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YOUR FATE IN THE YEAR OF THE WATER DRAGON 龙年预测 Celebrating at Home with Simple (and Stylish) Festive Recipes 留家庆新春




Aeris what’s in?

Jan-FeB 2012 ART 艺术 15 20

RED ART And Sculptures 红色画作及雕塑 Art-vestment Tips 艺术投资窍门


Chinese Media Faces 媒体上的中国脸孔 All Cashed up and Nowhere to Give: The Lai See Forward 有钱不知该往哪里花?!利市新气象

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The Dragon to Come 龙年预测 Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 Horoscopes 2012 龙年12生肖运程

TRAVEL 旅游 25 49

Lightfoot Travel 轻松自由行 Awesome Amsterdam 迷幻之城——阿姆斯特丹

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Investment In Focus: Teas for Wealth (which to buy into & why) 投资焦点: 创造财富的茶 (该如何选择:哪种?原因?)


Celebrating at home 留家庆新春

TECH 科技 32 46

China’s Innovation Journey 中国创新历程


UnYOUsual products review

All New Apps + Tech-cessories 全新的 Apps + 「科技装饰品」 「定制属于你的配件」重温

FASHION 时尚 22 42

Return of Craft: Art Jewelry 手工艺的回归:艺术手饰 Designed in China 中国设计: candy&caviar


Amanda is an aspiring dermatologist who recently completed her degree in Medicine & Surgery in England. Raised in London and Hong Kong, she started working as a part-time model with Elite Model Management at the age of 16. Drawing on her experiences in modelling, fashion and internet publishing, she founded AERIS Magazine in 2010. 她最近在英国完成了医药及内外全科医学士学位, 是一个有志向的皮肤科医生。她在伦敦和香港长 大,十六岁时以在Elite Model Management 当兼职 模特儿开始她的事业。得到模特儿、潮流时尚和网 页出版的经验,她在2010年创办了Aeris Magazine.

CHONG SHAO (DEPUTY EDITOR) Chong is completing his law degree at the University of Sydney, with an unusual fondness for editing and proofreading. Always keen to learn and experience new things, his interests include travel, philosophy, politics and psychology. In his spare time Chong is a passionate but mediocre musician on vocals and the drums. Chong在悉尼大学完成了法律学位,对编辑和校对有 着特别的兴趣。常常喜欢学习新事物,他的兴趣包括 旅游、哲学、政治和心理学。在空余时间Chong是一 个充满热情但平凡的声乐及鼓音乐家。


Grace graduated with double Bachelors of International Studies/ Law from Sydney University. She gained journalistic experience at Star World, APV, Channel Seven, CNN and Bloomberg. Raised in Hong Kong, Grace speaks fluent Mandarin and is passionate about business, people, fashion and art. 在悉尼大学的国际研究及法律双学位毕业。她在Star World, APV, Channel Seven, CNN和 Bloomberg得到了 资讯传播的经验。在香港长大,Grace能说流利的普 通话和对商业、人物、潮流和艺术充满热情。


Cherry was born in Hong Kong but has lived in Sydney, York (UK), Beijing, and Lima. As a Cantonese, English and Mandarin speaker she enjoys learning about different cultures and travelling. She enjoys salsa dancing and meeting new people. Her work experience has ranged from selling in the top recyclable ink cartridge company in China to caregiving for children in Peru. 她在香港出生,但曾在悉尼、纽克、北京及利马居 住。能说广东话、英语及普通话,她享受学习新文 化和旅游。她也享受跳萨尔萨舞及结识新朋友。她 的工作经验的范围包括从在中国顶尖的可回收墨盒 公司当销售到在秘鲁照顾小孩。



在香港出生及长大,她正在伦敦的中央圣马丁艺术 与设计学院修读图像设计。她是一个自由设计师, 并且对不同文化背后的视觉语言怀有浓厚兴趣。

是一个对美食及旅游充满热情的工程师,并曾经为 伦敦帝国学院校报撰写文章。曾在伦敦及墨尔本居 住的他现居于阿姆斯特丹。作为一个化学工程师, 他不时为国际计划撰写文章。



Jessica was born and raised in Hong Kong, is currently studying Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins, London. She works as a freelance designer and is interested in the visual language behind different cultures.

Ernest obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong. He is an accountant by profession and, motivated by his immense interest in new technology, has established Oats and Barley, a digital marketing consulting agency. His many hobbies include travelling and sports. Ernest於香港大学的工商管理学士学位毕业。他本 身拥有専业会计的资格,源於他热爱新科技的推动 下,Ernest合资成立了Oats and Barley,一间数字营销 (Digital Marketing)的顾问公司。他的兴趣很广泛,其 中包括旅遊及运动。

Christopher is an engineer with a passion for food and travel who formerly wrote for the Imperial College newspaper. Having lived in London and Melbourne he is now living in Amsterdam and writes in between international projects as a chemical engineer.

Sophie was born and raised in Hong Kong, before graduating with a Master of Strategic Public Relations from the University of Sydney. With a passion for hiking, politics and new places, her work experience includes Burson-Marsteller, Hong Kong Disneyland and Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. 在悉尼和波士顿完成商业学士学位之前,在香港出 生和长大。她现在正在读策略性公共关系硕士。她 的工作经验包括Burson-Marsteller, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hongkong Land, Jardine Airport Services Group and the Mandarin Oriental.




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On THE COVER COVER ILLUSTRATION BY BEATRICE WANG Beatrice is an Undergraduate Student of Illustration at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Often working with a combination of ink and digital mediums, her broad and exaggerate brush strokes are direct influences of the work of French fashion illustrator, René Gruau. From fashion illustrations to magazine covers, much of her work is themed around postmodern interpretations of Asian culture, celebrating the fusion of East and West.

BEATRICE WANG:封面插图 Beatrice是伦敦中央圣马汀艺术设计学 院的插图系本科生。常常利用墨水和 数码媒体混合作画的她受法国潮流插 画大师René Gruau的影响而有着宽阔 而夸张的笔触。从潮流插画到杂志封 面,她的作品主题大多围绕着对亚洲 文化的后现代诠释,及赞颂中西文化 的结合。


January- February 2012

Dear readers, Xin nian kuai le! It is with great excitement and anticipation that we welcome in the Year of the Dragon and all that it will hold for us and for the World. From the creative realm, we are delighted to share the latest on art investment trends and introduce new emerging Chinese artists, many of whom come from small provinces but are making names for themselves at auctions in New York and London. We whisk you away to Amsterdam, Europe’s city of indulgence and intrigue. From candle-lit canal dinners, to meat markets that would convert a vegan and our choice hotel that will charm you to your toes, it’s a journey not to be missed. In all things edible, we show you how easy it is to whip up a traditional Chinese New Year feast for friends. We also take a look at the latest addition to alternative investment brewing for 2012 — tea. In Fashion, we talk to candy&caviar founder, Candy Lin. She tells us how her ‘factory floor education’ just outside Beijing led her to compete against designers from top design schools and sell high-quality hoodies to Hollywood... In Technology, we debate whether Beijing can be the next Silicon Valley and whether China can become an innovator, with insight from industry leaders in China and Scandinavia, plus intellectual property expertise from Hong Kong. Finally, we meet China’s media faces with a global voice. Given it wasn’t long ago when news was almost always delivered by Caucasian faces, we asked two Chinese anchors on international networks to share their journey to the camera. And if you’re all cashed up with nowhere to give, we’ve got three great charities worthy of your attention: we’ve done our due diligence, summarised their goals and how your spare lai see contribution can help achieve them!

新年快乐!带着喜悦和期待,我们即将迎来龙年。 在艺术创意版块,我们很高兴地于大家分享在艺术品投 资方面的新动向,并且向大家介绍几位新晋的中国艺术 家。他们当中的许多人都来自小城市,但是却在纽约和 伦敦的拍卖会上扬名。 我们带您游览令人陶醉的阿姆斯特丹,河上的烛光晚 餐、足以让素食主义者动心的肉食和令人流连的精品酒 店。这是一段绝对不容错过的旅程。 我们还将向您展示如何用简单的材料来做出一顿传统的 年夜饭。我们也会看一看最新的一种投资品,且将在 2012年兴起,那就是茶叶。 在时尚版块,我们采访了Candy&Caviar的创始人Candy Lin。她告诉了我们她当年在北京工厂内受到的教育是 如何让她和顶级设计学院的设计师竞争,并且在好莱坞 售出她的高质量卫衣的。 在科技版块,我们关于北京是否能成为下一个硅谷、中 国能否成为一个创新的国家展开了讨论。参与讨论的有 中国和斯堪的纳维亚地区的业内领袖以及香港的知识产 权专家。 最后,我们会见一见在国际性媒体工作的中国人。过 去,播报新闻的是清一色的白人。我们采访了两位中国 的播音员,他们向我们分享了他们成为主持人的经历。 最后,如果您收了很多的压岁钱而不知怎么花的话,我 们给您提供三个慈善机构的信息供您选择。我们花了许 多心思,为您总结了他们的目标,并且向您展示了您的 贡献对他们会有多大的帮助。

Wishing you health, happiness, prosperity and success in 2012, 祝您在2012年身体健康,幸福美满, 兴旺发达,百举百捷!


May You Be the Best of the Dragon: Be Brave, Be Bright, Be Generous and Be True. Happy New Year! 祝你成为

「龙」 中之龙: 勇敢而精明, 慷慨而真诚。 恭贺新禧!


TREVOR LAI Host, Thoughtful China

AERIS 访问了Thoughtful China 的主持人Trevor Lai

Trevor Lai, Thoughtful China host, is also an award-winning author and illustrator, as well as the Vice President of Identica Brand Consulting, a global branding, strategy and design firm. He has published over 10 books since the age of 17, including a series for young readers based on “Ralphy the Rhino”. Raised in Canada, he studied business at Simon Fraser University and has lived in Shanghai since 2007. He greeted us warmly at Thoughtful China’s Shanghai studio in a stylish, light tan suit and was kind enough to let us watch him record a fascinating show on luxury cars versus regular car growth in China after our interview! Trevor Lai, Thoughtful China的主持人、一位得奖作家以及插图画家向我们讲述中国媒体发展得最 快的部分、版权维护以及他认为世界上观众的感受相同的原因。Trevor 同时是国际品牌建立、 策略及设计公司 Identica Brand Consulting的副主席。他自17岁起已出版超过十本着作,其中包 括一个以年幼读者为对象、及以" Ralphy the Rhino". 为主题的系列。因为在加拿大长大,他曾在 Simon Fraser University学习商业,而他从2007年起开始居住于上海。 他在Thoughtful China 在上海的时尚、浅褐色的摄影棚跟我们踫面。而在我们的访问后,他亦非 常友善的让我们看他录影一集关於豪华车子VS普通车子的精彩节目!



My belief is that audiences are all fundamentally the same. From China to America, we react to the same universal issues: love, hate, friendship, success and failure… Trevor Lai

What do you see as your role in China’s broadcasting industry? I am trying to bring a fresh perspective and approach to creating dialogue about interesting business topics in China. Can you sum up Thoughtful China as a media source in one sentence? A nexus of experts, thought leaders and brand managers offering an open and provocative dialogue about international branding and business. In what ways do you ensure entertainment and education in equal measure? It’s an evolutionary process — in the first shows, I remember being ‘neutral,’ like a facilitator, but once we got rolling with the shows, the team decided we could loosen up a bit and really interact with the guests. I enjoy being more direct — I think that makes the show both more entertaining and educational, the latter especially because we’re driving to get real answers and opinions, not human press releases… Our show producer and CEO have also been very creative and open to evolving the show at a quick pace — it’s fun to see the episodes improving from one to the next.

Trevor with Hermes CEO, Patrick Thomas

身为中国广播行业的一员,你观察到什么? 我正尝试以一种新的角度和方式去创造关于中国有趣商 业话题的对话。 你可以以一个句子总结Thoughtful China这一媒体吗? 这是一群为着名国际品牌建立及商业给予开放及启发性 意见的专家、思想领导者及品牌经理。 你怎样维持节目的娱乐性及教育性的平衡? 这是一个发展过程–


般保持中立,但当节目进行了一段时间後,我们的团队 认为可以放松一些,并且真正的和嘉宾互动。我享受表

How are Chinese audiences different from say, Canadian audiences? Broadly speaking, from my observations of the types of shows that are popular, I see a lot of similarities with TV in other markets, but perhaps at a different point in time. For example, reality TV in the US really hit its peak with American Idol etc. several years ago, but these types of shows still seem to be growing in China, as they caught the wave later. My personal belief is that audiences are all fundamentally the same. From China to America, we react to the same universal issues: love, hate, friendship, success and failure… Our show has a harder job, because we’re dealing with a professional audience and a subject matter that can’t be pure entertainment. We need to make it informative, yet entertaining at the same time. Though you never know, maybe we’ll do some singing on

现得更直接,我认为这能让节目更富娱乐和教育性。我 们想获得真实的答案和意见,而非人造的新闻稿…

们的节目制作人和总裁一直都在快速发展节目方面很具 创意以及开放。 中国的观众和其他地方如加拿大的有什么不同之处? 我从受欢迎的节目种类中观察到电视在不同市场中的相 似性,虽然那会在不同时间内发生…例如真实电视在几 年前于美国以《流行偶像》等达至高峰,但这种节目类 型在中国看似仍然在发展当中,皆因他们较迟抓住此浪 潮。所以我相信所的观众基本相同。从中国到美国,我 们都受相同的普遍问题影响:爱与恨、友谊、成与败… 我们的节目是一项更困难的工作,因为我们所面对的是 专业的观众和一个不可能光属于娱乐性质的主题。我们 需要让它具资料性,但不迷人。但你不会知道,我们或 会在某天于Thoughtful China中唱歌!


I enjoy being more direct — I think that makes the show more entertaining and educational. We’re driving for opinions, not human press releases… Trevor Lai Thoughtful China someday.

自从在2007 年搬到上海後,你看到中国传媒的最大转 变是什么?

Has copyright become easier to enforce in China? I haven’t heard of cases where copyrights are being defended more successfully, but I have seen a greater respect for intellectual property. Whether it’s payment for using fonts and images in the design industry, or even some of the intellectual property contracts I’ve signed in China for my children’s entertainment creations, I can see there has been growth in this area. To what extent has Chinese representation in the international TV networks improved? Are you seeing as many Chinese newsreaders, reporters and presenters as you feel we should be seeing today? How did that differ to when you were growing up? I think there is a much larger Chinese presence everywhere — in the global economy, the political stage, international tourism, etc — so naturally you are seeing that affect all forms of media. I’ve invested in a new media and animation company and recently watched an interview where Accel Partners (a leading venture capital firm, invested in Facebook, Angry Birds, etc) said they have more partners in China than in the US where they were founded. That’s a reflection of Chinese influence on more than just the stereotypical ‘factory’ industries, the growing presence of Chinese entrepreneurs and consumers in every major industry. As for how this differs from my childhood — I never saw a Chinese person host an English-language show about branding 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago when I first started in the marketing communications industry. We’re making progress. Which areas of journalism in China do you think are likely to expand the most next year? Interactive journalism and custom content creation are two areas that I think have potential. Even Thoughtful China’s existence and business model is a new form of journalistic enterprise that wasn’t possible 20 years ago without the internet and with the existence of monopolies on television/radio networks.


从我到来这里後,手机市场营销及社会营销就有着急剧 的发展。从来没有像现今微博般大型的社交媒体活动– 每个雇员、名人、什至一些我认识的非中国籍人士都用 微博。我认为我们可以减少很多的手机短讯广告,虽然 持续地发垃圾讯息给顾客在任何国家都不能帮助你建立 品牌。 从你在创意媒体的经验来看,维护知识产权有变得更加 容易吗(在中国)? 我没有听说过版权能被更成功地维护,但我看到人们现 在对知识产权有更大的尊重。从在设计行业中使用字体 及图像的费用,什至一些我曾经在中国签署的儿童娱乐 创作知识产权合约中,我看到在这个领域中已经有一些 发展。 你认为中国在国际新闻中的代表性已有多大程度上的 进步- 我们看到的中国记者数量已达到应有的程度吗? 我认为现在中国的事物在每个领域中都有更大的存在– 在全球经济、政治层面及国际旅游业等– 自然的这会影 响各种形式的媒体。我投资了一家新的媒体及动画公 司,而且在最近看到的一个访问中Accel Partners(一家 领先的风险投资公司,曾投资在 Facebook 及 Angr y

Birds 等)说他们在中国的合伙人比在美国-他们公司的 创立地更多。这只是其中一个中国在外国媒体上发展中 的影响力的其中一个反映。 这和你成长时有何不同? 嗯,在二十年前,什至是在十年前当我刚开始推广通讯 业时,我从没看过中国人主持关于品牌创立英语节目。 我们正在进步。 你认为中国新闻业中的哪一些领域会在明年有最大发 展? 我认为互动新闻和自定义内容都很有潜力。即使是

Thoughtful China 的存在和商业模式都是在二十年前、 没有互联网和电视/无线电广播专利权下不可能存在的 新闻企业模式 。





The articulate host of Bloomberg’s First Up talks about what it means to be a young Chinese woman delivering international news, what the biggest story of 2012 will be and what Hugo Chavez is like in person... Susan has also interviewed co-founder of Baidu Robin Li, US Ambassador to China Gary Locke and Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit. She holds an economics degree from the University of Toronto and was nominated for “Best News Anchor” at the Asian Television Awards 2008. Susan greeted me at Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club in a long sleeved, jewel purple dress and brown leather boots. With the studio makeup gone, her soft, smooth skin was lifted only by her huge smile. Immediately generous, she insisted: “order what you like, it’s on me! I like eating.” Before leaving, her producer added: “It’s true. I have never seen a woman eat so much. Her desk bin is always piled with empty congee bowls…” Bloomberg’s First Up 口齿伶俐的主持人向我们讲述由中国女性主持国际新闻网的意义、将于2012年发生的大事以及 Hugo Chavez 的为人… Susan 亦曾访问过百度的创办人Robin Li, 美国驻华大使Gary Locke 以及花旗集团的行政总裁 Vikram Pandit。 她拥有多伦多大学的经济学学位,而且曾荣获提名亚洲电视大奖2008的最佳新闻主播。 身穿长袖紫色连身裙及啡色皮靴的Susan 在香港外国记者会跟我碰面。卸下摄影棚里的妆容,她柔软、光滑的肌肤 被她灿烂的笑容提起。慷慨而直接的她坚持道:「随便点任何东西,我来付钱!我爱吃。」在离开前,他的制作人 补充:「这是真的。我从没见过一位女性能吃这么多。她的垃圾桶内常常充满了空的粥碗子…」


My own roots aside, I honestly believe that there is no bigger story today than China, whatever head line comes. Susan Li

When did you begin your career in the media? After I graduated, I started out as an editorial assistant at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I used to print the anchors’ scripts and scroll the autocue. I went on to become a research producer for their business channel and started to do a little reporting.


