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10 Ways to Promote


Research the health benefits of your body 1. being in ketosis and how does it work. Research why

the body uses carbohydrates for energy and the health difficulties caused by excess fat in the body. With your new knowledge pop up a post educating your audience how much more efficient your body is when it is in ‚fat burning mode‘. Make reference to KetoCaps helping the body go into this mode.

2. Facebook LIVE! Offer an informative LIVE on

how excited you are about the arrival of KetoCaps! Explain how they work and who can use them. Discuss the health benefits of Medium-Chain Triglyceride (one of the ingredients). Use Google to help you find this information. Contact your previous weight-loss product 3. customers and let them know you have an incredible

product which will help them maximise their New Year weight-loss journey. Add a photo of your KetoCaps and your low 4. carbohydrate meal to your Facebook/Instagram story showing how you are making changes to your food choices. Ask your current weight-loss customers 5. for referrals from their family and friends. Their

recommendations are invaluable to your business!

6. Watch‚ The Magic Pill on Netflix! This documentary gives you a wealth of

information on the benefits of Ketogenic diets and the way the body functions during Ketosis.

7. Make a daily reference to how you are feeling as a result of your KetoCaps. Weightloss is not the only benefit of this product and it is important your audience know the full extent of their contribution to your wellness!

Take a selfie! Your audience wants to see YOU! Tell everyone how these magic 8. pills are flying out!


Ask your first 5 KetoCaps customers if they would give you some feedback on their experience. Share this onto your social media profiles and stories.

10. Set a Facebook/Story/Instagram status asking if anyone has had any

experience with Keto Diets. Message each person who interacts with you privately. As part of your friendly and natural exchange of ideas and experiences let them know you have just launched an incredible product which gives all the benefits of a ketosis without the restrictive nature of a full Ketogenic diet.

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Keto Caps - 10 Ways To Promote  

Keto Caps - 10 Ways To Promote