内部装

Places to go out Mishka, Fontanka A popular bar and café in central St Petersburg, with something happening every night.


这是在市中心的一家酒吧和咖啡 馆,每天晚上都有节目。

Staraya Tamozhnya, Tamozhenny pereulok Known as the Old Custom House, this restaurant offers French-nspired cuisine and exceptional service. Reservations are required. 这里被称作是旧海关,提供地道的法式美食 和出色的服务。需要提前预订。

Chaynaya Lozhka, throughout the city centre St Petersburg chain specialising in cheap and tasty bliny (Russian pancakes). 这是一家圣彼得堡的连锁店,专做便宜但很 好吃的俄式煎饼。

Ostrov, Lieutenant Schmidt Naberezhnaya This is a great place to let loose on the dance floor! Located across the river from the city centre, be sure to cross the bridges before they are raised in the early morning… 这是一个跳舞的好去处。位于市中 心的河对面,记得要在清晨桥面升 起之前穿过去。

St Basil’s Cathedral

St Petersburg

MOSCOW Places to eat

Golubka, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya A cosy restaurant with simple, delicious food… The local pastries are a must-have! 一间很舒适的餐厅,有着简单美味的食物,一定 要尝一尝当地的点心。

Delikatessen, Sadovaya-Karetnaya 2 A very secret place, try to book beforehand as it is always busy. While expensive, the delicious food, excellent service and atmosphere are well worth it. 一个非常私密的地方,一定要提前预订,因为 餐厅的生意总是很繁忙。尽管价格很贵,但是 美味的食物、出色的服务和环境让这个价格也 很值得。

Karavaevi Brothers, throughout the city centre The best when you’re on the go. Cheap, tasty, quality food... 如果你急着赶路,那么这家店就是最好的去处。 便宜、美味、食材好。

Places to go out Solyanka, Solyanka The best theme parties, legendary concerts and interesting people can be found here. Solyanka is where top models, celebrities and oil tycoons mix. 这里有着最好的主题派对、出色的音乐会和有 趣的人。Solyanka是超模、名人和石油大亨聚集 的地方。

Kransiy Oktabr Island This former factory area has undergone a redevelopment with bars and small art galleries. Check out Bar Strelka for the live music and Rai Club for Russian glamour. 这片曾经的工厂区经过重新开发,成为了酒吧和 艺术廊。可以到Strelka酒吧去听乐队现场表演, 或是到Rai俱乐部去感受俄罗斯的奢华。

Denis Simachev Bar, Stoleshikov pereulok A famous bar on the most expensive street in Moscow… The prices are high, the space is tiny, but the crowd is classy and this place is a whole lot of fun! 这是在莫斯科消费最高的一条街上的一家著名酒 吧。价格很高,空间很局促,但是很高档,而且 这里十分有乐趣!


The Kremlin at dusk

After 5 days, we boarded the overnight train for Moscow. The four-person compartments were a tight but cosy fit. Moscow is what I expected Russia to be, with its imposing, functionalist architecture, Soviet monuments and the iconic church domes punctuating the skyline. Bleary-eyed, we made our way to the Red Square, which in Russian literally means ‘beautiful square’ — the stunning St Basil’s Cathedral and red-bricked State Historical Museum at the far side; the striking red wall of the Kremlin to the left and right. We returned to the Red Square for the Circle of Light, a phenomenal night-light show bathing the square in vivid colours and patterns. We obtained the VIP-only tickets from a friendly vendor who beamed: “From Russia with love!” 五天过后,我们登上了前往莫斯科的夜车。四人的车厢 稍显拥挤,但是很舒适。莫斯科在我心目中就是俄罗斯 的代名词,有着壮观的实用主义建筑、苏维埃纪念碑以 及点缀着天际线的标志性的教堂穹顶。 我们睡眼惺忪地前往红场,在俄语中意为“美丽的广 场”,远处是圣巴索教堂和有着红色砖墙的国家历史博 物馆,而克里姆林宫的红墙从左右延伸开去。之后我们 又返回了红场,观看著名的叫做光环的夜晚灯光秀,整 个广场都在生动的颜色以及图案的照耀之下。我们从一 个吆喝着“来自俄罗斯的爱”的小贩手里弄到了贵宾 票。 By Chong Shao

E-mail: Number: +852 3975 2964

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Behind The Spanish Lens: Hopes and History 西班牙的镜头背后 希望与历史

Spanish films screened in Beijing this Fall revealed a common theme to local audiences: underdog struggles, aspirations and making history... 这个秋天在北京拍摄的西班牙电影反映了一个对观众来 说普通的主题:竞争下失败者的挣扎、抱负和奋斗史…

From November to December Instituto Cervantes brings to Beijing a selection of colourful and touching Spanish films from various countries including Brazil and Mexico. With subtitles in Chinese or English, local and international audiences in China can not only understand the film, but also Latino cultural priorities. This year, a theme of overcoming hardship to make history was prevalent through two noteworthy films. First up is Labranza Oculta or The Silent Walls, directed by Gabriela Calvache. It documents the daily struggles of builders who restore and rebuild a 17th century historical manor in Ecuador, exploring the lives of of those who build history. The documentary provides a touching look at the lives of the builders, whose hopes and hardships amid a day’s work charm the audience. As a viewer, I came away from the film having absorbed the architectural insights into 17th century buildings — how the bricks and walls are built and restored — as well as being reminded of the sweat and toil of the often anonymous masses who build them. Another interpretation of the ‘making history’ theme is seen in Dzi Croquettes from Brazil, which depicts how throughout history, art and theatre are often used to start a movement and challenge the symbol of dictatorship or troubled authority. The film tells a story of how a Brazilian theatre group in the 1970s began a gay movement and created a widespread campaign on an otherwise taboo subject, encountering many problems along the way. Nevertheless, their ultimate achievement is a poignant reflection of the power of the arts to change a society’s perception about an issue. The film also serves as a bold Broadway-style stage for men in glamourous dresses and heels, a mise-en-scène decision less seen in Hollywood mainstream movies, and includes interviews with wellknown stars like Liza Minnelli, Claudia Raia, Nelson Motta, among others. Viewers can expect a brilliant theatrical performance with a significant message, while travelling back in time to this vibrant era in Brazil!

由十一到十二月开始 薛万提斯学院为北京带来 一系列富有色彩且感人, 并包括多个城市如巴西和 墨西哥的西班牙语电影。带 有中文及英语字幕,中国的 本地及国际观众不光能理解电 影,亦可同时认识拉丁美洲文 化上的追求。今年,两部值得 注意的电影中都带有一个战胜 逆境并创造历史的主题,在这里介绍... 首先是Labranza Oculta 或The Silent Walls, 由Gabriela Calvache执导,纪录了修复和 重建一个在厄瓜多尔具有历史的17世纪庄 园的建筑者的挣扎 – 探索了历史创造者的 生命。这套纪录片提供了一个建筑者生活的 感人一瞥,他们在在一天的工作中的希望和 艰辛深深打动了观众。作为一位观众,我看完 电影后不单吸收了一些十七世纪建筑的深入认识 – 砖头和墙壁是怎样建造和重建的 – 亦提醒了我它 们的匿名建造者的汗水和劳累... 另外一个创造历史主题的阐述见于巴西的DZI Croquette,它描述了在历史中艺术和戏院怎样被常常

用作开展一个运动和挑战独裁或混乱的政权。这套电 影讲述1970年代一个巴西戏院组织开展一个同性恋运 动和制造了一个关于另一禁忌题材的广泛分布运动的 经过,过程中他们遇上了很多问题。然而他们后来的 成就是就艺术改变一个话题的社会看法的能力的一个 深刻反思。这套电影也成为了穿着华丽裙子和高跟鞋 的人们的一个无拘束、百老汇式舞台 – 一个在荷李活 主流电影中比较少见的舞台布置决定,而且包括著名 明星如Liza Minnelli, Claudia Raia, Nelson Motta等的 访问... 观众可以期望一个优秀的戏剧表演 – 在回归巴 西这个充满生气的时代的同时带着一个重要信息!

By Agnes Haryuni Contact and info: 44

E ye s 眼睛

By Rob ert Pledg e

Eyes are about you


I see,


About me — you see,

至於我的 ─ 你看,

About what is inside


The mind, the heart —

心与灵 ─

They are about you, about me About the world around us,


About the worlds within us — You see?


关於我们自己的世界─ 你明白么?

S ee m o re at B e ij i ng’ s O p p os i t e H o u se “Th ro u g h my Eye s” e x hibit io n: Th e V il l age , B u i l ding No.1, 11 Sant ilu n Road, B e ij i ng, C h aoya n g Dist rict 100027 『 望 着 我 的 眼 睛 』 展 覽 正 於 北 京 瑜 舍 展 出 :北京市朝阳区三里屯路1 1 号,1 0 0 0 2 7


A Lesson in

Lingerie La Perla 1920s With Anne Sophie de Guerry, La Perla Regional PR and Marketing Manager 有著Anne Sophie de Guerry, La Perla 的區域公共關係及市場經理. 46

La Perla is known for inspiring a more mysterious allure in lingerie. What kind of craftsmanship was used to create that ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ theme in the 1920’s collection? La Perla gallery of surprising for the FW11 Collection refers to a subtle game of transparencies in the fabrics and the layers. The most impalpable Chantilly lace is made even more precious with refined scalloped edges, lightweight tulle and a silk satin creating a mix of materials which invent a sophisticated ‘now-you-seeit-now-you-don’t’ game.

How has Art Nouveau inspired the collection? The Art Nouveau theme has inspired La Perla designers in all possible ways: incredibly fashionable patterns inspired the prints and the embroideries; the precious fabrics such as Leavers lace has been mixed with tulle modelled by pleats and top-stitching to create a refined “pin-stripe” effect, typical of Art Nouveau style; silk ribbons creating small criss-cross motifs and satin edges also add a couture touch enhanced by the sophisticated two-tone colours of the fabrics.

La Perla 以为女性内衣裤带来更神秘的诱惑而着名。你 们在二十年代系列的主题「看到亦看不到」中运用了哪 些技术? La Perla 令人惊艷的 FW11 系列就是一个于纤维和层次之 间难以触摸的游戏。最若隐若现的尚蒂伊蕾丝花边在荷 叶边的衬托下更显高贵,轻型的薄纱和丝缎子的混合运 用营造出一个「看到亦看不到」的游戏。

La Perla Celebrates the Roaring Twenties…

复古是一个增长中的趋势吗?在 中国市场亦然? 即使复古不全然是一种潮流因为 它在很久之前就已经是时尚潮流 的一部分,我会说它现在在时尚 工业里是更为普及。消费者在寻 找一种特别、独特和不同的种 类,这令复古更加珍贵。 我认为这亦肯定会在中国发生, 而且会成为一个快速增长的趋 势,因为中国市场对潮流和奢 侈的高度反应,这对复古十分 有利。

Is vintage a growing trend and does it work for the Chinese market? Even if vintage is not really a trend as it has been part of fashion for so long, I would say it is even more present nowadays in the fashion industry. Consumers are looking for exceptional, unique and different items, which makes vintage even more precious.

新艺术主义为怎样为这系列带来 灵感? 新艺术主义主题为La Perla 的设 计师带来各方面的灵感:那令人 惊艷的时尚图案带来了印花和刺 绣;���襉和间面线模仿高贵的织 品如法国蕾丝与薄纱的混合以营 造出一种精致的细条纹效果;典 型的新艺术主义风格和丝带创造 了细小的緃横交错基调;而绸缎 边和精致的两色纺织亦带来了时 尚质感。

La Perla 庆祝

很多的这些女性内衣系列都是很 自我的套装,即使暗地里已破 损。你会说La Perla 是超越「 内」衣的吗? 「我们的使命是创造美丽」,La Perla 创办人 Ada Masotti 常这样 说。我认为它强调了这个品牌如 何成为了女性最原始特质的标志;理解女性对最高层次 的高雅和风格的渴望。La Perla 肯定不只是一个提供最好 的尺码和剪裁的

咆哮的二十 年代...

I think it definitely works for the Chinese market and will soon become soon a fast growing trend as the Chinese market is highly responsive to fashion and luxury, which are intimately linked to vintage.


Many of these lingerie sets are outfits in their own right, even if worn in private. Would you say that La Perla is more than ‘under’-wear? “Our mission is to create Beauty,” as La Perla founder Ada Masotti used to say. I think it highlights how the brand has become a symbol of femininity in its purest form — interpreting women’s desires at the highest level of elegance and style. La Perla is definitely not only a lingerie brand providing the best fitting and cuts but a fashion and lifestyle brand as well, able to create strong emotions and have inspired women from all over the world for decades.