How was it for you when you returned to China? The last time I saw it I was 3 years old, but it’s still my home. What is strange is going ‘home’ to somewhere family no longer live… I was born in Guangzhou and when I was 2, we moved to Hong Kong for a year before Toronto. I always wanted to return to work there one day. I knew that was where the action was. So I left Toronto for a job at CCTV in Beijing.


What was CCTV like? It was great! I was there at a really exciting time — we had so much access to interviews. Everyone wants to talk to China, so they came to us rather than us calling them. We didn’t need to look far for guests. I was in my 20’s and Beijing six years ago wasn’t a bad place to be! It was a lot of fun.


Who was your most memorable interview? I would have to say Hugo Chavez. It was Christmas day in snowy Beijing and you would think that Mr Chavez would be off celebrating Christmas, but he wanted to talk! So off we went to the Diaoyutai diplomatic compound. We set up early and had an English speaking translator accompany us, though they didn’t let her into the building. Ultimately, the translator had to repeat everything he said live, through my earpiece.


毕业之后,我在CBC(加拿大广播公司)从事助理编辑。 以前我负责打印主播的稿子以及转动提示系统。然后我 成为了他们商业频道的研究制作人,并开始做一些报导 工作。 回到中国,你感觉怎么样? 而奇怪的是我要回到一个不再有家人的家…


出生,两岁时搬到香港。我常希望有一天能回到那里工 作。我认为那是一个很有推动力的地方。所以我离开了 多伦多而到了位于北京的CCTV工作。 在中央电视台工作是怎么样的? 那实在是太好了!我在一个令人振奋的时刻来到那儿

— 我们有太多的访问机会。所有人都想为着中国发表 大的力气去寻找嘉宾。我当时二十多岁,而且在六年前 置身于北京还不算一件坏事!那里有着很多乐趣。 让你感觉最印象深刻的是哪段访问? 我会说是Hugo


日。你会想 Chavez 先生可能在过圣诞假期,但他却接 受访问!所以我们到了钓鱼台外交公寓。我们很早便做 场内。最后,这位传译员得透过耳机向我重复他现场所 说的每字每句。

Hugo Chavez 本人是一个怎样的人…? 他十分友善!与他会面时他十分热情,我们亦有极好的 对话。我应说我看到的是一位总裁或调查负责人,但

Hugo 令人印象深刻。 你的典型的一天是怎样的?

What is Hugo Chavez like in person…? Really nice! When I met him he was very warm and we had a great conversation. I should probably say a CEO


我每天早上四时起床、沐浴,然后在五时到达办公室。 之后便喝咖啡及在整理头发及化妆的同时开始「读 入」资料。然后我会和制作人对话。 我们会找出头条新


Susan with Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak

or head of research I’ve met, but Hugo was memorable.

闻及报导的方法。我们会在六时五十分排练… 在七时 便会现场直播!

What is your typical day like? I wake up at 4am, shower and arrive at the office at 5am. I have coffee and start ‘reading in’ while hair and makeup are getting done. Then I talk to the producers. We work out what the top stories are and how we should cover them. At ten to seven, we rehearse… at seven, we go live!

你认为中国在媒体方面的代表性达到了应有的水平吗? 我会说很接近。在彭博里我们有着国际化的团队,成员 包括不同国籍:印度、巴基斯坦、菲律宾、中国、英国 及澳洲 – 我们都会挑选每个故事中的重点 – 所以报导 绝对不只包含西方观点。

Do you feel that Chinese representation in the media is where it should be? I’d say it’s getting close to where it should be. At Bloomberg we have such a multicultural team, from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, England and Australia —we all chose the key aspects of each story — so the perspective is definitely not Western alone.

这和你童年时有何不同? 当多伦多已有至少60%非白种人的时候,我记得在加 拿大长大的我曾问妈妈说为何我从没见过六点新闻里出 现中国脸孔。现在事情已经比以前好得多,而我亦对这 个机会感到十分感激。 你在新闻编辑室外的爱好是什么? 我真的十分沉闷!我爱吃跟睡觉。我爱美酒、西班牙餐

How does this compare to your childhood? Growing up in Canada, I remember asking my Mum why I never saw a Chinese face on the six o’clock news when in Toronto at least 60% of people are of a non-Caucasian ethnicity. Things are way better now and I’m just very grateful that I had this chance.

前小吃和红肉… 我不喜欢去夜店。那不再是我的爱好 了。我宁可自己享受美食及与好友同行。而且当你要在 第二天早起时,你很难有力气去参与很多活动!我很享 受在宝云道慢跑,那真是非常好。我亦喜爱旅游。去年 夏天我到了伊斯坦堡、杜布罗夫尼克、赫瓦尔岛和威尼 斯… 那实在是太美好了。我亦曾到过尚比亚,并住在 一家国家公园的豪华渡假村- 因为他们不把狮子围在栅

What are your passions, outside the newsroom? I’m really boring! I like sleeping and eating. I love good wine, tapas and red meat... I don’t like clubbing. It’s not for me anymore. I’d rather enjoy myself with good food and good company. It’s hard to find the energy for much when you’re up early the next day! I do enjoy jogging along Bowen Road, that’s really good. I also love travelling. Last summer I went to Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Venice… it was amazing. I also visited Zambia and stayed in a national park luxury retreat — we had lions right outside our tent because they didn’t believe in fencing them in. We were right on the Zambezi River, and it was spectacular.

栏内,所以牠们就在我们的帐篷外。我们当时就在赞比 西河上,它十分壮观。 作为一位财经新闻播报员,你怎样在资料性及读者理解 中取得平衡? 让它有力及实时 — 它对观众来说必须是重要的,且准 确而急切。保持简单 — 电视新闻中不可有长句子。人 们只能在同一时间消化一定的真实信息,尤其是当他 们要顾及其他事情时。所有句子都得短而清晰 — 一句 有逗号的句子已经太长了…


故事也是非常重要的。我很感激我们的动画团队。我 认为他们在做一些极好的图像!财经新闻可以是挺枯 燥 的,所以我们常会尝试把它简化并 解释它与观众的


Hugo (Chavez) is really nice. When I met him he was very warm and we had a great conversation. I should probably say a CEO or head of research I’ve met, but Hugo was memorable.

Susan Li As a financial news presenter, how do you balance being informative with being understood? Keep it energetic and immediate — it has to matter to the viewer, right then and there. Keep it simple — no long sentences in TV news. People can only digest so much factual information at once, especially while they are doing other things. Everything has to be short and clear — a sentence with a comma is too long…and having the right pictures to tell the story is so important. I am grateful to our animation team. I think they are doing some fantastic graphics! Financial news can be pretty dry, so we always try to bring it down and explain why it’s relevant to the viewer. Ultimately in any situation, I ask myself ‘what would I want to know? How have the last two years of business news coverage been different from previous years? It’s been so much more dramatic! Even though we’re looking at less glamourous indicators than before, such as bonds (as indicators of corporate or national stability). That’s exciting because it’s somehow more real. This might be the first time that ordinary people want to understand financial markets. Even my taxi driver at 5am recognised me — he said he watches Bloomberg because he needs to know how his stocks are going! What will be the biggest story in 2012? My own roots aside, I honestly believe that there is no bigger story today than China, whatever headline comes.


关系。最后在任何情况下我都会问自己:「我想知道什 么?」 过去两年的商业新闻内容和过去的有何不同? 它变得更加戏剧性!即使我们在注意比之前缺乏魅力的 指标如债券,但因它从某种角度来说更加真实,所以十 分刺激。债券听上去很沉闷,但现在它们已成为了一个 企业及国家穏定的气压计。一般人会对金融市场产生兴 趣,这可能是头一次。什至我那五时的计程车司机都认 得我 – 他说他因想知道股票的走势而看彭博! 2012年最大的新闻将会是什么? 撇开我的根不说,我真的相信今天没有比中国更大的新 闻,无论是关于什么题材。

Interview with AERIS Grace Brown 与AERIS Grace Brown 的访问

请於週日7-9am (BST)看Bloomberg TV的

First Up with Susan Li以及11-12pm的Asia Edge。 Watch First Up with Susan Li from 7-9am (BST) weekdays and Asia Edge from 11-12pm, on Bloomberg TV.


红色 RED ART 画作

Lu Yuanjun, Dressed to kill 15 Due to a severe hearing impediment, Lu Yuanjun received no formal education and struggled to write through his youth. Yet with his exceptionally positive attitude, he taught himself how to paint beautiful women instead. His femme fatales strike viewers with their flawless features and sensuality, begging them to contemplate the desire for superficial perfection in modern China, contrasting this with their Red Guard uniforms reflecting more concrete values held by generations gone by. 由于患有严重的听觉障碍,Lu Yuanjun 从没接受任何正规教 育,只是从少年时开始艰辛的写字。幸好他拥有出众的正面 态度,取而代之,他自学了绘画美丽的女性。他以散发着危 险魅力的女性画作中无瑕的细节以及性感冲击看画者,向他 们发出要求:对于现今中国社会对完美外表的渴望作出反 思,并以此与他们的红卫兵制服(反映了过去的世代所拥有 的、更实在的价值)作对比。

Image Courtesy of Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong

Lu Feifei Higher than Wuming Mountains No.2 Lu Feifei comes from a family of five girls (pre-dating the Family Planning Policy), in a small village in Shandong province. As a former agricultural country, the belief that the more males in a family equated to more income became rooted in Chinese culture, particularly in rural areas like Lu FeiFei’s. Higher than Wuming Mountain is a response to the work created by a male artist, with five males predicated. Lu Feifei chose four females and one male from different countries to convey her hope for equality. Lu Feifei 来自位于出东省小村内的一个拥有五个女孩的家庭(

在计划生育政策实行前)。由于过去的中国是以农立国的,家 庭中的男性数量与收人成正比的观念便在中国文化中根深柢 固,尤其是在像Lu FeiFei来自的农村。Higher than Wuming Mountain 响应了一位男艺术家以五位男性为根据的作品。 Lufeifei从不同国家中挑选了四位女性及一位男性,以表达出 她对平等的期望。

Image courtesy of Lu Feifei


红色 RED ART 画作

Ye Hongxing Misty No.2

Huang Liu Falconer II

Ye Hongxing graduated from the Art Department of Guilin Educational Academy and in 1998, graduated with a Masters Degree from the Central Fine Art Academy of Beijing. In her Fusion series, Ye Hongxing expresses the meeting of East and West, through a combination of traditional Chinese motifs such as decorative porcelain, alongside the western medium of oil paint and contemporary cultural influences. Her artworks have appeared at exhibitions and festivals from Yamaguchi to Cologne, Miami to Shanghai.

Hung Liu graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, but Chinese history was always the essence of her work. “History is not a static image or a frozen story. It is not a noun. Even if its images and stories are very old, it is always flowing forward. History is a verb.” Her works are exhibited from the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco to Shanghai’s Fuxing Xi Lu Art Centre in the original French Concession.

Ye Hongxing 从广西桂林教育学院美术系毕业,并于1998年于 北京的中央美术学院硕士毕业。在她的 Fusion 系列中, Ye Hongxing透过传统中国图案如瓷器装饰、西方的油画媒介以

历史一直是她作品中的精要之处。「历史不是一幅静止的图 片或一个凝固了的故事。它不是一个名词。即使它的图片及 故事可能已非常久远,但它仍常常在向前流动。历史是一个 动词。」她的作品在旧金山现代艺术博物馆乃至位于上海旧 法租界的复兴西路艺术中心均有展览。

及现代文化影响的结合表现出中西合璧。她的画作曾在多个 城市的展览及艺术节中展出:从山口市至科隆,迈阿密至上 海。

Image Courtesy of Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong


Hung Liu 于加利福尼亚大学的艺术创作系硕士毕业,但中国

Image courtesy of Elisabeth de Brabant Gallery, Shanghai



Yang Xiaoli Damian Hurst Hulu As a child of the 80’s while China was opening its markets, Xiaoli felt that “traditional guiding principles were fading… fragmented by foreign urbanity and shallow mores of western fashions and Hollywood…” After completing her study of fine arts in Shanghai, Xiaoli travelled the world. In remote villages in China, she rediscovered the Hulu — an ancient symbol of fortune and fertility. She since ornamented Hulu gourds with elements from other artists such as Damien Hirst, in modern statements of achievement. Her work has been exhibited in Shanghai, Hong Kong and soon Agora Gallery, New York.

Zheng Yukui Qiao Qiao 2 Inspired by Tang era pottery, Zheng Yukui graduated from Shandong Academy of Light Industry and Fine Arts in 1985 and is the craftsman behind the world’s biggest Chinese pot (Shenzhou Ding), housed at the China Zibo Museum of Pottery. 受到唐时期的陶器影响,Zheng Yukui 于1985年从山东轻工 美校毕业,而且成为了现藏于中国淄博陶瓷博物馆中、世界 最大的中国陶壶「神州鼎」的工匠。

Image Courtesy of Wellington Gallery

在中国市场逐渐开放的八十年代长大,Xiaoli 感觉到「传统指 导性原则正在消失…被外国的城市化和对西方潮流风俗及荷 李活的模仿分裂… 」完成在上海的美术学业后,Xiaoli游历 了世界各地。在中国的偏远村庄,她重新发现了葫芦 – 一个 在古时候代表了财富和繁衍的象征。她从此以其他艺术家如 Damien Hirst 的元素装饰葫芦,以现代方式呈现成就。她的 作品曾在上海、香港展出,亦快将在纽约的Agora Gallery展 出。

Images courtesy of Yang Xiaoli


Lu Feifei 2008 For more, see ‘Red Art.’


Liu Jun (above) Liu employs classical features associated with intelligence, elegance, poise and prosperity, such as long noses, small mouths and high foreheads. He contrasts this traditionally idealised image of the upper classes from ancient times with China’s youth today, with themes of earthly desires, naivety, materialism and indulgence. Liu 运用与智慧、优雅、镇静和财富有关联的典型特征如长鼻子、小嘴

巴和高额头。他把这些古时候传统上的上流社会理想化形象和现今的中 国青年作对比,带出世俗的欲望、轻信、物质主义及放纵。

Image Courtesy of Liu Jun

Yin Jun (left) Born in Sichuan in 1974, Yin Jun received his early education from his family and began painting with oils in 2004. His works frequently depict similar traits – young children crying with wide mouths, heads nostrils and mucus – symbolizing both the openness and excesses of China’s post-80’s children. 于1974年出生于四川,Yin Jun 在家里接受了早期教育,而及后于2004 年开始画油画。他的作品频繁的描绘相似的特点 – 幼儿张大口朝天放 声大哭 – 代表八十后儿童的开放和过份行为。

Image Courtesy of Wellington Gallery



Wang Xipeng Wealthy Perfection The artist graduated from the Tianjin Art Academy in 2003, combining the peacefulness and serenity of the Buddha’s smile with his prosperous stance, suggesting there is an ideal medium between pursuing wealth, alongside happiness. Since then, Wang Xieng’s work has been showcased in Beijing’s most renowned exhibition venues, including 798. 他在2003年于天津美术学院毕业。他结合佛祖平和、平静的 微笑与及他富足的姿态,提出了追求财富及快乐间的一个理 想平衡点。从此,Wang Xipeng的作品曾在北京包括798等最 著名的展览场地展出。

Image courtesy of OVO, Hong Kong

Wu Jia Hui Girls Life Wu Jia Hui is inspired by Chinese popular culture — the everyday experiences of young, contemporary China and is showcased throughout Hong Kong and China. Wu Jia Hui 从中国流行文化中获得灵感 — 现今中国青年的日 常体验,而且在香港以及中国都有巡回展览。

Image courtesy of OVO, Hong Kong


Jon Reade, director of art investment and brokerage firm, Art Futures Group (AFG) Hong Kong, shares exclusive art investment forecasts for 2012 with AERIS Grace Brown, explaining how and why art investment will continue to grow in China.


Jon Reade, 艺术投资及经纪公司Art Futures Group (AFG) Hong Kong的经理,与AERIS’ 的 Grace Brown分享了2012年艺术投资的独家预测,并解释了艺术投资会怎样在中国 持续增长以及其原因。


How much do you expect the Chinese contemporary art market to grow in 2012? The Art Index forecasts say it will grow approximately 19–22 percent over the next 12 months. Art has become a strong asset class because the Chinese are now buying more Chinese art rather than European art. It’s a great time to buy Contemporary Asian art due to advantageous tax regimes across Asia.

