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10 Ways to Promote

HydraSlim 1. Go LIVE! Take a minute to think about your 5 favourite benefits to HydraSlim and go LIVE on Social Media to talk about them!

2. Think of 3 friends that would benefit from the effects of HydraSlim and make them up a days worth! You could visit your local discount store, purchase a pretty drinks bottle and deliver it to them! Think outside the box and consider detox benefits of Hydraslim too (tired mum). Ask them to try it for the day, explain how and why you think it will help and make sure to follow up for their feedback!

3. Make a Boomerang of you

shaking up your HydraSlim! That Hydraslim Shake! Share it onto your social media!

4. Share your favourite HydraSlim result onto your profile. Why is that

your favourite result? How long did it take that person to achieve it? Do you have a testimonial from them you can also quote?

5. Research the ingredients and benefits of HydraSlim and create a post

talking about WHY – Why it works, why you love it, why it could help and of course, who it can help! (Here’s a clue, it’s everyone! Watch product training LIVE for more help!)

6. Create some stories for

Facebook and/or Instagram. Share some of your favourite before and after results and using text, incorporate your favourite 5 benefits in there too! Don’t forget to use GIFs, poll etc to make your stories interactive!

7. Organise a fun get together with some of your friends. It doesn’t

have to be a huge planned party, just grab a coffee together! Let them taste HydraSlim, talk excitedly about why you love it and how it helps! You could even let them try a shake or meal replacement too!

8. Contact your previous Shred

and Inch Loss Customers! Talk to them about the long term benefits of continuing with HydraSlim. Explain how it is a daily supplement and not only will it help them maintain their results, but they’ll experience even more benefits to their health!

9. Ask your team mates why they

love HydraSlim! Screenshot their replies and use them in your social media stories as testimonials! Potential customers love to see what others think!

10. Take your HydraSlim out with

you and START a conversation about it with someone. You could take some samples out to give to them when they ask. Or you could even take your HydraSlim bottle to work with you and make it up in front of people!

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Hydraslim - 10 Ways To Promote  

Hydraslim - 10 Ways To Promote