In China and Hong Kong, there is a more strong culture of conspicuous consumption — spending on a bag or a car that everyone else can see, to demonstrate affluence. However, beautiful lingerie enables other, less visible benefits such as confidence, romance and esteem. Do you anticipate these intangibles to become more important to Chinese consumers’ purchasing decisions? Definitely yes. As I explained previously La Perla offers much more than underwear but a whole new concept of fashion and luxury for lingerie and undergarments. As you may know there is no tradition of lingerie in Asia and our mission is to educate the consumer to the power lingerie can bring to women, in terms of confidence, sensuality and emotion. And even as we are still building this kind of awareness in the Chinese market we are receiving very good responses so far from these consumers looking for sophistication and style.


品牌,而提供了一个潮流和生活方式。而且它能创造强烈 的情感,让全球的女性得到数十年的鼓舞 。 在中国和香港对炫耀性消费有着更深的文化 - 花钱去买手 袋或轿车让每个人都能看见以炫耀财富。但是漂亮的内衣 提供不那么显而易见的好处如自信、浪漫和尊重。你预计 这些无形的东西会在中国消费者的讲买决定中变得更重要 吗? 绝对会。我之前解释过La Perla 是超越内衣的,为内衣带来 时尚和奢侈的全新概念。你可能知道在亚洲没有内衣的传 统,而我们的使命是教育消费者内衣能 带给一个女人的力 量,如自信、感观享受和情感。而且即使我们还在中国市 场建立这种体悟,我们目前从这些寻找精细和风格的消费 者那里拿到了很好的回响。 请形容一下一个典型的La Perla 女性。 我会说一个La Perla 的女性会是娇柔和细密的女性,并 希望为自己寻求最好的风格和素质,她亦会选择有着感观 享受、珍贵和情感价值的品牌。她有着非凡的优雅、浪漫 主义和自然美。 你们亦在秋冬系列中加入了塑身内衣 - 你们怎样为年轻女 性度身定制塑身内衣? La Perla 注入了创意及对女性身体的专业知识以超越传统上 对塑身内衣世界的理解,并应用在年轻女性身上。 它提出了度身定制的创意。在这里独特的剪裁、为拼出

“Our mission is to create Beauty”

透明图案而加的入薄纱、摺边以及精细的网状加工都让 其塑造效果更为美妙。 女仕们在选购内衣时应有哪些着眼点? 我认为女仕们应先寻找她们感觉穿得舒服及性感的内 衣。内衣的概念在随着时间有所改变,而且不是为了迎 合伴侣。女性现在寻找的是能赋予她们力量和让她们感 觉更性感和自信的内衣。这是我们每天在 La Perla 的 追求。 如果是男仕为她们选购礼物 - 他们应注意什么? 我最主要的建议是在购买紧身褡(胸罩、内裤等)前注意他 伴侣的尺寸。再保险一点,他可以选择透视睡衣或睡袍 等在尺寸上更灵活的内衣。

Describe a quintessential La Perla woman. I would say that the La Perla woman is a feminine and sophisticated woman who wants the best for herself with regards to style and quality and who chooses the brand for its values of sensuality, preciousness and emotion. She is an extraordinary blend of elegance, romanticism and natural beauty.

Shapewear is featured in your A/W collection too — how have you tailored shapewear to younger women? La Perla has put its creativity and know-how of the feminine body to go way beyond the traditional interpretations of the shapewear world and to adapt it to younger women. It proposes tailored creations where their modelling effect is made even more fascinating by the tailored cuts, tulle inserts with patterns of transparencies, raw hems and the refined openwork finishes.

What should women look for when shopping for lingerie? I think women should look first for lingerie they feel comfortable and sexy in. The conception of lingerie has changed over the years and it is not only to please the partners. Women look for lingerie which is able to empower themselves and make them feel more sensual and confident than ever. This is a daily quest for us at La Perla.

What about men gift shopping for them — what should they keep an eye out for? My main suggestion is to look at the size of his partner’s underwear before buying a corsetry set (bras, panties...). To be safer, he can opt for lingerie such as Babydoll or a night gown which are more flexible in terms of sizing.


James Bond films have become a genre of their own with 007’s unruffled, gentlemanly, velvet-smooth approach to saving the world, mirrored in his high-class accessories. His cars are precision perfect, sexy and as fast as the wit with which he executes villains. Of course they are also symbols of his virility with the gear shaft ‘standing’ as its own cheeky innuendo combining an image of the thrust and acceleration of Bond’s libido with his skilful driving of such a gorgeous chassis. Like the gadgets Q delivers, the Bond car is aesthetically exciting but also creates dramatic anticipation for the audience. Once they have seen the car and the gadgets, they eagerly await the scenes in which they will be put to such stylish use. Impeccably dressed, Bond must drive the best car out there. The franchise is a marketer’s fantasy, so when Aston Martin signed up for the 007 films in 1963, it was love at first drive. In Casino Royale, Bond’s stuntman put the Aston Martin in the Guinness Book Of Records for the most spectacular driving stunt in a film with seven cannon rolls. The Aston Martin is the perfect Bond car as it eats up the twisting corners of the chase sequences that thrill audiences. Women want to be with him, men want to be him and everyone envies the car that reflects the Bond finesse. 007冷静而绅士地以天鹅绒般柔滑的方法拯救世界,并反映 在他那些高贵的配饰上。这让詹姆斯·邦德电影成为了一个 独立的文艺作品类型。他的骄车有着完美的精确度,性感而 且与他处决恶棍的智慧同样快捷。当然他们也是他男子气概 的象征:跑车本身就是一个厚脸皮的暗讽,并与邦德以熟练 地驾驶此华丽坐驾的技术去推动和加速的影像相结合。 像小器具 Q般,邦德跑车是在美学上令人兴奋的,而且为观 众创造了戏剧性的期望。他们看过那跑车和小器具后,会热 切地期待它们被漂亮地使用的场面。 有着完美的衣着打扮,邦德必须驾驶那里最好的车。这个专 利是商人的梦想,所以当Aston Martin 为1963年的007电影 签约时,它就成了一「驾」钟情。在Casino Royale,邦德的 替身让Aston Martin在吉尼斯世界纪录大全当上了以7个轮 子拍成的最壮丽的驾驶惊险动作场面。

Aston Martin是完美的邦德坐驾,因为它可以吞噬让观众激

动的追逐场面的棱角。女仕们想和他在一起,男仕们想变成 他,而所有人都渴望一辆反映了邦德式技巧的车。

By Sue Page


Image by aGinger /


The Aston Martin Cygnet Debut: A new, eco-friendly ‘city’ model from an old classic… 阿斯顿马丁Cygnet首发: 源自经典,全新的环保型都市车 By作者:Yumi Kawabata

Is it an ugly ducking, or baby swan? The philosophy of Aston Martin is beauty and power. Frankly speaking, it’s not powerful. But it is good news for carbon emission reduction in luxe cars and I tell you, it’s cool… Initially available in European markets from its launch in mid-2011, the Cygnet is branded as the tailor-fit luxe city car, with ultra-compact design and low-emission engine technology. The latest model joins the Aston Martin legacy, from the breathtaking One-77 supercar and the elegant yet fierce V12 Zagato, to the formidable Vantage range as seen in James Bond films, to the four-door Rapide and exquisite DB9 and DBS models. Once part of the larger Ford group, Aston Martin is now independent and must fight its own battle to live up to its impressive older siblings, competing on the notion that in a mega-city, small — and eco-friendly — is beautiful. While the older models may be more classically beautiful and powerful, they cannot reduce CO2

emissions as deftly as the graceful Cygnet, which emits just 116g/km, with fuel consumption at 5L/100km. This chic, petite urban machine is gracing Hong Kong and Japan in two limited launch editions. Bespoke craftsmanship and impressive attention to detail characterise the Cygnet, with exceptional personalisation amplified by the choice of materials and colours. These include a hexagon-perforated leather, new front grill, six ‘Race Collection’ paint scheme and quilted Alcantara, brought in by new Chief designer, Marek Reichman. The Cygnet is not only a testament to design, but is also easy to handle. All its features are packed into an elegant 3 metres length and 1.7 metres width. With less than 1000kg to carry, it swiftly turns a 4-metre circle… a modern day James Bond would surely approve. Other undercover features include retractable door mirrors, keyless entry and engine-start, a luxe interior and heated seats…Ugly ducking? I would say elegant swan.



这是丑小鸭还是小天鹅?阿斯顿马丁的哲学就 是美丽和力量。坦率地说,这辆车并不给人充 满力量的感觉。但是它绝对能减少豪华车的碳 排放,而且十分酷。 于2011年中期发布,Cygnet首先在欧洲上市, 以“量身定做的都市豪华车”而为人所知,设 计极尽紧凑,且采用低碳排放的引擎科技。 这款最新的车型加入了阿斯顿马丁传奇般的 大家庭,包括令人窒息的One-77超跑、优雅而 不失野性的V12 Zagato以及我们在007系列电影 中看到的Vantage系列、四门的Rapide和精致的 DB9和DBS车型。

Other New, Bond-Worthy Cars The Topless MINI BMW’s latest MINI Roadster is the sixth model in the MINI family. With impeccable design to appeal to 007 traditionalists, its sophisticated chassis technology and potent engines enable for inspired handling. More to the point, it’s the first open-top, two-seat MINI in history with a top speed of 199 km/h, allowing for maximum spontaneous, open-top fun... 宝马最新的Mini Roadster是Mini大家庭的第六款车型。无懈可击的设计让它 深受007电影迷的欢迎,精细的技术、强力的引擎带来了极致的操控体验。 更重要的是,这是史上第一款敞篷两座的Mini车,最高时速达每小时199公 里,带来最大程度的敞篷乐趣。

阿斯顿马丁曾经是福特集团下的品牌,不过现 在已经成为独立品牌,必须靠自己才能保持自 己的地位,不但要维护之前经典车型的荣耀, 还要符合当前在大城市中,小而环保才算美丽 的理念。旧的车型会随着时间而变得越来越美 丽,但它们不能像优雅的Cygnet一样减少碳排 放。Cygnet的碳排放量仅为116g /k,百公里油 耗仅为5升。 这款时髦娇小的都市车现于香港和日本限量 发售。定制的手工打造、对细节的极致关注 让 Cygnet 独一无二,可自选的材料和颜色更 强调了它的个性化元素。新的总设计师Marek Reichman带来了这些元素,包括六边形孔的皮 革、全新的前格栅、六种“赛车精选”的 喷 涂风格和阿尔坎特拉方向盘。 Cygnet不仅设计过硬,操作也十分简易。所有 的元素都包含在这3米长1.7米宽的车体之下。 因其总重量不到一吨,它可以很轻松地在4米 半径内掉头,现在的詹姆斯邦德一定会很喜欢 这一点。

其他新元素包括可伸缩的门窗、无钥匙门禁系 统和启动系统、奢华的内饰和加热座椅。这一 切都包含在这3米长的都市车内。谁还说它是 丑小鸭?我认为它就是优雅的天鹅。

Image courtesy of BMW

Tesla Roadster The sleek Roadster is not your average ‘green’ mobile. It might be electric, but it’s the ultimate quick getaway vehicle, accelerating to 100 km/h in under four seconds. As the Asia Pacific Managing Director Kevin Yu noted: “While it’s true that a Ferrari will outperform the roadster on a racetrack, in everyday driving, the Roadster will run circles around *any* gasoline powered car…” and road villain. Enough said... 这款外表圆滑的Roadster绝对不是普通的环保汽车。它确实是电动车,但它是 一辆很好的代步车,从零加速到时速100公里只需四秒。正如亚太地区的董 事经理Kevin Yu所说:“法拉利在赛道上的表现自然比Roadster要好,但是在 日常驾驶中绝对优于任何汽油驱动的汽车。”

Yumi Kawabata is a car journalist who testdrove the Cygnet in Hong Kong and visited their UK factory in Gaydon. Yumi Kawabata 是一位汽车杂志记者,在香港 试驾了Cygnet并参观了阿斯顿马丁位于英国盖 顿的工厂。