You have noted that art investment is ‘an alternative to money’ in China — is that because capital markets remain less open? Yes. In addition to art, this condition will increase other alternative investments, such as un-carved jade, fine wine, spirits and even the iPhone 4S, which may continue to grow as alternative tradable currencies next year, in absence of more open financial markets.

When we last spoke, you mentioned that the heavier and more difficult to replicate an artwork is, the greater its value becomes. To what extent does this apply to sculptures and multimedia? For investment art, oil on canvas is still king. Sculptures and multimedia are more difficult to replicate, but are collected and bought less than paintings, as they are less easy to use commercially.

Will 2012 see a greater surge in 3D art? If more sculpture artists become more prominent in 2012, then yes, it could become more lucrative to collect them.

Contemporary art jewellery is set to become more fashionable in 2013 in the consumer market. Will this gain investment attention in 2012? We have already seen jewellery becoming a stronger investment class and I can see this growing in 2012, including the emerging forms, such as art jewellery.



Art Futures Group


艺 术


Painting BY: Lei Feng (Left) Liu Chun Hai (TOP) Shi Wei (BOTTOM)

您预期中国当代艺术市场在2012年会有多少的增长? 艺术指数的预测是在12个月内大约增长19% - 22%。艺 术已成为一个强健的资产类别,因为中国人偏向购买 中国艺术品而非欧洲的。因为亚洲优越的税制,现在 是买入当代亚洲艺术品的好时机。 您提及到在中国艺术投资是一个「金钱的替代品」- 这 是否由于资本市场还处于比较封闭的状态? 是的。除了艺术品外,这情况也可能让其他投资选择 如未经雕琢的翡翠、美酒、烈酒甚至iPhone 4S等在缺 乏更开放的金融市场下于明年继续增长成为可交易的 货币选择。 您在我们上次的访问中提及到一件艺术作品愈费力、 愈难复制的话,它的价值便愈高。这个现象在什么程 度上应用于雕塑及多媒体上? 对艺术投资而言,布面油画仍是最主流的。雕塑和多 媒体比较难以复制,但比较画作来说却较少被收藏及买入,因为它们较难被运用于商业 用途上。 3D艺术会在2012年涌现吗? 如果有更多雕塑家在2012年变得更有名的话,那答案便会是正面的,收集它会变得更 有利可图。 当代艺术首饰被设定为在2013年的消费者市场变得更时髦。这会让它在2012年获得更 多投资者的注意吗? 我们注意到首饰已成为一个强健的投资类别,而且我亦看到它在2012年的增长,包括 那些新兴的类别如艺术首饰。

Images courtesy of Art Futures Group (AFG) 欲知详情,请浏览:

For more information, visit:


by Timbee Lo

by Haoshi Design Taipei

by Emi Nakashima, Nagoya

Art Jewellry AERIS talks to Tricia Tang, contemporary jewellery exhibition curator, about the emerging contemporary jewellery industry, its prospects in China and alternative valuation. AERIS 访问了当代首饰展览策展人Tricia Tang,关于新兴的当代艺术行业在中国的前景和当中的 选择分析。

by Tricia Tang



What is ‘contemporary jewellery’ and when was this concept born?

「当代首饰」是什么?这个概念在何 时诞生?

Contemporary jewellery is a form of contemporary art, with an additional wearable function. The concept was born in the 20th century after World War II, as artists sought a new, subjective way of expression — the postmodernist movement. It was a reaction to modernism (the tendency to accept only one universal, objective truth). Postmodern art shows the world as perceived by the artist, allowing for alternative, conceptual interpretations and more creativity.

当代首饰是一种当代艺术形式,另加上可配带的 功能。这个概念在二十世纪第二次世界大战后诞 生,当时艺术家在寻找一种新的、表现主观的表 达方式 – 后现代运动。这是对现代主义(接受唯一 概念及客观事实的倾向)的反动。后现代艺术展示 了艺术家眼中的世界,容纳替代性、概念诠释和 更多的创意。

Has it caught on in China? While it is not common yet, there are an increasing number of Chinese institutes teaching contemporary jewellery with excellent graduates in the field. However, it only exists in a few cities — Hong Kong is not one of them. In such a materialistic market, it’s harder for ‘artistic’ jewellery to compete.

How important are raw materials, compared to the design concept? I believe the concept plays the most important role in contemporary jewellery. The material and visual aspects of the work are derived from the concept.  

Can something made of plastic be as valuable as something made of diamonds?

It depends on how you value it. Diamonds of course are more valuable in the material sense as they are longer lasting and rare, though if plastic is no longer legally produced and becomes rare, it could be equally valuable… In contemporary jewellery and art, valuation is based on the concept behind the work, the craftsmanship and visual outcome. So something made of plastic in a completely innovative way, with skill that is hard to replicate, can be as valuable as diamonds.

What is the outlook for contemporary jewellery in 2012 in China?

它在中国流行吗? 虽然它现在还不普遍,但在这领域上已有更多的 中国学院教授当代首饰,并且拥有顶尖的毕业 生。不过,它只在少量的城市存在 – 香港不在此 列。这个唯物主义的市场较难让「艺术」首饰去 竞争。

与设计概念相比,原料的重要性是怎 样的? 我相信设计概念在当代首饰中扮演着最重要的角 色。作品的材料和视觉效果是从概念中衍生出来 的。

以塑料制造的东西能和以钻石制造的 有着同样价值吗? 这得视乎你的估价。在物质意义上钻石当然比较 珍贵,因为它们持久和罕有,但如果塑料不能再 被合法的使用在生产上及变得罕有的话,它亦可 同样的珍贵… 在当代首饰和艺术中,估价是基于 作品背后的概念、手工和呈视的样子的。所以以 创新的方法制造的塑料作品,并有着让人难以模 仿的技术的话,它也可与钻石有同样的价值。

2012年中国当代艺术的展望是什么? 主要还是在美术作品及首饰上。要在2012年底让 当代首饰在中国增长,时间是太短了,但在2013 年底前,那是可能的。

Most still spend on fine art and fine jewellery. 2012 is too close for contemporary jewellery to see growth in China, but by 2013, it may.

by Ellie May Aronie, Sydney





亚洲 Asian 的新 E S CA P E S 世外 桃源 When planning your next island getaway, you may wish to take the road less travelled to three brand new properties, hidden in the lush tropics of Cambodia, the Philippines and the Maldives. Luxurious, unspoiled and totally secluded, these breathtaking locations promise an unforgettable holiday experience. 在计划你的下一次到小岛上的旅程的时候,你或许愿意远离公 路,到三个全新的隐匿于柬埔寨、菲律宾和马尔代夫的灌木丛 中的休假胜地。奢华、私密、与世隔绝,这些美丽得令人窒息 的地方一定会带给你一段难忘的假日旅程。


Song Saa CAMBODIA 柬埔寨

Within the bounds of the enchanted Koh Rong archipelago, Song Saa is perched on two pristine islands, connected only by a footbridge. Song Saa comprises 27 luxurious sea-view villas that blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings, making this property as eco-friendly as it is spectacular. Set to open in February 2012, Song Saa is unique to Cambodia’s hotel scene. Inspired by Cambodian fishing villages, its design combines natural timbers and driftwood furnishings that have been stylishly interwoven to create a tranquil, eco-chic living space that doesn’t compromise on luxury. Each villa offers picture perfect sunrises and sunsets from its private swimming pool and veranda.

SongSaa 为瓜隆群岛所环绕,坐落于两座原始岛上,仅通 过一座人行桥相连。 SongSaa 由 27 座豪华的海景别墅组 成,与自然景观完美融合在一起,既贴近自然,又美丽壮 观。

SongSaa将于2012年2月正式迎客,将成为柬埔寨的独特一 景。它的设计灵感来自于柬埔寨的渔村,用木材装修,营 造出了一种安宁、和谐而不显奢华的居住环境。每栋别墅 的私家泳池和阳台上都可以看到完美的日出和日落之景。

Song Saa’s culinary delights are carefully created by renowned chef, Neil Wager, who combines traditional flavours and techniques with an overarching eco-friendly philosophy, whilst sourcing ingredients from the resort’s own market garden. Whether it’s snorkelling among Song Saa’s colourful reefs under the guidance of a marine biologist, rising early for a morning yoga class or indulging yourself at the spa, Song Saa is perfect for those travellers looking for serenity and total relaxation.


Song Saa的食物由著名大厨Neil Wager烹制,他将传统风 味技法和环保的理念结合在一起,原料全都来自于酒店自 己的种植园。 无论是在海洋生物学家的带领下于五彩斑斓的珊瑚中 浮潜,还是早起上一堂瑜伽课,还是在水疗中放松身 心, SongSaa 都是那些寻求宁静和放松的游客的最佳去 处。



Nestled among the islands of Embudhufushi and Olhuveli in the Southwestern Atoll of Dhaalu, this modern and hip resort is only a 40-minute seaplane flight from Male, and unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Niyama’s 86 studios and pavilions are surrounded by warm Maldivian waters and fitted with outdoor bathrooms, fibreoptic lit swimming pools and sweeping ocean panoramas. Niyama’s guests can also enjoy a 24-hour butler service, as well as the LIME Spa, which is one of the first of its kind in the Maldives to offer round-the-clock indulgence. There are seven bars and restaurants to choose from, including Niyama’s signature restaurant, The Edge, floating 500 metres offshore on the water’s calm, turquoise surface. Guests can continue the party just eight meters below in the world’s first underwater club, where famous DJs spin the night away. On land, the Tribal Restaurant also offers a unique campsite dining experience. Here, guests can feel the sand between their toes and enjoy a delicious combination of African, Asian, South American and Middle Eastern cuisines against the flicker of romantic Tiki torch lights. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the resort’s extensive array of water sports, from fishing to scuba diving to chartering a traditional Maldivian boat. Finally, for guests who can’t bear the thought of leaving, there’s always the chance to adopt a piece of coral at Niyama’s own marine ecology and coral rehabilitation centre.



Niyama THE MALDIVES 马尔代夫 坐落于Dhaalu环礁西南方向的Embudhufushi岛和Olhuveli岛 之间,这个现代化的度假村距离Male仅需要坐40分钟的水上 飞机,绝对会带给你前所未有的体验。

86座休闲居为马尔代夫温暖的海水所环绕,配有露天浴室、 由光纤照明的游泳池和无可匹敌的大海景。住在Nivama的游 客同样可以享受24小时的管家服务,和马尔代夫首家可以随 时使用的水疗服务。 这里有7家酒吧和餐厅可供选择,包括Nivama标志性的餐厅

The Edge,这间餐厅位于静谧的水面上,离岸500米。游客 们在用餐后可以到八米下的世界上第一家水下俱乐部继续参 加派对,著名的DJ 整晚都有演出。在陆地上,Tribal 餐厅同 样为游客提供独特的野营用餐体验。在这里,游客们可以感 受到沙子在脚趾间流过,伴随着闪烁着的Tiki 灯光,享用美 味的非洲、亚洲、南美洲和中东珍馐。 游客们可以好好利用一下度假村丰富的水上运动设施,钓 鱼、潜水、或是驾驶马尔代夫传统的小舟。最后,若是舍不 得离开,可以将一份生长在Nivama自有的海洋生态和珊瑚修 复中心里的珊瑚带回家养。


Ariara THE PHILIPPINES 菲律宾 Ariara is one of over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines in the principality of Palawan, and the result of a British couple’s lifelong dream. After experiencing the natural beauty of this 125-acre island, the pair decided to adapt it into a luxury private retreat, accommodating up to 17 guests on an exclusive basis. Upon arrival at Busuanga, just one hour’s flight from Manila, guests are transferred by speed boat, air conditioned yacht or helicopter to Ariara’s sun-soaked oasis, before being guided to their lavish, environmentally friendly accommodation. The resort is comprised of eight spacious villas, including two Jungle Villas, four Beach Cottages, one Lodge Suite and one North Beach Villa, all complete with private terraces, gardens and hammocks. True to Ariara’s holistic philosophy, every item of contemporary, eco-friendly furniture has been designed, made and upholstered by Filipino artisans in the island’s own workshop, including the villas’ two person, manmade baths.


Managed and maintained by a team of 30 friendly and discrete staff, guests are invited to enjoy all the facilities and activities Ariara has to offer, whenever and however they wish. Whether it’s boating on Ariara’s 100ft tri-maran, the Karen-Joy, snorkelling, wreck-diving or even wakeboarding behind a jet ski, there’s much to do and see. Adventure seekers are also welcome to explore Ariara and its neighbouring islands by boat or on foot. Dining is always a special pleasure at Ariara and can be as sophisticated or relaxed as guests wish. With romantic candlelit beach dinners, barbecue banquets under the stars or tailored beach parties, Ariara’s flawless service and gourmet cuisine completes this unique escape.


位于巴拉望省境内,Ariara是菲律宾7000多个小岛中的一 个,而且是一对英国夫妇毕生梦想的结晶。在感受了这座

125 公顷大的岛屿的自然风光之后,这对夫妇决定将它改 造成一座豪华的私人度假村,最多只接待17名游客。 一到达距离马尼拉一小时航程的布松安加,游客们就会被 快艇、带空调的小船或是直升机送到 Ariara 这个阳光灿烂 的绿洲,之后再会被带到奢华而又环保的住处。 度假村内有 8 座宽敞的别墅,包括两座丛林别墅,四座沙 滩别墅,一座山庄套房和一座北沙滩别墅,都配有私家阳 台、花园和吊床。为了忠于 Ariara 的整体哲学,每一件家 具,包括每座别墅的手工制造的浴室,都是由菲律宾艺术 家在岛上的作坊设计、制作和安装的。 度假村由一个30人的团队管理和维护,游客可以随时享用 度假村提供的各项设施。赛艇、潜水、划水,应有尽有。 喜欢探险的人同样可以坐小船或步行到邻近的小岛上探 索。 在 Ariara 用餐也是一段独特的时光,游客们可以享受一顿 精致而放松的晚餐。在海滩上,点上蜡烛,享用自助烧 烤, Ariara 无懈可击的服务和美味的食物让你能真正享受 到独特的度假体验。

For more information, and any further queries (only in English) please contact: 欲知详情,请咨询: (仅支持英语服务)






— CHINA WILL BECOME AN INNOVATOR. “Firstly, when China lacks something, the government simply invests significant enough money to develop it domestically, or acquires that capability internationally. “Secondly, China churns out more PhD students than any other country in the world and the overall skill level is raising dramatically. Plus, the most common degree they take is engineering — where you learn how to create new solutions and think broadly, as well as practically… “In addition, more and more Chinese students are learning new ways of thinking from other cultures, with international education and exchanges rapidly increasing in recent years. Between 2009 and 2010, an estimated 229,300 Chinese students were educated overseas in America, Canada, Europe and Australasia. By 2014, China’s Ministry of Education expects that figure is set to hit 600,000. The government is then sponsoring many to return home, with attractive tax benefits, as are multinationals entering China headhunting bilingual, educated staff, who understand the market. So the extent of a ‘brain drain’ from going abroad to learn is limited, given how many career opportunities there are in China to return for. “Will Beijing be the next Silicon Valley? Well, when you look at how far the country has already come in just a few decades, the possibilities of what can be achieved in the future are limitless.”


“是的,中国将会成为创新者。” “首先,每当中国缺乏什么东西的时候,政府就会将数目可观 的钱投到这样东西在国内的发展商,或是在国际上花大价钱购 买。” “其次,中国每年都有大量的博士生毕业,比任何国家都多,所 以整体的技术水平迅猛增加。另外,在中国最热门的专业是工 程,这是一个教会人如何创造新的解决方案、发散思维并付诸实 践的专业。 除此之外,随着出国留学和海外交换的兴起,越来越多的中国学 生拥有多元文化的背景。据估计,在2009年和2010年间,有大 约229,300个中国学生在美国、加拿大、欧洲和澳大利亚上学。 中国教育部预测到2014年这个数字将上升到600,000。政府现 在正通过优惠的税收政策吸引海外人员归国,而与此同时,越来 越多的跨国公司开始在中国挖掘受过良好教育、精通市场的双语 人才。因此,只要中国有足够的机会,人才流失的现象就可以得 到控制。 北京是否会成为下一个硅谷?如果你看一看这个国家在过去几十 年内的发展,你就会觉得它的未来是不可限量的。”

Marcus Tempte is the Chief Business Development Officer for Newtech Electronics. Newtech designs and manufactures Consumer Electronics, Gaming Accessories and more at wholly owned facilities in China, both under own brands and for OEM / ODM customers. He is from Denmark and has worked in Hong Kong for 10 years.

