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My naMe is anthony salvador and

you‘ve in vited a friend to

i‘M originally froM los angeles.

Ger m a n y; na me one place they

i preMaturely ended My studies at the art Center in pasadena to

really m ust visit a nd a quintessential experience you rec-

work in Berlin and possiBly pursue further studies in europe. i foCus Most of My attention on printed Matter within the Cultural seCtor and have CoMe to find joy in CollaBoration… espeCially when i get to pay the heating Bill afterwards.

om mend.

-W h at is Ger m a n?

tough to say, BeCause i personally haven‘t explored enough of gerMany yet. But if a friend CaMe here, i would say to visit Berlin. it‘s MuCh too easy to find a BunCh of things to do here that start early in the Morning and end (or Continue) well Beyond the saMe tiMe you started the day Before. i do reCoMMend this funky Bar Called pong.

a language i‘M still trying to understand.

W h at is the most importa nt lesson you h ave lea r ned in you r profession so fa r?

W h at is Ger m a n desiGn?

034 p.019 / d1

it‘s hard to say BeCause i feel that the world is so interConneCted that regional aesthetiCs/ ideas have Been influenCed By Many other ideas not froM that region. this Might Be Mainly due to the sharing of ideas/knowledge Made rapidly availaBle By Means of the internet. i feel that gerMan design Could Be generalized as Being striCt and rigid, yet i find that if you look, you Can find work that has attitude and life. describe you r Wor kinG process. it really depends on the projeCt. soMetiMes i work just By talking to the Client and interChanging ideas aBout what should Be Made and get to work visualizing those thoughts. other tiMes i have a Client who has no idea what they want, and i just have to go Build soMething or think aBout soMething CoMpletely different and irrelevant to develop soMe sort of thought in My suBConsCious. i don‘t think i‘ve taCkled projeCts By using the saMe proCess twiCe. W h at do you aim to achieve With you r Wor k? i would like to end world hunger… or at least develop soMe Booklets with tips on how to do that.

i feel that soMe people take this <profession> a Bit too seriously. i have learned that if you don‘t have fun with your work, it will BeCoMe a Chore and the voiCe in your work will refleCt that. if that BeCoMes the Case, it Can Be hard to Build up the spirit again to explore, so soMetiMes it‘s good to iMprovise and let things slide. --

Ant hony SAlv Ador

anthony salvador -lottuMstrasse 24 10119 Berlin gerMany -M +49 157 7759 -anthony@neuas.CoM http://www.neuas.CoM --


soMething utterly gerMan --

workplaCe --

studio surroundings --

grafisCh ontwerpen -the idea for this poster CaMe froM a trip i took with a friend to the netherlands. i CaMe to realize that good design is seeMingly everywhere, yet nowhere at the saMe tiMe. the poster was sCreen-printed as an edition of 50 with the help of tony zepeda. --

international fĂştBol hooliganisM Cup 2008 -teaser poster for a soCCer CluB announCing a tournaMent. a Matrix was Created using a kaleidosCopiC ConstruCtion used to generate soCCer Ball patterns. the word hooliganisM was piCked out of the Matrix and filled in. two additional layers were overprinted using the saMe Matrix and introduCing a seCondary phrase. -in CollaBoration with soojin hong --

look natural -poster aBout a phrase often said when photographers pose their suBjeCts for a shot. the iMage was found and sCanned in to Make filM work for a salt print whiCh was then Blown up and turned into filM work for a silk sCreen. --

exposiCi贸n de la Moderna soCiedad de BarCelona -the identity for the eMsB works off existing Material and textures. the Mark is kept neutral while letting the work in the exhiBition Create the tone and voiCe. the Booklet is printed on a Continuous roll to diMinish produCtion Costs and is self Bound. -tutor: siMon johnston --

REWINd. SEbaStIaN, MaIk aNd ElISabEth MEt at thE bauhauS uNIvERSIty IN WEI-

W h at is Ger m a n?

MaR. SoME yEaRS latER thEy Would

E. takING a lEISuREly bREakfaSt… S. … WIth RollS, ChEESE, SauSaGE,

foRM Catk.

hoNEy, jaM, NutElla, pluM puRéE… M. aNd SCRaMblEd EGG.

pauSE. thEy ExploREd thEIR oWN pathS. thEy dEvElopEd thEIR SkIllS. thEy EStablIShEd a StylE. thEy WoRkEd WIth fabRICa, dIE GEStaltEN, hESSE dESIGN, hoRt aNd MaNy othER ClIENtS. yEt, thEIR pathS CoNvERGEd oN bERlIN, aNd aftER tRavElING INSIdE GERMaNy aNd abRoad, thE pauSE foR Catk WaS ovER. play. Catk StaRtS playING toGEthER IN bERlIN. Catk‘S fIEld of WoRk IS dIRECtIoN, GRaphIC dESIGN, MotIoN GRaphICS, SouNd dESIGN, IlluStRatIoN, EdItoRIal dESIGN aNd vIdEo foR CultuRE, aRt, faShIoN aNd MuSIC. thEy CaN bE dESCRIbEd aS a dESIGN StudIo, yEt thEy aRE MuCh MoRE thaN that. aSk, aNd a CREatIvE vISual RESpoNSE IN aNy aREa WIll bE pRovIdEd.

