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10 Ways to Promote

Skinny Mix 1.

Research the main Skinny Mix ingredient: Glucomannan, what it is, what it does and why it’s important in our Skinny Mix formula. Research the importance of having fibre in your diet and its impact on health, wellness and skin. Using your new-found knowledge, pop up a post on your profile to educate your audience about Skinny Mix and how it works. Live video is the best option!


Go LIVE and demonstrate just how easy it is to make Skinny Mix. Discuss how it’s perfect to throw in your handbag or keep in your desk at work for those weak moments when you are tempted to reach for the biscuit tin.


Did you know that Skinny Mix contains 14 Fruit and Botanical Extracts? Find out what they are and learn about the power of antioxidants and how they can benefit your health and help your skin look amazing. I’m sure you know someone who doesn’t get enough goodness into their body and who is also dieting right now. Message/call/text them and tell them you were thinking about them and how they would LOVE Skinny Mix. Remember this product is not only helping to reduce hunger and snacking, its filling your body with the goodness from 14 different fruit and botanical extracts, in every single glass. Think of 5 people you know who are 4. dieting right now. Contact them and tell

them about Skinny Mix and then offer them the chance to try it absolutely FREE. Once they agree to try it out, arrange to deliver or post their sample and make sure to explain how and when to use it. Make sure to follow up with them after a few days.

5. Seeing is Believing – Let’s show

just how thick our Skinny Mix gets when we leave it in alone for a little while. This demonstrates what happens in your tummy when you have drunk it. Make a short snappy video or boomerang which you can share on your stories to show the Glucomannan getting to work.

6. Let’s arrange a taster session for some of our local customers. This can

either be your own at home session where you invite people to come to you, or head over to some local customers armed with your diet products. This is the perfect opportunity to let your friends, family and/or customers try, not only your Skinny Mix, but other diet / wellness products available. Find out how you can help your customers reach their goals and suggest the solutions that will work for them.

7. Always offer full solutions! Skinny Mix is the perfect addition to any Shred or

Weight Loss/Detox purchase, so if you have a customer who has already shown an interest in one of our weight loss products, be sure to tell them about how beneficial Skinny Mix is too. If they are keen, you could upsell a whole 14-day supply. If they are unsure, why not offer to add a sample of Skinny Mix to their order for them to try. Take a Selfie – This is a super simple 8. one. People want to see YOU. People

want to see what products you use and why YOU love them. Snap a selfie with your Skinny Mix and tell everyone how it keeps you feeling satisfied all afternoon and stops you snacking and / or making bad food choices.


Take your Skinny Mix with you to work/ the gym/ coffee shop/ your friend’s house and make it up in front of some people. People are CURIOUS, they will always ask what you are making / drinking. This gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase and demonstrate this product in a natural non-salesy way.

10. Ask your current Skinny Mix customers for referrals. They can do a post

in your VIP group on their Facebook wall, tagging you in it. Friend recommendations are a great way to help more people and expand your network.

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Skinny Mix - 10 Ways To Promote  

Skinny Mix - 10 Ways To Promote