Marcus Tempte 是 Newtech 电子有限公司的首席商务开发官。 Newtech 是一家设计、生产消费电子、游戏外设的公司,在 中国拥有全资的工厂,生产自有品牌和贴牌的设备。Marcus 来自丹麦,在香港已经工作了10年。


OLIVER LO, APP ANNIE, VICE PRESIDENT (MARKETING): “中国可能正在成为创新者,但仍不是全球性的。” “首先,中国的教育系统培养的是机械化而不是创新性的人才。 美国学生会在同伴的反馈和辩论中进步,而中国学生却被教育不 要质疑长者。外国公司花了许多时间来创造一个让中国员工能很 自然地互相挑战、甚至挑战上司的工作环境。另外,中国人与生 俱来就十分惧怕失败,所以他们会因为害怕冒险而很少被鼓励去 尝试一些新的东西。鉴于“成功”深深存在于中国文化中,想要 中国的家长和老师接受硅谷的那种“在失败中学习”的健康文化 是需要时间的。“ “第二,中国缺乏创造对全世界有吸引力的产品概念所必须的 国际文化。发展这种文化对于中国来说吸引力不大,因为通过 Facebook和腾讯的用户可以看出,中国本土的互联网市场就几 乎和世界上其他地方的一样大。很多公司已经很成功的将西方产 品本土化,如街旁网是Foursquare的本土版,QQ是ICQ的本 土版。有的时候,本土改良的创新甚至优于原来的版本,正如许 多评论家所说,新浪微博的用户体验和设计都要优于Twitter。 所以在如今的中国市场,成功的捷径并不一定是成功的国际化产 品,而是本土化的相关产品。” “然而,一个非常有意思的趋势是,越来越多的新公司选择在中 国创办,而不是在硅谷。App Annie就是其中一个。公司的创始 人都来自欧洲,我们90%的客户都来自中国外,而硅谷是我们最 大的市场。我们的业务是一项基于创新的业务,也就是提供应用 商店的分析。但是我们选择了中国作为我们的总部,考虑到了关 系网、更坚实的投资背景以及低廉的办公成本。在中国聘用一个 工程师团队的成本远低于硅谷,但是质量仍非常之高。正如Marcus所提到的,越来越多的外国人也开始到中国去了。欧洲西北 部的创新者确实更多,但是投资的资本却因为中国持续扩大的商 业规模开始流向中国。” “中国会不会成为国际性的创新者?这确实有可能,而且正在潜 移默化的发展,但是我不认为中国在很长的一段时间内能够在这 方面超过美国。但是未来如何谁也不知道,因为就像Marcus所 说的,中国公司可以通过并购来进入国际市场。但是钱是否能够 买到创新,让我们拭目以待。”

Oliver is the Vice President (Marketing) for App Annie. App Annie is based in Beijing and the industry leader in app store analytics, providing services to gaming giant Zynga, Tencent, Rovio and Google. If you’d like to find out more about opportunities in production, marketing and finance, visit

Oliver是App Annie的副主席(市场部)。App Annie是一家基 于北京的公司,在应用商店的分析方面处于领先地位,并为 游戏巨头Zynga以及腾讯、Rovio和谷歌提供服务。想要了解 在生产、市场营销和财务方面的机会,可以访问:


“Firstly, China’s education system breeds industrious, but not innovative individuals. While American students thrive on peer feedback and debate, in China, students and children are told not to question their hierarchical elders. So foreign companies have to invest time in creating an environment where Chinese employees feel comfortable challenging each other — and their bosses. Further, there is a fear of failure inbuilt in many Chinese — so they are rarely encouraged to try something new, due to the risk. Given that ‘success’ is so culturally embedded in China, the healthy culture of ‘learning by failing’ that exists in Silicon Valley will take time to catch on with Chinese parents and teachers. “Secondly, China lacks the internationalised culture required to create internationally attractive product concepts. The incentive to develop an international presence is limited, when China’s domestic Internet market is almost as large as the rest of the world’s, by some measures (e.g. the number of users on Facebook versus Tencent). Many companies have already been very successful by just taking a western product and localising it (e.g. Jiepang and Foursquare, QQ and ICQ…). Sometimes, the domestic innovations are superior to the originals — most informed commentators agree that Sina Weibo is a better version of Twitter, in user experience and design. So the easiest path to commercial success in China today isn’t necessarily internationally attractive innovations, but domestically relevant ones. “However, an interesting trend is that more start-ups are setting up in China, instead of Silicon Valley. App Annie is one. Our founders are European and 90% of our customers are outside China, with Silicon Valley as our biggest market. Further, our business — creating app store analytics and intelligence products — is based on innovation. Yet we chose China for its networking scene, solid investor base and significantly lower office costs. To hire a team of engineers in China versus Silicon Valley is staggeringly cheaper, but the quality of candidates remains strong, with more qualified foreigners and as Marcus mentioned, returning Chinese. There are potentially more innovators in Northwestern Europe, but investment flows are heading to China for its sheer commercial scale. “Will China become an international innovator? It’s slowly happening, but I can’t see China overtaking the US in that area for a long time. Who knows though — as Marcus mentioned, many Chinese companies will try to acquire their way into international markets. But can you buy innovation? I guess we’ll find out.”





“Let’s not forget that China has a rich history of creativity from the invention of paper, gunpowder, printing, and the compass. Today’s environment has changed beyond recognition, but the spirit of invention in China remains. The Chinese will become innovators, rather than emulators, over the following decades, as investment into human capital moves China from manufacturing into the service sector. “In response to one of the points raised by Oliver, I believe that  Chinese entrepreneurs will increasingly be given the correct environment to flourish, as China seeks to invest in its human capital and become one of the world’s leading hubs of innovation.  “To nurture this spirit, our company has just launched a program in which Chinese entrepreneurs will do one week training in Entrepreneurship in San Francisco, during which time they will learn how to start up a business, write a formal business plan and pitch to investors. The program will include a visit to Silicon Valley and will culminate in the opportunity of pitching a business idea to three venture capital companies with the chance of gaining funding for their project. “With increasing opportunities for such learning exchanges with Silicon Valley, there’s nothing to say Beijing won’t become a high tech innovation hub itself over time.”

“是的,我认为中国正在 重回成为创新者的轨道 上。” “我们不能忘记中国伟 大的创新史,这是纸、 火药、印刷术和指南针的 发明地。尽管如今的世界 已经经历了翻天地覆的变 化,但是中国的创新精神 是永远存在的。在未来的 几十年中,随着人力资源 投入的重点从制造业转向 了服务业,中国会从模仿 者变为创新者。” “我想对Oliver的一点意见作出回应,随着中国对人力资源加大 投入,成为世界上的创新源之一后,我认为中国的企业家将会处 在一个更适宜的环境中来发展。” “为了培养这种创新精神,我们公司刚刚开展了一个项目,中国 的企业家要在洛杉矶参加为期一周的企业家精神培训,在这期 间,他们会学习如何创业、撰写正式的商业企划以及游说投资 者。这个项目包括到硅谷的访问,并会提供给他们向三家风投公 司推销他们构想的机会,以为他们自己的项目获得资金。” “随着越来越多像这样于硅谷学习交流的机会,北京确实可能在 将来成为一个高科技创新港。

Daniel began CRCC organizing internships for foreigners to learn Mandarin and gain Chinese work experience. Today, CRCC has a large office in Shanghai and works with multinationals to provide China — specific industry training, as well as intensive courses in Mandarin, finance and Chinese law. Its partners include the British Chamber of Commerce and China Advisors Network, winning the Cathay Pacific China Business Award last year. Daniel 创办CRCC 的初衷是为外国人提供学习中文和增长在 中国的工作经历的机会。现在, CRCC 在上海设有办公室, 与国际公司合作,提供针对中国的培训,以及在中文、财务 和中国法律方面的课程。它的合作伙伴包括英国商务部和英 中事务智囊团,去年获得了国泰中国商业大奖。






近年来,关于知识产权的 法律法规,尤其是保护科 技创新的专利方面的法规 已经发展成熟。 然而,专利系统并未完全 融合到中国社会主义市场 经济的发展中。根据国务 院2008年工作计划的要 求,2011-2020年的全国 专利事业发展战略已经出 台,为中国充分利用专利 系统和资源以提高核心竞 争力提供了长期规划。 根据计划,到2015年, 每年为发明、实用新型和设计提出的专利申请总量将会达到200 人民币,年交易额将达到1000亿人民币。专利的审核效率和质 量都将提高,发明专利的平均审核期将缩短至22个月,实用新型 和设计专利的平均审核期将缩短至3个月。 在法制、经济和文化发展中找到平衡的中国正在为未来的挑战做 积极的准备,因此成为下一个硅谷只是时间问题。

Over the years, the laws and regulations on intellectual property, in particular, in the realm of patents which protect technological innovations, have fully developed.

However, the patent system has not yet become fully integrated with China’s development of the socialist market economy. The National Patent Development Strategy (NPDS) 2011–2020 issued pursuant to the PRC State Council 2008 Outline was thus formulated to provide long-term planning to enhance China’s core competitiveness by making use of its patent system and resources. It is projected that by 2015, the volume of applications for patents for invention, utility models and designs will reach RMB 2 million per year, with annual patent transaction amounts of RMB 100 billion. The examination efficiency and quality will be improved, with the average period for examining an invention patent shortened to around 22 months, and 3 months for an utility model or design.   Striking a balance between its legal, economic and cultural developments, China is well-poised to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. Becoming the next Silicon Valley is just a matter of time.

May received her Bachelor of Laws degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws from the University of Hong Kong. She is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Australia. She has over 10 years’ experience in intellectual property in China, including enforcement, anti-counterfeiting strategies for multi-national brands and prosecution. May has also acted in dispute resolutions at World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and is a member of the Asian Patent Attorneys Associations (APAA) and the Hong Kong Institute of Trademark Practitioners. See for more. May在香港大学取得了法学学士和硕士学位。她在香港、英 国和澳大利亚都有担任公证人的资格。她在中国有超过10年 的知识产权方面的经验,包括执法工作、为跨过公司制定防 伪策略和起诉工作。May 同样在世界知识产权组织担任调解 工作,并且是亚洲专利律师协会和香港商标师公会的成员。 欲知更多信息,请访问


Chinese tea confers different health benefits for its drinker, but that’s not all that’s causing it to blossom. Increasingly though, it’s the financial benefits of tea that are the talking point. In particular, Pu’er tea improves with age greatly, offering investors an alternative to wine. This tea originates in Yunan. Like wine, its aromas of exotic woods and bold fruit notes flourish over time, turning from green, to amber to black. Unlike grapes, no fermentation is required — simply a dry place to mature. Consequentially, Pu’er tea is a very manageable investment — and also manages to make big returns, depending on its age. Indeed, a 330-gram cake of vintage Pu’er leaves can sell for as much as HKD $190,000, reported Bloomberg’s Rosalind Chin.

Teas for Health and Wealth

Pu’er for Prosperity Pu’er is not the only pick to watch. Hangzhou’s famed ‘long jin’ green tea, along with Fujian’s wu long tea are also selling well, with half a kilo starting at RMB 10,000, as we found in Beijing’s Qianmen. Tea investment and gift giving (especially in business) are growing especially quickly in China, where tea culture is stronger and conventional investments — like property — are more regulated. As a result, alternative lifestyle investments such as art, wine, whisky and tea are flourishing. Tea is also booming from the consumption side. At Shanghai’s Frenchowned Shanghainese tea house, Le Sheng, where patrons can sip on the traditional likes of white tea, as well as oolong tea leaf martinis — balancing the alcohol like yin and yang.


Images courtesy of Le Sheng, Shanghai (322 Anfu Lu, 安福路322号)


中国茶叶一直以其对健康大有裨益而闻名,但茶叶 市场如今的繁荣绝对不止由于这方面的原因。如今关于茶叶的 话题,热点已经转向了它的经济价值。 其中,普洱茶以其愈陈愈佳的特点,成为了除葡萄酒之外,投资者的新选择。这种 茶来自云南。就如葡萄酒一样,普洱茶带有木质和成熟水果的特殊香气,颜色多样, 有绿色、琥珀色和黑色。但不像葡萄,普洱茶不需发酵,只需放在干燥处待其成熟即可。 因此,普洱茶是一种非常易于管理的投资品,且根据不同的年份,有着巨大的回 报。据Bloomberg的Rosalind所说,一块330克重的上选普洱价值高达190万港币。


— — 普 洱 的 兴 起 By Grace Brown 除了普洱茶,杭州著名的龙井绿茶同样值得关注,而福建的乌龙茶同样销量良好。我们再北京的前 门看到,500克乌龙茶价值1万人民币。 在中国,茶叶的投资越来越火爆。而其作为礼品的馈赠,以商务交流中的送礼为最甚,也越 来越流行。这对于有着浓厚的茶文化以及如今对房地产投资有着诸多限制的中国,也是顺 应潮流的发展趋势。类似地,一些诸如艺术品、葡萄酒、威士忌和茶的投资正在逐渐 兴起。 而茶叶在消费者群体中也日益受到欢迎。在上海的一家法资上海茶 馆 LeSheng 内,顾客可以选择啜饮传统的白茶,也可以要 一杯乌龙茶配马提尼,感受如同阴阳平衡的感 觉。



Whether for a brief visit or an extended stay, the charming city of Amsterdam has everything to rival Paris or Venice, from fine art and cheese, to candle-lit canal dinners...expect the unexpected. 无论你是在此短暂访问还是长期停留,迷人的阿姆斯特丹有着能与巴黎或 是威尼斯匹敌的资本,精美的艺术品、美味的奶酪、河上的烛光晚餐,快 来看看有什么值得期待的吧!

By Chong Shao



xploring the city


For most of us, Amsterdam conjures up images of ‘coffee’ shops, an infamous red light district and permissive party culture. However, the first thing I noticed was its quiet beauty. Strolling along the canals radiating out from the centre, the peace is only punctuated by the trundle of bicycles on cobblestoned paths and the dinging of trams.

对于大多数人来说,阿姆斯特丹等同于毒品、 臭名昭著的红灯区和糜烂的排队。然而,我对 阿姆斯特丹的第一印象确实它的静谧美。沿着 从市中心辐射向外的运河漫步,这份宁静中的 喧闹仅仅是自行车在鹅卵石路上骑过的声音和 电车的叮叮声。

This is a city of indulgence and intrigue. By day, lose yourself in its inner streets, with charming brick facades, canals even Venetians would admire, speciality shops and chic cafes that rival those in Paris. By night, experience the colourful bars that give Amsterdam its deserved fame.

这是一座让人沉溺的城市,这是一座迷幻的城 市。白天,伴随着漂亮的砖墙、连威尼斯人都 会艳羡的运河、特色小店和媲美巴黎咖啡馆, 在街道上迷失自己。而在晚上,就可以到让阿 姆斯特丹出名的酒吧去体验一番。

For art and art history, the Van Gogh Museum — showcasing of the life and eye-catching works of the renowned Dutch artist — is insightful and inspiring. The Rijksmuseum is undergoing renovations until 2013, but is still worth the visit for its Vermeer and Rembrandt masterpieces.

如果想要了解艺术史,就可到梵高博物馆体验 一下这位著名荷兰艺术家的洞察力和启发意 义,这里展示着他的一生和夺人眼球的艺术作 品。阿姆斯特丹国立博物馆一直要装修到2013 年,但是那里的维梅尔和伦勃朗的杰作仍让此 地值得一去。

Food appreciators, be sure to try the Dutch cheese. There is a dazzling array of choices at the famous Kaaskamer, as well as the Lindengracht and Noordermarkt markets. For traditional Dutch fare, try De Reiger in the Jordaan district, which boasts a wide selection of Amsterdam’s quintessential, mouth-watering meat dishes. Those with a sweet tooth should visit the Villa Zeezicht cafe and ask for the hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, which is divine.

美食家们则一定要尝一尝荷兰的奶酪。在著名 的Kaaskamer,或是Lindengracht和Noordermarkt 市场有着琳琅满目的选择。如果想要品 尝传统荷兰美食,试一试位于 Jordaan 区的 De Reiger 吧,那里有着丰富的阿姆斯特丹的精粹 美食——令人垂涎欲滴的肉食。而喜欢吃甜食 的人则可以拜访一下Villa Zeezicht咖啡馆,点 上一份美味的热苹果派配香草冰激凌。

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2012 Travelers' Choice Best Hotel in The Netherlands: The Toren 2012 Travelers' Choice Award, Best Luxury Hotel in The Netherlands: The Toren 2012 Travelers' Choice Award, Best Service in The Netherlands: The Toren


During the trip, I had the privilege of staying at The Toren, a four-star boutique hotel in the town centre. It is named after the owner Eric Toren, who runs the hotel with his wife, Petra. This family-run model allows for unique luxury travel — a welcome change from the increasingly impersonalised tourism industry.

在旅途中,我有幸住在了一家位于镇中心叫 The Toren的四星级精品酒店,得名于酒店的拥有者 Eric Toren, 他和他的妻子Petra一起经营这家酒店。 这家由家庭运营酒店的模范让更独一无二的奢侈旅行 变成了可能,这在如今越来越缺乏个性化的旅游行业 是一项受到欢迎的改变。

Upon entry, the Torens’ imaginative touches are immediately evident on the richly decorated interiors, decadent velvet walls and elegant furnishings. Their attention to detail in design is impressive — intimate yet spacious, luxurious yet tasteful. Mrs Toren remarked that the design is inspired by “what our guests want and our desire to convey Amsterdam’s sense of theatre, mystery and romance… so guests may be pampered in a different world.” As inviting and trendy as Amsterdam itself, The Toren is indeed, ‘designed to charm.’

刚走进酒店,从装饰丰富的内饰、天鹅绒的墙壁 和 优 雅 的 家 具 就 可 以 立 刻 很 明 显 地 看 出 To r e n 一 家充满想象力的艺术气息。他们在设计中对于细 节的专注令人印象深刻——亲密而不失合适的距 离,奢华却保持着高端的品味。 Toren 女士将这些 设计的灵感归功于“顾客的需要,以及对于表达 阿姆斯特丹的表演性、神秘性和浪漫性的渴望以 让顾客享受一个完全不同的世界”。像诱人而时 尚的阿姆斯特丹一样,The Toren也着实是“为 吸引人而生”。

The service is equally immaculate — Mr Toren personally oversees the list of incoming guests.When I arrived in my room, I was greeted by a bowl of chocolate and fresh strawberries, with a personal letter of welcome. The room came with double jacuzzi, a powerful shower, wifi, iPod dock, and a Nespresso machine. Visitors be warned: it may be incredibly hard to leave your room and actually see the city!