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The Art of Zung Fu 仁孚之道

As the exclusive retailer of Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong and Macau, Zung Fu has been driving Asia’s luxury car market since 1954. Sophie Bent talks to Priscilla Wu, General Manager of Zung Fu Macau, about Mercedes-Benz’s future prospects, historically unique positioning and enduring luxe appeal. What does a luxury car brand mean to you? It is only with a luxury brand that you will find longstanding history and fine craftsmanship.  It takes someone with sophistication to appreciate these values of a luxury brand. What is it that makes Mercedes-Benz so appealing to the Hong Kong (Macau) and Mainland Chinese consumer? Mercedes-Benz has always been the most famous with its executive saloon cars, where in the past only the educated and wealthy could afford riding in them with chauffeurs. Soon it became the goal people set for themselves: work hard and one day you will ride in a Mercedes-Benz. This gradually became the way people measure success, especially in this part of the world, and this remains true up until today. In your view, what differentiates Mercedes-Benz from other luxury car manufacturers? No matter how beautiful or powerful a car that other luxury car manufacturers can produce, Mercedes-Benz will always be the one who invented the highly successful and practical gasoline-powered vehicles that ushered in the age of modern automobiles — cars that looked and worked like the cars we use today.   Which is your best-selling model/colour, and why? All models sell well in their respective competitive set, hence it is hard to pinpoint one particular best-selling model. However, most customers desire Mercedes-Benz’s classic saloon and those are the E-Class and the S-Class. The best-selling colour is a very seasonal thing.  Currently white is the ‘it-Colour’, though one can never go wrong with the sophisticated metallic black on E-Class and SClass. What are the main challenges you face in your role as General Manager of Zung Fu in Macau? I think like any other business executive, the challenge is always about striking a healthy balance between market share and profitability without compromising any of the brand’s values.    What will Zung Fu look like five years from now? I can only speak for Zung Fu Macau. Riding on Macau’s booming economy, income per household will continue to grow in the next five years. I believe more and more currently Japanese car owners will trade up to European models with the majority choosing the popular brand names. As mentioned before, the image of riding in a Mercedes-Benz is still associated with being successful. If this cultural mindset remains true for the near future, Zung Fu will have to care for many more customers — a welcoming thought! Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Bionic Car (2005) 梅赛德斯-奔驰的仿生汽车 (2005)

作为梅赛德斯-奔驰在香港和澳门的总代理,仁孚从1954年 开始就涉足亚洲豪华车的市场。Sophie Bent采访了仁孚( 澳门)的总经理Priscilla Wu,谈论了关于梅赛德斯-奔驰的 前景、历史上的独特地位和它不变的奢华。 你如何看待豪华车品牌? 只有在豪华品牌的车上你才能找到悠久的历史和出色的做 工。非常有教养的人才能欣赏豪华车品牌的价值。 是什么让梅赛德斯-奔驰对香港、澳门和大陆的客户如此有 吸引力? 梅赛德斯-奔驰以它独特的豪华轿车而闻名,过去只有受过 良好教育的富有的人才有资格乘坐,并由司机驾驶。很快, 这便成为了很多人的目标:努力工作,总有一天,你也能坐 进一辆奔驰车。这逐渐成为了人们衡量成功的标准,即便到 现在也是如此。 在你看来,梅赛德斯-奔驰和其它豪华车品牌的区别在于哪 里? 无论其它厂商生产的豪华车有多漂亮、强大,梅赛德斯-奔 驰永远都是汽油驱动的汽车的发明者,开创了现代汽车的时 代。正因为梅赛德斯-奔驰才有了我们今天使用的汽车。 销量最好的型号和颜色是什么?为什么呢? 所有型号的销量都很好,所以很难找出一个本质上最好的一 个。但是大部分消费者都想要S级或是E级的豪华轿车。不 同颜色的汽车的销量取决于销售季。现在,白色是最时髦的 颜色。但是,经典的金属黑对于E级车或是S级车是永不出 错的配色。 你作为仁孚在澳门的总经理,最大的挑战是什么? 与其他商业领域的决策者一样,我认为最大的挑战始终在于 在保证市场份额以及盈利能力的同时,维护品牌的价值。 仁孚在五年后将会是怎样的一番景象? 我只能对于仁孚(澳门)发表意见。得益于澳门蓬勃发展的 经济,家庭人均收入在未来的五年中仍将持续增长。我相信 越来越多的日本车车主将会转向欧洲品牌。正如我刚才所 说,开奔驰车仍与成功人士的形象联系起来。如果在未来这 种想法依旧存在,那就再好不过了,仁孚将会迎来更多的客 户。


Emerging Authors Fix a cup of cocoa and get comfortable — MalaysianChinese 17-year old author, Kathryn Chua and 15-year old illustrator, Le Min Cheong have published a new fantasy/ horror novel, Midnight Walking. Not only were we impressed by the Beijing schoolgirls’ courage in pursuing creativity so boldly (at an age when most are paranoid about fitting in), we were up all night turning the pages! 拿一杯可乐并让自己感到舒服 – 十七岁马来西亚籍华人作家 Kathryn Chau 和十五岁的插图画家 MeLin Cheong 出版了 一部幻想/惊栗小说 Midnight Walking,而她的朋友Le Min Cheong 则负责插图。我们不光被北京女学生勇于追求创意 的勇气打动(在一个叛逆的年纪) – 我们都彻夜不眠的翻阅此 书!

What compelled you to sit down and write this book? “I wanted to write a book since I was 6,” said Kathryn. “I was sitting at our home in Hong Kong afterwards, feeling lethargic and I just decided, I have to write it, now!” 是什么推动你坐下来撰写此书? 「自从六岁开始我已经想写书。」Kathryn 说。「我在香 港的家中坐着、犯睏然后就决定了我要现在就开始写 书!」

Fast-forward several months to securing Blacksmith Books as a publisher and that summer project became a finished product… “I guess so! It’s weird when lawyers start telling me about my intellectual property rights… I’d rather be at home in my pyjamas typing. That said, reading it at the end is even more fulfilling than writing it,” she adds, smiling broadly behind funky square glasses. “Anyway, that’s nothing. Have you seen these?” gesturing to Le Min’s sketchbook. “Look at this! 15 man…” 快进几个月之后就获得了Blacksmith Books作为出版 商,而那暑期计划就成了一个完成了的作品… 「我认为是!当律师开始跟我说明知识产权时我的感觉 非常奇怪…我宁可在家穿着睡衣打字。有人说看完成 了的作品比写它时感觉更加充实。」她补充,一边在她 搞怪的方型眼镜后灿的笑着。「无论如何,这不算什 么。你看过这没有?」指着LeMin 的素描簿,「看看这 个!15个人…」

When did you start drawing (Le Min)? “As a child. I didn’t like the way my parents thought… telling me to be a doctor, to be a lawyer… I wanted to go against their expectations. I started out in Japanese anime, but drifted towards Western-style illustrations. As a kid, I didn’t have a teacher, I just taught myself,” Le Min recalls. “Later on I studied art at school, in both Beijing and Shanghai.” 你在何时开始画画 (Le Min)? 「在还是小孩的时候。我没有像我父母那样的想法...他们 让我去成为一个医生、一个律师... 我想做的事和他们的期 望背道而驰。我开始时画日本动漫,但逐渐转向西式风 格的插图。作为一个小孩,我没有老师,只是自学。」 LeMin回想。「之后我在北京和上海的学校学习艺术。」

Which city offered the best art education? “Overall, comparing the art departments and local talent in each city, I think Shanghai is more detail-oriented and technical…” Le Min pauses. “Shanghai’s art is about creating something aesthetically beautiful, something perfect… Beijing is more creative — more about the bigger picture and how a message is conveyed visually I think.”


“Nowadays, art is much more encompassing and relatable to other people than just fine art, such as digital art,” Kathryn adds. “The same goes for literature.” 哪个城市提供最好的艺术教育? 「总括而言,比较每个城市的艺术部门和本地人才,我 认为上海是比较注重细节和技术的...」Le Min 停顿了一 下。「上海的艺术是关于创造美学观点上美丽的东西, 就是完美的艺术品... 北京是比较具创意的 - 我认为更多是 关于大图景和一个信息怎样在视觉上传递。」Le Min 深 思着。 「现今的艺术如数码艺术己比单纯的艺术更加全面且与 他人有联系。」Kathryn 补充。「对文学亦然。」

In the book, Lucy engages in a self-destructive relationship with a malevolent monster — and cites family fragmentation and alienation as a reason. Was this intended to reflect the critical role of family and friends, in limiting negative influences in young lives? “Yes, it was. I think it’s hard for many young people to admit how great a role family and friends play in their lives and how affected they are without that. It’s also a reminder that there are tons of people out there who don’t have the support they need… who feel like outcasts.” 在书中 Lucy 与一头恶毒怪物建立了一段自 我毁灭的关系 - 并且引用了家庭破碎和疏离 为原因。这是要反映出家庭和朋友在限制对 年轻人的负面影响方面的重要角色吗? 「是的。对于要承认家庭和朋友在他们的 生命中担任重要角色和缺乏这些对他们的影 响,我认为很多年青人都会感到困难。这 也提示着有很多人没有得到他们所需要的支 持... 他们感到遭受抛弃。」

The attractive Cyrus begins to “slowly drain” lonely, isolated Lucy of “her mind…heart and soul,” before destroying her body and attacking every relationship in her life. Was Cyrus a metaphor for drug abuse? “In a way. I think Cyrus is a metaphor for all kinds of bad things that are wrapped in shiny packages, disguised as good things… drugs, binge drinking, starving to be slender, an abusive relationship with an attractive person — all those kinds of things.” 具吸引力的Cyrus 开始孤独地「渐渐枯萎」,在摧毁她的 身体前隔离了Lucy 和「她的思想... 心灵和灵魂。」- 亦攻 击了她生命中的每一段关系。Cyrus是滥用药物的比喻吗? 「从某种意义来说是。我觉得Cyrus 是一个对任何包装光 鲜、伪装成好事物的坏东西的比喻...药物、狂欢畅饮、为 苗条捱饿、与一个具吸引力的人物的屈辱关系,所有类 似的东西。

Illustrations by Le Min Cheong

Your style of writing is very dark, yet highly entertaining! Were you influenced by Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ or any other witty/ morbid authors? “I did read Lemony Snicket as a kid, but I wouldn’t say he’s my main influence. Neil Gaiman is probably the biggest influence on my style — very dark and lyrical. I tried to infuse a bit of Terry Pratchett into this novel, because I wanted that kind of lightness for contrast. The book is a parody in some ways too, of the vampire/gothic/romance genre.” 你的写作风格十分黑暗,却极具娱乐性!你是受《连环 不幸事件》的Lemony Snicketts 或其他机智/忧郁的作家 影响吗? 「我在小时候的确有看Lemony Snickett 但 我不会说他是我的主要影响。Neil Gaiman 可能是我风格上的最大影响 - 非常黑暗和 感情丰富。我尝试在这部小说注入少许的 Terry Pratchet,因为我想要那种明亮作对 比。这本书可能在某种意义上也是吸血鬼/ 哥特风格 /罗曼蒂克 形式的模仿。」

Would you say the ultimate outcome in the plot is inevitable? Or do you believe Lucy, along with others, can control what happens to them? “Everyone has the ability to change — to mould the course of their lives. I think that there were many moments Lucy could have given up, where people could have given up on her. But she stuck to her guns and came out on top. It’s just what you have to do in life.” 你会说情节中最后的结果是不能避免的吗? 或你相信 Lucy 和其他人能控制发生在他们 身上的事吗? 「每个人都有能力去改变 - 去塑造他们生命的路向。我 认为有很多时刻Lucy 都可以放弃,在人们都可能放弃她 的时候。但她却忠于枪支和出人头地。这只是你在生命 中需要做的事情。」

What advice can you give to other young writers? “To never stop. Sometimes you’ll look at the stuff in your notebook or on your screen and think: what the hell is this? This is terrible! But NEVER think that way. If you wrote it, it’s worth reading. I’d also say: never let what people think of you make you unhappy. Channel what you feel through your writing. You’ll feel great afterwards!” 你会给其他年轻作家什么意见? 「永不停止。有的时候你会看着电脑内或在屏幕 上的物 品去想:这是什么鬼东西?这真恐怖!但永远不要这样 想。如果你写了它,它就值得细看。我亦会说:永不让 人们对你的想法使你不快。把你的感受投注在作品里。 你便会在之后感觉良好!」


Let Them Eat Cake! 一起吃蛋糕!