052 p.019 / d2

foRWaRd. at Catk thE futuRE IS bRIGht. fRIENdS aRE WoRkING toGEthER aNd thEy‘RE buIldING a NEtWoRk ENablING thEM to dEvElop aNy CREatIvE pRojECt. thEIR NEtWoRk INCludES MuSICIaNS, photoGRaphERS, SoftWaRE dEvElopERS aNd WRItERS. aNy CREatIvE pRoSpECt IS poSSIblE. Catk IS WoRldWIdE aNd ENjoyS ItS CapaCIty foR oRGaNIC GRoWth. WIth a dEfINEd StylIStIC appRoaCh, thEy RENEW thEIR StylE WIth EvERy pRojECt, CREatING SoMEthING fRESh aNd uNIquE EvERy SINGlE tIME. Catk CaN daNCE to pop oR to ClaSSICal. thE ClIENt lISt WIll CoNtINuE to GRoW aS It NoW INCludES uNIvERSal MuSIC, WaRNER MuSIC, bENEttoN, fabRICa, ColoRS MaGazINE, t-CoM, CoMEdy CENtRal, aNd MaNy SMall, INdEpENdENt ClIENtS.

W h at is Ger m a n desiGn? S. thE Sk4 by dIEtER RaMS aNd haNS GuGElot E. aNd thE opEl MaNta. M. tuRRICaN. describe you r Wor kinG process. a. WE GENERally GEt StaRtEd aNd thEN plaN hoW WE‘ll CoNtINuE, IN thE MIdSt of It all WE quaRREl aNd RuN out of thE plaCE ShoutING. aftER EvERyoNE‘S CalMEd doWN WE SoRt out thE RESultS aNd REaCh a haRMoNIouS outCoME. W h at do you aim to achieve With you r Wor k? M. a MaChINE dRuM aNd a pRofESSIoNal CaMERa aNd a ChaIR aNd a tRIp to bRazIl. S. a poRSChE. E. bEING ablE to buy SEbaStIaN uNd MaIk EvERythING thEy WaNt you’ve in vited a friend to Ger m a n y; na me one place they really m ust visit a nd a quintessential experience you recom mend. M. IN bERlIN SpENd a pRopER RavE NIGht IN thE paNoRaMabaR aNd at 8 thE NExt MoRNING havE a NICE CoNvERSatIoN WIth thE taxI dRIvER. E. Go to thE ISlaNd of RüGEN, fINd thE laSt NoN-touRISty CoRNER aNd buIld a <klECkERbuRG> (a SaNd CaStlE MadE fRoM dRIppING-WEt SaNd). S. I havEN‘t thE faINtESt IdEa. W h at is the most importa nt lesson you h ave lea r ned in you r profession so fa r?

ColoR MattERS, MuSIC MattERS aNd CoMMuNICatIoN MattERS at Catk. aCtually, EvERythING MattERS.

a. Not to takE dESIGN aNd youRSElf too SERIouSly.


-E S M a

= = = =

ElISabEth SEbaStIaaN MaIk all

ca tk 053

ColoRS aNd thE kIdS -zEhdENICkER StRaSSE 1 10119 bERlIN GERMaNy -M +49 177 3076055 -hEllo@ColoRSaNdthEkIdS.CoM WWW.ColoRSaNdthEkIdS.CoM --

WoRkplaCE --

SoMEthING uttERly GERMaN --

StudIo SuRRouNdINGS --

CuRt -bRIEf: dESIGNING a ShoW-REEl opENER foR thE pRESENtatIoN of CuRt’S MotIoN-dESIGN pIECES. thE INtRoduCtIoN WaS INtENdEd to GIvE a bRIEf INSIGht INto CuRt‘S poRtfolIo aS a pRoSpECtuS aNd to CoNvEy ItS ESSENCE. -SolutIoN: fRoM ColoRS, SuRfaCES aNd ElEMENtS fRoM thE vaRIouS WoRkS WE dESIGNEd aN INdIvIdual GRaphIC WoRld CENtEREd oN CuRt aS a pERSoN. fRoM thE INItIally StIll fIGuRatIvE pRESENtatIoN, IN thE CouRSE of thE INtRoduCtoRy ClIp WE dEvElopEd a NEW pulSatING SCulptuRE. --

hypER Et aRty -bRIEf: paRt of thE dIploMa pRojECt <hIt>, SupERvISEd by pRofESSoR jay RuthERfoRd aNd RoGER bEhRENS. to takE a CloSER look at thE MakING of IdENtIty IN populaR MuSIC a fICtItIouS aRtISt‘S IdENtIty WaS to bE CREatEd aNd ItS potENtIal SuCCESS IN thE MaRkEt had to bE MEaSuREd. -SolutIoN: aS thE ExaGGERatIoN aNd oStENtatIoN of thE paCkaGING – ESpECIally IN pop MuSIC – CaN‘t bE SEpaRatEd fRoM thE MuSIC, a paRtICulaRly SuGaRy, GloRIfIEd vISual laNGuaGE ENhaNCEd WIth REfERENCES WaS ChoSEN. --

type experiments -witty & cute - mAking the wittenberg frAktur look more <hArmless>. --

hAppy dAys -creAte A series of hAnd-mAde illustrAtions bAsed on newspAper Articles of your choice. i chose very controversiAl topics the heAdlines: <my dreAm wAs to be A suicide bomber>, <if only All students hAd weApons>, <we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t hAve spAce for foreigners>, <the veterAn suicide epidemic>. --


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