这里的服务同样完美无瑕——Mr. Toren会亲自过目 即将到来的宾客。当我进入房间的时候,就看到一碗 巧克力和新鲜的草莓,并附有专属的欢迎信。房间内 配备了双人按摩浴缸、淋浴器、Wifi、iPod底座和一 台浓缩咖啡机。宾客甚至都会舍不得离开房间去真正 探索一下这座城市!

When asked what she enjoys most about running a boutique hotel, Mrs Toren unhesitatingly nominated contact with the guests. This is a hotel that cares for its patrons — from in-room candlelit dinners, to a boat for cruising the canals, to champagne breakfasts in bed — The Toren delights in surprising and exceeding expectations. If you’re looking for the perfect boutique hotel in this city of indulgence and intrigue, look no further.

当被问到开一间精品酒店最享受的事情是什么的时 候,Mrs. Toren毫不犹豫地说是与客人接触的机会。 这是一家关爱宾客的酒店,从房内的烛光晚餐,到游 览运河的小舟,再到床上的香槟早餐,The Toren不 断地在惊喜中让宾客满意。如果你想在这座城市中找 到一家完美的精品酒店,就不要再寻寻觅觅了,最好 的选在就是The Toren。

Images courtesy of Epoque Hotels



AERIS talks to Candy Lin, designer and founder of Beijing-based label candy&caviar, about how her ‘factory-floor education’ led her to create a brand that would make waves in Hollywood…


Aeris 采访了Candy Lin, 设计师和北京商标candy &caviar的创办人,说到 她的「车间教育」怎样引导她去创造一个在荷李活引起波浪的品牌...



My career in Beijing actually began at CCTV, but after eight months I realised that it wasn’t really for me. I was reluctant to go home to the States after I had decided to begin life here, since I was already in Beijing and wanted to make something of myself. I asked myself honestly “what would I be happiest doing?” and the answer was what it had been all along: to have a fashion label. That was my dream all my life, but I never thought it was possible to just wake up one day and start making that happen. When the job other people thought sounded amazing didn’t turn out as planned, I had nothing left to lose but to try the one thing I’ve always dreamed of doing. As it turned out, as with a lot of people, what made me happy made me succeed. However, I was prepared to work very long and hard to start something of my own… and I knew I would need the energy too. For anyone who dreams of starting something of his/her own, the younger you start, the better! You’ll never be able to devote all your time and energy the way you can while you’re young. While I always loved everything about fashion and designing clothes, what was hardest for me was knowing I hadn’t studied design formally, nor did I have the time to go back and spend three more years studying and another three years interning (which was the minimum most of my design friends studied and trained). I knew in order to compete with all the other designers who went to top design schools or people who spent years interning and working with top fashion houses, I needed to do something equivalent in experience to be on the same level.


我在北京的事业是在CCTV开始的,但在八个月之后 我发现这并不适合我。我又不想在那里开始了新生活 后又回到美国的家,因为我已经在北京了,而且我亦 想在这里建立一些属于我的东西。我挽心自问「我做 什么事最快乐?」,这答案一直都是:去建立一个时 尚标志。那是我一直以来的梦想,但我从没有想过一 天起床后就去让它成真的可能性。 当他人眼中的美好工作没有按预计般发展时,因为没 有任何东西可以输掉,所以我尝试去做一直以来梦想 的事。与很多人一起努力之后,它成了让我高兴和成 功的事情。不过,我预备了需要工作很长时间而且要 开始建立属于自己的东西是困难的...我亦知道我需要 心力。对有着开展属于自己东西的梦想的人,那是愈 年轻愈好!你永远不能像的年轻时候那样投放你的时 间和能量。 虽然我一直喜爱关于时尚和时装设计的任何东西,对 我来说最困难的是我从来没没有正式的学习过设计, 亦没有时间回去再花三年和另外三年去学习和实习(这 是我读设计的朋友学习和训练需付出的最低成本)。我 知道要和其他上顶尖设计学校或花多年实习和替顶级 时装公司工作的设计师竞争,我需要做与那些经验相 等的事情以达到同一水平。 当我在北京两小时车程外的工厂开始生产我的设计 时,那里有很多沟通错误。对于为何不能做某些事我 没有任何头绪 - 为什么我提出的量度方法不能使用在 我的设计上又或为什么某种纤维不能和另一种缝在一 起?他们尝试向我解释生产技术的问,而我亦为此很 挣扎。他们什至问我「你肯定要这样做吗?」我知道 我想并决定了要为更效和透彻的学习而做需要做的 事。


Top left: Joe Jonas (from the Jonas brothers) in candy&caviar’s “Turner” shirt. Bottom left: in candy&caviar’s “Christian” vest. Right:: Leehom Wang in candy&caviar’s “Alexander” peacoat.

When I engaged with a factory two hours outside of Beijing to start producing my designs, there was a lot of miscommunication. I had no idea why certain things couldn’t be done — why the measurements I gave could not work with the designs I created or why a specific kind of fabric could not be stitched to another kind. They’d try to explain technical productionissues to me and I’d really struggle to get it. They even asked me “are you sure you actually want to do this?” I knew I did and I was determined to do what I needed to in order to learn efficiently and thoroughly.

我严重缺乏的技术知识和对织品的熟识是我达到 目标的最主要阻碍。我以花一整年时间去待在同 一家工厂去看他们工作以针对这个问题。我每天 都到那里,观察生产线上的每一个步骤...他们真的 十分耐心和肯帮忙,而且那变成了我在北京的第 二个家。得知工厂世界的运作后我知道不论你多 会设计,那都是没有价值的。在那里一年之后, 我得到了比我其他学习设计多年的设计师朋友更 多的实践经验和纺织品的生产知识。那年年底, 我和工厂都同意我们已经准备好去成功的沟通。 从那时开始 candy&caviar 成了我曾经梦想的东西...

My severe lack of technical knowledge and familiarity with fabrics were the main issues holding me back from achieving my goal. I addressed these issues by spending one full year in that very same factory, watching them work. I was there day in and day out, observing each step in the production chain. They were really patient and helpful and became my second family in Beijing. No matter how well you can design, knowing how the manufacturers’ world works is invaluable. After a year in there, I had gained more hands-on experience and knowledge about production and fabric than some of my fellow design friends who had studied it for years. At the end of that year both the factory and I agreed we were ready to communicate successfully. From then on candy&caviar grew into something I had only once dreamed about…


>>>>>>>>> Q




Well, Candy is my name, but it also reflects the more fun and casual cuts and styles of the brand. Meanwhile, the ‘caviar’ reflects the fact that it is also very chic and high in quality. So the personality of the brand is real and laid-back, yet chic and sophisticated.



Slightly edgy, comfortable and clean-cut. HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR LABEL STAND OUT?

In China and much of Asia, most things stand out by being bright or bold. candy&caviar stands out by being a simple staple with unique details or a distinguishing feature. We produce each item so little details make our customers feel the piece was personalised just for them. SO QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HAVING A LOT OF FEATURES?

For us it is. Every brand is different. candy&caviar tends to produce similar designs season to season, but what changes is the pattern, type of fabric and our minor details. It’s always got to be something very well suited to that season. TO WHAT EXTENT DID YOU FEEL THE EFFECTS OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN THIS YEAR?

We felt it, but it wasn’t too dramatic. Sales in the states to buyers we’ve done business with before remained consistent in orders, but new buyers were definitely less willing to take on any new designers, including us. There’s less tolerance for new risks at the present unless buyers can be sure it’s going to generate a sales return. We can only continue to build up relationships with new buyers first so they can get to know our brand and see it has that potential. HOW DOES IT FEEL SEEING THE BLACK-EYED PEAS OR OTHER WELL-KNOWN ACTORS AND ARTISTS IN YOUR DESIGNS?

It’s always a huge compliment! It reaffirms that we’re doing something right, since those guys have so many options to choose from fashion-wise. It’s always nice to see someone look good in something too, that’s definitely the most satisfying part for me. DO MANY ASIAN CELEBRITIES WEAR CANDY&CAVIAR TOO?

For sure, we’ve seen some very well-known Chinese celebrities, like Leehom Wang, in our candy&caviar, which is extremely exciting.


CANDY&CAVIAR 的意思是什么? 嗯,Candy 是我的名字,但那也反映出更多的乐趣及随意 的剪裁和品牌的风格。同时,「caviar」反映了它时髦和 高素质的事实。所以这品牌的性格是真实和悠闲的,而且 时髦及精致。 你的风格是什么? 有点锐利、舒适和轮廓鲜明。 你怎样让突出你的品牌? 在中国和亚洲的很多地方,很多事情都以鲜明和大胆而突 出。candy&cavia以有着独有细节和独特特征的简单基本款 突出。我们制造的每一件物品上都只有很少细节,这让顾 客感觉到那是为他们度身定做的。 所以素质比有着很多细节重要吗? 对我们来说是。每一个品牌都不同。candy&caviar 倾向于 每一季造出相似的设计,但是图案、织品种类和小细节会 有转变。那常常会是很合适那个季节的东西。 你们受今年全球经济放缓影响的程度有多少? 我们感受到它,但那没有很戏剧性。在美国我们与那些曾 跟我们做生意的顾客维持着稳定的订单,但新客户则明显 地比较不愿意找壬何新的设计师,包括我们。他们对新的 风险有着较少的容忍,除非他们肯定那将会带来回报。我 们只可以继续和新客户建立关系,让他们认识我们的品牌 和看到它的潜力。 看到BLACK-EYED PEAS 或其他知名的艺人穿上你的设计, 你感觉怎么样? 这一直是很大的赞美!这再度肯定了我们做对了事情,因 为他们在潮流时尚中有太多的选择。看到人们穿得好看也 是不错的,这绝对是我最满意的地方。 有很多亚洲艺人都穿CANDY&CAVIAR 吗? 当然,我们看过非常着名的中国名人如Leehom Wang穿我 们的candy&caviar,这实在是十分鼓舞。





With a delicate and intuitive user interface design, Flipboard provides an excellent platform for users to flip through news, photos, videos and other updates being shared across social networks, and to browse contents of international magazines. Following on the huge success of this App, the international version of which has been hailed by Apple as iPad App of the Year and selected by TIME as one of the Top 50 Innovations, Flipboard recently launched a Chinese version. Signifying the first international launch of Flipboard with a local-language experience, the Chinese version features a Content Guide with regionally relevant content including posts and updates shared on popular local social media and networking sites such as Sina Weibo and Renren. (International Version: Available for iPhone and iPad; Chinese Version: Available for iPad) Flipboard可说是一份内容包罗万有的“电子社交杂誌”。我十分欣赏它利 用精緻而巧妙的用户介面设计,以杂誌形式呈现各类网上新闻、照片、视频 等资讯,包括多份国际杂誌与Flipboard国际版合作提供的内容,为分秒必 争的用户带来不少方便。Flipboard国际版广受欢迎,更曾获Apple推举为“ 年度最佳iPad应用程式”以及获《时代杂誌》选为“50项最具创意产品” 之一。最近Flipboard推出专为中国市场而设的中文版,当中同样网罗了各 类精彩的本土内容、中文杂誌、博客和网络达人资讯,你更可以透过Flipboard连繫到人人网及国内其他流行社交网站,与朋友即时分享每日的所见 所闻。(国际版可供iPhone及iPad使用,中文版可供iPad使用)



Geonote is an Android’s location-based reminder system for Android users. The calendar in your mobile phone can only provide time-based reminders, but Geonote, with its GPS or network positioning function, allows you to receive pop-up reminders as you arrive at or leave any location. For example, if you are running out of instant noodles at home and you want your mobile phone to remind you to buy some replenishment on your way back home after work, this App will be your ideal assistant! (Available for Android) Geonote是一个Android版本的备忘提示程式。与一般以设定时间来提醒用 户的程式不同,Geonote可以根据GPS或网络连线定位,侦测用户所在位 置,并在用户到达或离开预设位置时提醒用户预设事项。举例说,假如你 已吃光家中的泡麵,而又希望在下班回家的途中获手提电话提醒购买补给的 话,这个程式便是你的好帮手! (可供Android使用)


I still remember the days when the digital camera was yet to be invented, when we had to take lots of films with us for every trip abroad and never knew the quality of the photos we took until the films were developed. Want to relive this experience? Hipstamatic, a camera App, has recently released a fun version, which allows you to share a camera roll with friends through Facebook, so that all of you can shoot up to 24 photos and then share them amongst yourselves and with your other friends. Try it now! However, it would be even better if the App could be extended to other social networking platforms.







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我仍记得,在数码相机还没有面世的年代,每次出国旅行时都要携带大量胶 卷,每拍完一卷都会很期待冲印出来的效果。Hipstamatic的相机程式最近 推出了一款新玩意,就是每次拍摄是以二十四张相片为一卷,你要拍完一整 卷後才可以看到相片的效果。你更可以邀请Facebook的朋友与你使用同一 卷胶卷拍照,一同分享拍摄的喜悦。立即下载,重温昔日的拍摄体验吧!不 过,这个功能如果可以扩展到其他社交网站的话便更好了。 (可供iPhone及iPad使用)


If you like sharing snapshots of your daily life on social networks, Bighead Maker can spice up those photos. As its name suggests, this photo editing App enables users to easily convert photos into ‘big head’ portraits. Have fun with this App now and surprise your friends with your ‘big head’ collection! You can also use this App to create a ‘big head’ album for your beloved pet. (Available for iPhone and iPad) 如果你喜欢上载相片到社交网站与朋友分享你的生活点滴,Bighead Maker 能助你把人物相片变得更生动有趣。透过这个简单易用的图片处理程式,用 户可轻易地製作充满动感、惹人喜爱的大头照。你也可以试试替你心爱的宠 物製作大特写!(可供iPhone及iPad使用)




Customise your



Valentine’s Day is around the corner again! If you are thinking of preparing a candlelight dinner for your lover but not sure what to cook, you can seek guidance from Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List. This highly practical App provides you with more than 30,000 delicious and creative recipes from renowned chefs and popular cookbooks from around the world. There you can find not only recipes for popular cuisines such as Chinese or French, but also recipes for less popular ones such as Greek or Irish. You can also look up specific recipes by categories such as appetiser, main course or dessert; or swipe through icons on the search screen to filter results according to what’s in your fridge. Let the preparations start now! (Available for iPhone and iPad) 情人节又快将来临,如果你打算亲自下厨炮製一顿烛光晚餐的 话,不妨下载这套名为Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List的 实用程式作为参考。它为你搜罗超过叁万款世界各地的食谱, 除了我们熟悉的食谱如中菜、法国菜等之外,还包括多款如希 腊菜和爱尔兰菜等较冷门的食谱。这程式也附有搜寻功能, 你可以选择按头盘、主菜或甜品等类别或按各种食材配搭来 搜寻食谱。这程式当然还让你找到烛光晚餐不可或缺的鸡尾 酒调配方法。现在就开始準备与你的爱侣共晋浪漫的晚餐 吧!(可供iPhone及iPad使用)

6. MIST 暖话效应

UNYOUSUAL DESIGN & DELIVERY unYOUsual Production have launched a unique customised case service for iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Upload your favourite photo or artwork at www. and customise away. You can personalise the case further with a message, which is great for gifts. We made a trial order of an iPhone 4 case to our Beijing address. It was delivered within one day in a recycled box, exactly as designed on screen.

unYousual Production现提供一项定制服务,你可以为自己的iPhone4或者iPad2定制 一个独一无二的保护壳。点击,上 传你自己的照片,或者选择你想要的艺术设计。你也可以在上面加上一些个人信息,这也使之 成为了完美的礼物。我们用一个北京的地址尝试订购了一个iPhone4的保护壳,在一天内就装 在一个可回收纸箱内送到了,和在电脑上设计的一模一样。

When I was small, I loved sitting next to the window of the car in winter because I would be able to display my drawing talent on the thin layer of condensation which often covered the window. I also enjoyed misting up the glass panel in my bathroom and then drawing a smiley for fun. Such effects are what this App is about. You can use this App to take a festive photo and then ‘mist it up’ and write some greetings on it. Now you have a unique photo to send to your friends who will then feel the ‘warmth’ from you! (Available for iPhone and iPad) 儿时的我总是很喜欢在冬天坐车时坐近窗 边,因为窗上经常盖有一层雾气,让我发挥 我的塗鸦天份;又很喜欢在洗澡时对著浴室 的镜子呼上一层雾气,然後画个笑脸自娱 一下。“暖话效应”程式正是模拟雾气写 字的效果,你可以先利用这程式来拍摄 一张充满冬日气氛的相片,然後在相片 上添加“雾气”,再写上一些祝福语, 便能製作出一张独一无二的相片发送 给朋友,让他们感受你亲手製造的“ 暖意”。 (可供iPhone及iPad使用)

OUR VERDICT: Given the popularity of Apple products, the site does not yet offer Android or Blackberry cases, but may do so soon. Overall it provided an easy online shopping experience with any credit card accepted and an original product. In a world of mass manufacturing and uniformity, it’s satisfying to know that thousands of other users won’t have the same tech-cessory as you. 鉴于iPhone如此火爆,这个网站并不提供安卓或黑莓手机的保护壳,但是unYOUusual正在努力提供这些服务。总 体来说,他们提供了一段简单愉快的购物体验和一件高质量的产品,既能作为一件很棒的个人装饰品,又是一件富 有意义的礼物。


THE LAI SEE FORWARD LAI SEE The “Red Packet” or “Lai See” serves a Chinese tradition of the married giving money to the unmarried, as well as small gifts during holidays and special occasions. Red remains a popular Chinese symbol of prosperity, luck and happiness — the person gifting red packets wishes the recipient to be bestowed with all of these things.