Christmas cupcakes are this year’s Christmas cookies — get inspired with some of the best from around the world! 今年圣诞节,圣诞纸托蛋糕会比圣诞饼干更受欢迎!我们一起来看一看 世界上最好的一些蛋糕。

Sparkle Cupcakes, Sydney 悉尼

Baked fresh everyday in Sparkle’s kitchen with free range eggs, creamy Australian butter and the world’s best vanilla, this season’s flavours include naughty-but-nice egg nog with a gooey custard centre, plus Belgian mint with milk chocolate chunks and peppermint buttercream… Also available are Sparkle’s new ‘snowflakes’ — vanilla bean macaroons with a touch of bling and luscious, white chocolate filling. Asian-inspired flavours include orange blossom, coconut pandan and black sesame. 来自Sparkle’s Kitchen,由新鲜的鸡蛋、滑润的澳大利亚黄 油和世界上最好的香草制成。这季的口味包括中心有蜜糖 蛋奶糊的蛋奶味、牛奶巧克力加比利时薄荷味和奶油薄荷 味。同时供应的还有Sparkle的新品“雪花”——香草蛋白 杏仁饼干,内注白巧克力。有亚洲风味的口味包括橙花、 椰子味和黑芝麻。 Sparkle Cupcakery. Address / 地址: 132 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia


Images courtesy of Sparkle Cupcakes

Hummingbird Bakery, London伦敦

Hummingbird are doing a delicious range of festive cupcakes, with a different tantalising flavour every day…Tuesday is for cheeky eggnog with a dash of rum and sprinkling of nutmeg, with a snowman on top while Thursday’s cupcake is gingerbread man spice with creamy frosting. Friday is Christmas pudding cupcake with almond frosting and, (drumroll please) Saturday is raspberry trifle with creamy rich vanilla custard(!). You can return to the treadmill in 2012… tis the season to be merry! Hummingbird制作一系列美味的节日纸托蛋糕,每天都有不同的诱人口 味。周二是蛋奶味,上面洒着朗姆酒和肉豆蔻,还有一个小雪人在顶上。 而周四的蛋糕是姜饼味的,上面盖着糖霜。周五的布丁蛋糕上洒着杏仁糖 霜而周六的蛋糕(隆重介绍!)是覆盆子蛋糕加浓厚的香草奶油冻。等到 2012年再去健身房挥汗如雨吧,现在这个季节就是用来享受的! Hummingbird Bakery Address / 地址: 155a Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 8WG.

Images Courtesy of Benjamin C. M. Backhouse

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Winter: a time of stark contrast and dramatic hues. The days may be darker, but that’s all the more reason to dress bright to feel optimistic and awake through the cool season! 冬天:一个荒凉反差和戏剧性色彩的时节。日子可 能比较暗淡,但这全是在冰凉季节下打扮明亮以感 觉乐观和清醒的最佳理由!

Photography by Bill Chan Hair and Makeup by Jay Lee Hair Extensions by Hair Konnections (for POP and Hairdo) Models: Matt Abbate, Jake Kim and Irina 58

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On Matt (right): Flannel shirt by Jack Jones On Irina: Top by Kookai, prairie skirt by Zara, vintage boots On Jake (left): Blended wool sweater by Candy & Caviar


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On Matt (left): Blended wool hoodie by Candy & Caviar, Jeans by Jack Jones On Irina: Cashmere all over print tunic by Shanghai Tang, ballet pumps by Japa, vintage gloves On Jake (right): Sweater by Jack Jones, Jeans by Indigo Denim

Girl power

现在世界上只有十四位女性能赚到十位数字的财富。 的。



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On Irina: Wrap dress by Kookai, boots by AIGLE, bracelets by Wear & Tear (at Shop des Creatures)

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On Jake: Cashmere pullover with contrast placket by Shanghai Tang, jeans by Jack Jones, sneakers by Converse

e h t f o e Fac t n e Mom



rina Sandueva — the exotic, Mongolian-Russian model from our Beijing Brights editorial — is also, as it turns out, a surrealist contemporary painter, who has already sold several artworks in Beijing’s dynamic art hub, 798. “I made them for gifts, for friends, birthdays, this kind of thing… something different,” she revealed. “I was not expecting to sell, but it is nice to know people wish to buy my paintings… I told everyone ‘I sold two paintings today!’” Raised in Russia and fluent in Mandarin, Russian and English, Irina also works full-time for a Mongolian mining company. Given global equities are tanking while Mongolian rare earths and contemporary Chinese art remain strong, Irina’s unique background makes her part of two of the hottest investment trends of 2012.


Irina Sandueva 这个曾在我们的Beijing Brights影辑里出现 过的异国风情俄罗斯裔蒙古模特儿,同时也是个超现实 派系的现代画家。她已在北京的798艺术区出售过数幅 自己的画作。『它们是为送礼,朋友,生日,或类似的 场合所创…一些与众不同的东西。』她告诉我们。『我 没想过能出售,但有人想要购买我的作品让我很开心。 我会跟每个人说『我今天卖了两幅画!』 在俄罗斯长大的她能说一口流利的中文,俄语和英 语。Irina现时全职受聘於一家蒙古矿业公司。在环球金 融业正处於颓势的同时,蒙古的稀土业及中国的现代艺 术正在急速发展。Irina的独特背景让她成为2012 最热门 的两个投资行业的一份子。 Paintings by Irina Sandueva



Inside the 在 Liu Jun 的 超现实主义 艺术内…

urrealist art of Liu Jun… With Beijing Art Interpreter, 与北京艺术通译员

Lily Zhang

What do you think Liu Jun’s message is in the army and sailor boy paintings? In rural areas, parents whose sons failed to pass school examinations would try to get them into the army, believing this is the way to a better life. Families often prefer to send them to the army early on, to develop a career... Liu Jun depicts those young soldiers as kids, not yet knowing about life. One of the artists we work with used to talk with a soldier on duty in South Islands. He said that the only thing he wants is to go home and get married, with the money paid by the Army after three years service. What about the provocative girls? The artist employs the iconic image, Shi Nü, 仕女 in Chinese — the beautiful, educated, educated young ladies from the upper class in ancient times. This classical, familiar and idealized image is contrasted with with what is happening now: materialism, greed, lust and indulgence. Would you describe Liu Jun as a surrealist artist? Yes, he could well be— one can certainly see Dali influences in his works. Do you see a trend of surrealism in Chinese art emerging? Whether surrealism is the next trend in Chinese contemporary art depends on the preferences of foreign collectors and galleries.


At art fairs around the world, collectors are increasingly careful about the works they buy. Famous Chinese artists remain the attention, but next year the market may become tougher. Some collectors have already changed strategy. Before, they supported young artists by collecting their early works. Now, some collectors mainly collect essential pieces of famous Chinese artists. Most of the influential art organisations in China have foreign involvement, such as Pace Beijing and UCCA, which is regarded as a platform for foreigners to access the Chinese contemporary art market. So Western tastes influence what kind of art will be the favorite. In your view, is Liu Jun’s collection humorous, satirical or both? I think both. Which one is your favorite?  They are all the same to me, but I do like the bald man. He brings me more peace… How can readers find out more about Liu Jun? Contact me, I am happy to send more information. My email is Our website is:

你认为Liu Jun 在军队和水兵男孩的画作中的讯息 是什么? 在郊区,父母会尝试送学校考试不及格的儿子到军 队,他们相信这会带给孩子较好的生活。那些家庭 通常较喜欢在小孩还小的时候送到军队,以发展事 业… Liu Jun 描绘这些作为小孩的幼兵,在他们还 不怎么懂得生活时。 跟我们合作的其中一位艺术家曾常常讲及一个在南 部小岛站岗的士兵。他说那位士兵只想用三年服务 后军队付的钱回家、结婚。 那么关于那些气人的女孩呢? 艺术家利用那个标志性的图像,仕女-那在古代来 自中产阶层的美丽而有修养的年轻妇女。这个经 典、熟悉和理想化的图像和现在发生的事作对比: 物质主义、贪婪、淫欲和放纵。 你会形容 Liu Jun 为一个超现实主义艺术家吗? 是的,他可能是很好的一位- 从它的作品可以看到 逹利的影子。 你在中国看到一个冒起中的超现实主义趋势吗? 中国现代艺术的下一个趋势是否超现实主义需视乎 外国收藏家和画廊的喜好。 在世界上的艺术集市,收藏家对购买的作品愈加小 心。着明的中国艺术家仍然受到注目,但明年市场 可能会较困难。一些收藏家已经改变策略。之前, 他们以收收藏他们的早期作品去支持年青艺术家。 现在,一些收藏家主要收藏着名中国艺术家的主要 作品。 在中国大多数具影响力的艺术组织都有外国的参 与,如Pace Beijing 和UCCA,它被视为外国人接 触中国现代中国艺术的一个平台。所以西方口味影 响最喜爱的艺术种类。 你认为 LiuJun 的系列是幽默、讽刺还是两者皆 是? 我认为两者皆是。 那一个是你的最爱? 它们对我来说都一样,但我真的喜欢那秃头的男 人。他带给我更多平静。 读者们可以从哪里了解更多关于Liu Jun的东西? 联络我,我很高兴去提供更多资讯。 我的电邮是 我们的网址是: 67

By Liu Jun

AERIS采访 TALKS …to the effervescent and articulate Miss Kristen Lum, one of China’s youngest and most influential names in PR and events, connecting multitudes of companies with charities while managing her own blog and website. ... 了欢快和能说的Kristen Lum 小姐。这是中 国公共关系界中其中一个最年轻和最有影响 力的名字,她联系了许多公司和慈善团体, 同时亦管理她的博客和网站。

How did your PR career begin?

“After graduating from University of California Santa Barbara — where I woke up to the sounds of waves crashing outside my bedroom window — I left this paradise to travel to Beijing in an effort to learn the language… “The end of my first year in Beijing was 2007, the year leading up to the highly-anticipated 2008 Olympics. It would have been a shame to miss such an epic event. It was history-in-the-making and I was living and breathing the growing excitement. Literally everyone in the country was counting down to it. I decided to stick around and spend a few months sending out resumes…” She paused. “My life has always been happy, but those months were the hardest for me personally, because I felt so idle… “I knew my personal strengths and weaknesses, that I enjoyed working in an interactive environment and wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cubicle, but I had no clue as to what job, or even what industry I wanted to be in. Eventually, I landed an internship at the American Chamber of Commerce and surrounded myself with international, like-minded young people.

Then I found myself working part-time at a new entertainment complex with multiple restaurants and bars — Block 8 — my first taste of PR and events.

Did you miss home at first?

“When I left California, I left not only my home, but my family, friends and then-boyfriend to move across the world alone. I admit it was difficult to leave him because we decided long distance was not an option for us. We both knew how difficult it would be to be happy in a place if your heart is somewhere else, and we didn’t want to spend every day on Skype. So in the interest of being fulfilled in the respective places we were each in, we parted ways.”

That can’t have been easy…

“Not initially… but change is a part of life and I’ve always been able to make the most of new situations. Moving to Beijing was the best decision I have ever made. I am so happy living here — I wouldn’t trade places with anyone back home. As much as I love reuniting with my family and friends, I feel like nothing has really changed there. Other than the occasional engagement or new job, I find that life generally moves quite slowly in California. 69

left: With Hatsune restaurant group owner, Alan Wong.


