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10 Ways to Promote

Shred Kits


Facebook live. Explain how the shred works, how simple it is and show results on a separate device or printed. Tell your viewers about the support you can offer and our shred support group.


Personal results help you sell. If you have your own results, shout about them. Share your own results on social media and in person, people will notice your weight loss and ask you how you have achieved it.


Contact previous customers or people who’ve shown interest. Weight loss is a sensitive subject, we do not want to be cold messaging telling people they need to lose weight! We can mention how they have previously purchased or shown interest in our shred programme and explain our shred group is being revamped... would they like to be added? If you are going to do a shred soon, let them know and see if they want to do it with you! More support and accountability for everyone.


Weight loss is personal and knowledge is key to supporting your customers correctly. You need to know which products will be best to recommend and how they work. You can access this within the units in Acti-Diamonds. When you do personal development, concentrate on nutrition and wellness knowledge, spend time investigating how the body works. For example: why water intake is important for weight loss and health.

Offer Value. Research the importance of exercise 5. and good food choices. Dieting is not just a quick

sale, we want our customers to return and tell their friends about our service. Give value on your profile, stories, live videos and in person. Value can be sharing something that’s helped you stay on track, something you’ve seen online that could benefit your customers, your favourite recipes or meal prep hacks. Maybe a water challenge, different ways to exercise. So many choices!

6. Use customer testimonials. Ask previous customers or team members to

write their own testimonials on your profile. You can ask friends to share, use the testimonials in your stories regularly!

7. Individual consultations. Local or online, consultations are brilliant at showing your customers how you can help and that you have the knowledge to do so. It creates a much more personal 1-2-1 connection. They could pop round your house and have a weigh in with you before and after the shred, you can offer to take before picture for them. You can help your customer with meal plans, work out where they struggle and offer solutions to the problem. We have products that help with most diet struggles. Keep promoting HydraSlim. HydraSlim is extremely important in our health 8. and wellness plans. It has many health benefits, not just for weight loss. Find more

information about it in Weekly Product Training Unit in Acti-Diamonds group. With your new knowledge you can explain the benefits of our shred plan more confidently.


Blog/Vlog your own shred experience. If you are planning on using the shred kit yourself, share your experience. How are you feeling? What obstacles you are facing and how you got past them? Keep it relatable and real.

10. Organise a weekly weigh in group. Preferably in person but can be done

online too. We don’t want our plans to just be seen as a quick fix when they offer so much more. Your customers can share issues and tips, a group will have so much more to offer and keep your customers on track. Increased accountability will help everyone succeed.

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7 Day Shred - 10 Ways To Promote  

7 Day Shred - 10 Ways To Promote