ALL CASHED UP AND NOWHERE TO GIVE China has an estimated 1,900 billionaires (Hurun Wealth Report, 2010) and 960,000 millionaires (Hurun Wealth Report, 2011). Many are young, with an average age of just 39 years old (KPMG, 2010). That’s 15 years younger than the average millionaire in Japan, Europe, or the United States. Their funds go largely towards such luxury brands as Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, BMW, Burberry and Coach, usually while shopping overseas (Hurun Report, 2011). Sotheby’s London recently sold a vintage bottle of 1869 Château Lafite for more than £130,000 to a Chinese buyer. Meanwhile, a young female shopper splashed out at Hermes in Paris, spending €5,500 for a watermelon-coloured Birkin bag, adding “many of my friends would be willing to pay double” (Luxury Project, 2011). It’s all part of living the ‘Chinese Dream’.

GIVE IT BACK While there is nothing wrong with treating oneself, it is important to understand what purpose that purchase serves in your life. ‘Unfulfilled needs’ are said to be a major cause of materialism in China (Lu, 2008), particularly the pressure of social conformity and ‘keeping up appearances’ (Wong, 1997). Yet, “the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else,” wrote Peyton March (1864–1955), an American soldier and Army Chief. Forward some of your Lai See to one of these great charities and give the gift of opportunity in the New Year.

THE LAI SEE FORWARD AERIS has narrowed down the long list of worthy charities and nonprofit organisations to three that specifically focus on giving opportunity to the less fortunate in China. These are: Operation Smile China, Wokai, and Bethel Foundation.



利市新气象 BY CHERRY NG 何为“利市” “红包”和“利市”,也就是通常说的压岁钱,是一种中国传统,是由已婚

的人在节日或是其它特别场合给给未婚的人礼金或是小礼物。红色在中 国传统文化中一直是繁荣、好运和幸福的象征,送给人红包就代表着送 礼人对收礼人最美好的祝愿。

有钱怎么花? 据胡润富豪榜在2010年的估计,中国大约有1900个亿万富翁。而2011 年的数据显示中国有 960 万个百万富翁。他们当中的许多人都十分年 轻,毕马威在2010年的调查显示他们平均年龄只有39岁,这一数字日 本、欧洲和美国要小15岁。 他们的财产大多流向了蒂凡尼、路易威登、宝马、巴宝莉和蔻驰 (Coach)这些奢侈品牌,且他们大多在国外消费。 伦敦的苏富比拍卖行最近以超过130万的价格将一瓶1869年的拉菲红酒 卖给了一个中国买家。无独有偶,一个年轻女性在巴黎的爱马仕花了 5500欧元买了一个西瓜色的Birkin包,还不忘补充一句“我的很多朋友 都愿意出双倍的价钱来买。” 这些统统都是所谓“中国梦”的一部分。

取之于民用之于民 花钱享受没有任何的错误,但是很重要的一点是要明白买的这些东西对 生活有什么意义。尚未满足的需要和欲望是中国这种物质化社会的成 因,尤其是在社会趋同化和维护自己面子的压力之下这种现象就更为明 显。 然而,正如一名曾经的美国大兵和陆军参谋长Peyton March (18641955)所说,“我们生活中最重要 的三件事——幸福、自由和安宁的心境,都要通过给予才能获得。” 所以把你的红包转交给一些慈善机构吧,送出这份可能给他人带来机会 的礼物 。

转交你的利市 AERIS已经将值得捐赠的慈善机构和非营利性组织的名单筛选到了只剩 3个,这些机构都专注于为在中国需要帮助的人提供必要援助。他们分 别是:中国微笑行动、我开和Bethal基金会。


T U O H T I W N R O B E AR N E R D L I H C 0 0 6 N I HINA, 1


儿生来 婴 的 一 之 分 在中国,六百 容 便无法露出笑 ’s face ile on someone

lp put a sm with ile China and he Sm s on d young adults ti ra an pe n re ild ch to Help out O rgery constructive su by providing re hout China. ug ro th t palates ef cl d an s lip t clef

plies de medical sup vi ro p p el h n ca apy de speech ther can help provi ery de cleft lip surg can help provi

500 HK 1000 HK 5000 HK

唇 。可以为治疗 出灿烂的微笑 露 够 能 子 孩 幸的 行动”,帮助不 儿童。 帮助“中国微笑 唇腭裂的少年 支援这些患有 来 , 助 帮 供 术提 腭裂的修复手 供药物支持 500港币可以提 持 矫正方面的支 提供语言障碍 1000港币可以 手术 自助一次修复 5000港币可以


若要捐助,可访问 donations/

AFTER DONATION: Information about the surgery mission and who the patient is is provided. (Only available if you sponsor a full surgery) 捐助之后,可以了解手术进程和救助对象的相关信息。 (只適用於整個手術的贊助人)



IN CHINA, 200,000



在中国,有 200,000,000 的人 每天仅靠 1.25美元度日 Help out Wokai and help thos

e among China ’s rural commun through microfin ities become in ance loans and dependent business advice . Donating an av erage loan of donors can hel with other p to fund a rura l entrepreneur’s agricultural ex local pansion or reta il projects. *Many loan reci pients share sim ilar goals — to fellow relative, send their child to pay for medic ren to school, to al costs or to re support them in support a du ce the burden on old age. their adult child ren to entrepreneurs,


帮助“我开”, 通过小额贷款 和商务咨询, 帮助中国的农 提供4000人民 村居民成为独 币的小额贷款 立的企业家。 便可帮助一个 农村企业家扩 售生意。 大农业种植的 面积或是开始 一桩零 许多受助者都 有一个共同的 目标,就是送 孩子去上学, 费,或是减少 孩子为他们养 或是救济一个 老的负担。 亲戚,或是付 医药



AFTER DONATION: As a contributor, you can follow your loan recipient’s repayments on your ‘My Wokai’ profile. When a loan is fully funded and/or repaid, you will receive an email message. Moreover an annual report is produced, which is freely accessible on our media pages. Wokai conducts a thorough due diligence on how the loan money is used, through performing 20 spot-checks per year on our Field Partners. 作为建筑者,你可以通过 “MyWokai” 开追踪受助者的还款情 况。当贷款还清时,你会收到一份邮件。年度报告在网站上提供 下载。我开努力提供贷款使用情况的详细报告,每年进行20次实 地考察。


N, O I T A S I N A G R O H T L HEA D L R O W E H T O T G TION ACCORDIN A L U P O P D N I L B S ’ LD R O W E H T F O % 0 2 CHINA HAS 据, 数 的 织 组 生 。 根据世界卫 % 0 2 的 数 总 了世界 占 人 盲 的 国 中

blind and e hope to the id ov pr d an iding a tion hina by prov Bethel Founda C e t th t ou h ou ug p ro el H on th aned populati visually orph onsored child. sp ch for ea on ti lu so le ab n sustai e

mmon medicin

e co can help provid

on US$1500 medical attenti -going special on e id ov pr p can hel ildren Up to US$1630 k-ups for 46 ch ec ch al ic ed m e yearly can help provid 0 0 6 3 $ US 国的盲人带 助方案,为中 帮助

,通过为受 Bethal基金会


来希望。 助提供药物 1500美元可以帮 疗援助 助提供特别医 1630美元可以帮 行年度体检 助46个孩子进 帮 以 可 元 美 3600




Each donor gets a one-time financial report. 每个捐助者课获得一次财政报告。









Shandong Shredded Chicken 1. Boil one Chinese chicken — it absolutely must be a Chinese chicken to shred easily with a delicate flavour, otherwise it can be tough and dry. Leave it to boil in a pot for an hour and twenty minutes. 2. Cut one cucumber into two halves — just use that half. Cut it in half again (i.e. two 3-4 inch long chunks). With both chunks, quarter down the middle (long-ways) and then keep cutting them into long, thin strips. 3. Lightly toast white sesame seeds in a hot pan with just a dash of olive oil (watch they do not burn). 4. Add the shredded chicken and cucumber. 5. Toss with salt, pepper and a cap of sesame oil. Add toasted white sesame seeds and serve. Save the water you boiled the chicken in — this is home-made chicken broth. You can later boil green vegetables in it, which will absorb the flavour and nutrients of the chicken.

鸡 en 山东手d撕 ded Chick



只需水煮一只鸡,最好是中国的本地鸡,这样比较容易撕 开,更容易入味,否则鸡肉的口感会很干涩。在锅里煮一个 小时二十分钟左右就可以了。再将一根黄瓜切成两半,取其 中一半,再切成两半,大约是3到4英寸长的黄瓜条。然后将 黄瓜条切丝待用。用少量橄榄油将白芝麻稍稍煎炸一下,注 意别烧焦了。再把撕好的鸡肉和黄瓜加入其中。用盐、呼叫 和麻油拌匀,再加上刚才处理过的白芝麻就可以装盘了。 注意煮鸡肉时少加一些水,这些鸡汤可以用来煮蔬菜,同时 吸收鸡汤的美味和营养。


Sizzling prawns


Sizzling pra w


1. Peel pawns (or better yet, buy them uncooked and ready peeled) and dust with corn flour each side. 2. Add olive oil, finely chopped chilli, chilli paste and garlic to the pan. 3. Fry quickly for 10 minutes on a high enough heat to cook the prawns without burning the chilli and garlic. 4. Serve hot with chipped spring onion. 将虾去壳,或者使用已经去壳的虾,裹上玉米粉。在锅内加 入橄榄油、辣椒、辣椒酱和大蒜,加入虾肉后迅速翻炒十分 钟。最后,装盘并加入葱花便可上桌了。




Curry Vegetable Dumplings 1. Mix chopped shiitake mushrooms, carrot, onions, ginger root and garlic with spinach, curry powder, two egg whites and a table spoon of soy sauce in a large bowl. 2. Put one tablespoon of the mixture in each wonton wrapper. Wrap by pinching corners together, while leaving a tiny holeat the top for steam to escape through. 3. Steam in a steamer basket, lining the bottom with kale or lettuce leaves for 10 minutes. 4. Garnish with chopped spring onions and chopped red chilli for luck. 在切好的香菇、胡萝卜、洋葱、姜 末、蒜泥、菠菜中,加入咖喱粉、 两个鸡蛋的蛋清、一勺酱油,在大 碗中混合均匀。每张饺子皮内放一 勺馅,将对角包起来,并在顶部留 一个小孔以便蒸汽溢出。在蒸笼里 放在甘蓝叶或生菜叶上蒸十分钟, 再在旁边配上象征着好运的葱花和 辣椒碎就完成了。

蒸饺 s ng 咖喱蔬ab菜 le Dumpli

et Curry Veg

南瓜r盅 est 子 栗 u e Ch s Treas 蔬菜

香烤mpkin Vegetable

Pu Baked


Nian Nian Yo u




Baked Pumpkin Vegetables Treasure Chest

Nian Nian You Yu

1. Soften the chestnuts slightly first by boiling them with the chicken so they absorb its flavours. 2. Bake the pumpkin in the oven (whole) on 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes (until soft, while still firm enough to hold its shape), along with a few cloves of garlic and the gingko nuts. 3. Meanwhile, boil broccoli and shiitake mushrooms for 3 minutes. 4. Scoop out the pumpkin seeds and put the vegetables, chestnuts, baked garlic pieces (squeezed out of their skin) and gingko nuts inside. Put the pumpkin ‘lid’ on and warm on the oven for a few minutes before serving (check broccoli is still bright green). 5. Serve leftover vegetables and nuts around the pumpkin.

“Every year there is something leftover” — Yu or ‘fish’ bears the same meaning as ‘leftover’ or ‘surplus’ (‘extra money’), so this steamed fish dish is an auspicious one. 1. First, clean the fish and remove organs. Lightly slice a few strokes on each side. Meanwhile, fill the steamer with boiling water. 2. Place the fish in a dish and scatter the ginger strips and wolfberries onto the fish, then pour the soya sauce, oyster sauce and wine evenly over the fish. 3. Place the fish in the steamer and steam on high for 15 minutes. 4. Quickly fry the sliced onion in the vegetable oil until the onion is golden brown and garnish over the fish with roughly chopped, parsley, spring onion and a hint of ground pepper. Sprinkle a pinch of ground pepper if desired.

在鸡汤里将栗子稍稍煮酥并同时入味。将整只南瓜在烤箱中 以180度烤20到30分钟,直至松软但仍不变形,可以配上几 瓣大蒜和白果一起烤。与此同时,将西兰花和香菇煮3分钟。 南瓜烤好后,挖出其中的籽,然后将蔬菜、栗子、烤蒜瓣和 白果填入其中。盖上南瓜盅的“小盖子”,在烤箱里稍热几 分钟,便可装盘,并可在南瓜周围点缀上一些剩下的蔬菜。

“年年有余”取“余”和“鱼”的谐音,表示有盈余的美好 愿望,因此这道蒸鱼是一道吉利的菜。首先,将鱼洗净,去 除内脏,在两边都轻轻用刀划上几道。 同时,在蒸锅中加入开水,在鱼上放姜丝和枸杞,均匀地淋 上酱油、耗油和料酒,用高火蒸15分钟。 然后,将切好的洋葱在油中炒至金黄,在鱼上撒上香菜、葱 花和胡椒粉,这道菜便完成了。





CELEBRATING AT HOME A Martini Glass Set by Shanghai Tang B Rainbow Lacquer Bowls by TREE C Nespresso ‘Dragon Collection’ by Shanghai Tang (Image Courtesy of Nespresso) D Panda Money Box by OVO

D 56






E Bracelets by Shanghai Tang F Folded Sunglasses by Sunpocket* G Bague Butterfly Ring* by ARA Jewelerry H Saffiano iPhone4 Case by Diane von Furstenburg I Le Free boxer brief by Les InsurgĂŠs* J Primrose Hill Shannon Wallet by Kate Spade K 1137am by May 28th* * avaliable at


J 57





Wokai is dedicated to providing opportunities for the poor in China.

Wokai works with grassroots Field Partners in China to disperse loans to borrowers. Wokai aggregates capital through a Chapter network in the States that organizes fundraising and educational events to get the word out about our organization.

To ďŹ nd out more visit



水龙 之年



For three reasons — the dynamic nature of the Dragon, its fluid Water element and a new ‘yang’ feng shui era altogether — Chinese geomancers predict that extraordinary change is coming in 2012, year of the Black Water Dragon. According to ancient I-Jing analysis, the world will not end. Rather, it will be reborn. 中国风水师根据三个原因(龙多变的特质、它流动于水的属性和一个新的「阳」时代的 来临) 推测出一个异常的转变即将于2012 年 – 黑水龙之年来临。根据古籍《易经》的 分析,世界不会因为结束,反之,它即将重生。



水龙 CHANGE IS COMING 之年 转变即将来临 I-Jing posits that 1984 to 2012 was an era characterised by


negative forces of ‘yin’. It states that the cycle is reaching


its end and the world will ‘restart’ (Ng, 2012). Positivity —


‘yang’ — is taking over, breaking toxic forces of the past. Yet,


all things must reach the bottom, before they can bounce back up (Ng, 2012). Meanwhile, the Dragon represents unbridled, untouchable power. It is the only animal in the zodiac that is also a God. Coupled with the feng shui ‘restart’, its reign means that in place of any roots, there will be intense dynamism (Ng, 2012). The Water element of this Dragon makes that change even more fluid, fast and unstoppable.

升。 同时,龙代表放纵的、不能触碰的力量。它是唯一同 时拥有神之身份的生肖动物。与风水中的「重生」结 合,它的支配意味着凡是有根的地方,便会有重大变 动。龙的水属性会令这个转变更为波动、快速及势不 可挡。 水的属性同时镇静龙的狂暴,让水龙将其强大力量导 向一个独有的方向 – 观察及聆听他人。这让它能对运 气稍欠的人较为耐心和宽容 ,但那些已堕落的则会被

Water also calms the Dragon’s otherwise tempestuous nature.


Many geomancers have put forward that the Water Dragon


channels its powerful energy in a unique way — observing


and listening to others. This renders it capable of patience and


mercy for the less fortunate — but that which is rotten will

况总括而然还是会让世界变得更好的 – 也定义了「

be washed away. Due to this rare combination of ‘restart,’ energy and fluidity, geomancers predict that most countries and industries will be unstable and many may be transformed irrevocably this year. However, they suggest that the new directions and orders formed by the end will by and large be for the better of the world — and define the beginning of the ‘yang’ era.


龙年名人 Florence Nightingale, Sigmund Freud, Al Pacino, Mae West, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves, Colin Farrell and Sandra Bullock.