「在从圣塔芭芭拉加州大学毕业后 - 在那儿我曾被海浪敲 打卧室窗户的声音弄醒 - 我离开了这个天堂到北京学习语 言... 「我在北京的第一个年尾是2007年 - 是迈向带有很高期望的 2008北京奥运的一年。如果错过了这一盛事的话那将会是一 个遗憾。那创造了历史,而且我就住在和呼吸着这日渐增长 的兴奋。整个国家的人都在倒数它的来临。我决定留在那里 并花几个月时间寄出履历表...」她停顿了一下。」失的生活一 直都很快乐,但那几个月就我个人而言是最困难的,因为我觉 得无所事事... 「我知道我性格上的长处和弱点 - 我享受在一个互动的环境下工 作和不想卡在一个小隔间里面 - 但我没有线索要从事哪个工作, 甚至是想进哪个行业。最后,我选择了一份美国商会的实习和让 自己被一群国际化和志趣相投的年轻人包围着。之后我在一家有 着多家餐馆和酒吧的新闻及娱乐联合企业 - Block 8 - 里担任兼职 职位,这是我第一次在公共关系活动上的尝试。


「当我离开加州时,我不光是离开我住所,还有我的家庭、朋友和 男朋友去闯荡世界。我承认离开他是很困难的,因为我们认为远距离 不是我们的一个选择。我们都知道若你待在一个地方而心灵却在别处 会是多么难以感到快乐 - 而且我们不想每天花时间在Skype去想像我 们在一起。所以为了两方着想,我们分开了。」


「开始时不是... 但改变是生活的一部分,而我亦常能充分利用新环境。 搬到北京是我做过最好的决定。我在那里住得太快乐了 - 我不会和家里 的其他人交换。除了想和家人和朋友团聚外,我没有感觉这里有住何改 变。除了偶然或新的工作,我发现加州的生活节奏一般都挺慢的。 「自从到了北京,我的生活就像飞快的过山车,被鼓舞人心的人物包围 和每天做新的事情...我在北京过着在加州不能做到的充实生活... 我尤其 喜爱这个城市那用不完的精力。它吸引了有着热情、创意和创业精神 的人们... 在这里人们讲的是「计划」而非「工作」,这让工作变得更 充满生气。」


「我现在随时都在进行五个项目,」她笑说。「不论是 兼职或是 项目形式 - 包括开幕式、产品发布、时装表演、商业活动及慈善晚 宴 - 我荣幸地和很多大品牌一起工作,亦办过一些很捧的活动。 我经常尝试脱离日常活动去创造经验,一个对地方的正面回忆和 对品牌的尊重。这些可能短暂来说没有很大的利益价值,但如 果能有效的实行,它们将会在长远带来利息和品牌的热衷... 审慎地,她又说:「我羡慕那些对生活目的有着强烈意识的 人。我不太肯定我的长远目标,或者我想达到什么,但一个 好朋友说的可能是我生活的目的 - 分享。分享积极的力量、 资讯和联系,我的目的是分享经验和联系优秀的人和机构以 达到双赢局面。我不能对任何我不认为了不起的事投放热 情,亦不能和朋友分享。我认为这是我在公共关系方面成 劲的原因 - 我不硬销。我相信每一个由我代表的品牌。」

除了在任何时候的五个计划外,那儿还有持续且 棘手的 ‘LumDimSum’!

「LumDimSum 的整个概念在于分享,但它开始时并 不是那样的。我建立这个网页本来是要以此为平台去 为自己建立一个品牌和推销我负责的计划。随着时 间过去,它演变成一个分享北京事物的媒介:开幕 礼、活动、节日、展览、奬项、表演、电影拍摄和 DJ派对... 我不是一个作家,但我会在北京经历新 事物时拍照,这可以精确地表达自己和准确地把 它刋登于互联网并和它人分享。」



「我就是能找到时间」她笑说。「保持了解事物对我来 说是很重要的,而且任何品牌的成功都在于持久,这不 是一个秘密。所以我常常找出时间,无论如何什至乎要 熬夜,我都知道那是值得的。我对此有强迫症,因为我 太爱它了。对我来说,这不是工作。这是我的兴趣,这 就是我从没为此疲累的原因。

一只忙碌的公共关系「蜜蜂」是怎样在北京打转 的?

「我骑脚踏车到所有地方!下雨或天晴 - 去工作、会议 或酒吧... 这是到目前为止在这个狂燥的城市走动的最 有效率的方法,而且亦是更环保的选择。当交通及污染 都变得更加难以忍受时,我希望更多人可以回归至在北 京骑脚踏车。」她补充。当我们离开Capital M 的温暖 时,她拉上皮革外套的拉链。她穿着黑色裤袜和皮革.坡 跟鞋。「哦这些?它们都非常舒服 - 你应看看我的厚底 鞋...」

“Since arriving in Beijing, my life has been a flying roller coaster, surrounded by inspiring individuals, doing something new each day… I am more fulfilled in Beijing than I think I ever could be in California… What I especially love about this city is its buzzing energy. It attracts people characterised by passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit… People here talk about ‘projects’ not ‘jobs,’ which makes working life really vibrant.” What are you working on now? “I’m working on 5 projects at any given time,” she laughs. “Whether they are part-time jobs, or per project-basis — including openings, launches, fashion shows, weddings, corporate events and charity dinners — I’ve had the privilege to work with great brands and create some amazing events. I always try to deviate from regular events and create an experience, a positive memory of a place and a respect for the brand. While these may not be profitable in the short-term, if well-executed, they pay dividends and brand loyalty in the long-term… Modestly, she adds “I envy people who have a strong sense of purpose in life. I am not sure what my longterm goal is, or what I’d like to achieve overall, but what a good friend said might be my purpose in life, is sharing. Be it sharing positive energy, information or contacts, I aim to share experiences and connect great people and organisations with one another in win-win situations. I can’t be enthusiastic about anything or anyone I don’t think is fantastic, or that I wouldn’t share with my friends. I think that’s why I’ve been successful in PR — I don’t hard sell. Every brand I represent, I believe in.”

“Be it sharing positive energy, information or contacts, I aim to share experiences and connect great people and organisations with one another in win-win situations.” Aside from 5 projects at any given point in time, there’s ‘LumDimSum’ too though, which is ongoing! “LumDimSum falls back into the whole idea of sharing, but it didn’t start out that way. I started this website as a platform for me to build a brand for myself and market the projects I take on. Over time, it evolved into a medium to share information about Beijing’s happenings: openings, events, festivals, exhibitions, awards, shows, film screenings, DJ parties... I’m not a writer, but I take pictures when I experience something new in Beijing and can express myself concisely and accurately enough to post that online and share it with others, so I do.” Where do you find the time to update your blog daily? “I just make the time” she laughs. “It’s important to me to stay on top of things and it’s no secret that the success of any brand is consistency. So I always make time, no matter what and even if it means staying up late at night, I know that it’s worth it. I’m OCD about it, because I love it so much that to me, it’s not work. It’s my hobby and that’s why I’m never tired by it.” How does a busy PR bee get around Beijing? “I cycle everywhere! Rain or shine — to work, meetings and bars... it’s by far the most efficient way to get around this manic city and another way to be more ‘green’. With both traffic and pollution become increasingly unbearable, I wish more people went back to riding bikes in Beijing,” she added, zipping up a leather jacket as we leave the warmth of Capital M. She’s wearing black leggings and leather wedges. “Oh these? They’re super comfy to ride in — you should see my platforms…”


TrendWatch: Gourmet UK 潮流观察:英国美食

Great Britain isn’t just about the high-street fashion, the double-decker buses, the fantastic collection of artifacts in its museums, the history and charming accent – this picturesque place is bubbling over with some of the world’s greatest restaurants and chefs, and a range of diverse and affordable eateries. Sydney-based accountant and food-lover, Carmen Chen, shares her favourites… 大英帝国并不只是关於其历史丶街头时尚丶双层巴士丶博物馆内琳琅满目的收藏展 品丶和迷人的英式腔调 ─ 这个多姿多彩的美妙地域有着一些世界上最出色的餐厅和 厨师,还有各色各样价格亲民的小餐馆们。定居悉尼并酷爱美食的会计师, Carmen Chen,将与我们分享她的最爱……


Crispy squid with garlicky mayo and lemon at Jamie’s Italian. So simple yet so delicious.

香脆的乌贼浇上了蒜香蛋黄酱和柠檬汁, 非常简单但好吃至极。 Boar and venison salami – totally addictive

My first meal in the UK was an early dinner at Jamie’s Italian in Oxford. I was told that this was the first of the many chain-restaurants he later established. This restaurant has been highly popular with Oxonians, due to its reasonably priced, simple yet highly tasty menu. 我在英国的第一顿饭在牛津的Jamie’s Italian 里渡过。 我被告知在他後来成立的众多连锁 式餐馆中,这是最早诞生的一家之一。适中 的订价和简单却美味的食物使它在牛津区内 大受欢迎。


以野猪及鹿肉制成的意大利腊肠 ─ 令人上瘾的美味。

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Wagyu Beef Burger

In London’s Southwark area rests famous landmarks like the TATE Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe by the River Thames. Nothing beats spending a few hours admiring the artworks of Picasso followed by watching a play inside Shakespeare’s Globe. Despite being a highly touristy area, you can still find affordable, honest food. 伦敦的萨瑟克区拥有多个着名地标,像泰晤士 河畔的泰特现代美术馆和莎士比亚环球剧场。 没有什麽比得上花数小时欣赏毕加索的精美画 作,然後在莎士比亚环球剧场里观赏戏剧。虽 然是个热门的旅游胜地,但你仍能在这儿找到 平易近人的美味。

loNdon伦敦 Gourmet Burger Kitchen- My Wagyu Beef Burger with chili sauce was cooked to absolute perfection – brioche was crispy on the outside and cotton-soft inside combined with succulent wagyu beef patty, fresh vegetables, cheese, mayo and chilli sauce. Who knew such simple ingredients can be turned into a mouth-wateringly delight? 我的辣酱和牛汉堡在烹调上堪称完美无瑕 ─ 微 焦的面包外脆内软,和牛汉堡扒香嫩多汁,加上 新鲜的蔬菜丶乳酪丶蛋黄酱和辣椒酱。 谁能想到这麽简单的材料能成为这麽一道令人垂 涎三尺的美味?


The Eagle is a famous local pub in Cambridge, with some very tasty and authentic British pub food. Its signature dish is fish & chips, with mashed peas, mayo, tomato sauce and a wedge of lemon. After dining at many pubs in various places in the UK, I must say this dish truly lives up to its fame.

TheEagle 是剑桥有名的当地酒吧,有着美味而道 地的英式小吃。它们的招牌菜是炸鱼薯条,伴着 豌豆泥丶蛋黄酱丶蕃茄酱和一小瓣柠檬。在曾於 英国多处不同的酒吧里进餐後,我得说这儿的食 品配得上它们的名气。 On a side note, the Yorkshire sausages are also fantastic! 除此之外,他们的约克郡香肠也很好吃! 73

Dining at my food hero Heston Blumenthal’s establishment, The Fat Duck, has been my food dream. It is definitely one of the most “magical” experiences I’ve ever had; the threehours-plus degustation was packed with fourteen perfectly executed and beautifully presented dishes. Each dish displays extreme creativity and the refined techniques of the cook with the five sensesfive senses — smell, hearing, taste, sight and touch — all properly stimulated through a phantasmagorical combination of elements and experiences in each dish. The restaurant also has a very extensive, thick leather-bound wine list available upon your request (as the second floor is taken up by the wine-cellar). Additonally, the service is superb with highly attentive and professional French-accented waiters and waitresses answering to your needs. Despite the bill being a steep one, The Fat Duck is definitely a three-Michellinstarred experience and I strongly recommend it! 在我的美食界偶像Heston Blumenthal 所创立的餐 厅The Fat Duck 里进餐是我的一大美食梦想。这 是我人生里最梦幻的经历之一:在这儿的三个小 时,我得到了十四道烹调完美卖相精致的菜式。 每道菜都彰显着极致的创造力和迎合着五感的各 式烹调工艺。变化多端的原材料配搭和手艺技巧 性地刺激着嗅觉丶听觉丶味觉丶视觉和触觉。除 此之外,如有需要,餐厅亦提供一份包着厚厚皮 革的考究酒单(这儿的二楼被改造成专属的酒窖) 。这里的服务质素非常优秀,微带法国口音的专 业侍应生随时准备 着为您服务。虽然帐单让人心 碎,The Fat Duck绝对是名副其实的三星级米芝莲 餐厅,大力推荐!

Reproducing the smell of oak moss with the purpose of stimulating your senses.

为了刺激您的感官而刻意散播着橡木苔藓的气味。 The famous Snail Porridge. Crazily delicious. My tummy growls at the thought of it.

Roast of Foie Gras – a wonderful combination of different textures.

有名的蜗牛粥。疯狂地好吃。光是想, 我的肚子都饿了。

烤鹅肝 ─ 不同料理质感的完美结合。

One of the highly praised dishes, “Sound Of The Sea”. An iPod Shuffle with the tune of the crashing of waves is nested inside of a seashell that accompanies this dish.

最有名的菜式之一,『海洋之声』。伴碟里的贝壳 藏着的Ipod Shuffle会自动播出浪潮声伴您进餐。


Anjou Pigeon – Blood Pudding, Risotto of Spelt and Umbles.


The Asian Essence of London 伦敦的亚洲元素

Lamb Szechuan Peppercorn

Prawns on Toast


hris Sim visited the Michelin-starred Kai — and found an underlying message beyond the food Chris Sim参观了米其林星级餐厅Kai,并找到了食物背后的故事。

Capturing the essence of London in a Chinese restaurant is by no means an easy feat. Bernard Yeoh, proprietor and owner of Mayfair-based Kai, put it to me very succinctly: “It needs to have respect for tradition, yet be distinct and possess a certain degree of quirkiness.” As myself and a co-diner enjoyed juicy pan-seared Scottish scallops with XO reduction and a playful accompaniment of XO powder, I knew this place had met its ambitious benchmark. 在一家中国餐厅里完美地体现伦敦的元素是十分不易的。坐落 于伦敦上流住宅区的Kai餐厅的老板Bernard Yeoh简单明了地 对我说道:“它必须尊重传统,又要略微诡异才能显得与众不 同。”当我和同行的人一起享用着多汁的苏格兰烤扇贝配XO酱 和有趣的XO粉的时候,我意识到这家店绝对是名副其实的,达 到了它自己对自己的高标准。

Let me address the first part of his sentence: remaining traditional. Since its opening in 1993, the menu has reflected the restaurant’s Chinese heritage. Our starter of steamed prawns with a soy vinaigrette was exemplary. These crustaceans were cooked to perfection, whose sweetness was balanced by the kick of the vinaigrette and refreshed with the classic Cantonese combination of garlic, spring onion, coriander and chilli, enhanced with a drop of onion oil. 先来阐述一下他的第一句话:尊重传统。自从1993年开业以 来,这里的菜单就一直反映着餐厅的中国传统。作为前菜的蒸 虾配油醋汁就很好地体现了这一点。这些虾煮到刚刚好,甜味 与油醋汁的味道完美平衡,加上传统粤式的蒜、洋葱、香菜和 辣椒的结合,再配上画龙点睛的橄榄油,简直完美至极。

Beancurd with Chinese Mushrooms


Yet being traditional is not enough for high-end London establishments — it must be distinctive. Their ‘Duke of Berkshire’ Char Siew (Cantonese-style roasted pork) had a particularly innovative twist, the result of Bernard’s journey to the far reaches of the char siew world, across 5 cities and 20 restaurants with 12 friends. He created a checklist of ‘char siew characteristics’ and gave this to Executive Chef, Alex Chow: “Sweet, smokey, caramelised, soft, fattiness, different cuts, plus a certain area to volume ratio.” Ours — made from belly pork — may not suit die-hard traditionalists, but met every aspect of the list with real finesse. 但是仅仅做到传统对于一家高档的伦敦餐厅是远远不够的,还要 做到与众不同。这里的粤式叉烧非常有创意,得益于Bernard在 5座城市20家餐厅里对叉烧的探索研究。他列了一张清单,写明 了他想要的叉烧的特质:鲜甜、有烟熏味、有焦糖覆盖、肉质柔 软、肥瘦均匀、刀法多变再加上合适的大小,把它交给了大厨 Alex Chow。这里的叉烧取自五花肉,也许与严格意义上的传 统叉烧不同,但是绝对符合这张清单上的方方面面。

Tan Jia Lobster Broth

Lastly, ‘quirkiness’ — being unexpected, charming and unique — is embodied by two memorable desserts. First, a bold dessert of ‘Peranakan Mango Cake’ whose accompanying coconut ice cream and aromatic pandan sauce created a sweet, yet soothing sensation. Even more intriguing was their ‘6 textures of chocolate and peanuts’ dessert, whose different levels of crispiness and crunch was cleverly topped off with a pleasant surprise of popping candy. 最后还要做到略微诡异。当然,这里的诡异指的 是出人意料、充满魅力以及独一无二,两件甜品 可以很好地诠释这一点。首先是娘惹芒果蛋糕这 一大胆的甜品,椰子冰激凌配香兰酱创造出了一 种甜而不腻的感觉。更让人感兴趣的是一道叫六 重巧克力配花生的甜点,有着搭配得很聪明的不 同脆性的巧克力和花生,再加上一些让人惊喜的 跳跳糖。

Through these aspects, alongside a helpful front-of-house, chic yet not overly pretentious interior and matching wine menu, Bernard has created a restaurant that is undoubtedly ‘London’ whilst simultaneously Chinese, for which he was bestowed with the honour of a Michelin star. 综合以上所说的方方面面,加上时髦而不做作的装潢和相称的酒 水单,Bernard创造出了一家既有伦敦风情又不失中国气息的餐 厅,这也为他带来了米其林星级餐厅的荣誉。


Peranakan Mango Cake with Gula Melaka Milkshake Address 地址: 65 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2QU Images courtesy of Kai restaurant


The mandarin suit is characterised by an unfolded collar around the neckline, which is very short and stands up on its own. But don’t be fooled… the Mandarin collar is nothing new, as it is believed to have been around since imperial times (221–206 BC). It was made as a representation of Western clothing, but resulted in a unique and distinct design of its own. Over several decades, global fashion houses such as Shanghai Tang have reinstated this timeless piece of fashion heritage — and as China Chic moved to the mainstream this year, an increasing number of new brands are following suit. Shanghai Tang’s Chief Creative Officer, Chee Au stated of the Autumn/ Winter range: “This collection — From China with Love — is about pride… young Chinese being proud of who they are, and where they are in the world today.” The collection encompasses a wider trend of more youthful, edgy and ready-to-wear ‘mandarin’ creations. Charissa Chau of Shanghai Tang added: “The Mandarin collar is so iconic and traditional that it doesn’t need a tie to be formal.” We agree — a mandarin collar makes an elegant, professional statement, in a classic expression of modern, accomplished Asia.

成衣中的中国风 中国套装的特色是沿着颈线展开的衣领,很短而且站得 笔挺。但不要愚弄...旗袍领可不是新鲜事物,因为它被 认为是从帝王时期(公元前221-206年)就已经存在的。它 本来代表了西方服饰,但结果却成一种独特的、与众不 同的设计。 在过去几十年,全球的时装公司如「上海滩」都有复用 这个历久不衰的时尚传统 - 而当中国风在这年变得更主 流后,新的套装品牌也随之增加。「上海滩」的创意总 监Chee Au 说起了秋冬系列:「这个系列 - 爱满中国 - 是 关于骄傲的... 中国青年为他们今天在世界的身分及地位 感到骄傲。」 这个系列包含了一个更广阔的潮流 - 更年轻、尖端及立 即可穿的中国时装。上海滩的Charissa Chau 补充:「旗 袍领具标志性及传统,它不需要领带去看似正式。」我 们同意,旗袍领会在摩登的、完善的亚州这个经典句子 里构成一个优雅和专业的陈述。

By Sne Roy

Illustration by Beatrice Wang Images courtesy of SHANGHAI TANG



Think Twice:

乱 花 渐 欲 迷 人 眼 | |

中 国 精 品 酒 店 的 风 雅 之 景

China’s Arty, Boutique Hotel Scene By Grace Brown China’s wealthiest consumers are growing younger in age, yet more discerning in preferences. No wonder then that while traditional hotels are by no means slowing (15 new 5-star hotels opened in Shanghai alone this year), the market for edgy, ‘experience’ driven boutique hotels is booming. We went from Beijing to Shanghai in search of some of the country’s most inspired ones, which reveal China’s exploding creativity and lust for history, design and art… 中国的富裕阶级越来越年轻,因此他们对物质有了更多的偏好。也难怪 在传统酒店增速放缓、今年在上海新开张15家五星级酒店的情况下,提 供前卫体验的精品酒店的市场迅猛发展。我们走遍了北京和上海


Best Art Enthusiast Hotel:

Grace Beijing 最佳艺术酒店: 格瑞斯酒店 The Grace Beijing — formerly known as ‘Yi House’ — is a stylish, inventive and truly ‘Beijing’ addition to Epoque Hotel’s Luxury boutique collection. Situated right in the heart of the industrial art production village of 798 (‘the art district’), there is never a shortage of inspiring and provocative contemporary Chinese art galleries, graffiti and sculptures in the neighbourhood. The hotel interior is equally atmospheric, with Banksy prints on elevator doors, hanging contemporary tapestries from rural China and wall size spiritual photography. Rooms are large with a wonderful array of magazines, flat screen TV and wifi — not to mention a fantastic sunken bath. Staff are relaxed and helpful (to the point of buying congee for guests who missed dinner). Given the owner lives in France, it’s no surprise that Parisian touches like roses at check-in and complimentary fruit and wine are present, too. It’s a good thing there’s also a convenient little gym, because the unlimited breakfast cannot be skipped! From pork dumplings to raspberry bircher muesli, the kitchen will not disappoint an early riser before their day of art scouting. If you want to be immersed in art and great service, Grace Beijing is for you.


现已更名为格瑞斯酒店的一驿酒店是一家充满格调、创意 和纯正北京味的酒店,并且是由Epoque酒店所挑选的豪 华精品酒店之一。位于798艺术区的中心,那里满是充满 了创意和前卫的当代中国艺术廊以及周边的涂鸦和雕塑。 酒店的内部同样充满艺术氛围,电梯上印有班克西的作 品,空中悬挂着来自中国农村的当代挂毯和墙面一般大的 灵魂摄影作品。房间非常宽敞,有着丰富的杂志、纯平电 视和Wifi,再加上完美的浴缸。工作人员都十分轻松、乐 于助人,甚至到了为错过晚餐的客人买粥的地步。因为酒 店的拥有者来自法国,前台的玫瑰、房间里的水果和红酒 这些充满巴黎气息的东西的存在也便不足为奇了。 好消息是这里同样有一个非常便捷的小健身房,因为这里 的自助早餐绝对不能错过。从猪肉水饺到覆盆子麦果,应 有尽有,早起的人在去探访艺术区前绝对不会失望。如果 你想要被笼罩在艺术气息和优质服务中的话,一驿酒店是 你不二的选择。

Grace Beijing, Jiuxianqiao Lu, 2 Hao Yuan, 798 Yishu Qu, 706 Hou Jie 1 Hao Beijing 100015 P.R. China Tel 电话:  +86 10 6436 1818 Fax 传真: +86 10 6438 1810 Email 电子邮件: Images courtesy of Epoque Hotels

Best Historical Retreat:

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing

最富历史气息酒店: 安缦颐和酒店 一走进充满怪石的院子,随着吹过石墙的风,你立刻就能 感受到它的过往。环绕湖、山、庙、石桥的无尽小路使颐 和园的美丽可以媲美日内瓦湖。此时如果配上一串糖葫芦 就更好了。就像导游所说的,你可以拍照留念,但照片留 不住这段经历。 在闲逛了之后,我们向你推荐安缦的茶艺。这其中包括了 一系列的传统点心,如芋头糕、绿豆香草布丁、糯米滋、 芝麻酥鸡和鲜橙汁或菊花茶,以及蒸的点心或松饼。茶水 装在一个壶嘴有一米长的茶壶中,斟茶的人像击剑运动员 拿着剑一样拿着茶壶,并跳着惊险但让人赞叹不已的舞 蹈。 酒店在满客的情况下依旧十分安静。俱乐部的会籍十分超 值,有一间高档的健身房、一间普拉提房、一座室内温 泉、Spa、一个闲适的图书馆、休闲酒吧,甚至还有一个 室内电影院,放映好莱坞经典和最新大片。难怪这家酒店 是对于无论是热爱古迹还是追求闲适的人来说,都是顶级 的享受。

Enter the Aman’s vast stone courtyard and you will instantly sense its past, as lakeside winds whistle beyond terracotta walls… Easily equal in beauty to Lake Geneva, the endless routes around the spectacular lake, mountains, temples and stone arch bridges of the Summer Palace are breathtaking. They are especially enjoyable with tang hu lus (sour candied plums)… As our helpful guide remarked: “You can take a picture, but it will never capture the experience.” After a stroll, we recommend the Aman tea ceremony. This boasts an array of traditional snacks such as taro cakes, green bean-vanilla pudding, glutinous rice with sweet paste, chicken sesame puffs and pitchers of fresh orange juice or chrysanthemum tea, followed by steaming dim sum or scones. Tea arrives in a kettle with a metre-long spout, in an alarming yet awe-inspiring dance around the shoulders of the pourer, like a fencer with a sword.

Aman at Summer Palace, 1 Gongmenqian Street, Summer Palace, Beijing, PRC 100091 中国北京颐和园宫门前街1号 邮编:100091 Tel 电话: (86) 10 5987 9999 China toll-free: 中国免费电话 1 800 990 9990 Fax 传真:  (86) 10 5987 9900 Email 电子邮件: Images courtesy of Aman Hotels

Even fully occupied, the hotel remains quietly evocative. Clubhouse membership is a worthy aspiration, with a state of the art gym, Pilates studio, indoor stone heated pool, an impressive spa, cosy library, reflection bar and even an in-house cinema, screening Hollywood classics and new releases. No wonder this hotel is our top China retreat for heritage and comfort lovers alike! 81

All Aboard!