来年概况 The Far East will see new research, learning and creation. Japan will have new breakthroughs and new life. Southern China’s economies will revive and expand further. 远东会有新研究、学问和创作。日本有突破和新生活。南中国的经济会复 苏及进一步发展。 The South East however, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan, could see scandal, illness and instability. 东南面,尤其是香港和台湾,会有贪污、疾病和不穏定状况。 At the Centre, the Middle East will enter a new era of stabilisation in government and rebuilding across societies. 中部 - 中东会进入一个新世纪:政局穏定及会有社会重建 The North West — England, Western Europe, Canada’s Alberta and Western America — will see continued financial instability, greater crime, leadership change and new policies. 西北面 – 英国、西欧、加拿大的阿尔伯达以及美洲西部 – 会有持续的财政不穏定、更严重的罪案、领导人 更替及新政策。

The North East however, looks extremely positive — New York will not only recover, but flourish. Shanghai and Beijing will prosper and new leadership, domestically and internationally, will emerge from China. 东北面却看来非常正面 – 纽约不光会复原,而且会发展昌盛。上海和北京会繁荣。新的 领导层,无论是本地还是国际的,都会在中国出现。


龙年值得留意的事 Expect gold to sell at record high prices, as it is customary to buy Dragons gold in their year. Jade will not be far behind… 金价会创下历史纪录,因习俗上人们在龙年要买自己所属生肖的金饰。 翡翠价格亦会非常接近…

Unusually high birth rates may occur, as it is still considered very fortuitous to have a Dragon in the house — baby attire could sell well. 会有不正常的高出生率,因为有龙年的家人被认为是吉祥的 – 婴儿服装会卖得不错。


水龙 与你 注意: 请先检查你的阴阳属性和五行属性(金、土、火、水 或木)以获得更准确的分析。五行属性取决于你的诞生年, 因每十二年各生肖动物便会流转至不同的属性。阴阳属性取 决于出生的时辰。五月六日后及八月八日前出生的属热。八 月八日后及三月六日前出生属冷,而在三月六日到五月六日 期间出生的属中性。 属热及属冷的人比较受运气支配。中性的人在人生中很少 经历高低起伏。冷属性的会持续他们从2011年起平穏的气 势,但在2013年春季、当火属性代替水前不太可能走大 运。在此之前,他们该避开风险。然而热属性的人会在整个 2012年拥有异常良好的运气,因为他们会被水属性镇静及 平衡。他们必须现在就抓紧机会。 与此同时,不同的五行属性会让生肖动物产生巨大差异 – 「水龙」(2012) 将与「火龙」(1976)非常不同!水属性的 人通常是冷静及敏锐的。土属性的通常是诚实及支持的。金 属性的人如果同时拥有此特质的阴阳属性(如属蛇)的话便可 能爱钱。木属性是富创意的象征,火则代表了活力。它给予 较弱的生肖火花,但却给占优势的以危险的脾气。一般来 说,火属性的(如1987年的火兔子)能较好地处理今年强大的 水能量。


THE WATER DRAGON AND YOU Note: For a more accurate reading, check your predisposition and element (metal, earth, fire, water or wood). Your element is determined by your year of birth, as each animal rotates through different elements every 12 years. According to So (2012), predispositions are determined by your time of birth. Those with hot predispositions are born after May 6th and before August 8th (So, 2012). Those with cold predispositions are born after August 8th and before March 6th, while those with neutral predispositions are born between March 6th and May 6th (So, 2012). Hot and cold people sway much more in luck: neutral people rarely see major highs or lows in life (So, 2012). Those with a cold predisposition will continue on with steady momentum from 2011, but are unlikely to experience big breaks until Spring 2013, when the Water element is replaced by Fire, favouring the cold (So, 2012). Until then, they should avoid risk. Those with hot predispositions will however do exceptionally well from the very start of 2012 until its end, as they will be calmed and balanced by the Water element (So, 2012). They must seize their chance now. Meanwhile, most geomancers observe that different elements cause significant variation within animals — a ‘Water Dragon’ (2012) will be a very different to a ‘Fire Dragon’ (1976)! Water people are generally calm and perceptive. Earth people are generally honest and supportive. Metal people can be money loving, if predisposed to this trait (e.g. Snakes), while Wood is a sign of creativity. Fire is an energy sign. It gives spark to weaker creatures, but dangerous tempers to dominant ones. In general, those born with Fire (e.g. 1987 Fire Rabbits) will cope better with the strong Water energy this year.


THE RAT 鼠(子) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Water) (阳, 第一组, 固定元素为水) 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 Tenacious, observant, charismatic, witty, industrious, determined, talkative, eloquent, imaginative, energetic and highly curious, the Rat makes great company and is great in business too, for they can be shrewd. It is full of good advice for friends, but will seldom share their problems with others. The Rat fears failure. Its spirit is difficult to break and is capable of surviving any situation, with quick-witted charm. An incredibly social creature, the Rat is always meeting new people, but has trouble ending old relationships. It is most compatible with the bold Dragon and Monkey. 2012 presents a mixed bag for Rats. On the one hand, the Dragon is its ally, so you have a ‘union’ and are likely to have great relationship luck and be on excellent terms with those around you (So, 2012). This also implies stability and suggests few things will change dramatically this year. It is also a good year for new learning and to make long term, planned investments. However, your horoscope sign is afflicted by the illness energy of Flying Star 2. If your health is already affected, this year could exhaust and drain your energy, which may leave you feeling pessimistic. This is not the year to over-work yourself. However, don’t give up hope. Stay mentally strong and you can ride the Dragon with extraordinary, transformational luck.

固执、敏锐、有魅力、聪明、勤奋、坚定、健谈、雄辩、富想象 力、精力旺盛及充满好奇的肖鼠者能以他们的机灵创立大公司及大 生意。他们能给予朋友很多良好建议,但很少与他人分享难题。肖 鼠者害怕失败。他们的精神坚强,而且能以富魅力的急智驾驭任何 状况。他们同时亦非常擅长社交,能经常交上新朋友,但却难以结 束旧关系。肖鼠者与大胆的龙和猴最相配。 2012年肖鼠者的运程吉凶参半。另一方面,肖龙者是他们的贵人, 所以会有「辟」及很可能有走人事运,会与身边的人维持良好关 系。这个「辟」同时暗示了稳定,意味着今年会有很少重大变动。 今年宜学习新事物及实行长线投资计划。不过,你的星相受飞星2 克制。若你的健康已受到影响,今年可能会让你身心疲惫,失去动 力,并让你为此而感到悲观。今年不宜过份操劳。不过不要放弃希 望。保持精神强壮便可抓住龙年非凡的、转变性的运气。

THE OX 牛(丑) (Water buffalo in Vietnam) (越南-水牛) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Water) (阴, 第二组,固定元素为水) 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 Dependable, ambitious, calm, methodical, born-leader, patient, resolute, conventional, steady, modest and a good parent, the Ox believes that the road to success involves hard work and does not believe in shortcuts. It enjoys working in teams and listening to others, but makes decisions based on their own research, rendering them strong leaders. It can be dogmatic, rigid, stubborn and overbearing. The Ox is not much of a ‘party animal’ — it dislikes small talk and favours life-long friendships to casual acquaintances. The Ox is most compatible with rational Snakes and Roosters.

固执、敏锐、有魅力、聪明、勤奋、坚定、健谈、雄辩、富想象 力、精力旺盛及充满好奇的肖鼠者能以他们的机灵创立大公司及大 生意。他们能给予朋友很多良好建议,但很少与他人分享难题。肖 鼠者害怕失败。他们的精神坚强,而且能以富魅力的急智驾驭任何 状况。他们同时亦非常擅长社交,能经常交上新朋友,但却难以结 束旧关系。肖鼠者与大胆的龙和猴最相配。 2012年肖鼠者的运程吉凶参半。另一方面,肖龙者是他们的贵人, 所以会有「辟」及很可能有走人事运,会与身边的人维持良好关 系。这个「辟」同时暗示了稳定,意味着今年会有很少重大变动。 今年宜学习新事物及实行长线投资计划。不过,你的星相受飞星2 克制。若你的健康已受到影响,今年可能会让你身心疲惫,失去动 力,并让你为此而感到悲观。今年不宜过份操劳。不过不要放弃希 望。保持精神强壮便可抓住龙年非凡的、转变性的运气。

The Ox-born will see a tougher year in 2012 than they did in 2011, but not as tough as it will be for some. Adverse feng shui means you will be slightly affected by sickness, weakening your energy. You are likely to experience conflicts in your relationships, especially in March and September —but these can be lessened by holidaying with your partner (So, 2012). You will also be in conflict with Tai Sui, which may lay challenges and obstacles in your career and wear you down: you can still obtain greater status and authority this year, but it will be from your own efforts as there are less powerful figures around to help you this year (So, 2012). However, keep building upon what you began in 2011 professionally, for if these barriers are crossed, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work soon.


THE TIGER 虎(寅) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Water) (阳, 第一组, 固定元素为水) 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

A brave, exciting, independent, expressive, eccentric, colourful, competitive, daring, vigorous, energetic, sincerely affectionate, rebellious, humanitarian and generous creature. Restless, the Tiger craves new challenges at work and masters new skills quickly. It tends to overwork and exhaust itself, which can compromise its health. The Tiger can also be reckless, obstinate, aggressive and moody. It tends to dominate in relationships and can be difficult with stronger characters, but will never bore its partner, with its innate sense of adventure and creative passion. Trustworthy and deeply protective of loved ones, the Tiger is most compatible with a Dog, Horse or Ox. Tigers can achieve good outcomes in 2012. Blessed with multiplying stars of love, academia and prosperity this year, your energy is high and you will find protection and guidance from the Star of Golden Deity. Many of you can look forward to good health, too. Professionally, Tigers should be aggressive and go the extra mile, but do not be overly emotional and stubborn in your relationships, or you will not fully benefit from the good energy bestowed upon you this year. The star of depression is also upon you, which is especially likely to affect female Tigers and may cause you to be upset by the slightest frustrations (So, 2012). This is also a year of mobility for Tigers, so expect to move home or travel.

一个勇敢、雀跃、独立、善于 表达、古怪、多姿多彩、好竞 争、大胆、壮健、精力充沛、 真诚而亲切、难以控制、博 爱及慷慨的家伙。静不下来的 肖虎者渴望在工作中获得新挑 战,而且很快能精通新技术。他 们倾向过度工作并把自己弄得疲惫 不堪,这会累及健康。肖虎人士亦可 能会鲁莽、固执、好胜及情绪化。他 们倾向支配关系,而且和强势的角色难 以相处,但因为有与生俱来的冒险精神及创作热情,他们永不会让 伴侣感觉沉闷。可靠及极度保护挚爱的人的肖虎者与狗、马或牛都 非常相配。 肖虎者可以在2012年获得好成綪。今年托倍增的爱、学术及财运星 的福,你将会有很多力量,而且会从金神星中获得保护和指引。你 们当中很多都会有良好的健康。事业上肖虎者应表现进取和争取更 多,但不要在关系上过份情绪化及固执,否则你将不会从今年的好 运中获得好处。意志消沉的星也在你之上,尤其是女性肖虎者会被 此影响,而且亦可能让你为一些小阻碍感到低落。这也是肖虎者流 动的一年,可期望搬迁或旅游。


THE RABBIT 兔(卯) (CAT in Vietnam) (越南:猫) (Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Wood) (阴, 第四组, 固定元素为木) 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

A gracious, sensitive, diplomatic, elegant, articulate, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, astute, nimble, organised, kind, classy, sensual, well-mannered, good friend. Lucky, the Rabbit often finds itself in the right place at the right time. It avoids aggressive people and holds underestimated power for reading others and resolving disputes with consideration for both sides. Amicable, the Rabbit is well received by others. Highly creative, it adores culture and art, decorating, entertaining in its home and collecting objects of beauty. The Rabbit has refined taste and seeks as much la dolce vita as possible. Somewhat self-indulgent and superficial, it has no place in conflict and will banish anything that threatens its safety. The Rabbit is promiscuous, but once settled, remains loyal. It craves stability and can find it with those who will not take advantage of its giving nature, such as a nurturing Sheep or Pig. 2012 will be a better year for Rabbits, who will enjoy new gains and stability from last years’ pains. There are unlikely to be any major changes in your life yet, but the Auspicious Star is in your chart, which holds the promise of something with extraordinarily high growth potential that could transform your future, but must be acted upon this year. Be ambitious, but avoid financial risk. Your chi will be positive, rendering you able to weather the stress of the Reducing Energy Star. You may also find fame in your industry. Relationship luck is promising — others will generally respond to you well and you will feel loved. Your romantic life will be stable, after last year’s hopping around. However, be wary of gossip and your gastrointestinal health, especially in February and September (So, 2012).

PERSPECTIVE: THE WATER DRAGON AND YOU A magnanimous, imperious, loyal, vigorous, bold, selfassured, mystic, generous, dignified, intellectual, passionate, decisive, pioneering, powerful, noble, yet humble character. Free-spirited, the Dragon loathes rules and seeks to lead. It will embark upon tremendous pursuits, with exceptional outcomes. Often impetuous and demanding, the Dragon is unafraid of challenges or conflict and can be tactless. Despite an overwhelming tendency to succeed, it rarely feels fulfilled. The Dragon will readily help others, but refuse to ask for help itself. Charismatic, the Dragon commands the attention of those around it, but its independent nature means it may make few close bonds and marry later, enjoying companions who are quirky and intriguing. The Dragon needs a spacious home to move through. Partners must have a tough skin, for the Dragon can have a vengeful temper, but its affection is deep — its love for spouse and family fierce and unwavering. It is compatible with the Rat or Rooster.

THE DRAGON 龙(辰) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Wood) (阳, 第一组,固定元素为木) 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Although 2012 is your year, your luck will be mixed, with your sign in conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter and the Five Yellow. The former brings conflicts and hindrances that will test your will and hope, while the latter may bring financial loss. Yet, none of your feng shui afflictions in 2012 will necessarily stop you from achieving your ends. Dragons can still advance their careers, as well as gain more wealth through your own determination. No one will help you at work this year, but since you are good at getting things done independently, this ‘lack of luck’ affects you less. Avoid reacting tempestuously to set backs, as this will only make them greater. Others may find you less charismatic than your usual self in this year and you may feel lonely. Expect big changes in your romantic life – if single, you are likely to find lasting love (So, 2012).

一个亲切、敏感、有外交手腕、优雅、口齿伶俐、谨慎、富有艺术 性、仔细、温柔、自信、敏锐、灵活、有组织、仁慈、别致、感 性、彬彬有礼的好朋友。幸运地,肖兔人士经常发现自己在对的时 间出现在对的地方。他们避开好胜的人,拥有被低估的阅人能力, 并能考虑相方利益后解决纷争。友善的兔受到他人欢迎。拥有高度 创意的他们喜爱文化和艺术、装饰、家中的娱乐及收集漂亮的东 西。肖兔者拥有优雅的品味,并追求甜蜜的生活。带点自我放纵和 肤浅,他不会卷入争执中,亦会赶走任何威胁到安全的事。肖兔者 不专一,但一旦安顿了便会一心一意。他们渴望稳定,而且能和不 会占他们慷慨个性好处的羊或猪有穏定关系。

一个宽大、傲慢、忠诚、充满活力、大胆、自信、神秘、大方、端 庄、知性、热情、果断、开拓进取、强势、高贵但谦逊的角色。自由 自在的肖龙者讨厌规章制度并寻找领导机会。他们会着手追求大事 业,并会得到优越的成就。性急又苛求的肖龙者不畏惧挑战及纷争, 什至可能不够圆滑。尽管对成功有着强大的天份,他们很少感到满 足。肖龙者乐于助人,但拒绝为自己寻找协助。有魅力的肖龙者需要 旁人的注意,但他们独立的个性让其很少在后来维持亲密关系及婚 姻,却享受和狡猾并诡诈的人在一起。肖龙者需要空间广阔的住所。 伴侣必须有坚韧的性格,因肖龙者的复仇心很重,但他们很情深-他 们对配偶和家人的爱是强烈和坚定的。他们和鼠或鸡都很相配。

2012年对肖兔者来说是好年。他们会获得新收入及去年辛劳得来的 成果。你的生活不太可能有大改变,但今年有福星,它会让你有高 增长的潜力去改变未来,但这一定要在今年实行。要有目标,但当 避免财政风险。你的「气」是正面的,让你能平安度过弱星带来的 压力。你亦可能在行业中得到名气。人事运很有希望 – 其他人常常 会正面响应你,而你亦会感到被爱。你的浪漫生活在去年的不穏定 后会及得平穏。不过得注意流言蜚语和你的肠胃健康,特别是在二 月和九月。

虽然2012年是你的本命年,你的运气还是好坏参半,因你将犯太岁 及五黄。前者会带来纷争及制肘,为你的意愿和希望带来考验;后者 则会让你破财。不过,你2012年的四个风水阻碍皆不一定会阻止你 到达目标。肖龙者仍可在事业上获得进展,财富方面亦然,但你必须 坚持才能得到这些。今年事业上面没有贵人,但因为的善于独立地完 成工作,稍欠的事业运对你不会有太大影响。其他人可能会认为你在 今年较以往缺乏魅力,而他们亦可能感到孤独。但他们可能在爱情上 有重大改变,而且可能找到较长远的关系。