Beijing to Shanghai by Rail The bullet train departure from Beijing South is swift, though tickets must be purchased in advance for 500800 RMB, depending on when you travel (trains depart hourly). Wave goodbye to the bright, traditional architecture, candied fruit on sticks, cyclists and brilliant blue skies of Beijing — in approximately five hours, you’ll be in Shanghai! Five hours may be double the flying time, but that’s also under half the flight fare and less than a third of the time it once took to travel between these great cities. Time flies by as fast as the spectacular meadow and mountain scenery, with a good book or work to catch up on. Seats are comfortable with ample legroom, movies, snacks and even full meals available. While refreshments won’t be Michelin-starred, they do the job — and you’ll soon arrive at Hongqiao station in the heart of Shanghai with far tastier treats (xiao long bao…). Why waste money on tasteless plane or train food anyway? Overall, if life’s a journey, this route rocks.

全员登车! 从北京到上海——— 铁路直达 从北京南站开出的高铁非常快速,尽管需要提前订票, 而且根据不同的出发时间要花上500到800人民币。和北 京的传统建筑、水果串、自行车和蓝天挥手告别,只需 大概5个小时就能到达上海。 5个小时可能要花搭乘飞机一倍的时间,但是票价也便 宜一倍,况且现在所需的时间仅仅是过去的三分之一。 带上一本好书或者完成一件未完成的工作,顺便看看窗 外美景,时间会过得很快。 座位非常舒适,有着宽大的腿部空间,放映的电影很一 般,但是有零食甚至是正餐供应。食物的品质当然比不 上米其林星级餐厅,但是足以用来果腹。很快便到达了 位于上海市中心的虹桥站,那里有美味许多的小笼包。 所以为什么要在食之无味的飞机或是火车餐上浪费钱 呢?总而言之,如果说生活是一段旅行,那么这段路线 就完美了。

82 Clipart courtesy FCIT

Best Art & Business Hotel:

Jia, Shanghai

最佳艺术商务酒店: 上海JIA精品酒店 From the moment you step into the eclectic China-inspired lobby of Jia (‘home’) and let your tired shoes sink into its velvety carpet, the bustling streets of central Jing An are left behind. Unlike many hotels, Jia doesn’t feel like one. The ambience is contemporary yet cosy, like staying with an old friend who just got promoted, with a swanky new pad in Shanghai… This stylish ‘home away from home’ boasts impressive attention to detail, from the luxurious design to the quirky artworks. As with any good home, Jia does great breakfasts, including fresh hot bread. Green apples, tea, coffee, bottled water and biscotti are in the lounge all day, with cupcakes at tea time and wine and cheese at 6… Work it off at Jia’s small, but well-appointed gym. The hotel also offers a fullyequipped business centre with two offices and a boardroom, plus wifi throughout. The Hecker Phelan & Guthrie-designed rooms have deep porcelain bathtubs and offer all forms of entertainment, from plasma TVs with cable (including international news), to Shanghai monopoly, wifi and a Mao quote book. Best of all, for anyone who misses these candies from childhood, there’s always a bowl of White Rabbits. For a traveller alone or on business, it’s these personal touches that count. 一当你踏上天鹅绒的地毯,走进JIA酒店那充满中国风的时 尚大堂,静安区街道上的喧嚣便不见了踪影。而且不像其 它酒店,JIA给人的感觉不像酒店,更像是一个现代而闲适 的地方,可以和刚刚得到晋升的朋友聊聊天。 这种宾至如归的感觉从奢华的设计到独特的艺术品,将对 细节的专注发挥到了极致。就像温暖的家一样,JIA提供的 早餐也非常棒,包括新鲜出炉的面包。休息室里全天提供 青苹果、茶、咖啡、纯净水和意大利薄饼,在下午茶时间 还有蛋糕,到了6点还有红酒和奶酪供应。你同样可以在 JIA小而精悍的健身房里做做运动。酒店同样提供完善的商 务中心,内有两间办公室和一间会议室,均有Wifi网络覆 盖。 由Hecker Phelan & Guthrie设计的房间内装有瓷质浴缸, 并提供各式娱乐,从可以收看国际台的等离子电视到上海 版地产大亨、Wifi和毛主席语录。最妙之处在于,房间里 有一大碗大白兔奶糖提供给怀念童年的糖果的客人。对于 旅客或是商务住客来说,这种私密的感觉是十分重要的。

Jia Hotel, 931 West Nanjing Road (Entrance on Taixing Road), Shanghai 200041 上海市静安区南京西路931号邮政编码: 200041 Tel 电话 : 86 21 6217 9000 Fax 传真 : 86 21 6287 9001 Email电子邮件 (bookings) (enquiries) Images courtesy of Jia Hotel


Best Romantic Getaway:

Amanfayun, Hangzhou

最佳浪漫酒店: 杭州安缦法云酒店 隐匿于环绕着雾蒙蒙的杭州的茶山之中,安 缦法云酒店距离快节奏的上海只需一小时火 车的车程,但是却感觉是完全不同的世界。 酒店位于一座翻新的700年古城,四周环绕 着竹林、茶树、栗子树和木兰树。这个村庄 处在七座寺庙中间,因此经常有僧侣走过两 面挂着灯笼的石子路。 这就像一段回到过去的精神旅程,但却同 时又现代的舒适相伴。房间非常舒适、宽 敞、温暖,用传统的榆木家具,还包括水 台、大浴缸和地暖。你可以在Hangzhou House(安缦法云的酒吧和餐厅)、Tea House、Vegetarian House或是Steam House里尝到所有你想要的美食。也可以通 过提前安排吃到当地居民纯正的家常菜,绝 对是一段在家享受不到的经历。 在这里,总会有人来为你安排下一段旅程。 我们推荐在神秘的西湖上欣赏值得铭记一生 的日出并享用中式早餐。晚起的游客同样可 以乘着小船穿过湖面上的浮萍和柳枝掩映中的小岛。杭州 同样因龙井茶而闻名,采茶也很有乐趣。在泳池或是Spa 中放松一下,享受一下竹炭按摩。如果有需要,这里同样 有健身房和Wifi,但是在如此浪漫的地方做这些事未免也 太浪费了。

Nestled in the rolling tea mountains of misty Hangzhou, Amanfayun may be just an hour by train from fast-paced Shanghai, but it feels a world away… Amanfayun sits within a secluded, 700 year-old refurbished village, with ancient cobbled pathways surrounded by bamboo groves, tea fields, chestnut and magnolia trees. The village is between seven temples, so monks frequently pass its lantern-lined streets. It feels like a spiritual journey back in time, with every conceivable modern comfort along the way… Rooms are soothing, spacious and warmly lit, with traditional Elm furnishings, giant baths and under-floor heating. You can find your favourite comfort foods at Hangzhou House (Amanfayun’s East meets West bar and bistro), along with the Tea, Vegetarian and Steam Houses. An authentic, home-cooked dinner can even be arranged with village locals, too, for an experience you won’t get at home that is bound to inspire you.

Amanfayun, 22 Fayun Nong, Xihujiedao, Xihufengjingmingshen District 310013 浙江省杭州市 邮政编码: 310013 0571-87329999 Tel  电话:    (94) 777 743500 Fax  传真:   (94) 112 555922 Email 电子邮件: Images Courtesy of Aman Hotels


Here, there is always someone to help plan your next adventure. We recommend the Chinese Breakfast on the mystical Westlake (a memory of a lifetime while watching the sunrise) or being punted on small boats through lotus lilies and willow-lined islands. Hangzhou is also famous for Longjing green tea, especially rejuvenating after a swim in the pool, or a bamboo massage. There is a gym and wifi — but such un-Zen activities would be a waste of this Chinese paradise. For a rustic escape from 21st century stress, this is our top pick.

Best Fun With Friends:

The Waterhouse, South Bund (Shanghai)

最佳“与好友享乐” 的酒店:南外滩水舍

Edgy and inviting, The Waterhouse exemplifies minimalist chic and cosy comfort, with exposed brick walls, warm woods, soft white finishes and delightful rose-scented marshmallows or sugared shortbread delivered daily to your room. The bath is deep and giving, but bathroom walls are transparent — so ensure you are comfortable with your travel buddy! This Bund-side location couldn’t be better. Wander up to Guangdong Lu by night for panoramic, glittering views of Pudong’s skyline and an array of inexpensive Xinjiang and Sichuan culinary options. Alternatively, dine in at Table No.1, with the former Executive and Head Chefs of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Maze. Their concept is big portion, tantalising dishes to share. On special occasions, customised cakes can be created for 50 RMB. Blessedly, breakfast is not strictly timed — guests can eat as late as 11. Enjoy walnut toast and honey yoghurt in the Parisian-style courtyard before embarking north along the Bund towards Nanjing Lu… then let the shopping commence!

“我们所做的就是打破常规。”南外滩水舍的行政助理 Thomas Ang如是说。前卫而吸引人,水舍为人们展现了极 简的舒适,有着裸露的砖墙、温暖的木头、纯白的抛光材 料、玫瑰香的棉花糖和每天送到房间的糖酥饼。浴缸非常舒 适,但是浴室的门是透明的,所以要确保你不介意与你同行 的朋友! 酒店在外滩岸边的地理位置绝佳,晚上一路沿着广东路走, 欣赏浦东天际线的全景,品尝廉价的新疆菜和四川菜。另一 个选择是在Table No.1享用戈登·拉姆齐的餐厅Maze前大厨 们的食物。他们的概念是提供大份食物给客人分享。在特殊 场合,花50人民币可以订做蛋糕。 幸运的是,吃早餐的时间不是很紧,到11点仍有早餐供 应。“我们不想因为客人要休息而让他们没早餐吃”,Ang 说道,“毕竟这是度假的关键所在。”在巴黎风格的庭院里 享用杏仁吐司和蜂蜜酸奶,然后在沿着外滩向西走到南京 路———开始购物吧!

The Waterhouse, 1-3 Maojiayuan Road, Shanghai 200011, China 上海市黄浦区毛家园路1-3号 Tel 电话: (86) 21 6080 2988 Fax 传真: (86) 21 6080 2999 Images courtesy of The Waterhouse South Bund




If you’re a snowglobe fan, iTree from SodaScope is one you can play with in your hand. Shake your iPhone to animate the snow and rotate the tree angle to make it fall in different directions!

Christmas!! is everything you need to get though the festivities — with a Christmas countdown, gift lists, games, wallpapers, jokes and many more. As with the best things in life, it’s free.

如 果 你 喜 欢 玩 雪 球 , 那 么 来 自 Soda S c o p e 的 i Tr e e 是 你 可 以 放 在 手 中 把 玩 的 雪 球 。 轻 轻 摇 晃 一 下 你 的 iPhone来 模拟一场大雪,以不同的角度使树 倾斜来让雪球从不同的方向落下。

在Christmas!!你可以找到和节日有关的一 切——圣诞节倒计时、礼品清单、游戏、 壁纸、笑话等等。而且更好的一点是,这 款应用是免费的。

App-y Christmas

——与应用程序 一起圣诞狂欢吧 By Agnes Haryuni

Christmas Camera

Dinner Spinner

Like to play around with your holiday pictures? Try this Christmas Camera app from CocoaTek, and add Santa hats, snow, mistletoe and other festive elements!

This app has a large collection of recipes to help you with your Christmas dinner, complete with a nutrition list. Just shake your iPhone and a random recipe will appear! snow, mistletoe and other festive elements!

如果你喜欢摆弄你假期里拍的照片, 那就尝试一下CocoaTek出品的Christmas Camera应用吧,这是一款照片处理程序, 你可以在照片上加上圣诞帽、雪花、槲寄 生和其它节日元素!


这款应用内置许多菜谱来帮助你准备圣诞 晚餐,并附有营养价值表。如果想要随机 选择一个菜谱,只需轻轻摇晃你的iPhone即 可。


(Available for iPhone)

Have you ever thought of making an artistic video à la Wong Kar Wai? Splice may well make your dream come true! This App allows you to create and edit videos using a wide variety of special effects such as transitions, slow motion, fast forward and sound effects. It also allows you to edit artistic photos or videos made by other popular photo or video apps with filter features. You can then share your great work with friends through social networking platforms. Have fun! 你有否想过像王家卫导演那样拍摄一段充满艺术色彩的 影片? Splice程式也许可让你梦想成真!它具备了多项 基本剪接功能,例如过场效果、快镜、慢镜以及加插背 景音乐等等。你也可先利用其他具有滤镜功能的摄影或 影片程式拍摄相片或短片,然後使用Splice进行後期剪 接,最後把作品上载到社交网站与朋友分享,一嚐成为 大导演的滋味!