THE SNAKE 蛇(巳) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) (阴,第二组, 固定元素为火) 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 A deeply analytical, wise, content, creative, elegant, prudent, shrewd, cautious, intuitive, intelligent, sensual, calm and constant creature. The Snake has an extremely powerful mind and possible psychic abilities. A hedonistic materialist, it likes to surround itself with the finest luxuries life can offer and is very affected by its surroundings. It craves a life of calm order — its health depends upon it. It enjoys gliding lazily along at its own pace, yet when required, can strike at the speed of light and meet targets not just quickly, but brilliantly. The Snake excels with minimal effort. Relying on cool logic, it makes decisions with a level head. It does not embark upon friendships lightly. It can be lonely, distrustful and cold but has the propensity to care far deeper for loved ones than it would appear. Stylish, it knows how to catch the attention of others and will be the one to determine if the relationship progresses. It may guard partners as prized possessions, seldom reveal emotions and once betrayed, never forgive. Its best suitors are the practical Rooster or Ox. Your inner chi is unstable this year, causing your usually rational judgement to diminish, so avoid making quick decisions. You will be afflicted by the Three Killings — accidents, financial loss, or obstacles to growth — with a good chance of you being conned, robbed or ‘not being picked’ e.g. a client signing with someone else at the last minute (So, 2012). Do not display your wealth as overtly, reserve your trust and be prepared to come second at times. On the upside, you are likely to be helped along your way professionally this year and overall, you will not have to work too hard. Also for many Snakes, health looks to be very good in 2012 and relationship luck will be high, including in interpersonal professional relationships and especially in your love life, where you could find great happiness this year. 一个会透彻分析、明智、满足、有创意、优雅、谨慎、精明、小心、 服从直觉、聪明、感性、冷静和忠诚的生肖。肖蛇者有非常强大的头 脑及适中的心理素质。作为一个快乐至上的唯物主义者,他们喜欢 过最好的奢侈生活。他们渴望平静的生活,因他们的健康取决于它。 他们享受在自己的地方缓缓滑行,但当有需要时他们可以光速发动攻 击,而且能快速且出色地达到目标。肖蛇者只需花很少的力量便能超 越他人。倚靠单纯的逻辑的他们以冷静的头脑作出决定。他们不轻易 和别人做朋友。他们可能是孤独、多疑、及冷酷的,但亦倾向比外表 看来更关心挚爱的人。时尚的他们懂得抓住别人的注意 力,而且也是决定关系进程的一方。他们可能把伴侣 当成最重要的财产般保护,很少揭露内心的想法, 而且一旦被背叛了便永不会原谅对方。他们最好的 搭配是务实的鸡或牛。


你今年的内心力量会不穏 定,削弱你平常的理 性判断,所以应 避免太快作出 决定。你会 被三煞影响

– 意外、财政损失及发展上的阻碍 – 你很有机会被欺骗,抢劫或「 不被选择」(如客户在最后一刻与别人签约)。所以不要公然展示你的 财富,对别人保留信任并偶尔作只能得第二的准备。在好的方面,你 很可能在事业上被贵人扶助,总括来说,你不须太过辛劳工作。而且 对很多肖蛇者来说,健康在2012年看似非常不错,而且人事运亦会 很好,包括事业上的人际关系以及你的爱情生活,你尤其会在后者中 得到很多快乐。


(Yang, 3rd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) (阳, 第三组, 固定元素火) 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 A humorous, outgoing, quick-witted, changeable, earthy, perceptive, agile, magnetic, intelligent, astute, flexible and openminded creature, the Horse enjoys being around people. It is able to multi-task and grasps new tasks with ease, but may not always finish what it begins and dislikes routine. The Horse enjoys being outdoors and will feel unwell or claustrophobic in small spaces. It can also be arrogant, childish, anxious, rude and stubborn. While typically fearful of commitment, a Horse can fall hard and fast for partners and give more to a relationship than it gets back. However, this changes later in life, when it can have more stable and fulfilling relationships with a loyal Dog or Tiger. While you are in conflict with the Three Killings — accidents, financial loss, or obstacles to growth — but if you manage to safeguard yourself, 2012 is going to be very productive and exciting for you, with the Victory star in your chart. You could achieve great success in our personal and professional life this year and are likely to receive help, but must not embark upon anything high-risk. Younger Horses should take care not to be impulsive at work. Relationship-wise, you might seem unreasonable or impatient to others, which could cause some conflicts. (So, 2012). 一个幽默、外向、思维敏捷、善变、朴实、敏锐、敏捷、有魅力、聪 明、机敏、灵活和开明的生肖,肖马者享受处于人群中。他们能兼顾 多项工作以及轻易驾驭新工作,但有时却虎头蛇尾。肖马者享受户外 活动,对狭窄空间会感到不舒服或不安。他们亦可能是傲慢、幼稚、 焦虑、无礼及固执的。典型的肖马者害怕承诺,但亦可迅速陷入和伴 侣的关系中,并给予一段关系多于回报的努力。不过,这会在生命后 期有所转变,那时他们会和忠诚的肖狗者和肖龙者有更穏定和有成果 的关系。 在你犯三煞(意外、财务损失或发展阻碍)的同时,如果你可以保护自 己,2012年对你来说将会是丰收及刺激的一年,因你有掌管成功的 星护航。你能在个人及事业生活中达到大成功,而且很有机会得到帮 助,但一定不能做高风险的事情。年轻的肖马者应注意不要在工作上 过于冲动。在关系上面,你可能会被他人认为不讲道理或欠缺耐心, 这可能会为你带来纷争。




(Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Fire) (阳, 第三组, 固定元素火) 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

(Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Metal) (阳,第一组, 固定元素为金) 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968 1980, 1992, 2004

A righteous, sincere, intelligent, sympathetic, mild-mannered, shy, creative, mothering, peaceful, security-seeking, dependable and generous creature. The sensitive Sheep can at times feel overwhelmed by stronger characters, as they tend to be passive and weak-willed. It can also be a somewhat indecisive worrier and is more inclined to complain than be proactive. A wanderer, the Sheep needs few elaborate possessions, but will spend on the finer things in life. While able to focus extremely well at work, loved ones are more important to it than career glory. Home alone or with its partner is where the Sheep feels most comfortable and spends much time absorbed in thought. It especially enjoys expressing its artistic side, be it through cooking or painting. While its fragile exterior hides the fact that it is generally healthy, the Sheep may become depressed and unwell if their loved one is away. Its nurturing, calm personality renders the Sheep a caring parent. It is most compatible with the soft-spoken Rabbit. A more meaningful year for you is in store for you professionally, with greater recognition, a likely promotion, fame within your industry and greater stability financially, too. Female figures are likely to help you get there. Strategise carefully and work hard, for what you strive to achieve can indeed be actualised this year. Many sheep will also enjoy good health this year, but should be careful of their digestive system. You also have the Jail star, which could mean you are involved in some disputes and arguments with loved ones (So, 2012). 一个正义、真诚、聪明、富有同情心、举止温和、害羞、具创造性、 母性强、和平、渴望安定、可靠及慷慨的生肖。感性的肖羊者偶尔会 被强势角色压倒,因他们比较被动及意志薄弱。他们可能也是有点优 柔寡断的烦恼大师,而且常常说多于做。肖羊者是流浪者,他们不需 要很多额外的财产,但会花钱在小事上。虽然能非常专注在工作上, 挚爱的人对他们来说比工作上的成就更为重要。独自留在家中或与伴 侣一起是羊肖者觉得最为舒适的事,他们亦会花很多时间思考。他们 尤其喜欢表达其艺术特质,如从烹饪或绘画中。虽然他们脆弱的外表 隐藏着尚算健康的体骼的事实,肖羊者会在离开挚爱时感到低落和不 适。他们爱培育及冷静的性格让他们成为关心 子女的父 母。他们和圆滑的兔最为相配。 这对你的事业来说会是别具意义的一 年,你会得到更多认同、升迁机会、行 业内的名气以及更大的财政穏定。女性 可能会帮助你达到目标。小心的运 用策略及付出努力,你努力 想得到的可在今年内实 现。很多肖羊者亦会在 今年拥有良好健康, 但亦应当注意消化系 统。你今年有牢狱之 星,可能意味着你将 与挚爱的人卷入纷争及 不和。

Inventor, motivator, improviser, quick-witted, curious, flexible, innovative, problem solver, self-assured, sociable, polite, dignified, competitive, objective, factual, intellectual. Playful, mischievous and clever, the Monkey is a master of practical jokes, which can either entertain or upset those around it. It loves to be challenged and thrives among people in big cities. Active, rarely ill and remarkably adaptable, the Monkey draws many fans and is successful in any career. It can be vain, reckless, manipulative and suspicious. When it comes to relationships, the Monkey is promiscuous and may settle down later in life. Easily bored, the Monkey needs a partner who can constantly amaze them — once found, all ‘monkey business’ ends and the Monkey will commit to that person in every aspect of their life, especially those from the Rat or Dragon year, but will expect their respect. You will gain confidence and become steadier in your career, earning money from working hard, not from speculation. You are in a ‘distant union’ with the presiding God, so you may receive help from a powerful figure afar. Your two Yearly Conflict Stars means arguments and disputes may also lead to some tension with your partner, but do not say something that is irreparable later. Lawsuits and litigation could also occur at work, especially likely in August and October, when your negative energy doubles (So, 2012). In spite of this, your wealth and career luck seems exceptionally promising and you may find great success this year. 发明家、激励者、即兴者、思维敏捷、充满好奇、灵活、创新、解决 问题的能手、自信、待人随和、礼貌、有尊严、爱好竞争、客观、实 事求是、聪明。顽皮、淘气而聪明的肖猴者是恶作剧能手,这可以 是富娱乐性或让旁人心情烦乱的。他们喜欢接受挑战及在大城市的 人群中得到良好发展。好动、很少生病和拥有极强的适应能力 的肖猴者能得到很多追随者,并在任何事业上得到成功。他们 可能是自负、鲁莽、爱操纵及多疑的。在人际关系方面,肖猴 者比较杂乱,而且可能会在较年长时才会安定下来。容易觉得 沉闷的肖猴者需要一个可以不断带给他们惊喜的伴侣。一旦找到 了,他们的「鬼混」便会结束,而且肖猴者会付出生活中的每一 部分给此人,尤其是向肖鼠者或肖龙者,但亦会期望得到尊重。 你将会得到信心,并在事业上更加平穏,财富源于努力而非投机。你 与太岁神有一点的联系,所以你可能得到远方强势角色的帮助。你的 两个流年克星意味着争执及纷争可能让你和伴侣的关系紧张,但不要 在这之后说一些难以收拾的说话。诉讼可能会在工作中发生,尤其是 在负能量加倍的八月及十月。尽管如此,大致上你的健康及事业运程 看来非常不错,而你亦可能在今年获得大成功。



THE DOG 犬(戌)

(Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Metal) (阴, 第二组, 固定元素为金) 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

(Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Metal) (阴, 第二组, 固定元素为金) 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

A meticulous, organised, scientific, alert, self-assured, decisive, resourceful, egotistical, practical, perfectionist, good friend and responsible parent. Abrasive and critical at times, the Rooster is honest to a fault and expects the same from others. It enjoys entertaining as the centre of attention, seeking listeners for its stories. It insists on a tidy home and is always immaculately dressed. While it seems flashy, the Rooster is in fact very conservative and can teach others a thing or two about right and wrong. Its aggressive nature renders it suitable to conflict. The Rooster is active and healthy, but if it takes on too much, becomes stressed and moody. Highly self-motivated, the Rooster will enjoy a successful career. Its bossy approach can upset sensitive creatures, yet the Rooster will always be the first to come to their aid. It will do well to marry a patient Pig, Ox or Snake who will realise that beneath the Rooster’s tough exterior lies a heart overflowing with love.

Honest, intelligent, straightforward, loyal, attractive, amicable, unpretentious, sociable, open-minded, likeable, stylish, idealistic, moralistic, practical, affectionate, sensitive and easy-going. The Dog is a good friend and will always offer kind words, support and advice to others, often becoming deeply involved in others’ lives and may be seen as nosy. Ensuring that others are happy is the most important thing to the Dog. The Dog is honest, trustworthy and has a strong sense of justice and fair play. It spends on practical items rather than luxuries and keeps a neat, organised home, saving money for future expenses. The Dog can be cynical, judgmental, anxious, pessimistic, stubborn and quarrelsome and is most compatible with the witty Horse or Tiger.

Your good fortune is shining bright in the year of the Dragon, with help from your boss or clients. It will be a benchmark year — one to expand and move into new levels of achievement. Your wealth luck is good as you are supported by the Eight Prosperity and Yi Duo Enhancing Stars. Combined, these bring abundance and every kind of good fortune, including a potential windfall. All Roosters will have good relationships with others, but the star of short term relationships is upon you, so be careful to channel this energy into useful contacts, not affairs (So, 2012). You may also be prone to small physical ailments, as well as petty theft. This could be countered by donating to charity.

In 2012, the glories of the previous year may wane for you. Older Dog-born will have better luck, power and social status this year. The Prosperity Eight Star is in your chart, which means projects will be completed and financial luck will improve, with a strong chance of outstanding achievements. You may have poor health luck this year, especially if aged 18 or 78, in which case be extremely careful of their abdominal health (So, 2012). Also, you may have less energy due to lower chi and relationships with people will be filled with mistrust.

诚实、聪明、直接、忠诚、有吸引力、友好、谦逊、 善于交际、心


胸开阔、可爱、时尚、有理想、有道德、实务、深情、敏感及随和。 肖狗者是一位好朋友,而且经常给予他人鼓励、支持及建议,常与他 人变得非常亲密,而且可能看来有点爱管闲事。对肖狗者来说至关重 要的是确保他人快乐。肖狗者诚实、可靠,而且有强烈的正义感以及 追求公平竞争。他们花钱在实用的物品上而非奢侈品,而且维持一个 整齐、整洁的家,这是为将来的生活储蓄。肖狗者可以是愤世 嫉俗、武断、焦虑、悲观、固执和爱争吵的,他们与机智

自信、果断、机智、自负、务实、完美主 义的好朋友及负责任的父母。偶尔恼人及带 批判的肖鸡者坦承错误,而且予他人以同样期望。他们享受担当注意 力的中心角色,并为他们的故事寻找聆听者。他们坚持家中的整洁, 并时常打扮完美。看似闪闪发光的肖鸡者实际上是非常保守,并常可 教导他人一些是非观。他们好胜的性格让他们适合纷争。肖鸡者是活 跃及健康的,但若他们过于操劳,便会变得紧张及情绪化。极度





较年长的肖狗者在今年会有较好的 运气、力量和社会地位。八财星会 助你实行计划、得到财运上的增长 及卓越的成就。你今年的健康运程 可能欠佳,尤其是18岁或78岁的人 士,他们得高度注意腹部健康。同 时,你可能因「气」弱而力量不足, 并且在人际关系中亦会充满不信任。

可能让感性的生肖感到不快,但肖鸡者却常常是他们寻找 婚姻,因为这些生肖了解肖鸡者刚强外表下的一颗充满爱 的心。 你在龙年的好运会在上司及客户的帮助下闪闪发光。 这会是标志性的一年 – 可期望得到发展及在成就上有突 破。你的财运会因八财和财星的帮助而变得很好。两者结 合后会为你带来富足以及各种好运,包括一个潜在的意外 收获。所有肖鸡者都将与他人有良好关系,但因短期关系 之星在你之上,所以得小心把这个力量导向一些有意义的 关系上,而非风流韵事。你亦可能患上小病及有小额盗窃。 这可以以慈善捐款化解。



THE PIG 猪(亥) (Boar in Japan and Elephant in Northern Thailand) (日本:野猪,  泰国北部:象) (Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Water) (阴, 第四组, 固定元素为水) 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 Gallant, peaceful, patient, dependable, gracious, artistic, trusting, sincere, calm, supportive, loyal, understanding, thoughtful, considerate, passionate, intelligent, proud and hard-working. The Pig is a giving soul, reaping happiness most when helping others. It is exceptionally scrupulous and honest and expects others to be too. The Pig seeks peace and will do whatever is necessary to maintain it, helping others tremendously while expecting little in return. This makes the Pig easy to take advantage of, for it can also be naïve, gullible and fatalistic. As lovers of luxury and fairly inactive creatures, the Pig also tends to over indulge, with more chance of being unhealthy. At work, the Pig is professional, creative, detail — oriented and reliable. It never approaches a task without first formulating a plan. The Pig is also a fair leader. In marriage, the Pig will commit for life. It is suited to the pragmatic Rooster.

For more about the Water Dragon and global predictions, read: Paul Ng, ‘Predictions for 2012 (Year of the water Dragon)’ (2012) at For more about your individual fate month to month, read: Peter, So Man Fung, Your Fate in Year of the Dragon 2012 (2012) published by Yuan Fang Chu Ban She.


You will immediately benefit from cosmic blessings, giving you a good start in the year 2012. Success and good fortune are likely to be very high, as you will gain new recognition. It’s a year when you can be as ambitious as you wish in your career and business undertakings, for success and new opportunities are very much present in your chart, as you are sitting upon the Star of Heavenly Seal. Relationships with peers and your spouse will also flourish as you will be more attractive to others, but if married, be careful of drawing the attention of new lovers (So, 2012). Also be wary of gossip, as well as losing your personal belongings from your bag or suitcase (So, 2012).

勇敢、和平、耐心、可靠、有艺术天赋、信任、真诚、平和、支持、 忠诚、理解、周到、体贴、热情、聪明、骄傲、勤奋。肖猪者是施予 者,助人后会得到莫大快乐。他们异常谨慎及诚实,并给予他人相同 期望。肖猪者追求和平,而且会不顾一切去维持它;尽心尽力帮助别 人而不求回报。这天真、轻信及顺从命运的个性让肖猪者十分有利。 作为奢侈品爱好者及不太活跃的肖猪者倾向过份放纵,所以比较容易 不健康。在工作方面,肖猪者是专业、有创意、注重

节及可靠的。他们从不在完成规划前着手开始一项 新工作。肖猪者 同时是一位公正的领袖。在婚姻方面,他们对生 活很坚定。他们和实干的鸡十分相配。 你会立即从宇宙的祝福下得到优势,让 你在2012年有一个好开始。因为你会得 到新的认同,所以会有很多的成功及好 运气。这是你应在事业及生意上雄心勃 勃的一年,因为坐在神圣的封印星上的 你会成功及有新机会。与朋友及配偶的关 系会得到发展,因为你会变得吸引,已婚人 士得当心惹来新桃花。你亦得慎防流言蜚语及从手袋 或行李中丢失个人物品。



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