Apps By: Ernest Chan (

Documents (mobile office suite) (for iPhone and iPad)

If you find yourself becoming more dependent on your mobile device to handle your daily tasks such as checking business emails and searching for information, then the Documents App, quite aptly subtitled ‘Office Mobile Suite’, is a must-have item for you. This highly practical App allows you to edit and manage texts and spreadsheets; not only can the files be opened using commonly used programs such as MS Office Word, Excel, Open Office and Numbers, they can also be synchronised easily between your computer and your mobile device by means of wifi. Paid App also offers features including ‘photo album’ and ‘instant email’. In fact, I wrote this very passage using Documents in a café when I was expecting a meeting with a client! 假如你发现自己愈来愈经常使用如手提电话等流动装置来处 理日常工作,例如收发公司电邮或搜寻资料等等,这套名副 其实的「流动办公室」程式便是你随身必备的物品。 这套名为Documents的实用程式可以处理简单的文书或电子 表格,而使用这套程式编辑的档案除了可以使用常用的 MS Office Word, Excel, Open Office及Numbers等软件来读取外, 更可透过Wifi轻易地在你的电脑与流动装置之间传送、上载 和下载。Documents的收费版本更提供相簿及发送电邮等功 能。事实上,这篇文章正是我在咖啡店等候一位客户时使用 Documents撰写的!


(for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone)

Pulse is an RSS news reading application, noted for its very delicately and nicely designed interface. Smartly utilising the feature of ‘segmented control’ in mobile devices, the App enables users to preview different categories of news feeds in just one screen. It makes browsing much more convenient than traditional applications which require users to click into the categories one by one. Pulse features pre-loaded categories of world news for you to choose from. If you are used to reading daily news from websites with RSS, I recommend you to add it to Pulse. It is pretty simple: find your desired website by using the ‘search’ function inside the App, add it and whew, it’s done! Spend a few minutes with this prize-winning App every day and you will be on top of what is going on in all corners of the world! Pulse是一套运用「简易资讯聚合」规範(RSS)的新闻阅读程 式。它的最大特色是一个设计十分细緻及漂亮的介面,透过 善用「分割画面」功能,让用家能在一个画面内检视不同来 源和种类的新闻资讯,较传统的逐层选择方便得多。 Pulse预载了很多国际新闻资讯的网站连结以供选择。如果你 习惯每天在网上阅读一些网站的RSS资讯,我会建议你把该 些网站加进Pulse之中,它附有搜寻功能,输入关键字便可找 到全球各地的资讯网站。你每天只要花一点时间使用这套曾 经获奖的程式,便可对世界每个角落的最新动态瞭如指掌!


On the 100th birthday of China as a Republic, we look back on (some of) the events that shaped the Nation 在中国结束封建统治走向共和100 周年之际,我们来回顾一下比较有 代表性的一些事件。

1911 • The last Emperor dies, the ailing Qing dynasty is overthrown and China becomes a republic. • Dr. Sun Yet Sen — who spent years living in London and Japan in exile after attempting to topple the Qing government — returns. • 封建王朝最后一位君主去世,清王朝结束统 治,中国进入共和国时代。 • 曾试图颠覆清政府、在伦敦和日本旅居多年 的孙中山先生回国。

China: 100 Years 中国一百年

1912 • Guangdong-born Sun Yat Sen becomes the first President of China. • 广东籍的孙中山成为中国第一任总统。 1926 • A rural insurrection is staged by peasants and Communist Party members in Hunan Province, led by a soldier named Mao Zedong... • There are now three capitals: the internationally recognised capital of the Republic in Beijing, the CPC headquarters in Wuhan and the right wing KMT headquarters at Nanjing. • 湖南省爆发由农民和共产党成员主导的起义, 领导者是一名士兵,他就是毛泽东。

• 中国当时有三个首都:国际上承认的首都北


京、共产党的总部武汉和右翼国民党的总部 南京。

1949 • On April 21, the CPC’s Red Army crosses the Yangtze River and on April 23, captures KMT headquarters, Nanjing. • Having defeated the KMT in every other part of the country, the CPC becomes the official government of China • A Proclamation of the People’s Republic of China (‘PRC’) is made by Mao Zedong. Mao becomes the new Head of State. • Beijing officially becomes the capital. • Foot binding for all women of all ages is banned.

1927 • CPC activists retreat to the country. They craft a military revolt beginning in Nanchang on August 1, sparking a ten-year civil war. • 共产党在国内发动起义,与8月1日在南昌发 起军事起义,开始了十年内战。

• 4月21日,红军跨过了扬子江并于4月23日攻占 了国民党总部南京。 • 中国共产党在全面击败国民党之后成为了中国官 方意义上的政府。 • 中华人民共和国由国家主席毛泽东宣布成立。 • 北京正式成为首都。 • 妇女裹足的陋俗被全面禁止。

1937 • In the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Communists (CPC) and Nationalists unite to defeat a greater enemy: Japan. • 国共两党在第二次世界大战日本侵华战争中 合作对抗日本。

1945 • Japan declares unconditional surrender. The Second World War ends. • Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong attend post-war peace negotiations on August 28. Both sides seek peaceful reconstruction, to no avail… • 日本宣布投降,第二次世界大战结束。 • 蒋介石和毛泽东参加了与8月28日的战后和


1946 • All-out civil war between the Communists and Nationalists resumes. • 国共两党再次开始内战。


1978-79 • Gai ge kai fang: Deng’s “Open up and reform” policies and “socialism with Chinese characteristics” are officially implemented. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) offering tax benefits to foreign investors to set up factories- Shenzhen is the first. More factories are built- a new ‘Made in China’ era of production begins. • Pinyin — phonetic spelling for Chinese characters — is introduced. . • 邓小平的『改革开放』和『中国特色社会』主义正式推行。经济

特区(如深圳等)的设立和税务优惠吸引了大批海外投资 ─ 随着工 厂数目不断攀升,『中国制造』的年代迅速崛起。 • 汉语拼音系统正式推行。

1977 • University entrance examinations are re-introduced. • Deng Xiaoping becomes the de-facto leader of the CPC. • 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 (高考) 正式恢复运作。 • 邓小平成为共产党执政领袖。

1976 • Mao Zedong dies in September, aged 82. Deng Xiaoping returns from exile. The Cultural Revolution ends. • 毛泽东於该年九月逝世,终年82岁。邓小平结束 流亡生涯,文化大革命终。

1974 • A “Terracotta Army” of thousands of statues is discovered in a Xi’an tomb. • 逾千个秦代兵马佣在西安出土。。 1950 • Arranged marriages and polygamy are banned under Marriage Law. • China and the Soviet Union sign the ‘Sino-Soviet Treaty of Alliance, Friendship and Mutual Assistance.’ • Chairman Mao adopts a pro-natalist population policy (until 1955). • Land reforms strengthen farmers’ rights and im prove food security. • 包办婚姻与一夫多妻制被立法禁止。 • 中方和苏联签署了中苏友好同盟互助条约。 • 毛泽东推行了鼓励生育人口政策 (至1955年止) 。 • 土地改革运动改善了农民的权益和农业生产力。


1979 • The US and China establish diplomatic relations — President Jimmy Carter visits China, the first official U.S. diplomatic visit. • 中美双方建立良好外交关系─ 美国总统吉米•卡特正式 来访中国,是美国首次外交到访。

1982 • China’s population reaches 1 billion. • 中国人口达到十亿。

1971 • U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, visits China in secret. • 美国国务秘书,亨利•基辛格,秘密到访中国。 1970 • The first Chinese satellite launches into space. • 中国首次发射人造卫星。 1966-1976 • Mao is named Supreme Commander of the army and nation. The Cultural Revolution begins — an ideological cleansing to remove ‘bourgeois’ influences… • 毛泽东成为国家和军队的最高指挥官,文化大革 命掀起序幕 ─ 一场理想化的大清洗行动,意欲驱 逐西方资产阶级思想的影响。

1966 • Chairman Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ is first published. It is required that every citizen read, carry and cite quotations from it. • 集结了毛泽东语录的『红宝书』初次出版。全国 上下均被要求学习毛主席着作,人手一册。

1964 • The first nuclear bomb is tested in China • 中国测试了第一颗原子弹。 1960 • Between 1960 and 1972, more than 300 million babies are born… China’s population growth peaks. • 在1960年和1972年期间,超过三亿人出生。中 国人口增长面临顶峰。

1958 • Mao’s Great Leap Forward campaign to develop industry and agriculture launches. China is divided into communes, their 700 million inhabitants encouraged to beat production targets. Steel output rises by 11 million tonnes...

1959 • While steel quantity increased, not enough is usable. Preoccupation with steel and severe drought mean only 170 million tonnes of grain are harvested for the population… Mao resigns as Head of State, but remains popular with the people, earning him the Chairman position.

• 毛泽东发动了大跃进建设运动,意欲推动工业和

• 虽然钢铁产量迅速增加,然而,大多均为废铁。 钢铁业

农业的急速发展。中国被划分为不同行政区,七 亿人口面对着高产量指标。钢铁出口迅速增加至 一千一百万公吨。

消耗的资源和大旱灾令饥荒出现,全国只 得1.7亿吨粮食 出产。毛泽东退居二綫,但人民的爱戴令他得到主席的职 衔。


1995 • The Ministry of Education introduces a minimum ‘9 years of Education’. • Lifestyle magazines arrive in China, promoting a new im age of ‘elegant career women’. • 教育部推行了九年义务教育。 • 时尚生活杂志登录中国,积极宣扬『优雅事业女性』的崭新 形象。

1997 • Deng Xiaoping dies. Public outpourings of grief are almost equal to the reaction to Mao’s death. • Hong Kong returns to China on June 30th, Handover Day. • A series of currency devaluations send Asian markets into turmoil on July 1, triggering the Asian Financial crisis .• 邓小平死亡。国民的哀恸几与毛泽东逝世比拟。 • 七月一日,香港正式回归中国。 • 热钱涌入了亚洲各大金融市场,大规模的货币贬值,引发了 金融风暴。

2001 • Beijing is awarded the 2008 Olympic games. • China joins the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after a 15-year diplomatic campaign. Foreign direct investment floods in. .• 北京成功申办2008年奥运会。 .• 经过十五年的努力,中国成功加入世界贸易组织,外来投

1989 • Shenzhen and Shanghai’s stock markets open for trading. • 深圳和上海的证券交易所开张。


1992 • Exclusive retailer Louis Vuitton and luxury pen-maker, Mont Blanc, open their first stores in China. Today, both brands are consistently rated as Chinese consumer favourites. • 高级精品品牌路易·威登和名贵钢笔品 牌MontBlanc於中国开设首家专门店。

2003 • The SARS outbreak quickly spreads through the country and the world, taking over 700 lives. .• 非典型肺炎的爆发迅速蔓延至全国以及全世界,逾700人 死亡。

直到今天,它们仍然深受中国人的欢 迎。


2004 • 224 million people are lifted out of poverty since 1978, as more migrant workers from rural areas benefit from China’s manufacturing boom. .• 自1978年起,随着工业化的步伐,逾2.24亿人口脱贫。 2008 • Tragedy strikes in Sichuan as a 7.9 magnitude quake (the Wenchuan earthquake 汶川大地震) takes 68,000 lives. • More than half the World’s population (4 billion people) tune-in to the Beijing Olympics. • Lehmann Brothers collapses, marking the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. China spends 4 trillion yuan in stimulus to boost domestic demand. • China’s population reaches 1.3 billion. • 7.9级的汶川大地震夺去了68, 000条生命,悲伤 笼罩着四川。

• 世界逾一半人口(四十亿)关注着北京奥运。 • ���曼兄弟的破产见证着金融危机的诞生。中国花 了四万亿人民币用於刺激本地经济。

• 中国人口达到十三亿。


2011 • On February 14, China overtakes Japan to become the world’s second largest economy, worth $5.8 trillion. • Around 300 million Chinese have disposable incomes to purchase discretionary items that were unaffordable just one decade ago, according to Forbes — a middle class roughly equivalent to the population of America. • 在本年二月十四日,中国正式超越日本,成为世 界第二大经济体,总值5.8万亿。

• 约三亿人口现已有能力作非必要的购物,是十年

前无法想像到的光境, ─ 中产阶级的数目与美国 人口大概相等。



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